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>> No.72526388

I'm gonna be the first in line to cum in the corpse emperor's mouth when Abaddon finally takes over Terra

>> No.72526392

Go away ADB

>> No.72526397

Why don't the Tau look like this? Why!?

>> No.72526402

Because fuck you that's why

>> No.72526420

Because that wouldn't fit well with the setting. Instead of the current naive foil to the imperium that they are, they'd be fully gay anime bullshit.

>> No.72526435

Because 40k isn't a fire emblem game set in space.

>> No.72526442

Create rules for your dudes!

>> No.72526443

I have 50 Poxwalkers now. How many is too many?

>> No.72526454

How much is too many dakka?

>> No.72526459

That would involve actually advancing the plot, and gw would never do that.

>> No.72526462

What will you do when Silent King comes back?

>> No.72526469

New models for possessed when?
Rules that don't suck for possessed when?

>> No.72526471


he's gonna look nothing like that and you know it.

>> No.72526477

>Because 40k isn't a fire emblem game set in space.
How do we change this bros?

>> No.72526496

Anons, is this safe alt website for 40k Minis?


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Make happy clown noises because its someone other than marines getting a new model.

>> No.72526510 [DELETED] 

>mfw I compare the possessed and wulfen rules

>> No.72526511

I’d say if he was 4 wounds 90-100 pts would be appropriate

>> No.72526517

Nobody fucking care!

>> No.72526518

Maybe, ask your mom.

>> No.72526522

go for 60, 3 full squads of 20

>> No.72526530

this, also yesterdays filler

>> No.72526531

>these warriors are fierce combatants, every one

>> No.72526536

this pretty much >>72526505
More xenos releases is so badly needed

>> No.72526546

>tfw clowns and necrons are my two armies
The last few days have been really great.

>> No.72526551 [SPOILER] 

Necrons are learning of greater Dark Art

>> No.72526577

I play harlies too. Im super glad at the new rules for then, but still mad they made a named clown and then immediately gave it to sob.

>> No.72526593

i think i finally made up my mind to get necrons, should i wait for the whole psychic awakening thing to end in case that could somehow change them up or am i safe to go with their SC box?

>> No.72526601

Fair point.

Yeah, just need to find another dude willing to sell 10 more.

>> No.72526602

That dude is almost as fuck ugly as stern though. I mean I guess I can replace his head and use him as another solitaire if the only way to get szeras is some boxset, but I really doubt that is gonna be the case.

>> No.72526610

>safe to go with their sc box
their sc box ain't great because they currently only have 3 viable non character units, but other than that it's a good deal and we'll probably see warriors be unshitted.

>> No.72526634

i'd rather get another hobby at this point, or start a AOS army.

>> No.72526638

easy build boxes
2 player starter and sell of the extra stuff

>> No.72526640


Reposting because I completely ignored the flow of the thread.

>> No.72526648

what's stopping you? The internet lets you find local communities for all sorts of other games ezpz

>> No.72526653

If we could run more than one solitaire i would grab him and make a new head.

>> No.72526662

yeaah i've seen that but i think i'd like to get some basic units and train painting on them, not sure if it's a good idea tho
also the SC boxes are suprisingly cheap in my shithole

>> No.72526666

The SC box is okay, but the warriors and barge are rather mediocre in an army that only gets by by spamming their strongest units.

Other way around, there are maybe 3 good characters in the entire codex.

>> No.72526717

then go for it my guy
yeah, didn't know about which characters exactly were good, only remembered the immortal/destroyer/mega cannon floaty boy triumvirate

>> No.72526732

Is there anyone using inferior wargear/unit just because it looks better than the superior one?

>> No.72526739

How salty will ADB be when necrons close the eye and defeat chaos?

>> No.72526749

Good, fuck advancing the plot.

>> No.72526752

The deceiver is finally at a price where he's worth using. Plus the entire fast attack section is good, destroyers are just the most iconic.

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>> No.72526770

Because the cadian kit is old and kinda goofy and doesn't have a lot of options. The SoB kit is a combination of price creep, higher detail and lots of optional extra bits.

>> No.72526774

WYSIWYG is for people stuck in the past.

>> No.72526817

he'll take the entirety of gw corporate hostage to prevent that, and his legion of marvel fag fanboys will stand at his side

>> No.72526821

Send that miserable cur slinking back into the void.

>> No.72526822

why is he even so hard on chaos winning?

>> No.72526834

Fuck Silent King.
Where are my pariahs?

>> No.72526838

Because he's an insufferable edgelord

>> No.72526845

remember when the entire point of 40k was being a frozen in time psuedo historical setting?

gw sure as fuck doesn't.
wysiwyg if shit. If your counts as stuff is consistent, not even tournies give a shit. Every [x] is a [y]? Alright then as long as its written on your list and you let your opponent know, you're golden

>> No.72526852

He never really grew out of his edgy atheist phase. You know, like most chaos fans.

>> No.72526864

Time and how bootleggy it feels, there's enough rules already.

>> No.72526870

What is that guy on the bottom right watching?

