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Shard of the Void Dragon edition

Quick summary:
-9th confirmed
>Tanks can shoot in combat
>New terrain rules borrowing from big tournaments
>An effort to make better missions and terrain rules so all tournaments use the same rules as GW terrain rules and missions suck. (Expect it to borrow from ITC heavily)
>Primaris bikers, grav melta bois, Primaris veterans with stormshields and other shit nobody cares about confirmed
>Refresher on the 9th ed announcement

>Based GW Rising Prices Again:

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlYllSFhPWk [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:


>3rd Party Pastebin:
https://pastebin.com/XHFCunAZ (embed)

>Book Megas (Don't share these, cunts):


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cringe, in a based way

>> No.72772064

Are melee armies fucked now that vehicles can't get tagged in the charge phase?

>> No.72772067

Should Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers get new models?

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>> No.72772072

what fucking paint are you eating?

>> No.72772080

I lived to see GW use "sucks" in their promo material

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>> No.72772089

dubs decide the warlord I use for my Genestealer Tau Army. I've got 250 points to burn on it but I can't decide what to pick

>> No.72772090

I still don't like Necrons

>> No.72772095


Space Age Warrior Monks are back on the menu boys. Tacticool faggotry is so 2018.

>> No.72772096

the book cover actually looks really good, Guilliman looks great

>> No.72772097

That C'tan is legit one of the best over-the-top centerpiece models GW has made in years. Looks like a Dark Souls boss.

>> No.72772098

>Are melee armies fucked now that vehicles can't get tagged in the charge phase?
Wait. They weren't fucked before? I must be shit...

>> No.72772106

Trying to get my necron buying plan in order. I've got the start collecting box, so I'm thinking I should get
for three troops, and they aren't being updated
then maybe tomb blades and wraiths?
I want praetorians but I can't tell if the ones in the pic are new sculpts or not.

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We have to wait for the rules. I'm hoping that having tanks tagged reduces their BS or toughness. I wouldn't mind if the tank could still shoot but suffered a -2 to hit that can't be mitigated.

>> No.72772109 [DELETED] 

Are we going to talk about how problematic this is? Is GW ok with that you think?

>> No.72772118

looks like we're getting superheavy destroyers judging from OP pic

>> No.72772119

>those walkers
>that fuck off destroyer
>new c'tan
Oh it's gonna be good

>> No.72772123

Hopefully the new terrain rules change up things. At the very least you can use the ITC houserule that the 1st floor of every terrain is completely solid and blocks LOS.
Cuts down lethality by a lot when the map isn't effectively a flat shooting range.

>> No.72772130

>primaris tactical squad with boltguns and access to special and heavy weapons lists, 2 specials or 1 special and 1 heavy per 5
>primaris devastator squad with access to heavy weapons list
>primaris terminator squads with both loadouts
>access to old vehicles
>primaris techmarine
Please, GW, I want marines to feel like actual marines.

>> No.72772132

Are necronfags in love with the new models or have they, like eldarfags before them, declared they will not be buying any of the new models?

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>> No.72772138

inb4 the new necron warriors end up ETB like the chaos warriors GW came out with last year

>> No.72772139

the tall bugs are cool

>> No.72772143

Gives out more Evangelion vibes to me

>> No.72772146

100% this. 9crons are the best iteration yet. I hope they retcon as much of the shitty wardfluff as possible.

>> No.72772147

Holy shit, that new Destroyer is thick as all hell.

>> No.72772148

But I'm not a necronfag

>> No.72772150


praetorians are deffinetly not getting updated judging from op pic

>> No.72772154

Finally a Primaris model that actually looks like a space marine

>> No.72772157

I dont like the piggy round noses

>> No.72772161

Who's this?

>> No.72772168


I agree this new batch is no cheesy in the same horrible way the Wardian update was, it is more faithful to old Blanchitsu.

Glad they haven't outdated all the model, I am looking forward to the Melee destroyers.

>> No.72772170

So how long before female Space Marines?

>> No.72772174

Ignoring Primaris lore, the proportions and height for them make regular Space Marine aesthetics pop out so much more.

>> No.72772182

Have heard some people prefering things like the old monolith, but seen zero comments about people hating on the new necron models.

>> No.72772184

Just let it go. It's not going to take, piganon.

>> No.72772189

>OH! Sorry Anon, I can see the tip of one of your rifles through the window! Guess you didn't hide your units well enough ;). Ok, so this unit gets 76 shots at -2 AP...

I will be happy to never have that happen again.

>> No.72772190

I'm guessing a new Assassin-themed HQ or something

>> No.72772193

I guess tactical marines don’t look like space marines now

>> No.72772201

I just hope the new intercessors can be DC, they seem ideal for my BA army.

>> No.72772203

>those walkers
>that fuck off destroyer
>new c'tan
>Oh it's gonna be good
The new stuff is amazing, but I'm worried it's going to make all of my old stuff look like shit when I add it too my army. I already converted a bunch of heavy destroyers, but they look like ass next to that new one.

>> No.72772208

That open cockpit of that flier is stupid

>> No.72772211

We are now in the Skavenblight Dinge ( or maybe Corvus Black ) basetrim era.

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>> No.72772214

When the new range is released in full and you all hold the models in your hands you will see that I was right.

>> No.72772215

Nobody can be sure before we see the rules.
Just like in the transition between 7th and 8th, which admittedly generated some good memes

>> No.72772216

Yeah after a while playing at my LGS we all decided to use that houserule since GW uses swiss cheese for their terrain, everything is riddled with holes so you'll never block LOS.

>> No.72772217

Most necron players are happy to be getting some positive attention at all for the army.

>> No.72772220

If only they hadn't trashed and changed every marine unit, weapon, vehicle and design in the process...

>> No.72772224

he stealthy

>> No.72772227

Started at end of last thread, but: I the only one who prefers the old Monolith? I love all the other stuff (apart from sculpted effecrs C'tan) but the mottled surfaces on the new Monolith are a bit much.

>> No.72772232

Explain this meme to me please

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>> No.72772238

Can he spin his upper body like a propeller?

>> No.72772240

Who wore it better?

im tempted to get the primaris version for my csm teebh

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>> No.72772242

Tick tock marinelets

>> No.72772243


>> No.72772244

>Are necronfags in love with the new models or have they, like eldarfags before them, declared they will not be buying any of the new models?
I will be buying all of this new stuff. It's fucking awesome

>> No.72772247

It's mechanicus standard gray and they've been doing it for at least 5 years now. They don't do a single base trim anymore.

>> No.72772250

As a non-necronfag who always hated the old models, the new stuff is enough of an improvement that I'm tempted to start collecting them now.

>> No.72772253

>I hope they retcon as much of the shitty wardfluff as possible.

>> No.72772254

11 new xenos kits in one image. My body is ready.

>> No.72772255

Fuck me. Necrons have like 8 to 12 units coming.

>> No.72772257

I loved the fabius oneshotting knights shitstorm

>> No.72772263

Well the Eldar situation was a bit different since it was overpriced and it was plastic models for units not many people wanted.

>> No.72772264


The old monolith has always looked like shit. It's always looked like one of those plasticard homemade proxies.

>> No.72772265


>just dont highlight the nose in a stupidly bright color


>> No.72772266

We know, you keep trying to force this meme.

>> No.72772270

So wait i'm autistic, are the new sword+shield marines and the one with executioner blade and hourglass new troop types or HQ type characters? cause if they are troop types they could make for amazing black templars

>> No.72772278

Those dudes are great, shame the melee Intercessors have the same problem as normal Intercessors (look great solo, but no variety in armour or weapons).

>> No.72772280

I thought every model had to be on a base

>> No.72772287

that's why they should have been truescale marines from the beginning

>> No.72772288

I love those tripods, I play admech and I'm mad jelly

>> No.72772289

I like the new one too, but the old one has a more striking silhouette, I admit

>> No.72772290

The primaris one is so much better it's not even funny. It even feels like it fits the established units more, being a Chaplian spin-off that expands the lore and roles of the reclusiam branch of the loyalists, while the CSM executioner feels like a random shitter that came out of nowhere.

>> No.72772296

Me too. Not worried about starting one with the new box set. New marines are fucking great too.

>> No.72772302

There's both. There's a sword + shield + volkite pistol lieutenant, a sword + shield captain and the unit of 3 veterans.

>> No.72772304

11 in the image alone

>> No.72772305

more like retcron haha

>> No.72772308

I'm thinking of doing an IG army with recast Steel legion. I had the thought of running them as Scions so I don't need to buy a bazillion of them and because Hotshot lasguns are awesome, but then I'd have nothing to do with Lascannon or HB teams. What would you do?

>> No.72772310

I like all of them, except for >>72772157
And for those guys I can just convert up some other sort of necron golem.

>> No.72772311

Chaos manlets getting mogged again

>> No.72772312

vehicles like tanks tend to use cringe

>> No.72772313

Minimum 14 kits so far, but I'm expecting more like 16

>> No.72772314

>Ignoring Primaris lore

>> No.72772315

DEVLAN MUD of course

>> No.72772316

>Fuck me. Necrons have like 8 to 12 units coming.
Bottom left is a new immortal too. I painted so many... Guess I'll be painting more then.

>> No.72772317

Executioner is probably HQ
Sword and Shield guys are Company Veterans so they should be Elites

>> No.72772320

CSM executioner unironically looks like a AOS khorne character repurposed for 40k

>> No.72772330

Fuck boys, they made me into the starwars consoomer guy

>> No.72772331

Almost as if making new marines but changing everything that defined them was a mistake when people just wanted a model update. Seriously mairnes are the only faction they've done this, all the other updates have been fantastic.

>> No.72772333

>while the CSM executioner feels like a random shitter that came out of nowhere.
So all chaos fags?

>> No.72772335

why do they have all the cross?
is this some kind of specialist sub-division of chapters?

>> No.72772340

>No sign of new Flayed Ones
Immortal guy confirmed for HQ. Old immortals without chest runes are in OP pic.
I have plans for the monolith. Freehanding plans. I will not be getting the new ones, though they do look cool.

Thusfar the only model I dislike is the tripod lord, but only because his model looked cluttered. I think he could be converted to an acceptable state.

>> No.72772344

What happened?

>> No.72772345


>> No.72772347

Some of the first informations about 8th edition were about the fact that vehicles had now wounds and toughness, that everybody could would anything with a 6 and that battleshock would remove models.

So it generated a meme where Fabolous bile, whose weapon in 7th edition was Instant Death, (which meant that it had basically infinite damage in 8th terms) succesfully wounded a Titan with a 6 to wound, oneshotting it and causing the rest of the Titans to run away because of battleshock.

