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Would you a female necron?

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coloring begins

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Some strats, boat transports OP

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>standing on a box means you're no longer immune to being stabbed in the shin
This is a good thing.

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femcrons need wide hips

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That youtuber is a turbofaggot.

But yes I would *CLANG*

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Do you have the Daemon ones?

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Any leaks on the engine war knight stuff?

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English pt tables

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I wish Abaddon was teal...

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I look forward to the finished product, anon. Those skittarii are adorable.

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Is that a fucking 0CP Stratagem?

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/40kg/, help me pick a commissar-fu. I've narrowed my choices to:
>Victoria Minis
>Anvil Industry
>Raging Heroes
>Severina Raine

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Which 40k vidya is actually worth playing according to /40kg/?

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Two sets of the Holy Orders.

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Is evacuation Sequence 0CP?

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what army fits this vibe

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Can you move 21" before the game starts if these guys are Stygies?

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dawn of war, space hulk: deathwing, battlefleet gothic armada 2 and space marine

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Yep, apparently they won't write it on datasheet till 9th.

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Space marine, Dawn of war and Fire warrior depending on who you ask.

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>Severina Raine

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Mechanicus is also kind of good.

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>0 cp stratagems
>for an imperium army
necronbros, I'm starting to have doubts about 9th being nice to us...

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thank you, i like the rangers a lot and thought they deserved a bit of personality

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-Dawn of War 1&2
-Space Marine

Average/Your Experience May Vary
that other Space Hulk Game
Titanicus (haven't played but it looks clunky)


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You can, lest they changed Stygies strat.

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I like the Commissar from Brother Vinni

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This guy knows what's up.

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Anyone have the other flying guy's stats page?

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I made a Twitter just to follow you, so thanks for existing

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Metal Gear

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drop the @

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She looks like she fucks mechanicus members

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What about Sanctus Reach?

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Raging Heroes>Anvil Industry>Victoria Minis>Severina Raine
in this order.

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Do you ever feel a little bad about going for something that looks cool on a model, but might not be the most efficient? (eg. Choice of weapons)

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is it really that bad? 18 shots that can target characters, -> 12 hits (16 with reroll canticle) -> 2 mortal wounds + 6(8) wounds -> 2(3) unsaved wounds = 4(5) wounds total on average vs power armour.

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The helicopter looks rather shit. What I missing?

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Looks janky as fuck, but I haven't played.

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of course not
I gave all my necron lords/overlords a resurrection orb because it looks awesome

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Mechanicus is kino so that's a given. Same with the first two Dawn of War games and all their expansions.

Gladius is a fairly decent low budget 4X game that is fun to play while you listen to podcasts or whatever

Space Marine is the best 3rd person 40k vidya. It's very solid with a still active multiplayer community on pc

Battlefleet Gothic 2 is a very good RTS game with slower gameplay than most others of the genre but is still very enjoyable. The Chaos DLC is the best showing Chaos has gotten for years.

And Inquisitor Martyr is a decent diablo clone with some grindy aspects but again, fun to play if you like time wasters.

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And it seems it's like 126 points for 9 of them.

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>Shoots you 108 times in Melee Edition
Shouldn't have violated my NAP Protocol.

That GW can't write rules worth a damn.

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No, I refuse to use good options that are ugly as fuck. The worse the cool option is, the better. It sends a message.
>30 lightning claw Terminators

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Wrath of Mars for 2 MW per 6 to wound.

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Tell me anon, what's your favorite not!Bolter?

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I want to build and paint my csm but my glue is still in the mail bros

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Kataphrons just got even nastier..
Use vigilus shit for 5++
Warlord trait for 5+++
12 modells with 3w each and t5 with 3+/5++/5+++

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SPEESH MAHREEN needs its source code leaked or released for PC so people can start modding it
A remaster wouldn't be that bad

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If I have to choose from those. Raging Hereos all the way.
The rest lack the imposing aura.

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It's okay and the closest game to tabletop version besides tabletopsim

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Are Goff Rokkas still canon

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Tau with 3rd party models

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Gladius is my favorite 40k game right now.

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That strat might mean the same will happen to the strat that does the same thing for necrons.

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What crime did I commit for GW to nerf melee even harder with this upcoming edition?

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Now those are some greater goods
Where's she from?

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I think you'd usually save that for volume, but we could have a sufficient amount of units now so that admech can strategicly remove all problematic characters. Can even snipe havocs if alpha legion tries to screen them.

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Other orders

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Full leak

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How is the Chaos DLC? I was considering getting it.

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You played orks.

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You refused to suck my dick

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I kinda went with that idea for my termies.

>Champion has Combi-Plasma and Lightning Claw
>2 Combi-Bolter and Powerfist
>Reaper Autocannon and Lightning Claw
>Combi-Melta and Power Maul

Are they at least semi useful? Maybe I could give them some god icon to help them out?

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That's a weird microphone.

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>auto-pass morale within 6"
>overwatch on 5+

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wargames exclusive... they have an entire line of really shameless tau

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33 lunar seconds is just 32.5 seconds...

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It buffed melee for vehicles.

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>lmao metal boobs!
Fucking terrible, someone post that female Necron art where she'll got slightly wider thighs, and a thinner face and torso. You can maintain the skeletal look while still making them feminine.

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So knights and daemons really got nothing then, huh?

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this one from raging heroes

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Are you telling me I need to cancel this preorder I just made for 60 assault intercessors?

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>33 lunar seconds is just 32.5 seconds...
fucking kek

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Robotit necrons are degeneracy.

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Lookin at a lot of these sites I wager GW could rake in a lot more cash by just releasing a core range of models then licensing everything else to companies like this.

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what in the name of the lord in his heaven is that?

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Not to mention it runs on a toaster. I was playing it smoothly on my little thinkpad and it wasn't even killing my battery.

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No, its not. Its just like being out of range of a gun. Melee doesn't get special range exemptions because reasons.

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Combi-plasmas and fists (or the cheapest melee option to save points) are actually useful. In 8E. Who knows about 9E.

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>model made for that time in history when Tau could waacfag so hard and profitable that they even got a model

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Also dragons

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>You played orks
>Buffed vehicle melee
>Initiative 2 in previous making even guardsmen easily able to overpower you in melee and outshoot you at range

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>someone post that female Necron art

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Fair point. Least they look neat.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Terminator squads somewhat individualized with what each member brings?

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Fucking love it, but I'm biased since I own a csm army for tabletop already. The demon engine vehicle build with couple chaos lords and warpsmiths is fucking kino

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extremely based. AdMech wins again. best faction hands down.

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She looks like both my gf and the girl I'm cheating her with

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ha ha no. You will notice these sites are all very careful to avoid any of GW's copyrights.

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Oh yeah veeeery careful. Still could work.

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I want to have sex with that

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Power weapons on IG officers, any kind of Flamer, Anything on Infantry squads that isn't a plasma gun.

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Good setup for Breachers, but for Destroyers I would have a Logos guy around for the Overwatch and AP buffs. Glad for that WLT strat so I can also still have the servitor maniple trait on a dominus moving with them, and a enginseer for this.

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Cybertronians disagrees with you.

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>want to play heavy ordnance orks
>huge guns
>huge walkers
>shooting is shit
>walkers are only good for exploding
>Gunwagon is worthless
Orks will always be shit except for green tide won't they.
GW is never going to do anything about players who want to play different to mass of boyz won't they.

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If the mechanicus could figure out biotransference they'd be the new necrons in a heartbeat

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Sterilyzors get a redeploy? At least it can't be done in the same turn, but still, fuck, have these guys on the ground for turns 1-3, and then have them leave for a big FUCK YOU on turn 4 or 5 at an objective your opponent was hoping to score on with their 12" flamers.

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Where can I find the whole Gaunt's ghosts series (possibly in mobi or epub)? It's not in the megas

>> No.72886748

Is this how Hereteks are made

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Bro just shoot them, they're glorified rangers

>> No.72886757

try b-ok.org

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Our green tide is getting nerfed with general 9th rules, but shooting is not shit overall for orks. We still have Big Gunz, Mek Gunz, Lootas, Flash Gitz, and Dakkajets+Burna-Bommas.
Actually 9th might make it easier on orks who don't want to play troops considering cp changes.

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This is nice. Isn't there also a picture of a female Necron in the middle of a throne room? I think that one looks feminine enough without throwing on metal boobs.

