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shit that's actually a clever bit OP. Nicely done

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Are company level twinks cuter than platoon twinks?

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How to fix ASF being a worthless fucking rule?

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what the fuck is ASF

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TQ: How are the niggas anon?

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Based. Can't wait for a more diverse case that will put the Imperium at rest once and for all.

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Convince me on why I shouldnt buy a bunch of Thallax to use as Kataphrons for an Ordo Reductor themed 40k list

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And they Shall Know no Fear

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A rule from 8th edition Fantasy I believe

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>They mad

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Always Strikes First equivalents like the Emperor's Children Legion Trait.

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'pict-feed, polychromatized' might be more in universe anon

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>Complain for days GW says nothing about BLM event
>GW finally pander to you, posts standard black background with white text message
>Complain they're pandering

>Respond shitting on them

Based GW

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Bought this recently. Any tips?

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You wouldn't be able to play them in tourneys

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And Shall Fear?

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It's not though

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all hands to battle stations, this is not a drill

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That's great

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>At the very least people will stop complaining every time they see a woman or a black character in a BL book. They've had fair warning
Actually believing this retarded bullshit.
>Games Workshop says racists fuck off
"Games Workshop," aren't the same artists, writers, or even managers that created 40k or its Fantasy predecessor, They're the same cock suckers that made Age of Sigmar and the abominable additions to 40k while increasing prices to unsustainable levels. The only "good" material coming out concerning these IP's are from third party producers like Vermintide, Total War Warhammer, and Space Hulk. Nothing good is being made by the core company and Cubicle 7's POS of follow up to the original RPG was goddamn awful. Anybody that enjoys Warhammer is far better off getting third party miniatures at this point and just "making" whatever the hell they like from the old books.

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Also stubber

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Quick, tell me a Joke related to your army

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Light skin pigmentation is about 65,000 years old in human populations. Humans on any given planet in 40k aren't necessarily the same race as when they landed, and the same applies to the much-older Eldar. They would definitely have adapted to whatever climate they found themselves living in back in the days of the Eldar Empire

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Why do secondaries try so hard to fit in lmao

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>Non-white Eldar is lore rape
Anon, you're such a big gay.

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We use a better font.

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I mean they sell toy soldiers and are based in the UK, the fuck is that bitch upset about?

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The Stompa.

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Does a Venomcrawler have uses outside of boosting MoP's summoning?

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>our setting is not a reflection of how we feel the real world should be
>we are putting more blacks in our game
Nice to see GW is on our side

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>do whatever you want and leave me alone

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But 2 more achilles

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Virtue signaling aside, the only thing that worries me about this is that Warhammer 40K is distinctly NOT a very relatable setting, and is really not for everyone, and there's nothing wrong with that. While the setting is certainly big enough to include a wider variety of characters, and thereby provide greater representation for people who have been historically missed, they should really take care to not impose modern values or current events onto the setting, because it is truly not the same.

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Is there any precedence for fielding SoB alongside Custodes?

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Our shooting phase
t. orks

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/pol/ thread /pol/ thread. Another damn /pol/ thread.
Watch every nazi larper get upset now.

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Can't wait to see the Imperium turn into a DIVERSE and VIBRANT multicultural community

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Boosting morale by giving free blowjobs to your Chaos Marines.

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That's a good question nigger. Why do you corporate shills attempt to pretend to be 4chan posters to spam your hot shit all over the threads.

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>going to tourneys

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No more or less than any other two Imperial armies
Maybe they're fighting to recover some important Emperor-related relic together

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haha perfect

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i honestly think half the protestors are "journalists" for some shitty blog
a fourth are instagram attention whoers there for selfies
half are looters
and 3/5th are niggers

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I too want to kill more miniature minorities on the table.

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Is this the new politically correct, "shitlord"-esque insult?

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At least the janny is doing good work today.

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Custard haha

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Just wait until these token characters end up in a grimdark situation, they'll be accused of racisim for mistreating them or some shit it always happens.

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and, in the next month, everything will be forgotten

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Make as many acolytes as you can out of the neophytes

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>Any tips?
return it

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buy again and buy three rockcrushers, then buy 4 rock saws

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Wonder if we'll be so supportive once a pack of joggers will loot and set on fire a GW store

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It already is. We have high culture, hive culture, forge cuture, tech culture, every chapter and their planets have their own culture, etc. Humanity in 40k is already a culturally diverse institution. For the most part racism doesn't exist since humanity needed to band together to survive. Classism and xenophobia on the other hand are necessary to the setting.

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Ya it's a way to discredit criticism without providing an argument.

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got some fresh /pol/cucks on my line haha

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buy 2 more

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>A term used in forums and image boards to refer to people who get into an anime, video game etc. by secondary means (typically through a sequel or spinoff) and completely ignore the respective originals and source materials , resulting in a skewed understanding of background lore. More often than not being a secondary is very easy to correct but people refuse to do so out of laziness, so they are rightfully shunned. The term is commonly used among touhou and type-moon fans, and by many fans of visual novels with poor or inferior anime adaptations.
>Dan is a huge fan of Gundam Unicorn, but hasn't even seen the original Mobile Suit Gundam. He's such a filthy fucking secondary.

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At least this one is a classic

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yeah, the kind of unity mankind has in 40k is a very alien concept to modern sensibilities

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newfag needs to stop trying so hard.

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The funny thing is that most of the "diverse" character models they add to the game have an alternative to just paint them as normal dudes.

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Looks more like Kriegers to me with those helmets

>> No.72991552

All the skull iconography is just a symbol of how the differences between humans are only skin-deep, and we're all fundamentally one race

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>modern values or current events onto the setting
necrons = terminator
tyranids = alien
tau = gundam animu
need I explain more?

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>For the most part racism doesn't exist since humanity needed to band together to survive
It just shifted from skin color to genetic purity, see all the racism against abhumans or other mutants

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Imagine if they actually did anything more than the standard black background and white text corporate response.
At least GW realizes that none of these twitter shitters are what drives sales.

>Oh, how cool, GW, I'll buy some $10 chaos cultists, once ever, to show my support
They know their seller base is in people who don't give a shit about race or politics.

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That's the real way to do diversity

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but the nigger is the better of the two here

there's literally nothing wrong with niggers in 40k, the problem is with niggers in real life

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It's almost like the models come unpainted so you can paint them with any skin color you want.

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>Half again
>3/5ths are niggers
That doesn't even make sense, read a book about the Missouri Compromise
Based nazi retard

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We have good flamers

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>not the looting phase

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Why are Achiles good? Loadout? Rules?

Why are Acolytes better?

Rockcrusher is the vehicle yeah? Why they good?

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you can have a grimdark universe and relatable characters - the entire reason it feels horrible as a setting is because we can relate to the suffering in it - you can see yourself in your guard commander, stoicly holding the line against the xeno hordes, doing what they think is right whilst longing to be back home on the other side of the galaxy, and still laugh at the meaninglessness of their sacrifice in the grander scheme of things.

Your dudes operate at a different scale to the wider galaxy, and you as a player can inhabit both the ground level and the god level viewpoint.

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forgot Eldar = weebs

>> No.72991598

Mutants are just tricky xenos and everyone knows what should happen to xenos.

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but the only notable thing Unicorn does is justify Zeon warcrimes. It is well animated though

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Do you guys ever feel inexplicably fucking pissed from time to time? Like there's no particular reason for it, but you just really feel the need to cave someone's skull in. It just feels like the right thing to do.

It's not just me, right?

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everybody's a critic

>> No.72991606

ahahahaha that's good, if I ever buy lootas I'm gonna use that

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it's reparations you fucking racist

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I genuinely miss Cadia and think it was cool. I genuinely miss when the setting was a setting and not a plot to be moved forward.

>> No.72991619

stores are insured mate,getting looted just saves the manager an audit.

>> No.72991624

Nah, I always feel like this whenever a secondary posts here or on Fantasy threads.

I just want to smash his fucking head in.

>> No.72991625

>implying black isn't normal

Thats a hard yikes from me

>> No.72991626

I always have a (((reason))) to be angry

>> No.72991627

Cadia stands, friend

>> No.72991628

board control ;_;

>> No.72991636

The warhammer setting is whatever appeals the current edgy teen. Stop being a grog.

>> No.72991639

That might not be what he meant man
I mean 'normal' really just means 'what you're most likely to see everyday'/'most common', not necessarily 'has nothing wrong with it'

>> No.72991640

i honestly thought it was a reference to secondary objectives, i.e. not as important

>> No.72991641

Is the green blood on that leaf a reference to Predator?

>> No.72991644

do you play World Eaters anon?

>> No.72991645

my hate fueled spikes usually involve the desire to break spines more than to smash heads

I don't know of that's supposed to be further down the road or not

>> No.72991653

You bet it is.

>> No.72991658

That would make it a pretty elitist thing to say

>> No.72991659

Remember when companies didn't try to pander to politics and the left was about class struggle and not about representation olympics?
I remember.

>> No.72991663

It amazes me how we constantly find new and improved ways to gatekeep. Not saying it's justified or not, just making an observation.

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Any reason to not play Black Templars? I'm new but having a real hard time picking a chapter.

I like the Ultramarines color scheme but they seem like the basic bitches of the Space Marines (Which according to /40kg/ is already a basic bitch faction)

Blood Angles seem cool but I'm unsure about how I'd want to paint them?

I'm pretty neutral on the rest of the chapters so far I've only read bits and pieces

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Not everyone can afford insurance. Hell there was a black fireman who spent his life savings on a bar, they burned it down and he didn't have insurance.

>> No.72991674

GW doesn't want to be labeled as a nazi company by libfucks.

>> No.72991677

what do you think?

>> No.72991678

Nice. I know a lot of people might think of Sgt Johnson from Halo but he also reminds he hardcore of DYYYLONNE

>> No.72991685

Christ has this hobby been filled with so many faggots and sub human niggers that this is just widely accepted? Christ you autistics roll over harder than Blizzdrones.

>> No.72991686

Then the tranny should be angry at GW itself. Attracting "secondaries" is the way their business grows, that's why they license so many video games/books/board games etc etc

>> No.72991690

Need I say more?

>> No.72991691

what Predator movie is that dude on the right from?

>> No.72991696

Acolytes can deal out way more hurt. Unless you are doing specific builds, neophytes are cannon fodder

>> No.72991697

So do I, but that was before "influencers" and social media. The internet makes it very easy to disguise your numbers and make it seem like a movement has more people behind it than there really are.

>> No.72991704

Too late for that, see the sigmarxism user calling 40k "fascist propaganda"

>> No.72991706

GW will have insured it's stores, it's a multinational.

Also i thought you yanks legally had to buy insurance or you got shot or something?

>> No.72991709

When there's a large enough threat either presented or simply manufactured people really together pretty fast and put their tribalism aside. We have climate change but capitalism is kind of manipulating that. If we had Tyranids that'd kill us a lot faster you bet your arse we'd mobilise for the sake of profit. Of course, until a Ripper is eating someone's face they may not even believe it.

>> No.72991711

>GW releases new guard models
>They all have black features sculpted into the heads
t-thanks GW

>> No.72991713

>Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?
>No, have you?

>> No.72991723

The only thing I don't get is how, in the past 20-30,000 years or so, the people of Catachan haven't blended into being just one race

>> No.72991724

I'll never understand corporate apologists. Why are you running interference for these faggots? What's in it for you? Why did a mod delete three prior threads about this subject? Are you such rampant cowards that you can't handle even the slightest challenge to your disgusting political views?

>> No.72991725

Back to /v/ with you /v/ermin.

>> No.72991726

Out of nothing but a single box of Havocs, can I make two Lascannons and two Missile Launchers? I know there's two bodies specifically meant for the weapons, but what about the other two? Or is it expected for me to make 2 LC/ML and then 2 AC/HB or something?

>> No.72991728

Actually, Catachan draw inspiration from '80 action movies in general. I think butch is supposed to be referencing Vasquez from Aliens, which make sense design-wise and we've seen female Catachan looking like Vasqueze before.

"Hey Vasquez ever been mistaken for a man?" "Have you?"

>> No.72991729

>not black AND trans
Are you transphobic or something, you filthy secondary?

>> No.72991735

Probably repressed homosexuality.

>> No.72991739

does anyone have this the portrait of perturabo portrait like this one but smug?

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>> No.72991745

The left still is - it's libs who respond to this kind of corporate PR. But it does go a long way to undoing the efforts of nazi larpers who willfully ignore icontext in order to claim things as their because they can't create anything fun.the most extreme of them will run off screaming and try to claim infinity as their new ubergame cus you can kill muslims in it or something , and the community as a whole will be better for it.

>> No.72991746

A bit tasteless to make a miniature of Joseph Kony.

>> No.72991749

I think I need help. I'm at 60 daemonettes and 35 seekers and I can't stop. If they would release more models it would be a big help.

>> No.72991750

>any reason to not play black templars
black and white are boring to paint
>like UM scheme
play templar successors, paint them in some variation of blue and give them grey knight heads

>> No.72991752

Class struggle is ridiculous anyway

>> No.72991758


Grenade launchers + Mining lasers for the Neophytes to start. Consider building a later set with Shotguns and Flamers.

Use every special option for the Acolytes except maybe the cult icon and rock cutters. Endlessly trawl eBay for Deathwatch: Overkill Acolytes on the cheap to serve as squad filler.

