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Necron Pariahs when?


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Previous thread

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How do you feel about pic related?
Never, Nurgle.

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it feels like boobs

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Depends on the marine. Some are cool with them. Some feel it's bittersweet cause they see the writing on the wall for old marines, some are eager to become primaris, some distrust them. Some hate them.

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op here,first time i made a thread so i just copied and pasted from the last thread, so if i fucked up, i have no idea what i was supposed to do

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Good. Fuck Marines. And chaos too.

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How accurate is this?

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Remember to get your iron kids.

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90% are indifferent or happy to have them around.

Some of the more autistic grogs, like Gabriel Seth, hate them and unironically think they are a conspiracy to homogenize all the chapters so Guilliman can control them easier.

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The megs are still there, some jackass fucked the OP on purpose.


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the leak links in the op dont work

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looks like someone narc'd the megas. we're gonna have to rebuild

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Which army is the touhou of 40k?

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I was hoping we'd start with a bit more CP but at least everyone will more or less be even baring a bit of bonus CP.

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gsc because they have the cutest girls

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ah, balls
glad it wasn't me though then

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>TQ: What are you hoping for in 9th? What are you expecting?
Hoping for line of sight becoming more restrictive to absolutely neuter noskill "parking lot" armies.
Expecting a lot more monofaction except with having 3 detachments of different sub-factions. for example: mono space marine list with 3 different chapters

This is good. Make 40k less of a dismissable joke game.

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Newfag here, how much skill is actually involved in a game of 40k tabletop? I've watched a few games on youtube and it just looks like pure RNG. Perhaps I'm watching bad players with bad army compositions?

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I love this fucking guy

Agents of Bile are gonna be cool if they have some apothecary bros.

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Is there a way to do it by accident? Why would somebody do it on purpose?

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It's great. Killing the troop tax goes a long way towards making the game more fun.

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Are they spirits or have spirits that love to mess with humanity?

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Luck is a huge factor. There is skill however in making and playing your lists to mitigate that as much as possible. There is also skill on the micro level - especially in the positioning. With how important the distances are in the game, clever positioning is a very effective tool.

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I like variety, I'm working on a GK army but I want to paint a few more varied units, what are some fun Killteam armies?

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it's not chess, thats for sure. there's rng but with any rng game theres ways to mitigate the odds and mindgames to play with the opponent. its quite a bit more skillful than something like blackjack or poker.

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Really really low, it's mostly positioning and memorization really.
RNG is fine, you are doing so many hits at once that statistics come in to play, if you have a change of getting 1 wound against X unit you are more than likely going to get it.

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Can someone explain how GSC became an army with quite a few different kits when it came out? I really dont see it ever having had much demand, compared to say, SoB and Admech.

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>Why would somebody do it on purpose?
For the lulz probably. Depending on where anyone shared it the website owners or admins could have alerted GW to it too though. I wouldn't be surprised if facebook or other normalfag sites didn't have some automated system that sweeps mega links for pirated stuff. Mega also supposedly doesn't want people using their site for pirating (what else do you use a file sharing site for?) and might routinely check their own storage too.

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It's a good sign. Overall I'm happy with just about everything they've shown off for 9th, with the possible exception of secondary objectives. Not sure how I feel about those.

Detailed support for various game sizes makes me feel like I might be able to get in a game that isn't 2k sometime.

They'd had a presence in the lore for decades, and it was cool to finally see something so rarely seen make its way onto the tabletop.

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It seems like a designer managed to slip it in. Genestealer Cultists are well made, somebody had fun with them

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AdMech/Tau because they're the bullet hell factions.

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not sure, 8th was pretty good for me. plenty of ways to get points for killing or capturing. craftworld eldar are solid as fuck. deamons are a little weak but i can deal. (engine war can at least give my keeper a 4++ but it's missing something. i miss warp storm and gifts.)

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The skill is in evaluating your army unit options then using them to the fullest when constructing a list to maximize objective/point scoring. There is also big component in tactically positioning and moving units since you only have 6 turns total and game is usually culminating on turn 2. The last part is minimizing bad luck by understanding which actions can lead to benefitial outcomes even if you "roll poorly".
That's about all the skill it involves, which is pretty close to any other turn-based strategy game.

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It could have been pushed internally as a Tyranid release, akin to Deathwatch for Space Marines or Harlequins for Eldar.
A detachment or two for variety to your current army list.

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Like the one guy who keeps on shouting "roll 2!" whenever I do any kind of rolling?
It gets grating after a while.

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If Intercessors go to 20 ppm and CSM go to 13 ppm, does that solve the inequality?
7 more PPM for a better rifle and 1W and 1A seems fair.
100 points min unit vs. 65

I don't expect CSM to get primaris, at least not for a long time but I feel like this change evens things out a bit.

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Mindgames usually means making tactical moves in anticipation of your opponent's reaction so that they make themselves vulnerable.
I can't wait until we finish ejecting all the non-selfaware spergs like those that shout or grunt noises out of this hobby though.

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CSM *might* get 2W. Probably not, but we can dream

>> No.72978090

Devon Aoki as Shadowsun!

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The foundation of 8th edition that was "needing troops in your list to get command points" is changing completely. I could care less about troops in my chaos list if I don't have to and can easily get by on 2 5man csm squads regardless of their cost.

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They will, they teased it a lot and 9th edition is on the way. As for the question, no, you still want cultists for the CP.
This is why i load my deuces

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When the last manlet gets legends'd. Then we can start pretending that all marines always had 2w.

>> No.72978107

I don't dream of power creep and neither should you..

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Yeah sure, you could play an army that requires "skill", where positioning matters somewhat.

Or you could just go online and find a nice list where you spam whatever is currently brokenly overpowered, make units essentially invulnerable, only bring unchargeable/untargetable units, abuse character targeting rules, and blast your opponent off the table turn. theres no skill in this game, just abusing what GW allows to be overpowered.

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Well good luck on the Xth edition (that's a 10) cause GW already said they are going to coexist with primaris, they need to give the primaris treatment to a lot of HQs first before squatting them.

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Knight leaks

>> No.72978139

Get ready to make room on that bandwagon gaylord. You're about to become the new default starter faction.

>> No.72978140

That's sad. CSM are the core of the army and no one takes them. Personally I think they look awesome. I just want rules that reflect their veteran status.

>> No.72978142

Anyone can play shadowsun. Tau females look like males

>> No.72978148

I'm curious to see how they'll change units with special rules that allow them to generate or refund CP. Will they remove the limits?

Asking for my Tallyman.

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Aw fuck you outplayed me OP, well done, well done.

>> No.72978160

I have hopes for my Nexos

>> No.72978168

Can confirm, The Library is still running. The link was wrong

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Wow, way to fuck up the thread, dipshit.

>> No.72978175

Why do you keep spewing this faggotry? My havocs, terminators, warp talons and all hq's besides one prince are still marines. You're not a tourneyfag and even they use them just fine. Troops being mandatory was gay in the first place and now you can take what you think is tactically useful.

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I don't know enough about wrestling to say, but at least a few of these look like pretty decent matches just based on aesthetic.

>> No.72978178

I remember this book. I was in high school when it came out. CSM players didn't realize how good we had it until it was gone.

>> No.72978188

The lack of troop tax worries me.

