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What's your favorite 'alt flavor' for fantasy races, no matter how silly or off the standard.
Mine are (P)Orks that instead of hateful warmongering savages, are fun-loving party animal savages who'd much rather hunt monsters then burn villages.

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you like them slam piggies, eh?

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>tfw had to google the term
Oh. I meant it's just a cute aesthetic and removes them from being an 'evil only' race while still letting them constantly get in scraps.
But yes.

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Most fantasy races are improved by giving them big ol tiddies and making them cute.

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Bovine Women

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Orcs are super hardy and can withstand a great deal more physical punishment than humans. They culture is very physical and roughhousing with 2x4s and big rocks is commonplace and is analogous to human children chasing each other around with wooden swords or hitting one another with clods of dirt. Because of this Orcs raised in a purely Orcish society often are mistaken as being brutish and violent, as their lack of acclimation toward others means they're much more physical and to a much greater extent than other races. What would be a playful punch between two humans is a bruising blow. Their social games of physical prowess would ordinarily maim or kill those of other races and competitions between villages look more akin to battles than sport. This leads to an impression of brutish savages with a hunger for war when actual warfare between Orcs is extremely rare.

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True, even if its a cop-out, it's a fun cop-out.
Also the pig aesthetic opens a lot of fun doors, like barbecue pit-masters that are also warlocks. Because 'pit master' sounds evil already so why not combine both?

Good taste m8.

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I find it hard to play with my dick in my hand.

That being said, good taste.

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>Also the pig aesthetic opens a lot of fun doors, like barbecue pit-masters that are also warlocks. Because 'pit master' sounds evil already so why not combine both?

The implications are kind of disturbing when you put it that way but then would p(orcs) see themselves kin to hogs the way people associate gnolls with hyenas? Doubt it.

That said, I do have orcs as creators of barbeque as a matter of course because who doesn't want a dad bod Orc daddy with a southern drawl whipping up some good fixins.

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I like beastman/shifters that look like this. I wish they were more popular.
>It's bakemonomimi
I like it when it's not just ears and tail, but limbs as well and when it's not just aesthetics , like humans but with tails.

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>The implications are kind of disturbing when you put it that way
There are some easy fixes for that.
1: Depending on how actually piglike the p'orks in question are, it might not raise uncomfortable questions.
2: Remove pigs from a setting if they're really piglike, just have them now how to cook literally every animal under the sun, treating the best cuts to actual bbq treatment and grinding the worst into processed meats. A warparty/WAAAGH is just a grease-trap dive on wheels.
3: Boars are considered sacred and haram to eat.

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My (p)orcs have just the same variety as humans, they can be peaceful farmers or ruthless bandits.
My elves are creepy reclusive forest folk have to drink fresh blood weekly to stay healthy (loads of fresh veggies do the trick too, tho, while things like iron rations make them sick quickly) and are rumored to steal small human children.
My dwarfs actually eat rocks and minerals, together with roots and undergroud shrooms, and their beer is spiced with sulphur.
My halflings are so rural that fields tended by them yield 50% more crops, they don't even have to work more, the fields just produce more when there's halflings around.

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>The implications are kind of disturbing when you put it that way but then would p(orcs) see themselves kin to hogs the way people associate gnolls with hyenas? Doubt it.

Could work. I mean I've thought about Gruumsh as a fey god as well, just make him the lord of all boars as well. Giving them boars to ride and herd.
He invented barbecue when Corelleon shot out his eye. Not wishing to lose any trace of his power, he took the arrow, and held the eye in the fires of hell, before he ate it whole.

Because of this act of divine cannibalism, orcs see eating pig and orc flesh as sacred. Orc funerals are all feasts, with the deceased served up as the main course.

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Honestly I like to portray Orcs very similarly to that, except I like to say that Orcs fight it out all the time. If two Orc tribes have a dispute they'll go to war, but to them "war" is nothing. 999 of 1,000 of the Orcs won't get anything more than a scar from it.
But Orcs just don't realize anyone who isn't an Orc will be fucking killed by a mace to the face, so they try to solve disputes with humans and elves the same way they would with Orcs and accidently kill tons of them.

Other little things I like to play with:
>Elves are by far the most comedically inclined race, but no other race understands their humor. This causes Elves to make fun of them more.

>Dwarves desperately want to be liked, but it doesn't count if they tell you that. Their gruff, angry exteriors are just their way of getting attention.

>Halflings produce five times the food that humans do and eat, well, half as much. Halflings villages are openly completed for by kingdoms, and no nobility will ever insult a halfling. All the anachronistic foods in the world were introduced by Halfling mages.

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Dungeon Meshi’s anti-fetish orcs were cool.

Any creepy elf of faerie, whether they just look odd or are truly alien and awful to be around.

Almost any animu monster girl that goes into heat.

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True, but Orc Captain is fucking CUTE.

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I like it when half breeds are sterile (unless it’s some outer planar bullshit)

Dogboys from Rifts always make it in my shit one way or the other.

I like my illithids-lizard people- snake people whatever kind slimy folk, into the master merchant race of settings.

Something about a Komodo dragon man trying to sell me rare spices in the shade of a dune somewhere in the southern Tyr Region of Athas. Shits too funny.

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I've always been a fan of unfortunate implications regarding pig orcs, like having them be somewhat related to, or being a cursed form of human instead of actual pig folk.

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I like you anon. You’ve done well

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Smoothskin shortstack fuckable goblins. Abd yes, this includes the males. And yes, I want to fuck them both in every way possible.

