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D&D is cancelled edition.

>Reworked Subclasses

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread: >>72685143

How many sessions do you allow for a new group to cancel/not play before you start looking for another game?

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three, after three missed sessions I can confidently say it's dead.

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two consecutive

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I have a friend that says three as well. I must have some of the outlier games because I've had a couple of different games with different people go on hiatus like that but we eventually came back and started playing again. Exception and not the rule, I know.

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Mine got revived from the dead after like 8 weeks but that was a player taking a planned break.

I was annoyed at the break though, I just thought the DM should have kept things going without them.

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Also this post sounds entitled as all hell but I hasten to add that I was already running a game with that DM as a player in it and didn't really have the time to just pick up a neat 8 session campaign to run.

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>tfw Lust Domain Cleric was approved by DM
>can now make my BBW PC who converts people to one true faith of feeding

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have mercy on your table, degenerate

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Rate the group I'm DMing (all level 2):
Rogue halfling
Life domain human cleric
High-elf wizard (evocation)
Halfling Bard

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Dogshit. Party is entirely too squishy. Whoever goes into melee or gets focused gets fucked hard.

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>rogue halfling but also halfling bard
Pick a fucking naming system, either class race or race class. As for your actual question, I rate it "Who the fuck is the frontliner"/10, with a sprinkle of "Oh god oh fuck, the cleric isn't gonna go frontline and use Inflict Wounds, he's just gonna be a healbot, isn't he?"

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Call them hobbits or you're a coward.

What does the Tolkein estate have your dick in a vice?

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you know what I meant. Don't be nasty I'm just trying to post about my favourite tabletop roleplaying game

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Does anybody have some good very short side quests that they like to slot into DnD 5th Edition, the tabletop roleplaying game?

I use one where a kid's cat has climbed up the tree and if they help him get it down they get a bit of XP or something.

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this looks fun, rate my group
>male half orc conquest paladin (basically a dorn expy, but more of a good guy as of late)
>male dragonborn bear totem barbarian (the party's dog is smarter than him after a druid awakened it)
>male mammon tiefling war wizard (gold hoarder)
>female human divine soul sorcerer (amazing chest ahead)
>male warforged echo knight fighter (wannabe casanova, laughs at everything, literally)

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>(amazing chest ahead)

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I would steal stuff from old isometrics like Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale.
>Go to the market and buy a book for an old man
>Local guard got shitfaced and forgot his sword in the barracks
>Conscripted soldier got wounded and healers are in short supply. (Go get a healing potion or offer to heal the man)
>Hardened barbarian is tough and challenges the party to a drinking contest
Etc etc.
Promise to take a dying man's love letter to his former captain so he can see that the women gets the letter.
And then find out the "dying man" is a doppleganger.
Y'know, wholesome stuff.

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First game as a Kobold White Dragon Sorcerer.
Went surprisingly well all things considered. Pack Tactics went a long way to helping me hit things. I'm glad I decided to go with this one.

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Fighter 1 Wizard X or Fighter 2 Wizard X?

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>wanna do a two hand viking thing
>level 1 dip into fighter for two-weapon fighting
>level 1 feat dual-weapon wielder
>rest barbarian storm herald
I was thinking this, is there anything wrong here mechanically I should be worried about?

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my proposed ASI for my v human Fighter
1st level - GWM
4th - PAM
6th - Sentinel
8th - 2 STR
12th - 2 STR
14th - 2 CON
16th - 2 CON
19th - lucky
What do I change?

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Action surge is good and you still get 9th level spells with 2 fighter levels.

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How does this sound as a magic item?

Hunter's Chain
Wondrous item, rare, (requires attunement)
A long magical chain with a clasp on one end and a loop on the other. When attached to a melee weapon by the clasp, the loop wraps itself around your waist. Any melee weapon attached to this chain without the thrown property gains the thrown property with a range of 30/60. When the attached weapon is used to make a ranged attack, it immediately returns to your hand after the attack resolves and can not be used to make another ranged attack that turn. If the attack hits, the target of that attack is pulled back with the weapon into an unoccupied square adjacent to you. If there is no unoccupied square adjacent to you, the target of the attack is not pulled back with the weapon.

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yes, you should take another level in fighter for action surge

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What's the damn point of lucky if you enjoy it for 2 levels tops?

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You can't use the storm herald's storm aura on the same turn that you attack with your off-hand weapon. Due to both the extra attack and the storm aura taking your bonus action.

Consider wolf totem instead

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No clue what to do for the last one honestly. I may be leaning towards Tough instead. Not really sure what levels to increase STR/CON on.

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What's your favourite class in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, the fantasy tabletop roleplaying game?

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Tough would make a lot more sense, yeah. Level 19 would mean 38 health, and the +2 per level early isn't really needed unless you want to be a damn heavy lifter.

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death knight

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danny elfman

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A free ranged attack with your melee weapon every turn and brings your target to you to melee attack? Seems pretty good for a rare item. Any martial would want this. You might want to make it specific to a weapon that isn't d12 or 2d6 damage and remove the pull property. You could also give a certain number of daily charges.

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I don 't see the aura taking a bonus action part. can you copy the paragraph? Honestly if my DM was ok with a homebrewed shark totem or something that otherwise fit i'd probably head that way but then, I have no idea what i'd even put as a shark totem.

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>Your aura has an effect that activates when you enter your rage, and you can activate the effect again on each of your turns as a bonus action.

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The pull property is the entire point, pull attacks are really fun to use and really satisfying to land, and in 5e the melee classes don't have any options to forcibly pull enemies into melee range. Should I up the rarity? Make it incompatible with heavy weapons?

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I would have said wizard or barbarian until recently but i'm a cleric convert.

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ah. unfortunate. Thanks anon.

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The 30/60 range makes it better than just running. 20/60 would make it more of a choice to take opportunity attacks if there are some. Upping rarity is necessary IMO

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Tell us your story, anon.

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This build works with pretty much every other barbarian subclass but dual wielding is pretty shit. Zealot is a fun all around subclass and the extra opportunity to proc your bonus damage is good.

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lets be real anon, you'll be very lucky if you make it to 12th level much less 19th.

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Wizard. It just feels good, and it's completely down to it being so powerful. I like to know I can protect myself with 1st level spells and low level sleeps and then just shut down masses of enemies from level 3+ with web, hypnotic pattern and later wall of force and forcecage.

After that it's just bard and sorc because it's the same thing except you feel like less of a scumbag doing it and they have their niches which are fun.

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>Both sessions cancelled because a player is doing IRL stuff
>Call of Cthulhu session cancelled because the DM is doing some American thing or other
No session this week I guess. I rushed into creating my new character and now if I sit on it too long I'll probably end up changing it. Told my group I might DM a one shot in place of one of the sessions but I've got nada for that so will have to call it off. Fun.

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cold as ice, anon

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Hunter's Chain
Wondrous item, very rare, (requires attunement)
A long magical chain with a clasp on one end and a loop on the other. When attached to a melee weapon by the clasp, the loop wraps itself around your waist. Any melee weapon attached to this chain without the thrown property gains the thrown property with a range of 20/60. When the attached weapon is used to make a ranged attack, it immediately returns to your hand after the attack resolves and can not be used to make another ranged attack that turn. If the attack hits, you can pull the target of that attack back with the weapon into an unoccupied square adjacent to you. Once used, the pulling property can not be used again until you complete a short or long rest.

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So I finally managed to break the curse and one of my players has started running a Tomb of Annihilation game. Decided to run barbarian because Id not done so yet in 5e. We just hit level 2 and with level 3 looming close I need to pick a subclass.

Leaning towards Zealot due to the whole easier to revive thing but IDK how useful that will be considering what little we've learned so far about the overarching plot of the module.


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Zealot is the best barbarian subclass and it's not even because of the easy to kill/revive stuff, that's just a cherry on top.

They have the best damage, they can reroll saves and they have the clutch advantage shout. These are what make zealot the best, treat the other features like ribbons.

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Obviously I mean -hard- to kill, easy to res, what with their lategame feature which I don't think even comes into play in the scope of ToA.