>> No.72991759

I play Iron Warriors and Chaos Knights...

>> No.72991760

The Imperium is constantly dealing with insurrection, riots, genocide, purging of heretics, traitors, suffering secessions and more.

>> No.72991765

You're still a retarded nigger. Even you were just "pretending."

>> No.72991768

God damn the lack of self awarness in this post

>> No.72991770

>Any reason to not play Black Templars?
the colour scheme is rather boring and they only work when you have access to a good amount of blings

if I were you I'd make some custom all-purposes chapter like the "blood templars" or some other shit and take the best parts of the things you know while only using a small variant to a colour scheme

>> No.72991771

>Climate change

Please die for the good of humanity, commie.

>> No.72991778

Can't even read

>> No.72991780

Why is the secondary cuck trying to make the insult less effective? You will always be a fucking piece of shit who never gives a fuck about the hobby other than reading 1d4chan articles and wanting to murder libcucks.

>> No.72991782

Back to Urban Dictionary faggot.

>> No.72991786

Try converting something new out of other models for a change. How would dark eldar or even AoS dark elf models look as daemonettes?

Pic related, someone converted Daughters of Khaine into daemonettes and they look great

>> No.72991790


Ok that is based. I was making a meme but now I am on board with the femdom catachan

>> No.72991797

I think catachan settlements are described as being small, isolated in the vast oceans of jungle. I can imagine you might see someone from the other side of the world only very rarely when they desperately need to brave the hellscape that is the daily commute. In that sense it's easy to imagine them having a strong cultural bond, but a far more varied racial mixture due to their only being able to intermingle with the nearest settlements.

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>> No.72991801

It's not effective because you're trying to use it as a left wing insult. That automatically reduces its effectiveness by about 90%.

>> No.72991802

Uh? I just complemented the list

>> No.72991805

ethnicities find no problem in segregating each other culturally and geographically

>> No.72991808

how do you even yourdudes custodes or grey knights or 1k sons

>> No.72991809

So. Anyone else wish they'd do plastic models for the solar auxilia?
I love their look but fuck paying forge world prices for shitty resin models

>> No.72991815

I'm doing this for my warcry warband

>> No.72991819

wow you're cool

to add to that, you could even try Repentia. There's a lot of potential and there's nothing better than having an army made up of unique but tasteful models

>> No.72991820

I'm so sorry, I will now donate to the trans foundation for the 40%/

>> No.72991822

/pol/ is triggered

>> No.72991824

Planets are big and got diverse climates. Even Catachan must have hotter/colder zones. They're just slight variation on the same planet wide shitshow.

>> No.72991826

mmm delicious corporate cock.

>> No.72991832

You're a tertiary nigger. Came from some Reddit shit show and brought your worthless fucking politics with you. Fun fact, less than 5% of the adult US population uses Twitter and Reddit. They're missrepesentive of the bulk of people's tastes and wishes. Always have been.

>> No.72991839

as if calling someone a secondary with the other intent is full of love and a display of affection and comradery

>> No.72991840

Good on you man. Have you got any results you can post yet? If not, show us as soon as you can

>> No.72991841

shit, this is hard

>> No.72991843

Is anyone else a little worried that if they paint all there minis white (because they have been playing for 20 years and are stuck in there ways) some kid is going to have a go at them for being racist?

Feeling weirdly obligated to paint loads of my dudes black and make sure to have a sensible ratio and make sure some of the officers are black and not just line troopers and so on and so on.

Time to become one of those I ONLY LIKE HELMETED HEADS nerds.

>> No.72991845

Custodes often have special shield hosts that go on missions. They change the color of their armor when doing so. Just make a custom shield host and make some characters to lead them.

>> No.72991849

i'm pretty sure nobody on the planet has ever though "gee, i like these plastic models, but i wish it were in resin instead"

>> No.72991850

Good boy

>> No.72991852

I want Vostroyans. Very 40k and quite unique. A sort of return to the legions and a sort of return to the Imperial Army.

>> No.72991853


>> No.72991854

>trying to use it as a left wing
Holy fuck, your brain really is fucked with /pol/ shit

>> No.72991855

Catachan settlements are essentially nomadic fortified compounds. They'll swoop in, burn the shit out of an area down to the ground then plant a bunch of prefabbed forts in the clearing.
Eventually though the jungle will reclaim it despite their best efforts and the cycle must repeat elsewhere.

The only permanent settlement on catachan is a cluster of isolated islands where they not only burnt it to the ground but dug up the dirt down to the bedrock. Then built on that.

>> No.72991857

>Why are Achiles good? Loadout? Rules?
Yes and yes. They got a major point drop and are still fragile but worth it. 3 are average 6 lascannon shots. Hivecult with alphus warlord can do +2 to hit rerolling 1s, +1 to wound. Even their stubbers with raking fire can be useful.

Plus they're the best model GW has released ever imho.

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>> No.72991868


>> No.72991869

Only white people play 40k anyway despite what GW want to shill

>> No.72991874

>the risk I took was calculated,
>but man,
>am I bad at math

>> No.72991876

did you pour maple syrup on your necron

>> No.72991879


does anyone play any games besides matched?

>> No.72991881

Gee, it’s almost like Imperium Bad or something.

>> No.72991883

Doesn't change the fact that you're pretending to be multiple people and aren't from here. Just a typical Leftist faggot.

>> No.72991884

I run guard and have a bunch of black guys in my army.
They're all conscripts and I use them to pin enemy units down in melee then start shelling them with basilisks.

>> No.72991886

t. missed the point of the setting

>> No.72991888

yep, it is. also, thin your pants
I mean, paints

>> No.72991890

it's a good thing i've always liked helmets

>> No.72991891

Going for Sandstone?

The problem is that the two things that make sandstone look like sandstone to the eye are striations and the crumbly texture, and neither of those are practical to do in mini painting

>> No.72991893

I tried open play once, the other guy used some strat that let him repair his riptide like 6 times in one turn

>> No.72991895

Are the females mandatory on the model or can I remove them?

>> No.72991901

they oppress the tallarn

>> No.72991902

It's up to 51% nowadays.

>> No.72991903

Don't feel pressured to paint anything differently to how you want, most people won't even notice the mono-race thing. In fact you might look like you're trying too hard to pander to left-wing commentators unless you have some kind of background lore explaining why the planet your army is from has people from so many different Old Earth-style races intermingling in the same areas without mixing and becoming homogeneous again

>> No.72991906

Are you actually implying that a bunch of white teenagers aren't capable of herranging someone for being a racist?

I don't actually think a black dude is going to come up to you and go 'how come half your guys arnt black'

A white teen totally will.

>> No.72991907

I miss Vostroyans. I want my ww1 Kossak 40k army back

>> No.72991910

I moved to necrons. robots don't have genders or ethnicities, so I got to evade that

>> No.72991913

no, u, don't assume my agenda just because you can't read properly what's being said

>> No.72991914

t. thinks the Imperium is "good"

>> No.72991915

Would they even know what to do with looted 40k? Open the box and you have a bunch of grey shit on frames. Not as instantly satisfactory as looting a TV or alcohol.

Side question: Do black people even play 40k?

>> No.72991916

Realizing that means you are willing to learn. Make sure you're scraping mold lines or else it'll fuck up any paint job you do. Learn to thin your paints and make a wet palette (look on youtube), you'll get the consistency you need down in a few tries. Keep at it, even if it isn't perfect they're yours. And if you need some encouragement go to ebay and look at the "Pro Painted!" minis for sale, you'll feel so much better about your own skills.

>> No.72991918

I only play narrative stuff when I play. We make up scenarios and take whatever is appropriate for the scenario. I don't even know what points for things are.

>> No.72991920

No, you can have no one visible. Flare launcher is better too.

Also not liking best girl is suspicious

>> No.72991921


>> No.72991923

Should've picked the correct option.

>> No.72991926

The most pollution is coming from a communist country

>> No.72991928

Bring back simultaneous combat resolution for units with rules like that or which charged.

>> No.72991933

They are bad but they are the good guys anyway, since everyone else is even worse

>> No.72991934

Damn I'm really digging that Catalady with goggles look and I'm not even an Imperialfag

>> No.72991936


but helmeted heads are superior anyway

>> No.72991940 [DELETED] 

I for one, is happy GW took a side. They shall be viewed as being on the right side of history because of this.

>> No.72991942

The Imperium is a hellhole you're not supposed to relate to in any way. If you seriously think the Imperium is good you've missed the point of the setting. Ask Priestley his thoughts on Space Marines.

>> No.72991943

>play orks
>paint all my orks green
am i a racist

>> No.72991944

>Would they even know what to do with looted 40k?
>look at the prices online
>resell on craiglist for irl warpstone money

>> No.72991946

I have never in all my years seen a single black person who plays 40k.
I did see a black female who was the girlfriend of an ugly fat white guy who played 40k.
But that was as close as I ever saw a nigger to a game

>> No.72991947

>you're pretending to be multiple people
Are you okay, anon?

>> No.72991953

Thats weak shit. Get some alchohol instead don't soak it though just give it a dip and scrub

>> No.72991957

Kek, saved

>> No.72991960

No, everyone is bad, the correct term you're looking for is that the Imperium is the protagonist of the setting. Even bad guys can be protagonists of their own stories. Some of the best stories feature bad people as the protags even. It's interesting to follow horrible people in fiction to see what makes them tick.

>> No.72991961

Wow the irony.

>> No.72991967

50% of the time when my gf is in the same room as me

>> No.72991969

So there's a ton of "Start Collecting" sets out there - which are the best/most cost effective and which are totally worthless?

Probably best to wait until 9th edition anyway

>> No.72991970

You're a single person. A nigger. Attempting to create a false consensus on an anonymous image board. By the very nature of what you're doing you are dishonest, subhuman piece of shit. Is that a bit more clear?

>> No.72991972

Did you paint him with shit?

>> No.72991980

Nah, I'm talking about the freehanded glyphs. The sandstone looks better in person and will look much less shit after a matte varnish. I'm not gonna pretend it's perfect, but it looks particularly bad with a phone camera under a yellow light.

>> No.72991982

>best girl
Dat 5head though

>> No.72991983

Yeah, everything we could tell you will change when 9th launches.

>> No.72991987

i hate this PC bullshit more than you. my preference was for GW to stay silent. the truth is 40k isn't a pristine universe that was shat out of some creative sphincter, it built up like corral and it has influence from all that touched it. it's like WoW and the shit memes it incorporates.

>> No.72991989


>> No.72991990

if you want everything in the box it's a good deal regardless of what the box is

>> No.72991993

Go back to /pol/

>> No.72991994

>No, everyone is bad
Oh so the Imperium is just as bad as warp demons, the necrons or the tyranids for the average human?

>> No.72991995

I'm going to be playing Daughters of Khaine but they're slaneesh worshippers or something. The pieces fit relatively well together but will need a little amount of greenstuff filling. The biggest issue is that the bodies are mostly posed to be stabing and you don't really want to stab with crab claws.

>> No.72991998

Yikes, did your pharmacy for meds get burned down by riots? Is that why you're spewing this nonsensical drivel?

>> No.72992000

Are you sure you are okay, anon?

>> No.72992001


>> No.72992004

yeah Goliath would have been clearer, but you need two rockcrushers (rocksaw plough on front) at least to carry acolytes with demo charges and ram tanks. The heavy mining laser is great too. Axolytes in the open die to shooting in seconds, you have no options to keep them alive other than goliaths.

>> No.72992005

glyph looks fine

>> No.72992006

>Everyone Always Asks "Where are the niggas" But Never "How are the niggas" Edition
They don't ask because they already know niggas bein' stepped on.

>> No.72992007

Sisters SC box when. How do you hype a new range up that much and then don't release one.

>> No.72992014

The Imperium are awful, they just aren't as awful as many of the other things. If you had a choice of getting shot in the face and dying or getting your hand chopped off, you'd probably pick the second option even though it's fucking horrible and both options fucking suck. That's the Imperium and 40k

>> No.72992018

ive played two games with non-whites, both were half black

>> No.72992020

>getting burtally stabbed to death isnt bad just because there exists the possibility you could be burned to death in napalm instead

>> No.72992023

To freehand practice first. Get a sheet of parchment paper and paint the freehand about the size of 20 point font (nice and big). Practice until its consistent and you're happy with how it looks. Then make it smaller and repeat until you are happy with it. Repeat until its the size you want it.

Hugs and Kisses,

Duncan Rhodes

>> No.72992026

That doesn't substantiate a single thing you said.

>> No.72992027

SC boxes usually come out a year or two after the model wave in question. But Sisters got that Starter Box.

>> No.72992028

Yea, half the people constantly defecting to chaos and xenos, causing the other half to violently fracture about HERESY at the drop of a hat really says, "Unity". If anything, we should try to make reality reflect the setting!

>> No.72992035

Yes, which was my point
It's better, or the lesser of two evils. In a grimdark universe living under immortal Stalin is better than being tortured in hell for all eternity
Now you get the setting

>> No.72992039

Leave 4chan faggot.

>> No.72992042


>> No.72992045


Dude the Eldar Craftworlds are gigantic flying genetic bottlenecks from all across a millions-of-years-old empire. The thousands of years they have been flying around in-breeding will only make their natural recessive traits even more pronounced than before.

