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Old School Edition

Quick summary:
-9th confirmed
>Tanks can shoot in combat
>New terrain rules borrowing from big tournaments
>An effort to make better missions and terrain rules so all tournaments use the same rules as GW terrain rules and missions suck. (Expect it to borrow from ITC heavily)
>Primaris bikers, grav melta bois, Primaris veterans with stormshields and other shit nobody cares about confirmed
>Refresher on the 9th ed announcement

>Based GW Rising Prices Again:

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:


>3rd Party Pastebin:
https://pastebin.com/XHFCunAZ (embed)

>Book Megas (Don't share these, cunts):

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Remember that the 'groids won

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what does the vambrace with the sword means on the new marines?

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Updated reminder

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Primaris are now cool. Apologize to GW.

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gw hired blue and pink haired tumblr trannies to do their design work

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The new and improved 40kg, everyone. Big thanks to /pol/ for de-baseding us.

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stop responding to bait

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Problem is everyone else needs models to look half as good as the orks while orks can take any model and look good using it.

>> No.72769362

they did a good job then, the vambrace makes them look more like knights

>> No.72769363

Wait, the guy with a skeleton on his shield is an actual model? kek

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Remember that there is a group of people dedicated to injecting leftist ideology in WH40K

>> No.72769373

which is fucking retarded, they're not knights they are space marines
this isn't age of shitmar you fucking idiot

>> No.72769376

Just stop falling for easy bait every fucking time you imbeciles, i just want one normal thread for once

>> No.72769384

post models

>> No.72769391

as if it's bait that their iconic hero unit whitewig the last of us 2 tranny isn't fucking disgusting looking

>> No.72769394

sorry, but I'm still not buying 40k until the frogs come back

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I’m sorry GW, primaris is cool

>> No.72769405

I like the other chaplain more than the sword guy

>> No.72769406

Third try, GW always nails it.

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Space Marines have been Knights in space since 3rd edition retard

>> No.72769413

It’s retarded and won’t look right on space wolves, salamanders and white scars.

>> No.72769415

>being like something means being that something
I get you're a tranny enabler, then

>> No.72769418

Anyone remember when you could talk about 40k without the need for contemporary politics?
>inb4 everything is political, you could never not talk about politics
fuck off.

>> No.72769420

Eh, looks like the spergs have woken up.
Which sucks as last thread was pretty comfy.

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>new stratagem
>Good Source of Calcium
>if the storm shield has the bones of a saint attached they get another 6+ save

>> No.72769429

I don't like it when DG lean into the reaper aesthetic more than the disease aesthetic. Just a personal hangup.

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>> No.72769434

also known as the adeptus shitsenioritas

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t. r/Sigmarxism user

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>space wolves, salamanders and white scars.
who the fuck cares about them? the only good marines are angels and templars

>> No.72769441

This looks really good anon, makes me want to start this army

>> No.72769442

Here, have a version that's not retarded in the description.

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5+ IMO

>> No.72769464

I swear that 4chinz is much mote insufferable the last month or so, it's practically unusable

>> No.72769465

oh yeah those totally look as fucking horrible as the retarded cartoon shield skeleton guy my bad
oh wait
they look like space marines

>> No.72769467

some of the shitcast eternal influences are starting to bug me (the weird skeleton standard-Relictor, handheld Hourglass and smegma font)

>> No.72769468

from the thumbnail I thought you had replaced the birds and seeds with >>72769311

>> No.72769473

Almost finished with these dudes

>> No.72769476

Ok everyone. The only chapters you should play are Black Trmplars and Dark Angels! Pack it up boys!

>> No.72769480

Narrative > Competitive games

>> No.72769483

then go back to where you belong fucking retard

>> No.72769488

I said angels, not dark angels

>> No.72769489

2,7 and 8 look like one unit.

>> No.72769491

Please stop taking this guy's bait

>> No.72769492

SW and salamanders have their own aesthetic so I'd expect upgrade sprues for them, but white scars you got a point.

>> No.72769493 [DELETED] 

"Narrative" is just a cope out when you can't properly balance a game
See Age of shitmar

>> No.72769496

Does anyone have a version of the Necron leak that's as crisp and clear as >>72769316 ?

>> No.72769497

Is it just me or do the ejection ports on the bikes not really line up?

>> No.72769504

But scythes are so cool!
Get on it, my dude. I love the DG sculpts. They're easy to keep uniform but have enough variety from model to model to keep things fresh for a very long time.

>> No.72769505 [DELETED] 

What went wrong with Human women in 40k?

>> No.72769508

oh hey the store again thanks again, thanks to whoever told me to clear my cache

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>> No.72769512

>the weird skeleton standard-Relictor, handheld Hourglass
both of those have been motifs in 40k long before AoS was even a thing.

>> No.72769525

Do they all have a crux on their forearms? Wonder if these are veteran units.

>> No.72769527

I went with 6+ since as UM with a stormshield they already get the 3+ and probably two other 4+ saves as well since space marines need multiple saves because reasons.

>> No.72769530

based. chaos bikers are peak kino.

>> No.72769536

And this is just the beginning anon

>> No.72769537

How fun is death guard? The models look fucking sick

>> No.72769540

Did he forget to design a new special and improved pattern of chainswords or does he genuinely hate melee?

>> No.72769545

Folks are getting stir crazy, even here.

>> No.72769555

What's the point of including all those AoS models?

>> No.72769556

Oh yeah? Post it.

>> No.72769557

7 has the Lieutenant helmet color and 2 is the Captain from the trailer.

>> No.72769560

Those "mutants" on the left are actually getting their proper nutrients. The women on the right only get corpse starch and whatever else garbage passes for food in the imperium. Diet correlates with beauty.

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>> No.72769563 [DELETED] 

Shitmar drones actually believe this

>> No.72769564

Depends. Do you enjoy losing most of the times?

>> No.72769571

Couldn't I just get GSC female heads, shave off the ridges, and then just use them as bald SOB?

>> No.72769575 [DELETED] 

>this is ok for nu-/tg/

>> No.72769576

prove him wrong

>> No.72769577

I'm not seeing it. What exactly do you mean?

>> No.72769578

When did you start following the hobby anon?

>> No.72769579

These guys had their first games today, they did okay

>> No.72769580

he keeps the good melee stuff for him self. Fif you ever see him get into a brawl?

>> No.72769584

Turns out if you paint female faces the same way you paint male faces then they look the same. Who knew, right?

>> No.72769587 [DELETED] 

Go back to the age of smegma general you came from, this is 40k not lala shitmar faggot knight general

>> No.72769590

>Did he forget to design a new special and improved pattern of chainswords or does he genuinely hate melee?
He couldn't put grav or stubbers on it, so he didn't care.

>> No.72769591

He's great in melee himself so probably just things chainswords are not cool, unlike stubbers

>> No.72769592

go back

>> No.72769596

40 millennia of feminism.

>> No.72769599

so how come Cawl gets to commit technoheresy?

>> No.72769600

>reddit screenshots
just post your soiboy wojak edit and then gtfo, tourist

>> No.72769611


wait so ultramarine wizards aren't blue anymore, they're black like chaplains
are techmarines going to lose red

>> No.72769612 [DELETED] 

Do we have winrate data from tournaments and stuff? Something like pic related but for 40K

>> No.72769614 [DELETED] 

I think that's a screenshot from reddit, not 4chan. You might want to go back to

>> No.72769618 [DELETED] 

>Personally I prefer AoS (I also play 40k). Because it has a better combination of melee, CC and a mix both (in 40k I got the feeling that melee units are often underwhelming and most armies are centered around shooting) but the biggest selling point for me at least is the unit variaty. Every army has its unique units (Stormcast and fireslayer are the ones with the least variaty) meanwhile in 40k (the space marine factions in particular) are just the same armor with different weapons (There are exceptions) but what I like about AoS is I can play Khorne and every unit has a completly different asthetic, the same goes for most factions and it's not just a power armor with different colors (I know that in 40k that is also the case with most Xenos factions but the problem is that the most played ones are Space Marines)

>> No.72769619

Stop responding to secondaries and tourists

>> No.72769621

His mom allows it.

>> No.72769622 [DELETED] 

t. redditor
Don't samefag

>> No.72769623

Shouldn't the form be different?

>> No.72769624

I don't think it's bait, I think a lot of 40kg posters are just like that now.

>> No.72769626

least post another one of their shit takes from the last 8 years

>> No.72769627

Don't deflect. Post the proof for your claims.

>> No.72769632

It just seems like they don't line up with the barrels of the bolters, and forgive me if i'm wrong cause im not a /k/unt, but i thought that was common practice.

>> No.72769634

the son of god said he's cool

>> No.72769639

should i skip 9th too or nah?

>> No.72769640

any post in all caps is always bait senpai

>> No.72769645


Astartesfags are no different than people who defend primaris

>> No.72769646

im not the one posting reddit screenshots here. go back.

>> No.72769650

>but what I like about AoS is I can play Khorne and every unit has a completly different asthetic
He's right though.

>> No.72769651

The fuck you talking about?

>> No.72769662 [DELETED] 

Go back to the age of shitmar general and /r/sigmarxism where you fuck BELONG

>> No.72769664 [DELETED] 

>noooo don't expose me

>> No.72769666

how new?

>> No.72769670

Looking good anon, do you have anymore pics of those possessed?

>> No.72769672


>> No.72769673

Can't improve on perfection.

>> No.72769675

there are no librarians or techmarines there

>> No.72769678

Stop pretending to be me

>> No.72769679

I don't like it when

>> No.72769680

why don't you wait for it to come out before you decide, you stupid dumbass

>> No.72769682 [DELETED] 

Kill yourself smegmar

>> No.72769685

no alternate activations? play
alternate activations? skip

>> No.72769697 [DELETED] 

go back.

>> No.72769699 [DELETED] 

Is there an actual GW game with alternate activations?

>> No.72769703

I actually thought the trailer was fine. Reminded me a lot of the dawn of war cinematic really all those guardsmen getting gaussed and the sister getting stomped was pretty rad

>> No.72769705

They should, but that would mean paying for new molds to be sculpted.

>> No.72769706 [DELETED] 

No u

>> No.72769708

>I want armies with no cohorent theme or motifs
the cowboy admechs are waiting for you my friend

>> No.72769711

This general needs a fucking purge. RPG/kill team generals does not have to deal with this shitposting.

>> No.72769712 [DELETED] 

This general makes me feel like I'm on /v/ & I love it.

>> No.72769714 [DELETED] 

go back.

>> No.72769718 [DELETED] 

Grown adults
KIDS playing with Hasbro toys and consoomer pedophiles

>> No.72769725

I don't like it when /tg/ is turned into /b/ because a handful of anons are acting out.

>> No.72769726 [DELETED] 

That's because it's dead

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>> No.72769729

All the children who don't actually play 40k but played Dawn of War or read a wiki article are bored because they have no models to paint.

>> No.72769730 [DELETED] 

Join the 40% tranny

>> No.72769731

>RPG/kill team generals

>> No.72769735

go back to /v/eddit

>> No.72769742 [DELETED] 

>cowboy admechs
nice suggestion, is that what your wife's son plays? Admech is the top s o y faction you disgusting creature

>> No.72769748

sorry but random fun and crazy situations that happen when dice rolls defy all odds are getting phased out, please buy supplement no.36 where we will give incestors a 24th special rule to make sure you won't miss a single shot with your unpainted smurf army

>> No.72769749

Tome it almost feels like it's two maybe three anons circlejerking /pol///sigmarxism posting.

>> No.72769752


>Shield Librarian

to be fair I did get him and Cassius mixed up because Cassius's crozius looks kind of like a force staff/stave/whatever and everybody's wearing iron halos

>> No.72769756 [DELETED] 

But this is /v/eddit

>> No.72769759

Here you go

>> No.72769760

I don't think you know what you're talking about.

>> No.72769763 [DELETED] 

go back.

>> No.72769769

I don't think you understand how casting miniatures works

>> No.72769770 [DELETED] 

Get with the times grandpa

>> No.72769772 [DELETED] 

>age of smegmar shit
Go back

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>> No.72769778

Any AdMech anon here? How many Kastelans do you typically use?

>> No.72769783

it only takes 2 maybe 3 to decide they want that they want to shit up a thread. Everyone else will just clam up and let them sperg out because trying to control the behavior is counterproductive on 4chins.

