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Flesh Tearers or Imperial fists?

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your dudes > my dudes
I like elite armies, should I bite the bullet and buy into custards? will they be joined with SoS in 9th?

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So would anyone judge me for converting some of the Rogue Trader kill-team into GSC heroes. I can't really find it in my heart to spend 180$ for 315 points.

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Necrons rise up!

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Russ beats Horus post-juicing, and Lion is Russ's biggest rival in terms of sheer skill.

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Based and Lorgarpilled

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Nobody will say anything if the conversions are well done

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I think I remember this webm, wasn't she fucking a horse?

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I see what you did there

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>will they be joined with SoS in 9th?
You won't even have to wait that long, it's happening in Pariah

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>it's happening in Pariah
it's in war of the spider

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here's an idea for basing flyers
physics behind it:

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so it's true the new edition drops on 25th of july?
why do they even need two weeks of preorders?

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amazing, now, how do I make custodes look good? can I give them greyknight heads or are those to small?

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GK Terminator heads will definitely fit. I think GK Power Armor heads should be fine too, but not 100% sure.

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Based and wordpilled

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Does anyone know any good white dwarfs for battles / articles on imperial guard? Been looking through quite a few of them and its pretty scarce

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No, just some bondage and vibrator play.

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Guys, which vydia has playable Necrons?
I know of DoW1: Dark Crusade, DoW2: Last Stand and Gladius.
Not counting Armada because I'm looking for ground forces

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We don't know for absolute certain that it's coming out then, but the raffle for the mystery box will most likely be the new starter set for 9th and the prizes happen then

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I unironically like Erebus and think he's a fun character because of how awful and evil he is. Whenever I see retards posting his like "hurr fuck Erebus" I cringe. He's the kind of evil asshole the setting needs, especially with the increasing number of faggots coming in.

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I wonder if the age strawpoll from last thread reflects the wider 40k community. If it does, I also wonder how much sense It makes for GW to try and appeal to children. I personally got into 40k when I was a kid, but I got into it because it didn't look like it's supposed to appeal to kids. In specific I'm talking about the cartoony art style for some books like warhammer adventures, or the slight push towards making the imperium be the good guys.
>It's still grim derp and the no one is still the good guy
Yes, yes, I'm not saying 40k is now carebears in space all of a sudden. But there is a selection of people who see this as adults playing an effectively children's hobby, and therefore the marketing towards kids making sense. And I wonder just how true that is.
>inb4 communists, nazis, trannies and sjws.

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Orks vs Dark Eldar game tonight. I’ll post the stream when it’s live.

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This. There isn't a single thing Erebus did that wasn't, objectively speaking, the best course of actiion.

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Skill =/= power

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The new admech bird costs 100 bucks , what the fuck

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I can't understand what that pic says.

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Why are the other 40ktubers so shit compared to each?

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Shit completely forgot about that one, thanks m8
>can I give them greyknight heads or are those to small?

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most of them just have no charisma

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I'm surprise when I see GSC without conversions and/or kitbash. Getting 4 acolyte kits and 2 neophyte kits would be more than enough extra bits for almost anything.

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nice, thanks for the pic

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Latino gangs facing off nogs.

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ultimate wordpill is siege of terra is a humanitarian intervention

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What an absolute subhuman looking specimen.

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OK but translate it to english

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Basically niggers wanting to loot Latinos.
Depending what type of Latinos it could turn into some version of rooftop Koreans.
Why the hell niggers hate everyone even themselves is something I could never understand even living in multiple parts of that god forsaken country

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He looks like he murders jews, niggers and women with his bare manly hands

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I'll never not be mad that bolt carbines are a different weapon instead of the new boltgun design for space marines and that intercessors don't use them. It looks so fucking sexy.

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Question: I've not played anythign 40k but kill team since like 2004 and 9th has my AoS playing friend interested.
I play AoS so thus far having an army has gone like this
>Buy Tome
>FAQ's come out
>Print them off and keep them in the back of tome for game night to keep shit up to date
>Tome is replaced with new edition or something like Wrath of the Everchosen comes out which adds new playstyles/buffs for different lists to said army but are entirely optional and you still need the original tome and faqs even if you want to run something like Nurgles Drowned Men pirate list.

So i have Codex Admech and a fair few models and can easily print off the FAQ stuff, but does the psychic awakening books act as a soft update that includes the FAQ's or just new units? and what about chapter approved?

The big difference of course being AoS basically gives 90% of shit away for free online so you can just print off things like rules adjustments and points changes since each model on the GW store has it as a pdf file and as far as i know thats not happening yet with 40k.

So do you basically take the admech book+errata and the engine war book to have all the rules for Admech now?

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Oh I remember this well Anon !
The converted AM army I'm looking for was in a WD and based around this absolute chad

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that's just a Godwyn pattern bolter

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God I hope they fix fortifications in 9th.

I want to be building fortresses and storming fortified positions, even if it's just some bastions.

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There aren't enough of them to form a proper meritocracy.

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What the fuck? AoS is free? Why don't they do that for 40k

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No, it's a bolt carbine. The ejection port is lower and the front hand guard is extended. Similar to the Reiver carbines, just less tacticool with the front grips and ventilation holes.

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>CP not tied to detachments
Probably about as good as you're going to get, unfortunately

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>receding hairline
>double chin
into the oven

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Are there any more of these roach ones? only ever see this one on /gif/

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>when ork speak is easier to understand compared to niggers rofl

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Agreed, the only thing I really liked about 7th was all the things you could buy for fortifications, from barb wire to escape hatches so you could deploy the occupants forward. I do think these things might return because from all we've heard terrain will play a major role and your own army's terrain might also play a bigger role than it does now.

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Terrain rules are getting fixed so hopefully

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For the same reason 90% of releases are primaris. Paypigs are locked in for years. AoS was new and dropping £50 on start collecting that gives you half an army with the battletomes only good for bonuses and artefacts for competitive play is a much easier investment in something new. It was popular and profitable compared to WHFB so they kept it.

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This is when you realize that being white means nothing if you don’t have the chad genes

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>Yfw rules like AoS terrain meets endless spells where you spend CP to start constructing terrain pieces on the map, requiring units like enginseers or techmarines and by turn 2 you can have air dropped in a prefab or your boyz welded a big wall of scrap into a fort and the battlefield and game significantly changes.

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Fucking based

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If money was no object why would you ever run regular admech instead of 30kmech?

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Oooookay found them.
Priests Of Mars by Dave Taylor.

In fact I was looking for the Kill Team article about a rogue Techpriest

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id like to see your dudes!

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>Hows that backlog coming along, anon?

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Never. 30k admech are dark. 40k admech ar davinci

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Chaos needs more unquestionably evil dudes to stem the tide of the milquetoast cunts trying to argue Chaos isn't bad.
We're the faction that summons literal devils from murder hell, fags. We're the bad guys. Own up to it.

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>Not doing the grim work of the omnissiah with this in your head:


Cawl pls go.

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Great. Painted 2k of marines, 9 Saggitarum guard, 10 neophytes, 2 Kelermorph, a jackal alphus. Air brush parts came in today so this weekend I'm going to prime the rest of my GSC

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they're all frigging bolters mang
it's all the same shit

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I finally primed my Cerastus Knight & Leviathan Dreadnought after months. Hopefully I'll have the drive to finish it.

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That soundtrack makes my cog the big cog

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>from barb wire to escape hatches so you could deploy the occupants forward
I loved that stuff. I know they wanted to streamline and simplify all the rules and WYSIWYG but if you have a physical model of barbwire or tank traps it should be an option.
Terrain and fortifications aren't the same thing so I'm not holding my breath.
I love it on paper and it would match the fluff of my army that orbital drops their empty bastions before battle along with the troops carrying all the equipment that goes inside.

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I like the dragoons and the cyberdogs and the skitarii

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No. The Imperium is fun by their granddad. And if there's anything worse than a dad, it's a dad that's grand.

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We're back boys

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I can't wait for the riots to come to my town, I'm gonna fuck up the local hobby shop so badly, make sure non of the 40k stock gets sold ;)

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if I play rainbow warriors will people think it is a political statement and/or a personal statement about sexual orientation? pic related but not mine

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>manlets aren't squatted
I'm sure that executioner marine took care of all the "first born".

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I like Erebus because he's the hero the imperium needs

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>10 Tzaangors
>Finishing touches on Magnus
Pretty fucking poor form desu

>> No.72953288

Well as someone who played against a lesbian who's entire Dark Eldar army was pained in a rainbow scheme, I would have to say yes.

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Honestly the best 40k music and GW didn't even make it. Throwing it on while painting admech is omnissiah as fuark.

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It's sad rainbows are forever related to gay people.

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>choppy bikers

All I wanted, I'll be building 3 max sized squads. This release plus Stern makes my dick harder than Dorn's ass cheeks.

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Wait, hol' up

Why do the bikers have gravis armor shoulder pads?

>> No.72953311

heres a pic of my deathwatch
now post more moondudes

>> No.72953313

Can someone help a colorblind guy out? Which GW paint best matches the brown in stirland battlemire?

>> No.72953319

post magnus!

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No they aren't but I wish they were because I want my marines using boltguns instead of making the 20th bolter variant all so that primaris don't get regular boltguns.

>> No.72953341

The entire release has those, its on the side that they are holding their close combat weapons, the CQC Intercessors have them and the Blade bros have Gravis pauldrons on both sides. Thicker armor to be in the thick of it while not being in cumbersome Gravis armor.

