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Measured Imperial response edition.

>Thread FAQ(very old)
>Thread FAQ(suggestion)
>Erratas and extra downloads
>Rules and stuff for HH and Titanicus

==/ATG/ Zone==
>Rules and supplements
See the MEGA in HH section
>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours
>More lists
>What size magnets do I need?

Previous thread: >>72486941

TQ: What's your WMD of choice?

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update when?

>> No.72549600


Probably when we revisit Ultramar along with the Shadow Crusade, Imperium Secundus and Daemon Angron.
I think they need a general cleaning rather than a full uplift. Reword the Daemon bits of Dark Brethren and Erebus to something meaningful, clarify the Burning Malefic issue, and address the Mhara Gal points. Ashen Circle experimental rules to become official. That'd be enough for me I think.

Wishlisting, I'd like for the obligatory Chaplain to not consume a FOC slot, and Burning Lore to allow M2 on Diabolists. Erebus to be made scarier, Lorgar to be a Zealot, and the Daemon bit of Dark Channelling to include +1S.

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Do you mean when will FW correct the typos. Soon hopefully. I stopped reading at two.

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Literally the entire point is aircraft doing even more of the tanks traditional role to the point that something severely cheaper can pick up what little slack the aircraft can't. Even if total resource expenditure is the same it reduces logistics and manpower loads and focused research a bit
And is also less risky for the troops

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don't continue the argument in to a new thread

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Loyalist WB when?

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>have faith Word Bearer

>> No.72551316

>loyalist word bear
no. there is no good bear, only bad bear
>tfw we are flush with lions & woofs but no bear-themed legion

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there was one, he ghost wrote for the Ecclesiarchy

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why the fuck can't I find a blood angels red I like. Ive tried like 7 different test models so far! >:(

>> No.72551701

Post all test models, and let dubs decide.

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noob here, i have a question regarding shattered legions. i want to play with breacher squads, but my legion sucks with them. would it be possible to be scummy and do shattered legions rule and thereby get the good shield mechanics of stone gauntlet for example, to symbolize a void warfare company of my legion, to not fucking suck on the table, or am i misunderstanding the rules entirely? if possible is this dickery? ive seen SoH to symbolize luperci etc take shattered legions with WBs

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What legion are you?

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the search for a proper blood angels red is an eternal hunt that can never be completed
this is what is known among hobbyists as "the red thirst"

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Have you tried Orange?

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Post those test models faggot

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join the tamiya brotherhood

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Fuck the Word Bearers. Not worth Forgeworld reasources. Whiney little cunts.

>> No.72554113

why? They're already above average in legion rules

>> No.72554139

Glossy Bangels?

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They just got new praetors, you mad bro?

>> No.72554547

Who isn't mad about those Praetors?

>> No.72554551

why would I be mad when their preators are shit?

>> No.72554718

I like flourescent red ink from daler-rowney as my highlights. Its super bright, almost pink but with an oil/enamel wash it tones it down nicely.

Pic related.

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Ffs. Botched the post and it won't let me delete it.

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What those fat turds at FW are doing? (Been out of the loop for some time) Where Crusade at?

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Speaking of shit praetors, how did FW think it'd be find to put up those photos of the BA terminator praetor? The top of the torso sits so badly you can see light from a gap behind his head.

>> No.72554855

here you go gang, shitty camera quality doesn't help.

mainly using scale 75 and vallejo and only airbrush work so far with no washes.

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It's a halo. He's on a road to sainthood.

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Blood Angels are fukken lame

>> No.72554904

I vote 4

>> No.72554906

It looks great dude but its too dark for my idea of the angels of blood. I want some colours that really pop rather than subtly blend into a uniform crimson y'know?

I mixed in yellow and purple shading and wet blending on the models i posted above

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Being lOyaLIst is lame. I fucking want to puke everytime I read how some autist chose x legion because the are loyal to the emperor. Fist retards are the worst.

>> No.72554981


Dying from coronavirus apparently.

>> No.72554989

And I suppose the gap on his left side that has some light shine through it as well is just the angels sitting on his shoulder.

It's weird that the unpainted model does not have any of these problems, the top sits flush with the rest of the body.

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shut up Pertie, your whole fucking legion is trash from the top to the bottom to the traitors in your own ranks

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Fistniggers are just brainlets who can't into modelling and know two moves: Spray Averland and Sponge Chipping.

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Why can't they release Crusade before they die like selfish swines they are? I want to read it and loose interest in HH completely. or the oposite, read it and get high on 30k like I did earlier.

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>> No.72555185

With contrast paint painting yellow very easy now.

>> No.72555220


>> No.72555310


I also vote 4, the others come off as too orange.


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I'm trying to make a Iron Warriors Armoured Spearhead list. Honestly Ironfire is just boring so thought I would do something new.

Only problem is....land raiders are fucking expensive.

And I feel like my list sucks.

Take a look.

Erasmus Golg (gonna be Warsmith Forrix but golg has rules)

Master of Signal, Artificer Armor, Charnabal Sabre


10x Tac Squad, Chainswords, Sarge with Artificer Armor and Powerfist, LR Proteus with 3x TL, Armored Ceramite, Dozer Blade

Terminator Deathstar, 10x Cataphractii, Sarge with Chainfist and Combimelta, two with powerfist and combibolter, two with lightning claw and combibolter, two with thunder hammer and combimelta, two with chainfist and plasma blaster, one with chainfist and combibolter, Spartan Assault Tank, tl HB, Quad Lascannons, flare shield, armored ceramite

Heavy Support

Tyrant Siege Terminators, 5x models, LR Proteus same as tac squad

Iron Havoc Squad, 9x models with ML, sarge with artificer armor, Rhino with MM


2,956 points

Is this list absolute dumpster trash? Also what should I do with the last 44 points?