>> No.72769787

Considering I’m pretty monkey brained It happens a lot so I’m used to it, are they not the best army? I just want to build and paint mortarion man he looks so fucking beastly

>> No.72769789 [DELETED] 

>top s o y faction
But thats Orks

>> No.72769794

Not really? They are still a bad thing.

>> No.72769795 [DELETED] 

A not-dead game I mean

>> No.72769796

How do those bikes turn their front wheel? Looks like they are fixed in place. Will they have rules saying they cant turn and can only travel in straight lines?

>> No.72769797

man, they look sweet, good job
I have 5 or 6 boxed up I should really add to my guys

>> No.72769798

Those guys on the left look like they are from bloodbowl with those pads

>> No.72769802

The fuck is "alternate activations"?

>> No.72769806

That was literally the topic you fucking moron

>> No.72769814

New isn't better just because it's new.

>> No.72769817


sweet Helbrute conversio-

>> No.72769822

You know that picture the "Degradation of a hobby" people like to shitpost? Thats what 40k is now but instead of girls its loreonly faggots, memers, and various other politically obsessed faggots.

>> No.72769823 [DELETED] 

>age of smegmar shit
Go back

>> No.72769826 [DELETED] 

Good. Now go back to your dead general

>> No.72769828

>top s o y faction
3rd, behind GSC and any generic Primaris army

>> No.72769830

why do yoou reply to blatant shitposters?
are you masochistic?
i eagerly await the butthurt response from the shitposter which i will ignore

>> No.72769835 [DELETED] 

Like Infinity I guess

>> No.72769840

DG are great but only work if you use specific playstyles. It's all about board control and durability with DG. You won't win in CC or shooting.

>> No.72769841

They are still missing so much just to even break even with old marines.

>> No.72769852

Yes, although never seen it in a very handy format.
If you're just looking for the current top web list, you can play Iron Hands or Raven Guard, they're half of every tournament. But no one will like you.

>> No.72769854 [DELETED] 

>Saves the brand
Your welcome

>> No.72769855

but I like skitarii rangers and cavalry rangers...

>> No.72769860 [DELETED] 

FUCK you 40kg you fascist fucks! This raid was conducted from the sigmarxism discord, and there's nothing you idiots could of done to stop us. SMASH THE FASH

>> No.72769865

Old isn't better just because it's old

>> No.72769869

If you play casually they're alright. Most people won't play competitively anyway and that's where they fall apart.

>> No.72769870

DG are okay for casual games, so unless you're looking at cracking tournaments (and why would you want to) they're fine

>> No.72769874

>STILL no new Daemon Prince model

umm... Geedubs?!?!

>> No.72769875


>> No.72769877

neither it is bad just because it's new

in this case, the marines actually look better

>> No.72769886

>bring back something that they themselves ruined for no reason
>saves the brand

>> No.72769892

Damn, that's a cool stompa.

>> No.72769895

i normally see 4-6 Kastelans, the shooting variety, but i like dunecrawlers more so i have only 2 Kastelans

>> No.72769897

daemon primarchs are a replacement to daemon princes

>> No.72769901 [DELETED] 


>> No.72769902

And they looked better before, so there was no need to change them. Change for the sake of change is always bad.

>> No.72769904


>> No.72769909

>marines die for this
I mean cool less marines, but then got replace by more marines

>> No.72769912

They all have the same equipment though. He just has a much more dynamic pose.

>> No.72769917

>for no reason
Money anon, money is the reason.

>> No.72769919

Black Templars and gray knights needs to be supplement no stand-alone army.

>> No.72769920

If they redesigned the heads for SoB they would need to redo the master mold for the sprues with the new sculpt. I don't know how much that would cost, but from a business perspective not enough people are complaining about sisters of battle to justify spending the money to have it redone. To them, people are still buying the kits so why spend money you don't have to. Not to mention third party bits, why spend money to solve a problem when another company has already solved it for you?

>> No.72769927

Can't wait for primaris sisters!
Can't wait for primaris guard!
Can't wait for primaris CSM!
Can't wait for primaris orks!
Can't wait for primaris skitarii!
Can't wait for primaris tyranids!
Can't wait for primaris necron warriors!
Can't wait for primaris tau subrace!
Can't wait for fuck the eldars.

>> No.72769929 [DELETED] 

>Janny starts banning those exposing his clique
The sigmarxism trannies have infiltrated the jannies, get ready for the diversity guys

>> No.72769932

so whats the deal with the Sisters of Battles? Is their FAITH really that strong?

>> No.72769933

>ANOTHER reddit screencap
you just can't hep yourself

>> No.72769936

>It's all about board control and durability with DG. You won't win in CC or shooting.
This. I played vs Custodes, by the end I lost a shit ton of units but was way ahead in VP because he simply did not have enough board control. Had a unit of 3 Nurglings just tank a point from a jetbike for 2 rounds.

>> No.72769942



>> No.72769947

When will brits understand “if ain’t broke don’t fix it”
Logo has been fine for almost a decade. Why change it?
Marines have been working fine for more than 3 decades why change it?

>> No.72769949

go back

>> No.72769952

I do wonder how much of sigmarxism is actually ironic shitposting and some people buy into it.

I'm not sure I care to find out though.

>> No.72769959

They have an entire mechanic based on being faithful enough to make miracles happen.
So yes.

>> No.72769961

Some more of my current things in working on that are all in various stages of completion

>> No.72769965

>jannies are based for once

>> No.72769969

>Can't wait for primaris orks!

>> No.72769970

The emperor protects.

>> No.72769972 [DELETED] 

You know airplane mode is a thing, right tranny-janny? Kill yourself

>> No.72769973

>really really like the stompa
>don't play enough big games where I'd be able to play it effectively
>800~ points, can always think of better ways to spend them
>would rather spend money on units I'll use over a unit I likely won't
I'll get one eventually to paint and display, would be nice if they didn't suck so much for the point investment but it is what it is.

>> No.72769974

Most of my sisters.
Not pictured: two Immolators (one old one new), 4 metal flamer sisters, a box of zepharim, some more repentia and another couple of still boxed squads that I forget.

>> No.72769975

Reddit is very Tankie. So at least half of it is not ironic

>> No.72769977

Because we've been corrupted by american consoomer capitalist culture. Fucking hate it. I'm not even communist, and I can't stand america's gungho way of selling and marketing shit.

>> No.72769980

Its 100% ironic shitposting. Most of the complaints about things not being gay or left wing or too fascist are ironic shitposts here made to drum up replies and (You)s.

>> No.72769983

Because retards will buy anything new even if it's categorically worse than what's replacing. Nothing is sacred anymore.

>> No.72769987

They want to turn 40K into the nu-star wars
Get ready for pansexuality, groins and strong female characters

>> No.72769988

>What went wrong with Human women in 40k?

Human women IRL

>> No.72769989

You're going to have to explain to me what "Tankie" means, chum.

>> No.72769990

do you guys think that 40k could be adapted as a total war game, like playing a game of epic

>> No.72769996


>> No.72769999

No wait.. Saga of the beast already happened HAH who am I kidding, orks will never get cool stuff.

>> No.72770002

Which took over a decade to look even half decent.

>> No.72770005


no I can not

>> No.72770011


>> No.72770012

The Killteam General cant even reach bump limit without dying first

>> No.72770013 [DELETED] 

I will show that 40k is political and always has been, that 40ks politics are more relevant now than ever, and that subs that don’t allow for political discussion can’t meaningfully parse 40k. I’ll try to be beginner friendly, as worldpolitics has a lot of people first being introduced to 40k. Also, before I lose your attention with a long-winded effortpost and a barrage of references 40k deepcut memes: I dig the plants, but there’s a weird puritianical streak in all the people posting to remove “thots”, and it kinda sucks that weirdly conservitive attitudes about women is part of what people are first seeing when they see 40k.


>> No.72770016

Yes, it'd work.

Why they did WH-Fantasy is beyond me, they probably would have sold more as a 40k game, even a LoTR game.

>> No.72770017

Tankies are unironically better people than nihilists and spergs who make up 4chan

>> No.72770020

War of the Beast was shit and tried making orks grimderp x30

>> No.72770022


>> No.72770026

Seems the pivot point is directly beneath where the front wheel meets the chassis. Sure its armored, but as you said the range of motion is completely fucked. To make a tight turn they'd likely need to pump the front brake and let the rear of the bike swing around.

>> No.72770027

Nah. 40k operates under modern warfare rules, it doesn't have huge 100 man units forming a line bashing eachother in melee. Unironically DoW squad based gameplay is the style that works best for this.

>> No.72770028

Love what you've done on that wraith's head, looks great.

>> No.72770033

GW has always been quintessentially incompetent, its not an American thing.

>> No.72770042

nobody cares.

>> No.72770045

So this is what a false flag looks like.

>> No.72770048


it's all 100% real, remember there's posters that are probably 14 years old that just started drawing anarchist As on everything and read about spanish anarchists in ww2.

>> No.72770049

Probably not due to too much shooting.
Probably want to just do a straight up RTS or do turn based games like XCOM.

>> No.72770050

You are just giving more reasons why making primaris was a retarded idea.

>> No.72770057

Hey necroboys is half of forgebane + a start collecting + doom
Scythe + 2 Cano spiders a good start to a necron army? And also worth $250 nib?

>> No.72770059

how did epic play out then?
i mean, how id it work with so many units

>> No.72770060

If a brand isn't actively growing then its already dead, according to the shareholders.

>> No.72770061

How the FUCK would 40k work as total war game?

>> No.72770062


>> No.72770066

Terminators are pretty cool, 'ey lads?

>> No.72770068

>Change for the sake of change is always bad.
true, but what are you going to do about it? take what is good and discard what's bad for your enjoyment or whine like a dog because your ideals aren't reality?

>> No.72770073

Congratulations, you have no taste.

>> No.72770076

Might be easier to take SOB and shave the jawline

>> No.72770077 [DELETED] 

I’m not going to go through the full history of the game but suffice to say that it looked a little different than it does now. Space Marines were just the brutal enforcers of the Imperium’s will, looking a lot more like an evil version of the Terran Marines from starcraft in some ways; The Rainbow Warriors were a first founding chapter, and the Ultra-Marines weren’t, but had a half-eldar member. This was a setting still in open beta that took a little while to be solidified into the setting we know. However, in this early version some things were already here. The Imperium was the “most brutal regime imagninable”, and enforced its will with plasteel boots. They weren’t really “good guys”. Rick Priestley has been on the record numerous times about this, but he shouldn’t need to be. He created an ur-fascist bureaucratic theocracy using fascist symbology (the Imperial Eagle) that was explicitly from the first paragraph of the first book published “the most brutal regeime imaginable”, and tried to impose it’s xenophobic (but less xenophobic than current 40k) will on the galaxy. That part has never gone away.


>> No.72770098


Lots of guardsmen, couple of baneblade variants, lots of titans, things like that.

Space marines would be a unit in imperial armies, not their own army.

(but that alone wouldn't work in a game would it, the marine fanwankers would cry for a marine-only army.)

>> No.72770099

Just wait for the new starter or something, you should get better savings and new sculpts.

>> No.72770100

Shareholders were a mistake. Hope they all kill themselves next economic collapse.

>> No.72770105 [DELETED] 

40k evolved some, the space marines became a weird blend of knight-monk-angels and brutal enforcers of the Imperiums will. Novels were written. Some were weird, some were alright. If you’re looking to read some 40k, the Eisenhorn Trilogy is a great place to start. It contextualises elements as it introduces them, and it’s the only 40k books I’d recommend to anyone who wasn’t interested in 40k. Chaos was added. The Inquisition’s biggest enemy was still itself though, the shadow-war it fought between it’s shattered factions only fueled by the existence of the theological position outside the imperium. Ultra-marines lost their hyphen, becoming the Ultramarines. Orks became mushroom men and people misread a section of lore and convinced everyone that their guns worked by magic. Abbaddon did a 13th black crusade (the first time), Eldrad died. Necrons, Tau, Dark Eldar were added. Genestealers became a sort of Tyranid. The Horus Heresy was updated from Rick Priestley’s copy of Paradise Lost with the 40k logo taped to the front and “IN SPAAAACE!!!” added at the end to a series of articles discussing a mythic past from an in universe perspective that couldn’t disentangle myth from history. Later they retconned Abbaddon’s first 13th black crusade, added back dozens of weird bits that had been forgotten from the early lore, started the Horus Heresy book series, digging into the creation myth of 40k, ignoring the themes of 40k and making the myths all true to flesh out a prequel setting (30k) and 54 books later (you hacks!) they still haven’t wrapped up, but they got their 30k into my 40k and I don’t like it. (But more on this later.) They also became more corporate, put the marketing department in charge of more things, and gave Rick Priesley the boot.


