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>Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay)
WFB:https://pastebin.com/qVGrgwwh (embed)
WFRP:https://pastebin.com/inbyBsR6 (embed)
Novels:https://pastebin.com/6FV6bSNQ (embed)

> Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers
https://pastebin.com/2aqCz6fh (embed)

> Warhammer Wikis

> Warhammer Video Games
https://pastebin.com/DU3DE1vv (embed)

Thread question: Your favorite province and why?

Old Bread: >>72781997

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> TQ

Hochland coz guns

Ostermark and Averland tie for best colour scheme tho.

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Ostland. The reason is obvious.

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My favorite here. The mad count is a unit and goes down swinging. And yellow and black looks damn good.

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ostermark because of mark of chaos, averland for the colour scheme and marius

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>Tfw Dawi/Empire player

Karak Kadrin here

Feels good bro

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Averland and Ostland for Best schemes, Nuln(Wissenland) for guns. But seriously Averland because Marius is great.

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good wfrp music?

less for playing in sessions more for inspiration


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>tfw human females dont exist

Bros it hurts

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This always gave me strong Kislev vibes


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Why is Stirlandbro so scared?

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I use this as in the tune to an in-universe song written after the Storm of Chaos, getting so popular it became the state anthem (to Todbringer's displeasure).

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Fellow dawis, it is an honor

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>Dawi from another hold arrive, tis a great day
I’m Barak Varr myself, waiting on an engineer and thunderers from ebay

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she mentioned she isn’t a fan of heated ale

>> No.72795434

Ive got about 52 thunderers lmao

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Now, THAT'S what you call a proper firing line.

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He's afraid she'll ask him to share that chicken.

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Sweet, can see the multi part dudes and the skull pass ones
I’m going for the old metal ones, find them rather charming

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He's a virgin next to an assertive sexy woman that's into him.

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Here's a selection of songs I think fit the atmosphere pretty well:


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>snotling on a chain
Is it legal?

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Hes been skinned and gets daily spore peels.

>> No.72796205

I will make it legal

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How edgy can they get?

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I miss the days when the good guys could be badasses and not just flounder around helplessly against gary stuaos.

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This thread is elf free. Get out.

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Continuing the argument about gnomes from last thread: petty magic for petty gypsies - yae or nae?

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It's fine, I got a license,

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We canon safely assume that cold one slime is another word for dinosaur cum. Therefore dark elf nobles must jerk off their cold ones daily.

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Fuck off. You had your chance last thread.

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Yes you dumb fuck, the reminder text literally only talks about what Lores they can take. They can take petty magic like any other spellcaster.

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the empire most likely has laws that say if you are strong enough to kill a beast man or an orc then the law recognizes you as a warrior and you must train and supply your self at all times so as to be able to serve in the emperors warrior brother hood and go anywhere and do anything the emperor demands of you.

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The fun part is that they have to live for several centuries with that now. Over the edge.

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>Hmm, let's see what you have here...Hm...latest seal of Averheim Snotling Possession Departmen seems to be right, now... is this chain a 60 links, steel?

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Hi guys, what do we think of the End Times? I wish they never happened. Love the WHFB world, very unique compared to other generic fantasy. Will the setting ever continue?

>> No.72796520

What's the Fantasy equivalent to these names?

>> No.72796536

We love it, this thread was actually called /etg/ for End Times General for a while.

It introduced so much badass fluff and new models. Plus it ties into Age of Sigmar, what's not to like?

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Stop pretending and fuck off. Weak bait.

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I don't like it. Personally I headcanon that a horrible thing happened up north to severely weaken the empire allowing my Arabyans to take their place in world affairs. Mostly because I'm the only one with an empire army in my 9th age group.

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Not pretending my dad just gave me his old green-skin minis so I started reading about the lore and setting. Think it's really cool and the setting strikes a good balance of Grimdark and over the top fantasy.

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I only see cancer that has no place here.

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Is that a ghost miner?
>After being crushed by a cave in, Gurni’s vengeful ghost swore a grudge to mine the mountain dry

>> No.72796749

Nippon when?

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>Because Chaos worship precludes honour

>> No.72796777

Nah, it's just a grey primer

>> No.72796813

vampires coming along pretty well, 2-ish down, just need to finish the leather bits on the blood dragon and then I can get to the female necrarch (didn't know that was a thing)
also realized with extreme photo closeup I need to clean up the faces on both, always annoying how zooming in makes nice enough models looks godawful

real question though: what colors should I use for the necrarch? all spooky blacks and whatnot, or go for some more egyptian/nehekhara colors like blue stone for the backpiece, and lighter robe colors

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>We're talking about Chaos here, not exactly the faction known for honor or bravery.

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Yes, 100%.
And no, one book that's thirty years old doesn't mean the devil-worshiping killers, rapers, and raiders are actually good and noble bois. You can't have your evil cake and eat it.

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I think black with some purple on the robes/collar. Would be distinct from the red while still fitting in.

>> No.72796871

That's old lore. Nulore has Khorne compelling Norscans to backstab others for no reason and literally eat their children alive for his boons. Khorne honors the serial killer who strikes in the dark as much as the rabid frothing warrior. He does not care how the blood flows, only that it flows.

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Sigmar had one.

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>> No.72796920

Are they nephews of Sisters of Sigmar then?

>> No.72796928

Ah shame
Btw seeing as it’s a grey primed miner you the guy who posted this army?

>> No.72796937

>Your favorite province and why?
None, 'cos Empire is generic, boring, and shouldn't be as relevant as it is.

>> No.72796942

Northern tribes =/= Chaos.

>> No.72796948

To the Dwarfs, it absolutely does.

>> No.72796957

Why are all Norscans/Chaos Warriors like this? Remember reading this story of Khorne telling a Norscan chieftain to eat his child to restore his vitality, and the man actually did it. Didn't even bother killing his child before he began eating him. There's also that chaos jarl that tore his child out of a slave woman's stomach and ate it in front of her because he thought it'd be funny. It honestly seems like such a society would be incapable of raising the next generation or forming a society. They're worse at raising children than either Skaven or Beastmen, who can at least see the value of "having" a next generation. They should just be evil, ultra powerful, lone wolves who abandon their young to the wilds, kinda like many lizard species.

>> No.72796959

But then how will we fight about the thinly veiled Jew standins?

>> No.72796975

Sounds like a cope to me. Are you, coping, anon? Do you need some of this?

>> No.72796985

Right after panda theme park expa- I mean armybook. Since weebs are a smaller demographic than chinks, they come second when a game/setting gets into "pandering to eastern markets" stage.

>> No.72797007

I didn't realize Slaves to Darkness was nulore.

>> No.72797169


TQ: Nordland. Semi-Nordics who aren't as grumpy as Middenlanders.

>> No.72797306

I actually like that a lot, thanks for the idea

>> No.72797415

>dark elves slather themselves in dino cum and have to live without any physical pleasure for the rest of their lives
>saurus just saddle up any random dino they pick and they're ready to go

>> No.72797487

The chad lizardman

>> No.72797496

Yup, that's me

>> No.72797506

was the lore stagnating before end times? Like was anything happening or was there any stories in progress before they decided to just nuke it?

>> No.72797539

>implying race of batshit hedonists would actually give up physical pleasure for the sake of being cavalry... in the setting where cavalry is small beans compared to monsters, chariots, and shit like that
Dark Elf lore makes no fucking sense.

>> No.72797552

Sorry for the blurry pic, here's a better one

>> No.72797568

No one's talking about Norscan bravery, we're talking about daemons and Chaos gods being underhanded, wicked and ignoble shits.

>> No.72797577


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GW got mad that Chaos lost SoC and not much else was done. Dark Shadows was cool but not great story-wise. Nemesis Crown was fun gameplay wise but very dumb fluffwise.

>> No.72797622

Nice ! I think i don't have this one in the army, is he a character or regular miner ?