>> No.72694395

Zealot is awesome with or without the revival thing thanks to their extra damage and rerolled saving throws. Though if you want pure survivability, just go bearbarian

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The whole point of ToA is the curse that prevents revival. The second you die Acererak has your soul.

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I'd put it as nearest unnocupied space in your direction to keep it as a linear pull.

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ran a high-level one shot and got to witness the power of guiding bolt along with just how powerful some of the higher-level cleric spells are. Plus an incredible timely divine intervention.

>Group is summoned by a high level dwarven divination wizard who's recently returned to life after getting booty blasted by..something.
>the crew is assembled and he tells us hes giving us a palantyr to go hunt whatever killed him and is threatening to mount a more permanent invasion into our planar realm.
>down we go, down and down and further down still fighting a series of giants and a hydra under the command of something.
>its a long fight, with our fighters and paladins taken out the fight and kept out of it by a series of ropers who grabbed them early on and kept' them still while the giants wailed on me, the cleric and a bard who didn't know what the fuck he was doing.
>we deal with the threat and force our way through, were all pretty healthy still after popping a few potions and a couple spell slots.
>recon gives us a couple drakes, a giant and some sort of super-hydra in this underground water cave.
mission plan: get in there and fucking bash it. Real smart crew we had.
>we go in
>we don't fucking bash it
big brain crew.
>separated from the paladin who goes deep, surrounded by the giant the super-hydra and leaves me in the back to deal with the drakes threatening our squishies.
>I keep him alive as he gets his ass beat and keep the drakes away from our warlock and sorc/fighter.

this took a bit, but eventually the situation balanced out, the giant was slain and the drakes were gone so all that was left was the super-hydra, so obviously we all head up to deal with it.
>were all standing on the edge of its lake.
i'll do a part two cause I don't know how long a post can be.

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Sit that Zealot next to an Ancients Paladin and laugh as you no sell every single thing in Aceteracks playbook.

>> No.72694459


Thanks for the input! Think Ill settle on Zealot since we already have a good damage sponge in the fighter. Just need to figure out what kind of god or entity a pirate captain would dedicate himself to now I guess.

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>be DM
>one of the party members is possessed
>monk figures it out with insane insight roll
>monk asks if he can use his Ki knowledge to expel the evil force from the other PCs body
>pic related
>i tell him that if he spends 2 Ki points i'll let him make a skill check to "push" the unnatural force out of the other PC

how do you guys handle letting players do things that seem like something their character can do but is not in the book as a feature?

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>DM doesn't actually understand attunement.
>He thinks there's just a "3 magic item per person regardless of anything else" rule
He had a player actually attune to something once so I don't know what the purpose of that was. It's kinda funny that a ring that sheds light around it as a BA and nothing else is basically attunement just like the +2 longsword that heals the user 2d6 per attack that he gave us. Kinda wonder how he'd react if one of us picked artificer

>> No.72694495

Talos is the best one for pirates in my veiw.

Tempus can also be fine if you want to lean more into the warrior side and less piratey.

>> No.72694505

Usually allow it but it would take skill checks and/or exhaustion penalties to make the attempt if it's being done when the intended solution was something like greater restoration which might be the highest level spell players have access to and also has a material cost and consumes a valuable long rest resource.

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What about monk makes you think they can push out a dark spirit with ki?

>> No.72694513

I handle it exactly like that. Figure out a skill that works and then have them do it.

there's no real trick to it. I consider any magic using character to come with esoteric powers. Similiarly Fighters and warrior types should have heightened senses and physical abilities that should let them do great deeds etc.

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As long as it doesnt

1. Ruin the experience for the rest of the party
2. Seem out of character or meta-gamey for them to do so

I generally let my players do anything they can set their minds to. If its outlandish or difficult to do they get to pass a series of skill checks and that usually leads to others in the party offering up assistance in some way only they can so it encourages teamwork.

Course, thats because of the players I have. Ive been in games before where the DM lets a player do something similar and everyone else just watched awkwardly instead of trying to help.

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A Monk could do it in a movie, therefore a monk could do it in the game.

What matters is the story around it.

>> No.72694529

The movie monk was also a space-time wizard.

>> No.72694545

>mastery of the body with oneself unlocks a power source he can use because of this
>he can't use it to repel a being from a body that isn't its own with the power source acquired from mastery over the body.
I mean, its not a hard leap if you look at it. it just requires you to be accepting that not everything has to be handled by the wizard.

>> No.72694552

Who cares? I don't.

The Things Monks are based off of, Xanxia heroes and Taoists ascetics, could absolutely do all the spirit shit.

Honestly DnD monks are like the most bare bones and stripped of magic possible interpretation of their source material.

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sorry, that sounds like something a spellcaster should be doing. martials shouldn't ask for things that step on the wizard's toes.

>> No.72694559

That's fair.

>> No.72694563

Last line speaks to me. I usually make sure everyone understands what I am allowing and make sure all other players are cool with it. I've gotten a lot more RP out of these oddball moments by allowing other players to "help" in a variety of ways and the more resources the players burn, the more I am apt to increase chances of success.

The book is a tool, a set of guidelines for everyone. No single set of guidelines can fit every party or circumstance. Remember that you are here to see to see the players succeed and ultimately enjoy what they have created and can do. Never worry about all the crunchy bits if every player agrees to attempting something off-book.

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Waiting on the rest of this.
As in, a normal hydra with the numbers tuned up or a straight up homebrew?

>> No.72694585

the same thing that lets them control the elements, walk on the ceiling, teleport through shadows, understand all languages, live forever and do all kinds of other stuff.

Ki is very linked to spiritual awareness, i dont think its super far fetched that a monk who knows all about perfecting their own spiritual development would be able to do such a thing for someone else.

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I don't get people that like to limit this game so much. Like this dude >>72694529
why would you not want to just be creative and have fun in this game? So what you bend a rule here or there.

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>Playing curse of strahd
>Amber Temple
>Party paladin is the first one to touch the staff that curses you with a flaw that makes you seek power at all cost
>Takes like 5 fucking dark powers deals before party members catch onto the fact that something is up, he has black eyes, furry skin and it acting like a total chode by this point
>Cleric finally decides to try a remove curse
>Only removes the thing that made him seek the power in the first place, all the deals are binding and the paladin has to live with what he's done

Am I doing Ravenloft right? I don't think I am. They now have a paladin with 25 strength, passive truesight and a bunch of extra hp.

>> No.72694617

Cleric, preferably Light Domain. A full caster in medium armor+shield, with healing/buffing, and can sacred flame to replace melee. Light Domain giving early damage spells fills in the only small gap in the cleric arsenal, with standard cleric spells filling in for out of combat spellcasting needs. Prepcaster > known-spells caster. Roleplay like a gothic-era Roman Catholic inquisitor/zealot. I'm having fun in the roleplay section, I'm having fun and being effective in the combat/roll-play section, it's good times.

>> No.72694630

No, you absolutely did the right thing. The Transhuman monstrosity element of Ravenloft is incredibly important to the setting, and you now have a walking example of one.

Just don't let him completely dominate combat, and remember to enforce those dark power deals, and you'll be good.

>> No.72694638

I just asked why he thought it was justified, faggot. Did I say anything about how I run my games?

>> No.72694645

Light's great. Bonus points if you don't use your reaction thing on your allies, just to stop things hitting you while you maintain spirit guardians.

>> No.72694649

ill frikkin run you into the ground hows that sound?

>> No.72694656

>explicitly implying you can't do something if it's not outlined in the book
>can't read between the lines

>> No.72694660

In theory I like loads of them. The only ones I don't really like are Rogue and Sorcerer.

In all honesty though I just keep coming back to Paladin because it lets me slot into the role my party actually needs more easily, and is pretty powerful on the whole. I feel confined playing other casters, and while I can make a mechanically awesome fighter or barb, they just don't pull their weight out of combat.

