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Rolled 2, 4, 6, 4 = 16 (4d6)

Alright anons, what’s your Word Bearer name? Remember to use dice+4d6 in the options field!

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What a secondary post.

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Ban all wojak spammers.

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bathus cumbucket

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Can we please get the correct mega links re added back to the op please?
Its been screwed up for a few threads now.

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Post models with time stamp or be identified as a secondary heretic.

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You lazy cunts need to think up a TQ when you make a new thread.

>Thread Question
Why did you choose the faction you chose?

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EC table has better names.

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You can just set a points limit for your crusade games you dumb secondary

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who cares, it's narrative, waacfags wont't play it so no reason to bother with points and granularity on list building

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Legion Medusa with a dozer blade, hull chemical sprayer and a pintle machine gun. Would it work as a Plagueburst Crawler?

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>why did I choose my faction
Because my faction is for primaries and all other factions are for dumb secondaries

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Which one are you? I'm apparently Krieg. I'm always sweaty, though.

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Reminder that GW prices are shit and no amount of coping and comparing to "expensive hobbies" will make you right.

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>use 4d6
you can't tell me what to roll!
also, your dudes > my dudes

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Rolled 5, 3, 2, 5 = 15 (4d6)


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like marines
like machines
simple as

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woah, im just posting because someone asked last thread

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if you don’t own any models you aren’t a 40k fan, you’re just interested in the marketing material

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I like feeling like I have both hands tied behind my back while taking a 30 minute shooting phase.

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>update off the bat with new edition
that gives necrons what, 2 years in the sun at least?

>> No.72969102

I'm a simple man. I like to hit people with axes.

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Valhallan, apparently.
>tfw don't even bother wearing shirts with sleeves in summer because they just get ruined

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>Luv me Dad
>Luv me Primarch
>Luv me dogs
>Luv me stories
>Luve Me ale
>Luv ta scrap
>Luv the cold
>'Ate inquisition
>'Ate Chaos
>'Ate Nerds
>'Ate Wizards
>'Ate Jetpacks
>'Ate Teleporters
>'Ate Orks
>'Ate the heat
>Luv Humanity
Simple as.

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>low maintenance
>suicide jokes
so im krieg? I do like hugs tho

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Based, don’t see why you’re defending secondaries though

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None of these describe me.
What regiment is for someone who
- got average grades
- graduated from average college
- works average job
- has no personality except for painting/playing 40k

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Suppose this is true, who cares?

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oh well, i saw no quote so i assumed it was a complaint, blame these threads

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Nice, my dad used to play Templars back in the day

>> No.72969150

Paladins, Holy Knights and the like are my jam

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They are good space wizards for the emperor and dawn of war

>> No.72969153

That's a more fitting description for Cadians.

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Rolled 4, 1, 1, 6 = 12 (4d6)

Nigga the options field, not the name field.

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tallarn because im brown

>> No.72969162

Post models, Sans the leviathan dreadnought demands it of you.

>> No.72969165

>kreig autist
Guess I was made for the trenches

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Rolled 6, 6, 2, 5 = 19 (4d6)


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Sure. Would look better at the very least

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anyone know of a kit/3rd party source that has good primaris sized tower shields? im going to try and kitbash some IF bladeguard this week

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I enjoy warhammer. I enjoy the setting, the lore, and some of the material that comes out of it (some of the books and games). I don't get to play tabletop games very often so most of my time with the hobby is spent painting, reading, or playing video games.

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Nuns with guns in space was a concept I thought couldn't possibly be cool, so it had my curiosity- but it turned out to be very, very cool.

>> No.72969187

Everything goes better with mayonnaise. Including 40k.

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How are you not seeing Cadian? You're extremely basic.

>> No.72969197

>Love the leviathan dread look
>Hate how ludicrously powerful it is
I don't wanna be that guy I just want a super cool mega dreadnought.

>> No.72969199

>choosing a faction
I keep swapping between them, because I like painting them all

>> No.72969200

Which Chaos Legion will give me this vibe?

>> No.72969214

You can enjoy the entirety of warhammer but you have to accept that people who don’t own models aren’t real fans

>> No.72969219

Nice leviathan conversion.
What do you think about these babies?

>> No.72969221

Word Bearers

>> No.72969222

I'm not. More that I HATE people who bring unpainted models I have never once put an unpainted model on the table.

To me they are refusing to engage in the actual creative part of the hobby and are just as bad as secondaries, throwing hundreds at GW for whatever their next army is and doing nothing with it. Anyone can buy an army and be considered a 'real' fan but to spend the time and effort to learn to paint and then grow the skill over years.

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>> No.72969224

thinking about magnetising bases for transport. What size magnets should I get? I read 6x2 but I'm not sure such things would work on everything across the board, from daemonettes to Keeper of secrets

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I'm not popular,
I have no bad ex's
I thought the basic bitch was referring to the ex

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It had like 3 months where it was good, It really isnt that strong. Especially in the last year and a half where every single army can 1 round a t8 24-28 wound 3+/4++ model. Youre fine, its a gatekeeper at best.

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Darkmech? Nice

>> No.72969240

Will I get cool cultist war chants like that?

>> No.72969241

I have used unpainted (mostly partially painted) stuff for KT (only thing I play besides Necromunda) because I take a million years to paint and people just want to play. They'll slap paint on, call it done, and roll dice.

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I like the Tau aesthetic.

>> No.72969246

A person who builds models is more of a fan than someone who plays games. There’s just one paint scheme away from being god tier

>> No.72969247

For the bigger minis like a KoS, you want to have two or three in different spots to better anchor it rather than just one.

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Waiting for my world eater bois to get an update. Being in the military I always liked the aesthetic of the guard, so me and a bro who recently went from nids to sons decided to do a slow 10 battle campaign, one battle per month, adding 250 points per battle.

>Inbf die for Israel
I'm not American

>> No.72969256

Brothers, quick, I need the "dont looks at her, tits are temporary, the Imperium is eternal" meme with a Space Marine covering a lewd SoB. Google fails me.

>> No.72969259

word bearers, world eaters, or black legion.

>> No.72969265

Why does it matter, you'll never get hugs anyway

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>> No.72969275

Word Bearers already have a theme. https://youtu.be/2f8EEk1TW5I

>> No.72969282

I want a faction of meat monsters

>> No.72969296

>Worships Napoleon
How does this even make sense?
This feels like a Reddit image made by someone with no knowledge of lore.

>> No.72969301

Was just about to post this as a reply to >>72969240

>> No.72969304

sorry anon but this sounds gay compared to the doom one.
This sounds like a fucking skeltal trumpets in a medieval party

>> No.72969305

>The Truth hurts

>> No.72969307

yea, thanks. how about gluing them on the base? is regular super glue good enough for the job?

