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That is perfect anon, it all ties in great.

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Why did GW give the new Primaris Veterans an Iron Halo and a Storm Shield? Are invulnerable saves going to stack in the new edition?

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Thoughts? My guesses are another Primaris walker, a Primaris artillery piece, or a industrial walker for Necromunda Orlocks for their expansion which is due q3.

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What do you do when you improve your paint scheme/style halfway through a squad

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Maybe they've changed one to give the dreaded +++ save.

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post games
old games new games who cares

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Thanks :D

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How do you take an Inquisator in an army? Do I still get the special abilities if I just take one?

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I suspect the halo will block mortal wounds, because apparently you can't improve anything by more that -/+ 1 in 9th.

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Reposting from WIP in case any of you fine gentlemen have a clue what the shit im on about
Anyone use a ruskie WARP specialist?
How the fuck am I supposed to tell what i'm doing, it's easy enough to make my order but i'm lost after placement
How do I use a non russkie mobile?
His help email seems to be down, doubt responding to the generic bot one will do much good

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Serious question here, most of y’all always complain about everything gw does, yet you continue buying their models. Why?

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Why are SM players so full of themselves?

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>I will ... never ... be a memory

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Nothing better to do

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sometimes I strip it, sometimes I try to go over it ( and fail, and make the paint thicc and grainy), sometimes I just suck it up, and hide them in the back of the squad.

Its why I would never paint heavy weapons, or squad leaders first.

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Cry to myself while doing it and think about how stupid I'm gonna look to other people

Then do it anyway and come up with a fluff reason why

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Because they carry the game

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I don't, I buy recasts

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You pay the one CP and points for the one you choose. But, I don’t believe SM can have one and keep their tactics.

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Celestine has a halo on her model, but not as a wargear option. So maybe stop sperging out over a decorative piece?

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>in soulful
everything in your life just got invalidated

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>unpainted Tau
every time

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Nice sword

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What other xenos weapons would be feasibly usable by Marines? I'm talking about them choosing to use it, rather than being forced to by being disarmed. The only other thing I can think of is HH Blackshields being able to use Deathlock rifles which were typically Khrave weapons.

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Jesus Christ where do I even start with painting the Lord of Skulls? It's gigantic.

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Basecoat, wash then highlight, then start picking out details. Remember that thick paint leaves streaks on bigger models so keep it thin.

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>Go ahead and pray to your god.
>But I won't be listening.

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>lovingly painted and converted IG vs unpainted tau
It's a tale as old as time itself

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Normal marines are held to pretty strict standards with regarda to that, both in their own culture and by the larger Imperium. Most I could really see them getting away with is trophies or token melee weapons

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What are your thoughts on spending 11% of your income on 40k over 3 years?

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He's starting to get more stuff on his new channel, hoping he will do a bunch of shorter videos as well. Watching a mini go from primed to complete is interesting, seeing how the order he goes in and techniques he uses brings all of the colors and details together. But there is also value in shorter videos of demonstrating a single concept or technique.

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I have two Ven. Dreads, one with a Lascannon, one with an Assault Cannon. Should I get an Ironclad Dread? If so, what should I equip it with?

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If it's not too much of a bother for me to ask, is there anything for the red I should do? I put Khorne + Nuln and kinda like it but I'm starting to think it looks a little boring. I don't really paint marines so I'm not sure what else to add.

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Blessed OP

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Kind of want to know how little that person is probably making if the percent is that high.

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It depends on a lot of factors. Income level is the most important, 11% for 100k is a lot different than 11% of 35k since you'd (hopefully) not be taking away from your other needs with the higher salary. Marital status and number of kids, where they live, retirement savings, etc.

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>primer sept
Fuck, I hope 9th is the edition that Tau finally get the bat. Those fags deserve the Necron 8th edition treatment.

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>trying to be sneaky
>wearing shiny black and white armor

What did crowcucks mean by this?
And dont give me no electric camo bullshit

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Where’d you get those walls?

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Better than spending it on women.

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>New Crusader system basically carries results over multiple games
I mean, I don't mind the idea of more narratively driven play, but how do you match up armies well? I feel like this would be restricted to close-knit groups.
Further, unless 9th really changes how the game functions, battles end up with most units dead anyway.

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Primaris Thunderfire Cannon.

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It's the men of iron

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Those new sword n shield primaris are very soulful. Classic marine design aesthetic with super rad knight helms and a sleek design.

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I mean, if you enjoy something, spend your money as you will (just be cognizant of the fact you are supporting the practices of the company AKA if you spend 1000 on mobage gatcha shit, don't be surprised they they try to milk more out of you with worse odds on more expensive loot boxes).
However 11% mean nothing really. It could be a poor person in a 3rd world country buying one SC! box per month,or a super rich person buying the whole GW range every month. Does he maybe also include stuff like 3d printing, making a painting studio, air brush, wargaming table, whatever.

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Honestly once you've basecoated khorne red, leadbelcher, and gold the models like 2/3rds done.

Its just getting those 3 colours down clean and thin. I'd personally do the whole model leadbelcher first because red, and gold go down easy over gunmetal.

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A model being removed doesn't always equate to it being dead.

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holy fuck it even looks like him.

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the problem a lot of times is that by doing only color+wash is that it risks looking very flat, specially on a marine.

you could mix khorne red + flesh tearers red to create a brighter layer in the upmost parts. if that is too hard, you can always add some scratch marks or a decal in the shoulder pad. these small details can help draw the eye away from the flat surfaces and create some depth to the figure.

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You can give captains a storm shield when you have an iron halo already, who gives a fuck

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>asking a question
>sperging out

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> admech
> necrons
> men of iron

pls gw no.

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I churched White Dwarf and it says a single Inquisator can be included in an Imperium detachment without messing anything up. Just confused about it still.

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>I mean, I don't mind the idea of more narratively driven play, but how do you match up armies well?

They explained it a bit. Armies that aren't as well matched get bonuses (blessings, more CP) to help them get to a more level playing field. You also don't get completely fucked if you get bodied in a game and all of your units get battle scarred you can use your xp in later games to remove the debuffs. I was afraid that penalties for dying units/losing games would be much worse and would possibly make people think they'd need to restart their campaign if they died (like D&D where character death is permanent in your campaign), but this seems to not be too drastic.

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You tired too hard

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> admech
> necrons
> men of iron
>pls gw no.
What? You don't like robots in your 40k? Are you some sort of robophobe?

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He looks sad. I think he wasn’t hugged enough that day.

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>because apparently you can't improve anything by more that -/+ 1 in 9th
just a reminder that they said that while answering a question about flying units and we have no confirmation if that is going to be game wide or not. if it is it'll fuck over a lot of stratagems but would help with aura stacking nonsense so we have to see.

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Is it though? One gives you intimacy, human contact, and orgasms. The other gives you tiny plastic men.

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the worst thing is GW thinks robots have to be powered by hydraulics and cogs, which are actually really inefficient and imprecise compared to other elastic/powered methods.

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>Primaris find manlets inferior
>Ultramarine manlets can be black
>White apothecary
Why does GW support nazis?

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In Necromunda when there's a power disparity between one gang that got fucked up and one gang that's rollin hard there's mechanics in place like pseudo-stratagems or model limitations (such as only 5-6 models allowed in this match) to even the playing field for the weaker army. They also get underdog bonuses as well if they beat a stronger force.

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>500 points of necrons arrived today
wife is excited to start painting and playing some small games against my orks

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They're british.

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Have fun! Post pics of your army and hers when she's painted them

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>What are your thoughts on spending 11% of your income on 40k over 3 years?
For me that would be stupid. But if you really like this hobby, that's not an unreasonable amount to spend, provided that you aren't going without anything important in the process.

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we will, she used to model and paint gunpla years ago so it shouldn't take too long for her to get back into the groove.

