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"I made 6 /40kg/'s today" edition

Quick summary:
-9th confirmed
>Tanks can shoot in combat
>New terrain rules borrowing from big tournaments
>An effort to make better missions and terrain rules so all tournaments use the same rules as GW terrain rules and missions suck. (Expect it to borrow from ITC heavily)
>Primaris bikers, grav melta bois, Primaris veterans with stormshields and other shit nobody cares about confirmed
>Refresher on the 9th ed announcement

>Based GW Rising Prices Again:

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
https://youtu.be/xrJVZZLv2GE [Open]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:


>3rd Party Pastebin:

>Book Megas (Don't share these, cunts):

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Since they've started making melee and biker Primaris, looks like they're finally making the move to officially phase out the original marine lines.

Sad day, boys.

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First for sororitas and necrons!

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They're coming back.

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Here are your new Necrons.

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I think it's probably a new destroyer lord as they want to phase out the resin kits.

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9th for 9th will Unsquat Squats!

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I like necrons

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Help me fix my old colour scheme, I’m really unsure green goes with the other two colours

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No, Melee already uses the model S as base, i mean range weapons use the model S too.

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What is the one change or reveal GW can make to get you actually hyped for 9th?

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You said that when they made Intercessors

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Well, so we are also getting a new kasrkin kit, since they said we would eventually get minis for everything that appears on the video, so i suppose we will get a new guardsman kit with female heads also

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Cute! CUTE!!

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Red, green and white. Christmas 'Crons.

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...Why? Why would a Guardsman shooting a missile launcher do less damage than a Marine or Custodian pulling that same trigger?

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> announce price increase for several "essential" units
> also announce new models of said units that will render old models "obsolete"

I mean, not all of these guys can be getting new models...right?

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does the Silent King have a fucking bat'leth?

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those aren't kasrkin, they're just regular guardsmen with rebreathers.

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>Melee primaris doesn’t have enhanced movement or good close combat weapons

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The logo having the overhanging R and isnt central may be a "non issue" but it represents how sloppily GW is handing 40k

Poorly worded rules, lack of quality control etc
All of it because they're too busy chasing the next fortune as they've got the consoomer fanbase hooked in

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Do yellow or orange

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Heavy destroyers are also a resin kit. It has a gun so it's unlikely to be a straight destroyer lord.

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Is there a size different between Primaris Intercessors chests & tactical marines chests?

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You gotta admit that there was a clear and distinct difference in roles between regular and primaris units before this, and being melee oriented meant you really needed to have non-Primaris units.

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i don't know, i never said it was a good idea or anything it's just something i always wanted.
Please don't be racist

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Is that an enslaved C'tan in the Silent King's Katakros-style dais?

Fuckin kek

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>cuz thud punch hard thud throw punch an pull dag triggar bang go fastah an it arder

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stop speculating these anons figured it out we can all go home now.

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New necron stuff and crusade campaign system

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Here are the shots of the silent king himself from the trailer lazily slapped together in MSpaint
We've seen pretty much everything of him in that trailer except his face

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how devout are orks to gork and mork? are there orks with black templar levels of faith?

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Yeah pretty much, like this makes more sense to me idk.

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say it with me lads

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Praying for a dual box

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>necrons now flavour of the month army
or will people be selling necron halves for dirt cheap cause they just wanted primaris?

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>all those random fucking skulls just helping prop up the barricade

I bet Kharn did this.

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How does that arm work?

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>Yellow with gold couldn’t work because gold is just metallic yellow and there would be no contrast

>Orange is the midpoint of red and yellow...


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the dick size of new necron units seems HUGE

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"All ranged weapons over 12" have had their Range halved"

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Can't wait for the new scarab swarms bros

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The part of their barricade to the right looks like a shoulderpad. Is that a knight arm they're hiding behind?

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Guesses for codex order?

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But they were wrong, primaris got new releases too.

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Orange would be best, a darker orange specifically

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>100% of all releases will be necron
that turned out wrong but everyone not retarded could have told you that beforehand
>at least three new necron models
>in the announcement
not really but leaked right after
>silent king will get a model
true as well

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probably a statue of a marine

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Boo hoo me and my Tau's 1 fucking model in all of 8th and it sucks.

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I can't wait to have the first 3 turns be absolutely nothing but moving

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Necron warriors were literally the first kit I built and painted... I think I tore that arm off and connected it properly after taking that photo, but I’d need to get it out the box to be sure.

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>Guy Haley being put in charge of beginning a new series

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You just know that there's going to be 1 Necron unit not updated that still looks awful and everyone will have to buy shitty plastic/finecast and its gonna be a ballache.

What's it going to be? Or who?

>> No.72757076

Chaos drop pods
New zerks
EC or WE
New guard units
More necron stuff
Tyranids maybe
I'll be pretty happy if even my friends get stuff they want and I'm pretty pumped that my necron friends are excited.

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Okay, okay, but where's the swolecrons?

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wasnt this guy an unfunny forced meme at one stage

>> No.72757087

Rites of war and armor facings.

>> No.72757089

he's got some sort of necron polearm weapon

>> No.72757091

seems like it, or more likely a titan

>> No.72757092

necrons and space marines are basically a given.

>> No.72757093

the armor is different than the common guard armor, they have kneepads now, so at the very least that means new guardsman kits. Still the armor looks very close to kasrkin minus the color scheme.

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Taufags need to suffer. It's only natural.

>> No.72757098

>khorne has a monopoly on skulls

You know what the most common symbol of humanity is after an aquila, right?

>> No.72757099

Look at nose
NewNewcrons have Pig Ork noses

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I don't see flayed ones in any of these massed unit leaks. And most of the random HQs are gonna be sitting in the resin corner for a while.

>> No.72757102

Back to your discord, secondary.

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flayed ones

>> No.72757116

Good. Movement is the most important part of tactical warfare.

>> No.72757118

Patience is all we have for now, but something is brewing.

>> No.72757119

>so at the very least that means new guardsman kits
Pffff, yeah sure.

>> No.72757121

probably the three legged spider guys from the trailer. They have a bulky profile and the same weapon.

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fuck off Destiny sucks

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They look pretty good

>> No.72757137

do you have the full list?

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Exactly how monopose are the new Chaos Space Marines both the regular squad and the Havocs? Do you literally have to build the same models (ignoring arms and heads) as the ones on the box or can you mix and match some of the stuff together?

>> No.72757146

Do you think Titans will be buffed when the FW rules release?

>> No.72757150

Do the Necrons tripods really only have three arms and legs because of the tri in triarch?

>> No.72757151

It's just not gonna land, anon. Find some other thing to force bants about.

On another note, i think these tripod guys look way too busy. I'll not be fielding them unless I get them in a battle box. Maybe they'd look better with the gun being shoulder mounted or something, I dunno.

>> No.72757154

With the battle-scarring and more unique poses on the new Warriors, they're going to make even better Flayed One conversions.

>> No.72757162

All greenskins are that devoted, but by their nature they're fractious and extremely prone to schism (which in practice means bashing 'eads about wot is betta: Gork'n'Mork or Mork'n'Gork.

>> No.72757165

FW index updates?
R&H maybe please?

>> No.72757176

why is he wearing a bra?

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>> No.72757188

Pfff, great counter argument, still, time will tell.

>> No.72757190

>Tactical warfare
>Wasting your time moving up the board under no threat of fire

>> No.72757192

other than the kneepads it's the same as baseline cadians. Have you not seen the HEV upgrade kit from FW?

>> No.72757193

I wanna hit dat.

>> No.72757195

I’m happy the Necrons are getting good stuff and look forward to those narrative progression charts so I can develop my lore based on battles. Hoping my CSM get all those relics, stratagems, and Legion trait enhancements added to their book, I’m tired of walking around with the codex and 3 sheets of paper from Shadowspear and the Lord Discordant instructions. If I’m dreaming, new Berserkers and Noise Marines would be nice.

>> No.72757196


Considering they keep putting out Catachan HQs, I think the guard codex is gonna come with a Catachan update. Probably have to wait a year or two for it though.

The nice thing about necrons is that they're so spindly you can do whatever you want with em even if they manage to be shitty monopose bois.

>> No.72757197

>purple and gold

>> No.72757206

>gravis slow ass armour with just meltas
Who was the imbecile who thought about this?

>> No.72757208

>want to make chaos knight and iron warriors soup before announcement of 9th edition
>wanted to wait for reveal before commiting
>psudo buffs to iron warrior with terrain being a bigger deal
>psudo buffs to chaos knights but big guns handling horde a bit better
>concered about nerfs to soups (iron warriors were more for having screen rather than for the command points and iron warriors look cool)
Any1 have more info about nerf to soups? I'm trying to decide if I want to go mono chaos knights or if the nerf to soups isn't that bad I would probably add a iron warriors detachment
From what I have gathered so far there is no direct nerf to soups but they are just making it let necessary with all the free points there are giving

>> No.72757212

The chaos space marines have options. The heavy and special weapons dude have fewer options but, you can build them either bolt pistol/chainsword or bolter. I've only built the kit once so I didn't do a bunch of swapping.

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>> No.72757217

Yes, I think the Primaris chests are wider.

>> No.72757218

she's completely unrecognizable with her hair down

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>> No.72757230

that's what devastators are now

>> No.72757232

That wouldn't happen, halving the range only matters for certain guns. A battlecannon would still have a 36" range.

>> No.72757238

You mean a Necron?

>> No.72757240

Gravis ain't slow.
You can move and advance with no penalty.

>> No.72757241


>> No.72757245

Necrons and Marines 3.0 first, followed by Chaos, Eldar, and Tau. Then every other with a xenos and an imperium. End on Marines 4.0 and start the cycle anew.

>> No.72757246

I will miss you plasma. I guess volkite is my new friend now.

>> No.72757252

if they actually remove marines from the codex, my army grows a shit load of points, as i now have all these models i can counts-as space marines.
you'll never NOT see them on the table - removing them just makes them stronger

>> No.72757253

I think those weapons look too big.

>> No.72757256

they'll likely have deep strike

>> No.72757263

I was just starting to build into other legions before they annouced the anti soup shit.
Guess my 1 squad of IW Havocs arent getting painted any time soon

>> No.72757265

It'd make most guns in the game useless. Basically T'au and IG are the only ones with significant ranged firepower.

>> No.72757266

Yes. It happens with every box set. My group’s already split 3 boxes and GW hasn’t even officially released anything. Blessed datamining Anons.

>> No.72757268

Everyones going "oh Leman russ spam will be meta"
But what about Hellhounds?
Auto hitting, max shots vs hordes and can have track guards

>> No.72757274

I wish they were like this but i see GW did inspire themselves with destiny for the nu nunecrons

>> No.72757278

Counter argument to what dummy? Don't expect new IG kits anytime soon.

>> No.72757287

Tau being allowed to continue to exist is all you get and you should be grateful.

>> No.72757288

not really, this looks like a specific deviantart drawing that dates back to 2009

>> No.72757290

The torsos and legs go together mostly in a single way, but the tacs have several chest variants that you can pick from, like the two possible assemblies for the sergeant (a reinforced Mk6 with a small loincloth or an ornate Mk5 with pteruges).

>> No.72757291

Oh I'm certainly not advocating for it, it'd just change the game to castle vs fast melee.

>> No.72757296


>> No.72757297

>can advance and fire with no penalty
are you stupid

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>> No.72757303

>Not advocating for it
>This would get me hyped for 9th

>> No.72757312

It's obviously a dressed up man. I've been here long enough to know a woman from a tranny.

>> No.72757314

aaaa silent king rules when

>> No.72757315

No one really knows yet. Chaos as a super faction has lots of synergy between the factions (chaos knights excluded). Daemokin style builds have been a thing for a long time so I would day there will be a way to include it. Presently, knights and IW don't have any real synergy between the factions besides potentially bring lots of t5+ units.