>> No.72770114

If you want old models then yes, If not then no.

>> No.72770115

shield vets look ok, not too big on carrying full on skeleton relics into combat and using them as shields, but the rest of the model is tolerable. what's with gw and making 3 model units recently? these vets, inceptors, the zakus, eliminators, agressors, all of them, it feels like if the unit isn't a bog standard line unit of whatever designation, they suffer so many casualties that the chapter physically can't deploy them in standard 5 or 10 man squads or something
the fact that is took this long to get intercessors with swords and pistols is silly, but don't really care about them regardless
veteran ancient looks cool. robes and smaller, really ornate standard is a lot better than both the basic primaris ancient and the standard ancient.
Glad to see melta is going to be good next edition, it's been a while since they've been taken.
Chappy looks cool. a lot better than a literal Reaper knockoff, so just about anything is a direct upgrade
I like the bikes. they look like an actual improvement over normal marine bikes, heavier and everything but without some of the other markers of primaris style. Actual bolters too, not stubbers thank god. that reminds me, I still need to get a bunch of standard bikers and attack bikes for reasons

all in all, I don't hate most of them. I'd wait to buy them until we see what their stats are, but this is a box set/unit set that I'd actually buy some of

>> No.72770116

so how do editions work? do you guys have to all play on 9th edition now or will people stay on 8th? whats the usual reaction to editions?

>> No.72770117

Reddit is not tankie, they are state capitalists okay with corporatism as long as the corporations support their lifestyle choices and some kind of welfare state. If Reddit was actually tankie they'd be trying to convince American conservatives that they are misguided, not call them Nazis like neoliberal retards who have corporate masters as tankies are focused on conservatism and socialism.

>> No.72770119

>Apologize because they made their shit smell less
But why

>> No.72770128


>> No.72770131

I love them.

>> No.72770132 [DELETED] 

Still it remained at its core a pastiche of satires, that lacked a single coherent thesis, but espoused many ideas in a sporadic mess. “Fascism Bad”, “Racism Bad”, “Religious traditionalism will lead us into a quagmire from which we can only regress and lose the hard-won progress of knowledge and science.”, and “Bureaucracy Bad”. It never really explored these ideas in depth, but it was a wargame setting first and foremost, an excuse for your toy soldiers to fight their toy soldiers. Suffice to say that the setting had these themes, even if they weren’t deeply explored.


>> No.72770135

must be honest: I never liked them

>> No.72770136

Despair at my impotence while seeing the things that are precious to me being desecrated while everyone else cheers for it. There's nothing good to take from it.

>> No.72770139

yes they are the best

>> No.72770141

You can play whatever edition you want as long as your opponent agrees to it.
99% of the time at the geedubs or LGS people will want to play the latest edition though.

>> No.72770148

is this guy gonna write 10 A4 pages of excusesto post /pol/bait?

>> No.72770152

People will swap over to 9th by and large but if you find people that still want to play 8th you can.
People still play older editions with friends still after all.

>> No.72770154 [DELETED] 

>GW & Context
You might say that the above themes were incidental, or inherited from Dune, 2000AD and the other settings that poured into the pastiche that was 40k. However, Games Workshop has a history of being political like this, in their older game, Warhammer Fantasy Battles (the precursor setting to Age of Sigmar). There’s a lot to be said about this, but the best example is the Battle of Dungal Hill in the classic McDeath campaign. Een McWrecker and Arka Zargul have clear real world analogues in the British Coal-mine Union Strikes under Thatcher. This was contemporary politics, and Games Workshop unapologetically took the side of the Unions, being the filthy leftists they were. “I ho I ho go slow.” A close second place goes to Mag-gies Death Banner, aka “The Banner of Doom”, which in place of the traditional symbol of evil has Thatcher’s face. (Note: There’s a popular myth that Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka’s name was based on Thatcher, this seems not to be the case, but Andy “Overfiend” Chambers sure didn’t express any love for her when denying it.

Going back further, the very old pictures of the GW staff have included a few punks and at least one picture I can’t track down anymore of one with a SHARP (SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice) badge prominently displayed. (If anyone can find that old photo, I’d be very grateful.) 40k has always been adjacent to the alternative scenes in England, at one time having its own music label, signing up bands such as D-Rok and Bolt Thrower (a band known for their music third, getting into fights with neonazis second, and being that band that GW signed up that time first) and these alternative scenes have always eschewed the political centre, veering far right (skinheads, nazi punks (can fuck off), and neonazi metal) or far left (SHARPS, real punks, bands like Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down). Suffice to say that GW has a history of being leftist.


>> No.72770161

He unironically is.

>> No.72770173


>> No.72770174

Please don't give it (you)s

>> No.72770176


The speed at which these all came out, for the amount of text involved in each, betrays that you have copy-pasted the absolute brainrot therein.

Please stop shitting up the thread.

>> No.72770178

this is an AMERICAN website, euro trash must leave

>> No.72770183

Don't give it yous, you'll just encourage it.

>> No.72770188

Its almost worth turning into a copy pasta

>> No.72770192

yes especially with assault cannons

>> No.72770199


>> No.72770206

And now I'm buying crons

>> No.72770209

>Jannies on point

Fucking YES MY SONS.

>> No.72770212

What's the 'murican standard for paper sizes? Cheeseburgers?

>> No.72770214

Mary Sues don't have to deal with consequences.

>> No.72770219

Too bad GW is killing them.

>> No.72770224

>There's nothing good to take from it.
then you're a delusional shell of a man, hoping for things to come your way instead of doing them your way.

>> No.72770227

Today I'm going to prime all my achilles and goliaths

>> No.72770230

>> No.72770233

May not be the most efficient use of points but in my few games using it, a burna bomma doing a bombing run then flyin 'eadbutt into a blob of shield drones in the movement phase taking out 1/3 - 1/2 of their drones all at once before I even start my shooting phase will never not be entertaining.

>> No.72770234

have there ever been any "bad" reactions to a new edition? I say this as someone who plays a lot of Dota where the 7.00 patch was so polarizing people just quit the game or made private servers to downgrade the patch

>> No.72770245

That walker pretty much sold the box to me. Helps I have a marine player friend who's been waiting for melee primaris forever so it's easy to split the box.

>> No.72770246

8.5 by 11 inches

>> No.72770258

Me soft and me hard.

>> No.72770260

>new coke

>> No.72770261

Fucking princelets, when will they learn?

>> No.72770263


>> No.72770266

There have been, yes, but most of the bad stuff comes in later in an edition.

>> No.72770267

What else can I do? Things were fine before. I can't magically make them good again when they get worse every time.

>> No.72770268

Stop calling the Redditors who shitpost here communists, they're obviously just corporate pawns that want to enforce conformity amongst the people who consume 40k media so that Games Workshop can deliver a sanitized product that can make their shareholders very rich. If you care about the hobby you should be pointing these people out as being useful idiots for shareholders rather than calling them what they want to be called.

>USSR: Conservatives are good workers who are misguided by a capitalist system which takes advantage of them through propaganda

>Sigmarxism: Conservatives are literally Hitler because they don't like to consume this corporate product I enjoy

I don't agree with Communism nor do I like the USSR, but stop feeding the consumerist faggots what they want to hear.

>> No.72770269

>have there ever been any "bad" reactions to a new edition
Yes? Every time something is updated (for better or worse) a portion of any community will dislike it.

>> No.72770273

Every single new edition has had ‘bad’ reactions.

>> No.72770277

Bros help I built all my sisters with storm bolters so I could afford more seraphim and zephyrim, but now I don't really care as much about the game and want to give them flamers for lore, is there a way to safely break or cut off storm bolters I already glued on or should I just try to write my lore to justify them using a bunch of weapons that even space marines find hard to control?

>> No.72770278


Handblade guys are pretty good, but something about the two handers doesn't sit right with me.

>> No.72770280


>> No.72770284 [SPOILER] 

Based jannies.

>> No.72770288

bad day to be a tripod

>> No.72770293

Don't believe you.

>> No.72770294

>not at least doubling in length upon erection
Pretty cringe bro.

>> No.72770305

put them in the freezer if you used super glue, makes it super brittle.

If you used plastic glue you earned your darwin award, enjoy it

>> No.72770306

What can I say bro i'm mostly a show-er, bro.

>> No.72770307


>> No.72770308

So let me get this straight. DPs from CSM, DG, 1kS, Daemons are all different Datasheets? So with Mortarion and Magnus you could use a total of 14 DPs?

>> No.72770312

>Gordon Ramsay
>Mel Gibson
A chaosfag could dream...

>> No.72770316


>> No.72770321

I really, really hope it has good rules. It hurts to see cool models with shit rules.

>> No.72770322 [DELETED] 

The trannies have infested the jannies now. This board is dead, get ready for the sigmarxism shit to be pushed down your throat

>> No.72770328

>> No.72770330

>They all have the same equipment though.
Marine characters often don't have exclusive access to equipment.

>> No.72770331

the war in heaven must have been weird as fuck

>> No.72770332

i'm the first guy you (you)'d, and I pretty much took like 10 minutes to write. I also completely missed the LT and librarian because I thought they were part of the vet squad. Somehow, don't know why, seeing as how I was also like 'ugh, another 3 man squad'. I dunno, probably because I just woke up or something.
Anyway, I have issues with the model designs, just because you think that every post that doesn't outright and openly shit on them with the entirety of their soul is pasta, doesn't make it true

>> No.72770338 [DELETED] 

great the sjw virtual signalling soys have taken over the thread discussion. No. Niggers should not exist in the 40k universe when colonizers would be of the same racial background and have lots of incest. Also hybrid vigor is a false myth pushed by an agenda that wants your daugthers to intermix.

>> No.72770342 [DELETED] 

Suggesting that conservatives aren’t unrepentant consumerist whores is the stupidest thing ever

>> No.72770349

I did unfortunately use plastic glue. Fuck.

>> No.72770350

Here's your (You), anon. It's on me.

>> No.72770351

Cut off their hands using clippers at the point you glued them.

>> No.72770353

I hope 9th gives Flayed Ones better rules and models. I'd love a Flayed Lord model.

>> No.72770357

2-3; they are good but you don't want to over rely on them in my experience. Wish the h2h ones were better

>> No.72770358

literally retarded.

>> No.72770359

go back

>> No.72770368

>cool models with shit rules

>> No.72770371

>/40KG/ The End Times

>> No.72770372

>and have lots of incest.

>> No.72770381

same. At least it may benefit from 9e improve cover system because it can peak over things

Seems big for a single box? I mean I'll buy two if so because I want the priamris side too and split the second in a heartbeat.

>> No.72770383

Oh wait, you weren't the same guy shitting up with how 40k has always been political and everything involved is political?

If you were just replying to that person and I caught you in the crossfire, sorry. But yeah, shame on you for replying to them.

But if you are them, stop.

>> No.72770384

He was ordered to by blue Jesus

>> No.72770386

Harken you do know that Spears dont always have to be thrown right? You are allowed to use it in melee.

>> No.72770387

So that's it then?
Just to sell new toys GW is going to completely discontinue all space marines and nerf them into the ground to force everyone to switch to Primaris?

>> No.72770391

So this is what it looks like to be weak.

>> No.72770394

>lots of incest
idk guys, /pol/ seems kinda based

>> No.72770396

I’m aware, it is just all those guys have the sword the shield and the pistol.

>> No.72770397

So, what weapon profiles are we expecting to change in 9th?

>> No.72770400

>cool models with shit rules

>> No.72770402

>Just to sell new toys GW is going to completely discontinue all space marines and nerf them into the ground to force everyone to switch to Primaris?

>> No.72770404

Good luck, says I.


>> No.72770409

>Seems big for a single box?
It's an edition starter box so it's gonna be larger than normal.

>> No.72770410

But Cawl has never met Aun'va

>> No.72770411

no doubt. Cataclysmic weapons of eerie proportion. Too bad the Blackstone stuff didn't get expanded on for outside it

>> No.72770413

Fucking insulting.
>All new unique weapon just for him!
>Assault 1, D3 damage
Just brings my blood to a boil.
I just proxy him as a jump pack sorc.

