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>no black magic for two threads
Bros I'm fucking DYING. Post Black Magic

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From mobile, post turtles CYOAS (oldfags will understand)

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if we keep the threads black magic-free for long enough, maybe BMA will come back

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>No black magic for two threads
>ZBG posted a few comments last thread
>Possible TokXBliss collab

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I remember when there were a lot of builds for this.
It was really a lot of fun.

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It's only a Golden Age, tok. ZBG (if that was him) isn't making OC, and the collab is only theoretical as of yet. Ordion's new very long OC is making it look more like a GOlden AGe, but unless Italics, AHS, PCA, and Elder Scrolls Anon all come out with their upcoming OC and it's all great, we won't get to 100% caps.

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zbg diidn't post

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Tok. You do realize BM surpassed you in genuine lewdness, right? Only doable in the "hur, real life" sense, but still, it is unironically the most perverse thing I have ever read on here, or anywhere cyoa-related. Really gives me a sense of what it would have been like to have intercourse with unshaven, nasty ass witches/hags.

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Okay guys thanks for the feedback

I'm going to try and make this a really big CYOA. Maybe as big as Hell Invasion was.

...Actually that's a pretty tall order. But not impossible.

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We didn't give you any feedback though

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last thread you guys did

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I asked on reddit don't worry

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I'm looking forward to it. What's your expected word count? is it over 100k?

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I gave feedback (I was the anon who suggested suboptions for starting lands to add lore organically and without textwalls)

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Post Naruto

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Reminder that the objectively best build is Conquest with 90 Those Cast Out and a Grand Dragon.

You just fly over to your rivals and kill them with overwhelming force.

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This seems like you'd be setting yourself up for a Berserk type situation.

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big chungus....we're leaving

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I don't really type everything out beforehand. What I do is I write the basic idea out and let the exact words flow from mind to text when I'm adding in the images.

I forget how long a 100,000 word piece of writing is, so I'm not sure.

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what the fuck did you just call me

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100 000 word is 50+ pages

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I called you...anytime

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okay but I didn't save the compiled version

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Why would you damn yourself to longer post chains?

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it was non-intentional, I only just realized I never saved it

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I am working on something that I hope will be good
see you before the end of tthe year

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Looking forward to it! Godspeed!

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That includes the large amount of supplementary documentation. I’ve been trying to move as many words as possible to that documentation, to shorten option descriptions and the like, and my goal is to keep the longest night below 20 pages if at all possible. I also intend to rely heavily on the weapon pages from bloodborne 2, so they won’t count in the final length. Their role is more supplementary anyway, and the choice to use them for proper customization will be optional, since I’ll have an easier, more user-friendly weapon design section.

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I notice that some companions have (Skill)^^^, is that something you can do in the cyoa?

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Finally done, thank goodness.

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why is Konan so much better than everyone else?

>> No.72631694

Nah, seems to just be to distinguish companions from one another.

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She's from Amegakure which is best village by far.

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she's used goods

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>papercuts on your dick

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>best village
>constantly losing wars
>shit weather
explain this

>> No.72631741

>shit weather
holy shit get this pleb outta my sight

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Final version of wip from last thread. Didn't change much

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So anyone want to explain why Narutards are here and not in /ncyoag/?

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>shit tier visibility
>feels bad
>looks bad
>makes everything wet and means you have to constantly change clothes and do maintenence
>ruins your garden
rainfags get out, your weather sucks and so does your village

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motherfucker they had skyscrapers while the rest of the world was living in cattle dung huts.

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so you mean OC then

>> No.72631783

Feel free to link the thread anon

Jesus man, how prolific are you?

Also, its a minor thing, but you could use making the image like 400 pixels wider

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and they STILL suck at war

What use is a big metal box when some mud hut dwelling eyeniggers can shit on you

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>Really gives me a sense of what it would have been like to have intercourse with unshaven, nasty ass witches/hags.

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These one pagers only take like 2-3 hrs

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Oh. Did /ncyoag/ finally die off? Fuck, now the refugees are coming back here.

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You misspelled "judgment" btw.

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>rinnengan DNA

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That was ages ago anon, do keep up.

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yahiko didn't have the rinnegan when he shagged her anon

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>makes the best sound
>comfy as fuck
>forces everyone indoors and thus to not pollute
>makes you feel okay about spending the day at home

>> No.72631896

>thus to not pollute
Oh yea, those rivers are totally not polluted after the fertilizer is carried there by rain

>acid rain

>> No.72631944

>ruins your garden
Well how about you learn to fucking garden retard? If rain ruins your garden then you're doing something wrong.