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No matter how long you've been around, no matter how long you've been cooking, a p'ork will give you a run for your money.

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>Smoothskin shortstack fuckable goblins
>Abd yes, this includes the males. And yes, I want to fuck them both in every way possible
Not based and HIVpilled.

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How is this comment somehow worse than the OP and OP image.

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/tg/ stands for /totallygay/ oh dontchaknow

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Why you entering threads you don't like anon?
You're not some anger-addicted smoothbrain are you?

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Elves, or at least high elves, in my settings are almost always a bunch of insufferable elf supremacists. Usually stuff like you would read on Pol.

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>says the pedestrian

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>MY orcs are more like dwarves, MY elves are gay fascists, MY dwarves are more like goblins, MY goblins are basically hobbits, and MY hobbits are orthodox Jews but also French Creole

I hate the fantasy genre anymore

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Point to where anything like that is in this thread or shut your fucking trap.

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The Elves have a unique relation with Psionics, in their ability to use their arrogance as fuel for these powers. The most skilled or those with the largest egos can enter the Ego Drive, where their powers go into a positive feedback loop where their ego gets bigger by more than the cost of the power, resulting in them getting more powerful as the battle goes on. The use of Psionics is rather divisive within the elven civilization, with the embrace vs rejection being the divide between High and Dark elves.

Elves also have a weird sense of family due to their long life spans and culturally slow rate of birth. Elves only raise a single child at a time, and will rarely have another before the previous offspring is old enough to start having kids of their own. Elven women have fertility that extends well in to the childbearing years of their descendants, so much so that being a great great grand mother while continuing to have children is not uncommon. This results in the relation of brothers/sisters and the relation between aunts/uncles and nieces/nephews is almost the inverse of what it is in humans, with elves finding it not unusual for aunts/uncles to be fairly close in age to their nieces/nephews, and for siblings to be far apart in age.

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I like Bo(a)rcs and fair folky elves.

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I like this, too. I have an idea for an alternate history fantasy where all mythology & folklore is canon to world history. During the World War II of this timeline, both the Allies & the Axis recruit supernatural forces like non humans, magic users, monsters, even spirits & gods, to fight for them.

Here, the Elves, specifically the "Light" Elves, are recruited by Hitler into Nazi Germany. They are declared "Honorary Aryans" by the Fuhrer, & provide magical prowess & stealth warriors to the Axis war effort. Other HA races include Dwarves, Centaurs, other Faerie, basically any "noble" fantasy race. I even thought of Adolf Hitler being married to the Elf Princess as part of a diplomatic deal, but also having the ulterior motive of eventually assassinating him & taking control of the Reich.

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Who is making all of these unbelievably shit threads? Seriously, the fuck.

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I guess it's alternative now, but tieflings and asimar style race as just mutations and not actual races.

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We talkin Boarcs?

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The real fun answer is orcs love eating pig as much as anyone else, and if you say 'but don't orcs and pigs look a lot alike? Isn't that weird for you?' they just get mad at you for comparing them to animals.

Orcs don't think they look like pigs at all, they just think other races are being huge assholes when they bring it up.

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Mimics that mimic humanoids

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> all those hands


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Pratchett-style fey elves. Nasty fuckers with morality we can't understand that are weak to iron

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I have a... Yoshikage Kira?... on line 3?

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And then Bites The Dust killed everyone in this thread.

The End.

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Fairy Meat


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Catfolk. I just like them. Even though pic related is a human...

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... all right, I just can't let this thread sage on that sorry a note. I'll post a pic of a catfolk I drew. I was thinking of them being the first undead hunters.

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catfolk are cool. Tell me about the character you drew, anon

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Just one of the many undead hunters the catfolk have. I got no real idea for characters (yet). Their anti-undead magic is based off of the idea of using dead things to 'remind' undead of what they should be, hence the bone necklace and flaming femur. I don't think this is really the thread for selling my ideas though.

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Based and truth pilled.

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Desert elves.

It's HIV not GIV my dude.

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cat! cute cat! i want to scritch behind their ears! i want to listen to them purr! I want them to curl up on my lap! i want to scratch the base of their tail and make them do that weird thing where they start licking the air! pet the cat! cute cat! based cat! i love that cat! cat!!

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Harvin are the best halfling-variant race I have seen in a long time. Most of the time halflings in a fantasy settling are blatantly only there because Tolkien had them and the writer was being lazy. Harvin as a race have a lot of spirit, because they KNOW they are the short race in a world full of tall people, and they know they have to work four times as hard to make it in this world.

Its a drive that does tend to make them kind of... intense.

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To be fair, that fits quite well with the mechanics of halflings in 5e, even if it doesn't fit so well with the lore

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Rats but they're good guys

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>Most of the time halflings in a fantasy settling are blatantly only there because Tolkien had them and the writer was being lazy
brainlet take.
Halflings are almost always closer to modern people than Humans in the same setting. that combined with their insular societies means that every adventure a Halfling goes on is an isekai. They are the relatable underdog out of water, a role which no other stock race can fill.

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That's some good lore.

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You really haven’t read up on your mythology much have you anon?

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Thats how Tolkien used them. I can't think of another book that actually used halflings like that, instead of just saying "Oh by the way halflings are here too, because of course they are."

That or settings that are trying painfully hard to be unique. "MY Halflings are cannibals that ride dinosaurs!"

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Thank you anon!

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So real life then?