Drukhari are highly stratified and often at least partially cloned Dark Eldar, where mutations in a prominent family are going to stick around for a LONG time and become even more pronounced than normally able - especially if the Haemonculus decides to start fuckin around.

Not only are there rational reasons for there to be "almost human" Eldar of varying Human ethnicity, there is tons of room for the more wild and crazy shit where they could never possibly be mistaken for anything other than an alien, like having incredibly sharp features, pale blue, green, gray, or lilac skin, absolute black skin, glowing red or yellow eyes, etc.

They're aliens - go wild with it.

>> No.72992051

I dont get why GW doesn't start with them first and let people expand on it with subsequent releases

>> No.72992052

little more complex than that, since you are also ruled by humans which is better than being ruled by a different species ultimately.

>> No.72992061


>80s aesthetic

We need to go back

>> No.72992065

mydude have the same skin color as me

>> No.72992068

For the SC boxes I'll go:
Old Admech
Tzeencth Daemons
Primaris Vanguard
Primaris SW
Thousand Sons
Astra Militarum

Nurgle Daemons
Death Guard
Soon to be Necrons
Blood Angels
Dark Eldar
Regular SM
Nu Admech
Khorne Daemons
Slaanesh Daemons
Space Wolves
Militarum Tempestus

>> No.72992071

Just because the Imperium isnt as bad as some other threats doesn't automatically make them the good guys or even something to admire. That's literally the point of 40k.

>> No.72992073

Heavy mining laser is best, not flamer? I figure since its gonna hit on 5s I assume (or does it have power of the machine spirit)?

>> No.72992074

I would argue that you're proving my point. Just making the Necrons into robot skeletons is fucking boring. Thankfully they've gotten a bit away from that in recent years and have given them better designs and more personality, if only a little. Warhammer really doesn't need to rip off anything else. There's potential for really creative and cool stuff for them to create in the setting, but GW just wants to keep chasing trends instead of developing something for themselves.

>> No.72992076


the old mechanicus one was good, not sure if they new one is quite as good. You get a transport instead of a dune crawler and a pot bellied priest instead of the normal priest

>> No.72992091

>ust because the Imperium isnt as bad as some other threats doesn't automatically make them the good guys
Yes it does. "Good" is relative
>or even something to admire
Never implied that

>> No.72992092


Seethe more dude.

>> No.72992096


Grognards from Wargame Atlantic look dope

>> No.72992097


>> No.72992108

it's the most cost efficient way to get crisis suits and strike teams desu

>> No.72992109

Stay in denial loser.

>> No.72992115

All my dudes are blue skins. But my infinity models are white, because it's more pleasing to look at. Also I'd tell them to fuck off

>> No.72992117

What is wrong with GSC SC? You literally buy 3 of them to start your army no matter who you are.
Also Death Guard don't even have one so I assume you are just talking out your ass.

>> No.72992118

The transport can be built as a good tank and skitarii remain some of the most versatile troops in the game.

>> No.72992120


there's a deathguard SC?

>> No.72992122

You just can't see them.

>> No.72992125

one of the guys on the long war is black

>> No.72992128

No one argued it wasn't better you idiot. That still doesnt make them good, which was the original point. The Imperium is not something to aspire to. It is the WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIO for humanity that isnt total extinction.

>> No.72992129

I remember too, anon, you’re not alone.

>> No.72992140


It means you don't play, which is true, but his sentence doesn't make sense. None of you play, so of course secondaries fit in.

>> No.72992141

You mean besides being one of the few good daemon engines and rocking a bunch of possible 2xD3 S8 assault shots with 36" range, stomping shit in melee and moving 10" a turn on top of regening 1 wound a turn amd an additional wound when the eat something in melee
Venomcrawlers are cash in my opinion

>> No.72992148

Most diehard leftists nowadays are fairly well off kids or flat out celebrities who actively shit on the working class

>> No.72992153

Gee I wonder who was behind redirecting peoples attention from class struggle to race.

>> No.72992154

tau in the worst, how?
>drones always needed
>breachers/strike team is good
>crisis suits are decent but can become really good with FSE
The only bad point is the ethereal and even then you can easily convert to a fire blade

>> No.72992158

I've been looking for an excuse to start buying recasts and they've given it to me.
Where can I find some good quality recasts? Share your resources please

>> No.72992159

We are on 4channel, /pol/

>> No.72992160

Sob - my enemy psykers

>> No.72992162

If I had to guess I think he meant the Dark Imperium half since its the closest to a DG SC. Even then he's wrong.

>> No.72992168

Living under Space Stalin still means you're living under Space Stalin, you can't change that fact. no one wants to live under Space Stalin. The Imperium is a rotting corpse that should have died in 30k honestly. I'm not even a Chaosfag because they're a bunch of manbabies but even they aren't wrong about the Imperium being shit, even if they are sort of the reason why it is what it is.

>> No.72992170

They are the good guys because they ensure humanity survives. Sure not in luxury by today's standards but much better than tormented forever/eaten/subjugated by xenos
They are the good guys of the setting (from a human's point of view), because everyone else is worse. It's not like there are alternatives

>> No.72992172

I, too, enjoy having to scrape by and lick the boots of rich people in the hopes if things go wrong for me they'll protect me.

>> No.72992174

Did any of those female catachans make it out into the world before the lockdown, i want one bad

>> No.72992175

I have 1,000 points of Guard (Baneblade and a few other things), 1,000 points of Custodes, and a Sisters of Battle box.
Which army do I play in 9th?

>> No.72992185

is this accurate?

>> No.72992194

In 40K they're literally doing what they have to survive though. If the Imperium were any softer it would collapse, and the human race with it

>> No.72992198

>eldar - in the twiight of their race's existence, never to regain their former glory
>imperium - still mighty but in decline, obviously weaker than previous empires of man, doomed to a slow death
>tau - still a child race, still expanding, essentially at a similar place that humanity was t long ago, only a matter of time before they begin their descent as a power

>> No.72992200

>t. doesn't know anything about leftist movements outside of memes

>> No.72992201

None, start a xenos army you nerd.

>> No.72992203

the one you like most

>> No.72992204

I want some crusader-type models with my guard army but the I don't wanna buy the old metal ones, despite looking pretty cool. What does anyone think about using these dudes but with some minor modifications?

>> No.72992207

>share your recasts

>> No.72992208

Go tell your boss to lower prices and then we wouldn't resort to recasts.

>> No.72992209

From a human's point of view in the setting, yes. In real life? Absolfuckingloutelynot. That's what people are trying to tell you. The Imperium is a fucking shit state and regime and it's absolutely horrible. It's necessary to survive in the setting but that isn't a good fucking thing at all if you've gotten to the point where you need the IMPERIUM to protect you.

>> No.72992221

In the Xenology lore, Imperial dudes examine the fossils of Aeldari and compare them with the bodies of modern Aeldari. They saw that the Aeldari have not evolved at all. Unlike humans, there were no mutations or evolutionary leaps despite the incredible span of time that the Aeldari existed.

>> No.72992224

Don't tell anyone I shared this with you.

>> No.72992225

>In real life? Absolfuckingloutelynot. That's what people are trying to tell you.
So? That wasn't my point. Yes of course they would be bad guys irl, but they are still the good guys in the setting

>> No.72992226

Nice try red shirt.

>> No.72992232

So, is it still possible to get those models without having to pay 300€+ ?

>> No.72992235

Fuck off GW.

>> No.72992238

No, because only an EC Marine woud write that shit

>> No.72992243

>he doesn't know

>> No.72992245

This list is very, very wrong.

>> No.72992246


There's nothing wrong with the GSC or new Admech starter boxes.

>> No.72992247


>> No.72992249

I'd say he doesn't know what leftism is. Does any American truly know? They're so deep in their propaganda.

>> No.72992252

literally 99% of the problems in the 40k universe are caused by the emperor's model for humanity as a galactic empire. the other 1% is the eldar creating slaanesh and the eye of terror.

>> No.72992263

why? it's about the boxes

>> No.72992265

I have a squad of 10 chaos space marines but I am new to this faction I guess. I am not use to having so many options. Honestly I mostly paint for fun but in the event I start playing, what is a "coherent" squad like for CSM? I noticed that some can have a bolt pistol and sword. Others just a bolter I think? Some a heavy weapon like missles? What are the limits? I usually paint necrons and their squads are pretty easy because you only have like 1-2 guns most times that you could pick.

Also, do a lot of the new CSM bodies and such only fit certain legs or arms etc? I like to mix and match parts but I don't want to accidentally use the arm that is for like a heavy bolter or something and then not be able to make a unit with a heavy bolter. Maybe it doesn't matter.

>> No.72992267

What is the most Libertarian/Anarchist Chapter?

>> No.72992268

Other people said the Tau was good and I can confirm its a pretty good one. New admech is also pretty good still.

>> No.72992271


It does not, there's very little reason to run Heavy Seismic Cannons or Mining Lasers on the Rockgrinder, particularly if it is meant to be bringing Acolytes into range.

>> No.72992272 [DELETED] 

what the fuck happened to planet earth
one little riot and now every single insitution feels the need to shove niggers in our face and tout how much they love niggers. why are TOY companies making pro-negroe political statements?

where will it end?

>> No.72992273

The T'au exist to show mankind....there is a better way.

>> No.72992275


dude use Chaos warriors from aos as the base. This one didn't take it as far as they could have, but it gives you an idea of what can be accomplished.

>> No.72992276

If you have to read a blog to get a joke it's not a good joke

>> No.72992277

>literally 99% of the problems in the 40k universe are caused by the emperor's model for humanity as a galactic empire

>> No.72992278

Honestly I can’t tell whether this is b8 or you’re just retarded.

>> No.72992279


>> No.72992280


>> No.72992284

renegade chapters

>> No.72992286

Protagonists, anon. They aren't universally seen as the good guys even in the setting to their own 'citizens', who barely have any rights to begin with. There's a reason so many characters in stories in 40k who are human are miserable pieces of shit if they aren't Space Marines or fancy generals in the IG.

>> No.72992287

Left = Retard cuck who worships lesser races and wants them to fuck his family up, has rainbow hair
Right = Retard cuck who hates lesser races and fears they will fuck his family up, has swastika hair

>> No.72992290

I'll bite in case this is earnest, but you don't share recaster info. If you look around you'll find it though.

>> No.72992292

In my mind Eldrad Ulthran will always be dead

>> No.72992298

>Came from some Reddit shit show
>anon just states he came from Reddit
It's time to go back

>> No.72992300

nice holodubs

>> No.72992304

Fuck you, I am a loyal servant of the God Emperor.

>> No.72992308

No? Why the fuck would you care about what other people think? They weren't the ones who bought, built, and painted the minis. If they have a problem with how you do yours then tell them to sit and spin.

>> No.72992309

But mankind is already following a small group of individuals that have a stranglehold on power within their society and abuse it for their own ends.

>> No.72992311

Fuck it got me

>> No.72992318

Red Corsairs.

>> No.72992319

It's true. Erda and the perpetuals tried to warn the Emeror but he wouldn't listen.

In the current Siege series, Erda and John want to stop the Emperor as much as they want to stop Chaos because at the end of the day they are two sides of the same coin.

>> No.72992320

It doesn't matter. Communists and Nazis alike are anti-American and will fall before 5.56 all the same.

>> No.72992321

>implying you wouldn't just buy recasts at an even lower price

>> No.72992325


>> No.72992327

>Warhammer really doesn't need to rip off anything else
It's always been ripoffs upon ripoffs, mashed together in the grim darkness of the far future. With time it turned into it's own thing though.

>> No.72992328

yyyaaaaaas queeeen

>> No.72992329

No, literally 99.99999999% of 40k problems is thanks to Erebus being a little bitch

>> No.72992332

They should have put 3 destroyers in the new one with how much they buffed that shit.

>> No.72992334

No one can say I am racist when a few of my green orks are purple.

>> No.72992336

You have the taste of someone who will only eat chicken tendies and hamburgers. Eat a vegetable sometime you child.

>> No.72992337

So which one of those 3 factions do you play, Anon ?

>> No.72992338

Lol, I'm a minority myself (not black, thank god). I am completely immune to racism!

>> No.72992342

>When there's a large enough threat either presented or simply manufactured people really together pretty fast and put their tribalism aside
Tell that to the native Americans.

>> No.72992344

I was thinking about converting this guy to have a plasma rifle in his right hand (replace his tentacle). I don't have a lot of spare parts, so I was thinking about cutting off his right tentacle and attaching a hand holding a plasma rifle. Has anyone attempted such a conversion before and how did it turn out?

>> No.72992349

i dunno maybe this will create changes so that niggers won't actually be niggers in the future
i'm not hopeful but the status quo wasn't exactly hopeful either

>> No.72992350

Damn I haven't had mcuggets in a long time.

>> No.72992357

>create demigods to conquer the universe
>willingly cooperate with dark gods to get them
>have your creations be horribly tempted and corrupted by the dark gods (magnus making pact with tzeentch to stop flesh change, kurze visions, red thirst etc etc)
>half your armies eventually fall to chaos and become the biggest threat to the universe
>your creations retardedly light a beacon that alerts the tyranids to your galaxy
there's literally nothing that wouldn't be better if the emperor never existed.

>> No.72992358

I've seen two. First guy played orks but was really soft spoken and introverted, second guy plays either tau or gsc or both with a primaris army on the side. Both were military, and I suspect that was one of the primary reasons they played

>> No.72992361

Chaos, because I want to play a NPC army who is important

>> No.72992362

But I like Space Nazis. Xenos are gross and weird.