>> No.72978194


>troops being mandatory was gay

see that's just fucking stupid. An army should have a core of troops, that's just common fucking sense. The whole fucking army can't be officers and green beret's there's gotta be some fucking grunts.

>> No.72978196

GW will probably have a force org chart you have to meet to count as battleforged.

>> No.72978199

I'd assume there won't be a troop tax but they'll still have objective secured for getting your primaries

>> No.72978201

>why do you like the core units of an army?
gee I dunno

>> No.72978208

Keep masturbating about those good times you had literally 20 years ago and let the rest of us live in the present.

>> No.72978211

I bet you think Tau females have toes instead of hooves too.

>> No.72978213

GW shouldn't make every other armies troops absolute garbage then.

>> No.72978216

What's less "core" about terminators or warp talons compared to marines besides the type of the armor? It's the same fucking marine you retard

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>> No.72978226


From the sounds of it, troops will have abilities to do things that give you VP or accomplish objectives that other units don't.

>> No.72978229

True, maybe they can finally kill some off. So far everyone relevant that attempted it survived it.

>> No.72978233

Troops can be whatever the fuck you want grog

>> No.72978241

No, dummy, they aren't the same. Terminators, havocs, and raptors are specialists. CSM are allrounders.

>> No.72978242

>An army should have a core of troops, that's just common fucking sense
Sure but 3 MSUs of 5 CSM to fill out the battalion tax was retarded. Now that you don't need to strictly adhere to detachment bonuses for CP you can run a single, large unit of troops and not get fucked over. Elite armies like CSM and the like got fucked over with the detachment system.

>> No.72978243

So why dont a bunch of powerful psykers do what the shamans did back in the day and create a new emperor like being

>> No.72978250


Horse shit. Do you not understand or care about lore at all? Do you not care about the setting? Do you not care about having a thematic army? You need the right mix man, and that mix should absolutely have a core foundation of the guys who make up the bulk of the fucking army. Troops.

>> No.72978254

That version doesn't have a frame so the R sticking out isn't that noticable.

>> No.72978259

Skill in a bottle my ass. Shit always comes out spot. Its impossible to get an even coat. What am I missing. Btw I use very little and this is my second coat.

>> No.72978263

Why are you comparing shock troops to line infantry? Even in real life, it takes a special kind of crazy to be one.

>> No.72978267

It's all exclusively in your head

>> No.72978269

9th is taking a lot from AoS

AoS has battleline minimums based on points size.
I imagine you'll still see 3 minimum troops and limits on stuff like Heavy Support and Elites.

>> No.72978271

So looking at the article discussing how they're going to missions I'm really quite exited about the new possibilities with the secondary objectives and the actions your units can take. I feel like it's really going to improve things, add a lot more depth and tactics to things. Hopefully. What do you all think?

>> No.72978276

what do you think the 1k psykers a day thing is?

real talk though, that's super old lore, and was performed when the warp was still somewhat calmish. doing something like that now is just going to be a soul energy injection that will just get lost in the warp

>> No.72978278

>SHPAZ MUHREEN upset he isn't the center of attention.

>> No.72978279

I still have that book anon, it was true kino.

>> No.72978286

I play this game as an offline video game on the weekends for the novelty factor. Just because you're autistically obsessing over these things doesn't make them actually significant or important.

>> No.72978292

The knowledge was lost and kt would take a lot of strong as fuck psykers to create an Emperor which are rare. Stern is a thousand souls fused into one and shes strong as fuck but nowhere near Emps tier and neither are the perpetuals which I always assumed they were lesser attempts at doing the same ritual since they can reincarnate.

>> No.72978295

Wash the recesses, not everything

>> No.72978296

They have same stats though. It's just same soldiers putting on different set of armor and getting specialized orders.

>> No.72978297


I see no issue with this. Way I hear it AoS 2.0 is a pretty damn good game, so borrowing the things that work just makes sense.

>> No.72978298

that book was broken. there was a 1k sons power that gave out free victory points.

>> No.72978300

I mean, lorewise yes. Funwise no. Member warhammer fantasy? Course you do. I ran tomb kings in that game. i wanted to build an army that was just a bunch of bros guarding my main guy's tomb. They were just in their tombs until some shitfaced Brettonians would come along or some shit. Point is, i thought "we're guarding a tomb, tomb guard couldn't be more fitting" but, suprise, you couldn't just all be elites. The question is, "why?" Some armies are just all green berets. They're called special forces. Games workshop trying to squeeze your armies into fitting the lore chokes on your lore.

>> No.72978313

Sorry anon, the most annoy ones tend to be the loudest when you can't punch them in the face.

>> No.72978340

You're under the mistaken impression that the space marines are essentially Robocop and are all equal.
They vary in experience and talent. Company champions being excellent duelists are a good example. You wouldn't just trust any space marine to guard the Captain.

>> No.72978341

It's called narrative play, you can do whatever

Matched play incorporates game balance which means limiting certain units

>> No.72978353


You, you I will acknowledge as having a point, because I can appreciate wanting to fluff your dudes as something special and I can understand wanting your army to be representative of an elite task force. A valid argument and complaint. I can accept that reasoning.

>> No.72978359

Considering getting back in after a brief flirtation with the game before. I remember there being a weird admech list that allowed you to field a imperial knight. Is this still a thing?

>> No.72978361

Isn't that already represented by a vanguard detachment in matched play?

>> No.72978363

So I've been out of the 3d printer loop for a while and just watched some videos on resin printers, damn the quality on them is finally up to par for fucking over games workshop. Is there a big library of 3d scanned warhams somewhere? All I can find is scattered files here and there under pseudonyms.

>> No.72978364


Okay. Don't understand why you'd bother to waste your time and money with something like this if you aren't passionate about it though. If you're just looking for a casual time killer there are things a hell of a lot more suited to it than warhammer which I have no doubt you'd enjoy more. You do you man. Personally I enjoy the game, i enjoy the world, i enjoy building my army and painting them and I enjoy it because I'm passionate about it. If I wasn't I woulda left a long time ago, and I don't think there's anything wrong with being passionate about the game. Everyone has something they are passionate about no shame in it.

>> No.72978370

Yes because GW lets imperials do whatever they want.

>> No.72978371

Tsons: Flying Space Magicians with rapid-fire psy-bolts

>> No.72978373

Giving your CSM veteran skills was awesome. I would love to see something like that again.

>> No.72978374


>> No.72978376


>> No.72978382

>mega links are wrong
>engine war links are broken
>fucked up everything in the OP
God why can't you fucks make proper threads with good thread questions

>> No.72978392

Classic Raymoo rode a turtle. So...

>> No.72978401

Think the engine war leaks were taken down, my old links are no longer working as well.

>> No.72978402


not in the way it was where doing it gave you shit. You can ally one in, but the formation that incentivized everyone to do it ain't around anymore.

>> No.72978409

How long has the fucking pastebin been dead

>> No.72978422

First the audio book megas nuked because of some normie CUNT posting that shit on faceberg and now all the rest of this shit is all fucked. Back in the day anons would have had that audio book mega back up in one day.

>> No.72978424

>decide to try to revisit 40k after a long time of not playing, going to start collecting chaos space marines again
>look at some competitive lists online
>running 60 cultists or 60 plaguebearers
>decide to not start collecting again cause I want to play chaos space marines and it's so expensive to buy them
>start collecting just before the soup/CP changes were announced, got excited that it was happening
>weeks later wish that the CP/soup changes aren't a thing
Am I retarded?
How bad is chaos going to be?