>> No.72770415

old second hand, recasts, conversions and third parties
play the rules you like or have your models count as the rules you like

if anybody bats an eye, they're simply wrong

>> No.72770425

Probably a Blast/Burst keyword that'll do max hits on units over a certain size.

>> No.72770426

And one is a Captain, one is a Lieutenant and three are Veterans.
Therefore not a single unit.

>> No.72770427

40kg was a mistake

>> No.72770431

But primaris do.

>> No.72770433

>necrons are now protoss but evil
So who's going to be Alarak of newcrons?

>> No.72770436

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough to infiltrate Warhammer World, destroy every primaris mould that exists and every file for all their models to force them to make regular marines.

>> No.72770437

yeah, I was replying to the picture with the primaris, not the 'apologize to gw' post itself. I just woke up like an hour ago and haven't been on 4chan for about a week. didn't realize someone was shitting up the thread with politics or bait, but at this point i really shouldn't expect any better

>> No.72770441

Wait... That's not upside down? Oh.

>> No.72770443


>> No.72770444

I pray to Christ every night that warscythes get better.

>> No.72770449

I've literally never seen this model before in my life

>> No.72770453

I was hoping to not have to do that, but it looks like I might have to, wish me luck then.

>> No.72770454

This will do until the official release, the gangs all here.

>> No.72770456


>> No.72770458

I'm already doing that, it just means I have to be compltetely disconnected from the reality of the game and can't enjoy any new releases or books. It's not exactly plaeasant.

>> No.72770460

>cool models with shit rules.
Such pain

>> No.72770463

I'm starting to warm up to the new warriors. If their kit comes with clean, undamaged parts, I might even consider buying a few and painting them as an honour guard squad.

>> No.72770464

No shit, they're necrons.

>> No.72770470

Get checked for alzheimers, this is like the 56th time you've asked today. And no, you're not a new player who's only just heard about the game yet has a full old marine army.

>> No.72770471

Its 45 points of disappointment. If it was an HQ like an enginseer maybe it would have use but instead its a heavy support unit that does mediocre repairs to a race that has built in repairs.

>> No.72770472

What's up with their noses?

>> No.72770474

then leave.

>> No.72770475

Yeah, the C'tan ate them long ago.

>> No.72770476


>> No.72770480

I mean literally, yeah. I like the horror side of them. Clean warrirors only work when not squatting.

>> No.72770484

Who else is excited for this new series?

>> No.72770485

That's because it FUCKING SUCKS! It's figuratively unusable!

>> No.72770488

generals in general were an awful idea
these threads are the exact opposite of what 4chan was made to be

>> No.72770490

>Vehciles can shoot in melee
That's nice and all, but can my Defiler just fucking please move without it's BS becoming 9+?

>> No.72770492

>So this is what it looks like to be weak.

oh, its you.

>> No.72770493

Just take it like how collectors do. I found some old models that were hard to find anywhere just today and even though they're 25+ years old it felt nice finally getting some.

>> No.72770495

At least it's 110 points cheaper than the vastly superior loadout!
Make the Harpoon ignore invuln or something, fuck.

>> No.72770497

>Too bad the Blackstone stuff didn't get expanded on for outside it
they're ending the narrative for it, which can only mean they're going to use it for another narrative, with more models.

>> No.72770500

>If their kit comes with clean, undamaged parts
Probanly not, since they talked about how the rank and file necrons don't have the best of resurrection protocols, so they'll look more beaten up that the more elite troops and commanders.

>> No.72770503

not a fan of the rods, but at the same time i've seen entirely too many people fuck up the old green rods so i can at least see why they decided to change them. glad they fixed the slav squat, but now i feel like they're even more hunched over than they used to be

>> No.72770504

>Tankies are unironically better people
>literally crush people under tank treads because they ask the communist for bread
See this is why people threw you out of helicopters, the fucking dictators look like good people by comparison.

>> No.72770505

>space marines have 12 variants on the same HQ
Bros, it's not fair. Why can't Necrons have that many options?

>> No.72770507


>> No.72770510

Reminder to that primaris is a product of shitmar and buying any new models makes you a fag

>> No.72770512

Damn I had, like, 80 of the old guys and now they're gonna stop selling them aren't they?

>> No.72770520

Seriously though, this animation was garbage.
Why was a human woman able to block and hold a Necron warrior constructs blade with a single hand?
Seriously, that Necron blade is bigger than her torso!

>> No.72770526

Oh no, poorfags are telling me how to spend money.

>> No.72770530

melta potentially. if the marines box that's gonna be released for/around the new edition is anything to go off of, we'll probably see melta weapons to be strong next edition like plasma was with heckblasters

>> No.72770532

the power of the emperor and the fact that it's physically impossible for GW to give Necrons the spotlight for once.

>> No.72770533

Why do you guys continue to consume the poison the GW feeds you? Did any of you watch the capeshit that was the announcement trailer and think "cool! some new primaris! and goofy, uninspired necrons! cant wait". GW doesn't 'get it' anymore, it hasn't for a long long time, but you people still accept the price hikes and the slow decay of a once original IP into Marvel-tier normie shit

>> No.72770539

>half the thread deleted
Did I miss prime cadian cunny again?

>> No.72770540

what if I like new non-primaris models?>>72770017
jannies missed a spot

>> No.72770542

soulful actually

>> No.72770546

Usually it's the other way round even.
Intercessor Sergeants have access to more shit than Captain or Lieutenants.

>> No.72770547

Oh please. Like conservatives haven’t met a dictator they haven’t serviced sexually or sold guns to.

>> No.72770548

Power armor and even then she was still losing, albeit slowly

>> No.72770549

Yes, it was changed to be 12+

>> No.72770550

Hey dudes I've been out of the game a while
Did every army even get a codex in the last edition before they went to another one?

>> No.72770552

I really wish 40k would introduce another xenos faction. These guys would be a great theme for another army.

>> No.72770553

You are getting the range update every marine player wanted. I'm not sure you want to switch places with us, anon.

>> No.72770554

I said it yesterday, but I hope they have extra undamaged heads in the box. Having a few models with battle damage sprinkled throughout is fine, but having 20% of your units with the same damage in the same spot is overkill.

>> No.72770557

no it's just autism today

>> No.72770558

>power armour
>literally prey the gauss away

>> No.72770559

Indeed. Necron laugh in quantum shielding too.

>> No.72770564

We went over this last thread, stop trying to derail everything

>> No.72770566

Hellblaster plasma was trash though

>> No.72770572

Hey, any tips for a guy starting death guard as a second army? My only stipulation is im not big on mortarion, as cool as he is. And how can i get the most use out of deathshroud?

>> No.72770576

Nah, just communist ranting.

They can't preach and cry at their University due to corona quarantine so they have to do it here.

>> No.72770577

I don't, but I highly doubt GW is going to give us all the options we're supposed to have lorewise. We still can't take a lychguard as a vargard, for example.

>> No.72770579

There won't be spare parts. It'll be 60 dollar boxes of ten monopose dudes like for sisters and primaris and csm.

>> No.72770586

For the first time, yes.

>> No.72770587

>I can't even tell people I like partaking in cock now and then or they'll think I'm some kind of degenerate hippy
Fuck pride

>> No.72770594

>Lord Arkos becomes more usable
Yes please, but can we also get a model please?

>> No.72770596

Ah I was speaking to a burger. This explain why you still think that cancer of an ideology is not consider a psychopathic disorder

>> No.72770605

>be me 2 years ago
>want to start a new army
>consider between admech and necrons
>chose admech
Did I do a mistake? I wouldn't be surprised if the necron models come out before engine war.

>> No.72770606

overcharging plasma death stars with captain, lt, and ancient were a staple in early 8th edition lists for pretty much everything short of heavy vehicles

>> No.72770608

>Cadian Cunny

>> No.72770609

such a boring faction, i guess they work cause they're easy to paint.
Actually would have preferred a good redesign, but that would mean having to change the whole line which is too much trouble for a xenos side

>> No.72770610

When's the last time you bought a GW model?
Are you complaining just for the sake of complaining?

>> No.72770611

How do you put together a multi-game narrative story with 4 players?

>> No.72770612

>>power armour
>Power armor and even then she was still losing, albeit slowly
No she wasn't, and bear in mind this was with one hand, while the Necron was also pushing down and so aided by gravity and was using two hands. Plus he's a giant robot.

>> No.72770613

She's so strong and independent that she overpowers the evil robot just by existing! Female space marines! Buy them today! Forget old lore, they were never clones!

>> No.72770614

R8 these lore tidbits for /myguys/

>The Scouring of Golgotha, 769.M41
>A sizeable forces of heretics attacks the fortress world of Golgotha with the aim to pillage its abundant reserves of weapons war machines. Led by a joint force of several Chaos Space Marine warbands, the heretics penetrate the worlds initial defences and make planetfall, engaging the local PDF in planet-wide street war. To counter the threat, the 4th,5th and 7th Companies of the Tempest Eagles reach the planet to provide aid. What was initially planned as a lightning strike upon the heretics gets immediately slowed to a crawl, and the Space Marines become embroiled in the viscious fighting around the world's fortress-capital. Knowing that war of attrition was unwinnable, the leading Chaos Lord, Herak the Blooded, mounts an assault to the planet's main weapon deposits, in the hope to recover a good deal ofloot before having to retreat back in the Maelstrom. The assault is intercepted by elements of the 5th Company and the PDF, led by Captain Trantio Cloudrunner. In the subsequent fight, Captain Trantio manages to force Herak in personal combat, but is decapitated by the Chaos Lord's cursed blade. Records tell of how the Captain's headless body still flailed around even after his death, catching the chaos lord by surprise and managing to avenge his own demise by crushing herak's skull with a lucky hit of his power fist. Timed pick captures of the event record how the captain's body kept staggering about, wailing on everything that came close to him, for about two to three minutes, before collapsing. With the Chaos Lord's death, the heretics lose heart and quickly withdraw from Golgotha, but both the PDF and the Tempest Eagles have suffered heavy losses to repel them.

>> No.72770622

necrons are the coolest faction in the game

>> No.72770626

If you enjoyed painting and playing your admech why is it a mistake?

>> No.72770629

What a coincidence he missed that, uh?
Janny is from sigmarxism. This thread is very carefully being managed to push a particular narrative

>> No.72770632

Depends. Do you like admech necron more?

>> No.72770635

Doesnt matter, it looks cool.

>> No.72770638

9th edition is the time

>> No.72770639

I'm not, I want to discuss the new animation, and why it's awful.

>> No.72770642

>this animation was garbage
I know you're specifically bringing up the physics of the fight, but what pissed me off was the animation of the models. They all have this extra cartoony drawback and swing that reminds me of Blizzard cinematics. This looks like it's a world of warcraft launch and it pisses me off.

>> No.72770643

You mean guilliman gunlines, riptide spam, and malefic lord.chaos army?

Plasma has been trash the entire edition only casual fags played it

>> No.72770654

Isnt Golgotha a Metal Band?

>> No.72770655

How far will they take it? How many lieutenants will we have by the end of 9th?

>> No.72770660

>We went over this last thread
And nobody gave anything but meme answers because it's self-evidently stupid

The cinematic was trash. Any given frame of the "Astartes" series is a more faithful realization of 40k than the offical media GW makes

>> No.72770661

You can't have that, old man. Just primaris now.

>> No.72770662

Pick sides and then betray each other part way through. Everybody gets to play everybody.

>> No.72770665

There's a literal canon forgeworld called Metalika

Like, come on.

>> No.72770666

Buy a Dark Imperium half before they go out of print. Buy a 2nd one too, and more poxwalkers for chaff.
Buy 3 Plagueburst Crawlers.
>how can i get the most use out of deathshroud
Don't use them unless you like gambling on 9" deepstrike charges. Or wait to see if PA gives DG charge buffers.

>> No.72770668

>necrons are the coolest faction in the game
Wrong. Pic related is

>> No.72770672

screenshot, and saved

>> No.72770676

No you fucking idiot. How many times does GW need to tell you that your marinelets aren't going way until you get the message?

>> No.72770681

It’s the hill Jesus was crucified on.

>> No.72770682

because it's too much like a wow cinematic or because wow's so shit now it only brings up bad feels?