>> No.72992364

flamer is kind of overkill since you are transporting melee guys for the purpose of killing stuff at close range, and as it's heavy you won't fire on the turn you charge the acolytes after which it's a bit defunct. Meanwhile you can take the laser, drop the kids off, and sit there shooting fast vehicles and fliers, or take rusted claw and move and shoot heavy weapons and get some early wounds off.

>> No.72992371

Fuck, marry, kill


>> No.72992374

>top tier minorities
>low tier minorities
>shit tier minorities

>> No.72992377

I used to get mcdonalds as a treat every 2 weeks. I miss it bro.

>> No.72992379

Gonna go off on a rant here but it always bothered me that Chaos in 40k usually just means "spiky/evil humans with some daemons". Where are all the chaos xenos shit?

>> No.72992382

Kek. Yeah, the left has been totally co-opted.

>> No.72992384

Space monarchists and space ancaps have always been more interesting.

>> No.72992393

been playing since long before you, my friends played rogue trader. all of us are right wing and you think we are secondaries and not you. its all so tiresome.

>> No.72992397

Reading the 9th previews and they mentioned how detachments would work a little different here or there and said that armies could have detachments that consist of anything within the faction. Does that mean I can have Orks show up and help out my Tyranids for literally no reason? Because I'd love to have a squad of Orks that are wearing bad Tyranid disguises like they think blending in and becoming one of them will make them stronger.

>> No.72992404

It's a three-way split between the War in Heaven fucking the Warp and creating the Eldar and Orks, the Eldar creating the Eye of Terror and Slaanesh, and the Emperor being pants-on-head retarded enough to trust paragons of mental stability like Angron and Conrad Curze with leading armies. So really, it's all the Old Ones' fault.

>> No.72992415

Imagine unironically thinking posting on Facebook and painting your miniatures black will in any way make the lives of non-whites better.

If I was a nigger I would fucking hate leftist whites more than anyone else on earth.

>> No.72992419

>Sh-she's too powerful!
>So this... is the power of a Qveen

>> No.72992420

Nope, I prefer corruption and domination.

>> No.72992421

>top tier
>not shit tier

>> No.72992425

>right wing
You guys all play IG, right?

>> No.72992427

> I genuinely miss when the setting was a setting and not a plot to be moved forward.
I can't agree with this more, but I think I'm just an old codger who needs to move on and accept 40k is not made for the sake of the tabletop gamer anymore so much as it is for the hype and controversy obssessed 'lore' community online that provides GW with so much free marketing.

>> No.72992430

The left is dead and it's corpse is controlled by neolibs. The only real leftists left are impotent redditors and groups pozzed to the gills by idpol.


>> No.72992431

They united several times against the colonists. They were outgunned over time, but you can't say they didn't give it a good shot.


>> No.72992434

So I'm wanting to start Orks, but I have no idea where to begin. It seems like theres some unit overlap, but I'm not sure.

Could one of you kind gits please hold my hand and guide my hips? Like, what's the difference between Flash Gits and Lootas? Are Shootas pretty good? What types of playstyles are viable?

The Orks range is the best in 40k, so eventually I want to get some of all of it, but what should I expect of each playstyle? Is there an area where Orks are really weak, other than the obvious shooting on 5s?

Any and all advice is appreciated. I'm really enthusiastic about starting, but I have no idea where to begin.

>> No.72992435

Burger King has better nuggets. Wendy's are even better. Both have spicy nuggets, hence their superiority.

>> No.72992436

>If I was a nigger I would fucking hate leftist whites more than anyone else on earth.
They do. Black people in the poorest parts of the US have way more in common with racist white people than leftists.

>> No.72992437

Its one of those things you don't think about until you see it, I guess.

>> No.72992438


>> No.72992440

Lol poor xenos Player get cucked. Only a mug for him.

>> No.72992443

Fuck off quaternary.

>> No.72992444

>there's literally nothing that wouldn't be better if black library never existed.

Fixed that for you

>> No.72992448

necrons and nids are soulles, npcs don’t get the chaos threatment
Literally druhkari
Orkz that get corrupted or act different get killed by the others
And I think that’s it, sorry if I missed one xenos are forgettable

>> No.72992450

>War in Heaven fucking the Warp
The Warp was already fucked. The War in Heaven just blasted the containments the Old Ones placed on the Warp.
Predate the War in Heaven
>So really, it's all the Old Ones' fault.
They didn't start the war.

>> No.72992451

>made thread an hour ago
>already at bump limit
what the fuck

>> No.72992454

The real leftists are marching in the streets, anon.

>> No.72992462

we all miss cadia buddy

>> No.72992466

They're not because they leave theirs on the street.

>> No.72992468

>warhammer is for everyone
>if you disagree with us you will not be missed

>> No.72992470

Wait until 9th is out before you buy anything. It ain't looking to good for orks right now.

>> No.72992476

Can Custodes be black? There is no official lore showing them as being black.

>> No.72992480


>> No.72992481

Aye because the Eldar were manufactured. They didn't evolve and thus are incapable of evolution

>> No.72992482

>If I was a nigger I would fucking hate leftist whites more than anyone else on earth.
Oh they do.

>> No.72992484

Xenos are way more interesting than human bullshit, sorry.

>> No.72992492

Do black people even play 40k?
Majority of the people I play against are white, a couple asian, and me and my native bros. I have never seen a black person playing warhammer, they tend to go to the card games instead

>> No.72992494

Games Workshop literally just politicised Warhammer. Warhammer is now political. Enjoy.

>> No.72992495

I'm glad it has turned into its own thing. I would like them to continue doing their own thing, rather than ripping off other shit.

>> No.72992496

Fuck Alpha Legion girls
Marry Grey Knight girl but only if she is into handholding
Kill Space Wolf GF

>> No.72992500

False. There are any number of canonical alternatives to the Imperium...none of which they take because they are hidebound ideologues.

Grimdark can only be present with the presence of viable alternatives, and they're there. Without that, all you have is micron-deep edgelord nonsense.

>> No.72992502

We're bored today.

>> No.72992503

Unironically based honestly. It's the only language some people will understand

>> No.72992506

No reason why they can't each one is a work of art opposed to how generalized the astartes are

>> No.72992508


Anon what you have to understand is that most Americans understand what the political left has become in america. I say this as an American who was a political science major most people I know have no idea what I'm talking about if I try to explain things more nuanced than Democrats= left and Republicans=Right. Most of them don't understand how politics have evolved and they don't necessarily understand the correct terminology to express different political ideologies and where they fall on the scale. That being said, based on what you've posted I'm assuming you don't have any better of an understanding than they do. You have a different understanding, likely based on your own countries political landscape, but I seriously doubt your understanding is any deeper or more nuanced.

Also generalizations and stereotypes are for ignorant mental deficients who are insecure about themselves and feel the need to prop themselves up with baseless comparisons to other groups they claim to be better than in order to keep their fragile little egos from falling apart at the realization they're actually quite pathetic. Get help so you can cease with the cope.

>> No.72992514

Just buy what you like, and play with slowly increasing list as you try different stuff. Lootas are longer range than flash gitz, one of best units, and shootas are decent. Depends on list how good shootas are. Orks are currently good place where most things are viable.

>> No.72992516

>Everyone who is protesting against the state must be a leftist

>> No.72992518

Fuck witch elf
Marry Dark Angel
Kill Luna wolfes/Black Legion
Fuck Horus and fuck the whole heresy.

>> No.72992522

That's pretty sexy dude. Thanks for the tip

My only issue is that crusaders are just strength 3, and that dude looks really bulky. It does look more faithful to the original model though.

>> No.72992523

Your number 1 priority right now should be picking up whatever you think looks coolest and being happy about it. If you love the UM scheme and want to paint them, then go for it.

Ultimately you can always strip the paint and paint them up as something different, or buy different models later on. Buy something you'll be happy with now and don't give a fuck about what other people think, the meta relevance of the army, or any of that shit. None of that matters.

>> No.72992526

If you think Warhammer had absolutely zero politics in it before now, you're a complete smoothbrain or just being willfully ignorant.

>> No.72992528

>Do black people even play 40k?
no they are too poor for that

>> No.72992534

Me an Arab, bought some models. There are a few TT games here. Most people that are interested in 40K here play the RPGs and card games.

When I went to Nottingham for a GW event I saw at least 2 Black folks getting book signings.

>> No.72992535

>why are capitalist companies trying to do something that will launder their public image, broaden their appeal, and make them more money
I don't know anon, it's truly a mystery

>> No.72992540

At some point the postage cost from china combined with getting an inferior product is not worth it.

>> No.72992544

Start collecting box is a good start, only meh unit is the painboy. Boyz, grots, lootas, stormboys are all good units to grab (especially using the grots with the grot shield stratagem to protect your lootas or backfield artilery). You should grab or convert a weirdboy for your first HQ (if you buy a grot box you can easily convert the runtherd into a weirdboy), other good HQ choices are warboss and mek (either with shock attack gun or kustom force field, depends on how you want to run them). Don't bother with trukks yet since we have no idea how transports will be in 9th edition (in 8th they're fragile as fuck). Some basic info.

>> No.72992545


I mean I personally think of the crusaders as giga chads so I have no problem with them being bulky as fuck. Do a weapon swap, clean off the chaos iconography, put a skittle helmet on it and slap on some imperial gubinz and you have a pimping model at least in my opinion.

>> No.72992546

Any one have a size comparison between the admech transport tank and the repulsor?

>> No.72992549


just chop the barrel off the blight launcher and attach a plasma head to it

>> No.72992554

flash gitz are freebootas and lootas can be whatever clan you want
lootas have range, flash gitz are more reliable
shootas are for shooty sluggas is for choppy
playstyles are across the board, though the best one is usually hordes of boyz, though whether that is necessarily "good" on its own or that it is good in that it's a good non-meta list is a different discussion
and since 9th is coming a lot of this stuff is gonna be outdated fast

>> No.72992558

John’s been kinda down on trying to make humanity go extinct for a while now. Wouldn’t be surprised if he takes the place of Ollanius Pius on the vengeful spirit and gets perma deathed by Horus.

>> No.72992560


>> No.72992566

i'm pretty sure if prices got that low gw would be out of business
or they would have outsourced all their manufacturing out of the uk

>> No.72992569


>> No.72992577

Wouldn’t be surprised if they edit that last line out tbqh.

>> No.72992579

imperium and chaos. feels good to be the main event

>> No.72992581

>changing your models to please a stranger

Ultimate cuck mode

>> No.72992583


I sympathize with your nostalgia, but people have been asking for the plot to move forward for decades. GW can't please everyone I guess.

>> No.72992586


>> No.72992587

Question: How do you do Blanchitsu Orks? Has Blanche ever done any Ork stuff?

>> No.72992593

It was actually a leviathan dreadnought that tried to save the emperor

>> No.72992602


Yes. I am black. I play necrons. or paint necrons rather.

>> No.72992603

The nice thing with Trukks being fragile is that you can use them for looting rather reliably, and with proper threat saturation it can be made into a tough choice for the opponent.

>> No.72992604

Thank you, that does seem easier, I'll give it a shot.

>> No.72992608


>> No.72992611

Cringe. Any Warhammer YT is cringe. I sure wanna hear some balding neckbeard in his 40s ramble on about lore for an hour, which you can read for yourself and save yourself 45 minutes and the additional opinions of said neckbeard about how much he hates the Tau or thinks Space Marines are badass.

>> No.72992612

Lore question: do imperial worlds with enough contact to the rest of the imperium have their building codes based around accommodating Astartes?

I mean, yeah Astartes are super nimble but they’re still 8’10 giants with 6 foot wide shoulders and 500 pounds even before they put in their armor. The only way they would get through a door meant for a normal human is taking out the surrounding wall.

>> No.72992613

Am I a scumbag for taking a blood Angel's smash captain, a loyal 32, and a salamanders bike captain to 750 point open play so I can have three cp regaining abilities on my battalion

>> No.72992615

That's the point though; it didn't used to have a plot because it wasn't a story, it was a setting you made your own stories in.

>> No.72992621

I agree but this is more for Jannies to understand that political discussions in 40kg are in fact, now on-topic.

>> No.72992627

did the tau soil his pants?

>> No.72992629

Based desu

>> No.72992630

I don't disagree with what you said but it's sad when something gets changed to please what are next coomsumers

>> No.72992632

>he painted shit in the Tau's pants

>> No.72992636

you're viewing the setting from an imperium-normative lens, therefore you see them as "good guys"

>> No.72992643

I initially welcomed 9th but now I'm stuck in limbo not expanding or completing anything since I don't know how armies will look post points hike and all this cp change.

>> No.72992644

Yeah. Why are you trying to powergame at 750pts?

>> No.72992647

don't tau have blue blood?

i doubt they have codes for it
if the marine doesn't fit he's gonna make it fit
if you didn't plan ahead for it that's your own fault

>> No.72992651

>from my point of view the Jed- I mean the imperium is evil

>> No.72992652

The plastic may as well be fucking free, it's only the moulds that cost money. Making cheaper models means people will end up buying more, they would lose some money (Assuming they weren't able to hook old customers back in, which they probably would) but not enough to seriously threaten their bottom line. And it would return dividends in the long run when their company gets a better reputation.