>> No.72556966

Here's how it looks like with less washes/weathering, but you do you. I do vote for 4 as well. I just never liked when there's orange highlights on blood angels XD.

>> No.72557116

You can't use Golg like that with Pert to get troop terminators bro. Try again

>> No.72557174


Fuck, I read it on battle scribe.

>> No.72557203

When will you learn that your actions have consequences?

>> No.72557225


obviously never.

this means I'll have to spend even mroe fucking points on troop taxes.

>> No.72557312

Your list didn't really benefit really at all from the RoW so why not play something else that's not iron fire maybe?

>> No.72557322


it's armoured spearhead.

>> No.72557360

And what benefits are you using from that my dude?

>> No.72557398


LR dedicated transport on tac squad. Really not much at all but a mechanized assault is very fluffy for IW.

>> No.72557461

I guess so but it's pretty wasteful for a LR and Rhino for the Tyrants and Havocs. I would not bring shooting units in transports of you wanna make a list like that since its really wasteful

>> No.72557526


alright. what RoW should I use instead?

>> No.72557640

SoH player here, what exactly is an "ongoing assault"?
Specifically, I'm asking about the SoH Black Reaving RoW, one of the rules says:
"Cut them down":
>Units with the Legiones Astartes (Sons of Horus) special rule taken as part of a detachment using this Rite of War gain the Rage special rule when they successfully charge an enemy unit which is already engaged in an on-going assault.
My friend says an assault/combat is "on-going" as soon as two units are in base-to-base contact with eachother at the end of the charge sub-phase, and that it means that if I charge one SoH unit to engage an enemy unit, any further units charging that same enemy will benefit from Rage.
However, most everywhere online seems to say that the Rage bonus only triggers if the charged unit has already been tied up in combat a turn beforehand.
So which way is right? The rulebook doesnt seem to spell it out clearly.

>> No.72557827

just ask your opponent when you play. An ongoing assault would by any assault that didn't begin the turn that unit charged

>> No.72558563

I like 3 and 4

Side note, how good are oil washes?!? Love em.

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Ok, so I have fixed my mechanized assault Iron Warriors army so it sucks a little less.

Let me know if I’m wrong and it still sucks.

RoW Pride of the Legion

Erasmus Golg

Master of Signal with Artificer armor and sabre


Veteran Squad, 10x veterans with 2x power axe, 5x power sword, 2x chainsword and lightning claw, sarge with artificer armor and power fist in heavy bolter rhino

Plasma support squad, 10x models all with plasma guns in heavy bolter rhino, sarge with artificer armor

Terminator squad same as one in my previous post that it won’t let me link to for some reason

Dorito Dread with Autocannons, armored ceramite, aiolos missile launcher

Tyrant siege terminator squad, 5 models

Whirlwind Scorpius


>> No.72559289

it doesn't suck because it's bad. It sucks because it's Iron Warriors.

>> No.72559340


Gtfo dornfag

>> No.72559839

remember how Magnus could have completely ruined Horus's chance at destroying the Imperium and saved his entire legion and his world by just surrendering to Leman Russ when he asked him to? Twice?

>> No.72560036


Yep. I love thousand sons in 40k but think they are just a bunch of retards in 30k.

>> No.72560123

I try to avoid BL retcons

>> No.72560146

it was in Book 7

>> No.72560196

my mistake, russ telling Emps that he should be able to kill him was from an older codex that wasn't inspired by BL retcons

>> No.72561175

Lucius pattern titans are ugly garbage
Fuck Legio Mortis, Legio Krytos is best
Fuck Legio Solaria, Guy Haley sucks
Lancers>Titan Hunting Infantry>Questoris
Warlords=Battleships, Warbringers=heavy cruisers, Reavers=cruisers, Warhounds=destroyers, Imperator=Ground based missile silos


>> No.72561272

I don't know how it's possible to be this wrong about aesthetics.

>> No.72561717

I bet you pour your milk before the cereal.

>> No.72561961

Honestly, he probably pours his milk into the cereal bag and stores it like that.

>> No.72563683

>Above average
What gives you that idea?

>> No.72563773

oil in your home increases the likelihood of an american invasion friend.

>> No.72564232

your bait is as weak as your kung-fu
but your painting skills more than make up for it

>> No.72564248

painting yellow was never as difficult as people make it out to be

>> No.72564259

1 or 4

>> No.72564597

So I'm a bit confused on how Knights work. Can you upgrade from a Helm Mechanicum to a Throne Mechanicum? I don't think you can but I want to make sure. And once you're bonded to a Throne Mechanicum can you and that Throne can be switched between Knights?

>> No.72565295

helms and thrones are chassis specific so no I don't think they can be exchanged. I don't know about upgrading between them, in theory it seems possible since the interface isn't going to change.

>> No.72565389

1 for me

>> No.72565544

I beg to differ but ok.

>> No.72565585

What do people use for combat shields?
It's pretty difficult to source them.
Would using pic related work?

>> No.72565606

>inb4 "CCCCCRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111124"#%#%675473657"

These are not mine, but I plan on doing something similar.

>> No.72565653

>listening to grey talon
>Chris Wraight is the only person that can wright IH properly
>he only wrote one 40k novel and a couple of short stories

>> No.72565756


>> No.72565857

Neat. Where are they from? Hope it goes well dude.

If the crux was filed off would it be passable?

>> No.72565883

anyone bought from miranda irene?

>> No.72565893

>Where are they from?

Bullgryn brute shields.

>If the crux was filed off

Then you'd just have a skull and crossbones.

>> No.72565976

Thanks dude. I will try to go with a bucklar with chopping one up. If it doesn't go well, will try something similar.

>> No.72566247

WHFB/AoS range is full of shields to use, if you're looking for options.

>> No.72566251


can anyone help me out?

>> No.72566363

Man, those baboons at wh community have never played a single game of heresy

>> No.72566378

most people haven't

>> No.72566408

none of you guys would mind if I used primaris intercessors as proxies for tactical marines, right? trying to get started on a budget.

also what's the big deal with drilling the barrels of your bolters?

