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Playing with her bolter edition

Quick summary:
-9th confirmed
>Tanks can shoot in combat
>New terrain rules borrowing from big tournaments
>An effort to make better missions and terrain rules so all tournaments use the same rules as GW terrain rules and missions suck. (Expect it to borrow from ITC heavily)
>Primaris bikers, grav melta bois, Primaris veterans with stormshields and other shit nobody cares about confirmed
>Refresher on the 9th ed announcement

>Based GW Rising Prices Again:

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlYllSFhPWk [Embed] [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:


>3rd Party Pastebin:
https://pastebin.com/XHFCunAZ (embed)

>Book Megas (Don't share these, cunts):


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>the final stages of whining from manletfags continues
I'm so glad they're finally actually getting squatted this edition.

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From what we've seen, are Warriors/Scarabs the only new models we're getting along with the price increase? I just want to know what's "safe" to buy because I want to paint some robots.

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Fuck you GW, now carpet baggers are going to infest my necron army.

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Newcrons look shitty fight me if you disagree

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i'm more referring to the little squads of five dudes
i think ten man squads are great

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>Necron Civil War
lmao dumb skeleniggers

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>those fucking mold lines on the auspex

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I disagree but I won't fight you because I understand that no range will appeal to everyone. I hope you play an army that you do enjoy, anon.

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What do you mean "along with the process increase"? Speak English, man.

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Any idea where the full list is with the price difference is? I need a reason to he angry

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Gonna start necrons lads
But only using the older models and using conversions

Has anyone got pics of Doomsday Ark conversions? I like the rules but not the look of them

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someone quick post the image of how much gw loves orks

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Death Guard!

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>wah wah i'm a hipster

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9th warriors look like a pointless update aesthetically
skorpech shit just look stupid
war of the world walkers look good though

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Newcrons (5th ed) do indeed look shitty. 9crons however look fucking awesome and are a return to form.

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>story ends with Gulliman murdering these two

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Aren't all Space Marines sterile anyway?

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Too bad she is getting stalked
She is one of the good trannies

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Death Guard Rhino!

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I kinda wish there was a Necron Warrior character who manages to regain his sentience and overcome his programming to lead a giant revolt of his fellow citizens (no, we didn't fucking sign up for this shit! Fuck you leaders!)

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Just fucking wait for the new starter box.

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No anon, you're the hipster gentrifying my army.

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>space marines are clones
I unironically had fun while the /pol/ tourists were still here.

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How fucking tall are the Sisters of Silence?
This pic has them as tall as Space Marines but the Valerian and Aleya has her being a midget by comparison.
I like the idea that they're a really tall abhuman strain. Fulfills my fetish.

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>boohoo my army got an update! I wanted to be cool and rare despite quality!

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Post it.

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>9th warriors look like a pointless update aesthetically
What, they look a hundred times better

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That's not what I wrote.

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someone make a new thread please

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>guy haley again
Is it just me or does that guy churn out half the black library catalogue by himself these days

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About 7ft tall

They're supposed to be Amazonians

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If you were in charge of 40k what changes would you make?

I'd get the old artists back, those amazing illustrations are about 60% of what sold me on the hobby when I was a kid

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Cool idea, but unless Necro-Spartacus found a way to get the Crypteks on his side, he's not going to get far. I don't think Necrontyr plebs can exist independently of the ruling elites any more

>> No.72774420

He does, and his shit is all speed over quality, and it shows. He's really bad.

>> No.72774422

I doubt they were from /pol/. The were likely from r***** judging by their dislike of tomboys.

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Looks nice. Are you going to rust it up or keep it all green?

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he gets the "setting up" books because he churns them out fast, other authors get the "fluffing out" books for details (good or bad).

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>Necrontyr revolutionary committee
Make it happen

>> No.72774445

Remove Primaris

>> No.72774448

The Scorpekh Lord looks really bad, like a bad conversion made from a bunch of Necron bits jammed together with that robot from Blackstone Fortress.

>> No.72774452

>that custodes


>> No.72774457

what did you want? GW to not hype a new release? To not update an army? You wanted just a new dex and PA rules with only a footnote of advertisement to keep you necron club discrete?

>> No.72774458

This, and also get a new rules team that can make something good.

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Look at their feet, they have ridiculous plateau high heels

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Thank you for helping fuel my rage

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New Start Collecting! AdMech looks good.
I want more duneriders but they're overpriced, and throwing some skittles and an enginseer into the bundle is a great way to trick me into thinking it's a good deal. I love painting enginseers as well whereas I have no desire to paint a second dominus.
Plus I already have three dunecrawlers and I don't think anyone needs more than that.

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Hold on? The helmetles custodians Valdor(?) weapon has it's glaive under the bolters barrel while the other has it coming from the side(?).

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They look like ABC warriors


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I wouldn't have made Primaris some stupid separate thing. I would've had some articles saying "hey, we think we should make marines a good deal larger to better reflect the fluff, so from X day froward we'll be scaling up marines Y%. All your current stuff is still valid and compatible with the new stuff, but the new boxes will be new sculpts with larger marines."

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The only thing about him that looks bad is the pose they did with the gun too close to the blade arm. Easily fixed.

>> No.72774487

meh, to each their own
silent king looks like he has got his own pimp mobile, cool

its a cluster fuck, just ugly

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God, she is so hot.

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No it doesn't. They took the other one, which was way better, and gave you a shitty HQ and a poor excuse of a transport/tank.

>> No.72774520

But without better rules people wouldn't be replacing their armies with primaris. Need to keep those sales numbers up or the shareholders may become restless!

>> No.72774525

What if primaris were never named? Just "hey we found a way to give marines more organs".

>> No.72774528

Or kept the thing about Big Bobby G and Dr Cawl making some new marines but just had them as the same unit crunch wise

>> No.72774539

>its a cluster fuck, just ugly
This is the problem with 40k in general, and why I think 30k armies generally look so much better. GW has gone down the path of really detailed monopose models that wind up looking too busy. Meanwhile it's way easier to craft a narrative with the "plainer" 30k models because all of the detail is added after the fact.

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You'll never get a pass

>> No.72774542

>silent king faction
>flayer/destroyer faction
>independent dynasties faction
>c'tan slaves faction
>freedom bots faction
fund it

>> No.72774545

>nobody buys the new marines
>no sales
>you get fired

Nice going.

>> No.72774550

Well, it's worse if you don't already have an AdMech collection.
I do, so I'm happy with this. It's definitely a blow for new players, though.

>> No.72774559

I think he got married.

>> No.72774562

"The Infinite Forms of Corruption" better be better than the shitty loci we have now.
Im worried demon bros

>> No.72774564

I heard it's an licensing thing. The term "space marine" is used in so many different settings and GW wasn't even the first one, while "primaris marine" is something they came up with.

>> No.72774566

>someone spent time on this

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Oh God yes.
High heels and armour is my fetish.That pic has just become much better.

>> No.72774575

>painting stormboyz for the first time

Jesus fuck, I told myself I should have painted them in subassembly but then thought "how hard will it be, besides the details will blend together in unit". Call me Perturabo, for I am my own worst enemy.

>> No.72774578

So do you lads think 40k will actually be playable with the proposed 9th ed changes?

>> No.72774580 [DELETED] 

Don't worry, there are chuds around every corner in 40k.

How to identify a chud:

He plays the imperium

He likes how 'tempestus militarum look'

He collects Zeon

He plays Germany in bolt action

These /Pol/ chuds need to be excized from the hobby

>> No.72774583

he wants to get squatted so he will be unique

>> No.72774590

go away sigmarxist, you aren't welcome here

>> No.72774593

Reminder that the "cover art" for the SoS rules literally has one treading on some guys' balls

>> No.72774597

maybe for less than a year

>> No.72774600

So guys, you ready for the futute?
>Flayed ones, Named Heroes and classic C´tan will be cut
>Tesla nerf. Good luck buying 30+new Immortals

>> No.72774602

Even though I play a melee army, I'll be reasonable. . . its too early to say.

>> No.72774607

There's no reason they couldn't come with better rules to match their fluff entries. I just wouldn't make the stupid distinction between "normal" and "Primaris."

>> No.72774608

Not really worth investing in then. Thank you.

>> No.72774609

>He plays Germany in bolt action
I want to rape

>> No.72774611

People had been begging for "truescale" marines for years. They would have sold.

>> No.72774618

It has been an issue with somethings like the Skorpeck and Arch-Kavalos, just look messy.
But it, as usual, is a case of some good some bad. The walkers and king look good, warriors are fine I just thought it was a nothing special update for them.