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The assault marines also have a heavier shoulder pad, presumably any marine with a melee weapon will us a gravis pad

>> No.72953357

I'm tempted to double up on this set but a lot of the models have too much detail to avoid looking monopose even if you kitbash them, hopefully the bikes/gravis are worthwhile but I guess the sprinting Intercessors will be good to mix and match with existing kits

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It is kinda hilarious that GW feels the need to create dozens of different variations of "Boltgun", each one looking only slightly different yet still getting its very own name and profile even though there are one or two that have the exact same stats as a regular bolter.

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As someone who has never played Eldar, can someone tell me what the big deal is with Wave Serpents as a transport? How do you use one? What do you put in it?

>> No.72953377

Dusty bois, nice collection though anon

>> No.72953381

Shitty pic, my house has weird lighting and the LGS with the good lighting/tables is stuck on lockdown

>> No.72953392

Yeah it seems like they have a wierd obsession with not letting primaris use 99% of the weapons space marines have been using since day 1, boltguns included.

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>What do you put in it?
Your penis

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I like the colors pink and blue, sue me.

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>it's fun
Not with current rules and half big chaos missing

>> No.72953416

Let's say I want to get into mechanised Eldar (I love the tanks with the flat surfaces, perfect for airbrushing).

Which of their vehicles/bikes etc. are "expected" to get a revamp at some point in the future?

For example, pic related is from 1996 apparently, around the same age as a lot of the Aspect Warriors.

>> No.72953431

if you insist!

>> No.72953436

thank you.
havent dusted them in a long time, since I dont play that often and can't at the moment.
but im still painting up all kinds of models and maybe will be doing a custard army next

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It's almost like they were supposed to be a seperate but co-existing alternative space marine force huh?

>> No.72953450

>actually like the look of everything in the set

well, i could always use another librarian...

>> No.72953451

>What do you put in it?

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So is the new Admech SC replacing the old?

and how do you feel about the dominus and dunewalker being swapped out? were the hovercraft tanks just not selling?

>> No.72953468

Eldar already got their model line updated for the decade, you should be good for another like 5 years

>> No.72953470

If they were supposed to be that, then primaris only chapters wouldn't exist and they wouldn't have written primaris as literally marines but better, leaving regular marines no reason for existing.

>> No.72953474

Look at the helm, he might be a Company Champion which would fit the melee theme and it's something Primaris don't have yet

>> No.72953475

Why not Dark Eldar instead? Venoms and Raiders/Ravagers look really cool and are pretty fun on tabletop, and we have some of the sexiest flyers in the game. Plus we are pretty much expected to run a lot of vehicles. I myself use 3 raiders and 3 ravagers.

>> No.72953480

if chaos are jobbers then space marines are salaryman

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>> No.72953490

Not him but the prevalence of invulnerables saves everywhere, in addition to the unit having to get within 6" (12" if you don't care about rerolling damage rolls) means they're a one-shot pony that will die the turn after they shoot. At 22 points per model they're not too great. I'm hoping they'll somehow get a revamp in the future to make them better.

>> No.72953497

Thats correct. We are entering the age of the Necron-Sisters-GSC power triangle!

>> No.72953499

by changing out the box they can justify a price increase more easily, and yeah the hovertanks were likely not selling.

>> No.72953504

I do like DE, but they're just too fragile (model wise). Also I like the hyper-specialised nature of Eldar. I may ally in DE in like 5 years time if I start Eldar.

>> No.72953507

check number 2. listed as librarian, and i'm like 90% certain he's got a psychic hood on

>> No.72953513

...is that actual dust?

>> No.72953514

When the alternative is thing+1 with no drawbacks there's not really much reason to coexist.

>> No.72953521

Meltas in general need a boost to stop them from being lascannons with less range and a nigh-useless gimmick.
>Units with monster/vehicle/titanic keywords can't use invulns against this weapon

>> No.72953523


>> No.72953525

It's the captain from the trailer. It has the exact same helmet as the lieutenant and the other veterans but with the visor up.

>> No.72953538

I've legit never seen them on a tabletop. The big shit is always knights or an anti air dunewalker or the good ole castellan [WALL OF REFUSAL]

>> No.72953540

actually, yeah, you might be right. zoomed in super close with my nose to the screen, and it does look like the visor part might be lifted instead.

either way though, aside from the generic sword and gun intercessors, everything in that set looks really cool and i might get it when it comes out

>> No.72953548

Just keep them in a cabinet or something instead of on a shelf in the open?

>> No.72953552

Or if they actually want them to be dangerous and worth the risk, they could make them do double damage at half range instead of re-rolling it.

>> No.72953561

fair point. regardless, this is probably going to be the first primaris set i actually buy

>> No.72953564

That doesnt look like a librarian, you mean because of the thing above his helmet? Thats just the lower part of the helmet being pulled up like in pic.

>> No.72953567

but anon, I dont have a cabinet
and I dont have much space, so I cant fit one, tho im probably moving later this year

>> No.72953585

Crabs were selling like hotcakes and still make it into the old SC and WAACfags love the boats so they were definitely selling, in any case I think the new SC is better than the old one because the boats are dual kit and you'll always need more Engineers than Dominus anyway. Shame we couldn't have both

Primaris only chapters exist because truescale autists would throw a shitfit otherwise and outside a few overzealous Ultramarines nobody considers Firstborn obsolete even in the more recent BL books they're heavily featured alongside Primaris, just as GW always intended

>> No.72953589

Finished 'em. Company Veterans with stormshields (boarding shields for rule of cool).

Manlets? Of course.

>> No.72953602

Why do I suck so much at painting?

>> No.72953603

i get necron-sisters part from the trailer, but where do the GSC come in? if we're talking silent king, shouldn't it be tyranids instead?

>> No.72953616

Do you have a transport box for when you're moving them? Since mine mostly lives in those.

>> No.72953621

wow these manlets look good, are they from like 10 years ago?

>> No.72953626

This would probably be best. It'd make inferno pistols fucking terrifying too, meaning Dante will actually get play, and BA assault squads will destroy shit with inferno pistols (3 dudes can take them even in a 5 man squad)

>> No.72953634

>those tiny cameras on the boarding shields
is there like a screen on the other side of the shield or does it just interface into the helmet?

>> No.72953635

Transporting Raiders is the bane of my fucking existence it's true. But they just look so damn good.

>> No.72953641

yeah, but thats full of crap at the moment, I guess i should repack that to somewhere else

>> No.72953644

They are only featyred alongside primaris to show how much better they are, like always. Again, if they weren't supposed to be replacements then primaris wouldn't be marines+1 with no drawbacks that can operate on their own, as primaris only chapters show and named characters wouldn't be upgraded left and right. If they truly didn't want them to be replacements, then primaris would be just regular marines.

>> No.72953645

Just do it a lot, have no fear and try 1 new thing or improve on 1 thing using youtube reference every model or every batch if its troops.

>> No.72953653

because you are either making fundamental mistakes (not thinning paints, skipping layering/highlighting steps) or else not practicing enough.

>> No.72953665

Tyranids are on the outer side fighting necrons, sisters need something inside to fight thats not chaos.

and it sure as shit isn't orks lets be honest, GSC have basically replaced them in the lore right down to infesting a world and growing underground and co-oping vehicles.

>> No.72953667

Based smurfbro

>> No.72953672

the battle damage on the shields, did you paint that or physically do it, and if so how'd you do it?

models look ace btw, always love seeing your work

>> No.72953673

there's lenses on the other side, so I guess it's like those little portholes you sometimes get on hotel doors.

you'll get better with practice. just keep on keeping on.

New manlets, but put together recently. I got a command squad and put them together, but wanted to make the veterans that came with it a little more unique. So I bought forgeworld shields and voila.

>> No.72953691

I'd love to get some Aspect Warriors to add to my list but oh god those sculpts are old and they'll probably get an update in the next three years anyway.

>> No.72953692

It was just fingers.

>> No.72953693

I want some abhumans in my imperial soup. Who makes their figures?

>> No.72953698

What happened to the Necrontyrs' souls when they got mind transferred to their metallic bodies? Do the sentient necron lords and other higher-ups still have some reflection in the warp since they still have emotions?

>> No.72953701

sponge dabbed with rhinox hide. Only a small amount, practically drybrushing levels of paint on the sponge and then 2/3 presses in select places on the shields. Then I add any 'scarring' by hand with a brush, if there's spots the sponge didn't reach or if I want something different like the claw marks. Then lower-ridge highlight the chipping with calgar blue.

Simple, but effective, all you need is a fucking mega steady hand.

>> No.72953702

>paint army
>nah I'm not liking this scheme
>strip army
>paint army
>nah I'm not liking this scheme
Very painfully

>> No.72953711

But they arent just a +1, they both have strengths and weaknesses and are best used together. Thats the genius of them:

1. Even SM players who have extensive collections now have a whole new side of their faction to collect

2. They're very new player friendly, both in hobby and gaming aspects

3. They finally shut up truescale autists so GW isn't publicly harrassed at every opportunity

>> No.72953712

I already have two of the older SC kits for Admech. For someone who already has those the new kit is good, but for a new collector I think the old kit is better. Most of us who already have multiple old SC kits enough Tech Priest Dominus' that they're probably mainly used for kitbashing and bits. For people new to collecting Admech I think the new SC kit is a step down from the old one.

Another factor is that apparently 9th edition is going to do away with CP being tied to detachments, so how useful is having a bunch of Enginseer's going to be? Mainly they were just used as a cheap HQ to spam battalions.

