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>some guys on /tg/ keep trying to steer people away from D&D
>decide to give D&D a try
>it's really good, easily one of the better RPG systems

Man, what the fuck.

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kys tranny shill

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I'm glad it's working well for you.

Which edition are you playing?
I'm guessing 3.5 by the art.

Please tel us about your character and game so far.

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What have you played before?
Go away, /vg/-faggot.

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>kys tranny shill

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Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, Human Paladin. It's a fucking shock how fucking smooth everything is. I was expecting horror stories thanks to the haters, and instead, I'm actually having fun playing through a horror story.

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>What have you played before?
WFRP, VtM, and a really crappy game of GURPS with a GM who didn't know what he was doing with that system.

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People just get bored. It's one of the best first systems to try, since it appeals to many initial instincts a player would have.

Everyone here is kinda at the so-over-it stage because they played it for ten-twenty years. And really, if you can figure out 3.5/pathfinder, you can figure out any other system.

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>Everyone here
The people who hate on D&D here are a tiny minority. Most people here, old and young, enjoy some flavor of D&D.

Even on 4chan, the contrarian cesspool of the internet, the best the anti-D&D bitches can do is try to force a handful of shitty half-memes that everyone either ignores, or in the case of OP, helps advertise the game.

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I don't think anyone needs D&D to be advertised if they've made it to this board.

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>The people who hate on D&D here are a tiny minority. Most people here, old and young, enjoy some flavor of D&D.
I post "have you tried not playing d&d" fairly often. It's not because I hate d&d. It's a fine game, and I still play it occasionally. However, a lot of the problems I see threads about are problems with the system, with the expectations of the system's fans, or problems stemming from a very limited perspective.
Love it or hate it, you have to admit D&D has certain qualities and drawbacks, and they can be traded for different ones if you switch games.

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Maybe you mean
>there is always someone whining about stuff concerning dnd
>some other anon, comprehensively, tell them to stop playing dnd and to try something else
DnD isn't a problem, faggots are.

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I don't believe a word you've said.
If you wanted to actually help people, you'd recommend a game, and not just scream "STOP PLAYING D&D" like the other handful of whiny little bitches who just come here to hate D&D for attention.

Do you honestly think anyone can't see through you? Shit, concern trolling was outdated back when you started spamming that shit, and it's just sad now.

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You don't know what that word means.
Also, "Stop playing D&D" isn't a solution for people who want to play D&D and is more often than not really dumb advice, and 99% of the time it's spammed it's done just by some faggot who thinks spamming it enough might actually get people to stop playing D&D.

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>"Stop playing D&D" isn't a solution for people who want to play D&D
It may not be, but if those same people keep lamenting about dnd while still playing dnd what would be the most reasonable course of action you could suggest to them?
>Did i ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

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No one's "lamenting" about D&D. They're almost always complaining about a specific thing, usually a small feature which can be replaced or augmented, and are asking for advice on doing so.

Your advice is like telling someone with a baby that has a smudge on its cheek to throw out the baby.

>Did i ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?
That quote falsely attributed to Albert Einstein when it's just some dumb cliche?

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>If you wanted to actually help people, you'd recommend a game,
I usually do. Sometimes, with a problem that amounts to "I'm bored of fighting dragons in dungeons" any other game will do.
>and not just scream "STOP PLAYING D&D"
I never do. I'm not trying to get people to stop playing d&d. I'm trying to get them to ALSO play other games.

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>dnd-anon: guys i hate alignments, there is a way to remove them?
other-anon: yes, but by doind so you also should ditch/heavly edit some core classes and remove a third of the spells, it's a core element of the game afterall. Have you tried not playing dnd?

What's wrong with that?
I know, it's the fact that i didn't do all the the homebrewing work for you for free, am i right?

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Sorry, but you're still just a stack of bullshit. Even the condescending property of assuming that someone with an issue with D&D simply hasn't played any other game basically puts a pin to your "I just want to try and help people" lies. Your main goal is to try and assert there's something wrong with playing D&D, and if it wasn't, you wouldn't bother with screaming "STOP PLAYING D&D" like you think that doing it in a passive aggressive voice makes you less of a faggot, rather than more.

>any other game will do
Do you really need an explanation of why what you just said was stupid, or are you capable of realizing that for yourself?

>'m trying to get them to ALSO play other games.
Do it when they ask for that then, instead of running on some idiotic assumptions. Or, be fair. In every thread that mentions any other game, ask if they've tried playing D&D instead.

You don't like D&D being popular, and instead of ignoring D&D discussions, you've decided to be a little bitch about it, all while pretending you just want to help people because you need some sort of screen to hide behind.

If you want to give people advice on new games to try, by all means, just recommend games.There's no need to scream "STOP PLAYING D&D", and there's definitely no reason to stoop to the level of trying to defend that kind of shitspam.

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>All this ESL rage
I don't know where you're getting all this from, but it doesn't resemble what I'm saying or doing. Have you tried not posting about D&D?

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...4e and 5e basically ditched alignments. No mechanics actually involve them anymore, they're just flavor now.

And, removing those elements from 3.5 is super easy, and more importantly, even if you removed half of the material in the game, you'd still have one of the largest games ever put to print. You could remove 90% of the game (or, in more practical terms, option to only use 10%) and still have a game that qualifies as gigantic by RPG standards, and most campaigns barely see even 3% of the total available material.

Also, many games include pseudo-alignments, including mechanical things like humanity levels or clan relationships, or even just straight up steal alignment as many games have a habit of liberally taking whatever they want from D&D, so just saying "stop playing D&D" doesn't help in any case.

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Not him, but my advice is to, if you're the GM, ease the group into it by running the usual DND one week then a new system the next. I have a hard time going back to DND now not because it's a bad set of systems per se, but more because I'm not big into traditional fantasy and I've found systems that fit the niches I do enjoy that are more open. I've found I'm not big on class-based systems (like DND), but I still recommend 5e as the best "starting point" to new players because it's dead-ass simple to run and play and hard to fuck up. And if you still like it as more than an introductry game? Great, keep playing it with people who feel the same, I'm not going to tell you off for that, but I will urge you to at least try broadening your horizons. If 5e does the fantasy genre for you well, great, keep it for that, but if you get the itch to try other genres (i.e. sci-fi or modern horror) or specific settings based on popular media (i.e. star wars) you might want to branch out. Test the waters. That's when you start alternating what you play every other week; you keep your 5e game but also get something fresh. Everyone wins, nobody loses, and you get to expand your horizons without giving up a game you like.

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That's like saying the Big Mac is one of the better hamburgers. Pleb.

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>thinks his being a sack of shit isn't transparent

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>4e and 5e basically ditched alignments. No mechanics actually involve them anymore, they're just flavor now.
[Citation needed]

>And, removing those elements from 3.5 is super easy,
Source: my ass.

