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First the primaris, now the guardsmen. Let it happen.

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What does this mean?

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Chaos Knights rules can be found here >>72897814

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I think Catachans are getting the update. Like every new guard hq they've put out lately has been a jungle boy.

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>Only Cadians but less monopose than Primaris
>Highly Monopose bodies designed to slot in features for different regiments

You may only choose one.

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>be daemon player
>get shafted by Engine War
>considering buying 8t because it 9s better than nothing
>digital is $35
I cam feel the warp overtaking me it is a BAD pain

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they are never going to update guardsmen


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The latter since I would only buy one squad to use as chaos cultists

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>another day of playing "fireworks or gunshots"

post models

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I've got one marine done and 30 more on the way.

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Knight Despoiler
Twin Thermal Cannons

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Daemons are shafted by the soup stigma. They are an army that should be played alongside Chaos Space Marines. Ironically Custodes is in a similar predicament.

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While I'm not a huge fan of the new logo, I do appreciate they they're taking design cues from the original Rogue Trader era logo.

The strike-through on the letters is the same. The vertical breaking of the zeros. And the red lines are where it originally said "Rogue Trader."

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Cool what chapter is this?

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Aren't you excited to pay CP to use daemons along side CSM in 9th?

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>Thread Question
Yes, but if your opponent regularly uses that information to Hard Counter your super heavy, fuck them and revoke their model privlages

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The overshoot on the R is the same too.

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My eliminator sarge and his trusty carbine, aptly named "fire of unknown origin"

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Which is the better "medieval knight" army; Black Templars, Adeptus Custodes, or Grey Knights? The Crusader/Knight aesthetic is based imo and I want to know which one I should make my first army out of.

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Both the Daemon and Chaos Knight rules are really underwhelming.
I think DG is also gonna get the shaft.

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Haven't decided on a name, but they're white scar successors.

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>its even worse because 9th is punishing soup

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Based or cringe?

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I dig it, like the muted purple. I like purple, but its one of those colors that people either make too bright or pair it with colors that don't compliment it.

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Custodes don't have a Crusader aesthetic at all.

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Question for thread question: Does it matter if the super heavy has no invuln save?

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So does your basic guard uniform take more from the Nazis or the Soviets?

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Fuck, still can't decide

>black legion
>one of my favorite color combinations and easy to paint at that
>main guys, meaning that they have priority in potential fluff and rules update
>some named characters if I want to go there
>hordes of evil space marines that can dip into everything, but especially an elite CSM core and a bunch of terminator enforcers to go with my chaos lord
>enforcers and brutes, real bad guys

>iron warriors
>nice scheme but not as easy to paint
>side guys, meaning nobody else will probably play them around here but I'll probably once again play a faction stuck on the end of priority list for updates
>no named characters
>hordes of enslaved chaos cultists, havocs and daemon engines to support my chaos lord
>bitter enemies, sympathetic and tragic story

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Black Templars, but making then LOOK like black Templars gets expensive

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Black templars.
Adeptus custodes is a wholy different knight aesthetic and grey knights can suck my taint

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>Thread Question: Should you tell your opponent ahead of time if you intend to use a Super-Heavy unit?
Yes, since that usually means they'll bring one of their own

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Soup was only a problem with people using guardsmen CP batteries for knights. It should eb encouraged for a lot of other armies

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hard cringe
also fuck off

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that's a boring looking guardsman

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Black Templar are the closest to religious medieval knights, Grey Knights are demon slaying paladins in space, Custodes are not knights and are closer to royal body guards or heroic companions to the king.

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I think that you'll find IW more fulfilling in the long run. I've painted both, and the BL are so easy to paint that it's mind-numbing.

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Yeah cause they're very difficult to deal with if you don't bring plenty of dedicated anit tank

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it's one of the biggest factors as to whether the super heavy is any good

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Lorefriends, was mankind xenophobic prior to the Age of Strife?

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I'm a little worried the purple is too dark for the white. But I do like it.
Iron Warriors, but do the quartered paint scheme with black and gold on one quarter and silver and gold on the other.

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Isn't that the sub who seethed so hard at ArchWarhammer they literally banned any mention of him?

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For me? It’s Auspex tactics.

>not a lore faggot but makes side comments on events
>gives you tips on the game and updates on rules
>no politics
>doesn’t have an ego

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Black Legion, you will thank me in the long run.

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Black Legion. You can use whatever you want. You could even make a Thousand Sons or Death Guard side project to represent a whole warband that joined. Also your factions leader has a model, while Daemon Purt won't get a model in this decade.

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They unitonically should have just used the rogue trader logo. 80s nostalgia is in fashion

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If you can paint Chevrons well, go for IW.

That said, if you commit to proper themed armies, I think Black Legion go further. I'd love to do squads of Plague Marines/Rubrics etc in Black Legion colours plus everything else under the sun.

Iron Warriors feel quite hemmed into the tanks and daemon engines stuff.

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Black Templar for sure. They have much more of the historical crusader knight aesthetic, whereas grey knights are more of a fantasy questing knight type. Don't know if I'd really say custodes have a "knight" like aesthetic to be honest.

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Looks like 40klore which is the “Horus heresy only fuck everyone else”

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Can I mix old marines with new CSM?
SHOULD I mix old marines with new CSM?

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1 hour until what ?

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Usually, its Nazis mixed with British dress uniforms for the officers and red army fatigues for the commoners.

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That's the point. When even the vastly improved version looks boring, you know the originals are bad.

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do your own warband

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Where are the regular knight leaks? Really odd that they'd be the last.

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Should I be running mostly primaris or normal marines for a BT army?

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>They are an army that should be played alongside Chaos Space Marines.
Atleast Nurgle and Slaanesh can function on their own. Khorne is fucked for being slow and squishy, I really do hope they increase the speed and/or survivability of khorne daemons.

GW seem to think that footslogging squishy 8-10"M units is viable though so soup it is.

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true, but:
>bland as fuck
>puts no effort into making his videos look appealing
>most of the information can be taken by reading each slide and skipping through the video, his commentary adds little

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Rolled 21 (1d100)

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All we know about the Dark Age of Technology is that humanity was pure degeneracy, just not to the same extent as the Eldar.

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>Really odd that they'd be the last
not really, given the stigma against loyalist knights I can imagine them withholding it just to screw with knight players.

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Normal marines primaris are mutants fuck primaris

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Until now probably manlets. But with the release of these melee lads with 9th Ed you might be better off with them.
But for a proper fluffy list land raider crusaders are required

>> No.72898042

EC every time.

>> No.72898047

why would you roll a dice on a chart made for post numbers?

>> No.72898049

Black Templars are a melee army and have a really good stratagem that uses a land raider

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Rolled 9 (1d100)

Lets go loyalists

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Ugh, I am switching to Warcry. Fuck this Imperium cocksucking shitfest.

>> No.72898056

Until an overvalued American attempts, what has been routine in Russia for years

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You should probably wait until chainsword intercessors are released and then run those.

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I think if the purple was lighter it would look too garish.

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I would go full primaris since normal marines are on the way out. Pick up the new assault primaris kit when 9th edition drops.

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inb4 anons are gonna give you very varying answers, but my answer would be no but kinda yes.
Pre -ageofstrife was a time of immense expansion, so any xenos met were probably met with a more 'manifest destiny' attitude than outright xenophobia

>Our civilization is best suck my dick
>xenos bad

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can I ask why

>> No.72898074

How ironic.

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>want a nice center piece to my blood Raven army
>see Gabe has a model
>I don’t mind the DOW 3 design

What the fuck forge world

>> No.72898079

There's no limit on how many times I can use this strategem. So if I spend 4 CP to use it 4 times on the same GUO and choose the Revoltingly Resilient ability each time, the model now ignores wounds on a 1+. There is no "1 always fails" general rule that applies since Disgustingly Resilient isn't a save, unless I'm missing something from one of the millions of FAQs.

Literally invulnerable GUO.

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Fucking a bear?

>> No.72898081

So does mechanicus have units comparable to space marines, like with less armor but a more powerful plasma weapon so in 1vs1 they would be equal

>> No.72898083

Why are Space Marines so colorful? Wouldn't they want to use camo?

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Forge World is expensive what the fuck wait til the papers here about this scandal scandal scandal I am shoicked

>> No.72898093

Is it true that Tzeentch and Slaanesh are bros?

>> No.72898094

while true, i'd still take it over most 40k centered channels

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Hopefully the new edition will just need the god word to work with each other, or new a codex just puts them together.

>> No.72898106

And riding it

>> No.72898108

8ft tall 800Ibs

>> No.72898109

I would've considered it since I like their fluff if it wasn't for one thing: I hate sound based abilities and weapons, they're lame as shit.