Crabtank vs Hoverboat. I like the Dunecrawler, I guess Mathhammer says the Disintegrator does more damage but I think people underestimate how hard it can be to take out a Dunecrawler comparatively. People also seem to underestimate the Icarus array which has put in serious work for me. Plus I think the crab tank looks cooler, but that's just me.

>> No.72953717

They are held in quantum stasis until the Tau mature enough for transference

>> No.72953719

Eaten by the C'tan.

>> No.72953742

That’s what my army has for secondary colours after black.

>> No.72953758


>THE GROOMSMENS (Strictly from the Legion of the Bestman)

*All Primarchs present will be in their Great Crusade, aswell as their legion, so, totally loyal and good

>> No.72953764

Why would the C'tan want or need souls when they have no connection to the warp? Souls are reflections of sentient beings emotions in the warp

>> No.72953770

>boarding shields
>Mark VIII armor
>not Mark III or Mark IV armor
you dun goofed

>> No.72953774

Souls are yummy, Old One's are extra yummy

>> No.72953784

What abhumans you want?

>> No.72953790

Very cool dude. Like the shields a bunch.

>> No.72953791

This is 40k, not 30k my dude.

>> No.72953798

would the emperor be 10/10 husbando material?
what about the primarchs?

>> No.72953802


>> No.72953805

Souls are power though all the same.

>> No.72953808

Just convert and kitbash as much as you can. The only people who think it's a bad thing to not buy 35$ models that are 35 points are people you don't want to play with anyway.

>> No.72953810

Eh we dont really know how souls interact with the real world, they exist in it is all we know and its quite possible that destroying them releases some sort of energy that C'tan feed on or the soul might have enough of a connection to reality that they can be eaten the same way they eat the energy of stars.

>> No.72953817

fine if you're into that who's take place at your side on the altar ? (primarchs and marines alike)

>> No.72953819

I plan on getting that box for the Necrons but I have to be honest.

The Marines dont interest me in the slightest. Fuck Primaris.

>> No.72953822

Sorry, no one bought the new $230 Howling Blandshees so no new aspects for Eldar players.
Have some Primaspect Marines instead, the new Deathwatch Primaris support unit that utilize the best Eldar weaponry to bully their xenos foes

>> No.72953823

I hate Marines but this does look good and tickles my fancy, good job.

>> No.72953826

>make krorks
>make orks
>make eldar
>make primordial Chaos
>make the webway
>BTFO necrontyr
Name one other race in this setting that is more accomplished.

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>> No.72953835

>THE GROOMSMENS (Strictly from the Legion of the Bestman)

>> No.72953840


>> No.72953844


>> No.72953847

Dunno what that means to be honest

>> No.72953852

good taste

>> No.72953858

Has anyone in this general read the bible? Not attended a sermon or read few passages, but sat down and read the whole thing? Also which version have you read? I just got some random white leather-back one from walmart and it really opened my eyes about 40k and the world around it. I am, more than ever, now in wonder why The Emperor rejected Lorgar's truth considering all Lorgar did was preach His word. I suppose it's 40k though, to have the fall from hubris of man, but it does make me sad that only people who will meat salvation in afterlife, in His heaven, are word bearers and their cultists.
Guess what I am really trying to say was that the actions in Calth were those of self-defense, not hostile invasion that 40k writers often portray it as.

>> No.72953867

code name for niggers

>> No.72953878

The concept of a "test model" is going to blow your mind, Anon.

>> No.72953884

Why read the bible when I can just pick and choose verses that fit my worldview?
>Checkmate, heathens

>> No.72953892

The ecclesiarchy was founded by a Word Bearer you donut.

>> No.72953896

Chaos Squats!
Chaos Squats!

>> No.72953903

I read about half of the old testament considering that it's affected our society hugely, and can say that you're trying to bait.

>> No.72953908

hello Erebus

>> No.72953912

Did you not know "war in heaven" is in a Bible verse? Also the Bible rips off tons of older mythology so you might want to look there too

>> No.72953919

Finished this dude's torso

>> No.72953925

>dont know shit about 40k lore
uhm, Jaghatai Khan, Fulgrim,Lion and Girlyman look cute, so... one of them I guess?
or Big E ofcourse, he might be nice

>> No.72953936

Necron players or owners post your models? I am interested in seeing the models of other necron players. I am most interested in seeing conversions you have done for them too. I wish necrons style matched up slightly more with admech. I think admech would have some cool kit bash parts but it would look too awkward I think.

>> No.72953953


>> No.72953954

>kidnap little boys
>fill them with gene seed
>are only composed of males
>organized into chapters like ACT UP

Are space marines homosexuals?

>> No.72953956

Does my Blood Bowl team count?

>> No.72953958


>> No.72953961

what do you think the c'tan got out of the deal?

>> No.72953964

Back before the rules change, Bolt Carbines had the exact same stats as Auto Bolt Rifles, so you could def proxy them

>> No.72953968

Took you long enough to figure that one out

>> No.72953970

Heres some other crons of mine also. This guy was actually my first major conversion / kitbash I think. I think he came out pretty well.

>> No.72953975

So i'm getting into GSC by buying peoples regret pile shit on ebay and i've got so far:
>2 Goliaths
>2 ridge runners
>1 leman russ
>40 neophytes
>20 acolytes
>2 units of jackals
>1 jackal hq
>1 kellermorph
>1 icon hq

I'm thinking of a Rusted Claw list, i often see that as blocks of goliaths pushing forward neophytes with shotguns and hybrids with rockbreaker tools while the jackals pepper shit and be a general wall of annoyance. If you arent looking for a Biologist lead abberant tidal wave what am i really missing out on here?

and is it true the purestrain genestealers in the book are dogshit so you run them as allies using Tyranid codex rules?

>> No.72953980

jaghatai would be bold and brash, Fulgrim is a bit of a drama queen but huge art aficionado, Lion would be the very best for you and he'd expect you to do the same, Roboute would be a great listener and essentially very rational (perfect for doing the paperwork of the couple)

>> No.72953982


Cheers though, you lot. Now I just need to decide on what to do next between batches of work:

>3 Aggressors
>1 techmarine + 4 servitors
>1 Razorback/rhino
>10 Terminators.

what do?

>> No.72953987

>and is it true the purestrain genestealers in the book are dogshit so you run them as allies using Tyranid codex rules?
Yes, 100%.

>> No.72953998


dude this actually fucking sick! One thing I find hard about necrons is that I always feel like their arms don't go well with anything besides whatever kit their arms come from? Like necron warrior arms are trash for most other necron kits. Also, necron chests between infantry never work which is fucked. Like a lychguards chest is like quadruple the size of a warrior chest.

>> No.72954003

I have test models for both but I can't really decide
>yellow looks awesome and I have an actual full scheme in mind but it has a tendency to sort of glob up for no fucking reason
>purple goes on good but not really thrilled about it and I don't have a full scheme in mind

>> No.72954006

no, they're overall uninterested in sex by design

>> No.72954013

Anon primaris don't have a single downside to them. They are literally better marines.
>They finally shut up truescale autists so GW isn't publicly harrassed at every opportunity
Not really because regular marines are still the same.

>> No.72954016

Thats a shame. I love the idea of these hivefleet agnostic genestealers destined to be berserkers on the front lines of the fall of some agri world or sneaking off like the xenomorph to start the whole cycle again.

>> No.72954020

> bold and rush to take control
> art lover
> the stuff about lion
> great listener
How am I supposed to choose!?

>> No.72954029

It warms my heart to see how many Word posters we have here. I always had a soft spot for the army and after a brief hiatus I was inspired to come back with a fresh army of Word Bearers. It will be an honor shitposting with you all in the name of handsome squidward.

>> No.72954030

>Anon primaris don't have a single downside to them. They are literally better marines.

>> No.72954035


>> No.72954036

Problem is there's nowhere to get that cool bolt carbine unless I buy a whole box of reivers for each box of intercessors and even then I'd have to remove the handles.

>> No.72954052


>> No.72954054


>> No.72954056

you must or your husbando will never come to life and carry you to the altar, but while you choose, maybe you can think of who wil organise this ceremony ?

>> No.72954063

The only reason I don't like Erebus is because I think he's what Lorgar should've been. A rejected and humiliated warrior monk that would take his spite and twist it into the bloodiest war in human history.

The Lorgar we got is a tool and loser that can't do anything right. By the end of the Heresy his Legion can't stand being around him.

They should've just killed him off if they weren't willing to have a satisfying character arc for him. Or at least let somebody write him that doesn't hate his guts like ADB.

>> No.72954065

>meat salvation

>> No.72954077

I didn't really have that issue with the arms. Then again, the new warrior kit may change it around again.

You paint one model fully, and if you like it, then you paint the entire army like that. It ain't rocket science.

>> No.72954083

>10 Terminators
what's the loadout?

>> No.72954084

Jaghatai, duh
The Lion
>THE GROOMSMENS (Strictly from the Legion of the Bestman)
Alpharius, Alpharius, Alpharius, Alpharius and Alpharius I just don't know shit about HH minor characters
Angron and Mortarion
I really wish I could have Lorgar be the officiant and deliver the speech, but it's not fun without choices

>> No.72954086


>> No.72954096

Literally nothing is stopping you from running purestrains from the GSC codex if you like the idea, so do it.

Hey if you can get me some Khemri Blood Bowl models for cheap I'm all up for that, but since Necrons are just Tomb Kings in space I think they fit pretty well.

>> No.72954099

Afterlife is just boomer-heaven on earth.

