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How intelligent are skiitari compared to servitors?

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All Daemons rules from Engine War

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>shoots 108 s6 ap-2 shots at you for 390 points

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Would you a female Necron?

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Codex: Hrud, when??

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they're actual people

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Depends on the Skitari. But generally like normal human level.

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Those are Skaven

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Varies greatly depending on the world and army, some are just fancy servitors, other are effectively just augmented people.

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>The only page is missing is the one with the Slaaneshi Stratagems

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So the exalted greater daemon strats can be use multiple times right?

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Very. Servitors are lobotomized retards. Skitarii are highly intelligent, much moreso than your average Guardsman, and some of the high-ranking ones extremely so. That said, Skitarii are also a weird combination of coldly logical and fervently devout religious fanatics that makes them hard to relate to and rather insane. They make good soldiers, not good conversationalists.

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What is the most effective way to shill for nu-guardsmen? This epicness needs to happen.

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They are literally fancier guardsmen.

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>says Hrud
>posts rats, not weird aliens

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>btw just hide behind a servitor if things look bad.

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>bloodthirster axe brings the bloodthirster back to life with only the rage unchained trait
that's actually really fucking cool

>> No.72894305

>New Admech Raiders cav get 9" pregame move
>Can stack with Stygies strat for 18" pregame move
>followed by 12" movement
Say goodbye to any characters that aren't either surrounded by drones or aren't in a mech suit.

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Fancier guardsmen with parts of their brains removed and replaced with computers, making them by default more intelligent than 99% of guardsmen.

>> No.72894314

What is the most effective way to shill for nu-guardsmen? This epicness needs to happen.

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ahahaahaa no way that's real

>> No.72894324

Good, I'm gonna shoot all the shitty tau characters that throw out marker lights and give riptides a fnp

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Ah yeah here you go

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>he doesn't know

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Clearly it is you who doesn't know, buddy. Now go yiff in hell.

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Repostan' for more opinions, so far:
>Stop... just stop.

I plan to do these effects to this model, nothing has arrived yet though so muzzle/casing ejection positions may be incorrect, just taking this random pic as reference.
Which version looks best?

A) Bullet casing, Milliput ground smoke, Full muzzle flash

B) Cotton ground smoke instead of Milliput

C) Only side muzzle flash

D) Only frontal muzzle flash (with bullet)

Also, how would I go about using cotton in this way? Do I first need a bent clip as infrastructure to roll cotton around, or can I simply place it and get a precise shape after I apply paint/varnish/whatever?

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So did Locys of Rage get changed to be in line with Righteous Zeal or Ere We Go?

>> No.72894354

One piece of outdated art < All the newer art that shows Hrud as weird spine creatures

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>Say goodbye to any characters that aren't either surrounded by drones
> I'm gonna shoot all the shitty tau characters that throw out marker lights and give riptides a fnp
>not surrounded by drones
Why do you midwits keep doing this to yourselves?

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I repeat my opinion, effects tend to look like ass, and for the amount of time invested to make it not look like ass, it might as well be a HQ.
You do whatever though.

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thanks anon

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Have to agree with previous anon, I have never seen an effect like that look good

>> No.72894379

yeah no, it'll look like shit no matter what you do. do do it bro

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>he doesnt screen

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technically the 6th ed art is the newer one

but nevertheless space skaven are a lame concept

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Man, it sucks that a couple of the Tzeentch relics are good but you'd never take them on your Exalted big bird over the 3++ robe

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So does Rage Eternal mean if I footslog a bloodletter bomb, their swords have infinite range?

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Is it just me or is the holy duality of viable forgeworlds shifting from Mars and Stygies to Mars and Lucius? With Mars so far up ahead its barely funny anymore

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>18" weapon range
Are all the characters going to be huddled in the back corner? I don't see how you'd be able to avoid a threat range of 58" (more if you advance, since carbines are assault)

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>do do it bro
Nice, I'll go forward with it then. FULL VIGOR!

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>Sinuous Undulation
We Slaaneshi Daemons got a decent stratagem?!

This is not allowed, call GW, that is clearly a mistake.

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Conspiracies aside, they really are pushing Mars. Whether to sell more Cawls or what is anyones guess.

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So what is the official power ranking for the factions

Are orks, tyranids, necrons and imperium equally powerful

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No Skarbrand is still doomed to fail his charge out of Deep Strike and die

>> No.72894437

Today the last store in my area closed and my last friend decided to sell his army. Feels bad man.


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Tabletop is just placeholder for the ultimate videogame. Sooner or later GW will have to become entirely virtual.

>> No.72894444

Even if it does, since they didnt charge they get 1 single attack.

>> No.72894449

>the ultimate videogame.
lol, not happening

>> No.72894451

>the ultimate videogame
Tabletop Simulator?

>> No.72894453

>Sooner or later GW will have to become entirely virtual.
>pay the same prices for pixels on the screen
It will never work, they are already pushing it with the prices and people buy this just because it's physical and is a good decoration too.

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just play with core codex and without any expansions like normal people do.

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>Gamble everything on maybe 300-400 lifetime off a dedicated player of 40k
>Get 60-100 max off most people
>Normalfags entirely afraid of it because "lol complicated"
GW's only thing it has going for it are the physical minis you fucking tourist.

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fuck that I enjoy doing hobby things

>> No.72894466

Any groundshaking lore updates from the 9th edition?

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also power levels are not linear, retard

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>I enjoy doing hobby things
Have you seen the zoomer comments here? Everyone under the age of 25 seems to be afraid of picking up a paintbrush.

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Who's your favorite Chaos God? For me, it's the Night Haunter, the patron god of the Night Lords

>> No.72894480

Engine war is nice and all

>> No.72894485

So on the tzeentch front:
All the strats are okay, reasonable enough for 1 CP but nothing that will really change the game in any meaningful way like some of the CSM ones
Exalted LoC buffs are all pretty good and rolling for 2 is a good call unless you really wanted one (probably spellthief) for a specific match up. Mastery of Magic and Lord of Flux together seems like it'd be fun for MW spam
Soul Eater Staff and Crystal Tome aren't bad, but you'd never want them over the Impossible Robe to protect your 250 point target, so its a moot point

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>in SM vs SM version of the game
You couldn't have chosen worse

>> No.72894488

Warhammer is already almost mainstream even though we don't have jackshit yet in terms of other media other than some lame strategy vidya and the astartes shorts, the Eisenhorn tv series will practically force GW to spread out because of demand.

>> No.72894493

The Greater Good obviously.

>> No.72894497

I don't think you know that linear means kiddo.

>> No.72894498

B looks best imo, the milliput smoke doesn't look convincing.

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>> No.72894504

if manlets can't have their toys in 40k then neither will you!

>> No.72894507

You could play xenos in 40k...

>> No.72894508

Zoomers are a dead generation and not worth spending resources on. Newer kids are way less degenerate and useless.

>> No.72894516

he means to get the rules for the 30k mechanicus stuff in 40k.

>> No.72894519

does anybody else find marine vs marine matches to be boring

>> No.72894525

In order for it to be a proper 40k game you're asking for a AAA budget, TWWH works because it took a decades old game and added Warhammer stuff to it. Does GW have 20-30 million to blow on a game that may flop like a lot of 40k titles? Last time I checked there is no proper powerhouse of a game studio that makes a digital game like 40k tabletop.

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Why didn't he just beam down and fight alongside Angron?
Why didn't he just told horus or magnus about the webway project?
Why didn't he warned the Primarchs about Chaos?

>> No.72894527

Everyone that has played from at least 3rd knows marines add nothing to the hobby

>> No.72894536

Bro Xenos are the main antagonist focus of 9th Edition.

>> No.72894537

Takes two to tango, faggot.

Stop playing Marines.

>> No.72894538

Servitors aren't people (anymore).

>> No.72894542

everyone does, marines are boring

>> No.72894543

We always say that until they start consuming mainstream corporate media and turned just as fucked up as the previous generation. Saw it with millennials, saw with with zoomers.

>> No.72894544

because horus heresy is shit

>> No.72894548

8 wound cap and healing relic on a Bloodthirster might make them okay, but I'm not holding my breath.

>> No.72894549

And yet a War in the Eye match (csm v csm) is pure kino. Suck it marinekeks

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>> No.72894556

The silent king is back and instantly squatted the tyranids so he has time to deal with the real threat, chaos

>> No.72894557

I play admech though

>> No.72894558

Skitarii are far more intelligent than the average human. How much personality is left in there depends on the forge world, but for raw processing power, they'd be more intelligent than anyone from modern day earth.

>> No.72894565

>Last time I checked there is no proper powerhouse of a game studio that makes a digital game like 40k tabletop.

Why would you want to make another lame strategy game, of course that is going to flop. 40k is meant to be an immersive grimdark fps experience.

>> No.72894567

So why are you complaining about Marines vs Marines?

>> No.72894570

Like Eternal Crusade?

>> No.72894572

>fan depiction versus official GW art
he's still more in the right than you, anon.

>> No.72894575

I felt like it

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>> No.72894581

so its cannon Blood Ravens got Primaris geneseed delivered, but from what Primarch?

>> No.72894584

apparently, the only primarch capable of knowing the truth without immediately turning chaotic was curze

the emperor was playing a 2s6 D chess with chaos using the primarchs as pawns, but a third player changed the course if the game

someone who is not the emperor nor the chaos gods is directing the setting

>> No.72894588

no u

>> No.72894590

They stole a lil from all of the chapters

>> No.72894591

>from what primarch
probably guilliman for the first batch, then they must have started using their own

>> No.72894592

>practically force GW to spread out because of demand
>force GW

>> No.72894593

Anon, what classification of a race are Necrons? I'll give you a hint, it's not Imperium or Chaos.

>> No.72894599

Well, judging by the fact that they have the red thirst and black rage, probably Sanguinius.

>> No.72894600

Nigger do you play on flat tables with no terrain? You do t get to move 58" vs a screen you retard, it blocks routes of movement and you won't get the lanes of fire you want. Do you even play the game for real?

>> No.72894601

Flawless logic there buddy

>> No.72894602

Any change in datasheets?

>> No.72894610

Just hombrew it bro

>> No.72894612

In lore or crunch?

>> No.72894613


>> No.72894614

What happens here?

>> No.72894615

>classification of a race are Necrons
It's still Necrons, you retarded Tau/Ork cuck lmao

>> No.72894617

all I know is that the eldar crazy god switched Fulgrim with another Primarch

>> No.72894618


>> No.72894623

>fan depiction
>so retarded he doesnt see the COPYRIGHT GAMES WORKSHOP in the bottom left

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>> No.72894632

I hope we'll never find out.

With modern GW lore, it's going to be something retarded.

>> No.72894642

>be random CSM warband
>worship our own Chaos God OC
>Word Bearers get mad at us

>> No.72894644

In that order.

>> No.72894645

Thats for the next soft reboot when people have bought all the Primaris and GW needs to cone out with new marines to sell to marine players again.

>> No.72894647

Necrons and Tyranids are probably roughly equal at the top.

Both are far, far above Imperium.

Orks are typically one of the lowest tier threats but if enough of them unite under a single warlord into a huge WAAAGH they can skyrocket up to A tier.

>> No.72894648

Repostan from last thread:
Anyone have any pictures of black armored space wolves?

>> No.72894656

Nothing, it's gone, nids ate it all.

>> No.72894660 [SPOILER] 

probably the guys that eldar crazy god answers to

>> No.72894661

Real talk, the Imperium should've covered at least the entire Local Group. The supposed cosmos-shattering implications in the lore don't translate too well when Chaos can't even take over one measly galaxy.