>> No.72898110


The state of proofreading on these last few PA books has been abysmal, pretty telltale that they started pulling the time writers had to work on them in favor or getting everything ready for 9th.

>> No.72898113

who needs camo when ceramite tanks pretty much everything

>> No.72898118

Thanks anons

>> No.72898121

>Why are Space Marines so colorful?

>> No.72898122

Be nice Gabe got absolutely fucked

>> No.72898125

Rolled 3 (1d100)

The best one.

>> No.72898128

or you could just not be a cunt

>> No.72898129

The funny thing is that even with an invicible GUO, Nurgle Daemons will most likely still lose almost every game.

Maybe if you take 3.

>> No.72898136


Work in progress Blackstone CSM. I actually finished them last night, but I'm not home to take a pic right now.

>> No.72898141

They should make Tarkus or Force commander models

>> No.72898142

Is this a reference to shills and apologists like Luetin?

>> No.72898145

Totally agree with >>72898042 here.

>> No.72898157

tbf you'd only want ec if/when they get their own codex by then they would prob have more and better units

>> No.72898159

Oh god daemon bros.
Even TAU got better updates than we did

>> No.72898162

>ebay sellers selling preorder for 15% off
Why does anyone ever buy from GW?

>> No.72898163

Ulthwe are the most militaristic Eldar, right? I think I remember that from the 3e codex which is the last I really read about them.

>> No.72898167

you could just run EC without noise marines?

>> No.72898170

No, they're all rivals in the great game, just not as opposed as Tzeentch VS Nurgle or SvK

>> No.72898175

Prediction: Next week is a minor release, then after that is the Lumineth box set, then after that is War of the Spider

>> No.72898178

No that would be Biel-Tan

Or would have been, actually.

>> No.72898180

>The state of proofreading on these last few PA books has been abysmal
Yeah, I noticed that with this. Notice anything odd about it?

>> No.72898182

>recasters sell for like 25-60% of GW price
Why does anyone ever buy from resellers?

>> No.72898183

new sculpts are bigger, so it looks a little bit weird if they are combined

>> No.72898184

you sound like a boring person

>> No.72898186

DA veteran or Devastator sergeant head on a fancy Marine.

>> No.72898194

don't be gay

>> No.72898195

Sounds like running World Eaters without Berserker or Death Guard without Plague Marines. You can I guess, but it feels pointless then.

>> No.72898197

that's not a recast you troglodyte

>> No.72898202

They have been destroyed? If I remember correctly Ulthwe had an actual standing army instead of just citizen militias. I may be misremembering.

>> No.72898203

Well you know, the quality won't be garbage and it will be pleasant to work with plastic instead of chinese cancer plastic.

>> No.72898204

So you can select one u it within 18" of the bearer, and the bearer gets +1 ap. . . . Why does GW hate chaos?

>> No.72898210

recasters tend to not have good fresh kits.

>> No.72898211

It will be in less than a month

>> No.72898222

and for Tarkus I think the newer tactical marine boxes should have a head that fits Tarkus just dont paint his eyes.

>> No.72898224

It's all probably just half assed rush jobs because 9th edition is right around the corner.

>> No.72898229

Some Gaunts I painted up yesterday.

>> No.72898231

Rolled 94 (1d100)

Roll me up daddy

>> No.72898232

The weird thing that I was getting at is that you don't even have to direct those attacks at the "scanned" enemy.

>> No.72898234

sure I'll play

>> No.72898236

Pretty sure that will be errata'd near instantly. Also, don't all DR rolls fail on a one?

>> No.72898240

How interchangable are Redemptor and Invictor parts? Is it easy to make an Invictor without the dumb open carapace?

>> No.72898241

Remember when FW painted models that looked like they were in 40k?

>> No.72898250

You'd be surprised, altho ad mech is decently niche so might take a bit longer. But hype primaris shit I've seen come out like a week after from some decent recsters

>> No.72898251

Noise marines are in a different place compared to them because it's not as if anything in their legion tactics is built to specially benefit noise marines, nor are you leaving a massive gap in your line up by not taking them. I mean yes you can take them as troops, but with 9th's changes to detachments and CP it's not like that really matters as much anymore. Alternatively, there's always the flawless host.

>> No.72898252

Yes. 1 always fails any roll, regardless of modifiers.

>> No.72898253

I wish Forge The Narrative didn't go on massive American tangents, making their 1.5hr podcasts only contain about 30 minutes of useful information.

>> No.72898260

Hmmm what about making Cyrys?

>> No.72898262

So hardly "invulnerable" then.

>> No.72898263

Nigga looks like Frankenstein's monster

>> No.72898279

Rolled 49 (1d100)

never painted spess muhrines, lets see what i get

>> No.72898280

I knew a chap who used Green stuff to make emo hair on on the ultramarine scout sarge Tellion and it actually fit.

>> No.72898282

Jup, Biel-Tan gone. Happened in the Gathering Storm campaign books.

Ulthwé is mostly about having lots and lots of farseers and warlocks as far as I know. Though there was something about them having the best guardian squads or something

>> No.72898294

Need to finish the guns.

>> No.72898295

>Remember when FW painted models that looked like they were in 40k?

>> No.72898296

Rolled 7 (1d100)


>> No.72898300

How many kastelan robots should I run?

Also did they say when they’re releasing the new AdMech stuff?

>> No.72898303

lets see

>> No.72898306

Fucking spikeybits took the bait and thinks it's a hoax because of a spelling error

>> No.72898307

Usually they act as shock troops so camo isn't that important. Some use magic camo cloaks if they need to be stealthy

>> No.72898308

Ulthwé are the most active against Chaos, but their culture focuses more on the Path of the Warlock. Biel-Tan are the most militaristic.

>> No.72898317

Where is that rule? 1s fail to hit for shooting because it says so in the shooting rules. Same for hitting in melee. Saves fail on a 1 because it says so in the rules for saving throws. But DR is not a save.

>> No.72898322

It's not even a fucking error.... It's the proper spelling.... Gw spelt it like that throughout their post talking about it

>> No.72898323

Not him, but I run a single warden, and it dies super easy

>> No.72898324

The SW models were the absolute worst. Almost looked like FW just had somebody's wife 8 year old son with a few too many chromosomes who'd only picked up a brush last year paint them.

>> No.72898325

Depends on your forgeworld. If you play mars you should have a ton.
Preorders went up today so stuff is released in a week i think ?

>> No.72898331


Warhams will never get the game it deserves

>> No.72898333

who gives a shit

>> No.72898336

Loyal knights when I am dying due to lack of chivalry

>> No.72898340

You'd need to switch the bionic to the other eye.

Personally I'd say go with a sniper scout as the base and find a head, AoS or something, and use that as a base.

>> No.72898344

>Biel-Tan gone.
Biel-Tan isn't gone. It's severely damaged. It's still there.

>> No.72898345

Um lets see we got Dawn of War 1+2 and Space Marine.

>> No.72898346

It was a shitty fake.

>> No.72898348

Really nice job on the aquila, has nice depth without losing the detail.

>> No.72898356

Sure, in that case it is still around just like the planet Cadia is still around.

>> No.72898358

If I remember right Ulthwé has a large and very disciplined Guardian force (Black Guardians et al) and is generally in a higher state of readiness than other craftworlds. Which is unsurprising, considering that they sail close to the Eye and are essentially to the Eldar what Cadia is/was to the Imperium

>> No.72898361

Not only that the way they say its misspelled is identical to their own supplied proper spelling

>> No.72898362

Fellow Tauchads, how do you think GW will try to stop us this edition while utterly failing & making us the most rage inducing army again?

>> No.72898368

Hah, I was about to make this comment.

I would also like to give honorable mention to Mechanicus.

>> No.72898370

in any practical sense its gone

>> No.72898374

>wants 40k as an FPS

>> No.72898377

Begone lorelet.

>> No.72898378

>The only thing we can see that would point toward this being a HOAX is that The unit’s title is misspelled on the datasheet! The Datasheet says Judiciar, while everywhere else, it’s spelled Judiciar
lmao they are so desperate for clicks they contradict themselves in the same fucking article

>> No.72898383

Anon, what is the possiblity Gee Dubs knocks out the last 2 PA books in June? Giving 9th edition July and the chance to 'reset' their release schedule for the remainder of the year.

>> No.72898384

by having you exist at all

>> No.72898385

Thanks dude, I almost went black but decided good looked better. Probably the best gold I have done too.