>> No.72797629

God forbid chaos actually loses for once.

>> No.72797631

There was Sigmar's Blood which was decent until it became clear its direct prelude to End Times (ET: Nagash picks up directly after SB leading out of it)

>> No.72797649

Hes command.

>> No.72797677

What the fuck kind of name is that for a circus?

>> No.72797698

Who's this wee laddie then ?

>> No.72797764

I really dig (o-ho!) this mini

>> No.72797793

Man that looks great, i’m gonna try and nab some on ebay tomorrow
also >>72797577 miner is the original miner unit champion i think, your one is the mad mattock dude

>> No.72797839


your nmm looks good

>> No.72797896

Thanks ! I feel like i'm getting better at it
Thank you anon

>> No.72798244

I'm waiting for my own regiment of half-finished metal miners to come through the mail.

>> No.72798266

He's the super-command.

>> No.72798292

I've seen this term around before but never understood what it meant. Could you tell me?

>> No.72798294

It's zoocopeia you illiterate

>> No.72798363

'Copia' (sometimes spelled 'copeia') is latin for 'abundance'. c.f. 'Cornucopia'.

'Zoocopeia' means 'an abundance of animals', which makes sense for a show that displays weird creatures.

>> No.72798386

Non metallic metal.

Basically you don't use metallic paints like leadbelcher and use various shades and glazes to make a metal like effect. Its tricky to do and requires more work, but the effect is typically a lot better then regular metallic paints

>> No.72798404

But a Cornucopia has all kinds of fruit coming out of it, not just corn.

>> No.72798430

The 'corn-' in 'cornucopia' means horn not corn.

Because it's the horn of plenty.

>> No.72798431

Been really happy with 3D printing my own Chaos Dwarf minis. I use the Army project book for Chaos Dwarf rules and have a pretty good time.


>> No.72798493

>Goblin on a chain with a rat of a stick

>> No.72798588

I see. Thank you very much!

>> No.72798642

They look great for some home-3D

>> No.72798643

Is it a tiny deamon or another snotling on his banner?

>> No.72798661

Peak entertainment in the Times of Heldenhammer. Every chieftain

>> No.72798676

had one.
(fucken auto)

>> No.72798710

It's not a snotling, it's proto bretonnian peasant.

>> No.72798742

>Nurgle embodies hope
>Tzeentch's whole thing

>> No.72798792

Cathay is good too.
>tfw not a shut-in that uses necromantic magic to raise his actual scale toy soldiers to fight people

>> No.72798815

Delete dis

>> No.72798817

Old Snotboss still dwells within the walls of the castle of the emperor. Loyal to a fault.

>> No.72798969

SLA Resin printing. You're essentially using the same materials mini companies use. But instead of a nozzle printing layers you have a build plate submerged in a vat of resin printing fine details at incredibly thin layers through UV light. A lot of the major SLA printers like the Anycubic Photon can be gotten for under £200. You can essentially pirate minis and the price to print is in pennies. A full 10 man squad of Dwarves will cost maybe a quid worth of Resin.

>> No.72799020

An unspecified gribbly creature. That's just kind of Ian Miller's style.

>> No.72799021

What is it with green in Bret heraldry? I've read somewhere that since 6th it is absent because green knight/fey and it's a big no no to use that colours. On the other hand I've read it's because painting team couldn't handle green paint because technical problems at the time and now we have no green on knights. Which is it?

>> No.72799082

>Which is it?
It could be both. Painting team having problems with green, so somebody quickly fluffs up an excuse not to have to use it.

>> No.72799084

That's kinda neat

>> No.72799109

Thinking making a dawi miniature army after playing the hell out of them in TWW2. Is going artillery heavy legit?

>> No.72799114

All I know is that in the rules of heraldry colors green is one of the colors you never see, so later lore is probably just excusing this originally historical explanation. I have seen a few odd green heraldries, but usually on grail knights or the like.

>> No.72799226

Decided to come back to the game. Read about age of shitmar and the end times. Died inside. Which alternate minis should I buy to play 1d4chan's fixed 8th ed? (Pastebin link to that no longer works.)

>> No.72799250

Why does nobody give a fucking shit about the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit tabletop game when it is arguably probably the best mainline game GW ever put out? You would think a lot of people would have jumped over to it after WHFB got squatted since it's still bizarrely supported.

>> No.72799267

Always a viable strat for the dwarves since the best offence is a good defence
But i also play for fluff and flavour not really for meta but having cannons seems right

>> No.72799309

>Which alternate minis should I buy
The ones you think look best. Try looking at Titanforge as an example. Or Mantic. Just look at the minis page in the OP.

Because it's not Warhammer. Yes it's that simple.

>> No.72799321

How were 6th edition plastics so comfy? GW will never release anything so comfy again.

>> No.72799355

>Is going artillery heavy legit?
It is but it is also considered a bit of a dick move. Atleast in friendly games.
That being said, no one is likely to complain if you bring some artillery. That's only to be expected from the dwarfs after all.

>> No.72799371

Mini's page in OP no longer exists, link dead.

>> No.72799383

More down to earth, more interchangeable bits.

>> No.72799475

Because the game really wasn't that good when it had a chance at being popular and most of the love for it now is revisionist hipster contrarianism.
You'll probably get the most mileage out of a human faction with Perry/Warlord historics as the bulk of your army desu.

>> No.72799516

Do you want Cathay? Watchful I.
Nippon? Titanforge, Warlord games, Perry miniatures, Zenit miniatures.
Araby? Gripping beast, Warlord games.
Empire? Warlord games just use the landsknechts.
And Reaper has stuff for everything.
Dwarfs, orcs, and hobbits have em4. Elves have Northstar plastics.
I'm waiting on my Titanforge KS Amazons right now.

>> No.72799571

SBG made GW so much money it hurt them. Not even joking, It's from this Priestley interview https://youtu.be/X71eQops6mw

>> No.72799593

thank you so much. Because ehh....I bet it's the story for everyone here, but...come on. GW's dead to me.

>> No.72799687

Yeah, the miniatures were very popular especially when the movies first came out. It's a very valuable IP. The game was not very popular, at least at any FLGS I frequented, and it was generally maligned for being way too hero-centric.

>> No.72799896

That interview is pretty interesting. LotR makes them more money than the entire Warhammer franchise wtf, did not expect that. Also interesting that the second you break a model down to parts rather than just a single piece, it literally doubles, triples etc the price per part.

>> No.72799972

Did someone start make a template for custom WFB rules? I know dnd has one but I never knew they made some different ones

>> No.72799986

That aounds mighty tempting...

>> No.72799995

3rd edition has the unit maker thing.

>> No.72800122

>Is going artillery heavy legit?
It's strong, if that's what you mean.
Depends on the edition, but artillery is generally overpowered.
And if your opponent has monsters, you can easily snipe them and auto win the game.

>> No.72800403

Border Princes because then it can be whatever I want. Failing that, Talabheim because forest. Can anyone give me a rundown on every last province? I know Reikland is the capital and Nuln is very technologically advanced (by a Renaissance standard) and Nordland is very marine-based but that's about it.

>> No.72800449

sigmar did a lot of weird things in his time as emperor like the time he jumped in to ulrics ice bucket during his coronation as emperor just to see if he could reach the bottom or the time he got hitched to the land its self after his girlfriend was kill by her brother in front of him.

>> No.72800491

GW prices are going to keep increasing to the point the company falls apart. They don't get it. They never will. They just exist to hoover up your money. Fuck them. Get an SLA printer and really fuck them over at the source.

>> No.72800548

My favorite part is
>we just made shit up and that was the fluff

>> No.72800618

sylvania because if you are a normal human empire noble and you are able to keep all the evil shit that goes bump in the night under control you are one bad mother fucker and the vamps can suck on your sword.