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>start dating girl
>keep my nerdy hobbies close to my sleeve since she's kind of a stacy
>she eventually notices all my paints, asks what they're for
>show her
>she's into it and wants to help me paint my next project

It's a weird feeling. I'm kinda less into her now.

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When the knight codex first released

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I feel bad for some of you guys. So many of you seem to play against total homos. I would quit the hobby if my meta was this bad.

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Apoc game that took the entire day

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>Honey it's time for your daily lore dickflattening

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Show me your custom built bladeguard veterans.

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But sometimes playing against assholes is its own entertainment. I'm the guy that brought 160 grots against a tau player who got mad and left after my second 45+ minute turn.

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>It's a weird feeling. I'm kinda less into her now.
Anon. It's okay. This hobby is for everyone. We don't care if you're gay. The community supports you.

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>those shining spears hiding behind a wall
I'm physically ill now, thanks

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probably something for adeptus titanicus

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>not putting the holsters on the small of the back

>> No.72949107

>I'm the guy that brought 160 grots against a tau player who got mad and left after my second 45+ minute turn.

That is fucking hilarious. I would have loved to see that. Being tau, he surely deserved it.

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I'm not one of those people who expects that a girlfriend or spouse be interested in my hobbies, but why would that make you less interested? If your girlfriend wants to help you paint that's at least a sign of being creative, or at least appreciating creativity. That's a good quality in my book.

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True like a lot of things in 40k style trumps over practicality.

Giving a model a unique silhouette (aka you know it from afar not fine details) is easier to do with big machine parts.

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I had to do a double take due to how similar it looks to my LGS, the store layout is almost the exact same, but my local has a different floor.

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>I'm not one of those people who expects that a girlfriend or spouse be interested in my hobbies, but why would that make you less interested?

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I'd rather they wear the tabards over the armour as well BT style.

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Old game. I wanna play again, bros....

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>Being tau, he surely deserved it.
He complained about my regular list's turns "taking too long". He's one of those assholes that constantly paces during your turn, sighs very loudly, plays with his models on the table, and generally tries to rush you as much as possible. He's also one of those cocksuckers that will try to get you to forget steps, like you'll be doing movement and he'll go "ok which ones are shooting first?" and if you answer he'll say that you skipped the psychic phase and will throw a tantrum if you try to go back.

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It's my only complaint with those models. I hope that - assuming they release a multipart kit - the holsters won't be molded-on and you can place them elsewhere.

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My wife has zero interest in 40k. Take what you can get.

>> No.72949171

Internalized shame being projected onto her. The way I grew up I always have the feeling that my nerdy hobbies are bad, even though I enjoy them. I'm assigning that negative value to her now. Yes I realize it's a character flaw of mine, but it doesn't make it any less true.

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Looks great! Where'd ya get the shields from?

>> No.72949178

It looks like a piece of terrain, I doubt it's anything major.

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Don't get me wrong, if my girlfriend was interested in mini painting and sci fi that's awesome, but it isn't a requirement.

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if you are the nurgle boy, you lack of faith in papa begets your weakness. go back to square 1 and try agai.

>> No.72949195

Not usually a fan of space woofs, but these are dope, well painted too

>> No.72949196

>just a reminder that they said that while answering a question about flying units
It doesnt mean it only applies to flying units, they were saying that the -1 to hit filters cannot stack with other -1 to hit because NOTHING stacks more than +/-1

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I feel really bad about the necron player for some reason

>> No.72949207

>like you'll be doing movement and he'll go "ok which ones are shooting first?" and if you answer he'll say that you skipped the psychic phase and will throw a tantrum if you try to go back.
Lol what a fucking dick

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Very cool but could use quite a bit more veteran bling.

>> No.72949238

3 robo armies in short order is too much, like how everyone in AoS is pissed at 2 or 3 more elf armies coming.

>> No.72949241

This, the tabard should either cover the breastplate or only hang from the belt, covering the belly looks really fuckin dumb.

>> No.72949242

It was a pretty close match. The Tesseract Vault didn't do much during shooting but it shat out a lotta MWs. Being DG I also didn't manage to kill off his Lychguard and he ressurected 4 back after I killed 5, lmao.

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Okay not to stereotype but lets get some details we're all thinking: How old is this faggot, and how does he dress/look? what level of autism is this guy on.

Also do you play in an lgs or a GW store? If he's acting like a kid in front of literal kids thats extra embarrassing

>> No.72949257

Will Cawl be bringing back Destroyers, and Moritats next?

>> No.72949259

>let her cut pieces off sprue, file off mold lines, prime models, apply simple bases

It's free labor for the bitch work. What's wrong with you

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Last week a friend and I played through the First Strike box and it was quite fun. Now I would like to build two small armies to play. One of them is primaris, build up from the First Strike marines, but I don't know about the second army since I'm not interested in DG. This is for fun with friends, not flgs strangers.

Is 500 points a good level? or should it be 750 or 1000?
Also what factions are fun at the above point levels?

>> No.72949273

>4chan= Everybody

>> No.72949285

>jump pack gravis moritat with souped up twin plasmas that fire constantly on overcharge and don't overheat

>> No.72949295

Anyone else at a crossroads?

It's like I want to expand my armies, but I don't know which ones or which way. Playing the game is probably not going to happen anytime soon and with 9th on the horizon I don't know which direction to take my armies.

>> No.72949312

Honestly you can cheese "meta" lists pretty easy if you know that they're coming. I had a normal list when I was gonna play this guy and I had a backup list of 150 infantry if he brought flyers. Guess which I had to use....

>> No.72949314

holy fu-
>that base
what the fuck why do you put your $500 model on a fucking plastic water bottle

>> No.72949317

Get the dark Imperium box before it's gone, or at least the primaris half

>> No.72949322

wait out the next edition and just build, paint, and play with what you have

>> No.72949323


>> No.72949328

If you get Know no Fear you'd basically have two small armies and some terrain to play with, if you just really hate death guard you can sell them off though

>> No.72949330

See which models you like and get em. The rules probably wont change... much.

>> No.72949339

theres a novella where Guilliman learns to live with using Destroyers in the HH, when at first he wanted to phase them out.

>> No.72949365

Sub assemblies all the way. Also paint it however you want. Ignore those sheep shilling ''official'' box art snooze

>> No.72949370

That fuck huge plane looks pretty ballin

>> No.72949396

Why did you guys get mad at people saying marines were clones when Arch outright said in this video that geneseed turns you into a clone of the primarch?


>> No.72949407

I'm so glad primaris are a fresh start for SWs and don't have the wolf butt plugs and absurd amount of pelts and bad haircuts yet. That pic is about as wolfed out as they should be.

>> No.72949419

use an airbrush

>> No.72949420

Can someone post a nice skin tone recipe thx

>> No.72949421

Pretty sure he's a couple years younger than I am, so late 20's/early 30's. He's a white guy with average build and glasses, shorts and tshirts most of the time. He's one of those guys that has a strong need to win even if it takes acting like an asshole.

Even though we play at an lgs that has "fun fridays" where you aren't supposed to bring comp lists he still brings his tau comp list then gets mad when he's told he can't play it. He's tried to get crisis suit commander with crisis and shield drone blobs declared "fluffy" and can't get his head around the concept that switching one comp list for another isn't the point of a fun list. He isn't matched with new players anymore since he delights in "teaching them what 40k is really about", which means just stomping them by turn 2. We've had new players not come back after playing against him but he shells out so much money to the store that they won't ban him.

>> No.72949422

Because Arch is wrong.

>> No.72949427

has anyone in-person ever reeeed at you because of something in your list or because of some hobby decisions? Was it in your local meta or at a larger event?

>> No.72949444

>he shells out so much money to the store that they won't ban him.
The eternal conundrum

>> No.72949446

What army?

>> No.72949454

They cleared that up in their stream yesterday; only dice rolls are affected by that limitation, stats can stack as usual. They also clarified that a +2 is still useful because a it negates a -1 while still giving your bonus.