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Gin "Ryusei"


Unbreakable Will, Tough, Deep Reserves, Bloodline Limit, Skilled, Gifted, Talented [Taijutsu], Charming

Bigger Fish, AYY LMAO, Foreign Invaders, Star-Crossed, Fated Rival, Akatsuki, Distinct Look [Dragonic Appearance]

>Chakra Nature
Lightning, Fire, Wind, Earth
>Elemental Kekkai Genkai
Flare, Explosion, Vibration

Body Flicker (Upgraded), Weapon Art [Sword] (Upgraded), Substitution, Clone
>Advanced Jutsu
Chakra Flow (Upgraded), Sealing Arts, Barrier Arts

>Special Techniques
Sage Mode, Curse Mark
>Secret Specials
Chakra Beast {Ryusei}

~Chakra Beast {Ryusei}~
Unbreakable Will, Tough, Deep Reserves, Bloodline Limit, Genius
>Chakra Nature
>Kekkai Genkai
Snake Physiology, Natural Demon (Upgraded), Chakra Absorption

Gin was originally a fairly normal young man, a shinobi blessed with natural talent but little ambition. But one day, a strange light crashed down from the Heavens. This was no simple meteor, being in reality a living thing, in a weakened state. Gin, by chance the first to discover this Chakra Beast resting in a crater, was unwillingly made into its host. With his strong will, Gin was able to maintain his sanity, but the influence and power of the Meteor Beast drive him to seek ever greater heights, to find a fitting adversary. He leaves his village, going on a spree of wanton destruction, only to be stopped by the two people most important to him: his lover and his best friend. Pushed to his limit by their abilities, Gin ends up killing his lover in order to escape, causing his best friend to swear vengeance.

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>acid rain
ah yes, a totally natural occurence

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New to the whole CYOA deal, so forgive me if I'm being an idiot, but I want to give one a go.
>philosophic bronze
>fairy familiar
Magic missles may be a simple spell, but that leaves it more flexible to how I use it. More creative uses should throw it out fas get too.

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I do not care

>> No.72631984

>just learn to garden
dumb fucking rainniggers and their fucking copes

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the rain always comes eventually

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Did someone merge Boros with Kings face? And if so, WHY?

>> No.72631999

Good thing I post for my own benefit and not yours, then.

>> No.72632016

why did you post it instead of keeping it to yourself
in what way does that beenfit you

>> No.72632018

what am I looking at?

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>> No.72632025

I care anon. Not about naruto, but about your build. GJ!

>> No.72632026

golden age is over, /cyoag/
bad times ahead

>> No.72632029

That's the SUN inside you, buddy.

>> No.72632043

If my maths checks out, youre a filthy Narutard by your own data.
Get back to /a/

>> No.72632075

lol this doomsaying meme is actually getting pretty funny. OC every other day and yet people are still on about how "this is the end"

>> No.72632086

Will post my build when I wake back up.

In the meantime, hard mode challenge: Dont select any of the properly world altering drawbacks (bigger fish/foreign/god/NSFW/time warp/AYY LMAO) and try not to abuse too many stupid eyehax combos

>> No.72632102

spooky stuff

>> No.72632105

>These one pagers only take like 2-3 hrs
You still crank content out fucking quick, and even a short one pager can take some planning and effort

>> No.72632112

That's not hard mode, that's low-power easy mode, what are you talking about? The only proper hard mode is Big Fish + AYY LMAO.

>> No.72632126

Nah, because at that point you just take all the drawbacks and then abuse mad science and Kekkai Genkai until you can shitstomp the rest of the series combined with stupid nonsense that makes the rinnengan look tame.

>> No.72632134

What happened to /ncyoag/ anyway?

>> No.72632144

Well, considering its not around anymore I want you to take a guess.

>> No.72632160

I gotta disagree, I never saw a build I really believed would be able to handle all those Otsutsuki at once.

>> No.72632176

how strong owuld rukia be in lore?
kage tier?

>> No.72632192

Maybe like a little stronger than your average Kage but not like Third Raikage level or anything

>> No.72632228

The otsutsuki arent actually that impressive, and at that tier of power the upgraded perfect integration becomes insane (land hit = gain all opponent abilities) which you can then multiply in terms of power with shit like clones, safe mode and 8 gates

>> No.72632240

I like these slow sundays.

>> No.72632247

Might be a while before I post more, since I want to give something more ambitious a try

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>> No.72632261

Either spelling is valid, though "judgment" is the more dominant form.

>> No.72632267

>The otsutsuki arent actually that impressive,in canon we saw
>sage of six paths
>that dude from tthe movie
all were bullshit strong tier and only naruto or sasuke stands a chance 1v1
and jigen beat both at once

>> No.72632284

fine day sunday

>> No.72632287

companion page 15 bottom

>> No.72632299

why is that dudley?

>> No.72632315

Kid naruto beat an otsutsuki in a fucking ball clash

>bullshit strong tier
And like most of all their powers come from their eye magic, meaning you just need one drop of blood and you gain everything they have

>> No.72632382

Slavery : life
Death : quiet and dignified
Slavery : 1 year
Slavery : 25 years
Slavery : 2 years
Slavery : life

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>I'll admit the power scaling in Boruto is extraordinarily retarded. Even Hokage Naruto, who as a kid regenerated from a whole punched in his chest in seconds, got taken out by getting stabbed with a normal sword. Really stupid.

But you're being super reductionist, anon. If you're not full of hax already your Perfect Integration ain't getting you anywhere, and a lot of haxes have hard counters from other haxes. You're oversimplifying and assuming it's gonna be easy to steal powers, and I'm just not convinced.

>> No.72632416

reee fire magic reee

>> No.72632430

so one had an underwhelming performance
and even then casually tagged kages and sasuke

>> No.72632437

>Kid naruto beat an otsutsuki in a fucking ball clash
I'll admit the power scaling in Boruto is extraordinarily retarded. Even Hokage Naruto, who as a kid regenerated from a whole punched in his chest in seconds, got taken out by getting stabbed with a normal sword. Really stupid.