>> No.72694686


>> No.72694688

>so were all on the edge of this super-hydras lake when the lights begin to darken and a voice begins to speak .
>It threatens us and attempts to scare us but we're strong, powerful adventurers and were decked out in our magic items. we can handle this.
>the fire on my flametongue goes out
>the paladins aura weakens
>the sorc/fighters sunforger dims.
>from the roof, a beholder slowly descends, flanked by two corpses of similar size. as we realise our position has put us all in the direct cone of this beholder and its angry that not only have we barged into its lair but we've gone and fucked with his giant slaves.
I should add in here, just to avoid confusion. : this was a session we all knew was going to be hard and to a degree unfair. So when the anti-magic cone didn't affect his own eye stalks we knew there was going to be trouble.
>he descends and zaps the Paladin with some spell which at the time I didn't know so I couldn't counteract.
>the warlock is charmed but we get lucky in that murdering his friends isn't on the commands he gives him, but instead he healbots for him.
so that leaves me as the cleric, our sorc/fighter, our fighter, our bard and our paladin in the shit list with this anti-magic cone.
>the fight slows, the momentum we had as we barrelled through the other foes dissipates as this beholder downright bullies us at the end of every other turn
>constant eye-stalks appear and blast at us while his undead buddies constantly blast at us.
>turns pass and the paladins under a number of exhaustians and is asked to roll con save after con save.
God bless him he hung in there.
>the paladin gets petrified.
and the rest of us are forced to spread out, no-longer under the protective aura of our holy warrior.
>I stay in the centre, I have the best chance of keeping this fuckers attention while our bard and sorc/fighter+ fighter move around and try to get somewhere they can do anything.
>pt 3.

>> No.72694696

>friend DM asked for 3 weeks off to learn roll20
>Not a huge problem especially with covid
>4 weeks later we get to play
>DM didn't bother learning shit, first session back takes an hour just to set up a single combat encounter

>> No.72694702

Yeah that was a dumb move. Roll20 is something you mostly learn by doing.

>> No.72694726

It should be monk, I love the concept of the unarmed warrior taking down heavily armed and armored opponents

In practice it's the fighter, because monks are frail as fuck and do no damage. Stunning is nice, but I don't want to be a stun bot for my allies, i want to do damage

>> No.72694747

do ANY of the monk subclasses help its damage at all?

>> No.72694750

>be martial
>sit around twiddling my thumbs while the casters plan how to completely trivialize/circumvent the current obstacle.
>just wait until violence breaks out i guess.

how do you make martials fun to play outside of combat?

>> No.72694765

I'd like to say barbarian, because having pecs of steel and five times the effective HP of all my allies is a huge turn on.
In reality I only like wizards and ancients paladins, because I want immortality and the only way to get it is from these two or playing DM may I with epic boons.

>> No.72694781

I have no idea desu. he didn't tell us what it was and I don't peruse the monster manual for everything we fight. If I asked one of my group they might know, though.

>the crew is now separated and feeling the effects of this fight, its constant barrage withering us under attrition.
>the fighter pulls out a crossbow and just starts plinking at him for solid effect.
>the bard is useless, unfortunately. the player just doesn't know how to handle anything.
>the sorc-fighter is getting bullied and we all know its a matter of time after he takes a few too many beams but we all know between us we have a few res spells or death saving throw emergency saves.
>theres a fear in the air as the fight continues, we might actually fail and die here but its a back of the mind concern.
>i'm ignored, for the most part now. he keeps his eye focused on me while he backs off further into his cave.
>when the dm calls for another dex save from the sorc/fighter theres a definite edge to it
>he fails
>he's fucking dead
>he got disintegrate beamed.
this was an actual shock, a true surprise. we knew we COULD die but the actual death was still huge. he and the paladin had a moment, gifted to him by the paladins god to say goodbye since the paladin was still entombed as a petrified statue.
>from there it gets worse
>he decides he's had enough of my existence as a continued issue.
>I get asked to roll a STR saving throw and I fail. I get psychically bound and thrown to the back of the room.
>the bard is low. The paladin is MIA, the sorc/fighter is KIA. the fighter isn't effective and the warlock is healbotting the beholder and otherwise missing in action.
>I scour my sheet, desperate for anyspell with a purely verbal component so I can do anything now that i've been forced out of his anti-magic cone.
this was my first cleric outing so I thought maybe I had any, you know?
>i'm low on options and the only thing I can do is roll and hope for a divine intervention.

>> No.72694784

Not until the capstone usually.

Kind of impossible if you have a wizard with a lot of resources. Otherwise, casters are going to be learning/prepping spells that are useful in combat mostly and you can coast on skill checks in other stuff in my experience. Even if you bard puts expertise in persuasion and tries to be the face, you can just talk at any time or try to do shit.

>> No.72694790

>how do you make martials fun to play outside of combat?
Learn to cook, and try to be quiet and submissive, to not trigger the anger of your wizard. He works very hard every day to sustain you martials, and you should show appreciation by cooking him a pie.

>> No.72694818

Technically drunken master and kensei. But kensei requires you to use a weapon and the damage bonus is pretty minimal, while drunken master only gives you a damage bonus as a level 17 feature.

Sun soul also helps with damage, kind of, but is still very weak, and despite being released twice it still feels incomplete. Being unable to shoot a sunbolt as a bonus action without spending ki, and doing no damage with a successful save on it's sunburst just seem like beta mistakes, not things that should be in the finished product

>> No.72694838

I just hit Rogue 3 and DM allowed me to take the UA "The Revived". I have excellent dex and cha, and trash everything else.

Any advice on how to level this? Considering a multiclass but I'm unsure what to go with.

>> No.72694874

Just going to point out that revived has effectively been replaced by the phantom, which is in the UA link in the OP.

But if your DM is still letting you be that broken-ass UA remember that this is how revived works - You ready an action to shoot a bow with an arbitrary trigger, then you bonus action shoot your sneak attack bolt. Then you shoot your bow and get a second sneak attack in a round every round.

>> No.72694904

I played a Sun Soul recently in a campaign from 3-5. The DM has a bit of a habit of putting things at a range so it was kinda useful in that regard but 9/10 times I was just punching things in melee. Most of my ki went to flurrying at a range when I was at a range because of no BA attack

>> No.72694912

What class is best for getting a preferably dragon boyfriend?

>> No.72694924

Dragon sorcs get innate expertise when dealing with dragons, they also have physiology prepared for their ancestral lizard-lust.

>> No.72694932

>its not even a thought in my head that its going to do anything, its a 15% and our lucks not good.
>the dice lands and its a 13%
>I can summon my god. it worked. i'm stunned. "What do you say to summon your god?" my DM asks.
>Come to my aid, Great Maw. your butcher on Tharanel beseeches your aid. this aberration, this creature deigns to stop the flow of meat and sinew into your afterlife and I require your aid to continue the feast.
>the lights flicker and turn red and dim as the water from the hydras lake spirals and empties into rows and rows of chomping, biting teeth and massive tendrils rise up and grab the two undead beholders down into its maw and batter and smack at the beholder and its Hydra, freeing me and giving us the opening we need to take the fight back.
>I run up (and we ignore the turn here where I smooth-brain right back into the anti-magic field.)
>the fighter finally makes its way around the cave into melee range with the beholder, no-longer plinking away at it with a crossbow.
by now we knew there was a win here, it was tough but possible. especially if the eye-stalk barrage got lucky.
>the beholder finally lets up on me and I can cast again.
>repeated, constant guiding bolts enter its side as the fighter goes to town.
>the bard continues to be useless.
>we finally fell the beast.

I still dislike divine intervention but that was fucking sick. real fun night. it ended up being a two-shot since there was a second boss and the beholder was a warmup. though the beholder ended up being more memorable.

>> No.72694953

Any of your games have a neat take on gnolls?

>> No.72694960

Im running a game tommorow and i have nothing planned. The party is in a sewer currently, any ideas for monsters or rooms?

>> No.72694963

I should clarify, divine intervention is REALLY COOL. its thematic and powerful and can be a great plot hook for a DM who can take the Fiat and be like "your god fucking speaks to you" but I just dislike an ability that isn't consistent and only works 10-19% of the time.

>> No.72694971

Nah. I try to make most other typically evil races relatable in some way or otherwise neutral but gnolls and kobolds are just mooks to kill so I don't have to deal with furries wanting to play them.