>> No.72800880

the thing is that the things you bring up only happen rarely as only full on chaos warriors act like that and chaos warriors are rare in the world as you are right living that way is no way to live at all.
if you read the knights of the blazing sun novel it shows how the norscans truly live at least on the southern part of norsca and even tho they almost all have mutations and worship chaos it is not to gain there notice but to keep them happy and not go crazy on them as they are sill human and do not want to lose there lives to a godly shit storm.

>> No.72800905

'Tis a sad day, fellow Dawi. I miscalculated. I led three armies to crush the massive Waaagh! of Grimgor Ironhide, with King Thorgrim, Grombrindal, and a brave Rune-Lord approaching from three sides. I expected to have enough movement left to retreat should try to fight them one-on-one, but due to some quirk of terrain, he managed to corner the Runelord...
While the ground was strewn with green-skinned corpses and soil turned to wet mud from their filthy blood, the Runelord fell. Even though his army was the weakest of the three throngs, it dealt such a blow, that remainders of Grimgor's armies were wiped out with such ease, as if he was a regular goblin raider.
Brave Runelord was the last to fall, in fact, fighting Grimgor and a hundred orcs all alone, even after his army fell.
Real shame.

How should I honour that brave Dwarf?

>> No.72801010

you would think the empire would be flooded with cheaply made magic weapons and armor with how long the gold order has been in charge of things.

>> No.72801011

Name a city after him

>> No.72801157

I give a shit, I still play it with my friends and you'll see threads pop up every now and then.
It's a lot of fun, even if I don't like how character centric it is, this can easily be fixed with a little homebrewing.

>> No.72801174

Amen, I've been working on learning how to 3d model just to build my own warmaster armies.
It's a lot of fun.

>> No.72801184

if he was real he would have been in the same room as sigmar and heard everything he said in the thrown room which would make snotboss priceless to the empire and a true threat to the church of sigmar.

>> No.72801401

What are you working on currently, fellow anons?

>> No.72801498

Battlefield and scenery, so I don't have to use green cloth and random boxes as terrain.

At first I was going to do a grassy terrain and regular generic human shit, but I was constantly distracting myself with Dwarf/Skaven scenery ideas, so I decided fuck it, Imma make dark rocky battlefield to act as mountains or underground, and bunch of Skaven/Dwarf scenery.

>> No.72801526

Dark elves.

>> No.72801541

dwarf cannons

>> No.72801632

I'm forever staring at my pile of brets. I'll work on them tomorrow

>> No.72801771

Waiting for this Mantic rock lobber to arrive.

>> No.72802256

chaos warriors and chosen knights
have a lot of bretonnians coming in that should've arrived three days ago, so whenever they get here I've 20 archers to strip and then those plus ten knights of the realm

I'm kinda astonished how well I've been painting under quarantine, I'm chewing through squads at record pace and might cut a signifigant portion of my backlog down before this is all finished

>> No.72802391

you think the rats that drive the doomwheels have fun or find it relaxing?

>> No.72802451

Honest question: I've seen a few people claim 7e is as shit as 8e, lore-wise, and that 6e is the best edition for fluff. But reading through 6th, I'm not impressed. The attempt to make Fantasy grimdark 40k is hamfisted and falls flat, and most of the good fluff is just repeated again or expanded on in 7e. There's dumb shit but no more than you'd find in pretty much any armybook and it ditches the grimdark bullshit, also continuing with the RPG and Storm of Chaos, and even then it seems a way better starting point to add in old material you may like (gnomes, Malal, Celt Albion, etc.) rather than 6e.

Why does 7e have a dedicated group of people who hate its fluff?

>> No.72802501

Re-writing the lore for muh doods.

>> No.72802605

Every edition has a dedicated group of people who hate its fluff. Same for crunch.
Trying to find truth on /tg/ is like looking for a virgin in a brothel. The only one you'll find is probably very very old and ugly.

>> No.72803027

7e laid the ground for 8th and for that alone gets a lot of hate, but in truth a lot of the over-the-top dumb grimderp is what people like, especially because it's pretty well-tempered by a nice sense of humor

personally I like 7th well enough, but 6th is still the best imo because all that grittiness is satirical at heart

>> No.72803071

Or me...

>> No.72803329

>Nippon when?
Right away when you start playing Warhammer Armies Project and get yourself the models for it.

>> No.72803390

No one plays WAP near me.

>> No.72803572

Mantic is affordable, but a bit hit and miss with their sculpts Mantic plz release the damn verminkin for KoW already. Warlord Miniatures have some affordable multipart kits even for non-humans, and then there's always the Perry Miniatures humans.
Norba Miniatures and MOM miniatures have some nice models too, but their ranges are rather limited at least for the time being.
You can also make some nice finds from Reaper Miniatures for characters, unit champions and single entities, and I recommend looking up D&D miniatures too, especially Nolzur's.
The 9th Age forums also have some model suggestions put together into one post for each army.
Going 3rd party takes alot of time digging stuff up, good luck on your way.
Fug, feelsbadman. If there are people who play 8th, WAP army books are mostly compatible with those rules, so there's that at least. You can ask if they'd be fine with it.
Myself I have only two opponents, or actually three but he barely plays, and the two are newbies I've essentially taught into WAP. I discovered it right after running them their first introductory game of 8th, so it wasn't too late.
I've never looked back.

>> No.72804023

>Mantic plz release the damn verminkin for KoW already

>> No.72804059

Do goblins keep getting bigger if they don't die?

>> No.72804088


>> No.72804094

What evidence do you have in favour of your hypothesis?

>> No.72804098


>> No.72804194

>in truth a lot of the over-the-top dumb grimderp is what people like
I'm not so sure about that.

>> No.72804237

Well what do you like? 5th came off as a bit too bright and happy to me. 6th gets stupid but at least it's not coming off as campy.

>> No.72804267

WHFB fluff is best when it's nobledark. That said being campy is better than being grimderp. I'd rather laugh about fat dwarfs doing funny shit than listen to someone mope about how life isn't fair because daddy wasn't there.

>> No.72804299

Hopefully so. I don't even play Skaven, I just want potential new players to have a more affordable alternative.

>> No.72804400

Not him, but I like it as a dark fantasy world. I don't like Warhammer as an ultra grim hopeless world where every day is spent in pointless misery. Warhammer is at its best when it's the early modern period but slightly shittier because magic and monsters. Bretonnia's 6e book is some of the worst garbage ever established in Warhammer, where the average peasant is a disgusting mutant that lives in grinding starvation poverty and 90% of their wages are taken by their lords. I don't need things to be bright and sunny, I just don't like the turn for FULL SPEED AHEAD WARHAMMER 40,000 GRIMDARK that it took in 6th edition to take advantage of the 40k fanbase.

>> No.72804430

That 90% wages thing makes a lot of sense if they are subsistence farmers who have a barter economy.

>> No.72804579

For a group of bongs who started as history majors wanting to make a kitchen sink medieval fantasy setting they sure got waaaay out of touch near the end there. It's like they couldn't fathom that some people don't want the edgy grimdark far-future scifi galactic conquest game bleeding over into early renaissance dark fantasy. Imagine if in the last ten years of his life Tolkien wrote a continuation story and it's about Frodo and Sam building an army of robots because the world is dead from plague to go up and fight an alien insect empire with resurrected psychic Gandalf wielding a chainsaw lightsaber staff and then being really confused why everyone's upset.

>> No.72804704

That's the thing though, the first 5 editions of Warhammer were written by Priestley, and 6th through 8th were not. As much as writers like Graeme Davis were influential on the setting, a lot of the feel of the game came directly from him and the game lost something after that.

>> No.72804723

It's almost like it's a living setting that grew and evolved over time with the fanbase, resulting in several distinguishable eras of Warhammer.