>> No.72894663

>that soiboi YouTube ad-money face

>> No.72894664

>Can't reference the last time GW tried giving money to people to make a shooter that flopped hard
Okay then, I'm sure it will play out well just like it does in you mind

>> No.72894665


>> No.72894668

Like if some group of ancient scientists went to colonize Andromeda 30 000 years ago and now they are returning to save Humanity with super tech?

>> No.72894671

humanity worst enemy its their stagnation if the Impirium stopped fearing technology and unleashed the STCs they beat anyone

>> No.72894676

>should have covered the entire local group
>inhabit only around 0.0025% of the habitable galaxy
You do not understand this setting at all.

>> No.72894677

Not really to get the most out 9f the healing relic, you have to focus infantry, not what a Bloodthirster should focus on

>> No.72894681

>some nobodies made a shitty game with a 50 dollar budget so this means that all warhams vidya is doomed forever

Okay then buddy

>> No.72894687

Gonna need ton of FAQs for this shitty engine war already.

>free phosphor blasters
>unlimited use exalted stratagem

>> No.72894692

Like this.
>War in heaven tier
Fully awakened necrons
Chaos gods in the warp
>Game enders
Tyranids, when they turn up properly
Orks, when they unify
Chaos, if the emperor dies
>Big boy tier
Admech, when they get serious
Imperial Guard
Hive fleets
Black crusades
Necron dynasties

Everyone else is to small to bother with.

>> No.72894693

Lolno. Necrons already solved science, there is nothing un humanity's most insane Dark Age tech STC stuff that is even a match for the best Necron tech, and Necrons consider Tyranids to be one of the biggest threats because they are not retarded, which means even DAoT humanity couldn't handle that either.

>> No.72894694

Nah, the Keeper of Secrets is in there just because its newest datasheet isn't in the Daemons Codex

>> No.72894705

it's never been 'cosmos' shattering, the galaxy was always the prize. Chaos and the immaterium can't exist in the void, it is stuck within the confines of the galaxy. Supposedly the tyranids are escaping something fairly unstoppable that is ending all life, and they followed the astronomicon to the next biggest source of biomass.

>> No.72894708

>worshipping some false god in the first place
You deserve to be sacrificed to the Dark Gods you fucking infidel.

>> No.72894709

Yeah, something like that
>Humanity conquered Andromeda and other Galaxies.
>Supertech, they have now defeated all other enemies there
>The setting was never Grimdark afterall, only "locally grimdark"

>> No.72894717

>but for raw processing power, they'd be more intelligent than anyone from modern day earth.
Processing power isn't the same as intelligence.

>> No.72894719

>Supposedly the tyranids are escaping something fairly unstoppable that is ending all life
Stop spreading this meme you reddit/youtuber secondary. The only thing they are escaping is an empty buffet table they already cleaned out.

>> No.72894723

Nah, AoS Tier 40k reboot will be every single race fleeing to Andromeda after abbadaboo accidentally a galaxy

>> No.72894724

you don't understand chaos, it's a meta entity, how powerful it gets and how high the stakes are depend entirely on the point of view of the stories and the setting

it's the maddened shadow of conscious beings trying to bring them down, not a logical and absolute being like mortals

>> No.72894732

Blind optimism isn't good anon. Looking at the track record of 40k games its not a very successful digital franchise lately

>> No.72894736

>Remember that theory that Tyranids were in the Milky Way because they were fleeing from an even more dangerous foe?
>It was super-humanity, here to save us!

>> No.72894739

Here's the craziest outcome.

>40K does a sigmar
>Now every race has their own galaxy.
>It's now warring galaxies, and the tyranids coming from the depths of nothingness.

just you wait.

>> No.72894742

>Necrons already solved science
brainlets can't even into psychic tech

>> No.72894746 [SPOILER] 

Well hopefully the 9E Daemon Codex will fix them.

>> No.72894748

Don't need to think things into reality and potentially make a new god of chaos when you can just bend reality.

>> No.72894749

>40k is meant to be an FPS

>> No.72894755

>when you can just bend reality.
but they can't, not as much as psychic tech can.

>> No.72894756

>want to start collecting CSM
>torn between Iron Warriors and Black Legion
Make your case Chaos players, which of these two Legions reigns superior?

>> No.72894762

I just noticed the gallery name is "Daemons Studlff :( "

>> No.72894764

Meh, I thought we get changes(

>> No.72894765

I agree with him to a degree. 40K makes fantastic strategy games, but the tabletop is already a turnbased strategy.

I'd like a little variety, a 40k fps or another space marine IMHO.

>> No.72894769

You mean they're smart enough to not into psychic tech in the first place when they can instead just use blackstone to shut off psychic shit and they dont get fucked by Chaos like Eldar and Humanity do

>> No.72894770

>When you run out of things to be miserable about, so you invent imaginary scenarios so you can get even angrier.
Go outside you sad pieces of shit.

>> No.72894775

>9E Daemon Codex
hopefully that doesn't happen, separating daemons from chaos marines was a mistake

>> No.72894776

They have cloaks woven from time which are essentially probability equations given form. Their C'tan shards throw plasma from distant suns at their foes with the matter going way beyond the speed of light.

>> No.72894777

Death guard has always had the best unique style among csm.

>> No.72894779

Are we playing an imperium army anon?

>> No.72894781

Literally this

>> No.72894783

Would it be fair to assume that in 2020 and in terms of power:

1) Tzeentch is at his most powerful with the constant changes and evolution in human society and way of living
2) Slaanesh is second and benefits from the over-the-top sexual liberation compared to before (porn access for everyone, alphabet people, kinks invented everyday etc)
3) Nurgle is third but only due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Expect to fall in last place if it gets resolved or climb into second place if it gets increasingly worse
4) Khorne is last since wars are a rarity in modern society and they are far from the scale that they used to before anyway.

What do you think?

>> No.72894784

I heard with the new CSM that if you collect a few boxes, you end up with repeat poses. Is there a way around that? Was this a problem with the old sculpts?

>> No.72894787

Black legion are the ultramarines of chaos. Iron warriors have relatable lore, fun rules and best utilise the few fun units that chaos marines have: demon engines.

>> No.72894788

black legion is boring
iron warriors are bitter

make your own warband

>> No.72894796

Iron warriors ignore cover and that's going to matter in 9th, BL get some shitty run and fire bolter move you never use

>> No.72894797

doubtful for an as yet unsuccessful force which has required constant adaptations

>> No.72894800

It's not inventing scenarios to get angry about it's imagining situations where GW could be even MORE unaware of the situation by fucking things up, just to force some sort of advancement.

>> No.72894806

>excellent depictions of Nurgle, Khorne and Tzeentch
>garbage "haha titties!" depiction of Slaanesh that completely misrepresents him
Every time.

>> No.72894807

For flat socket marines? Possible. For old old models? Nu40k is more like metal sculpts given plastic form than the 2000s plastic sculpts.

>> No.72894811

Yea yea, l know
But still - I think new rules are just nice. LOC with 3++, -1 Damage and ban spells after deny the witch with +2. Nice

>> No.72894813

They don't have either of those my dude

>> No.72894820

Its explicitly stated in canon.

>> No.72894823

>It's not that, but it is.
It's a nice day pretty much everywhere, go for a walk.

>> No.72894825

Go iron warriors. Can't beat bitterness, autism and hazard stripes.

>> No.72894826

The fact that they immediately did everything they could to cover up their progenitor when they recieved the geneseed pretty much confirms it's Magnus

>> No.72894827

>and they dont get fucked
chopping off your souls and dicks is not a solution to being capable of dealing with chaos and life

necrons have a 41% chance of malfunctioning

>> No.72894828

Only Brass Stanpede is actually useful. Whittle down a screening unit with skull cannons, destroy it with mortal wounds and charge into the actual target
>scent of blood is okay I suppose but AP-1 S5 is basically a Heavy Bolter with 1" range

>> No.72894829


Their pregame move is 12", it's just a normal movement for them. So they have 21" of pregame movement when Stygies, followed by their 12" in the movement phase. They also have an enhanced data-tether and are <Skitarii>, so if you need some extra movement by advancing, you'll still hit on 2+ (though you won't get the pistol shots then, so I wouldn't suggest it unless it's the only way to make the target).

>> No.72894834

>Black legion are the ultramarines of chaos.
Not even that. Ultramarines have traits which separate them from every other chapter, whilst being codex adherent. They also have the Tyrannic War Veterans which are unique to the smurfs (so far).

Black legion are just those on-the-fence guys who take a little bit of every chaos god, and have only abaddon as any meaningful difference to other chaos warbands. They are like the oldschool Ultramarines, but somehow even more bland. Not sure how you manage that.

>> No.72894835

Tzeentch might actually be playable after this.

>> No.72894837

Wut? I thought the scout move was a full move except you can't end it 9" or closer to an enemy unit.

>> No.72894841

Necrons have a touch screen to delete stars. Don't use them because the fuckers can't be ass to do the paper work.
Hell chaos needs Necron tech in order to delete stars by shooting them.

>> No.72894843

Glad I am not a Fantacuck or /v/oomer trying to fit in lol

>> No.72894844

How do you feel about the change?
Also, how bad if an idea is it to use the new CSM alongside the old ones/old SM?

>> No.72894846


Get in line.

>> No.72894853

If you deduct all the 50 dollar turn based strategy clones you get like 4 games. Out of those deathwing is great but a bit repetitive and I guess battlefleet was a success.

>> No.72894865

Cope chaoscuck

>> No.72894867

They can probably advance pre game, that happens in the movement phase.

>> No.72894878

>implying the miniature galaxy can be weaponized efficiently when it only works on stars already close to death
>implying blackstone fortresses are necron tech

>> No.72894883

Battlefleet gothic 1/2, deathwing, space marine, dawn of war 1 and 2, fire warrior has cult classic memery and chaosgate/Final liberation for the boomers.

Everything else is either rushed, unimaginative, or overall crap be it quality or mobile game tier.

>> No.72894889

With TS supporting it will be very strong

>> No.72894891

>>implying the miniature galaxy can be weaponized efficiently when it only works on stars already close to death
>>implying blackstone fortresses are necron tech


>> No.72894899

You can't advance in a scout move, it's literally just your movement stat with the caveat of not being allowed to end it within the standard deepstrike exclusion zone around enemy units.

>> No.72894902

We know for a fact that the Phosphor Blasters are supposed to be 15, it's printed in other versions of the book.
The exalted stratagem is interesting, because it doesn't seem to have been miswritten from a technical perspective.
It'll get erratated pretty quick, but it'd would've been nice to think that GW pitied Admech's shit relics and decided to give us access to more WTs.

>> No.72894903

del8 trannybot

>> No.72894909

>The Admech Pteraxii and Serbery Alphas have completely static loadouts despite the fact regular Skitarii Alphas have a wide range of options
Fucking Jew Workshop

>> No.72894914

It's been made pretty clear at this point that Blackstone Fortresses are Necron tech, between the fact that Blackstone is heavily associated with Necrons and the AdMech are trying to loot tombworlds for it, and the BSF game came out with those spindle drone walkers, immediately followed up by this Necron update which has new giant spindly walker canoptek guys that look like an evolved version of them almost exactly.

>> No.72894922

All of the good games you listed have something in common: Effort. Making a good 40k game requres effort and more than simple cash-grab shittery.
Blackstone Fortresses are pre-fall Eldar tech.