>> No.72772349


>> No.72772357

Armageddon Dunes is the patricians choice

>> No.72772358

I think we're looking at almost a complete revamp, Sob or deldar style
Good for you necronfags

>> No.72772361

>Necrons are now battle damaged by default
why? people who want that are too retarded to do it themselves?

>> No.72772362

The sword and shield marines are an Elites choice called Bladeguard Veterans.

The executioner is a Character called a Judicar, unsure if he's an HQ or Elite choice, could easily go either way.

>> No.72772363

It is time.

>> No.72772374

Crux terminatus. They are veterans.

>> No.72772377

the immortals in the large picture are the old ones though

maybe that's for the starter only or he's a character

>> No.72772380

Nope, look at >>72772040 pic. They don't have the glyphs on the chest.

>> No.72772381

Space marines are a Christian army

>> No.72772383

Someone call the Custodes that guy stole a pair of their boots

>> No.72772385

primaris is too smegma like, even the name 'judicater' or whatever.
this guy is right though >>72772290
that the MoE feels like it came out of nowhere

>> No.72772391

Give if another edition and everything will be back but slightly rounder.

>> No.72772394

The chaplaincy

>> No.72772403

Orkfags must be on suicide watch right now.

>> No.72772407

>Silent King
>Skorpek Lord
>Skorpek Destroyers
>Canoptek Longlegs
>Canoptek Longerlegs
>Cryptek/Lord with Igors
>New Lord
>Heavy Destroyer
>New Warriors
>New Scarabs
>Mysterios guy behind the Monolith
>Immortal guy alone in the lower left angel of your pic (sergeant?)

>> No.72772410

>but changing everything that defined them
3 New implants and height?

>> No.72772414

I love them as a 4e necrons player, will probably get the lot

>> No.72772417

How does one wear that skull with leather mask thing? Is that even a helmet? Is that his face?

>> No.72772419


At least 14 by my count.

New Floaty Cryptek + Friends
Melee Destroyers
Melee Destroyer Lord
Fat Destroyer
Smol Walker
Big Walker
Silent King
Dude Behind Monolith
Axe Boi from starter

And I'm betting on new normal Destroyers and Flayed ones to get rid of all finecast and green rods.

>> No.72772420

Looks way better. More stuff in 40k should come battle-damaged by default. Arguably everything. Nothing says "in the grim darkness of the far future there is ONLY WAR" like everything being battle-scarred.

>> No.72772421

Primaris crux terminatus?

>> No.72772423

>Primaris get volkite weaponry while admech only gets more stubbers
This feel is like a scream that you can't let out

>> No.72772424

Ty anons

>> No.72772425

I think orkfags are extinct actually

time to kill eldarfags though

>> No.72772429

What makes you think current GW would retcon Warfluff? The two go hand in hand.

>> No.72772431

>the immortals in the large picture are the old ones though
>maybe that's for the starter only or he's a character
Oh good. I hope that's the case.

>> No.72772433

Some of those don't look that good.

>> No.72772435

How much do you guys think that new c'tan looking angel cunt is gonna cost?

>> No.72772447

And we can add to that the almost guaranteed new Flayed Ones and probably regular Destroyers.

>> No.72772449

only thing missing to be remade are flayers and certain characters

>> No.72772452

Lorelet. The crux terminatus is already a thing, regardless of primaris/minimarine status.

It's a honorary ranking, not something you can just make another version of.

>> No.72772455

same as greater daemons $150

>> No.72772457

Yeah, the fuckers in the bottom right. Good thing they're about to get annihilated lmao.

>> No.72772458

But most of them look pretty good

>> No.72772463

>mfw NuChaos for 9th edition still has shit summoning rules, and still has no chaos Undivided mark because fuck you Iron Warriors/Night Lords/Word Bearers

>> No.72772465

>And I'm betting on new normal Destroyers
I would guess the normal destroyer gun will be an option in the fat destroyer kit

>> No.72772466

Hah, good one. Thanks anon.

>> No.72772470

>Immortal guy alone in the lower left angel of your pic (sergeant?)
I think he's a new special HQ probably an LT teir immortal commander or something, higher than the standard but lower than a lord.

>> No.72772473

People assumed that Fabius' pimp cane, which had Instant Death in 7th edition (meaning instantly killing multi wound models) would also instant-kill vehicles and titans in 8th edition because vehicles also got a wounds stat, rather than hullpoints.

>> No.72772474

Remember to add your notes to the picture too.
Preferably in crayon.

>> No.72772475

Reminder that Bolters are supposed to fire caseless ammunition, but artists can't resist the temptation of radical shell ejection.

>> No.72772477

150 USD
270 AUS
110 pounds

>> No.72772478

Anybody think that gay leg-armor on the new Primaris Chaplain/Judicar/whatever looks like shit?

>> No.72772479


This is what happens when GW model makers do not communicate with anyone else and just make stuff.

The rules and fluff team were shown primaris squads with mono weapons and had to make separate units from tactical squads leading to the primars debacle.

>> No.72772481

A few years off your life in stress every time you have to transport a model held up entirely by plastic static.

>> No.72772482

All Ultramarines are good, clean Roman Catholics

>> No.72772484

Why have the Eldar been left behind in regards to new plastic kits? Are they not a popular faction?

>> No.72772489

>partially created Warrior exiting the Monolith's Infinity Gate
holy shit

>> No.72772490

They might change how reinforcement points work in the core rules which could buff summoning.

>> No.72772493


>> No.72772494

Jokes on you while everyone was investing in 90+ ork boyz i have complete my army of walkers, no need to fear the tank shooting at me in melee if i can snap it like a twig first

>> No.72772498

I'm tired of waiting just so I can get back what I already had before.
No, just their armour designs, their weapons, their units, their vehicles and having everything segregated between primaris and non primaris. I just want space marines, not a stupid and arbitrary division.

>> No.72772502


>> No.72772504

and 350 points on the tabletop

>> No.72772507

How much does a Bloodthirster cost?

>> No.72772509

If they bring AoS-styled summoning to 9th ed I would be more than happy.

>> No.72772510

Are we sure fatboi is a replacement and not a new tier of destroyer?

>> No.72772515

>playing chaos

>> No.72772517

I pray a reverse-overwatch is introduced so that there's actually a penalty for running from a fight

>> No.72772520


>> No.72772523

Around £90ish for brits and $140-150 for americans

>> No.72772524

What are the chances GW doesn't botch crons release and makes flayerts a troop choice?

>> No.72772537

Dont forget, look at the terrain, especially that pylon near the back monolith in op pic.

>> No.72772540

he looks like a destroyer, I have no reason to think they made two

>> No.72772542

you guys aren't super helpful huh.

>> No.72772543

Yesterday I saw some anon say that GW is going to distance themselves from Forge World and restrict them only to secondary games, because they fucked up somehow. Did something happen or is this guy just another /tg/ certified schizo?

>> No.72772547

GW are doing Sigmarites vs Orcs for AoS next, so there will be no 40k love for Orks any time soon.

>> No.72772549

They are not, lorelet, they're two-stage. The cartridge gets the gyro jet part put of the barrel at speed and then the rocket takes over.

>> No.72772558

>chaos Undivided mark
Only snowflakes give a fuck about this

>> No.72772564

No I think the have incredibly shit taste, the leg armor especially on the Judicar looks fucking amazing.

>> No.72772565

Yep it reminds me of Stormcast which I hate, and Custodes which claimed it first.

>> No.72772566

>Iron Warriors/Night Lords/Word Bearers
iron warriors are loyalists in denial, they deserve bullying
night lords are a meme army, nobody actually cares
the word bearers WANT to eat shit

so really, fuck em

>> No.72772567

$40 from the heretical forgeworlds. Discounted to $30 once the hype dies down

>> No.72772575

Well, the man at charge died and they've done fuck nothign since then. I think that counts as something happening.

>> No.72772576

So lemme get this straight. They plan the greatest reveal in the universe on a saturday and show two units, one of which is exactly the same as an existing one. They blue ball necrons. The next day, they show a high res version of the leaks in which the silent king is shown, rendering the previous blue balling obsolete.
I dont understand GW, now less than ever. Their marketing team must be one of the worse, if not the worst in all tabletop/boardgames

>> No.72772577

I hope we get a Flayed One HQ. I want to dab on destroyer lords with him.

>> No.72772580


Rockets need time to accelerate, so an initial charge gets them going so they can be lethal up close.

>> No.72772581

>Ranch or Cool Ranch?

>> No.72772582

I don't consider Terrain only seen in the background of group shots. Most of the time it's been kitbashed or made explictly for the pictures.

>> No.72772588



Calling it now that's a shard of the Void Dragon.

>> No.72772594

>8th edition necron players got monkey pawed

>> No.72772598

yesterday's stream was completely fucked
they should have just gone through all the necron models one by one, the hype would have been through the roof

>> No.72772600

>Shoei sticker

Ok fat head

>> No.72772601

Aren't they recycled Bonerippers models?

>> No.72772604

How so? We're all talking about it. The speculation and image pick-aparting made it so we had two or three generals at a time all day yesterday and they all hit post limit.

>> No.72772607

Theres like 2.5 more releases for Elfs this year in AoS, to go with the 6 or so Elf armies.

Its like GW are purposely trying to filter Elfdar fags out of 40k, and over to AoS.

>> No.72772610

I still think 95% of Necron sculpts look better if you chop off the lower jaw

>> No.72772612

They announced the new edition yesterday and then leaked the new models so they could do another reveal today. If you don't understand you may have a disability

>> No.72772614

Honestly I wouldn't mind that. This is a much cooler interpretation of the Void Dragon than I thought we might see. Also would mean more lore focus on AdMech.

>> No.72772616

I assume they wanted everyone to go to their new website but yeah, most people are just going to see those shit youtube clips of the 3d renders of two units.

>> No.72772619

Cleaved marine i did for fun. Not amazin, some paint texture, and shade issues, plus needs more highlights, but i really like him, maybe you will too.
Inb4 undrilled barrel, not yet lol.

>> No.72772621

I still think that's a horrible idea.

>> No.72772622

certified shizo

>> No.72772628

For the first time in 10 years, I’m excited for 40k. Based Ninecrons indeed!

The ambivalence was real.

>> No.72772630

Reminder that everyone is going to play necrons and pretend they always loved them. It's over.

>> No.72772631

You don't understand anon, the leak was the reveal.

>> No.72772634

why are necron beige now?