>> No.72969308

highlighting continues.

>> No.72969319

I think World Eaters might be too retarded to synchronize a war chant like that. Everybody would just scream whatever they want

>> No.72969322

Try being short and cute, you'll get all the hugs from the chicks that you could ever want.

>> No.72969326

This doesnt affect the missions, only the Crusade roster. Dumbass.

>> No.72969328

Maybe /tg/ can answer my question:

Why aren't there any battle reports or book reviews of Engine War yet? Don't reviewers normally get their copies early? I feel like for Saga of the Beast, there were multiple videos out before the final release, though maybe I'm not remembering correctly.
Am I just mistaken, or is there something different this time?

>> No.72969329

thousand sons with this point increase are going to be complete dogshit

>> No.72969336

The game it's from is older than some posters here. And the song gets more daemonic with time if you actually listen to it

>> No.72969342

I have a Tourette's tick where I shout "kill" so nightlords/ Worldeaters were perfect.

>> No.72969343

The never unpainted on the tabletop is a personal thing and if half a guys army is unpainted that super understandable especially if you know they are working on it. But at the same time the guys with the grey tide or the guy with the primed army who says they will get around to painting eventually and does so for 5 years. Or when someone shows up every 6 months with a new, unpainted army and you know they have 10K+ points sitting at home unpainted the voice in the back of my head can't help but scream.

That's fair.

>> No.72969352

idk, maybe a fucking murderous virus running rampart across the globe?

>> No.72969353

>short and cute
I am, but I am very introverted and dont really go out to public, so I dont meet cute boys to hug me

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>> No.72969385 [DELETED] 

Dilate and cope.

>> No.72969390

I mean theres a certain ratio at which short and cute dosent get hugs because people dont want to be labeled a pedophile

>> No.72969392

I like sneakiebeakies
>/mydudes/ ocdonusteeel chapter
Was inspired by Iron Ravens
Ill fated star children cult of madness
>Red Cosairs
SPACE PIRATES but in power armor. Also renegade manlet fluff is fun
Also space pirates but high speed glass hammers thats reqarding and risky to play
Space horror
Skeleton fetish

>> No.72969400

I get you but I still don't like it and the age of it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things.

>> No.72969401

It was only busted in IH. And that was nerfed

>> No.72969417

i like mechanized infantry so i picked up guard and spam chimeras alongside hellhounds. Looking into picking up valkyries next

>> No.72969425

Eurochad here for burgers OUT of my hobby.

>> No.72969438

Considering how thirsty the men of /tg/ are I'm sure you can find one to hug/rape you

>> No.72969444

I'll be your bf tonight

>> No.72969445

You are too gay to be Guard material.
More like some PDF bitch even Guard look down on

>> No.72969448

I started with space marines, got tired of standing there and shooting people. got absolutely thrashed by a hyper aggressive black legion army and it made me realize i like chaos more so now i almost exclusively collect edgybois.

>> No.72969455

but I wanna hug cute boys, not nurgle in disguise

>> No.72969470

Wonder if Dante will ever Fight Abaddon, presumably hed succumb to the black rage

>> No.72969474

I find it hilarious that /40kg/ loathes the ITC system until GW is the one selling it then suddenly they realize it was good all along.

>> No.72969492

I liked alien
I liked terminator
>Why do I still play nids?
Because painting biological organisms presents a unique painting challenge and holding the vague hope that they will one day unfuck my faction is honestly the only thing that keeps me going anymore
Haha Gauss blaster go bzzzzzzt
That and the new models look cool

>> No.72969493

Why are the only two options WAACfags and "lol who cares just take whatever"?

>> No.72969497

abloo bloo why isn't my obscure elite faction good?
Thousand Sons are chads who gives a fuck about points hikes.

>> No.72969500

Then start by pissing off somewhere else.

>> No.72969503

>introvert nerd thinks she can score a guy way out of her league

I know girls have it easy when it comes to dating but "cute boys" aren't that easy to come by and will probably think, rightfully so, that they can do better than you

>> No.72969507


Cause you are a basic, boring bitch.

>> No.72969511

I didn't choose, I got a gift once of a box set so I went with that

>> No.72969517

Is it WAAC to bring bolt snipers on eliminators if they're all infantry and no vehicles

>> No.72969519

>they can do better than me
yeh i guess so

>> No.72969534

>Assuming its a girl

You may need to acknowledge your own shortcomings and aim lower.
Or associate with a men more in line with what you think want.
Also tits or gtfo

>> No.72969564 [SPOILER] 

I guess ill have to work on myself then
>tits or gtfo
this is old, im not looking for attention, im here to shitpost about 40k

>> No.72969570

DG cause I want to run Morty, plus I like the disgustingly resilient idea + the bulky look of all the models, also cause Papa Nurgle is goated

>> No.72969571

>Reminder than Nvidia prices are shit and no amount of coping and comparing to other "expensive hobbies" will make you right
>Reminder that sunseeker prices are shit and no amount of coping and compl-
>Reminder that Windsor Newton prices are shi-
>Reminder that RCWo-
It's true for literally every hobby, anon

>> No.72969579

>no timestamp

>> No.72969585 [SPOILER] 


>> No.72969586

Don’t let it bug ya, it’s for everybody.

>> No.72969606

Oh I wasn't bugged by it. I'm genuinely curious. Who cares if xyz isn't a "real" fan or what-not?

>> No.72969611

What even qualifies as a cute boy desu?
Like, full on k-pop to the point they might as well be slaaneshi because no-one can tell what their gender is?

Or just someone thin who dosent have any visible deformities?

>> No.72969618

Whats Warhammer 50k gonna be like when they release it with 10th ed

>> No.72969621

Based Krieg here

>> No.72969622

Realistically any man who is "cute" in the conventional sense is going to look at your hobbies and go "lol nerd" then dunk you through a basketball hoop
Take it from someone who is almost certainly older than you. The most important trait in a relationship partner is not wanting to kill them after more than a few hours in their company.
That means you gotta have common interests.
Some people say giving each other space is good enough and it is until something like the recent lockdowns happen.

>> No.72969624


>blue eyes
>bad time
>delta rune on ground

It's fucking undertale autism

>> No.72969625

Id love for Dante to do something similar to what Mephiston did and come back from the black rage stronger and wiser

>> No.72969632

If my magical realm isn't up here does that make me a servant of the corpse emperor?

>> No.72969637

Its almost as if i said he was "Sans the Leviathan Dreadnought"

>> No.72969639

It took 30 some years to get the timeline forward 200 years why do you think theyd do 9800 in one edition

>> No.72969642

Quinns b/c they looked cool and seemed mad wonky
Custodes b/c it was dope they were getting models
Eldar/DEldar are just side bits for getting the clowns CP
AdMech for Cawl and crab tanks were neat
Knights b/c I wanted to paint them up like Big O Megadei
Sisters b/c I wanted to paint them in a Bretonnian scheme

>> No.72969650

Hard decision guys, so like with all my problems, I'll ask you randos on the internet.