>> No.72978437

I mean you're retarded for collecting chaos but who knows in 9th.

>> No.72978441

theres your problem.

>> No.72978443

Youre a frogposter, of course youre retarded.

>> No.72978444

>CSM players didn't realize how good we had it
the tournament scene was full of faggots using that book, m8. And they have wailed about losing it ever since the 4th edition codex came out.

>> No.72978452

I just want Berzerkers and Noise marines this year. C'mon GW....

>> No.72978453

When I used to play I had daemon princes, rhino's full of berserkers, terminators and obliterators.
Wasn't a problem then...
Tranny frogposter, oh no.

>> No.72978458


>> No.72978460

ive thought about getting into watching wwf/wwe, but it has lasted so long and I watching now would leave me clueless on this current storyline. Ngl, a drama show that acts like a real life sport is quite interesting, but I dont think I have the patience to watch the whole thing
oh, the new spess mahrines look great

>> No.72978469

Too bad. After necrons, we're getting another ad mech wave, then an eldar unity codex that soft-squats ynarri. Chaos is getting Orktober'd with Bile.

>> No.72978474

Oh I know, I just like all the options it had. CSM have not been as good since.

>> No.72978483

Why are Rhinos tougher than Trygons?

>> No.72978486

The megas are fine, someone just fucked with the links in the op so they're wrong now.

>> No.72978492

>put on thousand year old power armor
>admire its several inch thick armor plates
>ponder how these could easily stop tank shells from harming you
>put on backpack that supplies thousands of kilowatts to this armor so you can move incredibly fast too
>about to head out the door to go purge some heretics
>"oh wait! I forgot my leather gloves!"


>> No.72978494

superior human engineering

>> No.72978496

Cruddace was the lead of 8th. This answers a good 85% of why X is retarded.

>> No.72978497

>another admech wave

>> No.72978500

I hate to admit it, but hes right
Necrons will be the new basic bitch bad guy faction

>> No.72978505

Leather gloves have been a part of the Space Marine aesthetic since at the very least second edition.

>> No.72978507

To fuck with you specifically.

>> No.72978515

fair enough

tourneyfags are to blame, as always

>> No.72978522

What other marine model has leather gloves

>> No.72978523

maybe because it looks cool? Also, you could write it off saying they are sacred blessed gloves or they are necissary to hold the shit hes holding due to some reason.

>> No.72978525

They match his coat, the ensemble is incomplete without them.

>> No.72978528

style. fashion and looking great are also a requirement

>> No.72978529

hey, at least that means I don't have to take electropriests if I want to follow that dream again. It's casual armies with friends so I'm unlikely to play with a high enough point total to actually be able to do it, mind. Was it for an earlier edition? I can't remember what it was up to when I last gave it a shot

>> No.72978530


To improve their fucking grip?

>> No.72978532

Watch Lucha Underground, then. The wrestling is better and the storyline is more ridiculous.

>> No.72978534

Phobos Librarian

>> No.72978537


>> No.72978548

Part of the gothic futurist aesthetic.

>> No.72978549

More retarded boxes and shitty davinci machines, enjoy.

>> No.72978550

Low profile power armor under these duh. I do wonder though, do chaplains write a lot?

>> No.72978558

You're thinking of the War Convocation formation from 7th edition.

>> No.72978559

Reminder Necrons are the main protagonists and did literally nothing wrong, getting fucked over time and again.

>> No.72978561

Most of the skill comes about 65% list building and 35% actual playing. Usually the best lists are easy to win unless the "pilot" is someone who is playing for the first time

>> No.72978567

Huh, did not mean to post a pic but oh well...

>> No.72978572

Fix tabletop orkz in a single sentence.

>> No.72978573

Or, you know, put the gloves on as a layer on top of the power armor for aesthetic reasons.

>> No.72978575

No more memes.

>> No.72978576

Rhinos stronk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkqPG5cWfkc

>> No.72978590

Why do Dark Angels wear hoods? They wear shit like that over their power armor just fine. No problemo.

>> No.72978591

More dakka

>> No.72978594

But Trygon is larger than Riptide.

>> No.72978595

Grip. Keeps dust out of the joints. Marines strap parchment onto themselves all the time, and this is your holdup?

>> No.72978609

Replace with WHFB orCs

>> No.72978621

>War Convocation formation
Ah, thanks. Searching it up gives you old 40k generals right as 8th came out, talking about how much bullshit formations were.

>> No.72978636

I know primaris is literally
>taller = better
But for other factions thats not true

>> No.72978641


lotsa new kits with power creep rules.

Lets just be honest here that's what you want. You want a new model line and you want them to be getting the love and attention and broken rules that other armies get.

>> No.72978649

If you wanted a picture of Gael, you only had to ask.

>> No.72978650

Scale creep is one of the most interesting part of any wargame. The idea that to push new releases is "make it big" is really interesting when you think about it. Bigga iz betta

>> No.72978664

Zkro > Orkz

>> No.72978665

>nu marine primaris

Nice, didnt you say it's been a thing since second edition though?

>> No.72978670

they upped its wound count, so some genius decided to make it less tough than a carnifex to balance that out

I can fucking guarantee they didn't think about it very hard, or even look at the older stats for both.

>> No.72978681

>then an eldar unity codex that soft-squats ynarri.
Considering the process of
>drop Ynarri
>nerf Ynarri lists into the ground
I wouldn't be surprised.
300 pages of Eldar pussy and ass is a bit much.

>> No.72978685

Its an interesting idea sure, but I would much prefer having "accurate" scales and consistent scale. One of my plans is to make a modern 2020 earth city board so you can get a rough estimate of "wow when I think about it thats fucking huge" sort of vibe.

>> No.72978687

Some folks guessed that this might be updated Cassius, but what if it's worse. What if Cassius got Sicarius'd and this is a generic master of sanctity instead. An Acheran 2.0 if you will.

>> No.72978703

Not a Necron player but how is this bad? Because new players might play Necrons instead of Marines?

>> No.72978751

What happened to the third party paste in

>> No.72978776

Also made it cheaper, fully kitted Carnifex is barely cheaper than Trygon.
It's ridiculous how they made what was originally a gargantuan creature into a joke.
Then again they made melee Carnifexi(es?) into joke too so who knows.

>> No.72978787

>engine war links weren't taken down, some asshole just fucked with the URLs
I fucking hate you

correct links

>Engine War Leaks:
https://imgur.com/a/NZLKQU9 (Admech)
https://imgur.com/gallery/jEogIk0 (Daemons)
https://imgur.com/a/sYp15WR (Chaos Knights)

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>Book Megas (Don't share these, cunts):

>> No.72978791

Thoughts on my new WB Lord?
Considering saying mydudes took a random World Eater, knocked him out and dressed him up, and now act like he's always been there leading them just to piss him off more.

>> No.72978793

Good way to sell the same unit with the same gear twice, so it's perfect for marines.

>> No.72978808

I mean to be fair, once the trygon isn't standing on his tail like a goof, he's not THAT much bigger than a carnifex.

I just wish they went with T7, like he had in 4e

>> No.72978814

My Deathwatch Termie Captain is ready for priming.