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My three armies keep getting buffs while my buddy's don't get shit, no wonder he never wants to play.
>Blood Angels, get everything from Space Marines so updates constantly
>Tyranids, not updated often but Blood of Baal beefs up both
>Admech, all of this shit
>buddy started with Death Guard, have only been nerfed since 8th started
>buddy starts Orks, "Orktober" nuff said
>buddy starts Sisters, already falling behind

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What're you guys working on? Painted up some Hormagaunts for a KT today, just have to do the Warriors next.

>> No.72886792

this one >>72885158 ?

>> No.72886809

>Big Gunz
That's Legends, anon.

>> No.72886813

except that being in reserves they would be dead on end of turn 3

>> No.72886822

And? Last I checked you don't play tournaments.
That said Mek>Big anyway.

>> No.72886826

Beep boop.

>> No.72886827

Least your buddy ain't a guard player

>> No.72886834

It could be worse.

He could be playing Daemons.

>> No.72886836

is space hulk ascension the most underrated 40k vidya

>> No.72886837

>buddy starts Sisters, already falling behind
Have you seen what Junith spearhead with 3 exorcists can do?

>> No.72886840


For 3CP total you can rock a Genetor, a Logos or Artisan with that strat and then the servitor maniple trait on three different HQs, presumably one Dominus, a couple of Enginseers and then Daedalosus for double battalion of super-servitors.

The temptation to do a load of Kataphron conversions and make a Myrmidon Cult army with loads of Breachers and Destroyers and heavy vehicles is strong, but it would be slow as fuck.

Also apparently the Quake Bombs is just a 1CP strat and you can bomb one unit and Quake another, so take one bomber and have it blow up a couple of Hellblasters and shut down Gman for a turn for 2CP.

>> No.72886843

That one.

>> No.72886844

>Tried messing around with learning Greenstuff
>First attempt was Corona-Daemonette
>It got a bit thick in the chest due to self-teaching and not owning the tools. Where the skin was and where the dress was merged
>One of the arms fell off, decide to scrap parts of it and refix the joke for later and give this something fitting the bulk of it
>Attach Terminator Lightning Claw

It's for uhhh... Backscratches...

>> No.72886847


>expecting that to still be the case in 9th

>> No.72886855

>That one comic where she gets impregged

Ow my dick

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those copters have Secutarii in the list of transportable infantry weren't those guys just FW only?

>> No.72886869

Not anymore. They are changing deployment shit so you can post up for flanking and such late game. They said so themselves.

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If the Warp is made out of all sentient living creatures’ collective imagination and thoughts does that mean a copy of the materium based on the collective perception of reality in 40k exist?

>> No.72886876

Made for the Big Martian Mechadendrite

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>> No.72886884

GW mentioned massive rework and update of for FW-related stuff with 9th, maybe they are bringing some FW stuff into plastic and core books.

>> No.72886890

Heres hoping plastic kriegers incoming

>> No.72886891

I can only hope so
Alpha Legion!

>> No.72886892

I can see 3 excorcist with a shit order for 600~ points can do.
Its not exactly great either. Since its 1s not all hit/wounds like the crap marines can do

>> No.72886894

I am actually losing my mind over this.
Are they insane? 5+ fnp for breachers within 6 is absolutely disgusting. Just wait for admech breacher spam to join the ranks of their IH brethren with t5 3w 5++/5+++ on all troops.

>> No.72886898

stl files here

>> No.72886909

Necrons are degeneracy.

>> No.72886910

I own every single warhammer-related game on steam and to this day can't bring myself to play this one.

>> No.72886928

So far Imperium factions has been getting 60% or more of each book. GW isn't even being subtle with favoritism

>> No.72886940

don't forget the agripinaa stratagem that lets you recycle a unit of kataphrons

>> No.72886941

looks good anon

>> No.72886943

Necrons are competition
Only one group can sit beside the Void Dragon’s throne.

>> No.72886947

Granted all it might end up being is just a book with pt and rule reworks for 8-9th, like they did with FW Knights for 8e, that somehow end up double/triple in pt price because GW.

>> No.72886948

Niggas sell
Glory to the emprah
Robot Girlyman is my spiritual senpai

>> No.72886951

really goes to show you how outdated a lot of the sculpts are

>> No.72886954

Is the manipulus a good choice as a close support character for melee skitarii (infiltrators/ruststalkers)? I've always wanted a skitarii HQ and thought the manipulus stat-line might fit well.

>> No.72886959

I really like those.
I'm finishing up my little tyranids too and then I'm going to assemble and start a grey knight strike team

>> No.72886960

continued working on my board
still trying to cover up the scars from the previous owner, but ran out of mud paste, so will have to work on something else until more arrives

>> No.72886961


>> No.72886963

The way I read it, you have to shoot all of your weapons, missiles included, to be able to use this strategem. It would be a lot more useful if it was just "if it shoots all the weapons it will use this phase". How the fuck do you use this stratagem if you run out of missiles?

>No, its not
Yes it is. The current melee rules are broke as fuck, and not in way the aids melee armies.
If you play with any multi-floor cover and stand on the higher floor, congrats, you just invalidated every vehicle's melee since they can only move to the ground floor. Better yet, if your models block the edges of the higher floor so enemy units can't get up, you just invalidated every non-Fly melee unit in the game. Finally, if there's nowhere for a melee unit with Fly to land on that floor, congrats, you're IMMUNE TO EVERY MELEE UNIT IN THE GAME'S melee attacks.

>Melee doesn't get special range exemptions because reasons.
But shooty units get melee exemption because they stood on a 1"+ tall box? If you want to compare melee to shooting, then we can do that.
Imagine if GW came out with a melee unit that carried LOS-blocking terrain around with it so it couldn't be shot (of course, ignore the fact there's shooting units that don't need LOS to the target to shoot their target AND there's no melee unit in the game that can attack with it's melee if it's not within melee distance AND that melee unit couldn't charge since it couldn't draw LOS to enemy units). Compare that to a shooty unit simply standing on the second floor's edge - even if the melee unit couldn't be shot by them, they couldn't charge them. They'd be evenly balanced.

So yes, it's a good thing GW is fucking over shooting armies that just scramble up to the top of a 1"+ box during deployment, stand on the sides, and camp since they're completely immune to an entire phase of the game. No unit should be immune to one type of combat breaks the entire game's balance.

>> No.72886970


Torn between invincible Agripinaa kataphrons with HQ-spam aura buffs and massed Pteraxii/archaeopters.
The Cognis secondary ability is basically built for an air cav army.

Now all your gunships reroll all their hits Cawl-style and get a 6+FNP on top.

>> No.72886976

Doesn't look like it has "eroic" proportion, looks like a Tyranid made for the Lord Of The Rings game.

>> No.72886987

It's not anything special. Securatii don't have a [FORGE WORLD] keyword so they have to be called out specifically by their [SECUTARII] one instead. The rules for the Skorpius and the Drill do the same thing as the new Archeopter.

>> No.72886989

I have replaced my pee-nis with a Pneumatic piston

>> No.72886991


>> No.72887003

as in you never played it or you don't want to play it?

>> No.72887004

Don't forget about Balistarii with Twin Linked Cognis Lascannons deleting whole units off the board because pretty much everything is within half their range.

>> No.72887006

heroic scale is fucking gay
all my niggas hate heroic scale

>> No.72887007

did you buy the actual FW tile or is it from a recaster?

>> No.72887017

Thank god the first part of the trait is useless for kataphrons. Bonus hits 1/3rd of the time for breacher spam would be the dumbest shit ever.

>> No.72887032

Wow. Cadian mouldlines are bad these days.
My new ones are alright overall but dam thats a bad one

>> No.72887033

His ability isn't great but I guess he's cheap and he can take the Omniscient Mask to help your dudes out in close combat.

>> No.72887038

What do you guys think of the sulphurhounds? You can take 10 of them for 160 points, getting 55 pistol shots on average, 35 of which hit automatically. With the -1 toughness aura they're wounding on 3's against marines with -1ap. I think these guys could be solid.

>> No.72887054

Heroic scale only make sense if every kit sold is compatible with each other.
Since GW hates freedom, democracy, conversions, liberty, kitbash and fun.
Heroic scale can suck my infected latino dick

>> No.72887055

Dogs are nice

>> No.72887069

feels kinda fitting that the only known female necron is also one of the only nucrons who still want to exterminate all life in the galaxy

>> No.72887072


That would require me to run Balistarii though, which are ugly as sin.