What do I make the Terminator HQ as? I wanted a Sorceror, but he can't take a Chainfist without giving up his Bolter. I've got a manlet terminator captain I turned into a Chaos Lord, and could snip off his sword arm, but I might mess up the model and the sword looks kinda cool.

Do I make another Lord, but with a chanfist, or do I make him a Sorceror and just buy a (third) Terminator HQ and give HIM the Chainfist?

>> No.72969653

I started with dark elves then blood angels then dark Eldar then Slaanesh fantasy army then cult of pleasure army then dark Eldar again then Slaanesh in AoS then EC in 40k then started blood angels again. I’ve been off and for 23 years or so and I just mostly like the bad guys in stuff as they are far more interesting and developed, with the dark elves/Eldar and Slaanesh being the baddest guys I choose them usually.

>> No.72969659

I like it, heavy metal is more a world eater thing anyway.

This is a fucked up hymn singing about deliverance and the apocalypse. Thats quality Word Bearer.

>> No.72969663

someone halfway normal would be alright, I mostly meet fat or sweaty guys or memeing /pol/fags
can we get back to 40k shitposting before that one stupid guy starts shitting up the entire thread again?

>> No.72969682

Well then go find some other hobbies since halfway normal and non-/pol/ pretty much excludes most people here.

>> No.72969688

how about dante get's kept as far away as possible since mephiston is an anime character mary sue who's novels read like Bastard but not as fun

>> No.72969689


>> No.72969703

Nerds like to push nerds around on the internet, nobody in real life cares about any of this.

>> No.72969704

Either that or a xeno.

>> No.72969715

Which of the following are real fans of 40k?
>1. Owns and paints models, doesn't care about the lore or game
>2. Reads all the lore, both novels and codices, doesn't play or own models
>3. Plays every weekend at the LGS and has entered a few tournaments, borrows all his models from a friend
>4. Has played most of the vidya, read a novel or two, thinks models are too expensive to get into
>5. Tournament regular who constantly stays on top of the meta, runs a grey tide or spray + 2 basecoat army, changes army monthly with whatever is strongest
>6. Has a fully (if poorly) painted collection of his favorite army, constantly tinkering with his list to make it as competitive as possible even if the army's low tier. Could care less about the lore.
>7. Autistically reads novels of his favorite faction, has a fully painted set of every unit available in a display case and lore written out of his dudes. Every model has a name. Has never so much as rolled a die.
>8. Paints (poorly), plays (garagehammer with his friends now and then) and reads (mostly codex lore, the odd novel if it's really recommended). Probably really into TTS.
>9. Reads all the novels, places at the tops of tournaments on a monthly basis and has won the Golden Demon. Can quote the statline of any unit in a 3rd edition codex by heart. Has personally shaken Duncan's hand. Shoulder-checked Cruddace to the ground at Warhammer World and nobody dared say a thing. Blanche takes inspiration from the coffee stains on his napkin.
>10. Has never painted a model, played a game or read a novel, but he sure shitposts on /40kg/ a lot

>> No.72969717

Does the box of terminators have any options you want to use instead? Can you swap the arms?

>> No.72969720

Combine the terminator kit with the chaos lord kit to make a badass sorcerer lord.


>> No.72969732

Im number 6

>> No.72969734

GW didn't give advance copies for Engine War due to the pandemic.

>> No.72969740 [DELETED] 

None, a true fan is:
>Accepts that no all SoB are female & actively tries to include there local post-Op woman

>> No.72969743

You can be a fan and not a player and vice versa. He’s maybe just not a participant.

>> No.72969753

Eliminators with bolt sniper rifles are an easy top 10 unit in the entire game

>> No.72969768

Everything but 5 and 10.

also I'm not really sure 9 exists but I want to believe he does.

>> No.72969789

>Lumping stockings/twintails with NTR

>> No.72969790

My point was is it waac to use anti infantry against infantry

>> No.72969798


>> No.72969805

join the 40+ procent plz

>> No.72969814

>11. None of the above

>> No.72969818

Not unless you're list tailoring. It's really hard for Eliminators not to be useful, though, unless it's like a full-Knight list and even then they camp objectives well.

>> No.72969821

This one is one of the faggottestest
This one is a turbotard and should KYS ot just not talk to me
This one is a retard but at least play 40K.
This one at least plays 40k
Doesn't exist.
Would've been 10/10 Patrician tier if it wasn't for TTS.
Even going by the very first phrase only, this guy doesn't exist anyway.

>> No.72969829

Top 10 units in 40k. Go.

1. Intercessors.
2. Possessed.
3. Marine captain(All variants)
4. Guardsmen infantry
5.Skitarri rangers
6. Eliminators
7. Hemlocks
8. Smasha guns
9. Thunderfire cannons
10. Craftworlds support weapons

>> No.72969851


The only decent thing was giving CP, they don't do that anymore.

>> No.72969861

Actually that's Skitarii's thing. They still get double move and double shoot and double fight.

Also 9th isnt here yet hold your horses

>> No.72969867

>Krorks are released. Some suspect the models are simply age of sigmar models with the scale set to 200%.
>Slann are released, Some suspect the sculpts are simply warhammer fantasy models with eldar weapon sprues.
>Emperor back with his new clone supa soldiers that make custodes look like guardsmen
>malal absorbed the other chaos gods into a new entity called makek
>necrons biotransferred but then got genestealered
>5 new eldar factions that each have 3 boxes, cant be souped until the third faq. unsouped in 4th faq
>craftworld eldar eagerly anticipating resin replacements
>siblings of battle receive updated head sprues, as previously some customers were able to identify several heads as distinctly gendered
>Hrud receives a full plastic release. their basic troops comes in boxes of 5. Max unit size is 120. The citadel menorah paint brush holder is released to help paint hrud in batches.
>cadians still inexplicably exist. new models are obtained through GW store closure events. While initially players were upset, the high number of gw stores closing floods the market with cheap cadians.

>> No.72969871

this post brought to you by 50% gang

>> No.72969880



>> No.72969894

actual word bearers theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xD1FAOJI84

>> No.72969935

is this any good?

>> No.72969957

What's the most aesthetically pleasing Admech color scheme?

>> No.72969959

where is this from? Which faction is this?

>> No.72969960

I think I might just bite the bullet and give the Sorceror the Force Weapon AND Chainfist. Is he useful at long range? No. Will he probably be surrounded by Terminators who will be? Yeah.

Plus since he teleports, range isn't much of an issue, I guess

>> No.72969965

wtf are you talking about Skitarii are excellent infantry.