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Oh lawd he sittin

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Civilized goblins

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See I'd be more chill with it if I didn't like Goblins and Orcs to have a close relationship/be part of the same broad-stroke species. This presents further issue with having P'orks...
Though maybe yoy could have 'Hoglins'

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I like Porcs, I use them in my setting because I hate half orcs in general.

They are a distant cousin to Elves, often called Lowland Elves, or Pig Elves, are jolly good natured village-folk who fit right in in rural human and halfling communities.

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I like my orcs to be a bit reptilian, and I associate them with water by making them sea raiders or swamp-savages. I usually tie them to figures of anglo-saxon folklore and theatre like Grendel and Caliban.
the smarter ones are kind of like the Kremlings from donkey kong country

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The influence of the Parasite Queen is far-reaching.

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she has piss all over the back of her neck now

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Goblins are just Halflings who escaped the farm

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That is one angry potato

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Is the halfling thing common knowledge? Because I would love to dedicated field boosting halflings all over my kingdom.

>> No.72548219

Harvins sound like a human version of pomeranian. Cute!

>> No.72548789

I like to reflavor gnomes as short cute bunny people, like Final Fantasy 12 moogles, just to make them something beyond "magical halfling."

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Cleavers or meat-cutting implements > Axes for Orcs

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I have one of these IRL and it is a meaty fucking cleaver. Fan made of course so it is a little rough, but they did a nice job with it. Swinging that thing around with the hook at the end makes it fucking dangerous. You can't treat it like a normal sword for overhead swings.

>> No.72550226

I'm no expert myself but I've heard it's actually a solid design for a sword if used in real combat, that point does seem like it's backfire-possible. I wonder how many actors in the movie poked themselves with it?

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Orc camp life seems so comfy. Feasting, drinking, partying or napping, fighting or hunting.

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>"Careful dear, it has a knife!"

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Not sure, but I am fairly sure the actor who played Gimli kept hitting orc actors really hard with his axe

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tfw no bovine gf

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remove rodent

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In my setting, Centaurs, while still being horny bastards, have been revolutionized & raised in a collective culture where they are more like Chiron; intelligent, disciplined, austere, talented archers & gunmen. The general idea of them being wild party hounds & sex fiends/rapists is seen as their more "primitive time." Although , of course, despite their serious upbringing, they are still massive horndogs deep down, just like humans, just not 24/7.

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Tiefling as hoteps makes them less of the edgy special snowflake race and more fun and engaging
we wuz fiends n shiet is way less obnoxious than I've been an outcast from human society but I still will be a goody twoshoes

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I love this. I specifically have a type of axe/sword combo weapons called "choppers" just for these types of weapons. Basically just heavy swords but without points since they're exclusively about chopping stuff.

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Where do I sign up for the Orc Party?

>> No.72556029

>Orc armories are usually right next to the kitchens, such is the overlap with their use.
>...On closer inspection, most facilities in an Orc camp are right next to the kitchens.

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Breeding-obsessed sexy female goblins.

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Next page, please?

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A demon comes up to them and offers them an all expense paid trip to a demon brothel.

The dudes have been reviewing different themed brothels, and he's a member of the demon party, who thinks that if they post a positive review of a demon brothel, it'll help the chances of their party politically.

They end up skiving off and going to a minotaur brothel instead because BOOBS.

In universe, demon prostitutes have a reputation of being scam-artists.

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I like this

>> No.72559622

FUCK rats
t. lizardfolk gang

>> No.72559797

>It's okay if taxes are low

I live in Canada and the thought that I might not be the only person in the world who thinks this has made me very emotional.

>> No.72559857

I mean you guys must have a conservative or libertarian party, right? I know Canada is further to the left, but I mean there are multiple parties, and most populations are spread across the ideological spectrum.

>> No.72560023

Actually it's not all expenses paid, as that'd be a bribe.

They still have to pay, it's just the invite helped out with making a deal.

>> No.72563157

Succubus but they're just office workers.

>> No.72564320 [DELETED] 


>> No.72564681

Because it jabs my jaded sense of humour with a giggle or two.

>> No.72565678

Nords who are animistic savages living on the outskirts of Feywoods

Master artisan hobgobs who Only venture from their mountain valleys to trade and do mercenary work

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Space Orcs are pretty dope.

>> No.72566001

Weren't LOTR Orcs just elf-zombies?

>> No.72567739 [DELETED] 

They were living beings though? Right?

>> No.72567854

>Orc party
>Dismantles the state apparatus to have both welfare and low taxes
>Meaning their military and infrastructure are shit
>The orc party actually makes the country easiest to conquer for outside forces

Canada, like Britain, has a parliamentary system combined with FPTP voting. This means that just like in Britain the only parties that can ever win an election are the Conservatives or Labor/Liberals, with SNP/Bloc Quebecois only getting votes due to separatist or pro-autonomy sentiment and everything else being completely irrelevant. Basically your options are red or blue and you can fuck off if you don't like it. Unlike America, which has the same "red, blue or fuck off" system, they don't even get to pick who leads the government.

>> No.72567878

I meant zombies in the 'mindlessly infected' sense.

Like they're regular elves, then Morgoth's dark magic fuckery corrupts them, they lose all their hair and start talking in British working class accents. They can be considered a 'race' in the same sense that lepers might be.

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Replace halflings/hobbits with smaller catfolk based off of domesticated cat breeds. Their stats make sense as far as being more nimble and acrobatic but and very very lucky, but also their general attitude on life would be fitting. They either take an easy simple slacker life in the city, or a leisurely country life in a quiet village where nothing happens.