>> No.72898389

I thinking flanking is going to be a bit of an issue, as will the new LoS rules but it's business as usual otherwise. Gonna be nice to take elite suit lists again without having to spend so much on troops

>> No.72898391

Glad to see Blood Raven brothers are still alive and well

>> No.72898392

If you got buddies Deathwing is great, and I love both BFGs

>> No.72898395

Anon you rack disiprin. Its a known fact that blood angles are experts in the art of camouflage. if you paint everything red with the blood of your enemy. (if they have red blood that is) Then the blood angles are impossible to detect.

>> No.72898409

Likely. Look at their "mystery" prize draw advertised with pics of marines and crons? Mid July being sent out. £120 cost Boxset....

>> No.72898412

Just barely Dawn Of War 3 harmed the chapter but White Dwarf brought us back at this point we are about as main stream as a first founding chapter.


This is probably the greatest space marine conversation in the entirely of 40k it sucks people barely bring it up.

>> No.72898415

Probably no overwatch if you can’t see the unit when it started the charge either.

>> No.72898418

Savior protocol passes the wound to the shield drone destroying it (no more saves). If SP roll fails then the model takes the full damage with the drone being destroyed anyway.

>> No.72898419

Apparently it's fractured into multiple parts but still operational.

>> No.72898429

As a Daemon player I will not purchase Engine War until I see that GW lied about writing 9th with the Psychic Awakening in mind.

>> No.72898430

Damn, kinda just thought about it; 40k is approaching Star Wars with how many different video games it has. Lots of misses, but some damn good hits among them.

>> No.72898431

I think this too, I’m pretty sure they are gonna be just a week or two in between the last ones. 9th is probably only 6 weeks away from preorder, maybe sooner.

>> No.72898439

Just let me run fast and pulse blast.

>> No.72898449

I just love seeing eldar getting tortured and dismembered, more so than the orks. Vulkan canonically having captured exodite children brought to his chambers to torture all night long made him my favorite primarch.

>> No.72898450

This is what it makes them think it's a hoax? Not the fact that he's not a character?

>> No.72898451

I think you need to change the order of your words.

>> No.72898452

I've heard GW has incredible customer service

>> No.72898453

They've had consistently shit quality control this entire edition. The Space Wolves codex launched with the wrong warlord traits section for fuck's sake.

>> No.72898456

That's already a thing. Because the charge phase is resolved
>declare charge
>charge roll
If your behind a wall, you cannot be shot

>> No.72898463

I'm building a Killteam of them with the Shadowspear forces.

>> No.72898467

Or the sliver of paper that get left behind when he cut his print out.

>> No.72898468

God this does send shivers down my spine. DoW 2 really captured how a Space marine should be

>The stoic Tarkus
>Optimist Thaddeus
>Cynic Cyrus
>Damaged Avitus

It sucks Thaddeus got sent to the eye of terror......

>> No.72898470

>Vulkan canonically having captured exodite children brought to his chambers to torture all night long made him my favorite primarch.

>> No.72898472

Replace until with because

>> No.72898482

Can you charge what you can’t see?

>> No.72898488

Go Night Lords,
>freshest cloaks on the finest flesh
>head collection for currency
>coolest phrases
>see the future
>make guardsmen and space marines alike shit themselves

>> No.72898489

Don't GW outsource their codices to a publisher? They merely provide templates for consistency and a basic gist of the rules, hence why the publishers have no fucking clue and tend to have severe lack of grammatical parity between rulesets.

>> No.72898493

I believe it. GW clearly decided to do 9th edition last year. I wouldn't be surprised if Shadowspear was meant to be it's starter set but for whatever reason they decided to delay it.

>> No.72898494

>> No.72898497

Gold was a good choice, helps to brighten up the mini and breaks up the monotony of the red.

>> No.72898499

you realise that pic is emperors children right?

>> No.72898503

>As will we all, as will we all

There should really be a Space marine hall of fame the first inductee should be Tarkus.

>> No.72898511

>GW had clearly decided to do 9th edition last year
Fucking missed a word. I mean they were already planning a new edition.

>> No.72898515

>recasts for plastic
Sorry but chinese cancer resin can only beat british cancer resin

>> No.72898517

Same volume as this:

>A single eldar witch remained, her face blackened by soot, her silver hair singed and burned. She looked up at the Lord of the Drakes, eyes watering, rage telegraphed in the tightness of her lips and the angle of her brow. The faltering kine-shield that had spared her life crackled and disappeared into ether.

>She was not much older than a child, a witchling. Teeth clenched, fighting the grief at the death of her coven, the eldar offered up her wrists in surrender.

>Numeon and the others had just breached the crowds, which were now slowly dissipating into the wider desert and being mopped up diligently by Nemetor and the rest of the Legion. In the wake of the fleeing civilians, the true cost of the eldar’s escape attempt was revealed. Men, women, children; Khar-tans and Imperials alike, lay dead. Crushed. Blood ran in red rivulets across the sand, the death toll in the hundreds.

>Amongst them a solitary figure was conspicuous, crowded by a clutch of battered remembrancers unwilling to let anyone close, desperate to defend her unmoving body. Vulkan saw her last of all, the shock of this discovery turning to anger on his noble face. His eyes blazed, embers flickered to infernos.

>The eldar child raised her hands higher, defiance turning into fear upon her features. Numeon held the others back, warning them with a look not to intervene. Glaring down at her, Vulkan raised his fist…

>Don’t do it…

>…and turned the air into fire.

>…eldar child’s screams didn't end. Vulkan made sure to draw it out, and her disturbingly human screams merged with the roar of the flames, turning into one horrific cacophony of sound. When it was over and the last xenos was a smoking husk of burned meat, Vulkan looked up and met the gaze of the Night Lords, a bloodthirsty grin on his face...

>> No.72898519

>just a wandering drawboy passin through


>> No.72898521

Sorry to hear that anon, Primaris suck in KT and Shadowspear Primaris double-suck.

>> No.72898528

I read the labels and got too embarrassed for you to read any further.

>> No.72898532

I thought black wouldn’t pop enough as I also wanted a much darker red than the usual scheme for my armour. I am so happy with them so far.

>> No.72898534

This looks like training day to the guardsmen.

yes, but it does not matter. Point was blood on red armor. my 40k folder is limited.

>vulkan torture children
I call bs, i refuse to believe my fav primarch torture children

>> No.72898540

>Play Thousand Son
>Sorcerer is named Aramus the Awakened

>> No.72898542

Technically you shouldn't but melee in 8th is like a sad beaten up dog so its allowed

>> No.72898543

I thought he was handsome, but not like super handsome. I knew something was up.

>> No.72898546

>He write the string instead of clicking ctrl+s

>> No.72898550

Magnificent hair.

>> No.72898551

>I call bs, i refuse to believe my fav primarch torture children
He didn't. He just burned an Eldar cunt to death.

>> No.72898558

No. GW writes and publishes the codices themselves. They get them printed by a company in China, but GW writes the final copy. No clue where you got your impression

>> No.72898559

Nice, that’s what I would do with that box. Decent variety of dudes in there for both sides too.

>> No.72898560

Its crazy there has never been a thousand son / Blood Raven story yet.

>> No.72898563

>> No.72898568

reminds me of this

>> No.72898573

They should let Breachers get out a transport after it moves. Either as a special rule to demonstrate their particular training or, if nothing else, a stratagem.

>> No.72898576

Darn, Well I had them laying around and decided to paint them the dudes who got me into 40k like many others.

I play Traitor Guard and Word Bearers anyway.

>> No.72898577


>> No.72898581

That’s what I was getting at, I think KT added it as an actual rule though. I’m just happy melee will have a place again, all shooting is lame.

>> No.72898582

thanks anon

>> No.72898592

Gravis isn't terminator armor, it's a variant pattern of mkX Tacticus power armor.

>> No.72898593

>tortured children
Don't worry anon it was an elf loli. Probably 100 years old and its not human so who cares

>> No.72898600


>> No.72898604

I'm not familiar with the lose but this looks like some sort of a flamboyantly gay primarch followed by equally homosexual custodes

>> No.72898605

>Ara ara~
>You're not attracted to an old machine like me, are you?

>> No.72898614

Well the eldar cunt was a child and he tortured her by burning her slowly but yeah

>> No.72898617

>Eldrad sends an ambassador over to the Imperium to warn them about the Beast and offer them an alliance
>Imperials send the skin and the dismembered head of ambassador back, but keep the ears
I love how based the Imperials are.

He tortures xenos children. Very important distinction. The only weird part is that the more human-like they are, the more he enjoys it.

All Eldar are cunts, and all life except for humanity should be wiped out. That's one of the reasons why I side with Chaos, because the Imperium doesn't go far enough when it comes to the xenos question.

>> No.72898620


>> No.72898622

Not being able to do that period is lame. Such a cool shot in Starship Troopers of them leaving the drop ship guns blazing. Hopefully 9th will let you with a penalty or something.