>and more importantly, even if you removed half of the material in the game, you'd still have one of the largest games ever put to print.
Half of which is a massive amount of unplayable crap. There's a lot of good content for 3.5 but you have to shovel it out of a pile of ogl shit.

>Also, many games include pseudo-alignments, including mechanical things like humanity levels or clan relationships, or even just straight up steal alignment
Yeah but they also work differtly. Also many other don't have alignments to begin with. So in short you wont look anywere else because there is an infinitesimal chance of finding something you already know and an endlessly greater chance to get something done differently? Great plan.

>"stop playing D&D" doesn't help in any case
Blatant lie: when you put yourself in a box you have first to think outside the box to move on.

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>[Citation needed]
...are you serious? There's no faster way to shoot yourself in the foot than to ask for a citation for common knowledge. Have you not played 5e?

>D&D is a box
...Is your whole retardation built around you not understanding how RPGs work?

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>Citation Needed
Page 231 of the 5e PHB, Detect Evil And good. "For the duration, you know if there is an aberration, celestial, elemental, fey, fiend, or undead within 30 feet of you, as well as where the creature is located. Similarly, you know if there is a place or object within 30 feet of you that has been magically consecrated or desecrated." It doesn't mention alignment even though it SOUNDS like it should. All spells tied to evil and good are like this now, as are class features.

>> No.72664638

>ask for a citation for common knowledge
Yes, this wont be difficult to prove for you then. Come on, i'll wait.

>dnd is a box
It figurative speech genius, it means that if you can't figure out a way of doing something with the tools you already have it's time to look around for other tools or other ways for using what you already have.
>Did i ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

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>[Citation needed]
I did a quick research about this when it came to 4E, because I was interested in the answer, and because I had the online compendium nearby.
Requiring an alignment prerequisite:
>1 theme
>1 feat
>8 Paragon Paths
>4 Epic Destinies
>2 classes (Invoker and Paladin, for which the only restriction in alignment is to be the same alignment as their god, nothing more).

So, yeah, 4E ditched most of the mechanics of alignment-related stuff, and kept it mostly for flavor.

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Do you really not understand what tools are available within D&D? It's literally impossible to exhaust all the tools you have. If you actually want to recommend-
>that if you can't figure out a way of doing something with the tools you already have it's time to look around for other tools or other ways for using what you already have.
Then you're basically telling people to play D&D forever.

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Your ass is way smarter than your brain it seems.

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>Man, what the fuck.
Some people try to accredit themselves with an overwhelming sense of superiority by bringing down the people around them, criticizing their choices happens to be one of those tactics.

>> No.72664844

Fucking Castle Ravenloft.
You could have picked something believable, but instead you picked the option that causes even first-timers brought over by e-celeb streams to doubt if they want to continue playing D&D.
Good show sir.

>> No.72664864

>However, a lot of the problems I see threads about are problems with the system
No you don't, instead you try to make it about the system when in fact the 'problem' could be equally applied to any.

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Good, now keep repeating this process any time you'll get bored of some facet of dnd or any time find something about you don't like. Give it enough time and you'll end with a whole new game (that's how other ttrpg were created). So, in the end, it's worth the time to look at the work of others since they already were where you stant now.

>> No.72664908

Do you have me under surveillance?

>> No.72664940

>that's how other ttrpg were created
No, they were pretty much created by completely discarding D&D, and a bit of paralel evolution. Other games came immediately after D&D at a speed that puts lie even to the notion that Gygax "invented" roleplaying.

>> No.72664945

Also contrary to your claim you never offer alternatives.
Meme post submitted move on to next D&D thread.

>> No.72664952

The 3.0 "Expedition to Castle Ravenloft" isn't the same thing as the AD&D "Ravenloft."

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Genuine retard.

>> No.72665080

>it's really good, easily one of the better RPG systems
Why would you bother lying on the internet?

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>Nuh-uh: The Post

>> No.72665206

I think you might actually be right. Back in the day or was a sizable chunk of /tg/. Now with more and more newfags, who's only introduction to RPGs is reddit memes and Big Bang/Stranger Things, it's definitely swung back towards fucktards who will gobble down whatever shit WoTC cranks out.

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Bitch please, how many times has 'Have you tried not playing D&D' without further comment been posted? It become a meme of itself.

>> No.72665237

What are the alternatives? Tell us anon.

>> No.72665249

People post the memes and nothing else because DnD attracts mouth breathers faster then philanthropic fatguys can educate them. And even the kindest souls experience burnout.

Now they just drop the memes and wait for them to figure it out in a decade or so.

>> No.72665260

Imagine the size difference.

>> No.72665288

>figure it out in a decade or so.
There's nothing to figure out because nothing insightful was said.

>> No.72665299

Not by me, fucknut.

>> No.72665327

Every poll taken on /tg/, even the earliest ones, had D&D as the most popular game here. That's game, period. As far as role playing games, it's been so overwhelmingly popular that there's not even a close second in that category, with basically every other game fighting for scraps.

It's always been a tiny, tiny minority that hates D&D, a little crew of shitposters who try to be loud to make up for a lack of numbers.

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Depends on what you're looking for.
Generic Dungeon Crawler?
Try: Swords and Sorcery (or other OSR stuff) Hero System, Torchbearer, 13th Age, One page Dungeon, and Forbidden Lands off the top of my head

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Course it's you, you're in every thread 'have you tried not playing D&D'
Everybody else: It's that cringey fucker again trying to sound witty repeating the same old tired catch phrase. What an obnoxious cunt.

>> No.72665340

It's exactly what you are doing tho.

>> No.72665346

Don't worry. You'll figure it out in a decade or so.

>> No.72665361

>13th age
Opinion discarded, as suspected.

>> No.72665369

That doesn't add up to much.
No one hates DnD quite as much as DND players.

>> No.72665370

I'm absolutely fine with D&D though and have been for thirty years, like I said there's nothing to figure out.

>> No.72665385

Congratulations! You're the golden kernel of corn in the steamy pile of shit! Now you could realize that this is the case and realize that by simply wording "Have you tried not playing DnD" differently you could remove yourself from the turd and have people actually consider your advice; or you can choose to stay burred neck deep in that warm excrement.

>> No.72665393

Then why would you latch onto a phrase spammed by retarded faggots, unless you wanted to be called a retarded faggot yourself? You retarded faggot.

>> No.72665399

He could also recommend shit systems like this retard. >>72665331
Count your blessings.

>> No.72665427

I didn't say it was good. But it's basically DnD but better. Which admittedly isn't a high bar.