New elfs too, hollow man cool, teclis what the fuck

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>> No.72774625

Cry harder, feddie scum

>> No.72774629

Every viable (not even WAAC) list uses two or three Enginseers. So that's fucking wrong. The Disintegrator is better than the Dunecrawler (do the math, counting all weapons and not just their primary) and it gives you a viable non-LoS weapon, literally the only one that AdMech gets in its entire army. Plus this also provides you with a heavily discounted way to get the Dunerider if you want the Dunerider.

>> No.72774633

the only thing you excise is foreskins

>> No.72774636

>We boosted marine rules to match the fluff guys

>> No.72774645

>flayed ones cut
They literally just featured in a short story hyping up the release. They're getting updated we just haven't seen everything yet.

>> No.72774649

Are greater daemons and daemons in general used in 40K at all?

>> No.72774650

Anyone else feel self conscious about your color schemes? Everyone says I'm a good painter but I can't help but feel like everyone secretly hates my paint schemes and thinks I'm bad.

>> No.72774655

>he collects zeon

Yeah, my gundam needs an army to fight

>> No.72774658

>> No.72774660

Okay so 9 pages are dedicated to shit that got updated in White Dwarf cause of Wrath and Rapture.
2 pages are dedicated to Subfaction rules (hopefully)
2 pages are stratagems (hopefully new ones, and not copy pasted from the old book)
2 pages for each Exalted Daemon (Does this mean the FW daemons or is it pay 1CP to make the Bloodthirster better ala Chief Librarian)

>> No.72774664

i'd pay money for it

>> No.72774669

Can't find it.
Tbh I'm not really into that dom shit. Maybe I will be if I sink further into degeneracy but not now.
You've got me curious though.

>> No.72774670

Was considering to add more weathering but I decided to leave it at that. The chipping is enough for me.

>> No.72774674

Post minis

>> No.72774675

>hating on Zeon
Fuck off

>> No.72774679

This just sounds like someone who likes toy soldiers with cool uniforms.

>> No.72774680

Fuck off, fag

>> No.72774681

>C´tan will be cut

>> No.72774689

Basically everyone already bought the old one and had more Tech-Priest Dominus than we would ever run, removing all of the value of rebuying that box additional times.

The new one comes with stuff we actually want again.

>> No.72774690

This is why they turned off their youtube comments now... Kek

>> No.72774691

You're thinking of it from the perspective of a consumer, not the perspective of the company. They only care about us as long as we are buying their products. You want better rules for things you bought before? Why, there is no incentive to buy more things since you already have them. Better rules for new models, now you have incentive to buy.

>> No.72774693

Now be fair, until GW bring back Elysians properly scions are the easiest way to get a functional parachute regiment from scratch and they do look pretty nice.

When people start painting them black and grey with red accents and call their Tempestor Prime Herman, that's when you get worried.

>> No.72774695

Are there primaris models that don't look so tacicool, I want more of a warrior chapter that focuses on running into the fight with chain axes and less covert ops shit

>> No.72774709

I dunno, "her" content is kinda boring.

>> No.72774714

>you will never be so chad that you turn your gods head into your personal symbol

>> No.72774716

Just shitposting. Don’t fret none.

>> No.72774717

>muh heavy support markings
>he's a grey shield
See kids, if you want to oppose something you have to actually oppose that thing. Pretending that you have a problem with something else that just so happens to encompass the thing you're not allowed to complain about will always make you look stupid.

>> No.72774722

they really fucked those stargods good huh

it's like making a deal with the devil but you outsmart him somehow

>> No.72774723

zeon did nothing wrong

>> No.72774729

I'd argue true scale could sell as much or even more than primaris but, yeah, you're right. They did ace it with primaris, for them, or course

>> No.72774742

>Plays a playable faction in a game.
Its almost like they were intentionally included

>> No.72774761

I've been hurt too many times

>> No.72774764

Are you still going at it, retard?

>> No.72774768

Did you miss yesterday's announcement?

>> No.72774771

He is the only dud. The rest is pretty great so far. I just wouldn’t have one in my army.

>> No.72774772

Apart from all the, you know, war crimes.

>> No.72774776

>> No.72774781

I personally think getting your ass beat and shoved into a cave on Mars for a few millenia is looking like a pretty good deal now.

>> No.72774785


They're just supposed to be tall ladies. Since they're a martial order, and they have the whole galaxy to pick from, they probably only select the largest and most robust women, and maybe a bit of future-HGH to help 'em out.

They're not an abhuman strain, that's for certain.

>> No.72774787

Well, for one they pretty much blew the whole one year war. And gassing those colonies wasn't such a smart move either when you think about it

>> No.72774791

The Nurgle locus is "okay" currently.

If they just copy paste the strategems I would be beyond mad.
Also, no new artifacts, what the fuck.
The Exalted Demon stuff looks cool but it better not be some dumb pointless shit.

>> No.72774800

Anon they've never allowed youtube comments

>> No.72774803

what does this even mean

>> No.72774813

Too early, but getting closer to AoS is a good thing.

>> No.72774821

At least the Marines wait until the people are adults until taking them, the Sororitas and Tempestus start on them really young.

>> No.72774822

>she is getting stalked
>look her up
>see her cleavage
Nice tits. Don't care if it's a tranlo or not.

>> No.72774825


>Forgebane and Mechanicus developing the AM vs. Necron dynamic
>9e and Silent King come in and straight up jack the Void Dragon out from under Mars

>> No.72774827


I personally disagree, I think the new warriors look much better.

The only issue I might have though is that the new warriors give off 'elite' vibes, and they seem more like elite infantry than the cannon fodder they were in 8th.

>> No.72774836

> Orktober

Haha yeah that was a good joke.

>> No.72774838



>> No.72774840

Love that body. Very happy for anyone who has been collecting necrons.

>> No.72774846

I'm sorry your favorite youtuber gave you false information.

>> No.72774847

The Silent King isn't fucking around after the C'tan enslaved his people.

>> No.72774853

>> No.72774855


>> No.72774861

The bronze color of the 9thcrons is kinda odd and the new warriors would be fantastic if the battle damage was optional

>> No.72774865

The fuck are you talking about?

>> No.72774868

"Not an abhuman strain"
Sisters of Silence
The order of pariahs

>> No.72774872

This is my baneblade I am currently working on. I am still in the base painting stage and have not shaded yet. I need to do some touch ups on it for color spill also.

>> No.72774873

Thanks for the new daemon prince conversion material GW.

>> No.72774875

I think the old necron heads and legs look better, but the newcrons weapon and basically everything else is better.

>> No.72774876

>tfw i have 8 armies but none feel very interesting to me anymore

I really want to just pick one to invest my time in to actually painting and playing, but nothing clicks. What should I do. Are renegade guardsmen still a thing? That sounds like fun and I could run them with my DG whom I find a little too samey and limited.

>> No.72774878

>Skorpius Dunerider and Disintegrator have their own sections for data sheets in the Engine War book


>> No.72774881

Imperium fags BTFO

>> No.72774882

> Tesla Buff

>> No.72774883

>Likes to nozzle on manboobs
How does it feel to be gay?

>> No.72774887

>I will experience an edition where my silver and gold crons will be oldfag tier for a paintjob

>> No.72774895

Why is this show so funny

>> No.72774897

>90 bucks for a Daemon Prince

>> No.72774901

yes actually I did, I saw the cinematic and some of the new necrons though

>> No.72774903

It’s a perfect update to the core look, like the CSM has. They took the old and made it have better proportions and poses. I’m looking forward to the new box set even though it’s gonna be like $250 CAD.

>> No.72774904

Is it Mordian? Looks nice.

>> No.72774905

SOB currently only have 1 Troops Choice. You've been hired by GW to help give the faction a second troops choice. What do you make?

>Hardmode: It has to be actual Sisters, not Fraternis Militia.

>> No.72774909

Try finishing something for once.

>> No.72774911

They look pretty good. I'll buy a box.

>> No.72774915


>> No.72774920

Lost and the Damned still exist IIRC.
Not sure where their rules are.

>> No.72774924

Abhumans have stable breeding populations.
Pariahs are one-off mutants who randomly emerge from normal populations.

>> No.72774929

>At least the Marines wait until the people are adults until taking them
They don't though? Rejection rates rise with age.

>> No.72774933

Custom regiment based on Prussia also. Perhaps I can make them related somehow when I flesh out my lore some more.

>> No.72774934

I mean aside from a hate boner for Arch Warhammer, I don't care about his politics but that siege of vraks series was the tits, she seems alright. I would play around of kill team with her.

>> No.72774938

wrong thread

>> No.72774940

Slaanesh or Tzeentch?

>> No.72774944

>8 armies
Do you have one at least 2k painted?

>> No.72774952

I like it anon, bolder choice than I'd do

>> No.72774954

They dont need a second Troops choice.

>> No.72774955

Any holes a goal.

>> No.72774959

>doesn't convert his own models
>he doesn't pay an exorbitant amount for cool models

>> No.72774962

this meme is so fucking stale, you have to have a negative IQ to find it funny past fucking February

>> No.72774968

No they don't nigga. Brotherhood of the Snake's neophytes are all mid-teens.