>> No.72954100

Roboute Guilliman
Corvus Corax
Leman Russ
Ferrus Manus
Rogal Dorn
Lionel El'Jonson
Jaghatai Khan (throat singing ftw)
>THE GROOMSMENS (Strictly from the Legion of the Bestman)
Phosis T'Kar
Hathor Maat
Baleq Uthizzar
Phael Toron
Konrad Curze
Alpharius (but he'll sneak in anyway)

>> No.72954101

I guess if lions gonna be the best for me, hes gonna be the best husbando?
And i guess rowboat for organising, or that wall building guy

>> No.72954105

you sure about Konrad at the security ?

>> No.72954124

Find a recaster and then email them if they'll make them. Googling is your friend.

>> No.72954126

Plebby. Because it's simply for rule of cool and bolt-spitting.

>2 squads of 5
>1 sergeant
>1 with autocannon
>3 with stormbolters (one with chainfist)

I'm planning on painting the chainfist chainblade casing in hazard stripes.

>> No.72954134

So i can get some DG cheap and combine them with KT stuff to get the following
>3 units of plague marines
>2 units of blightlord terminators
>3 plagueburst crawlers
>2 bloatdrones
>3 blight haulers
>2 blightspawn
>40 poxwalkers
>the hqs from Dark Imperium
and i have like 2000points of nurgle daemons from AoS

Would i honestly need anything else for 1500-2000pt games?

>> No.72954140

If I saw my opponent whip out a rainbow army I'd assume he takes it up the ass and he'd lose his shit if I say the no-no words.

>> No.72954145

Assault cannon, sorry. not autocannon, fuck. I always mix those up.

>> No.72954156

Dumb question but which Guard regiment(s) are known for urban fighting? We're doing a Vogen campaign soon and I want to get down amongst the rubble. Not Krieg as I can't afford it (can't do recasts for reasons).

>> No.72954158

on second thought let's go with Angron

>> No.72954162

Just get some skeles and some 3rd party egyptian skele heads and additions, find a sprue of TK shields for like a quid and bobs your uncle, fannys your arent.

>> No.72954168

>Angron for security
Are you sure about this?

>> No.72954170

Steel Legion. They fucking love rubble, rebar, trenches, and all sorts of urban warfare shit.

>> No.72954176

Looks great, just hope DG get some good stuff coming up.

Armageddon Steel Legion are the first to come to mind, they did a lot of urban fighting in the War for Armageddon.

>> No.72954181

Lads my friends convinced me to try the game out and I really enjoyed the tabletop. Is the Tau Starting set a good buy to start a small army with them or is it trash?

>> No.72954194

So I'm currently fiddling with my guard and thinking.
Should I do two layers on the uniform?
I mean mechanicus grey looks pretty good if sorta drybrushed over the chaos black basecoat. Basically not into the creases and such.
I'm gonna try a dawnstone coat over this one dude then I'll post pictures

>> No.72954196

Thats a solid army, daemon princes would be nice if they aren't already part of your daemons.

>> No.72954201

should we just start hosting the codexes on sad panda?

>> No.72954203

make the assault cannon guy on the second squad cyclone missile launcher guy

>> No.72954205

>it's always an IT guy with a checkered shirt
is it just an occurrence at my lgs?
have you noticed something similar with other armies?

>> No.72954207

Sure, why not, what could go wr

>> No.72954208

Lion would be the best for you, but you would have to be the best for him too, it's a very demanding lifestyle if you ask me, as for dorn he'd be very honest but very stoic also, his only subject of discussion is architecture, mainly European Castles

>> No.72954214

Vostroyan Firstborn were literally created by GW for their Cities of Death supplement.

>> No.72954227

is it okay to ask for painting advice in this thread or do we go to /wip/ for that kind of stuff?

>> No.72954230

a-anon you oka

>> No.72954231

Playing Tau will make you a fag that everybody hares, so keep that in mind

>> No.72954232

Almost all military forces in the history of mankind have been exclusively male and trained in their teens. And also gay

>> No.72954236

The army you enjoy the idea of most is the best army to start with.

>> No.72954240

techmarine and servitors or terminators imo.

>> No.72954251

>demanding lifestyle
uhh... then maybe khan? I really don't know

>> No.72954255

Isn't that kind of fucked up right now and a mess of error messages?

>> No.72954260

Daily reminder, Angron did nothing wrong and everyone on Istvaan deserved it.

>> No.72954265

works fine for me, haven't ever had a problem getting in

>> No.72954270

It's pretty good, since it comes with the skeleton for an army, but since we're entering a new edition soon there's no point in metafagging since rules could be flipped entirely on their head. I would pick an army that you like the core troops of, since you're going to be painting, lookint at, and using them the most.

>> No.72954279

What's up virgins?
You don't play with cool FW models?????

>> No.72954282

at last someone completed the Groomsmens, solid choice for the ring it is ever warm like the fire of your eternal love

>> No.72954291

I think the techmarine and servitors. Get them out of the way, as they're more for flavour than anything.

Terminators will be some serious batch work, so i'll leave them for after.

--agressors can wait, i've already done three of those and i'm not much into primaris either.

>> No.72954298

Depends. For a starting collection of tau it has the all-star units however if you don't want crisis suits I wouldn't. Gameplay wise its fucking awesome. Three-two of these boxes lets you unlease the spirit of commander spam with 9-6 +2 BS suits and all the other goodies

>> No.72954299


>> No.72954303

Just finished the sicaran

>> No.72954305


>> No.72954318


>> No.72954323

hope you like leather, high octane road trip , motorcycles, and roadside tavern. It's a fun way to live but it's hard to settle and have a peaceful life

>> No.72954324

all i get is a blank page, not even a sad panda, i guess i need to clear my cookies

>> No.72954326

Thats not a Colossal Squig though?

>> No.72954330

How was the hull fitment for the Land Raider between the resin bulkheads and the plastic sides? Any huge gaps?

>> No.72954337

I wish 40k had a version where vehicles aren't allowed. Vehicles seem to just fuck everything up and make stuff not fun. However, I suggested this to a friend and then he said that every battle would just be infantry blobs slamming into each other otherwise.

>> No.72954342

Please give your cat lots of scritches and treats

>> No.72954345

Didn't that actually happen in canon and a whole sub order had to get PURGED.COM due to it?

>> No.72954348

Maybe you just like whales a lot

>> No.72954351

90% good, tho it varies some people get shit on.

>> No.72954353

can you just give me a rundown of the primarchs or something?

>> No.72954363

The Tau SC is probably the best SC in general, you can kitbash everything in it and get a lot out of it. I myself started out with 2 of them but make sure you dont overwork yourself and take your time building and painting them properly

>> No.72954366

8E has very few vehicles compared to 5E-7E. Nobody plays transports, drop pods, etc anymore, only walkers and that Primaris flying land raider.

>> No.72954372

Vehicles(and Monsters) being present are necessary for a lot of stuff.

>> No.72954379

show more pics of the cat

>> No.72954384

Best SC is probably the ad mech SC, both old and newer one.

>> No.72954389

>show me your pussy
Whoa you can't just say that to a stranger.

>> No.72954392

>Nobody plays transports,
Because they fucking suck. Rhinos get pasted by damn near everything now and you can't disembark after moving, which defeats the entire point of even taking one.

>> No.72954394


>> No.72954406

Fuck it, I give up. Went through all 4e White Dwarfs and half of 3e, but couldn't find shit. Best I can do is pic related from online. If it helps to zero in on the WD range (or other source it might be in), have a go at it. I'm all out of luck trying to figure this one out.

>> No.72954407

Fuck off newFAG

>> No.72954418

>no vehicles
Nobody plays transports with no invulns

>> No.72954419

and Genestealer Goliaths. For when you need to get a bunch of inbred muties with shotguns up to a bunch of assholes fast in style.

>> No.72954430

we're all family here
so cute!

>> No.72954434

Whilst these are options I thought of I also thought of how I'd have to pay stupid eBay prices for both outside of the Steel Legion regular squad which isn't feasible.

I'm thinking about being slightly plebeian and doing the Cadians from the old Cityfight codex.

>> No.72954447

Get a second cat named Percocet.

>> No.72954453

I'm trying to limit buying things that I'll probably never actually use for the time being. as it stands, even before the wu-flu hit and shut everything down, I hadn't actually played in probably close to almost a year. they look cool, and I'd want to get a couple forgeworld space marine vehicles and units just to have, but even with recaster prices it isn't a good time for me

>> No.72954461


>> No.72954468


>> No.72954471

if you do the same armour colour with the red shoulderpad, that'd be neato.

>> No.72954480

>"You better have my money by Friday."

>> No.72954501

I do

>> No.72954525

>falling for "you're a nobody"

>> No.72954533

That was the plan. I wish I had more of the older Cadians before they switched. Got some a long time ago then decided I'd rather not do them. Then the plastics came out. Argh.

>> No.72954548


>> No.72954557


>> No.72954559

Trukk is useful for being looted early on, and then you have Battlewagon that doesn't really need invuls since you're not banking on letting it survive. Just rush and ram the fucker in with its high W, they either waste buncha hits into it or it ties something up while the boyz inside go to town.