>> No.72992657

>> No.72992662

As is customary in Tau culture

>> No.72992664

Play with what you like/want to Paint

>> No.72992665

depends on who you're playing and whether it is intended to be friendly
i'm gonna go with yes though

>> No.72992672

You're a floating piece of shit clogging up our drains buddy. Drift back on home.

>> No.72992676

There are two chaosfags who are summoning shit for free. A guy who regularly brings his repulse executioner, and a guard parking lot.

Guard parking lot is mad salty he cant win anything

>> No.72992680

>it's sad when something gets changed to please what are next coomsumers
Expecting a capitalist corporation to have any sense of integrity is deeply cucked, anon.

Games Workshop is in this business to make money, and they will do whatever they calculate is necessary to make more.

Why is this so difficult for people to comprehend? I'm not condoning it, but it's the reality of the situation.

>> No.72992683

Pretty sure GW made every Xenos had red blood to make it easier to remember a while back. Except maybe Necrons who I don't think bleed.

>> No.72992686

>Oh so the Imperium is just as bad as warp demons, the necrons or the tyranids for the average human?
>average human
Obviously the human faction is better to humans than non-human factions you muppet. The imperium is just as awful to xenos as xenos are to the imperium, so objectively they're equally evil.

>> No.72992690

I personally get fucked every game I use them, they get blown up T1 and invariably explode taking some units with them before even moving said units up the table at all.

>> No.72992692

/pol/ BTFO!

>> No.72992693

I think they sell to third party stores at half sale price. So they are still making a profit at half current prices.

>> No.72992694


Why do you feel like you can't tell your own stories in it?

>> No.72992698

>You now remember this model and base.
>There's just enough room for a Diversity Head on the dead Smurf
Have fun.

>> No.72992701 [DELETED] 

Okay, which one of you is stalking /ourgirl/?

>> No.72992708

It's probably a good time to try out kitbashing or greenstuff conversion for fun.

>> No.72992709

I don't think a lot of people who bitch about this shit realize how much they've CONSOOOOMED their whole entire life. Unless you've been living literally under a rock, this shit has been affecting you all your life. It's nothing new, people only care now because muh politics.

>> No.72992714

I actually have one of those done up in my chapters colors that I like.

>> No.72992717

I've seen plenty of asian war gamers and some hispanic wargamers, but never black or middle eastern.

>> No.72992721

heresy box, but how do i roll?

>> No.72992724


>> No.72992725

The posts are coming from inside the house!

>> No.72992729

The average human in the Imperium isn't free, they are practically slaves bound by a fake religion worshipping a skeleton on a chair
The Imperium is literally a cult in everything but name.

>> No.72992737

I know people like to dump on Ultramarines, but their Roman aesthetic is honestly pretty cool, IMO. You really should be doing what you think is the best, don't let memes dictate what you like.

>> No.72992738

But you can't summon for free in 8th unless you are doing open play

>> No.72992746

>fake religion
Reddit go

>> No.72992748

Why is /pol/ so easily triggered

>> No.72992749

Shit, you got me

>> No.72992751

Are Chaos Daemons going to be basically useless in 9th edition?
Who is going to want to pay CP to run them?
Fuck you.

>> No.72992755

there's a limit to how much more stuff you'll ship based on lowering prices
if you already have 5,000 points of guys you're not going to go out and buy another 5,000 because they're suddenly cheaper

>> No.72992756

Look at the OP post, you might be lost /pol/cuck

>> No.72992757


Not in the slightest.

>> No.72992758

blue pilled
red pilled
black pilled
clear pilled

>> No.72992761

>PA Knight rules
>Mech knights once again strictly better
>despite getting TWO strats, they didnt fix the valiant whos harpoon cant be fired in melee and bounces of a 6++.
>a lot of the * traints not worth counting as two selections
>Paladin got some gas, it was the worst non acastus knight
>Armiger strats are nice
>house raven order of companions still top tier
Knights got better yes, but could they have at least fixed the internal balance? Sick of just seeing House Raven Castellans with Cawls Wrath.

>> No.72992762

Everyone would love ultras if they weren't the hardwanked posterboys. Same with how yiffs and bangles are hated when they're the face of marines.

>> No.72992765

>The Imperium is literally a cult in everything but name.
Secondaries fucking leave.

>> No.72992771

Unless 9th has AoS summoning and daemons can spam the shit out of it, probably.
We'll have to see terrain rules first, but the command points nerfs are a huge hit for daemons

>> No.72992774

I've met some. They played
>Space Wolves (white guys)
>Blood Angels (white guys)
>Necrons (kangz)
>Orks (nogs)
>Daemons (gayniggas)

>> No.72992777

It makes sense that you're a trekkie, secondaryanon.

>> No.72992780

>black pilled
Don't you mean human pilled?

>> No.72992781

We havent seen that in like 8 months man. Ever since the 100 point nerf

>> No.72992784

Anon its clearly a tranny

>> No.72992787

I think this secondary hate is hilarious especially on /tg/. As if you fucks would still even have a hobby and niche if new blood didn't come in to revitalize your shit.

>> No.72992791

>The average human in the Imperium isn't free
Love of god. There are more "free" people in the Imperium than enslaved. Read any of the comics, RPG, Army Books, or fluff. In fact, most people are far too free.

>> No.72992802 [DELETED] 

So how does your army subdue people?

>> No.72992805

They already jewed SoB players by releasing that shit monopose set that was overpriced as fuck. They gotta at least let people that just bought the multipart kits not feel like they wasted their money.

Honestly though, if you want to build Sisters you might as well buy the separate kits on ebay, since a SC box won't have Repentia or Zephyrim and you'll need a few SoB squads anyway. SC box is just gonna be 1 Cannoness 10 SoBs 1 Rhino.

>> No.72992806


>> No.72992811

It's just one autist trying to make it a thing, thinking he's trolling everyone.

>> No.72992819

Well I probably would have more models if they were cheaper, hell I'd probably end up spending more than I am now since it'd be more justifiable to have multiple armies for my casual friends to use and stuff. But I guess I don't represent everyone.

>> No.72992820

>Lore question: do imperial worlds with enough contact to the rest of the imperium have their building codes based around accommodating Astartes?
No but fortunately the Imperium build everything to be impractically huge, at least any major building

>> No.72992822

I think you're reading far too much into the pro-Imperial propaganda in the setting, anon. Everyone knows being an Imperial 'Citizen' means you have virtually no rights, and when you become a Guardsman you have literally no rights.

>> No.72992826


>> No.72992827

Because seeing this shit spread by niggers like yourself is disgusting. Even worse seeing you retards attribute everything to /pol/ is even worse. Do you faggots even know what /pol/ is? It's spam ridden Red Board with two functional generals. It's utter and completely useless shit like half of 4chan, and you niggers are trying your hardest to turn /tg/ into it as well.

>> No.72992828


Won't the harpoon be fixed in the new edition?

>> No.72992830

is this a sex joke?

>> No.72992831


>> No.72992834

>Grimdark can only be present with the presence of viable alternatives

>> No.72992836

Subdue them with death and whirling chainaxes

>> No.72992839

We don't know enough to have a meaningful answer to that. The changes to terrain and melee have the potential to help daemons a lot. Their core issues will remain, but nurglings might keep their place as one of the better objective holder choices.

>> No.72992842

>Focus on 3 Inquisitor/Rogue Trader/Administrator
>Ignore the millions of slaves in their ships, cities, factories that never see the sun their entire lives.

>> No.72992845

What does your play area generally look like, honestly this changes plenty on discussion even if two exact same lists vs any other exact same list are discussed.

>> No.72992850

GW has ripped off so much shit for 40K that people who accuse Blizzard of ripping off GW make me giggle.

>> No.72992854

/pol/ is that way, friend.

>> No.72992857

Why is the 4+4chan /pol/tard still so triggered

>> No.72992867

>I think you're reading far too much into the pro-Imperial propaganda
There are over a million worlds in the Imperium. Their only laws are they have to give up a minor amount of resources, psychers, and warriors. Otherwise, they can do whatever the fuck they want. Some worlds are literal Edens. Others are primitive jungles where the people live in stone age conditions. Others are like the Wild West, but in space. Even Hive Worlds have radically differing living standards, and the bulk of their populations are free.

>> No.72992869


I have to ask what is the point of this image. I get that it's some manner of commentary on the situation, and I get that you're a troll trying to stir shit up, but I'm not quite certain what point you are trying to make.

>> No.72992870

Everything eventually becomes derivative of other things, why do people care so much about 'who rips off who' anymore in any kind of IP now? Because muh tribalism?

>> No.72992877

Plagiarism of plagiarism doesn't cancel it out.

>> No.72992878

Not really feelin' the xenos here

>> No.72992884

>Simultaneous one minute post
Ok same fag.

>> No.72992890

You're right about all of that except the free part. Even on normal civilized worlds, you have very little rights. Try talking about free speech on any Imperial world. Try to worship anyone but the Emperor. Try and say maybe xenos aren't so bad. You'll see how 'free' you really are.

>> No.72992898

>eliminate the rule of law for sub-saharans
what could go wrong

>> No.72992907

Oh God it's this normie argument again. The intro says the Imperium is the most brutal regime to ever exist and to live in it is to face a life of hardship and suffering. Take your fanfiction back to BOLS.

>> No.72992918

>Is the most powerful psyker alive and a master of divination.
>Allows humanity to create the men of iron and fuck everything over, presumably so it would be easier to take them over.
>makes twenty mini emperors from his own genetic code, then fucks up and allows them to be scattered across the galaxy.
>Makes space marines as expendable weapons he intends to order 66 later but doesn't implant them with a killswitch.
>goes on a crusade to find his children and conquer the galaxy, gives every human empire he encounters an "Obey or die" ultimatum, gives every xeno he encounters a bolt to the face, pissing off literally everyone still alive in the galaxy who wasn't lucky enough to be born on a planet with a primarch.
>Plays favourites with his demigod children.
>Trusts Horus enough to put him in charge of the imperiums entire military but doesn't trust him enough to tell him he's building a portal under Terra to make travel easier.
>Is surprised when Horus betrays him.
>Despite Horus murdering a bloody swathe through the galaxy and stomping on sanguinius's corpse, the emperor can't bear to hurt his Horus because HE'S STILL PLAYING FAVOURITES WITH HIS DEMIGOD CHILDREN.
>Gets stabbed and fucking dies.
>Except he can't even fucking die right because he gets trapped on the golden throne so he can't reincarnate.
>Had the opportunity to tell Dorn to let him die so he could come back, didn't for some reason.
>Never built the imperium to function without him and as a result it fucking doesn't, turning into a 24/7 nightmare marathon straight out of a clockwork orange.

Even discounting black library lore in its entirety the emperor is a quintessential fuckup and his imperium is a piece of shit, He didn't do one intelligent thing in the entire great crusade.

If you do take black library lore as canon then if the emperor had died during the age of strife humanity would actually be in a better place by 40k.

>> No.72992920

I like the dudes in the top right and bottom left.

>> No.72992933

Stop trying to make 40k something it is not. The Imperium is awful, and so is your headcanon that things can be good in it.

>> No.72992934

>one minute apart
So /pol/ really does lower your IQ...

>> No.72992945

No, you're mistaking the highest legal authority in human existence with common law. It'd be like a person assuming every J-Walker on Earth got arrested by a military tribunal. Most Imperial Worlds don't even have a codified rule of law. Every citizen can openly carry weapons. Express individual thought. Keep and own property. Hold their own faith. Etc.

>> No.72992948

Mostly flavors of space marines, a couple tau, a nids, and an eldar player. The space marines and tau are what I play the most but I really loved the nid games. The guy that has them is in his 50's and is awesome, we just set up blood bath games and throw models at each other to see who can cause the most carnage.

>> No.72992951


>> No.72992954

Used to play with a black dude. He played orks or CWE he won more than he lost in the area. Claimed his stompa came from wininng a tournament in a previous edition. He was either close to 40 or 40+. I never asked.

>> No.72992960

top right looks kino as fuck
I like the literal walking fungus dudes too in bottom right. Rest look a bit bland

>> No.72992965

Please don't refer to retards as "people" without a trigger warning. It triggers my anxiety.

>> No.72992966

Using good ol' fashioned persuasion

also ample use of superior firepower

>> No.72992973

And everyone the idiots are cheering that its good the 'community' is ridding itself of the so called undesirable, not realizing they will be next on the chopping block. You're always next on the chopping block.

>> No.72992975

This sounds like an extreme amount of headcanon, sorry anon not gonna buy your "Da Imperium isn't so bad guys!" spiel.

>> No.72992979

I meant as in the board. Terrain, length of the board, etc.

>> No.72992980


Anon you say that like they would even contemplate that. Why would they ever want to do pro xeno shit unless they were being subverted by foreign powers? Why would they want to worship anyone but the Emperor unless they were being tempted by Chaos? I admit you have a point about free speech, but that's about the only thing in your post that applies.

>> No.72992981

>Not liking heretic Corpus

>> No.72992984

Samefag confirmed.

>> No.72992985

Yes, the IMPERIUM. In regards to its conduct towards entire worlds. Not the day to day living of the worlds themselves.

>> No.72992987

>Hold their own faith
But that's not true. All faith has to be related to the Emperor.

>> No.72992990

Metal slug is now canon 40k lore.

>> No.72992997

Paranoid much anon?