>> No.72757317

Triarch models have two eyes and a third one in the forehead.
Crypteks and cryptek-aligned models have a single eye in the center. See the Cryptek and Deathmark models. Canoptek creatures also broadly follow this scheme, looking especially at scarabs and wraiths. Canopteks are also associated with Crypteks, since they're the ones who make and control them.
"unaligned" Necrons have the regular two eyes.

If GW begins deviating from this subtle faction marking, I will be disappointed but not particularly surprised.

>> No.72757327

Who else is excited to learn about the 40k version of Holdo

>> No.72757328

I'm not the OP.

>> No.72757339

>price increases again

Because fuck Australians I guess. New sisters stuff better not go up in price because it's already absurdly expensive.

>> No.72757341

stop crossdressing, Ben Vachkov

>> No.72757345

honestly the new cp farm killing system is pretty dope. It's weirdly similar to what I was suggesting, so it makes me wonder if gw designers actually lurk here.

>> No.72757347

This is how I old star wars woman.

>> No.72757348

Doing it for free?

>> No.72757353

I never understood why the fuck she shoots him when she already dropped him out of a plane. They were high enough in the air that he would've died when he hit the ground

>> No.72757357


>> No.72757359

I advocated it. The idea that you think it would take 3 turns to get in range to do anything reveals so much about how few people actually use the movement phase in this game.

>> No.72757366

Let's be real, Holdo did the coolest thing that happened in that movie.

should've been leia's death though

>> No.72757369

lmao you're in aussieland and you don't already buy models from Yang?

>> No.72757371

>can advance and fire with no penalty

So can everything else. And at 6" speed or higher.

>> No.72757374


>> No.72757376

Highly unlikely but it is possible to survive a fall from that height.

>> No.72757387

Why they got three arms and three legs then?

>> No.72757393

She was trying to escape
it only had 1 in a million chance of killing her
she was trying to run the fuck away and it accidentally killed her and the bad guys

>> No.72757394

What are the newer 40k lines? I haven't touched 40k in probably 5+ years and every kit looks the same from what I remember.

>> No.72757400

She wanted to shoot him but didn't want bloodstains. Also, Lady Une's more vicious personality is somewhat bloodthirsty. She'd be the sort who'd personally want the kill.

>> No.72757401

destroying years of canon is indeed cool, I wonder if the 40k version will be doing something similar

>> No.72757407

because tripod theme war of the worlds retro scifi

much like how void scythes are saucers that kidnap people with teleportation rays

>> No.72757411

Do you not play objective based missions?

>> No.72757412

Well, I bought three for my WB force (one to supplement the starter set squad, and two more for backpacks/arms/heads/etc. and two havoc boxes for bodies to kitbash some chosen/possessed/whatever veteran unit I need to run. They do have some customization, especially if you have leftover shadowspear bits on hand. Not too much cutting, it's even easy to make a pure beakie unit or even two out of three boxes.

>> No.72757415

Only because there wasn't anything cool in that movie.
The entire movie was a snooze frst even the fight scenes were subpar as fuck

>> No.72757418

Marines, Sisters, mostly Chaos Marines, Death Gaurd, Thousand Sons. Necrons soon.

>> No.72757420

I've played miniature games long enough to know that's a man, baby

>> No.72757423

Kasr kin should really replace normal guards when they get updated, the kasr kin had a really nice aesthetic

>> No.72757426


>> No.72757427

>So can everything else
>eating -1 to hit for extra movement
>unlike glorious gravis going 9.5" on average with full ballistic skill
Hello black legion you're still shit

>> No.72757428

>Chaos Marines
>Blood Angels
>Thousand Sons
>Death Guard
>Space Wolves
>Dark Angels
>Grey Knights
>The rest

>> No.72757436

Unless you also mess around with movement values, you need a larger board more than reduced weapon range.

>> No.72757437

yeah the throneroom fight was slightly worse than the opening fight scene in Ninja 2

>> No.72757438

>Hyperbole doesn't exist

>> No.72757439

I dunno why can the Ghost Ark only fit 10 models?

>> No.72757440

She was a fuckign retard. Even when she had a gun pointed at her she wouldn't explain her fucking plan? She'd rather risk dickface taking over and ruining everything because she's just so fuckin stubborn? Even though she admits she actually likes him at the end? Jesus christ who writes this shit.

>> No.72757442

Is that something they put in the book everyone hated?

I can't be fucked to care about canon anymore. She crashed a ship into a bunch of other ships and it looked really cool on the screen.

That said, it's very dumb that rey and kylo didn't get fucking pasted considering they were on one of the ships at the time.

That is not wrong. I did not bother to watch the last one.

>> No.72757447

Squats have been unsquated since 6e

>> No.72757450

Any bets of what this is?

>> No.72757453

The app will have everything collated, FWIW

>> No.72757461

The day they remove manlets fully, is the day I start -solely- using manlets with primaris rules.

I'll use them In GW stores, and I'll even go out of my way to use them at Warhammer World if needs be, if they try to give me a bollocking i'll tell them to suck my dick.

>> No.72757465

>Implying the special snowflake PRIMARIS melta guns won’t have a range of 24” with d3 shots if they don’t move and damage 6 within 12”

>> No.72757466

I think number 2 is just a captain not a librarian
Number 3 are primaris devastators/melta hellblasters
Number 4 has neither a shield nor is he a chaplain. I have no idea what he is carrying a big old hourglass around but I'm guessing it's some sort of ritualistic primaris role and his function is character hunting on the field
The rest seems fine to me
I wonder if assault intercessors and assault veterans only get chainswords and powerswords respectively, I'm hoping for more options

>> No.72757468

Yes, but will they be releasing new rough rider models and adding them back into the regular codex?

I still think they'd make a killing doing some cadian/catachan rough riders on dirt bikes.

>> No.72757469

Volkite pistol.

>> No.72757470


>> No.72757472

But Volkite and plasma fulfill different roles.
>Plasma is anti TEQ
>Volkite is anti MEQ + GEQ units

>> No.72757473

Its a volkite pistol from HH

>> No.72757476

no it's the only logical conclusion of what we learn in rise of skywalker

it had a 1 in a million chance of succeeding, and apparently it's well-known

and she's not the kind of person who bets on bad odds

ergo she was trying to run away

>> No.72757477

From new to old something like: Sisters of Battle, about half of Chaos Space Marines, Primaris Marines, Adeptus Custodes, Death Guard, Genestealer Cults, Deathwatch, AdMech. Lots of new Daemons too but it's mostly on characters.

>> No.72757478

Seems like it's gonna be less of a nerf and more of a buff to pure armies via CP. With more and more stratagems and CP-costing upgrades, CP is at a premium and even 3 or so is enough to encourage people not to soup.

>> No.72757479

Volkite pistol.

>> No.72757480

Frost Pistol

>> No.72757486

According to the french guy on the Warfo who predicted szeras, flayed ones will be remade. The only old models i could see us still having are the c'tan, maybe the destroyer lord(but he is an upgrade pack for regular destroyers so that seems unlikely) and the lord with a resurection sphere.

>> No.72757488


>> No.72757489

volkite charger

>> No.72757493


>> No.72757494

>Implying tau will ever be this good
You'll be teach a lesson by your betters soon enough

>> No.72757496

> 3 coil ridges

HL3 reveal

>> No.72757497

>I can't be fucked to care about canon anymore. She crashed a ship into a bunch of other ships and it looked really cool on the screen.
yes anon big explosions can distract people from terrible writing

>> No.72757498

The new logo

>> No.72757500

First company Primaris Lieutenant with Stormshield, Powersword and Volkite pistol.

>> No.72757501

So can I even listbuild on BattleScribe anymore? What's the point of soup, points, and rules get changed in a few weeks/months?

>> No.72757502

It's obviously happening because every manlet model, even stuff like Attack Bikes is going up in price.

>> No.72757508 [DELETED] 

>eating -1 to hit for extra movement

Where do you get -1 to hit for?

>> No.72757514


>> No.72757519

Cawl pattern volkite serpenta

>> No.72757521

It's more than a little. First of all, the feeding ramp has been polished to a mirror sheen. It's not going to have any feeding problems. The slide's been replaced with a reinforced version. And it meshes perfectly with the frame. The frame itself has been iron-welded and scraped down multiple times for maximum precision. The front strap part of the frame has been checkered to make it dig into the hand. That prevents any slipping. The sight system's original, too. It's a 3-dot type. It's got an enlarged front sight, giving it superior target sighting capability. The regular hammer's been replaced with a ring hammer. That enhances the cocking speed and increases the hammer-down speed. They also reworked the grip safety to accommodate the ring hammer. Looks like they eliminated it altogether. This is a tool for pros. The thumbs safety and the slide stop are extended to allow for more precise handling. The base of the trigger guard is whittled down, so you can use a high grip. And the trigger itself is a long type for easy finger access. The trigger pull is about 3.5 pounds. That's about a pound and a half lighter than normal. The magazine well has been widened to make it easier to put in a new magazine. The magazine catch button has been cut down low to make it harder to hit by mistake. The mainspring housing has been changed to a flat type to increase grip. And it's even been fitted with stepping so that it doesn't slip from the recoil when firing. On top of that, they added cocking serrations to the front part of the slide. That lets you load and eject cartridges faster in an emergency. Whoever did this is a professional. No question - this thing could shoot a one-hole at 25 yards in a machine rest.

>> No.72757522

Assault guns get -1 to hit if you advance.

>> No.72757526

Um yes

>> No.72757527

never read Skarsnik I presume?

>> No.72757531

ok omega nerd i got it, what's the stats

>> No.72757535

I don't think regular destroyers are going anywhere.

Which is why I like Star Wars in the first place. TLJ was dumb but let's not pretend the content it was working off of was fuckin shakespeare.

>> No.72757540

>increase price on original marines
>sales dry up
>guys we're discontinuing the og SM, they weren't selling

>> No.72757543

>what's the stats

>> No.72757544

Nigger if you advance and shoot an assault weapon you take a -1 to hit

What kind of stupid fucking cross board secondary are you?

>> No.72757555

S7 0 1?

>> No.72757557

did they give any examples of how terrain rules will change

>> No.72757561

Sure I do. It's great having the other guy melt your army in 2.5 shooting phases then roll across the board for uncontested points each turn.

>Being a threat
Hey, you know what: if they're finally giving Marines real melee guys, maybe they'll change the rules to make it work. Who knows!

Sure. And, without hyperbole, I can say that the range of weapons across the board are out of control in this game. Scaling it WAY back would make me excited for 9th edition.

>> No.72757570

Not as good as the HH stats.
S5 Ap -2 D2 is pretty bad unless you're killing primaris...so we're getting traitor primaris?

>> No.72757571

I'm pretty sure they're just another kind of destroyer, modifying themselves to be more efficient combat monsters.

>> No.72757576

8.5". They got 5" movement.

>> No.72757578

There is a new one in the big leak mixture, but it may be a new unit instead of a redesign

>> No.72757579

Are there any loyalist marine chapters with purple armor?

>> No.72757586

>not a threat

Please stop believing everything the thread says. Five attacks with a thunderhammer are a threat to anything and all you need to do is look a the LVO lists for proof.

>> No.72757587

S6 Ap0 1D 6 to wound causes mortal in addition to regular damage. No idea on number of shots, probably 1.

>> No.72757588

right yeah mb

>> No.72757589

Soul drinkers

>> No.72757591

Picture, damn my autocorect

>> No.72757592

They cannot possibly be worse or less meaningful than they are currently. So, we got that going for us. Which is nice.

>> No.72757593

So do we know if immortals are still good and not being replaced? I don't wanna buy models that are gonna be instantly outdated

>> No.72757595

They exist but they're invisible

>> No.72757596

The regular CSM are a little modular, with bolter or chainsword options, the autocannon guy is monobuild, and the Havoc kit is pretty monoposed with body A going with only weapon options A and B, not C. I used a bunch of the regular CSM bodies to build more Havocs out of the extra arms and heads, but the proportions match maybe 9/10 times. One of the heavy bolter arms on a CSM body doesn’t have the position to connect the linked shells from the arm to the ones curling down from the backpack. See pic.