But you're being super reductionist, anon. If you're not full of hax already your Perfect Integration ain't getting you anywhere, and a lot of haxes have hard counters from other haxes. You're oversimplifying and assuming it's gonna be easy to steal powers, and I'm just not convinced.

>> No.72632471

Fire Divination*

>> No.72632482

You know, you could just choose, of your own volition, to not make a stupid eyenigger or perfect integration build and actually try to make something high-powered that's a little more unique. You don't have to do the obvious OP stuff just cause it's there.

>> No.72632515

>take kaguya as companion
>one drop of kaguya blood
>have kaguya powers
>spend remaining points on whatever you want out of a combination of eyehax and broken just
>take rival +mission
You are now stronger than Naruto or Sasuke, have the final boss as a follower, have a rival as strong as you who will help you out and can easily get much stronger

>> No.72632525

You could even not take all those stupid drawbacks that turn Naruto into DBZ

>> No.72632531

Did you read the CYOA? If you take Kaguya you don't start with her.

>> No.72632533

you need juubi to be kaguya tier
and just drinking her blood doesn't give you her power
at best if you have a kid it'll be strong

>> No.72632552

But it's gonna turn to DBZ on you anyway just by virtue of time passing. Might as well put yourself on an even playing field, eh? Why choose to be worthless when the big bads show up? Do you want to have to rely on Naruto and Sasuke to bail you out?

>> No.72632553

It does with perfect integration(upgraded)

You no longer need the actual organ, any DNA becomes enough to grow your own (and even regenerate it if its damaged)

>> No.72632591

still need juubi

>> No.72632597

Then you may as well take the stupid shit and become cell/majin buu, instead of trying some stupid namemkian gimmick build or even worse being a human

>> No.72632605

>bottom left, nxtub. He also did the inheritance and haunted home improvement
Post them please.

>> No.72632621

Or you could just make whatever you want and have fun with it. I don't know why you always insist on being so negative.

>> No.72632631

As you wish

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>> No.72632660


>> No.72632758 [DELETED] 

>He LOVES cock and wishes to see a big fat juicy one throbbing and leaking sweet cum
Fucking based.

>> No.72632769

quick and dirty
poorly made in like 2 hours
not play tested
have at it

>> No.72632805

Why do we keep getting one page trash? When will we get some real oc?

>> No.72632809

Could probably have used like a third page of like items or something, but fuck it

>> No.72632848

Why are you always so negative and never satisfied or grateful to have something?

>> No.72632850

mancy or kinesis
kinesis or mancy

>> No.72632869

Why would I be grateful over garbage? Being negative is one thing but being delusional is another.

>> No.72632871


>> No.72632879

You should be the change you want to see.

>> No.72632896

mancy for magic
kinesis for psionics

>> No.72632924

Why not both?

>> No.72632927

No thanks. Making cyoas is boring.

>> No.72632982

Kinesismancy. The act of predicting the future by analysing movement.

>> No.72633014

WHY are these so small? They're damn hard to read? Why aren't they 1000 wide like the other one?

>> No.72633020

Limited Laplace Demon powers

>> No.72633030

>no be the mimic option
bro... well, might as well make a mimic waifu.

>Medium (175)
I think this is the size of a loli.
>Humanoid (75)
I'm not feeding my cum to a fucking chest.
>Human (-25)
Monster loli waifu MY DICK
>Lewd (-5)
>Natural Weapons (5)

I save the rest of the gold to go buy some food or clothes for my mimic.

>> No.72633031

>Not speaking with movement

>> No.72633034

any cyoa for a made in abyss vibe?

>> No.72633037

Thanks. I'll add them to a directory for him on the next update. I do agree with >>72633014
that they are a bit small to read.
Thanks for the new content.

>> No.72633042

Made in abyss cyoa

>> No.72633049

is that really a thing?

>> No.72633053

uhhh if i buy shape shifter how does it work?

>> No.72633069

Tha act of controlling other people's speaking with your mind

>> No.72633073


>> No.72633078

Yeah I've got it saved on my PC. Try googling it

>> No.72633090

Ok nevermind dont google it. I guess it has a different name

>> No.72633156 [DELETED] 

Would you?

>> No.72633163


>> No.72633171


>> No.72633181

Fuck overlord

>> No.72633185

yeah me neither
who is this for?

>> No.72633191

I want to see Gordon Ramsay reaction on this

>> No.72633192

I would

>> No.72633196

>Frozen pizza
no way

>> No.72633207

Do Americans really?

>> No.72633211 [DELETED] 

Who's Gordon Ramsay?

>> No.72633214


>> No.72633217

I'm pretty sure this is just a chocolate and cookie dessert shaped like a pizza. No cheese or tomato sauce present. In that case it could be good, but like most novelty desserts its probably too expensive for me.