>> No.72694977

Draconic sorcs are good at seducing dragons. Bards and rogues are good at seducing in general via expertise. Barbarians are least like to get wrecked during dragon sex assuming the dragon doesn't want to change shape. Paladins are most likely to beat a dragon into submission as a method of courting

>> No.72694988

He is. This exploit is precisely why I chose the class, and he's aware of it. That said, I'm not super excited about its features past 3rd level.

>> No.72694998

Leeroy Jenkins yourself in to get combat rolling. I have at least two over-planners in my group. I hate it and do everything I can to speed ourselves toward the initiative roll. A good 90% of the time, nothing goes like their stupid plans anyway and it's just a waste of time.

>> No.72695027

Ice elemental

>> No.72695028

>Bards and rogues are good at seducing in general via expertise.
I like these because it's better when the top to the dragon is the squishiest humanoid.
Which one would you recommend as most fun?

>> No.72695029
File: 15 KB, 324x291, Weight Lifter Kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>male dragonborn bear totem barbarian (the party's dog is smarter than him after a druid awakened it)

>> No.72695032

I've only used them once, as minions to a psycho teenager assassin. They were idiots at best, but also weren't mindlessly bloodthirsty. One tried to make a party member shoot himself and tried to convince them it would help them somehow.

>> No.72695033

God it's so frustrating. I'm playing my first full caster and don't get me wrong, I like it. But it's frustrating explaining to people why none of their plans will work and why it's better to just burst through the front door without bursting through it myself because I'll get killed in the first round if I do.

>> No.72695044
File: 45 KB, 564x704, 1583547765451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the kind of moment a divine intervention should provide.

Yeah, there should be a way to "force" a divine intervention to happen, maybe the character dies after two turns or something.
But anyhow, very cool story.

>> No.72695058
File: 48 KB, 533x496, 1567907499268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The group I run for is finally entering my (upscaled for lvl 14-15) Tomb of Annihilation.
I'll probably level them to 15 about halfway through, this group has been playing at my place since 2015.
Human Barbarian-Champion
Human Bard-(now College of Shadows)
Human Cleric Travel Domain
Human Variant Ranger (and the party grill)
Human Barbarian Berserker (a slight variant)

Been working on pawns/map tiles/ect for weeks now while running the lead-up to this and then the city shrines.

>> No.72695075

*Human Fighter-Champion

>> No.72695078

Some ooze might be fitting. For rooms you could have stuff like a bandit meeting room or safe house for a local gang. The kinds of people setting up shop in the sewers are rarely up to something good.

>> No.72695087

Jellys, oozes, and slime. Lots of caustic traps that are consequences of weird stuff beign flushed down the drain. ToA has a cool CR6 crocodile boss called Thousand Teeth that plays off the alligator in the sewers trope. Wererats are a fun sewer bunch. Just download a random sewer map online and dump some stuff in there.

>> No.72695101

it was a fun game and i'm sold on the cleric now where as before it didn't click for me. I'm kind of hoping I get invited to more games desu. that was the only game i'd had in maybe a year, year and a half?

>> No.72695107

Cranium rats have nests where they weekend at bernies empty suits around. If the players acknowledge that they are just a bunch of rats in a coat, the rats attack.

Ancient storeroom has attracted something big a mean, there's treasure in there too!

They come across a thieves guild union meeting and have to pretend to know the handshakes and give quarterly reports on a section of the city they are familiar with.

A water spirit is befowled by sewage and wishes to be restored.

That's what I got off the top of my head.

>> No.72695119

ToA is one of if not the best module. Are you going to upscale the book guides or give them unique guides? I always found the module guides to be boring.

>> No.72695160

Well that's just good sense for kobolds, though my experience with gnolls is they are the qwiki mart to the lizardfolk's 7/11. Like most of what I have is "they take slaves and they are real mean cause their god is also mean" which doesn't lend itself well beyond "they are wandering around being mean... cause their god told them to."

Was there magic involved or were they just like "bro, the antidote is lead, it sounds crazy but I'll totally help!"

>> No.72695165

With the travel cleric, they didn't need to spend ages inside the Jungles (of Kiraay), and they had some assistance from an ancient Treant-type NPC they had helped a couple months ago in Kiraay. They did the Naga Pyramid and the monkey bridge (with a much tougher colossal construct that looked like The Scorpion King).
Then they've hit the city and finished the shrines. They have a large amount of accumulated intrigues already without adding in the guides and towns, they are tackling this on the request of a powerful patron and a bunch of other campaign stuff, I didn't just drop it in the campaign abruptly.

>> No.72695172

How do y'all handle divine intervention, anyway? It always used to blindside me when it came up so to try not to be ambiguous I tend to tell the cleric that I'll make it work like whatever highest level spell they're at but better. Like, if they call upon their god to smite an enemy I'll just upgrade the damage dice of whatever the best blasting spell at that level is or something.

That way a divine intervention never really catches me off guard and lets the party get away with some completely out there shit that ends a boss fight round 1 but also feels powerful.

>> No.72695188

Depends. I personally like rogues even though they're technically lacking a lot in combat compared to other martials and lacking out of it compared to bards. They're super easy to multiclass out of (Your main stat is almost universally useful and one of the best stats, the only thing you really lose out on is 1d6 damage for every 2 levels which is easily made up for).

Bards are really strong supports and a strong class all round, with their main weakness being their lack of damage. You get access to a pretty decent spell list with the option to take whatever spells you want later on.

>> No.72695190

And the Ranger is from the Jungles of Klesh on the other continent.
Between a 14th level Travel Cleric and a 14th level Jungle Ranger, doing a bunch of random Jungle wandering seemed a bit silly. Would have run some more of it if the party was into it, but they really wanted to get to the city.

>> No.72695202
File: 1.58 MB, 1284x1600, spirit_guardians.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that was the only game i'd had in maybe a year, year and a half?
Same here.
Last month a group of friends tried getting together, we played 3 sessions before everybody just kind of gave up, mostly thanks to one guy that kept showing up late and having to go away early.
The last real game before that was almost a year ago.
That time we played from dusk to dawn, my Tempest Domain Cleric even managed to kill a werewolf Wrath of the Storm.
It was such a blast playing with people who actually got into character, an hour in and we were all doing voices.
It was crazy fun.
Aside from the Divine Intervention and Guiding Bolt, did you get to use Spirit Guardians?
I love fluffing it as different things.

>> No.72695218

im looking at running curse of strahd as my next campaign, is there any easy improvements that can be done and would it be possible to give it more of a bloodborne feel without breaking it?

>> No.72695229

Can I use locate objects to find women?

>> No.72695247

The travel cleric I run for worships a pantheon of 6 gods, one of whom is an insect goddess of industry and domesticity.
Thus the Spirit Guardians are always radiant BEES.

>> No.72695249

>Describe or name an object that is familiar to you.
i doubt any woman is familiar with you

>> No.72695250

You can try, but it'll just direct you to the nearest mirror.

>> No.72695261

Try Monster Summoning

>> No.72695263

I just do it as written, but usually my cleric asks for something not spell related. The whole cast a spell aspect is pretty boring. I like giving boons or buffs that last until the encounter/ dungeon is over. I also have a homebrew rule of rolling a 100 has your god visit you in person which instantly derails anything going on.

>> No.72695269
File: 29 KB, 286x350, Oh_Snap_Bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72695285

Warlock. It's not about power or Eldritch blast, but the fact it's a very customizable class that fits well with everything

>> No.72695290

Okay, I looked at both classes in 5etools, and I'm currently stumped at whether I want to play a flirty scout rogue on a mission to assassinate the members of rival noble houses, or a flirty glamour/lore bard who's secretly part of an eco-terrorist organization bent on exploding mage towers since her mother is a druid.

>> No.72695297

Bard is a lot better long term.

Glamour is great but only if nobody else in your party has a consistent source of temp. hp. Otherwise go lore.

>> No.72695303

The Cleric you fucking moron. He's a life cleric, Life Clerics are tanky as fuck

>> No.72695312

>playing Fiendlock
>Patron gives me task to take out a former Eldath priest hiding out with a group of bandits
>said bandits are 12 days away and the group is already on another quest
>every night have nightmares and wake up with scratches on my back because I'm not completing the mission fast enough
>starting to hear bats in the middle of the night screeching and no one else can hear it
I can't handle these deadlines. Is there a warlock union I can turn to?