>> No.72978822

>Who you calling pin head?

>> No.72978826

It was based as fuck and it’s a true shame it’s gone. It made basic space marines actually valuable with the ability to customize them as needed by the buying skills and you could truly flavorful lists. It had potential to be abused

>> No.72978836

I like it though the rock as always looks dumb.

>> No.72978846

Trygons tail should be about twice as long if it really wanted to stand on it.

>> No.72978847

>power sword, chainsword, and what looks like a combi-plas
looks pretty cool. all he needs is to be surrounded by greenskins screaming "I take you all on!" to make it complete

>> No.72978850

>It had potential to be abused

Let it just sink in that the shenanigans Chaosfags did back then was considered gamebreaking. It was a simpler time.

>> No.72978853

>getting into 40k
>want to make a fluffy 1k list
>like battletech since forever so naturally i want to get some knights
>dive into rules need another armiger to make 1k or find the cheapest way to add other types of units
i'm getting the feeling that in the 1k bracket the knights either wipe them for the most part turn one or I'll get wiped cause they only have 4 targets that they can focus fire on and neither scenario sounds fun

>> No.72978855

what is the least basic bitch space marines founding chapter/rules/whatever?

>> No.72978857

Chaos gets mad sensitive whenever anyone else looks like a better villain or antagonist.

>> No.72978867

Don't use this retarded troll thread

>> No.72978872

Salamanders or White Scars

>> No.72978878

using knights at that points level is a scummy move not a bad as 500 but still pretty bad

>> No.72978884

Or Tyranids to avenge his Lamenter Buddy, but atleast his bro got him covered from beyond the grave (I'm saying Fluffwise the Helmet atop the Banner was modified to be a Iron Halo)

>> No.72978887

If you want mechs but dont want the downsides/expensive-ness of knights, do tau (though, those are more mechas then mechs)

>> No.72978898

I like it

>> No.72979019


>> No.72979127

the tremor bomb strategem mentions units being shaken does that mean there is a new condition that can effect troops going into 9th?

>> No.72979178

Are you fucking retarded, that just some flavour text for the effect name, it literally tells you what the effect does in the next sentence.
And why the fuck do you think it only effects troops? Everything that doesn't have the FLY and TITANIC keyword is effected.

>> No.72979194

troops was just a general term for your soldiers
GW doesn't do flavor text in the middle of the ability description

>> No.72979265

>GW doesn't do flavor text in the middle of the ability description
No but they'll still add single descriptive word to say what happens to the effected unit, it's the same with tremor shells. The day of USR is gone, every effect is baked into each ability so they can change stuff on the fly and not inadvertently nerf an unintended unit. Don't read into things that give you the exact ruling in the same place.

>> No.72979530

>CSM are the core of the army and no one takes them.
Well that a little boring. I like taking a squad to direct the cultists. Not to mention that they're CSM so they have utility, usually I take w/ a rocket.
Though I am not stranger to those cheeky alpha Strike, usually used on me.
I can't really play locally so all my games have been online, and those ppl are annoying. I bring a comfy monolist & I often have to deal with WAAC seeking army wipe, often switching lists on pregame, no matter the pts limit.
Win some, lost many.
The only time I see troops played as a staple was to get the CP to pull an Alpha Strike.

>> No.72980610

I'm playing Dark Crusade again, what faction should I go with this time? I've played with Orks, Tau, and Chaos so far.

>> No.72980624


>> No.72980639

back in the day it was easy for people to reincarnate
with the current status of the warp it's not possible anymore

>> No.72980832

can anyone please tell me what exactly a Leman Russ Thunderer is? Is it the turret version with a Thunderer Cannon, or like a Vindicator, turretless but with the gun on the hull front? thanks

>> No.72980894


>> No.72980901


>> No.72981000


>> No.72981797

Are the Primaris Intercessors a good first purchase for an primaris army? I want to start with the 3 model pack due to Money being thight.

>> No.72982189

Yeah, but the ETB kit is really legal to play. The smallest unit size for primaris is 5 I think, so you'll have to pay the points for 5 of them, even though you'll only have 3 in that unit.

>> No.72982196

Sorry, meant to say "isn't legal to play"

>> No.72982273

So, I´d still, let´s say, have to buy the painting kit with also three models to atleast be abley to play?

>> No.72982351

You can play with three models, but you'll be paying for 2 that you don't have.

Then again, If you're trying to play with only 3 models, that doesn't really matter at all.

On it's own, the ETB models aren't really worth it. Honestly, if I were you, and money was that much of an issue, I would just wait. The other Orimarus ETB kits that came out with 8th are likely to see a price cut.

If $15 is a lot for you right now, please don't spend it on this bullshit.

>> No.72982376

That bad?

>> No.72982474

I mean, yeah.

Everything is supposed to be getting a price hike, points wise, in 9th though. Which will be pretty good for a dude like you, because a 2000 point army is going to be considerably smaller than it was in 8th. Meaning having to buy fewer models, especially if it's something like Space Marines.

But yeah dude, unless you absolutely love those 3 primaris marines and feel like if you don't buy them that your life is incomplete, don't spend the money.

>> No.72983503


>> No.72983743

how do people feel about the tanks fire in combat rule?

>> No.72983798

>mfw they're finally points-hiking across the board, getting me back in since I left in 5th

>> No.72983827

it's just gonna lead to imbalance, they are gonna make certain units so much better points/value wise that half of what the people own now sucks

>> No.72983856

Cool. Smaller sized armies all around is a good thing and the game being playable on a wide range of sizes is great.
>What are you hoping for in 9th?
Primaris to never have existed.
>What are you expecting?
GW ruining marines even more.

>> No.72983878

No. All marines should have W2 A2 base.

>> No.72983934

Uh... guys? It costs CP to have detachments now.


>> No.72983955

I'm all for less soup

>> No.72983960

>It costs CP to have detachments now.

Yeah, that's been known since 9e rumours began.

>> No.72983968

No, I mean it costs CP or a detachment WITH THE SAME FACTION.

>> No.72983978


>> No.72983986

Yes, and...?

>> No.72983994

woo lads

>> No.72983995

>all sternguard veterans replaced with veteran intercessors
>people will still say manlets aren't getting squatted
At least we know terminators and land raiders are safe and primaris have access to them.

>> No.72984011

finally something my daemons would enjoy

>> No.72984027

wait, it costs 3cp but i get 3cp back if the warlord is in it?

>> No.72984039

don't make threads if you don't know what you're doing. we already have one op sabotaging things on purpose, don't need another doing it by accident.

>looks like someone narc'd the megas. we're gonna have to rebuild

nobody narc'd anything. one of the past idiot ops changed one or two letters in each link. These are the originals


>> No.72984076

But those terminators just look sad when they are so small compared to primaris.

>> No.72984095

Yeah, pretty much means you get 1 detachment for free, and every other one is gonna cost you

>> No.72984100

They'll eventually update the kit, the important bit is that they are safe and will continue existing once the other regular marines are gone.

>> No.72984110

imgur links to engine war stuff got fucked too

https://imgur.com/a/NZLKQU9 (Admech
https://imgur.com/gallery/jEogIk0 (Daemons)
https://imgur.com/a/sYp15WR (Chaos Knights)
https://imgur.com/a/vnz7hDv (Knights)

>> No.72984113

What is the maximum number of nonprimaris bolt marines I can take?
Is it still 100?
I'm doing spring cleaning and I have 130

Is it worth keeping classic marines still?
Or is everyone now primaris and I should sell them while there's still value?