>> No.72949463

Maybe look at armies with different playstyles than what your regular army has? Like if you normally play a gunline like guard or tau go with something more mobile, or a horde army?

>> No.72949468

A friend just told me someone looted a GW store in NY are took all the AdMech cowboys. Is this true? lol.

>> No.72949474

>nice skin tone recipe
be white and marry a white girl

>> No.72949494

No, everyone is pretty casual at place I hang at. One SW player even had illegal loadouts on his manlets because he wanted to pose them with all kinds of weapons (like double sluggas, but for marines). Not like I would be able to tell since I don't play marines.

>> No.72949496

>the only place that doesn't require me to bring a female to play gets looted and will close down

Fuck my life

>> No.72949507

I once brought 2 10 man assault squads and 20 terminators in a fluffy melee list to what I thought was a friendly casual game only to pretty much get tabled by the end of turn 2

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>> No.72949515

>>the only place that doesn't require me to bring a female to play gets looted and will close down
where else do you play? Nightclubs?

>> No.72949521

time to troll ebay for cheap plastic

>> No.72949525

>dice rolls are affected by that limitation, stats can stack as usual
I don't get it.
The stats modify dice rolls... so... uh?

>> No.72949530

Guard, i have mordian metals

>> No.72949546

>he wasn't there for that thread

>> No.72949548

1:1 flayed one flesh mixed with cadian fleshtone

>> No.72949551

I haven't watched the vid but Marines don't look like clones of their Primarch. They take on aspects yeah but not enough to make them look dramatically different.

>> No.72949563

I've seen someone reee at someone else for having his models within an inch of another model

>> No.72949569

no, what happened? Was the pollack whining again?

>> No.72949573

>They cleared that up in their stream yesterday; only dice rolls are affected by that limitation, stats can stack as usual. They also clarified that a +2 is still useful because a it negates a -1 while still giving your bonus.
That's all exactly what I figured but it's good to have confirmation.

>> No.72949584

They usually lose interest after some time. Often they pretend they are interested and lose interest after realizing just how nerdy this shit is. Just give her some simple interactive task in a low value project. Who knows? Maybe she has the latent powerlevel required for continued interest in your stuff.

>> No.72949593

What? No they dont. He means you can stack +3 Toughness or something.

>> No.72949594


Note how memberships are closed, then Scroll down to the part about inclusivity

>> No.72949622

Ah the typical catch22 of these sweaty waacfags, well at long as he's paypigging it up and keeping your lgs floating that's not too bad, you don't need to play him after all, and stomping new players is just pathetic

>> No.72949636

Reminds me of when thirsty freshmen parties in college. Either you had to be 21 plus and bring alcohol or 1 woman per guy because the organizers wanted some action

>> No.72949643

i can't imagine spending 11% of my income on all my non essential things combined

>> No.72949646

Anyone make catgirl figure heads that would fit plastic sisters?

>> No.72949656

Anyone had exp painting this guy? I've glued him together except putting him onto the scarab and base. Wise to do it as that sub-assembly or is it not worth the trouble?

>> No.72949657

> Posting what some irrelevant little bitch Youtuber says as proof of anything.

>> No.72949662


Quick rundown
>an anon makes fun of people who can't play at clubs and instead play at GW stores
>one guy says he can't play at a club because he's not female and can't bring anyone
>someone calls bullshit
>he posts the site
>some anons look into it and theorize its a sex cult

>> No.72949670

>Playing narrative campaign
>BA vs Nids on Baal pre codex
>BA player assaulting tyranid reclamation pool to stop the front line spawning
>Took a bunch of hive guard, gargoyles, and tervigons since their role on the backline is purely defensive in the fluff
>He brought 6 Baal predators with triple flamers
>Blow them all up before they can get within range
>He bitches me out for being a waacfag and powegaming in a narrative campaign
>We never talked after that
I probably dodged a bullet there, but I really wanted that campaign to continue, it was just getting good

>> No.72949674

I haven't built my overlord yet because I get the feeling the backplate and cape will be better off sub assembled.

>> No.72949686

A marine gets buffed to 5 str means you're wounding T4 on rolls of 3+. Then give them an ability to add +1 to wound, you're wounding on 2+

Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest, for example.

>> No.72949709

Does no one paint on spruces or before assembling?

>> No.72949714

>calling the nid player a WAACfag

>> No.72949718

>new crusade system sounds cool
>uses CP
utterly ruined

>> No.72949724

it's different due to unmodified 1s always failing on hits. so say you had a BS of 4+, but then had an ability/strat that improved it by +2, that means a roll of 2 will pass. However, if you have a BS of 3+ and have an ability that is +2 to hit, a roll of 1 will still fail despite meeting the BS as an roll of 1 will always fail regardless of modifiers.

>> No.72949736

>PL not CP
I'm retarded

>> No.72949749

Because he is a fag.

>> No.72949755

man and I thought I'd get character bloat with just the 9th edition set

>> No.72949770

Why would I do that? The model won't be painted in the places where I have to cut the sprue

>> No.72949779

What are you talking about?

You need to cut them off sprues though, that leaves places that are not painted or going to be damaged.

>> No.72949793

if I was that BA player I'd be pretty excited, that's pretty much what happened at Baal. Entire chapters were wiped out.

>> No.72949795

People that are retarded do this. Are you a retard?

>> No.72949804


>> No.72949808

It's a narrative style of play, plungerdick.

>> No.72949818

How do I get that old 40k feel for my bases? I heard about green rims, but then someone mentioned flock too. Do I do green rims AND green flock/texture? Or do the rims only have to be green?

>> No.72949826

I once luckily won a game during 5th ed because my shitty Kroot-heavy Tau army somehow bested the local fat fuck Waac autist and knocked him down to the 'losers' bracket of our little fun store 750 pts tournement (Honestly everyone bar him and the one token Eldar player at our store was CaaC so he somehow got trampled by other meme/weak lists prior)

He screeched and slammed his case on the table when packing up, opening it so violently he broke not only his own predator but some store terrain and my metal Krootox, he got banned and i never saw him again

>> No.72949839

Some models I paint in subassembly but it depends on the model. Like for ork boyz it makes no sense, they're small and will be with dozens of other boyz so all the details aren't noticeable. Vehicles, HQ's, etc. get painted in subassembly.

>> No.72949842

Nostalgia for something you never experienced...

>> No.72949847

who cares what style of play it is
points > power level always

>> No.72949867

Painting him not attached to the back of the cloak makes things more then a bit easier.

>> No.72949870

>He thinks anyone will ever play it more than twice in the first month of 9th before it's forgotten about forever

>> No.72949872

John Games-Workshop walks up to you, he tells you that you can make whatever change you want, you can publicly torture Matt Ward until the end of days, you can bring back Fantasy, you can make the emperor a squat if you want;

But you have to find a way to port vampires to 40k, they cant just be a random chapter, warband or craftworld, they have to be their own faction, how do you do it?

>> No.72949903

and? I feel nostalgic for all old 40k stuff, and I didn't start playing until a few months ago. What's wrong with that?

But no really, my store opens tomorrow and I wanna know what all I need to get. Warboss Green is the equivalent to Goblin Green (or so I've heard). Do I need flock/green bases or are the rims sufficient

>> No.72949904

Squid xenos vampires that are basically lovecraftian biotech horrors that feed off the blood in people's nervous systems

>> No.72949907

They already exist in 40k, multiple variants
Hell you can call Enslavers a type of vampire.
Also Matt is an angel compared to the one we shall not name

>> No.72949914


are 3 preds at 1k points douchey?

>> No.72949920

I think in setting these are used due to reliability
A lot of other methods will crap out on you through use or any damage.
Hydraulics and cogs meanwhile will endure a long time and a lot of punishment with minimal maintenance

>> No.72949929

They're an emergent threat out from the Ghoul Stars. all the souls lost during the Age of Strife have re-awoken through warp sorcery or pseudo magical science and boy are they pissed

>> No.72949935

My lgs has 8 people tentatively signed up for it, so I'm hoping it has some longevity.