>> No.72695315
File: 94 KB, 700x700, 1533657969832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>forever DM
>will never get to play my Devotion-turned-Conquest Paladin
>will never get to have fun railing against the injustices of the world and seeking not to right them but to stand astride them as their greatest example
Hold me bros

>> No.72695316

always go Lore

then you can get a horse.

>> No.72695334

That's true. Bards can get a peggiesus before the class they get it from.
Okay, better start searching for a list of creative insults then.

>> No.72695338

Killer Contract got you down?
Not enough Demonic pacts around for you to form a union?

Have no fear, the Mechanus guild of Lawyers is here for you.

And now with NO Down payment.

You heard us right folks, NO DOWN PAYMENT.

Now you can use our expertise to help you avoid the pesky consequences of your questionable life choices.

I mean at the end of the day who do you really want to have your soul. Us or Asmodeus?

We're just gonna make you run coffee.

>> No.72695346
File: 154 KB, 1000x1000, 1571266764961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By having caused enough violence that plans normally involve you doing what you do best.

>> No.72695348

>Need to come up with a one shot by Sunday
Any ideas of how to do this? Anyone decent premade ones? Never made a session or one shot from scratch. Hell I've never even made an encounter before

>> No.72695356

Is this your first game or something?

>> No.72695357

Even now there is hope for man.

>> No.72695373

>have a cool character idea that I've been wanting to play for more than a year, but never got the chance until recently
>evangelist cleric who is always reading from his faith's sacred text
>even the somatic components of his spells are him reciting verses from the book that relate to the spell
>write up a bunch of verses he can call out during battle, including long ones for concentration spells
>get into campaign
>DM never lets us do anything cool
>often shines the spotlight on a player-controlled DMPC
>fights are just "I attack with [weapon/spell]"
>have no motivation to act out my character doing one of his defining traits

Anyone else have a cool character go to waste?

>> No.72695391

I'm playing a fighter who should probably be a rogue. He's a halfling with a big mouth and a propensity to try to talk circles around people (despite his mediocre 12 charisma). He likes to fight, but doesn't like to kill, because he likes to "prove" how capable he is.

As far as out-of-combat utility stuff, he's got bagpipes, which actually saved him at once point (entertained a small fey creature who rewarded him with a stone that saved him from being eaten to death). and brewer's supplies, which he can use to boil water on the go.

>> No.72695399

As a forever DM, if I ever get the urge to play a class, I either introduce them as a short screentime tagalong that accompanies them for a bit, or they end up being a bad guy they fight against.

>> No.72695418

Someone poisoned the waterhole!
Was it a green dragon? Some pesky drow? A wizard with no sense of right or wrong? Who the fuck knows except you, the DM! so go find out before the town dies of poisoned-water-hole disease!

There's an idea, and something I came up with on the fly. One-shots need not be deeper than that! Really, a one-shot is pretty simple; create a setting, have an objective in mind for the players (they should make characters willing to complete this objective), be ready to deal with a few methods for completing said objective, and use common sense for everything else. Sites like 5etools, donjon, or kobold fight club can help with references and building encounters. Good luck!

>> No.72695437

Made a variant human archer fighter with Sharpshooter, should I take CBE at level 4 then 2 DEX at 6 and 8? do i even need to put points in con or should i just go wild with feats?

>> No.72695438

my DM has a Lil Jon Merchant
I don't know why but it's both stupid and the funniest thing ever
>"I'd like a potion of greater healing please"
>"Do you have grappling hooks?"

>> No.72695455
File: 84 KB, 440x573, SoheiMonk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably an Illusion/Enchantment Wizard for Casters. It's fun fucking with NPC's perception of their surroundings and the events around them in order to sneak around or get out of dodge. There is also a very major tonal shift once your character is powerful enough. Spells of the lower level in those schools essentially amounts to pranks, but later on you're fucking with people minds to physically harm them or rob them of their will. Any utility focused Wizard is great, but I'm only really interested in more battle focused wizard if they're heavily elemental focused. I wish DnD had a lot more varied abilities falling under Elemental domains, stuff like Gust of Wind or attacks for each Element type.

Martial wise I think I like Monk the most, specifically Kensei, though I think it's dumb their choice of Kensei weapons excludes heavies

>> No.72695467

Just start with 14 con and you're probably fine.

>> No.72695521

Only DM'd once in the past and it was a pre made one shot.
Thanks anon, this is pretty helpful.

>> No.72695532

Once you have 20 dex and both feats, you've got the skeleton of the build. 20 con is great, so is resilient wisdom or lucky or the feat that gives you more superiority dice (d6s). You are already going to be a killing machine, so picking cool stuff that doesn't actually do anything is fine too.

>> No.72695533

Help with a Ghoul PC race?
What’s your take?
Pale rancid cannibals or just low rent vampires?
+2 to con and???
Where do their communities thrive?
Do they take offense to the terms maggot or night crawler???

>> No.72695586

They're just fucking undead anon.
They're made by Orcus and go around killing people. That is it.

>> No.72695592

They are not sapient and therefore a poor PC race choice.

>> No.72695606

Deadass look at the hollow one from the wildemount book. It was good enough to publish at the very least.

For specifics, only your DM can answer that.

>> No.72695614
File: 47 KB, 480x360, >When you nail that heretic just right.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Paladin. It's just fun to play the holy warrior who drives his power from their faith in their cause (whether that be a god, a kingdom, or an ideal). Every subclass is fun, their abilities are great, they're just a blast.

Warlock gets an honorable mention though, since (ironically enough) my favorite character is a fiendlock of the chain.

>> No.72695638

I'm honestly very surprised at this. I like warlocks as a concept but every player I've had that's been one has ended up disappointed with it.

>> No.72695652

>What’s your take?
Left over slave undead, freed by the death of their master. Unusually intelligent, rarely made by necromancers when they required servants that could utilise agency
>Pale rancid cannibals or just low rent vampires?
Flesh eating is not a requirement of the ghoul but it helps reconstitute themselves, as such the practice is common place
>+2 to con and???
-2 to Charisma, +1 to Wisdom
>Where do their communities thrive?
They don't have communities. Each ghoul is an island unto themselves. Wandering the material planes fulfilling whatever desires ghouls may have
>Do they take offense to the terms maggot or night crawler???
Some might, most ghouls have 'lived' a long time and accept what they are. Discrimination doesn't offend them, at least not on the surface level. With few links to the material plane left it would be perfectly reasonable for a ghoul to mete out lethal justice whenever they feel like it.

>> No.72695659

In all fairness, my warlock wasn't very standard and the build they had took one of their core class features and ran off the rails with it. I like Warlocks, but the class could definitely use just a tad bit of tweaking.

>> No.72695666

Can you build a non-monk fistfighter that doesn't just boil down to "grapple them lol"?

>> No.72695674

They fell for the "just stand in the corner and do nothing but shoot eldritch blast" meme, didn't they

>> No.72695689

Not really. As it should be. Monks are special because they're slightly mystical. No matter how good at martial arts a fighter is, they should be more effective picking up a simple weapon than fistfighting.

No, it was mostly attempts to play actually melee hexblade, getting demolished as a frontliner with a d8 hit die and wishing they'd just gone heavier into EB.

>> No.72695697

Poor souls.
Hexblade really isn't as good singleclassed as people would likely to think it is.

>> No.72695728

Gotcha. Well I'm gonna assume low level party so low level problems. Maybe kobolds stole the inn's ale, or goblin bakers aren't playing fair and the party is asked to intervene.

>> No.72695798

M8. Tabletop games are not MMOs, your shouldn't be dishing out experience for doing someone's laundry. Eliminate quest experience altogether. In fact, elimate 'quests' altogether. Don't make fun little side stories into video game style checkpoints and objectives that you must meet for a reward. That's just not cricket.

>> No.72695862

Hey, let me try saying something to see if it triggers something within you.
Agonizing blast is an invocation tax.