>> No.72633222


>> No.72633231

as the anon officially elected to represent america, no

>> No.72633243

roughly converts to 3 American dollars rounding upwards

>> No.72633247

That's actually not to bad

>> No.72633251

It's dead, dead I tell you.
Anon died

>> No.72633264

He posted like 2 threads back

>> No.72633274

over 33% more expensive than an "actual" frozen pizza of similar proportions

>> No.72633286

Shape shifter lets you buy one new shape for your mimic. IE , if you buy a shiny item and choose a crown, you can buy shapeshifter and shiny again to make it say a mirror. Big shape changes basically.

Chameleon on the other hand is small shape changes and aesthetic changes. IE: if you started with a hat, it can probably make all sorts of hat from it and all sorts of colors.

>> No.72633289


>> No.72633299

Ah so you have to buy it again. That makes sense thanks anon.

>> No.72633301 [SPOILER] 

ligma balls

>> No.72633327

There are ~$2 frozen pizzas?

>> No.72633336

You do know even restaurants freeze their dough right?

>> No.72633353

I converted currencies in my head but yeah that's how much they cost.

>> No.72633364

Not at the 3 michelin star restaurants that I eat at motherfucker

>> No.72633367

damn you're rich

>> No.72633372

It's still dead

>> No.72633376

Hows this thread goin?

>> No.72633387

yeah I bet they serve pizza

>> No.72633390

A bong known for being a terrible cook

>> No.72633400

They do when you pay their goddamn wages

>> No.72633406

honestly debut they don't do it
you can't taste it at all

>> No.72633440

Pretty good. Would be better if Black Magic was posted, but I'll take what I can get.

>> No.72633444

He is overrated as shit just because he is a tv personality.
His restaurants aren't that good

>> No.72633458

see I told you guys, this is how you end up when you spend most of your free time on escapism, completely detached from reality

>> No.72633465

Okay now does that mean he can't cook?

>> No.72633477

I never said he can't cook, you faggot

>> No.72633525

>A bong known for being a terrible cook
>I never said he can't cook, you faggot

>> No.72633537


>> No.72633543

Guys remind me in 11 hours to change the succession law okay?

>> No.72633549

Are you an autist who can't understand exaggeration?

>> No.72633569

Are you an autist who can't express himself without wild hyperboles in every scenario?

>> No.72633574

ok, change the succession law in 11 hours

>> No.72633584

pick 1

>> No.72633597

no you're supposed to remind me in 11 hours as in post a reminder 11 hours from now

>> No.72633612

when was the last time you realised your life is shit

>> No.72633635

wild idea: carve a buttplug out of soap
worst case scenario you take an enema and dissolve it, no trip to the hospital required!

>> No.72633639

change the succession law in 11 hours

>> No.72633649

ok I see well now I'm not doing it

>> No.72633652 [SPOILER] 

I don't get it.

>> No.72633655

You gotta choose the proper kind of soap lest you want to rape your ass

>> No.72633668

you're 11 hours early
:( why not?
what do you mean proper?

>> No.72633674

>gatekeeps and bitches and moans all the time
>admits his life is shit and he's miserable
sad, find a positive outlet

>> No.72633679

Well it might burn your ass away or something if you choose a wrong soap

>> No.72633692

I think it's the same guy who keeps on posting about how it's not a golden age and every new oc is shit

>> No.72633699


>> No.72633706

how does one tell what soap is wrong or right?

>> No.72633723

Dunno. I don't know about soap.

>> No.72633735

how do you know some soaps are dangerous?

>> No.72633741

I pick whichever one is most likely to step on me

>> No.72633745

I'd be willing to bet. Probably also the same guy who posts "go to /qst/" and spams off-topic crap. He's so butthurt about people liking things he doesn't like that he's trying to shut down half the board, even trying to get generals banned.

>> No.72633748

you can't, just get some peppermint lye soap and go for it

>> No.72633767

racoon I guess

>> No.72633788

idk what peppermint is

>> No.72633793

>cold war era
I'd be familiar with what's going to happen so this gives me the greatest advantage.

>noble clan
>deep reserves
Easy mode.

>body flicker
>weapon art: kunai
>hell viewing
>calorie control+
>eight gates
>sage mode
With calorie control, eight gates, and sage mode I can generate tremendous amounts of chakra.

Undodgeable wide area instant kill with flare nature.

I have to justify the special eyes because of the timeline so here goes nothing. My grandmother from a different noble clan had a fling with some Uchiha resulting in a bastard child (my mother). My grandfather (head of the clan at the time) married his second son off to this noble bastard to secure an alliance between the clans. When his first born son died in the war unexpectedly that left his second son as heir and thus allowed me (the product of a second son and a bastard half breed) to be the eventual successor.
Internal consistency is maintained.

>fated rival
Of course I have to have a lifelong rivalry that ends in us being the best of friends. It wouldn't be a shonen without it.

>believe it
Gotta start somewhere.
>rival's radical reveal
>paying homage
Yeah this is about what I expected when I managed to get myself a rival.
>the box
Wonderful, I get one of the throwaway movie plots.
>tale of a gutsy ninja
This is probably what leads into the "paying homage" quest.
>tread lightly
Whenever I get tired of the Naruto world I can go somewhere else.

>Hanabi Hyuga
She doesn't affect the main canon too much and she's a competent melee specialist with the byakugan. Since we're both from prestigious clans and have special eyes we'll probably get along well.
Another melee specialist. She had her origins as a mercenary until I offered to make her one of my clan's retainers.