>> No.72969972

What are the Tyranids running from?

Could it be the Skaven?

>> No.72969983

It's alright, but might as well go Stygies in most cases if you want a durability boost to your troops.

>> No.72970004


>> No.72970008

Depends on whether you take them on their own merits or on their overall impact. Shield Drones are top 3 at the worst if the latter. Marine Captains, Ahriman, Eldrad, Intercessors, Guardsmen, Tau Commanders, Riptides, Lords Discordant, Thunderfire Cannons, Paladins, Tank Commanders, Skorpius Disintegrators, Shining Spears, Skyweavers, Talos, SAG Big Meks off the top of my head.

>> No.72970012

>Cheap as shit, are literally the most efficient troop in the game
>Can be ordered
>Can be equipped with heavy or special weapon, making it 9 W to get dead.
You're just retarded.

>> No.72970013

>What are the Tyranids running from?
Annoying lorelets who believe the fake meme that they're running from something.

>> No.72970016

Why didn't we just get primaris sized tacticals and terminators?

I look at how well the Chaos marines look, chaos terminator in particular look fucking awesome.

Terminators are iconic and to see them phasing out is sad.

I mean, I like primaris models but the gravis armor is not the same.

>> No.72970024

Varies depending on the exact profile, it's gonna be either a free -1 to be wounded (insanely good) or useless. On the whole, adds up to pretty good.

>> No.72970026

Oh, it's you.

>> No.72970069

Did GW ever say if these would eventually come stateside or if these blindbox guys will forever be JP exclusive?

>> No.72970076

Really they should be setting up a new chapter master since Dante's time is nearly up
Then again that was the case before the 200 year timeskip too so whatever...

>> No.72970080

They will come to the west next year, we already have the last two.

>> No.72970084

Rolled 5, 1, 5, 1 = 12 (4d6)

How utterly pointless.
I'm in.

>> No.72970092

I liked them back in 4e, and bought a metal and plastic Destroyer Lord back then. When I got back into 40k I picked more up because their new, 5e style was cool.
I love CSM. Always have, always will.
>Death Guard
I liked the models, the concepts and the vehicles. Plus, it was pretty cheap to start the army.

>> No.72970102 [DELETED] 

How do we save 40k's women from becoming men in drag?

>> No.72970112

So I missed the discussion on the new point/cp values. What are the pros/cons? Will 3k be the new standard? And will CSM also go up in points, or will there finally be a reason for me to take CSM in my CSM army?

>> No.72970140

no its not, you must confuse me with someone else

>> No.72970147

>stop sculpting everything for the purpose of edge highlighting
>stop sculpting men with boobs
>stop sculpting to please people who moan but don't actually buy your games anyway
>tell 'eavy metal to learn how to paint skin

>> No.72970154

What is the absolutely most peak EXTREMELY HEAVY METAL faction?

>> No.72970165

any marine army

>> No.72970172

knights because i like adding leds to their eyes

>> No.72970177


>> No.72970183

admech because the idea of cancer guns sounded fun

>> No.72970187

Being a fanatic is so dumb that Black Templars, Sisters of Battle and Genestealer cults are incredible amusing to me.

>> No.72970195

Who here unintentionally
>New Edition New Army
I got into Orks back in March with a SC! and some AoS orruks to convert with boys weapons, which are almost fully painted, and then the Ork half of Prophecy of the Woof.
But I didn't get to play a game of 8th with them because of the coof, so they'll be my 9th Edition army along with the 2000 points of AdMech I already have.

>> No.72970199

Yeah, I'm gonna need the artists name.

>> No.72970213

why are you lying to me

>> No.72970214

Sisters of Battle, Black Templars, or Deldar

>> No.72970218

>big tiddy goths
>shota and milfs
>monster and bestiality
>sex machines and toy play
>vanilla and tomboy
peak taste right here

So if you partially git everywhere, where do you go? tfw actually play alpha legion

>> No.72970227

Can I be Tallaran, Krieg and Valhallan?
I have a communist meme page just to report the followers to their jobs and the police though

>> No.72970230

The takeaway is smaller games and more granularity, which is unequivocally a good thing since the primary balancing axle has been point drops leading to model count creep. Standard is gonna remain 2000pts, just with a tad less models.

>> No.72970235

why are you still lying to me

>> No.72970250

Night Lords, but only the ones with the lightning armor paint scheme

>> No.72970256

how much will they cost, do we know? how much did the others cost?

>> No.72970261

Because I walked into a GW for the first time when I was 12 and tyranids looked cool af

>> No.72970282

idk i thought space marines are cool and bolters go blam

>> No.72970292

none because 40k doesn't want to be metal anymore

>> No.72970293

I hope they don't suddenly make my defilers and lord discos 700000 points. I love them, but defilers are barely playable right now. If a 2k army ends up being 3 defilers and 2 cultist units, i won't be happy.

>> No.72970300

I'm not>>72970165
Also >>72970250 is wrong. According to one guy on /tg/ like 3 years ago, Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation dubstep remix is the undisputed Night Lords theme song.

>> No.72970301

You can already take csm, they aren't bad at all min, with plasma, or a reaper. This game isn't all that competitive really anyway. I see plenty of consensus "bad" units in top tournament list. Dude had a max unit of rubrics and got a 1st, one I'm looking at now is running a big unit of bikers and two squads of warp talons.

>> No.72970303

all of the above in their own ways

>> No.72970317

Every Chaos subfaction fits

>> No.72970319

The concept of some dumb brute killing his father, taking control of the cult, and trying to achieve a vauge semblence of control over his former faction is neat.

>> No.72970331

>tfw you play the regiment that you are the complete opposite of

>> No.72970334

That's some sexy blu, fren

>> No.72970341

I think Chaos models are too tame, it's either just Marines with spikes or cartoony daemons.
I don't see anything truly gory or fucked up here.
Anyone else has the same feel?
Even the possessed are not grotesque enough.
Where's bone and gristle?
Where's the buckets of blood?
Where are the flensed flesh banners?
Am I too edgy? Am I out of touch?
No it's the other's who are wrong

>> No.72970345


>> No.72970351

I mean, I already use them because I refuse to not have any CSM in my CSM army, would be just nice if they technically weren't outclassed by protesting americans with 2x4s.

>> No.72970361

I think you're too edgy. There's multiple ways to do Chaos. Corpse Grinder Cults seem right up your alley, but they're just one approach.

>> No.72970362

what type of player plays CSM?

>> No.72970363 [SPOILER] 

Twas not I
give hierodule GW you fuckers

>> No.72970379

The patrician

>> No.72970381


>> No.72970384

Nope. Your posting style, content and images are identical to your other posts. You seem alright, though.