>> No.72695948

I'm not going to pretend like it's not if you take Eldritch Blast.
But I never took EB, so I never took it. You'd be surprised how much utility you can get once just one slot is freed up though. Eyes of the Rune Keeper is just plain fun.

>> No.72695963

Oh, so you're not the one who gets unreasonably angry whenever the word tax is used in this general? I am happy if you are honest then.

>> No.72695986

Why would I get mad about someone referring to a invocation tax?

But nah, I wanted to do something different so I just never took it. I did take Chill Touch but I'll admit it's not as optimal, and I almost never use that either anyways.

>> No.72695997

Hexblade without multiclassing is legit better as a high-damage yet frail frontliner than it is as a EB cannon.

>> No.72696020

say one positive thing about 4e

>> No.72696025

it was a game. and sometimes you could have fun with it.

>> No.72696035

I liked epic destinies.

>> No.72696037

I liked the power system even though people complained it felt like an MMO

>> No.72696071

how hard are the previous editions to get into if you're a retard who does 5e? I'd like to check out them out even if they have some crazy jank shit.
my friends say its 'too mmo-like' but I get the feeling they're just parroting it.

>> No.72696076

Dragonborn, Warden, and Warlord existed

>> No.72696266

Monks weren't just stun-bots, rogues were good at dealing damage, warlord existed

>> No.72696277

It had better lore than 5e.
Which is saying something about 5e lore.

>> No.72696315

But the good thing is that with most warlocks, the only thing you know about is that they will have Eldritch blast as a cantrip, but even that, there's aways those ones who take the melee path
That's why I'm a archfey with 5 levels on figher, if I feel my death ahead, I can just use my bitchcraft to walk away

>> No.72696336

Shit DM so I'll pass on the party.

>> No.72696416

Thri-Kreen were playable.

>> No.72696428

>doing prep for next session
>have been slack in making sure I have random names to pick from
>realise I accidentally gave two NPCs the same random name because of it
>hope no one notices since the NPCs are from completely different areas and are minor

>> No.72696436

Warlord and Ardent

>> No.72696450

If you just transposed the champion subclass features on to a rogue subclass (3rd level: improved critical and remarkable athlete, 9th level: fighting style, 13th level:superior critical, 17th level: survivor), you'd actually get a really good combat-focused subclass for rogues

>> No.72696465

>Mystic arcanums are limited to the warlock spell list
I don't get it. you have by far the most customisable class and the perfect "pick a spell" moment is cucked into a warlock-locked list.
>oh you're patron is a GOO? take a warlock spel
>Oh, divine soul? take a warlock spell.

>> No.72696483

Mystic arcanums are how warlocks get higher level spells, since their normal spell progression stops at 5th level spells

>> No.72696495

This but just add on Assassinate at level 3, and Death Strike instead of Survivor would be a pretty nice combat focused Assassin.

>> No.72696498

>>realise I accidentally gave two NPCs the same random name because of it
sometimes two people have the same name.

>> No.72696527

Speaking of rogue combat subclasses, is Swashbuckler any good? I haven't played it.

>> No.72696533
File: 355 KB, 1072x1440, A5535D3E-8B13-499E-A9C7-64FB5AAF4538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got my house rules put on a plaque, r8

>> No.72696551

It's good, one of the best for sure. Only issue is that like all melee Rogues, there's no real reason not to get Booming Blade somehow.

>> No.72696555

no that anon but my players seemed to latch onto the fact that I had 2 different NPCs with the same first name. They're already dicks and ask every npc their name because most of them DM and love fucking with me. Little do they know that I intentionally named them the same name in prep and they thought I was just making shit up as I go. Gotta keep them guessing on when it's improv.

>> No.72696565

It's alright, combos well with high elf descent half elf. But it is a melee-focused subclass for rogue, which isn't great

>> No.72696569

>roll to hit
>roll to get around armor
>if not, half damage
Aaand into the bin it goes.

>> No.72696584

I have a faction planned that's a school of kung fu assholes, but how do I keep them fresh other than variety of dudes and maybe a few creatures they keep to fight and train off?

>> No.72696586

The whole point is that champion features fit better with rogue than fighter. The extra crit chance benefits sneak attack, remarkable athlete is a bonus to skills, and giving rogues a fighting style is a huge benefit to them

>> No.72696603

Is it possible to use 5etools as the compendium in roll20?

>> No.72696610

>Rule 4
>Rule 5
>Rule 6

All I need to know that you're a dogshit DM.
>Actually carving his fucking shitty house rules into a wooden plaque
>Fucks up the dragon logo

>> No.72696623
File: 161 KB, 480x360, 1506238481719.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok so if my players don't dilly-dally tomorrow should see the end of their current arc of the campaign aboard a flying city, and transition into a more wilderness-survival where they're lost in an area of the world based off of Siberia; they will defeat a boss which will cause them to have to leave the city. However, I'm torn between the following two options:

1) *Part* of the city breaks off and crash lands in the wilderness; imagine if New York was a flying city and Manhattan just dropped out, but the other four boroughs kept going. The players would be the some of few survivors, feel immense guilt over the loss of life and have few resources to help them survive and protect those who didn't die.

2) The entire city makes a crash landing with minimal loss of life, but the entire city is stranded in the woods and at the mercy of its creatures. The leaders of the city correctly identify the players as the cause of the crash, and they are hunted by the city's military, causing them to go on the run and deeper into the woods.

>> No.72696626

I understand the purpose. I just wish it more customisable in the book than relying on a DM. basically
>If i'm a divine soul why can't I ask my god for a cleric spell boon?

>> No.72696637

Wait, so supernatural gifts from theros will be extra power at chargen?
What will you DMS do when all the players apply with the Demigod gift?

>> No.72696639

Both give no agency to the players in this outcome that results only in guilt on their hands. Try again.

>> No.72696640

Swashbuckler is really good IMO. Best part of the Mobile feat and easy sneak attacks at level 3, a pseudotank/charmer at 9, and you're a rogue which is already a great class. I agree with this anon >>72696551 on getting booming blade.

>> No.72696659

I don't think so no. I mean it's not too hard to copy paste stuff like monster stats into sheets on roll20 though.

>> No.72696661

This is a result of an action they took two sessions ago, where they cut power to a part of the city to make an upcoming boss fight easier.

>> No.72696682

I'm about to fuck up your whole plaque. It's successful not successfull.

>> No.72696687

>cut power to a flying city
Holy shit, anon. Unless you didn't establish that the power keeps the city afloat, your players are fucking retarded. You're gonna have to explain the delay from power cutting to the city dropping.

>> No.72696691

>there are players out there whose only experience with D&D is with DMs like this

>> No.72696725

Forget that, #4 literally just doesn't make sense. What is "rolling armor class?" How do you succeed or fail this roll? You'd think a DM who took his role seriously enough to carve shit in a plaque would understand the value of clearly worded rules.

>> No.72696726


I was just to save time when preparing my cleric's spell list..Also to just drag the spells that are not in the free compendium
Thanks for the quick reply

>> No.72696748

95% of games are like this or worse

>> No.72696770

Nuh uh, MY DM lets me roll for BOTH penis and pec size! And I'm perfectly 95%!!!

>> No.72696776

Looks to me like the DM is saying that if the monster has AC 13, and you hit it with an attack, you need to make a second attack roll. If you beat 13 you do full damage. If you don't beat 13 then your damage is halved.

It seems like a shitty rule regardless though, since it compounds low damage rolls by making them even worse. I don't know why a DM would do something like this instead of just adding more HP to fights if the party is nuking encounters too fast.

>> No.72696781


I think you should give us more information here.

>> No.72696807


that sounds like it makes combat tedious as fuck and take forever.

>> No.72696813

A lot of effort for a dumb bait, bravo.

>> No.72696826

>on /r/lfg
>see a wildemount campaign
>free starting feat
>modified stat array
>18, 17, 16, 15, 12, 10
>starts at level 1
Do people actually play like this?

>> No.72696842
File: 1.29 MB, 1278x718, 77777777777777777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think about pic related?

>> No.72696850

That is one possible interpretation - who fucking knows. 'Rolling AC' has never been a thing, in any DND edition, ever. It's completely nonsensical.