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I like kobolds to keep their paranoia, dragon worship/jealousy, and combo inferiority/superiority complexes that have become established over the recent editions, but making them more of a weird neutral race than an evil one, for the sake of being able to negotiate with others and get basic stuff done.

That and their quirks like trapmaking, dragon obsession, and communal society are ample grounds for expanding on. Like i imagine for a kobold setting a trap makes as much sense as shutting a door or turning off the lights as you left a room, and would be flabbergasted by anyone not doing that if they could. Whatever passes for their holy texts or laws would likely include statements of dragons a particular tribe has had contacts with, knowledge if, or served under over the years. They could have internal conflicts over which dragon was truer and more correct, or different ways to interpret its words. Their lack of a nuclear family could mean they have more of a connection to peers who hatched at around the same time and place and dont understand familial concepts in other races. Their sensitivity about their implied inferiority to others would potentially make them over compensate, and likely have respect and revenge have particular emphasis in their culture.

Biggest departure i suppose would be doing proper business with surface dwellers

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Actually pic related is almost exactly that, Bone and his cousins come from a city that is never seen in the comic but clearly a "modern" place, the whole adventure takes place in a fantasy mileu where Bone and his cousins fit in the LOTR halfling role pretty well.

>> No.72570207

>manlet overcompensation: the race

>> No.72570447

Yeah, cause it's whoever has the most seats in parliament who leads the country- though in the US, situations where the party of the president, and the party of the congress majority are rare, and when they happen are very unoptimal- it just results in nothing getting done, rather than something being done in a leftward or rightward direction.

Either way- Canada has a conservative party, that I'm assuming are as pro-low taxes as any other conservative party, though I assume aren't as ideologically zealous about it like the various wings of the American Republican party.
Yeah, but they still have their minds, and are shown to have values, and their own society- Orcish Medicine is said to be the most advanced in all of middle earth (Tolkien was basing it on the combat drugs they were given in WW1 such as speed).

>> No.72572801 [DELETED] 

Well, that's a good way to have an "always evil" race, I guess. That way, killing them is a merciful act.

>> No.72573899

>Either way- Canada has a conservative party, that I'm assuming are as pro-low taxes as any other conservative party, though I assume aren't as ideologically zealous about it like the various wings of the American Republican party.
You'd think that, but the Cons picked an American to be their leader last time around.

>> No.72575066

What's extra funny is at one point Ted Cruz was front runner of the Republican party.

It's a shame that the biggest meme of our lives right now could have been just demanding his birth certificate instead of whatever the hell reality is right now.

>> No.72577549 [DELETED] 

Why are we even talking about this?

>> No.72577936

The only good rat is a rat brought to me by my cats as a blood tribute to their favourite human!

>> No.72577984

It's not a blood tribute.

Dogs know that humans aren't dogs.

Cats however think animals that they hang out with are just really stupid cats. Your cat thinks you're some weirdo giant retard can't that doesn't know how to hunt- so when it's giving you a dead animal, it's because they are taking pity on you.

>> No.72577985

Wouldn't beaver dwarves make more sense? They may not borough the same way, but they do build a lot.

>> No.72578036

(p)Orcish blood magic done via tasty southern BBQ rituals?

>> No.72578972

How does the work with the blood and the iron? Blood has iron in it...

>> No.72579312

Warcraft Trolls.
I no longer have any traditional trolls in my games or stories.
It just be da voodoo now, mon.

>> No.72580220

You know it!

>> No.72581196

I assumed what he meant by iron rations are the kind of heavily preserved survival rations soldiers have to resort to when they don't have access to a regular army supply line. You're not likely to find anything even resembling blood or veggies in them.

>> No.72582615

Kind off. A satisfied halfling brings good crops, but a satisfied halfling is one who lives with their family in their own land. You can't simply forcefully resettle them, or even enslave them.
I do admit though that I didn't explore this piece of lore that much yet. It's still open ended, I'll further it when and if needed in my games.

>> No.72584123

Yeah, they even have Moby Dick as a book.

>> No.72584215

Not exactly: Melkor couldn't strictly speaking create anything, for creation is the purview of Eru Iluvatar. But he could take something Eru created and degenerate it to suit his needs. Hence, Orcs, goblins, corrupted maiars, etc...

>inb4 dorfs
Aulé indeed created the dwarves, but Eru retroactively sanctioned their existence when seeing Aulé truly cared about them. And he still put them asleep so elves could be first.

>> No.72584655

Maybe traditional Orc Home/Keep is usually circular in structure.
The kitchen and pantry, as well as the armory, at the center, a central hallway around it, and all the other facilities (sleeping quarters, non-food storage rooms, guest rooms, washrooms, and so on) are arranged around that.
When you enter an Orc Home from the main entrance, you first enter an open entrance room that doubles as feasting hall, with the seat of the Chief/Head of the Household at the end of it (towards the center of the circular structure), and the main kitchen right behind it.

This comes from the Orcs' times as roving bands, where they arranged their tents and sleeping spots arranged themselves around a central bonfire on which they also prepared their food. A habit that eventually evolved into their kitchen-centric homes when they became sedentary.
Said Central Kitchen also makes Orc homes generally comfortably warm, especially in winter, and the smell of freshly cooked food hangs the air.

The kitchen itself has a large and complex furnace, which can double as a grill, oven, and stove, and is sophisticated to a degree not even the Dwarves or Elves can match without using magic. The chimney of this furnace is very sturdily built, and serves more or less as the "spine" of the building.