>> No.72526884

what do you guys think of this for tau? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIOeq1uQ3uI

>> No.72526890

The guy on the left obviously

>> No.72526905

that level of basework alone for an entire army is stupid

>> No.72526908

>how bootleggy it feels, there's enough rules already.
one of the disney nuwars trilogy trailers

>> No.72526909

It was a star wars trailer.

>> No.72526911

okey, thanks for reassuring me

>> No.72526912

Because technically Chaos already won when horus got defeated, they spent 50 book on that.

Now that GamesWorkshop© is retconning shit from the HH and using Roboute Guilliman and the ultramarines™ as the Brotagonists while Chaos keeps losing popularity and turning into another Xenos type of danger he started seething the fuck out. Can't wait for the Dark Imperium to be saved so he can suicide already.

>> No.72526949

Best girl!

>> No.72526993

Nah, he said Chaos won when Magnus ruined the Webway project

>> No.72526995

Ok you are absolutely right, here you go just made it.

>> No.72527003

HH is a fucking awful series and it's full of dogshit. Stop simping for your li'l boy abby

>> No.72527011

Doesn't matter what he says if GW says no nigga

>> No.72527016

ohhh, you meant the 'make your own character' thing.

Thought you meant starting a new hobby, which I assumed meant a new game like bolt action, malifaux, wild west exodus, etc

>> No.72527031

>$30 Plague Marine Champion for a single Nurgling
>$40 Easy to Build Lord Felthius & Tainted Cohort for a single smiley face

Fuck, somebody please stop me

>> No.72527046

Fucking Rob Liefield Necron

>> No.72527068

What can be done to make the necron face less silly

>> No.72527077


I'm concerned that this is the reference for his model and he's going to look like a sleeping old man on a boat cruise with some chinese tourists at the front.

>> No.72527080

Greenstuff the mouths away, makes them way more unnerving.

>> No.72527082

Ignoring the bases.

>> No.72527099

He won't be, look at how based Szeras turned out.

>> No.72527122

Would we still get a cryptek with huge tits to push the boat?

>> No.72527138

Why does Abby have an on-off switch?

>> No.72527149


Good question, lets hope so.

>> No.72527151

>he'll take the entirety of gw corporate hostage to prevent that,
With what? An unbinned knife?

>> No.72527160

it's so he can easily go to sleep when ADB starts clinging to him and squealing about how cool he is.

>> No.72527169

There's people that buy $300 for bits like wings and what not, shouldn't worry about it.

>> No.72527177

ADB is american
He'll sneak one in
no wait he's one of those faggoty socdem cucks that wants to give away our guns just like reagan wanted.

Not sure if his boner for abby is more powerful than his boner for bending the knee.

>> No.72527185

/awg/ and /hwg/ welcomes you, weary traveler. Leave GW behind and play better games.

>> No.72527188

>Our guns
Post your gun, anon.

>> No.72527211

In that case he'll just use his erected for Abby and that tennis negro woman dick to hold them hostage.

>> No.72527237

God I just wanna run massive warrior blobs again.

>> No.72527241

I do like how latley GW has given ultras heavier roman asthetic then just the occasional wreath

>> No.72527251

you glow in the dark, nigger

>> No.72527252

>Engine War preview was supposed to happen last week, get one fucking article
>"sorry guys it's gonna happen this week"
>Retarded tournament shit, rumor hammer, Age of Shittar

>> No.72527257

I'm at work and IL took away my license because this state is dogshit. Yes I'm trying to move out
Yeah, she probably is stronger than him
I fantasize about massive warrior blobs too, anon

>> No.72527258

I have 80 guardsmen and I feel like thats okay for now

>> No.72527265

I suppose if you shine a black light on me, yeah. Pale ass people tend to do that.

>> No.72527271

it's tuesday you fucking sperg

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>> No.72527281

Here is one of mine.

>> No.72527284

Yay, i get to post mine

>> No.72527289

daemonbros, what are the chances we getting anything worth a damn in this book?

>> No.72527299

Too bad primaris washed that away and turned everyone into geneic taticool stormtroopers
>tfw when gabriel seth was right

>> No.72527302


This is bait, right?

>> No.72527311

I'm seeing a lack of chain swords more and more.

>> No.72527315

Bro you love tacticool, don't pretend you don't.

>> No.72527317

post your pickup with the skull and NRA stickers

>> No.72527322

>Lose CCW
>"States bad!"

Oh boy

>> No.72527324

Looks like a shitty AR pistol cobbled from parts

>> No.72527335

Nice try atf, im not answering anything.

>> No.72527342

Honestly i like everything about the sisters but the sisters themselves, they are boring but every else related to them is heavy metal as shit
>penitent engines
>pipe organ tank

>> No.72527346

uhm sweaty you can convert them into whatever you like

>> No.72527350

What? How dare they.

>> No.72527353

I don't drive a truck. Also fuck the NRA, they have helped negotiate gun owner rights away for years.

>> No.72527364

This nigger knows what's up. There are better 2A orgs out there.