>> No.72566434


>> No.72566438

>tfw you have 5000 pts of sallies and not played a single game

>> No.72566456


holy shit i ddidn't realize anyone actually played sallies, very based and redpilled

where do you live?

>> No.72566467

Do any homebrew rules exist for using Aeronautica fliers in the Adeptus Titanicus ruleset?

I'm, uh, asking for a friend.

>> No.72566469


>> No.72566497


>> No.72566581

>WH community article about 5 best LoW in 30k
>Mastodon on first place despite it sucks balls
>Marauder Destroyer on 3rd place despite it having no 30k rules, and only one avalible for 7th ed are in no longer sold 5-7 years old Imperial Armor books.
What they mean by this?

>> No.72566603

not that I'm aware of. I've seen some for infantry platoons and tank / baneblade companies but nothing for air.

>> No.72566638

Got a source on those? I'm looking into getting into AT but i'd love an excuse to hunt down some old Epic stuff or pick up the Aeronautica Avengers while i'm at it.

>> No.72566659

Iirc the company command box has a combat shield, and the vanguard veterans too. DA company vets have combat shields with their heraldry sculpted on.

>> No.72566673

2 but tone down the highlighting on the top of the models some

>> No.72566687

>Marauder Destroyer on 3rd place despite it having no 30k rules

Excuse you?

>> No.72566705

People were talking about real yellow that takes effort. Fistfags don't do that, they make piss poor yellow smeared in agrax and poor attempts at weathering, and their armies look like grime encrusted peasants. Here's what an IW Chad's take on fists looks like.

>> No.72566722

pastel within, chalk without

>> No.72566787

Better than your discount deathguard.

>> No.72566841

Also did some more work on these lads, hopefully I'll be done with them soon.

>> No.72566849

>Horus Hersey

Great job GW

>> No.72566876

>that greek boarder design on the cloth parts
Fucking disgusting tbqh.

>> No.72566881

I wonder how these lads size up to Gal Vorbak.

>> No.72566890

That's what the client wanted. If I had more liberty, they'd be space Prussians through and through.

>> No.72566897

What if want an army of grime encrusted peasants?

>> No.72566901


>> No.72566912

Then you start death guard, you silly.

>> No.72566916

Ok now show me rules.
You know we have rulebook, 8 black books 4 red books.

>> No.72566921

Not yet but I wish. Would probably be easy to link the games. Play aero missions with bombing runs and port then over to AT as bombardment strats

>> No.72566953

Yes. A bit slow but the price point is good. Only bought the smaller stuff though, characters, not vehicles/fliers

>> No.72566985

>doesn't know Macharius is just reboot of HH era tank(s)

Second paragraph.

>> No.72567125

>MKIV loyalists (beyond a literal elite force of vets)
>non-MKII white scars
>MKIV world eaters

>> No.72567133

what is this called? newbie here.

>> No.72567163

what is scavenging battlefields for armor and raiding forgeworlds

>> No.72567212

All legions had access to all marks and even 'local' variants of armour. There are even canon depictions of SoH and Sallie use of Sarum helmets that weren't second hand WE stock.

>> No.72567231

if your army doesn't have a healthy mix of Mk 2-6 you're doing it wrong

>> No.72567239

He's not baiting, Corvus and Indomitus are best armours. There's no disputing that.

>> No.72567242

what is the idea you guys build your army around? RoWs are great and all, but how do you really get your army to fit a niche, a role, something thematic. im building a whole company of word bearers and the general theme is multipurposed. theyre composed of newbloods who arent favored by the nepotistic insular nature of the rest of the chapter (whose specialty is lightning fast assault), and are given the job the rest think is beneath them. theyre a necessity, as the chapter operates with self-sufficiency in mind, and thereby they need a company specifically for void warfare and city-breaking.

is a lot of air power and 20 man tac blobs out of character for this? what would a city fighting and void war company really look like? what are /yourguys/ based on in real life formations?

>> No.72567286

+ if i wanted a force with a lot of airpower, xiphons, lightnings, fire raptors, storm eagles or w/e, what would be a good fit for a company concept, and what would it bear resemblance to irl?

>> No.72567290

It's a Thanatar Calix, and as worthless on the table as its poster's opinions.

>> No.72567310

>Second paragraph
Where are the rules?
What type of unit? How many HP? What av? What weapons? How many points?

>> No.72567354

thanks, wartables is apparently not good despite them having stock to go. Don't see how else I can get achean shoulders and by the time something is coming from fucking china I felt I may as well try a Magnus and Osiron, the price is nothing.

>> No.72567385

Mine are a bit simpler than that, they're a Tri-Fold Crown company with surviving elements of Twisting Rune rolled in as reinforcements. They were atationed on Mars during the Siege and are nearly all issued with new MkVI suits as a result, plus they have some Army auxillaries attached to them.

>> No.72567420

Pore over, person of colour!

>> No.72567435

So no rules unless you have years out of print IA book.
Great and it's third best LoW in 30k according to GW.

>> No.72567589


>> No.72567597

where in france?

>> No.72567639

>it's so hard to find scans of old 40k publications

How did you play 30k during the year and a half between the release of 8e and 30k rulebook? Did you just throw up your arms and go "Guess this game has no rules"?

>> No.72567692

But my army is suppose to be pre-Heresy! Where would have they gotten MkV from?

>> No.72567735


>> No.72567777

Not sure if poor, ignorant or both

>> No.72567786

Both are on 40mm bases, so just measure it from there.

>> No.72567867

>make a list of best 30k superheavies
>by producer
>to use one of them you need to pirate scans old no longer printed book
gj FW

>> No.72568031

i hate using lore characters in armies, can i just use a named character and make him my homebrew dude for the mechanics? will people get mad if i do that? or for example, i use a unit like ashen circle (which is a very particular and 1 specific organization within the legion), but i dont use the ashen circle model and for homebrew fluff they are instead just a special destroyer loadout of that chapter?