>> No.72774971

Yeah, the DG.

>> No.72774973


Yeah I think they don't try new inductees after like age 16? But that's the very start of the process, it's a while before they get the Black Carapace.

>> No.72774976

>At least the Marines wait until the people are adults until taking them
What, they start at like 10 years old. After 12 you cant even get the implants without an extremely high rate of rejection and/or death.

>> No.72774980

I mean, its your money. If you're satisfied with your conversion by all means go ahead.

>> No.72774984

time to introduce yourself to nearest power socket

>> No.72774986

not shooping in
>avoiding son

>> No.72774989


>> No.72774990


>> No.72774996

Makes me excited to see how they'll redo the Guardians.

>> No.72775001

16 is already maaassively pushing it. Most marine recruits need to start as preteens.

>> No.72775008

I make sisters but bigger. We’ll call them Big Sisters.
Hire me.

>> No.72775010

OP seems dangerously obsessed.

>> No.72775011

neat paint scheme

>> No.72775013

Fucking kek

>> No.72775017

>new warriors give off 'elite' vibes
Nigga they junk robots.

>> No.72775019

I always cheat dice against tau player. Losing all the time demotivates them and they either leave or try another army. If they try another army I cheat to help them win. It helps keep my LGS pure.

>> No.72775023

I gotta spend this stimulus check on something.

>> No.72775028

we just don't want to hurt your feelings

>> No.72775031


Yeah, I mean, the UK (especially the military) has a massive history of abuse of boys, so it would be in-character for Space Marines to have this as part of their upbringing. I mean, really, the history of the Primarchs is a history of trauma...

>> No.72775038

Sisters with shields and pistols or close combat weapons, or stealthy sisters. IDK they have regular infantry pretty well covered.

There's not really any great option I can see.

>> No.72775040

What's its name?

>> No.72775044


>> No.72775045

This was kino. BL needs to do all audiobooks like this.

>> No.72775052

Sure, whatever. I'm talking about the actual written lore though not whatever overthinking political weirdness shit you're doing.

>> No.72775053

Melee sisters focused on being durable and bogging stuff down in combat.

>> No.72775055

Damn they really went all out with that model

>> No.72775057

Nice idea. I could see that working with the perfect body, well most of a perfect body.

>> No.72775060

Well it was written by a literal living Saint, so what did you expect

>> No.72775067

Isn't the obedience programming off at this point? That's why the Silent King needs to bring all those lesser Lords back in line. Most of them are just mindless automatons, on account of having a giant void where their soul used to be.

>> No.72775072

what chapter is that?

>> No.72775074

looks pretty terrible

>> No.72775075

Damn, I wish I got coofbux.
I earn too much in my country to quality for free coofbux.

>> No.72775081

Novititate sisters with CC weapons and a scout move, no power armor.

>> No.72775091

>imagine playing NU-40k


>> No.72775094

Riot shields on Sisters would be cool.

>> No.72775104


It's not overthinking. The Royal Navy is like buggery central.

>> No.72775107

I miss the more diverse styles of codex cover.

>> No.72775110

Mortifactors. UM second founding sucessor that are seen as really, really creepy and morbidly disturbing by every other son of Guilliman because they’ve integrated the culture of their homeworld into their chapter culture.

>> No.72775111

>Silent King model is revealed
>It's literally Nagash's model in black and and green
>He acts exactly like Nagash too in the lore


>> No.72775112

>let's just make them even more similar to space marines

>> No.72775115


>> No.72775118

I play nu-40k for the simplified rules but use my older models and homebrew some extra rules.

>> No.72775120

He'll make a good Tzeentch prince with a few more esoteric bits.

>> No.72775121


Would make sense because they probably put down uprisings quite often.

>> No.72775122

the programming is off, but the rank and file don't have the ability to have much independent thought
robo-spartacus would be neat

>> No.72775124

Name one navy that isn't.

>> No.72775126

This was my first codex when my dad an I started playing

>> No.72775130

Not bad at all anon

>> No.72775133

desperately driiiiiven....
sole exposuuuure....
seeeking clooosure....

>> No.72775135

We know what the model looks like tho, and its a necron with a cool cape

>> No.72775140

get bent gaybaby

>> No.72775141

That's exactly what I was thinking.

>> No.72775144

Please yes
Silent king running round laughing like skeletor while all the overlords try to act serious

>> No.72775150

They used to have 3+ and on the expensive side for troops.
They need to choose between Terminator and Joe Pineapples though.

>> No.72775153

How independent are they? Do we even know?
Are they just mindless automata executing orders to the letter, or do they have the ability to make split-second judgement calls and improvise small-scale tactics?

>> No.72775158

That's fucked up anon

>> No.72775161

Which is for you, the best Astartes military doctrine, WITHOUT being Jack of all Trades shit?
>Deep Strike with Drop Pods & ThunderHawks, using almost exclusively infantry? Or just charging with vehicles, with some troops, in combined arms?
>Focusing on Melee, or in using Firearms?
>Should the Chapter be Fleet-Based, or be stablished in a planet?
>Centralised or Decentralised organization for companies?
>Focusing in small groups, or in big groups/full chapter mobilization?

>> No.72775168

This one

>> No.72775169

I don't think my heart can take it man.

>> No.72775170 [SPOILER] 


>> No.72775173

the old warriors look like relentless, single-minded killers
the new warriors look like ghouls or mindless zombies, BRAINSSSSS!!!!!

>> No.72775183

Neat. Thanks!

>> No.72775186

I agree and so do lefties

>> No.72775188

Mechdar domination when?

>> No.72775194

Neat color scheme, neat lore, and codex compliant so you can see this guy is Second company, >>72775110 is 3rd, and the example in the UM supplement is 4th company. They’re cannibals with red eyes, and they do bloodletting rituals to receive visions from the Emperor and the Primarch.

>> No.72775197

immortals are capable of making judgement calls and use tactics
about all the independent thought i think warriors can muster is some traces of fear

>> No.72775203


>> No.72775218

The codex says they are basically just robots tied to the will of their commander and without orders just bum around shooting everything that moves. Sometimes a resemblance of instinct or sentience sparks through the programming but its rare and brief

>> No.72775219 [SPOILER] 


>> No.72775220

renegade rules are in the forgeworld books

>> No.72775224


>> No.72775225

What is this vaguely female shaped entity
Why is its jaw so weak?
Why does it have so much hair?
Where are its scars and tattoos?

>> No.72775227

ewwww 3dpd

>> No.72775244

>the Silent king

>> No.72775250


>> No.72775268

go simp elsewhere

>> No.72775270

He gets the name because the Overlords just deny he's speaking.

>> No.72775272

>restore a Necron warrior's sense of self
>he's even more determined to kill you

>> No.72775278


>> No.72775295


>> No.72775298

Thats dumb

>> No.72775306

but illuminor szeras is the nagash expy

>> No.72775307



>> No.72775312

aah, so that's how they make chicken nuggets

>> No.72775315

>pictures of the new necron models
>"I cant even right now"
>"Sucks to be those guys!"
>"WHAT is THAT!?!?"

holy fuck this is them screaming "how do you do, fellow kids"
And now the Primaris have bikes. Theyre going to nuke normal marines any day now, arent they? Jesus christ Im not one of those "AAAAH 40K IS DEAD THE NIGGERS ARE EVERY WHERE NO NOT MY KINO" type people but I do not like the direction things are going. I started in 5th but I might check out the rules for 3rd or 2nd and just play that. Does 40k have a Warhammer Armies Project equivalent?
I cant be doing with this hip-with-the-kids, please-buy-this-epic-stuff, 24/7 Hype machine shit that you see with Magic the Gathering and what the fuck ever. And this is coming from someone who liked 8th rules and was almost ready to play after a long hiatus from the hobby.

>> No.72775320

Fleet based- Drop Pod, Boarding Torpedos and Thunderhawks as the primary deployment strategy with some of the older chapters still having functional teleportariums.
Due to the small number of battle barges and strike cruisers plus the high crew requirements deployments should be at least half a chapter unless you retcon stuff where chapter sizes are actually closer to 10,000.

Often deploy with chapter serfs functioning as small IG type units. Honestly I'd sort of expect them to be more like the elite IG units that use Carapace armor. Plus lots and lots of servitors.

>> No.72775328

"Thank you, I can think again. And I think you are no longer necessary."