Mostly compatible and easy to use for both. Havoc bodies are slightly larger tho.

>> No.72757599

>can't recognize jigglypuff seen from above
You retard

>> No.72757602


>> No.72757603

It looks too big to be a replacement for a unit that can be fielded in squads. I expect it to be some kinda super destroyer.

I swear I saw the old destroyers in the background of one of the videos posted today or in one of the images they put up. I can't be fucked to go look for it though. It has a very distinctive head though.

>> No.72757605


Now that you say this, would you consider my lychguard to be a praetorian? I personally dislike lychguards heads which is why I use praetorian heads.

>> No.72757606

There's literally one Chaos head I want from Shadowspear/Start Collecting and I can't find it sold separately anywhere

>> No.72757610

>do we know anything about the new codex literally announced today

Yeah Immortals are gonna be great.

>> No.72757611

Hawk Lords and Soul Drinkers.

>> No.72757615


can't wait for 12e

>> No.72757617


>> No.72757618

Melee units are perfectly capable of tearing through units, especially if you change the game so the first chance you get to shoot them is through overwatch.

>> No.72757620

red doesn't work on necrons

>> No.72757621

Immortals are probably fine. Destroyers might be replaced, if it's from 3E or resin, you're rolling the dice.

>> No.72757623


>> No.72757624

So far seems like we are keeping them. We still have old deathmarks and they are in a dual kit.

>> No.72757626

Hawk Lords.
Soul Drinkers, kind of.

>> No.72757627

There's something that looks like a new Immortal in the background image on the 40k site, but whether it's an Immortal or a minor HQ is hard to say.

>> No.72757628

so the best way to counter primaris is gonna be ... more primaris, nice thinking CEOs

>> No.72757630

We need another one after that which is just silicone valley trendy shorterened down logo.

>> No.72757631


Sadly, my faction doesn't get the Str bonuses or AP values or even the number of attacks that marines do. So yeah, melee IS bad. If it ain't 20 genestealers, it ain't killing shit.

>> No.72757632

Female naval officers are nothing new.

>> No.72757634

Volkite is AP5 in heresy so it will be AP-0 in 40k.

>> No.72757640


we saw a new immortal

>> No.72757642


>> No.72757648

Yes, aggressive range reductions or massive LoS overhauls would help immensely.

I predict: neither. But hey, we can always hope.

>> No.72757649

You can bet that they will still allow you to build detachments from other books. It helps them sell models they might put more restrictions on it or change something about it like no more <keyword> detachments. Point values are probably going to be similar to a CA points change.

>> No.72757650

these are the HH stats. reminder that HH uses 7th ed rules.

>> No.72757651

What novels tie in with the current events of the game? The Great Rift, the Ultramarine Primarch coming back, etc.

>> No.72757652


I should also clarify, I dislike praetorian lore. I find them to be odd for what they are. Literally agents of the silent king? Seems odd.

>> No.72757653

>I don't think regular destroyers are going anywhere.
Anything that uses green tubes is getting redone.

>> No.72757655

Looks like a new character or sergeant, since he is alone.

>> No.72757657

I agree greytide for life.

>> No.72757663


it's an app. wrhmr.

>> No.72757664

Think 9th edition will allow primaris/manlets to use all their transport vehicles equally?

Orrrrr they going to remain hebrew?

>> No.72757666

no, the rest of his unit is simply cut off from the pic

>> No.72757667

>Immortal HQ
I fucking hope, would be pretty neat to have a minor HQ with some shooty

>> No.72757668

The thing is that it doesn't hit evenly across the board. Guard wouldn't give a shit as they go from absurd range to just regular, but crons get kicked hard in the dick.

>> No.72757673

Angron's too short
Kharn is too short

>> No.72757674

that nav officer doesn't have pink hair. she also doesn't look like a wine aunt

>> No.72757676


There is a whole dynasty that uses red though.

>> No.72757677

There's a new Immortal model in the leaked image.

I'm pretty sure at this point the ENTIRE range is getting redone except for named characters and some of the 5e vehicles

>> No.72757678

>Think 9th edition will allow primaris/manlets to use all their transport vehicles equally?

>> No.72757679

I wonder if she's part of the ship by 40k

>> No.72757680

No, we saw something that had a similar frame to an immortal, but larger, with an extended gauss blaster. By itself, next to a squad of the new warriors. That might be an immortal, but it's most likely a squad leader for the warriors, or an attached weapon specialist.

>> No.72757683

Angels Revenant
Emperor's Scythes (not scythes of the emperor!)
Hawk Lords
Imperial Stars
Silver Guard
Sons of Jaghatai

>> No.72757687

this is not a necron


>> No.72757690

Fuck, I hope the tripod dudes don't replace them. That's the one model I dislike so far.

>> No.72757691

How about: everything 12 to 24 gets dropped to 12. Everything 24 to 36 gets dropped to 24. Everything over 36 gets dropped to 36.

>> No.72757693


>> No.72757699

What's your mental reasoning for this?

>> No.72757703

any idea when 9th is supposed to drop though? I suspect at the end of psychic awakening which is a fucking ways away isn't it? I mean engine war isn't even fucking done yet.

>> No.72757704

When will we be able to the order for the new stuff they revealed (or are about to)?
What about Engine War models?

>> No.72757705

GOOD. Let my 50+ Midcron infantry mark me as a crusty oldfag

>> No.72757707

Is it worth giving a Thunder Hammer to any Chaos HQ?

Second, what kind of head would be good for this Iron Warriors Daemon Prince? The regular DP heads seem so small, but the Maulerfiend head sticks out too much.

>> No.72757708

>12 inch bolters
>12 inch auto bolt rifles
Still braindead.

>> No.72757711

manlets are getting phased out and primaris gotta sell more models

>> No.72757717

Engine war preorders from next Saturday. No idea about the rest, assume at least a month for each PA book.

>> No.72757718

How about put movement to 4" and drop all ranges greater than 12" by a full 6"
So 24" becomes 20" and 30" becomes 24" while Flamers are unaffected.

Feel tactical yet? Because this is what Infinity does.

>> No.72757720

They have no reason to allow it, and every reason to not to.

>> No.72757721

More stuff is coming out on tuesday so around end of June

>> No.72757723


so are you saying the only color that works is green? Seems odd.

>> No.72757725

Cawl is building NEW THINGS for the Big Marines.

>> No.72757726

New guy to W40K, who's a good 3rd party where I can buy tech priest from

GW raising prices seems way too scummish for me to support such business, but I want to collect an army

>> No.72757727

>monopose manlet 3-piece marine in the bottom left.

Aw ye

>> No.72757729

We already saw a sled destroyer anon

>> No.72757735

She should be, but I wouldn't put it past ADB to just kill her off out of spite for the audience.

>> No.72757736

She drops him over trees and water, though. If he landed on soft earth, I suppose there's a slim chance he could have survived because that shit sometimes happens in real life, but the trees would smash him to bits and from far shorter heights than they're cruising at water is harder than concrete. He'd hit trees and get twisted up like a pretzel or hit water, splatter into gibbets and sink. Still a cool scene, though. Wing is honestly one of my favorite non-Universal Century Gundam shows.

>> No.72757737

I just want some new deldar models

>> No.72757742


took my brain a second to readjust to the superior AP structure of pre-8th edtion

>> No.72757743

I wonder if Kharn or Angron just randomly slapped a bloody handprint on her tits when they were in a fugue state and she just decided to roll with it and keep it.

>> No.72757745

>who's a good 3rd party where I can buy tech priest from

>> No.72757749

coronachan really fucked the releases up

>> No.72757750

Which one? I just picked up a Shadowspear duplicate, and could send it to you for price of postage. Pic to prove it.

>> No.72757751

It's an anime, you need to double-tap to be sure.

>> No.72757755

I wonder if she'll also jeopardize the survival of her entire army just for a dick measuring contest

>> No.72757759

Do we know what happened to the Conqueror? I assumed it was one of the Glorianas that was lost, seeing as we never hear about it, but that might be because of how scattered the WE are.

>> No.72757763

>Come tuesday, and GW announces Engine War is getting scrapped along with the models they announced in order to hasten the arrival of 9th ed.
What's your reaction?

>> No.72757765

I need your opinion, anons. For the last couple of months I was actually considering getting Necrons, as my secondary army. Always liked the terminator vibe but never got around to paint any.
Are there any current Necron minis that are considered kino?
Should I get some classic ones before the inevitable purge?
Geedubs will start pulling the current range out soon, I don't want to be forced to pay some fucking ebay scalper.

>> No.72757769

How do you get used to the concept that you're allowed to kitbash models? I feel like if I do anything of the sort gonna get sperged at by the other guy, or the manager. Stuff like custom chaos spawn, adding extra details to knights, Inquisitors, etc. ? It seems like it wouldn't be allowed and it's hard to wrap my mind around it.

>> No.72757770

>Nothing ever dies
>Takes ages before anything is in range
>Much easier to kite opponents
>The same game of just playing chicken around threat distances constantly
No thanks. 2k point games are already a slog.

>> No.72757774

Where do I read about this lady? I knew she was a character from that horus heresy card game but knowing she's a khornate ship captain has me intrigued.

>> No.72757775

>9th edition follows on from Psychic Awakening, so your codexes will still be usable! Psychic Awakening was made with 9th edition in mind!
Is everyone just conveniently forgetting all the Space Marine releases for PA were broken as fuck, destroyed the tournament scene and had to be nerfed 3 times before they were bearable?

>> No.72757776

How inexpensive are we talking?

>> No.72757779

I just want Lictors to be
A) deadly
B) hard to kill
C) extremely disruptive
D) have some sort of in-army utility

Pick one. I'm not greedy.

>> No.72757780

Painting them for my blood angels, 3 squad minimum. I don’t need to spend gobs of time on tactical marines.

>> No.72757782

Does anyone know what model this is gonna be? Is it a new Chaos Demon?

>> No.72757783

I'd be very surprised considering they've said it's going up for preorder on Saturday.

>> No.72757784

>Admech gets the shaft again
Unsurprising, honestly.

>> No.72757785

Could care less. Daemons weren't going to get anything worthwhile anyways.

>> No.72757786

>So desperate for the attention their father's never gave them these degenerates dress up in 40k costumes and act slutty for other men
Why are women so debased and degenerate

>> No.72757798

(preferably in euroland)

>> No.72757800

They didn't specify rules, but they did say that there will be support for holding a position and defending it (bonus to overwatch from cover?) and for stalking from building to building before springing an ambush (bonus to charge from out of LOS?)/

>> No.72757804

If you're spending ~$50 per box of army men you goddamn well better be allowed to do what you want with them.

It's a C'tan shard Szarekh keeps around for the lulz.

>> No.72757806

All the useless, shitty 3 whole pages of GSC stuff from PA will be usable in 9th? OH GOODY

>> No.72757810

I mean, why don't you look at the range and find what you like? Personally i like the destroyers and the nightbringer

>> No.72757812


>> No.72757813

Silent King

>> No.72757814

it's the silent king's pet ctan

>> No.72757815

Betrayer By ADB

>> No.72757817

becuase he's a big guy

>> No.72757818

It's a C'tan shard.

>> No.72757819

Its still flying around in M42

>> No.72757822

4th edition and 2nd edition lictors are never coming back

>> No.72757824

Not him but most non metallics look ugly on crons to me. Silver/black with green/blue/purple/orange gauss is the best

>> No.72757825

> not E) plastic

>> No.72757828

Betrayer, the last good ADB book. It's a semi-direct sequel to The First Heretic tough, so you'll be a bit lost if you jump right in. She's also in some short stories, but none of those are worth it.