>> No.72527371

Larping is tg related

>> No.72527372

Chainswords are offensive and not generic enough, so obviously need to be retconned away for the cookie-cutter power swords
GW is trying their damndest to flanderize and water doen 40k into evil star wars to appeal to the ADB type audience

>> No.72527379

By a long shot. I like the SAF.

>> No.72527391

I know about them but I more of a GOA guy myself.

>> No.72527393

>>Lose CCW
nah, lost my foid card because I spent a day in a mental facility 9 years ago for depression. The statute is supposed to run out in 5, but IL is tarded and won't let me renew.
And yes, IL is a bad state. It's like california but instead of SJW shittery, it's 90% dem corruption and nepotism
Hey man, you're the one that posted a punisher cringe, not my fault I automatically associated you with literally every retard that does that.
But yes, the NRA is fucking cancer and stopped supporting gun rights the moment the first black man wanted to be legally armed. God I hate boomers so much.
I've seen some great primaris conversions that really fits them into the setting, and those sure as fuck aren't some of them.

>> No.72527397

The NRA don't actually care about gun owners or gun rights, they just care about making money off pretending they do.

>> No.72527405

Retributor Armor is easily the best paint GW offers. Why can't the rest of their line be as good as it?

>> No.72527414

I know I shouldn't, but my hopes are high

>> No.72527423

I've been collecting punisher comics since the late 90s when i was a kid. Its literally the only thing not comic related i have the skull on. I hate all these shits who have never read a single comic running around with it.

>> No.72527425

Remember to buy your second NRA membership subscription to show your support and fight back against the libtards!

Why is american political discourse so wildly off base when it comes to sanity? Or even just something as simple as using the proper terminology for definitions.

>> No.72527426

I have that one Dawn of War song in my head. The force commander theme. It's just so darn heroic sounding.

>> No.72527435

I don't mind how primaris look but whats bullshit is GW thumbing their noses at fanboys who dont like it by writing a meta as fuck analogy into the lore
>hey look new primaris marines, who will replace the old ones
>many chapters dont like it at all, but too bad because they are being replaced anyways with the more standardized taticool marines anyways
>all the chapter traditions and uniqueness goes into the trash and youll get halo spartans instead

>> No.72527445

because political discourse has become more tied to our true religion of capitalism lately with people selling political identity with their products

>> No.72527449

anons, what is the best IG regiment and why is it elysians?
vostroyans and steel legion are also acceptable answers
dkk fags get the shovel
alright, you get a minor pass as long as you also own the punisher movie with travolta in it :^)
wonder when a janny is going to punt us

>> No.72527452

They are controlled oppisition to act as a steam valve for upset boomers, they take their money and pretend to "fight for 2a" while doing literally nothing

>> No.72527458

Whats really fun is when you discover the neocons are actually Trotskyists.

>> No.72527459

>halo spartans instead
spartans have more flavor and are more interesting than take and bake marines.

>> No.72527463

They're too busy dilating at the moment.

>> No.72527465

its an interesting concept that unfortunately GW isn't doing anything interesting with. as you said every chapter just accepts them and thats it.

>> No.72527469 [DELETED] 

Just wait for more trannys to get jobs in writing departments should be happening soon

>> No.72527482

My brother of dark skin color

>> No.72527487

>be chapter that doesn't know what to think about the primaris
>all your primaris died
>write them down as heroes and go back to business as usual

>> No.72527491

>this is what short people with persecution complex actually believe

>> No.72527497

Isnt the steel leigon a subsidiary of dkok speificly tied to armageddon?

>> No.72527498 [DELETED] 

Why is it only MtF that act this way? I know an FtM dude that's pretty fucking chill.

>> No.72527510 [DELETED] 

FtM are based they act stoic like men, and MtF are melodramatic cunts funny how that works out those guys are hyper gender stereotypes.

>> No.72527515

Is there even a single named primaris marine in the codices that wasn't already an established character?

>> No.72527526

|| Is it gay if I wanna fuck him while he still has tits? ||

>> No.72527527


>> No.72527533

fuck no
do you even understand how regiments work in 40k? Each is raised from a planet and made up of that planet's population. Very, very occasionally severely understrength regiments from different planets will get folded into each other, but usual method is running until depletion or folding it into other regiments from the same homeworld
DKK is from krieg. Steel legion is from armegeddon. DKK are a bunch of vat born brainwashed autists with barely anything that passes for a sense of self. Steel legion are grizzled chads that got their training in the ash wastes of armegeddon fighting orks, and more importantly are still human with all the emotions that implies. And are also mechanized to hell and back which is awesome.

>> No.72527534

I was under the impression the steel legion recruited from Armageddon.

>> No.72527540

Are Helbrutes good in a TS army or vehicles in general? If yes, which are? I feel like I just pump my army full with psychers and spam smite all the way but that doesnt sound like a lot of fun

>> No.72527541


>> No.72527545


>> No.72527548

>Is it gay to fuck a woman in 2020


>> No.72527550


>> No.72527552

fwiw that's because the mtf that are tolerable or enjoyable to be around don't advertise themselves as mtf. And most importantly don't have the personality 'tranny'
yes, that one dangles guy. But also he started as a manlet marine in the fluff

>> No.72527561

Plastic models never ever.