>> No.72584977
File: 159 KB, 1024x1093, space_orc_troop_by_silsol_d9xt9xg-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is actually a pretty good take on orcs: Martial and agressive, but still reasonable and with some sense (not necessarily one you agree with) of honour.

>> No.72585195

My wood elves are basically fantasy vikings with pointy ears.
>descended from giants
>their mythos tells that giant-kin would rather have tyrants who intervened directly than more benevolent gods who allowed their worshipers freedom and autonomy
>giants, trolls, ogres and the like traded their beauty and wisdom for low cunning and raw power, elves did not
>gods are basically the aesir with the names filed off and a few traits reallocated
>use mostly axes, spears and javelins, or long knives, very few swords
>consider bows to be for hunting or murder, not war, because if you don't put yourself in harm's way in a fight it disconnects you from the point of fighting
>in the summer they go on boat adventures, usually to trade with anyone willing, but once slighted (being cheated by merchants, being harassed by guards, etc) they hold an unreasonable grudge that results in decades of raiding
>have a mutual "stay away from my homeland and I won't murder you, meet you in a human village and we'll trade" relationship with the mountain dwarves of the same region

>> No.72585430

>hence, orcs, orcs, corrupted maiars, etc...
why did you list orcs twice?

>> No.72585734
File: 216 KB, 1280x1769, IMG_20200515_105114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mix Gnomes and Halflings together and call them Hobgoblins
they're a race of dexterous and secretive homebodies with natural magical powers.
they have good relationship with the nearby human lands and because humans aren't naturally magical, Hobgoblins are widely sought after by adventuring parties. The authorities even offer land and other rewards to hobgoblin communities in return for their support on certain ventures, which seems to have been enough to get some to leave their burrows.

>> No.72588965

What kind of magic can they use?

>> No.72589193

>I mix Gnomes and Halflings togethe
>and call them Hobgoblins
For what purpose

>> No.72590848

Mildred, pls

>> No.72591133

if you think big beefy (porky?) hairy men are anti-fetish you got another thing coming

>> No.72591386
File: 75 KB, 692x714, 1582085017688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because hobgoblin used to mean what gnome means now: a house spirit associated with the earth. a 'hob' is the shelf in the fireplace and is symbolically associated with the safety and warmth of home. 'Hob'bits trace the same origin as Hobgoblins.
Dobby, the house elf from harry potter, is based on a friendly hobgoblin from folklore.
the fairy Puck is also a hobgoblin, as are benevolent figures like Billy Blin
I chose the name because my setting is rather dark and while these creatures are meant to be a light hearted counterpoint to the word surrounding them, calling them 'gnomes' just seemed out of place. Hypothetically, if they're name were to be translated into other languages they would be called whatever the local house spirit is
i.e. tomte in sweden, kabouter in the netherlands, kobold in germany, domovoi in russia and so on

That's what I'm still thinking about, but probably whatever helps maintain their farms, homes and the secrecy of their townships, so illusion and "utilitarian" magic are common. think bending shadows, creating camouflage and lighting small fires on the tips of their fingers. they perform it as if it were just an extention of their words and thoughts, and (probably) won't need wands and staves to cast spells.

>> No.72592718

Personally, I wish utilitarian magic was more common in fantasy settings. All that magic and so many fantasy settings have people just casting fireballs and stuff.

>> No.72592961

>the biggest meme of our lives right now could have been just demanding his birth certificate instead of whatever the hell reality is right now.
But then they'd start asking for Obummer's.

>> No.72593299
File: 11 KB, 321x322, 1486222907874.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the bigger question however, how do I?

>> No.72593397

They already did- it's what started Trumps political career.

>> No.72593443
File: 54 KB, 661x680, Business Otter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both of these seem like good reference points for when I finally run the Root RPG. Personally, I like the war-profiteering business otters, but badgers and beavers would make a lot of sense even they weren't already in the source material.

>> No.72593668

the Tzimisce have gone to far

>> No.72593775
File: 55 KB, 409x916, 1565509466204.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I forgot to add, they're slightly more advanced than the other races, both technologically and socially.
They elect governers instead of being ruled by kings, and they have technology like cuckoo clocks and waffle irons. Nothing useful to adventurers though.

>> No.72595893

I presume that their magic helped them advance technologically?

>> No.72595934
File: 153 KB, 907x900, 68D6BF99-AF1B-4081-9FE2-BF0FC971C0E9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretend to be human?

>> No.72597180

i love this.

>> No.72597470

>Pimp goblin
>Depressed dwarf
>Very muscular gay man with a crow head tengu
>Stinky drow
>Scummy halfling
>Roid gnome
>Cowboy orc
>Old pervert aasimar

>> No.72598503

>Most _________ are improved by giving them big ol tiddies and making them cute.

>> No.72600124

Hello, Elizabeth Moon.

>> No.72601414

What fantasy creatures would be recruited and welcomed by the Imperial Japanese, I'm intrigued.
I can imagine Kikimoras being upheld by the Soviets as "model workers" and maybe even making a sniper squad out of them.

>> No.72601457
File: 982 KB, 1170x1797, 5f236c39cd7768afb97d7a13c44169cf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who else has elves as kemonomimi?

>> No.72601540

Hi matt.

>> No.72601709


>Not making halfing factories where you produce haflings that only live for 5 years so farmer Joe must buy a new one to be able to met his lords demands.

You could have the greatest campaign hook here but you missed it.

>> No.72602103

Why should I inject 4th-world mutt economy in my comfy north-european inspired late iron age game?