>> No.72568081

I doubt anyone will care if they are modelled similarly

>> No.72568249


Go for it, so long as it's made clear who's who and what's what to your opponent before the game. Though it helps a lot if you at least model the equipment similarly and the size differences aren't egregiouis.

>> No.72568557

not mine but it's a simple kitbash
Think it'd do for ordo reductor artillery or will I get sperged on for not buying official FWtm shit

>> No.72568675

You must really suck at finding stuff on the Internet, all ia books are available for dl.

>> No.72569006

>be FW
>write about how awesome this plane is
>third best low for 30k
>it have rules
>in old book we no longer sale
>to play it you need to find and download scans of book we no longer sale
>because no rules in any 30k or 40k publication currently sold
great job FW

>> No.72569066

Simple maybe but what's the gun from?

>> No.72569071

That makes 0 sense. You can buy mkIII or mkIV tacticals for the same price as intercessors.

>> No.72569111


>> No.72569113

I don’t have 5000 points - I’ve got about 2000 of Sallies and the only friend I have that plays HH left.

So now I’m building a 2000 point list of Word Bearers so that my 40k friends might play with me. This is sadness. I know that pain friend.

>> No.72569165

Bitch bitch bitch moan moan moan. This is a great community. Literally free on the Internet still bitches and moans.

>> No.72569166

>Representing any of the innumerable indigenous heavy tanks produced across the Imperium
It's not actually a Macharius, it's an official counts-as tank that uses the Macharius' rules.

>> No.72569266

What do you mean you don't already own a copy of past FW books? Are you some kind of AoS playing loser or just a 40kid angry about not having legion rules for his meanie marines?

>> No.72569452

>talking about community and free stuff
>in discussion about FW list

>> No.72569480

Did you even read the article? It's the 5 favorite LoWs chosen by a 3rd party podcaster. Of the 5 only the Typhon is chosen for their in-game effectiveness, the Marauder was chosen because he really likes the model, the Porphyrion because it's his favorite knight, the Glaive because it has the biggest baddest volkite gun.

>> No.72569691

In annecy

>> No.72569739

It's the same for me, i have 3000pts of both mechanicum and custodes in addition to the 5000pts of sallies, and still not a single game

>> No.72569761

Bitch Bitch Bitch moan moan moan.

>> No.72569763

Oh my

>> No.72570510

Posting this again because nobody saw it

Ok, so I have fixed my mechanized assault Iron Warriors army so it sucks a little less.

Let me know if I’m wrong and it still sucks.

RoW Pride of the Legion

Erasmus Golg

Master of Signal with Artificer armor and sabre


Veteran Squad, 10x veterans with 2x power axe, 5x power sword, 2x chainsword and lightning claw, sarge with artificer armor and power fist in heavy bolter rhino

Plasma support squad, 10x models all with plasma guns in heavy bolter rhino, sarge with artificer armor

Terminator squad same as one in my previous post that it won’t let me link to for some reason

Dorito Dread with Autocannons, armored ceramite, aiolos missile launcher

Tyrant siege terminator squad, 5 models

Whirlwind Scorpius


>> No.72570536

>very obvious zoomer bait
>people still reply
still better than people being autistic about what they think space war will be like based on science they don’t know and real war they get completely wrong

>> No.72570638

bit too far for me, but the suisse romandie has a pretty big scene, if you are willing to travel a bit

>> No.72570805

Ten man plasma squads are a great way to lose a lot of points really fast. Ccv units should get assault transports not rhinos. Golg feels wasted when there's better Consuls for yourdudes

>> No.72570864

I dunno, maybe if i tried my luck in lausanne or geneve ?

>> No.72570954

>2x chainsword and lightning claw
Why. This build gives you nothing that bolt pistol/LC doesn't give you.

Also, stop putting kitted out assault units in Rhinos, they can't charge the turn they disembark and they're a lot of points to leave standing around in front of the enemy with their dicks hanging out.

>> No.72570958


Figured. I’ll drop it down to 5 man. I’m taking Golg for fluff reasons. I was thinking about changing vet squad to a more shooting focused squad anyway, do you think I have enough antitank? Only thing I’m really worried about is av14 spam.

>> No.72570975


The two vets are armed with bolt pistol, chainsword, and LC. Probably going to switch squad to a shooty veteran squad, was thinking combi flamers.

>> No.72570991

Why are you taking Perturabo in this list? He adds very litte to an all armor frontline.

>> No.72571038


It’s a fluffy list meant to represent the siege of iydris in Angel Exterminatus. I guess he doesn’t really add anything except coolness.

>> No.72571830

What models are these?

>> No.72571863

most likely

>> No.72571876

Looks like the new CSM.

>> No.72571914

How many points?

>> No.72571949


Around 3000.

>> No.72572029

Lads, how many Castellax would you take in a 2000 Point Cybernetica list?

>> No.72572065


3 max.

>> No.72572092

Remember, exterminatus is never the answer. Exterminatus is the question. The answer is yes.

>> No.72572111


Based and Deathguardpilled

>> No.72572144

Anyone feel like there are quintessential space marine units?

Like when I think of a classic space marine force I always picture a Land Raider or two, and always try to run one in my games.

Is that weird? Do you have any units like that?

>> No.72572177

Nice meme.

>> No.72572194


Terminators. Always.

>> No.72572220

HNNNGGG nice shieldwall

For me, it's terminators.

>> No.72572226

Terminators, Land Raiders, and a chaplain.

>> No.72572363

Tactical Marines in a Rhino.
Combi-Bolter Terminators in a Land Raider.