>> No.72757829

Lotara Sarron, I believe. From what I hear, she pulls off the "badass chick who takes no shit and even the WE respect her" without coming across as a stronk womyn sue.

>> No.72757831

Shame the listbuilding service will be subscription-based garbage. They even compared that shit to Azyr. The free, collated datasheets on a phone/tablet will be nice enough, though.

>> No.72757833

At this point, I don't mind if I only save like a dollar or two. Can't support a business that raises their prices during a fucking pandemic

>> No.72757834

Did you use Lahmian Medium to paint that?

>> No.72757838

your LGS? Fantasyland in Germany. Just google it, most small stores have smaller prices.

>> No.72757839

For You

>> No.72757840

You shouldn't be afraid of mentally ill people getting mad about the way you spent your money on plastic toy soldiers

in reality 99% of people will be like "oh dude thats awesome" if they see you've put any amount of effort into your army

>> No.72757846

Hey, it’s a living. Whatever money they make from their OnlyFans accounts, it’s obviously enough so that they can do photo shoots like that.

>> No.72757850

Thought you were an idiot, but the tiny fleur in the corner is hella knightly

Do titans have the fleur on their armor paneling?

>> No.72757852

>Not using clear resin for stealth painting

>> No.72757859

I think Chaos THs are only available to Chaos Lords, so that's your option. If you do, give him a jump pack and a relic and/or WT depending on chapter, there's quite a few good combos.

>> No.72757867


>> No.72757868

She got assigned to the World Eaters because she was too aggressive and the navy wanted to stick her out of the way. Was fond of extremely close quarters maneuvers and ship mounted harpoons to reel in enemy vessels for boarding assaults. The legion absolutely loved her for it and she earned their respect by shooting a marine who'd abandoned defence of the ship to take part in the boarding action in the face, he was fine, but she lost her shit at him for leaving them to be counter assaulted.

>> No.72757871

What's a ctan? I hope this isn't some dumbass "trademark" name that newfags are gonna splurge over

>> No.72757873

>tfw people think my necrons look low-effort from far away
>tfw they apologize the instant they get within 50 centimetres of the models
How do I fix this? I've painted all their eyes, their glyphs are 2 tone with highlights, hell, I even edge highlighted their guns. Am I not supposed to leave the eye sockets black and the "eyeball" raised areas green?

>> No.72757874

Usable until they drop the codex for that army.
Which means it's gonna be an army if the month is op or something stupid like that

>> No.72757877

What novels tie in with the current events of the game? The Great Rift, the Ultramarine Primarch coming back, etc.

>> No.72757878

Lexicanum has it still around and taking part in the 13th crusade.
I'd be okay with that. She is just human. I'd be more okay with her turning into a daemon in the machine.

>> No.72757880

Eh. Both have their pros and cons. Since GW is handing out "ignores AP-1/-2" like candy, they should just incorporate that into the core rules and have "AP mitigation" as a stat next to armor save.

>> No.72757883

You can also put them on Exalted Champions, but those guys don't have an Invun so you never see them

>> No.72757884

>What's a ctan?

>> No.72757886


>> No.72757887

Even the most anal GW store manager won't complain about a model that obviously represents something as long as it's mostly GW components.

>> No.72757889

Also in Lost and the Damned.

>> No.72757890

In my humble opinion, the infantry version of the Overlord that comes in the Catacomb Command Barge kit is absolutely, 100%, top shelf certified necronkino.

>> No.72757893

Those have been a part of the lore since at least 3rd ed and you dare speak of newfags

>> No.72757894

>without coming across as a stronk womyn sue.
She's pure diversity quota material.
ADb was an early adopter of the pozz.

>> No.72757895

Are there any Axe relics for loyalists? I want to use my old metal master of the watch as a captain

>> No.72757898

That's still the same problem.

>> No.72757899

2 more weeks before we get the rules and points for Engine War then

>> No.72757900

Is there any reasonable scenario in which I could field several characters from different legions in the same army, like Adrax Agatone, Feirros and Tor Garadon?

>> No.72757904

Man, fuck subscription-based revenue models. Let me buy my thing so I can own it forever like a good plastic model hoarder.

With that said, the free version with the datasheets available on my phone without having to wait for BattleScribe to stutter its way into a view screen will be nice.

>> No.72757905


>> No.72757908

which wouldnt be a bad idea.

hopefully they take the good stuff from apoc and cities of death and make 9th a better game

>> No.72757919

Ancient Stargods that helped murder the Old Ones. Necrons broke them into shards and enslaved them to use them as a power source.

>> No.72757920

nigga, read your codex

>> No.72757925

So how do you get this clear effect? I want to use it for the sword for a Chaos Lord.

>> No.72757926

canon battles where they all appeared in the same place

>> No.72757927

Angron and Kharn liked her which was important.

>> No.72757928

You're conflating two different things. Space Marine supplements were the gigabroken ones (especially IH, IF and RG) and most of them dropped way before PA. Codex Marines got the Masters of the Chapter stuff from Faith and Fury (which has some retardedly broken shit like +1 to hit aura and 5+++ for IH but hasn't been nerfed yet), the rest of the updates were for the non-codex options. Of those, GK went from bottom to top tier, BA and SW did pretty well, DW and DA are pretty meh.

>> No.72757933

I fucking love that he has this thing locked to his throne. The silent king never went to sleep with the other necrons, so he's been using this guy as a battery for millions of years. Look at how much pain the C'tan is in. Can you imagine the sheer hate you have to possess to torture another living thing for 60 million years? If necrons were connected to the warp, he'd make Malal canon again all by himself.

>> No.72757935

Tbh even if a conversion is bad I'll still tell people it's awesome because they fuckin tried at all, and I've been on the 'convert less' side of things before.
Bad conversions are the first step on the path to good conversions.

yall are alright.

>> No.72757936

AoS zoomers are making fun of us

>> No.72757939

Source brother?!

>> No.72757943

Jesus Christ anon, the best way is to check a color-wheel. You have some nice color wheel calculators, for example https://www.sessions.edu/color-calculator/. Just your favorite color, and click something like Split Complementary.
That's what I do for my miniatures when I'm in doubt. You can always add other colors, but you should be careful when adding additional colors, like i did with the red (specially with Calgar, though going to change him later).

>> No.72757944


>> No.72757947

Slave Knight Gael is best DS3 DLC boss

>> No.72757953

looks like a fucking bionicle

>> No.72757954

All the OoP shit will be Legends
R&H will probably hit OoP b/c they hate you

>> No.72757955

The Problem is: people can part their armies in one corner of the map and shoot all their weapons at your whole army across a battlefield full of holes and take you out from the first shot of the first turn without ever using the Movement, Psychic, or Melee phases.

Shooting is too damn good for being the easiest, least interactive phase of the whole game. I don't care if it nerfs the game to take longer, I want shooting to be less impactful.

Instead of, you know, premiering more shooting buff rules in the very first announcement of the new edition.

>> No.72757956

Nice, thanks for the advice Anons!

>> No.72757957

We don't know the full details, just that it'll have both updated codices with FAQs and point costs, and that there will be a listbuilding function. It's entirely possible that you just pay for codices but not for the listbuilder, though knowing GW it's a pipe dream.

>> No.72757958

I made those posts.

Both of those posts are me.

I made them.

Thanks for linking!

>> No.72757959


>> No.72757960

That red absolutely ruins those models

>> No.72757962

I like the softer look of these guys

>> No.72757964

>AoS zoomers
Stopped reading there.
No one cares what they think

>> No.72757965

>not playing both and enjoying them on their own merits

>> No.72757966

I don't think a sautekh colour scheme can save this model, bros...

>> No.72757968

>caring what zoomie zoomers who play Age of Smegmar think

>> No.72757970


That looks horrendous. That artstyle only looks good on paper.

>> No.72757980

Generic or chapter-specific? I don't think there's any generic ones, but several chapters have some.

>> No.72757983

I disagree. I think the red adds much needed variety.

>> No.72757985

By good I meant good to buy, ie not being squatted

>> No.72757989

Go back.

>> No.72757994

I play Black Templars, let's hope

>> No.72757995

The battlefield full of holes is the main issue here and the solution isn't to have units that can move further than they can shoot.

>> No.72758003

But they can use all the guard vehicles and there's enough plastic models going around for infantry.

>> No.72758004

If you like them just by them.

On the very ublikely chance there is a new kit your old one will still be usable anyway.

>> No.72758007

No they aren't, they're fucking right though. 40k is now worse than AoS. Go figure

>> No.72758011

Blanchitsu is heavy oils and dark, dark recesses.
Pic related, his own models.

Dust is not Blanchitsu.

>> No.72758013

just played 40k for the first time in 6 months and i had my first divine intervention moment in like the full 10+ years of playing. I killed a deamon prince in over watch with a cryptek and heavy destroyer. My opponent even failed the command re-roll on the save.

Anyone have any moments like this that was worth the game?

>> No.72758018

>thunder hammers arent good close combat weapons
>Chainswords arent good close combat weapons

What are you smoking and can i have some

>> No.72758019


>> No.72758020

This is true, but what about Deathmarks?

>> No.72758021

Ruleswise? A Space Marine Supreme Command Detachment can let you superfriend all you want. Lore/scenario? The recently Primarised champions were having a strategy meeting when they got betrayed by the local planetary governor and ambushed.

>> No.72758023

>40k is now worse than AoS
Lol okay, let you trash game die already

>> No.72758024

He’s up there for sure. Personally I have a soft spot for the Abyss Watchers because of the interesting mechanic and godly music, as well as the last boss, but Gael wins cleanly for the sheer spectacle, the size of the arena, and all the cool attacks you saw when you summoned him yourself. I am a smart enough man to recognize my own bias.

>> No.72758025

My hopes for new models:
New melee units look cool
Those shield veterans would look rad with my ultras.

My fears:
I really hope that chaplain isn't cassius in the middle.
No tyranid iconography, no classic crozius, no bionic eye, not stepping on a tyranid body/head?

It'll honestly suck if they do that.

>> No.72758034

Tell me your secret to applying pigment to minis so they get that dirty effect

>> No.72758036

Just having a flick through they don't talk about it much in the Space Marine Codex or Ultramarines supplement
Is this just fanwank or some Black Library bullshit? I want to know because if it's a new unit I need to know how good it is against my list

>> No.72758038

It'd be even better if it's a shard of The Deceiver. The lore for the silent king implies that he fired himself into space alone. I love the idea of this guy who never talks drifting through space, with the only sound on his ship being his most hated enemy screaming, for millions of years.

>> No.72758040

Need me a Slav Knight Gael mod. He just squats in the corner flicking cigarettes and empty vodka bottles at you.

>> No.72758043

Yeah, awful. it's thin-your-paints excused.

>> No.72758044


>> No.72758045

Deathmarks are favored by Crypteks, although I am aware that there's no specific keyword for this.

>> No.72758049

The worst movie I have ever seen from a story stand point, no shit the tinker bell movies hold shit together 10x better.

>> No.72758052

Found this on Reddit.

>> No.72758057

Why those ultras are teal? And what's up with the menstrual discharge? This looks terrible.

>> No.72758062

Do you think I'd be """allowed""" to use a gaunt Sorcerer/GS on Disc as a fluxmaster/fateskimmer? Gaunt Sorcerer just looks so friggin cool.

>> No.72758066

They're right. I haven't talked to anybody who's played both games and preferred 40K.

>> No.72758068

Rules that actually function

>> No.72758075

Sadly no. BT only have swords. IH and SW get axe relics.

>> No.72758079

Those look better than the big one. The names are dumb enough to be

>> No.72758082

Please, dig deeper

>> No.72758088

Why are your alpha legion troops menstruating?

>> No.72758097

>Disliking tripods
Go be a giant faggot somewhere else

>> No.72758101

Does that C'tan deserve it? Don't know much on C'tan shit.