>> No.72527564


>> No.72527565

Helbrutes are alright at best. Predators with lascannons are also decent, but the meta has outpaced them. Helturkey is amazing at tying up units in CC turn one.

>> No.72527574

The real issue is painting the Helturkey. The trim is gonna give me PTSD.

>> No.72527599

Posting summarised bits from a recent Gav Thorpe explains Chaos in Wall of text post :

-Daemons are pieces of Warp energy born from larger Warp disturbances (Chaos Gods). They are either born from the shifting of these forces or by conscious decision, depending on your personal interpretation of how aware the Chaos Powers are.

-Each mortal creature has a spark, reflection, in the Realm of Chaos. This is called a soul, psychic potential, consciousness. This reflection has a casual connection to the physical body it belongs to, and it acts as conduit between the Realm of Chaos and the material plane.

-Chaos gains power from the disturbance of the Warp. To thrive Chaos requires massive amounts of Warp disturbance. When the Warp calms down, the power of Chaos wanes. An example of this is the Warpstorms that devastated the DAoT humanity and then the calm that followed the birth of Slaanesh. These peaks and lows of Chaos power levels have occurred across cosmic history.

-Where does this disturbances come from? They come from mortal kind. Without mortals, the power of Chaos cannot increase.

--Each time a Chaos God creates a daemon, it expends some of its power weakening itself. In order for a Chaos God to grow in power it must cause more Warp disturbance than what it expends to create daemons. In order to do so the god must either recruit more mortal followers or increase the spread of the base emotions that feeds it.

--The main objective of daemons in the mortal plane is to act as agitators. The Chaos Gods manifest them into reality at a considerable expense and their return investment is when their daemons spread the conditions that suit their interests. Khornate daemons spread anger, Nurgle's daemons spread despair, so on and so forth. To the forces of Chaos the horror, corruption, and disruption created by their incursions and their aftermath are the entire point.

>> No.72527600

So when are we getting 9th

>> No.72527614

-Since Chaos needs mortal conflict and emotion to stir the Warp, this means that should ever the Chaos Gods succeed in their goal of turning the 40K galaxy/Mortal Realms into a Realm of Chaos, then they are dooming themselves to a slow death. With the demise of mortal kind, things in the Warp would return to the way they were before the First War in Heaven/Collapse of the Old Ones Gates/Shattering of the World-That-Was. So Daemonic incursions into the mortal plane must be doomed to failure on some level for Chaos to thrive.

--The Chaos Gods cannot be not-themselves so they exist in a state of paradox. Ever striving toward their own destruction.

--The daemons seek not to conquer territory when invading the mortal plane for as more of the mortal plane is engulfed by the Realm of Chaos the more energy of their gods dissipate. In 40K the general effect of Daemonic incursions, Warpstorms, and Chaos rituals is the creation of an overlap between Real Space and the Warp where mortals can exist and be enslaved to daemons.

--Mortals ambitions and desires mean nothing to the daemons and the Chaos Gods. Daemons do not follow strategies or doctrines. They just behave as they are created with no rationality only acting in accordance to the core of their being.

--By the time daemon legions have manifested into reality, the damage has already been done. Even if you defeat them and seal their Warp portals, the ripples of their invasion will affect the generations to come.. In battling against Chaos, you are fighting a foe that feeds on conflict itself. Daemons leave mutations and a damaged reality behind them but the most dangerous thing they leave behind is the knowledge of Chaos and its temptation. That's how daemons fulfil their function and the Chaos Gods are fed. The deaths caused by daemonic invasions are merely the byproduct of daemons cultivating fertile grounds in which dangerous ideas are more likely to settle and grow.

>> No.72527617

3 months after PA is over.

>> No.72527628

cadia only forever
trying to do trim on all my chaos shit is driving me up a fucking wall.
surprisingly not retarded. Like I'm actually blown away that this is decent

>> No.72527631


>> No.72527643

This pic reminds me of Halo 3 marines. I think it's the helmets.

>> No.72527647

this half doesn't sound so good though. Depersonifying demons is weird, especially when there's demons that are constants.

>> No.72527681

Any Admech players here? I have a noob question:
Should I equip my 10 ranger squad with any of the special weapons option beside one with the transuranic arquebus? Im kind of new, and the reduced range of the plasma culverin and arc rifle kinda makes me think I won't be able to use them as much. Should i just go with 8 rifles, one arquebus and whatever the alpha vanguard should be carring (what SHOULD he be carrying anyway?)?

>> No.72527692

What is possessed bomb you absolute moron

>> No.72527700

Daemons are not people. They are just figments of your imagination, you silly billy.