You post does point out a good DND fag trope.
>Ask for DnD alternatives
>Get a dozen
>Pick one you don't like and screech about it
>Feel smug abot how no game is as good as DnD

>> No.72665431

Yeah thats about my experience. Everyone here bitches about dnd because its not GURPS or their super obscure system or some shit.
Legit, if you have a good dm and group of friends, the system isnt the be-all end-all on whether the game is good.
Though maybe if I play for about twenty years and become jaded as fuck I'd start to irrationally hate something too.

>> No.72665447

No one hates D&D quite as much as bitchboy contrarians.

D&D players might have legitimate gripes about the game, but they're hampered by reality. Bitchboy contrarians hate the game almost entirely on an imaginary basis, and you really can't compete with hating things based on biases, misconceptions, and ignorance.

>> No.72665448

You're a little bind the curve. Don't worry anon. You'll get there. I'm pulling for you.

>> No.72665450

I'd rather they do that because some of the OSR games are pretty good, with their own strengths and weaknesses; just like D&D.

>> No.72665456

>But it's basically DnD but better.
This doesn't ring true to me, what criteria are you using to make this evaluation?

>> No.72665468

D&D isn't bad and the tg meme of it being ass only came about with 4e yet continues to be pushed onto the entire game.

>> No.72665474

3.5. The Expedition series was 3.5.

>> No.72665477

Lol DND fags get mad. Lol

>> No.72665487

Ok buddy.

>> No.72665493

Pick one and we'll talk about it.

>> No.72665500

No, it's just bad. And you are showing you know nothing of what makes people like D&D if you recommend that shitshow of a game.
Just shut the fuck up retard.

>> No.72665524

Sir, the floor is yours.

>> No.72665527

It would be extremely useful for their "cause" if the anti-D&D crowd didn't show to be composed by drooling retards, judging by the shit they post.

>> No.72665528

Lol stay mad DND cuck.

>> No.72665535


>> No.72665630

You are clearly the one that is mad because D&D is played and appreciated, brotato. And you are doing a terrible job at hiding it, FYI.

>> No.72665655

This sounds way better than half of the alternatives proposed ITT.

>> No.72665672

It works with scaling damage for PCs and a lot of quality of life improvements like higher starting HP for starting characters so you stubby have to increase book keeping add start characters at level 3 and miss damage. Martials get more meaningful character design and combat decisions.
Some people, myself included, don't like the theatre of the mind combat positions but that's easier to patch it then fixing DnD.
The biggest flaw imo, is that it just improved DnD add not really a full game in its own right.

>> No.72665674

depends on the edition
when I just got into ttrpg a few years ago my friend started me with 5e and I found it boring as fuck outside of roleplay. 3.5e has more game to it for me

>> No.72665679

A lot of the people on 4chan like to be contrarian for its own sake.

Anyone who plays D&D will know that basically every edition is a fine system with its own pros and cons; yes, even 4th.
Many people who are new to the game won't know what things their edition does poorly and what it does well. Others who are experienced with the game may try to push the boundaries of what it can do. The problem we run into is that some of these people come to /tg/ asking us for advice on how to slightly modify the rules or handle certain, specific situations and the assclowns who have never actually bothered to play the damn game but hate it because Critical Role made it popular spam threads with "Reeee, don't play DND! No game is better than any DND game!"

I love and hate Critical Role. Before it, people here would help modify rules and calmly suggest better systems for circumstances that demanded them. After Critical Role I constantly find myself with dozens of people curious to give the game a try and less social stigmas from people who don't play.

>> No.72665683

Given where D&D sits on the crunch spectrum, this comment might be the most ignorant one in the thread so far. Even counting all the telepathic shills who know how everyone else feels about D&D by magic.

>> No.72665691

Stay mad. Maybe you'll get barbarian levels one day.

>> No.72665701

Whoa you're going to have to clarify what system you're talking about first.

>> No.72665705

ITT: dndrones circlejerking

>> No.72665728

ITP venomous little cuck mad people like D&D.

>> No.72665751

Is not working, buddy.

>> No.72665757

5e's pretty damn good in my experience with it, the system's more of a core ruleset and everything after that is DM fiat or table-rules.

>> No.72665772

Based retard.

>> No.72665788

>Tries to withhold (you)s in impotent rage

>> No.72665794

You never even tried D&D before and you expect us to believe you're an authority on game design? Jesus Christ man.

>> No.72665832

He's well versed in table top games, having played both Uno and Monopoly.

>> No.72665837

Ah, so you're completely ignorant. Explains it then.

>> No.72665862

Imagine being this smug about P&P.
Reconsider your life you utter failure.

>> No.72665908

It's really restrictive if you run it RAW, but like you said DM fiat or houserules are easily implemented. Hell, there's a full 5e conversion to Star wars that uses a custom Spell Points system for casting and has its own classes and some new spells and reworked existing spells and it's pretty damn fun.

>> No.72665910

You're really overselling the impact of CR.

>> No.72665937

>It's really restrictive if you run it RAW, but like you said DM fiat or houserules are easily implemented.
Yes. If you fix all the bad or broken parts yourself it's a great system. But that's true of anything.

>> No.72665949

I tend to follow it up with more advice, but it genuinely is a good suggestion for some situations. More to the point, those situations come up frequently. So frequently you'd think the idiots suffering them could search up a few threads or blogs about them. But no, they come here and pitch a fit about alignments or boring combat or mage supremacy or high GM workload. So we throw them a fits-all reply one step up from "lurk moar.". That's what they deserve.

>> No.72665955

I've found it's really seamless to get stuff from other editions working in it too, 3E/3.5E/Pathfinder especially. That Final Fantasy D20 project is built on Pathfinder as a base but I was able to translate over its Samurai job for a player to use at the table for 5e with no real fuss.

>> No.72665987

I have to tweak 5e way less than I do a lot of other systems, it works great for what it is.

>> No.72666008

> but it genuinely is a good suggestion for some situations.
No, it really isn't.
In fact, it's not even advice, it's question, and a really obnoxious one.

You really are a piece of shit, worse than just the regular faggots who admit they're stupid shitposters who just hate D&D. You're really trying your hardest to defend your shitposting, to pretend it's something other than shitposting, but I am telling you this now.

No one's fooled. No one. No one could be fooled, because your actions and your motivations don't coincide in the slightest.

You just hate people discussing D&D on a RPG discussion board.
And that makes you a dumb cunt.

>> No.72666015

Imagine commenting on something you know nothing about, and then getting butt hurt about it when called out.

>> No.72666035

Have you tried playing 4e?

>> No.72666043

Have you tried not playing D&D?

>> No.72666044

Damn does that lady got a dick?

>> No.72666048

>Anon has played what have been probably the most recommended systems on /tg/ in their day.
>Say he has no experience.
Look at him, look at him and laugh.

>> No.72666062

>People who say "have you tried not playing DnD", don't know what DnD is like anymore and haven't played it in 20+ years
I'm not surprised, but I don't understand how someone can so completely avoid something like that. I guess these fags have just been playing GURPS for decades now and get pissy whenever someone else plays something they don't like. Either that or their no games.