>> No.72772636

yeah it was retarded
look at how many new models there are on that picture
if they had shown off all of those on the stream they would have created insane hype

>> No.72772638


>> No.72772639

Also iirc releasing a new model takes a year of planning and shit, they must have been really tight-lipped about all this considering necrons have been the punching bag for almost all of 8th ed.

>> No.72772643

Never blow your load at once

>> No.72772644

I like him, but good god, get a better camera.

>> No.72772647

>8th edition necron players got monkey pawed
In what way?

>> No.72772648

Played a couple Maelstrom games against Ultramarines yesterday, once with my AdMech, then another with Orks. AM had an absurdly effective T1 shooting, completely crippled his army so not much to report on there.

Ork game was better matched, had first turn again nearly but for him seizing. It was my first time trying out Saga of the Beast stuff, I was running two Gunwagons to see how the turret kustom jobs would do (we agreed to rule the periscope issue in favor of being able to fire twice).

He was definitely intimidated by the ZagZap wagon and spent most of his T1 antitank on trying to kill it, but it survived with 6 wounds and one of my big meks brought it back into its top bracket. It did ok in shooting, didn't manage to trigger the MW on either shot but still took 6 wounds off an Impulsor the normal way. Unfortunately that's about all it managed, he did polish it off on his T2.

Da Boomer gunwagon definitely accomplished more. In my vehicle centric army I don't have a lot of great targets for More Dakka, but this was a good one - it pretty handily cleaned out a group of 6 hellblasters with one volley, and probably would have done for a significant chunk of a second group of 6 had he not popped transhuman physiology after seeing what it did to the first squad.

I also tried out the gyro whirligig on a Dragsta. It's definitely an autotake even if you're just bringing one of them, the flexibility of just having that thing jump to wherever you want it every turn is too good, and actually got me a Domination objective - without that I would have lost that game as he had gotten an easy combo of "kill X+ units" objectives on his first turn that, while he didn't score them then thanks to thorough KFF coverage, still left him with 9 points at the end of his second turn.

>> No.72772651

>I dont understand GW
no one does

>> No.72772653

What's not to understand?
They were planning to drip feed content, but somone put out a bunch of spoilers, so they had to damage control it today.
You'll notice on todays reveal that the models have been cut out very well and have a fuzzy white outline in places.
This is the sign of a rushed, slap dash job.

>> No.72772656

the leaks arrived before the steam

>> No.72772659

No point in yesterdays stream if you’re using your community page to show new models. They fucked up and they know it

>> No.72772660

They're copper and it looks infinity times better than the old dull silver gray.

>> No.72772662

What about Dark Eldar and Ynnari forces? I want more coom space elfs.

>> No.72772673

Buy some respirator upgrade kits or backpacks and add those to distinguish your Scions from your regular troopers (with heavy weapon teams)?
Or just port the heavy weapon team rules over to the Scions and homebrew it.

>> No.72772674

Sneakytep the Sneaky

>> No.72772675

>but somone put out a bunch of spoilers
They put them out, they even said so themselves in the article.

>> No.72772676

People will recognize the OGs by their green rods.

>> No.72772681

Fuck off knife ear faggots

>> No.72772682

new admech start collecting

>> No.72772685

Dude, the work i put in to even get it that bearable.
Money must be spent on new minis, not new phones sadly.

>> No.72772686

This needs to happen to make melee more viable. Ranged is all reward no risk already, being able to just exit what should be a worst-case scenario is ridiculous.
Flier bonus could then be avoiding melee overwatch rather than getting to retreat and fire.

>> No.72772687

because silver is monotonous, bright turquoise is cartoony, other combinations require a different colour of glowy gauss shit and the brass sells the ancient look well

it's their best scheme possible

>> No.72772689


its a stormcast celestant prime sent to the wrong universe by smegmar

>> No.72772691

They also announced a new edition yesterday. Then they teased some of the new models, including leaking the images, so they could follow up with a bigger reveal with more hype that wasn't splitting focus between other announcements. And it worked.

>> No.72772692

They're introducing a new dynasty. They haven't said much beyond that.

>> No.72772693

>People will recognize the OGs by their green rods.

>> No.72772698


New dynasty scheme, for the Silent King's forces.

>> No.72772699

I dunno I've got around 80 of the old guys, and I kinda like the new guys more. Don't really wanna replace my warriors tho.

>> No.72772700

DE already got drazhar and incubi recently, sorry. Wait another year.

>> No.72772704

The pilot is living metal and doesn't breath.

>> No.72772705

You playing on TTS?

>> No.72772706

Because the Sautekh Dynasty isn't the frontman anymore.
Which means my sautekh lads won't get called generic anymore.

>> No.72772714

I still don't like those tanks.

>> No.72772715

they fucked around with HH really badly. They literally took 6+ months on average to do each Primarch. They're now only 2/3rds through the HH in terms of books as well, even though its a dead game.

>> No.72772718

something something wraith-hero something something

>> No.72772721

Well at this rate they're probably gonna move marinelets to Horus Heresy once the Solar War book comes out

>> No.72772722

So now that Necrons got their badly needed update, which remaining army takes their spot at the bottom with the shittiest old sculpts? Guard or Craftworlds?

>> No.72772725

what's a good base for some space marines?
blood angels specifically

>> No.72772728

Primaris White Scars Successors now send this guy after bitches. WYD?

>> No.72772730

I am Khorneholio!

>> No.72772731


>> No.72772735

Triarch dynasty now.

>> No.72772736


>> No.72772737

I don't get how that's a monkey paw.
I mean, they get 12+ new units and will share the posterboy status with Marines for an edition. What is not good in that?
I don't even see a bad model in all they've shown on the Necron side on Marine side I'm not a fan of the executioner/chaplain/judicathing at all - the armor is somewhat okay, but I dislike everything else, from the helmet to the leather gloves, including the sword and the hourglass

>> No.72772739

To the thousands of new necron players... bring super glue to your games, those fiddly energy parts are not going to fix themselves. Kindly, a former nighthaunt player

>> No.72772742

I'll never not laugh at the stubbers holy shit what were they thinking?

>> No.72772743

army list, not paint

>> No.72772747

Are Skorpius Dunerider worth the investment ? I want a transport for my Vanguards but don't know if they are worth the points they cost.

>> No.72772750

for real? I'm glad I got 2x of the old one. I love the dunecrawlers and the tech priest dominus. I bought one transport out of need.
ALso, is it me or is this SC even less pts then the old one?

>> No.72772755

Oh, I like this.

>> No.72772762

That was obvious the moment primaris were announced. We just need primaris to feel like actual marines before that happens.

>> No.72772763


>> No.72772769

I kinda wish that a Flayer specific army has access to a item that allows a Flayer Champion to pull an enemy unit 6" out of position and closer to them. Roll on BS of course

>> No.72772771

How? It's not like death guard where your whole army is getting replaced

>> No.72772772

So in 8th
Necrons got a tease
Eldar got disrespected
Orks got BTFOd
Tau got basically nothing
Chaos got a good update

>> No.72772774

Why? We got some good rules changes and stratagems in our PA, hoping that 9th will continue re-balancing our units. New kits for kommandos, deffkoptors, tankbustas, etc. would be nice, but its not end of the world if they didn't.

>> No.72772777

Makes sense. That transport costs more dollars than a Land Raider in Aus. Noone was buying it.

>> No.72772781

>waa waa no one plays xenos
>waa waa gw add more space marine stuff
Daily reminder why the hobby died out.

>> No.72772784

Because 8th edition necrons were an almost neutral space egyptian race, very clean looking. Now Necrons are the big bad antagonist, more like oldcrons, killbots who follow the silent king.

>> No.72772785

>no sororitas on the box so far
Hmmm weird decision but ok

>> No.72772790

eldar definitely

>> No.72772791

well it's the only transport we got, and the Vanguards aren't surviving walking into firing range. I mean, they probably will. +2 save and all

>> No.72772794


Need one more squad of skitarii, don't need anymore Onagers or Techpriest Dominus, so this might be of interest. Not a huge fan of the boats but I don't hate it like some people do, I can't see myself buying one at box price so this would be the only way I'd ever own one.

>> No.72772796

I hate how on the OP image, the Triarch Stalker in the back is the thing that LEAST fits in with the new Necron Stuff

>> No.72772797

Glad I bought the old ones.

What did he mean by this?

>> No.72772799

>nd will share the posterboy status with Marines for an edition
Not really, only for a few months. Death Guard didnt stay at poster boy status for all of 8th by any stretch of the imagination.

>> No.72772801

>new Destroyer with ridiculously chunky robot ass and extra thicc robot gun
>Spooky Stealthy Skeleton
>War of the Worlds Tripod/Quadpods
>Angelcron with a holographic rune for a face

I like

>> No.72772804

Guard is so easily customized and the vehicles are great. I'm giving this one to the Eldar.

>> No.72772813

also new terrain

>> No.72772816

Its Primaris vs Necrons, there are no Sisters in the starter set.

>> No.72772822

>If you order either the collector’s edition or the standard hardback, we’ll even throw in a pair of datasheet cards for Syll’Esske, the Vengeful Allegiance and Shalaxi Helbane!
But why?

>> No.72772826

Goddamn I forgot how horrible this mini is.

>> No.72772831

I already bring super glue to my games for other people, ever since I played an admech guy who couldn't keep his servo skulls on his models.

t. tau player

>> No.72772835


had to do it
i'm so so sorry
pls no bully

>> No.72772839


That's a "intern forgot how many skitarii come in a box after already flattening layers and closing the file" right there, Jim.

>> No.72772841

>died out
What crack are you smoking it's bigger than ever.

Also what the fuck are you even talking about when Necrons just got the biggest update in like 3 editions.

>> No.72772843

I think that's scratchbuilt terrain actually, the studio consistently creates small diorama pieces to show the armies

>> No.72772845

Marines killed the hobby. Eventually their pedo way would doom us all

>> No.72772847

>Need one more squad of skitarii, don't need anymore Onagers or Techpriest Dominus
Literally me. I do wonder if it's transport only or if you can make the tank variant out of that? If yes I'm buying 1.

>> No.72772857

>GW decides to start 9th with two big box releases
>starter box is primaris vs necrons
>battle box is sisters vs necrons

How would you react?

>> No.72772860

>> No.72772862

>Because 8th edition necrons were an almost neutral space egyptian race, very clean looking. Now Necrons are the big bad antagonist, more like oldcrons, killbots who follow the silent king.
I'm starting to realise you don't know what monkey pawed means...

>> No.72772863

They havent done that in a very long time.