>> No.72633809

cyoas for this feel?

>> No.72633834

very good taste

>> No.72633838

I thought it might be, since the shitposts seem to never happen at the same time. I'm pretty sure though that he's not the BM poster(s), the pedophile hunter, the reddit mod, the fanfic hater, or the guy who incessantly shitposts about how there's too much shitposting. They all have different patterns.

>> No.72633853

what country are you from

>> No.72633865

Based Black Magicians

>> No.72633868

why do you care

>> No.72633871


>> No.72633885

>New Age Army Academy Graduate
>Logistical Master, Agricultural Organizer, Industrial Agitator
>Die-Hard Loyalist, Red-Hot Temper (Inspiring Leader as a bonus)
>A Grand Warlord's Army (3 Western-Style Infantry, 3 Drilled Volunteers, 3 Heavy Modern Guns, 6 Destroyers + 1 Cruiser, Mobile Military Hospital)
>Resource Control, Industrial Ventures
>The Centre
>A New Faction
The chaos is nothing new. After all, a realm long united must divide. The time is ripe to claim the mandate of heaven. The Empire, long divided, must unite!

>> No.72633888

Is there another page to this?

>> No.72633893

I wish there was more good top waifu cyoas besides that one good one and it's space soldier knock off

>> No.72633906

which is why I am 100% sure they don't include the reddit mod or the fanfic hater, but the pedophile hunter might be among them

>> No.72633907

you are now gay

>> No.72633923

there's PCA's waifu cyoa

>> No.72633931

medium (25)
Humanoid (125)
Human intelligence (225)

lewd (210)
lifeless (195)

Basically a sex puppet.

>> No.72633933

Is it better to quickly make a shitty outline for a cyoa then fine tune it to perfection or carefully construct each section of a cyoa as you go along?

>> No.72633934

I would appreciate it if a very cool anon would be willing to post those for me

>> No.72633949

I do the latter but it's up to you

>> No.72633953

I've done both, both work. Whatever is easiest for you at the moment.

>> No.72633958


>> No.72633963

because if you don't know what peppermint is I bet that you're from a third world country, which will limit your soap choices

>> No.72633980

go home dijkstra, you're drunk.

>> No.72633993

why is yours shit anon?

>> No.72634018

I don't have the regular version saved, think it was just called "femdom waifu" or something akin to it, but the allsync is down for me at the moment, so I'll have to make due with the space one

>> No.72634029

my brain is fucked beyond belief, my upbringing and inability to separate propaganda from reality as a child has inflicted permanent damage to my expectations and criteria by which I judge others, I am now forever stuck in a loop of being disgusted by others who find me disgusting in turn, never able to accept how horrible humanity is
i have concluded that creating a new race which only I can interact with is preferable to total loneliness, outsiders will find it disgusting but they do so whit my entire existence. I am however scared of this conclusion and refuse to accept the consequences and what I must do for what seem to be arbitrary reasons. wish me luck or convince me I'm wrong, I'm not sure which one I'd prefer.

>> No.72634035

>only 2 builds
lmao get btfo

>> No.72634039


>> No.72634050

see >>72634029

>> No.72634059

Do it, but you have to keep us updated on your progress in creating a new race

>> No.72634063

it just works
m8 everyone uses shower gel nowadays

>> No.72634064


>> No.72634070

go more in depth into why you find others disgustinh

>> No.72634077

Thanks anon

>> No.72634085


>> No.72634097

design is already finished, its my expectations met mapped onto the looks of a person, there is nothing complicated there. the creation however requires dedication and I'll be honest I'm scared. I've heard stories of this going wrong and I keep thinking of the moral implications of creating a semi-autonomous being incapable of interacting with the world at large. but I also realised that I need to for my own sanity. It's hard.

>> No.72634098


>> No.72634106

how are you gonna create it exactly?

>> No.72634111

Read bottom right

>> No.72634118

Found it

>> No.72634122


>> No.72634125

if you actually manage to do it then you'll be based as fuck. As based as a black magician

>> No.72634141


>> No.72634154


>> No.72634169

>m8 everyone uses shower gel nowadays
bitch have you heard of a candy cane

>> No.72634175


>> No.72634194

I bet he must that faggot from /ocyoag/

>> No.72634209

Are you talking about a cyoa or fucking tulpas here?

>> No.72634211


>> No.72634267

It's twofold. Firstly it feels like I am the only moral agent around. Maybe online I will find someone like me, one in a thousand, but IRL I have yet to meet a single person who examines their actions through the lenses of utilitarian morality or at least a categorical imperative, I find humans just act on their feelings of disgust or other instincts then retroactively justify those with moral principles, and never acknowledge or notice this fact. Whenever I point it out they treat me like I'm wrong but they never argue, just shun.
The second point is only to do with women, my expectations are that of "a person" as I saw it, because at an early age I failed to make the distinction. Women do not think or behave even remotely like what I saw as the default but my expectations never changed with the realisation, every woman I see as a "bad woman" instead of the default state of the human female. Imagine if you found out every man, literally every single one, is a sociopath. That is how I feel, I cannot disconnect the negative connotations of seeing their behaviour as a condition and not the mold itself.
There are many guides online, I have yet to decide which one but I know the basic idea. Meditate and visualise for extended periods of time, one movement at a time. I have yet to ask around for which method is best or which guide to read, I don't know how much room for error there is and I'm scared.
My life, sadly.