>> No.72770683

Is that frog cosplaying as a custodian?

>> No.72770684

I'm sorry, but you're just wrong.

>> No.72770685

For fuck sake, you are bitching about a power sword, wielded by someone with power armour and that also can do mid battle hax.
But do not bitch about the chainsword guy? That can't be perform miracle hax.

>> No.72770686

Azrael is the best Chapter Master.

>> No.72770688

This might be completely irrelevant once 9th hits but
>foetid bloat-drones and plagueburst crawlers with spitters are GOAT
>daemon detachment boosts your army significantly for cheap
>you're the king of holding objectives in casual games
Deathshroud are kind of useless aside from protecting morty turn 1, they really struggle getting into melee and will likely never even get their flamers off.

>> No.72770690

When their actions stop pointing at the opposite direction to their words.

>> No.72770695

they're lifeless husks with boring models that dont invoke any feeling beyond 'oh that looks metallic'
Like G rated terminators with a spritz of bionicle green

>> No.72770696

Considering it's the name of the location jesus was crucified there is a good chance there is.

>> No.72770698

>a good redesign
I disagree with you here, the basic designs are simple, but they work well, I actually dislike the more elite units as it doesn't seem they have much creativity with how to make them stand out and simply strap more and bigger shit to it

the tall drone is the one cool design out of the stuff we've seen but the floaty destroyer and the monolith look like good redesigns even if the image is grainy as fuck

>> No.72770699

Please, just a few more minutes of denial.

>> No.72770700

5th edition. And no, I'm complaining/sad because 40k is fucking awesome and GW handles it poorly, seemingly only interested in squeezing as much money out of a loyal fanbase as it can, while useful idiots like yourself accuse dissenters as 'just complainers bro lul xd'

>> No.72770703

Are those statistics pre-op, or post-op? And what’s their source?

>> No.72770711

I mean isnt that the origin of 40k in a nutshell, some punk/metal themed scifi seems to be the theme in all the old artwork.

Some brit metal band used a Dark Angel marine for an album cover art, Saxon maybe?

>> No.72770715

>get's decapitated
>so stubborn that he still manages to keep fighting
I like it. a bit silly, but still not the worst thing i've read

>> No.72770718

Their actions have said that they aren't going anywhere you idiot.

>> No.72770719

stop fucking replying to them.
Look, it's been deleted, the poor mods are working overtime to keep these poltards off the thread, leftypol and normalpol alike

>> No.72770720

Even though it would never happen, I would kill for an army with no humanoids in it.

>> No.72770721

Genestealers Cult are a thing.
Hell this derpy thing is way cooler than the entire Primaris line.

>> No.72770727

>lifeless husks
eh, depends on the model
>don't invoke any feeling
they invoke the dread of an ancient empire so utterly disconnected from human morals that they were perfectly fine staying in stasis for untold millennia just to be able to retake the galaxy at a more convenient time

>> No.72770728

>youre king of holding objectives
>in games where nothing matters and nobody is trying

Good to know that my Renegades and heretics mercenary spam is king at holding objectives. in casual games of course

>> No.72770730

custodians wish they could be as aesthetic

>> No.72770731

Hes bitching because its a woman that does it, but when he said that a few threads ago it was deleted so the bait had to be reworded.

>> No.72770737

If the last time you bought a model was 5th ed, then you literally not a part of this hobby.

>> No.72770742

Put a commissar hat on it. Instant improvement.

>> No.72770743

Oh man i'm looking forward to 9th edition
>pic related

>> No.72770745

No it doesn't, it looks retarded. A woman with a tiny sword single handily stopping a giant alien robot axe on the downswing? Are you a weeaboo?

>I know you're specifically bringing up the physics of the fight, but what pissed me off was the animation of the models.
Yeah, it didn't look good in general, the Marines especially are janky and weirdly small

>For fuck sake, you are bitching about a power sword, wielded by someone with power armour
Yeah, you make it sound like she's fighting against a big caveman or something. She's fighting against an alien robot that is much larger than her and has a powered weapon of its own.
>But do not bitch about the chainsword guy?
Nothing he does is anywhere near as visually jarring.

>> No.72770746

Yeah, 80s metal was definitely an influence. GW loves pop culture references.

>> No.72770747

I wrote some greentext the other day for these guys. i thought you guys might enjoy it for a bit. i won't repost the whole thing in here to save space, but it's humorous at least if not trash.

>> No.72770756

If you haven't bought a model since 5th you pretty much know things aren't going to change to your liking, right? Are you somehow trying to convince us sheeple to stop immediately?

>> No.72770764

>Even in death I still BLAM!

>> No.72770771

Are you playing sweaty competitive games all the time at your LGS, anon?

>> No.72770777

Jesus christ I just want to talk about the game without having to talk about black, women, jews and financial systems. Politics used to be for boomers.

>> No.72770779

When did the repulsor launch in 8th?

>> No.72770782

Their actions said they made a new kind of marine that's better in in every single way, with new weapons, armour and vehicles that are better in every single way, lore about marines becoming primaris, making tons of characters primaris, said characters saying that primaris are the future and if you don't accept them you can't be a space marine, that primaris have completely replaced marines in every promotional material and that their units completely overlap their roles but have better rules. If that's not a replacement in every way made to make the old marines completely obsolete because they plan to kill them then nothing else.

>> No.72770783

there was a hair on the camera lens when that picture was taken and I'm not going to lie, it's bothering the fuck out of me

>> No.72770784

Literally what the fuck do you want?

Describe to me what you want your fucking necron warriors to look like. What's acceptable to you? Be specific

>> No.72770786

And yet the jannies only deletes those exposing sigmarxism
Makes you think

>> No.72770787

I had a Servo Skull as my Warlord from time to time. Specially the melee ones.

>> No.72770792

>just recently got into the hobby
>greatly enjoying myself
Am I going to end up bitter like you guys?

>> No.72770795

>How many lieutenants will we have by the end of 9th?
'bout tree fiddy

>> No.72770800

Because it's too much like WoW. Honestly I like WoW and still play it, but because I choose to go play a cartoon game for children.

When I started to get into Warhammer it was specifically for a new taste, not more of the same. It's like how DnD got progressively more faggy year after year and it's frustrating to see it happen to 40k also.

>> No.72770804

Only if you take 4chan seriously.

>> No.72770805


>> No.72770806

You realise he’s meming right? Or are you just playing along because you’re bored?

>> No.72770808

>The missing tithe, 921.M41
>Following disturbing rumors about the growing instability of the Tempest Eagles' geneseed, Inquisitor Adalia Thorium of the Ordo Astartes is dispatched on the Eagle's homeworld, Algon, to investigate. Shortly after enetring the planet's orbit, however, contact with the inquisitor is lost. Several weeks later, the Tempest Eagles report to have found the remains of the inquisitor and her following. Apparently, their spacecraft suffered a malfunction and crashlanded in an unprotected part of the planet, where the inquisitorial group was eventually torn apart by the planet's local predators. While bringing back the remains of the Inquisitor, the Tempest eagles also provided a sample of geneseed, which proved to be remarkably pure. The investigation was then put on hold. During a routine review of the retrieved data, and the subsequent picts of the meeting with the Space Marine Delegation, however, one acolyte noticed a bright silver scalp, not too different in color from inquisitor Thorium's own hair, hanging from one of the marines' armor

>> No.72770809

We've known about sigmarxism for ages.

We just ignore it, because it's fucking retarded and for retards.

>> No.72770812

This crushes my soul.

>> No.72770813

How? Because I can call an animation shit?

>> No.72770814

Religious reference. 40k is the story of Lucifer falling, but he kills Michael and then god kills him, this is where the story is different. Then god is like “fuck I killed my son” and goes to sleep forever.

>> No.72770817

Traitors don't count.

>> No.72770818

If you enjoy the hobby, do not post here

>> No.72770821

Happens to everyone anon

>> No.72770823

I'm not bitter and enjoy the hobby.
Its only if you get wrapped up in shitposting that you'll grow bitter.

>> No.72770825

the same as this fella right here, but with the updated gun.
Seriously, the old warrior sculpt was fucking perfect.

>> No.72770827

That depends entirely on you and your personality.

>> No.72770828

Wait (You) aren't one of us already? I thought 4channel was a hivemind...

>> No.72770829

Yes, because at some point everything you enjoy will be changed dramatically and replaced with something else while other people will celebrate it.

>> No.72770834

No, but dont lie to people when your shitty army cant deal with barebones space marine bullshit

>> No.72770840


>> No.72770848

You want less detail in your models?

>> No.72770850

That looks so fucking stupid, I love it.

>> No.72770851

>> No.72770852

>the same as this fella right here, but with the updated gun.
So exactly what they did.

>> No.72770853

What does medium contrast actually do when mixed with paint?

>> No.72770857

Then buy and use the old warrior sculpts, making it a non-issue.

>> No.72770858

40k is sort of what you make of it. There are so many books and stories to read that will never change and you can always go back to. You can paint models however the fuck you want and have your own headcanon for them if you want. I've heard people really enjoying narrative campaigns and never touching competitive stuff.
You can find happiness.

>> No.72770863

I literally just don't understand what people see in what GW sells them at this point. How do you get excited for what they do. People can do what they like with their money, but if you fell in love with 40k prior to 5th edition like me, you're paying DOUBLE for the same shit but worse, sold to you by people who just.. don't get it. Idk

>> No.72770866


>> No.72770867

>blue jesus
fuck i woke up my sister laughing. lmao thanks man. my morning coffee goes great with snickering.

>> No.72770870

He wants power squatting.

>> No.72770881

Honestly, juat dont come here. Its a toxic cesspool of people that hate the hobby, and themselves. Go to reddit. Youll become gay, but ill take it over being a bitter fuck thats never happy. Of course, you can get good answers and discussipn sometimes, up to you whether its worth the effort to pick through. Maybe come back in a week when the 9th edition baiting cools down.

>> No.72770882

So you’re happy the one moderating this thread is one of them?

>> No.72770883

Bro why you post fake? An anon in here proved it with his amazing photoshop skill already.

>> No.72770893


I definitely like rotcrons. Much better aesthetic than tomb kings in SPAAAACE

>> No.72770896

So what’s you’re basically saying it stop liking what I don’t like?

>> No.72770897

But that one anon from yesterday said inquisitors are triggerhappy exterminate everything. Not those "soap-opera" investigating thingys...

>> No.72770898

Was this necessary? They look good, but there are other factions with finecast shit from the literal 90s still being sold right now. Why should a plastic kit be redone and barely look any different instead of something like this?

>> No.72770899

Just you wait until your preciously painted dudes will get tabled in 1 turn by fotm greyshitter.

>> No.72770901

With my DG and using zero FW dreads I tabled a Ultramarine player that was using Calgar, 2 Repulsor Executioners and a bunch of other shit with not that many losses. It's how you play the game.
Also I only play Matched games.

>> No.72770902

Probably not, I wasn't really bitter at all until my Tomb Kings got squatted, and I'm still not as bitter as most people here. Just remember that people here will say you have shit taste for enjoying the new stuff. But it's an anonymous Phillipino stick fighting forum, so who gives a shit?

>> No.72770906

maybe it's just because the old models are what I'm used to, but holy shit does the left look worse.
also, nice get

>> No.72770908

Yes good goy just go on reddit and browse Sigmarxism once you’re there, their posts are great

>> No.72770916

You can basically find anything in 40k,

Orks play mad max mario kart

Tau suck dick and pilot gundams

The imperium is based and justified

Chaos is in a realm of infinite possibilities where your inner demons are real creatures

The eldar are a proud an noble totally not lewd race of Celtic esc space elves with cool vehicles

>> No.72770918

Thins it.

>> No.72770919

spend more time at your lgs than this shithole

>> No.72770922

but i'm happy being bitter and never happy.

>> No.72770932

>so what you're basically saying is
Christ. Lmao
No, I'm saying explain to me why you still like it because I don't get it, like, at all

>> No.72770934


Thanks guys, muchas gracias.
Oof to my scythe boys, but oh well.

>> No.72770943

so how is it different to water?

>> No.72770946

Because the necron poses were shit and the green rods looked like shit. What you should ask is if primaris existing and clogging the release pipeline with dozens of kits the past three years was necessary and the answer is no.

>> No.72770947

Necron warriors came out in what 3rd and people still like the old ones, sounds like a very safe investment

>> No.72770952

I'll explain it to you, anon. Like how i've experienced it.