>> No.72527711

first, run it as 2 squads of 5. Second, the arc rifle is an acceptable choice just because of how god damn cheap it is, and because of that cheapness you can run 2 per 5 man squad without much issue. Arquebus is iffy because of how expensive it is, but if you can run a quartet of them you can pull off some interesting things.

>> No.72527727

by threatning them with dirt about those cult things, them child sacrifice and stuff.

and them american masons are going to protect him, so he won't get offed like Adrian Wood.

>> No.72527729

Morning fellas, how are you today? Which of your friends do you plan to play against first when society resumes?

>> No.72527755

the stormtrooper regiment is the best one

elysians are cool. FW elysian grenadiers fuckin never, because IA turned into never ending marine wank after 8

>> No.72527765

Daemons not having a real, multi-dimensional personality makes sense though. They are spawned from mostly a single emotion after all.

>> No.72527770

Is the guy who posted those white/bone-coloured SoB with the blue tabards still about? Want to ask him what paints he used.

>> No.72527787

Will be against my buddy who plays Raven Guard/Deathwatch. Not sure what he'll run but I'm hoping Death Guard will have their PA rules by the time this all wines down

>> No.72527792


Yeah it's fucking infuriating. When was the last real non marine 40k release?

>> No.72527809

>Necron players are finally getting new support
Happy for you ladz

>> No.72527814

the badab war was fine, but 30k killed imperial armour and I will hate it forever for that

>> No.72527818

>First War in Heaven

There was more than one?

>> No.72527820

non marine players just got a limited IG catachan captin. What your crying about?

>> No.72527823

You’ll win either way

>> No.72527833

Yeah, badab was good.

Fuck HH in general has raped the setting, FW is just the biggest casualty.
>what is reading comprehension
we're talking about forgeworld, homo.

>> No.72527852

the old ones vs necron and the ctan.
the eldar, krorks vs necron.
the eldar civil war that shattered their gods and started their descent in to decadenc

some also count the iron men vs the golden age humans as one too. shit dwarf horus heresy in how brutal it was.

>> No.72527853

What exactly is wrong with Possessed?
Is it that they have to walk everywhere? That's always been a weakness of Chaos.

>> No.72527856

Post cool 3rd party models
Also contrast paints really are fuckin EZ mode, holy fuck

>> No.72527863

FW is for gay people.

>> No.72527867

Are you non-Necron playing Xenos players plan on buying new Necron stuff to support GW's Xenos releases?

>> No.72527887

the flesh coat/cloak aesthetic is really played the fuck out

>> No.72527893


Ulthuan grey and Mephiston Red are up there. I've hated all my interactions with Mithril silver.
White scar is by far the worst though, it seems to immediately dry up after opening.

>> No.72527905

Thanks boss

>> No.72527917

>yfw the Silent King model is basically Nagashi

>> No.72527921

TransArq is one of the best snipers in game
Min squads with two are best maybe 10 man for three plus datatether for +2 to hit
I have arcs on vanguard cause range 24 is shorter than galvanic rifle 30 but ive seen others do this
Sarges should be naked cause two attacks aren’t usually worth spec gear but may be used to fill a few points

>> No.72527932

that is some seriously low effort bait.
I'm considering starting them if warriors become useable.
no u

>> No.72527933

Rolled 6 (1d6)

Rolling to paint
>1. Vostroyans
>2. Genestealers
>3. Hive Guard
>4. Seraphim
>5. Snipers
>6. Characters galore

>> No.72527934

What color would work well with gold armor besides blue?

>> No.72527942

Thanks, orkchad.

>> No.72527943

im permabanned poster humiestomper58. i first started playing orks when i was about 12. by 14 i got really obsessed with the concept of WAAAGH and tried to channel it constantly, until my thought process got really bizarre and i would repeat things like “DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA” and “ORKS ORKS ORKS ORKS ORKS” in my head for hours, and i would get really paranoid, start seeing things in the corners of my eyes etc, basically prodromal schizophrenia. im now on antipsychotics. i always wondered what the kind of “orky” style of humor was all about; i think it’s the unconscious leaking in to the conscious, what jungian theory considered to be the cause of schizophrenic and schizotypal syptoms. i would advise all people who play orks to be careful because that likely means you have a predisposition to a mental illness. peace.

>> No.72527945

>Also contrast paints really are fuckin EZ mode
Yes, pretty amazing stuff if you can handle them

>> No.72527950

they are, but snipers aren't good in game for the most part to begin with. Like I was saying, if you want trannies you need to lean into them. Otherwise I'd be spending the points on more crawlers, buddy bots, or the souped in IG tankers I crave.

>> No.72527959


White, Black and Violet.

>> No.72527960

Maroon, purple.

>> No.72527970

Green is always nice.

>> No.72527975

Post ur most recent project

My plan is a ww1 themed french guard army using early ww1 colors (blue coats and red pants)

Ik the big hats are more Napoleonic but these will be my veterans and everyone else will have the keppie hats

Also plan to maybe convert a char 2C tank into a baneblade or something

>> No.72527976

Further proving Alpharious was taken for a chump by the Cabal.