>> No.72775347


>> No.72775356

just don't buy primaris

>> No.72775361

Whatever nigger

>> No.72775363


>> No.72775380



>> No.72775387

Look if you want to play as people who hate nonwhites, Bolt Action is right there

>> No.72775390

>tfw necron warriors are self aware all along, preserving the personalities, hopes and fears they had in life
>they are simply incapable of expressing themselves
>they kill out of sheer madness and frustration from over 4 billions years of unliving in a limbo

>> No.72775391

I have the same story

>> No.72775393

Do yourself a favor and don't undermine your reeing with weebshit art

>> No.72775394

Then get your stuff third party and ignore their new marketing.
And with regards to Primaris stuff, the staff at the GW stores will just tell you to play older versions when your armies get squatted, it's not the end of the world.

>> No.72775408

i just want to google her name and masturbate to the free shit that fags who paid for it posted

>> No.72775409

>The Dark Angel gets deleted by the SHIIIET doesn't.

>> No.72775413


>> No.72775415

>I cant be doing with this hip-with-the-kids, please-buy-this-epic-stuff, 24/7 Hype machine shit
they did it back in the day too, you were just less conscious

>> No.72775416

The writing of this and Soma kinda gave me existential dread. What would it like to be tortured endlessly with no end and no way of ending your existence to make it stop?

>> No.72775417

Fucking newfags.

>> No.72775418

Does this look like fun to any of you guys?

>> No.72775421

From what I understand its just that their personalities are locked up behind subroutines. They could potentially be losing their minds, but I feel like its more that they're almost in a drug zombie kind of state, like the kid with ADD that's on too much Adderall.

>> No.72775422

Where is Fulgrim?

>> No.72775427

>sm baby
>super edgy version
yea no, old editions were actually better...still, ur a fag

>> No.72775429

I should probably check the archives, but have we seen images of the muscle-crons?

>> No.72775439

replace guilliman with trump

>> No.72775444

>Shield drone spam

Fuck no, this screams competitive and I loathe competitive play.

>> No.72775461

only if he is playing farsight enclave

>> No.72775462


That's a fairly modest number of drones. but I definitely do not envy the Tyranid player's position.

>> No.72775463

Adderall doesn't make you a zombie, it makes you focused and talkative.
t. on adderall right now

>> No.72775466

What's a good paint scheme for space wolves other than the usual Fang color? I primed mine red but I'm struggling to find a red color scheme I like, any ideas?

>> No.72775468

>Nu players getting upset over criticism of hamfisted diversity
Get your own chapter Pendejos.

>> No.72775477


The first few times you take it, it can make you *really* horny, too.

>> No.72775482

>mfw chaos marines wont get fixed Summoning, wont get mark of chaos Undivided, and still wont be able to take abilities on basic troops

>> No.72775486


That's actually the only thing we haven't really seen, if it's actually even going to be a thing. There are the Skorpekh Destroyers which are wielding similar blades to what the hieroglyphs showed the swolecrons carrying, but that's the only commonality.

>> No.72775490

>he doesn't know

>> No.72775494

I'm talking from personal experience, the focus can kill your personality as you become more robotic on higher doses
.t was on 25mg in grade school

>> No.72775498


>> No.72775500

No, look at these fucking cowards running away. 0/10 would not play.

>> No.72775503

Replace Trump with Armstrong

>> No.72775504


>> No.72775505


>> No.72775506

you know that necrons scream when they die? they shouldn't be doing it, they have no reason to feel pain or panic, but when parts start breaking apart, something buried deep is allowed to come out for a split second

>> No.72775507

So, is this the only symbol that designates a Grey Shield?

>> No.72775510

based pablo garcia asking for diversity in the hopes of getting mexitacos represented but humbling asking for an asian instead

>> No.72775519

>Hamfisted diversity
>Oh no, a black man on a book cover!!!111! The white race is dying!!!

Neck yourself you fucking fag.

>> No.72775521

>fixed summoning
fair point
>mark of chaos undivided
>abilities on basic troops
slightly less gay but still gay

>> No.72775523

>9e makes tanks immune to tarpitting and blast weapons more effective
>now orks are physically more expensive, too

l m a o

>> No.72775526

They're Spaniards, not Mexicans.

>> No.72775531


>> No.72775550

>Castled as fuck Tau spamming shield drones
>Vs Genestealer spamming nids
No this looks like rectal cancer.
At least both armies are painted.

>> No.72775552

Good. Fuck Orks.

>> No.72775554

Okay, how about this one then?

>> No.72775555

Why are you so focused on the white race dying? I didn't mention that, I was talking about hamfisted diversity looking weird and inorganic

>> No.72775561

>Finished painting 60 Boyz
>This shit comes out

>> No.72775563

Yeah, I forgot about that. Sometimes happens randomly even when you've been taking it for years.

Interesting. I think I've been as high as 20mg but my doctor brought the dose down because it gives me worrying tachycardia.
I also wasn't diagnosed as a kid so I guess it might affect kids differently. But my personal experience has always been that it makes me more alert and super talkative, not robotic.

>> No.72775564

It's missing the aesthetic that 40k needs to be fun. Barely any terrain, haphazard building placement, fuckin soft drink in the middle of the table, etc.

>> No.72775565

there are no musclecrons

necrons are delusional and think they got swole with the biotransference

>> No.72775572

quads of truth

>> No.72775580

Glad I bought my Possessed bomb before this

>> No.72775582

Seriously it's not like White Scars haven't been Not!Mongols since forever. Salamanders being built from African genestock. I'm just surprised there isn't a clearly East Asian Progenitor chapter.

>> No.72775586

Because you were probably dosed in right. My doctor was practically a shill for the fucking drug. I was on the name brand stuff, not generic too.

>> No.72775590


>> No.72775591

They just want flesh bodies like the Cylons.

>> No.72775592

How is it inorganic? Just being on the cover?

Please, just explain.

>> No.72775593

Looks like homehammer, and they're doing what they can with the table and terrain.

Shame it isn't all painted, but I'd much rather play that than your first picture.

>> No.72775594

Yeah one's an invasive force slowly but surely poisoning a nation's populace with disease and raiding it's property and resources and the other one's the spaniards.

>> No.72775595

Chapter concept: Actual Mexican renegade space marine chapter who are all Zorro

>> No.72775598

Good thing I got my Furioso right before the hike.
Too bad I need to still get some sniper scouts.
Interestingly, a lot of these raises are on kits that are pretty old.

>> No.72775606

Whats so hamfisted about a black space marine?

>> No.72775607

Thats how you should deploy turn 1. Frankly he should have hidden behind the other two terrain features as well Clown Bikes are Fast as fuck

>> No.72775608

>those tryhard dice
just fuck that guy, wouldnt play with him

>> No.72775612

When using PVA glue for bases do you use the glue as is or do you thin it down?

>> No.72775622


>> No.72775624

blacks don't play 40k

>> No.72775625

“Hamfisted” would be if the black Space Marine and GW wouldn’t shut up about how he was black and how life was hard in shiet for him. A picture of a black guy isn’t hamfisted.

>> No.72775628

>GW's investments rise rapidly
>GW's production costs decrease
>GW's income literally doubles
>GW fucking increases prices


>> No.72775629

Blue Secondary on White/Silver Primary. Play up the Ice troopers angle.

>> No.72775630

this is the bullshit that true line of sight creates

vicinity to cover should make you hidde/in cover no need to be literally squashed behind a wall or within a small circle of trees

>> No.72775633

>But without better rules people wouldn't be replacing their armies with primaris. Need to keep those sales numbers up or the shareholders may become restless!
People bought the plastic marines in droves when they were released, at no in-game benefit to the old monopose metal ones back in 99/00 when they started phasing out the old models and phasing in the new plastic range. The uptake was quick to the point you barely saw old marines within a year of the release of each plastic kit.

But it also helped that the plastic kits were significantly cheaper. You could buy 25 Space Marines (2 Tactical Squads and 1 5-man Combat Squad) for the same price as an old metal Tactical Squad.

>> No.72775636

>digital good with no per-unit production costs? +20%

just keeping pace with inflation btw :)

>> No.72775639

>Hexes on all the bikes
If he painted that himself he can play whatever the fuck he wants, he deserves it

>> No.72775640

Same thing happened 8 years ago, they don’t stick around for long don’t worry

>> No.72775642

theres a difference?

>> No.72775655

We've been sharing the same website for /pol/ for long enough that I just don't have patience for any of this horseshit anymore.

>> No.72775658

as is to stick rock or sand on it, mix it with water to make a varnish, or drop superglue on it to create textures

>> No.72775659

>Because you were probably dosed in right
You mean from a low dose, right? Yeah, I started so low that I almost felt nothing when I took it. I wasn't seeing a psychiatrist at the time so it was prescribed by my primary care physician; doctors who aren't working in mental health want as little to do with it as possible.

>> No.72775664

I've said before, but a chapter from a savannah feral world who cosplay as Zulus would be cool.

>> No.72775670

My favorite /pol/tourists were the ones that thought the promotional warhammer community art was the same art in the rulebooks

>> No.72775671

Me too

>> No.72775672

>Salamanders being built from African genestock
Imagine being this wrong

>> No.72775673

>Tech-priest dominus
Based. Where can one find the full list?