You start off, everything's wonderous.
Lore is new, you're learning it, everything seems badass.

You choose your army and you start off with the basics, you have fun painting, building, reading lore and scouring the rulebooks/codexes again and again to get that sweet fluff.

You get a larger force, and you look at your older stuff and it doesn't look as good as your new stuff so you maybe even re-buy some older models, and re-do them. Happy with the updated, flashy looks.

You start to get jaded at the passage of time, it only felt like yesterday you bought the x edition and x edition codex, and here you are buying the next one.

And then, of course, the eventual if you hang around long enough. ...New models. You worked hard on your range, but the new stuff just looks better, (primaris not included, in my case.) You just want to keep your guys, but the new stuff is taking the spotlight. You begrudingly buy some new minis, but now your army looks out of place.

There's a sinking feeling in your stomach, you don't want to replace your force, but you don't like the updated minis. So you hold off.

Time goes by, editions pass, and remakes and new minis pour out, you can't catch up, you can't ever keep pace, and before you know it you've got £1000's worth down the drain and your display cabinet/shelf/case is filled with minis you're not sure why you still have, as everything has changed.

Everything you bought which was once good lookswise and ruleswise has been replaced with either models which look better, or new models released with better rules, and GW fucking over the rules of your previous stuff just so they can force sales for people to buy the new stuff.

It's a rabbit hole, do you want to go down it?

>> No.72770953

The problem is that this general is now not about the tabletop game anymore. It’s about the people who post here. This isn’t Warhammer, it’s Warhammer adjacent.

>> No.72770954

Dark Crusade Necrons were so much cooler

>> No.72770956

but they don't even have more detail
just more broken parts, and I don't like broken parts

>> No.72770957

Not everyone has the same experiences as you do. Not everyone got started back in 5th edition and has an army from that time. Some people are just getting into the hobby, or are picking up a new army. Perhaps someone has an old marine army and just wants new units to paint? There are lots of reasons why people would be excited for what GW has to sell.

>> No.72770959

Good point. Why can’t people just talk about the fucking toy soldiers game ffs

>> No.72770960

RepExes arent good. and theyre not barebones.

Im talking about standard infantrt.

That being said, you being full of shit or lucky are both possible

>> No.72770964


>> No.72770966

They're still cool models, get them anyway if you think they look cool. I did.

>> No.72770969


>> No.72770974

Maybe it's because some of us can enjoy the good in something and disregard the bad. They're models, I don't have to paint ones I don't like. Are you seriously saying you haven't found a single model made recently cool?

>> No.72770988

I enjoy painting models and going to my LGS to talk shit, hang out and play games with the regulars. Also to purchase GW models.
Yes GW loves money but I don't buy every single shit they pump out. I download codexes, buy recasts and generally be a smart consumer.

>> No.72770989

Why would I possibly take the time to explain my subjective enjoyment of hobby to some stranger who’s not part of the hobby anymore? It would be like arguing with my granddad ‘back in my day’.

>> No.72770991

I also hate Primaris, but come on. They're almost identical to the old ones. It's good they're keeping faithful to a good design, but it's still just not necesssary. The old warriors hold up well today

>> No.72770992

But in this case it absolutely is good.

>> No.72770993

Left looks like what the fluff describes, a generic basic bitch poorly maintained shambling robot not even made from low rank soldiers but from literal peasants of the Necrontyr.

anyone defending the right is a lorelet simple 'as

>> No.72771006

Each player takes turns activating units. Like, you'd pick a squad of dudes and do the whole move/shoot/charge thing, then your opponent does the same for one of their units. You do that back and forth until both players have activated all their units.

>> No.72771010

Hey man, at least your being honest, fair enough.

>> No.72771016

>following the fluff
>not having it so that /yourdudes/ are led by an overlord who explicitly told his crypteks to keep his army as shiny and clean as possible, or he'd beat them with thirty annihilation barges

>> No.72771017

>Why would I possibly take the time to explain my subjective enjoyment of hobby to some stranger who’s not part of the hobby anymore? It would be like arguing with my granddad ‘back in my day’.

>> No.72771020


>> No.72771021

Seems needlessly time consuming and complex.

>> No.72771023

only if you stop converting and painting and start having competitive games only

>> No.72771033

Again, those shitty green rods, they are updating every kit that had them. Also they are taking the chance to give them more weapon options, which is nice. They probably were gonna give necrons a new wave of models and took the chance to update those, which in turn means they don't have to make any more of those green rods.

>> No.72771035

I checked mine out yesterday after the stream
It looked nice, but I couldn't interact with anyone because of corona
I just said hello and bought my guardmen
I don't think I'm that interested in playing
I just want some cool figurines I can make my own
A friend offered to play with me, but she most plays AoS

>> No.72771038


>> No.72771044


>> No.72771059

>Making excuses for a shabby model that only works if you claim they are a rare exception
Lorelet cope

>> No.72771064

but the new models aren't even spindly and long, they're still hunched over and semi-squatting

>> No.72771067

If I paint the new warrior the same as my d ones, do you think it will be too noticeable if I mix the squads? The new warriors looks fucking cool.

>> No.72771070

It doesn't take any more time than one player doing everything and then the other doing the same. As for being more complex, that's not really what that word means.

>> No.72771073

I'm liking all this. The tripod design for Necrons really helps set them apart and finally give them a unique aesthetic they badly needed. Also I like all these little weird nonhuman shaped canoptek minion creatures they've got going on, like drones for Tau but bigger and with more presence. Stuff like this really adds character and texture to units. Always thought more armies should get stuff like that - servo skulls and weird servitors and automaton things for AdMech, more servitors and chapter serfs and stuff like the watchers in the dark for Marines, etc.

>> No.72771077

Necromunda does this, way smaller game and they take around the same time as a regular 2k game (assuming both players are not retards)
That system is slow as fuck and doesn't translate well to regular 40k

>> No.72771080

when 9th drops

>> No.72771090

>not making excuses to use your models the way you want to
coward cope

>> No.72771092

Probably will, want a bodyguard for a lord of contagion, wanna give him the 4+ feel no pain for smaller point games and have him hack through custodes with his goon squad, scythe gang is best gang.

>> No.72771093

I can dream. I can dream of a day when all the metal and resin regiments are cast in glorious multiples plastic, with good proportions, with kitbashing options galore, when oldfag and new fab and can live in peace and harmony, when GW has based Priestley and it’s head once more.

I can dream.

>> No.72771094

I'm fucking disgusted about what they've done to marines but if they made plastic steel legion models I'd let go completely of power armour.

>> No.72771101

New ones are doing the slav pose too.

>> No.72771103

tanks can shoot in melee apparently

>> No.72771105

They're less squatting and more hunched in the new ones, but you're right. I don't play crons so I'm mostly shitposting, though.

>> No.72771107

It's less time consuming.

>> No.72771109

You'd think so, but once you get a handle on it it runs pretty smoothly (in my opinion) and saves you from the whole first turn shooting one sided massacre.

>> No.72771111

Thats like, your opinion bro. I think the trailer was dope, I like Astares Grimdark style way more but its still good.
She got saved by that chadmarine too, your autistic bitching doesnt make sense.

>> No.72771114

>tanks can shoot in melee
>flyer update
I'm already scared of the upcoming guard...

>> No.72771118

give me my fucking crons, mailman

>> No.72771120

Nah, it’d be fine


>> No.72771123


If plastic steel legion showed up, with a new yarrick, and new leman russes and maybe even transport variants for them, I'd probably stop collecting my marines entirely.

It was a good run, primaris has killed my interest. I just don't want to get guard right now as they're a shitshow right now.

>> No.72771125

They put up the un-grainy version themselves

>> No.72771126


>> No.72771130

No, the old warrior sculpt looks like fucking shit and is one of the main reasons I refused to ever play Necrons. The new one didnt go far enough but at least it's a step in the right direction and looks decent enough with the new color scheme.

>> No.72771132

>when oldfag and new fab and can live in peace and harmony
Hey they seem to be doing great with their updates in that regard at least in anything that isn't marines.

>> No.72771133

>> No.72771142

They'll probably update the movement of the supersonic flyers so they don't operate like dragcars with no steering wheel or brakes.

>> No.72771148

The reason people don't like it is because then you can't decide the game turn 1 round 1 by crippling the opponent because you rolled to go first.

>> No.72771150

I really don’t like the head.

>> No.72771153

>Thats like, your opinion bro.
And I've explained why.
>She got saved by that chadmarine too
Who cares? That doesn't stop her block being anymore retarded.

>> No.72771156

Bladeguard veterans

>> No.72771159

is there a picture of the other chaplain?

>> No.72771160

Nah I mean minis

>> No.72771161

when armageddon blows up

>> No.72771163

it honestly sounds like necrons just aren't for you
if you didn't like their old aesthetic, you probably won't like the new one either
finally, a crisp, clear version!

>> No.72771165

This guy fucking rocks.

>> No.72771171

when it starts coming back to normal start interacting with people playing the same game as you. also aim for just 500ish pts because most important part is just to set some models on the table and roll some dice. starting at 2K is just so overwhelming you will lose interest very fast. speaking from my own experience

>> No.72771172

Is that THE SK? Is his chair powered by a fucking shard?

>> No.72771173

Now THAT'S a heavy destroyer.

>> No.72771174

I like how that looks.

>> No.72771177

Primaris outrider

>> No.72771178

There are so many third party companies making alternate guard models, there is no reason for GW to spend money trying to compete with them. I don't agree with it but it does make financial sense.

>> No.72771184


>> No.72771185

It looks better painted, but the top of the head and top of the sword still remind me of mobile games.

>> No.72771186

Go to the community site, there is a shit load.

>> No.72771189

It could be either I suppose, obviously Golgotha is a refference for that band

>> No.72771191

>wanting expensive minis to reprsent the fluff is cowardice
Ok bro, tell me more about the Kuck'tek dyntasy

>> No.72771192

>Bladeguard veterans
I fucking hate Primaris, but that particular model is actually awesome and I would buy it just to paint

>> No.72771202


I'm old enough to remember when GW squatted WHFB and thinking, "What a stupid, scummy little company. Well, at least we don't have to worry about them fucking up their #1 best-selling product line since RT. No one's THAT stupid!"

I stand corrected.

>> No.72771204

Give him a different head and hes great.

>> No.72771205

how does it turn......

>> No.72771207

Dammit green rods

>> No.72771209

That helmet option is really delicious. Reminiscent of Mk. III helmets, my favorite.

>> No.72771211

damn that Ctan looks crazy

>> No.72771217


>> No.72771218

The new c'tan scult looks fucking based

>> No.72771225

Holy shit this all looks so much better than I even anticipated.

Necronfags can you tell me if those are new Immortals or Triarchs? I'm not familiar enough with the current models.

>> No.72771227

>I'm fucking disgusted about what they've done to marines but if they made plastic steel legion models
GW would update them like everything else.
Got to sell them new models.

>> No.72771235

Yeah, I know. I’d love for GW to do some though.

>> No.72771237

I love it.


>> No.72771241



>> No.72771242

does he look smaller to anyone else

>> No.72771248

yes and yes

>> No.72771249


>> No.72771250

500 points is unfun garbage regardless of how "casual" the game is. Play a tank? well now your a shitter for taking unkillable trash? dont play a tank? Okay your a shitter for not taking enough troops. Oh you took the boring fucking troopspam? well have fun coinflipping

>> No.72771251

I like the martian tripod... Cuadripods?
Also fuck the random crap in male Celestine.

>> No.72771253

Those are 100% the classic triarchs, but the immortals... I don't know, their guns look kinda different.

>> No.72771257

Looks way better painted, I love it. The head might need just a teensy bit of converting.

>> No.72771258

What's stopping you from fielding your marinelets as Primaris?

>> No.72771259

>SK has a C'Tan shard on his throne
>Doesn't need the power, just uses it as a reading light

That is my head canon now.

>> No.72771265

No joke lads, if I was playing Necron I would consoom all these new models.

>> No.72771267

Its OK but I've never been a fan of bikes.

>> No.72771268

These look fucking fantastic, but I think I'll give them a mk vii helmet.

>> No.72771274

What the fuck is this?

>> No.72771276

Are those new praetorians?

The immortals don't have the chest runes so I guess that one guy is a sarge or HQ.