>> No.72804738

I dunno, stuff like bretonnia, empire, or vampire lore is pretty kino in 6th ed, the level of oppression for the peasants and gloom is so on the nose it's just funny

I think it'd be bad and dumb if it seemed like the writers thought they were making a gritty and mature appraisal of the world, but the fact you can tell they're having fun and it's just some really nerdy historians gives it a lot of soul
but I guess it's just personal taste, for my part I don't like that AoS/modern 40k feels a lot like the writers think they're doing serious business and they can't have some light-heartedness in the deepest darkness

>> No.72804752

>For a group of bongs who started as history majors wanting to make a kitchen sink medieval fantasy setting they sure got waaaay out of touch near the end there.
It was literally a different group of people coming in with a *very* different background. The CEOs letting the 40k group write stuff was a major mistake, particularly since the 40k group proved themselves unable to cope with situations that they didn't plan for.

>> No.72804789

>I dunno, stuff like bretonnia, empire, or vampire lore is pretty kino in 6th ed, the level of oppression for the peasants and gloom is so on the nose it's just funny
You'll find as many if not more people who have the opposite opinion. It definitely is a matter of taste. Some people love the grimderp of 6e/8e. Some people love the nobledark of 5e/7e.

>> No.72804811

Though I'll be fair 8e is less grimderp and more just grimdark. 6e is grimderp and ET is embarassingly grimderp.

>> No.72804860

We may rag on Priestley for his corporate-sponsored "Hey guys, laser guns in fantasy games!" line, but if anything that just showed he was a fun guy who didn't take himself seriously. Not that having lasers and shit in fantasy is necessarily good or you're not fun if you don't want it, but just that attitude of "Do what you want, YOU should have fun" Priestley had was sorely missed with later iterations of GW. It's naive to say GW never cared about money but when Priestley left it became /all/ that they cared about.

>> No.72805184

that's fair, and for me a good part of it is that I don't really see the lore as one or the other, just different takes on the world that can both be enjoyed for different reasons.

I usually don't like darker iterations of pre-existing stories because the writers usually just make it that everyone wears drabber colors and is mean to eachother, but 6e makes a darker world that nonetheless contains all the nobility, extravagance, and faith of earlier editions. pic related lore tab is the kind of lore I really love, it doesn't pull punches with how dangerous and cruel the world can be, but still shows glimmers of hope in full earnestness

>> No.72805213

Yo', homeslices. How the fuck do you pronounce Dawi?

My group have been pronouncing it 'Door-We'.

>> No.72805337

Daah wee

>> No.72805350

I like a mix of both and it being somewhat subjective and case per case. Having both be somewhat true and somewhat exageration. give it that mystery and uncertanty. Sometime that priest is a legitametely good person, sometimes not, and the peasants have a hard, but not unbearable life, with some garenties of their lord, while definitely some overreaching. Making it so that the subtext can and will go both ways. Making it understandable why some go to chaos, and other to the strictures of order. THere is a quote from hegel, something about truth being like a flower. Neither the bulb nor the blossom is more truelly a flower than another. Truth is a process rather than a concrete.

Also, new to thread, What is your guys opinion on Call of Warhammer? i dont think i can play Total war war hammer II on my laptop, but medival runs fine. Also, Warsword conquest is bloody fun.

>> No.72805377

Were d you get the "R" from Nigga?

>> No.72805381

Do you know daah wee?

>> No.72805407


>> No.72805415

Daw, pronounced Door.

>> No.72805429

oh, you are a non-rhotic.

>> No.72805467

And I just learned a new term, so thank you.

>> No.72805491

welcome, my r-less friend.

>> No.72805616

I've always viewed the southern tribes as regular Vikings with the northern tribes more batshit, mutated and more Chaos-y.

I love them. I like them a lot more than the newer kits. I like the interchangeable bits from the new kits but the older ones just look better imo.


>> No.72805716

>I've always viewed the southern tribes as regular Vikings with the northern tribes more batshit, mutated and more Chaos-y.
Yah, that was my view too. they are sympathetic to chaos, but they are not out and out chaos crazed.

He has a playlist, each about 45 minutes on each province. Its actually really cool how much of the little things of german culture they put in it. One thing though, just in terms of world balance, I wish there was another provence as cosmopolatian/fertile as Reikland. THere are indivigual cities like Nuln and Marienburg, but still.

Also, get the 2e roleplay if you like it.

>> No.72805841

If you want a rundown on Empire Provinces, give Sigmar's Heirs a read.

>> No.72805872

I feel you, I really do, and 5th has a lot of details and room for character that 6th did not with their peasants. But 6th also provided some interesting flavor beyond 'oh we're just happy to serve our lords because everything's bright and cheery.'

Realistically you need a mix between both, the fault of 6th was that it came out at a time that edge was not ironic and grimdarkness was in full swing. Even AoS struggles with whether or not to make things grim or bright, mostly by not mentioning it, far as I can tell.

>> No.72805906

Okay, I know WoW is badwrongfun. But I think their gyrocopters look a lot better than either of the WFB ones - it's sort of like a mix between the two in a way.

>> No.72805931

You know what Faggot?

I agree. Im usually not that keen on WoW aesthetic, but i think this looks better than the fat doofy ones in Warhammer.

>> No.72805995

Exactly! The newer one looks far too heavy and squat to actually be something airborne (I know 40k has the box problem but still), and the older 6th one just looks flimsy and like you shouldn't even bring it to a battlefield.

You'd still have to add some protection with the WoW one, maybe some wooden panels on the sides, but overall it just looks way better.

>> No.72806483

>Read about age of shitmar and the end times. Died inside.
Vermintide was my intro to warhammer and I love the Germanic feel and the world in general. Then the guy at the hobby shop told me it was all aos and kinda killed it for me.

>> No.72806507

I have access to multiple form2 SLAs. Where can I source the 3D models?

>> No.72806508

low quality grey seer, looks funny

>> No.72806527 [DELETED] 

What are you using to model? I only have experience in solidworks

>> No.72806717

Even funnier is that Saurus who ride cold ones are born knowing how to control them

>> No.72806743

>hey bud let's fuck shit up
>damn straight homeboy

>> No.72806805

If 40k has taught me anything, there are no moderate chaos followers. There most normal is smearing shit and entrails on themselves while gibbering like an animal, and they only get more extreme from there.

>> No.72806818

>If 40k

>> No.72806863

Is this the official Arch Warhammer club? How many jews do you guys hate?

>> No.72806902

40k Chaos literally cannot win without divine intervention. They're so insane, retarded, and disorganized that they can't even drive their ships, and have daemons controlling everything instead. Most of them can't even communicate with one another as they've lost the brain functions to do so. Even with daemons steering their ships, the crew is likely to blow up the ship in their attempts to murder each other (like why Khorne berserks have to be chained up in ships' holds). It's practically a miracle whenever one of their ships make it to an Imperial world. From there, they're so disorganized that they basically split off into individual bands as they destroy the planet. It's only because they're so monstrously OP and the Imperium so monstrously incompetent that they can win.

>> No.72807432

Mad Mattock Krudd, one of the characters of the 5th ed campaing called "The Grudge of Drong". He leads a drunken dwarven revolt in the mines and faces a high elf force. He has a special rule where he cannot refuse a challenge due to his pride. Usually used as a miner champion

>> No.72807441

My only exposure to Warhammer has been the Rise of Nagash stuff. Whenever I talk to warhammer people the things they talk about describe characters as being totally different to in the novel (ie. Nefarata killing her husband compared to being a coconspirator, Khalida being Nefarata's servant vs being a queen).
What is the relation between warhammer and the nagash books (and their sequels) by Mike Lee?

>> No.72807547

A lot of lore is conflicting between newer and older material. The Legends series of novels, which give us a deeper look at some of the major characters of the setting, are especially guilty of this as we're seeing a more indepth look at their history than we have previously.

The Nagash books SHOULD supercede any older material, as it's our first solid look at the characters that have been established in army books and articles, but due to the fractured nature of the fanbase and the strong 'Your Dudes, Your Story' heart of the game, there are just as many arguments against it.