>> No.72602356

Cultured Ogres

>> No.72602426
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I wonder who could be behind this post.
>Googles name
>"John Fighterson was raised in a (((human))) household"
Just coincidence, I'm sure.

>> No.72602575

My favourite is the /tg/ kender-take on Halflings that Dungeons: The Dragoning uses.

Haflings are horrible thieving little shits that do nothing but eat all your food, laze around, and steal everything that isn't bolted down to pawn for roast chicken as soon as your back is turned.

Another nice take I've seen on Hobbits specifically is from a guy I used to game with; his personal theory was that Mordor was the ancestral homeland of the hobbits - it was already dark, barren and dreary when Sauron moved in, because the little cunts fucking ate everything.

>> No.72602774

Maybe to subelven scum. Envious cope. Guillotine your most beautiful and intelligent ones, get ruled over by a class of liars instead. Hah.

>> No.72602835
File: 414 KB, 1200x1523, 1200px-Juan_de_Miranda_Carreno_002[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your most beautiful and intelligent ones
Yes, of course. Beauty and intelligence aren't emphasized by the bourgeois that runs, manages and bankrolls the country. True beauty is having black blood, testicles the size of peas, a mouth unfit to speak and being so weak that your very survival baffles Christendom time and again.

>> No.72604466

at least he wasn't a chinlet

>> No.72604618
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Milf elfs

>> No.72604686

Times change, faggot. No one has to be bound to Tolkien-tropes forever.

>> No.72604734

That's because too many people are either afraid of looking like they're make "The Hobbit 2" or think their audience would lose interest is halflings were the audience surrogate race, while humans occupied the role of "legendary warriors of lore".

>> No.72604759

Dwarves as Fantasy doomsday preppers
>Live in strongholds
>Hoard gold
>Really into guns

>> No.72604793

God I hate nochins so much.

I don't know what pisses me off about them so much. I don't hate any particular race, I haven't met a religion that doesn't have some chill moderately-religious people who don't give a shit what you do, I regularly meet people in real life who hold different ideologies and cultures who can meet me on basic grounds. But these fuckers? It disgusts me that they weren't aborted. I don't know if they breed purely through rape or if there are just women who have completely abandoned having standards altogether and that's how they get their kicks. The only reason they aren't rightfully exterminated is because enough of them squirmed the lie that they deserve human protection into the public.

I don't even know why it makes me so unreasonably angry. I just know they need to be cleansed.

>> No.72605040


You know, come to think of it, anime-style catgirls as elves has the potential to be a hilarious subversion in a modern fantasy game. Magical races come back to the modern world, and here you have these cat/fox/whatever people claiming to be elves and they just say

"Well yeah, even your own legends about us remember that we had pointed ears. What did you think that meant?"

>> No.72605076
File: 144 KB, 640x479, 1569974523222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goblins are what happens when witches steal babies, but don't feel like eating/killing them. Instead, they corrupt the baby to grown into a little monster that obeys her every whim. They grow no bigger than a 5 year old of their birthrace in both size and mentality. Should their mother witch ever die (and they survive not being slaughtered by either her killers or greedy neighbouring witches sniffing around her property), they begin to actually grow again, turning into hobgoblins. They never fully grow to the size of their birthrace, but are now able to fully mature. Because they grew up under the thumb of witches, they have a very poor view of other races and assume every deal must involve some sort of trickery.

>> No.72605083
File: 1.00 MB, 989x1400, d3509dacb87f7c41571b26a968b24ee7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no mouse elves

>> No.72605160


Mouse people are dwarves. Duh. Why do you think they and elves have such a long history of conflict?

>> No.72605576

> small
> lives underground
> hates elves
> can be master craftsmen because they have tiny hands that can do very detailed work

I can see it working. And then you give them typical dwarf stereotypes on top of that and you have gold.
Tell me that a short mousegirl with a scottish accent wouldn't be the cutest fucking thing.

>> No.72605643


This is neat.

>> No.72607477

Can hobgoblins reproduce on their own?

>> No.72607633
File: 3.00 MB, 2591x3624, 9ac82075db7376244fe6bd657a7ee35a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon that's a human

>> No.72607715


>> No.72607815

They can, but they have a warped view of childcare, so they tend to dump babies that are too difficult to raise in the cribs of any other race they encounter; typically taking the much quieter baby already sleeping within.

>> No.72607848

I like "civilized" kobolds that live in, and take care of, the sewers under big cities with their own little civilization there.

>> No.72608196
File: 31 KB, 250x251, 1420225598687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72609754

How would they survive down there?

>> No.72609795
File: 239 KB, 1008x756, high elves consume scented candles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72611432
File: 983 KB, 566x801, 1575250139540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Polite bump for this nice thread.

>> No.72611724

Squish that cat.

>> No.72611837

On purpose? That's kind of a dick move.

>> No.72613045

Do you people not see her knife?

>> No.72613325

Is that really true? Because hasn't it been observed that cats do not meow to other cats, but only to humans?

>> No.72613368

Yes, but it's more that they, again, think we're weird mutant giant cats that essentially don't know how to speak cat. They notice we speak a lot, so them meowing is them trying to speak what they consider to be our dumb retard speech to get our attention. Which is pretty much the only reason they meow. Dogs have a ton of specific behaviours meant to convey different information to humans, verbal and nonverbal (curiously yawning seems to have been a learned trait from humans). Cats are mostly just trying to get our attention rather than communicate anything.