>> No.72954569

Primarch XI
Primarch II
>THE GROOMSMENS (Strictly from the Legion of the Bestman)
Erebus, Kor Phaeron
future l*yalists

>> No.72954601

Things Angron Did Wrong:
- Get captured as a child instead of fighting off his attackers like multiple other Primarchs did as children
- Get the Butcher's Nails installed instead of resisting or killing himself or the ones operating on him
- Serve as a gladiator for his overlords for several years instead of killing them or killing himself
- Lead a suicidal last stand
- Fail to see his suicidal last stand through to the end
- Blame the Emperor for all his own faults
- Killed a Custodes on the ship
- Stopped attacking when the Emperor told the Custodes to stand down instead of just keep killing all the Custodes
- Didn't attack or fight against the Emperor despite his supposed anger and justification when taken away from his last stand and brought onboard
- Killed several top ranking legion officers for no reason
- Let his legion install their own ghetto chinacast Butcher Nails
- Get stepped on by a titan
- Touched Lotara's boob
- Became a daemon primarch instead of just using Chaos as a tool
- Dropped Gorechild

>> No.72954623

The problem with the Admech SCs are the redundant HQs and lack of kitbash potential, using only the bits in the Tau SC you can make or kitbash the following units:

Firesight Marksman
XV8 Commanders
XV8 Crisis Bodyguards
XV8 Crisis Team
XV88-2 Broadsides
Fire Warriors
Tactical Drones

>> No.72954634

>- Killed a Custodes on the ship
>- Killed several top ranking legion officers for no reason
>- Let his legion install their own ghetto chinacast Butcher Nails
>- Touched Lotara's boob
>- Became a daemon primarch instead of just using Chaos as a tool
all based

>> No.72954635

Not him, but which third party sellers have egyptian bits?

>> No.72954648

Why does this bolt rifle look so wierd?

>> No.72954655

When it comes to current necron lore, whats the time line like starting from when they went to sleep?

>Necrons Sleep
>Necrons get up
>Silent king Returns

What happened between those periods of time?

>> No.72954680

>just use chaos as a tool

>> No.72954686

We're talking about someone starting out the hobby, not someone experienced to attempt kitbashing their first box of an army. The straightforwardness and general usefulness of the admech box is what makes it good as a start collecting.

>> No.72954688

I painted 1 dude.

>> No.72954716

I like it, really like it, but needs abit of detail filling in some parts so that it's not so flat. Not too much, just on the belt, wrists, and maybe face scarf+mask.

>> No.72954735

>Servants of the Emperor should have no love save to the Emperor, no happiness save to the Emperor, and no loyalty save to the Emperor. All else was either meaningless or to be scorned.

Is this a normal sentiment among Imperials?

>> No.72954738

needs another colour or two

>> No.72954740

just turn your brain off bro
t. gunfag

>> No.72954745

Thats the beauty of it, the only difficult things to kitbash from that list are the XV88-2s. Everything else is very minor work and takes minimal effort, perfect for getting a rookies feet wet

>> No.72954752

Its normal in the sense that you wouldn't get that much shit for believing this, but its not normal in the sense that everyone in the imperium acts exactly like this

>> No.72954758

Thanks anon

>> No.72954786

I can't think of any colors that won't clash with pink. Also idk why but I hate all shades of green.

>> No.72954793

How do you hold your hand still for fine details like those aquila? It's not like I have parkinsons but damn it's tough.

>> No.72954805

It's certainly one that is encouraged by the ecclesiarch and admech. Really though, you're not going to be finding a lot of time to become emotionally involved with others if you're worked 18-22 hours a day (with no days off), don't have a family because you were likely born in a factory, and can barely talk above the basics to relay work info to a slave master. Life in the Imperium is hell for 99.999% of people, which is why they're are the only faction with issues about desperate assholes turning to Chaos.

>> No.72954820

Not him, but maybe use a slightly lighter shade of gray from the black that you used? Could mix it with abit of original color to make sure it stays closer to original, or alternatively something like dark reaper for colder blue shade.

>> No.72954836

The autist inside me is mad you didn't give them better weapons, but still, these look fucking phenomenal

>> No.72954839

Looks great post more soon

>> No.72954868

I. Lion el Johnson : is very Loyal, takes himself in a high standard and expect everyone hold up to his standard.
III. Fulgrim : Has a great interest in art, the most beautiful of the primarchs, can be quite capricious but you know deep down he loves you, been married before for political marriage.
IV. Perturabo : Often misunderstood, always bitter because of the position he's been tasked to do, always take the most difficult way of doing something, deep down he only want to be recognised for what he truly is and do the thing he truly love, has a knack for city building and city destroying.
V. Jaghatai Khan: Like to ride, drink, have rough fast sex, like to banter a lot.
VI. Leman Russ : same as Khan but wiith significantly more wolves and beer
VII. Rogal Dorn : Brutally honest, stoic and collected but don't get him angry like fortifications a lot
VIII. Konrad Curze : D4RK_SASUKE is his nicname online, listen to Linkin Park unironically, have crippling dark visions of the future, terminally depressed
IX. Sanguinius : the second most beautiful of the primarchs, a litteral beam of light also have visions of his own death
X. Ferrus Manus : Very Stoic, has an interest for machines and industry related stuff. kinda rough on the edges, like to drink whisky.
XII. Angron : perpetually Angry, have sudden outburst of anger randomly, reserve a hospital bed before going to bed with him.
XIII. Roboute Guilliman : very collected, genius in accounting, can manage a budget like on one else, very diplomatic, is very lawful and responsible.
XIV. Mortarion : Crippling syndrome of inferiority, is very prideful, won't ask for your help ever, has a very opiniated view of psykers
XV. Magnus the Red : very tall, very kind, kind of pretentious, very intelligent, is kinda annoying about it, he know secret love making positions to get you to heaven.

>> No.72954955

Nice thing with Russ is that he's the type to keep lotsa dogs around the house. If you like dags then he's perfect.

>> No.72954956

>pert has the longest entry and the biggest cope

>> No.72954970

They'd be more playable if they were faster. 12" doesn't really cut it, should be more like 20". Of course codex SM seems like a trial run for a lot of stuff so I don't doubt the Impulsor rule will be standard in 9th. Although I still don't understand why they think its ok to shoot after disembarking but they can't allow a charge.

>> No.72954993

>if I'm not in melee turn one

>> No.72955014

XVI. Horus Lupercal : Like to get straight to the point in everything he does, very charismatic , he like baseballl a lot !
XVII. Lorgar Aurelian : very preachy, like to read, good talker, actually enjoy the sunday services, really like Kanye west last album.
XVIII. Vulkan : likes Craftmanship and forge related stuff, really like fire in general , BBQ master
XIX. Corvus Corax really like reading poetry and hanging around on rainy weekend, he like night walks and have lots of bird at home, really sneaky tho, you won't hear him coming
XX. Alpharius Omegon : Twins, you don't know what they do, you don't know where they are, has a habit of leaving the bed first and leaving a pile of pillows under the sheet to fool you, but you know one thing about him is that he loves you, or that's what he told you.

>> No.72955041

Slow heavy melee units are shaping up to be good this time around, either you flank them and completely bypass their horrible movement limitations/transport costs or you keep them backfield to krump anyone trying to flank you. Cant go wrong

>> No.72955043

i'm guilty, i like perturabo and i wished he got some proper conversation with the emperor to set him straight, he's the one with the most potential but he's crippled by misplaced pride and toxic mindset.

>> No.72955064

They probably want to avoid 3e rhino rushing.

>> No.72955066

>dark reaper
Is that a citadel color?

>> No.72955070

Mess around with the pink color in this https://www.sessions.edu/color-calculator/.
Pic related is triadic and complementary colors. These can help you find a hue and saturation that is similar and then you can lighten/darken as you see fit.
The most important thing is that you stay close on the wheel either by being a similar hue (color) or if the colors are literally on the opposite of the wheel like a complementary color (not complimentary) you reduce the saturation of one of the colors so that they get closer on the wheel. Even if you reduce a complemnetary color near to grey it will look colored due to complementary effect when they are seen together.

>> No.72955095

Yeah, it's gray that has this bluish/greenish tint to it.

>> No.72955103 [DELETED] 



>> No.72955111 [DELETED] 

Thank you anon.
So I guess its between Lion, robby, Horus and Corvus then.

>> No.72955126 [DELETED] 


Which airbrush tutorial was this???

>> No.72955134

People should play more drop pods, turn 1 DS is really good. 10 Iron Hands Grav Devs in one avg 44 damage vs a Russ btw.

>> No.72955138 [DELETED] 

nice trip but make your mind about it already !

>> No.72955142 [DELETED] 

Oh wow always thought that was a chick

>> No.72955173 [DELETED] 

Who is this

>> No.72955177 [DELETED] 

I knew it, i fucking knew it.
Get fucked mod, you banned me because i called him a cute boy, whose laughing now HUH

>> No.72955187

Oof, I guess Corvus then if mostly for the nightly walks
no tell me, how hard did I mess up?

>> No.72955206

you didn't ! Corvus is a good boi, albeit a little moody, he like to quote Edgar Alan Poe a lot
why did the janny deleted my post it wasn't even related to the image

>> No.72955236


>> No.72955242

Truck-kun iskekais you to 40k. The Emperor offers you two choices. You can be a massage servitor on a sororitas ship. That is still aware enough to enjoy rubbing down naked women. Or you can be a commissar of a felinid auxiliary on an ag world.


>> No.72955262

Is this really a choice?
Also can someone post the image the second option refers to?

>> No.72955275

Whats up with the cringy weeb faggots? Shut the fuck up.

>> No.72955276

good to know, time to support my new husband and build some raven guard successors i guess

>> No.72955297

right i can't wait to rant about how the fuckin' SJW are ruining the hobby

>> No.72955321

You're in weeb central faggot, get used to it!