Best bet is; it's only as connected as you want it to be.

>> No.72807588

To be fair they literally apply Runes of Lifting to the gyrocopters to make them lighter so they engines are capable of providing enough lift for them to fly.

>> No.72807590

Thank you very much anon.

>> No.72807645

One lesson all must learn about the Warhammers is, as many similarities as they share, the rules of 40k do not apply to WFB and vice versa. The Eldar are sometimes foes, sometimes friends of the Imperium and occasional friendship is often rebuffed by the Imperium's zealotry and sense of duty. The High Elves are distant but firm friends of the Empire of Sigmar (and Bretonnia and Marienburg too, and presumably the other human nations), and the Imperials are often lead by sensible generals that can put aside any mistrust for recognizing a good ally. In 40k, Chaos worshipers can only survive free from the Imperium's wrath in the Eye of Terror, and most are renegades - even accepted pyskers are hated. In WFB, most of the Chaos worshipers live relatively invasion-free in the distant north and northeast, and are their own distinct cultures and peoples with some of the flotsam of the south mixed in, and wizards range from being mistrusted to respected.

These may seem like petty details, but these subtle nuances keep WFB from getting too dark and 40k from getting too bright - and show that you pay attention to the lore instead of just making assumptions from what you already know. I think half of us got into WFB after 40k, so it's understandable to make false equivalences.

>> No.72807827

grom is damn big for a goblin but that is because he ate troll meat and survived but normally goblins do not live very long.

>> No.72807971

Humans in 40k are more like Skaven than humans in WFB. They're highly corrupt, extremely numerous, have localized genocidal wars encouraged by their council of 13 (the High Lords), most citizens are slaves worked to early death in brutal conditions, and have much of the same supremacist philosophy despite being absolute shit culturally and living-quality wise. They even have ratmothers in the form of birthing servitors and vitae wombs.

>> No.72807996

It's weird to realize that, for how male-focused so many factions are with little female representation, the Greenskins are the only faction with a really masculine culture, getting into fights, hitting each other, being a bunch of hooligans.

>> No.72808014

Just finished some orcs as a potential army for our escalation league.

Since we are starting up when quarantine softens- I’ve been using the time at home to paint small armies to overwhelm myself with choices. So far I’ve got empire, tomb kings, and now orcs almost ready to go.

>> No.72808093

I've been seeing this idea floating around recently, and while it seems nice, especially with the Imperium's heavy fascist...can you even call them undertones? it doesn't really work on closer scrutiny.

The Imperium has everything from all male IG regiments to all female to mixed to no one giving a shit. Birthing servitors and vitae wombs are relatively rare and mostly restricted to the Death Korps. Whether or not the local Imperial government is corrupt mostly depends on the people in it - unlike the Skaven, who are always bad, the Imperium can at least manage a range. Citizens are overworked and underpaid, but usually only mutants are slaves (if not killed). Speaking of, there's no real equivalent of the Skaven's overuse of warpstone - the Imperium does have lines it won't cross unless it's been corrupted by Chaos anyway. The Emperor and the Horned Rat definitely do not share any parallels - the Horned Rat is an ill-fleshed out deity/racial patron with only Grey Seers as his emissaries, the Ministorum is basically the Catholic Church (with some vague Protestant elements), complete with missionaries and a religious military force, and with many, many different varieties of belief and factions.

>> No.72808172

Why don't Necromancers just aim to become vampires? It seems kinda mean that they hang out with them all the time but still cant become immortal like them.

>> No.72808224

I think you're looking to hard for one-for-one comparisons and ignoring the notion that the Imperium of Man clearly has more in common with Skaven than they do the Empire.

>> No.72808230


>> No.72808283

What can I read to learn more about the dwarves? I just started playing vermintide II again with some friends and I really like bardin. I’m honestly considering buying and painting some ironbreakers or a slayer

>> No.72808328

Some of them do. Some take the Liche route. Some realize that immortality stunts your potential.

>> No.72808347

Wiki is good for a newb, glad you like Bardin, he is great

>> No.72808365

>we never got 40k skaven
>worst of all there was an actual chance of getting them and it never happened

Fuck me in the ass

>> No.72808374

Army books are good, if you just want some easy reads. The Gotrek and Felix books give you an interesting insight into slayer mentality.

Dwarfs: Stone and Steel is a lot more informative on the practical side but has less heart.

The War of Vengeance makes for an interesting read.

>> No.72808381

So Necromancers have a higher skill ceiling than vampires but more potential?

>> No.72808383

You still have the Hhrud.

>> No.72808423

Hrud are bendy limbed time-warping spine men, not rats

>> No.72808427

Not strictly. It's just remarked that the fear of death acts as a great motivator for improving yourself - which is a motivation most immortals lack.

>> No.72808452

Well. What do you want to know?

>> No.72808483

What are some good alternative skeletons figures?

>> No.72808516

I’ve heard good things about the Grotek and Felix books. I’ll Start by checking out the army books, wiki, and G&F.
What’s War of Vengeance?
Never played much of him in the first but now that I’ve figured his 2H hammer out in 2 I’m tempted to go back to 1 and give him a go.

>> No.72808524

Wargames atlantic skellimens.

>> No.72808528

Mantic. I fluff mine as undead brets

>> No.72808562

More of their culture and history for sure. They strike me as an empire trying to return to their golden age/reclaim past holdings

>> No.72808569

They are currently in their silver age thanks to Thorgrim actually.

>> No.72808579

The War of Vengeance is the series of novels that covers the war between the Dwarfs and the High Elves, in the pre-history of the setting.

>> No.72808661

Could be cool. Will look into as well.

>> No.72808778

>Vampire Counts
>Tomb Kings
I cant decide. Both are based

>> No.72808796

Counts but not gay ass von carstien

>> No.72808807

All other bloodlines except Blood Dragons are scum.

>> No.72808812

What was exactly stupid in 6th edition?

>> No.72808874


>> No.72808888


>> No.72808981

Ok anon, but seriously. I love 6th ed army books fluff sections both narrative ones and "normal" and really can't figure what other anon means by "inserting grimdark into WH" at the time. 7th was mostly recycled fluff for some factions and it ended badly (like VC) though some books just got good expanison that was not a thing in 6th (HE). But overal I find 6th edition fluff very balanced throughout the books. Except where Thorpe or Ward have laid their filthy paws (yes, Ward was co author of several books, like Bretonnia).

>> No.72808986

Consider: you can fluff the Vampire Counts as being a bunch of different flavors of undead. The Sylvanians we see, something more bronze-age, dead Empire troops, Brets, all that jazz. Tomb Kings are great but you can't make Tomb Kings anything other than Tomb Kings. Maybe throw in some Arabyan stuff.

>> No.72809029

Wissenland cause I like their name and colors
and also Nuln is there

>> No.72809128

But VC are too fucking stupid to use guns or archery

>> No.72809141

Take a mercenary unit of archers or whatever, it should be possible.

>> No.72809224

Depending on the edition, von Carstein can take some living troops. I think it was 6th. I'd be surprised if something similar wasn't possible in the Old World when it will come out.

>> No.72809267

VC had the best theme list in 6th, they could take archers, crossbowman and militia.

>> No.72809300

Nah, necrarchs were kino too. They even occupy the same 2page artwork with BD. Strigoi are fucking peasant choice, Lahmia was dumb and useless and vC were... vC.

>> No.72809306

The idea of vampire lords fielding human soldiers intrigues me. And honestly it was always really dumb to me that the Carsteins just raise massive undead armies and all of their human subjects are just totally okay with it.

>> No.72809319


>> No.72809329

Yeah, their undead minions are pretty dumb compared to the other undead factions.