Could potentially convert some kind of crew-served twin lascannon platform on treads, like an Admech Rapier, but it would be a little short.


Not from that trait, but you can give literally everything Taser now with a WTrait aura. I love my lightning-cannon Dunecrawlers with exploding sixes.

>> No.72887073

FW's cooperation with GW hasn't been stellar historically.
GW are moving on without FW given that their main product lines are now in different scales and FW's main ruleset is based on several editions ago.
I don't know who to blame but letting 30k fizzle out rather than become mass market plastic and the focus of 8th edition before the primaris soft reboot began is simply horrendous business sense.
So if FW and GW weren't on the same page when it came to 30k and 8th edition, I see no reason to set high expectations for 9th edition either.

>> No.72887080

Aren't all fliers fucked anyway since you need ground coverage or you instantly lose?
I'd like Gorkanaut but there's not much I want to take with it desu.
All the buggies we got look ok but I am not interested in car army.
I'd love fucking tank or big fuckoff cannons or something, god why can't we have tanks.
Why all the awesome ideas like supa kannon or pic related are relegated to eternal waste in Forgeshit?

>> No.72887088

>You can take 10 of them for 160 points
Not in one squad - they're limited to 9 men. Best you could do would be running 2 squads of 3 and 1 squad of 4.
>getting 55 pistol shots on average, 35 of which hit automatically.
They seem decent enough at shooting though
>With the -1 toughness aura they're wounding on 3's against marines with -1ap.
I'm not really sold on the dudes in melee. They don't seem to have much real kick the turn they charge in, only next turn when they get to fire off their pistols.

>> No.72887090

that's from FW and it was a bitch to get into its actual shape
I had to learn the FW lesson too at some point I guess

>> No.72887092

waiting on paints to come in to work on some scions. For 9 point models they are busy fuckers

>> No.72887101

Oh don't worry, my expectations are not exactly high with this comment here >>72886947
They also made Taunar like 2k points from sub1k.
I don't get this company. I don't.

>> No.72887104

oh wow, that's rough

>> No.72887111

>buying from FW
The quality is so shit that its insulting how much they charge for their shitty products

>> No.72887112

Did you do more units, cos these are fucking great

>> No.72887117

there's a custom trait that makes the -1T into a 3 inch aura

>> No.72887119

>taking the higher ground bad
Thats just using terrain to your advantage. Its the equivalent to using choke point to box in things. Or screening with troops. Or putting an object between you and a charging unit. A knife shouldn't have infinite range. Thats stupid.

>1" tall box immunity
This is ALSO stupid. Infinite vertical range is a worse solution to it. Make it 6" up like prior editions. Its still an abstraction. Because why would someone who would climb headfirst onto a building floor not just get their head caved in bumy the unit standing there? But at least its more palatable solution than infinite range. Units with fly can have effectively infinite range, thats fine, because they can already jump over anything to land on the otherwise regardless of height.

Melee is just another option, melee units shouldn't be coddled. If you're taking the high ground to hide from grubby monsters that's just smart.

>> No.72887148

dear lord

>> No.72887160

Angelos has rule though if you play Blood Ravens so maybe?

>> No.72887178

I think you're right actually. The -1 toughness won't usually benefit their shooting and their melee is lackluster.

>> No.72887182

Where do you see that? I am looking at the album..

>> No.72887186

is it possible to use the extra warlord trait stratagems to grab all of the magos specialties and stack buffs into the stratosphere

>> No.72887187

Yeah but this is a game to be balenced with plenty of abstraction. Stop playing tau and think for a second

>> No.72887190

I’ll be workin on my admech tomorrow, specifically my robots, kataphrons, and my dunecrawler.

>> No.72887191

Yeah but Gabes model is shit and the rules/ideas are lifted from DoW 3.

>> No.72887198

it's in the radiation world section

>> No.72887204

I must confess to not knowing.
Buts what the difference between forge world and games workshop?

>> No.72887206

Do any of these phone pictures include daemon stuff?

>> No.72887211

>A knife shouldn't have infinite range. Thats stupid.
At the end of the day the game is meant to be a representation of "real" combat between the characters represented by the figures, not the figures themselves.
If that means abstractions that look weird on the game board, that's not a huge downside. Particularly when the whole point of the game is to be fun, there's no reason to fuck up how the game is meant to be played just because custom terrain setups aren't exactly six or however many arbitrary inches high. The fewer terrain setups that become unplayable, the better.

And in-universe there's no reason to assume that there's no way for combatants to use "melee" attacks against people in the higher floors just because the models don't move so. Melee stats can be taken as abstracted ways of inflicting ranged damage, grenades, or even rocks if there's no way for the characters the models are representing to try and scale the surfaces. Or a vehicle or dreadnought ramming the foundations of the building.

>> No.72887220

forge world are a subsidiary of GW

>> No.72887235

I play monster mash nids and gsc.

All this is sounding like
>You cant deploy out of range or LoS of my weapons! It invalidates my units!
Infinite reach isnt the solution. 6" for non FLY. 1" horizontal for FLY. Done. Abstraction.

>> No.72887244

Forgeworld is a branch of GW that specialized in making good content, until Bligh died and took it with him.

>> No.72887250

FW are better because F comes before G

>> No.72887251

Did you contact them about it?

>> No.72887252

Her period is never ending and cegorath cockblocked her

>> No.72887254

>It's what an ork would do

>> No.72887266

>>taking the higher ground bad
>That's just using terrain to your advantage
The problem is that it's not an advantage, it's straight up immunity. There's nothing most melee units can do if you can just pile all of your units into the top of a building and sit there. Even shooty units can go into a piece of terrain occupied by a melee unit to try and flush them out, melee units quite literally CAN'T do that to shooty units in certain circumstances. It's just a case of poor rules-writing. I agree that melee units shouldn't be able to Naruto run up the side of a building instantly but they still should be able to get into melee with units at the top eventually.
There's a balance you have to strike and 8e doesn't hit it.

>Infinite vertical range is a worse solution to it.
To my knowledge, they haven't even stated how it'll work yet, only did the same bait-y bullshit they did with 8e and, no surprise, people are panicking the same way people were panicking over Fabius Bile's Instant Death killing whole squads of Imperial Knights, flamers being the best anti-flyer weapons because they auto-hit, etc.

>Make it 6" up like prior editions.
That'd be fine with me. I would say that the vertical distance a unit can charge up should be related to their move characteristic but I also think that a unit's charge range should be related to that anyway (different argument for a different day). 6" vertical melee would be fine with me though.

>Melee is just another option, melee units shouldn't be coddled.
The problem is, for a lot of armies, melee is "just another option" as much as shooting is for Tau or Imperial Guard. If your whole army is based around melee and you only have a bare minimum of shooting, melee isn't "just another option", it's your only option to be anywhere near relevant.
>If you're taking the high ground to hide from grubby monsters that's just smart.
It's a good plan, I agree, but it shouldn't be infallible like it currently is.

>> No.72887271

Right, should ask this in the alive thread. Are Sisters of Battle fun?

>> No.72887276


>> No.72887282

Stellar logic, can't argue with that.

>> No.72887285

>My Captain throws 4 S8 AP-3 D3 rocks because he uses his thunderhammer to punt them.
Its too far of a leap. Why does melee get infinite range? Shooting has limitations for a reason. So should melee. It doesn't have to be super realistic it just has not be unbelievable. Like stabbing a guy 30 feet in the air through LoS blocking floors. That's too far.

>> No.72887287


>> No.72887291

I think I recognise that store layout.
Is that the York city centre store?

So how did that arrangement come about? seems like an odd thing to do.

>> No.72887293

I like the models and the mobility. With the Dragoons going up in price making it even more difficult to justify spending that much money on em, little doggos running around sounds fun.

Still trying to figure out which of the two I want though since I took Admech to be my shooty army.

>> No.72887294


Rad Saturated Forge World - Secondary - Luminary Suffusion. Gives all <Forge World> units a 3" aura of -1T AND -1S.

>> No.72887309


>> No.72887310


>> No.72887312

not him but they did say the second floors not the top one so it might have a limit

>> No.72887321


Sorry, mistake - <Forge World> that already have Rad Saturation, it replaces it, so just Vanguard get it.