>> No.72894923

From a European perspective I'd say slaanesh was probably stronger in the high middle age, deviancy in monasteries was off the roof. People had limited knowledge over which they obsessed incredibly thus the developing of extremely over the top jewelry cravings, gothic architechture later on, and most manuscripts. Furthermore most people had no education and were little more than slaves, forced marriages, concubines and rape were as common as oatmeal. In a world of isolation and ignorance slaanesh will be the one that thrives the most, possibly followed by Nurgle imho

>> No.72894924

because you're doing it wrong

>> No.72894925

You're being contrarian on purpose now

>> No.72894927

games "it's not on the sprues you can't sue" workshop, everyone

>> No.72894928

Space Marine is trash, Fire Warrior is even trashier trash, however you neglected to mention Gladius or Mechanicus which are both great.

>> No.72894940

Black legion are legitimately bland and boring. I personally like alpha legion, but between your two choices it's a clear IW. Also they are fun with how they synergize with daemon engines.

>> No.72894942

>-1 Damage and ban spells after deny the witch with
Thats IF the dice are good to you
Aside from the Exalted LoC, which is pretty good, none of the other stuff really improves Tzeentch daemons in any way that matters

>> No.72894943

Mechanicus is atmospherically fun but boring after you learn the mechanics as its too easy
Gladius is a secondary magnet with terrible lore that was written by a third party company with little GW oversight.

>> No.72894952

>Space Marine is trash
Get the fuck out, Space Marine is fantastic, the only thing that let it down was the final 2 chapters and the ending, because that's when THQ's funding plummeted. You could visually SEE the lack of development flow for the final burst.

And fire warrior is trash, but it's one of the earliest and only console 40k games, and it's a little window of history into the promotion of the Tau, and the interesting theory that Fire Warrior is a wh40k tau perspective propaganda piece.

>> No.72894956


It's lame, but I'm more concerned about the sprue layout. A unit of 10 for either unit still only has 1 alpha, but does the sprue include an extra phosphor torch and an extra flechette carbine to build an alpha as a normal pteraxii? Or would you need to buy 3 boxes to field a legal 10 man unit?

>> No.72894960

>Mechanicus is atmospherically fun but boring after you learn the mechanics as its too easy
This was true before the massive Augmentation update that added difficulty settings and a ton of customization and new features. You can now make the game almost impossibly hard.

>> No.72894962

Iron Warriors have the more distinct visuals and playstyle
I don't hate Black Legion and the concept of a melting pot of 10,000 year old heresy marines, brand new renegades with freshly painted black armor and traitors from other legions all under the command of some heavy terminator dudes is actually pretty cool, and its liberating to be able to take any unit you want and have it be completely fluffy

>> No.72894969

>That spoiler

>> No.72894976

As someone who studied medieval history in Uni, this is blatantly wrong on many levels.

>> No.72894977

>the only thing that let it down was the final 2 chapters and the ending
And the cringe capeshit writing and terrible inaccuracies to the lore and bad hallway after hallway level design and...

>> No.72894978

>mfw the chaff gets uppity again

>> No.72894980

Fire Warrior is actually really interesting because you play as a Tau. The Imperium actually feels fucking insane to fight, just rushing at you with Chainswords or their battle cries (when they work correctly). It's 100% Tau propaganda, but it's great to see the Imperium from a Xenos perspective done right.

>> No.72894984

>the cringe capeshit writing and terrible inaccuracies to the lore
Do explain.

>> No.72894987

>Gladius is a secondary magnet with terrible lore that was written by a third party company with little GW oversight.
The gameplay itself is excellent.

Also dont play the "campaign" mode but the individual bits of lore written in the building and research and unit descriptions are all KINO.

>> No.72894993

that is just protestant propaganda and lieing to oneself, to cope with the fact that they betrayed God and Mother Church. Even the most basic of peasent had the option to got to Santiago de Compostela, from places as far as eastern Lithuania dukedom.

Greath catholic philosophers, schools in cities and towns. Even peasents learned to use basic reading, because it was the time when they started to pay taxs not just with work, plus to combat the protestant scourge of lies.

If anything was slanesh it was the XVIII and XIX century. With its orgies , open atheism, worship of masonic balvans, STD running rapant and people viewing them as "badges of honor".

IX till XVII century was khorn. noble warriors clashing against each other in an never ending contest of strenght

>> No.72894997

Not to mention the aesthetics of bunkers, and inside the imperial ship was pure fucking 100% 4th edition kino design.

>> No.72895002

All that stuff happens today but more. Only thing you could argue is more prevalent disease but total disease is still higher today

>> No.72895006

Can someone explain to me why the Sterylizors Sergeant and the shooty variant have the same loadout? Why would the flamer sergeant not have a flamer? Even worse, why would he not have the talons?

>> No.72895015

World Eaters or Night Lords

>> No.72895022

>It's been made pretty clear at this point that Blackstone Fortresses are Necron tech
no, it's not, nothing indicates a necron origin, while all fluff about their origins point to vaul/old ones
the use of blackstone has no reason to be exclusive to necrons, especially considering how every use they have found for it was as a reaction to the psychic tech of the old ones, how the fortresses themselves are designed to use Blackstone as a psychic weapon, something the necrons aren't capable of, and the fact we have at least 4 other mentions of necrons stealing old ones tech and never actually arranging them to work in a psychic-based way

>spindle drone walkers
which look nothing like necrons, showing a biomechanical look that can be traced back to old slann fields of expertise

necrons are niggers

>> No.72895023

>>unlimited use exalted stratagem
Or 9e will have general strat limits so no need to print it.

>> No.72895025

How about we start with the Space Marine Captain who, instead of deploying with his Company and LEADING THEM like a fucking Captain is supposed to do, being a commander of a military subdivision, he immediately jumps off a ship to do some cringy tryhard lonewolf Marvel Movie solo heroic stunt shit to blow up an Ork airship by himself so all the soibois can clap like seals and cheer how totally ebic that was.

And then it continues being worse forever.

>> No.72895028

(((Tzeenchian))) lies

>> No.72895033

>incoming civil war

>> No.72895040

>literally ignoring the lines that came directly after the parts you green texted which prove you wrong on your rebuttals

>> No.72895041

That's something that Marine Captains do all the time Anon. It's not lore breaking.

>> No.72895047

I bet you think Iron Maidens were in regular use, dont you?

>> No.72895049

this game was shit

>> No.72895052

But space marine captains have operated with 2 other fellas for ages bro.

Have you never read Ultramarines Omnibus books? Uriel Ventris is sometimes alone, or with Pasanius. That's 2 marines, it's only at the peak of the story does he get with many other marines, and that happens in Space Marine as well.

Just because you're a lorelet, doesn't mean the game's shit.

>> No.72895054

>That's something that Marine Captains do all the time Anon.
In shitty Black Library fanfic that apes that same style of utterly embarrassing teenage power fantasy lone wolf Marvel quip action hero shit, you mean?

>> No.72895058

GW is really channeling the spindle drone look with the nucron canopteks, seems like its intentional.

>> No.72895059

>complaining about bad military strategy
>in a universe with fixed bayonets

>> No.72895060

Oh yeah it was shit, but it was also great.

>> No.72895064

do you know what "prove" means?

>> No.72895065

As a mechanical game?

Yea, totally. It sucked pretty hard.

Atmosphere and art design are top though.

>> No.72895066


>Even worse, why would he not have the talons?

That, at least, just seems like an oversight. He's modeled with them on the box.

>> No.72895067


>> No.72895072

Because GW have always been screwy with sergeants for certain factions. Nobody actually wants a laspistol+chainsword on their sergeant in IG and nobody wants an arc maul+pistol that is a little stronger much less range weapon for Skittles alphas. At least with the regular skittles you can just swap out for a proper gun but with these new kits they're stuck with weapons that don't mesh with their unit at all and focus on melee when they want to avoid that at all costs.

>> No.72895073

t. seething muslim jihadist

>> No.72895083

Yes, it's an intentional way to suggest that necrons steal slann designs

don't you think that if they actually wanted to suggest the blackstone fortresses are necrontyr, they would make the new necron miniatures actually look biomechanical?

>> No.72895089

Slaanesh vs. khorne is always a good one. At least with chaos armies they will look different.

>> No.72895099

then post proofs

>> No.72895106

Caw with me for the best legion, sisters!

>> No.72895112

The Guardsmen voicelines are actually great. It's just for some reason they were bugged so it only played a select few. https://youtu.be/5GiaUm-yvhc

>> No.72895114

41% yourself

>> No.72895132

>An act that snuffs out any of these lights leads to its physical counterpart undergoing a supernova millennia before its time that destroys all the nearby worlds that circle it. Thus, the Celestial Orrery is capable of immense destructive power but the act of destroying a star must be done with careful consideration as it would as it would upset the natural order of the cosmos that could create a critical chain reaction. Through further manipulation, any imbalance can be rectified and returned to proper balance though this can take thousands of years of constant precise micromanagement.
the fluff for it gives a specific time frame in the thousands of years, when the life of stars is measured by billions; on top of that its use is simply not possible without grave consequences
it's not something that can be weaponized, the old ones and dark eldar have built and used way more compact and efficient devices

you'll find no trace of necron origin in the blackstone fortresses, they're referred to as talisman of vaul by the eldar

>> No.72895145

>humanity went out and allied itself with alien species in andromeda
>advanced their technology beyond what the imperium has
>uphold ideals such as honor, humanitarian aid, peace and understanding
>essentially Star Fleet: the faction

it might be worth it just to see all of the "NOT GRIMDARK/TOO NOBLEBRIGHT" arguments, and would love if it really pissed off the tau players "we were supposed to be the good guys in the setting!"

>> No.72895150

I actually love how the Space Marine voices are more scary than the Chaos voices.

It's a strange switch, but Fire Warrior - as bad as it may be - was my first ever 40k videogame. well, tell a lie, I played rites of war first but I was too young to fully get it.

But fire warrior made me love the imperium, because seeing mankind portrayed as a human force which was the bad guys, but semi-good got me hooked. Even better was the idea of humanity being an ancient race, 40,000+ year old race of mankind and the tau at their 2000, (which was similar to the time the game came out so it only further helped with imagining.)

Fire warrior got me into Dawn of War, and it only got more intense from there.

>> No.72895156

Fat and drunk is no way to go through life.

>> No.72895165

>that crude mass of bolts
>more evolved

necrons tried to steal a lot of old ones tech, I wouldn't be surprised if they attempted to replicate their war walkers too

>> No.72895172

Slaanesh can be the most powerful because the single mindedness of the other three feeds him. They know this and have had to change the way they operate.

>> No.72895177

or you know, insectoid robots gonna insectoid robot, it's not as though such designs are fucking common as shit from Metroid to war of the worlds and the matrix.

>> No.72895181

>People talking about humans being extra-galactic in 40k.

Didn't happen. They tried to, but they freaked out on the eastern fringe and wouldn't go any further. Read the stories of solar mecharius.

>> No.72895184

is the new sisters of battle rhino model larger than the space marine rhino model? Does it look like it could actually hold 10 of the new large bitches

>> No.72895192

Necron Codex, 8th edition, page 11 specifically states them constructing things with blackstone.
>It is through blackstone that that the Necrons are able to create their star-spanning tetrahedral zones of stable space. Its canon that Necrons used Blackstone and knew how to work it.

>> No.72895202

I hate to compare to star wars but like in SW is there shit in the darkness beyond the galactic disc.

>> No.72895203

Autistic or boring? Quite a set of choices you created.

>> No.72895205

Exactly the same chassis.

It has new:
>Smoke Launchers
>Hatches and front/rear plate
>New side and top doors.

The rest is exact.

>> No.72895206


>> No.72895210

Whos to say the Blackstone Fortresses weren't reverse engineered by the Necrons and made by them?

>> No.72895212

it's a rhino with an extra bits sprue

>> No.72895216

Wait so theres nothing in the rule which prevents one FW from benefiting from another factions canticles. What's stopping me from running a lucius WL in a majority Mars army with Cawl just to have +1 invul up all the time?