>> No.72955337

Alpharius for all positions, everyone else except for Pert, Ferrus,Sanguinious, and Vulkan is blacklisted

>> No.72955338

Get cancer you weeb.

>> No.72955346

Sorry sweaty but this is 4channel, not 4chan anymore

>> No.72955374

What makes the iron warriors supposedly so evil? They just don't strike me as INCREDIBLY evil when you compare them to other chaos warbands and what not. Like are the iron warriors even they dangerous? They seem to get clowned so much. So on a scale of 1-EVIL AS ALL HELL how evil are the iron warriors?

>> No.72955378

new faggot here, trying to decide betweeen Necrons or Space Marines? Though I saw necrons seems to be out of stock? Or if theres something massivly wrong with those two I'll accept other suggestions

>> No.72955391

balthasar gold or retributor armor for iron warriors?

>> No.72955396

Will manlets be viable in 9th?

>> No.72955399

What kind of play-style fits your interest? I'd just go SM on safe side, they are always supported and updated while Necrond are0 just getting their time in the sun. SM generally have options of every army while being good at every niche.

>> No.72955402

>on a scale of 1-EVIL AS ALL HELL
I'd say about iron warriors level

>> No.72955409

Both are getting a bunch of new models when 9th ed is released.
The old necron warriors are being replaced, so they won't be getting restocked.

>> No.72955432

>do you like centurions?

>> No.72955453

Balthasar, retributor has metal flake effect while balthasar is more flatter.

>> No.72955458

There's no reason they wouldn't be.

Oh that reminds me, assault Vindicators are going to be a thing lmao

>> No.72955461

Yes, Engine War is basically AdMech codex 1.5 which will eventually in turn be superseded by their new proper codex in 9th.

>> No.72955471

They're both good, it'll just depend on what wash you put over it and how much you want to highlight afterwards.

>> No.72955480

I got the legs for my Deathwatch Terminator Captain.

What parts are you waiting for Anons?

>> No.72955506


what's your favourite detachment style? and what units do you use for it?

>> No.72955514

>What parts are you waiting for Anons?

Everything, really. I got well over 100€ worth of crap in the mail and nothing to do until they arrive. One package did come the other day for my 30k Deathsworn, but it's useless without other bits.

>> No.72955534

well for one some Tomb Worlds came online during the Great Crusade, so the error for reanimation protocols is at least 10k years. In 40k they have steadily been activating for about 2k years and the Imperium has only officially recognised them for 200 years or less. The Silent King isn't exactly 'returning' now, he did so some time before the indomitus era and met Dante of the Blood Angels regarding the Tyranids. I would suspect you can therefore bank on him having been back in the galaxy since at least the latest hive fleet invasion namely Leviathan in 997 but maybe since Behemoth in 756.

>> No.72955538

Waiting on an old style sorcerer backpack to make my word bearer waifu.
Still trying to find a good chaos-y female head, any suggestions?

>> No.72955542

Holy shit

>> No.72955549

just imagine how fucking based mechanicus would be if they went this route instead.

>> No.72955552


he adds another dimension especially when he seems to be at ends with Lorgar half the time (or was)

>> No.72955555

I'm waiting for someone to make sisters of battle or just female heads that look good. Already looked at everything available and no one link the chinaman 2b heads that are impossible to even buy.
At this rate I'd be better learning zbrush and making my own heads.

>> No.72955561

Do I put the model on its base first and then do basing? or base the base first and then put the model on? The reason I ask is because I have had models fall off even though they were super glued. But I glued them after doing the bases. Like this guy had popped off once. It was fine but it just made me think am I doing the process wrong?

>> No.72955581

100% would assume you're gay

One of my roommates started suggesting I paint my BR SoB as some lesbian meme color scheme, instead of telling him I'm not fucking doing that because I'm not going to spend hours of my life and hundreds of dollars virtue signalling, I just mentioned how I'd already grabbed a mini for converting into a Cannoness

>> No.72955582



>> No.72955589

It's always cool to see actual traditional canvas style painters doing freehand designs.

>> No.72955609

post your painting buddy

>> No.72955621

depends on the basing but generally you want to glue them down first yeah.

>> No.72955631

>army based on decades of art and lore
>not army based on lol randum misunderstandings of history, steampunk, and baby pigeon wranglers

>> No.72955635


So I would glue it down, prime the base, use technicals and whatever else and then its done? I will probably do it like that from now on.

>> No.72955638

Only FW kits I've got are 10 Sag Custodes that I haven't even built half of and an upgrade kit for the Escher gals I never got far with I picked up at a con last year

>> No.72955648

Best best place to start would be to practice painting on a canvas.

>> No.72955667

yeah though some basing materials need priming too like rocks or sand so you put that on before priming also.

>> No.72955696


>> No.72955703

So. How bad is it?
I think I did alright considering this is only the 4th thing I've painted in fifteen years or so.
I'm still unsure about the colour scheme. I was tempted to sorta thick drybrush on mechanicum grey rather than use it as a second layer over the basecoat then layer dawnstone on it.

Also not sure I thinned my paints enough for the red.

>> No.72955709

Keep strong lads, your parts will come, I have been waiting for these legs for over 2 months now due to both covid and being ghosted by the first guy I ordered the parts from.

>> No.72955722

I should probably get more brushes. I think my tamiya brushes don't approve of GWs paints.

>> No.72955723

depends on how fancy of a base you want. if you glue first, then you're limited to technical paint, e.g. crackle paints. if you do the base separately with cork, sand, pebbles, etc. then you need to pin the finished models to the finished base.

>> No.72955752

Working on it...

>> No.72955774

You can still sand 'n pebble effectively. Depending on model really, cork is only thing you're screwing yourself out of.

>> No.72955789

It's fine, nothing to say really. Maybe darker the metals with a wash, get the knife handle dry brushed, and fill in the symbols.

>> No.72955793

The emblem with the wires and skull is really nice.
The weird van airbrush aesthetic of random headshots is kind of retarded to put on a thing.

>> No.72955797

Black white tan yellow or red skin we are all a part of the human race weither you worship The God Emperor or Chaos there is one thing we can all agree apon. Aliens fucking suck

>> No.72955799

Yeah I have some nuln oil lying around so I'll throw that on the metal bits.
But I'm worried the icons are too saturated with paint as is.

>> No.72955806

Lets celebrate what unites us all.

>> No.72955816


>> No.72955824

You open the box and assemble the models. Custodes are fucking lush in my opinion, no modifications needed.

>> No.72955838

What a dumb word the U.K. decided to use.

>> No.72955840


>> No.72955844

Pretty good actually.

>> No.72955860

its fine. solid tabletop quality. If everyone painted their minis to this standard I'd be really happy. Maybe make his bedroll a different color, shade it, darken the metal with shade and paint the skull wings.

>> No.72955879

>tfw ran out of place to display minis
>tfw motivation dried up since I'll have no where to actually put everything

>> No.72955883

Here's everything I've painted in the last three months

The gors and bestigors were already painted but the tzaangors have since been added to the finish pile too.

>> No.72955892

Nah, his rules have never really not sucked, I haven't even finished him. 9th is filling me with cautious optimism, though. Maybe if he becomes more usable I'll get around to it.

>> No.72955896

Just empty a fridge and put them in it.

>> No.72955905

Get more shelves

>> No.72955906

Also these guys are almost done

>> No.72955915

So how do rules work with paint schemes work? Preheresy world eater looks pretty cool but I'm not sure how that works with the rules? I'm pretty unsure about what I want though so I'd take any cool suggestions

>> No.72955925

That's not a bad idea for the anon to experiment with different bedrolls. When I was doing my soviet gobbos, I did the bed rolls and packs in different colors myself, keeping to general color theme of the army with: Zandri, Nurgle Green, and Screaming Skull being common choices. It's easy to shade down into desired color from those as base with select washes and/or layering/dry brushing another color afterwards. Stuff like mixing screaming skull with tallarn desert comes to a nice darker shade for a base too.

>> No.72955931

I'm planning on moving out at some point so I don't really want to buy more cumbersome furniture that I'll eventually have to move

>> No.72955938

Wish I could replace Imperium in the Death to the False Emperor rule with Eldar to make it more thematic for my warband.

>> No.72955947

Makes me think of water guns. These guys are just looking to have some summer time fun!

>> No.72955949

anywhere liquidating displays?

>> No.72955966

it's strongly encouraged that if you're going to play a canon color scheme to play that canon army, but outside of some tournaments, it doesn't matter what you paint them as, as long as they're painted

>> No.72955977


>> No.72955980

ive got this unit and some more gsc

>> No.72955987

How about the uniform colour? Would a darker grey work better?
Also anywhere in general I just need to improve in the painting?

How do you get an even spread when thinning your paints?

>> No.72956004

>Would you like a lobotomy or the power to shoot cowards as and when you please?

>> No.72956010

Pretty sure you can have any paint scheme as long as you make it clear before the game (or tournament) starts what each detachment belongs to.
Would probably be a dick move to have 3 detachments the same paint scheme but with different subfactions associated with each and no way to tell them apart visually.

>> No.72956012

That makes sense to me, I'll take a look at some other schemes then, I could see how that might confuse people

>> No.72956027

I know it's early, but do we have the full sheets for the new admech stuff already?

>> No.72956045

Uniforms themselves? From what I read from military anons here... uniform shades tend to differ even in same groups just because of the printing process alone, so no not a bad idea to experiment and have slightly different shades so long as it stays within same theme.
As for thinning, just keep painting until you get it right. It's pure practice. I think you're fine as you are, just keep painting and you'll find yourself getting better instinctively. Really only way to speed up is by experimenting with different paint types, techniques, and just doing it on daily/weekly basis.