>> No.72527982


>> No.72527997

Hmm, green pauldrons and kneecaps could work pretty well.

>> No.72528008

How? It proves the Cabal were right. It Chaos won the HH, then they be dead.

>> No.72528014


>> No.72528018

He's saying Chaos' victory would be followed by its self-destruction. That's in line with the Cabal's pitch to Alpharius.

>> No.72528024

Well, color me interested.
ignore HH books. They're just such garbage.

>> No.72528039

But I thought Chaos had other universes to screw around in.

>> No.72528072

Maybe hes cold behind all that POWER ARMOR

>> No.72528076

Gold and blue is terrible.
Gold and purple is good.

>> No.72528083

I don't get the appeal of Vostroyans. Is it their hats? Personally I don't like the hats.

I play Valhallans myself.

>> No.72528091

As the president of my country once said. There are no gay people here.

>> No.72528095

shut the fuck up ADB

>> No.72528106

>I was only 9 years old
>I loved Orks so much, I had all the models and rulebooks
>I pray to Gork and Mork every night before bed, thanking them for the life I've been given
>"Green is love" I say; "Green is life"
>My dad hears me and calls me a faggot
>I know he was just jealous of my devotion for Orks
>I called him a git
>He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
>I'm crying now, and my face hurts
>I lay in bed and it's really cold
>Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
>It's Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka
>I am so happy
>He whispers into my ear "Dis is my WAAAGH!."
>He grabs me with his powerful ogre hands and puts me down onto my hands and knees
>I'm ready
>I spread my ass-cheeks for Ghazghkull
>He penetrates my butt-hole
>It hurts so much but I do it for Ghazghkull
>I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water
>I push against his force
>I want to please the mighty prophet of the WAAAGH!
>He roars in a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his spores
>My dad walks in
>Ghazghkull looks him straight in the eyes and says "It's all green now."
>Ghazghkull leaves through my window
>Green is love. Green is life.

>> No.72528112

It would at the very least leave this universe and go somewhere else.

>> No.72528117

Nigger, that's a low blow.

>> No.72528124

Is red a mandatory color (even as 2nd or 3rd color) for an AdMech forge world color schemes?

>> No.72528162


The hats, the wooden rifles, the 'blanchesque' theme, the moustaches and they're based on an older miltary style when compared with other Regiments (Praetorians excluded).

>> No.72528169


>> No.72528185


No, be interesting and use purple or yellow.

>> No.72528189

No. There are no mandatory colors.

>> No.72528190

you lucky bastard

>> No.72528198


>> No.72528207


>> No.72528224

are those mordians? Thats a really fuzzy picture anon

>> No.72528239

you're a mandatory colour

>> No.72528242

Wow the silent king trailer has gotten me excited for the release of 5 more primaris lieutenants and paper cutouts of the silent king himself, found only in the new 90 dollar book.

>> No.72528252

its for the grenade

>> No.72528287

mutant chronicles capitol marines.

>> No.72528293

That would be such a shitstorm I actually want that to happen now

>> No.72528309

Jonathan keebel is a really good narrator, especially when he is trying to sound like dillios from 300
He voice alone makes shitty stories sound 100x better

>> No.72528318

What does he have to do with 40k?

>> No.72528325

GW wouldn't do us dirty like that... Right?

>> No.72528328

Painting Haarken. Gonna proxy him as a Jump Pack Sorc because his rules are terrrrrrible.
Cool model though.

>> No.72528355

40k audiobook?

>> No.72528358

He narrates some 40k books.

>> No.72528360

>And here is brother Felonius, primaris lieutenant of the ultramarines, ready to combat the threat, joined by his brother lieutenants from the blood angels, salamanders, black templars and the white scars.

And then at some tournament somewhere...
>.. After all, the silent king is only really good on paper...

>> No.72528372


>> No.72528384

Painting up my Valhallans, stripping my Bullgryns and going for a lighter more dynamic scheme on them.

>> No.72528389


>> No.72528394

I don't think I've ever seen anyone field haarken as haarken, only use him as a proxy or a base for conversions

>> No.72528425

>Those mold slips
What's the best bits you can use to hide those miscasts? purity seals?

>> No.72528465

More gold

>> No.72528499

prayer or battle damage

>> No.72528544

does drazhar give himself +1 to wund since he is a incubi?

or am i misunderstanding

>> No.72528600


>> No.72528660


>> No.72528695

but everything is in lockdown so the new PA rules will never be used

>> No.72528737

That depends, what do the Haemonculus think of the Necrons?

>> No.72528739

I tell you what, things will be different when I'm a writer for GW.

>> No.72528750

Like that will ever happen.

>> No.72528773

Squats when?

>> No.72528786

It will happen, I can given him a job.
t. Games

>> No.72528797

He self inserted as a chaos character and needs them to be on the winning side.

>> No.72528827

>tfw the corona-chan lockdown has stalled my plan to suck my way into getting the models, rules, and stories I want made

>> No.72528858

Why would GW squat the second most popular faction?