>> No.72887325

>straight up immunity.
Units 36" away from a unit with 12" pistol are straight immune too. So is a unit thats 3" away from a unit that has 72" range but isn't visible due to a wall. Thats the line I'm drawing. How many times is a troops unit on the third floor of a ruin going to be the deciding factor? Objectives are ground floor only and even with Kill Points, whole armies can't hide that high up.

And you need shooting in 40k. Full stop. Melee is a secondary option at best.

>> No.72887326

rules change in 9th edition
>Everytime a model is killed. It it to be put on the ground, stomped on and destroyed
What army do you play?

>> No.72887327

>York city centre store?
No idea, i just go through random gw store pages and look for autistic content, pic related is my magnum opus, other than that they're a lot of awkward videos of people forced to yell waaagh and looking uncomfortable.

>> No.72887330

Is that plastic, or resin?

If that's a resin realm of battle board, place it on a flat surface which is sturdy. Wood preferably.

Then BLAST that motherfucker with a hair-dryer, on full whack.

Apply heat to the curved up edge, and just fan across it slowly again and again.

It's a slow process, but you'll soften the resin, and you can manipulate it back into a flat, even level.

DO NOT keep the hair-dryer pointed at one location constantly, or you'll warp the resin.

>> No.72887331

>So how did that arrangement come about? seems like an odd thing to do.
it's a GW made a subsidiary to produce niche products without taking up the time of the main studio it's not exactly rocket science

>> No.72887333

I jerked off to that a couple weeks back

>> No.72887340


>> No.72887341

I don't play 9th. Check mate liberal

>> No.72887347

I'm almost certain it is.
It's even got the covered up wooden joists on the ceiling and that indentation in the walls where I think the stairs down into the cellar are located.
Also xenos on the wall opposite the Imperium stuff

>> No.72887350

If my opponent is stomping on mine? Full metal daemon prince army.

>> No.72887357

A chaos army with full metal sculpts and they have a special rule where the opponent has to do it barefoot

>> No.72887358

Makes sense but why let them do so much 40k stuff?

>> No.72887362

Metal Bloodletters. I also only play at my home and have a no shoe policy

>> No.72887368

>Those TINY fucking little rotating bomb racks, with like 6 bombs each
>Same rules and output as A MARAUDER BOMBER, a fucking FLYING LORD OF WAR
>Significantly better than the Avenger, which visually packs way more heat
Christ, I can't decide if it's IA rules being garbage, significant powercreep or both. Reminds me how the Primaris Executioner has a smaller non-array version of the Stygies Destroyer's main gun, except it gets way better rules and can fire twice (and the Destroyer can't, despite being a Russ).

>> No.72887373

why not

>> No.72887375

it doesn't run out of missiles idiot

>> No.72887376

female ogryn

>> No.72887387

That was a tie-in single character model, not a major addition to the range. And even without FW rules he's basically just a hammernator captain in his post-retribution incarnation. (And DOW3 is a disservice to DOW2).

I don't know the internal politics because looking up which backbiting nerds are the backbitiest isn't fun or rewarding. All that's objectively verifiable is that FW is a subsidiary/brand of GW that makes resin models, on the basis that resin models *can* be produced for cheaper than plastic because the moulds are cheaper to make for smaller product runs. So logically it makes sense to sell some low-interest/low-volume products in resin, and also maybe to sell them under a different brand name for recognition.

What doesn't make sense if FW expanding into a separate full-scale studio working it seems at odds with GW, writing full-scale rules sets and running a massive range of several full-scale armies for those rules. The HH prequel era could have been so much more with GW in the mix but apparently not something some faction(s) or other wanted to happen.
And when it comes to rules integration in 40k, making FW products dependent on FW writers supporting GW products only shows the limits or failings of FW for giving the people what they want, particularly when it's to buy the products in the first place it makes no sense.

You're the A that comes between F and G

>> No.72887388

Oh, and it can do it every turn, even when the Marauder only gets to do it three times. IT CAN'T EVEN RELOAD HOW DOES IT KEEP DROPPING BOMBS ALL GAME?

>> No.72887392

Imagine if they made the Land Speeder today. It's have two nose guns, twin gun on the gunner, missiles on the sides, frag launchers on top and mine launchers at the back.

>> No.72887393

holy mother of doublenigger

>> No.72887394

I think he might be taking about hunter killer missiles. Still retarded

>> No.72887396

the powerfist captain could probably destroy the building the guy is standing on.

>> No.72887408

Originally GW would sub-contract 3rd party companies to make models for them that main-branch didn't want to spend the resources on making (stuff like Knights, Titans, and specialty units). After some time, and legal trouble, they decided to make/buy their own sub-company for this, which worked great for some time. Over time FW started losing funds, losing employees, and getting more expensive: so they are now in a weird stasis. They had a major successful campaign back in 7e with HH, and 8e started strong until their main talent died, which really fucked FW. Now who knows with FW. They exist, but little that was seen: shown they are overworked and understaffed.

>> No.72887411

Gw pre managerial shift was fucking weird

>> No.72887413

I get where you're coming from when it makes shitty gameplay happen (ie: making units in terrain more vulnerable to melee than if they were out in the open). I'm just saying if there's a case where someone can just plonk units in terrain and be untouchable in melee that's something that should be prevented, and it's not a bad suspension of disbelief for the models not to be in physical contact with each other even if the premise is that the characters they're representing are going into hand to hand.

>> No.72887429


>> No.72887442

>human skin

>> No.72887449

It's pretty, but being a direct port means the dice fuck you over just as hard. And having the computer win as the bugs isn't as fun as having your mate win as the bugs.
t. too bad to get past this one level with a lot of switches

>> No.72887455

The bomber isn't actually good. It's just that the majority of FW rules are actually complete fucking garbage.

>> No.72887458

>what are flayers

>> No.72887463

Fucking dropped

>> No.72887464

I'm losing faith in my green retards, what am I supposed to do now

>> No.72887468

Your whole argument is ignoring the fact that melee, the intended counter to shooting, can't kill certain shooty units depending on their placement. You shouldn't be immune to melee in cover unless you bought a fortification and garrison it.

>How many times is a troops unit on the third floor of a ruin going to be the deciding factor?
Quite often. Enough that it becomes a problem for melee armies to even compete.

>whole armies can't hide that high up
That very much depends on the amount of cover you play with and what that specific cover entails.

>And you need shooting in 40k. Full stop. Melee is a secondary option at best.
Ah yes, classic shooting-focused armies like Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Orks, Tyranids, Chaos Demons, World Eaters. Jokes aside, these armies have just as much shooting focus as Tau have melee focus. Just because your models CAN shoot that does not mean they are units best used for shooting just like units that CAN assault are units that are made for close combat. You would know this if you played and knew about more than just one army.

40k should be roughly equal parts shooting and melee, maybe 66:33 if you want to be generous. No one is saying shooting should be axed from the game but melee needs to have it's place too and it needs to work on units it's supposed to work against.

Huh, I could'a sworn that it only had the 6 it started with. Neat.

>> No.72887474

Pick a faction that isn't made for lolrandom retards

>> No.72887479

are you thinking of the original port because ascension was an expanded game that used %to hit

>> No.72887480


I imagine it's IA rules sucking, since every bombing run that was in this game from the beginning was abysmal, as were all the FW flyers. This bomber isn't even that great, but it can Quake Bomb a HQ and then jam its auras for 2CP so maybe it's worth running one of them if you can be reasonably sure it won't just get shot out of the sky while it sits there.

I think the basic idea is it's got six bombs, it drops one a turn rather than just demolishing half the board like the Marauder Destroyer's arclight strike nonsense.

Basically all strategic weapons are hilariously weak in this game, orbital strikes, cyclonics, hellportal IBCMs, tactical nukes all just do a handful of Mortal Wounds for obvious reasons.

>> No.72887483

but nothing else has the ramshackle aesthetic

>> No.72887487

Ok, so I've run this as Valor Heart and I didn't like it(too static, way too boring) so I get why it's a big advantage but I don't want to run that.

So, from there, which of the two orders do you think is better? Argent Shroud for the move and shoot element, or Ebon Flame for the "I have 15 meltas and every single one of them threatens a six"?