>> No.72895220

the sprues seem to be the same as the old rhino

>implying 40k ground vehicle scale correctly
the only ones that are as big as they would be needed to be are necron arks and tyranid tervigons

>> No.72895221

darn thanks anon

>> No.72895222

>Blackstone, while made by the slaan and pre fall eldar, was taken and it's use perfected by the necrons
There, argument over, that is literally just innovation you spergs

>> No.72895238

>The chad fire-warrior/Dawn of War voice on mk7 manlet space marines with angry-face helmets.

>The virgin James Workshop voicing mk10 primaris marines

It's no comparison, really. Primaris are just lame.

>> No.72895241

Source please. Necrons have a source in an official 8th book, their codex, about them using Blackstone.

>> No.72895246

>That sac on the bottom of the tervigon
>big enough to hold 70 termagants

>> No.72895256

none is arguing that necrons didn't use blackstone, but that they aren't the only ones doing so and so far they have only ever used them with their anti-warp mode, as a reaction against the psychic tech of the old ones, which could have likely incorporated blackstone in a more complete manner as the fortresses suggest

>> No.72895258

I never said they didn't use Blackstone?
I just came up with an end result that would appease all 3 of you jackasses autism

>> No.72895262 [SPOILER] 

Is there a worse Primarch father than Perturabo?

>> No.72895268



>> No.72895275

>the sprues seem to be the same as the old rhino
No, the sprue is a lot denser in terms of how much there is on it.

>> No.72895287

That doesn't necessarily mean that the made the Blackstone Fortresses. They could have just stolen that information from the Slann.

>> No.72895297

All but like 4 of them suck shit anon we just discussed this.

also if we're allowed to mention whfb stuff Mordhiem: city of the damned is secretly very faithful and good

>> No.72895298

Of all the primarchs he's by far the biggest shitter.

>> No.72895308

It's more for people who haven't gotten any of the good ones they still need.

BFG:A is cheap, only a tenner.

>> No.72895317

>mfw focus home shadow drops necromunda the vidya for pre order after 3 years of being MIA
Only a few more months to go lads, I want to see some fucking gameplay

>> No.72895331

Ive been on the fence about getting it, since Ive heard some mixed stuff.

Are the vampire counts any good? Playing as the undead kinda entices me.

I probably just traumatized myself with the mobile morheim game and now its clouding my judgement on the pc one.

>> No.72895338

>Standing on rocks

>> No.72895339

the fact that the eldar call them talismans of vaul, that the fortress is capable of using psychic tech and the presence of wreckages of necron ships around the new unclaimed one suggesting a different origin and allegiance
there are also ships of eldar raiders, so by talismans of vaul the eldar must be referring to vaul as an old one, not just one of them

>> No.72895340

That is like saying that native americans in south america invented the musket, because they used them.

>> No.72895347

Do you think they're sneakily making a Dawn of War 4?

>Steam sale of 40k games
>CS:GO 40k stickers
>World of Warships event
>9th Edition soon

Now we just need a Dawn of War 4 with primaris units to promote the new edition, GW know Dawn of War worked like that before, they would try again if they were smart.

>> No.72895348

at the time of the release it could spawn an average of 21 gants per game, the grown sacs fit that number

>> No.72895350


>> No.72895351


>> No.72895354

It’s not a bad game, but is not super good either.
It’s like a decent to good game.
Fun to play but it can’t get dumb rather fast specially when your Skaven is trading blows with a heavily armored knight

>> No.72895358

Does anyone still have that Tenacious E Slaanesh greentext lying about? I've been looking for it and can't seem to find any pics of it.

>> No.72895369

no, dawn if war is dead in the waters
GW doesn't approach videogame companies, it's the other way around
after the failure of all 40k games, it's an IP destined to shovelware

>> No.72895377

Nice to know Relic destroyed their own golden-egg laying goose in their hubris.

>> No.72895379

I find it insane that they basically made a new rhino base for the exorcist and immolator, but didn't choose to use it for the SoB rhino.

>> No.72895381

only the one with the sororitas blings, the ones for the basic hull are the same, feel free to check on the webstore

>> No.72895395

Just extra armour parts desu.

>> No.72895417

>Set up 1k game for this morning with a guy I haven't played before
>He specifically requests a fluffy game, says he just wants to have some fun
>Show up with a fluffy ork list
>He shows up with his ultramarines
>He brought Calgar, primaris chaplain, primaris librarian, 3 intercessor squads (2 9 man and an 8 man) with stalker bolters
>Then he unloads a predator with heavy bolters, two lascannons, and hunter killer missiles
>Feign surprise, say I thought he wanted a fluffy game
>"Oh, this is my fluffy list."

>> No.72895435

Anon how are you having games with lockdown still on?

>> No.72895440

Wait, I think I got his intercessor counts wrong, might have been just 7 or 8 guys per unit.

>> No.72895441

Some of us live in the first world

>> No.72895442

not everywhere is america

>> No.72895444

damn that image won me over

>> No.72895445

Yep its fluffy, preds are trash. And he took HeavyBolters on it? Thats the worst configuration.

And a primaris chaplain!

Nice bait m8 I r8 8/8

>> No.72895447


What was your list?

>> No.72895452


Skitaari are human beings. They may have obedience implants but they still possess natural sentience. Servitors are basically just biological robots which need programming to be anything other than a vegetable.

>> No.72895454

>was rather excited for the custom Forge World rules in Engine War
>turns out they're shit, and needlessly partitioned besides

>> No.72895456

Independent store is open for games but you need to make an appointment for a time slot. 1.5k point and 2 hour limit, only the people playing allowed in the store.

>> No.72895468

B-but live in the UK.

>> No.72895475

>the blackstone fortress plotline will end with another fortress in the hands if chaos
it's not fair

please, anon from the future, tell me I'm wrong

>> No.72895481

It took 18 years for SoBfags to listen to them. They have a limited release schedule. What they're making right now might not be seen for 2 or 3 years.

>> No.72895484

Cawl will always be too good of a reason to pick Mars

>> No.72895486

my condolences

>> No.72895488

To correct you us flyovers are mostly open and people here aren't piss scared of catching the corona like people in big coastal and sprawling cities are, though I'd be more concerned about my game store burning down than getting Corona at this immediate point if I lived in a major US city.

>> No.72895495

>admech whining when daemons got nothing

>> No.72895508

Me and my friend have been having games every week. He just comes over.

>> No.72895515

If you see an Inquisition Ork. Run them over. They glow in the dark.

>> No.72895517


>>40k is meant to be an immersive grimdark fps experience.

40k is meant to be an easygoing steady-paced farming roleplay where I'm a Necromundan underhive homesteader digging slime pits, condensing moisture off the drains, and trapping rippergaunts to sell their hides for enough Guilder Credits for a case of wildsnake and chancing my arm at straightening out that cute Escher merc at the bar.

>> No.72895519

Why arent mutts looting their GW stores? youd make it out with more value in dollars than if you robbed a bank

>> No.72895529

Weirdboy, warboss with da killa klaw, 2 mobs of boyz, grots, 10 lootas, a deffdread with 2 klaw/2 KMB. Just a fluffly list, nothing OP. I wanted to bring more armor but I thought having more than the one dread at a 1k point game would be a shit move.

>> No.72895533


There's some fun but admittedly gimmicky stuff in there. They wouldn't be even bad if the rest of the book didn't just double down on the existing forge worlds, Mars in particular.

>> No.72895535

Because the unemployed lefties and the ghetto trash that are rioting don't play 40k

>> No.72895550

fpss are fairly boring. I'd buy strategy games, but I can't see my self buyig an fps. An RPG sure, but fps? nah.

>> No.72895557

no reason you cant join in, i say

>> No.72895570

create imperial guard memes, make them normie-friendly, spam the Facebook posta until they pick up pace

I would use something recognisable, believable and avoid the death korps of krieg as they have been coopted by cringy and edgy fags and don't have much room for memetic manoeuvre

if I were you, I would use the steel legion: they are a good compromise between the various aesthetics while being recognizable, are a believable release, you can get the memetic support of orkfags whenever you show or reference yarrick and once you have made a good crop of a loose gasmask worn around the neck it shouldn't be difficult to edit pictures

>> No.72895575

I'd rather not get shot at by roof koreans or become a 13/50 statistic by someone looking for an excuse to rob someone.

>> No.72895595

>GUO with 4+++ FNP
Mite b kool

>> No.72895601

>rare globally

>> No.72895603

The Old Ones clearly copied the Necrontyr. The OId Ones got so jealous that they died of salt poisoning. That's canon. Take it to the bank you frog cunt.

>> No.72895604

A recent short story on WHC mentions Hrud, specifically the bit about them being entropic, which is related to the non-rat design.

>> No.72895610

LMAO if you don't have first turn why aren't you screening and hiding your characters?

>> No.72895613

Usually during a riot or looting spree, it's a mob that goes around store by store.
If he goes by himself to the Warhammer store, he'll just get arrested.
How would he convince the crowd to go to a GW store if they don't even know what's in it?

>> No.72895614

I'm impressed that GW has the common sense to turn necrons into actual alien entities instead of keeping them as retarded terminator robots from some 80s saturday morning cartoon.

>> No.72895620

Fuck off faggot they are the first and only interesting and well designed custom clan rules yet, be glad you aren't GSC

>> No.72895633


The guy's list doesn't sound like anything you couldn't have handled. Throw Shiny Gubbinz on the dread to protect it from the only AA he's got (use terrain smartly and deny him a stationary shot, he's stuck hitting you on 5s if he does). Da Jump the Boyz in on T1 while the Warboss, Dread, and second squad of boyz are hoofing it in. Lootas obviously protected by Grots, focus fire one of the Intercessor squads (to help save your Jumped Boyz from extra Overwatch) with More Dakka.

Group Overwatch strat is horseshit though, but the dude's list has little to do with that, he's Ultramarines, it will always be a threat.

>> No.72895634



>> No.72895637

>1CP for Beasts of Nurgle to do 1MW on a wound roll of 6
It's shit since their goddamn WS is 4+

>> No.72895655

And D6 Attacks LOL

>> No.72895666


>> No.72895682

>only interesting and well designed custom clan rules yet,
They're heavily outclassed by all the established Forge Worlds, unless you're aiming for a ridiculously niche tactic.
That said, the Guard custom regiment traits are actually pretty good.

>> No.72895690

I'm so insanely hype for these models. I'm hoping the big one is knight tier.

>> No.72895703

>Strategem for Plaguebearers to auto-wound on unmodified hits of 6
So... what if you cast Virulent Blessing on them?
I guess the auto-wounds won't count for anything since you need to roll a wound roll of 7+ for the double damage.

>> No.72895709

That's right

>> No.72895712

>The Old Ones clearly copied the Necrontyr.
it's not impossible that they used necrontyr's dna for making a few of their slave races, maybe humans, the resemblance is uncanny after all
but aside from that necrontyrs and their technology is worthless, soulless junk

>> No.72895714

CSM Tzeentch Prince or Daemons Tzeentch Prince?

>> No.72895726

A warhammer 40,000 planetside would honestly sell better than planetside 2, I swear.

>> No.72895745


>> No.72895748

Had something like that in planetside 1. Our faction got pushed off of a continent so about 1/3 of our forces were respawning at our command center. It was decided that we'd make a dedicated push. My character was a vehicle focused build so I spawned a flying transport https://wiki.planetside-universe.com/ps/Valkyrie . 4 guys loaded up their mechs with the anti-vehicle options and strapped into the vehicle with another guy jumping in the tail gunner seat. The guys in their mechs with their anti vehicle grenade launchers could fire while in flight, so we became a ghetto bomber. Whole force moved though the portal as a unit and engaged the enemy, dodging enemy tank fire and weaving to avoid aircraft while the guys in their mechs tried to thin out the anti-air and the tailgunner tried to keep the transport alive. I don't think we got more than 1/4 of the continent back before I logged off, but it was fun as fuck.

