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Personally I need to repaint a good portion of my deathguard army and plaguebearers. I need to paint my freeguild and my scions.

What do you have to do?

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5 terminators and 24 british line infantry

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About 2000 miniatures lel

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My Kingdom Death stuff, 3 squads of Menoth infantry plus 4 warjacks and a collosal, a bunch of Warriors of Chaos in boxes in my basement, and that's not counting all the tank models I still have to do.

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Nothing. Fully painted right now (pic is the Infinity drawer). I don't own or buy much somepared to a lot of people, though. Once you get there it's pretty easy to stay on top of it unless you buy a big project all at once like a full Kings of War army or something. It also helps that I mostly play Skirmish games. I'm thinking about repainting my Warmachine stuff, it's old and ugly, but I doubt I'll ever play that game again.

Gunpla backlog is another story, but working on that at a pretty good clip this year. I'm not buying anything new and I should have well under ten kits left by the year's end.

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Full Skitarii SC box

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Don't have to count them in your painting backlog if you never finish any models to the point you'd have to start painting.

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Haha bige rat

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Haha bige rat

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Roughly 320.

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420 or threefiddy

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why that ratt╬┐ so thicc?

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Basically this

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I managed to get up the self disciplne to sell a ton of shit off I was never gonna get around to by being brutally honest with myself.

Currently I'm sitting at...

>A wraithlord, War Walker, Spirit Seer and Wraithguard for Eldar
>A Soviet platoon of about 50 dudes for Bolt Action
>The Starter Set for Dropzone Commander
>An Undead 6th Edition WHFB Army
>An Imperial Guard Loyal 32

And a classic 5th edition Lizardman Army, jsut for fun. So there is quite a bit, but I've sworn this time to actually finish this all.

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Massive. Love building, but painting is an absolute slog for me

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Two battlesisters, a cadian command squad, a shadowsword, a valkyrie, and Celestine's body guards.

Not too bad but I'm pretty new and I'm sure itll grow.

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Is this a backlogs of shame thread?

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2 full armies for infinity+ one separate sectorial+some mercernaries and random stuff
2 full armies for SAGA
My Ogre Kingdoms army doesn't count, it's largely not even assembled/properly recovered after being bought secind hand from various people and not complete.

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Basically everything, but I've just started to tackle it. I had stuff sitting around from when I wanted to get into the hobby back before 9th was announced, but the new edition coming up gave me some motivation to try and go at it.

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