>> No.72898625


>> No.72898626

Why not Dark Angels for Deathwing? They also have a very medieval monastic knight vibe.

>> No.72898629

This conversation just proves how much of a mistake expanding horus heresy was.

>> No.72898635


>> No.72898639


>> No.72898643

Most of what gw does is a mistake lore wise but it's all just to make money. Ignore the bits you don't like

>> No.72898647

Absolutely. Primarch shitposting was bad enough before this happened.

>> No.72898648

>Gravis isn't terminator armor, it's a variant pattern of mkX Tacticus power armor.

>> No.72898650

> choose
You don’t choose one, you roll a D6 and the result is what you get. Stop trying to bitch about things that are incredibly unlikely to happen.

>> No.72898652

I thought GW was working with Bright House

>> No.72898657

Rolled 77 (1d100)

Shame on me, made a typo in the options, rolling again

>> No.72898659

What do you guys think of my daemonette?

>> No.72898660

Bring back Ciaphas Cain

>> No.72898682

Pretty snazzy. Looks moist

>> No.72898687

Bringing back every single character after a 200 year timeskip is just as bad

>> No.72898691

It's not great to be honest

Far too dirty and undefined

>> No.72898692


>> No.72898696

A question, how strict are locals, generally speaking about colors and how they match up with the armies/units in play? I heard stories of one of my nearby shops having a dude who basically called for the judge when he was playing a dude using eldar soup and like a detachment didn't fit the color scheme and he couldn't tell if it was legal or not. I think it was a shining spears detachment and the blue and/or white wasn't exactly like how it was depicted in the art.

>> No.72898715

Is it possible he had a kid?

>> No.72898717

Do you guys still run any old metal models alongside your new guys?

>> No.72898720

Is there even a reason to play against Blood Angels as Custodes when they will just deepstrike a max unit of thunderhammers and kill my entire army in one charge?

>> No.72898722


>> No.72898725

No, it was a loli. It's not the first time there's been Eldar torture in BL:

>The space marine hefted his multilaser and shot multiple times through the Eldar child's lower torso, hitting where the kidneys would be if he had kidneys. It was by no means a certain thing with the Eldar. He was Iyanden, which pleased him immensely.


>The witchling's eyes opened wider and she began to scream when the profane artifact touched her skin. It was the scream of a newborn being tortured to death. It was the scream of a child over dead parents. It was a scream of such horror and revulsion as to deny sanity. For one instant, the inquisitor allowed a smile to grace his scared face. He knew to the Exodite witchling that there was no greater pain than this. He crushed the feeling of ecstasy with the cold fury and disgust that had sustained him from his first agonizing memories of childhood all the way through thousands of campaigns and thankless conflict. Servants of the Emperor should have no love save to the Emperor, no happiness save to the Emperor, and no loyalty save to the Emperor. All else was either meaningless or to be scorned.

>The xeno youngling didn’t stop to breathe as she screamed, blood pouring from her eyes and nose, and she did not stop screaming for a very long time. Her head finally exploded like a seismic grenade. Partially crystallized brain matter and neural fluid erupting in a fountain of gore. A blastwave of released psychic energy fading to nothing as it struck against the inquisitor's null aura, covering the inquisitor’s face with the remains of her. The witch's body sagged in the restraints. The inquisitor breathed out a shuddering sigh as he plucked an eyeball from his cheek, and gently brushed the xeno's lower jaw, only held on by strands of flesh and muscle, with his non-mechanical hand. So sweet, yet so short. He wondered if the other prisoners' screams would be as succulent when exposed to the Slaaneshi artifact.

>> No.72898727

Those people are gigantic fags and are best avoided. Most people tend to be chill if you tell them beforehand what the units are, or have two brain cells to rub together and actually look at the model.

>> No.72898731

I've never met anyone that cared, but there are neckbeards out there who are autistic enough to throw a fit about it.

>> No.72898732

Realistically, no one cares at all. You can tell people what rules you're using and they'll accept it. I played against a guy a few months ago who was running his Ultramarines as Imperial Fists because their doctrine was so good, and while I thought it was dumb I didn't say anything.

>> No.72898740

I think there have been just nothing major. I'm fairly sure I remember something about an amnesiac blood raven hanging out with Ahriman for a short time?

>> No.72898741

Of course.

I love metal minis

>> No.72898742

I remember someone here sharing the phone number of a store that only allows you to play with canon schemes and you have to use the rules for them. I didn't save it though

>> No.72898749

>The space marine hefted his multilaser and
Goto is a crayon eating moron.

>> No.72898753

I run only mordian models for my infantry.

>> No.72898758

No one gives a fuck. The only people that do are so autistic you don’t want to interact/ play with them anyway.

>> No.72898773

so you straight up can't read huh

>> No.72898777

Cain has fucked multiple ladies so maybe.

>> No.72898788


>> No.72898795

Well yeah it is. What's your point here?

>> No.72898798

colourfull but otherwise pretty ugly

>> No.72898799

He's okay. I like how fucked up the Eldar get in all of his works.

>> No.72898815

Look at that cheeky fucker hiding behind the monolith. is that a balllightning above his head?

>> No.72898817

Anyone here ever use one of the name generators to seriously name their models/character?

>> No.72898818


how are they getting shafted? were their leaked rules shit?

>> No.72898832


>> No.72898833

>>The space marine hefted his multilaser

>> No.72898845

How are you posting from the equator?

>> No.72898846

>everyone just ignoring the graphic torture of an exodite loli by an inquisitor underneath that

>> No.72898847

Templars are based bro.

Therr are alot of 3rd party bits that help out with the asthetics, ive been looking at the Primaris Apocathary for an Emperors Champion/veteran conversion.

>> No.72898861

Still no leaks for IK?

>> No.72898868

>a xenos died
And not soon enough

>> No.72898871

Alright thanks anons. Asked since I just started collecting recently and was planning on playing occasionally after this kungflu shit slows down. I'll just probably paint something with a color scheme I like and go and play.

>> No.72898876

Man, that'd be pretty great. Cain Jr. is also mostly raised at the schola (maybe pops visits him every now and then, I know Ciaphas is a bit of a softy deep down), and he both takes advantage of his dad's reputation and despises it. It gets him a lot of free influence and favors, but it gives others expectations of him. He (unknowingly) just wants to get assigned to some Guard regiment on a defensive deployment on a paradise world, but he ends up getting sent straight into the meat grinder. And (as if his dad's luck is genetic) he somehow survives and lives up to his dad's name.

>> No.72898887

Right then. Into the simple green it goes.

>> No.72898897

A quick death is a mercy they do not deserve!

>> No.72898908


>> No.72898913

What do I do as a Custodes player against 15 death company jump pack marines deepstriking me and charging me all armed with thunder hammers?

>> No.72898915

Very nice. Its a shame they discontinued those they're lovely sculpts

>> No.72898923


Almost certainly and I even want to say Cain states multiple times he knows he has more than his share of bastards across the galaxy.

>> No.72898930

>giving a shit about xenos

>> No.72898931

pick up your army?

>> No.72898934

Soup up.

>> No.72898937

Die probably
Hope you roll those invulns?

>> No.72898939

Loyalty is its own reward, right?

>> No.72898945

>caring about anybody
Empathy is for the weak and weakness is heresy.

>> No.72898951

but didn't a xeno help res papa smurf?

>> No.72898954


>> No.72898957

I wish the new raptors at least looked like the old ones. The Predator helmets and huge turbine jump packs are peak 40k.

>> No.72898958


>> No.72898959

They are the grizzled veterans who lead at the front line or leadership/HQ units, due to them having seen some serious shit over the years.

>> No.72898960

use screens like everyone else

>> No.72898967

baby bolter

>> No.72898968

If only we had gotten these in plastic...

>> No.72898969

>It was the scream of a newborn being tortured to death
lmao what

>> No.72898974

Put this on the table and set his dice to 1's.

>> No.72898977

Ha ha ha

>> No.72898984


>> No.72898986

>implying I play imperium

>> No.72898989

>Servants of the Emperor should have no love save to the Emperor, no happiness save to the Emperor, and no loyalty save to the Emperor. All else was either meaningless or to be scorned.
This is the most Imperial line I have ever read. I wonder how many other Imperials share this sentiment.

>> No.72898994

gw hates anything not imperium or tau doesn't it

>> No.72899001


>> No.72899008

This is true. Ork players love to have fun. The only thing they'd ask for is more buggies, but that's just so they can make crazy conversions with them.

>> No.72899010

I use soup in 2,000 point lists, but at 1,000 points against Blood Angels I don't see anything I can do besides just not play.

>> No.72899012

"Brother, this isn't funny anymore. Where did you put my rifle?"
"Hahahahaha... Not telling."