>look at the size of that thing
>c'tan entirely held up by plastic sparks
please no

>> No.72771278

>I'm old enough to remember when GW squatted WHFB
But that happened like (un)literally yesterday?

>> No.72771280

By running over the enemies of the Imperium.

>> No.72771285

Nah, not new

>> No.72771288

Jesus everything i thought would suck from that grainy picture is actually amazing.

>> No.72771289


>> No.72771291

I had rough 1k point list in mind, but probably best to start with 500
I'll figure something out thanks for the advice

>> No.72771302

If it's a regular update instea do of a primaris "update" I'm on board.

>> No.72771309

Silent kings pylon things on their own bases

New terrain in the back?

>> No.72771314

What the fuck is that though, seriously?
New HQ model?

>> No.72771324

Those are current immortals.

>> No.72771325

why didn't they reveal this shit yesterday instead of today?

>> No.72771329

It looks like it has four legs.

>> No.72771338

What are those little masks some of them have?

>> No.72771340

I kinda want to start a Cylon army.

>> No.72771345

AI upscaled Version

>> No.72771349

Same, but the best we can hope for are at least updated HQ's (at some point).

>> No.72771350

Dripfeed of hype

>> No.72771351

First thought it looks like a fucking eversor ready for some necron buttsex.

>> No.72771352

I imagine it shields the Silent Kang or some shit

>> No.72771354

Leather gloves over power armour is truly the top aesthetic.

>> No.72771355

As long as they aren't monopose I'm all for it.

>> No.72771360

i like how stupidly fucking beefy the destroyers gun looks

>> No.72771361

Given the positioning and the 'head turned while loping' pose, I'm betting some kind of sneaky assassin character.

>> No.72771362

Hey I saw that

Yeah it was... 2015? 2017?

>> No.72771365

After Fires

>> No.72771369

GW has redeemed themselves. They can officially do no wrong anymore.

>> No.72771372

Thanks AI very cool
very cool

>> No.72771377

Yeah I noticed that too, looks cool as FUCK. How much stuff are they still hiding that we haven't seen clearly?

Is this the biggest update in one wave since Dark Eldar?

>> No.72771379

The model itself is good, but the name is so cringy it killed my metaphorical boner

>> No.72771381

the immortals in this picture are the old ones but in the army box contents there is a new immortal

>> No.72771382

Aww his fingies is cold. Poor widdle guy.

>> No.72771383

none of the chaplain, just judicar.

Looks cool though, new unit.

>> No.72771404

All looks really cool but did they have to scrawl that cringey shit all over it? Why does every communication from GW have to be ran through a Reddit filter these days?

>> No.72771405

It's this year's 40k faction update I guess
2019 was Sisters
2018 was DG?

>> No.72771406

Say it with me!

>> No.72771408

Yeah they do, you can clearly see battle damage and missing bits.

>> No.72771409

yawn. Wake me up when there are new flayed ones

>> No.72771413

The guy on the "T" on "can't" bottom left, what is that guy?

>> No.72771415

Riddle me this humans!
Do Canoptek Constructs have their own shitposting comm channel to complain about everything!

>> No.72771417

So necrons warriors are going to a box of 5 for £35 now.


>> No.72771427

headswap for a proper skull helmet and it's perfect

>> No.72771428

>Silent King
>Skorpek Lord
>Skorpek Destroyers
>Canoptek Longlegs
>Cryptek/Lord with Igors
>New Lord
>Heavy Destroyer
>New Warriors
>New Scarabs
>Mysterios guy behind the Monolith

>> No.72771431

Based on this and the other necron pic this might be the first box set i buy since black reach. Painting these guys as black templars or imperial fists would be kino

>> No.72771433

Are those texts by plebbit or GW?

>> No.72771435

There was speculation that 9th would include something similar to the endless spell system that AoS has, and those look similar to the endless spell models.

>> No.72771442

>Say it with me!
We got the shaft for an entire edition. I actually feel like this more than makes up for it.

>> No.72771444

No? But they'll probably be 2 duplicate sprues that make 5 models each.

>> No.72771447

Is there a difference at this point?

>> No.72771452

probably gw

>> No.72771453

Look across the picture, I think those might be pylons. The things with the king look like a shield of some kind.

>> No.72771454

I hope they come in a box of twenty like those boner guys from shitmar.

>> No.72771457

>actual bolters and not stubbers again

>> No.72771461

necron terrain would make me nut

>> No.72771466

>slathered in roadkill

Imagine the smell.

>> No.72771467

For a few key units I agree, the leather accents really pop on the model and make it stand out.

>> No.72771471

Theres the canoptek longlegs and the canoptek BIG DICK LONGER LEGS which are two different things

>> No.72771474

black templars codex please

>> No.72771476

We did see new scarabs too. I could see the box being ten crons and two scarabs; gw has been weirdly into having little accessory dudes in infantry kits lately.

>> No.72771477


>> No.72771478

>> No.72771482

>tries to make a hard turn
>lands on its side
cool gunblock thingy

>> No.72771491

There are twenty of them in the Starter box.

>> No.72771492

I'm going to make the C'tan into a daemon prince.

>> No.72771496

The one without the gun is called a reconstructor

>> No.72771497

look more like shield tokens to me

endless spells, like scenery, are characterised by a lower casting quality and their production in China along the books, I doubt they're using different moulds than the ones used to cast the silent kang just for those

>> No.72771505

Anon they only ever put stubbers on vehicles where the pintle-mounted stormbolters would go. Stop falling for fucking memes.

>> No.72771509


>> No.72771510

>> No.72771521

It's the same model just with a different weapon option.

>> No.72771522


>> No.72771523

By performing badass wheelspin burnouts.

What're you, a faggot who doesn't do wheelspin burnouts?

>> No.72771524

>> No.72771531

Is that guy hiding at the back a flayed one?

>> No.72771536

Looks shit but its better than the old bikes.

>> No.72771537

Unironically most companies should just fire their news departments.

>> No.72771541


>> No.72771546

>locks the front wheel, guns the engine
>performs tactical donut while firing guns, sprays bolter fire in a 360 degree radius

>> No.72771547

Sneaky new Necron unit.

>> No.72771555

Why the fuck did they refuse to show this stuff yesterday? We wouldn't have been complaining!

>> No.72771556

Fuck that.

Individual Chaos rules FIRST, before your little splinter legion.

>> No.72771559

Can't disagree there.

>> No.72771562


>> No.72771563

>this fucking C'tan has been singing that song for six fucking hours, this is becoming more trouble than it's worth.

>> No.72771565

>faith and fury

>> No.72771566

No anon, the one with the gun is like 50% taller.

>> No.72771567

That'd make sense. One sprue for 5 warriors, 1 scarab, 5 gauss rifles and 1 of the new gauss weapon.

>> No.72771578

Silent King looks pretty cool but that C'tan is fucking awesome

>> No.72771579

I love the male/female fighting.

Not as if the marine saved her in the start, and she saved him near the end.

It promotes unity, and teamwork. Yet retards fight over it.

And here is me wondering why i'm a misanthrope.

>> No.72771584

So who TF are these blokes, and is that terrain?

>> No.72771586

who and who taking about literally who?

>> No.72771590

>We wouldn't have been complaining!
Oh you sweet summer child.

>> No.72771591

My other army is Iron Warriors so i'm with you buddy

>> No.72771592


>> No.72771594

I don't know but he looks regal as fuck. I like it.

>> No.72771596


>> No.72771598

that guy doesn't have leg
he can't be whining about his feet due to old age

>> No.72771605


>> No.72771607

9th ed Chaos faction Doctrines WHEN

>> No.72771610

>new cryptek
>looks completely different from the old ones
are they... no... are they bringing back cryptek specializations? God I hope it's true.

>> No.72771611

Named cryptek HQ, I'd guess.

But what the fuck are the guys around him?

>> No.72771613

because they're fucking retarded anon. they had a trailer for a trailer and then just showed sk today.

>> No.72771614

Bolters don't eject spent casings in half the fluff and they do in the other half

I guess these don't eject casings?

>> No.72771618

It's the same height, it's just on the front over a big rock, so perspective makes it seems taller. Compare it to the cryptek near him. The differences are the big cannon, the shorter neck and less guns, it's probably a double kit.

>> No.72771620

No idea, but that does look like a terrain.

>> No.72771627

Considering its gilded, metallic?

>> No.72771631

Or it could be a new named, we shall see.

>> No.72771633

If there's that many models waiting to be unveiled, how come more haven't been leaked?

>> No.72771642


It's in the starter, so I doubt he's going to be a named character.

>> No.72771644

>So who TF are these blokes, and is that terrain?
Fuck we're getting a lot of new stuff. Now I can see why they totally phoned in the 8th edition necron Codex. It's a bit of a dick move, but I'll forgive them because they have done a good job with this shit

>> No.72771648

>> No.72771652

>It's the same height, it's just on the front over a big rock, so perspective makes it seems taller
No anon your eyes are fucking busted. They are completely different models. The one with the gun is taller, on a larger base, and even the body is different. It's like a wraithknight and a wraithlord.

>> No.72771653

GW's the one doing the leaking

>> No.72771656

lietrally only 4chan cares

>> No.72771662

Wait, are those female characters new? I thought they've been around doing this shit for a while.

>> No.72771664

Why does he have no legs? Is his name Lieutenant Dan?

>> No.72771668

>Bolters don't eject spent casings in half the fluff and they do in the other half
what? then why do they have an ejection port on literally all bolter weapons?
I guess these don't eject casings?
then why have what is very clearly an ejection port somewhat near where it should be? is it just bongs not being able to gun properly?

>> No.72771672

A little snipping of that sword, filing off those skulls, some mk3 pauldons and a helmet and we have ouselves a new Emperors Champion lads.

>> No.72771674

The old cryptek is hangin out over with the old immortals on the right, so I'm guessing float guy is unique.

>> No.72771676

>Necrons get new models, updated rules for 9th
>They're going to be the new driving force of the narrative for the edition
>GW makes their rules strong to get interest going
>Necrons start placing in tournaments

I would love to see it happen, then we can laugh at necron grey tide being played by former tau players.

>> No.72771684

>Technically, it’s a neo-volkite pistol, and if you ask any Horus Heresy fan, they’ll tell you they are perfect for immolating your enemies. Think of it as a heat ray that causes the target to deflagrate. And yes, deflagrate is a rad word.
Can you please make a new primaris tactical and devastator squad with volkites as new special/heavy weapons options, please??

>> No.72771689

He has ascended past the need for legs.

>> No.72771696

the stupidest fucking head i've ever damn seen

>> No.72771700

toss a regular chaplain helmet on it and it goes to 9/10

>> No.72771701


>> No.72771702

Great thanks bros, I’m pretty excited

>> No.72771704

Sounds damn good anon. It’s not a one-sided wankfest for your dudes, everything makes sense within lore, and using the trope of “headless body fights on” is a damn good choice to make your dudes look heroic.

>> No.72771705

What's the big hourglass supposed to do?

>> No.72771706


>> No.72771707

I'm happy for robo skelly boys

>> No.72771709

Hey, us British can do guns as well as the next man. Just because we’re not obsessed like the muricafags doesn’t mean shit

>> No.72771714

have sex

>> No.72771716

>play tau casually
>ordered my SC last week
don't call me out like that

>> No.72771717

He's a retard, they always eject casings. Bolt shells are a two-stage system.

>> No.72771719

I like the flying dude with the half metal smooth skin half metal necron skin.

>> No.72771721

>>72771433 Warhammer community

>> No.72771725

Storm shields and MC power swords on a 3A Primaris body. Could be pretty decent depending on cost, pretty much the ideal statline for Gene-Wrought Might.

>> No.72771731

>implying necrons won't stomp at the start before being power-creeped out

>> No.72771732

clean up that wash spill you absolute animal

>> No.72771733


>> No.72771737


>> No.72771738

>They're going to be the new driving force of the narrative for the edition
>Necrons start placing in tournaments
For 2 months until the next primaris update.

>> No.72771739

Measure time

>> No.72771743

If they make volkite equippable on the 40k levi dread I'm gonna flip cause I already glued the flamers on lol

>> No.72771747

Full throttle power slides.

Fr tho there could be hydraulic rams inside the front cowling there that could do that

>> No.72771753

Paint your models and you are already better than 80% of the hobby. Besides, painted models always roll better.

>> No.72771758

They have never put an unique character in the Starter. It's probably just a variant.