>> No.72895753

>the best scifi setting ever made would sell better than a generic rebels vs empire vs nerds clusterfuck

Unfortunately GW needs time to ruminate on this, but I believe that this revolutionary revelation will yet make a difference within about 15 years.

>> No.72895758

>hide in a hole
>make meaningless actions
actual warfare makes for poor gameplay

>> No.72895764


>> No.72895768

The Daemons one is better stock, but the Legion ones can have some good traits

>> No.72895772


>> No.72895773

The chances are it would never be made simply look the way of eternal crusade

>> No.72895774


>> No.72895777

>Blackstone Fortresses are pre-fall Eldar tech.
No longer true. They're pre-Eldar Old One tech.

>> No.72895781

they have no idea, anon, they're headless chicken

>> No.72895785

Dude, chill. We got this.

>> No.72895789

If Dow 4 happens no blood Ravens

>> No.72895807


>> No.72895818

That's what alerts are for

>> No.72895821

Those first 3 are all because of an event that occurs annually.

>> No.72895826

Blood Ravens, but then Ultramarines save the day.


Eternal crusade had a shitty team making it though, and liars selling snake oil to the fanbase.

>> No.72895829

I've pre ordered the archeocopter. I really love the model, I hope the kit is good to build and magnetise.

How should I run it? Seems like the bombs are terrible. Maybe just fully gunship?

>> No.72895840

Gladius outright says that plenty of the Necrons iconic technologies like Phase-out tech is stolen from the Old Ones.

>> No.72895841

Don’t act like the Blood Ravens have gotten shafted they have gotten more than most non 1st founding chapters.

>> No.72895846

It seems pretty nasty as a gunship. I would do that.

>> No.72895857

If a chapter gets a codex or rules it’s mainstream imo.

>> No.72895867

>admech steals kroot tech
How did they explain this in the lore

>> No.72895868

That's like that Librarian who was chapter master of the blood ravens as well of a follower of Khorne.
The one chaos god known for its hatred against psykers.

>> No.72895871

Why don't you ask yourself that question? Are you afraid of the answer?

>> No.72895879

>Blood Ravens, but then Ultramarines save the day.
So the inverse of Space Marine?

>> No.72895881

Does anyone know a good method fot making smoke for bases that isnt a ball of cotton?

>> No.72895884

Basically the I made this meme. That's usually what happens.

>> No.72895886

Full awakened Necrons are on the same tier as the full Nid fleet, don’t even kid yourself. Also, neither of them are at the same level as the chaos gods in the warp.

>> No.72895889

Dawn of war was weird in that first was a greater demon of nurgle and then khorne yet nothing from the chaos god that fucked they brothers.

>> No.72895893

They are mentally ill

>> No.72895894

Bomber is the only variant which stands out to me. Gunship doesn't ignore the penalty for moving and shooting heavy weapons, so it's only hitting on a 4+ unless you burn CP every turn and the Transport only holds 6 models. The Bomber should be dealing ~5 mortal wounds a turn and has a fairly unique Stratagem to foul with enemy movement.

>> No.72895895

Dawn of War has a history of Khorne-worshiping psykers

>> No.72895898

Those fucking numbers on that post, blessed by the plague father himself

>> No.72895899

Depends on the strat / forgeworld you are.
It seems like it would pair extremely well with both Mars and Stygies.
Mars because the no penalty canticle, and Stygies for the extra -1 to hit (I know the stack won't work in 9th, but it negates any enemy AA, making it nasty).
Because it can turn 180 in a movement phase, you can literally just have it sit backfield flying back and forth shooting non stop.

>> No.72895901

I would rank them lower than the Tyranids since it's stated that the Silent King is unsure if a fully unified and awakened Necron Empire can defeat the Tyranids.

>> No.72895914

>Full awakened Necrons are on the same tier as the full Nid fleet
I thought one Necron said they might not be strong enough to defeat the Tyranids.

>> No.72895915

Maybe tzeencth doesn’t want to fuck with marines who didn’t join him.

>> No.72895918

It can happen. Azariah Kyras had the right idea, the fact he had Khorne's approval showed how Kyras used his psyker capabilities in Khorne's favor, instead of being lé trickster master-plan spellflinging coward like someone such as sindri.

>> No.72895920

>Alpha Legion are still coherent and unified, plotting some unknowable scheme that will either doom or save the Imperium
>Alpha Legion have long fallen to Chaos, and they no longer care about some grand scheme, and are really just fighting for scraps much like every other Chaos Warband
>Alpha Legion believe they are a coherent unified warband, but the plan has become so convoluted it may as well not exist or it never existed in the first place, and Chaos plays them like puppets
Which one is your favorite?

>> No.72895925

BL are even worse than Ultramarines since Ultramarines at least have some character

>> No.72895929


>> No.72895930

>the Transport only holds 6 models.
6 is all you need. Drop 3 Enginseers and 3 Datasmiths.

>> No.72895935

Kyras was possessed by Maledictus. The Khornate daemon from the first game.

>> No.72895937

What about Angron

>> No.72895940

That they're chaos space marines who specialize in subterfuge and espionage.

>> No.72895947

I think it depends on what tech they can recover. If they managed to get most of the tech functioning that has been gathering dust since the war in heaven, they could probably push back, if not completely conquer the nids.

>> No.72895951

Yes, but also no.

>> No.72895960


>> No.72895962

How about all 3 of them at once.

Every single Alphamarine believes they are the big Alpha, follow a grand scheme as a legion but everyone has their own understanding of it.
And then they are also all fucked by chaos but its all part of the plan because Chaos cant fully corrupt the hivemind that is Alpharius

>> No.72895972

>>Alpha Legion believe they are a coherent unified warband, but the plan has become so convoluted it may as well not exist or it never existed in the first place, and Chaos plays them like puppets
This but also fighting for scraps since all the Warbands do that being so fractured and broken

>> No.72895974

The Tyranids counter the Necrons. Necrons don't have weapons that can counter horde armies and also Necrons cannot adapt or change while the nids can adapt immunises to Necron weapons and figure out countertactics

>> No.72895979

To what end? Neither are particularly great damage dealers.

>> No.72895986

Uncertainty means there is a chance, Necrons have some funky stuff they can pull

>> No.72895991

Do you name your models beforehand, or do they have to 'earn' a name?

>> No.72895994

Impressive if you can adapt immunity to having your molecules torn apart.

>> No.72896005

guass flays layers off targets, Just adapt thicc tyranids and it's solved.

>> No.72896007

>Necrons don't have weapons that can counter horde armies
>counter horde armies

>> No.72896011

Ahh yes to adapt to being deconstructed on the molecular level or being hit with anti-matter or my favorite adaptation of becoming immune to being transported to a pocket dimension filled with black holes.

>> No.72896012

Alpha Legion worship the Hydra Chaos God.

>> No.72896013

>World sized weapon of destruction that went around just zapping whole worlds out of existence
>"Necrons Have No Weapons That Can Counter Hordes"

>> No.72896024

Malal/malice would be more fitting.

>> No.72896031

How easy is it for a space marine to meld with the populace?
Like, would an Alpha Legion CSM be able to go to a hive world, buy a sandwitch, smalltalk with the local arbiter Johnus, sleep in the technotavern, vote for the local gang leader, go back to the eye of terror without 2 inquisitor fleets wiping the city and a whole chapter of ultrasmurfs hunting down the refugees?

>> No.72896032

They literally have weapons that generate a storm of molecules that tear all nearby matter apart

>> No.72896035

size makes me think it'll be helverin tier

>> No.72896038

>They can't counter your plans if even you don't know what your plans are

>> No.72896040

Quite difficult. He would probably have to disguise himself as a mutant in the underhive.

>> No.72896042

Weaponized nanobots?

>> No.72896044

Pretty sure there is some psychic signature shit going on where they would detect his thought patterns

>> No.72896049

if it's a hiveworld that doesn't get much traffic from regular SM then he might be able to pass as a thin Ogryn or some mutant from the underhive

>> No.72896052

They are pretty sweet. I hope the starter comes with one.

>> No.72896058

>last ditch plan is to get all of the hive to converge on one point in space in a massive battle then open a black hole in the middle of the war zone
>mutual destruction would be preferable to letting the nids win
>silent king silently puts sunglasses on silently

>> No.72896061

>Ahh yes to adapt to being deconstructed on the molecular level

There's a limit to how much each strike from a Gauss weapon can deconstruct, or a single glancing strike from a Necron Warrior would destroy a titan. You'd likely see the Hive Fleets adapting to field large numbers of very heavily armoured creatures with so many layers of ablative chitin they can afford to lose a few layers before striking back.

>> No.72896070

I mean space marines are "only" 7 feet tall. Tall human shouldn't be that impossible of an aberration.

>> No.72896090


There are other telltales besides height, but unless someone had a lot of experience personally interacting with Space Marines off the battlefield (so, out of their armor), yea it'd be rather difficult to pin them down as a Space Marine and not just an aberrant human.

>> No.72896094

>I mean space marines are "only" 7 feet tall.

>> No.72896099


Picked up BFG II and gladius thanks

>> No.72896101

My guys earn a name and decoration through great deeds. I have a little boss nob that was the sole survivor of his mob of boyz that went to attack an imperial knight, he managed to take the knight's last wound off with his power klaw before the knight exploded and killed him. Made him a battle standard to carry on his back with a small piece of knight armor I traded for at the LGS to commemorate his great victory.

>> No.72896105


I am working on company veterans for my Ultramarines, but I am confused by the prospect of "company veterans" in the first place.

Ultramarines have the 1st company, a company consisting entirely of Veterans, white helmets, white trims, etc.

Then there's the Ancients, they have white helmets (according to the primaris ancient) but the old ancient in the command squad boxed set, doesn't.

Then there's the company veterans, they're supposed to be veterans but they have no white helmet, and no white trims. Understandable they have gold trims as they're part of the 2nd company, but no white helms means we have no idea if they're veterans or not.

Is this just GW being indecisive through the years, or is there a specific pattern i'm missing? Because so far i'm thinking of settling on gold shoulder trims for 2nd, with white helmets to show their veterancy.

Any shit i've missed out or misunderstood?

>> No.72896107

So I finally looked through every single Start Collecting box and what's in them on the store and that's led me to change my mind. 120 Britbucks for the 9th Ed Box is actually a great deal.

>> No.72896108

Number 3. I enjoy the Alpha Legion for their flexibility within the lore. They really can basically look like whatever you want, do whatever you want and fight anyone.

The only thing I'll add is that Alpharius is definitely alive.

>> No.72896113

Ogryns are apparently 3 meters tall, so it wouldn't even be the tallest of human variants.

>> No.72896128

Is this any good?

>> No.72896131

Chaos Knights Engine War leaks when

>> No.72896137

So if necrons have the best tech but eldar tech can match it because of psychic fuckery, then what is the point of the dark eldar who can't use psychic powers? Just fast vehicles and some abominations?

>> No.72896140

Any knighy leaks would be good

>> No.72896149

>Necrons don't have weapons that can counter horde armies

>> No.72896154

>The only thing I'll add is that Alpharius is definitely alive.
If they decide to go with "it was all a prank bro", then yeah he'll be alive. If they don;t have a major plot point for AL going forward, it'll probably remain "nebulous" (they can say as much as they want that he was killed. but AL has been purposefully set up in a way that they can at any point go haha actually no).