>> No.72772866

but it's great, you have shit taste

>> No.72772870

I love them man, selling my admech so I can focus on expanding my existing Necrons with these new releases

>> No.72772873

>New box is 190pts
Jesus lol, you can't even play a 500pts game with it.

>> No.72772877

I'm sure there will be dynasties who tell SK to suck it or woke up too broken to get the call.

Bickering phaerons is one of my favorite aspects of the lore.

>> No.72772878

They want to sell those minis in both game settings, but have no Slaanesh book coming up any time soon.

>> No.72772881

Nothing is stopping me from still having that aesthetic.

>> No.72772884

Because Daemons are the other half of Engine War?

>> No.72772886

I just don't get the people who don't buy 3rd party when it looks cool

>> No.72772892

As someone who skipped the entire Ward phase because everything looked retarded, these are a vast improvement. They look like the original Necron concept stuff.

>> No.72772894 [DELETED] 

I have the OG Monolith as well, though I will also be getting the newer one as well. Both will be painted in colorshift paints, so hot.

>> No.72772895

I'm gonna start DEldar as my new army so I'm gonna count for something I guess?

>> No.72772898

The guy in charge died, so there's that.

>> No.72772900

Sure that would be fine. But they're not going to release two boxes like that very close together.

>> No.72772902

Ten skittles seems legit though.

>> No.72772903

Well its pretty much confirmed Imotehk hates TSK already because hes a threat to his power

>> No.72772904


It says in the community article that it can be built as both (they've never cut out a half of any of the dual build kits in box sets as far as I know).

>> No.72772907

>They havent done that in a very long time.
they do it every aos release

>> No.72772911

so orks generally treat their human slaves better than chaos does, right?

>> No.72772914

Do you think the other Necrons bully the Destroyer for having such a gigantic ass?

>> No.72772919

>Goddamn I forgot how horrible this mini is.
Painted in a non-cartoon style, this model is great

>> No.72772923

The monkey paw is that now us chad crons are gonna people jumping onto the army. A portion of them are going to be annoying grogs about what real aesthetics crons should have instead of letting people play with their space skellies.

>> No.72772924

Some people are stuck playing at GW stores.

>> No.72772927

Buy three!

>> No.72772929

Hope the stockist I got theold SC in time, I want a dunecrawler.

>> No.72772931

>he doesn't remember heavy-chan

>> No.72772932

is the tallbug carrying a doomsday cannon?

>> No.72772933

Yeah but that's really not saying much.

>> No.72772934

>so orks generally treat their human slaves better than imperium does, right?

>> No.72772939

Inasmuch as falling into a trash compactor would be better than falling into a wood chipper, I guess.

>> No.72772944

The FW sculptors make really nice models for the most part at least.

>> No.72772945


>> No.72772946

They're not separate sprues, and it literally says you can in the article...

>> No.72772948

probably depends on the warband. Thousand Sons probably treat their slaves better, and Emperor's Children likely treat them way worse.

>> No.72772951

>want a box of something
>2+ more months of lockdown
>store will most likely be dead by the time it ends so I'll just have to order from GW anyway

>> No.72772952


>> No.72772966

> heres your ork release bro

>> No.72772968

Is this GW trying to appeal to a younger audience?

>> No.72772971


Yes, but if you don't count the one that's sitting on top of the circled rifle, it's 9. He made the collage for the cover of the box with 9, then flattened the layers for each ranger and closed off the file (meaning he couldn't revert it). Then he realized he fucked up and went back to fix it but the 10th ranger would overlap anything he put it over so he was fucked unless he started over (which he should have because christ it doesn't take very long to arrange a bunch of transparent images over a white background).

>> No.72772972

Holy shit Press F

>> No.72772973

The box will probably be good price wise, but that's not a SC box you want, more of a finisher. You want to start with the old box and then finish of with this box.

>> No.72772976

the chaos executioner looks way better if you give him WE bits like a khorne helmet and a chainaxe. Someone posted their WE conversion here and it looked great.

>> No.72772981

No. If they are you also auto lose to knights already.

If you have power fists or the like you'll be fine, but the endless stream of plague bearers just touching tanks ends.

>> No.72772983

how late are you ? Those were anounced around a year ago and caused a huge shitstorm back then.

>> No.72772986


>> No.72772994

See if your store is doing deliveries or curbside pickup. Mine is.

>> No.72772997


>> No.72773005

Expecting me to read "news" made by plebbit?

>> No.72773006

>necrons villains in the first one
>get huge update

BROS it's a prophecy. The villains in these books get updates

>> No.72773007

>Necrodermis is a material of unknown origin and chemical or molecular structure that possesses the extraordinary ability to regenerate almost all damage instantaneously, "flowing" back together as if it were a liquid while closing bullet holes, mending gashes and tears, or even reattaching severed pieces with little delay. The material is also adaptive in some unknown fashion and can learn to repair itself given enough time from nearly any form of damage, even a blast powerful enough to reduce it to its constituent molecules or atoms. In addition to the bodies of the C'tan and the Necrons themselves, all Necron vehicles and starships are made from Necrodermis, including Monoliths and Gauss Pylons
sorry bro, all your models are battle damaged now. enjoy having to green stuff every model

>> No.72773009

Orks use humans as slaves and as food. So about the same unless they’re Word Bearers or a heavy Chaos worshipping legion/warband, in which case you’ll probably prefer the orks. Maybe.

>> No.72773012

You ever face players who put their hand an inch above the table, gently swirl a dice around until it’s back to its original facing, then slowly turn their hand 90 degrees so it plops on the next facing side on the table?

>> No.72773025

If they sell well this will be a sign to GW that we want more over designed busy shit like in AoS, and as a Necron player while we desperately needed expansion I most likely will not be buying any of these.

>> No.72773027

>roll a d6 for every model within 1" of the unit falling back
>for every 6 resolve that models melee attacks as normal

>> No.72773034

I hope they put proper detail into those Ork dadbods.

>> No.72773036

The Orks look like they're doing that jogger dance where they pump their arm and kick

>> No.72773038

Ask them to roll their dice properly

>> No.72773041

>backs are still completely bog standard primaris
Why are primaris so soulless bros? Is this the logical conclusion of half assed CAD design?

>> No.72773042


>> No.72773046


In any case [swidt?], the term "bolt rifle" is dumb, but GW developers have evidently never used google.

>> No.72773048


Looks like cringe diversity nonsense.

>> No.72773053

>literal cowboys in space
Still don't like these. The flyers are welcome tho.

>> No.72773056

I've even taken as many as 6 for itc matches on TTS.

>> No.72773057

Honestly as far as complaints go, "my units are too cheap" is one of the better ones

>> No.72773061

>go to our new website, those with sharp eyes may notice a few things...
exactly, 100% part of the plan

>> No.72773064

I fucking hate primaris, but even I think there's nothing wrong with these veterans.

>> No.72773065

Or just implement overrun. If a unit falls back there’s a chance they get wiped out

>> No.72773066

I'll sell my DA stuff and might start Necrons... or nothing at all. Waiting to see the new rules for both Necrons and 9th.

>> No.72773067

yes. My friend. But i'm too tired too call him out on it, so I just say I pass saves if I fail them too often to compensate. He doesn't look too much at my dice rolls and just waits for me to tell him what happened.

>> No.72773071

Perv. Dirty, dirty, perv.
*slaps ass*

>> No.72773074

there's nothing wrong with those backs, why change them?

>> No.72773075

>fiddle with a dice idly during my opponent's turn
>realize that was my CP/VP counter

>> No.72773081

So what's the likelihood that Monoliths and Obelisks and Arks are still shitty and easy to blast the fuck out of?

I don't mind if Crons job to Primaris but hopefully they at least fuck over Tau and maybe even IG. CWE+DE+Space Clowns will probably get a joint Dex and model refresh relatively early in 9th so even if they suck initially they'll have a good solid period of dominance.

I'd love for Blueberry Castles to get squatted but it probably won't happen although honestly how often do Tau players actually buy new models? Fucking with their suit meta would at least force people to chase after new models.

>> No.72773083

>having to green stuff
No, they look way cooler with battle damage that's been imperfectly repaired. Stay mad.

>> No.72773084


>> No.72773086

>that one story about the Orks that bred humans into fattened cattle

>> No.72773089

Old marines didn't all look the same like the same rehashed CAD asset. Why should primaris be?

>> No.72773090

>it's only an emote
Damn you.

>> No.72773092

It's not a bad box price wise if the price doesn't go up too much, but it's a horrible "Start Collecting" box.

>> No.72773095

I’m ready for rapist Genestealers!

>> No.72773097

Is there a way to make a necron ride a motorcycle and still have it look good? I want to do a thing where I get one member of every faction on a vehicle.

>> No.72773098

We have no clue man but vehicles are supposedly getting buffed so it won’t be as bad

>> No.72773103

Yeah just dont be a timid bitch and force them to roll for real.

>> No.72773105

why does admech look so fallout now?

>> No.72773107

I'll be grabbing some of these to put CSM torsos and beastmen bits on to make space centigors. I'll run em as chaos bikers or something.

>> No.72773113

That's because they had different designs for each part of armour and primaris don't, but that has nothing to do with CAD.

>> No.72773118

Is that from Darksiders?

>> No.72773120


>> No.72773121

Fuck off ADB

>> No.72773122

I don't see cowboys, I see arabian desert riders.

Anyway, the head of the horses look a bit retarded, but it's an easy fix, I'll probably get a few of them if their rule don't suck to much dick

>> No.72773127

I did and they got really defensive about their dice rolling. They were playing Kraken Tyranids so I was getting turn 1 charges in my face as Custodes

>> No.72773128

Hopefully monsters can at least pin down vehicles or Nids need some more reliable ways of deal with parking lots. Orkz can at least fuck with IG parking lots with shit like Lootas and SAG at range and when they get in close power klaws can rip through armor.

>> No.72773129

How's this, lads? Do Predators still get any use?

>> No.72773130

Just convert them

>> No.72773131

I like them...

>> No.72773135

Just talk to the other guy. You'll be able to piece together your cp/vp no problem unless you are one of those douchebags who doesn't talk about cp/vp with the other guy.

>> No.72773136

One of their weakest models so far, in my opinion.

>> No.72773137

Its basic 4chan
>Thing comes out
>It sucks
>New thing come out
>Old was better

Happens every time

>> No.72773142

Yeah, I'm selling my admech for more necrons

>> No.72773147

Wow im so glad i got into 40k just in time to see it become a woke dumpster fire
Its been a fun 2 years or so.