>> No.72634268

>/x/ larper

>> No.72634284

>talking about making a fucking tulpa
they're not real, /x/fag, it's just schizos playing make believe

>> No.72634285

I wish.

>> No.72634316

>a categorical imperative
so you're a kantian

>> No.72634325

How do you know anything is real? If we're in the matrix already or not, what's the functional difference?
I see no alternatives.

>> No.72634335

oh you"re making a tulpa

>> No.72634344

no, but I'd prefer one to someone who doesn't take morality into consideration whatsoever. I can respect them.

>> No.72634353

I do not believe you act in a strictly moral way
for the simple reason that this is impossible to stick to that line of conduxt as a human.

>> No.72634362

what color pill is this

>> No.72634381

this is the voidpill, anon

>> No.72634386

I don't know what color but I can tell you it wasn't meant for human consumption

>> No.72634388

An extreme overdose of blackpills

>> No.72634391

I never said I do. But i feel bad about it and I do try. Even the times I don't I still think about it and examine my actions through the lens of utilitarian morality. Most humans seem to never examine their actions this way.

>> No.72634403

You're being defeatist. You'll never find happiness in any endeavor until you learn to set aside your hate and find peace within your own heart. You have to learn to love yourself and see the good in the world, or you are fated to bring only misery to yourself, no matter what you do.

Put bad in = get bad out.
Put good in = get good out.

Ignore all other people and focus on yourself for awhile. Take some cues from Buddha.

>> No.72634411

>He fell for the morality meme
Live for yourself, fuck everyone else

>> No.72634419

t. hobbes

>> No.72634426

>Most humans seem to never examine their actions this way.
Maybe not utilitarianism but most human do consider their actions and theeir consequences. And most do feel bad when they make a faux pas

>> No.72634442

how pure must a waifu be

>> No.72634448

oh no not this again

>> No.72634459

Not at all to guarantee (You)s from seething purityfags.

>> No.72634477

She cant even KNOW about men

>> No.72634489

More /x/fags trying so hard that hey become insane

>> No.72634501

How pure must an anon be?

>> No.72634514

Never touched or talked with a woman aside from his mother

>> No.72634515

There are people right now who truly believe in their hearts of hearts that Italics will release a CYOA. To think you've come so far and yet you still know nothing.

>> No.72634531

I wouldn't say I feel hate. Disappointment is more appropriate, but this is still hard to describe. It's as if I'm from another plain, I don't feel like I would ever be able to fit in, nor would they want me to.
What you're saying seems like a mantra devoid of meaning. I have tried for as long as I started realising what the actual human condition is to accept it but I can't. I haven't even made a step in years. I see the only logical conclusion, if I need a society, the rest of humanity and I cannot coexist without mutual animosity then I must create my own or die alone.
Most humans consider the consequences but they don't consider the morality, just the way they instinctually feel towards the action.

>> No.72634536

As much sexual experience as I have

>> No.72634538

How pure must one's Aryan lineage be?

>> No.72634560

Desert pizzas are a thing, and yes no marinara sauce. Think of a cobbler.

>> No.72634578

>just the way they instinctually feel towards the action.
but humans are the very creators of the concept of moral. That is the ideal their society seek. So maybe their instinct is to act morally in some way

>> No.72634637


>> No.72634646

I wish I could believe. I can't believe that Italics will finish Magi Bloodlines. I can't believe that AHS will make such a long cyoa. I can't believe that BMA will ever come back. I can't believe that PCA will ever actually make Urban Phantom 2. The only thing I believe is that the Elder Scrolls cyoa will come out, but I believe that it will be bland and only appeal to a very few Elder Scrolls fans.

>> No.72634653


>> No.72634654

don't forget about the argonaut cyoa

>> No.72634672

Gil's apparently collaborating on it so that's going to be stuck in development hell for years. Ordion's cyoa will be good, but it won't be enough.

>> No.72634675

Sister? Aunt? Grandmother? Cousin?

>> No.72634691

I've waited for all his other cyoas, I can continue to wait for magi bloodlines

>> No.72634692

you are retroactively trying to justify every gut feeling and irrational idea based on instinct as rational and moral. this can be proven to be a horrible way of judging the morality of actions very simply, most humans would find the ideas of open heart surgery, sewer cleaning and garbage disposal disgusting but all of these are in fact good things that improve many people's lives. likewise most people aren't immediately disgusted by the concepts of slavery and factory farming yet these bring on terrible suffering.
humans simply do not have the capacity to instinctually judge the morality of actions and thus they need to be consciously examined for logical results.

>> No.72634709

>The only thing I believe is that the Elder Scrolls cyoa will come out
Modded Skyrim already came out Todd.

>> No.72634710

>What you're saying seems like a mantra devoid of meaning.
It is only meaningless if you have already given up, and no longer have any desire to better yourself. Do not make excuses, do not wallow in despair, do not refuse to try something just because you think "it won't work" while you're in this miserable state.

You don't have to like the world. You don't have to like people. The world is cruel and people are awful.

But you know what? That doesn't matter.