>> No.72758104

What novels tie in with the current events of the game? The Great Rift, the Ultramarine Primarch coming back, etc.

>> No.72758107

too much space marine is right, and also is right how old some of the shit is
look at imperial guard, eldar, etc

>> No.72758109

Where are all these 3D render leaks coming from? What is the SOURCE

>> No.72758113

Still looks awful. It looks like the same sort of style I see from people who paint over mistakes again and again and they get the same look.

>> No.72758114

These are actually good, there's a lot of definition on the models, they look messy but they're really not. those marines up above looked just generall shit except for arguably the character.

>> No.72758115

Yeah, C'tans are cunts. Not as much as the Chaos Gods but that's not a high bar.

>> No.72758120

Well, the C'tan did eat all the necrons' souls.
The necrons were miserable gits who hated the Old Ones just because they had longer lifespans though.
Swings and roundabouts.

>> No.72758122

Yes definitively. He is the one that tricked the necrontyrs into becoming the necrons.

>> No.72758123

I like that we're getting back to the modified base necron shape rather than everything being Canoptek. I like the new wraiths, but the old ones had something special.

>> No.72758125

Yeah, they're the original assholes.

>> No.72758131

post models

>> No.72758132

Dark Imperium, plague wars

>> No.72758137

Post your models then if you're so much better

>> No.72758144


>> No.72758149

It's a recast in clear resin that's been partially painted.

>> No.72758156

Will anyone try and break the new Executioner sword to resemble Gael's?

>> No.72758160

i usually do a first layer with them mixed with airbrush thinner, so they get stuck, the I just apply the pigment and brush off with a soft brush, sometimes i also use the airbrush (pretty weak though) to brush away some unattached pigment.

Despise what usually people tell me, i kinda enjoy the red, at least in the aggressors, give some source of light in rather low-constrast minis, but it still needs some work. Calgar's red OSL simply isn't good, the surface around his head it's just too big for it. The idea was to get the Horus chaotic look, since the models were Aggressors (they wouldn't look too agressive otherwise).

thanks, I enjoy the white on their helmets, around the nose-mouth area, cuts a bit from the blue.

It's not blanchetsu, but has some traces from it.
This is just a style I got used to since I painted some Stormcasts in a grimdark way.

>> No.72758162

If you can field c'tan shards in the same army as the Silent King, doesn't that just make him a pokemon trainer that left to explore and new region and is back to reclaim his title as galactic champion. The tortured c'tan power source seems cool, but not sure what the new fluff says about how he feels about the shards since he lead the crons in revolt against them

>> No.72758163

Thanks anon, I'll look into it

>> No.72758168

Red would have been fine, really pale gore-esque red applied heavily to skin tones looks stupid.

>> No.72758172 [SPOILER] 

Everything I look at the new necron tripod (quadpods?) I get erect. Tesla and doomsday cannon versions are amazing.

I don't even want to keep painting what I have. I want them now. Just built pic related and I have now have no motivation to paint it.

>> No.72758177


>> No.72758182

this stopped being funny 8 years ago

>> No.72758184

admech will definitely get their codex sooner than that, since we have 7 new data sheets to be added somewhere.

>> No.72758188

I'm already happy with expanded terrain rules and CP costs to take allies.

>> No.72758199

also marines just got a codex less than 9 months ago.

>> No.72758207

god damn it. I'll have to wait till i get to my new place then

>> No.72758208

Dont let the paint-by-numbers faggots deter you. I paint in a grittier way myself and I like my results. You'll always get detractors if you don't paint in a cartooney manner.

>> No.72758210

Bottom one giving me some animatrix vibes

>> No.72758211

My guess was Outsider.
If I remember my old lore right he was meant to have been banished from the galaxy.

>> No.72758217

I have 100€;
Which unit boxes will be worth buying before the price increases?

>> No.72758225

>Plays AoShitmar
Old world won't come back soon enough and kill their shit game

>> No.72758226

templars codex this edition?

>> No.72758228

Ball licking is pretty close already

>> No.72758229

It's the Ultramarine-disguise system starting to fail, slowly starting to show their <CHAOS> allegiance.
Also wouldn't be a bad idea using them in a list, since I own a Slaanesh daemons AoS list. Marneus Calgar is basically the size of Alpharius Omegon.

>> No.72758235

>doesn't post models
typical. boring

>> No.72758240

Thoughts on how The Silent King's character should be? I'd love him to be this wise and calm philosopher king, right up until a C'tan is mentioned, whereupon he goes full rip and tear.

>> No.72758249

You say that as if it were a bad thing

>> No.72758259

Youll get detractor no matter what you do, some will even act like its their model on commission and will try to dictate every little detail to their preference.

>> No.72758261

The Templars loterally had one ((uno)1) codex. And every edition templar players beg for it again.

>> No.72758262

that's fucking cringe, they tried doing that already and he just sounds emo as fuck

>> No.72758264

right but that's a direct buff to space marines and a nerf to all chaos factions indirectly

>> No.72758268

Early 8th edition, I had a Knight chew through my Maulerfiend and the backup Helbrute, when my turn came it was right in front of my Warpsmith. I unloaded everything I had into the Knight, plasma from Chosen, lascannons from Predators, the melta and the machine curse from the Warpsmith, leaving it on two wounds. Out of sheer spite, I charged it with the Warpsmith and somehow wounded with Two of the Three Power Axe attacks. The Knight failed his saves and exploded.

Sure it killed the Warpsmith and 3 of the Chosen, gave my opponent Slay the Warlord. But my Warpsmith was laughing all the way into the Warp. Can’t remember if I won or lost the game, as far as I was concerned, that was a win in my book.

>> No.72758269

Fuck off wtsnacks you are on eternal retirement. Also you are retarded kitbash everything

>> No.72758270


he'll probably be so condescending aaron sorkin would tell him to tone it down

>> No.72758273

Fuck no. They didn't even get their own supplement.

>> No.72758274

Based and naked snake pilled

>> No.72758277

Oh boy, there's always a mother hen faggot like you isn't it? Can't say anything remotely negative withouth a defensive bitch coming out the woodwork.

>> No.72758281

He was tricked into murdering his entire species, he's going to be a bit mopey.

>> No.72758282

i would assume t4 2 wounds 3+/3++ wiht a wound pass off ability that will be cancer to play against iron hands.

Also anyone else notice that the new necron lord guy looks awfully like nidhiki

>> No.72758287

>not sure what the new fluff says about how he feels about the shard
He hates c'tan.

>> No.72758292

That’s a cool idea, if painted appropriately.

>> No.72758297

Sounds great to me, I only hope they don't lean hard into him being sappy and autistic about "Muh becoming flesh again" stuff

>> No.72758298

Thats some nice models you posted there, faggot.

>> No.72758300

There's my work for the day. Tomorrow I'll do black panels, touch up the green, add the brass, then do gun and skin details and hopefully be ready to shade.

What have yall done today?

>> No.72758301

The Silent King refuses to talk to his inferiors, consequently, there is no being in the universe he can have a conversation with.

>> No.72758307

>9e announced
>Dark Imperium books still not finished

>> No.72758309

I don't need to post my models to prove anything, If I dislike a style of painting, that doesn't suddenly get undermined by how I paint MY models.

If someone likes their steak cooked medium-rare, and someone else likes their steak cooked well-done, one or the other has the right to dislike said style of steak, but they have no right to judge the other for it.

>> No.72758317

Don't care zoomer, I like my models the way I paint them.

>> No.72758318

Don't forget kids, enjoying yourself and engaging with the hobby in your own way is for fags.

Just adhere rigidly to one style you might never be able to properly emulate.

>> No.72758320

>you need to be a certified cook to criticise shit food
Keep coping, fag enabler.

>> No.72758321

Worked all day around sick people with no time to paint.

>> No.72758324

I recommend those very cheap Amazon kits. the ones that come with a AS-186 (the regular one with a 3L tank) and some cheap airbrushes that come with the kit. Those airbrushes are more than you need. They suck and are uncomfortable, but unless you're going to paint extremely thin lines or some professional work, it's all you need, since mostly you're just going to blow layers of paint in some spots, following with brush work. And that is good enough. Also if you're going to use stuff like Streaking Grimes (AK enamel paint, which then you clean with white spirits and a Q-tip) you want to use a cheap airbrush, since cleaning is a pain.

Painting by the numbers is prety boring and the end result is pretty lame, i agree. I like to paint massives amount of errosion since it gives a sense of texture to the model, giving them a much better appeal when seeing the far, in the top of the table.

>> No.72758328

>talking shit without posting models

Should I take you serious or just assume you're making an ironic shitpost?

>> No.72758329

Reminder that only real men use a Lordran Army in Total War.

>> No.72758332

>You have to paint like how I like it or else its shit
Ok cool nice painting techniques your shit opinions have faggot.

>> No.72758337

I fucking love blanshitsu

Using color droppers or using colors to determine how to paint your minis or how something was painted (specially from a picture) is brainlet in the purest form .
You computer lcd lacks green iirc and true blacks, not to mention comparing it from a fucking picture .
Like nigga open you eyes for a sec and look at you palette like just mix colors lmao

>> No.72758339

Paint what you want, just don't turn into defensife little faggot when someone says something not nice about the shit you yourself posted. Quite a simple concept innit?

>> No.72758340

So you dont own any, epic.

>> No.72758345

Wow, the newfag is you.

>> No.72758348

overall, were primaris well received? in the grand scheme of things?

>> No.72758352

I don't think anyone said anything about "have to paint like x" anon.

Where did you get that from?

You can tongue anuses all you want, more power to you. But it doesn't change the fact I find it disgusting, personally.

>> No.72758355

My Matoran from Ono-Koro.

I’ll be curious to see how the arms attach, from the front one side of the model has two weapons, while the other only has one. Disrupted symmetry is weird.

>> No.72758356

Whatever cope helps you fish those used tampons.

>> No.72758359

>80% of players play space marines
I do agree with this

>> No.72758360

>Reddit spacing faggot thinks his cartooney opinion matters

>> No.72758363

Sales are good so /40kg/ hates them.

>> No.72758368

You have to go back

>> No.72758369

You're not criticising them artistically, you're criticising them technically. Not liking a style is one thing. I don't like half of what gets submitted for Golden Demon every year. That doesn't mean I think the person who made them is somehow incompetent, it just means they have a different vision.

>> No.72758372

This is how I Primaris Marine.

>> No.72758373

You're doin god's work, anon. Hang in there.

You seem angry.

>> No.72758379

Ok zoomer. Post more of your contrast marine garbage then and get asspats on reddit.

>> No.72758382

Thanks for the tips on airbrushes.
I don't plan on doing much except getting some dust on my miniatures boots. I'll shop around Amazon next paycheck and see what i can get

>> No.72758383

They just don't do it for me, least on the smaller units where I think four legs might look better. The big boi and that tripod from the leak look cool though.

>> No.72758384

Submitted contract job applications to get money to pay for my Warhammer models. Rolled my eyes at the enthusiasm of the GW presenters, but looking forward to seeing how 9th Ed shakes out.

Think they’ll do a bundle deal with the rulebook in the box again?

>> No.72758402

He spoke through an underling to Dante, was super pompous but was concerned about the Nids.

>> No.72758403

Rub more shit and epic hardcore gritty tampon blood into your zoomer marines and cope, faux boomer.

>> No.72758407

box set sales are always good.

>> No.72758410

Bros... I think I fucking love primaris now to be honest. The aesthetic and the lack of units was pretty much my only gripes with the line and now it's all fixed. Space Marines finally feel like Space Marines again. The lore updates, however rushed and tacked on they felt at first actually feel somewhat refreshing after 20 years of much of the same

>> No.72758416

The idea is for it to be an initial point, for someone that has 0 knowledge on what colors to use. There are many variables in between.
I just showed some of my marines and give him a reference. It's not the perfect solution, but i think it's a pretty good start. Let the algorithm choose the colors for you. It's also very unlikely he has a palette seeing his necrons, it's mostly pot to model.