>> No.72696864

Maybe the monsters are tougher too.

>> No.72696879


>everyone gets a free starting feat

about time.

>> No.72696885

>Kenku that only talks in racial slurs
Based or cringe?

>> No.72696887

disgusting, of course nobody actually plays like that.

>using the critical role campaign setting
absolutely disgusting

>> No.72696890

what is it

>> No.72696894

Munchkins should really just stick to Pathfinder.

>> No.72696896

Wildemount is unironically a great campaign setting.

>> No.72696909

YES, this is what I love! The best part is that one of the gifts will be being a demigod. If that is true, I can't wait to see the meltdown that will happen in here as special snowflake characters become even more official.

Supernatural gifts. Extra mini ASI or feats at game start RAW, basically.

Please go stream CR again, matt. Discord isn't that hard to use.

>> No.72696918


I think everyone being a demigod sounds kinda obnoxious but I'm all for free feats, I think that shoulda been baseline.

>> No.72696921

give me 1 reason I should use matt mercer's campaign setting over literally any other one

>> No.72696938

Erotic Jester encounters.

>> No.72696940

Eh, as long as it's disney hercules kind of demigod where they're just slightly bigger fries until they train like everyone else I've got no problem with it

>> No.72696945

You've certainly put a lot of effort in it.

>> No.72696959

It's better than Forgotten Realms, but that's really not a high hurdle to clear.

>> No.72696966

RAW colored tielfings

>> No.72696972

>using critical role lolibait characters in your home game

oh god tell me people aren't doing this, PLEASE tell me people aren't actually doing this

>> No.72696984

>Feats are once again divorced from ASI's
>ASI's at 5, 10, 15, 19
>Feats at 1, 8, 13 (they are way stronger than 3.p feats

>> No.72696986

>wildemount setting released
>canonically has two different draognborn races
>the slave race natives with +STR
>the intelligent noble foreign dragonborn with +INT
>no one ever brings it up
>instead start another shit fit about orcs

>> No.72696992

The sad thing is that with the size of CR's fanbase, someone somewhere almost certainly is.

>> No.72696994


Yeah, I suppose. I think Satyrs as a playable race is kinda nice too I guess.

I don't even really like Theros though so it's hard for me to be excited about this. Give me spelljammer you fucks.

>> No.72696997

Jester is jailbait? aren't all of the jester fanarts just thinly veiled inflation fetish

>> No.72697024

she isn't very mature mentally due to being shut in her room for many years by her mother, it's not a literal development disability but it's still pretty skeevy how pretty much the entire party wants to fuck her or is shipped with her

>> No.72697038


I'd keep ASIs the way they are.

>> No.72697039

Draconbloods were slave owning magic users in a magic sky city. Ravenites were laboring slaves in mines for years. The stats make sense.
Do you not want to fuck slavic Laura Bailey?

>> No.72697048

>constantly baby talks
>uses a giant lollipop as a weapon
>draws dicks and thirsts over cock but in a "cute" way

Jester is textbook lolibait

>> No.72697050

Considering they already did mordenkainen's book to sort out most of the planar monsters, I don't see why they couldn't do that.
Still can't believe they went and gave us the gith as PCs but not the giff
Ohh, yeah, that. I'm still unsure if Laura wants to play her as actually childish or just a coping mechanism.

>> No.72697064

>being a slave makes you dumber
I am not going to go there but I do want to point out this is real obvious SJW bait

>> No.72697067


I wonder if we'll get a Zendikar book next year to go with Zendikar coming out?

Actually...why did we get Theros before Zendikar anyways? I dunno, it's weird and hard for me to get excited for but maybe it'll be better than I think.

>> No.72697083

It doesn't make you dumber, it means that the magic users focused on intellect traits and traded their strength. The ravenites are closer to base dragonborns with CHA being replaced by CON.

>> No.72697091

the joke is the CR crowd is heavy SJW but they let that slide with zero comment, and instead go on about orcs MUST be black people and are racist

>> No.72697120

I have not gotten the orc thing from the CR fanbase at all. It's pretty funny cause the cast makes fun of the super woke types.

>> No.72697125

I want to play a Tabaxi ranger that has a human baby as my animal companion

Maybe a 3-year old so it can actually walk.

Any tips on how to homebrew this?

>> No.72697131

Quick, one spell of each level above 1st (cause that's obviously Chaos Bolt) that best fit Wild Sorcerer?

>> No.72697133
File: 51 KB, 1136x640, 45a736968f999f909b3471d27b3c68b5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A big part of why I like theros is that I vehemently think greek settings should be vanilla/base fantasy, so I'll be using it instead of FR if it isn't bad. I hope it's good so you aren't disappointed too!
At least the fanbase didn't caught on on that and decided to make her the blueberry girl from willy wonka instead.

>> No.72697138


>> No.72697146

>crippling your character so you can have a pet baby

just ask your GM if you can have a pet human, don't go and make a shitty ranger to try and slip it by

>> No.72697151

thanks for reminding me that's an entire fetish community!

>> No.72697155

>chaos bolt cast at 2nd level
>chaos bolt cast at 3rd level
>chaos bolt cast at 4th level
>chaos bolt cast at 5th level

etc, etc

>> No.72697208

2nd - Alter Self
3rd - Blink
4th - Polymorph
5th - Animate Objects
6th - Scatter
7th - Reverse Gravity
8th - Earthquake
9th - Mass Polymorph

>> No.72697527

Imagine having taste this bad. Greece is garbage and should never be the default.

>> No.72697592

Fuck melee magic is all you need. If something needs to be hit physically you have a rogue to do it sneakily. Force the party into situations where their squishiness puts them at risk, and see if they are able to make magic happen

>> No.72697603

Aren't they revisiting Theros with the new block?

>> No.72697611

>t. Turk

>> No.72697624

Consider worshipping Juiblex. It says somewhere in mordekainen that his followers make other people feast as part of their insanity

>> No.72697637

Are these leaks from Theros?

>> No.72697690 [SPOILER] 
File: 32 KB, 600x637, 1590047352631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72697753

Alright /tg/, give me your verdict. Sorcerer or Wizard?

If you don't like the general question, I've been debating recently which would be more efficient: A Sorclock (Sorc17/Warlock3 for ritual casting) or a Diviner Wizard (possibly with 1 or 2 levels of Fighter, and a +2 CHA bonus). Which would be a better party face, while still being valuable in combat? Definitely chasing the evil wizard/people manipulator vibe.
I don't have a group so I probably will never play this character, I'm just theory crafting for fun.

>> No.72697787

wizard, I don't even need to read the rest of the post.

>> No.72697870

>Sorcerer or Wizard?
Wizard. Always wizard. Never sorcerer.

>> No.72697874

It had Dark Sun

>> No.72697957

How do other DMs work to avoid rail roading. Like it seems a balance between pushing in the right direction without forcing it is the right approach, but how has this balance worked out for yall?

>> No.72697986

The secret is that its all railroads in every direction

>> No.72697987

Sorcerer. A character to me that just embodies spell casting to the degree they were born with it is just too fun. They can just be a lot of fun to play with despite not being as good as wizards

>> No.72697989

I know it's d&d...but how do you avoid falling into monster of the week repetition? I try to include some quests that rely upon skills rather than combat, and have an overarching narrative/path for the game to follow, but it feels like the majority of the game is travel filled with as many interesting combat mechanics and ideas for them to overcome as I can think of.

Maybe it's just me as the GM but the structure and flow of game feels kind of repetitive

>> No.72698016

No you use summon steed

>> No.72698033

This is something you fix in session zero. The PCs must have some sort of ultimate, very personal goal that makes them think it's worth risking their lives to pursue. You organically build on these conflicts and they will follow. If they've no iniciative or agency, it's your fault for accepting shit characters with no real motivation. Let them do all their micromanaging between sessions so you don't have to waste time with every fucking merchant they talk to. Game time is for adventuring and talking to whichever NPC the players find actually interesting or worthwhile interacting with. Let them trivialize encounters if they've come up with something clever, they earned it. DO NOT get attached to you BBEGs. They're as disposable as anyone else, even if they could serve a grand narrative.