>> No.72896173

Lancers look stupid!
They shouldn't be this damn gangly.

>> No.72896194

The new AdMech flier has so many weird extra rules because
-GW want to sell it for a high price, and are incapable of doing otherwise
-The units basic premise, a cheap light transport, will only sell if it's real-money cheap and can be bought en-masse
-The unit absolutely has to have a bunch of rules making it more than just a light transport, because otherwise no one will every buy it.

>> No.72896197


>> No.72896211


>> No.72896228

Stupid warning signs. Those aren't joints.

They're vents.

>> No.72896230

Do you think the new starter set will be made with the primaris upgrades in mind?
God I hope the shoulders are separate

>> No.72896244

Thank you! Been mashing F5 all day

>> No.72896245

Just read Lord of Change rules for the first time and wtf?
Why can it only cast 2 psychic powers? i though these things were supposed to be the best psykers around but they are just as good as everyone else except they get +2 to cast(that is instantly negated by the Tzeentch lore having ridiculous warp charge values)

>> No.72896258

>Alpha Legion believe they are a coherent unified warband, but the plan has become so convoluted it may as well not exist or it never existed in the first place, and Chaos plays them like puppets
this is the best one

>> No.72896260

>pinpoint cruelty
>infamous heredity
is the laser destructor back on the menu?

>> No.72896274

>wait until surge of sales levels off
>change rules to original intentions
>release new model to fill the role

>> No.72896276

N-noone? Help, my autism is too strong to just wing it.

>> No.72896289

>It's the zoomers at fault
Hey, growing up reading the 5th-ed books made converting my favorite bit of the hobby. Every generation has it's fair no-paint WAAC degenerates, the worst person I ever played against was some balding mid-30s dude hanging around GW with boxes of unpainted Eldar flyers and disintergrating bikers.

>> No.72896295

Are there any more pages pls

>> No.72896300

So apparently its canon that ALL necron dynasties have sided with the silent king. There apparently is a line of text in the new illuminor story that mentions this. FUCK man. I was hoping for some civil war type shit. But it looks like all dynasties follow the silent king. I mean obviously you can "your dudes" your dudes into not doing it but all the dynasties like novokh, mephrit, etc follow silent king.

>> No.72896309

>Behemoth undercult
>Genestealers aren't coloured behemoth scheme.

nani? Is this a fanmade picture?

>> No.72896311


why do chaos knights have S O Y mouths like that?

>> No.72896315

>not playing word bearers
>not converting worlds to chaos by force
>not raping and pillaging world
>not rubbing ultramines' face in your shit
it's like you don't even want to play CSM

>> No.72896318

So, how would you make a Slaaneshi Daemon list now?

Seeker Spam?

>> No.72896322

Trip 7s. Grandfather Nurgle loves us all.

>> No.72896323


Where do GSC hide all the mother fuckers that have forehead wrinkles? I don't get how a GSC member can hide in plain sight when literally their forehead is fucked up like that.

>> No.72896326

It's only one head option, but thank you now i can't unsee it

>> No.72896329

Im not one for rumours this far out and insanel suspcious here as its about a char whose months away yet, after even the new box set datasheets but anyway:

The Silent King:

Blade of Silence: S+2, ap-4, d3

Quantum shielding

C'tan phase-fusil: range 24", S8, ap-4, dd3, heavy 12

His will, absaloute:
Up to three necron units within 12", with any dynasty, gets +1 on advances and charges, and +1 to hit in both melee and shooting.

Blackstone Sarcophagus:

Special Rules:
This model cannot attack in close combat, and is automatically hit in close combat.

Quantum Shielding

Word of the SIlent King: Whilst this model is within 6" of the Silent King, it can perform a shooting attack with the C'tan phase-fusil's weapon profile.

If the silent king model is destroyed, remove this model from play

>> No.72896333

because chaos cucks all enjoy legumes

>> No.72896337

that paintjob makes me sad.

>> No.72896342

>reading comprehension
It was never said that the symbol shown were of all the dinasties existing, only that it showed all the dynasties that sided with him.

>Other glyphs, vast numbers of them, teem across the map. They swarm in the void and gather around major worlds. These glyphs bear the heraldic designs and colouration of numerous Necron dynasties; some are minor, some very powerful, but all, Szeras knows, have accepted the mastery of his patron.

>of numerous Necron dynasties; some are minor, some very powerful

>> No.72896347

Did you look in the Ultramarines supplement?

>> No.72896353

Eldar tech can't match Necron tech anymore because they can't use their psychic powers properly anymore. Both the Craftworlders and the Dark Eldar are using make-shift replacements to cope with the effects of the Fall. The Dark Eldar are more advanced than Craftworlders in a lot of ways. They have access to most of the Eldars pre-Fall tech that doesn't require psychic powers to build or operate.

>> No.72896368

In the recent necron lore addition, it mentioned some sort of galaxy map they have that seems to remove psychic capabilities of planets within the maps reach? Is this a good or bad thing? Is this how they will make blanks which are needed to make pariahs??

>> No.72896370

I am starting to believe that they will pull something involving Dorn. At first it was just trolling, but he's been off ever since the end of Praetorian of Dorn, and the more recent shit about him intentionally leading the Imperial Fists into the Cage is very sus. I think they might actually intend to end the Siege of Terra with a twist about it being Alpharius that put the Emperor in the Golden Throne.

>> No.72896372

Seems pretty strange that the Blackstones don't have any psychic effects and the way you have written it there is absolutely no reason not to ignore the blackstone sarcophagus and just shoot at the SK.

>> No.72896379

It's canon read the fluff numbnuts, they worship Old one eye as a herald of the Hive fleet so take on his dark black chitin colours in armour and behemoth itself is represented through the red cloth and the blues on the mutant flesh
The Imperium is full of abhumans and mutants, a few forehead bumps go easily unnoticed, the bigger clue would be the entire crew is bald even the women but you could wear hoods or say radiation did it

>> No.72896387


>> No.72896394

literally all i found. odd theres no invun either, be really easy to kill

>> No.72896403

Because it's fake dumbass.

>> No.72896405

what about opportunistic terrorist with personal army like Bane and the League of Shadows from Dark Knight Rises or George Soros and ANTIFA in the current troubles

>> No.72896407

was shared by some french dude on discord then taken down. might have missed bits idk

>> No.72896417

Anon please. He isn't Nykona Sharrowkyn.

>> No.72896419

>It's canon read the fluff numbnuts, they worship Old one eye as a herald of the Hive fleet so take on his dark black chitin colours in armour and behemoth itself is represented through the red cloth and the blues on the mutant flesh
Are ALL genestealer cults blue and pink???

>> No.72896424

>Is this a good or bad thing?

It's very good. Unless you happen to have a soul.

>> No.72896431

Thats a model convention. Sure some random bald ridge head show up from time to time, but the general fuckers just look like humans.
Funnily enough the odd thing is not the star trek alien make up or the bald head. Is that generally speaking Genestealer cultist are healthy.

>> No.72896439

>The only thing I'll add is that Alpharius is definitely alive.
Nothing more sad and pathetic than Alpha legion cope.

>> No.72896444

it was alpharius that lopped alpharius's headoff.

>> No.72896463

Datasheet pic or it never happened right

>> No.72896466

wrong reply chum

>> No.72896468

Is this real lore or """""""""lore"""""""""" from a third party mobile MOBA game?

>> No.72896472

>BL writing
>He doesn't believe they can pull alpharius out of their asses at a moments notice

>> No.72896508


>> No.72896516

So are GSC members fucked up on a genetic level but just look human? Is there a reason we only ever see human GSC? what about eldar GSC etc? I know next to nothing about tyranid or GSC lore. All I know is that tyranids will infect a population in order to later locate the population and worlds around it and just eat everyone including the GSC. Which is wild to me because how have no other GSC cults found out that what really happens is the main tyranids come down and eat your ass(and not in the good way)?

>> No.72896529

Just got my first Guardsmen
I can't find a picture of the lasguns from the front
Am I supposed to also drill barrel holes for them?

>> No.72896530

there are two ways to think about it:
either 1st company is the chapter veterans and each company has its own veterans
or the 1st company veterans are dispersed through all battle companies
According to this image I would paint all my veterans with 1st company colors

>> No.72896537

OK cogbros, I have some unbuilt Sicarians. Between the taser goad nerfs and the flamer Pteraxii being the new best Wrath of Mars vector, am I right in thinking power sword/carbine is the best way to go now if I still want to try and use them?

>> No.72896547

Alpharius has been "dead" longer than Omegon existed.

>> No.72896556

I know its supposed to look like Da Vince tier shit but its just a silly flapper in reality.

>> No.72896579

now that you mention it I recall the old slann preferred displacers instead of armour
the necrons must have started copying them at some point
the weird thing is that we have all these mentions of necrontyrs copying tech from the old ones and yet they were said to be the most technologically advanced of the two races when the war in heaven started

bio-psycho-mechanical engineering is truly the king of sciences

>> No.72896590

Ork, Eldar and Tau GSC are a thing.
Eldar usually take to long for a cult to be effective or are find out because well psyker race
Orks are fast, but usually get killed by other orks because they are not very orky
Tau happen, but since Tau are an oppressive and dictatorial society, they are usually discover before anything happens. Unless the cult grabs an ethereal then they can do their cult magic
Some cults figure it out an escape, but the cults are just an automatic self serving buffet for the nids. They can't escape their nature.
Unless the galaxy goes out of their way to kill the cults, nids already won. The fuckers have an automatic self replicating doomsday weapon.

>> No.72896591

Is there a scan of "Dark millennium" from 7ed rulebook? All I ever see is epub and its pdf versions uploaded everywhere. Seems like no one bothered to scan it because epub is there already. But epub is ugly compared to scans when it comes to content-rich books like this.

>> No.72896611

>bio-psycho-mechanical engineering is truly the king of sciences
Datz roight!

>> No.72896618

>Tau happen, but since Tau are an oppressive and dictatorial society, they are usually discover before anything happens.
This makes no sense because the Imperium is even worse when it comes to oppression and dictatorship, yet human GSC thrive

>> No.72896620


>> No.72896625

since when did the taser goads get nerfed ?

>> No.72896631

>behemoth scheme
that is the original behemoth scheme for genestealers

hive fleets have different colours, they're not space marine chapters

>> No.72896644


imperium may be more oppressive but they lack the resources to properly root out cults. Imperium is super large too. Tau is relatively small empire?

>> No.72896646

Since Engine War. Unmodified 6s only now.

>> No.72896648

the more you look into it, the more you see why the slann made the orks how they are

>> No.72896649

If you check this picture you see a veteran of the 7th company has 1st company colours

>> No.72896653

Plaes gib knight rulze

>> No.72896659

The Imperium is incompetent. This is the core foundation of the setting.

>> No.72896660

They're in the CSM codex and have teh CHAOS keyword, so they're traitors. Done.

>> No.72896661

Goddamn Pinpoint Cruelty will be ace on a dual Thermal and a Knight Tyrant

>> No.72896664

The Imperium is a liberal utopia gone insane. At the end of the day the Imperium only cares that you pay your taxes and worship something that can at least count as the Emperor.
Some places worship the Sun God, other pantheon of Gods aka Patriarchs or Saint, etc
Hell if some planet revolts and installs an full luxury gay space communist thing, the Imperium does not care as long the planet pays taxes and doesn't worship dumb things like chaos or xenos.

>> No.72896672

Tau have advanced forms of psychological and chemical control they levy on their population. It's not that they are more heavy handed in their authoritarianism but the ways in which they are implemented makes it much easier to root out dissenters and malcontents.