>> No.72613429

Based and changebae pilled

>> No.72614034

I kinda want to make my crocorcs now. Could be very useful in separating them from Goliaths in my setting

>> No.72615510

Sauce on that, please.

>> No.72615605

I remember spitballing a never-ever setting where humans shrank, and only the short races existed apart from them: Halflings, gnomes, and goblins, and they all interacted with the newly small humans differently.

Relevant because both sexes for the goblins were equally fuckable.

>> No.72615642

Took me 10 billion hours to click the first link on google, you were right to come to me.

>> No.72617386

More details, please.

>> No.72617738
File: 133 KB, 1000x1400, almost size.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't share much on a blueboard, at least about the goblins.

The halflings though were basically humanaboos, very subservient to human beings, they were the only race to share land with humanity. By share, I mean they lived on human's land and worked, and were grateful for the opportunity. So when humanity shrank down, halflings effectively inherited everything humans had, in addition to the humans themselves. They still served them though, but by smothering them with care and affection rather than doing the labor humans couldn't be assed with.

Goblins were actually closely related to halflings, the dynamic I had in mind for them was that they were all southerners, but halflings were the plantation owners, and goblins were their bumfuck cousins. Goblins love halfings (they love everybody, really. Literally) but halflings despise goblins. Can't go into detail on how they interacted with humans here though, just that to goblins, anybody can be a goblin, so long as they're part of the tribe, and all who are goblin are treated as goblins, including the small humans. In addition, they have a bizarre way of doing things, lots of old-wives tales and folk remedies that make no sense, but somehow work out. Think very, very minor gestalt field a la 40K orks.

Gnomes were in a tricky place, but if halflings were extremely smothering and didn't respect humans as autonomous people and goblins could afford to acknowledge human's shortfalls a little more, gnomes landed in a comfortable middle. Finding that human's intellect weren't reduced at all, they brainstormed various ideas together as the most technologically and magically advanced race. The invention of elevators came about from upscaling the lift system one gnome had installed in her living space for her partner human.
Speaking of, from a young age gnomes partner with a human of similar age, their society mindful of the differences, but not allowing that to get in the way of the benefits of coexistence.

>> No.72617892

The plural of Elf is Elves.

>> No.72617924

Using society's wastes as a monomaterial for some sort of super alchemy perhaps?

>> No.72617967

Why did Humans end up shrinking?

>> No.72618016

I was still spitballing it, but my proto-idea was that they got too big for their britches as it were and sought to expand into the world of the Fey and were knocked down to size for their transgression.

>> No.72618104

Hey, it works. I can totally buy that. At least the Humans there don't seem to be bad people that the other races you mentioned are willing to help them.

>> No.72618118

Make your setting a chain of islands in which islandic dwarfism (populations growing smaller to accommodate the limited resources and available land of an island) took hold.

>> No.72618271

Yeah, it wasn't super militant, more just walking into the wrong neighborhood. Fey, man.
This is pretty good, I'll keep this in mind for the future, for settings that are less fantasy-esque.

>> No.72618304
File: 1.03 MB, 2028x3072, b504384a-e18f-419b-abc2-07f4f53b83cf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like Humans that are secretly a race of petty eldritch abominations that become stranger the more 'human' they are

>> No.72618349

Explain further

It's Fey, you don't have to explain anything else.

>> No.72618395

based labjer

>> No.72618706
File: 166 KB, 903x1072, Profile_-_Pinocchio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>explain further
In this hypothetical setting, humanity isn't a species, but a quality.
It's why Pinoccio could become human, eventually, despite literally being a wooden puppet. there are also nordic folktales about perfectly human changelings made from enchanted logs, and plenty of other folklores feature humans made from inhuman junk.
the key thing to remember is that Pinoccio IS human by the end, he is not pretending to be. if wood can be truly human, then 'humanity' as a concept must be more powerful, and more vague, than mere flesh and wood, amongst other things.
If humanity can warp wood into meat, then what would happen if even more humanity was applied. Some greek philosophers believed that man descended from a hermaphroditic race with four legs, four arms, and two heads, a race that was so powerful the gods split each of them in two out of fear. if Humans are pupae for something greater, then as humans get stronger and reach towards their potential, they would start to mutate subtly, growing taller or wider, or maybe they'd start walking on all fours every once in a while, or one eye would become larger than the other, or the hairs on their arms would dance like tentacles beneath the moon. then, one day, a small, pale hand emerges on their ribs like a polyp.
basicly, humans are living concepts and pupae for stranger and more powerful living concepts.

>> No.72619222

I'm partially reminded of Bloodborne and the way Humanity ends up in Lovecraft.

I mean, it makes sense when you consider that even Modern Fantasy makes it clear that fantasy critters usually can't live without ambient magic. They must look at Humans the same way fish might, some ethereal being who can live in an absence of what they consider absolutely minimum. Something that they conquer and curse, subdue and stab, and yet continues.

>> No.72621263

This is extremely creepy and very cool, anon.

>> No.72623133
File: 940 KB, 848x1200, 1486900743430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Elves that aren't obnoxious or snooty

>> No.72623584

That's part of a setting I'm working on. The closest species to Elves I have live in a hostile, mountainous, and snowy region, and are constantly beset by monsters.

However, they are rather thankful for anyone willing to help them out, are highly meritocratic (Those that lead do so because they worked for it, no "muh Noble Bloodline" nonsense), and, once they determined you aren't an asshole, are actually very friendly and open.