>> No.72949938

interesting, but I wouldn't say it's a sex cult, seems like more a case of male feminist predators, using inclusivity as an excuse to surround themselves with women they can attempt to prey upon. I think sex cult is a bit of a reach, but I have to say the UI of their website is something I'd expect for a brothel and not a games club.

>> No.72949948

He's gay anon, he's not interested in women.

>> No.72949951

Back when I did airplane models. I always did most of the painting by clipping up the sprues. So I didn't touch the part being painted. Then once the paint dried I clipped the sprue pieces off and filled and painted over those spots.

>> No.72949952

Make them a separate minor Xenos race that kidnaps people to feed on them. Like the Wraith from Stargate.

>> No.72949953

I expand kroot into a mercenary auxiliaries codex with vespids, tarellian dog-soldiers, freebootaz and hrud. They soup with Tau and can be included as a patrol detachment in most other armies. Then to fulfill the vampire part of the deal I simply tell him that Dark Eldar are already a thing.

>> No.72949958

For Admech and Imperium? Sure make sense from an aesthetic point.
But necrons? come on

>> No.72949963

>first 40k game ever, against random sweaty neckbeard I met at the shop
>plops his unpainted army on the table
>he starts off about talking how there are double turns in 40k
>theres definitely not double turns in 40k dude
>I get first turn, roll pretty hot and blast a lot of his army away
>he goes, rolls like shit
>I go, blast away more
>he goes, deepstrikes some shit 9" away from me
>I didnt even know about deepstriking
>fails his charges
>basically win the game at that point
>anon you are truly THAT GUY, I didnt know you were bringing a competitive list
>tfw I literally just brought infantry squads and some leman russes and a mortar team
>anon just you wait, I'll play my dark eldar and we'll have a REAL game

On our way out of the store he bought 2 daughters of khaine AOS boxes (the hundred dollar box sets) and mentioned that he had 3 more at home and hadn't opened them yet. Needless to say I never played him again. Pic related was my first game

>> No.72949973

>they cant just be a random chapter
Did you fucking miss the fucking Blood Angels?

>> No.72949977


Green rims or green flock, but not both.

>> No.72949981

Yeah that seems to be the case, people only thought the sex club thing because it's the name of one in True detective and because of the rule

>> No.72949986

John Games-Workshop shakes his head, "No no no kid, listen we gotta beat those uhh...whatever they're called, the maskies? Whatever, cant just be the counts, gotta be space vampires."

>> No.72949997

Based IG versus Incel and cringe chaosfag
Classic matchup

>> No.72949998

When are we getting a Primaris flying vehicle?

>> No.72950011

>port vampires to 40k
I make them red space marines that drink their enemies blood and have some kind of bloodrage or something, maybe call it red thirst

>> No.72950016

John tilts his head, from atop his 16k golden jewel plated money throne, barely seeing you from his rolls of fat "Kid...the Marines are overdone."

>> No.72950028

I assume FW will put out the overlord soon enough.

Then again, GW is making titan-scale plastic kits now so who knows?

>> No.72950038

One of my first ever 40k games, before new SM codex. Played greytide necrons and won due to linebreaker. Dude played his warriors with a 3+

High point of the game was the dread ripping his smug doomsday ark apart in a single fight phase.

>> No.72950040

>Playing Tsons against Custodes
>Have Termie Sorc at corner of table, surrounded by SOC
>Everything starts charging the SOC
>Stop him for a second, point out the separate Termie Sorc, ask if he wants to charge it as well, explain how charge combat works
>"No, I'll just charge the SOC"
>Wipes them out in combat, then immediately tries to pile in and attack Termie Sorc
>reees ensue when I don't let him

>> No.72950041

We already have the Repulsor, the Repulsor Executioner, the Impulsor and the Astraeus.

>> No.72950049


>> No.72950052

i kind of want to play scions
someone talk me out of this

>> No.72950055

Dark eldar
>literally drain the life out of others to sustain immortality
>are pallid and live in a land of eternal night
>have a subfaction of frankensteins
You want vamps in space, there you fuckin go.

>> No.72950063

you mean the cawl speeder?

>> No.72950075

fantastic painting

>> No.72950079

two (2) kits

>> No.72950080

Why do women pretend to like gay guys as their best friends, but then accuse men they’re mad at of being gay like it’s an insult?

>> No.72950082

Why is it that people who have unpainted armies tend to be the worst people to play against? All the stories in this thread have the opponent being greytide or primertide

>> No.72950087

John takes one long single drag from a cigar, the entire fucking thing, one drag, "Kiiiiiid...Vampires for not horny people."

>> No.72950090

really nice paintjob, do people give you shit for running the suppressors without the flight stand?

>> No.72950095

>The impostor reveal itself
I mean, that was a rookie mistake dude. The real John Games-Workshop will be happy to know about you.

>> No.72950097

You have a seemingly fully painted guard army and this was your first 40k game EVER? also he's sweaty tryhard but brought a terrible Mutalith Vortex beast?


>> No.72950112

The chronic grey tide "players" don't enjoy playing they enjoy winning. They want whatever army is currently strong because it is strong. They will move on to a different army as soon as the rules favor it, so why spend time painting an army that they'll abandon?

>> No.72950118

Because what a woman wants in a mate (strong, reliable, sexy) are not the same thing she wants in a friend (sycophant, catty to others, not as pretty as her).

>> No.72950127

just choose the two out of three subfactions that are not wyches

>> No.72950132

Im trying to identify the arm piece on this seargent. I know I had one of those bits, but I can't find from where.

>> No.72950139

The same reason you don't want your girlfriend to have the same traits as your male friends.

>> No.72950142

Stop that

>> No.72950150

Me in green

>> No.72950155

The robot arm with chainsword?

I believe it's from the plastic SM captain multipart kit.

>> No.72950157

Primaris space marines that are sons of Sanguinius. They black rage doesn't take them. Instead they get overwhelmed by the red thirst. Mutating into pale leathery imitations of their primarch. They feed on blood only. Weak to UV rays. Those that retain their minds are sent away to their final crusade. To stalk the shadows of chaos worlds. The others are hunted down by a special unit. BLADE. BLood Angles Devestator Ensemble.

>> No.72950167

Another one. Both friends army.

>> No.72950168

>40k space marines got floating land raiders before the custodes did

>> No.72950177

Well back then I figured it was more of painting and modeling hobby and most people were into the painting stuff side and tried to use only painted stuff in games, so I didnt play for like 3 months while i painted everything. I was in for such a rude awakening

>> No.72950181

going from steel legion which has one (1) kit that's twice as good!

>> No.72950196

The C'tan prep their Triarch bull.

>> No.72950200

i couldn't tell ya, but that's a first-class paintjob if i've ever seen one

>> No.72950201


factually incorrect.

>> No.72950202


>> No.72950203

I miss eyes shitposter. Better than the trash we get today that counts as shitposting

>> No.72950208

right, the chainsword it's not on the seargent, but the saergent doesn't have the right paintjob.
Anyway yeah that's the bit im looking for. i'll search for it online. thanks mate

>> No.72950235

I don't know the proper name for it, but I like those armor studs (legs and shoulder) on the older marines. How could I make more of them? Could I snip off bits of paperclip and superglue them on, or is that not the right scale? Do they sell the stuffed bits by themselves?

>> No.72950237

So do you want bizarrely domestic, submissive friends, or an unusually butch woman?

>> No.72950258

How do Space Marine's restrain people that they don't need to kill?