What matters is YOU. Looking inward is difficult, and self-reflection can be painful.

You must learn to accept the bad, and see it for what it is. Then you must learn to see the good, and accept it for what it is. This is the most difficult step, to see and accept the good, after accepting that bad. It may seem impossible, even. But it is the only way to become happy.

Dismiss what I say as "hippy mumbo jumbo" or "worthless mantras" all you want, but I'm telling you the truth. There is no easy way, The only way is in your own mind.

Once you give up, once you truly decide that it is "out of your hands", you are gone. You will die miserable and alone and you will deserve it, as you have done it to yourself.

>> No.72634721

>Gil's apparently collaborating on it
when was this said

>> No.72634722

Not dead
If anyone is curious on how the background stuff will work out, which I mentioned before.

Some notes:
You will only have one SAC/Hidden Class unless you take the background choice.
Personalized WCI are the special snowflake WCI like the one that Ainz has, they are basically tied to yourself. Most WCI of /ocyoag/ would fall in this category, meanwhile the other WCI option is for the average WCI in Overlord, which more likely than not don't have much to do with your build/character.

>> No.72634723

Oh yeah, and I think !*!*!*!* was doing boxing 2. And there's the apparent Bliss/Tok collab, but I hold out no hope whatsoever for that.

>> No.72634744

It was chariotanon and gil, wasn't it?

>> No.72634780

Imagine being a slave to morality
what a shit way to live

>> No.72634791

yeah see >>72046638 and >>72091542

>> No.72634800

you are telling me to better myself but don't tell me how or in what ways. you are telling me to accept the world but I have already tried and failed, for years, and you aren't telling me how. your words are indeed empty because you aren't bringing anything new, just shifting the blame onto me even harder for not listening to you.

>> No.72634806

Well said anon.

>> No.72634814

I thought it was just one guy

>> No.72634815

What does Magi Bloodlines offer that is different from his CYOAs and don't say lolibabas. Give a real answer, skeleton.

>> No.72634825

all of this doesnt matter. BM2 is never coming, and nothing is worth anticipating anymore. /cyoag/ is over, go home

>> No.72634828

no, I remember the thread where chariotanon collaborated with someone, who later turned out to be gil

>> No.72634834

>> No.72634843

this but unironicaly

>> No.72634848

not the skeleton but I think people want to see what made Italics bleed pus from his eyes

>> No.72634850

Nothing, and that's a good thing. I like his cyoas, so I want him to continue making cyoas in his style. I also like the fact that it's urban fantasy. People always compared him with nasu so I want to see how their lore compares.

>> No.72634866

this is a letdown

>> No.72634876

I got shot in the head and received major permanent brain damage that prevents me from remembering things and severely inhibits my ability to understand complex concepts.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I am so much stronger due to my brain damage.

>> No.72634878

apparently it's going to be the standard image form courtesy of gil, not the chariotanon's normal pdf

>> No.72634879

>to see what made Italics bleed pus from his eyes
Is this shitposting?

>People always compared him with nasu so I want to see how their lore compares.
That's shitposting.

>> No.72634891

>Is this shitposting?
no, he literally had to lie with a warm cloth on his eyes due to the pus

>> No.72634901

Anons, what is a acceptable amount of powers and players for a highlander cyoa?

>> No.72634909

>nothing is worth anticipating anymore
what about ordion's notwitcher cyoa?
what about BB22?
what about nxtub's "more ambitious project"?

>> No.72634913

when it say 'better person' that doesn't mean that your misfortune will literally give you bigger muscles or something, it means you need to pick yourself up and learn what you can no matter what comes

>> No.72634914

No, i've seen some people say that even before the "italics ripped off fate" posting started. I'm genuinely interested to see how he handles urban fantasy and how it compares to fate.

>> No.72634926

>but don't tell me how or in what ways
Because there IS NO SET WAY. The way is in your mind. Only you know what it is that truly troubles your soul. Only you can overcome your inner demons.

You insist that my words are empty because you want them to be empty. You want an easy way out, a guide, a helping hand. But there isn't anything like that. Taking responsibility for yourself and your own happiness isn't easy.

You are not special. I've heard everything you've said here from the mouths of addicts, criminals, musicians, politicians, doctors. You are not special. You only have negative views on others because you have a negative view on yourself.

Work out. Find a hobby, something with your hands. Meditate outdoors. ANYTHING that allows you time to sit with your own thoughts.

>> No.72634928

you got bitter
you lost

>> No.72634932

Night Shift Thread

Night Shift Thread

Night Shift Thread

>> No.72634950

So long as you keep that mindset you'll never be happy.

>> No.72634985

>page 4

>> No.72634998

>no, he literally had to lie with a warm cloth on his eyes due to the pus
When is Italics never dying?

>I'm genuinely interested to see how he handles urban fantasy and how it compares to fate.
He made Dusk City and Spire which were urban fantasy. There is also Witches and Inquisitions. Apocrypha Advent is urban fantasy? Along with Echoes?