>> No.72899015

Can't wait for October.

>> No.72899029

Using a 15 Death Company Deathstar in a 1000 point game is pretty low.

>> No.72899037

Yeah totally agree. I don't even think the new ones look bad they're just bad compared to those.
I also really miss the old metal tzneech horrors that are like ripping themselves out of each other, wish I could have got hold of some when they were in production and not just at ridiculous ebay scalper price.

>> No.72899038

Get good faggot.

>> No.72899041

>Can't wait for October.

>> No.72899044

SpaceX launch was cool. So btw I haven't had internet for the past 2 days. How are the Daemon rules?

>> No.72899050


>> No.72899057

I wish they'd hate tau as well
r. non-imperium player

>> No.72899062

>Reroll X rolls of 1

>> No.72899067

Always soup with custodes even at 1k
Your army have no screening elements, which is immensely important for powerfull pointsinks like custodes.

>> No.72899073

Yes, and the proper course of action is to immediately take advantage of the xeno weakness and destroy them. If you're hanging from a cliff and xeno pulls you from the brink, then what you should do is immediately push them over when their back is turned to you. Take the case of the Cimmeriac, where a Cimmeriac fleet saved Imperial navy forces from Tyranids. After the Tyranids were dealt with, the High Admiral immediately attacked the Cimmeriac, burned their worlds, and had their leader brought before him and flayed, drawn, and quartered for his amusement. That is how you treat xenos who greet you with an open palm, you shake their hands only to pull them into your hidden dagger. When the xenos gives you an advantage freely, you take it and destroy them with it.

>> No.72899076

I meant to right unknowingly like his dad.

>> No.72899080

Take some Guard chaff to block his unit from charging then smash it in a counter attack.

>> No.72899089

It is worse that his army used to be Raven Guard beak marines but he repainted them after about a month?

>> No.72899099

It's a shame, SM vs Orks is the most soulful machup

>> No.72899105

They're pretty good. Greater Daemons got some much needed defensive buffs. It's not going to make solo Daemons the top of the meta but its definitely an improvement.

>> No.72899111

Depends why he repainted then

>> No.72899122

Orks are pretty good. I don't know what all the complaining is about. Lots of armies are worse off than Orks.

>> No.72899131

Self-contained its a buff
Compared to any other PA book it sucks donkey dick

>> No.72899132

Sprinkling sugar on a turd improves the turd, sure.

>> No.72899133

Cool I can finally run Skarbrand without him dying before entering melee

>> No.72899135


I used to play Orks but constantly getting shit on by both GW and the new non stop 24 hour ork-hate on /tg/ made me jump ship to space marines

Who would want to play an army with bad rules and also get made fun of for it.

>> No.72899139

So... any loyalist knights leaks yet?

>> No.72899141

Completely this. They're in a similar place to IG in that they have a lot of good rules and units. They aren't op but they're solid

>> No.72899146

About that...

>> No.72899153

Oh no not Skarbrand he's fucked. It's only generic Greater Daemons that got the buffs.

>> No.72899154

Yes-yes! Kill-backstab xenos-things!

>> No.72899157

You fight with no honour.
Changing army cause of what people on the Internet say is super dumb

>> No.72899161

inroduced a buddy of mine to 40k and i played his first game with him. he plays sisters and i genestealers.

>> No.72899167

Still running my metal Nurgle Daemon Prince. Older metal Plague Marines are mixed in with the newer models. Most of my Nurglings are metal.

>> No.72899171

>changing factions because 4chan memes got to you
Holy shit you are a baby

>> No.72899172


>> No.72899173

What's the best way to prime flying units? I can't glue them to their flight stands because those shouldn't have paint on them.
Should I just glue them to toothpicks? Or is there a better way?

>> No.72899174

Very based anon. You should paint them

>> No.72899183

>fa/tg/uys affecting what faction you play
Thats kind of pathetic anon

>> No.72899188

Don't play with faggots

>> No.72899189

Good. Martyr complex cunts like you gave Orks a bad name. Orks have never been below mid-tier this entire edition. Your model range is fucking great.

>> No.72899190

Masking tape

>> No.72899194

What if people just made fun of your army 24/7 and called it the retard crybaby army literally any time it was mentioned for months and months. And then on too of that the rules are shit and they're weak as fuck. How could you maintain interest in making that army?

>> No.72899207

Is 'Lords of Silence' worth reading if you love Death Guard?

>> No.72899211

I can't believe I didn't think of this. I even have some masking tape I use when painting vehicles.

>> No.72899212

Orks will never get new models

>> No.72899217

/tg/ memes bleed into real life and I heard them constantly at the shop too

>> No.72899220

I've heard good things about it.

>> No.72899224

You all call Tau players cunts but I've never seen one act like this on here.

>> No.72899228

I play Admech, but I couldn't give less of a shit if posters on /40kg/ thought I was a numale tranny or whatever. I like my models, and I like playing Admech.
You shouldn't let shitposters get to you anon.

>> No.72899229

i normally hate this argument, but honestly dude, grow a pair

>> No.72899232

You're supposed to collect models that YOU think are cool.
I still haven't gotten around to actually playing the game and yet my admech collection keeps growing because the models are based as fuck.

>> No.72899233

why did the TTS devs skip having a lighting engine

>> No.72899237

Yes 100%, I loved it even though I'm not a DG fanboy

>> No.72899239

Tau players usually know better than to admit they're tau players

>> No.72899243

then you must be incredibly new

>> No.72899247

I've had this argument 100 times. You think orks are good, I think 90% of the codex is unusable tier, we arent going to convince each other

>> No.72899248

I bandwagonned onto primaris space marines and I actually love the army even if people on here call me an asshat
In fact it only makes my dick harder

>> No.72899251

I play Tau. Nut up or sell your dudes.

>> No.72899253

One of my armies is orcs so I wouldn't be that bothered mate.
I also collect manlets and primaris which a lot of people hate on.

>> No.72899255

Run Abaddon if you do black legion, his model just looks so good. No idea if he's actually any good, but my friend who plays black legion painted him up and now we can't wait to throw my sword wielding xv-86 at him for a final showdown kinda thing

>> No.72899259

Are thunderfire cannons as good as everyone says?
Do i need three for them to be effective?

>> No.72899263

Nigga I play Word Bearers and every single nigga here spams silly crybaby and lorgar memes like I give a fuck. I like cool evil space paladins and demon summoners stop being a little bitch baby.

>> No.72899266

They've had their bases done and have a primer on them since that photo. I admit poor rules have affected my motivation in regards to most of my daemons.

>> No.72899267


>> No.72899273

So even people with a toaster can play

>> No.72899274

Tau players are too busy building as cheesy lists as possible to post here regularly.

>> No.72899282


>> No.72899284


>> No.72899286

>ork player complains
>tons of instant hostility
Yep checks out

>> No.72899288


>> No.72899291

you barely need one of them to be effective, they're retarded

>> No.72899294

Demz sum reel lucky boyz!

>> No.72899300

yeah fuck that, give me another one

>> No.72899305

then don't get the fw one?


>> No.72899310

There are a lot of armies that need new models ahead of Orks. One third of the Craftworld Eldar range is still Finecast. Emperor's Children is just a Finecast upgrade kit. Kroot died on the vine. Talons of the Emperor is incomplete. Guard troop choices were designed to be bought at twice the models for half the price. Inquisition has one plastic kit. Harlequins have one unit choice for 3 unit types. Tyranids haven't received a new unit in 5 years.

Orks don't need anything and their players have bitterly complained the last two times they got things. Fuck'em.

>> No.72899311

Yeah but i'm an absolute retard that loses to CSM and Dark Eldar all the time.

>> No.72899312

So I was assembling my cadians mourning the horrific mould lines they have these days and the general age of the line.
I tried magnetising the arms on one random guardsman and I must confess it turned out rather well and will make him so much easier to paint that I might just do it for all my cadians

>> No.72899318


>> No.72899322

>ork player lets memes get to him and changes faction entirely because it's the meta

>> No.72899325

Yeha I can imagine. At least the exalted great unclean one rules sound quite fun.
Kind of makes me glad I have demons only as a bolt on for my other chaos stuff

>> No.72899326

>tfw ordered the new rangers from Artel but due to corona it's been super delayed

>> No.72899338

>not continuing to play a faction to actively spite /tg/

>> No.72899339

What is Artel?

>> No.72899343

this is better drawn than codex art

>> No.72899344

You should stop playing space marines, try starting an army that requires thinking and you'll learn how to actually play the game.

>> No.72899348


>> No.72899358

>Paint your Marines as an amalgamation of all the loyalist founding chapters
>Play any ruleset you want

Cowards fear the Imperial-Dark-Ultra-Iron-Wolf-Scar-Angel-Guard

>> No.72899364

Is there any potential for new Dark Eldar units in 9th edition, lads? Or at least a shift away from monobuilds being the only viable option?