>> No.72698043

Stop getting caught up on the word rail road. Giving your players options and then playing out the consequences and further events that happen because of their interactions and decisions is not rail roading. Rail roading would me they have zero input and no impact and you never take into account what they do.

>> No.72698048

Making a race out of generic undead ghouls would be extremely silly so you should make one out of Arabic/Lovecraft Ghouls

>> No.72698071

My fren, the solution to annoying DMPCs is to kill them. If the entire party doesn't instantly hate them or at the least have no regard for them in the slightest, you can turn your fellows against the DMPC by giving them a mocking nickname.

>> No.72698086

Crawl back to your cave Mercer you've already done enough damage

>> No.72698131

to be fair, there is a pandemic on

>> No.72698206

>They can just be a lot of fun to play

>> No.72698226
File: 384 KB, 810x1000, Giff-5e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5e spelljammer book when

>> No.72698253

Oh we hated it alright. My friend, one of the other players in that campaign, straight up quit in the middle of a session because of that. A few days later, the DM disbanded the group because we only had two permanent players after that.

>> No.72698302
File: 110 KB, 977x639, e4c67f8d40699c7aeb1317dde8ae203f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you ever given a pet to a player? Or received one?
If your party got some blink-pups would you be upset that they're non-combatants?

>> No.72698324

I've given blink dogs as pets before, they're great because they're dogs so immediately friendly, they're intelligent, and they literally teleport to safety. It's always a fun early game set up for players to encounter a blink hound hunting a displacer beast, sometimes it's a guard dog for a eladrin or other elven ranger/druid type of NPC that becomes an ally for the campaign.

>> No.72698342

If UA's on the table, Fighter 4 and go Rune Knight. That's what I'm planning on building.

>> No.72698351

Basically no matter what choice they make their path will rail road them towards where you want them to go?

>> No.72698379

Every push/pull effect in the game has a range maximum; be sure to include that in the effect. I'd make it 20 to go with your updated range.

>> No.72698398

They are fun to play! It really is just having a fun character to play with the class, but get it psynched up right it is a ton of fun.

>> No.72698416


>> No.72698418

One of my character has a squirrel, picked it up from some drop somewhere, it's fun to do some character flavor stuff occasionally. A squirrel is too small and weak for non combat, but a dog is more plausible to be able to fight, so I could see someone being upset if its a non combatant.

>> No.72698450

Concept: Dragonborn Forge Cleric/Fighter with emphasis on consistently taking and dealing hits, and consistent damage output (STR highest stat, +1 weapon obviously, Dueling style). Possibly Battlemaster for even more reliable damage and combat utility.

Do I go Shield Master, or Charger?

I see this term in here all the time. What does it mean?

>> No.72698478

Know what your NPCs want. Ask and know what your PCs want. For tension, have the NPCs aligned against the PCs in some way. Telegraph and allow your PCs to know what the NPCs are attempting and give them a chance to stop them. Don't be married to any specific result, but have in mind what the NPCs will do upon failure or success. It takes practice but honestly, prep scenarios, not plots.

>> No.72698501

Ribbons are abilities that have no strong mechanical benefit but serve mainly to add flavor.
Examples would be Thieves' Can't and Druidic.

>> No.72698511

my favourite thing about blink dogs is that they're intelligent enough to have their own language, so giving them to players makes the came veer dangerously close to just turning into Scooby Doo

>> No.72698525

Just normal gnolls, born from gneyaheetu or whatever the fuck that demon lords name is.
But then a primal nature god, who first created Goliaths, and then made Orcs, skinwalked among them and freed a group from it's influence, teaching them how to live together with the nature.
So now I can have yet another tribal group in the vast barren wasteland that is my campaign for my group to meet.

>> No.72698537

My thought was to have them be pups with the baddies using the adults in combat.
What about -3 HD, AC and -3 to each stat with +1 to everything on each level up and let the players do whatever to them with the knowledge that they can die?

>> No.72698731
File: 358 KB, 1447x1677, 1499488864379.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you think a Cleric could get by concentrating on Bless, spamming Command, Healing Word, and Mass Cure Wounds? Full-on control, buffing, healing, and no damage spells.

>> No.72698805

Healing mid-combat is pretty inadvisable unless your friend is unconscious. You could be doing a billion more useful things than essentially reducing the next 20 damage attack by 7 damage.

>> No.72698808

Pacifist builds are cancer because 5e assumes everyone is attacking or casting cantrips every round at worst.

>> No.72698811

Just use attack cantrips

>> No.72698813

you should be using command a lot as a cleric anyway, spell is nuts

>> No.72698814

Ask dm for some kind of buff/debuff cantrip or something if you don't want to be useless once your buff is up but don't want to deal damage.
Spirit guardians and spiritual weapon are godly for a reason.

>> No.72698948

Anyone got any line art commissioned here? I need some recommendations to get some art done for a campaign.

>> No.72698978

kinda, use betteR20, link is on their front page
you can import creatures from 5etools

>> No.72699053

dig through r/hungryartists, ych.commishes has a lot of porn but is also a great place to find cheap artists, commiss.io, and the commission tags on twitter and tumblr. Russians tend to have high quality art for extremely low prices and fast turn around.

>> No.72699497

hey /5eg/ I'm going to make breakfast, do you guys want any?

>> No.72699548

This lavish breakfast will cost you 5 sp

>> No.72699587

Never. Normies don't like unique stuff, they just want to be half-dragons and elves.

>> No.72699673
File: 1.74 MB, 5100x3300, tcq3k178smp41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my dm likes these

>> No.72699740


>what is resistance

>what is vicious mockery

>what is blade ward

>> No.72699798

>What is not on the cleric spell list?
Also ewwww, Resistance ... it takes concentration.

>> No.72700008
File: 72 KB, 1000x1163, 01e5b30f-3f79-4e5e-84a6-e536be4324f1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this magic item lame or ok for a level 2 char?

Masked robe (only 2 masks are left on the robe):
As a bonus action the wearer can move one of the mask away from the robe . Flying speed of 15 ft.
The masks have 15 AC and 20 HP.
you can use an action to attack with the mask Attack: Elemental Dart +3 ranged spell attack 1d8 ( 1d10 ?) elemental damage

>> No.72700041

Why not just use action to attack better than mask

>> No.72700182

do you have some recommendations? i really didn't want to make it OP , beacause the party is at level 2
my idea was that you can place the masks like turrets on the battlefield

>> No.72700187

>what is multiclassing

>what is the magic initiate feat

>> No.72700270

Implement an excremancer, that secretly controls the town through the vile magic of filth.

>> No.72700324

>cleric: magic initiate bard
new meta
also still offensive magic

>> No.72700376

>my idea was that you can place the masks like turrets on the battlefield
That's not even remotely what you wrote in your first post.

>> No.72700390

Are there any strategy guides or anything?
There's the class guides with gold or blue ratings, but they offer little practical advice.
The YouTube stuff is all memes or literally the beginning of the PHB in video form.
I want some examples of how to use silence or web to be effective past web gives allies advantage.

>> No.72700403

sorry about that, i guess my idea is pretty shitty
I'll think about something else then

>> No.72700433

Make it a BA to move & activate. Make it effectively spiritual weapon, but you can set a flat to-hit and damage, like +5th, 1d8+3. This is very good as a BA but isn't a true extra attack so things don't stack on top of it, competes for BA and doesn't get better as the players get better, which is in fact a good thing.

>> No.72700451

If it's not for a caster you could make it concentration and unable to be actived until the next SR.

>> No.72700491

>backpedaling this hard
oh ho ho ho

>> No.72700530

Just play by yourself

>> No.72700641

What's the absolute best Ranger subclass including 3rd party and UA material? Is it still gloom stalker/horizon walker? Or are there better 3pp ones? How's the Amazonian Conclave from Odyssey of the Dragonlords compare? Is there a good ranger subclass that gives good poison atacks?

>> No.72700684

pick one and only one

>> No.72700698

Fair enough, that's why I'm asking. What of my other question? Is there a better ranger subclass out there?

>> No.72700774

New thread

>> No.72701412


about a year before the book came out, yeah we revisited theros.

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