>> No.72984117

Yep, and this assumably to prevent unit spam.
I want to see how much a Spearhead would cost, if IG needs to pay 5CP to bring the extra tanks, might be worth it.

>> No.72984157

>projecting your manlet insecurities on the terminators
they don't feel remorse, or pity, or fear.

they just want to kill xenos

>> No.72984181


finally i dont have to have a single battalion with just grots so i have some cp to spend.

>> No.72984193

CSM players (like myself) realized perfectly how good they had it and cheesed the fuck out of it. You think Iron Warriors got popular because of Storm of Iron?

I miss the choices and customisation (the god damned Wargear and Gifts pages), I don't miss the broken things like biker WE and the entire IW list.

>> No.72984200

If only that game was good

>> No.72984205

So does this make my massed termagaunts? better in melee In a few key situations? Neat.

>> No.72984207

Same faction. So I can make Imperium super friends again?

>> No.72984218

How common are blanks, really? Like, ballpark number of living blanks in the galaxy at any given time, not including Sisters of Silence or Officio Assassinorum.

>> No.72984219

Yes, but it'll cost you CP instead of creating a CP battery.

>> No.72984222

GW really hates fun. It was already a pain in the ass trying to run Witch Hunters.

>> No.72984231


But instead of getting more cp you now get less. as it always should have been.

>> No.72984237

The only reason people had CP battery was because the dumb stratagem system is broken as hell.
Fucking GSC eats up like 8 before the game even starts due to how dumb the entire faction is built.

>> No.72984254

so how will dark eldar work now? will every dark eldar get fuckered on cp because the army is essentially 3 armies in 1?

>> No.72984264

And it was only broken because of the imbalance of CP generation between armies and the fact that you started with all of them, allowing you to spam them first turn, which isn't happening anymore.

>> No.72984266

They're about one in a billion. Their condition makes it so they're automatically social outcasts. They're picked up by the sisters of silence, the offico assassinorum, and the Astra Telepathica for various uses

>> No.72984271

probably changed it on purpose, they know we'll just make a new mega so now they're doing this

>> No.72984272

>This extremely rare genetic defect occurs for no known reason in less than one in a billion individuals.

>> No.72984281

this will for ever be the face of Angron.

>> No.72984292

They mentioned on the stream that the Drukhari and Knight special rules will be tweaked somehow. Presumably you'll get patrols for free if they're for each different subfaction.

>> No.72984316

You mean within a detachment?
No, It needs to be all SoB or all Admech, you're thinking of KeyWords.

>> No.72984351

Awesome artwork that doesnt depict models is back on the menu!

>> No.72984353

RIP Nid soup.

>> No.72984358

I think the new 40k art looks nice and shits on all the "hurdur 40k is getting rid of grim" posters

>> No.72984366

>implying you're not lookin at wave 5 of primaris releases

>> No.72984368

No, I'm talking how shit the rules are made that you need to spend like half your CP before the game begins to get what other armies get just for existing.
Looking at you marines.

>> No.72984386

>not a single non primaris
How can people still deny it?

>> No.72984390

Nids will be fucked like every edition.
Even before Crudd Nids have been receiving constant nerfs

>> No.72984414


>> No.72984431

Hey I’ve still had fun in 8th. Warriors do make me sad though

>> No.72984453

what did GW mean by this?

>> No.72984458

And lictors

>> No.72984459

Carnifex, Warriors, termagants, etc. Every single nid unit has been fucked. Even new units got fucked.

>> No.72984477

Things you want, but will never see because they are not marines.

>> No.72984489

looks like the orbs from the astartes series in top left

>> No.72984493

neat. i wouldnt mind that

>> No.72984506

I mean, the only things there that aren't models is the horde of chapter serfs

>> No.72984508

What are some good books set in 40k and not 30k. I've read the first five horus heresy books and while they're good, I don't really know anything about current 40k.
Also the more I read the more it becomes look how much these supposedly superhuman primarchs can fuck everything up by acting like retards. At least with current 40k the universe is already fucked so they're just trying to manage it (I hope/guess)

>> No.72984512

so is this how the new command point system works

If I play a 1500 point army, I start off with 12 command points.

Lets assume I have two battalion detachments. One of which has my warlord so its free, but the other one is -3.

I'd start the game with 9 CP? Getting another one each turn?

>> No.72984522

Anybody has a Space Hulk rules PDF? Can't find it in the megas

>> No.72984523

is this gw's underhanded attempt to get the rights to astartes right from under the nose of the creator?

>> No.72984527

>Believing GW

Lurk for 10 more years boy

>> No.72984529

Short range, enemy had to fail LD and didn't work on fearless/ATSKNF (90% of the units in the game). It was useless but fluffy like almost the entirety of the 3.5 codex.

>> No.72984531

I'm really liking this new old art direction.

>> No.72984535

Dark Mechanicus confirmed or some shit.
Where are the new Eldar models?

>> No.72984539

I'll admit that art is cool. Hopefully this keeps up and they don't cut corners with low tier artists.

>> No.72984544

yes thats how it works

>> No.72984547

more likely just an easter egg

>> No.72984553

As someone who hasn't played Nids since 4th edition, what on earth do Nid players tend to field these days?

>> No.72984554

Probably the single stupidest thing I've read a primarch do in HH so far is Magnus trying to psychically force his way to the Emperor from Prospero in a ritual that killed hundreds of his loyal thralls instead of just, ya know.

Going to Terra. It's not like Prospero is particularly far from Terra, it's one of the closest legion homeworlds

>> No.72984569

why should eldar get any new models? they already got 2 new heroes and two new units. That is more then a lot of factions got in 8th ed.

>> No.72984571

Usually a low cut blouse and about a pound of makeup to try and pass

>> No.72984580

My dudes, it's a fucking sphere with some wires sticking into it. Astartes didn't invent it, GW can't copyright shapes.

>> No.72984584

Pretty much everything by Haley, but my heart goes to his Baneblade serie, with its short stories. It's Band of Brothers + Fury in 40k. Dark Imperium/Plague Wars and Devastation of Baal are also good picks to understand what's going on in the new 40k universe.

Everything by Wraight is good as well. Like Dark Imperium/Plague Wars, Watchers of the Throne is useful to understand what is going on in the new 40k. Features the cutest "couple" of the setting.

Eye of Medusa & Voice of Mars by David Guymer are top tier, Iron Hands have never been scarier.

Dead Men Walking by Steve Lyons is one of the most Grimdark 40k novels, top notch. Just be ready for depressing stuff. Down Amongst the Dead Men and Left for Dead by the same author are shorter but equally grimdark.

Deathwatch, Shadowbreaker and Rynn's World by Steve Parker are also top picks, first two for the bro-ness and Deathwatch fluff and the other for the best Crimson Fists novel.

The Castellan Crowe serie by Annandale is quite good as well. Manages to not make him a Mary Sue, instead making him scary as shit to mortals.

The Night Lords serie and Helsreach by ADB are safe picks as well.

On a related note, Red Tithe by Robbie McNivven features NL as well, but most importantly Carcharodons. The sequel Outer Dark is really fun as well.