>> No.72773148

cryptek looks like he's walking on stilts and i can't stop laughing

>> No.72773149

necrons showing damage? preposterous

>> No.72773153

they are supposed to be dogs.

>> No.72773155


>> No.72773162

Bye secondary!

>> No.72773165

Most of those models are getting squatted, so not much worth unless you want to collect them.

>> No.72773167

I mean I do/have, but it's still an embarrassing clusterfuck to deal with.

>> No.72773168

Yep. I happen to have one left over from one of the arcs,

>> No.72773170


>> No.72773172

it's almost as if they can be found in the middle of a battle

>> No.72773175

just your dudes your dudes
you can keep being a space egyptian if you want

>> No.72773176

I like the veterans but still where are the jump pack infantry. Even with stormshields if these guys are ground pounding it they are fucked.

>in b4 primaris teleporters or drop pods

>> No.72773178

you can stop posting this in every thread

>> No.72773179

Even worse, people that just pick up a die then let it drop down

>> No.72773180

I hear that every year, but Death Company and Sanginuary Guard have yet to be squatted.

>> No.72773181

>manlet garbage
Dont bother.

>> No.72773182


>> No.72773185

So has anyone made centaurs out of those yet?

>> No.72773188

Eh, I'm cool with bugs losing to tanks. I'd like them to win in melee against everything else though.

Or they could just get a psychic power that shuts down a vehicle, that'd be boss.

>> No.72773190

or can have slow or faulty protocols as established long ago in the lore

>> No.72773192

I think it’s just an aesthetic change not a lore change

>> No.72773193

Primaris are objectively garbage.
For example I do not see GSC fags saying old ones are better

>> No.72773196

Do you seriously expect the continuous survival of non primaris marines at this point?

>> No.72773209


>> No.72773214

Naughty lizard

>> No.72773215

Is this NA hours or EU hours? I can't tell if you're being genuine or if you're some cross-board shitposter.

Can anyone that actually plays Blood Angels give me an answer?

>> No.72773218

>Primaris are objectively garbage.
As a concept, I agree. They are the most stupid thing imaginable and quite the insult to anyone that likes space marines. But there's nothing wrong with those models in particular.

>> No.72773221

Especially for warriors which are incredibly faulty.

>> No.72773222

>New ones don't have cult limos
They might be sculpted better but they lack that bit of soul.

>> No.72773224


Shake, rattle, roll. It's not a suggestion: It's the law.

>> No.72773227

No wonder Perturabo was so bitter. The guy literally has a box as hat.

>> No.72773230

Oh shit. Now THAT'S a cool idea that feels properly AdMech!

>> No.72773232

> that AoS orc on the left

>> No.72773235

DC still haven't been squatted although there are DC intercessors. Predators are still decent because low cost way of bringing a lot of tanking killing. The rest is pretty shit desu.

>> No.72773238

That's all fun and all but when is Engine War coming out ?

>> No.72773241

>The guy literally has a box as hat.

>> No.72773249

>I'm cool with bugs losing to tanks
I hope you mean tiny bugs. Carnifexes are supposed to peel tanks open like a banana.

>> No.72773251

Next week, anon. They just announced it.

>> No.72773252

30th. Now stop asking.

>> No.72773261

The death company and sanguinary guard are the best part of the box, everything else is just okay.

>> No.72773262

Nah they have more soul than the entire marine line

>> No.72773266

It's a Kitbashed Ork with AoS bits. GW knows Orks players well

>> No.72773270

STAY TUNED FOR PRE-ORDERS! unironically going to pre-order 1 starter box

>> No.72773271


>> No.72773278

GSC dont lack soul, they just have different soul than the old 2e ones.

>> No.72773279

Man, people shit talking this aren't thinking.


Literally every lists uses at least two of these.


Vanguard are a requirement of all AdMech armies.


You should have a minimum of three of these, and if they get the tank rule then you would be retarded for not having one for each infantry unit you take in 9th. I mean, guys, the fucking Dunerider alone is 75 fucking dollars. If this comes out to that much combined then you would actually be retarded not to grab three of these immediately.

>> No.72773287

>forge world canticles of the Omnissiah
Forgeworld specific canticles? Rework of the canticles?

>> No.72773295

no one is talking about those spider dudes in back left

>> No.72773296

now I feel less bad for putting my marine pauldrons on the wrong side

>> No.72773298

Yeah I dont know why anyone would badmouth this SC set unless they're stupid and hadn't already bought 2-3 of the old ones.

>> No.72773300

If they weren't doing anything wrong they wouldn't get defensive. They knew they were being a snake and got caught, need to press the issue or tell them to fuck off. I'd rather not play than play against someone that feels the need to cheat on dice rolls, having to watch every single one of their moves like a TO isn't a fun time.

>> No.72773301

Monsters getting shot to shit at range because most of them aren't fast enough sucks honestly. And I'd love to see Fexes move away from being Dakkafex gun platforms to CQC Choppafexes. I'd love for them to actually be able to stand toe to toe with a Dreadnought for instance.

>> No.72773303

what the fuck is this guy's fucking problem?

>> No.72773317

Maybe, i'm interested in it as I have been wanting to give my forge world some nice rules and not just run them as mars all the time.

>> No.72773322


>> No.72773327

So what you're saying is you're perturbed.

>> No.72773328

Old one is better for starting admech, new one is better for expanding it

>> No.72773334

what a little piece of shit. i hate him

>> No.72773342


They were pretty much a 1:1 update, though, down to how the Magus is dressed. I do have complaints about the second wave, too many 4th generation hybrids and not enough 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Also I want a fat patriarch as a limited edition model.

>> No.72773343

no one is saying it's a bad box, but rather that it's a bad SC box. Dont you want your players to at least be able to play a ~500pts game with their SC box?

>> No.72773344

Been roughly 55 minutes, and we've already gone through a whole thread.

Outstanding boys.

>> No.72773345

>customisable Forge world and Knight household army rules

>> No.72773349

Nobody likes the floating shoe. Do you buy models based on their rules? Are you, dare I say, a WAAC guy?

>> No.72773357

Remember, these are all from the official GW store pages. They can't even spend the time to go back and make sure their models that are used for advertising are assembled correctly.

>> No.72773359

Primaris can be seen exclusively through the lens of forcing marinelet players to retire/refresh their armies. Considering you probably still had people playing 2e era MKVII armor Marines or even 1e era MKVI Marines making them move to Primaris was a good way of forcing the issue. From a fluff perspective it's pants on head stupid because basically it means that Cawl was able to advance the state of the art by himself but somehow he decided to wait like 10,000 years of stagnation before doing it.

>> No.72773375

i'm pretty hype for this, not gonna lie
i'm excited to be able to field walkers in every army now
i hope they have relentless

>> No.72773377

Don't know who that is, don't care to learn. Stop viral marketing your shit youtube channel here.

>> No.72773381

Tyranids being so anemic vs vehicles in melee is one of my bigger gripes with the codex. Almost everything is bizarrely low S or inaccurate.

>> No.72773382

Like those build your own faction. You pick two special rules instead of for example Mars or Ryza

>> No.72773387

The only problem is that horse heads have flamers mounted on them, so you'll need to find another place to put it. And I can't think of anything other than flamer horsecock.

>> No.72773389

Lorelet, he waiting 10,000 years for the go ahead to unveil the primaris, he spent many thousands of years just making the minor upgrades to the design he originally helped create too

>> No.72773391

Perty the Autistic is truly the perfect image for this post. Well done.

>> No.72773396

Why are people complaining about battle damage necrons? Especially battle damaged WARRIORS. Necron warriors never had good necrodermis. The warrior dermis was a fucking bargain crate option forced on them. They can't talk and their phase out mechanism casually breaks when they need it most. Hell even Imotekh walks with a limp apparently? Necrodermis isn't perfect. IN fact, its kind of trash because the only person who probably understands it is szeras and the crypteks.

>> No.72773404


>> No.72773405

Was Perty the biggest incel out of the Primarchs?

>> No.72773407

>flaming horsecock

>> No.72773411

it's that guy that does lore videos on youtube.

>> No.72773412

>Monsters getting shot to shit at range because most of them aren't fast enough sucks honestly
I feel for my tyranid-playing friend. I watch a really cool monster come up the field and I take it out in a single shooting phase with a Tank Commander. Granted it eats the entire firing sequence but that TC has just earned back its points safely from a distance while the monster needed at least a round more just to get in range.

>> No.72773419

Units should have to make a successful Leadership check to fall back

>> No.72773420

They wanted muh invincible machines.

>> No.72773423

I kind of hope GW come out with dual kit for the Bladeguard. One with sword and shield, and one for breachers like in HH ( shotguns, flamers,thunderhammers etc)

>> No.72773424

>Primaris can be seen exclusively through the lens of forcing marinelet players to retire/refresh their armies.
I get that, but you don't do that by trashing the army and replacing it with something that vaguely looks like it. I want to play marines, not something that has neither their units, their designs, their weapons or their vehicles. You do it like SoB, GSC, Custodes, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, CSM or now Necrons.

>> No.72773426


>> No.72773428

Kurze was technically worse, but the emperor was the biggest incel to have ever live.

>> No.72773438


They couldn't do that with the old one either.

>> No.72773443

People preferred having the option of either clean, freshly awoken warriors or broken down shit barely functional warriors. I’m a cleanfag myself but it’s whatever

>> No.72773445

Yesterday(?) one anon said that he likes to do battle damage himself but models being damaged by default just feels odd. Which I can kinda get behind.

>> No.72773446

Lore giving an justification doesn't make the justification any less retarded.
It just says "Hey kids, wanna see some models?"

>> No.72773447

I'M BORED and have nothing to paint
what do I pick up?
do I start a new army with an SC?

I'm not painting my backlog, don't be stupid.

>> No.72773449


>> No.72773452

plastic mkiii helmets are so shit

>> No.72773453

>5 more Chaos Knight houses
No strategems or artifacts though. Sad. Will probably get 1 faction locked strategem and artifact per house at least.
>2 pages of new Daemon strategems
>New datasheets for some Daemons (because they were that shit)
>Exalted Greater Daemons
Daemonbros.... are we next

>> No.72773458

it's the usual secondaries addicted to outrage, not the fans

>> No.72773460

I think it's extremely fitting. When I think warriors I always imagine it walking towards you wit impunity even after putting half a dozen bolt shells into it. The only way you can represent active self repair protocols on a static mini is showing them doing their thing despite heavy battle damage

>> No.72773467

ah yes now I see

>> No.72773468

IIRC Imotehk has a bad leg/knee because he had one as a Necrontyr

But I think thats more of a "he believes he has a bad knee, but actually doesnt"

>> No.72773469

Would be cool, but expecting GW to give primaris weapon options is delusional at best.