>> No.72809362

Because before Vlad they were so oppressed that they'd probably envy bretonnian peasants if they knew that Bretonnia even existed. Unlike von Drak, Vlad was not bad as counts go, in fact he was quite fair and sane by Sylvanian standards. Later in the Vampire Wars you had both pressganged militia and devoted mortal followers in von Carstein army. And living dead walking around in Sylvania is called monday anyway, so yeah. They just got along.

>> No.72809366

Ain't true countess, this is some cheap Wurtbad slut.

>> No.72809399

She looks like she fucks her undead crewmates

>> No.72809434

Not to mention all the people that surrendered rather than face Vlad. His goal always was to take over the Empire because he thinks he's the most suited for the task and he needs humans around to rule over for that. Even purely pragmatically they are smarter than zombies but less dangerous than other vampires, provide both food and potential new recruits.

>> No.72809451


You call three crowns a night CHEAP?

>> No.72809512

So what edition has the best lore for Vampire Counts and the various Elves?

>> No.72809528

6th for vampires and welfs
7th for helfs and delfs

>> No.72809553

>Your favorite province and why?
Talabecland representing. I like the colour combination and the idea of a forested province with elite armies that’s still vague enough on details that most themes can work.

>> No.72809628

Actually I should probably just ask what's edition has the best lore for each faction?

>> No.72809650

I just want to live in the Imperium friends. How can we make it happen?

>> No.72809660

Wrong thread.

>> No.72809749

Why are zombies worse than skeletons? Does having your skin and flesh removed make you slightly stronger undead?

>> No.72809751


Just like it, can relate to it more.

>> No.72809811

Read book of the dead. Nareated by Manfred vC, he explains all kinds of raised dead from scientific-necromantic point. Generally speaking zombies are too fresh for necro magic to properly set in if I remember correctly.

>> No.72809835

Sorry, proper title is Liber Necris

>> No.72809863

The longer you've been dead, the more Death Magic you can be infused with.

>> No.72809867

The flesh is just a baggage if it's all dead.

>> No.72809874

iirc zombies a zombie fresh and tend to be intact enough to function straight out of the grave, so less effort is needed to create a horde who’s main purpose is to soak up fire and tire the enemy out
skeletons need more effort to make and have more dark magic in them, think it’s described like a skin around them, and are consequently better fighters for it but not by much

>> No.72809901


Do skellies have to be warriors before they died or can they just be skeletons from whatever humanoid died and was given weapons?

>> No.72809941

6th was

>> No.72809954

t. Marienburg poster

>> No.72809968

Why SJWs want everything to be sunshine and rainbows? Are they just too mentally weak to handle anything that makes them sad?

>> No.72810040

Actually just used the wrong word. In German it is the Imperium. Sorry for that

>> No.72810052

becuase your setting was fucking rainbow and sunshine shit until /pol/ latched on 6E and now you have Arch Warhammer as the leader of Warhammer Fantasy

>> No.72810058

They can be anyone, though the better armed/armoured tend to be former warriors. It looks like something of their living life does carry over.

>> No.72810070

Grimdark doesn't make anyone sad or anything though. Its just cringy most of the time.

>> No.72810087

Pretty much everything in the Nagash books is wrong and should be disregarded.

>> No.72810131


>> No.72810143


Finishing up with my cold one riders, I’m in work hell at the moment so I’ll put the finishing touches and tidy in the next week or so.

>> No.72810146

>Arch Warhammer as the leader of Warhammer Fantasy

>> No.72810185

Its not like that. Its just grimdark has about same effect as edginess on me. It takes away all semblance of suspension of disbelief, and I just look at a setting as with a quizzical look, like "Okay, why would they write that?". Campy shit works better in that regard, because our world is pretty campy to be frank.

>> No.72810192

They're just a badly run, arrogant, lazy company that struck lightning in a bottle twice with how cool both Warhammer and 40k are and now are just running entirely on "too big to fail" and name recognition alone.
Their entire business models relies on whales instead of a serious push to try expand their market by really building upon their IP.
I mean look at Japan, they made a Japanese exclusive 40k line but then just advertised it with regular western style art instead of commissioning work from notable japanese manga illustrators, if you're going to do a Japanese exclusive line of mini's as well, why not offer Anime style heads which you could display your models with in the window, attracting Otaku into your store? Why not also commission LN's and a manga as well again with art by notable japanese illustrators? So with the Japan push, both with Tau and the Exclusive Heroes line, they tried to appeal to the Japanese market, being the largest miniature market on earth, but then completely half-assed the entire fucking thing.
Same thing with this Warhammer adventure stuff, yes it makes sense to do a more kid friendly line to try get kids growing up with Warhammer as a franchise so they may get into the actual miniatures as teenagers, but then the actual animations look bad even by 2000s Newgrounds flash era and the books suck, and are literally being pushed and marketed towards Doctor Who fans, what? Why didn't they push those Gatcha toys to kids here? Why not do an extremely cheap board game with like rubber fucking mini's to sell to kids in toy stores? Why not actually commission a good animation studio with experience in licensed works like CNS to do the animations? Again, just like their push into the Japanese model market, they just fucking halfassed it and went "meh we tried".
When GW eats shit in 10 years due to 3D printing, they will have 100% absolutely deserved it.

>> No.72810198


You’ve got to balance the grim though, it creates greater contrast and a better story. I have such a fondness for WHF because it exists on a human comprehensible scale and that means the bad looks worse against the good the good looks more heroic when compared to the bad.

Constant grimdark is yawn-worthy shadow the edgehog shit. If I wanted that I could read bad fafiction.

>> No.72810199

Are there any mammals (aside from Amazons) or birbs in Lustria, or its all lizardshit in different shapes?

>> No.72810227


This poster; >>72810087 is exactly the kind of person >>72807547 is talking about when he mentions >fractured fanbase.

>> No.72810245

Question for Everybody; What are some unanswered questions or often overlooked aspects of the setting that you'd like to see delved into more deeply?

>> No.72810272


In my head it’s everything...

How that works is anyone’s guess but Lustria is not just jungles, there are big plains and mountains too. Predators And prey will mostly be regulated by climate zone. So the jungles are dominated by the big lizards, it’s hot and humid and perfect for them, small mammals too as well as fuck off massive insects. Lots of water so tons of fish and amphibians.

As you rise higher up, to the foothills the weather gets more mammal friendly, the colder weather makes life for larger reptiles unpleasant. Maybe here you could get paleolithic sabretooth cats and whatnot.

Really Lustria is just your lost-world setting. It has tarzans, janes and great apes. Lost civilisations and women in leather skin bikinis riding jaguars.

It’s the funnest place in the warhammer world because it’s one big pulp adventure from start to finish.

>> No.72810280

Between the constant rumours of fishmen, the sunken city that people have gone hunting for (and occasionally found), and the laundry list of bizarre creatures that exist in the Dark Beneath the World, it feels like there is a whole unexplore eldritch/lovecraftian aspect that they never really got into.

>> No.72810309


I’m actually a happy camper to be honest, I’d like to see a bit more stuff on the southlands and lustria but you have to be very very careful what you wish for.

Look at the Horus heresy, it took a setting ripe with mystery and wonder and turned into Big E’s Autistic Wrestling Wonderland.

Keep the map blank with here be dragons on it anon. Trust me it’s better that way.

>> No.72810315

Anons who play lizardmen: do you leave the shields off your saurus warriors and attach after painting?

>> No.72810324


Mine are resin lol and have the shields attached but I’d keep them off and work on them separately

>> No.72810368

>Healthy young attractive woman without smallpox, scars, syphilis, bubonic plague
>Not to mention eyes.
Its obviously vampire.

>> No.72810466

It's about control. It's really not much different from Christfags or durkas when you get right down to it. The goal is to subvert or block all media until the only media available are polemics for their world view - in this case, the cult of intersectionality.

>> No.72810482

According to Liber Necris, skellies also don't rely as much on their 'host' as shortcuts for magic. Zombies have a shelf life.