>> No.72775674

They're both homehammer.

>tryhard dice

>> No.72775677

So for a Blood Angels list, how many Sanguinary Guard and Death Company is standard?

I have 10 of each so far and I'm debating on pulling the trigger on another box of each before the price increases.

>> No.72775680

looks brushed on with a pattern

>> No.72775687

Needs more variety, it's mostly just straight wall sections. I don't care if it's forests, shrubs, or more of those ruins, just change up some of it.

>> No.72775690


>> No.72775691

With tank lists becoming meta in 9th edition, would it be better to run Tallarn tank spam or custom regiment tank spam with +6 inch heavy weapon range and regaining a wound each turn?

>> No.72775692

>just keeping pace with inflation btw :)
Fuck you no they aren't, they're reaping the rewards of their success and trying to appease the massive influx of investors they got during their success boom around 8th. They're keep streamlining, mass marketing, and raising prices until their meteoric rise falters, and then their investors will sell the company's assets and fuck off.

God I hate capitalism sometimes.

>> No.72775696

Dark Angels?

>> No.72775698


The art itself is from a young adults novel cover. The composition of daring heroes combined with lack a single death or destruction seen in the cover.

What is going on?

>> No.72775702

Yes they do, and they play Necrons and AdMech for some reason

>> No.72775703

>templates caused people to spread out their models
>this is what happens when we don't have templates

>> No.72775710

who wants to play with cute anon like me on tabletop sim so i can learn play 40k

>> No.72775712

>They're both homehammer

Then I'd much rather play the game that doesn't seem as tryhard than your first picture. Homehamer should be casual fun you have with your friends while drinking beer.

>> No.72775716

>Salamanders being built from African genestock.
That's wrong, they just have a malfunctioning melanchrome.
There is an African chapter but I've forgotten the name.

>> No.72775719

Unironically what the fuck did he mean by this?

>> No.72775729

yes, the american subhuman genes

>> No.72775733

Bright pink is tryhard?

>> No.72775735

It's being played on a dinner table. They're probably using old styrofoam packaging for terrain.
I don't hate it, though I'm sure playing against a Harlequin Bike list is absolute ass.

>> No.72775737

>so i can learn play 40k
i'm going to do you a massive personal favor and not help you learn 40k

>> No.72775739

Fuck you, cocksucker.

>> No.72775743


>> No.72775745

>Zulu Marine chapter
>they get into disputes with the Praetorian Guard

>> No.72775746

Is that coke bottle terrain or just being placed in the middle

>> No.72775748

Its hamfisted because the cover art looks like every other generic corporate stock image. If it was just the black Ultramarine that would be one thing, but it looks like someone who wears a suit all day was painting by numbers so to speak.
Maybe you should go to Reddit or another site that bans right wing or fringe right wing thought
then if its fatiguing you, as /new/ and /pol/ has always been like this.

>> No.72775749


>> No.72775754

the perfectly cubic dice are the only dice that have 1/6 probability of each side in a roll
the rounded dice are not "fair" that's why casinos only use squared dice
do you wish to know more? look here

>> No.72775758


>> No.72775759


>> No.72775763

>Its hamfisted because the cover art looks like every other generic corporate stock image

Anon, what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.72775768

>cute anon like me
prove it

>> No.72775770

Can they come from G Gundams Neo Mexico?

>> No.72775779

the red and purple dice on the right side of the picture look like casino dice which generally are believed to roll more consistantly than dice with round edges like the ones on the left side of the picture which apparently are prone to rolling more 1s

>> No.72775780

refer to >>72775754

>> No.72775782


>> No.72775788

casino dice actually have worse randomization if you don't bounce them off something during the throw

>> No.72775794

>it hamfisted because me no like book cover style

>> No.72775795

>not using weighted dice and rolling only 6s

>> No.72775797

It's an audiobook only? I can't stand them

>> No.72775798


>> No.72775805


>> No.72775807

>Cadre Fireblade

how is THIS fucking model thirty dollars? it would be fucking half that price from any other company

>> No.72775815

Not him but you seem way more reddit than /pol/. Tell me anon, do you like tomboys? This will be the first of many questions to see where you can from.

>> No.72775816

Bros, I think my psyker made a mistake.

>> No.72775817

even for morale checks?

>> No.72775821

TLoS is cancer and it just encourages gunline castling or parking lot IG. Especially where Pathfinders and Fire Warriors are only there to provide CP and block deep strike.

>> No.72775827

So let me get this straight. Someone using bog standard dice is now "tryhard"?

>> No.72775828

Aces, thank you kindly.

>> No.72775831

Bump also are Scouts essential or could I get away with Incursors or Intercessors?

>> No.72775834

Better than White Dwarf inadvertently comparing Zulus to Orks back in the day. At least they massacred the Praetorians that time.

>> No.72775835

Monopose characters are disgustingly overpriced in general.

>> No.72775838


>> No.72775842

There’s subreddits like “redpill”. I highly doubt
>another site that bans right wing or fringe right wing thought
accurately describes the website.

>> No.72775843

thats not true. it is easier to cheat rolls with casino dice though if you do not bounce them off of something

>> No.72775845

Its a generic "gotta be inclusive" cover. Have a white character that is known on it to not piss off the grogs, but have a minority and woman to not piss off the people demanding more minorities and women.
Not an argument
I like tomboys

>> No.72775847

>implying I ever need to make any

>> No.72775851

About eighty Death Company is a good start. You don't want to go too crazy, so I'd cap it around a hundred fifty.

>> No.72775856

What are the best discounters for 40K minis if I am in the US?

>> No.72775867

the other way around, using casino dice (more expensive) instead of chessex is tryhard

>> No.72775868

It's because he's standing on a rock.

>> No.72775872

Dude, it's not like standard human pigments got thrown out the window in the 38,000 years between now and when 40k takes place. It's extremely likely that there were black colonists who made it to ultramar, and conversely could be picked up by the Ultramarines. It doesn't break lore, it doesn't effect the story, and it doesn't effect you.

Why do people care about this again?

>> No.72775873

>Its a generic "gotta be inclusive" cover.

You don't know that. You're attributing meaning and motivation that isn't there. It's just a black marine, anon. Tone down the autism.

>> No.72775874

Good taste but many times has another anon here described /pol/‘s tomboy threads. Now, is it ethical to rape communists and Nazis?

>> No.72775876

Aren't those subwhatevers quarantined or banned often? Something about them being toxic or whatever.

>> No.72775880

as in this picture one player is using casino dice and the other is not, yes this is most definitely tryhard. and beyond that its simply unfair and shit like that should get you isolated from lgs and regular groups

>> No.72775885

It’s just the main characters on the cover you obsessed bitch.

>> No.72775886

where did that ork get ultramarine armor?

>> No.72775889

Aren't your "casino dice" on that video like double the size of normal dice?

>> No.72775890

I already miss the old start collecting
also wtf is that bad photoshop

>> No.72775893

>Praetorians being outgunned and out teched
No thanks we'd rather have Praetorians vs Deathskull hamfisted racism.

>> No.72775895

I'm saying its a boring corporate cover that reeks like every other hamfisted "WE HAVE TO CHECK OFF ALL THE BOXES" image I've seen over decades.
I don't believe rape is ethical, I believe in ethical punishments for the crimes, not being a savage.

>> No.72775900

>hey bro mind if I roll with your dice since they're more fair?
>sure bro no problem
wow what a cunt

>> No.72775902

>single monoposed characters are pretty good for people who want standout characters from other factions
>30 burger bucks

>> No.72775905

A wild flock of drones can skeletonise a gue'la in under three minutes. Nature is beautiful.

>> No.72775906


>> No.72775915

that has to be the worst looking vehicle in 40k

>> No.72775916

commies aren't people

>> No.72775918

No, because that doesn't stop them being Nazis or Leninists, so just adds more suffering to the world.

>> No.72775921

And its a boring corporate cast you whiny faggot. Wake me up when we get a Zulu marines book or something, not wannabe star trek.

>> No.72775925

>With tank lists becoming meta in 9th edition

Based on what, the 9 tidbits we saw yesterday? Wait for the rules to come out before list building.

>> No.72775929

I'm cutiest cute anon there is!

>> No.72775931

Last one for now. Mostly posting these because the guy who shared these pictures is going to be in our "fluffy" campaign and I'm already dreading playing against this kind of thing.

>> No.72775932

Considering they can't even center the text in the new logo a small layer error in photoshop is minor.

>> No.72775935

It doesn't look bad at all. It's literally a Higgins boat.
Plus, the taurox exists.

>> No.72775938

which faction are we pushing now? necrons, right?