>> No.72758419

Ok zoomie, seethe more then with you funco pop aesthetic and garbage 2d art

>> No.72758420


Blanchetsu is a style, by all means go for it. I just personally find it looks horrendous.
I'm not attacking blanchet painters, nor am I saying they're a shit painter, nor am I even telling them to paint my way.

But even then, they still think that's what I'm saying.

>> No.72758422

Could you defeat a Space Marine at the Space Marine was without armour and weapons in a fist fight?

>> No.72758426

At started painting a frozen lake base.
Rest will have to wait until kids naptime

>> No.72758429

If you don't know, you need to lurk moar before posting.

>> No.72758430

Oh yeah airbrush is great for that. Handbrush a heavy layer of dirt over base, then spray original base over for that muddy dirty look is what I do for my vehicle undersides.

>> No.72758439

I can't imagine why. When was the last time they won anything of any note? In fluff or otherwise.

>> No.72758440

I'm gonna rub more shit and gritty tampon blood right into your mom's face as I'm ass fucking her into oblivion tonight.

>> No.72758443

Primaris infantry generally looks pretty good, IMO.

I think their vehicles are mostly hideous though, barring the Redemptor.

>> No.72758444

Noone could.

They'd just play it dumb, get punched by you once, grab your arm, snap it, then use that broken forearm bone to stab you in the head with it.

And it'd end as quickly as 2/3 seconds.

>> No.72758449

Bitch you keep crying while you should be on the hunt for fresh dirt and bitch pads.

>> No.72758454

Do you think it is possible to slam stormtalon reactors in place of the wings?
I really don't like that canvas design...
Also, what are some bit sellers that could provide these reactors?

>> No.72758455

Yeah, they seem to have been a real boom item.

>> No.72758465

I'm not the one freaking out over something not painted like it came fresh outta Calarts zommer trash designers.

>> No.72758472

Finishing up CSM #3.
Just got the horns, leather and some pieces of fabric here and there that i missed.
I have to start shopping around for a camera because my phone camera is horrible for miniatures

>> No.72758474

>fuk ur mum!
Lmao how pathetic, we both know you never had sex.

>> No.72758480

How can I go there then?

>> No.72758482

Could he hercule from dragon ball anime defeat a Space Marine at the Space Marine was without armour and weapons in a fist fight?

>> No.72758488

It's almost a given. I'm praying it's a necrons vs sisters box even though I know better.

Looks nice so far. I had my first try at basing the other day and was pleased at the results.

>> No.72758489

>Blanchitsu is now the newfag filter
What a fucking time we live in

>> No.72758492

Repulsor looks ok if you either leave the 1000 extra boxes and bits off and/or swap the turret for either a razorback or baal predator turret (double onslaught cannons or double lascannons wysiwyg...sort of)

repulsor execution looks a bit better

impulsors actually look neat, I like the rocket powered pick up truck rhino look. Its recognizable but still something unique.

>> No.72758494

Yes. Because some sort of Anime trope.

>> No.72758496

It's probably about the right size, but it won't be an easy job.

>> No.72758501

I also hate Society.

>> No.72758502

I'm not freaking out, just saying that it looks like shit. You on the other hand are freaking out and getting into turbo damage control mode. Don't post your shit if you can't hadle the responses, pussy.

>> No.72758504

>your LGS?
I don't even know if they're open but they don't have any discount

>> No.72758510

How else can newfags/zoomers blend in, if not for the most obvious, extravagant artstyle which they only found out about a month ago?

>> No.72758513

Ask your mom about her gaping rear end.

>> No.72758514

You keep having to justify you opinions, you are insecure.

>> No.72758518

Impulsor with an enclosed rear will make a good bases for a grav-rhino conversion.

>> No.72758519

The man survived being bitchslapped by Cell. Even an armed Space Marine would struggle to scratch him.

>> No.72758521

I am so glad I quit Necrons before this reveal. Not at all a fan of the new Warriors, and the blurred units do not interest me as well. Still, I'm glad that the other Necron players will be getting nice, new stuff for their armies.

>> No.72758533

too much shooting and WAAC makes it harder to enjoy

>> No.72758535

Abandon TLoS. Make it so that ruins and forests block LoS to non-Titanic/Gargantuan targets by default. Vehicles/Monsters block LoS to/from non-Vehicles/Monsters behind them. Have all LoS questions go off of base size and unit keywords (no more cinematic poses fucking over characters, no more older models being easier to hide behind shit, etc). Allow CC between levels of ruins. More terrain effects that aren't just cover and "melee gets fucked."

>> No.72758536

>Can't paint in a stylized artstyle that fits your own?
>Shit on styles which aren't advertisement garbage!

>> No.72758538


>> No.72758543

>You keep having to justify you opinions
Except I don't and I don't even need to when the minis you post look like someone with hemorrhoids shat on them and then lef them to dry for a day.

Keep coping, bitch.

>> No.72758544

Hercule in most any series that isn’t Dragon Ball would be the strongest man on Earth.

>> No.72758555

Isn't Mr.Satan's anime trope that he is supposed to be super strong for a human but he's actually just really good a showboating and riling up a crowd?
He's basicly a WWE professional wrestler

>> No.72758561


>> No.72758564

lads we must repopulate cadia

>> No.72758565

Ok redditor, post your contrast shitjobs on your precious homepage more if you're so insecure.

>> No.72758568

New edition, same old shit

Alien scum still dies just the same when you shoot it

>> No.72758569

Where's my top hat?

>> No.72758570

is it okay if your guys don't all look the same? How important is uniformity? I only intend on playing low point games anyway. Only reason I ask is because I often don't like painting the same scheme over and over and want to vary the scheme. So it might be the same colors, just used differently? Is that at all okay to do?

>> No.72758575

It comes with an optional piece that covers up half of the "bed" space, adding some extra bits to cover the rest and adding the rhino rear door seems completely doable

>> No.72758581

In the anime the guy came into the ring towing a series of trucks. And in both the anime and the manga, he won the world martial arts tournament fair and square. The man would be deemed insanely strong by IRL standards.

>> No.72758590

>Think they’ll do a bundle deal with the rulebook in the box again?
They always have and those two shooped necron and marine forces give me a starterbox vibe so I bet it's these.

>> No.72758598

>you're insecure!
>proceeds to be a defensive bitch about slight negativity towards his work
Like I've said, whatever helps you cope fagtron.

>> No.72758599

ok, missed the release this morning, am I right this is what's leaked so far;
>new overlord (unsure if generic or named)
>new warriors
>new scarabs
>new destroyer/destroyer character
>new immortals(?)
>new monoliths
>new generic c'tan (presumably)
>war of the worlds walker
>crab-leg character
>crab-leg unit
>cryptek with two igors
>silent king (presumably big throne with two side generator things)
>other c'tan character (winged dude)
not sure if the charging guys in center-frame right of the crab dude here >>72756901 are new, also not sure about the thing behind the monolith/crab dude and if that's a new croissant in top-left

>storm shield captain
>storm shield librarian (lmao)
>new chaplain
>new chaplain(?) guy with big sword
>sword n board marines
>assault intercessors
>melta gun gravis
>primaris bikes

>> No.72758600

>"Hey, want to play a 1,000 pt game of 40k against my Custodes?"
>"Sure, let me go home and get my army!"
>Comes back with Thousand Sons Terminators, Ahriman, and a Chaos Knight

>> No.72758607

He’s the strongest human who doesn’t use Chi. If he did he’d probably be Krillin tier at least.

>> No.72758610

They're your dudes, paint them how you want.

>> No.72758611

I'm not the one getting upset over differing styles, if you're expecting reddit contrast garbage you know where to go the fuck back to.

>> No.72758626

Barring a 1/100 chance i use something in the environment to make him hurt himself, no way. I am a skinny dude with no muscles to speak of and a 15lb depression/beer gut, he’s a ‘roided out super soldier who wants to feed me my colon. I might be able to talk him into submission with a debate on hierarchical power structures, but even that’s a small chance.

>> No.72758627


I get that. But would it be annoying for other players to play against if your army looks all hodge podge? I guess it could be worst. I could be a grey tider.

>> No.72758632

Clanrats because AoS is the better game

>> No.72758633

>The man would be deemed insanely strong by IRL standards.
What is IRL standards?

>> No.72758635

He's actually a good fighter. He'd probably be an episodic villain back in dragonball.

>> No.72758639

Knight at 1,000 is gay, but Scarab Occult and Ahriman are Thousand Sons staples. The faction is literally five kits stapled onto a bunch of Smegmar rejects and ancient and terrible CSM vehicles.

>> No.72758647

>i'm not mad ur mad
>implying different=good
Not only a coping bitch but a brainlet as well, huh?

>> No.72758648

This is how I Space Skaven.

>> No.72758656

Like I said, if you want asspats for your garbage contrast paintjobs you know where to go back to.

>> No.72758659

I don’t super follow what Necrons are up to, but I remember in the Chaos codex, a bunch of greater deamons and deamon engines invaded a tomb world and the Necrons pushed their shit in. That’s the only thing that comes to top of mind, sorry.

>> No.72758663

I would actually buy a space skaven army if they released one.

>> No.72758664

Depends on the faction but generally some variation is fine.
Different chapters come together to fight a particular battle all the time.
Or necron dynasty that controls several worlds could have warriors from each world in different colours.

What matters is that if you're army is using multiple subfaction rules those different detatchments are easily distinguishable.

>> No.72758667

Me when I realised I was somehow going to have to fight a Coldstar, a broadside, and two fire warrior squads with one tactical squad, a terminator captain, and a baal predator.

I'm not letting my brother pick the mission again.

>> No.72758681

The only way this will be an issue is if you're running multiple detachments with different subfaction bonuses and the color changes don't correspond to those different detachments. For example, a mix of red and blue and yellow marines all using Ultramarines rules would be fine. A mix of red and blue and yellow marines using rules for Ultramarines and rules for Space Wolves with no pattern would be not fine.

>> No.72758685

Opposite for me, I got the Start collecting this fall and just started putting it together this week. Great timing (aside from the now outdated warriors).

>> No.72758686

>new chaplain
I think its cassius
>melta gun gravis
combi melta+graviton lmao

>> No.72758689

Redemptor looks good, I hate that other one that looks like a half-finished Dreadnought and can infiltrate. It looks bad to me. Other than that, yeah the Primaris infantry range looks pretty cool.

>> No.72758697

Except I wasn't asking for any? Coping so much you're loosing track of conversation.

>> No.72758703


>> No.72758708

Orks express their faith by beating the living shit out of each other/others. They basically get faith-points for what they were going to do anyway.

>> No.72758711

>saves anime girl reaction images from fucking Facebook
What is it about hating Age of Sigmar that attracts the absolute lowest forms of human life? Is it wanting to be cool and fit in on the internet, so you uncritically parrot four year old opinions?

>> No.72758713

>Still getting mad that he's got garbage paintjobs which aren't presentable

>> No.72758716

oh yeah you're right, primaris cassius
neato, though kinda odd

>> No.72758720

Don't forget those crusader helmets, gotta get a bunch of those

>> No.72758723

Like how Dark Eldar just conveniently extend their lives by doing what they were going to do anyway.

>> No.72758728

>volkite weapons were the standard weapon before bolters
The past truly was better

>> No.72758732

Coldstar Commanders with custom loadouts were a massive mistake. It's not fun having to try to screen against a flying unit with effectively infinite movement and four BS2+ Meltaguns.

Every time I play against Tau I'm amazed at how GW seems to have made the most unfun codex to play against imaginable.

>> No.72758736

Can’t be Cassius, the shoulderpad isn’t a Ultramarine molded one which is what GW does for named characters. It’s smooth and the head isn’t Cassius’ either with his exposed skull.