>> No.72992999


I'd bet a small sum of money that the bottom left is a Saharduin.

>> No.72993004

okay schizo

>> No.72993011


No he's got a point. The left turns on and consumes it's own all the time.

>> No.72993012

we could really use a better idea of the various minor xenos factions out there.
Hell even a map showing relative locations.
Ohhh you could make them a combined faction even. Say a bunch of them gotm together in a big "fuck the imperium" alliance. A great excuse to go nuts with the unit selection

>> No.72993015


>> No.72993016

Does anyone have a clue why on battlescribe, comissars have the voice of command ability? They don't have it in the codex, and I can't find it on any of the chapter approvededss.

>> No.72993019

Anons, next thread will be better.

I promise

>> No.72993021

It's substantiated in novels, games, comics, and the army books. Just because the Imperial Naval ships and Imperium Military is fucked up doesn't mean the worlds that make up its population are, too.

>> No.72993024

ignoring the problem isn't a solution moving forward
if we ignore the fact that we have a subset of the population that is acting like a boat anchor on the rest of the society, isn't getting any better, and is also multiplying rapidly, we're just gonna be screwed in the future
i think all this stuff about racism is fucking ridiculous but we have to do something, even if it means having to treat them like retarded special needs children in the hope that they might be functioning members of society in the future

>> No.72993029

This is basically asking you to spoonfeed me but how would terrain changes help daemons?
I wish GW would just tell us how 9th will change the game, really want to paint some nurgle daemons but can't because I have no idea if it'd be a waste to play them.

>> No.72993030

All the secondaries of 40k twitter are stalking the thread

>> No.72993032

>believing IQ exists
Found the fascist.

>> No.72993033

>Could one of you kind gits please hold my hand and guide my hips?


>Like, what's the difference between Flash Gits and Lootas? Are Shootas pretty good? What types of playstyles are viable?

So the other anon had it right, we're in a state of flux given that 9th is coming and we haven't a clue where we'll stand. Since we know our codex will be valid for some time yet, there are a few things I can answer though:

>Lootas vs. Flashgitz

Lootas are anti-light vehicle and decent anti-elite infantry in a pinch. They have flexibility and range but are not particularly specialized at either. However their potential weight of fire when they roll 3 shots for the whole unit can compensate for when they aren't shooting at a perfect target. Flashgitz are the best anti-elite infantry/bike/cavalry we have - a good number of shots, the perfect strength for killing most of those targets (I can't think of very many that hit T6, I think just Wraithguard?), solid AP, and damage 2. So if you anticipate a Marine heavy environment, Flash Gitz will be more attractive over Lootas.

>Are shootas pretty good

They're frankly awful, Boyz in general are not great and early signs in 9th make it seem as though they are going to be worse. They live and die by Da Jump psychic power and Tellyporta strat, without them they have basically no hope of making any sort of meaningful contact. The potential silver lining will be the new terrain/cover rules in 9th, and/or our point adjustment on them being on the generous side compared to what other horde troops end up getting.

>> No.72993036

kek the bottom right and top left stuff do look like metal slug aliens

>> No.72993039

But ,all practicing religions are. They're all codified worship of the Emperor. Even older ones were bent to deify the Emperor as their reborn messiah.

>> No.72993042

Is bottom left a Hrud?

>> No.72993045

>Imperial Fist Waifu
I am fortifying this vagina.

>> No.72993046

First its the so-called 'nazi fans' but soon anyone who will dislike any lore change and bad writing will be lumped in with the so-called 'nazi fans'. Its what went down with every other single franchise. First they kick out the so-called far right/anti-left people and the morons cheer, but soon enough the purity spiral will tighten its grip as more and more of the lore and game is destroyed and butchered beyond repair. Any dislike will be seen as dissent.

>> No.72993049

Jokes on you I've been playing with the same four people for a decade.

>> No.72993051

I remember a time when I wished the Imperium was lighter in tone. I wish I could go back in time and beat myself over the head before I added to the choir of voices that got us 8th edition

>> No.72993053


>What types of playstyles are viable?

This is definitely going to be a shift in 9th - currently, the boyz horde works pretty much entirely by saturation. They're just barely enough of a threat that they can't be ignored, and no armies have enough firepower to totally clear them quickly enough to stop us from controlling the board for the first two turns. They're backed up by the most potent shooting we've got, like the Big Mek with Souped up Shokka, Lootas, and the like. Also viable are "elite" armies that leverage our actually reasonable shooting threat - these are typically Deffskulls and will run 3 SAG Big Meks backed by Skrapjet and Dragsta buggies, Flyers, Lootas, Mek Gunz, and a token Boyz squad to be Da Jumped in for extra threat saturation/objective contention.

Of the two, signs say the latter will stay decently viable.

>Is there an area where Orks are really weak, other than the obvious shooting on 5s?

Ironically, melee. As I mentioned when talking about Boyz, our melee pretty much lives and dies by Da Jump and Tellyporta, and the worth of a melee unit is measured by how well it can leverage those. Boyz can because that large of a footprint suddenly landing in your opponents face completely dictates their turn. Mega Armor Nobz are hard enough to stay stuck in for a few turns and actually killy enough to threaten a variety of targets (Boyz will bounce off Primaris and Vehicles, for instance, MANz will chew them up and spit them out). Lastly, Warbosses are quite killy, with some very specific builds - you need Da Killa Klaw relic, Da Biggest Boss stratagem to make them not die after a single round of combat, and you have a few options on Warlord Traits. Bikerbosses are particularly potent with their extra mobility but - who knows where they'll be in a year, they're in a weird limbo state where nobody has a clear answer on how exactly the model is or isn't legal.

>> No.72993054


Ok, sorry retard.

>> No.72993065

Do you think this is a hint at a new xenos faction in 9th?

>> No.72993068

All the novels I've read about which feature Imperial citizens usually have them mentioning how fucking shit life is and none of them are certainly free. The only freedom most people get are like... shit I don't know, what they get to eat and wear maybe? I've never once gotten the vibe at all from 40k that citizens feel safe and happy and free in the Imperium, unless they're rich Nobles or something. They certainly are being protected by big scary monsters but some people even mistake the Imperium as being just as bad, which is intentional.

>> No.72993075


Advice for starting... despite ragging on Boyz, you will still need some. A couple boxes of those won't do you wrong and is plenty of models to work on while you see how 9th stacks up. SAG Meks *might* get a nerf bat sometime in the future but not until the next Ork codex which is probably at least a year off, so that would probably be your best starting HQ.

>> No.72993080

Hey. You didn't add a trigger warning!

>> No.72993083

Lots of buttsex I presume. Everyone has the right to your butthole and in turn you must lick theirs when the People demand it.

>> No.72993084

Does anyone else have dreams about 40k where GW's prices are reasonable?
Had a dream I bought a SoB army with an awesome forgeworld SoB HQ model for super cheap and now i'm upset.

>> No.72993092

So does the right? What's your point? They're two sides of the same political coin.

>> No.72993093

They still sell sly on the webstore.

>> No.72993095

>even if it means having to treat them like retarded special needs children
That's how they have been treated since the sixties in America. We bend over backwards for them - affirmative action, welfare, Title Nine, all that shit. They get a free pass to do what they want, say what they want, and act as they want. You can get fired or shunned for criticizing them or the system. The only real privilege that exists is Black Privilege.

>> No.72993098

This guy(?) is my favorite and I would buy a model of him(?).

>> No.72993099

Cunts always think their problems were everyones problems.

>> No.72993103

I wouldn't discount shoota boyz so readily, they are a highly debated unit to take vs choppas for a reason.

>> No.72993104

Literally had a dream I found the new Catachan colonel in a wal-mart of all places

>> No.72993105

In the end, they will become the same as they believe we are. Aggressively gatekeeping and purging the hobby of the nazi, the incel, and the problematic.

>> No.72993112

What like =< $20 for an intersessor box

>> No.72993122

>even less IG players
Sounds good to me

>> No.72993123

Where did you get the 10 CSM? If it's from Shadowspear/SC, they only fit together with certain other bits. If it's from the troops box, mix and match as you see fit.
Personally, I play with all bolters and just give my aspiring champ a chainsword for the cheapest power-armored troops options (when I'm not playing a legion with cult troops), but 9th edition might change that if you're trying to be competitive.

Fugg. No comment.

>> No.72993125

I'm an asian tranny, when am I going on the chopping block lmao?
Sorry that you miss the entire point of 40k.

>> No.72993126

You’re not going to get it. This whole thing is whipped up by the media. The rioting and social media witch hunts are themselves methods of control. This is the way society is policed now.

>> No.72993133

>Okay, Angron and Kurze, into spaaaaaaaace you go! You'll be happier wherever you land versus staying here and becoming generals.

>> No.72993134

>new xenos

>> No.72993137

Karl Marx wrote in his book Marxism that Iron Man should be a girl and eating ass is more hygienic than kissing.

>> No.72993140

Just wait till the TERF come around.

>> No.72993141

Fuck, can imagine that feel :(
I'm Australian so it was like $50 for a box...

>> No.72993149

The Imperium is just as bad, fuck man if space hell wasn't actually real the imperium would be worst than fucking dying for 99% of its own population.

The only reason that The imperium doesn't lose to suicide in universe is because space hell is actually real so all you have to look forward to in the afterlife is an eternity of the hell you've already fucking lived.

I don't blame the mechanicus for wanting to live forever with that as your only option.

>Inb4 muh emperor.

>> No.72993159

GW hires a bunch of TERFs from TERFland and starts releasing satires of trannies.
Thanks anon.

>> No.72993160

I don't play Chaos.

>> No.72993164

Then you remember during filming she had to wear binders to hold down her breasts as they were too big.

>> No.72993171

tessaract vaults or stasis chambers I guess

>> No.72993182

Well if you believe the lore, if you suck enough of Big E's golden cock you don't get eaten by warp daemons and instead are just absorbed into his essence.

>> No.72993185

IF is literally perfect

>> No.72993189


That says more about choppas than it does shootas.

>> No.72993190

>Remember when the entire 40k setting wasn't lampooning the ultimate auth-right fantasy and how fucking horrible it would be?
It's almost as if it's been written by people at the opposite end of that political spectrum all along.

>> No.72993202

As another asian, asians are literally schrodinger's minority
We're whatever statistic that's convenient for whatever agenda is being pushed. Half the time, we're as racist and oppressive as white people and half the time they bloat their diversity hires with asian folks

>> No.72993204

I am about to drill my first barrel for a chaos space marine. Any insight or tips? I also heard that instead of drilling barrels, you can just paint it silver or whatever bolter color and then use black in the middle and it will convey the same effect? or maybe not?

Also, any advice for sub assembly of space marines in general? Like would you leave the arms off but the pauldrons on the arms at least? or just assemble the whole marine and paint him?

>> No.72993208


That's pretty cool anon.

>> No.72993213



>> No.72993215

And in real life is an incredibly girly girl

>> No.72993218 [DELETED] 

Will GW be donating?

>> No.72993220

>Made hyper inflammatory thread
>Hm y it so big!???
Too much T-Posting in here.

>> No.72993222

yes, that's the situation we're in now
how do we get out of this? either we magically make them all disappear, or we try somehow to make functioning members of society out of them, or just pretend there isn't a problem

>> No.72993227

The correct answer is almost always to mix them. Against any army with even a bit of shooting you're going to lose boyz before you make contact, so you might as well try to get some potshots in with the boyz that won't be making close combat attacks. I usually think 20-10 or 15-15 is a good mix, choppa-shoota.

>> No.72993230

Barrel drilling is easy as fuck. Just make sure you do it straightish

>> No.72993231


>> No.72993234

>Two nigger Drag Queens want money
No, I'm cool F A M!

>> No.72993246

You are forgiven, my son.

>> No.72993252

>GW, under fire from twitter trannies, colorized

>> No.72993254

Yeah I thought that when I posted it, I haven't seen asian representation in western media be criticised yet though, it's mostly always celebrated.
GW tapping into the China market when?

>> No.72993259


Drilling is easy and once you get the hang of it you'll never want to leave them undrilled. Protip - get your hobby knife first, and use the point of it to find the center of the barrel and leave a small divot.

Your pin drill will bite into that mark when you start drilling, saving you the risk of the point of the bit from sliding off your initial aim and drilling off-center.

>> No.72993266

I had a dream where I was a contestant on a show where I had to survive in a cabin in the woods with some people who happened to be like 90% children. Night came and shadow monsters stalked us. As I tried to avoid them by going outside in to the darkness, Mr X from RE 2 jumped out behind me, the kids charged him and he ripped them apart so I panicked and climbed through a window while they fought.

Tell me doctor Freud, what 40k army should I play?

>> No.72993271

I member. Also, the Left has always been brain washing trash. They just needed good arguments and decent values to seduce higher quality people into supporting it. Nowadays you just have self indulgent pieces of shit that don't give a fuck about anybody but themselves so you can sell them on any retarded idea. They're too stupid and hedonistic to know any better.

>> No.72993276

I hate all the diversity bullshit because its such a non issue and both sides get their panties in such knots over it. Diversity doesn't matter at all people are all equally fucking stupid and I hate them all.

>> No.72993283

Even that is very much debated. 20-10 sounds right to me for choppa/shoota, and all 30 will never enter combat against most targets anyway, but it's a tough topic. One that I read too many conflicting math hammers about.
To original anon I'd say just play and experiment while slowly building up a force, reading opinions on the internet can quickly lead into a pitfall.