>> No.72773474

Why do heresy models look so bad when they're painted

>> No.72773475

>what do I pick up?

>> No.72773480

Sup. Doing that "Convert more" business. Any C&C on this kitbash for a Primaris Apothecary (Iron Hands).
I'm leaving the feet alone, doesn't seem worth the hassle of replacing them with intercessor parts and it's just a gift for someone else.

>> No.72773483

You couldn't do that with the old box. This is basically the same amount of points if you build it as an Disintegrator, which you can according to GW. So they aren't even being super Jews by only letting you build the Dunerider. I'd take this over the old box because Enginseers are more useful than a Dominus after a single box.

>> No.72773484

Just wanted some extra heads so I can sprinkle damaged minis in with non-damaged ones to break up the army a bit.

>> No.72773487

Yes? It's bad and it just provides a bad justification for a stupid move.

>> No.72773489

if they make breachers an option i will start a primaris army immediately
i would field an army of breachers

>> No.72773491

NECROBROS! Who we siding with in the civil war? Imotekh or Silent King?

>> No.72773494

30k is a blight upon this world and the models are all tainted by it.

>> No.72773498

The silent king seems to have two shield drone side-pieces.
Where's the Tau-cron anon?

>> No.72773505

I have returned from the future. It looks like I overshot but it was worth it. I told them
>To the anons of /40kg/, I come from the future. You shall receive new Necrons but not all will please everyone. There will be many complaints, including from people who don't play 40k. That is all.
Because I was afraid being too specific would ruin the surprise and alter the timeline.

>> No.72773508

>> No.72773509

>literal binary

>> No.72773510

How long has it been since Fexes could reliably deal with IG parking lots? Scything Talons struggle to wound and Crushing claws aren't stellar. Combined with a 4+ WS it's really not that impressive.

>> No.72773514

>sister calls him an incel
>he REEEES and breaks her neck with his tard strength

>> No.72773515

It has everything to do with CAD
>be GW designer tasked to make new primaris
>load primaris file
>add a few things on top
>call it a day

How about I just not support the primaris problem by purchasing them?

>> No.72773516

Neither. My dudes are slinging drugs to the human kids on the side.

>> No.72773518

>not supporting your own yourdudes dynasty
special characters were a mistake

>> No.72773524

needs servo skulls

>> No.72773525

Can anyone lay it out for me in newbie terms how Deathwatch veterans compare with primaris?
I'm completely new to 40k. Got myself one of the starters that got around 500pts worth of primaris(es?) and more recently bought the kit of 5 Deathwatch vets, because I like their theme and saw that they're worth 100+ points, so figured I'll add them to my primaris for the 600pts min. my FLGS plays at. Things is, I can't get my head around the idea of those vets having only 1 wound, while primaris have double that. Are they worth it to play them?

>> No.72773527

See >>72773505

>> No.72773532

Oh shit, Engine War index. When did we get this? This looks really good.
>Forge World Canticles
>Exalted Greater Daemons
>Even more Knight customizability
Fuck yeah

>> No.72773542

From the new community post

>> No.72773543

They should be able to fall back normally but then need a leadership test to stop running away and get back in the fight. I really think that more complex morale rules, simulating a mass rout would do much to counteract static gun lines and mindless fall back and shoot tactics

>> No.72773545

Anon they did the same when they hand sculpted marines. They had molds for tons of pieces so they didn't have to model the exact same helmet/pauldron/boltgun/backpack a million times. This has nothing to do with cad, it has to do with the sculptor that made the first primaris models just made one variant for each piece.

>> No.72773546

>And this is why Orks are fucking subhumans, kids!

>> No.72773548


The thing is, both camps of people are very large. I for one love battle damage. But don't like doing it myself because its hard to know what will show properly like scars and such. I don't particularly prefer clean. It just seems odd having "clean" models on a battlefield anyway.

So for years and years GW catered to people that wanted "clean" models. So now let us have some dirty models. Its fine. Besides, necron warriors came out battle damaged anyway because their old sprue is trash.

>> No.72773551

>+2 save
excuse me

>> No.72773552

I buy them based on what you can fucking do with them. Our transports are expensive, yet totally average stat wise and so a lot of AdMech players don't buy them despite factually being very good for our armies. If I want a transport, I literally only have one option so I am going to take it.

>> No.72773553

You can always sand down the pronounced ridges on the boots and smooth it over with green stuff if you wanted them to be smooth.

>> No.72773555

Keep seething

>> No.72773558


>> No.72773559

If you aren't limited to the transport I guess that actually makes this box better (rules wise. I still like the dunecrawler more) as it's useful for both starting and expanding.

>> No.72773565

>When I think warriors I always imagine it walking towards you wit impunity even after putting half a dozen bolt shells into it.
This is exactly what happens to the Terminator in the first Terminator film and even Nemesis in the original RE3. They aren't invincible and repeatedly take visible damage, getting weaker. But they never stop.

>> No.72773567

doesn't work quite as well, the scene must be easier to read

>> No.72773568


>> No.72773583

>How about I just not support the primaris problem by purchasing them?
Because that will solve nothing, as a million other shills that have no care for space marines will buy them anyways.

>> No.72773586


>> No.72773587

cover canticle and the 1 cp stratagem that give +1 to save. Cawl basically guarantees you can select the canticle you want. It's really funny, because the have to start using anti tank weapons against them.

>> No.72773592

Original marines had variations in each mark and even then they had other marks on top of that. They had tons of variety. Meanwhile every primaris has the exact same backpack for example.

>> No.72773605

same, shame they go down with one hit in the cinematic

not even a single necron managed to rebuild itself, pathetic

>> No.72773606

I will buy some just to spite you.

And because they looke much better ofc

>> No.72773607

What do I pick up and paint, lads?
>Orks Deffkilla Wartrike
>Orks Boomdakka Snazzwagon
>Chaos Space Marine Terminators
>Start Collecting! Astra Militarum
>Adeptus Custodes Custodian Wardens
>Start Collecting! Thousand Sons

>> No.72773614

I really think admech needs another special character who is ultra puritan. Cawl is boring and a heretek

>> No.72773615

How long would it actually take Crons to heal up with necrodermis repairing itself? I sort of prefer the metal especially the corroded metal to the ceramic crons aesthetically but how long would they realistically stay extremely battle damaged?

>> No.72773620

>The heresy is coming off the halcyon days of the Imperium
>Each legion had their primarch and BIg E
>Mechanicum is unsplit
>Let me paint my models like they've been in the field for a century because grimdark = dirt and grime

If forge world sold resin parts that looked like metal patches they would sell out with all the heresy fags gluing 12 onto each rhino

>> No.72773626

I know, I said as much. Primaris not having those variations isn't caused by CAD sculpting, but by their sculptor being a lazy retard.

>> No.72773629

How do you paint a fucking hour glass...

Or do you just say fuck it and make it gold or silver instead?

>> No.72773632

imotekh is a punk
the king is an idiot

>> No.72773636

What is/was Guilliman's opinion on Destroyer units, and their usage? I read in passing somewhere the Imperium deleted the Phosphex STC at some point.

I know this might be more a 30k question.

>> No.72773644

Does /40kg/ like the new release?

>> No.72773645

Imotekh conquered the area I put my dynasty in 8th so I’m Sautekh til the bitter end

>> No.72773650

They hurt for that added survivability but they're still Space Marines. The price you pay for customization.

>> No.72773651

Buy whatever you want. At least someone can be happy after they've killed everything I liked about space marines.

>> No.72773655

>>Orks Boomdakka Snazzwagon
sounds the more entertaining, but if you want comfy you might want the terminators

>> No.72773656

Two sides of the same coin, anon.

>> No.72773661

sauce on the pic?

>> No.72773662

*smacks lips*

>> No.72773673

You don't see them rebuilding, you only see them falling over from the impact. Kind of like this

>> No.72773676

They're lorelet secondaries who played DoW once and think they know what Necrons are, no doubt funneled here via Plebbit. they'll scurry off when the 9th hype dies down in a few days

>> No.72773678

>Vanguards aren't surviving walking into firing range
Are Vanguards supposed to do shit? I always saw them as literal meatshields for all the cooler stuff.

I unironically want a mechanicus civil war. There's even that one short-story where a techpriest(?) gets vented into space by a superior one that's a cawl supporter cause the former one was too curious and found out some weird secrets.

>> No.72773679

It wasn't deleted the catch all explaination is that the dark mechanicum took it into the warp following the siege

>> No.72773682

My necrons are going back to sleep, fuck this.

>> No.72773684

>Space marines will be pure primaris army and ugly manlet marines will be taken off the shelves and banned in GW stores
Chadmarines...future looks bright

>> No.72773688

wanna start an army. played black templars like 15 years ago or something like that. but they dont really seem that relevant anymore and with all that primaris stuff and pretty much everyone still playing sm when theres a lot of alternatives I simply seem to have outgrown sm.

currently looking a lot at admech and tau. are there any other pretty shooty armies that are seldomly run?

>> No.72773690

Did pedro kantor get a new model or am i just seeing conversions?

>> No.72773691

yes, you can tell by how the shitposting focuses on generic politics rather than particular models

>> No.72773692

Bow to your true king.

>> No.72773695

The necron side looks amazing, all you could ever ask for. The marine side is primaris, and as such shit by default, but it does have some cool models.
No it's not. Don't blame the tools when the problem lies in the artist. Hell, CAD sculpting makes making variations a lot easier and faster since you can just copy a model and edit it right away instead of having to pick a basic piece and hand sculpt the variation from scratch.

>> No.72773703

Cawl just needs to get bored with Rowboat bossing him around and not letting him experiment with CSM geneseed stocks. That way he can just sort of lend Bile some CSM primaris geneseed that Bile can use to give Abaddon some new improved soldiers.

After all I'm sure Cawl would be curious about the impact of daemon possession on primaris. Or if Primaris can become rubricae or plague marines.

>> No.72773706

can orks even use those bikes well or are they still garbage like on release?

>> No.72773708

It would be extremely painful

>> No.72773711

>Kind of like this
but you see them rebuilding themselves there

>> No.72773712

What new release? The 9th ed reveal ? After the tourists left, most like the new necrons and the primaris that does not look like absolute garbage anymore. Shame the big buck box has nothing for me. I might get the equivalent of the Know No Fear boxe tho.

>> No.72773714

theres a novella about ( i think the actual Primarch Guilliman novella itself) about Guilliman reconciling his dislike for using Destroyers, with their necessity.