>> No.72775940

Sounds based

>> No.72775941

you have to go back

>> No.72775947

tits or gtfo

>> No.72775948


> Its a generic "gotta be inclusive" cover.
I don’t think it’s that deep, anon. It just exists, chill out.

If the book comes out and the characters start spouting left leaning political talking points, THEN we can talk

>> No.72775953

Just have black praetorians

>> No.72775955

Necrons were originally an elite army so I hope they’re going back to that

>> No.72775959

from a construction site of course

>> No.72775962

Reddit. Not /pol/. You’d be saying something like >>72775916 or
>Rape? They spread their legs willingly like the sluts they are

>> No.72775966

I'm not the one freaking out right now over someone calling the cover a boring paint by numbers corporate piece of "art", chill yourself out.

>> No.72775971

>another price raise
At least Orkz are in the clear

>> No.72775976

The Taurox looks pretty good with wheels

>> No.72775979

compared to the dunecrawler its pretty trash

>> No.72775980

>makes half-assed claims over a book cover
>calls others whiny faggots

>> No.72775988

Unlike retards looking for bans here, I know how to hide my power level.

>> No.72775990

What happens if you shill non-specific recasters on gw's announcements?

>> No.72775996

Not him but they are semi-groggy newly awoken people. They’d operate but they’ll feel foggy.

>> No.72775997

that convertion was so fucking based it's beyond

>> No.72775998

Im willing to agree the cover has a bit too many characters on it and is a bit too movie-postery when compared to the other warhammer book covers but putting all major characters on the forefront is still just a style choice and very little more

>> No.72775999

If you're actually new, there are lots of LGS' that have groups dedicated to helping new players. My friends and I run a killteam league at our LGS that eases new players into the game/universe, for instance.

Tabletop sim is not recommended. It's janky at the best of times and entirely non-functional at the worst.

>> No.72776002

Have you seen any of the Primaris vehicles?

>> No.72776008

fix daemon summoning

>> No.72776012

Calm down you whiny faggot, you can't stand criticism of a corporate product? Maybe go collect rocks or something

>> No.72776013

>hey bro mind if I roll with your dice since they're more fair?
>what are you talking about? and no, these are mine dice, you got your own.

>> No.72776021

Anon, the only person here who needs to calm down is you. You're being a fucking spastic.

>> No.72776027

>Tau and guard shit going down in price
Why am I suppose to be angry again

>> No.72776029

It's a bit cheesy uplifting 80s movie but worse things have been slapped on the front of GW books

>> No.72776031

come on now, you can't just titillate everyone in the thread with thoughts of a slutty nazi gf like that

>> No.72776032

It looks like a Disney Star Wars poster, the Chinese version of course wouldn't have the Black Marine without a helmet if GW was cucked that hard to the Chinese market.

>> No.72776034

What do you fucking think

>> No.72776036

No anon, you have no power level to hide. /pol/ would laugh off the mods attempts. These are the people who crossboard 24/7 and openly. They honestly don’t care.

>> No.72776044

Unless they're using weighted dice, who gives a fuck?

>> No.72776045

>competition is on the rise
>more services appearing offering alternative models or 3D printing
Better raise the prices :))

>> No.72776048

As much as people may malign the L-shaped walls they're extremely necessary to keep units from being able to shoot each other from deployment zones.
I dislike the bike spam but I don't really know Harlequins; they might only have the one viable strategy; go all in on jetbikes.

>> No.72776049

left column is new price

>> No.72776050


>$9 increase for Trukks and Stormboys, for starters


>> No.72776051

>going down

>> No.72776058

Spastic about what? I'm calling it boring and paint by numbers. I'm not screaming about the white race dying out or anything like my detractors.

>> No.72776060

this, it's a lazy and boring way to do cover art

>> No.72776066

Um... The prices are going up, Anon...

>> No.72776068

>Why do people care about this again?

They don't, its just something to complain about.

>> No.72776069

finally, a model worthy to make into cherbubael for my eisenhorn

>> No.72776073

You're screaming about a fucking book cover having a black person and making it a bigger deal than it is.

>> No.72776076

Maybe I'm not /nupol/ and just want to enjoy my plastic autism soldiers in peace without drama. Seems I can't escape /pol/ though as everyone is obsessed with /pol/

>> No.72776084

I have a question about washes. If a color is already the shade you want it at, do you need to wash it? This model of mine isn't done yet but I haven't done any kind of washing except for a black wash in the recesses on the lead belcher parts. I didn't wash over the whole silver parts. Just recesses.

Anyway, I used khorne red for the shoulders and such but did not wash it as its at the shade I want it at? Should I wash it anyway? with agrax or a red wash? I noticed that over flat areas, the red wash leaves behind like "coffee stain" marks almost. It only does this on flat areas though. This is going to be the zealot for my kill team. An extreme fanatic who belongs to a /your dudes/ cult of mine. I still have a ways to go. Gotta do some highlighting too.

>> No.72776086

What are the three large models with the blue bodies and red heads? They almost look like AM Robots.

>> No.72776087

I like hugs.

>> No.72776092

They should make daemon summoning free but only 2 dice and if you roll doubles your character dies and is replaced by a chaos spawn

>> No.72776094

enjoy getting cucked

>> No.72776101

idk why there's a nigger on a book cover when niggers can't read

>> No.72776103

They look like kastellans.

>> No.72776107

They did so even prior to 2016. I’ve seen many threads derailed even before then.

>> No.72776111

No I'm not. I specifically mentioned it was boring because it was a diverse cast that looks like every other corporate product cast on posters, its fucking boring, if it was just the black marine it would be different. You're not reading my posts and are strawmanning. I'm done with this conversation as you can't handle it.

>> No.72776112

Some of the FW IG models are even worse though. Like the Minotaur.

>> No.72776115

No, you don't need to wash it if it doesn't need it. Just make sure you shade all the recesses and do all your highlights.

>> No.72776119

You don't necessarily need to wash it all over, that may just leave it looking dirty.

>> No.72776120

>letting someone else siphon your luck so you roll double 1's

>> No.72776132

Cucked by what? My opponents non-GW dice?

You have thoroughly confused me.

>> No.72776136

Shit, I didn't even think about the cover like that. I thought it was lazy because I was pretty sure they reused the portrait of Rowboat Girlyman, now I know it's lazy because they reused the portrait AND ripped off someone else's played-out composition.

>> No.72776138

>read it wrong
Just let me indulge in my ignorance for a minute

>> No.72776139

Is this confirmed to be the new SC? Because I need some dunecrawlers and rangers.

>> No.72776140

I demand GW put even one goddamned painting in the 9th edition book that involves someone getting annihilated. All the art in 8th has a bunch of dudes pointing guns around and piling on each other, but show me some poor marine getting ripped in half by a helbrute, or some tau getting vaporized from the waist up by melta-fire.

I want eternal space war to be awesome again

>> No.72776147

That's what I said but it looks like Marines otherwise. Do people actually play Marine-Mechanicus soup?

>> No.72776150

>schizos are reeeeing about the type of dice people use
Unironically take your medicine.

>> No.72776151

I guess gw consoomers would get pretty butthurt about it

>> No.72776156

They're 7' tall monsters wearing 18" platform heels.

>> No.72776158

tomboys are the patrician choice

>> No.72776161


>> No.72776162

bring back Pariahs

>> No.72776163

My country doesn't have LGS

>> No.72776169

Nah have tau pulse weapons mutilating some sisters or guardsmen. Poor fishies can never seem to fire their weapons and it makes them look like security guards trying to apprehend people or something

>> No.72776170

T. Trumptard

>> No.72776176

Dream on kuk, soi won't let that happen.

Remember, they cried because Death of Hope was too dark.

>> No.72776177

yes it is im afraid

>> No.72776183

Just shade the recesses, so the crease between the collar and shoulderpads.

>> No.72776185

>buzzwords strung together
thanks reddit

>> No.72776186

There was the mortally wounded Imperial Fist in the 8th Edition main rulebook with a fucked up face if I remember.

>> No.72776199

your mum suk me good an hard thru my jorts

>> No.72776203

Thank you for your patience.

>> No.72776205

You stoked for the new stuff?

>> No.72776210

How about this one?
>inb4 it doesn't count because women/Polshit

>> No.72776211

Unpainted drones, color me surprised

>> No.72776216

ok. the necrons come in a necron/primaris box you dummy

>> No.72776217


A shade is meant to, as the name implies, add shadow to a color. Your red is very flat without it.

>> No.72776221

>tryhard dice

>> No.72776226

Hoo boy, I now get to debate scraping cash together now or paying more once the current set is out of circulation.
Don't be poor, anons.

>> No.72776233

Found the image

>> No.72776246

Dead bodies are not hardcore. Dead bodies should be the bare minimum for a setting that is literally "every single sentient being in the galaxy is killing each other."