>> No.72635141

all these words but you're saying NOTHING. I am alone with my thoughts a lot of the time, and I do have a hobby performed with hands. the amount of time I had to think about this is very large and let me tell you, if I've thought about this for years but was unable to reach acceptance of the situation despite trying, all the while my happiness and health dwindles, what makes you think I can ever reach it?
I am trying to do, in a way, what you're telling me to. better myself. I don't want to be miserable and alone. so I want to create a situation where that isn't he case. what you are saying is that if I meditate on this the solution will come to me, but that is exactly what happened, and I'm scared of it.

>> No.72635278

No, you skipped the most important step. All this time and you've yet to accept that it's YOUR FAULT that you are unhappy. It isn't that the world is bad, it isn't that people are terrible, those are just excuses.

You cannot blame others for your misfortune if you ever wish to be happy. You have to take responsibility. Do not search for an escape, there is no escape. There is no easy out, there is no "happiness button".

You will only ever manage to make a tulpa that hates you so long as you still bear so much negativity inside you. If you cannot learn to love yourself and your life, you will only bring yourself greater misery.

Ignore my warning at your own peril, do not tempt powers beyond the seen if you lack inner peace.

>> No.72635375

but I already know this. I said it before, my brain is fucked beyond belief. there is nothing I can do about this, I can only work around the issue. I tried to accept the world and failed, that is my doing. but the milk is spilled, now what?

>> No.72635476

>my brain is fucked beyond belief
>there is nothing I can do about this,
No, this is another excuse to shirk responsibility. You will never be happy so long as you believe that to be true.

What matters is you. What matters is your perception. You have trapped yourself in a cage of unhappiness because of the way you perceive things.

Force yourself to smile and pretend to be happy, even when you're not. Even when nobody else is around, force yourself to do it. Say out loud that you believe the world is good, even if you do not believe it. Just say it. Speak into existence the positive, even if you don't believe it. Pretend to believe it. Force yourself.

This is not easy. This is mind-numbingly hard and might even make you feel MORE MISERABLE for awhile as you will feel foolish for behaving in such a way.

But eventually the cracks will show. If every day you wake up and force yourself to smile at your reflection and say aloud that you will be happy, one day it will be true.

>> No.72635528

this is the last time I will say this, I have tried and failed to accept the human condition for years. what makes you think I'll ever added if I haven't made any progress?

>Force yourself to smile and pretend to be happy, even when you're not. Even when nobody else is around, force yourself to do it. Say out loud that you believe the world is good, even if you do not believe it. Just say it. Speak into existence the positive, even if you don't believe it. Pretend to believe it. Force yourself.
>This is not easy. This is mind-numbingly hard and might even make you feel MORE MISERABLE for awhile as you will feel foolish for behaving in such a way.
This doesnt seem like something that would ever make anyone happy. I think you're making this up as you go along.

>> No.72635595

I believe that if you really try you can still be happy. I truly do, from the bottom of my heart, believe that.

I just think you're scared to take the steps necessary to do it.

Ignore everything I've said if you truly refuse to believe in yourself, but I still believe in you. I believe you can do it, anon.

Please heed my advice about the tulpa, though. You will not like what you get if you try to go through with such a thing in your current state.

>> No.72635834

Pretty sure if you have to ask, you don't get invited to the meetings.

>> No.72635921

>I think you're making this up as you go along.
Different anon, but that's a bit of how everyone deals with life: analyze, adapt, overcome.

Sure, "fake it 'till you make it" isn't for everyone, but finding a solution that does will. Clearly what your doing and have tried up to now isn't working. But to say there isn't a solution out there you haven't tried that's within your means (or within a place you could eventually get to) isn't realistic either.

It sounds cliche, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Perhaps that first step is accepting that whatever you previously had in mind as goals dreams, etc needs to be adapted to your new reality, or finding new dreams, goals, etc. Or, just being ok with not having any for a time. Who knows. Only you can answer that question.

>> No.72636216

Lift weights if you don't already. At least then if you're still miserable you've done something.

>> No.72636495

I mean I'd post my build as well but >>72633030 already did the same build so...

>> No.72636738

Wow, this is great. Love it. Only thing is the Dungeons/Luxury Dungeons seems kinda odd next to each other. Maybe rename the latter something like "Reformatory"?
> Moldof
> Tribunals
> Luxury Dungeons
> Private Executions
> Go free after giving a public speech denouncing the bandits
> 10 years imprisonment. Therapy, then suicide allowed after a year
> Clean my palace for a month, then a small garison stationed by his town.
> 5 years imprisonment, down to 7 if he's willing to do scrivining for the govt. while in jail
> Go free, but try to convince him I'll be different
> 20 years, 10 for murder, 5 for harshness, 5 for vigilantism.

>> No.72637528

Why are you autistic faggots arguing about an inbred bong

>> No.72637973

Wasn't Boruto's ball powered up by Naruto?

>> No.72638020

Manticore is no werewolf but she'll do

>> No.72638032

Yea, kid Naruto

>> No.72638307

Eh, another shitty single choice cyo...
>Starts with "ara ara"
Well shit, look how wrong I was.
Oneechan, I choose thee.

>> No.72638689


>> No.72638754

What I meant was, he was just holding the power that Naruto gave him (commenting on how heavy it was and shit),and not using his own at that time.

>> No.72638935

>he was just holding the power that Naruto gave him
Yes, the power kid naruto gave him

>> No.72639026

who the FUCK gives a SHIT about naruto

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