>> No.72950267

Tomboy gf please

>> No.72950268

>Take a bit of greenstuff
>Press a drill bit/dowel/whatever in to form an impression
Wait 24 hours until dry
>take bit of sprue
>heat sprue until soft
>press sprue into impression
>wait till cool
>clip off just below molded part
>sand if necessary
>glue on

>> No.72950269

Roll a rod out of green stuff

Cut small slices off it

>> No.72950283

In one novel a marine flicked a someones chin to knock them out

>> No.72950292

>heat sprue
>inject poison fumes

>> No.72950297

>won't cook for you
>doesn't want to stay home with the kids
>you never get to see her all dressed up


>> No.72950300

They don't. They just kill them anyway.

Because when the marines are called, it is not for something as mundane as a restraining order.

>> No.72950308

mommy gf or bust

>> No.72950309

If you actually love 40k and/or your chosen army you'll probably put in the effort to paint it up nicely, you're also probably a friendly guy who understands and enjoys the various aspects of the hobby (Fluff, painting, modeling, gaming, etc) and doesn't stress too much over purely winning, a fun game with cool moments on both sides is more important

But a typical greytide fag just wants to win with the latest powercreep, so have no connection to the army or minis, just see real life opponents as people to try and crush, probably barely care about the fluff/visuals so why bother putting effort in? they're also likely a huge autismo so no wonder these guys are difficult to socalize with and leave bad tastes

>> No.72950320

>don't need to kill
Did you forget the purpose of having super soldiers armed with pocket nuke launchers?

>> No.72950327

Most based 40k youtubers. Go.

>> No.72950336

bonding studs? they're in fluff used to repair armour damage. I've seen people use greenstuff or an equivalent material, just roll it into a tiny ball, cut it in half, and put them on the armour without squishing them

>> No.72950337



You can also repaint them to good effect

>> No.72950345

Do you also spray prime your models without ventilation? Do you sand without a mask?

>> No.72950347

Auspex Tactics

>> No.72950348


>> No.72950366

boop them on the nose
in one of the primaris books, Dangels one, a primaris guy throws a grenade at a target they wanted to interrogate without pulling the pin first, just yeeted it at his head like a metal softball

>> No.72950377

I wanna hear more!

>> No.72950379

I dont spray my models, i brush on prime them
I forgot about the mask tho, im stupid

>> No.72950385

isn't this a more.... flat? board game.The only minis being character props.

>> No.72950392


>> No.72950397

>they don't need to kill?

Why would a marine not kill? That seems stupid, they get nothing from interrogation when they can eat brains for intel and Im pretty sure the only Astartes I've seen questioning where Night Lords and after they are done with you you'll be begging for death anyway.

>> No.72950398

Oh, I thought it was just an aesthetic thing. Weird.

>> No.72950400

Like youre going to get a 50s style housewife of your dreams anon. A woman who I can relate with and isn't a whore is fine by me. Don't want a "hate my wife" boomer relationship

>> No.72950412

Who would win a fight? bare knuckles only, no knives, back alley, final destination

>> No.72950418

I think only the Dark Angels are into bondage and such.

>> No.72950423

Do you sand without a mask?

>> No.72950436

Do you mask without a sand?

>> No.72950438

Lot of projecting you got going on there.

>> No.72950441

Money's on Valrak 2bh he looks like he may actually have some muscle under that blubber

>> No.72950450


>> No.72950456

no, I forgot masks exist when mentioning the fumes

>> No.72950467


butch women, my gf farts and burps all the time already anyways, and then she watches rupaul's drag race and all that other horseshit

>> No.72950468

From what I've heard he got banned for it. Forgot to save the screencap of the ban.

>> No.72950472

Valrak has 6 inches and 50 pounds on arch, so it seems pretty straight forward.

>> No.72950476

Projecting what exactly? Or is this just cope/seethe the comeback?

>> No.72950487


wanting to cook has nothing to do with being guy or girl. Guys love cooking too. And women look like shit with make up

>> No.72950495

Well a mask alone won't do shit aboutfumes unless you get a proper ventilator. But in my case I just work under my painting hood, which draws fumes up and out.

>> No.72950496

Why the archeocopter?

>> No.72950507

play on table top

>> No.72950514

I never said I want a 50's housewife anon, I (and most dudes) just prefer women that look and act more feminine.

>> No.72950521

its okay, i wont melt plastic anyways, im too scared to do that

>> No.72950535

Sounded like you wanted a woman that dresses up for you, cooks for you and takes care of the kids like a 50s housewife.

>> No.72950543

>I think you're pretty without makeup! Really!

Lol, keep kissing ass simp, I'm sure her boyfriend will let her give you a pity handjob some day.

>> No.72950557

Are you the one who asked how to model bonding studs?

>> No.72950558

>normal gender roles are 1950s stereotype
nu-male pls go

>> No.72950574

no, im the one who shitposted as an answer

>> No.72950576

How old are you kid?

>> No.72950585

Or a modern housewife. The 50s part makes me think excessively submissive, only cares about the home, etc.

>> No.72950586

This is because she eventually places her iron halo on Guilliman during his coronation but her model is from the time period before that.

>> No.72950600


>> No.72950606

Then why the fuck would I care what you are or aren't going to do?

>> No.72950613

Yes, unironically. I was born in the 80s and your traditional roles were long dead before I was born.

>> No.72950620

why the fuck would I know, you were asking

>> No.72950626

You're a swell guy I see.

>> No.72950632


lot of projecting going on there zoomer, some of us are older than 20. I don't like when my gf wears make up, I prefer her everyday look.

>> No.72950649

why the fuck would you ever paint on primer.
I guarantee you're wasting your time on a process that takes longer and leaves far worse results.

>> No.72950653

I was born in the 80s too and gender roles are far from dead.

there's nothing wrong with looking for a partner that wants to help raise kids and support the home

>> No.72950657

Not him, but how old are you lol? You seem to think most women don't still act like that. Or do you think millennial women in California are the world?
We should do a strawpoll to see what the average age of a person interested in 40k on /40kg/ is these days.

>> No.72950659 [DELETED] 

Will showing off my Warlord titan help me get a GF like pic related?

>> No.72950660

they kind of are, because they do look pretty cool, but they serve an actual purpose at the same time, which is neat

>> No.72950688

because I currently dont have an easy outdoor area, my neighbors will bitch about it if I go on the streets, its sold out online AND I dont want to spray in my home, in case I fuck up and spray somewhere I dont want

>> No.72950695

I wonder why...

>> No.72950705


>> No.72950710

we'll get stuff after the 9th edition launch wave

>> No.72950715

its probably just aesthetic

>> No.72950720

Are you implying that I'm a jewish shill for saying I want a stay at home wife?.. Man I really don't get you stormer guys.

>> No.72950723

>Get btfo and resort to the 'kid' shit

>> No.72950729

Oh so now you're playing moat and bailey arguments on me like a coward. First it was absolutes now when pressured you go wishy washy. Lets bring it back to your original point where you flanderize the opposition.
Im 32 and a lot of women in my dating pool are immature and childish or with baggage literal and figurative.

>> No.72950741

Where you from?

>> No.72950750


those are just women in general. They mature faster than boys til they hit age 16, then they're stuck there forever (mentally)

>> No.72950754

>those huge hands and wrists

>> No.72950757

The USA, I mean if you're having to paint minis on the rooftop maybe your women aren't trash.

>> No.72950776

How old is /40kg/


>> No.72950784

Or on the stairs

>> No.72950800

At least the riptides are standing straight

>> No.72950801

I mean big city or country side? Big cities tend to have extremely liberal people, so your more easy to find easy lays and thots, and the country side tends to have extremely conservative people where you'd need some dads permission to date their daughter.
>But there are incestuous degenerates in the country side as well
There are probably also a few puritans in cities. It's about pool size.

>> No.72950809

>GF like pic

>> No.72950818

No, I meant the reason 50's housewife has such negative connotations.

>> No.72950824

If you think there aren't any underage people here, you're fooling yourself. Should have added a bellow 20 category.

>> No.72950825

Thanks man
Cheers mate. No. Haven't yet, but they're really close to being same height, so maybe thats why.

>> No.72950835

you're the one moving the goalposts, brainlet.