>> No.72887489

IMHO they need to kill off FW as a rogue organisation
It's fine as a brand and they have plenty of great sculptors and rules/fluff writers, it was just really abominably stupid (and wasteful of the 30k IP) to turn an organisation that was apparently supposed to give the plastic production line a resin support line into an organisation that produced resin lines almost as ambitious as the plastic line without plastic support!

>> No.72887490

then that's even fucking worse

>> No.72887501

why do you lose faith?

>> No.72887519

>Bile's Instant Death killing whole squads of Imperial Knights, flamers being the best anti-flyer weapons because they auto-hit

Kek, I'd forgotten all about those.

>> No.72887522


i feel as though i need to add more green somewhere

>> No.72887523

we are relegate to comic relief shit faction that always loses

>> No.72887532

Reminder that this here is considered melee-immune and make it 100% impossible for melee-only and melee-heavy armies to win.
What is it? Slightly above ground box that, in real life, you could walk up and hit a cunt on.
Same rules with Monsters vs Infantry, where Abaddon can safely stand on a small box while Ghaz and Guilliman can't do anything except shoot their peashooters while Abaddon has full range of attacks always available.

>> No.72887537

So what they only took photos of the admech section?

>> No.72887542

well at least you are not tyranids

>> No.72887556


>> No.72887559

What do you think of people who play:

>established & well documented canon subfactions
>obscure canon subfactions
>custom subfactions

>> No.72887562


>> No.72887565


>> No.72887569

All cool in my book

>> No.72887576

I'm for 'em

>> No.72887577

>joke/meme subfactions

>> No.72887579

>established & well documented canon subfactions
Unimaginative, probably a tournyfag

>obscure canon subfactions
Probably a hobbyist

>custom subfactions
Definitely a hobbyist.

>> No.72887580

Mad max inspired GSC with bikers and V8's

>> No.72887581


>> No.72887588


penis face

>> No.72887600

>Unimaginative, probably a tournyfag
I just like the color schemes...

>> No.72887610

Maybe on the forearm above the fist or shoulder armour plate?

>> No.72887611

So they just copied Progeny of Conflict?

>> No.72887614

they actually do win a solid amount in their lore bits unlike factions like the tyranids who never have their victories written because of the treadhead

>> No.72887620


ty I was thinking that too, probably the fist

>> No.72887625

1. Honest people with little creativity.

2. Interesting.

3. Either underage or a that guy who always wants to play the faction with best rules.

>> No.72887626

are there enough female wych heads and bodies in a box of ten to make them all female?

>> No.72887631

most faction get that strat

>> No.72887635

>haha so funni, don't win just roll the dice and laugh :)))
I fucking loathe this company and all the hacks that work in it

>> No.72887637

Man, copying Unquestioning Obedience, too.

>> No.72887639

>Quite often
Stopped reading here

>> No.72887645

>Sterilyzor alpha locked into goad + flechette loadout

Ok, I can deal but...

>Does the sprue have a 5th phosphor torch or can you not actually field a unit of 10 without a third box?

>> No.72887647

Most tourneyfag paint a custom subfaction to pick any rules.

>> No.72887650

So we gotta wait till Blood angels 9th for true primaris DC

>> No.72887654

Chaos gate

>> No.72887656

let's make unrealistic in the opposite direction
I'm going with the 6" solution

>> No.72887664

I'm not laughing.

>> No.72887696

Thin your paints.
And the GS sculpting isn't bad (although the face seems a bit of a missed opportunity and it's not coming across as a dickhead if that was your intention - for Nurgle?), but you might consider using vaseline and gloves to keep the impressions where you were shaping it less visible, and an overall smoother texture. And I'm not good at GS so it's just in the spirit of saying what could be improved rather than casting aspersions on your ability, but the strips of (?) flesh (?) are a bit thick.
Good to see the old boxnaughts being used for chaos. Helbrutes are okay but chaos boxnaughts ought to have continued.

I don't get the colour scheme of only a green kneepad, but the yellow is of the sort that could look good with a green wash or glaze, such as of the same shade of green on the kneepad. A thinned down (ideally but not necessarily with glaze medium) wash or glaze of that green could add something.

>> No.72887697


>> No.72887699

Just think of orktober, makes me laugh every time

>> No.72887711

we liv in a soziety

>> No.72887719

the only thing orks lose consistently are major campaigns such as Armageddon and even then they tend to maul other factions in the process they have a pretty good K/D in the codex lore though

>> No.72887726

I want BA terminators so violent and strong no one dared to try to remove their terminator armor.

>> No.72887734

How do we fix melee Carnifexes?

>> No.72887735

I don't remember when 40k was about lore k/d and not models and rules though

>> No.72887743

You know, I'm surprised that DC models weren't released, during that whole Wulfen craze, where they were fucking mutated giant vampire bat things.

>> No.72887753

>all new marines are primaris except for terminators
so does this mean that primaris terminators are just going to be primaris in slightly larger terminator suits

>> No.72887760

Artisan could be stupid with the right set up. If you've got graia, you're probably running emotionless clarity and a shit ton of vanguard. Pop the strat to give a second thing a warlord trait and push them as close as possible. Delete whatever vehicle you feel like under mass rad, and get -1 AP if they're stupid enough to get close. Hell, push them into melee and go nuts, with 3 shots a carbine and reduced toughness, those skitarii will chew through a lot.

>> No.72887766

Its because Sanguinius is angelic im nature, not some nordic furry monstrosity

>> No.72887769


>> No.72887776

you were the one who brought up the victory to losses ratio not me

>> No.72887778

Yes, Emperor willing

>> No.72887793

Do you judge people who buy recasts of 40k plastic kits?
I'm Australian and I wouldn't be buying recasts if they were priced the same as UK kits so it's not the worse right...

>> No.72887800

Would making the flesh bloody look better or worse?

>> No.72887805

as long as they're painted with love and dedication I really don't care

>> No.72887809

just a guess because terminators are incredibly iconic and it would be a massive waste of marketing to change them into something different

>> No.72887814

I don't judge as long as its painted, a tau fag at my GW didn't paint his recast Riptide or any of his army so I reported him.

>> No.72887815

Price is the main reason people buy recasts, GW is fucking wanking around lately.

>> No.72887827

wtf is she ok?

>> No.72887833

Are there any good reliable recast places outside of Russia?

>> No.72887840

>Do you judge people who refuse to get Jewed by paying 40 dollars for a 75 point model?


>> No.72887848

Just paint it bro, GW's prices are highway robbery already, and I know it's way worse for you. Tempted to get a 3D printer myself

>> No.72887850

yes, my ass

>> No.72887852

>Serberys Raider Alpha

>> No.72887853

Just buy a heavy flamer from someone and convert it.

>> No.72887858

Any daemon leaks? I'm feeling masochistic

>> No.72887866

>40 dollars for a 75 point model
That's actually a good price compared to nowadays

>> No.72887868

I really like the riders, but I don't know if it makes sense to only have 3. But I don't know if I want 9. I currently own 20 rangers, 10 vanguards, 2 onagers, cawl, 2x dominus, dunecrawler.

>> No.72887876

What do Space Marines think about Commissar Yarrick?

>> No.72887877

Play primaris and have all the raiders you want

>> No.72887890

but I hate space marines...

>> No.72887894

dumb wanker without hand

>> No.72887896

Not bad, for a grot

>> No.72887899

They're disgusted because he's gay, it reminds them of Fulgrim and that he's still out there

>> No.72887903

Obviously I'd paint them.
That said, the guy didn't even primer his models?
Was he retarded or do people just think of recasts so casually?

>> No.72887915

For this kind of thing you need an SLA printer.
They're laser ones that use a real toxic as fuck resin.
Definitely not for the average user.

>> No.72887916

according to the second war for Armageddon they respect him enough to listen to and consider his words

>> No.72887922

He prime the recast for that very reason

>> No.72887936

the only option is to not buy them and instead buy sterylizors

>> No.72887947

Im Australian and if I knew you had recasted id consider you based and redpilled.
Fuck GW, hope they go bankrupt here. Thats the only way they'll get a clue

>> No.72887948

He threw a rock. That's my fluff and you can eat my ass.

>> No.72887950

What you really want to do is give him the relic that gives a d6 extra hits in melee. It works in addition to his usual weapon that does the same thing. Charge with vanguard first lower toughness, and watch this guy chew his way through marines.

>> No.72887953

Units shouldn't be able to fall back if they are the only friendly unit in that combat

>> No.72887955


>> No.72887961

Did we see any stratagems for riders in specific?