>> No.72970391


>> No.72970393

No i think you're correct. Not every chaos thing needs to be uber edgy and gory, but everything in the chaos lineup is so tame.

>> No.72970396

the guy with a weird forehead

>> No.72970400

So they are running from something then.

>> No.72970407

>Corpse Grinder Cults seem right up your alley
They look cool but it's fucking Necromunda

>> No.72970408

CSM legions vary way more then loyalist legions in theme, so there is probably a wider spectrum of people playing them.

>> No.72970418

>differentiatets anons by posting style content and images
I need new reaction images

>> No.72970423

How do you highlight a shape with no edges?

>> No.72970434

I chose Deathwatch because it doesn't restrict me to one chapter of Space Marines.

>> No.72970444

I saw an idea to use them as part of a chaos cult army that used Genestealer Cult rules, with the Corpse Grinders represented by Acolyte Hybrids stat block.

Very carefully.

>> No.72970446

from the direction of the light

>> No.72970453

you turn on the light, then turn of the light. You then paint the pieces you remembered had light bouncing off of them more intensely.

>> No.72970457

thanks fren heres a close up I need to clean up my lines though

>> No.72970465

I think 2x1mm or 3x1mm are good sizes depending on the model. For larger models use more than 1 magnet. I hold them in place with green stuff and superglue.

>> No.72970475

Bit of a waste to buy pricy necromunda box just to use it as cultists

>> No.72970491

You glaze it 20+ times to get a fade into a highlight color on a certain point
The realize it looks off and give up for ever

>> No.72970500

Tried making a Primaris Aggressor that feels like a proper Black Templar. Did I nail it?

>> No.72970501

Corpse Grinder Cults are $42 for 10 models.

Acolyte Hybrids are $40 for 5 models

>> No.72970502


Edit: Thanks for the 4channel gold, bros! I don't know what to say...

Edit 2: Holy fucking shit Games Workshop just contacted and congratulated me for this post! They also want to talk to me later!


>> No.72970503

Its a man pretending to be a girl in the hope that someone will bang them
Anyone who doesn't smell of nurgles rot
What he does realise though is he smells of nurgles rot

>> No.72970515

Grey Knight helmets are sexy. I need to buy more of them

>> No.72970523

>What are the Tyranids running from?

>> No.72970530

Chaos is all the sub genres.

>> No.72970531

The one that thinks there’s a difference between their legions while in reality they are all the same.

>> No.72970533

Crusader pattern helms are great. If I could afford it I'd put them on all my Black Templars.

>> No.72970534

I was comparing to CSM cultists.
But yeah you are fucked, GSC are the priciest army

>> No.72970546

Use the staff, retard

>> No.72970556

Necromunda is Cheap compared to the scam that is GSC

>> No.72970570

Equal parts Krieg and Valhallan.

>> No.72970573

already commented

>> No.72970580

what does this mean?

>> No.72970595

that genestealers have weird foreheads?

>> No.72970599

all the book megas are either fucked or have encryption keys

>> No.72970602


>> No.72970619

10 and me
>start by reading novels
>read like 5 a month
> buy some minis, paint them and support my flgs by only buying minis from them
>knows the tabletop game is garbage but the community is small and needs players so goes to tournaments anyways
>understand that painting minis is shit and rather be painting oil on a canvas but tries to have the best looking army in the lgs anyways
>shitposts all day on 40kg
I’m the Uber chad fan of 40k

>> No.72970624

Huh? They look normal to me? Well, as normal as handsome chads can be.

>> No.72970630

why is every link in the OP fucked

>> No.72970641

They'll certainly take the opportunity for a balance pass on top of the readjustment. The reference we have is +18% for Intercessors and +50% for Cultists, so I think Discos going to 190-220 points seems likely.

>> No.72970642

Chaos Spawn

>> No.72970643

Shut up Michael my doctor says it's a genetic condition and perfectly fine!

>> No.72970658

facebook niggers shared it again

>> No.72970663

Must be thread spwcific, cause I´m using the one from last thread and mega works fine.

>> No.72970665

their foreheads are perfectly normal

>> No.72970668

>literally a guardian
Wow how very xenos yes

>> No.72970669

There are also people that get off on reporting links to mega. Run into that all the time on /ic/.

>> No.72970681

>nice song
thank you

>> No.72970685


>> No.72970686

I bet that army is gonna see a huge point increase for stuff like them.

>> No.72970689

I liked Lawrence of Arabia

>> No.72970693

>inb4 admech get to keep their point cut, and end up the strongest army, bu you need like 400 unites to fill up your 1k army
in all seriousness, a ~200 pts lord disco is still very good. It's my defilers I'm worried about the most. They need a point cut if anything (or just make walkers be able to move and shoot heavy weapons ffs)

>> No.72970700

>> No.72970702

there's 2 that have encryption keys and 2 that are just gone
I don't know the key

>> No.72970715

None of the above
11. Reads all the books. Has an enormous collection but adamantly refuses to play anything competitively. Plays on a weekly basis at his LGS, yes even during the pandemic, he owns a gas mask and is willing to tolerate the discomfort in exchange for playing 40k.

You can be serious about 40k as a hobby, but also tell tournament players to fuck off.

>> No.72970720


>> No.72970732

this makes me fell like I'm reading steel ball run again

>> No.72970733

I want to go to tournaments with meme lists explicitly designed to annoy tournamentfags

>> No.72970750

Is this loss?

>> No.72970752

At this Point I´d say to hit up the pdf thread and follow their OP instructions, they make everything with passwords and case sensitivity for exactly this reason. Maybe we should tell them that the files wherelost too?

>> No.72970764

Why does your aquila have a dick?

>> No.72970765

SBR is a trip, the stirrups spiral magic was hilarious.

>> No.72970773

Gravis > Terminators

>> No.72970775

I built a meme list consisting of 12 dreadnoughts. Just 12 dreadnoughts. The only thing stopping me from running it is that I need to either buy or 3d print a 2nd chaplain dreadnought.There's also the option of putting 500 grots on the table too.

>> No.72970781

There is literally only one rick and morty

>> No.72970790


>> No.72970807

I like both equally and wouldn't trade one for the other.

>> No.72970808

for me it's the cheese grating

>> No.72970810

What did he mean by this?

>> No.72970833

I hear tournyfags hate all knight lists.
Is this true?

>> No.72970835

Catachan. Wearing flecktarn pants and drinking a citrus NOS atm.

>> No.72970837

What´s the better Commissar at platoon level? Officio or Lord? That´s gonna be my next purchase when I´m done deciding how to build my cadian squads.

>> No.72970840

Don't do 500 grots trust me. Yeah it sounds like a fun silly idea, but nobody will end up having fun when they're waiting for you to move all your models around.