You compared someone who wants a partner to stay at home and help raise children to an enslaved 1950's housewife.

I pointed out that normal, cross cultural gender roles is different than the "1950's housewife".

>> No.72950839

I'm blind plz ignore.

>> No.72950845

My devilfish did that too. The feet attach to the bottom of the bench things on the inside, and they'll pop off and rattle around in there if you so much as look at em wrong.

>> No.72950852

>20 or younger

I did.

>> No.72950861

>not wanting to be the homemaker and trophy husband of an ara ara mommy CEO

>> No.72950862

Haha no, anon. That was done on purpose.

>> No.72950865

So from kill team i've assembled
>2 regular tech priests
>2 of the fatboy one
>1 unit of ruststalkers
>1 unit of the other
>2 units of skitarii vanguard
>2 dunewalker

So now shits leaking would it be better to get 6 castellans and 2 enginseers for 9th or is any of the new stuff coming out this weekend standing out?

>> No.72950872

Moat and bailey. You asserted strong roles, I added criticism, you fall back on soft "help around the house" argument. Boring, not interested in wasting my time with you anymore if you're going to be a weak autist and not even stand up for what you want.

>> No.72950882

What, the guy in the pic made his fish wonky intentionally? Why?

>> No.72950893

Cavalry is cool but you have to build the list around them.
Otherwise no, all the new stuff looks cool but will play trash. Get the Kastelans as they actually work with your gameplan somewhat

>> No.72950900

how about you stop being a pedantic faggot?

your ass pain in showing

>> No.72950913

well, if you're a waacfag of sorts, you'll probably want kastellans. They are getting a point cost reduced by almost half. They'll be able to do something like 180 heavy phosphor shots per turn for like 390 points.

>> No.72950921

The riptides lying on their sides, anon...

>> No.72950928

There's no moat and bailey. All i did was make fun of you for calling normal, cross cultural gender roles "1950s" housewife.

>> No.72950943

Note that there is a strong likelihood that point drop will be faq'd away soon.

Oh fuck I didn't even see that. What a pissant thing to do.

>> No.72950956

Not waac, i just like the idea of a bunch of big robots being commanded by a few techpriests more than something that feels like i could use my GSC i already have instead.

>> No.72950994

>Note that there is a strong likelihood that point drop will be faq'd away soon.
i'd hope so. Was thinking about getting that admech apocalypse detachment with 6 of them for 100eur in a couple of months, but would feel bad about bringing it to the table if it turned out to be broken.

>> No.72951000

Bold of you to assume that anyone here actually participates in the hobby. In reality we just shit post and cynical contrarian shit gets more (you)

>> No.72951006

If you so much as use any number of your army's best unit (riptide, assault centurion, hive guard, shining spears, etc) then you are a waacfag
>strongly agree
>strongly disagree

>> No.72951025

Am I really a waacfag if I use custodes jetbikes though

>> No.72951030

I buy a model if I both like it and think it's not way too expensive, otherwise don't. Really simple as that.

>> No.72951039

How is my chaos dread coming along? Should I add a trophy rack or two on him to sell the effect, or should I wait until he kills something? (1/2)

>> No.72951048

Depends how you use them. Like id tau were using riptides without drones, I'd be fine.
What's the CSM Waac unit, and i'll tell you if i'm a waacfag.

>> No.72951052

I need most trashy and punk chapter you can recommend.

>> No.72951059

I think you can be
Casual or casually competitive with units deemed good or bad. Win at all costs is a mentality

>> No.72951064

>>72951039 (Me)
The face turned out a little derpy but I kinda like it (2/2)

>> No.72951068

probably daemon prince, maybe possessed currently

>> No.72951075

You should learn how prime and undercoat

>> No.72951094

what's chaotic about it?

>> No.72951111

Marines Malevolent, they are raging cunts hated by pretty much everyone to the point that they barely get any logistical support and have to scavenge armor parts.

>> No.72951118

Probably not true. GW stores aren't getting shipments rn.

>> No.72951122

I presume this was for me >>72951048 ?
I do play alpha legion but refuse to have any possessed. I both don't like the models and think the -10000 to hit they abuse is wrong.
DPs I do have 3 of but rarely use. Only when I want to soup some daemons with my CSM, or when I plop them with Mortarion/Magnus for narrative purposes.

>> No.72951128

For starters, erase the imperial victories. Then add more spikes.

>> No.72951130

It's primed gray, plungerbrain.

>> No.72951135

>stock doesn't exist

>> No.72951149

You should learn how to actually paint then too.

>> No.72951163

No games but finished her up.

>> No.72951172

God, so he's a fag and absolutely wrong as well

>> No.72951177


Hey I just did the same thing this past week. I'd recommend adding some more spikes/horns if you have any. Or skulls, blades, tattered/ripped cloth etc.

>> No.72951180

The snaking fleshy bits and the trapped soul face on the shoulder
Which is why I asked if I should put a spiky trophy rack or two

That wasn't me, but can I ask what's wrong with the paint that would make you say I need to "learn how to actually paint"?

>> No.72951186

Greenstuffworld has a mold for rivets.

If you're a cheap jew like me you could always try making a mold of the bits you want with bluestuff and use green stuff to make copies of them. /wip/ has a picture guide on how to do it.

>> No.72951190

I thought the chaos best unit atm was the Lord Discordant?

>> No.72951196

>Which is why I asked if I should put a spiky trophy rack or two
yeah, I think you should definitely add something to make its silhouette more recognizably chaotic

>> No.72951198


it looks like the grey parts were never painted, just plastic.

>> No.72951206

Yeah whoops, replied to the wrong post
DPs are just far too efficient compared to say a sorcerer, you get a fast moving melee power house psyker for less than 200 points
the only time you don't want 2 or 3 is if you're short on points and are going all in on a certain build (possessed)

>> No.72951234

The most blatant issue is that the coverage of your coats are all over the place, the grey is peeking through the red in multiple places. How much do you think your paints and how many coats do you use.?
You also have to clean up the gold/red transitions, probably thin it down some too as it looks chunky.
The face sculpt looks neat though.

>> No.72951237

They weren't, I primed them but I didn't get to them yet.

>> No.72951253

it's not that disco lords are bad, they're just low skill cap and have no finesse. You just charge them in and pray they actually get there

>> No.72951257

GW released art of the Primarch and the Warmaster squaring up against each other.

Can Abaddon really take on a Primarch?

>> No.72951258

Better angle

>> No.72951261

I just find them too... unfluffful to use regularly. Daemon Princes shouldn't be leading groups of street gang cultists or undercover alpha legion operations. If I have a Daemon detachment, sure it makes sense for themto be at the head of the host, but otherwise? Chaos Lords of various calibers make more thematic sense.

>> No.72951263

Love the color you gave them. It's classic looking but without being an obnoxious baby blue like how the GW team does it.
What colors did you use to achieve it?

>> No.72951283

Abaddon killed a clone of horus so yeah he can

>> No.72951287

Oh fair enough

>> No.72951292

> admech
> necrons
> men of iron

pls GW yes

>> No.72951310

>that Riptide on the tower
is it a mutant'au?

>> No.72951327

Is US forgeworld shipping yet?

>> No.72951334

Depends who's writing. If it's ADB then he easily kills Guilliman while being 100% correct in some dumb ideological shit. If it's written by someone who isn't a walking parasite then no, Abby can't and would most likely get perma deleted by Big E's sword.

>> No.72951343

That tau player is cancer

>> No.72951346

forgeworld isn't shipping anywhere yet.

>> No.72951367

our friends from China are shipping

>> No.72951377

>get perma deleted by Big E's sword.

Note that Morty's father wasn't perma-killed by the Emperor's sword. His soul survived in the Warp and if Daemon Morty didn't chase him down and imprison him he might have reincarnated somehow.

>> No.72951382

Oh shit I tried getting into that club. Odd how membership is still closed even after three years but I guess I now know now.