>> No.72896674

Power sord is best combo, but they'll be shit no matter what.

>> No.72896683

Whats probably meant here is the Tau surveillance state.
Empirium is harsh but way too bureaucratic, enormous and inefficient to maintain supervision over its subjects.

>> No.72896692

Bro there is like 5 pages in the gsc book explaining just this, open that shit and stop being a turbo-lorelet

>> No.72896693

>liberal utopia
Now thatss something you dont hear every day

>> No.72896704

that's kinda sad. They weren't even that strong to begin with

>> No.72896712

I want to like necrons because the new models are sick but I cant help thinking of the faction as like 30 quirky grandpas using robots to WAR themselves out of irrelevancy

Thr Orks do comedy NPC better and the nids to cosmic horror better

>> No.72896718

Are knight players obnoxious in real life? or not really? I feel like players of certain armies might have an air of obnoxiousness to them. I get that feeling about tau and knights.

>> No.72896722

I kind of understand where you're coming from but this is the hottest fucking take I've seen in a while

>> No.72896724

Its not impossible. Alpharius was using Alpharius impersonators during that fight. In the book Alpharius brainwashes himself. Dorn arrived unexpectedly but Alpharius knew he was coming. Then Dorn covered up the battle afterwards for no real reason. Alpharius used the attack on Pluto to cover his own assassination and replacement of Dorn.

I also think it's possible that there's no Alpharius at all, only Omegons. All Alpha Legionnaires are indoctrinated to have an Omegon personality that activates under certain conditions. When there is no Primarch present the Omegon acts as the Primarch, eventually losing themselves in the role and believing they are actually Alpharius, at which point a new Omegon activates and assumes the role of the Primarchs second. All Alpha Legionnaires who say they are Alpharius are lying, they're actually Omegon, only they're not.

Either way, Dorn never killed anyone because he's a C-tier Primarch at best and they don't give Primarch kills to NPCs.

>> No.72896725


fake, it should have downgrading profile?

>> No.72896727

Depends what you're fighting really. Power sword will be better against MEQ's and Taser Goads will still be better at killing GEQ's. Or you can just run them withTtaser Goads for flechette blasters so you can pop WoM on them and shred anything that exists within 12".

>> No.72896733

He's not wrong

>> No.72896734

It's weirdly true though. Unironically the Imperium is a multicultural society free of hate that is fully accepting of all humans aside from Mutants and Traitors.

>> No.72896736

>but I cant help thinking in memes
stick to marines then

>> No.72896738

Tau players are whiny, custodes and grey knight players need to be kept away from women. That's about it.

>> No.72896745

Thats wrong.

The number in the shoulderpad is the squad number, not the company.

>> No.72896748

>No limit to the strategem
>Can take it 4 times for a 1+++ FNP GUO
Jesus christ GW

>> No.72896749

>gone insane.
Thats the key part. You can't be an oppressive dictatorial regime when you literally do not care how people govern them self. And the aspects that you care about are there to prevent you from going full retard.

>> No.72896751

The number on the left shoulder pad is Squad marking, not company. He's a member of the 7th squad of the first company.

>> No.72896757

>Or you can just run them withTtaser Goads for flechette blasters so you can pop WoM on them and shred anything that exists within 12".
Yeah, that was the original plan, but if I can only WoM one unit per turn Pteraxii Sterylizors with the 12" AP-1 flamers seem like they would always be a better choice.

>> No.72896758

The blurb says all the examples are from the 2nd company though.

I don't think Games Workshop even knows what its doing anymore.

>> No.72896759

An, uh, interesting theory.

I think you mean devolved, or decentralised. There's a lot of freedom on the planetary level, with autonomy given to Governors and the various planet-owning factions, but invididual freedom is fucked. I can't give a definate citation that most of the planets are dystopias rather than pleasure planets and peaceful backwaters, but this is the "cruellest and most bloody regime imaginable" - if Hive City conditions are the norm, the Imperium is pretty fucking far from a liberal utopia.

>> No.72896765

>2cp for 5 mortal wounds attached to shit fire

>> No.72896770


How sweaty do people get in terms of tactics? I have heard horror stories of tau doing weird shit like placing hammerheads or whatever upside. Angle fishing or looking for holes in terrain to shoot through etc? Like generally speaking, how "sweaty" do people get in a game of warhammer?

>> No.72896773

they're right, it's squad marking

>> No.72896775

I work in the collectible business and have to go to ComicCon there twice per year. I was glad corona came when it did, I'm also glad for the innevitable second wave coming up in the second half of this year, and the third wave that will come up in early 2021 - that means I can skip going to the UK 3 times, without coming up with excuses.

What a forsaken place, I'm sorry Anon.

>> No.72896780

I'm not wrong. Consider the following:
Your sex, skin color, hell even your religion are not important.
Only that you pay your taxes and do not worship retarded shit.
Fucking mutants and abhumans are somewhat accepted. As long they do not do stupid shit like worshipping chaos or xenos.
Can you work or fight? Yes? then welcome aboard the crusade train.

>> No.72896781

what the fuck does sweaty mean
I understand the context but what the fuck is this terminology

>> No.72896794

Except each world has its own culture upon which the Imperial culture is forced upon, and various worlds are weary of outsiders. Catachans, for example, don't like outsiders telling them what to do and will kill if need be.

>> No.72896795

Does liberalism only apply to human races?

>> No.72896796

>WAACfag is trying to hard they sweat, so sweaty tryhards.

>> No.72896807

>liberal utopia gone insane
You missed the key part
There is nothing preventing hive world from being better. The Imperium wont force said planet into a shithole. It will do it if said planet fails to pay their taxes.

>> No.72896816

Yes, non humans can fuck of from our galaxy.

>> No.72896820

Upside down? No. Line of sight checking every hole? Yes.

Thats changing with 9e though

>> No.72896823

> 8 Bloodthirsters with not losing more than 8w/phase.

Khornechads we won.

>> No.72896830

Thats a pretty fucking low bar for something to be liberal.

Theres a difference between actual tolerance of the individual and seeing its citizens as just a faceless, formless mass to serve as a resource. I wouldnt say an individual on a Hive Word has any kind of right to be anything they arent told they can be by their supervisors.

Not caring what the meat looks like before sending it to the grinder isnt exactly liberalism, its totalitarianism taken to the next level.

>> No.72896834


>> No.72896843


>> No.72896850

If you're talking about MCM, that bit of London is a legendary shithole. All those corporate hotels were basically built on the ruins of a defunct docks. There's one or two places around there you can't get a cab because they aren't stupid enough to stop. It was better as ruined Victorian factories.

>> No.72896853

My advice is to never use that again. Not because it offensive but because its going to make you look bad.

>> No.72896858

Is it time to buy Greater Daemons in large numbers?

>> No.72896871

i need royal knight page

>> No.72896877


shut up, you fucking sweaty.

>> No.72896879

>conflagration relic
I mean.. its ok?

>> No.72896884

Since AoS khorne and slaanesh player have bought their share of multiple greater demons, now is 40K players' turn

>> No.72896886

>our galaxy
bitch you weren't even the first race here you carpet bagging gypsy fucks

>> No.72896893

Is there any other uses for Chose than packing plasma?

>> No.72896901

I have hyperhydrosis. I never not sweat.

>> No.72896902

the galaxy is ours boyz!


>> No.72896904

Say that again and I'll fucking crusade I swear to god.

>> No.72896906

Nothing is preventing the Hive world from making things better, but their own people.
The Imperium is not enforcing the shit conditions.
Example of this is Ultramar. At the end of the day the shitty conditions are not the Imperiums doing but their own people. The High Lords are not going to send a fleet to fuck over Factory worker #3543634, but will fuck over the Governor that fails to pay its taxes.
Consider the Imperium like the EU, USA or any Feudal or federation like thing.
There is little control from the central authorities and what is. Is there to prevent super retarded situations.
Is it good for factory faggot #35366546? No, but is not by design its the result of the planets leaders own doing.

>> No.72896914

Packing Thunder Hammers.

>> No.72896919

I kept hearing: Crusade us, exterminate our people.
Fuck off from the Galaxy already. No one wants you here.

>> No.72896929

Never went to hotels, we had a place to stay. The whole of London is a shithole, even outside the 70% of it that is a muslim ghetto

>> No.72896946

Which of the 3 starter sets should I buy?

>> No.72896948

shame these models are bad for all legions besides word bearers, but at least they get something I suppose

>> No.72896956

Only a totalitarian would care about the meat looks like
A true liberal would let the market decide.

>> No.72896957

Neither were Eldar nor Necrons.

>> No.72896959

ho lee fuck these things are 100 burgerbux

>> No.72896970

And its not even good. Mediocre at best.

>> No.72896981

you shouldnt buy anything right now since 9th is around the corner.

>> No.72896982

literally more expensive than the SC

>> No.72896991

All Chaos Knights rule here:

>> No.72897023

Go to the dead game general. They might help you better.

>> No.72897026

I lean towards Dark Imperium since it has "exclusive" models like primaris ancient or malignant plaguecaster, but it's overpriced since the included 8th edition codex has become obsolete with the reveal of 9th ed.

>> No.72897029

>What would be a good Kill Team for both?
uuuh Admech and tau ? i dont understand what you're asking

>> No.72897032

Got the loyalist stuff as well?

>> No.72897033

Who's this semen demon

>> No.72897035

Thats just malicious compliance by ruling classes who are set up by and supported by the Imperium. The seeds of shittiness are sown from the top as every aspect of the imperium considers its citizens as a material resource.

That is the definition of totalitarianism.

Imperium's seeming "liberalism" comes entirely from a position of power (as any uprising can be stamped down with ludicrous force) or just as a compromise due to its quotas.

Reducing the quality/uniformity of the product isnt liberty.

>> No.72897042

for each*

oh right, sorry

>> No.72897046

I think the Lord, bolter dudes, fist dude and mace dude are nice. Claw guy could work as a Warp Talon champion. Axe guy is the one I dislike the most.

>> No.72897048

We have a perfectly fine Kill Team general, you know?

>> No.72897049

There isnt a market though. There is a quota that is set and must be filled or consequences will be severe.

>> No.72897051


Gw fluff is inconsistent all the time. From what I can see looking around the members of a command squad are chosen from the company, so they don't have the First Company helmet, they have normal company markings.

The Primaris Ancient is an anomaly, and I would attribute it to Primaris changing the organization and Primaris Companies having the Ancient chosen by the First Company Veterans instead.

First company veterans get assigned to other companies all the times, so the only explanation is that it's a veteran from the seventh squad of the first company seconded to the second company.

>> No.72897052

>everything is totalitarianism the post

>> No.72897060

Sicarians are sweet, but you need to balance them out with skitarii. The sniper is just as godly in kill team. Plasma is still great. And for the love of god, build infiltrators not ruststalkers.

>> No.72897062

i still dont understand what you're asking

>> No.72897068

>Actually the chaos knights rules instead of a rick roll or some weird rule 34 of chaos knights

Gratefulness, but also disappointment.

>> No.72897071

Why are there so many rules that are just straight copy/pastes out of the codex?

>> No.72897073

Could I buy it just for the models and just use 9th edition rules when they come out

>> No.72897075

No loyalist scum sry

>> No.72897076

Like listwise? For Tau, 2-3 stealthsuits, a pathfinder railfinder, recon drone and then bodies.
Or bring all the gundrones you can if you'd rather be a jackass.

>> No.72897077

Yes we know taxes are theft. Whats your point?