>> No.72970851

why would I want to be a filthy w*rdbearer

>> No.72970859

Why don’t we go full internet police, search the links in op to find the Facebook and VK users that are sharing them, report them for terrorism, have their accounts suspended and maybe just maybe have some mad lad mess with them irl.
we don’t do that anymore since the whole summer fiasco with kids using vendetta masks and the whole cringe fiesta that followed it, but who knows might be worth it.

>> No.72970868


>> No.72970900

>tfw you're cadian and also play cadian
I'd say I'm decently popular in college, my ex was a psycho and I love modern warfare.

>> No.72970902


>> No.72970904


>> No.72970911

Yes ,we, you and me holding hands reporting someones fb account for terorism

>> No.72970916

Links to leaks are dead, did anyone save them?

>> No.72970934

you can do your gayops on your own

>> No.72970937

I was hoping catachan were gonna be the spotlighted guardsmen.

>> No.72970957

they suck, mordian masterrace

>> No.72970986

Oh I could care less, enjoy having your links taken down every month until someone uses a key and starts using discord making everything 10 times worse.

>> No.72970988

I`m still in the middle of downloading one of them. That´s gonna take a while. Might try and figure out how put them onto a mega when I´m done.
>Still at 3000 extra files, after that White Dwarf and WIP

>> No.72970997

I didnt think about it like that. Why the fuck are cultists going up +50% when marines are only going up +18%? That seems insanely balanced in the marines favor.

>> No.72971005

>implying that I haven't already downloaded everything relevant to me

>> No.72971019

Gravis is just Terminator Armour for Primaris. Like Aggressors do the same thing Tactical Terminators do in clearing Space Hulks, and fortifications.

>> No.72971028

It looks like even more of a toy than the manlet models somehow.
>"Gravis Soldier Archimedes, now with TWO boltstorm gauntlets"
>"Press the shoulder button to fire heavy weapons and call out his Litanies of Loyalty!"
>"Loyalty is it's own reward!"
>"Hunt the Fallen with your friends! Destroy your enemies!"
>"Available now in stores near you!"

>> No.72971029

because the percentages are relative to the base costs of the unit

>> No.72971036

Because otherwise you're just going to rust with all that salt?

>> No.72971050


>> No.72971052

I ordered the guaranteed 6-drop box for 90 dollars out of china today.

It sucks, but I can afford it.

>> No.72971060

Basic bitch

>> No.72971075

Intercessors are literally the face of 8th and 9th edition. They're pushed as fuck. Cultists just take away from regular CSM (you'd thi k that GW would fix that by improving CSM, but nah).

>> No.72971080

Anyone else betting that IG get a new order for 9th that lets them act twice, like moving and securing an objective?

>> No.72971084

This is some real cope

>> No.72971121

I'm sure you've heard this before but it's a setting not a timeline. Nu GW forgot that

>> No.72971154


>> No.72971190

I don't think it is, but it looks s much like a loss meme it's upsetting me.

>> No.72971226

>a pandemic lockdown, which started end of March, would stop a book from arriving in the next city over for 10+ weeks

yeah nah they just forgot or were lazy about it. no non-international delivery is THAT delayed

>> No.72971227

i chose blood angels at first because a DC dreadnought was the first model i ever got and i rolled with it
then i chose tyranids once i knew more about the game because they've got a lot of fun units

>> No.72971228

I can't wait for the next preview the threads are always the best at those times

>> No.72971266

Did the Mega get nuked?

>> No.72971292

I love to guzzle gallons of cum straight from the source Completely unrelated I also play Tau

>> No.72971309

What leaks?

>> No.72971319


>> No.72971325

I just liked how ork vehicles looked. Originally I wasn't even going to get into the game, just collect and paint the ork vehicles and mechs because they looked cool, then I got given the ork SC, paint set, primer, and codex as a gift so I just rolled with it from there.

>> No.72971328

only the chaos knights

>> No.72971332

Does he hold his penis in that holster? Would explain why its in the front.

>> No.72971342

They are shit
I don't think that's people's point though when they say that, its usually in response to people saying the hobby is expensive which in relative terms it isn't particularly. Getting hold of warhammer at a big discount is really easy so is buying second hand discounted models so is buying all your hobby material at a sensible price from not gw

>> No.72971351


>> No.72971372

Why are warbosses so Fun™?

>> No.72971397

>imagine this model actually having single arms and a balljoint at the hip, as well as detachable holster and ironhalo
>now realize its gonna be monopose

>> No.72971399

"Brother techmarine."
"I am going into battle. Give me your largest holster"

>> No.72971416

That's not a holster, that's a nintendo switch carrying case, with enough room for all of his games.

>> No.72971438

Oh wow it’s me.
> Tfw building a chapter of Dark Angels
> Tfw most of them have never seen the table because suboptimal and previous narrative rules have sucked or died because local shop autism
> Tfw Crusade looks good enough to exclude the tryhards and actually run some decent narrative lists

Thanks I guess GW, I might actually get to tell some cool stories now.

>> No.72971445

Shut the fuck up you fucking Nazi Drumpf loving racist fuckwad. Just fucking consume. Don't Fucking think about what you are buying just fucking consume. Complaining about products makes you racist right wing sexist scum. How fucking dare you complain about the new GW lines. And when tranny marines come out in Q3 this year you had better consume those too!

>> No.72971455

I got Mordian... Just a terbo sperg it seems

>> No.72971457

GW hates hobbyists. They buy thirdparty products to pervert (though they wrongly say "convert") their premium display case Games Workshop™ miniatures.

>> No.72971462


>> No.72971469

Im going to bed, goodnight.

>> No.72971470

Could've been done right but you went way too hard. D- for execution but a (you) for effort.

>> No.72971482

I mean if I were swinging a sword around I'd prefer the bag to be in front of me and off my hip. Fanny packs are tactical.

>> No.72971490

How is your boycott of monopose models going /40kg/?

>> No.72971491

the truth is every hobby is only as expensive as the person taking part wants to make it. Walking as a hobby is free, yet people will spend thousands on things like boots, shoes, coats, backpacks, hiking poles, etc. Gaming can be done on a shitty phone with f2p games, or on a high end PC. With warhammer you can buy every new release, every codex, rulebook, paint range etc, or you can pirate the rules and play with army men. Even "expensive hobbies" like sailing can be done through local clubs or being fortunate to know someone who owns a boat.

>> No.72971512

Not the total boycott I'd like to be doing, but far better than most I suspect.

>> No.72971513

Will Sisters of Silence actually improve Custodes?

>> No.72971516

Not when there hanging off past the crotch & getting in the way of your legs.

>> No.72971518

Did some say D!?

>> No.72971525

I am new to 40k, played fantasy and AoS. I was wondering how hard would it be to convert a bunch of savage orks into a 40k army? I want to paint a deff dread with wood paneling.