>> No.72666067

It's more functional than non-functional honestly, it works, it's just when I ran it RAW I kept having to say no because it's a very limited ruleset. It feels like it's meant to be built upon with houserules, homebrew, and other things of the like.

Yeah, like I said above it's incredibly good for homebrew. I can whip up a class or a race and keep it fitting no sweat because 5e has specific design conventions that are easy to follow and work with as well as understand.

This, 5e works pretty good on its own and only requires minor tweaks to suit the taste of your group. I have choies; I can either brew a Kamen Rider class from the ground up (I have because that's how I roll, and my groups play with homebrew since all the people who GM are chill and we're all friends and we don't want to break the game or ruin anyone's fun) or just play a Paladin/Warlock multiclass with Mask of Many Faces and the Unarmed Strike Fighting style ua and then smite with punches for Rider Kicks.

Of course if I want to go full rider I could just play something like HERO, M&M, or a system I've put together but not everyone's going to want to learn a new system just so one guy can play his oddly specific concept.

>> No.72666081

He's played four more games than you have, buddy.

>> No.72666123

I don't hate D&D discussion. I admit, I am tired of the same old threads when there's so much OC to be made. Do you really think the "firearms in D&D" guy deserves better than our contempt? What about the "bloo bloo Wizards too strong" guys? The "all non humans must die" people? "How do i make d20 simulate a gritty 1920s mystery story with tentacle monsters?"
All of them would benefit from trying a different game or two. Maybe literally anything, maybe a curated choice that meets their aims. But it's so boring, there has to be some way to help them but also slap their titties a little.

>> No.72666128

Have you tried playing Pathfinder 2e?

>> No.72666129

He "played" a single session with somebody that didn't know how to run it. That isn't playing it. Just like he played a single session of D&D and thinks it's great. He's by definition ignorant. He also didn't specify which Edition of Vampire, GURPS, or Warhammer he played. Just listed them ass if it sounded impressive. The Storyteller system is shit. Each Edition of Warhammer's RPG has a serious problem. GURPS poorly constructed isn't worth mentioning.

>> No.72666157

I've played every Edition of D&D and Pathfineder. Shadowrun, GURPS, and DCC. A few others, too. Whenever somebody avoids specifics it's to try and lend legitimacy to non arguments. You'll note he didn't say what he liked about 5th assuming it's what he played.

>> No.72666188

D&D is fine for what it is: a game that focuses on killing monsters and taking their shit. I think the issues comes up when people try to bend it to something it's not. There are a plethora of systems out there that cater to specific styles of games and once you've learned one system, it's not overly complicated to learn another.

>> No.72666190

>A few others, too.
>Whenever somebody avoids specifics it's to try and lend legitimacy to non arguments.

>> No.72666228

>missing the point this bad
People asking for fix in dnd either haven't rtfm or don't like some inherent mechanic abstraction, that's why "stop playing dnd" it's a valid input: either they (finally) learn to rtfm or find something that suits them better.

>> No.72666304

Fair cop. For me or isn't worth it because I would have to change so much, that I am better off with a different system, or just starting from scratch.

>> No.72666308

If your intent is to give advice, then take mine and rephrase your suggestion to play a different system so it isn't an obnoxious rhetorical question. It makes you look like a prat. Seriously. Consider the following:

>Hey anons, I've been having trouble sleeping lately and haven't been able to get to bed before 5 a.m. some nights! It even happened last night. I know diet can impact sleep so what I had for dinner last night (at around 8) was a steak sandwich with fries and a mountain dew. Any advice? I need to wake up early tomorrow.

Eating that late can make it hard to go to bed, and mountain dew has tons of caffeine. I'd try switching to water and not eatting dinner earlier.
Have you tried not drinking mountain dew? Try switching to water and don't eat so late.

If you can't tell that one of those comes off as much more rude and combative than the other, then you might actually be autistic. And while I'm often the first to jump up and say that we all have the right to be dicks to each other on the internet, you should be honest in your dickery. Shitposts are shitposts and are mostly fine in moderation, but lying about shitposting is just poor form.

>> No.72666362

It's almost as if every system has pros and cons! Riveting!

>> No.72666389

It's not the worst, just not the best either. People have a very very bad taste in their mouth after 3.5/pf where the game could be easily snapped over your knee, everyone tried homebrewing it to do something it had no business doing, and it was very complicated for what it offered.

The "have you tried not playing D&D" comes from the fact that there are better options for things that aren't monster brawling dungeon crawlers. This may seem obvious, but back in 3.5 times people saw how complex the system was and thought every system was like this. Thinking that, they stretched D&D's rules like play-dough to accommodate things it really wasn't suited for, instead of broadening their horizons. As long as you recognize that other options exist, and trying to make D&D into something like a realistic modern-day police procedural TTRPG is a stupid idea, you're golden.

>> No.72666407

It is shit posting, but it's not aimed at the system, it's aimed at lazy, stupid newbies who can't Google, can't lurk, and deserve a little sass with their support.
If people are posting the /tg/ complaints department image macro, your thread is shit and you should feel bad.

>> No.72666587

Okay. Let's have a thought experiment then. What is a good thread that someone new to both D&D and /tg/ could make that concerned some question or problem with D&D? You can't say one doesn't exist or that someone new to /tg/ shouldn't make threads: if there was nothing worth posting then everyone would eventually stop posting and everyone here had a first post and a first thread.

>> No.72666631

>stop enjoying what i don't like
congrats you discovered 4chan

>> No.72667181

>What is a good thread that someone new to both D&D and /tg/ could make that concerned some question or problem with D&D?
The fucking dnd generals maybe?

>> No.72667351



Fuck you.
Fuck you, fuck your "sass", and fuck your attempts to justify your shitposting.
Shit, you're down at the level where you think that attacking people asking questions is somehow better than just admitting you're a piece of shit who wants to wage a semi-private war against a system.

Everyone knows you're a dumb faggot, except you for some reason.

>> No.72667397

Those generals are sheer cancer, are generally unhelpful, and someone new to /tg/ may not know to look there for an answer. Furthermore, the general is not a thread that the newer person is going to be making. Try again.

>> No.72667400

>You can't say that someone new to /tg/ shouldn't make threads
You absolutely can.
"Lurk more fag" used to be an important part of board culture.

>> No.72667419

>Those generals are sheer cancer, are generally unhelpful,
And why should this be a problem for /tg/ as a whole? Containment threads are meant to contain shit, not let it get spread around.

>> No.72667468

Shut up retard
Shut up 4rrie
Bruh no

>> No.72667487

>I think the issues comes up when people try to bend it to something it's not.
People used it for all sort of shit, you not being ok with it isn't anyone else's issue.