>> No.72951384


>> No.72951398

It got looted

>> No.72951405

It depends on how juiced up on chaos Abaddon gets, and currently he's pissed most the Gods off and isn't getting 4 scoops in his beaker, At the same time Guilliman was never a big threat though the sword helps.

>> No.72951434

Yep. Know any other places I could play besides the GW store? I like strategist but seems like they're only open for 40k once per week

>> No.72951443 [SPOILER] 

Someone remember the old White Dwarf (around 2005 IIRC) with an Adeptus Mechanicus fully converted army (inspired by some early Horus Heresy sketches) ???????

>> No.72951446

What should I use for spikes? I've got a few Terminator trophies I could use, but since I left the dread with poseable arms, it's kinda hard to find a good spot for them. Maybe sprue bits or toothpicks?

>> No.72951449 [DELETED] 

FW isn't shipping anywhere yet. Let alone a third world country

>> No.72951452

That sounds metal as fuck, what story is that

>> No.72951495


tooth picks could work if you cut them in half. You don't have any extra bits lying around?

>> No.72951501

Valrak. He's actually a northern lad, so there's no doubt some working class bulk and anger in there.

>> No.72951505

BETTER version

>> No.72951508


mortarion's childhood

>> No.72951519 [DELETED] 

Typical third-worlder not knowing the first/second/third-world classification has nothing to do with quality of life or economic development.

>> No.72951537 [DELETED] 

lol ok third worlder

>> No.72951540

Not many chaos bits, I'm just starting out. I've got a few sets in the mail, though

>> No.72951541

Dark Imperium. Chapter 19.

>> No.72951543

Ha ha ha they forgot to put wash on the logo

>> No.72951555

Lol no. If you ever get anything it will be SoS units because they don't even have a HQ.
>No flying Land Raider
>No plastic Custodes Dreadnought
>No Talion transport craft
>No Equinox interceptor
>No Ephoroi Decapitator cadre

>> No.72951576

Smurfanon here.

I've got boarding shield (visual proxy for storm shields) company veterans about to be finished. Will post them here when they're done.

>> No.72951582

>new SoS units
I would love that so much, to finally be able to play a SoS army

>> No.72951672

Oh man I'm hyped.

>> No.72951691

It would be great to crush the SoB perverts with my army of best girls.

>> No.72951706

Wasn't that one missing something the original had?

>> No.72951708

I took ages getting the chipping on the shields to look right. It's a bit of a personal choice because some love it all fucked up and others like it lightly marked. Also the correct place to put the transfers was a bit of a challenge. As the breacher shields aren't symmetrical.

>> No.72951716

sure, but i'd be happy to just get a not named character HQ so i can make a legal SoS army, even if it immensly sucks

>> No.72951720

>Gun holsters hanging on the front of the hip so they bounce up and down with a obnoxious clanging every-time the marine runs.

This will never not bother me

>> No.72951742

They flop in time with their humongous magnum dongs, smacking each other mid-swing so it cancels out.

>> No.72951747

Would rather have it on the front and bare the clanging sound, than having it by my side and have it possibly block my arm's sword swings in the flurry of battle.

>> No.72951748

Guilliman isn't the strongest primarch in close combat. Still, Abaddon is not a primarch. Now if Abaddon is buffed to the gills by chaos I would say yes. If he's not buffed by chaos I would give it to Guilliman

>> No.72951751

>Elastic/powered methods
Like what?

>> No.72951762


>> No.72951764

Why does GW want players to do with Chaos marines? Spam them in groups of 20?
They’ve gone and made basic marines 2W. Meanwhile chaos marines are still 1W.

What exactly is their design intent? Do they even have one?

>> No.72951783

>They’ve gone and made basic marines 2W.
Normal tactical marines are 2w?

>> No.72951791

How do you even run them currently?

>> No.72951792

I just finished my third ultra smurf. I feel like I'm getting a better grasp of painting but what are some things I should try and do better first?

>> No.72951798

>what is their design intent
to be cannonfodder for heroic primaris marines

>> No.72951802

Sadly no, it was the whole reason of me trying to join that club. The only other place I know of is upstate near Buffalo but I've never been there.

>> No.72951820

you can include them as a special vanguard without -2 HQ's when you have an imperial warlord.

>> No.72951821

Nuln oil on the silver parts, and perhaps learn the tricks to doing eyes. Those two things would make your marines look shockingly better. For little effort.

>> No.72951839

clean up the gold on the shoulderpad, you spilled onto the blue. and check for moldlines, like on his leg

>> No.72951842

I know they've been giving Primarchs higher and higher power levels like it's DBZ, but I do find it silly how so many people in 40k fandom think that someone being stronger means they'll somehow win when in HH we have depicted regular ass 30k marines beating Horus or how we have Cruz, one of the weaker primarchs, best so many of his betters. Like in a fight between Fulgrim, Angron, Russ, and Ferrus; I think their power levels are high enough that it's anyone's game even if one might be stronger.
Not saying that this is what you're implying, just branching off of what you said.

>> No.72951852

A wash (like agrax earthshade) on the gold chestplate would go a long way.

>> No.72951854

They really need to buff CSM somehow. Armies with shit rules don't sell.
Neither does GSC, but that's another discussion.

>> No.72951859

Thin ya paints
Use multiple coats
Utilize washes
Paint inside the lines
And never deal with a dragon!
looks pretty ok desu but keep practicing

>> No.72951866

Going up to max squad 20 is taken from HH and now meant to represent how some of the traitor legions still wage war and are organized in the same style as during the great crusade. Hopefully cult marines go to W2, but that's unlikely since plague marines and DG termis would be amazingly tanky. GW has been pushing vanilla chaos marines as more melee oriented with DttFE, but they still aren't too great at it and the entire codex struggles with getting the actual mook marines into combat quickly outside of using AL or a drill and even then berserkers are way better at it. With the releases we've been getting since 6th, GW is pushing more daemon fusions with marines and machines

>> No.72951870

>Fulgrim, Angron, Russ, and Ferrus
Ferrus is out of place in that lineup, he only has brute strength and no combat chops unlike the other three. Curze wank is horrible I agree, it becomes even more obvious when people try to Corax wank.

>> No.72951893

I forgot that hellblasters had different backpacks

>> No.72951902

I think you are supposed to run them in hordes. Which I guess is the intent when they make artwork like this.

>> No.72951917

Oh no no, I like Cruz. We see him not be able to keep up with others on pure combat ability and physical strength alone, having to use his head and prepare in advance. I think he's a good example.

>> No.72951926

I see you are also a fan of plasma.

>> No.72951933

>not entering via teleporter strike to wade through the heart of the enemy with even strides
Do you even Favored Sons?

>> No.72951935

you can't run them in hordes when they're expensive as balls unfortunately. Havocs are my favorite unit but one of the most expensive infantry.
Don't even get me started on Berserkers.

Not to mention Deathguard and Thousand Sons are crazy expensive in points as well.

>> No.72951937

Probably something to do with the primaris land speeder.

>> No.72951939

>That guardsman

He knows that if he's going to die in combat, it's going to be with a glorious, and relatively quick, painless bang.

>> No.72951944

I love that the imperial general there is just kinda chillin. No bolt pistol, no pointing and yelling. Just taking it all in.

>> No.72951969

>errus is out of place in that lineup, he only has brute strength and no combat chops unlike the other three.

>> No.72951980

Creed knows that Chaos don't have snipers, so unless they get rid of all that Guardsmen, he's safe. A true master strategist

>> No.72951987

I've always wondered, do chaos and the imperium just fucking hate each other but their commanders respect the ancient art of battle and they sit practically on the frontlines with their banner bearer beside them, just watching the battle around them?

Or are they big pussy coward boys who try to assassinate each other asap?