>> No.72572431

Converted. Bodies are from 2019 havocs, arms, backpacks and MkV helmets are from the CSM squad, pistols and normal power mauls are from both and the deathwatch squad. The banner is from 40k company command. Champion's helmet is 2019 master of possession's, but with horns swapped out for ones from a CSM champion. Crozius is custom built from a power axe and two backpack icons. All the little decoration gubbins are from different sources.

>> No.72572659

Oh yeah, forgot the LC replaces their bolter.

>> No.72572691

Duncan, what is best in life?

>> No.72572778

Need tank hunters on the Tyrants really to make sure they do their job. Otherwise it depends on meta.

>> No.72573013

Does anyone have the Battle of Terra books? I can only find #1.

>> No.72574184

Thanks my guy.

>> No.72575008

>dark angels, imperial fists and ultramarines not in mk IV

>> No.72575458

>responding to low effort bait from literal hours ago from a zoomer

>> No.72575724

For me its assaults, tacs and dreads.

I have this image un my head of a swarm of marines rip and tearing while their big bro dreads provide heavy fire support.

>> No.72575878

Terminators, meltas, dreads, and stupid melee weapons like power fists (somehow we’ve all come to accept hulk hands as a deadly melee weapon)

>> No.72576071

I've always inagined their power fields produce a shockwave during contact with a target. Kinda like brute hammers in halo

>> No.72576080


sorry for not replying sooner

>> No.72576232

IIRC they do, the power field pulses on contact, more so with hammers tho. It’s still delightfully retarded

>> No.72576325

If you could give a soldier a glove that could punch a hole in a tank and tear an armoured door off its hinges, hell yeah you would see them in real life. No need to carry a shotgun for breaching doors, just punch it in.

>> No.72576941

Most have been repeated a lot, but I've got one that only one other anon mentioned: chaplains. Also chainswords wherever I can reasonably stick them.

>> No.72578243

this is a failure of a general

>> No.72578301


>> No.72578336

what are we supposed to talk about? the color of your mothers pubes? there hasn’t been anything new in months.

>> No.72578588

> Lucius
> Fuck Mortis
Agreed, way too over done they are fucking everywhere
> go Kyrtos
Scheme is awesome. Approved.
> fuck Solaria Haley Sucks
Solaria is fine, Legio scheme is go Haley is mediocre but not the worst
> Lancer>TH Infantry>Queatoris
> Warlords...
Yeah that's about right.
> ANYTHING below Saturnine "Autism" class armor
Gay opinion. If you dont like Cataphractii you dont belong here nigger
> gay ass beanie armor first
We dont like queers none either

>> No.72578615

Yeah. A BFG fleet.
Decent price, shipping was free, fast delivery.

>> No.72578631

No. But I bought Marauder bombers just to have models for the strafing run strat.

>> No.72578775


But most of all

>> No.72578876

your power armor opinion is so horrible that I started believing in God in the hopes that you go to hell.

>> No.72578934


>> No.72578978

What's yours?

>> No.72579040


>> No.72579063


>> No.72579115

>He puts 7/8/Thunder above everything

>> No.72579156

Anything, rather.

>> No.72579467

maximus looks like dogshit. 7/8 has that 4/5th ed nostalgia for me. Thunder is kino because thunder warriors and because of that one chad from the IH who wore it right up to ullanor because he was a mad lad. Heresy is ribbed for her pleasure but not mine

>> No.72579559

Official, Perfect Power Armor Tier List:
Head: Aegis
Torso: Aquila or Iron
Arms: 3.5-7ed CSM
Legs: Maximus
Pauldrons: Iron, but mostly interchangeable
Backpack: Anvilus
Codpiece: Heresy
Gloves: Bonus points

This is the indisputable tier list.

>> No.72579564

Maximus is zoomer patter power armor
>knee pads cause mommy doesn’t want you skinning your knees if you fall off the hover board
>wrist guard so that people can’t tell your limp wristing
>belly guard to protect against tummy aches from drinking too much milkies
>extra vents in the grill for your Juul
>jump pack doesn’t even have two thrusters

>> No.72580130

The only Heresy era armour that lacks any of that is Mk II.

>> No.72581546

>People were talking about real yellow that takes effort.
yeah, and it's not that big a fucking deal. you start with a clean light base and layer up. if you can get your whites or reds crisp, you can make yellow work for you too.
although for fists the darker mustardy yellow honestly comes out looking better in most cases despite being low effort.

>> No.72582093

It's just a very unforgiving color if you mess up doing the black or red.

>> No.72582411

So how is plasma in Titanicus? No-one near me plays, but i wouldnt mind putting together a Crucius force and try to start something once game stores start reopening

>> No.72582633

tacticals and vet squads and rhinos. People forget that a normal marine with bolter is already a 'specialist' unit for the imperium of incalculable worth and instead just want to use their legion's ocdonutsteel guys. A tac squad mowing down enemy units is kino.

>> No.72582822

>the color of your mothers pubes?

Are they the colour of ceramite?

>> No.72583202

the only correct answer to this is "I don't know."

>> No.72583701

Dude, that is awesome, but that flash line along the barrel....I mean my OCD wouldn't let that stand on such an expensive and awesome model. I'd scrape and repaint.

>> No.72583706

OK, I lol'd. Nice try wise guy. XXth always trollin'

>> No.72583733

Ou ça en France? jchuis du cote de la Rochelle, Death guard represent.

>> No.72583734

salanon has a dirty little secret

>> No.72583745

Aw shit nigga. En etant dans le meme pays on trouve tout de meme le moyen d'etre super loin....

>> No.72583768

I tend to prefer Mk VIII>V>VII, simple, brutish, still fairly techy looking. That being said I like IV and VI for specific legions/chapters and depending on aesthetic II and III.

>> No.72583805

One time Mortarion tried to be nice.
He knew something was up, but he tried really hard to give them a chance.
And they were fucking with him, so he learned his lesson.
Some primarchs can be nice, but not him.