>> No.72773720

Conversions, Pedro Kantor+Primaris Captain/Lieutenant makes a great looking model despite it being Primaris

>> No.72773722

It has rules for daemons. More interesting though, is two pages dedicated to exalted versions of the greater daemons.

>> No.72773725

Just start necrons like everyone is about to.

>> No.72773726

>most iconic faction by a mile is the space marines
>gonna be a point in the future where they're barely fielded or acknowledged because they made the new ones an entirely separate thing

they didnt really think this through

>> No.72773730

better looking than the tall cronie, better pals too

but both have these retarded bunny ears I don't get it

>> No.72773733

>AoS guy stands on a shitty rock
>CHADcron gets a floating throne that eternally tortures a soi boy ctan

>> No.72773735

Custodian Wardens

>> No.72773739

>couldn't keep his servo skulls on his models.
I say, it's a faulty mold, they ALL break at the same point and almost in the same way.

>> No.72773740

Curze was "school shooter" incel, Perty was "bitter forum-dweller" incel. Big E was the rare Newton-style savant overachiever incel.

>> No.72773741

Orkz don’t seem to be about torture and would rather just kill you, so yes, probably.

>> No.72773754

Would it be alright for a marine to replace their hand with a bolter?

>> No.72773755

>and not letting him experiment with CSM geneseed stocks
Yeah about that... https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Sons_of_the_Phoenix

>> No.72773756


Dark Eldar are plenty shooty and seldomly run.

>> No.72773760

>an entirely separate thing
which is still easily recognisable as a space marine

>> No.72773762

They often surprise me how their guns let them hit far above their price bracket with a bit of luck. Sure 90% of the time they'll just get gunned down but a 40 point squad taking 4 to 6 wounds off a knight does happen more often than you'd think

>> No.72773764

Arabian desert cav.

>> No.72773767

What's the scale between primaris and the Space Marine Heroes minis? Because they are really, really good. GW should release up-scaled tactical marines using the Heroes models as a base.
I'm still going to buy recast Primaris and buy good old manlets in store.

>> No.72773770

>most iconic faction by a mile is the primaris space marines

>> No.72773774

>Engine War ends up giving us FW specific canticles
>Shroudpsalm suddenly becomes Stygies and can be taken every turn

Do it GW.

>> No.72773777

Fuck you, fuck primaris, fuck whoever first thought about primaris being a good idea and fuck everyone that likes them.

>> No.72773780

being human slaves for the orks wasn't a good experience during the war of the beast

but it's better than getting your soul eternally damned, I guess

>> No.72773781

As long as Primaris get some more tactical options I honestly wouldn't care. But Marinelets still have a ton of tactical roles that there aren't any Primaris equivalents. I mean there isn't even a Primaris Techmarine yet much less jumppack assault equivalents or good long range tank destroyers other than the Repulsors.

>> No.72773783

Will 9th edition change Leadership to actually represent a model's leadership capabilities as opposed to its morale?
And will Leadership stop being a completely redundant stat for 90% of armies?

>> No.72773793

>citadel grey marines
>their lore: good at fighting
Is this all you got manletfags?

>> No.72773796

>fuck whoever first thought about primaris being a good idea
commercially, they are, it's without doubt

>> No.72773797

And yet it will not have their units, weapons, vehicles, designs or lore so it might aswell be a completely different thing.

>> No.72773801


>> No.72773804


>> No.72773810

Yeah, but not immediately. They're already bodied and then wake up again. What I mean is that in the new trailer we see necrons fall over right before a quick cut to something else but at least in my headcanon those are not staying down there for long

>> No.72773816

which is why they should just call them space marines
god willing they'll be sensible about it and just make em one space marine entity interchangeable with legacy manlets by 10th edition

>> No.72773817

You're not funny, no matter how hard you try.

>> No.72773821

>But Marinelets still have a ton of tactical roles that there aren't any Primaris equivalents
There are equivalents, they are just shit and miss the point.

>> No.72773823

I would agree with you but then you posted a picture of generic zoomzoom call of halo marines. Boring, silent, no heraldry or history, tacticool.

>> No.72773826

no, they gave balance in the hands of tournament players

tournament players hate when things aren't predictable so everything will be safe and extremely one-sided

>> No.72773833

i hope so
all these itty bitty min sized squads are blergh

>> No.72773835

Fucking hell my sides

>> No.72773836

A space marine from literally any sci fi setting. GLORIOUS

>> No.72773839

torture is too one sided to be fun for orks.

>> No.72773845

Needs a Nintendo Switch or Primaris Space Marines box photoshopped in

>> No.72773846

LD has been a shit stat that is ignored by 90% of armies and punishes the 1 or 2 armies that can't ignore it for multiple editions now

>> No.72773850

Any reason to use special model sand when I can just get it from the beach or playground?

>> No.72773851

>These are the things i loved about Warhammer
>I miss the Tyranid bit converted Macragge Vetrans

>> No.72773858

"Yeah Guilliman these are total IF geneseed. Super stable, maybe even Ultramarine stable. Not predisposed towards excessive pride and vainglorious behavior at all"

"What do you mean they all have long silver hair? It's just sort of cool and it's totally a dye job"

>> No.72773865


depends on the body. Warriors have a hard time healing in comparison to lets say an immortal. The reason the rez orb is so useful to overlords and shit is because it literally can jump start a necrons rebuild or even speed it up. The higher up in the necron caste you go, the better the dermis. Warrior dermis is shit. Immortal dermis is pretty good, lychguard dermis is excellent etc.

>> No.72773867

Mars can already choose it every turn.

>> No.72773874


No, unless you don't want your sand soaked in child piss.

>> No.72773883

I dunno man, if any Orkfag's been around before 7th, they'll likely stick around for a while. 7th was an absolute shitfest.

>> No.72773890

Crawling in my skinnnnn!
These wounds, they will not heaaalllllll!
Fear is how I fallllll!
Confusing what is reaaaalllllll!

>> No.72773891

intercessors aren't any less generic than tacticals

>> No.72773899

Some people say it's not the right scale but who gives a fuck

>> No.72773905

pls no. every admech player that is not a moron runs stygies viii and its obnoxious as fuck. T1 shroudpsalm, T2 stratagem and shroudpsalm and then you pretty much got shot off the table.
at this point stygies is only missing cawl and they would be better than mars

>> No.72773918

The major problem I have with primaris is that they're all decended from ultramarines, even if just a little.
I would love the primaris marines if they weren't connceted to them.

>> No.72773919

No that's fucking dumb.

Replacing it with a bionic hand with digital lasers, thats more normal.

>> No.72773922

I'm now imagining a grown ass neckbeard on a playground shoveling sand on his toy soldiers while he's surrounded by crying children and horrified parents

>> No.72773934

Model sand is likely baked and cleaned.
Who knows what animal shat in the sand you picked at the beach?

>> No.72773935

Should GW
>squat Deathwatch as an army
>make the Watch Master and Deathwatch Killteam unit options for any SM codex with unique anti-xenos strategies and ammo types
>continue forgetting Deathwatch exists until someone reminds them every ten years

>> No.72773939

The Primaris are Space Marines and just as iconic.

>> No.72773940

>they're all descended from ultramarines

>> No.72773941

no but if you do use beach sand put it in the oven for a bit first to kill anything

>> No.72773945

I just want something good for Agripinaa. Fucking love those fucker but
>When firing Overwatch, units with this dogma hit on a roll on 5+, instead of only 6, irrespective of modifiers.

>> No.72773946

What do you think of Guard vehicles painted flat grey with dark red accents and trimming on panels and sections?

>> No.72773953

it wouldn't look good, rethink your options

>> No.72773955

Nupainter couldn't understand they were supposed to guide us to the teeth.

>> No.72773957

Then give me a choice other than Stygies and cawl. Taking anything else feels like purposely gimping yourself.

>> No.72773960

That second one.

>> No.72773961


>> No.72773965

Any idea which chaos kits have marine heads that gave the head exposed but the nose and mouth covered with the respirator?

>> No.72773968

>War of the Spider releases
>Custodes just get Sisters of Silence as an elite choice
>Nothing else

>> No.72773969

Keep telling yourself that, shillosaurus

>> No.72773970

I just want EC and WE codexes...

>> No.72773978

Ork players are used to Orkz being shit for long periods of time as long as they are ridiculously swingy so they either roll shit and get blasted into oblivion or they roll good and smash the opposition.

It would be good to have an edition where Orkz have several good options in the same edition. So we don't have it where there is one good Ork army like the Nob Biker period to shine, etc.

Horde armies need a definite boost. They are already expensive unless you go with older ebay boyz, take forever to paint, slow down the game because they have to move every turn but moving 90+ boyz sucks, etc.

>> No.72773985

>don't have boltguns
>don't have the iconic mk vii armour and by design their armour can't be mixed with older patterns
>can't have any of the space marine special or heavy weapons
They might aswell be any derivative space marine from any other setting.

>> No.72773989

Can't really picture it but sounds a bit edgy and too fancy for the utilitarian designed vehicles desu

>> No.72773990

Lucius is fun for the Robot deepstrike

>> No.72773992

Except that's completely wrong.

>> No.72773994

For some reason I'm reminded of Dark Souls dogs coming from out of nowhere.

>> No.72773996

He doesn’t have any models. Don’t worry about him.

>> No.72773999

Shit is that true?
I heard they were all based on gullimens geneseed or something.

>> No.72774003

as much as i LOVE those spindly WotW looking mother fuckers, i do not want to be the poor sod who fully glues it all in and is left with an easy-break spider

>> No.72774011

>The Primaris are Space Marines
Good one.
>and just as iconic.
By definition, not true.

>> No.72774015

I wish fistibots were good.

>> No.72774017

It’s all good.

>> No.72774023

DW are functionally squatted anyway. Honestly they rarely deploy in units bigger than a kill team anyway.

>> No.72774030

>new primaris with executioner sword
>new necrons with damage, rust and holes in them

>> No.72774043

ultramarine nigger

>> No.72774046

It's trully sad. They made an amazing kit for the veterans with tons of customization and one of the best flyers in the game only to kill them the following year by releasing primaris.

>> No.72774049

The whiteboard said write rules for Angron.
I know it was there as a joke but still

>> No.72774051

Imagine being this much of a deluded manletfag.

>> No.72774055

It's a meme and inuniverse "fear"/joke that primaris are just ultramarines with different colors, looks and tactics wise. Nothing about geneseed.

>> No.72774060

Probably sooner than other people. Will be nice when it happens.