>> No.72887968

>admech are better at trapping units than wych cults

>> No.72887986


It's the same green I use on all my plague marines. Gloves are a good idea though, thanks.

>> No.72888006

Anyone seen knight leaks?

>> No.72888016

I want chonky, low body army that is fun to play and easy to paint.
Recommend me something

>> No.72888026


>> No.72888029

>War Dog
Damn... if only there way another term for dog that sounded more more threatening or archaic... a titan with that name would sound cool as hell...

>> No.72888030


It's all here:


There's a few.

>> No.72888031

>Taser Goad
>UNMODIFIED hit roll of 6
oh shit

>> No.72888038

Custard or GK or Daemons (with only Greater daemons)

>> No.72888047

Ork buggy and/or walker spam
Grey Knights

>> No.72888058

Hey, I'm a pretty new but improving painter. I'd like to invest in a set of decent brushes. Not uber highend, but good ones.
Any recommendations?
Any products you would recommend for maintainence/cleaning?
I find my bristles tend to split or bunch up into sections. I try not to get the paint to high on the bristles and frequently wash them. Any tips on how to avoid this?
Thanks guys

>> No.72888061


>> No.72888064


Could be another case of poor proofreading, like the mess the KFF Big Mek is in right now.

>> No.72888066

>All Space marines characters get multi wound weapons
>Tyranid Primes only get Boneswords and with toxin sacs might do whole 2 wounds if they roll 6 to wound
It's not fair...

>> No.72888073

Brush soap, in the wooden thing amazon sells.
Wet pallet

>> No.72888074

Nothing for Daemons.
Why did I pick a nobody faction

>> No.72888077

War Canid

>> No.72888078

bruh im not going to lie to you. the green stuff you used for the face looks like a mess. It doesn't look like much of anything besides a vague face. The best advice I can give you is to make a bunch of folds and ridges in the green stuff then apply generous wash and dry brushing to enhance the contrast, but that seems like a difficult task. That's why I generally leave the sculpting of detailed bits like faces to the people making the model.

Parts of the model look sloppily painted. Either you didn't apply the base coat evenly or you didn't apply the wash evenly. For example, under the cloth on his right chest, it looks like the wash didn't get under there. I suggest you redo the base coat and wash for some parts of the model. And then apply a generous amount of black wash to the entire model. Also the scratches you made don't look realistic, real scratches on armor don't look like that so I would avoid that in the future.

>> No.72888081

the current taser goad reads as
>Each hit roll of 6+ with this weapon causes 3 hits rather than 1.

>> No.72888084



I don't actually mean it every dragoon spammer I've played against has actually been pretty cool. Sorry your armies are about to get dumpstered :(

>> No.72888091

>10CP - Your opponent gets to shit on your models. If you dont use this stratagem before the game begins you lose.

>> No.72888098

>Raiders can avoide melee
That's actually kinda neat

>> No.72888099

Thoughts on Space Marine characters being upgraded into Primaris? Also who is next?

>> No.72888103

Anyone have any of the knight stuff from engine war?

>> No.72888107

It's just the admech stuff, calm the fuck down.

>> No.72888110

Cassius has leaked.

>> No.72888112

read the datasheet closely

>> No.72888116

>if you don't use this stratagem before the game begins, nothing changes

>> No.72888118

Most of em are kino, the WS one needs a bike.
I hope Astorath is next or Dante

>> No.72888123


>> No.72888133

post it

>> No.72888136

Which SM chapter is Terminators the army?

>> No.72888140

If they had a camera and the book. Then clearly they had access to the Knights and Daemon pages.

>> No.72888143

Dragoons have Taser Lance, not Taser goad

>> No.72888144


it's just supposed to be a horn/protuberance

>> No.72888146

dark angels

>> No.72888149

Dark Angels

>> No.72888154

Of the loyalist? Dark Angels have a Terminators company.

>> No.72888156


>> No.72888160

Building a Phobos Deathwatch Marine with a Mark 4 Chestplate because I want to. (Now with Belt)

>> No.72888162

you can bet your ass they'll change all 6+ procs to unmodified by 9th. This is just a sign of what is to come

>> No.72888166

>for normal chapters
Shooty IF and UM
Melee BA, WS, SW in that order

>> No.72888175

>he doesn't understand the implication

>> No.72888176

Raiders seem really good. That scout move + regular move brings you into LOS of a lieutenant or similar, can drop enough shots to kill him turn one. If you're running transuranics and, let's be honest, if you aren't retarded you will be, then your opponent is going to be down two HQs turn one, pretty much guaranteed.

>> No.72888193

A lot of work for something no one will ever notice.

>> No.72888203

>get nine man unit
>give wrath of mars
>two mortal wounds on a 6 in addition to regular damage

>> No.72888204

Brushes are usually just brushes. Non-super high end isn't all that expensive especially in the long run. 10-15 can be easily worth it for a more than casual painter. But it's not necessary.
Typically natural hair brushes, particularly sable, is what makes a good brush stand out. Artificial brushes don't show their strengths as much when it's just less harsh acrylics being used.
A small brush like 00 or 000 is a lot more helpful than a medium sized one particularly if you're just developing the skill for it.
Go for a brand name not just for miniatures but for artists in general if you want guaranteed quality.

The best accessory for brushes I've encountered is the master's brush cleaner and preserver. No one should be without it. Lasts for years too.
Wet palette is handy but you can also just try using a flow retarder/extender if paint is drying out too quickly.

>> No.72888208

Have you considered that the average daemons player can't work a camera? There's an inherent selection bias here.

>> No.72888209

I just want to see if my single warden has any way to survive turn 1...

>> No.72888215

GK have the best "terminators" (paladins).

For actual terminators SW have by far the best. You can mix and match wargear inside the unit and stil give every man a 2pt stormshield. For example you could run a unit of 10 with all stormshields with 7 combi-plas and 3 thunderhammers. SW also have tons of ways to buff up termies in CC.

>> No.72888221

It is confirmed that it can auto hit things now

>> No.72888237

>normal chapters
all I see is primaris

>> No.72888239

Yeah, that'll kill most characters outright. Add that to the 6 snipers I run, and I don't see any reason why my opponents should get to use characters. I might save my friend the trouble and tell him not to model his captain with a head.

>> No.72888243

Only if it doesn't just die turn 1

>> No.72888246

God I love the Grot tech, Grot Tanks, Mega Tanks, Killa Kans, and if they would be allowed, Grot Squig riddas.

>> No.72888247

>it's a tau player and savior protocol negates all the MW
god I hate Tau

>> No.72888255

what kind of meta are you playing in?

>> No.72888263

Short answer? Yes, if you like many rules.

I play Valorous Heart - overlapping abilities, aura's, invulns, miracles, etc. starts to piss off opponents. So I guess for trolling a bit, it's fun.

>run around ignoring AP -1
>if near an Imagifier they ignore AP-2
>6+ invulnerable for all but the sinners
>Invul improved near canoness of holy yelling build
>6+ feel no pain on everything
>5+ feel no pain on penitents
>Miracle dice! Miracle dice everywhere with canoness of free dice build
>Why yes, my Repentia did just finish off your Knight
>2 exorcists is fun, 3 you're that guy
>Seraphim with 4 melta pistols dropping down and killing heavy armor does my heart good

Sucks that the ability to scout move while in a vehicle was removed, so the Immolator for me is worthless ATM.

You'll need a lot of overlap and play them right. But even if you lose, like me, they are fun to play with.

>> No.72888274

Thanks lads

>> No.72888278

How the fuck are you losing an entire Knight turn 1? It is a T8 24 wound model that can have a 2+/4++, unless you are parking it in front of 50 lascannons I genuinely don't get how it can be going down that fast.

>> No.72888281

Why doesn't this say once per game GW?

>> No.72888285

>lucius gives +1 to invuln saves
>kataphrons can use it to get a 4++/3++

>> No.72888303

Man, things are getting killier and killer with each edition since 6th.
9e is already looking like a disaster if you don't want to watch glass figures shattering. Granted I can see zoomies rejoicing because they get to kill buncha models as the dopamine kicks in.

>> No.72888310


>> No.72888313

Pretty much ive learned that going to small on a brush is a mistake, even when youre edge highlighting because they dry out too quick.

Large brush with a fine tip is really versatile. Im a shit painter btw.