>> No.72758740

The tanks thing fucking pisses me off. 9th confirmed for melee being even more shit than it was.

>> No.72758743

>dude you're insecure
>still clinges to me with his damage control like a bitch
>u mad ;-;
And I know you can be even more pathetic.

>> No.72758746

>neato, though kinda odd
Hey shit dude I wanted gravis devastators with multiple heavy weapon options and they just decided to give us both guns at the same time. Fuck it Ill take it.

>> No.72758748

>They basically get faith-points for what they were going to do anyway.
On the subject actually, do you think the Dark Eldar would still be murderrapists if thhey didn't need to worry about Slaanesh eating them?

>> No.72758751

Its okay to be assblasted at being a paintlet anon, but please stop shitting up this thread.

>> No.72758753

>Causal 2v2 team game at the shop
>Custodes and Space Wolves vs Tyranids and Death Guard
>Space Wolf player is new so I tell him to put his units in front of my Custodes
>Tyranids get a turn 1 charge and fucking kill most of the Space Wolves
>Custodes counter charge at full strength in our turn and kill all the Tyranids
Anyone else like to roleplay your army?

>> No.72758754

It has exposed skull, but it's on the wrong side.

He also is supposed to have a bionic eye unless the rubicon TEH HEEEALED HIMMM

>> No.72758755

What is the new novel series supposed to entail?

>> No.72758756

>he doesn't know about the emperor being gender neutral because xe has gone beyond mortal concepts such as gender

>> No.72758761

>meanwhile, in an ork church

>> No.72758769

What are hellforged contemptor dreadnoughts?
Can I buy the plastic contemptor dreadnought GW sells and use it as one?

>> No.72758775

Who needs weapons that are safe to use when you've got power armour?

>> No.72758777

Sorry, what I meant was "I can't imagine why the Silent King was worried about the Tyranids because I cannot remember the last time they had a victory and weren't simply wiped out by whatever they were fighting"

>> No.72758778

Lmao I guess this homo turned into a parriot with the power of cope alone

>> No.72758785

Whenever you see "Hellforged" just replace it with "Chaos" and you're good.

>> No.72758790

I’m selling my admech anyway so I wouldn’t care

>> No.72758791

For some reason they didn't just call them Chaos contemptors

Yes but the plastic one is really lame as a model. Rules are fine/great.

>> No.72758796

>You'll never be an ork
>You'll never have a fun time with the ladz
>You'll never know that gork and mork will be pointing and laughing with tears in their eyes in the great dark beyond, as you krump a space marine in close quarters combat.

Feels git, man.

>> No.72758800

Ok zoomie, if you wanna get buttblasted at different styles thats fine, but don't pretend your contrast paintjob is better.

>> No.72758802

Yeah I tried that and the guy playing the custodes (actually GK in our game) Retreated after my army was wrecked. He was fucking howling with laughter thinking it was the funniest god damn prank ever. I was not so impressed, and neither were the other two players as we were over an hour deep into the game at this point and he fucking ruined it for a joke.
He doesn't get invited to play with us anymore.

>> No.72758812

>not a bong
Feels awesome man

>> No.72758815

FW wanted to give 40k chaos access to their 30k contemptors, hence the new rules. As GW now makes their own, this oddly means you can now use FW rules with a GW model.

Obviously, you're strongly encouraged to chaos the model up.

>> No.72758816

>What are hellforged contemptor dreadnoughts?
traitor HH-era dreadnoughts with daemons infused into them
>Can I buy the plastic contemptor dreadnought GW sells and use it as one?
no, that's really gay, people trying to pass off the cheap shitty contemptor as one of the really nice FW ones has been a cringe cheapskate thing for a few years now

don't do it, go to a recast site or just fork the money over, or learn to convert

>> No.72758821


>> No.72758822

But volkites came from Mars, while bolters were available on Terra. It's why Custodes use bolters, because the tech was available on Terra and it would make sense for bolters to be the standard armament during the Unification War. They probably were more common once the Great Crusade started, but hardly THE standard armament.

>> No.72758825

But I am a bong.
I'm just not an Ork.

>> No.72758827

You can thank (((centralized banks))) for that

>> No.72758828

Am I really the only one upset by the tanks can shoot out of melee thing?

>> No.72758830


>> No.72758841

move to the norf and you can larp as an ork in no time

>> No.72758845

>still implying different means good like a total mong
>blood in stool "style" at that
Keep coping, tampon boy.

>> No.72758848


>> No.72758849

8th was the first time in years melee was viable so having shooting return to being king is just par for the course

>> No.72758854

im sure there are other retards somewhere

>> No.72758857

Probably not, but right now the /pol/ crowd is having their fight in here, along with some other shitposting in general. Nobody has time for a decent conversation.

>> No.72758858

The AdMech Volkite gun is AP0 in 8th

>> No.72758863

>Still assblasted over having no skill beyond contrast paint
Ok zoomie

>> No.72758868

Any good bits seller shipping in the EU?
I'm looking for tank parts and the site I usually use only do weapons/infantry bits

>> No.72758871

You reminded me, do Sisters have a Start Collecting box yet?

>> No.72758876

melee will never be great unless shooting is gimped, which will never happen because shooting is the identity of several factions

>> No.72758880

>still damage controlling his corpofagic paintjob
Keep coping, zoomie.

>> No.72758886

That 3rd to last guy must be pretty weak, twice he didn't get hit because the guy before him got knocked out, yet he lost pretty fast once he started taking hits.

>> No.72758896

Fuck you, I'm running nothing but tanks.

>> No.72758898

Well, there are also some factions that have melee as their identity.

Guess nobody cares about those being left in the gutter.

>> No.72758899


>Melee viable in 8th

We're we playing the same edition? And don't meme about the extra movement, yes it's something you can use but frankly but was nowhere near enough. Everyone who spouts that shit doesn't actually play and just claim false superiority as "the guys wo are smart enough to make melee work". Shit is super situational and not all that useful in the first place.

>> No.72758901

Probably waiting until after price hikes since their minis are expensive so a start collecting would be even more value than usual.

>> No.72758903

More wargear options for everyone, including the restoration of Legends'd datasheets and more generic HQs. More special wargear that costs points instead of CP/being named relics. Traitor Guard.

>> No.72758904

>Zoomer broken and can't come up with anything new
ok, I'm done with you now. Seethe more at actual people who paint.

>> No.72758907

I remember hearing a few anons bash that Teclis model's pose. They could have criticized anything else about it and I would be okay. They had to mock the pose.

>> No.72758908

if GW had all these necron models ready, why didn't they show them off? They'd get a massive PR boost and people would be happier with the state of the reveal stream.

>> No.72758914

So wait a Leman Russ battle cannon or even worse a Baneblade variant like the Shadowsword Volcano cannon will be able to shoot in combat? Or will it be secondary weapons like heavy bolters?

>> No.72758921

The index era of 8th actually had viable melee

>> No.72758928


Anon melee was already fucked making ot worse is not the answer. I get yhat you wanna just sit back and "ha ha tank go pew pew" but the game is better and more fun when all phases are relevant and useful.

>> No.72758929

If they got a battle sister squad, sisters rhino and cannoness start collecting it would be amazing though.

>> No.72758932

Not anymore.

Nids: All shooting (except genestealers)
Orks: All shooting (except boyz)

Mark my words, Chaos Daemons will be up to their fifth nipple in shooting by the end of this

>> No.72758943

Damn bitch, I really got you good seeing how long you cried and defended your honor. Yeah, go get that sphincter stitched up and gather some shit and blood for your next paintjob while you're at it lmao

>> No.72758946

By the sounds of it it'll detail the events of the Indominatus crusade in a similar style to the Horus heresy series and the horus heresy.

>> No.72758948


Anon index erra was years ago and was a brief time.

>> No.72758950

there are other ways of making everything viable.

for instance, make it so you cant just leave combat if they arent trapped.

>> No.72758951

They had to save something for the next reveal in a few weeks

>> No.72758954

At the unit tying them up, yes.

>> No.72758957

>intercessors are boring and dont have options!
melee intercessors
>primaris forgot their storm shields on mars lmao
melee storm shield veterans, librarian, lieutenant and captain
>primaris squatted bikes, bikes are gone!
primaris bikes
>primaris have no devastators enjoy your plasma
primaris gravis devastators with meltas AND grav

This box set looks like the "sorry sorry we're sorry no more phobos here's the ACTUAL primaris you wanted" wave

>> No.72758958

There probably is more to it than just "I canz shootz in melee lolz" anon.

Everybody used to be convinced Orks and other horde armies would lose first morale phase when those rules were revealed, turned out quite different.

>> No.72758962


Need a bit more than that don't they? At least change out the rhino for an immolator.

>> No.72758964

they could have saved the new primaris and adepta sororitas stuff for the next stream.

>> No.72758972

If your marines all use the same colors but with variations by squad or special weapon, that could help break the uniformity. Similar to how Blood Angel Devastators have blue helmets, Assault marines have yellow helmets, or how tactical sgts have black shoulderpads with red trim instead of the other way around. Little tricks like that help keep your army look different while still retaining the same overall color scheme!

>> No.72758973

pretty much
black templars are a marine flavour, daemons are better off as csm cheerleaders or going to aos

>> No.72758981

It makes sense and most people seem fine with it.

We'll have to see the rules to know if it's broken or not.

>> No.72758988

All we need now are some tanks that don't look like what would have happened if Bradley Fighting Vehicle procurement had continued indefinitely

>> No.72758991

Anyone got that picture of the Primaris Ultramarines that someone must have left in a hot car and they look all melty?

>> No.72758992

Nah that would be good and already saving a ton of money. A good start collecting for me is one you want 2 of and every sisters list has two cannoness, two rhinos for repentia and like 30 battle sisters.

>> No.72758998

The Crusade system actually being good and fun and not just an afterthough

>> No.72759000

>all those volkites
>Deredeo volkite
>Glaive volkite

I feel like they did that just because they realised AP5 main weapon on a super-heavy tank wasn't gonna fly. If only there was some progression in the AP, rather than just jumping from practically nothing to the best.

>> No.72759002

And that's a good thing.

Now fire/murder any retard who had a hand in any of the phobos/fly keyword shit and we might just salvage 40k

>> No.72759003

They specifically said 9e was buffing melee.

>> No.72759004

you're getting fucked by IG like early 8th all over again

>> No.72759007

The "Good night, manlet pride" moment.

>> No.72759011

See I can deal with the primaris vehicles because you can unfuck them (or rather, refrain from fucking them by just not putting on the million bits and bobs that make them look stupid)

What could you do about not having a storm shield profile for *anyone*? Pretend manlets are primaris? It was weird.

>> No.72759014

Lotara is supposed to be really tall.

>> No.72759019


This will never happen. Basic bitch Shooting faggots run the show and the rules team. This can onky go one way. Unless based melee primaris save us because they want to sell their new melee shit so they fix melee rules so they have a chance. Course they might just let melee rules be shit in general and just make the marines specifically broken as fuck to compensate.

>> No.72759020

It's kind of the curse of 30k. Everybody plays marines, so nothing is good unless it has AP 3 or AP 2

>> No.72759022

Jesus Christ this is sad. This is worse than youtube debates. One likes the paintsyle, another doesn't.
He's free to dislike it.
Here enjoy some more of my paintings. Since that one was a bit blurry.

>> No.72759026

A few more years and we can all field our 5'11" primaris space marines in retro-power armour and weapons.

>> No.72759029

Ok, thanks for clarifying. Nids are pretty much the NPC faction by default. Tough to give them characters or much background when the mystery is so key to “unknowable fast alien intelligence”.

>> No.72759031


Fucking where. Show me that shit you fucker.

>> No.72759034

It won't last, mark my words. It never does.

>> No.72759041

For the Emperor

>> No.72759043


No they didnt you lying faggot.

>> No.72759050

I’m not overly happy about it, but we just don’t know enough now to complain like professionals.