>> No.72971527

It doesnt even make sense on that side. Its pointed the wrong way for a cross draw. If it was on his other hip he'd be able to grab it and hold his shield at the same time. Now he has to put his sword down to use his pistol. These fucking primaris models get dumber and dumber I swear.

>> No.72971533

Say they're Snakebite Clan

>> No.72971534

did you mean knee your frustration?

>> No.72971535

Give them a cheaper troop choice with some anti psyker utility. Also some cheap melee is fun for any army.

>> No.72971555


>> No.72971569

Which Terminator armour is best, tabletop wise? (I know 9th edition might change things but, so far, which could be considered better overall)

>> No.72971570

I would like to see the store that allows people to use printed books, army men and not models. Opponents too. That is like saying that MtG can be played at any level, you can just print the power 9.

In the end the problem is less the money, but how GW works with rules. I can spend a 1000$ on an army like GK and it is going to be bad all 6-7 and most of 8th. While some faggot puts 900$ in to eldar and his army is never bad.

people don't like stuff like that.

>> No.72971574

Appendix carry is my fav for carrying a firearm. Granted they usually aren't a foot long. It is really dumb they didn't model a scabbard but I guess it would be super busy looking putting that behind the shield.

>> No.72971578

D? Theres a thirsty as fuck fuckboi who craves it in here somewhere

>> No.72971584

Only fuckface retard paypigs buy from GW at this point. Anyone who isnt a complete moron buys from recasters or 3rd party.

>> No.72971585

Agree, shitposting is a art and a little bit goes a long way. You need to have it be believable the whole way through with one tiny detail out of place to draw attention.

>> No.72971596

Indomitus with thunder hammers & storm shields.

>> No.72971599

it's also the most aesthetic

>> No.72971614

In 8th, they all suck equally. The last time different patterns mattered was 7th. I doubt 9th is going to change that.

>> No.72971617

I'd buy from recasters if they didn't always use such cancerous resins

>> No.72971618

what if gw knows this, and is increasing its prices so evereyone will only buy from their FLGS?
this way, GW makes enough money to get by, and they support the local stores at the same time

>> No.72971624

A patrician anon

>> No.72971637

One has to wonder if theres any reason to maintaining the physical stores anymore

>> No.72971652

so people have a place to hang out and play obviously

>> No.72971654

>clean resin miniatures outside
>wear basic coronavirus mask
>never have to worry about cancer resin particles ever again
This is a huge cope.

Dont be naive anon

>> No.72971655

just use /t/ links for that

>> No.72971686

markets in some countries would automaticly die, as stores are the only place where table tops are being played.

Who knows, maybe GW is okey with that.

>> No.72971688

without a local hub it would be more difficult for groups to form
GW needs groups to encourage sales

>> No.72971691

500 guardsmen

>> No.72971724

True, the number of people that would spend a 1000$ on plastic soldiders, and then time+materials to paint them, is rather low. With friends it is a lot more possible to happen, and to be sustained. People are willing to do strange shit, as long as they are friends with them.

>> No.72971725

This is true.
Perhaps GW should instead shift to heavily pushing and supporting the formation of wargaming groups in its various markets?

>> No.72971727

Should I go basic Cadians

I do actually like the Starship trooper thing

>> No.72971728

Where is the holstered bolter from the attack bike kit suppose fit?

>> No.72971736

It's funny that nowadays GW stores are the absolute worst places to play. Pushy employees, no 3rd party conversions allowed, small space, garbage terrain selection and generally the worst of the worst as far as autistic players go.

>> No.72971739

>true for literally every hobby
I spent 700 dollars on a home gym and have been happily hobbying away for going on six years now.

>> No.72971757

Went back and got the working ones for you. You're welcome.
>Book Megas (Don't share these, cunts):

>> No.72971763

Yes but be sure to convert them

>> No.72971770

Remember when you could just buy [chapter] primaris with upgrade packs included for a reasonable price?

>> No.72971789

>for a reasonable price
And thats why they are gone.

>> No.72971790

And for the love of god. If you REALLY have to be giving these to your facebook normals, just send them the actual file, not the mega link, ffs.

>> No.72971794

I put mine on the right side of the front wheel for the driver. right in front of where the legs slot in is perfect for a holstered gun

>> No.72971798

It's also a logistics nightmare, but still.

>> No.72971808

they did that in the early 90s in europe. Then they decided that people localy are becoming too independant, and what followed was the mid 90s FLGs apocalyps.

>> No.72971812

>remember reasonable price

>> No.72971813

God bless you Anon

>> No.72971826

I went in there only once ´cause of a markerlights question. Just started out and couldn´t find them anywhere. The employee ended up asking one of the other customers if he knew…

I´m lucky, that I got two hobbystores 1 hour away by foot. The owners there can actually answer my questions.

>> No.72971831

Relatively speaking, anon

>> No.72971839

Wait 9e game boards are 4x5 now?

>> No.72971855

Any one got a black library audio book mega link?

>> No.72971864

Having 40k minutes from M42 was really dumb im glad they went away from it

>> No.72971867

I remember when 400$ could get you a full army, that didn't consist of 3 models, was fun to play and had options to switch stuff up between game. And for 500$ you could get a full blown tournament list.

>> No.72971871

>pay $200 for eBay primaris
>beat both of them

>> No.72971880


>> No.72971887

Rotten cataphracti

>> No.72971889

>I would like to see the store that allows people to use printed books, army men and not models.
you can literally not play at a store though, in the same way you could walk anywhere rather than a hiking trail.

>> No.72971931

Its going to depend on point size and which mission you are playing. Table size, quanitity/location of terrain, and objective locations will be standardized for army size and mission type.

>> No.72971934

>500 USD in 1990is 1000 USD today
I mean.. yeah. you can still get a full army for 1000 technically.

>> No.72971936

You do know that the good Eldar armies are all lopsided gimmicks and just because you own your army set from 2e don't mean that it'll be good, even against GK, right?
The misinformation and victim mentality always played here is beyond parody.

>> No.72971941

Oh ballsacks, I forgot my pic

>> No.72971970

>Rotten cataphracti
Well, can I use it in a SM army?

>> No.72971979

Some of them have indomitus shoulders, can you show the back of the model

>> No.72971984

Am I the only one who imagines Perty's true demon form to be a giant fucking fortress turtle?

>> No.72971986

Inflation exists and "tournament sized" games have gotten bigger. Play at 1500 pts max and account for inflation and you'll see things haven't changed much.

>> No.72972004

I have no idea why that guy wants every army to be good, some things aren't fun when they're meta

>> No.72972018

I imagine he looks basically the same as HH. His armor was already pretty intimidating.

>> No.72972023

After fulgrims a

>> No.72972027

I want daemon prince Perturabo to just be a regular vindicator.