>> No.72888314



>master's brush cleaner and preserver
also wet palettes are GOAT.

and if you want a good detail brush, that's where you should spring for sable or kolinsky, because the bigger the brush the more expensive it is when it's made out of the tail hair of some species of mink that only lives in one area of Siberia.

>> No.72888324

probably that its more vtol than helo

>> No.72888327

because all your HQs can be warlords.

>> No.72888328

>12 T5 2+/3++/5+++ 3 wound models
holy shit

>> No.72888330

So that you can assemble a council of techno wizards. Bring nothing but enginseers and skitarii infantry, spam all your command points for every warlord trait that buffs infantry. Watch the skitarii ascend from dinky little tin men to raging paladins of the machine god, capable of tearing apart tanks with their bare hands.

>> No.72888336

Not him, but what's a German equivalent?

>> No.72888339

>dunecrawlers get a 4++
>kalestans get a 3++/4++
>all skitarii get a 5++

>> No.72888354

Holy based.

For the Omnissiah, anon.

>> No.72888361

Too bad the only faction that'll be able to consistently have their canticle up is mars with cawl. Every other faction's canticle is pretty much a once per game ability.... and you'd have to take lucius just for once per game +1 invul

>> No.72888374

Even the most casual meta can one shot a knight anon.

>> No.72888382

Guys guys guys. Dont worry. . . . Daemons have slightly stronger Bloodthirsters so its balanced

>> No.72888390


I already like the idea of going for elite Vanguard killsquads. Take the rad-saturated forge world, the -AP warlord trait aura, close right in to point-blank range with Suphurhounds and Vanguard and fire AP-2 radcarbines into weakened targets.

Would never work, but I love the idea of hotshot rad weapons.

>> No.72888392

it's really fucking weird that Mars gets two effects while all of the other forge worlds only get one

>> No.72888401

Yeah that's weird. Other armies specifically say once per battle.

>> No.72888403

How 2 come up with word bearer names?

>> No.72888406

I'm guessing they forgot it and it'll be a day 1 errata

>> No.72888410

the other armies need something over marines

>> No.72888418

Sisters are once per battle too : (

>> No.72888419

please no I like the idea of my AP-4 galvanic rifles

>> No.72888424

Yeah, admech is going to be utterly broken.

>> No.72888426

but the only ability mars gives you is 2x canticles instead of 1? Same amount of bonuses as the other factions.

>> No.72888428


>> No.72888434


Its no Astartes but hey.

>> No.72888437

What word do you him to bear?
>Jamal, The bearer of the used toilet

>> No.72888439

pic slightly unrelated but it was on the exact same table where I lost 1 knight a turn to the same tau list until I got tabled turn 3

>> No.72888442

Well I just preordered two of these necrons. I am going to make some terrain pieces out of them.

>> No.72888443

Do you guys think they'll ever kill off the emperor? Maybe not to end 40k a la AOS but just as a story development.

>> No.72888447

I was talking about the forge world canticles

>> No.72888467

Faith and Fury has a generator

>> No.72888468

Rolled 5, 5, 3, 3 = 16 (4d6)

Roll nigga, roll!

>> No.72888475

No, all admech. Mars will just be the most broken. Don't do this crap where people are like "oh its just mars" and then only Mars gets nerfed and the rest of the codex is still beyond top tier.

>> No.72888480

Does engine war have a admech name generator?

>> No.72888487

you guys like my party van?
i keep messing up the shades in the bigger models, seems like shit dries up instantly

>> No.72888489

>usable for 1 (one) turn unless you luck into it
this isn't as broken as you're making it out to be

>> No.72888496

*mars and ryza and whatever memestrat comes out of the custom stuff
stygies just got a kneecap with 9th's rule changes

>> No.72888503

Post bits of fluff that Your Dudes have that you like even though they don't affect the tabletop much if at all.

>Sisters of my order believe that tampering with their form is tampering with the Emperor's work, so they don't do anything in terms of tattoos, ritual scarification, piercings, or even hair dye, with each Sister wearing her natural hair color. This extends to augments - Sisters who lose limbs in battle and have to resort to cybernetics are looked down upon as pitiful. They see the Admech as a near heretical sect, one step short of traitors. Marines and Custodes are the exception, as their augmentations are the Emperor's work.

>> No.72888506

Aight, so this new anti soup edition is gonna fuck up my plans. I've got quite a few stormtroopers (about 30) that I've painted as Chaos penal legionnaires and I've got a box of unassembled Chaos marines, and I was really looking forward to start a fluffy pirate band.Right now I'm unsure of what to do. Should I focus on the IG part of my army or mix? GW stores are open in my cunt btw.

>> No.72888509

It's cute you let your little brother paint your raider for you.

>> No.72888514

Knights are made of fucking wet cardboard. People cry about how "tough" they are, but they fall apart the minute you actually focus on them.

>> No.72888518

I dunno why, but using official premade name generators feels cheap and very un-/yourdudes/

But since I'm creatively bankrupt I suppose it'll have to do. Thank you Anons.

>> No.72888519

Fuck it go all out. Spend 3cp to get artisan, logos and magos. You've got a base Ap of 1, half range makes it 2, a 6 makes it -3 and generates another hit. I'm actually going to try it, the one time it pays off will all be worth it.

>> No.72888521

it's good, I like it.
those guys are kinda dicks for just sitting in the temple while everyone else died

>> No.72888525

Has anyone tried making primaris marines without the ridiclous knee guards? I'm not sure I'd even then like the models, but it'd go a long way to fixing them for me.

>> No.72888526

did you paint this while you were drunk?

>> No.72888528

What ryza stuff has come out?

>> No.72888529

Ah gotcha. I mean the posterboy faction has to be the best right?

>> No.72888540

Please, anon...watch some tutorials...


>> No.72888543

You could also pick 2 rather than roll, or use it as inspiration for naming conventions

>> No.72888544

You can outflank anything next edition. Just wait for 6 ryza plasmaphrons to pop up t2 and delete anything in sight.

>> No.72888545

there's a bunch of ryza lists abusing the plasma stratagem on destroyers to kill the shit out of everything

>> No.72888547

>He can't knock out a Knight Turn 1
If your army can't do that and knock out a 30-model GEQ unit in a single turn, you've already lost.

>> No.72888552

Would it look coold if my kastellans were painted in different color from the rest of my admech to show that their loyalty belongs to legio cybernetica?

>> No.72888554

He remembered to thin hit paint
He did not remember to use a thin brush however

>> No.72888555

With the old repressor dominion combo. SoB could pop 1 to 3 knights per turn.
Knights are just 2 leman with a 5++ 4++ with CP

>> No.72888573

>no tattoos, piercings, or hair dye

Sounds like an incel's army

>> No.72888580

Christ, this game is really going to shit.

>> No.72888585

Do they wax their pussies at least?

>> No.72888590

Is there a names list for the admech in engine war?

>> No.72888595

Cool base coats anon, now do the rest of it and tidy up that grey which I assume is supposed to be weathering.

>> No.72888605

The princeps of my knight household is the latest in two thousand odd clones of the original founder of the house from the era of Old Night. Her form is gross and misshapen from the processes of cloning and is incapable of leaving the amniotic chamber of her bonded knight, Eternal Rest. Through a series of ancient holographic projectors within their stronghold, she is able to appear normally as she once did millennia ago in order to arbitrate matters of state. Her true form is shrouded in secrecy and only a select number of mechanicum adepts are allowed to tend to her broken body.

>> No.72888607


>> No.72888613

>would never work

Why? Just use Duneriders, you literally are incentivized to use them now and the Sulphurhounds can move 18" per turn if you spend the CP.

>> No.72888614

Could be cool to do them a different colour but then give them a stripe or a single limb painted in the colours of your army to show that they've been taken ownership of.

>> No.72888620


>> No.72888621

Btw do the rules writers think that they're actually making a good game lmao?

>> No.72888626

40k has never been balanced

>> No.72888631

My forge world's skitarii alphas are rotated through kill teams at one point in their career to assess them for independent leadership capabilities.
>This was to tie my kill team into actual 40k
>No real reason, just loved the idea of them graduating and becoming the squad leaders for my skitarii.

>> No.72888632


You can just roll for it, and there's a reroll ability now for them and not just Mars.