>> No.72899366

>is the face of Dawn of War
>has no face

>> No.72899370

>pic related

>> No.72899378

I forgot Dark Eldar.
>Army split into 3 factions that can't mix within a detachment
>Only one generic unit choice for their troops and HQs
>5 units in Finecast hell
>The absolute state of Grotesques

>> No.72899380

artel's DoW line is oop except from recasters

>> No.72899384

The main bad guy faction this time is Necrons and GW seems to consider xenos to be a superfaction like Imperium and Chaos, so I'd say your odds aren't the worst.

>> No.72899398

I was worried about this until I thought, why should I care. If i'm going to spend money and time on something that will go on my shelf, I want it to be something I'd enjoy.
What am I going to end up building an army that i'm not exactly a fan of just because i'm scared of people laughing at my choices?

>> No.72899399

Maybe the few kits that are resin. Might be able to use the AoS shadow elves too when they come out.

>> No.72899402

Literally kill yourself. You are too weak for this world. Have you ever even left your parents basement?

>> No.72899410

>Putting https:// in front of a url in current year

Ok boomer

>> No.72899420


What do you think an Chally weighs

>> No.72899425

New to 40k and wondering about how marines are usually needed to make an army. I want to know how many Black Templar conversion packs I need to buy.

>> No.72899432

Potentially controversial statement:
>BL should have Chosen as troops
>IW should have Havocs as troops
>WB should have Possessed as troops
>NL should have Raptors as troops
>AL should have a special rule for their cultists

>> No.72899434

>implying I actually wrote it out rather than just copy pasting
okay greatest generation

>> No.72899444

Detachments Re gonna be different so will be better in the future probably.

>> No.72899453

I agree with all of that but AL should have Chosen as Troops and Black Legion should have Terminators.

>> No.72899458

>WB with possessed as troops

I'm discovering new erections I didn't know I had.

>> No.72899467

Nope. Blood of the Phoenix failed so hard GW is never touching Eldar again.

>> No.72899469


I can continue to live with a lot of the older models in the Ork range, I'd really just like the issue with HQ models to be addressed. This is not a problem unique to Orks, and I don't see any reason as to why any of them need to be "ahead" of each other - most Xenos armies are in the same boat.

>Tyranids haven't received a new unit in 5 years

I play the army, we have one of the best and most consistently updated ranges in the game, barely any finecast, this is like the only dry spell I can recall us having and it's nothing compared to the likes of what SoB or Dark Eldar endured. If all Xenos armies were up to the level of the Tyranid range, nobody would be complaining.

>> No.72899470

All valid points except people kitbash their grotesques, noone cares about court units, mandrakes in plastic would be GOAT

>> No.72899479

I'll pay someone 5 bucks to draw the chapter symbol of this nightmare

>> No.72899503

Stop me from buying this and writing "fite me fgts" on the page.

>> No.72899514

>every army got a model update of some kind in 8th
>except nids

>> No.72899524

>WB with possessed troops
Literally wouldn't matter if CP generation is being changed

>> No.72899532

The only part of that model I don't like is the thighs.

>> No.72899537

Was thinking the same thing, but then with "Futas are gay"

>> No.72899542

IG got nothing man

>> No.72899543

Why does it have Amuro's logo on it?

>> No.72899545

All Primaris troops should be made elites.

>> No.72899553

Legion of the Damned isn't an army to you?

>> No.72899563


>> No.72899566

Percent sure you are going out for dinner I have coronavirus I want you in to your face with a big heart this year and you will do better and you have the chance you can have your self to love this year your beautiful family of the family and you can y’all come over here and get it and I will take you bitch was the best way for y’all I wanna hang in the car wash and stuff and then go to pick me and then I’ll go hang and get stuff for the beer I have coronavirus next year you are coming over and maybe you could get a little drink I love you know I love y’all and I love you be safe and sound good babe I love y’all so I love y’all and I’ll see ya I love you’re so good I wanna was a good day I love y’all too

>> No.72899567

It sure isn't one to GW.

>> No.72899572

>Black Legion should have Terminators
I wouldn't mind personally, but I feel like other marine players would riot?

>> No.72899573


don't see it there, must not be a real army :^)

>> No.72899574

Does this imply that I'm allowed to roll more than once on the same Greater Daemon?

>> No.72899579

Honestly I actually don’t like Possessed as Troops. They should be special, not something every nimrod has.

>> No.72899580

Why? Terminators are shit.

>> No.72899584

Go back to your own game, Nagash

>> No.72899595

Primaris legion of the damned when?

>> No.72899597

Having played since 2nd Edition, daemons were always a supplementary force for my CSMs. I enjoyed when I could take Nurglings as Troops and typically always ran a unit Nurglings for every Plague Marine squad. Now that I have to have a separate book and detachment to bring them in any meaningful way, it's just easier to forget about them.

I hope that combining CSMs (including DG and TS) with daemons becomes easier in 9th edition. Either by fixing the summoning rules or making it easier to have an allied detachment of daemons with your main force.

>> No.72899598

that's the point of rolling

>> No.72899604

>Percent sure you are going out for dinner I have coronavirus I want you in to your face with a big heart this year and you will do better and you have the chance you can have your self to love this year your beautiful family of the family and you can y’all come over here and get it and I will take you bitch was the best way for y’all I wanna hang in the car wash and stuff and then go to pick me and then I’ll go hang and get stuff for the beer I have coronavirus next year you are coming over and maybe you could get a little drink I love you know I love y’all and I love you be safe and sound good babe I love y’all so I love y’all and I’ll see ya I love you’re so good I wanna was a good day I love y’all too

>> No.72899605

how super delayed? I'm thinking about ordering

>> No.72899612

Where can i get sexy female commisar models because i'm a degenerate that must have fap material in everything?

>> No.72899615

But that wouldn't make any sense

>> No.72899621

I ordered April 22nd and the order is still processing

>> No.72899623

pic related and the catachan colonel/sergeant

>> No.72899627

garbage AND resin

t-thanks gw

>> No.72899628

so how disappointing is 9th gonna be

>> No.72899634

>not writing "Traps are gay"

>> No.72899639

Do exodites have wraith bone at all?

>> No.72899651

GW doesn't care

Wait we got more psyker models? I ain't seen this on GWs site

>> No.72899656

Depends how high your hopes are

>> No.72899662

you'd have to get it from blackstone fortress

>> No.72899663

my what?

>> No.72899669

Sorry, I don't really keep up with all the terminology too well.

>> No.72899687


You too

>> No.72899694

Probably disappointing enough to make me not play it and go back to collecting and AoS.

>> No.72899701

Man I want all of these just to paint

>> No.72899712

They come in that Barnes and Noble board game as well as the BSF expansion box.

>> No.72899732

I looked and that's real hard to find these days, because everyone bought it for Daedalosus.

>> No.72899737

Because they're terminators. They're special in people's hearts and I bet dangels players still wish they could take them as troops.

>> No.72899744

that isn't vastly improved in any way, numbnuts

>> No.72899747

Wouldn't mind that techpriest for my mechanicus

>> No.72899753

I'm making a manlet beakie WB Chosen Champion. What color should I do for his mouthpiece? I was thinking white but it's getting kind of annoying to paint right. Would white even look good? I feel like the beak should be a different color. I've never painted beakies before, that's how it's typically done, right?

>> No.72899764

t. fw shill

>> No.72899765

dark grey

>> No.72899772

when I see Elfdarian and Admechian shitheads who screech that their armies need +5 to hit and -5 when shot to function I say, okay, maybe GW is on to something when these fuckheads are crying and whining.

>> No.72899779

Nevermind, just looked again and my local one has it in stock

He has really good rules, gives a +1 to hit, and he can be used with any forge world without breaking your bonuses

>> No.72899791

>I feel like the beak should be a different color. I've never painted beakies before, that's how it's typically done, right?

>> No.72899794

Remember when 8th removed the need for specialist units to be troops to run an army of them?
Real nice of the WAACfaggots, ruining that for everybody else.

>> No.72899804

>t.zoomie fuck who thought the catachan predator colonel was sgt johnson from his favourite and first fps ever

>> No.72899819

>>Why? Terminators are shit.

>Massive, clunky POWER ARMOR looking mfs
>Decked in combi-weapons and powerful melee weapons. As of 8th, their combi-weapons always fire QUAD SHOTS
>Can teleport anywhere on the battlefield
>Typically the most experienced veterans
>Their armor has pieces of THE EMPEROR'S ARMOR

Imagine being this wrong

>> No.72899821

yeesh dc aren't even good and why would you expect anyone playing ba to not have some anyway, its like the point of playing that army.