Pdf related is also a very good book. Everything a novel about an unknown chapter should be.

And then just read Lexicanum for more fluff and to hear about novels that might interest you really.

>> No.72984589

Genestealers, Hive Guards, Exocrines. The rest is some variant of Hive Guard and Floating psyker/gas units.

>> No.72984590

>> No.72984592

considering GW history of assholery, I don't think they do easter eggs.

>> No.72984593

genestealers in squads of 20
a carpet of termagants because they're cheap
hive guard
a broodlord
maybe OOE and some exocrines but there's generally not much else noteworthy

>> No.72984594

Don't forget the "untargetable Slaanesh dancer" and the "Dæmonic Nuke Summon"

>> No.72984604

>GW can't copyright shapes.
oh that didnt stop them from trying!

>> No.72984610


>> No.72984616

>Probably the single stupidest thing I've read a primarch do in HH so far is Magnus trying to psychically force his way to the Emperor from Prospero in a ritual that killed hundreds of his loyal thralls instead of just, ya know.

>> No.72984623

I'm 90% sure I could pass but I'm not posting my face on fucking tg of all places

>> No.72984635

Aspects and Phoenix Lord sculpts are too old. Their models are older than most races'.

>> No.72984647

>but I'm not posting my face on fucking tg of all places
What about butt?

>> No.72984648

well, how much is yours?

>> No.72984654

Anyone from Croatia here?
Where do you buy your models? What paints do you use?

Buying from Amazon or GW basically costs double with shipping and import.

>> No.72984656

good. those that play eldar have to pay in some way for their OP rules they always get.

>> No.72984669

this isn't soc bud
go fap before posting

>> No.72984675

I gotta say, this one is peak 40k for me. It has some comfy old school feel to it I've been missing in new art for years. Good to know GW has gotten their art direction back on track.

>> No.72984686

Not croat, but close. I just use family that lives in germany to buy models and send them to me. I pay double for post, but it is still ends up cheaper then ordering from GW.

>> No.72984701


It's Cassius, you can see the bionic head

>> No.72984717

Mate it also appears in this BA pic >>72984351 it's just a regular chaplain.

>> No.72984722

how poor are you if 2000 dollars is anything crazy to spend on a hobby

my gpu alone was like 1000€.

>> No.72984724

good post, cheers

>> No.72984734

i can relate to this

>> No.72984743

a non-swarmlord foot tyrant
tyrant guard
a stiff drink and a spool of strong rope

>> No.72984749

>not a single non primaris

>> No.72984780

What's good in the current codex?

>> No.72984799

What in the fuck GPU did you get? A 2080ti founders?

>> No.72984808

Genestealers blobs
Brood Lord
Hive guard
Gaunts for spam

>> No.72984824


>> No.72984829

Everything but that last sentence is a lie.

Only take 3 Flyrants then your opponent needs 180 multi-meltas to win.

>> No.72984850

Yeah hopefully carnifexs aren’t as Gumby/unco-ordinated in the future. I still sneak a few into every damn list but without either old one eye to make them good. Or getting a stonecrusher and loosing him on vehicles. they sorta suck

Let’s not even get started on poor screamer killers

>> No.72984872

Minor Xenos it seems. Each thing we see is obviously non-human, and they seem armed.

Maybe new Tau auxiliaries, maybe a new faction of mercenary xenos or a minor xenos confederation, maybe it's just artwork to show there's more than just the big factions in 40k

>> No.72984908

I really hope the new C'tan isn't the Void Dragon and is just the outsider or something. It would be really lame if the dragon got sharded too and the one on Mars is just some shard. Hopefully it's the Outsider or the Endless Swarm or something.

>> No.72984912

Probably just a cool page for the Xenos section of 9ed's rule book. Awesome art so far, probably better than 8th's.

>> No.72984913

The Swarmlord has always seemed incredibly overcosted. He's a hive tyrant with no shooting and the ability to give a nearby unit a second movement phase on the shooting phase

>> No.72984957

yeah probably, although that does break GW's previous policy of no art or lore without models. Maybe they're changing that policy, maybe not

>> No.72984966

Or the DP that solo armies on its own, with 3+/5++ flying, sick stats and ignoring ALL SAVES including invul

Or unkillable TSons Terminators, alternatively whole fucking SQUADS of Terminator sorcerers.

As I said, that book was the shit when it came to composition options, with each Legion being so different there ware limitles possibilities of list creation.

Too bad ppl remember it mostly because of "hey, my nine Obliterators somehow didn't manage to kill everything in front of them, guess they need support from FOUR FUCKING ARTILLERY PIECES.

>> No.72984981

>some abilities found on datasheets cost CP
So does this mean we could be paywalled behind deploying beacons, homers, mines, giving hit/wnd rerolls, litanies etc? Damn...

>> No.72984993

The entire Hive Tyrant things are rather overcosted. For some reason Neurothrope got an increase.
Something is spammed? better increase the point and not address the fact that other options are just shit

>> No.72985047

I don't get it all that talk about more CP, and I have to be missing something my GK army right now has 16 CP to start the game at 2000pts. With the new rules I would not only have it drop to 12, but also because I run two detachments I would end up with 9CP at the start of turn 1, if I never took relics, and 9 CP with how GK stratagems are costed, is not even 2 turns of using basic stuff.

I guess it is nice we get 2CP per turn back, but this still means that from turn 3 onwards we are going to be able to use one stragem per turn.

>> No.72985050

In 8th, aka the game of many shoots. He almost guarantees your genestealer are gonna hit what you want them to hit on the board turn1.

>> No.72985060

He works in nid soup. You get 2-3 tank commanders and a few blobs of genestealers up the board. You can lob the stealers and probably make it into cc. Flipside is he takes all the antitank and you tank commanders are unscathed.

>> No.72985080

I like hive tyrants a lot and don’t own a singlezoan/neurothrope . Am I a bad man?

>> No.72985082

>has 16 CP in a GK army with only 2 detachments
I smell soup. Therefore you missed the point of the article.

>> No.72985090

I'm sure every faction has some way to get CP back from either relic, unit or warlord trait.

>> No.72985091

Great. Soup players should get banned.

>> No.72985154

Soup exist because the entire CP and stratagem system is rather garbage.
Take GSC for example a single model can eat 3 CP. The Specialist detachment, the field commander and the relic. Just to get some re-roll charges that other armies can get for no CP.
Then another CP to give your mandatory HQ traits because otherwise the fuckers can´t use their abilities due to how deepstrike and charges work in 8th
Keep going and you end eating 8-10 command points before the game starts just to get stuff others get for free.

>> No.72985192


>> No.72985203


Holy shit.
Nice edit.

>> No.72985230

I play a battalion and a vanguard. Playing GK soup makes zero sense, because you lose all the crucial abilities they gained in PA.

we have a psychic power, which stops if the dude dies. no relics, and GK warlords come with pre build traits. And most of our stratagems are 2 or 3CP each. And they aren't just a bonus, there are ment to replace gear that was taken away by GW. Stuff other marines get as their chapter tactics, we pay 2 CP to get on one unit. That was the whole idea when GW was writing our codex and later our fix rules in PA.

>> No.72985231

Eh, I like taking a knight or an allied auxiliary detachment with my main army for a bit of flavour, but it shouldn't be used to chees CP batteries. Making detachments cost CP is a good change.