>> No.72774066

>All those gravity defying models held aloft by two thin Strips of plastic and prayers to the Omnissiah
I mean it looks cool, but realistically they'll be in pieces most of the time

>> No.72774071

>Fires of Cyraxus skipped an entire edition

>> No.72774084

>>make the Watch Master and Deathwatch Killteam unit options for any SM codex with unique anti-xenos strategies and ammo types
That's how they were originally, so that

>> No.72774088

Why dont you actually read the fucking lore yourself instead of believing internet memes from buttblasted poor manletfags who are salty that they spent a ton of money on inferior models before all their shit got replaced by the new hotness.

>> No.72774098

I've had success playing a grot gun line with grot shields and grot gun artillery, deffdreads with 4 KMB each, big mek with KFF and a gorkanaut. But it is boring as FUCK to play that way so I don't.

>> No.72774103

Cawl used every Primarch template to make Primaris. He just won't admit to using 9 forbidden ones.

>> No.72774105

>just takes one of Chaos new HQs and makes an exact imperium version but better
Chaos is the cucked faction

>> No.72774111

why do people play gunline armies?
i can understand the guys who got into the hobby and didn't know how their army plays and they're stuck with it, but people who voluntarily play gunline?

>> No.72774114

meant for >>72773999
I'm a retard.

>> No.72774117

Is this a boltgun?

>> No.72774119

It's not true. Cawl just took the geneseed and cleaned it up. He even wants to use Heretic geneseed (because they have it) to make non-heretical versions of the old legions but GMan said no to that.

>> No.72774122

>realistically they'll be in pieces most of the time
I've never understood this. What do you people do with your models?

>> No.72774125

Plastic Sisters of Battle in the background of videos was also a "joke" for a long time.

All that stuff is teasing eventual releases.

>> No.72774132

I want to believe. I mean they said they would make official GW rules for FW stuff now

>> No.72774134

Something like this but with a darker red like Khorne red. Gold on the aquilas also.

>> No.72774135

GW nerfed all my melee options

>> No.72774136

From what we've seen, are Warriors/Scarabs the only new models we're getting along with the price increase? I just want to know what's "safe" to buy because I want to paint some robots.

>> No.72774146

I’m finally starting a Necron army. We’re back to being evil guys and not meme bro force shit faction.

>> No.72774149


Non-gunline Tau have like a 30% win rate.

>> No.72774150

This isn't even good enough anyway.
How does a once per game (maybe twice with Strat) bonus make Litany of the Electromancer usable? Or make Benediction of the Omnissiah not totally redundant with a Dominus around?

I'm not saying don't do what you're talking about; that would be cool too. But GW needs to actually overhaul some of the existing Canticles into useful things. Hell, they already half did that in Kill Team, by making Litany of the Electromancer occur in the Fight phase, and by making Shroudpsalm give you additional protection if already in Cover.
But those corrections still have never made it to the base game, and I doubt they actually will.

>> No.72774156

because they are effective and easy. set up your castle and roll until you win, no need to worry about movement or tactics. it is perfect for WAACfags that don't want to learn how an army works since they'll abandon it for whatever the next meta army is.

>> No.72774164

Looks garbage. Like teenage edgelord shit.

>> No.72774166

Actually, fat asses are considered extremely respectable in Necrontyr culture.

>> No.72774167

>warhammer adventures
oh god, are they really butchering their franchise just too squeeze as much money as possible out of kids?

>> No.72774169

>implying all those autistic details matter
it's all about the silhouette and the designs cues, not the individual designs themselves, that make something iconic

literally none knowing what a space marine is would look at this and say this is not a space marine, except for the people who know that a primaris is achtchually different from a normal marine because the gun is slightly longer, they're slightly bigger, their helmet resembles more another type of helmet space marines would still use

you know why the mk8 helmet was scrapped? because it's too recognisable as a star wars design; space marines were too derivative looking

>> No.72774171

You are busy having a civil war, bro

>> No.72774177

People who just want to roll dice and leafblow.
Aka IG Cadian Parking Lot players

>> No.72774179

After years of playing melee-dedicated Orks I wanted to know what it feels like to win.

>> No.72774184


There's a thought. What if the model count in a squad added a bonus to the morale test, like Orks but not so extreme? Like if a unit was minimum 5, you got +1 to Ld for an additional 5, and another for the 5 beyond that, etc.

>> No.72774187

This is old news dude.

>> No.72774194

>Cawl just took the gene-seed and cleaned it up.
He left the SW and BA gene-seed the way it was. Saying the Emperor made it like that for a reason.

>> No.72774208

>basic things that have characteized marines for 30 years are autistic details
Now I understand how some people can think primaris are a good update for space marines.

>> No.72774213

That shit is like 8 years old now

>> No.72774216

Grey/black, red and gold is a pretty basic scheme that many people use. I don't really like it, but it looks okay on a lot of things.

>> No.72774219

If I wanted to play melee I would go play fantasy.

>> No.72774220

Sternguard were also cool. Once they decided to refresh with Truescale their days were numbered.

I just wish they'd get robed Primaris other than these new veterans. Black Templars and Dark Angels need some support and fuck greenstuffing robes. I don't expect to see Interrogator Chaplains or new Deathwatch anytime soon though.

>> No.72774221

New thread:

>> No.72774229

Would remind me of Chaos/Red corsairs too much and yeah it looks like a teenagers first paintjob

>> No.72774236

>all these itty bitty min sized squads are blergh
Why the fuck are there people that think this.

Having 6 squads of 10 is infinitely better than 2 squads of 30. It feels more realistic, more natural, more maneuverable, more interesting, it looks better, it plays better.

>> No.72774237

Flat grey is too much like unpainted plastic. Perhaps the same way Grey Knights are grey.

>> No.72774239

gtfo you elf-loving carpet bagger

>> No.72774244

I am reading the lore, still new to every thing. Looks like the only thing I disliked about primaris marines wasn't even true so that's good news. I was wondering about this because in the stuff Ive been reading it never came up.

>> No.72774248

buy flyers. they'll never go away and will always be toptier.

>> No.72774249

>they've never targeted kids before

>> No.72774253

Everything has a use except for the chapain, primaris DC are terrible and have no jump packs, sanguinary guard is used, imtercessors are amazing, predators suck but you can use it as a rhino or something else , captain in terminatour armor is a nerd.

>> No.72774255

Horde is effective but it's slow as fuck to pilot and thus completely non-viable in tourney play and castle players will just endlessly whine when you play them.

>> No.72774260

BA Death Company Baneblade
That would be hilarious.

>> No.72774261

>oh no the boltgun is slightly longer

>> No.72774283

how about one without a fucking bait OP image, haven't we had enough shitflinging today?

>> No.72774286

Not sure if this was a direct trace or not...

>> No.72774296

My dudes are based around feral world hunters that enjoy the art of the hunt. They will shoot at you and run away if you come at them, then when the enemy stops coming, they shoot at them again.

>> No.72774334

Get back to your shark threads

>> No.72774335

Cosplaying woman is bait now?

>> No.72774376

The fuck is that walking jet engine with arms lmao

>> No.72774439

What does 2k Sisters of Battle army lists look like?

>> No.72774777

his weapon looks like triarch stalker heavy gauss, so he must be a replacement

>> No.72774977

I'm going to greenstuff mine to the normal intercessor shape.

>> No.72774993

Looks like shit don't do it

>> No.72775191


>> No.72775211

That's what hellblasters and Aggressors are for.

>> No.72775234

I like them. Idk if I'm sold on the battle damage look, but there's MANY things in the new range I'll be getting.

Not the warriors, I did 30 of them last summer.

>> No.72775252

That's because nod the edge highlight they insist on doing.

They adhere to the style whether it makes sense or looks good or not.

>> No.72775273

>not running 40

>> No.72775282

Explain why it’s a bad though. Just please give me a reason why it’s bad lore and what you personally dislike about it. Anything is better than just calling it retarded and not elaborating.

>> No.72775289

It's beautiful.

>> No.72775336

Play a wargame.

>> No.72775349


I love the look of them, my goodness someone did some shit.

>> No.72775350

>waste your time spoonfeeding me with info I could easily find everywhere and has been posted here for years

>> No.72775414

>subjective opinion
you're really not a bright one. And if you're relying on the prior opinions of other anons to explain your own feelings, you should really consider taking a break from this place and developing some autonomy.

>> No.72775464

He's talking about how inconsistent it is for AdMech to use regular old stubbers for their own war machines. They're supposed to be using ancient tech, and it's supposed to look like 20th century tech to convey how backwards and old it is, but no matter how you look at it a stubber is just a stubber. It's not a laser stubber, or a plasma stubber, it's just a stubber. It's like seeing them use shovels. It just doesn't fit.

The reason it's there is to drive home the fact that this is based off the blueprints of an amphibious assault boat that they found and decided to turn into this... Which still doesn't explain why they wouldn't change out the stubber guns if stubbers are still simple enough to be basic bitch technology even in the dark ages of the 41st millenium.

>> No.72775484

Wherever breaks gets pinned and returns ten times as strong!

>> No.72775613

And how hard would it have been to set white as transparent colour and use 2 copies of that ranger? One on top and one behind? It would have taken about 30 seconds of GIMP to go from a png of just 9 to 10 of them. It just shows GW isn't actually hiring anyone and just forcing random people to make these.

>> No.72775720

I just did a consecrator sarge. from the same base model. You can clip of the leg and foot and swap them for primaris ones. It looks so much better with a bit of work.

>> No.72775724

Anyone got that leak of the Blood Ravens chapter master model? was that a hoax or real?

>> No.72775864


>> No.72775995


>> No.72776009

wasn't there a blurry one, with prices or something? Not saying this isn't the model but the people I'm trying to find it for will call it a fan model.

>> No.72776052

Ok that's more official looking. Even if he does have a 6 head

>> No.72776206

I tried to get back into 40k just before corona and picked up some necrons. I prefer the old monolith model, definitely going to pick up some of the walkers.

Sucks that I bought an 8th ed rulebook and didn't get to play any 8th ed.

>> No.72776227


Meant to reply to >>72772132

>> No.72776633

>How does one wear that skull with leather mask thing? Is that even a helmet? Is that his face?

Don't mock him, he's just uncircumcised.

>> No.72776822

>go for the cool War of the Wolrds alien tripod aesthetic
>give it four legs

>> No.72776990


>> No.72777176

I loath primaris, but those sculpts are fine

>> No.72777197

They’re not out yet

>> No.72777201

Then you had no standards to begin with. All the primaris problems are there except they wear robes now
Reminds me a lot of stormcast shills.

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