>> No.72667501

I hate that they gave her pants.

>> No.72667529

People self harming isn't really my issue, seeing it doesn't make me happy though.
It's natural to empathizes with other human beings going through unnecessary pain.

>> No.72667541

>I want a free ticket for spamming shit on /tg/, the post.
I can't believe i have to explain this but i guess you're a fucking zoomer: usually when posting on a forum or something similar it's a good behavior to search for an appropriate section where to post before starting a whole new one. Now zoom zoom away, the adults are talking here.

>> No.72667554

Yes and they're completely free to do so. And when they complain how it doesn't really work and ask how to do so, I'm free to point out there are a plethora of systems that would better match what they're looking for.

>> No.72667672

Do you need to transparently be a stupid cunt only interested in trying to get people to stop playing a game you dislike though?
You really could go about it not as a cunt, but since you really want to just keep being a cunt, you really need to stop trying to defend yourself as anything other than a cunt.

You're a cunt. At least show that you're aware of what everyone else knows.

>> No.72667690

Yeah, I’m sure you’ve never played D&D before

>> No.72667728

>being this paranoid
It’s like you’ve adopted D&D as part of your personality and take personal offense to criticism of the system

>> No.72667770

But I like D&D just fine anon. I like it for what it is, a game that is completely centered around killing monsters and taking their shit. It's fun. Why are you so angry about this simple truth?

>> No.72667812


>> No.72667821

>"Lurk more fag" used to be an important part of board culture.
Yes, and generals used to not be a thing. Lurk more was good advice when lurking would actually answer your question.

Last time I checked /tg/ stood for /traditional games/, not /traditional games I like and everything else can have one thread I guess/. I have just as much right to post a D&D rules question thread outside of a general as you have a right to post a setting discussion or world building thread. If you don't like it you can fucking "zoom zoom away." Fuck me do I hate the zoomer/boomer cringe.

>> No.72667843

>no I'm not going to just go to a general that is filled with people who both know and like to discuss the thing I'm trying to ask about because reasons

>> No.72667975

>No I'm not going to admit that this board isn't my own personal playpen for reasons.

I can make strawmen too.

>> No.72667979

Too bad it works fine. You can keep seething.

>> No.72667999

This post shows that you are just frustrated and want to stir shit.

>> No.72668005

I'm not seething anon, but you seem very upset. What's up?

>> No.72668035

People forgot /tg/ has shit tastes.

>> No.72668081

As a matter of fact the one assuming the main board is for his own shitting is you. There are generals because some questions are asked continuously. Fucking use them and don't spam you underage mongoloid.

>> No.72668089

It did not work before, is not working now. You are the only one complaining and stating other people are having fun wrong anon.
But you are too obtuse to understand this is blatant and you are looking desperate and patehtic.

>> No.72668144

Meh. It's aggressively mediocre. It's like it was made to beat 5e at being the most boring thing in existence but 5e at least doesn't pile up tons of rules upon itself.

>> No.72668151

The D20 system is ancient in terms of p&p rpgs. It's proven itself to be an adaptable and versatile system.
It's difficult for even trannys to fuck up when they don't try to absolutely break it like they in 4th edition.
This all said, other systems are objectively better at their specific focus, DnD is the just the jack of all trades format and is easily adapted to different settings "good enough".
But ultimately, some rule sets are better for their respective settings.

Ultimately, play whatever system you like, but you really don't need to come here and act like a faggot, begging for attention because: "lol someone on /tg/ said something and I disagree".

>> No.72668201

There's so many logical fallacies in this faggot's screed I don't even know where to begin, but it's mainly cock sucking appeals.
>Appeal to majority
>Appeal to authority
>Assumption of fact
Seriously, KYS.

>> No.72668209

You very clearly are upset anon. I'm very happy that people can have fun with taking D&D and doing something different with it, power to them. What I don't quite understand is when they take D&D, want to do something different with it but don't know how, and a huge amount of time changing things when someone has already done that work for them effectively. I don't quite understand the insistence on using just the one system for everything, when there are so many out there tailor made for so many different types of games. I don't know why pointing a basic truth, that D&D is a game about killing monsters and taking their shit, has gotten you so upset.

>> No.72668238

Have you tried not making threads about D&D?

>> No.72668252

>But ultimately, some rule sets are better for their respective settings.
Yes, exactly. I like D&D and have no real strong opinions about any specific d[insert number here] system, but if I'm going for horror I'm probably not playing D&D, but probably CoC, DG, Dread, or Fear Itself. If I'm going for space shenanigans, I'm probably not going for D&D, but instead Eclipse Phase or Stars Without Number.

>> No.72668257

No, the other posts are trying to distract from the original point.

D&D threads belong on /tg/ and have every right to be posted. People should be able to come here for questions and suggestions both in and outside of a general thread. Anon made the claim that "[if] people are posting the /tg/ complaints department image macro, your thread is shit." I am attempting to illustrate that this is utter horseshit because we all know either that image macro or the phrase that goes with it is posted in practically 100% of D&D threads that aren't the general, and sometimes the generals too.

So I ask again. What is a good thread that someone new to both D&D and /tg/ could make that concerned some question or problem with D&D? And once again a valid answer cannot include "it doesn't exist," or "the general thread."

>> No.72668314

>And once again a valid answer cannot include "it doesn't exist," or "the general thread."
It can, actually, you just don't like those answers.

>> No.72668367

What is someone supposed to do when their game general is a shit heap or just not available?

Generals are cancer, a relic of the cancer that was quests. They started here when world of darkness needed 37 threads to discuss the different flavors of the story teller system and would last two bumps before sliding off for donkeyfuckharem#5567 having its fourth revival.

>> No.72668369

You don't understand because you are anarrow-minded, obsessed autist.

>> No.72668374

>D&D threads belong on /tg/ and have every right to be posted
Then don't whine if someone answer you suggesting anther game (at best) or with a meme (at worst). If you post out of a general you're implicitly open yourself to all varieties of /tg/ opinions that may even just remotely intersect with your thread argument.

>> No.72668396

I just don't get why someone would stress themselves out over it. Why take a bicycle and spend weeks turning into a car when you could just... Get a car.

>> No.72668462

>What is someone supposed to do when their game general is a shit heap or just not available?

>> No.72668506

Nah chief, I'm staying right here.

>> No.72668523

>Then don't whine if someone answer you suggesting anther game (at best) or with a meme (at worst). If you post out of a general you're implicitly open yourself to all varieties of /tg/ opinions that may even just remotely intersect with your thread argument.
I don't. What I take issue with is someone suggesting that any thread that someone decides to post that meme in is a shit thread that doesn't belong. Well, that and making the dishonest claim that the memeposting isn't shitposting.

>> No.72668556

>The cancer that was quests
Man. You're like double retarded..