>> No.72528860

I know some armies have a stratagem or something that let's more than one unit have a Warlord Trait. Does CSM have anything like that?

>> No.72528886

Black Legion and Alpha Legion

>> No.72528891

No, we only get disappointment for rules.

>> No.72528892

Are leaks officially dead? Up until about a year or so ago (with the GSC leaks) we were getting somewhat frequent leaks on upcoming releases about 1-2 months in advance.
Somehow there are no leaks about the new Necrons or anything in the future.

>> No.72528899

>second most popular
anon, and I hate this too, but tau would like to have a word with you

>> No.72528916

>Yes law abiding citizen, surrender your cooking utensil that was going to spend it's life in a drawer or block of wood. It was dangerous like a shive made from a metal pen or a car.
Why not just have end-of-use safe disposal sites for old, broke, replaced knives.

>> No.72528918

What fucking warped reality do you live in?

>> No.72528938

Ah, damn. Was hoping somebody else had some. Thanks anyways anon.

I don't know, some of them sound pretty cool.

>> No.72528943

It’s a good ability and he’s got a good gun but you’re paying 21-31 more points over a regular power sword lieutenant which may be a bit much. Then again I understand not wanting to make him competitively priced or anything

His rules themselves are quite fun

>> No.72528952

I'm pro 2A but if you have a punisher sticker on any of your kit you should be out on a list and banned from purchase of fire arms and from school grounds.

>> No.72528954

We got harlie leaks though?

>> No.72528973

Fair enough, I forgot about those. Mainly suprised that the Necron thing has been kept very secret and we have no information beyond what GW has directly told us.

>> No.72528975

I promise I'll give the fans what they want. Tau fighting Exodites.

>> No.72528981

>Infantry have a 4+ armor save against weapons that do a random number of hits. Additionally, they have a 3+++ against mortal wounds caused by land mines, delayed explosives, and traps.

(Kinda hard to really transfer to game mechanics since terms like “blast weapons” are gone, and with land mines doing mortal wounds instead of being blast markers.)

Non-superheavy Vehicles in this army do not get a flat bonus but may take Mine Flails. Mine flails are dozer blades (+1WS), but you may roll and additional D3 to-hir rolls with attacks made by this weapon, and they have AP-2. Costs 10 points.

>> No.72528982

Alpha Legion is one of the most fun and powerful armies in the game senpai

>> No.72528994

This is my first mini in 4 years and my first time putting effort in. Tips on what else i can add, other than highlighting the armor. Should i add another lighter layer over the pink? Should i do a final ink wash over the fleshy pink bits?

>> No.72529007

Its not a sticker, it's engraved.

>> No.72529034

Too bad they're associated with the most unfunny memes and the worst fanbase

>> No.72529041


also yes I plan on cleaning up the pink borders and the grey highlgihts on the gun

>> No.72529048

>ignores modifiers
>reroll aura

>90-100 pts

See, this is why no one will ever want to play against custom rules or characters. That unit needs to be at least 150pts+ to not be bullshit.

Fuck you nerds.

>> No.72529056

Is this the IG imperial anthem?

>> No.72529066


>> No.72529089 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

>letting the internet determine what you find enjoyable

>> No.72529091

for a first in ages it's pretty decent sure as sure.
Yeah I'd use ink near the half of the tentacles connecting to the body to make them darker at least

>> No.72529101

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.72529116

Damn shame too

>> No.72529118

It's not just the internet.

>> No.72529122

New Harlequins rules are out.

>> No.72529125

I always wondered what that gif was from and if there is any context

>> No.72529132

The problem is that GW went along with the memes and now AL are canonically insane troll logic super-spies who are merely pretending to be retarded instead of just being a legion that specializes in covert ops and misdirection.

>> No.72529133


>> No.72529145

Nothing, stop projecting.

>> No.72529148

His special wep is only damage one. Look at the points compared to a regular Primaris Lt. It doesn't seem that far fetched.

>> No.72529155

I believe its from Suicide Squad behind the scenes.
What are you basing this off of?

>> No.72529186

>wail with the new multi hit pivotal role
>kill 3 primaris with one shot
>that will be 3 D3 mortal wounds and -6 on leadership please

>> No.72529189

That recent AL book where they were actually loyalists, but not really, but actually they are, but in reality... (etc)

>> No.72529194

Even as a comics fan I have to wonder why you would ruin a weapon like that.

>> No.72529222

>Supports murder
Big oof there guy. Everyone at the range keeps they're eye on you.

>> No.72529226

Based and school shooter-pilled

>> No.72529248


>> No.72529263

>Kill three primaris with one shot
Assuming the shot kills one normally, how does D3 mortal wounds translate to 2 more dead?
And it's -2 LD total, as you only get one shot with wail.

>> No.72529276

The pivotal role makes it so that each successful hit against a unit with at least 6 models counts as three hits

>> No.72529288

Where'd you get these laddo?

>> No.72529292


>> No.72529296

Read the special rules he quoted.
Each successful hit becomes 3 hits.
1 shot becomes 3 hits at S6 Ap-3 D3
For each of those that successfully wounds: you kill a Primaris, get -2 LD and do additional mortal wounds.
It's nasty.