>> No.72899830

>something that has absolutely nothing to do with anything that was being discussed
you are platinum mad

>> No.72899850

awesome strawman dude

>> No.72899855

It's always such a joy when the WAACfag's salty tears of rage start flowing, right?

>> No.72899860

Oh yeah I guess zoomers these days would prefer tacticool marines from halo instead

>> No.72899883

Forgive him, some people don't actually care about the models or lore.
They only look at how good something is in the game.

>> No.72899889

>thunderhammer faggotry
>totally fluffy BA unit man what's your problem

>> No.72899924

Dunno if you're trying to be sarcastic or something, but CPs are important and people would've loved to run their fluffy units AND get the CPs to compensate for running terminators instead of scouts or cultists.

>> No.72899941

Are you seriously bitching about Death Company?

>> No.72899961

Just shoot them dummy

>> No.72899964

Min/maxing faggotry is min/maxing faggotry

>> No.72899975

The rule of three was the real thing that killed it though. People that like to play more fluffy or gimmicky army don't care that much about CP to begin with.
It's usually tournament fanatics that are obsessed with CP worryingly so...

>> No.72899977

>Decked in combi-weapons and powerful melee weapons. As of 8th, their combi-weapons always fire QUAD SHOTS
You mean combi-bolters, right? Because actual combi-weapons such as combi-plasma don't get additional shots.
>Their armor has pieces of THE EMPEROR'S ARMOR
Loyalists only.

And I'm pretty sure he was talking about the models TT-wise, not fluffwise.

>> No.72900013

Good thing in 9th ed CP isn't tied to army composition anymore and correlates directly with game size

>> No.72900041

>People that like to play more fluffy or gimmicky army don't care that much about CP to begin with.
We do. Not in a WAAC "I must have the optimal build AND 30 regenerating CPs" way, but a "I like my fluff army and fighting uphill, but I wish I had like 3 more CPs to make the fight more even". Pour a heart into assembling the army who's fluff got you into the game like Deathwing and then lose almost every game because of it unless you drop your vision and start adding meta units, it's disheartening.

>> No.72900044

GW suggested that ongoing CP replenishment would be dictated by army composition, though.

>> No.72900053

Rule of 3 was a guide line not a set rule

>> No.72900060

Which is why I posted
>don't care that much about CP
rather than
>don't care at all about CP

>> No.72900071

99% of the playerbase treated is as holy law though. Tournament standard and all that.

>> No.72900090

Yeah that's just in terms of the relics and warlord traits and such that already do that

>> No.72900101

Scouts and Cultist aren't whats keeping terminators from being played. The only problem with troop requirements is cp isn't tied to the point cost of them.

>> No.72900105

What have you gotten done since the plague hit?

>> No.72900122

I thought almost everyone accepted into the Schola Progenium was an orphan. Orphans of someone important who got liquidated by the officio assassinorum or the administratum.

>> No.72900139

Thinning my paints unlike you

>> No.72900147

They implied that CP replenishment would change. The way they discussed CP is that armies would spend a lot more of it before the battle begins for the commander to make strategic decisions, but then the CP would be spent during the battle for tactical decisions. And that it would be different to the way it is now.

>> No.72900155

holy law on 40kg where 99% of people don't even play, nevermind play at a tourney

>> No.72900160

It varies.
In theory anyone whose parents die in the service of emperor is eligible.
In practice while yes some are the children of specific imperial servants of note, the majority are orphans who get hoovered up from imperial worlds ravaged by war.

>> No.72900162

Why is your painting surface covered in so much of it? You never heard of tissue paper?

>> No.72900163

Finished most of my Battle Sisters, gotten a lot done on my commission

>> No.72900164

Do your eyes not work? Buddy was a little messy with the wash and could have done better cleaning moldlines, but the paint isn't thick.

>> No.72900165

Just making Kill Teams until the new Necrons hit.

>> No.72900167

Knights leaks??

>> No.72900177

I forgive mould lines since cleaning them is difficult as fuck on anything that isn't an even surface

>> No.72900186

How are these shoulder shields called and where do I get a butt load of them.
I remember the metal grey knigh terminators had them but they're way to expensive for the amount I need

>> No.72900190

He needs all the tissue paper during the mastrubaiting to big hentai tau tiddie porn sessions, anon

>> No.72900193

Yeah no, literally everybody I've played since it was introduced has used it, even the newest of noobs, youre one of the 99% that doesn't ay

>> No.72900198

Absolutely nothing. I'm so used to constantly having juggle so many things and squeezing in painting between other activities or work I completely shut down and lost all drive when the pressure was gone.

>> No.72900200


>> No.72900202

can easily make them with greenstuff like a pressmold or smth

>> No.72900205


>> No.72900216

Literal garbage apparently

>> No.72900217

no,go away

>> No.72900220

>rule preventing a situation upon wherein its only not cancer when applied to shitty units.
>could just play open in such a situation
I fail to see the problem.

>> No.72900222

I also painted a bunch of kroot.
That sheet of cardboard has served me loyally for much of this year.
Can I see?
Very nice anon, those tau are crisp.
That's entirely okay. Stay sane my friend.

>> No.72900226

I think he is painting on top of a sheet of butcher's paper

>> No.72900231

Your sheet of cardboard needs to be honourably discharged so it may rest well.

>> No.72900242

Here's some of the sisters, among some terrain I did for them.

>> No.72900246

Yeah that would probably be the cheapest option. Any mold advice?

>> No.72900247

>not painting using lead based paint so your surface acts as a radiation shield
Rookie moves kid.

>> No.72900266

You're THAT much of a manlet? I feel for you, scrub.

>> No.72900267


>> No.72900274

>make ball of greenstuff
>grease up shield with cooking oil
>press into ball
>make small hole on sides so it can be aligned properly later on
>let cure
>make second ball
>grease up, press on first ball
>let cure, remove shield, mold done
the ball that will become your shield should dry pretty hard, so you can file/cut the flash easily
might take a few tries to get a decent mold, but you need next to no greenstuff to make it, so have fun

>> No.72900289

thanks anon

>> No.72900296

Yeah, it’s a fun read

>> No.72900302


>> No.72900309

Use Oyumaru/Blue Stuff. It can be boiled so that you can reuse it once you're done with a mold.

>> No.72900312


>> No.72900333

Personally I'd cut them out of plastic card.

>> No.72900352

This really is the issue. I like playing fluffy but it feels so busted when I'm playing with like 9 CP before spending on pregame and my opponent has twice that

>> No.72900361

A little blurry, but looks good from what I can see. I recommend edge highlighting or drybrushing some grey over the black on the skull cannons to bring out the detail.

>> No.72900364

a few things, currently I'm bouncing back and forth between renovating my board and painting a second catachan vet team

>> No.72900371

My 5'4 Word Bearers Chosen is coming along nicely, I think.
He has one blank shoulderpad. What should I put on it to sell the aesthetic? I've got a few transfers. WB symbol? The white scribbles?

>> No.72900375

Then you get armies that play fluffy and have like 20CP just because Crudrape.

>> No.72900416

Those scribbles are called cuneiform and it depends on whether you can fit them on his legs

>> No.72900447

>His legs
Oh, is that where they go?
So I guess if I put anything on the shoulder, it's the symbol. Or should I not put anything there?

>> No.72900484

Why not just play (30k) Emperor's Children?

>> No.72900499

Two eliminators working on the third

>> No.72900513

Whats gonna b the op admech build?

>> No.72900529

This is also a good alternative
I know they're bent so this might be to finicky

>> No.72900545


Cawlball is back, 12 kastelans + 3 enginseers (for the Holy Ordos traits) + Cawl + whatever troops are needed.

>> No.72900552

Probably the same it was but better, castellans and kataphrons got some nasty buffs. Some flying flamer guys or horses for utility/mobility maybe

>> No.72900553

changing it from a setting to "lore" was a big fucking mistake

>> No.72900555

>This scroll has the Imperial Truth
"Traps are Gay".

>> No.72900568

You can put it on his shoulder too if you want. They are your models.

>> No.72900581

>why not play a completely different setting and army because they happen to share a similar color with your army
I dunno anon, some decisions are a mystery

>> No.72900601

I need to base a good number of them since I got basing stuff now and ran out early on but since it started I've painted up 18 Plaguebearers, 20 Poxwalkers, 3 Plague Drones Sans Riders (for now), 2 Beasts of Nurgle, 6 Nurgling Bases, and on the AoS side of things 1 Pusgoyle Blightlord, 5 Blightkings and 1 of those Nighthaunt ghosts the guy with the lantern.

Currently working on a couple of plague marines and death shroud terminators to try to get the new scheme down.