>> No.72951988 [DELETED] 

stop it

>> No.72952005

Wouldn't surprise me if SoS got rolled into Custodes in 9th
Why would they make these fuckers so unplayable in 8th if they weren't planning their rules for a new edition

>> No.72952010 [DELETED] 

>typical tranny. Hidden shoulders, hide the hands, no smile, pout to fake elegant facial shape. Bloom+contrast peaking to hide masculine cheek bones and stubble shadow. photos taken from above, not in front.

every time.

>> No.72952033

That's Captain Steele, a retired guardsman who now serves in an Orlock gang on Necromunda.

He's an utter imbecile who somehow managed to survive every suicide mission intended to do away with him due to insane forrest gump luck. Eventually the guard just gave up trying to get him killed and set him down on the nearest hive world, where he was quickly and erroneously recruited by gangers who only saw a highly decorated Guard veteran.
When I play him, I run him at -1 Intelligence and I make an Int check every time I fire his plasma to see if he remembers which setting the gun was on last.

>> No.72952040

that would be alright i guess, as long as I can have a SoS HQ
might even be best option, then I could run a custodes dread along some Sisters

>> No.72952042

Thats cool, but can he fly around while playing the bagpipes?!?!?!?!?!

>> No.72952051 [DELETED] 

Look at you with your little checklist. It'd be cute if it wasn't so pathetic.

>> No.72952066 [DELETED] 

Cute or pathetic, doesn't matter. Truth's the truth.

>> No.72952075

>Wouldn't surprise me if SoS got rolled into Custodes in 9th
It's happening in the next PA

>> No.72952080

>Curze wank is horrible
>becomes even more obvious when people try to Corax wank
by people do you mean BL? Wolfsbane does a fairly good job of explaining it as Curze being dangerous because he's a fucking maniac who might do anything and is unpredictable, and Corax would stack the fight in his favour before it even begins. Situational is the golden word here.

>> No.72952084

>Crusade uses power level

>> No.72952090

At least you admit it.

>> No.72952103

remove mouldlines if you don't want power armor crease

>> No.72952109

I'll see if I can come across anything. In the meantime, enjoy this La-Z-Boy.

>> No.72952114

>painted a shit ton of stuff
>want to change the scheme

>> No.72952116

That's painted so bad tho...

>> No.72952118

I'm actually alright with that. If I'm playing a whole narrative campaign with someone I want to let loose and enjoy bringing cool units over worrying about balanced lists and who wins what match. I've never used PL before, but this actually gives me a reason to.

>> No.72952125

I hate niggers but I also hate that little faggot arch. I cannot stand his voice. This hobby is always a lose-lose situation.

>> No.72952130

it's meant to be narrative, not for meta chasers that arm their deathwatch killteams with stormbolter/stormshield combos

>> No.72952149

>Lord disco, 3 defilers, chaos lord, 3 10 man Cultists is 50 power level
I'm fine with this. Wish I could have the cultists be CSM, but that would be 52 Power level. Wonder if people would be alright with what's an effective downgrade.

>> No.72952168

> Crusade uses Power

>> No.72952171

Power level is fine for narrative. They already demonstrated that forces can be uneven.

>> No.72952183

If they bother to balance PL I would be fine with this.

>> No.72952190

>Crusade uses power level

>> No.72952226


>> No.72952244

PL may change too. So 50 now may not be 50 in 9e

>> No.72952246 [DELETED] 

rent free

>> No.72952264

Narrative campaigns usually have ways to advantage an underdog to prevent a snowball situation as well.

>> No.72952284

post your models

>> No.72952330

Haven't decided how I want to kit them out yet

>> No.72952350

pistol + chainsword

>> No.72952363

No, I mean people on 4chan trying to say Curze could beat any Primarch except Sanguinius and Horus and shit like that.

>> No.72952375

doesnt matter, not enough bolters or pistol+chainsword anyway

>> No.72952383

I dont even Guard but this mish mash of Frenchies makes me want to conquer Europe for the Emperor

I saw someone painting these earlier, looked good

>> No.72952397

being trashy and punk doesn't mean you are hated by everyone and being a cunt, more like a doomer who doesn't give a shit

>> No.72952420

not really a chapter, but sisters of silence, since you need to shut the fuck up

>> No.72952431

Part of me wants to, but I already have greater possessed to get stuck in, so these guys will probably be a bolter blob to grab an objective and throw dakka. I'm not sure if I should build every special weapon in the box with the rest normal to go with the 6 bolters I have already, or if I should go half and half to fill out the CSM from the shadowspear box.

>> No.72952444

>you need to shut the fuck up

>> No.72952463

yeah, that was uncalled for, sorry anon

>> No.72952489

>What colors did you use to achieve it?
Thanks man, really happy with it too. Its quite simple: Thunderhawk blue, black panel-wash, fenrisian blue edge highlight and ulthuan grey on extreme edges.

>> No.72952503

Curze beats Lion, and Lion could beat Sangy so it's not unjustified. There is no physical reason that he couldn't, and Horus before getting juiced is nothing special. It's fine so long as they acknowledge Curze is extremely vulnerable, probably more than most Primarchs he's a glass cannon, if he overwhelms his opponent with recklessness he can win but thats not gonna work twice on anyone with their head screwed on, and not even once on someone expecting it.

>> No.72952505

The current "best" build would be go for 2 squads of 5 and have 1 special weapon user per 5, rest carrying bolters, go for cool on the squad leader so he stands out more.

>> No.72952539

Are they gonna be in with Inquisition and SoB?

>> No.72952543

>Lion could beat sang


>> No.72952553

the issue with PL is it doesn't account for power differences in loadouts in the same way points do. If they fix this, it will be fine. Either that or if the system is easy enough to convert to points many will do that anyway.

>> No.72952570

Nah, it's just Custodes and SoS being rolled (back) into Talons of the Emperor

>> No.72952577

PL is meant to be quick and dirty.

>> No.72952589

>Horus before getting juiced is nothing special
You’re just talking shit anon.

>> No.72952601


>> No.72952634

I meant in the same book as them, not merging all of them together

>> No.72952645

the issue is that it can still be that but account for loadouts as well. Narrative players still care about balance when it's shit like basically being able to double your firepower for free.

>> No.72952649

Why can't I enjoy orks? Every time I go to build a list I just end up with a bunch of warbosses and dreds with bare minimum troops to get CP.
I mean I guess it's a valid way to play but it doesn't feel like the RIGHT way to play.

>> No.72952757

"I'll die fast, but you'll die first."

>> No.72952804

they'll be better for you in 9th since the new CP system is lifting troop tax. Basically with orks you want to go either full mechanized or all ork boyz hordes. The best way to play is to just get all the models you like the look of and make a list out of that.

>> No.72953116

I'd be fine with power level if they could at least try to balance it, although I think power level overall works much better for newer style armies with fewer weapon upgrades. Those upgrades are a nightmare to balance.

>> No.72953135

it doesn't matter how you want to kit them out because you don't get enough bolters or chainswords in the box to equip every model!

>> No.72953236

if it's a singular unit that's taken with the rest of the army, with little actual focus on the unit itself as an anchor unit, then its fine.

it's just when you get someone who's running multiple of them and stacking everything they possibly can on them for maximum benefit, that's where waacfagging comes into play

>> No.72953360

little column a, little column b.
40k more or less runs on rule of cool for the most part, so since having your commander parked 20 feet behind the front lines without his helmet, spotlights shining on him and him practically just chilling with his dick out looks cool in the artwork, that's how it goes.
chaos commanders, particularly csm, will often seek out the strongest thing on the battlefield (that they can kill with little practical danger to themselves) in order to defeat them and gain renown and bragging points to get better rewards from the people above them and the gods themselves, so being able to claim that they killed the enemy leader in single combat with their bare hands would be a nice notch on their belt

>> No.72954031

listen, rolling up to the table with 60 noise marines makes me a fanboy not a WAAC
I'm making some possessed but oh my god alpha legions so busted i wont go near that with a 20 foot pole

>> No.72954059

What bits?

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