>> No.72583860

A new boxed set mini game with a javelin land speeder, bikes, two characters and 30 MkII marines would be like printing money.

It could be world eaters Vs White scars for example.
That would actually fill a niche and allow our resident autists and OCD elitists (myself included) to actually build our fave legions with our fave armour marks.
Just imagine.

>> No.72583870

Ouais je m'en doute, mais c'est quand meme cher en recast.

>> No.72583894


>> No.72583913

is FW not taking orders right now?

>> No.72583935

I'd love that.

>> No.72583959

What the hell is an "en recast"?!

>> No.72583987

guise. that's what they call chinacast in la france.

>> No.72584310


>> No.72584389

plasma is the most reliable anti-armor. A small risk to your reactor, but really it very rarely causes problems. Belicossa is stronger but blastguns and annihilators cause more hits on the same location, and are the only 2 weapons which can reliably quad-crit a titan

>> No.72584860

What should I base my Iron Warriors army?

Should I represent Isstvaan V, Phall, Iydris, Tallarn, or the Siege of Terra?

>> No.72584889

of course, that is the same logic that has thunder warriors having power armored arms and unpowered legs. how the hell does a power fist tear an armoured door off its hinges? is it using the mass effect or something?

>> No.72584931

Thanks anon.

>> No.72584985

none of the above
campaign against the black judges
only time pert was ever cool

>> No.72584996

I was under the impression it was for the bolters, etc. that the soldiers were using. Helps to carry and mitigate the recoil of such weapons, even in the 42nd millennium.

>how the hell does a power fist tear an armoured door off its hinges?

Power fields.

>> No.72585006


The black judges were pretty hard core. What would the base look like tho?

>> No.72585133

right, except that powered legs would do a lot more for both carrying and firing a heavy MG or equivalent compared to powered arms. in the former case your legs have to bear the weight of not only the gun, but the power armor as well, meaning you'd arguably be even worse off than trying to shoot a heavy weapon naked. not to go down this road because we've had this discussion too many times previously. the only real argument that makes any sense is the one where they supposedly fought primarily by grappling with other power armoured guys, and the ability to do locks and throw punches from a prone position was important.

>Power fields
kinda my point, is - what exactly a power field DOES makes you scratch your head. like, ok, punching a hole in a tank, maybe it melts / dissolves the armor ahead of the fist, meaning your hand goes through with minimal resistance. but for pulling a door off, there's no way around it, you've got to get a grip on the thing and apply force. how the hell does that work?

>> No.72585363

>right, except that powered legs would do a lot more for both carrying and firing a heavy MG or equivalent compared to powered arms.

You have to take it up with reality, not with me.

>in the former case your legs have to bear the weight of not only the gun, but the power armor as well, meaning you'd arguably be even worse off than trying to shoot a heavy weapon naked.

Unpowered doesn't mean not supportive. Nowhere in the lore does it say bolters are too heavy to be carried by humans, just that they got a bunch of recoil and are far easier to be fired by someone in power armour. A person can easily carry a minigun and ammo for it, or an M2, but they can't fire it accurately without straining themselves. Who which do you think needs addressing first, to make it easier for a soldier to carry the gun they can't shoot, or enable them to shoot the gun they can already carry?

>kinda my point, is - what exactly a power field DOES makes you scratch your head. like, ok, punching a hole in a tank, maybe it melts / dissolves the armor ahead of the fist, meaning your hand goes through with minimal resistance. but for pulling a door off, there's no way around it, you've got to get a grip on the thing and apply force. how the hell does that work?

Depends on the field. On power weapons they weaken molecular bonds. So when a power weapon slices something, the field weakens the target bonds, making it easier for the blade to cut it. So you have a glove that acts like jaws of life and turns the hardened armour into the consistency of aluminium foil as the fingers dig into it. Just grab the hinges of the lock and pull it out.

>> No.72585380


>> No.72585564


I really, really like this image.

>> No.72585632

>You have to take it up with reality, not with me.
when you fire a heavier weapon, most of the work of absorbing recoil is not done by your arms. that's why it's so much more work to shoot the same bullet from the wrist vs something with a stock. the weight of the gun helps too, of course, but a big part of it is transferring force directly from the weapon, to your torso, to the legs. think about literally any time you've fired a gun, thrown a punch, or just carried something. think about which of your muscles are working and how. without a stable base, you have nothing. adding more weight to be borne by your shoulders doesn't help that.

>So you have a glove that acts like jaws of life and turns the hardened armour into the consistency of aluminium foil as the fingers dig into it.
oh gotcha, so he uses the fist to individually break the hinges first, then pulls it away with no resistance. that doesn't quite match the mental image of "rip a door off its hinges", but ok.

>> No.72585680

Remember, kids, if you want to be able to lift or punch real hard, work on your legs and nothing but your legs, that's where your strength comes from.

>> No.72585874

Has anyone figured out what to do for heresy indomitus shoulder pads that isn't 3d printing? I want an indomitus medic in a cataphractii squad but the shoulder pads are a problem

>> No.72586255


How are they a problem, don't indomitus come with one blank pad apiece? Just get your hands on a couple of those and you're all sorted. Failing that, just use a scalpel and get scraping.

>> No.72586543

a solid punch is thrown with the whole body. you are transferring force from the ground to the other guy's face, with your body in the middle. your fist does work, your wrists do work, your arms and shoulders work, your back and hips work, and your legs and feet work too. this is literally what people are referring to when they tell you to "put your weight behind it".

and like any chain, the weakest link fails. if you power armor your upper body, the legs become the weak link. and because power armor has weight, they're under even more strain than they would be otherwise. plus, it's possible to take your arms out of the chain, for instance by using a stock, having the weapon attached to a rigid frame or web, or resting it on the hip. you can only take the legs out of the chain by putting it on a tripod or lying prone.

>> No.72587047

Imperial fists dudes out there, what colour do you paint helmet crests?