>> No.72972030

I'm curious about Eldar lore.

What's their "end game" or long term goal?

Don't get me wrong I fucking love the dying race on planet sized lifeboat idea, but it's been over 10k years since the fall.

SURELY someone must have come up with an idea of what to do by now, other then just sailing around without a course forever, or Am I missing something?

>> No.72972044

Potheosis pert began layering more and more armor we see this in StD

>> No.72972053

Go to a bud's place if you want to use homebrew rules or whatever you're bitching about

>> No.72972079

The eldar goal is to somehow kill slaanesh and not die, this led to Ynarri and all the stupidity involved. Then there are the deldar who just want to party and be assholes until they die.

>> No.72972082

>polyester plastic is like 1usd for 1 kg
>gw charges 60 for a 200mg flappy bird, not painted nor assembled
Based as fuck

>> No.72972085

Gonna try sculpting with greenstuff for the first time to make a plague-ridden chaos rhino. Does anyone have any tips for first timers working with greenstuff?

>> No.72972094

Its just a generic pic and my blightlords are currently in one of nurgles potions, aka simple green. Death Guard terminators wear catahphacti in the lore, but have lots of scavenged bits stapled on to repair damage since they can't ever get out of the armor and put on a new suit.

And the reason they're the best suit is that they're objectively the toughest terminators in the game.

>> No.72972098

Survive, basically. You have individuals like Eldrad and Yvraine with their own ideas on how to survive that, but generally Eldar are just trying to hold on and get through the prophecized End Times

>> No.72972117


> I learned all my economics in elementary school and think raw materials are the only cost or even the most important cost.

>> No.72972121

Keep a cup of water nearby. Keeping tools and fingers damp prevents the greenstuff from sticking to things you don't want it to.

>> No.72972125

Never mind the flappy bird is $100 what the fuuuuuuck, I hope people won’t buy it this gonna send the wrong message to gw or we are gonna start seeing predators at $100 too.

>> No.72972126

No you can't use it with l*yalists, but you asked which was best on the tabletop. The answer is blightlord terminators.

>> No.72972144

To be fair, most people think that.
This is why artists and workers often get such poor pay. Unless they're famous or something.

>> No.72972145


Are those yours? What's converted?

I'm new to this

>> No.72972163

I just wanted to see the back to conclude if the torso is catahphacti

>> No.72972171

Just because there’s a modern trend of dumping 70% of the production cost onto the PR department it doesn’t mean they are useful, if anything they are the worst part of the company.

>> No.72972180

Flyers are always fucking expensive.

>> No.72972231


Love the lore

Not gonna drop hundreds on resin that can buy beer

>> No.72972241

Not the best example I got, but use like a toothpick or similar tool and stretch the green stuff out, like it's a growth on the side of it. Look at examples of fungal growths in nature, how they spread on a surface. Try to blend the edges with the surface underneath.

>> No.72972249

Know when to stop and let things set. You'll hate yourself if you get something looking just right and then accidentally hold the model from that spot and smash it all.

But yeah, wet tools and fingers to keep them from sticking to the greenstuff.

>> No.72972250

Completely new to 40k and I bought a box of immortals to try building and paint out on. Assuming I ever use them someday I have a question about weapons. I know in game immortals pair best with Tesla carbines but I like the look of gauss blasters better. Can I build them with the gauss blasters and say they have Tesla carbines in game?

>> No.72972252

Having all their women get bred by human men.

>> No.72972254

I’m guessing it’s because a plane engine is way more complex than a car engine

>> No.72972261

I ment the early 2000s. It wasn't till 6th ed that the craze of "have to play 1850" and the 1999+1 times so SW don't get 6 long fangs packs made the game suck in 5th.

anon but I play GK. You can't tell me that 8th or 7th or 6th were good times to be a GK player. But fuck me, my foult to be stupid to stay faction loyal for that long.

I am was more thinking about a bunch of new dudes starting, each spending 600-700$ on their armies. Each picking the models they liked the looks of, but two ending up with eldar or marines, one with ad mecha and the fourth with something like GK. If GK, or bad armies in general, were cheaper then good armies. I would fully get it. Buy weaker stuff, pay less. Perfectly fair. Thing is a 2000pts GK army does not cost less then a 2000pts IH army.

And I have seen enough people drop out of the game and never return, over the years, to know it is a problem very specific to w40k and WFB.

>> No.72972270

>you can't use it with l*yalists
I know. just joking.

>asked which was best on the tabletop
>The answer is blightlord terminators.

>> No.72972279

Technically, no. But most reasonable players will be okay with it outside of competitive games (and you don't want to go anywhere near those anyhow). As long as you're clear before the game starts, I'd be fine with it. Especially with a newer player.

>> No.72972286

Original Stormtalon, Dakkajet and Razorwing were fairly cheap. £27.50 per, if I remember correctly.

>> No.72972290


>> No.72972298

Which ork clan is the best?

>> No.72972304

What is a buds place? Or is this famed western we live all in gigantic 80 square metar houses and play at home thing? Because I can tell you that in large parts of the world it aint a thing. People play exclusivly at stores. And stores don't let you plop down a printed out codex, or play with non GW models, they don't sell

>> No.72972341


Converted means to modify the model, from just switching out the heads or weapons to full on re-sculpting parts yourself.

>> No.72972358

I headswap all my primaris with MK7 helmets but I wouldn't consider it a conversion.

>> No.72972368

I assumed the answer was some variation of “don’t play where they wouldn’t let you”. Appreciate the answer

>> No.72972372

Every time someone mentions the cost of plastic or packaging when whining about a product you can dismiss their opinion because they’re gonna be a poorfag with an irrelevant job and no industry knowledge. Anyone working in a relevant field or in management has an idea about the hidden costs behind production. These chucklefucks don’t even consider overhead let alone all the other factors.

>> No.72972382

Don't think I've ever seen someone get utterly destroyed in a 4chan debate as hard as this.

>> No.72972404


>> No.72972418

>everyone's ride
>softcore vapes (but not indoors)
>the ethnic friend
>makes too many suicide jokes
>sharp dressed kid but poor
I dont know

>> No.72972476

eh technically that's what I'd call a kitbash
in my opinion an actual conversion involves fundamentally modifying the model, or using it to make something else entirely.

>> No.72972512

not having to take those extra steps is a reasonable justification to stick to GW not to mention the fact that buying from recasters is essentially supporting creatively bankrupt china/russia

>> No.72972562

Warcom article today

>> No.72972568

Scarab terminators are cool. Here's one from my upcoming kill team.

>> No.72972657

What´s the difference between cadian and catachan regiments on the table?

>> No.72973130

It would explain the length.

>> No.72973308

It's definitely getting reworked in the new FW rules, so you should be okay.

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