>> No.72956051

People really only know the marine colors, cadians, and maybe an eldar faction. Some tournaments require you to have your dudes be the color of the subfaction's rules that you are using, but outside of that no one really cares. The only time it would matter is if you have multiple detachments using different subfaction rules for each and you can't tell them apart.

>> No.72956062

are hot-shot volley guns worth taking?
is there any reason why i shouldn't just spam plasma on scions?
pls buff melta

>> No.72956065

That said could have pants vs shirt contrast with different shade.

>> No.72956093

Took a picture of the back

>> No.72956095

Speed is less of an issue than just general survival and ease of use. T7 is such a shitty toughness score right now, most weapons punch through it no problem, even with smoke popped, and even if you get into range with it, you have to wait a turn to disembark and actually use the unit you put in the thing. Fixing either one would go a long way towards making them more usable. Or give my CSM drop pods GW what the fuck are you doing literally just let me run drop pods how the fuck does a chapter that just turned renegade lose all their fucking drop pods what the fuck

Oh no doubt, but we also live in an edition where multiple other armies like Kraken Nids can easily either clear an entire table and charge on turn one or just drop in and wreck shit on turn two.

>> No.72956119

Fuck xenos

>> No.72956138

Looking at it, maybe do some highlight on certain parts could help too. Like on the shoulder-guards and foot-guards. Doesn't look like you filled in your eye-lenses for the lasgun either. Nothing too major, subtle highlight or dry brushing is what I'd recommend.

>> No.72956150

Chloe Camilla

>> No.72956183

Look up the "daemonculaba", and you'll begin to understand.

>> No.72956211

eye lenses for the lasgun?

>> No.72956227

Yeah, see that silver muzzle-like piece above the knife?

>> No.72956239

Thats a lens?

>> No.72956265

>Jubilee in a symbiote
That's probably new fetish fuel.

>> No.72956269

>how evil are the iron warriors?

Their planet is essentially Auschwitz on a planetary scale where all the prisoners are worked to death and then fed to their demon-machines and all this to eternally fortify Medrengaard. They are evil but there are worse fates than being used to soak bullets in an Iron Warrior offensive, like being used to breed with demons (word bearers) or being used to please a cult of Noise Marines.

>> No.72956275

Yeah, though interesting that art for it is inconsistent and usually it's not depicted glowing or shown with a hole sometimes.

>> No.72956285

I don't know why everyone brings it up. It was a single project of a single guy who was the leader of a single warband that was the plot point of a single series of books. Yet it has such disproportional chatter about it.

>> No.72956296

It's just a nice, and well-known, example of how much Iron Warriors disregard humanity.

>> No.72956302

>Auschwitz on a planetary scale
Olympic scale swimming pools, movie theaters and three meals a day? Truly the Iron Warriors are the best of the traitor legions!

>> No.72956305

How does /40kg/ feel about the black templars? I'm pretty new but they seem cool and simple to paint

>> No.72956313

what other legions have done something similar? they are the only ones to even think up, let alone create a functioning technique to create new space marines like this, whereas every other warband just recruits other renegades and traitors or gets new recruits the old fashioned way

>> No.72956321

I'm tempted to let the basecoat do more of the shading. Leaning more on drybrushing
Essentially like Idid with these. i got that 3 marine kit with paints

>> No.72956328

how's this for 1k deathguard list:


-Lord of contagion - plaguereaper

-10 poxwalkers
-5 plague marines w/blight launcher and plasma gun
-5 plague marines w/plasma gun, plague spewer and sergeant with plasma pistol


-Chaos lord w/bolt pistol and chain axe
-Hellbrute with twin lascannon, fist and combi bolter
-foul blightspawn
-foul nlightspawn

>> No.72956335

So its a really good summer camp till imperials invade and trash it to pass it off as a prison camp

>> No.72956340

Most have one way or another.

>> No.72956344

Is there somenthing like this for other factions?

>> No.72956348

Most Chaos Space Marines have the ability to make new Marines. It's just not really talked about for some reason.

>> No.72956351

Because it's a more visceral reminder of what the Iron Warriors are known for, short of looking at the results of the Battle of the Somme. They are not, and never will be, the "good guys", even witg their refusal to use Chaos as anything but a tool.

>> No.72956363

Nope, only Space Marines have Successor Chapters.

>> No.72956366


whoops forgot to include bloat drone in the battalion with 2 plague spitters

>> No.72956376

Lots of factions have custom subfactions where you pick two rules from a list. Just off the top of my head dark eldar and genestealers have it.

>> No.72956379

To be fair it is pretty fucked up.

>> No.72956390

>good and evil
Theres no such thing

>> No.72956395

Only space Marines really have successor chapters, other factions have custom sub factions like DYNASTIES and HIVE FLEET but they dont get successors like chapters do save maybe hive fleets with splinter fleets

>> No.72956409

Wouldn't you guys want to use the giant Daemon Engine that was in Faith and Fury instead? It was a good showing of the Iron Warriors and it's not part of a BL book.

>> No.72956415

We could, just that one is more well known.

>> No.72956422

yeah, I said that. but what other legions have had an instance similar to where they used warp mutated demon women to literally rebirth recruits by sowing them into them along with geneseed, while also fattening up slaves so that they could harvest their skin and use it like some sort of industrialized Buffalo Bob cranked up to 11? most of the time, they just kidnap guys who fit the bill, throw them through a meatgrinder of tests to weed out the weak, and implant the survivors

>> No.72956428

I just read pic related.
Holy shit, are Grey Knights really such fuckbois?
Ordered around by the inquisition like dogs, grand master get's murdered like he's nothing, other grey knights get stomped like they are guardsmen and everyone runs away from space wolves with their tails between their legs.

Aren't GK's supposed to be super special? 1 in a milion survives the recruitment/training? They fight greater deamons on equal grounds? Best armor? best weapons? emperor's geneseed?

I don't mind if they lose to other marines but not like that. That was fucked up.

>> No.72956436

I genuinely don't understand what's stopping them from making units like this for 40k. I don't get why they feel the need to go for the anachronism meme for every single AM release.

>> No.72956449

That honestly sounds really inefficient since there's no shortage of tough Cultists/Slaves to use as Marine stock/portable skin. Aren't the Iron Warriors all about ruthless efficiency?

>> No.72956457

I now want a Hogan's Heroes series set in an IW work camp.

>> No.72956460

Because the mechanicum is different from the mechanicus. Also FW models look like ass, always drowned in nuln oil

>> No.72956464

Word Bearers will often have daemons possess initiates who then turn them into astartes. No geneseed required.
A lot of warbands do something similar wherein the warp is used to do the work rather than the traditional method.

>> No.72956472

Anon, did you think the talk of ADB being a shit writer was all just memes?

>> No.72956480

Every book is designed around selling something as the greatest thing that's ever existed or a greater threat than has ever existed or a more noble quest than has ever existed.
It's plot armor that they pick at random to assign to whatever they wanna upsell models on and things are not consistent from book to book.
There's another GK short story about a mind duel between a greater demon and an important knight and it's like he just wills the demon into submission and it's kinda neat but also the shit you will never see again in any other stories.

>> No.72956481

Then where the fuck is the Dark Mechanicum release

>> No.72956485

The Grey Knight occupy an interesting space in BL fiction where they're rarely ever the protagonists because of how "super special and secret" they are, so when they do show up it's usually to show how powerful the enemy is for the actual protagonists to beat them. Case and point the first Valerian novel where a full squad of Grey Knights (Paladins I think but can't recall) a custodian and 2 sisters of silence fight a Blood Thirster and the Grey Knights are a glorified distraction for the single custodian and his 2 waifus to style on the greater demon.

>> No.72956488

Because they are lazy with non-SM releases. If they were SMs: they'd likely be properly made and split in their respective sub-factions with everyone happy.

>> No.72956499

>Because the mechanicum is different from the mechanicus.
But they were doing just fine early on with units like the Dominus and Kataphrons.

>> No.72956536

>Reaper chaincannon is better then Lascannon vs vehicles
Why has 8th ed allowed this?

>> No.72956544

I like all the mechancus units, wish electro priests had an HQ like call it a Tesla Bishop

>> No.72956549

Don't use the same color scheme for multiple Chapters, but you can just use the preheresy WE colors for WE, that's mad chill.

>> No.72956553

I'd be very ok with that.

>> No.72956554

No it's not. Stop mathhammering and play actual games.

>> No.72956567

I would like electro priests if they had a more cybernetic design, the chaos keyword, and were called "negavolt cultists"

>> No.72956572

I'm now afraid of reading the Black Legion novels.

>Every book is designed around selling something as the greatest thing that's ever existed

I thought this book was supposed to sell me Grey Knights though. I was interested in checking them out for 9th edition but that single book made me reconsider if that's how they are treated in the books.

Well at least it's a custodes, This Emperor's Gift book was truly disgusting. Even the Inquisitor who was supposed to be some super special psyker did literally nothing and died.

>> No.72956582

GW disappoints me. No Chain Lascannons?
For shame!

>> No.72956583

Well, I can understand your suffering, but you have nobody else to blame if you voluntarily read anything by ADB.

>> No.72956584

I mean those exist from BSF, but they aren't that much more cybernetic in look and have a few cables for dreads.

>> No.72956586

I'm gonna fucking drown you next
The old, beat up and grungy aesthetic is 10/10
even if it never dries

>> No.72956590

>I'm now afraid of reading the Black Legion novels.
You should. They are awful.