>> No.72668600

>no arguement
>caw hem wetard

>> No.72668617

Who do you think you're fooling?

>> No.72668647

>DnD is the just the jack of all trades format and is easily adapted to different settings

>> No.72668653

Well I guess you can start a new general then:
/dndgen - i'm a fart-smelling entiled faggot edition/
hopefully it will gaign some traction and you'll finally have your pure uncutted dnd breeding ground on /tg/.

>> No.72668658

The only one stressed here is you.

>> No.72668676

How off the plot are you?

>> No.72668677

Basically, you're talking with shitposters desperate to try and keep their shitposting from getting banned for shitposting.

If we had non-retarded mods, they would get banned, like the /v/ mods had to do with the system war faggots in /v/.

These idiots don't actually care about games, they just want to play a game of "hate on the popular thing for fun and attention", and this board is far better off without their mindless spam.

>> No.72668697

>making a few adjustments to an rpg

Not everyone is as stupid as you are.

>> No.72668766

Then stop asking others to do it for you anon. I don't take an issue with people playing however they want. I do take issue with people demanding help to do something needlessly difficult and crying when an easier solution is presented to them.
Yes, some are vastly more stupid.

>> No.72668808

>If DnD is bad, then that means I am bad.
>I cannot possibly be bad.
>Therefore DnD is not bad.
The logic is flawless, even if the premise is bad.

>> No.72668816

But I do like D&D, playing in a 5e campaign right now, though I feel it's a little lackluster(5e as a system, not the campaign) and likely wouldn't run it(running fantasy style games period doesn't really appeal to me, though I enjoy playing them).

>> No.72668839

Now this is the actual tranny game

>> No.72668856

>What is a good thread that someone new to both D&D and /tg/ could make that concerned some question or problem with D&D?
Anything concerning the creation of legitimate OC. Asking for help with dungeon design, specific fantasy world building, etc. Asking where to find good resources for D&D. Asking how to challenge specific characters as a DM.
But, as.othera have pointed out: if you are new, you should not post. If you are not sure if you are too new, you are too new.

>> No.72668916

Nigga you just tried to equate making changes to an RPG to turning a bike into a car.

Is it really that hard for you, or are you really good at turning bikes into cars?

>> No.72668966

Who. Do. You. Think. You. Are. Fooling?

Who? Who are you even addressing?
It's not me, because you're just repeating the same unconvincing bullshit complete with backhanded compliments that make it clear you're not even trying to be earnest.

Who? Everyone who knows D&D and has been on this site longer than a minute knows you're full of shit. Even the people who don't know D&D should have figured out how much of a petty bitch you are.

Who? Are you posting for the other "STOP PLAYING D&D" faggots? Hoping for a pat on the back?

>> No.72669007

It's a pretty good analogy.
If that anon wants to make a Political Intrigue heavy, hard SciFi game, or a car, DND or a bike is a bad place to start.

If the goal is to litterally make DnD but with better class balance, or more skill depth, DnD is an okay place start. It would be like adding paint or a bell to a bike.

>> No.72669026

If it wasn't an issue, it wouldn't come up so much anon. But you don't seem overly bright.
Anon, I'm sorry that me liking D&D just an ok amount is so upsetting.

>> No.72669035

You seem upset.

Have you tried not playing DnD?

>> No.72669047

why don't you?

>> No.72669099

>Then stop asking others to do it for you anon.
Non sequitur. The only one that has to stop anything here is you.
Stop sperging my dude.

>> No.72669129

>You seem upset.
You are not fooling anyone.

>> No.72669136

No. It's a terrible analogy.
>If that anon wants to make a Political Intrigue heavy, hard SciFi game,

> Political Intrigue heavy,
Something D&D does easily.
>hard SciFi
That's a skin. Fluff. Extremely easy to adapt.

Shit, you are actually an idiot, and not just pretending to be one. You could have stopped, but you decided to show off just how fucking bad you are at figuring out how to adapt games.

I'll give you some advice. If you're having trouble figuring out how to use a system as easy to adapt as D&D, what you need to spend your time learning is how to modify games, not learning new systems.

You're like a mechanic who doesn't know how to fix a bum headlight recommending that you throw the car out and buy a motorcycle.

Learn some basics before you try giving advice, you nob.

>> No.72669178

>get called out irrevokably
>...uh... uh.... u maD?!?

Kind of pathetic.
Nice to see you at least know when to lie down and play dead though.

>> No.72669209

>> Political Intrigue heavy,
>Something D&D does easily.
>>hard SciFi
>That's a skin. Fluff. Extremely easy to adapt

>> No.72669235

>hey, have you tried doing something even small children can figure out how to do?

Have you tried not being an idiot?

>> No.72669296

I know you're not very intelligent anon, but in my very first post in this thread, that's what I was referring to. If you've got it working yourself, power to you. If you don't, come in asking how to do so, someone points out there are a plethora of systems that can do that(they just aren't D&D), then you get upset; that's what I don't understand.

Again anon, I'm going to continue thinking D&D is an ok game and there's nothing you can do about it.

>> No.72669332

Okay. People meme about cringe compilations, but I'm actually saving this to share with friends.

>> No.72669355

Star Wars 5e exists, and it's really not all that bad. It's no Fantasy Flights star wars or Star Wars d20 but it's pretty good. It's actually more fun than base 5e IMO.

>> No.72669400

Your arrogance is your downfall, retard-san.
Everyone is able to read through the passive-aggressiveness of your first post.
Now go, you fucking imbecile.

>> No.72669402

You know, you're really bad at this, especially your desperate attempts to dodge all the points.

You might want to say you think D&D is ok right here, but then you prefer to make yourself sound like you hate D&D and that you'd rather give bad advice just because you hate it so much.

No one's fooled. You shitpost because you mad people like a game you don't like. No amount of concern trolling or bullshit laid on top of it is ever convincing, so you might as well give up.

Even your attempts to defend yourself being a dumb cunt just make it clear how dumb of a cunt you are. I can guarantee your next post will just be another dumb cunt post, so you're probably best off just slinking away, tail between your legs.

>> No.72669408

Don't suggest another game Anon, adapting DnD is so easy a CHILD could do it. You'd have to be a complete idiot to pay for another d20 system that does it for you.

>> No.72669422

You are by far reading way too much into words, anon. Why is this such an emotional topic for you?

>> No.72669433

Literally every person I've seen running a game of this has been a tranny bored of 5e but too stuck up their own ass to try something that's not "D&D but different"

>> No.72669440

>pay for another d20 system
Who the fuck is paying for any of these?

>> No.72669441

Go ahead. Let them laugh at you for thinking that a game literally built from political intrigue has problems with political intrigue.
Fuck man, what the fuck do you think Blackmoor was?

Please, go show people how stupid you are by not realizing how stupid you are.

>> No.72669459

Name a system that does political intrigue well. Genuinely curious.