>> No.72985238

Feeder tendrils strat. It’s shit and a gamble but it’s there.

>> No.72985262

But you do understand that if you are a non soup player take a battalion, and then take another detachment you are paying the CP cost for it too, even if you are not souping anything in.

>> No.72985288

>I play a battalion and a vanguard
So how did you get 16 CP from: +5 Batallion, +3 Battleforged (8), +1 Vanguard (9)? What the fuck.

>> No.72985294

any one noticed how if you search for DG in the GW storepage, the Nurgle DP is not listed?

>> No.72985321

I too would like to know this Grey Knight's mystical psychic secret.
Surely a noble Knight would not dare cheat and take almost double the command points available.

>> No.72985322

You know this bad boy might be useable with 9th for a bit till the codex\faq inevitability invalidates it again.

Not him but you can fill out the optimal slots of that battalion this time, so you should t need to take 2 minimum size detachments as much

>> No.72985326

It means people will stop souping things in just to get CP.
It's still possible to take allies and tweak your army as you see fit with multiple detachments, but it has a slight cost to it rather than being something you do just to max out CP's.

I like this change a lot.

>> No.72985352

There is a stratagem is complete garbage but it is there.
Not saying every army had one worth using, just that everyone had access to one.
Fix CP just seem odd when the issue of CP comes from how garbage some armies are and need to spam stratagem to even function.

>> No.72985359

>Soup players should get banned.

>> No.72985373

No one wants to fap to hairy man ass

>> No.72985387

I want to be able to play World Eaters and Night Lords together :(

>> No.72985400

GW decided to give my army shit troops, which I wouldn't not take If I didn't have to. But made it obligatory to run 2 dreads, 2 apothecaries, 2 units of paladins and a banner ancient. And guess in which slot all those fuckers sit.

Good. But why does it have to hurt armies that aren't souping. I don't know make the cost 1/3CP. 3CP if you run detachments from different faction, and 1 CP if they are the same

I mean the hype article says more CP, more stratagems to use, and somehow my non soup army ends up with less CP then in 8th.

>> No.72985412

The flavor and customization you could get out of this was fantastic. Doing some sort of veteran abilities choices could help distinguish CSMs from loyalists and primaris.

>> No.72985416

Have Bjorn and Roboute meet each once during the story? I´m kinda interested in his reaction to one returned primarch.

>> No.72985436

Here lies the beauty of it. Either you fill out that free detachment to the max to get as many CP or you chose the flexibility of using several different detachments by paying CP. It's a good system where every choice is meaningful, viable and has both pros and cons.

>> No.72985439

>he doesn't shave his ass
enjoy having shit stuck between your cheeks

>> No.72985460

Troops are more useful now, even the ones that can't kill since you can use them to perform actions without wasting your good units on them.

>> No.72985478

you don't get any CP for detachments. you get 3CP if you have a warlord in one, but as battalions cost 3CP, you end up with 0CP gained. Every other detachment is a netto negative CP, unless your army can have multiple warlords(my army can't). I really hope that stuff like vanguard or high command don't cost 3CP.

And no I didn't play soup in 8th, and yes I think it should have been nerfed.

>> No.72985492

Even with SoB it seems I'll end with less CP and more boring army.
Guess Brigade all day everyday will be the norm for things like IG, SoB, GSC and Nids. Specially with things like GSC that need every single CP they can get.

>> No.72985513

Calling it now:
The reason detachments now cost CP is because GW are bringing back formations from 7th, but these new formations aren't 'free' like they were in 7th. Restrictions will be something like "Restrictions: All Elites units taken in the Riptide Rapid Deployment Cadre must be from taken the Riptide Datasheet."
"Command Benefits: Any [Riptides] in this detachment do not cost Command Points to place into tactical reserve. In addition, when a [Riptide] deploys on the battlefield, it may end its movement beyond the deployment zone and it does not suffer penalties for deploying and shooting."
"Dedicated Transports: Can include 1 for each [Infantry] unit taken."

>> No.72985522

>you don't get any CP for detachments.
I know, I said as much. I don't get what you are trying to say.

>> No.72985523

>people already where using 6 troops with double battalion
>dual battalions are a thing due to how shit the CP system is

>> No.72985534

You have no idea how bad GK troops are. Imagine a 30+pts terminator(now will go up in price) when paladins cost a bit more points, for 1 extra wound, more attacks better gear, and a very good stratagem that works for them.

Strikes are better, then termintors. But for same points you get interceptors. Same stats, same weapon options, same point cost. Only interceptors have pseudo fly and shunt .

>> No.72985557

It doesn't really hurt armies that aren't souping though.
I've typically run 1 battallion and 1 spearhead for my 2k games, and I end up with more CP in 9th than I used to have with the 1 point extra pr turn.

>> No.72985577

You do realize that if you bring a double batallion you'll have to bring double troop + hq tax AND pay 3 CP, right? Troops are useful, but making an army out of them while losing CP isn't gonna be very efficient. This system rewards balanced armies, which is a good thing.

>> No.72985581

0-6 Elite
0-3 everything else

>> No.72985607

how do you fill out detachments with 6 elite options when battalion doesn't have enough slot for them?

yeah. that is what I am saying. Fuck soup, and nerfs to it should have happened a long time ago. But I don't get why armies that are played mono are being punished for it, just because GW decided to design them in a specific way that doesn't work with 9th philosophy.

At the same time an IH , supposed evil WAAC, army is goin to say the same intercessors swarm, dreads HQs, 3 units eliminators etc.

>> No.72985617

Fuck Ultramarines

>> No.72985634

Still not seeing why people bring soup or used double batallion.
The shitty stratagems and command point system
Skills that existed naturally in a unit are under CP cost. Basic functions that other armies have for free? Yep locked behind CP
You seem to play marines, because this crap does not affect them at all.

>> No.72985641

How much do you reckon a super heavy auxillary will cost?

>Use Guilliman
>Costs 3 CP to use
>Gain 3CP from his ability

>> No.72985649

>how do you fill out detachments with 6 elite options when battalion doesn't have enough slot for them?
You take the elite detachment.

>> No.72985667

>And no I didn't play soup in 8th, and yes I think it should have been nerfed.
They countered CP batteries by breaking Combat Doctrines for Space Marines, they were the largest abusers of CP batteries. As is soup is a small portion of tournament winning lists, so this is kind of just fucking soup for being soup.

>> No.72985689

it is good for some armies(aka horde ones), but how many 6s can someone roll on 5 interceptors or 6-7 paladins.

For horde it is brutal though. no more surgical tying up of multiple units, only to fall back so rest army can double tap the whole thing.

>> No.72985704

Soup used to be a massive issue in early 8th when Faction Keywords were broken to shit. It wasn't just Imperium, but Chaos as well. Soup got really bad around the time of the Imp/Renegade Knight meta.

>> No.72985705

>this will forever be the face of Angron.

>> No.72985726

I still don't see your point or its relation to the new CP generation system.

>> No.72985738

yes. that is one detachment. 2 paladin units, 2 dreads, 2 apothecaries. This is the stuff I take right now, but we also run banner ancients. before we could take this with 2 detachments. Now we are going to have to take two too, only now the second detachment instead of giving CP, is going to cost CP. And this is assuming Vanguard still exists. For all we know we maybe forced to take 2 battalions.