>> No.72776251


see the thing is though, on some of the more flat areas on the shoulders, what would the shade or wash do? Would it be better to just do it directly into the recesses?

>> No.72776255

I mean you've got Guilliman, the second most important person in the whole galaxy, as some weird background character so that Blackus Manus and General Holdo can take front and center stage. It really looks like a Last Jedi poster more than anything. I don't think he's that far off.

>> No.72776264

i havent been around for a few days, but a buddy told me my army got nerfed because i play soup? what exactly happened. i play inquisitor detachment and guard detachment if that matters

>> No.72776267


>> No.72776273

You don't want it to pool on flat areas so I'd just do the recesses.

>> No.72776277

was about to post that myself

>> No.72776278

Can you show me the earlier pictures of 40k guro art because I can't really remember any?

>> No.72776279

Yep, aren't those still rangers with the new SC box though?

Looks like 10x Rangers, 1 transport, 1 new tech priest

>> No.72776281

What eastern European shithole do you live in that doesn't have LGS?

>> No.72776287

Kharn decides to assemble a several hundred meter tall pile of skulls in honor of Khorne.

>> No.72776303

You can use it on large flat areas to tone it down and adding a varnish will kinda blend it together nicely.

>> No.72776309

To be fair I live in Ireland and we have 1 games workshop and 2 LGS in the whole country.

>> No.72776311

>Blackus Manus
This is how I Manus.

>> No.72776321

shouldnt you be in bed? isnt it middle of the night over there or some shit

>> No.72776332

It's 9pm. I've barely started drinking.

>> No.72776334

That's a good picture, but it does not refute what he is saying at all. No graphic violence or gore to be seen.

>> No.72776337

They are, but ideally I wanted thirty rangers and three crawlers for my army so the old set was perfect. Just never got around to it. I don't need that many Dominuses (Domini?) So now I might throw a disintegrator in there, I dunno. I like the new set's priest better.

>> No.72776339

Intercessor assault squads for the chadest chapter

>> No.72776343

d'aww anon is worried about sleep schedules

>> No.72776352

We need more trans people in 40k

>> No.72776354

It's already shooting up in price on Amazon better swoop in. Especially because rangers are going up in price.

>> No.72776355

>burger education
sorry I had to

>> No.72776356

I just now realized the top of his head looks like a very small head and shoulders.
I guess I was too busy tanking him with a greatshield to notice.

>> No.72776362

Yeah but can you post the pictures of gore from earlier editions of warhams?

>> No.72776367

Fellas, I need some advice. Death Guard or Blood Angels? I like the playstyle of the BA and the models are cool I was really looking forward to painting and converting some scouts but the Death Guard models are awesome, I want Mortarion and some Deathshrouds so fucking bad.

What do I do bros?

>> No.72776368

Are you being paid to post this every day?

>> No.72776371


>> No.72776372

Leave this one to me.

>> No.72776382

>I don’t think it’s that deep, anon. It just exists, chill out.
Corporates do nothing by chance.

>> No.72776388

>unit with multiple different weapon load outs
What is this nonsense? I thought Primaris units were supposed to be easy mode so people know how to pilot the unit as a whole instead of weird mixed composition units.

>> No.72776390

I'm the dedicated new guy opponent at my store. I have a big collection of orks and will bring a bunch of minis with me, enough for 3 or 4 lists. Once I see the new players list the GM and I figure out which list I have would provide the most even challenge for the new player. Don't want to outright stomp them but also don't want to hand over an easy win.

>> No.72776393

Unironically this. Niggers too.

>> No.72776395

I honestly don't remember if older rulebooks had any of that. I'm definitely interested in going back and having a look because I actually do have a few of them in storage.

>> No.72776400

He didn't even write anything. The absolute state of bait.

>> No.72776402

Buy Dark Imperium and do both? That's what I basically did.

>> No.72776403

I want female Space Marines.

>> No.72776410

Do I still have time for a a dunecrawler sc ?
Or is it a june 1st release?

>> No.72776416

>no jump pack assault primaris
my ravenguard are still waiting.

>> No.72776417


>> No.72776418

Get a box of deathshrouds, paint them and see how you like it, nurgle models are always something you love or hate painting.

>> No.72776440

Someone should have already done it, or do it now, put a SoB head on a Space Marine mini.

>> No.72776449

Good ol racebaiting gets everyone's panties in a bunch. People don't need an excuse to want to be outraged

>> No.72776456

BAs other than the one Primaris Special character and of course standard Primaris painted as BA and DC are doomed to be squatted. Maybe BA dreadnoughts will stick around but you can guarantee that BA assault squads, DC and Sanguinary Priests will be replaced with Primaris alternatives.

Even though DG are in shit shape right now and might be really hurting with rules that they can't tarpit vehicles at least their model line is newish. Hell maybe their melee focused marines will even be good in 9th if they can reliably get into combat before turn 4.

>> No.72776459

Good idea brother, I’ll do that.

>> No.72776464

I really, REALLY dislike all these new models held up by SFX shit.

>> No.72776465


>> No.72776467

he said female not tranny

>> No.72776472

yall think there's enough good quality 3d models out there to just play 40k with prints?

>> No.72776474

I've been playing 40k since 4th edition and while I can remember plenty of "guys shooting at other guys in huge battles" type of imagery, I can't for the life of me remember any that actually show graphic blood and viscera splattering or that kinda thing. Even the Cities of Death cover just has a Vostroyan slapping the Fire Warrior.

>> No.72776481

>sold out on GW
>shipping not covered by Amazon prime (don't get this, what a fucking waste)
>LGS still shut down by Covid
Guess I'll die.

>> No.72776498

They could just put the Kayvaan Shrike jump packs into the assault intercessor box and make it a multibuild.
But I'm sure it will be an unnecessary separate box in a year.

>> No.72776507

Would female space marines look that much different from males though? Besides height and some face lines physiology wise why would they just not be slightly smaller versions of the war mutants we have now?

>> No.72776516

Like the other guy said, you basically get both with 8th starter sets. Which will be phased out soon. Also, remember rules are temporary, models are eternal. 8th meta was super volatile, what was garbage one week was OP the next. If you buy based on models, you'll always be happy. Remember you'll be spending a lot of time painting and staring at them.

>> No.72776517

Amazon is siphoning EBT and other welfare money right now for their essential potato chips in order for their stock to soar so your plastic men get shitcanned from Amazon's services even if you pay for Prime. What a fucking joke, I can't even get my free Prime shipping stuff to ship for days. It takes over a week to get paint on primer now.

>> No.72776521

Here's some questions: How new are you? How competitive are you trying to be?

I started with Dark Imperium and finished the Death Guard side first.

Got the half from dark imperium, got the battleforce box, and then just an extra bloat drone and I had enough for a table. I fleshed it out with 3 Blight Haulers and got Mortarion as a present (If you're new a heads up. This model is a cunt to make.). I also got a Typhus, Great Unclean One, and Demon Prince of Nurgle (heads up, the model if you order it on GW doesn't come with wings or claws load out.).

The half of Dark Imperium for Blood Angels isn't really the standard stuff you'd want to run. The big thing to consider is that almost all of the standard Blood Angels list is going up in price so pull the trigger before june.

>Literally Scouts, Sanguinary Guard, and Death Company are all getting increased.

>> No.72776522

Okay thanks man, I want to go with my gut here and interest in the models more than playstyle

>> No.72776526

This is your new Power Armor.

>> No.72776527

Emperor's Children already exist.

Of course GW could go full troll and bring back the 2 missing chapters and they are mixed gender because they were sent on an scouting mission outside of the range of the astronomican and since they don't have home planets to collect recruits from they have to breed on their fleet ships. Bonus points if they have even better gear and tactics than regular Marines.

>> No.72776541

>finally get around to looking into guard
>orders and massed infantry seem fun, painting 60+ guardsmen over the summer seems like a neat project
>make plans to build an infantry spam guard that's as lore friendly as it can
>9th ed turns tanks into a necessity
>price hikes for guard
why gw why

>> No.72776544

Does anyone have the measurement of this angle? I can't find my protractor, and I'm trying to make a grav plate conversion kit

>> No.72776546

Rock solid

>> No.72776549

I fucking love this armor

>> No.72776554

great start

>> No.72776555

Ideally, they wouldn't. IRL female soldiers are dressed in the same gear and are expected to function the same. It'd be a logistic problem if they can't use the same weapons and armor as the others. Give them a helmet and nobody would tell the difference.

>> No.72776559

Bro, just get free shipping with Amazon, it'll say 3 weeks estimated and be there in 1 week. It's not like the LGS is going to magically open back up holding events, you can afford to wait.

>> No.72776561

Infantry spam should still be viable, just take HWTs and a Bullgryn Deathstar, add Sentinels with vehicle deleting weapons like missile launchers or lascannons to taste.