>> No.72759056

It's gonna be shit.
>want melee to be better
>gimp the ability to tar pit gunline fags
>make horde units easier to destroy
Only people celebrating play parking lots

>> No.72759057

It's a battle honor she got by being the only regular human Angron thinks isn't worthless

>> No.72759058

I'm not sure why, but the "reveals" have just got me bummed out. Maybe I let myself get too hyped up for Necrons and 9th. It feels like GW just showed up, squeezed out more Primaris and then said "oh yeh i'll do 9th at some time soon, it'll just be 8th with minor shit no one cared about fixed" and left.

I started in 5th, and remembered all the old 2e players complaining that 3rd+ killed their cheesy 2000AD game and replaced it with grimdark. I feel i'm on track to become that person, watching grimdark artwork and model options and conversions die slowly. It's an abstract kind of mope.

>> No.72759061

Hi I'm the guy who accidentally started this whole shitfest.

I dislike the red but I think your execution is clearly skilled, the blue and weathering is phenomenal. The helmets-on gravis look fantastic.

>> No.72759062

Hellhound or Immolator spam should be interesting assuming flamers work roughly the same.

Did they say whether they would be cutting back the endless rerolling in 9th?

>> No.72759064

I'm still not a fan of the turret design on any of them, but yeah they're not unsalvageable, just more work than they should be to get something not silly looking.

>> No.72759065

That.... man there’s some painting tutorials in YouTube my friend, you should check them out

>> No.72759068

And if you try and suggest AP as a modifier, you get genius statements like "terminator having 3+ save because of AP-1 might as well not have any save at all."

>> No.72759076

If Slaanesh is the god of excess, shouldn't the batrillions of excessive-violence-obsessed orks be turbocharing him/her/it/Gary?

>> No.72759078

>mining lasers on 25mm
Based, i do that too the random 32mm's look retarded, nice scheme too

>> No.72759083

It was the only fun time of 8th.

>> No.72759084

In the stream. The 40k guy, Stu said something about making melee a more viable optipn

>> No.72759085

We'll need to see the improvements to cover. Probably won't save melee, but it probably won't be as catastrophic as some people have decided it'll be.

>> No.72759086

We haven't seen the text of any rules and you're already complaining?

I'll be mad if it's categorically "infantry cannot trap vehicles" but if it factors in Strength or some such? Sure. Ogryn can definitely wrestle Sentinels to the ground but grots can't stop a Leman Russ. Makes sense in my worldview.

>> No.72759091

They avoided specifics on that when talking abt the terrain changes, very clearly.

>> No.72759092

>I'm still not a fan of the turret design on any of them
You're not crazy, put a razorback turret (either a real one or one of the many 3rd party ones) on a repulsor and it suddenly looks like a cool as fuck grav land raider.

>> No.72759093

Well, 8th edition kind of proved that armour modifiers make terminators irrelevant.

>> No.72759094

>it was not even the original tampon boy i was arguing with just some secondhand white knight bitch
Fucking positve carma farming good samaritans I swear.

You, on the other hand, need to tell your guys to stop eating period snatch.

>> No.72759097

Excess is no more an emotion than decay, blood and change are. Slaanesh is powered by pleasure and it is the pursuit if pleasure that leads to excess.

>> No.72759101

2nd edition was still plenty grimdark desu. It was the edition that really began to start culling the gonzo RT stuff. It was just really herohammer where characters were just able to slaughter troops pretty much without breaking a sweat so there was definitely reasons to chill that out.

>> No.72759103

Yeah the 32s make it clubky to move them, which I mean I guess makes sense but meh.

Also thanks. I wanted /mygenesect/ to be hazard space frontiersmen

>> No.72759105

Nerfs? For Marines? Not in THIS decade. Next one doesn't look good either.

>> No.72759108

More like Stu-pid lmao

>> No.72759111

Why do you only do the lighting on some of the helmets?

>> No.72759113

Did he crack a watermelon open with his face?

>> No.72759116

>melee is the identity of
>world eaters I guess, but not a faction yet
>imperial knights can be choppy? they shoot fight
>grey knights like to slice but lmao who cares about them now

>shooting is the identity of is central to
>imperial guard
>nids can be real fucking shooty
>eldar/dark eldar

gee, I wonder why shooting wins over melee

>> No.72759117

>tfw nids are as much as a joke as squats
Are the bugs the fourth class citizens of 40k?

>> No.72759118

Terminators have always been irrelevant, fixed AP or not.

>> No.72759121

orks and the warp only combine in silly ways, so you shouldn't think too much about how those two are connected. The explanation might as well be Orks don't believe it does or either Gork or Mork is actually slaanesh and the otherone is khorne.

>> No.72759124

I don't think it works for the orks because they're powered by a psychic gestalt-hivemind instead of individual souls.

>> No.72759133

Thanks buddy
I try, i see a lot of them, since I lost the urge of playing video games, so painting models is a way to pass time, specially in this days where you can't go out. I begin better paintstyles, but then they don't come out like i like them, and i get frustated, so I go through the easy rout of minimal work, but at least decent in the table top.
Here is some of the Warhammer Conquest intercessors, that i did a quickjob (around 1 hou each including drying). The one on the left is still missing the quick highlights.

>> No.72759134

Women truly do ruin everything, even fake sci-fi women

>> No.72759136

terminators are irrelevant because they are super pillow fisted compared to other elite slots in their own codex. That's always been the case.

>> No.72759142

The reveals show necrons are getting far more than marines. Almost a whole overhaul.
New warriors, destroyers, monolith and scarabs.
The silent king and 3 or 4 new units and maybe a couple new characters.

>> No.72759144

Eh, they had severe issues before 8th as well. Instant death negated armour saves so S8 weapons and above fucked them completely, and the single wound meant a lot died just from high volume weapons.

>> No.72759145

Guess when "Shooty" became the core Nid strength?

If you said "5th edition, when Robin Cruddace - the head of GW in 8e - wrote their codex" you win a prize!

>> No.72759146

>the exact same logo recolored
oh no gw has really done it this time I'm never buying from those faggots ever again

>> No.72759153

Plasma (and Grav) made Terminator irrelevant in prior editions as well. Armor mods didn't kill Terminators. Having a profile that's hard countered by one of the most common weapons in the game, plus a mediocre offensive output, and paying through the nose for a deployment option that has been repeatedly nerfed and has a multitude of counters all killed Terminators.

>> No.72759154


>> No.72759162

>sysmic mining laser
>double autogun
>Chad 25mm
How can a man be so based?

>> No.72759167

why did angron dip his hand in red paint and smack her tits?

>> No.72759169

Yes, absolutely. Because GW writers are grognards, unable to conceive of a galatic horror that is anything but "wave of bugs swarm and get shot down immediately"

>> No.72759170

the IG man himself

>> No.72759174

>you know the captain prohibited you from seeing sister novellina brother
>I stayed the whole day in my room b...b...back the fuck off?

>> No.72759176


>> No.72759178

This was an early "build" of the paintjob, you can see the bases weren't completed. This was to see if i should do more weathering on the firstly painted (helmet ones). In the end i ended up giving way more weathering as you can see on the intercessor here
but with a lot less weathering (i think the intercessors got too weathered, but they were cheap and the most replaced models in the army.
They are cartoon characters that god a kiss from the adorable woman hey fancied.

>> No.72759183

Yeh, i'm probably overemphasising it, grimdark has always been at least some of a thing and it'll probably continue. It definately feels like somethings leaking away, but i'm really not sure what.

Maybe i'm just nostalgic for the old codex art and shit like Imperial Armour, but it does feel like War in 40k is wandering away from "infinite brutalising meatgrinder" to "bloody forge of heroes and triumph".

>> No.72759186

Better LoS rules so that gunline can't target any thing that they can just barely see would be nice. They are either going to have to make Orkz/Nids faster so less rounds of getting blasted, or harder to hit so they don't get slaughter by the 3+ reroll 1s armies or they have to be buffing LoS blocking or making it easier to get cover saves. Still you gotta tone down shooting to make it so that grot screened boyz or termagant screen genestealers can get into combat easier.

>> No.72759187

>make them small again


>> No.72759193

Im gonna paint my tau soon, do i go with regular vior'la or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIOeq1uQ3uI&t=

>> No.72759206

They look really nice, don't understand why the grey tide fags are seething

>> No.72759207

pepperidge farm remembers WS 5 BS 5(6) terminators with S8 damage D10 assault cannons

>> No.72759218

I dunno, if you include all the leaked renders it seems an even model distribution. You've got Primaris chainswords, melee vets, a lieutenant, bikers, some kind of melta heavy weapon team and chaplain.

>> No.72759220

>They are either going to have to make Orkz/Nids faster

Even faster? Even non-melee armies have options that allow them to cross the table in a single turn

>> No.72759221

Next IG codex needs to bring back Elysians and Chenkov, that'll learn people what casualties are.

>> No.72759228

I'm pretty sure even the writers have no goddamn clue how the Warp and the WAAAGH interconnect with each other.

>> No.72759232

Did they say how they were gonna change deep strike?

are we back to 7th?

>> No.72759235

You mean the Relic? Also, the Volkites on the Armiger Moirax are AP -1.

>> No.72759244

They didn't actually show the Quiet Boss.

>> No.72759251

>We told you to use your head... that didn't mean to headbutt them to death! Why would you even do that?! We gave you two, TWO giant fists for that SINGLE PURPOSE!

>> No.72759253

This has always been a pet peeve of mine.

>Look at Eldar weapons through the editions: generally got better or remained the same

>Look at Imperial weapons through the editions: generally nerfed into oblivion

>> No.72759257

The only "fast" part of Nids is Swarmlord + Kraken + Genestealers. It'd be nice if literally anything else in the army could have a turn taking a swing.

>> No.72759258

Are you retarded?

>> No.72759260

>hardkill TLoS- forests and ruins cannot be shot through unless indirect fire
>intervening friendly units grant cover (for this one it might work better to just giving the dedicated screening units their own rules- maybe Grots get an innate ability to intercept shots at nearby units, Tyranids get -1 to Hit if they're behind a friendly unit of comparable size, Cultists grant cover to other CSM units, etc)
>units can fight up/down one level when dealing with multi-level terrain

>> No.72759272

Are you?

>> No.72759279

They just said more options for strategic reserves.

>> No.72759281

>horus heresy

>> No.72759294

Psh. Carnifexes used to be S10 in a setting where normal dudes never got past S5.

Now they're strength six.


From one-shotting tanks to barely able to scratch marine lieutenants. THAT'S a story of the mighty falling.

>> No.72759298


>> No.72759301

For what it's worth the shuriken catapult was gutted from its (ridiculously overpowered) 2nd edition form.

But yes, moving thunder hammers and shit off of terminators was a mistake.

>> No.72759306

Through the Grandsires teachings we are lifted to the stars.

Meme courtesy of a different based anon

>> No.72759315

I know right? It's like GW actively wants to discourage people from buying old kits.

>> No.72759323

Not being able to fight units one level up is such an idiotic ruling.

Titan sized monster coming at your mortar squad? Ah, but you use we are on the second floor and at knee-high level which makes us invincible to melee.

>> No.72759342

I would honestly be thrilled of it was comparable to War Room 2 for Warmahordes, but I'm the preview it was directly compared to Azyr, which has a sub fee to build lists, but regular datasheets are free. Except for the Battalions. You have to pay for those, too.

>> No.72759364

holy shit imagine being this new

>> No.72759403

chainsword primaris are cool and all but without the jumpacks a whole squad of them looks kinda retarded

>> No.72759427

looks like fucking bonereapers

>> No.72759455

midir is pretty fun

>> No.72759729

>taking a comedic moment seriously
I bet you think chi chi is a universe buster because she smacks around goku

>> No.72759938


i'm a 40k diehard but.. they're right.

>> No.72760307



>> No.72760470

Looks like he's going to a football game with the team colors on

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