>> No.72985759

This is little horus.

>> No.72985773

Yes, you'll still have to take two detachments, but you are still gonna get more CP overall because you get 12 at the start of the game +1 each turn, which you wouldn't be getting before.

>> No.72985851

You need a 6 for each of YOUR models within range of that said Intercessor squad, not for each of the retreating model.

>> No.72985878

With detachments no longer giving CP and the blatantly broken faction mixing gone, they've removed the source of the problem entirely.
So what does the CP penalty add to the game?
Some factions might lack for certain things and be a natural combination with another faction that can bring it, so you could say they're being balanced by such a penalty, but with some factions viable in every aspect that's just an added punishment for playing smaller factions when you could be playing a better supported faction with a larger roster.

>> No.72985890

I have 16 right now. after the change I will have less. And getting 2CP per turn doesn't counter the fact that for the first two turns I need 6 CP per turn minium. If I re-rolls something or want to take a relic. I am running on fumes in turn 3 right now. With the new rules, I run out of CP after turn 1.

Psychic power every turn for 6 turns giving you 1 CP
5+3+1+6+1CP for full painted army=16CP.

>> No.72985897

The reason soup and people spamming dual battalions is because the rules are so poorly made that armies needed the cheapest source of CP possible in order to even function properly
Needing to pay CP for extra detachments regardless if you are adding a different army is not exactly a good idea if the rules that consume CP like a crack whore still exist.

>> No.72985933

>+1 CP for fully painted army
And you can still use your psychic power to get a CP every turn you know. So you're really not losing out like you're whining about.

>> No.72985944

yes, that is what I am saying. I run 5 man termintors and strike units, and 10 man paladin units, but by the time melee happens there is never 10 paladins in it. So rolling a 5 or 7 dices, I get one 6 roll on avarge. Orcs on the other hand could get 10-20 models (if they get lucky), more dice, more chance to roll a 6.

>> No.72985949

Nigger that's like saying Tau get an extra 6cp every game because of Puretide Neurochip. Stop being a faggot.

>> No.72985957

It kind of dicks over factions that needed more than 13 CP even at lower points. Like pretty much everyone but marines and IG

>> No.72985965


Yeah... I,thought people were talking about a few factions or the,soups that get a CP back on dice rolls.

Not spending CP to maybe get CP.

>> No.72985993

I already counted it. I get 16 with the 6 casts spread over 6 turns. Without it I have 10 CP.

now I would get 12 then -0 for warlord detachment, -3 for the second one. So I am on 9 CP, already one less then in 7th ed.

>> No.72986027

Please could you point out in the rulebook where you get bonus CP for being fully painted?

Also you're counting the CP from your psychic power, which might very well fail to cast, and not the free CP you get every turn for being battle forged?

>> No.72986031

I don't play tau, and no one here does. I don't care how they can get CP. All I know is that right now I am getting -1CP less, but units go up in cost.

Plus GW already said they are going to "fix" and remove stuff. And in case of GK over 8th ed, fixs means nerfs.

>> No.72986058

At my store we get it. And I have never failed a psychic test. I use always one dice that rolls 5-6s on it.

>> No.72986061

>in order to even function properly
Nah, it was never because of that. It was to cheese a busted stratagem that was written with a much lower CP pool for that army. Those got fixed for the most part, but it was still a retarded system that rewarded you for taking the bare minimum for each detachment and run as many detachments as possible mixing factions because why wouldn't you. Now there's a cost and a reward for doing every thing.

>> No.72986073

If you NEED 12 cp over the first two turns, you just plain suck at the game.
Git gud, faggot.

>> No.72986110

Then get your store to give you free command points in 9th edition too if you don't care what the official rules are?
>I have never failed a test
Never been denied either?

>> No.72986128

Well soup happens due to how poorly made the rules are.
Even you want to make fluffy armies it is a pain the ass.
Lets say you want to make an old Witch Hunter army
One detachment is for Scion, another is for SoB (that now lost rules for some reason) the other is for Inquisition or Assassins. Lets say Assassin so you cant at least slip a single Inquisitor without his fluffy acolytes inside another detachment.
Assuming you are trying to get max CP the only way to do it would be to some how fit a SoB brigade along a scion battalion (you can't really make a brigade with scion since they lack heavy and fast) and 0 CP from the assassins.
In the end everyone starts using double battalion mostly because how annoying it is to make a brigade for some armies without a real benefit.
Command Points, Detachment and stratagem do not seem bad on their own, but combined creates a rather bad system

>> No.72986132

What people don't realise is that GW are trying to counter alpha strike armies. The reason soup and CP regen is a big part of the meta is because 1st turn it's not uncommon to be spending 8-12CP right away to start achieving your game objectives, usually by over-buffing a death star so it can wipe half the opponent's army off the board.

>> No.72986142

Do you also get chicken tendies at the store?

>> No.72986154

What is the reward? right now the benefit is 0CP?

>> No.72986182

I need like 8 CP before the game even starts just to get what marines get for just existing.

>> No.72986207

Don't be silly, no amount of CP can make you as busted as Muhrines.

>> No.72986228

I've seen more games end turn 1 than I have in any other edition.

>> No.72986238

This Grey Knight player is either a complete ignoramus or a dedicated troll. Either way, better to just stop responding to it.

>> No.72986253

Stop playing dogshit armies.

>> No.72986282

The reward is keeping as many starting CP, the cost is being restricted to a single detachment.

>> No.72986290

Is the problem just ranged being too powerful? Perhaps too accurate? I feel low BS should be a lot less common than low WS. Great shooting requires minimal setup, great melee requires a shitload of setup.

>> No.72986307

Such as?

>> No.72986315

>cries in GSC
That is not a reward that is a punishment.

>> No.72986327

The problem is shit terrain rules and barren boards. Both of which are allegedly being adressed.

>> No.72986380

It is a reward. It means you'll be able to spend more CP in straragems than an army that has brought multiple detachments.

>> No.72986395

Someone already posted the GSC example. Between the specialist, commanders, relics, aura range increases (otherwise they can't work properly), deployment because, etc
its about 7 to 10 CP

>> No.72986418

Any rumors on what new terrain rules will be? Hopefully something like it was in 3rd-4th edition, with regards to LOS through forests and stuff?

I don't want every board I play on to be either a dense city or functionally barren.

>> No.72986421

How is having less options a reward? You do know GSC function around multiple detachments due to how retarded their army restrictions are?

>> No.72986567

Who's saying those won't be adressed in the day one faq?

>> No.72986580

They've mentioned tags like "obscuring" which means the terrain piece blocks los completely. They've also mentioned that tere will be suggested terrain layouts.

>> No.72986615

Yes, if I recall the older editions correctly. Terrain details won't decide LOS, it's either blocking or not, no more window measuring.

>> No.72986652

>5+3+1+6+1CP for full painted army=16CP.
So now you'll get 12+10-3 so you still get than before. I don't get your complaints.

>> No.72986659

This is GW. They have been dicking over Nids since 3rd

>> No.72987084


>> No.72987191

It was on page 10, nobody else was getting off their ass to do it, and everything in the op was copied directly from the last thread, so blame whoever did that one

>> No.72987199

New Thread?

>> No.72987356

>New Thread?
already up

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