>> No.72810584

Wonder how often this scenario actually happens.

>New wallet walks into GW store
>Redshit sighs deeply before asking what the hell they want
>"Big fan of Vermintide/TWW/Chaosbane/etc, wanted to pick up some Empire/Helf/Welf/Dwarf minis!"
>"hrrumph, don't sell them no more instore, but here are some LoL style tree dudes and we got cow elves now, how about some Stormcast, they are basically space marines but worse."
>"Ummm, no thanks."
>Wallet leaves taking a little bit of redshirts will to live since quotas for store.

>> No.72810589



>> No.72810596

I just realized the best way to think about Warhammer fluff. Quantum theory.
There are infinite timelines, infinite warhammer universes. There are some where Karl Franz is the Everchosen. Some where people have been barbarians for many millenia more, until a warlord Diederick Kastner united them and forged the Empire. For every world where Chaos won, there's a world where Chaos got sealed out forever. And they are all real at the same time.

>> No.72810608

But obviously Storm of Chaos one is the prime timeline, from which everything branched.

>> No.72810686

How do you pronounce "Grungni"? Is it like italian, where g is silent and he sounds like Grunn'i? Or am I supposed to break my tongue actually pronoucing N-G-N?

>> No.72810703

Arguably canonical, given Be'lakor's time fuckery in ET lore.

Pfft. Storm of Chaos is a (superior) offshoot of The Enemy Within timeline.

>> No.72810706

It's not hard at all, bud

>> No.72810713


>> No.72810723


>> No.72810821

>having such a twink elf tongue that you can't pronounce 'ngn'
In all seriousness Khazalid words are very fun to read/say. Great bite to them.


>> No.72810843

I've done it before on purpose at multiple stores lol. Gotta subtly let GW know they fucked up squatting WHF. I also go in there and ask for the WHFRPG as well.

>> No.72810852

Khazukan Kazakit HA!

>> No.72810854


>> No.72810875

Is Cylostra Direfin too campy to fit in FB or there's no such thing as "too campy" for Vampire Coast?

>> No.72810881

Nice. Was thinking of doing this at my local, new guy has started and I haven't been in for a while. Going to have to practice my disgusted face for when the dude shows me the cow elves.

>> No.72810891

Campyness is a staple of British humor, she should fit in fine.

>> No.72810901

Cow elves? What's that? I haven't checked out GW site in ages.

>> No.72810911

The new Teclis faction, they have bull horns on everything and look ridiculous. Don't know what the actual factions name is.

>> No.72810925

I was surprised how much she fit and how fun she was

>> No.72810926

>Vampire Coast

>> No.72810946

See, multiverse is the only way to cope with bullshit (pun intended) like that.
>In alternate timeline the royal of guard of Elf King is called White Bulls of Chrace

>> No.72810979

>think to myself "Come on, even GW can't fuck elves up THAT much"
>google Teclis faction
>find this
Jesus fucking christ. What the fuck is this fucking thing? I mean the get an idea behind living world with mountain and trees, but the overall design... the fucking fuck.

>> No.72810988

Also, elves with hammers... disgusting.

>> No.72811041

Fat "people" don't fit anywhere.

>> No.72811060

Please delete this. I don't need to be reminded

>> No.72811071

What about FAT goblins?

>> No.72811075

>secondary starts screaming

>> No.72811087

I actually have no problem with robohorse. It is down to earth enough.

>> No.72811091

Where can I find the cover art for all the 7th edition army books?

>> No.72811096

Clearly didn't fit on Ulthuan ayylmao

>> No.72811104

>shit minis are OK as long as they're from before Age of Smegma


>> No.72811112

He left because elves don't taste good.

>> No.72811168

I do because it shits on empire engineering fluff limitations. They have a big problem of replicating steam tank engine that's not twice as big as original (hence landship) but some bitch is able to create a cyberhorse with an engine no bigger than a fucking basketball, not to mention how is it fueled. This is straight 40k tech and wow, look at that retarded shit:

>> No.72811180

Guys, how well would using 8th edition army books in an older edition like 6th work? Any special rules that would screw things over? Being playing 6th almost exclusively now, but me and my opponents have a bunch of units from newer editions collecting dust we would like to use. Just trying to stay away from steadfast and giant units, and prefer the "feel" of older editions.

>> No.72811183

>IPA makes me moist

>> No.72811192

Ah, you mean it ruins consistency. I see. Are you the dude who complained about Black Arks being too strong a few threads back?

>> No.72811195

The steam horse has at least always been garbage and thus easy to ignore.

The landship is stupid, too. Literally just a carrack with wheels.

>> No.72811198

try google

>> No.72811203

See but that one is fine. It's a clear reference to how weird animatronic stuff really took off during the renaissance.

>> No.72811204

I want high resolution pics.. ima just find the artist

>> No.72811231

You can import them all right, tweaking them to work with 6th shouldn't be that difficult however you should consider changing point costs (way up). 6th edition in most cases was not cheap in terms of troop per point. Saying all that, most of 8th ed units are shit design and IMHO break the immersion.

>> No.72811241

>What the fuck, what is this silliness and lack of realism doing in MY WARHAMMER?

>> No.72811249

Nope, I'm only salty about: VC/EMP

>> No.72811292

There are lines that when crossed make thing bullshit tier garbage. Like
>dwarves riding steam-runic choppers and shoot automatic handguns are cool, it's warhammer it doesn't have to be realistic, u mad bro?
If you see no problem with that I'm sure you'll love AoS

>> No.72811315

Thanks, I was also considering bumping the points costs, so that looks like the way to go. It's mostly just for our Vamp Count player, since the 6th army book is great, but unit selection is kinda limited, and he owns a corpse cart, hexwraiths and Terrorgeist and would like to use them occasionally.

>> No.72811320

>Its only cool when its the things I like, everything else is Age of Smegma
No, I'm going to keep liking the silly, over the top warhammer things I like and you can keep seething that other people are enjoying things wrong.

>> No.72811328

There's a subset of Warhammer fans who sincerely believe that human factions have to be historically accurate, and scoff things like picrelated, skull iconography everywhere, top-heavy buildings from WAR, War Altars, mecha-horses, and everything that makes Warhammer what it is.

>> No.72811357

>dwarves riding steam-runic choppers and shoot automatic handguns are cool, it's warhammer it doesn't have to be realistic
Those are cool and warhammer doesn't have to be realistic, why are you so mad bro?

>> No.72811361


>> No.72811367

Anyone knows where I can get some mancatcher bits? I'm trying to convert some Moulders.

>> No.72811382


>> No.72811392

Sigmar is overrated. Sure, sure, he founded the Empire, but do you give a flying shit about first president or some ancient king of your country (unless you're amerifag, of course, then you love Washington)
Why is he so popular?

>> No.72811394

Or mayby there are people who just don't like that fucking mecha horse that is apparently based on tech unavailable to anyone in WH and which has no precedence before or after?

>> No.72811399

This is going in the Cringe Compilation

>> No.72811413

A woman invented the robot horse. Do you know what that means, Archbros? These sjw fuckers need to pay...

>> No.72811414

Why is Throgrim so disgustingly fat? He's a warrior and a leader, doen't he understand an important of staying in shape for both of those occupations?

>> No.72811419

You do realise that the post you're replying to is official artwork depicting mechanical creatures of far greater complexity than a horse?

>> No.72811425

I was complaining about that fourteen years ago you son of a bitch.

The concept art was good and da vinci-esque. The final thing is sci fi tech though. We can't even make one today.

>> No.72811436

Right, because consistency and common sense are selling points of Warhammer and have always been.

>> No.72811449

Boring clockwork haters may say what they will, I fully believe Empire should've gone much deeper the clockwork/steampunk route.
Or give it to Tilea or something.

>> No.72811456

>Replying to obvious bait

Also Dave Gallagher's concept is so much better.