Apart from that they love feasting and drinking just as much, if not more so, than humans, since they take enjoyment wherever they can get it due to the harshness of their home. They also try to keep themselves grounded, with them avoiding special treatment wherever possible. For example, a military Commander shares the same hardship as the soldiers under their command, eats the same food, shits in the same latrines, sleeps on the same ground, and, if necessary (and if the Commanders' duties allow it), stands in knee-deep in the mud, side by side with their warriors, digging ditches. Or in a more civilian example, if a Hold is threatened by famine, the local ruler won't hold onto reserves for himself and his court, but add the entire pantry to the rationing pool.

They do come across as arrogant initially, since you haven't proven yourself in their eyes yet, but if you have an Elf to vouch for you, or managed to gain their approval (Either by fighting by their side, helping them out, or just being a generally nice person) they warm up to you very quickly. Though, if you are a ruler that got his title through birth and not through merit... well, you gotta prove yourself through a lot more than just being nice.

A (slight) downside is that any woman or man you're trying to seduce will play hard to get, just to see beforehand how committed you are, how you are as a person, and so on. What might balance it out, once you got past that, is that getting into an actual, romantic relationship is comparatively easy.

>> No.72623590
File: 192 KB, 600x600, r54hoqwqw4z41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This doesn't trigger my "BEGONE THOT" sense
>In fact, I think it's really cute
Context really matters, doesn't it? It really do be like that sometimes.

>> No.72623607

It's because the thing she's doing looks both difficult and traditional

>> No.72625999 [DELETED] 

bumpity bump

>> No.72626058


nice blog
never (You) me again

>> No.72626912
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>Very muscular gay man with a crow head tengu

>> No.72628356

Turns out being dedicated to something that isn't just "looking sexy" is really endearing.

>> No.72630012

This got a chuckle out of me, thanks anon.

>> No.72633453 [DELETED] 

Polite bump.

>> No.72633532

I can't get over the lizzer playing the pan pipes. he's vibin

>> No.72633654

I would have to say cave golems, specifically those who live in iron rich caves. There diet would give them a harder body and metallic shine, but they would would would be shorter in stature due to living in cramped conditions.

TLDR: dwarf golems

>> No.72633970

>The implications are kind of disturbing when you put it that way but then would p(orcs) see themselves kin to hogs the way people associate gnolls with hyenas? Doubt it.
Why? Humans irl make all sorts of associations and comparisons to great apes, even monkeys which are pretty far removed really.

>> No.72637395
File: 87 KB, 847x943, dwarf_by_shonensan_djmeod-pre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got Dwarves that aren't just underground-dwelling, vertically-challenged Vikings?

>> No.72637429


I have them as hermaphrodite rapists.

>> No.72637459

OK, thanks. Anyone got Dwarves that aren't just underground-dwelling, vertically-challenged Vikings and also aren't hermaphrodite rapists?

>> No.72637657

Vampires who don't blow up or burn in the sunlight, they just fear the sun to the point of death of fright and are albino.
Werewolves who can turn into a wolf willingly and have full faculty over their transformed selves during the day, have no control over their transformation at night, and have no control over themselves and become frantic, berserk creatures during a full moon.

>> No.72640158

I based mine off naked mole rats; mammals that live in eusocial colonies with a single breeding queen. So the dwarves most people meet are the rather samey worker drones who are obsessed with preserving and expanding the hold over all else. There's also a 'thinker' cast which direct the workers via pheromones and subsonic vibration messaging. Also their 'beards' are actually sensory organs like a star nosed mole nose covered in whiskers, let's them sense air currents and vibrations well enough to easily navigate completely dark tunnels.

>> No.72640170
File: 3.91 MB, 4725x2655, horny midgets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got you

>> No.72640177

I would absolutely keep him as a pet. He can have his own little crate and I'll bring him a raw T-bone to feast on every day. Does he need walkies?

>> No.72640430

While mining is a major part of their income, they strongly prefer to live in fortresses above the ground, and their aesthetic is greece instead of viking. They're still short and stout, but they can bulk up and temporarily grow bigger than humans.

>> No.72640638
File: 317 KB, 1334x750, man of culture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72640773

That's actually a pretty good perspective of a different cultural standpoint where violence is the norm instead of the usual noble orc savage revisionism.

>> No.72641458
File: 411 KB, 853x1280, 3ca982cb-f3a2-4739-93af-30104f6f5526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just look at how they're written in the prose eddas
>they were once maggots on the corpse of Ymir, the first giant
>Ymir's corpse was used to make the earth, so the maggots transformed along with it into little, sturdy men, seemingly inhereting Ymir's body plan, resilience, and ability to think and create.
>Dwarves are all male, and they are so skilled at their crafts that they can work stone and metal into flesh
>they reproduce by forging more dwarves

>> No.72641584


>> No.72641653

I’ve developed werewolves in my setting with that in mind.

>An aristocracy of old-blood werewolves claims land in the desert.
>Instead of running loose and savaging nearby kingdoms, they entice mortals to join their ranks
>”Enter a contract, survive as our slave for five years, and we will give you our power”
>This bargain seems better than a life as a goat herder or quarry rat
>Enter a society of werewolves living out in the open, in their humanoid, hybrid, and wolf forms
>95% mortality for most slaves within the first year, get devoured by your master or their packmates for breaking a “rule” of their pack
>actually just hungry
>unfettered and free immortality for those who survive, among a pack of equals (except the old-blood masters)
>no nation dares to stand against the Great Pack, lest their former vassals return, unrecognizable with unholy bloodthirst

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Porks are the mark of a man of taste.

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Well sure, it's pork

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