>> No.72956597

GK could certainly benefit from some more positive books, but at the same time they're popular based on concept alone. The stuff I like the most about them is their codex and models. They always sell out fast at my GW, I have to special order them, meanwhile furfag ass retard wolves will move but always have enough on the shelf to go around.

>> No.72956602

That knight died running away like a bitch

>> No.72956620

>And here my barley walking tech priest is going to atempt to fight your enraged captain wearing crisp new armour

Yeah looking real good for your dirty ass model

>> No.72956626

>sc admech
What the fuck, skitsri are 40, techpriest is 30and Dunerider is 75.
What’s the point of buying a sc, I think this is the point were they fucked up with their pricings, who’s gonna Pat that much, not to mention their new units are anti admech

>> No.72956667

There's no way, it's 115 CAD so yours must be less. Are you looking at the one with the book?

>> No.72956676

Commissar saw it turn around and did his duty.

>> No.72956704

you're looking at the bundle with the book
the one without the book is 95

>> No.72956705

It's not dead, it just fell over

>> No.72956707

Best chapter. Strongly considering them for my next project.

>> No.72956721

Anyone got any input on these ones? Just generally wanting some tips to improve

>> No.72956748

>SCs are 95 USD now
Man, I am tired of the prices jumping up massively every year while wages stagnate.

>> No.72956754


Wow how did that manage to go over your head?

>> No.72956759

Get some more paints so you can paint the belt buckles

>> No.72956762

Fallen Knights, you say?

>> No.72956792

Welcome to late stage capitalism.

>> No.72956808

Oh yeah, i guess BoLS forgot to add the book in the contents. Phew, i was like 3 seconds away from buying a few admech boxes.

>> No.72956811

What I finished since March:
2 Plague Marines
1 Blight Hauler
3 Nurglings
3 Obliterators
1 Chaos Rhino
1 Reaver Titan (Titanicus)
2 Warhound Titans
10 Poxwalkers
10 Plaguebearers

Almost done with my DG backlog but I'm getting 4 Moriax soon along with 2 DEldar battleboxes so the grind begins anew.

>> No.72956814

>Welcome to just find a recaster

>> No.72956823

>reading BoLS


>> No.72956854

Looks ok for a 1k list and if you're playing on a 4x4. The Foul Blightspawn aren't gonna see combat until turn 3 or something though if you're not using a Rhino, they're super slow.

>> No.72956925

Are Wheelies against the codex regulations for Space Marine Bikers?

>> No.72956932

When ever I use las cannons I can barely kill any vehicle. My Reapers always at least do something.

>> No.72956934

I mean more in regards to the quality of the paintjob

>> No.72956950

Nigga MkIII and IV are relics that don’t get made anymore, or in extremely sparse numbers.

>> No.72956959

That looks like ass, not thicc ass, but garbage ass.
having an "old" asthetic doesn't mean you just use 3 base colors and dump wash on everything.

>> No.72956989

How big can Squats become?

>> No.72957003


>> No.72957009

Bruh it's not even finished you retard

>> No.72957026


>> No.72957033

That one in the front looks like he knows about some good Gavlan deals.

>> No.72957052

>knight painted in legion colors

>> No.72957103

No deals, only price hikes

>> No.72957104

I don't get this meme, how hard is it for a pilot to have his knight painted in the heraldy of his lords? The pilot itself doesn't even have to be an astartes (which I couldn't care less about if people want that), they could literally just be showing their allegiance.

>> No.72957125

>his lords
Knights are beholden to no one!

>> No.72957142


>> No.72957143

wtf Knights are that big now?

>> No.72957147

Because they ARE the lords.

>> No.72957186

It's a FW knight that's as big as a warhound. It's fucking awesome but the rules are absolute garbage.

>> No.72957190

You say that, but a Knight (Chaos or otherwise) can do whatever they want. If they want to serve a worthy leader, who is to deny them that?

>> No.72957193


>> No.72957201

It's confirmed in the CSM codex that this has happened before, and Faith&Fury has Chaos Knights fighting alongside IW as well.

>> No.72957203


They used to be decent before they randomly decided to drop them from T9 to T8, AND raise their cost.

>> No.72957220

oh ok
it's still gay to waste the canvas of a knight on the same color scheme as the rest of your army

>> No.72957222

Nice Bio-Titan

>> No.72957225

Believe me I know, I had just finished building most of mine like a week before the rules change hit. I'm starting to learn a bit of canvas painting so I can do something hopefully cool with all of the surface area on it once I get good enough and confident enough

>> No.72957234

Fuck you, it's cool.

>> No.72957248


>> No.72957261

Could I get a better picture of that Knight Porphyrion? That conversion looks gorgeous.

>> No.72957271

Those aren't real Knights though. They are Marines hooked up to Knight suits.

>> No.72957285

Cool your autism, shitbag, you're making us look bad.

>> No.72957292

So its a knight walker piloted by a marine

>> No.72957295

Dryad bark is a pretty close match to me.

>> No.72957301


>> No.72957311

Imagine if tyranids caught the obliterator virus

>> No.72957330

Imagine if the Orks did

>> No.72957344

Can fungus get viruses?

>> No.72957351

They are better than the O.virus. They are biological weapons already.

>> No.72957353

This conversation is very lore friendly.

>> No.72957373

What could white mean for orks?

>> No.72957397


>> No.72957400

Post the LD in the middle since it reminds me of my DP

>> No.72957406

"I am very bitter, and you are the reason."
"I know, and I don't care."

>> No.72957414

Like priests

>> No.72957437

Peace, so no ork uses it.

>> No.72957448

He’s a manlet cut him some slack

>> No.72957462

Huff paint

>> No.72957479

Good kitty

>> No.72957486


>> No.72957511

Teef are yellow.

Target so there's no concept of peace only submission or death.

>> No.72957513


It's death, associated with bones. White can also therefore mean something dangerous.

>> No.72957517

If I wanted to run a GSC army with an Abominant as my HQ, what would be a good idea of showing his intellect?

>> No.72957531

Sculpt actual clothes on him

>> No.72957532

The Witches of Medrengard are a coven of hereteks formed in the Iron Warriors slave pits, earning their freedom when an abducted crone taught them to merge their bodies with a knight's machine spirit. They broke out with a porphyrion and marched it to the warsmith's fortress with the intent of making a final stand, but he just laughed, impressed with their gumption, and offered them a place alongside his warband.

>> No.72957533


As a conversion? Or loadout?

Conversion you could try and do something to model one standing more upright.

>> No.72957537

Give him a less derpy face maybe

>> No.72957548

Making solid progress on all troops, then itll be characters, tanks and special units

>> No.72957560

>Teef are yellow.
Maybe yer low quality ones are, don't lump me ‘n wit' yer.

>> No.72957563


>> No.72957572

actually making a solid dent in it
feels good man

>> No.72957583

Is it canon?

>> No.72957587

I'll probably be going with this one.

Maybe, I tried converting an Inquisitor in terminator with a fuck-off massive power claw. In the end it didn't give off the right vibe.

Well ideally I was looking for the Ork asthetic. He seems like a dumb brute on the surface until his troops flank you and he starts laughing like a chav. Would clothes help with that?

>> No.72957595

Give him a hat

>> No.72957612


>> No.72957627

Give him a neon camo tracksuit

>> No.72957632

>best man
Corvus Corax. He's muh favorite.
Konrad. My wife will never, EVER break her vows.
Vulkan, obviously.
Angron. will proceed to fuck up anyone who tries to get when they shoudnt in just cause he wants to
Lorgar. That shit will be fucking epic.
>who builds
Khan. We're getting places in fucking style.
>ring bearer

>> No.72957657

Convince me not to paint my Admech as martian red.

>> No.72957681

I want a slooty hive tyrant model.

>> No.72957693


>> No.72957697

how many tanks is too many tanks in terms of fun for 2k?

>> No.72957707

make your own dudes, let your creativity run wild

>> No.72957708

0-6 tanks.

>> No.72957710

Depends on the tank, id say 2 repulsor executioners is pushing it

>> No.72957760

probably should have mentioned, just talking about leman russes

>> No.72957773

0-0 leman russes.

>> No.72957807

Well, max in 8th is 13 if you run Pask

But 6 including HQs is cheesing it, unless you're running zero infantry

>> No.72957837

Are heavy bolter razorbacks a waste of time if you don't intend on transporting infantry with them (the squad they would be "for" are infiltrating scouts)? If you think they are, what else can I take that would cost about the same and have some staying power? As it is my Libby dread looks like he'll soak up every anti-vehicle shot my enemy has turn 1.

>> No.72957842

is this artwork from Eternal Crusade?

>> No.72957860

Contemptors have replaced Predators and Razorbacks as light shooting platforms. If you just need bolters take Assault Centurions.

>> No.72957869

And missile/gauntlet Aggressors.

>> No.72957880

Anybody but loyalist marines are the patrician's choice.

>> No.72957899

>hating MEQ that badly that you accept Tau, of all things
>not even just all MEQ, but specifically loyalist MEQ
Are Chaosfags truly the lowest lifeforms?

>> No.72957950

Ravenwing pop sick wheelies. Get fucked codex thumper

>> No.72958000

Goodbye 40kg, you had a good run.

>> No.72958009

Leman, the wild son of a bitch
Vulcan. some ruby dragon aesthetics
Rogal, Nothing can penetrate that security
The Lion
Bjorn (Still fleshy)
Fulgrim, bitch would take up spotlight

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