>> No.72669475

>D&D is built for political intrigue

>> No.72669476

I'm really enjoying this thread.
I feel bad for laughing at the mentally handicaped though.

>> No.72669483

>Pay for a system
Good joke. Why would I support ANYONE in this shithole of an industry? In fact, most of what I play isn't even paid content, it's free stuff made by diehard fans.
>adapting DnD is so easy a CHILD could do it
It is, and I've done it. It's just time-consuming.

>> No.72669507

Everyone understood you are intellectually dishonest long time ago anon.
FYI - you are WAY less smart then what you think, dipshit.

>> No.72669526

Holy shit we are already at "passive aggressive posting because I am being BTFO".

>> No.72669528


>> No.72669541

I'm genuinely asking here: why is this such an emotional topic for you?

>> No.72669563

I think that if you have to create these strawmen you are more mentally compromised than a troon.

>> No.72669565

Are you falseflagging? Is your goal to make everyone think the "STOP PLAYING D&D" fags really are completely retarded?

You can stop. People were convinced of that long ago.

>> No.72669571

Why is this such an emotional topic for you?

>> No.72669575

If DnD is good, why isn't it worth paying for?
Checkmate atheists.

>> No.72669586

> why is this such an emotional topic for you
This is a strawman you are creating because you are desperate.
The only feeling I have not is contempt for you, FYI.

>> No.72669614

lmao it's completely broken now

>> No.72669654

The only TTRPG I've ever laid money for was the Handler's Book for the new edition for Delta Green. I still enjoy playing D&D.

>> No.72669675

You don't seem to know what a strawman is. You're acting very mad and using very harsh language because I had the audacity to say "D&D is ok."

>> No.72669792

Nice damage control but none is buying it my less gifted friend.

>> No.72669816

It's less the game itself and more the publishers who are at fault. I already pay hasbro for Transformers, they charge me almost 20 USD before tax for a fucking Deluxe and you think I'm going to pay 100 USD for a book I can find all the content in for free on the internet? Fuck no, jew me once shame on you jew me twice shame on me.

I wouldn't pay for any TTRPG book unless I absolutely could not find it digitally, and even then I'd probably just pass on the system.

>> No.72669838

>damage control
What exactly do you think is happening here?

>> No.72669876

That I am losing my time with a bitter retard of the "stop having fun" type.

>> No.72669935

Who told you to stop having fun?

>> No.72669947

We already know you are a dishonest dipshit, there was no need to post this.

>> No.72669972

Can you point out where anyone told you to stop having fun?

>> No.72670151

>it's another thread of D&D players crying about a meme
It's like a child throwing a tantrum when they realize they can't eat chicken McNuggets for every meal.

>> No.72670185

These people are also getting mad about someone saying
>D&D is ok.

>> No.72670198

Is not working anon.

>> No.72670211

>I will try to spin the narrative, it's a good trick!

>> No.72670228

This thread feels like incessant screeching coping from OP to bottom.

>> No.72670262

Can you point out where someone told you to stop having fun?

>> No.72670297

>has problems with political intrigue.
It has no rules for anything social beyond spitballing a DC, choosing your highest social stat, and rolling. That's useless. You're better off doing freeform RP if you're going to play a system with mechanics that don't meaningfully impact the main conceit of your game, you faggot.

>> No.72670343

You tried to police what people should and should not do with D&D. That's it.
Now fuck off.

>> No.72670407

>D&D is ok.
Nah, most people posting seem to agree that it's at least "ok." It's not the best high-fantasy combat system, but it's very far from the worst. The only people seething about the idea of a system being good are the people who can't accept that D&D might not be the best at literally everything, like this guy:

>I'll try crying, that's a good trick!

>> No.72670441

Again, you are the only one mad here because you expected people dogpiling D&D while you have been told to fuck off.

>> No.72670450

Backpedaling, are we? No, I said I think issues crop up when they take a system that is centered around killing monsters and taking their shit and make it not that. And issues DO come up with that. I'm not going to stop anyone from powering through that though because I have no desire to do so and even if I did, how exactly could I? Believe it or not anon, that wasn't a personal attack on you.

>> No.72670601

>Backpedaling, are we? No, I said I think issues crop up when they take a system that is centered around killing monsters and taking their shit and make it not that
And you are wrong, and people told you that the game can do that. But that's for you is wrong and you keep sperging with an undeserved sense of superiority.

>> No.72670619

>Believe it or not anon, that wasn't a personal attack on you.
Nono anon. I am personally attacking you because you are a fucking imbecile.
> Backpedaling

>> No.72670679

>And you are wrong
I'm not though. The game is about killing monsters and taking their shit. That is what the vast majority of the mechanics revolve around, what the most fleshed out mechanics deal with, what the game started as, and very much what the game is. You CAN do other things with it, but there are also other systems that cater to those things better.

I think you're just kind of an idiot and you're lashing out, but that's not surprising I suppose.

>> No.72670759

>I'm not though. The game is about killing monsters and taking their shit.
keep repeating it is not going to automatically make it true.
FYI I am the last one bothered to read your bullshit, you can notice. You can stop right now.

>> No.72670790

I'm sorry that this truth bothers you so much anon. Do you want to share why you think it does?

>> No.72670796

/tg/ what the fuck is this thread? I know there's only a handful of us actually on this board, but the amount of samefagging would make a changeling army do a doubletake.

That's cool that you enjoyed something. It's okay to like different things. But the deal with "have you tried not playing D&D" has to do with long running issues with the game since 3e. Things such as: caster imbalance, the shift towards a near total focus on combat rules, redundancy in the spell list, and so on.

These things don't make it a bad game. Every edition of D&D is at worst serviceable, so if you enjoy it solid. But if other people were trying to steer you away from it you should probably ask them why they did. You might find they don't like class based systems and prefer open character creation, or that they prefer another system's baked in setting. Maybe they like rules light systems that don't have rules obfuscation that make people think you can crit a skill check.

Ultimately, D&D is the batchelor chow of tabletop games. No one can talk shit about you playing it because we have all played it at some point (if these fags have actually every played a game and arent just being bitches from the side line.) But it is totally reasonable for people to suggest another system when someone has a problem.

>> No.72670824

>that this truth
You have autism my boy.

>> No.72670863

I'm genuinely curious, why does that statement both you so much?

>> No.72670894

>You tried to police what people
You gonna accuse the Anon of "gate-keeping" next?

>keep repeating it is not going to automatically make it true.
The vast majority of the rules are dedicated to fighting and getting better at fighting. Non-combat rules amount to little more than a DC and a 1d20+modifier roll, with little variation between characters and no real support from the mechanics to differentiate character competency except in the method you use to kill stuff. Sure, you can use it for games about something other than lots and lots of fantasy fighting, but you probably shouldn't for the same reason you shouldn't use a screwdriver to dig a trench. It's not what the thing is built for and you're going to have an easier time with a tool built for it.