>> No.72776564

>built in Deny the Witch
I can dig it.

>> No.72776571

Have you considered not playing competitively like a fag?

>> No.72776581

>Eldar don't have a concept of gender divided hygienic faculties
>Banshee allies just walk into cleanser after battle
>while all the male guardsmen are showering

How many issues is this going to create?

>> No.72776593

Regardless of whether a unit is getting squatted and I definitely think the founding chapter specialist units will get squatted eventually build for fluff as much as possible. Chasing the meta means constantly trading armies and generally fielding barely painted shit because you can't keep up with the current netlist otherwise.

Want to go with 6X10 BA Intercessor units with a sprinkling of specialist units then do it. Expect to get BTFO by WAAC players but eventually you'll get some respect for trying to actually play to how armies fluff depicts them.

>> No.72776594

This is how I Havel.

>> No.72776595

Eldar have very suppressed libidos, your fantasies aren't going to happen

>> No.72776599

Nah, I'm saying free shipping wasn't an option for anything on there. Leaves get less options, which sucks because our dollar is already worth jack.

>> No.72776609

I orderd the old sc! skitarii at my lfgs, since they're discontinued now and mine was out of stock will I still get the old one, or will my order change/ get canclled?
For real Im gonna miss the old start collecting box

>> No.72776611


>> No.72776614

Wouldn't happen that way. Eldar wouldn't give a fuck, while the Guardsmen would be feeling very uncomfortable.

>> No.72776626

>IRL female soldiers are dressed in the same gear and are expected to function the same
Imagine actually believing this.

>> No.72776628

I think he means guardians.

>> No.72776632

Does the Imperial Guard logistics have a concept of gender divided hygienic faculties?

>> No.72776639

I played a long time ago and just hopping back in now. I saw some BA units were getting increased so I knew I’m on a timer here decision wise. Thanks for the heads up about the DG models!

>> No.72776640


>> No.72776646

everyone at my lgs plays either triptides or the latest primaris so i don't have too many options

>> No.72776651

>sex with eldar..........

>> No.72776659

I'd be shocked if Cadians don't get new models before too long. I'd love if GW actually made a new Imperial Guard regiment that didn't look like 20th century military forces transported into 40K. Chaos actually gets more interesting human forces than IG do.

I'd love for Mechanized Infantry IG to be a thing again though.

>> No.72776660

Why are people mad about melee not being great compared to shooting? In a setting where the standard rifle is a grenade launcher melee should be secondary

>> No.72776666

HWTs with mortars I'd presume? amd are bullgryn deathstars actually a thing or just a meme

>> No.72776677

This. We all know they get easier requirements thus never complain about failing to meet the same requirements.

>> No.72776678

What faction should i main in 40k.

>> No.72776683

Some regiments do, some regiments don't. Some would have showertime opened to certain genders/groups at certain times, some, like Cadia, would probably go full Starship Troopers, while others, like Krieg, would have males and females packed into the showers like sardines.

>> No.72776690

Find new friends.

>> No.72776694

>How many issues is this going to create?

>> No.72776695

>left wing thinks the military would accept your requests to force them in & give easier training

>> No.72776696

>In a setting where the standard rifle is a grenade launcher
The standard rifle is roughly on par with modern-day battle rifles.
Which means in the grand scheme of things it does fuckall.

>> No.72776698

>>9th ed turns tanks into a necessity

Why the fuck are people parroting this? All we know is that somehow tanks will be able to fire while tagged. We have no idea how the rest of the rules are going to change or how tagged tanks will be affected, or even if ALL tanks will be able to fire while tagged or only specific units. Wait for the 9th ed rules before committing either way, no need to make purchases based on speculation.

>> No.72776700

If they are ever going to do a new line for IG I hope they just invent a new regiment and go nuts. There is a ton of freedom to explore new designs in IG. Remaking cadians or catachans would be boring (but still welcome I can't deny).

>> No.72776706

with those price hikes they'd better

>> No.72776712

No problem! Welcome back! I started at the start of 8th Edition so Death Guard was an easy choice for me. I lucked out with the battleforce coming out shortly after I started as well.

>> No.72776713

I though they'd just go on suicide missions until they die before they ever need to shower.

>> No.72776715

Trick question. Eldar don't shower

>> No.72776722

They're pretty good and the strategems they got from PA give them some more fun tactics. They can make enemies hit infantry behind them on -1, deal mortal wounds on the charge and with a Priest you can get more attacks out of them. As for HWTs mortars are the waac option, but I like putting autocannons/lascannons into my rear guard that are holding objectives so they are extra beefy. HWTs that are pure HWTs can get deleted easily so you have to be strategic with the direct fire ones. If you're running infantry guard you should have so many squads that you can get plenty of heavier shots in guardsmen teams acting like meatshields for your weapons.

>> No.72776739

Because chainswords are cool and blood for the blood god and all that.

>> No.72776741

It's logistically far better

>> No.72776745

>he doesn't know

>> No.72776746

I'd be more worried about guardsmen assaulting and trying to torture/kill the Eldar (and getting their asses handed to them) than anything sexual. Lust and sex are pretty much indoctrinated out of you in the Imperium. You only have sex to make more children for the Emperor, not out of love or libido. As for Eldar, they'd never sleep with a human. Eldar would find us as attractive as we'd find a cockroach or a leech. They'd rather have sex with an ork than a human.

>> No.72776760

Aspect warriors are segregated into their warrior shrines. Exarchs are fully autists that don't even remove armor. Guardians, Rangers and Corsairs would be the only ones likely to actually be willing to interact with humans outside of their armor anyway. If your IGs are attached to a Rogue Trader that doesn't mind working with Corsairs then it might not even be massively unusual to have Eldar and Imperials sharing space for a period of time.

>> No.72776763

It's true, I've seen the doujins.

>> No.72776770

>commisar in the corner with his bolter waiting for the first guardsman to "succumb to heresy"

>> No.72776780

How new?

>> No.72776781

>he thinks they will go through

>> No.72776784

grey knights

>> No.72776790

I'm imagining a commissar, completely naked save for his peaked cap and open greatcoat, stooping in the corner and glaring at everyone.

>> No.72776797

>Fully clothed commissar or its heretical

>> No.72776798

Oh incels. Always be incelling.

>> No.72776800

Off the top of my head the Canadian military was told a decade or so ago that they had to hold women to lower standards then men so that more women could join easily.

>> No.72776807

Tomboys are good

>> No.72776819

quads wasted on asking if you should use mortars on HWTs. fuck

>> No.72776826

Just play tau

>> No.72776829

Honestly most IG are probably mixed gender units. You are deployed for years on end and unless you are on a troop transport that has brothels being condoned by the fleet you are going to need ways for the Guard to blow off steam especially if they are stuck in the warp or deployed in a hostile warzone where there are no friendly civilians. Having mixed gender units helps solve that problem and you can eliminate the risk of guardsmen getting pregnant by just implanting some sort of birth control every year.

>> No.72776834

Tomboys are pretty good. But I prefer my big tiddy goth fiance.

>> No.72776836


>> No.72776837

amazon prices have been fucked for like two months now
they used to be selling at below msrp, now they're above msrp for most of the catalogue

>> No.72776852

>Off the top of my head

>> No.72776855

alright, thank you. One more thing, Bullgryns don't get regimental doctrines, right? So which doctrine would you recommend?

>> No.72776856

because two shooting armies against each other is dull as hell

>> No.72776862

As soon as GW stock stopped shipping all of the third party retailers had a field day.

>> No.72776866

All guys want big tiddy goth gf.
Until they get one and realize they wanted a short tomboy gf all along

>> No.72776913

Sex between guardsmen is usually prohibited as that sort of fratenization lowers cohesion and effectiveness. If anything, guardsmen are trained to see gender as interchangeable and a nonfactor. They are desexualized and there are no women or men, just guard. Even an extremely attractive soldier wouldn't be seen as any more different than the ugly hunchback if they performed equivalently.

>> No.72776935

DG dont have any supplements or anything right?

>> No.72776974

Gaunts Ghost regulary fuck

>> No.72776989

is runefang steel the right highlight for lead belcher?

>> No.72777053

That's not what the Abnett and Cain book depict. Kriegers definitely but they are barely human.

>> No.72777141

god i forgot what a cesspit the 40k threads are

its a black guy jesus christ shut the fuck up you insecure faggots

>> No.72777173

The red looks kind of flat at the moment so I'd recommend some highlighting on the edges

>> No.72777207

I think Cain implies even Kriegers aren't like that, they just are incredibly restrained with outsiders.

>> No.72777303

Whichever one you like the look of the most

>> No.72777366

Not yet, their Psychic Awakening isn't out yet.

>> No.72778247

Can't wait to use its bits for a Daemon Prince.

>> No.72778276


>> No.72778328


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