>> No.72993291

This isn't remotely true. The Imperium is a command economy with a brutally enforced state religion and a vast, grinding bureaucracy. I honestly don't think you know what a right is if you believe rights can exist in a government like the Imperium.

>> No.72993294

It used to be five but it turned out one was a rapist.

>> No.72993297

We've got white scars and that's good enough for me even if the army doesn't interest me whatsoever
40k is also relatively big in Japan, big enough for them to get special treatment over the US at any rate.

>> No.72993298

Grey Knights/Slaanesh daemons.

>> No.72993301

>wanting anything but the carl weathers model

>> No.72993302

Genestealer cults

>> No.72993304

>nazi larpers
You mean the people you don't agree with, and by agree don't submit to global homosexual world agenda you've fallen hook line and sinker for because you're a brainwashed tard?

>> No.72993307


Ok, everything I hear about Vasquez is slowly making me want to start a catachan army with the big 3 as sarges in my army. All we need is a Ripley Commisar/Sentinel driver

>> No.72993309

That sounds like watching tau infantry get murdered by an enraged guardsman as you desperately try to flee your commander out of there.

>> No.72993310

let's be honest, this is a momentary outrage, no different than the price hike outrage. as soon as 9th was announced and new models were revealed everyone went back to sucking daddy GW's cock. warhammer community will announce some shit tomorrow and all the outraged people will go back to licking GW's testicles.

>> No.72993314

>Herfaderf lefties are dumb.

None of those things are true either. No one's claimed that.

>> No.72993315


How does continuing down the same route that hasnt made them into productive members of society thus far for decades and has in fact made shit worse magically make them into productive members of society in the future?

Identity politics was never the solution, identity politics is how the political elite keep ua divided and manipulate the underclass they created to keep themselves in power.

Literally nothing the left is doing is actually designed to help black people in the states. Its giving lip service while pushing them deeper in the hole and capitalizing on them.

>> No.72993320

>left about class struggle
and what was that class struggle gee I wonder why naturally some people don't do very well...

>> No.72993331

Oh no.

>> No.72993334

i guess the unpopular opinion is that if paying for gw products causes actual financial hardship you should be bettering your situation so that it isn't a pain

>> No.72993335

mods nuke the thread fucking hell

>> No.72993336


Get fucked GW

>> No.72993337

That racism is world wide and white on black violence is an issue everywhere.

>> No.72993338

It's almost like getting upset about GW making black and/or female models is a waste of time.

>> No.72993342


>> No.72993347

Only racists need to be worried.

>> No.72993350

>i hate everyone equally
That cope is older than you are anon.

>> No.72993351

It's a pretty big disagreement. You think a vast global conspiracy is trying to make you gay, and everyone else thinks you're a retarded faggot.

>> No.72993358

>global homosexual world agenda
>I swear I'm not larping

>> No.72993363

The Imperium isn't really a command economy.
Parts of it are but overall it is not.
In the strictest sense it is a feudal confederacy with a system of tithes and obligations between the various layers of its governing structure.

How your economy on a world or in a system is irrelevant so long as you meet your tithe.
How your world is ruled is irrelevant so long as you meet your tithe.
You are thus just as likely to see a military dictatorship as you are a communist state or democratic republic.
A war centric command economy is just as likely to be present in the imperium as a free market economy where "What if the child consents though?" is answered with "Then its ok"

It's a wild whacky and inconsistent place by virtue of the difficulties of travel and communication

>> No.72993364

Sounds more like guard fighting off CSM desu senpai.

>> No.72993366

No, I just buy recasts but it would be cool if I could support my LGS more.

>> No.72993367

>> No.72993373

Every single white person is a racist by the standard of your ideology. When the hate mob come to kill you for being white, they won't care you spent your life pretending to care. They hate you and your very existence to the core and will not spare you.

>> No.72993377

It is on the countless hundreds of thousands of Imperial Worlds that literally have no laws, or their own.

>> No.72993380

You good?

>> No.72993384


>> No.72993390

I can't remember if its true or not but I remember her saying in an interview that her role in that movie was the first time she ever wore trousers
I mean top tier acting there overall. This girly girl managed to pull off the badass manly woman act without anyone batting an eye. Surprised she didn't get more roles.

>> No.72993394

Any army which uses disposable chaff to bounce melee units.

>> No.72993395

Imagine living your life legitimately believing this a thing that could ever happen.

>> No.72993396


>> No.72993405 [SPOILER] 


I need to find which street they are working. I could give them a home, if you know what I mean.

>> No.72993411

Nigga you ever been to south africa?
Name an African country?

You want a country where niggers rule and whitey is oppressed? Theres plenty just take your pick.

>> No.72993416

>Every single person is a racist

Fixed that for you.

>> No.72993417

go charge somebody with a machete already

>> No.72993418

>not being 3/5th a person
come on now

>> No.72993438

i'm not saying to go down the same route, i'm saying that pretending that it isn't a problem isn't going to fix anything
unless the long term goal is to just let things get so bad they we just kill each other, that might fix it

>> No.72993442

Machete don't charge.

>> No.72993443

You're welcome to move there then, if it satisfies your fetish for being an oppressed minority it sounds like a good choice for you.

>> No.72993447

This message brought to you by Testamax male vitality pills. 10% more chest hair in one week or your money back.

>> No.72993457

This is why you pick a gun and shoot up a local school, anon. Become the hero and get rid of those pesky libcucks.

>> No.72993460

>there are people in 40kg who aren't monarchists

>> No.72993461

Based Slaaneshi frogs

>> No.72993463

I never understood racist mentality applied to 40k.

>The Imperium consists of a million worlds.
>A bunch of those will be populated.
>Out of those populated worlds, many will be like earth
>Out of those earth-like worlds capable of sustaining life, some might be hotter or more desert-like than others
>Out of those worlds, with humans on them for 10,000+ years, you're going to get black people.
>ENTIRE WORLDS in wh40k could consist of imperial worlds entirely consisting of black people.
>Just like how there would be worlds consisting entirely of white people.

Like what happened to just understanding that the scale of warhammer 40k is so massive that all of these things would exist at some point and somewhere? To not want ANY black people at all or to believe there aren't any is astronomical levels of brainlet.

and i'm not even a lefty, It's just logical innit.

>> No.72993465

>oppressed minority
Whites are oppressed, and will be a minority.

>> No.72993466

Imagine pretending it doesn’t already.

>> No.72993476

sounds fun

>> No.72993478

Is there a way to play Ultramarines without looking like a boring asshole? I love the color scheme

>> No.72993479

>implying a stupid smelly and noisy guardsman could even get close to a bunch of tau set up in camo at night with drone camera footages and markerlights

>> No.72993483


>> No.72993489

but i am an undesirable

>> No.72993492

have sex

>> No.72993494 [DELETED] 

>You think a vast global conspiracy is trying to make you gay,
Yes, and you too.
>A Timeline of the Decriminalization of Homosexuality
I'd also point that something similar happened prior to the Fall of the Roman Empire and its satellite nation states. Also, a then religious and concerted regional conspiracy. Naturally people hate homosexuals. So, homosexuals have to make it normal and legitimize it. They're often aided by Jewish or other religious institutions that are rife with similar sexual deviants. All in an effort to more easily obtain their sexual desires and then even push into uncharted territory like young children. It eventually blows up in their faces when they overstep and are hunted to near extinction. See the Jewish Pagrams and other Hitler esque powers rise in history. It should be noted this parallels communist style regimes, too. All of which are harbingers to vast and horrific violence on an incredible scale. Ultimately falling on the shoulders of smug faggots perpetuating until their begging for their lives.

>> No.72993499

Because idiots see mutants and xenos as metaphors for minorities and foreigners.

>> No.72993500

The system doesn’t want any problems fixed anon. They’re a feature not a bug.

>> No.72993505

aka reading way too much mein kampf?

>> No.72993509

holy schizo

>> No.72993514

>that post
i fucking left years ago for different reasons
that kind of posting will not bring me back.

>> No.72993520

No I'd rather not have outlanders in my homeland.

>> No.72993521

You're looking at the end result of a decades long KGB operation to introduce Marxism into the West. When the Marxists realised that class warfare didn't work in the West because even the poor were comparatively well off, they invented intersectionalism/race warfare as the means of introducing communism. In their own words, it has worked beyond their wildest dreams.

The wealthy of the world have looked at China and realised they can have their fake and eat it to. But instituting the Chinese communist system in the West they will cement their positions as elites and your position as a slave.

And of course, like any communist revolution, the useful idiots are out in force making shit like this GW post.

Enjoy the ride, communist revolution soon. It starts with little blm riots, and it ends with a red flag over Washington. There are already signs of hard left/communist people co-opting the movement, they can't help themselves.

TL;DR your hobby Is now part of that, enjoy.

>> No.72993529

>Astartes Chainswords gain AP-1
>Tanks can fire in melee
Do I smell the return of Razorback rush?

>> No.72993532

Seems it.

>> No.72993535


What do you expect, when the mods let blatant /pol/tard threads like this around the board that you get people in here that literally think there's a cabal of shadowly left wingers making them gay.


>> No.72993537

we're all part of the system anon
we can try to be part of the solution or sit back and watch america die and watch the chicoms take over the planet

>> No.72993552

>and will be a minority

They'll become a minority because their genes are receive and most white men have realized that non-white females are generally more attractive and more desirable to breed with, which will result in more mixed kids whom are themselves more attractive than either race and that will thus attract more and more of the remaining white men.

Which is pretty nice way to go, anon. I don't see why you're complaining about it.

>> No.72993556

And it matters to you, why?

>> No.72993566

I'm just clowning around

>> No.72993567

The point is that none of the things you listed are actually real. Diversity or whatever is political and the act of imposing it on the overwhelmingly white fanbase is also political.

>> No.72993568

check this out:

>> No.72993570


>> No.72993578

Anon, most /pol/tards are ugly mutts

>> No.72993579

>your hobby Is now part of that, enjoy.

>> No.72993580

>non-white females are generally more attractive and more desirable to breed with,
Citation needed.

>> No.72993596

Wow a window was broken in a protest. Truly we need to kill the people of color.

Come on, it's a few bricks. And how do you know that it was protestors throwing them? We know there's agitators.

>> No.72993598



>> No.72993599

Damn I never realised the red menace referred to anal prolapse.

>> No.72993601

Dilate I guess.

>> No.72993603

The amount of COPE in this post makes GSC players look sanguine.

>> No.72993606

But it's not imposed. Diversity has been in wh40k since the beginning, it was just up to us to make our soldiers black or white.

It just turns out the hobby is mostly played by white people, so we paint our soldiers as white.

What don't you understand?

>> No.72993622

Enjoy your unseasoned chicken.

>> No.72993625

>‘Horrible and tragic’: Swedish asylum worker killed at refugee center
You're a goddamn retard.

>> No.72993627

Hitler rose to power as a direct result of Bolsheviks in the streets moving people towards his ideology. We have options.

>> No.72993628

nigga, relax. be cool

>> No.72993635

This actually made me cringe. Bravo, nutcase.

>> No.72993642

New thread

>> No.72993646

>Mentally ill traumitised refugee is a killer who'll threaten our society!

Come off it.

>> No.72993653

My dick has been pretty clear to me about what races are more desirable.

Perhaps yours is broken?

True, they can't even seem to be able to attract white women.

>> No.72993664


>> No.72993669

You can't be made gay. You are gay.

>> No.72993671

this, race is literally irrelevant in 40k and so is gender beyond biology and liberals can't stand it and think it's fascist. That's why people wish shit was like the Imperium, because the Imperium is dvanced enough to know how petty and worthless such politics are compared to the ongoing issue of survival.

>> No.72993678

> Over 700 posts

Angry white boys are out in force today.

>> No.72993680

Reminder that if you're upset about people calling out racists like here >>72983959 (Cross-thread) you need to fuck off.

>> No.72993681


>> No.72993688

>he ironically prefers white women

Why you mad then? Just enjoy our leftovers.

>> No.72993690

t. racist.

>> No.72993695

It honestly surprises me that people don't supplant their dumb jimmy rustling onto the actual oppression present in the imperium, i.e. that of psykers and abhumans.

>> No.72993704

>700+ replies on a weekday
Y'all really dont know how to ignore bait

>> No.72993706

because the whole imperium is bad, that's the point you arch secondary.

>> No.72993708

>posts pay to read article

Wow, I'm convinced.

>> No.72993711

We really aren’t. The system is global. The chicoms have been capitalists for a long time now and I’d welcome the possibility of their indifference.

>> No.72993717

The ongoing tyranid issue.

>i've gone and lost my reaction image of cassius screaming with screenblur ffs.

>> No.72993729

it's always funny when some idiot magachud squeals about china being communist when they've gone hypercapitalist.

>> No.72993734

Kek. This is literally your fantasy but it’s pretty good. Happy fapping anon.

>> No.72993737

>The chicoms have been capitalists for a long time now and I’d welcome the possibility of their indifference.
Make a Winnie the Pooh joke and see how indifferent they are.

>> No.72993741

its more frustration that shit hasn't gone far enough to actually create an opportunity for action, and likely never will since thats how they want it to go down, but neither will there ever be conciliation and actual constructive integration. Kinda like how 9th is looking,

>> No.72993751

Of course not. They probably watched Alfabusa and how he meme'd slaanesh and then stopped there.