>> No.72811457

Would have made a fun subfaction/dogs of war type army.

>> No.72811458

>> No.72811465

>bro just chill it's EPIC who cares about aesthetic consistency or quality?

>> No.72811469

>TFW no Clockwork Condotteri

>> No.72811479

He's Mohammed and Imperials are muslims.

>> No.72811486

>inb4 "oh why there are so many skellingtons or skull there, its not real warhammer, Empire didn't have skulls everywhere in 1st edition, Perry minis don't have skulls"

>> No.72811490

While the concept of this is retarded, the actual sculpts of the armour/weapons/faces/hawk/ruins etc is great and really fits High Elves. Genuinely shits on 95% of AoS sculpts.

>> No.72811491

Don't be autistic anon

>> No.72811515

>united disparate tribes in relative peace
>slaughtered so many greenskins they have an atavistic terror of him now
>killed an everchosen
>pogrommed the despised Norsii, drove the survivors out of the Empire
>killed Drachenfels
>killed Nagash
>formed a literally priceless alliance with dwarfs

The only nations that don't have great fondness for their founders are nations with shit founders.

>> No.72811529

A well shaped turd is still a piece of shit.

>> No.72811531

>Oh no, Age of Sigmar got sci-fi steampunk army.
>This means we must declare all steampunk anathema and hold to strict realism lest we be compared to them.
Sorry, I'm secure in my taste. Just because AoS has something has no impact on my preferences, nor will I be scared by comparisons.

>> No.72811538

Can you not see the difference between spinning clockwork contraptions and a fully articulated mechanical horse?

That's the dividing line for me between mad inventions and 'steampunk'. As in machines that couldn't possibly exist in the real world without magic.

>> No.72811560

Remember, fellow anons, the moment you stop and think "But is this too AoS?" you are letting AoS influence you, you let AoS make an impact on your hobby. Whether you follow or fight it, you make AoS part of your hobby experience.
Forget about AoS. Don't mind AoS. Never compare what you're doing to AoS. Never doubt and never fear.

You. Do. You.

>> No.72811564

>he still spams aos shit in the fantasy thread for his epic outrage addiction
Fuck off

>> No.72811571

Its not like Empire has magic, specifically a chemistry and metallurgy oriented College which has long and deep collaboration with engineers.

>> No.72811581

Ribauldequins existed in reality, you dummy.

>> No.72811584

How strong can a Black Ark be if a single cannon can take it down?

I always assumed there was some magic involved in the crazier inventions (like the fucking pedal powered birdmen), and that a Steam Tank was just pure science.

But gyrocopters have been a thing for ages, anon. And they use runes. And they're fueled by beer.

Maybe that's just what a beefy dwarf looks like. Don't apply human physiology to a dwarf?

Or alternatively:

>the fat motherfucker gets carried around everywhere

>> No.72811596

The cogfedora horse has always been a bridge too far. The landship has always been a cringeworthy,unimaginative design. Bragging about objectively bad taste and strawmanning about unrelated pencil sketches will not change these objective facts.

>> No.72811602

The robot horse is explicitly not magical though. I don't think anyone would have a problem if it was.

>> No.72811615

New thread, migrate whenever, no rush

>> No.72811625

>My opinions are FACT
>Stop Disagreeing with me, THAT'S CRINGE!
Come on, don't be an autist, it's fine if you don't like something, there's no need to shit yourself and go on an autistic crusade and piss everyone off in a vain attempt to get everyone else to agree with you.

>> No.72811637

Its a mini. Its an abstraction. Half the minis are simplified compared to what they'd look like IRL. No bags, pouches, scabbards, extra shit, not enough arrows in quivers, wings are waaaay to small. Proportions are off exaggerating important bits (faces, weapons, movements). Its purpose is to say "this is a mechanical horse", trying to analyze the mini itself and saying "this particular design is unrealistic" is silly.

I doubt sculptor even knew the difference. Nor should he have known. Its like watching something like Xena, Conan or LotR, and saying "those weapons/armor are unrealistic" with a straight face.

>> No.72811656

>The landship has always been a cringeworthy,unimaginative design
And why is that?

>> No.72811694

The Landship is fine. It's shaped like that for political reasons. And the mechanism itself it is perfectly feasible.

>> No.72811708

>defeated Drachenfels
>defeated Nagash


>> No.72811747

So why don't Brits worship Henry VIII or whichever king kicked French butts as gods?

>> No.72811753

Beating up the french is too regular an occurrence to be worthy of celebration.

>> No.72811873

>taking it literally, ie. being this retarded part 2
You do realize there is something called "mood piece" and there is plenty of such art.in WH? It's like saying that John Blanche mad drawings are 100% literal representation of x thing that totally happened. They are cool but they aren't snapshot pics. Can't believe it has to be explained. Are you taking photoshoped pictures of people shooting lasers from their eyes seriously too?

>> No.72811925

Its warhammer, none of it is real, all of it is made up to look cool to the person designing it. Your entire argument applies to everything in the setting, everything is an abstracted representation, not a literal snapshot from a moment from a world with ironclad rules.
Getting flustered over what constitutes TRVE Warhammer is a pointless endeavour. You don't have to like everything in the setting, but arguing against stuff "because they didn't actually happen" is the most retarded thing imaginable.

>> No.72811930


>Slann bad because RAYCISM!!!
Has anyone else read this through point-by-point? Kind of tempted to actually give it a proper read through, you know in the off-chance I might learn something. But any based anons here who have seen it before who can give their 2 cents?

>> No.72811995

Unapologetic SJW journo garbage that wrote that He-Man promotes white suprematism.

>> No.72811998

Because England expects that every man will do his duty.

Alfred the Great is held in pretty high esteem, he's the one that fended off the great heathen army and more or less unified the realm, even if TECHNICALLY his son was the first King of England, he was still recognized as the King of the English.

>> No.72812081

It's worth a read, but the author has put in far more effort and thought into the meaning behind the setting than the creators did in the first place.

>> No.72812145

While the source is terrible and the SJW writing style is kind of grating, overall it's an accurate portrayal of Warhammer as a setting. The article is fine, the author just needs to use less annoying language.

>> No.72812146

>this is WH world, everything is legit because it's fantasy

Yeah, people like you representing shit taste and moronic acceptance of every stupid shit GW have ever served are the fundament of AoS success and WH community retardation.

>> No.72812159

Henry the Vth literally almost got to this point, but his son was inept, lost almost all his holdings in fance and plunged the country into civil war so it was all forgotten by the arrival of the Tudors.

>> No.72812232

It doesn't say Slann bad because racism, it explicitly says the opposite. The author praises the fact that even though a race of lizards is used as a stand-in for native Americans, the fact that they're a sympathetic faction with their temples and way of life being looted and stolen away is better than the default of being a bunch of mindless murder-monsters.

>> No.72812243

Any new WFRPG news?

>> No.72812344

Define 'new'.
They have their roadmap up on the site and a small adventure 'Deadly Dispatch' came out recently.

>> No.72812346


>> No.72812355

Not news, but I'm curious;

Why do people refer to WFRP as WFRPG or WHFRPG?

>> No.72812573

I have no idea. As we all know, it's WHFAROPLAGUE

>> No.72812601

Because WFRP was the acronym used in the books themselves.

Pic related.

>> No.72812632

Yeah, WFRP makes sense. What's with the rest of the Initialisms soup?

>> No.72812668

Here's an example from before the game was even released. They were probably using the term for the project itself while it was being written.

>> No.72812745

Eat shit. Not him but I like Arch and I've never seen "/pol/ latch onto 6e."

>> No.72812768

>raging sjw bullshit
>cmob guyz itz fine

>> No.72812994

>Didn't read the article, but feels confident his opinion still matters.

>> No.72813944

Because Warhammer as a brand is one word.

>> No.72814314

Which is why WFRP make sense.

It's WHFRPG and derivatives there-of that don't make sense.

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