>> No.72771763

Is it me or have the Eavy Metal paintjobs been on point for these? The weathering and dirt looks amazing.

>> No.72771765

>I would love to see it happen, then we can laugh at necron grey tide being played by former tau players.
I am the only necron player in my meta. I bet there are fucking 50 now that this awesome shit is coming

>> No.72771772

why are Tau the weeb faction when eldar have all the waifus

>> No.72771777

They'll suffer the same fate as new death guard. Six months from now everyone will bitch about the new models

>> No.72771784

anyone thinking otherwise is retarded

>> No.72771789

> Besides, painted models always roll better.
Then why do 80% of painted models lose to triple greytides?

>> No.72771790

>Besides, painted models always roll better
A newly painted model is always the the first to die in it's maiden game

>> No.72771791

Necrons will be the driving narrative for about a month, maybe two. Then Abbydabbydoo will declare some new failure of a crusade and all focus will reroute to chaos garage once more

>> No.72771794

Cant wait until hhg sees this and flips

>> No.72771797

The exorcists would like a word Dark Angel.

>> No.72771798


>> No.72771806

All we need now is a vargard model, GW.
Don't let us down.

>> No.72771808

His skinny ankles and big polygon feet look silly

>> No.72771809

And the bigger and shinier, the quicker it dies.

>> No.72771812

As is tradition.

>> No.72771820

Tau have better Waifu’s. And Japanese accents.

>> No.72771822


>> No.72771825

It's pretty clear to me that it turns by twisting the wheel housing. I don't see why anons are confused.

>> No.72771838

I got this far with these boys last night. I've painted two other units this week.

My crons show up today, so probably the pathfinders won't be touched for a day or two.

>> No.72771845

Age of 40kek

>> No.72771846

It's just shitposting.

>> No.72771857

What are you planning on for your third color?

>> No.72771865

When I was really new I got kinda tilted but now I accept it as an inevitability, even as a joke.

>> No.72771870

Chaos already got their model update for the decade, they arent getting shit lol.

Next time the focus shifts to Chaos it'll be Angron or Fulgrim doing their own separate thing.

>> No.72771871

Ah, i should have known better than to take posts here at face value.

>> No.72771873


>> No.72771879

Those two are the only non-new thing in that image

>> No.72771895

He likes to Speedrun his executions and is trying to beat his par time.

>> No.72771896

Eventually. But no matter how bad you get you’ll always have these good days too look back on

>> No.72771898

we haven't had new primarchs in a while, so expect fulgrim by end of the year

>> No.72771899

I have an ork weirdboy that has peril'd in every game I've used him in. I still take him, just not as my HQ anymore.

>> No.72771905

Can someone please make a hilarious "get in, faggot" meme out of this picture?

>> No.72771912

nice scheme, but lighting effects always look crap

>> No.72771920


>> No.72771922

You’re doing well anon. I like this.

>> No.72771923

Black panels and brass detailing. Here's the fire warriors I finished three days ago.

I gotta say, the green and white does look nice. Biel-Tan knows what's up.

>> No.72771924

But the eldar are the true weeb faction
They have shuriken pistols, for Christ’s sake

>> No.72771929

Doing so today. My process for painting is getting the batch I'm doing in that state then spending a day going through and cleaning all of them up and adding transfers.

>> No.72771933

>big and fat destroyer
yess ahahahahaha yesss

>> No.72771934

You mean T'''au fanfic has them having hot womyn. Whilst in the canon they look just like male T'''''au but with an Y instead of an | on their forehead.

>> No.72771935

i thought they only had the one girl with that one 3rd party bikini model and that was it?

>> No.72771937

>primaris tactical squad with access to special and heavy weapons lists
>primaris devastator squad with access to heavy weapons list
>primaris terminator squads with both loadouts
>access to old vehicles
>primaris techmarine
Please, GW, I want to feel good about marines again.

>> No.72771943

Okay. This is fucking cool, anon.

>> No.72771962

Yeah, I was pissed when my brand new Hierodule ate shit in the first turn of its first Apocalypse game, and when my Slann and temple guard failed two cold blooded 9+ leadership checks and ran twelve inches, just scraping the table edge and wiping them out.
Ever since those two events nothing really bugs me.

>> No.72771964

I really want some kind of heavy bolter primaris squad since that's my fav heavy weapon.

>> No.72771971

Will they make monoliths good again with the new model?

>> No.72771976

I have a friend with a commisar. Every time he uses his overcharged plasma pistol, he fires double 1s with a reroll. Happened 3 times in a row already.

>> No.72771977

So what's going to come in the Marine vs Necron box set?

>> No.72771986


>> No.72771988

>>primaris tactical squad with access to special and heavy weapons lists
No, we have tacticals for a reason.
>>primaris devastator squad with access to heavy weapons list
No, we have hellblasters and those new dudes for a reason.
>>primaris terminator squads with both loadouts
No, we have agressors for a reason
>>access to old vehicles
They're still there, but I agree primaris/manlets should be able to interchange and use all vehicles.
(10 marines for a rhino, 5 primaris per rhino, etc. Reasonable balancing.)
>>primaris techmarine
This I agree with entirely. Primaris Techmarine is missing.

>> No.72771989

Only chance you might have is primaris with heavy stubbers.

Heavy bolters are out.

>> No.72771994

Thanks, still trying to get better with my OSL.

That and I still lack a decent light box.

Thanks, I've bounced between 3 different Death Guard schemes until I found something that didn't feel boring to paint.

>> No.72771996

They'll need new rules, they're one of the worst units in 40k atm.

>> No.72771997

Do you think it's gonna be too big to use the old one? I kinda like the simpler model.

>> No.72771999

primaris and necrons

>> No.72772001

It's those two pics we've seen that are faced off against each other.

>> No.72772003


>> No.72772007

of course they will. i get to sue my old shitty brick as a new mega tank once more

>> No.72772008

>every guardsman whispers "emperor protects"

>> No.72772009

old one remians shit,new one will be ok

>> No.72772015

Fuck I spelled it like the app. I think I have brain cancer.

>> No.72772016

Its not the worst because fortification and FW are a thing

>> No.72772028

We can only hope. Plenty of updated models still got shit rules.

>> No.72772032

>TFW i play both

>> No.72772033

You’re getting one, kinda. There are marines in the pic with combiweapons- Melta + heavy bolter

>> No.72772037

Why would they use heavy stubbers? Those are less powerful that H-Bolters. These new primaris are rocking meltas so it's giving me hope.

>> No.72772043

This, I wouldn't give a shit about Primaris if they just had actual options anywhere. Just some special or heavy weapons, and some actually different torsos and heads in the kit. The new melee dudes are good looking but they've missed another opportunity to improve the kit design.

>> No.72772047


>> No.72772054

Anons retarded and shitposting. Primaris already have hbs on multiple units

>> No.72772055

Crud might still be angry at Ward so hard to say.

>> No.72772059


>> No.72772061

I'm hoping with 9th some other units get an adjustment to make them more viable. Like kommandos, tankbustas, deffkoptors, etc.

>> No.72772066

Because all the new primaris vehicles are also covered in heavy stubbers, instead of bolter weapons like storm bolters or heavy bolters.
This proves that Primarines use none of the marinelet bolter weapons. Meaning no heavy bolters.

>> No.72772073

Am I the only one who prefers the old Monolith? I love all the other stuff (apart from sculpted effecrs C'tan) but the mottled surfaces on the new Monolith are a bit much.

>> No.72772084

They're getting a whole new Codex, if you dont think they're getting buffed to shit to sell the new models you're crazy.

>> No.72772092

>No, we have tacticals for a reason.
They are dead.
>No, we have hellblasters and those new dudes for a reason.
Hellblasters just carry wierd plasma guns. I want a proper unit with the classic heavy weapons. The new dudes just have wierd combi meltas and wear gravis armour, which looks like shit.
>No, we have agressors for a reason
They aren't terminators and look like shit.
>(10 marines for a rhino, 5 primaris per rhino, etc. Reasonable balancing.)
No need for woundcount balancing when regular marines are getting squatted anyways.

>> No.72772099

Looks cool but I really want to rip the flock off the bases of your minis. It's awful.

>> No.72772103

>y'know what's better than a sling
>a piano case clanging my knees

Also, what's the canon reason for guys in sealed space armour to wear dresses, aprons and/ or opera capes? Gay pride?

>> No.72772105

But all FW units are OP, didn't you know?

>> No.72772114

It's going to be the Skorpech Lord, new necron boys, 3 lichguards vs the new Primaris options and bikes.

>> No.72772116

Except literally every Primaris vehicle has heavy bolters and most of them also have stormbolters, are you retarded?

>> No.72772128

It’s not sci-fi, it’s fantasy in spaaace. Therefore, supersoldiers with tabards are allowed.

>> No.72772145

Yeah I have freehand plans for my monoliths, I'll be buying the old ones cheap.

>> No.72772160

That's GW's static grass for you. Like the really old ones. Switched over to using tea leaves instead, looks more natural and it fits the swamp them I'm going for. Though I wish I had some better grass effects to use.

>> No.72772186

He’s cool but he doesn’t not look like an official mini. He looks like a 3rd party design.

>> No.72772259

Anyway I just want new guard pls thx

>> No.72772354

I’m miffed about quite a few things GW has been up to, but giving skelies this treatment more than makes up for it

>> No.72772366

How do you know?

>> No.72772416

Reminder that everyone is going to play necrons and pretend they always loved them. It's over.

>> No.72772444

God help us, GW might actually realize that giving xenos love pays off. It's over. Marines squatted when?

>> No.72772531


>> No.72772768

This. March of death is a cool aesthetic

>> No.72772817

>What you should ask is if primaris existing and clogging the release pipeline with dozens of kits the past three years was necessary and the answer is no.
The sales figures say the opposite. Primaris coin is through the roof!

>> No.72772834


>> No.72773047


Called it yesterday, either a character or some kind of squadleader/sarge for immortals. He is standing on a rock in sandard gw hero pose.

>> No.72773052

I'm 100% interested in the alt weapon for warriors. Flayers are already solid guns on cheap, workable platforms. They mentioned the other one is a close combat oriented weapon, so I'm thinking 12"/18" Assault 2 or 3 S4 AP- D1?

>> No.72773117

If you're worried about it too much, TaroModelMaker has sold replacements for the green tubes that look like the new ones since the most recent Immortals kit came out. You can grab some, remove the green tubes, and replace them with the modern ones. Easy peasy.

>> No.72773311

Are your stealthboys going camping?

>> No.72773476

Right now you’re what GE marketing calls an “Angel”, you buy new product and don’t complain because you don’t know any better.
I am what they call a “Demon”. I have been playing since 3rd and remember many, many promises unkept. I do things like
>Build a marine army entirely secondhand because they’ve been in every set every edition
>Do it again because of Primarus forced meme also in every boxed set. Who buys these new?
>Actually own rhinos
>Own more than one army and don’t have autistic faction fanaticism
>Bitch that Tau have become totally flanderized from their initial Combined Arms Alien Federation into big robots go pew pew and drones. Thanks 6th.
>remember the 3.5 Chaos boogeyman by experience instead of reputation. Shit wasn’t that bad, git gud.
>Remember That GW was allegedly trying to put more product in boxes starting with the plastic Marine Captain to justify prices before immediately abandoning the idea to sell wraithknights like hot cakes instead.
>Play non-GW games
You’re the target audience and I am not. “The New Gamesworkshop” is a mask.

>> No.72773643

I do like the new crystal but yeah, mottled effects on the vault looked shit and this does too. I'd get out the sandpaper

>> No.72773696

I like the lil necron chicken fellas

>> No.72773697

Holy fuck, if I ever end up posting something this cringey can someone here just shoot me through the head. What on earth is this monstrous simile and shitty "oh yeahhhh i remember the 90s uuuuhhhhhh im cumming oooh yeh git gud skrub!!!!11!!" I'd rather die than type this out and actually think this makes me look cool.

>> No.72773853

Where do I need to go to make the shot, anon?

>> No.72774182

pmuch, gonna pour some of that vallejo still water on the base once they're done. Kinda scary to think about but I'll go slow and well taped up.

>> No.72774312

It would seem he drew a line and crossed it, the madlad.

>> No.72774931


>> No.72775899

Kinda wish Lelith got the plastic treatment and not Drazhar.

At least her current sculpt still looks good.

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