>> No.72993768

Anon, the people (person) you’re responding to are dedicated leftists trying to run interference for their retarded politics. They’re just going to disagree with whatever you post.

>> No.72993770

>Make a Winnie the Pooh joke and see how indifferent they are.
The people are indifferent. Some even laughed at the humour of it. The govenment itself however? Eeeeeeeh.

>> No.72993780

Yeah. I mean I'm ready for a race war, but at the same time I don't really feel energetic enough to leave my pleasant life as it is. Truly these are first world problems.

>> No.72993781

stop responding to bait everyone jesus christ. remember that the entire world hates blacks except white leftists in america. Even blacks hate blacks.
Now move on

>> No.72993792

>A small number of people with gender dysphoria ruined society.

Right. It's those pesky LBGTQ huh.

>> No.72993798

Fuck off /pol/tard, Thank fuck GW is taking a stance against you people.

>> No.72993799

>angry white boys
I only saw a lot of black people looting and being angry

>> No.72993803

Sounds like you need a safe space anon.
Lucky for you, us Tau are tolerant to all peoples some terms and conditions may apply

>> No.72993806

>You can't be made gay. You are gay.
Tell that to David Bowie
I can shower you with a dozen other examples if you'd like. With non mentally ill foreigners being welcomed into Liberals homes and then subsequently murdering them.
>France: Muslim migrant murders president of pro-migrant association

>> No.72993811

>Wanting people to stop calling for the murder of human beings is a safe space.


Yeah I'm sure they're unbiased.

>> No.72993816

Can someone make a new thread so I can leave this containment zone.

>> No.72993817

>capitalism is a political ideology
the truth is i you want to use terms like communism either use them loosely or not at all, because arguably the political spectrum of the 20th century no longer applies in any measure in the strict sense. Politics is named today for how a regime is justified, China justifies its regime as a communist one so it is therefore communist.

>> No.72993823

I'm cautiously optimistic for the option to put units in reserve for 1 CP to be really nice for orks. Put a mob of boyz, some grots, maybe nobz with klaws and bring them in on the table edge 9" from the enemy on the same turn that you da jump another unit in and just divide their fire (hoping we can da jump same turn). Might help units like tankbustas get into range of their armor without getting whittled down and make them somewhat viable.

As for shooting, I really enjoy a full unit of deffdreads with 4 x KMB as death skulls or badmoons. Have a big mek with KFF nearby to top off their wounds and grant the save and you have a nice little gun platform with one of my favorite models.

>> No.72993827

>It just turns out the hobby is mostly played by white people, so we paint our soldiers as white.
>But it's not imposed
Go home anon, you’re drunk.

>> No.72993829

Anon is right. Planets that aren't directly controlled by the Adeptus Terra (so almost all of them) are only required to worship the emperor somehow, pay their tithes and send psykers to the black ships. People having rights and shit would depend on the planetary government.

This anon gets it >>72993363

>> No.72993831

thank you

>> No.72993833

And sometimes you need to make your stance and opinion known. Fuck this bullshit. That mother fucker wasn't killed by police brutality but by his own bad life decisions.

>> No.72993834

Where is page 2?

>> No.72993836

Does anyone have scans of the Prophecy of the Wolf booklet that came with the latest starter set? The MEGAs don't seem to list it.

>> No.72993837

they call themselves communists, i'm just using their label

>> No.72993841

That is the stupidest shit I have ever heard. China is a capitalist corporate state, it's Reagan gone wild. They left Marx behind and went full Fascist.

>> No.72993846

Uhuh, and so you call North Korea democratic right?

>> No.72993849

You could have been the hero

>> No.72993852

Clearly you weren't looking, just as many white people are looting as black people.

>> No.72993854

fuck that noise
i'm not going to gulag

>> No.72993858

Oh, they're socially Communist. Hence the slaves and "guaranteed work." Communism makes a slaves, and nothing else. That's all it will ever give you. A life of drudgery and suffering.

>> No.72993860


...And white boys logging on to defend the Imperium and 40k's "sanctuary for white boys" status. I mean, it's real fucking conflicting, on one hand its GW, on the other, anyone who can rustle 40kids this much is based as fuck.

>> No.72993864

Wanting to completely remove a group of people because you disagree with/ don't like their opinion is build a safe space and eventually an echo chamber

>> No.72993865

Lemme kneel on your neck for ten minutes, anon.

>> No.72993866

...It's not imposed. I'm white and I could paint my soldiers black if I want, and a black person can paint theirs as white if they want.

What don't you understand? it'd be imposed if GW suddenly enforced that every single imperial guardsman suddenly canonically was a black man, and HAD to be painted blackface or else.


>> No.72993869

And people were allowed to make monkey jokes about Obama?

>> No.72993872

Bullshit. They're Walmart the country now.

>> No.72993875

no, i call them norks

>> No.72993876

They're bias doesn't matter. The man was murdered by an immigrant you stupid fuck. It's a declaration of fact.

>> No.72993878

then that would mean a greater percentage of the black population are looters than the white population. check mate racist.

>> No.72993884

>A life of drudgery and suffering.

So... capitalist then?

But they call themselves democratic. You only call China communist because they call themselves communist.

>> No.72993892

>China is fascist and reagan
fuck man you sure you can keep up this typing on that kind of brainpower?

>> No.72993895

How do we know that? Has any reputable paper mentioned it? We don't even know the murderer's name.

>> No.72993897

He wasn't strangled according to the autopsy. Died from a drug overdose.

>> No.72993899

>just as many white people are looting as black people.
Unless it's per capita this is 13/50 all over again even assuming that's correct.

>> No.72993902

Yeah, I can because I went to College. You should try it sometime.

>> No.72993905

I love it when whiteboy's get their safe spaces taken from them.

40k is officially for everyone (except racist /pol/tard whitebois, they can die in a fire). I'm gonna pick up some intercessors now.

>> No.72993906

This is why the realm of Ultramar, the Ultramarines 500 worlds is notably far better than the rest of the Imperium by a long shot.

They praise the Emperor, but the entire place is ran better.

>> No.72993910


As opposed to how happy being a corporate drone makes you? Or having your emotions tied to the whims of a corporate product, i.e. THIS HOLE FUCKING THREAD?

>> No.72993911


>> No.72993912

The private autopsy said otherwise. The Police, lying to cover up a racist scandal? Nooooo

>> No.72993914


>> No.72993916

No, it's go live in a cardboard box for ten years working as a literal slave, and if you're lucky the pittance you earned will put your brother through school so he can purchase your freedom. It's Communism to a fucking T.

>> No.72993919

Why do women always need to post a picture of themselves when they do anything? It can't be "Look at this thing I painted" like men do, but it's always "Look at me with my tits out and make up on holding a thing". It's pathetic, attention seeking.

>> No.72993921

i call them chicoms as opposed to the chinks because there are other chinks
when i say chicoms i'm clearly not talking about taiwan

>> No.72993927

>You don't have anything and have to work for huge corporations to pay extortonate fees for education.

So capitalism. Gotcha.

>> No.72993929


Honestly this makes me wants to give more money to GW.

Good move, GW, good move.

>> No.72993931

Truth is Trump is more likely to send you there than the Chinese. in fact plenty of his supporters have been imprisoned since he’s been in office.

>> No.72993939

Anyway what do you guys think of the art they were showing off?

>> No.72993950

least you learnt something then, even if it wad only typing. I'm sure you aren't trying to justify your own political beliefs by dissociating them from the real world with absurdist arguments, that isn't a leftist trait at all.

>> No.72993958

sure, but we have a legal system that is based on actual laws
and my family isn't gonna get yoinked at the same time

>> No.72993974


That's not even the right excuse, they tried claiming he had a pre-existing cardiopulmonary condition that made having someone sit on his neck for 10 minutes a greater risk of fatal injury than for a normal person.

>> No.72993975

Does anyone have the Tau/Guard PA book? It's not in the MEGA

>> No.72993990

It’s okay anon. It’s a very complex subject and I shouldn’t have assumed you had a prior understanding.

>> No.72994013

I never said it wasn't majority black, just that it's disingenuous to say you only saw blacks.

But the major focus on the looting is a ploy to scare you from supporting the main impetus of the movement, which is a step towards holding those in power accountable by the people, which is a purpose you should be amicable towards regardless of race.
The justice system is fucked for all races, despite what the media might want you to believe.

Anyways, ORKZ!

>> No.72994028

Death Company are not fearless

>> No.72994163

>based on actual laws
Which is why that woman in the park lost her job and her dog for calling the police. Don’t get me wrong, communism was shit. The difference beig that after it was gone the Russians where still there.

>> No.72994187

>the people
Whites aren’t included in that though.

>> No.72994248

>How do we know that? Has any reputable paper mentioned it? We don't even know the murderer's name.
The link is a part of a direct paraphrase in the article!
>Cherbourg : le président d’Itinérance Jean Dussine tué à son domicile, un migrant en garde à vue
Yeah, I'm sure the Fentanyal and Cocain in his system had nothing to do with it.
You mean the autopsy that wasn't done immediately post death and is being used by the dead man's family? That one? Yeah, sure that's real reliable, too. Never mind that neck restraint isn't fatal.

>> No.72994284

>in fact plenty of his supporters have been imprisoned since he’s been in office.
By Leftists, you lying sack of shit.

>> No.72994304

Give me evidence that this is the case.
And I mean actual evidence, not articles from a tabloid or, lord forgive me, a twitter screenshot.

>> No.72994307

>The Imperium isn't really a command economy.
All tithes are set by the Imperium from Terra according to calculations of a planets resources made by the Adeptus Administratum. A planetary governor is assigned to oversee this. The terms of the Tithe are non-negotiable and failure to meet any element of the tithe is an automatic death sentence of the planetary governor. While the exact resources of the tithe is set by what the Imperium decides you can produce for it, every world is required to give 10% of it's planetary defense force to the Imperial Guard as part of the tithe. These soldiers must meet the Guards standards for training, uniforms and genetic purity.

In other words, if your planet can produce plasteel and the Imperium wants it then its going to produce plasteel in the exact amount the Imperium decided you can produce it.

>You are thus just as likely to see a military dictatorship as you are a communist state or democratic republic.
You are far more likely to see a military dictatorship, because of the conditions imposed by Imperial law. The Imperium requires a planetary governor, a planetary military force, state eugenics and can impose strict rules about what your planet produces. It's technically possible other forms of government may be able to exist under these conditions, but more often than not it leads to ruthless dictators.

>> No.72994309

>The US justice system is leftist.

Another far right rag.

>> No.72994311

Tyranids have no notion of 'bad'
Neither do daemons

>> No.72994320

You idiot, that's the man who was murdered, not the murderer. He was probably killed by a far right nutjob.

>> No.72994333

This hard

>> No.72994338

the company is within its rights to fire her if they want, what does the law have to do with it

>> No.72994355


>> No.72994481

People do not get this. Apparently the entirety of 20th century history is lost on people. Thank the garbage education system.

>Off-topic; all images and discussion should pertain traditional games such as board games, paper games, war games, and card games.
Jannies get fucked, these discussions pertain to traditional games, such as 40k. It's not our fault GW politicised their game, but it needs to be talked about.

>> No.72994488

>>The US justice system is leftist.
It's filled to the Brim with Obama faggots held over that have been prosecuted over harassing right wing groups, yes. They can't be legally fired easily, either.

>> No.72994535

Absolutely based and 100% correct.

Literally has been happening throughout the riots, and I laugh heartily at every video where some white cuck gets his windows smashed or face bashed in while screeching "BUT IM ON YOUR SIDE".

>> No.72994555

Are you fucking retarded!? He's an immigrants right advocate killed by one of the people he was trying to "help." Want some more asshole?
>France: Pro-Refugee Activist Murdered by Migrant He Was Sleeping With

>> No.72994564

Just one example for you, loser.

>> No.72994581

>REPORT: Pro-Migrant Activist Murdered by Migrant Boyfriend

>> No.72994585


>> No.72994618

Kinda naive to just take some random perpetual at her word like that.

>> No.72994691

>It's true. Erda and the perpetuals tried to warn the Emeror but he wouldn't listen.
NU Lore. Nah, I'm good.

>> No.72994773

>Die blind, worm

>> No.72995024

You Will Not Be Missed.


>> No.72995117

Grey Knights more like Gay Knights amirite

>> No.72995397

A recent study showed that 65% of men racist towards black people have sexual insecurities related to the small size of their penis

>> No.72995549

What? That's awesome. You should absolutely do that!

>> No.72995589

They both want to beat the heresy out of the Emperor's enemies, so there's that.

>> No.72995647

It happens, man. Try painting to take your mind off of it, to maybe just play DOOM and cave some demon's skull in.

>> No.72995669

>Quick, tell me a Joke related to your army


>> No.72995828

Ok boomer

>> No.72995851

GW cant refute that is actually what they are doing.
They shouldn't have said anything

>> No.72996728


>> No.72997134

>mixed kids more attractive
Man i wish

>> No.72997824

I just paint all of my guys white, dont see any issue with it

>> No.72997866

>world is black and white
No its not, entire point of imperium is that they are a huge fucked up police state, but if they weren't, we would get genocided, enslaved and murdered by xenos

>> No.72998178

What is that?

>> No.72998196

How are we at 820 posts and only 140 images?

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