>> No.72888641

My Lord of Change has a bare bone skull looking face, because he had the flesh melted off by a barrage of plague weaponry in a battle against Death Guard

>> No.72888645

I like the hair uniformity in the sisters. I save diferent hair colour for special characters.

>> No.72888655

Some say, he is still smiling.

>> No.72888659

jesus, you are not supposed to Agrax the whole thing, just the corners and around you dumdum
on the other hand i can see where you were going with that corrossion effect but it needs some tiddy up

>> No.72888665

It literally says in the canticle to a max of 4++.

>> No.72888679

9th is going to finally kill 40k.
They learned nothing from 7th.
The ghost of kerby is smiling upon them.

>> No.72888681

>ignore moving and firing heavy weapons and also give heavy weapons +1 strength
>1 extra ap
>overwatch on 5 and 6
>pull back and shoot with -1 to hit
one of these things is not like the other

>> No.72888690

Nor has it ever been a good game. What concerns me is that do the rules writers actually think that the game is good?

>> No.72888692

>Admech becomes slightly more competitive
>People start flipping shit

>> No.72888700

Also, you forgot:

>loses the -2 to hit rolls that made Dragoons/Balistarii effective with Stygies

>> No.72888704

>Fire warrior

That game was hot garbage and you know it, anon.

Its only real pro is that it was one of the first.

>> No.72888708

Just run them as Renegades using SM+IG rules, I strongly doubt anyone would give a fuck. Post those bois sometime though because they sound pretty rad

>> No.72888709

I don't understand why 40k players just don't play with their own favourite rules set?

>> No.72888710

Should I build a Necron army? They seem pretty epik
>t. Noob

>> No.72888711

fair enough for the robots but the breachers get the 3++ from a strategem played after the lucius buff

>> No.72888713

Slighty? Bruh. There is probably a dozen new ways at a minimum to run Admech to the point of easily placing in tournies.

>> No.72888715

Yeah, not sure why they're shitting on Stygies so much.
That said, I assume the Stygies pregame move stacks with the raiders pregame move, so you get raiders going 18" + their normal 12" move.

>> No.72888716

mars doesnt seem good enough. they should add 1 extra ap just like ryza but just for heavy weapons

>> No.72888721

captain juggernaut colored

>> No.72888723

>slightly more competitive
I don't think you understand how broken they are anon. People are putting together lists that can kill 4 knights a turn.

>> No.72888725

It's great, isn't it?

>> No.72888735


Ryza gets extra ap in... melee.

Stygies is still better.

>> No.72888743

Look up Fred Perry on sadpanda.

>> No.72888747

Arc Grenades are fucking broken.
>Fly across Knight
>20 fucking mortal wounds

>> No.72888755

Did we figure out how the extra canticle works? Do you have to choose it or can you roll for it?

>> No.72888759

This might've been asked before, but what's with the gravgun? Is it on the shoulder?

I like it tho

>> No.72888762

How are you getting that math my man?

>> No.72888763

That terrain still annoys me

>> No.72888764


>> No.72888767

Yeah theyre dumb easy to paint

>> No.72888768

You pick one canticle from the existing table and replace it with one of the FW specific ones.

>> No.72888775

Don't start this shit again.

>> No.72888776

Anon, that's Tasergoads with AP-1 vs fall back and shoot with Stygies? How applicable is that with Admech? How many units can survive a melee attack to fall back?

>> No.72888781

ten divided by two is twenty

>> No.72888790

yeah, he's based on the tor garadon model

>> No.72888795

Because people just want a balanced fucking game. If I wanted free-form 40k I'd just play the rpg.

>> No.72888796


>> No.72888802

Balance it as a community.

>> No.72888805

kataphrons and vehicles

>> No.72888817

I mean, I wrote rules for her weeks ago. Someone put them in a datasheet and everything.

>> No.72888823

Nobody would accept it

>> No.72888824

Not only do I still get two canticles but I also get the Str bonus one and get to replace a shit one for it? The ignore penalty is kinda pointless for me since I only have onagers and snipers, but jesus fuck.

>> No.72888829

It's a joke.

>> No.72888836

Jesus christ, you might be a good digital artist but you really need to work on your highlights and learn how to use washes

>> No.72888838

>tfw I play Mars exclusively and have since launch


>> No.72888844

Anyone got any tips for doing a cityfight campaign? I want to run once we're all able to go to the store again and I want to get everything in place.

I'll wait until 9th drops, of course. I'm a Vogen veteran but I only played in it not led anything with it.

>> No.72888849

oh dear

>> No.72888851

>s8 sniper rifles with no negative to moving
>one extra AP in melee

>> No.72888854

>find a red that i think would look good on a Word Bearer
>turns out it's maroon
Fucking maroon bearers

>> No.72888867

Snipers still can't move and fire. It's in their rules.

>> No.72888887

this >>72888867
Unless they make and FAQ, in which case, lol.

>> No.72888889

have you actually read the rules

>> No.72888903

+1 ap in cc all the way. How else will I deny all those cultists an armor save with my brand new SERBERYS SULFURHOUNDS? They dont benefit from the mars canticle at all!

>> No.72888906

He isn't lying. They literally have in their own description that they cannot be fired if they're moved. It's not the same as using a regular Heavy weapon. If you want to be able to do this without it being disputed, they are going to have to FAQ is.

>> No.72888909

It specifies penalties for shooting, aka ignore minus -1, but snipers specifies they cant move and shoot the same turn.

>> No.72888929

Best girl is best.

>> No.72888934

Yes, the penalty for moving and firing heavy weapons is different than explicitly not being able to fire and move.

>> No.72888936

>wait the time to try and get us to use Arc Rifles by making them slightly better if you use a trait or a stratagem

For what purpose? A fucking unmodified 6 for 1 mortal wound? Wow, I know what I am running now.

>> No.72888939

>check my codex to see if this is true
>see that it is
holy fuck how did I miss that for 3 years am I fucking retarded

>> No.72888974

Did you see the warlord trait that gives you -1Ap at half range? I'd be prepared to run them now, still shit against vehicles, but S6 Ap-2 is nothing to sniff at, especially for 4 points.

>> No.72888987

why would you ever run arc rifles to kill vehicles despite how blatantly good it is for infantry killing

>> No.72888995


>> No.72889005

Because they used to be incredible and I have fond memories of killing tanks with ease in 7E.

>> No.72889017

What in the absolute fuck is GW thinking with that demon update? IT LOOKS LIKE COMPLETE SHIT. Just delete the faction already if you don't want to make it playable FOR THE FAGGOT THAT BOUGHT THEM.


>> No.72889019

>breachers have arc weapons
>24 36" s6 ap-2 d3/d6 shots that explode on 5+, which can hit on 3+ or 2+ with deadalosus.
>literally one round a knight with a fucking troop option.

>> No.72889035

I love these stupid shitposts

>> No.72889062

It's to prepare for when Stygies turns chaos as part of the Darkmech reveal

>> No.72889089

The Ruststalkers stratagem is interesting. And man, like Disintegrators needed to be any better. A 0CP stratagem for the dunerider? Might as well hang a giant sign saying "WE WISH THIS WAS ON THE DATASHEET BUT AREN'T ALLOWED TO REWRITE IT". Reminds me of the Krootox stratagem. The attempt to make Ironstriders competitive with Dragoons is valiant, but I'm not sure it'll pass.

>> No.72889121

Good abilities, but nothing that can compare with the bonus hits on 6 aura.

>> No.72889156


>> No.72889476

Feels like flamer birdmen and flamer dog riders step on each others' toes a tad.

>> No.72889494

Yeah, last WD had (non-matched-legal) rules for them

>> No.72889500


>> No.72889556

Really interesting mechanic for the custom forge worlds

>> No.72889620

Read Saga of the Beast. Almost the whole supplement is written to make heavy ordnance Orks viable.

>> No.72889700

>have 170 points of room in my admech army
>new flyboys are 170 points

>> No.72889868

Jesus Christ however wrote that is a real moron.

She is a Phaerakh. Which is the female version of a Phaeron. All Phaerons/Phaerakhs are Overlords.

Overlords means a high ranking noble. You can't be a fucking King or Queen without being a high ranking noble. A Phaeron is an Overlord it goes without saying.

>> No.72889900

Really? What were they like?

>> No.72890200

Yes, it has 1s AND 0s

>> No.72890691

Not seeing any options for birdmen to have the flamers in their profile. Am I blind?

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