>because you expected people dogpiling D&D
No, I expected children cry-typing about their favorite system because they hitched their identity to it. I got exactly what I expected.

>> No.72670919

The whole thread you are trying to push on other your shit opinion as if it's the truth.
You are unable to accept that others are using D&D just fine for a lot of stuff - you have to sperg over and over and samefag. >>72670796
The condescending tone you are using is is amusing but kinda sad.

>> No.72670928

>the amount of samefagging would make a changeling army do a doubletake.
thread was worth it for this sentence.

>> No.72670955

>he vast majority of the rules are dedicated to fighting and getting better at fighting.
This is a common misconception. You have more nuance and stakes therefore you need more lenght in the way the rules are written. It has nothing to do with the actual time and dedication in the game.
You are a sad autist basing everything on a common fallacy. You are not even original I am afraid.

>> No.72670978

>o, I expected children cry-typing about their favorite system
Again, you are the only one upset here. You have to spam and samefag because you cannot accept that people will not play your shit system.

>> No.72671034

>You are unable to accept that others are using D&D just fine for a lot of stuff
I am very able to accept it, as I have mentioned several times now. Doesn't change the fact there is still a system that would probably do what they want better or that issues do crop up when taking a game that's centered on killing monsters and taking their shit and try an center it on something else. If issues didn't crop up, there wouldn't be any "how do I do X in D&D" questions.

>> No.72671075

>This is a common misconception
It's not that. Almost all class features center around combat. The rules for combat vastly out number the rules for literally everything else.

>> No.72671118

>>kys tranny shill

>> No.72671119

You can insist on this fallacy as much as you want anon. I don;t expect much from you in general.

>> No.72671140

>I am very able to accept it,
No you are not.

>> No.72671162

For example, no one asks "how do I run a fantasy, combat centered D&D game" because it's unnecessary. That's what D&D is.

>> No.72671200

It's not a fallacy anon, it's just D&D.
I sure am. If you told me right now "I run a political intrigue D&D game with very little combat" I would absolutely accept that you do it. I still think there would be an easier way, but it's your game so you do you.

>> No.72671211

>HP Bloat (can swim in Lava)
>Magic Cheat Codes
>Mundane classes and options are barely supported by the system
>No dynamic tactics in combat outside of magic
>Genre shifts against GM and Player's wishes as HP bloat and damage scaling, and AC shit themselves past level five
>It's produced by a terrible fucking company, one of the few actually worse than GW.
>99% of the classes are magical
>Game doesn't work if you try to exclude magic
>Monsters endlessly "scale" up the retarded threat rating going from traditional monsters to more and more retarded abominations to account for your now living gods
>Horrific Class balance
>As flexible as a porcelain plate. Math breaks even within its own highly limited first party material
I can go on, but there's no point. D&D is shit and hasn't been worth playing since the AD&D started to go crazy with the over abundance of power wank.

>> No.72671262

>It's not a fallacy anon, it's just D&D.
Nice circular argument.

>> No.72671286

You keep just denying reality anon, I dunno what you want from me.

>> No.72671314

You are the one mixing an opinion based on a wrong assumption "reality", you sad autist.

>> No.72671357

It isn't an opinion anon, it's just the rulebook.

>> No.72671547

I already explained you why you are wrong.
It's time to accept it. Move on.

>> No.72671594

You didn't, you just said "nuh-uh."

>> No.72671623

Also, I don't have a system I cling to.

>> No.72671665

You have nothing to cling to, in fact. You just seek a false sense of superiority from all of this.

>> No.72671733

From what? Enjoying D&D? I like D&D anon. I also like Delta Green, Deathwatch, and Legend of the 5 Rings. I wanted to like the Witcher RPG, but it wasn't very good. You are fighting an enemy that isn't there, anon.

>> No.72671741


>> No.72672228

No one's upset about the meme. In fact, the only people who are upset are the people who are trying to defend that forced meme.

Everyone knows it's just retarded shitposting from retarded shitposters. The sad thing is that one of those retarded shitposters thinks that anyone is falling for his concern trolling bullshit, to the point where that's the hill he is willing to die on, regardless of how retarded he makes himself and you look.

>> No.72672377

>better go reply to this again with my bullshit

>> No.72672481

>some faggot absolutely seething because someone pointed out dnd is a combat game

>> No.72672614

Passive-aggressive posts like this are an admission of defeat.

>> No.72672790

Man, if that were the case, then every time someone would say "have you tried not playing D&D" would be an admission of defeat, because there's next to nothing more pathetically passive aggressive than that.

>> No.72672792

Defeat or victory imply some sort of competition anon. This isn't a competition. This is you being a seething faggot and everyone else laughing at you.

>> No.72672793

I think 5E is great when you want to play D&D. It's horrible for doing non typical D&D stuff.

4E is an interesting tactical combat system built on modern MMO character building and party interaction concepts.

3.x is really fun, but the D20 system was trying to do too much while having feats/skills/class builds too specific. It was a system good for trying to describe an existing hero, but a really rough system to actually level up to that point.(pathfinder fixed a lot of the issues) It was situationally good at doing non D&D things, I had fun with D20 Modern, Star Wars, etc. though ultimately they all shared the same issue.

2nd ed and earlier were solid for playing D&D.


>> No.72673110

No! I'm winning at the internet!

>> No.72673200

Imagine liking any D20 system

>> No.72673248

I don't have any strong opinions about any particular dice system, but I do like d100 systems a bit more.

>> No.72675045

>"concern trolling"
You must have misclicked in your bookmarks, you should be posting on Rpg.net right now.

>> No.72677511

D&D has a lot of problems as I'm sure other people ITT have pointed out but at the end of the day it's a very easy system to learn and surprisingly flexible at its core, with a lot of leeway for houserules and variants to suit different playstyles and fix some of the aforementioned issues. You should definitely broaden your horizons but at the same time there's no shame in periodically coming back to some good ol' D&D.

>> No.72678349


>> No.72678420

DnD only works well with adventure supplements, it's an (REALLY) awful system for improvisation. You will end up lying to your players or boring then with how much time you'll need to set things up on the fly.

>> No.72679671

You have that completely backwards. 90% of the adventures suck but it's great for improvising. True for Basic through 2nd and 5th at least.

>> No.72683693

Please leave

>> No.72685595

C'mon anon, we all know that when you improvise in DnD you eventually start bullshiting players with made up abilities, bosses with HP that never goes to zero until you think "now that's a good fight", bad-tought DCs, the list goes on...
Adventures sucking or not doesn't really matter from what I said previosuly, DnD only works well with tons of prep, and that's where adventure supplements come in.

>> No.72690056

Find new buzzwords

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