White, red or black? Or something different?

>> No.72587534


When I am painting imperial fist corpses on the bases of my Iron Warriors, I usually do red. It stands out.

>> No.72587602


>> No.72587642

Underrated post.
Possibly the best on this thread in three years

>> No.72587699

Very very good
Plasma blast gun is probably the best weapon in the game.
Not on maximal, strips shields.
On maximal, murders knights, smashes the fuck out of titans.
And because it is on a warhound, very easy to squadron and flank, making it a cool Strength 12 BEFORE damage modifiers.
Sunfury is nice in that is can be aimed... but its more of a finisher (once somewhere has been damaged).
I wish the Sunfury had blast desu senpai.

>> No.72587722

What if the helmet is red as well, won't it look weird?

>> No.72587727


>> No.72587728

Very based opinion high T post

>> No.72588103

If the sunfury had blast it would be bad. As it is it's the second best finishing weapon on a titan.

>> No.72588104


maybe, it's all down to preference.

>> No.72588218

the best terminator armor is the one you convert the most

>> No.72588264


>> No.72588565


>> No.72588833

>War, war never changes.

>> No.72588891

Reaver titans are only good in a corsair maniple.

>> No.72589284

Chances of fart world reopening soon? Been telling myself it’ll happen next Monday for the last month. I just want my fucking contemptor man

>> No.72589406

What's the point of terminator autocannons when you can just take a blastgun?

>> No.72589418


Ivan and Chen are still selling. Why the fuck are you buying from Forge World in the first place?

>> No.72589515

>war hardens a man

>> No.72589544


>> No.72589565


If it's just one dude, you could just get a crux pad and start filing it down.

Regular Indomitus pads had a small gap on the front but not the back. If you took two of the blank right ones, you'd end up with a gap in the front and a gap in the back.

>> No.72589610


>> No.72589890

How does nailing this guy's feet to the ground going to make him better at controlling the weapon:
Or this one:

>> No.72590223

anon, the first one literally shows him absorbing the recoil in slow motion. Do I need to sit down with you and draw the vectors on there? The concept can be illustrated with basic mechanics. Maybe get off the sofa occasionally and actually move around so you can get your head around the fundamentals.

>> No.72590342


You mean two shots in and his gun is pointing to the ground, way off target? Yes, that's perfect for military applications. If only his legs were stronger so he could carry that weapon and he'd be right on target.

>> No.72590450

its not chinacast though, it's 3D printed

>> No.72590516

it's a shame the Forge World sekhmets weren't tartaros, I think they need more tartaros special units especially when for some unknown reason they decided Varagyr couldn't have tartaros and book 6 launched two cataphract termie kits.

>> No.72591061

you're being stupid on purpose, right? like you understand the basic idea that his feet don't move because his arms do move? and that if his arms stayed rigid that force would be transferred to his body and he'd be on his ass? this isn't rocket surgery.

>> No.72591093

Nah it's fine enough legion specific elites are tartaros already.

>> No.72591323

>if his arms stayed rigid that force would be transferred to his body and he'd be on his ass?

Yeah, just look at all the videos of dudes firing a machine gun unsupported and hitting everything but the target, then shouldering the same machine gun and being knocked over by the recoil.

>> No.72591598

How are Word Bearers in 30k these days? Their possessed models are gorgeous and I do like the idea of a ton of Ashen Circle jumping around and axing things to death, but Lorgar looks kinda lame statswise.

>> No.72591731


They're alright. Very mediocre LA rule but a couple of exceptional unique units, a great special character and one of the best Primarchs IMO. One awful Rite and one decent.
Burning Lore is decent in of itself but more importantly lets you do more with Psyarkana.
Zardu is a competitive staple and does everything you need from an HQ. GVDB are just a really meaty brick, and Ashen Circle have a spectacular damage output for their cost. Their LA is pretty poor but also comes with a very minor downside.

Lorgars stats are an irrelevance next to picking your own psychic powers and guaranteeing Precog and Cursed Earth.
I'd expect cheesy WB to be Zardu and spammed Ashen Circle, maybe a few GVDB, and Allied Daemons. They also do a decent job with large Troops units, and mixing tanks with Pods in a Serrated Sun.

>> No.72591845


Oh excellent, I mostly forgot about the psychic stuff on the assumption that the only Marines who really did that were 1ksons, but I suppose the WBs get daemon stuff.

No cultists, or do I just run allied daemons and reskin some lessers as crazy mortal followers? Elite Gal Vorbak/Ashen Circle leading either some big tactical/assault blobs or mortal hordes sounds like a laugh, and when I've been on the other side I've always liked blowing away swarms.

>> No.72591935

Lorgar cannot take Daemonology. Div/Telekinesis are your options.

>> No.72591956

nice print

>> No.72592069


WB are Sworn Brothers with the Militia, which in practical terms lets you put your Chaplain into a Levy brick to give them Zealot. It's not a bad idea, but it is a gimmick that consumes your Ally slot.
Daemons don't get any explicit buffs from WB, but they are the most likely way to get Cursed Earth down from Zardu or Lorgar. At the same time, a Daemon Chosen can give a unit of WB Preferred Enemy, which is obviously delicious.

WB can suffer from a poor Scoring game if they lean into their uniques. Daemons offer a crazy good Scoring game, amplified further with Cursed Earth.

I haven't tested it yet but I think there is a lot of potential in Podding Lorgar down, popping Cursed Earth and then swarming him with Daemons. A 4++ Rerollable on a 2W model is a ludicrous tank.

>> No.72592105


>> No.72592260

Whereabouts in France my man?

Swissanon here with 6k Alpha Legion and 5k Blood Angels.

>> No.72592469


Can you still summon demons without leaving aside points for them a la 8e? If I was to go for the levy zealot nonsense could I then Summon in some basic Lessers or some of those Chosen and graft them on to Gal Vorbak/Ashen Circle or whatever midgame?