>> No.72897082

watch this, then ask him

>> No.72897085

>thats the whole point of the Imperium though from the narrative aspect

>> No.72897089

>be primaris
>your kit comes with weapon options for all of your dudes when you have them
>be chaos
>your kit comes with like 1 of each weapon option
Defend this

>> No.72897100

Being a liberal utopia gone insane. We know this has been a thing since RT era.

>> No.72897104

>be primaris
>have one weapon that has a bunch of random attachments like drum mags and scopes
>be chaos
>have actually different weapons

>> No.72897109

Traitors have worse supply lines.

>> No.72897110

The kit only comes with 1 sniper unfortunately, right? What about Ranger/Vanguard ratio?

Also are ruststalkers bad because they don't use the bonk-zappy weapon or some other reason?

>> No.72897117

traitors are smarter and can use greenstuff and ebay.

>> No.72897119

>>have actually different weapons
You don't though, you're always whining about it.

>> No.72897120

Loyalty is its own reward.

>> No.72897133

so you're telling me that chaos don't have plasma, meltas, heavy bolters and missile launchers?

>> No.72897139

>Defend this
Cawl works for me.

>> No.72897145

weak should fear the strong

>> No.72897153

That's not how you use that phrase

>> No.72897156

Chaos armies nowadays don't even have marines except for things like possessed or Lords.

>> No.72897164

You see IW havocs quite a bit

>> No.72897167

Primaris usually only have 1 alternate weapon option, whereas CSM have combi-weapons, special weapons, power melees, etc

>> No.72897169

Ruststalkers have no ranged weapon and their melee is actually quite mediocre, with no armour piercing. And yes, you only get the one sniper, in kill team you probably don't want more than one though.

>> No.72897180

I must be behing the meta then.

>> No.72897181

Then why does playing loyalists feel so rewarding?

>> No.72897192

Again, you're talking at the planetary level. Yes, the Imperiums glacial bureaucracy/massive size/decentralised structure means planets fall into horrid dystopias, but on the individual level in those hive cities it's still an authoritarian dystopia.

>> No.72897199

I remember when adding a scope or putting a different magazine on a weapon was just for the looks, instead being an alternate weapon option.

>> No.72897227

Well, CSM should have something to make up for not having grav weaponry. Right now, CSM have 3 special weapon options and 5 heavy weapon options, whereas loyalists have 4 and 6.

>> No.72897237

>if you look at a house then you'll see everything is the fault of the patriarchy!
What kind of liberal art logic is this

>> No.72897247

How can it be Liberal if the central government conscripts huge portions of the populations from most of its worlds

>> No.72897250

Don't CSM have daemonic wargear, mutations and chaos blessings though?
Or did all that go away this edition?

>> No.72897262

We should get more daemonic guns like baleflamers, kai guns and shit. I wanna slap a baleflamer in every CSM squad.

>> No.72897265

I thought $100 for those hell fighter whatevers for CSM was crazy. That's just fucking disgusting. How can you even justify prices like that?

>> No.72897266

Sad that Khomentis has no synergy with daemons
Gone since they don't have models/bits

>> No.72897287

War time

>> No.72897299

Yep all of them gone apart from marks and icons which don't really do anything except portion off which strategems you can use

>> No.72897315

Still not liberal at all

>> No.72897316

How do you beat Blood Angels as Custodes?

>> No.72897322

You wait like a month and a half for war of the spider

>> No.72897327

What are the Novamarines up to these days?

>> No.72897328

>How do you beat Blood Angels as Custodes?
Wear masks of Horus.

>> No.72897336

Is it just me or do the traits marked as counting as double seem completely random and not particularly better than the singular ones

>> No.72897337

someone got the tzeentch and khorne stratagems?
are there relics for daemons aswell?

i just came from work and did not see them so far

>> No.72897354

>total freedom to govern them self
>even during war time
>ask for troops ensure their own survive and nothing else
>s-still not liberal
What next? Asking you to drive at the speed limit is literally a military dictatorship?

>> No.72897357

>Heretical System-Bond

>> No.72897359


>> No.72897361

Stratagems in general are the same way, which ones are 1 CP and which ones 2 seems entirely random at times

>> No.72897372

...what? Are you alright anon? Can you explain what you mean by this?

>> No.72897380

Thanks. Anon.
Please upload "Legiones Daemonica", and "Infinite Forms of Corruption"

>> No.72897387

I'm looking at a buddy's list and I literally don't know how I can survive a death company assault squad deepstrike unless I tanglefoot grenade them with a 6 and hope he rolls very poorly.

>> No.72897392

>Being forced to serve in horrific spheres of war for the whole of your (probably very short) life
>being told to obey speed limit
Errr don't think you have a clue what you're talking about

>> No.72897409

Anon, do you know that life might actually be different for rich planetary governors and nobles than it is for average citizens?

>> No.72897411

Why are Tau players so insufferable?

>> No.72897428


>> No.72897447


>> No.72897458

>Primaris have too many weapon options
Now that's a first.

>> No.72897461


>> No.72897476


>> No.72897480

Are they? Ive met some nice ones

>> No.72897481

You have a crush on them but you can't let yourself process the feelings. Your tortured psyche turns gay love into seething resentment.

>> No.72897489

Yes and? That doesn't stop the imperium from being a liberal utopia gone insane.

>> No.72897501

Get some Ad Mech and call your army the Defenders of Sol. Nobody can accuse you of souping if you have an unassailable thematic basis for your army.

>> No.72897511

Primaris don't have weapon options, they have different magazines/attatchments on their bolters.

>> No.72897513

Which type, people that play tau because they like tau or people that play tau because they are strong?

>> No.72897521

Liberalism has nothing to say about class.

>> No.72897522

By gone insane do you mean in no way similar to a liberal utopia at all?
Would you also consider the Holy roman empire a liberal utopia?

>> No.72897533

Anon, what do you mean by a "liberal utopia"? I think people disagreeing with you take it to mean "everyone is granted massive freedom", whereas you seem to be treating it as "all the nobles and governors have massive freedom".

>> No.72897537

Technically the Imperium is more a feudal system where the vassals are totalitarian dictatorships 99% of the time.

>> No.72897540

Insane in the sense that is gone into absurdity.
Beside class is not something that involves liberal idea.
In practice any pure ideology ends being a parody of itself.

>> No.72897544

do we have any rules on the sulphurhounds yet other than the stats for the nose flamer?

>> No.72897547


>> No.72897567

I think they're two threads back. ctrl+F through the previous threads to find them.

>> No.72897569


>> No.72897572

>In practice any pure ideology ends being a parody of itself.

So that is how /pol/tards regularly screech about how everything they don't like is because it is <insert political ideology/system they hatehere>

>> No.72897575

People having the free will to govern themselves as they see fit. Which in the imperium is true.
Now if they can change their government into whatever they want in practice is another story.
The imperium does not care about your sex, skin color, religion, or hell even mutation
If you pay your taxes and do not worship dumb things like chaos.
You are free to do whatever you want (assuming is not against the imperium). How easy it is for some random fucker in an agri world is another thing.

>> No.72897581


>> No.72897584

I am a home gaming chad so I don't know what Tau players are like generally. My mate John plays Tau and he's alright.

>> No.72897599

I still don't get what you mean the state and inquisition has the power to kill any citizen with total impunity
People are conscripted for life as part of taxation
People are largely not free to chose how they live their lives due to the imperiums governance.
Just cause plenary governors have some autonomy and there isnt much racism between non abhumans in the imperium doesn't make it liberal
It's a lot closer to a feudal theocracy gone insane than a liberal utopia

>> No.72897608

Holy fuck. Someone just leak loyalist knights already.

>> No.72897614

Why? Loyalty is its own reward, remember

>> No.72897620

>People having the free will to govern themselves as they see fit. Which in the imperium is true.
>Now if they can change their government into whatever they want in practice is another story.

By this definition, literally every government system ever is liberal except for those enforced by a foreign power.

>> No.72897623

But isn't loyalty its own reward?

>> No.72897626

Only traitors and heretics
People cant revolt and change the government of their plantes and the imperium does not care as long as you keep paying taxes.
Their ability to do it at an individual level is irrelevant.

>> No.72897675

Just that there must be more people who give a shit about imperial knights than fucking daemons?

>> No.72897678

>Only traitors and heretics
That's like saying that people are free to do whatever they want except being criminals. Which is true for literally every form of government ever.

>> No.72897702

>implying a successful revolution wouldn't get curbstomped for being a bunch of heretical traitors

>> No.72897719

We launching in 1 hour 17 minutes, /40kg/. ALIENS HERE WE COME

>> No.72897731

>People having the free will to govern themselves as they see fit. Which in the imperium is true
That's not true at all. The Imperium has mass conscription, compulsory religion, a brutally repressive legal system and runs on a vast command economy dictated by a labyrinthine bureaucracy. A planet is not just told to supply money, it's told specific goods, services and personnel it must supply to the Imperium.

If Margaret Thatcher escaped hell and was reincarnated on a Forge World, clawed her way back to political power and then decided to kill a Forge World's industrial base and make it a banking colony instead, the Imperium would send an army to destroy her. Once the Crimson Fists had defeated her, an Inquisitor would then work to restructure the government of the Forge World to prevent the Tories from regaining power. The Ordo Hereticus would watch the planet for further deviation and overrule the local government wherever necessary.

The Imperium is also repressive of mutations. This varies based on galactic location, but it can get very violent and repressive. An example of this is the fact that elements of the Inquisition argued that the Cadians should be purged for having too similar eye colors. The fucking Cadians. A less strategically important planet with a past exposure to Chaos would be subject to brutal rules regarding mutation.

>> No.72897739

Chaos knights imgur went down. Anyone got the rules?

>> No.72897748

thanks mate

>> No.72897750

page 10, new thread?

>> No.72897754

Is it fair for my opponent bring a Knight every game just because I brought a Baneblade?

>> No.72897756


>> No.72897757


>> No.72897758

>still no functional chainswords

Why even live

>> No.72897760

gib new khorne demons

>> No.72897764


>> No.72897769

baker's busy

>> No.72897770

>Is it fair for someone to bring a Lord of War because I brought a Lord of War?

>> No.72897772

That's what i'm getting at too anon, but calling it a "liberal utopia gone mad" is straight-up wrong because it doesn't account for the second half of all that
>The Imperium, at the top, is a decentralised state where planetary governors, the Mechanicum etc. are technically bound to obey the High Lords unquestioningly but in practice can do what they want most of the time as long as they're contributing to the war effort
>The Imperium, at the bottom, is very varied (different systems and governors) but (assuming Hives+Industrial worlds contain most of the population) is usually an authoritarian hellhole, as the pressures of war and excesses of the ruling class inflict brutalising slavery on the average citizen.

A more accurate comparison is a large early-modern mercantalist state, like Qing China - the Imperiums territory is so big that local rulers have massive autonomy, and while there is little on a nation-wide level to restrain citizens the conditions and corruption of local areas means that the average peasant is incredibly restrained in terms of rights and options. The Imperium doesn't become a liberal utopia because it's the local elites doing the day-to-day oppression rather than the central government.

>> No.72897777

I've still got it up in my browser, let me download them

>> No.72897791

But they kill it turn 1 every time

>> No.72897804

With just one Knight? Which Knight is it

>> No.72897814

https://anonfiles <DOT> com/b5FdR13aoe/chaos_knights_zip

>> No.72897816


>> No.72898679

There is no way a future space gun named the “transureanic arquebus” fires a standard ass bullet.

>> No.72899053


>> No.72899108

You know what animals like to "borrow" stuff? Obviously the Raven Guard.

>> No.72899204

Why not have both?
Paint two squads of one scheme each, see which one was mlst enjoyable.

>> No.72899254

Slaanesh is a beautiful woman bro.

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