>> No.72900612

Desire: the various Rogue Traders get rules that let them appear in any Imperium army like Inquisitors can

>> No.72900628

Probably some variant of a Mars Cawlstar gunning for Shroudspalm and the new Pangyric Procession.

Maybe with an HQ assistant to take the new Kataphron-boosting Warord Trait, maybe sticking to dakkabots. I don't know what new units will be good: Statoraptors are actually good in Mars so they can move and shoot without penalty, and the Serbyrus Raiders look to be cheap enough for their profile to have a use.

Stygies VIII just doesn't benefit nearly as much from the new stuff (only one Canticle and no control over it beyond the one chance to pick, and their FW-specific one isn't as good). That said, it might still see play as a secondary battalion for backline objective campers and artillery (Dunecrawlers, rangers).

>> No.72900638

For that matter, consolidate all the random shit they've put out like the Starstriders and BSF models under a single [ROGUE TRADER] keyword.

>> No.72900641

Mars is even more dominant than before. Its unique canticle is the most powerful by FAR and with the ability to take cawl anyone who wants do do well at tournaments is going to be bringing mars. Too bad I've already painted 2000 points of Stygies

>> No.72900647

>nigras chimp out
>everyone starts hating them
>people gravitate to 40k because it's about the conservative white man's struggle against the forces of evil
>the playerbase triples

Feels good man.

>> No.72900653

Fuck these people. Ruined Alpha legion CSM for me and now I automatically assume that every AL player is a complete faggot

>> No.72900656

By the time we can actually get games in again, 9th ed will be out, so all current theorycrafting will be irrelevant

That too, yeah. There's, what, three named Rogue Traders with rules right now?

>> No.72900657

Nah the lores fine, the TT game was a mistake gave the grogs a place to circle jerk

>> No.72900667

>conservative white man's struggle
>ogryn, furries, and mutants of all shapes colours and sizes
The chaos daemons might be more uniform then the imperium lol.

>> No.72900670

only came in here for the picture. am i the only one here who looks at that and just thinks how incredible it is?

>> No.72900679

>the playerbase triples
>Amount of retards, trannies and /pol/tards triples as well
Feels bad man

>> No.72900688

40k definitely has some nice art in it

>> No.72900704


>> No.72900746

literary me

>> No.72900766

>similar color
It's literally one for one their color scheme

>> No.72900777

Which players are the smartest? List the playerbases based on their IQ. No memes please, only serious and academic analysis.

>> No.72900795

40k players
Kill team

>> No.72900812

Iron Hands, it is only logical

>> No.72900819

AoS Players
Kill Team Players
Warcry Players
40K Players
30k Consoooomers.

>> No.72900822

I mean the factions

>> No.72900842

battlefield gothic
kill team

>> No.72900847

>conservative white man's struggle
I know this is b8, but Dawn of Fire would like a word with you

>> No.72900860

hey alpharius :)

>> No.72900885

Thoughts on this scheme?

>> No.72900904

no try again

>> No.72900915

>inb4 Dawn of Fire is about robotman's struggle withdark complexioned members of the ultramarines
Can you imagine lol? I'd buy the book just for the sheer bravery of shitposting in public like that. Same reason I bought a Cawl mini really.

>> No.72900917

>99% of people in these threads play Space Marines

Makes a lot of sense

>> No.72900927

can you be more specific

>> No.72900938

Now when you say Apocalypse?

>> No.72900947


I don't know why people keep downing on the Stygies canticle - you get to replace the basically useless Litany of the Electromancer with Fall Back + Shoot. I see people posting like "what's gonna survive the melee to fall back and shoot", like they've never been tapped by something inconsequential or difficult to avoid like a hover flyer and now their Onagers can't shoot.

I do get that it's a tough sell vs. Mars, but Stygies easily got the second best canticle in the book, though Lucius is a close second as it's almost like a second Shrouldpsalm.

>> No.72900952

I love those old plaguebearers I bought a bunch of them recently.

>> No.72900953

does the chaos variant count?

>> No.72900962

On the backpack is it meant to be gold or yellow?

>> No.72900965

Yes I'm sure it would be different if you asked players 20 years ago. Marines were the trve kvlt army back then

>> No.72900978

Space Marines and people who own Space Marines in addition to their xenos/Imperials are like 75% of the 40K playerbase. The odds of a 40K player using 4chan or giving enough of a shit to look at 40K shit online is so low that it makes sense it’s gonna be all CSM and SM by pure statistics. None of my friends use 4chan or look at 40K shit online except when big releases happen. They play Ork, Tau, GK, Eldar, AoS/WHFB and are huge normalfags.

>> No.72900988


>> No.72901005

You need to be very high IQ to play Primaris marines. Manlets may rage against this, chaos may bitch as per their usual stupid self and xenos will scoff but it's the god honest truth.

>> No.72901012

>hurls scroll away angrily

>> No.72901013

How would i go about emulating moss on a model?
Kind of want to do an aged and abandoned theme for some armor and wanted to add some moss

>> No.72901054

He's a HERO OF THE IMPERIUM and single handedly cucked a Black Crusade. I think they would have bumped him back up the rejuvenat quality list. Plus his GF would probably slip him some under the excuse of keeping Jurgen around (Who would be getting even better rejuvenat treatments)

I mean shit, aren't the high lords just the same guys as they have always been barring assassinations?

>> No.72901056

Looks good, but ask yourself if you really want to paint 30 of them

>> No.72901061

I realized how utterly pathetic and poor recastfags are when I found out they by resin recasts of commonly available and affordable plastic kits. These niggers buy recasts for things that I throw away in the garbage or use as terrain when I’m too lazy to strip and rescue them.

>> No.72901077

Use very fine flocking attached using very watered down PVA glue.

>> No.72901085


Really fine flocking, or for infantry model I would just use fine sand and paint it green.

>> No.72901106

Buy a recast off aliexpress

>> No.72901107

Normally I’d feel bad about treatment like that, but in this case it’s 100% justified and the Eldar more than deserve it. You fucking backstab or be outright hostile and genocidal to my entire race then try to get buddy buddy to manipulate me into being your cannon fodder? Fuck you bitch I’d probably let the Beast take Terra just so I can wipe your fucking craftworld from existence. Don’t let the stupid fan art of elf thots distract you from the fact that Eldar are fucking scum who want to kill all humans

>> No.72901108

>only zoomers play marines
how to spot a true zoomer AND an obvious tau player

>> No.72901116

you do realise that like 3/4th of the player base use play either SM or CSM right?

>> No.72901122


>under the excuse of keeping Jurgen around (Who would be getting even better rejuvenat treatments)

I am behind in the books but I do know that when Cain writes about Jurgen in the context of his adventures after returning from retirement, he speaks of him as though he were dead.

>> No.72901131

Flocking is the best thing for it.

>> No.72901135

Eldar are fucking scum, true. Wouldn't feel all that bad myself with throwing their spirit stones into the nearest warp storm.

>> No.72901138


>> No.72901140

I got me the "totally not Ciaphus Cain and friends" set years ago and I run them every time in my list, even when it means taking a special weapons team just for Jurgen

>> No.72901146

What's the appeal of tyranids? Who wants to play as literal bugs?

>> No.72901151

Yeah except they did that for literally every character. Even with rejuvenat a 200 year time skip is no joke, it's stupid.

>> No.72901154

They aren't even canonically that attractive. I don't understand fans simping for them. Now their fantasy counterparts, on the other hand, those are some hot bitches.

>> No.72901160

>They aren't even canonically that attractive.
Not really, canon is all over the place.

>> No.72901163

Pffft, just doing that to protect his good buddy from the eternal asspain of Abbadon, he's secretly on a planet made of nothing but meltaguns, porno-slates and things you might almost call food.

>> No.72901169

Swarm horde hive mind of constantly evolving apex predators

>> No.72901194

I support the eldar because of their elegant aesthetics, intelligence and cool tech. If some coomer buys an army just to fap to it, that's pretty sad.

>> No.72901199



>> No.72901203

It's not Cain I swear! Its just
>a commisar with a chainsword
>a vallhalan with a meltagun
>an inquisitor with tits
>a tech priest with tits

>> No.72901218

Legion of the Damned is not an army.

>> No.72901239

>Eldrad sends a group of Harlequins that shoot up the Palace, put a dozen Custodes on the floor, and the Warhound Titans guarding the Eternity Gate have to open fire on them. All while yelling "WE COME IN PEACE!"

>> No.72901304

no, all plasma weapons are the same and admech plasma makes a unit almost as expensive as primaris for T3 1w

>> No.72901383

Rollin for the emos

>> No.72901441

hole roll

>> No.72901451


>> No.72901464


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