Might as well make some demons anyway if you can summon them, so might try the Primarch pod Daemon nonsense.

>> No.72592567


You could do that, and they don't cost points. The problems with Summoning are that they tend to be very expensive in psychic charges, and they hurt the caster.
Giving a Force Commander the big book of summoning is a good way around the second point because he has 3 cheap wounds and his survival is irrelevant. Lorgar helps the first point because he casts on a 3+, reducing the number of dice required.
It's also worth remembering that Allied Daemons get a free USR like FNP or Rage, while summoned Daemons get a free upgrade like Wings or Rending. Summoned Daemons are also Scoring regardless of their type, so enjoy Scoring with HQ and Brutes.

>> No.72592595

/40kg/ anon shared the power armour mark cards from the limited edition 7e Codex: Space Marine.

>> No.72592671

Skhmets being cataphractii would be fine the problem is that the FW kit is a torso with a fixed head and an arm, and you have to use the plastic kit for the rest

>> No.72592936


I have an old list stashed somewhere from years ago where I planned to do something vaguely along the lines of 40 Assault Marines and 2x5 GV backed up by tons of levies, but now the Daemon list is out and according to the 1d4chan tacticia Ashen Circle are no longer garbage I guess that needs updating. Might be able to take that dude who makes AC troops and go for all-elite Marines herding cannon fodder into the enemy lines Calth-style, with some summoning on top.

>> No.72593070

How many units is in a standard Titanicus game?
Is taking nothing but knights and warhounds viable?

>> No.72593716

You need at least a maniple to use titans, and then you can have as many knight banners as you want.
You can run warhounds and knights. You'll be pretty fragile but you'll have more units which can be advantageous when you're trying to stagger your activations. Your biggest issues will be short range and fragile units

>> No.72594088

Has anyone ever used a Janissary Maniple? Activating multiple units at once doesn't seem too bad, but how many knights to people use next to titans? I don't think I've ever used more than three minimal banners that just got shot up or stayed very far away from any titan

>> No.72594600

what are you losers even up to?

>> No.72595091

>no depth to colors
>horrible awful meme blue glow
this was designed in a lab to trigger me

>> No.72595194

What's the best anti tank/anti air for RG decapitation strike?

>> No.72595219

You really should read the basic rules, because AT force composition and rules aren’t really similar to other GW games. Running just warhounds and knights is kind of pointless restriction, but it can work. Audax makes it possibly great even.

>> No.72595263

I skimmed through the basic rulebook and didn't see point costs or anything. Mind, I did so at like 3am so it's probably there and I missed it due to dumb brain.

>> No.72595275

it’s maybe the worst maniple. There are very few situations in which you want to activate things, let alone knights and titans, at the same time. It’s usually a huge detriment, and the biggest disadvantage of warhounds. More activations is almost 100% of the time really good.
If you want knights just take them, a ferrox with some banners is the exact same but better. Go dominus if you’re an autism and need rules on top of that.

>> No.72595328

Ah okay, points aren’t in the rules, they’re on stat cards, with weapons costing extra on top of basic chassis cost. yes it’s irritating, you’ll have to google image search them if you don’t want to buy in yet. 1d4 chan has a great list of every legio, maniple, titan, knight, weapon and stratagem. It’ll save you from looking between the 4 books, but you’ll still need to google points costs.
A typical game is around 5 titans and 1-2 knight banners, but can be more or less of either.

>> No.72595368

ferrox maniple is a meme. Even the Venator maniple is better

>> No.72595386

Okay, cool.

Yeah, I'm just scoping out the game right now; I've read a couple admech novels and the titan bits are often the most fun parts. I don't want to get a 40k knight army but I thought a small force of knight lances here could be fun.

My main gaming buddy doesn't want to play btech but he's a big GW guy so maybe I can seduce him into this.

>> No.72595498

it’s a real fun game, very lethal and pretty quick. Best not taken too competitively, but 95% of stuff is pretty equal, and there’s only one broken thing in the whole game (Acastus)

>> No.72595506

Ok, so yes, stupid on purpose then

>> No.72595522

Funny joke, yeah it sure is hard to get within 8” with titans you already wanted to get that close. Yeah it’s no regia or dominus but it’s better than the myrmidon, janissary and venator.

>> No.72595565

the reason to take a myrmidon is for the composition. Warlords and reavers pack a punch especially when the reavers are just going to first fire their missiles constantly.
The problem with the light maniples is that they're all 2 reaver 3 warhound, when it should be 3 reaver 2 warhound, except for the venator.

>> No.72595629

light maniples really are better either for small games where your opponent can’t field a full battle maniple or quite big games where you can field 2 maniples. for medium sized games where 6 titans isn’t happening they are weak, but support titans can help (probably the best time to bring a warbringer is in support of a corsair or ferrox, desu)
the biggest meme is obviously Fortis though, and the worst is hands down janissary

>> No.72595663

Fortis depends on what your opponent says regarding the rules. At my store we've agreed that you ignore the armor bonuses when you're base to base without moving but you can share shields regardless of movement which makes it quite powerful.

>> No.72595774

Would you look at that, 6 rapid fire shots, from the shoulder, all into the target, and somehow he's still standing despite not absorbing the recoil and letting the gun go way off target after the first shot. He must have powered legs to pull of such a feat.

>> No.72595830

>less than 50 yards, maybe even less than 20
>le sports shooting meme
Also this dude would still be the first to tell you that stance and the back/legs are vital to shot placement. Please shut the fuck up.

>> No.72595902

No, anon, please tell us more how powered legs makes you a better shooter, and how you have to let the gun just swing uncontrollably, rather than brace it, else you fall over. Please, we dummies need your expert opinions. Tell us how the military is dumb for investing in technology to support the gun in a soldiers arms, rather than supporting their legs to make them able to carry the gun more easily.

>> No.72596570


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