>> No.72529336

I'm retarded anons, I will commit sudoku out of my dishounor.

>> No.72529338

Shit harliquins might just start being a bunch of elvish john wicks with their new rules

>> No.72529374

I like the armor. Good job.

>> No.72529378

But i shoot alone on my own private property anon.

>> No.72529391

>Give Harlie's a bunch of special rules to vomit out a preposterous number of wounds for the model count
>Become the new meta army
I don't see anything that would stop them getting fucked up by Knights though.

>> No.72529395

I want to go faster but I like to paint yellow. What should I do HELP

>> No.72529402

Do Ynnari Harlequins lose Rising Crescendo and Flip Belts?

>> No.72529414

Don't they still have a metric fuckton of haywire weapons and fusion pistols?

>> No.72529421


GW has the alpha legion do stuff, but no one knows why they do stuff. So the fan theories run rampant.

>> No.72529430


>> No.72529440

Soooo... If the silent king is coming back.

How fuck are us craftworlders?

>> No.72529449

Reborn just lose the harlequins keyword i think.

>> No.72529453

Self-insert of the worst kind

>> No.72529455

Only the Haywire Cannon on Voidweavers and Skyweavers. But they all still have melta pistols

>> No.72529461

Like this

>> No.72529470

That fucked

>> No.72529512

Metal ones are from GW back in feb. Resin are from blackmarketminiatures

>> No.72529527

We're gonna make the war in heaven look like a fucking joke

>> No.72529597

Best boy

>> No.72529601

>silent king returns
*Ting ting ting*
"FUCK eldar"
>This kills the eldar

>> No.72529634

Let your voice be heard, anons.

>> No.72529648

Excellent meme, champ. Have an upvote

>> No.72529679

Huh, surprised they're allowed to exist, are they vouchable?

>> No.72529680

painting one of these as a testmodel while I desperately await the arrival of my csm start collecting to arrive.
then im trying my hand on converting the MoP into a jump pack captain with murder sword and either plasmabolter or plasmapistol to go fast and kill characters

>> No.72529681

...at failing.

>> No.72529700

hopefully it actually counted my polling, since the discord invite at the end failed.

>> No.72529724

My head cannon is that admech vs space marines games are Cawl trying to retcon primaris one bolter round at a time.

>> No.72529727

if any of you faggots doesn't vote for double campaign I'll gut you

>> No.72529737

It'd be nice to have a BA-centred game rather than Ultras.

>> No.72529781

>iron hands will just run intercessor blobs as 5 man squads
I guess?

>> No.72529790

Does Admech even have bolters?

>> No.72529794

I voted for BA. As for involved races I chose SM, IG, CSM, DE, and Nids. I want playable DE.

>> No.72529796

Was this the peak for old marine personality?

>> No.72529800

Here ya go

>> No.72529816

A little bit. They kind of lack the uniformity a normal marine chapter would posses. but otherwise they are peak malnlet marines

>> No.72529817


I want 30k game fps. It would are called Sisyphenum and follow story Nynkona Sharrokyn and Iron Fater Sabik Wayland.

You play as either character and start off in dropsite massacre. thing go well until traitors start shooting.

then bam bam pew you have escape alpha legion headhanters. fly away in thunderhawk

then go that forgeworld in book and fight darkmech and world bearer

then chase perturabo into eye terror and fight emeperor chlidren

would fun

sorry for bad english

>> No.72529822


>> No.72529831

>old man yells at craftworld

>> No.72529841

don't they... you know.. make all of them?

>> No.72529843

Too much bling for peak manlet aesthetics, but good sculpts nonetheless

>> No.72529853

I hope all of you voted that you wouldn't want to pay for DLC.
Further, Salamanders > BA > all other chapters for game-centering purposes.

>> No.72529886

I can forgive the bad english easily enough

but 30k is bad : (
I voted for salamanders because they're practically a literally who in the video game world, but in general I agree.

>> No.72529891

Overkill is probably the peak. Space Marine Heroes also counts.

regular deathwatch suffer a bit from being multi-part, at least for personality

>> No.72529894

>codex issue armament of the Emperor's Space Marines.

Don't see anything about the Mechanicus.

They also make Leman Russes, Baneblades and Rhinos, so aren't they using them?

>> No.72529897

I want Dark Eldar, goddamnit

>> No.72529904

people think the admech models are the only admech forces that exist, and that they are all armed like that
because that's how nu gw presents its fluff.

>> No.72529911


no 30k are great you big faggot

>> No.72529926

GW should fucking let Eugen systems make a 40k game.
Wargame 40k would be amazing. Proper deck building like tabletop and all

>> No.72529932

not having dlc just means they'll abandon the game as soon as the game releases
they're a fledgling company and won't have the resources to have an endless, free development cycle

>> No.72529935

SM, CSM, Orks, Dark Eldar and Tyranids.

>> No.72529957

I always recoil at the fucking dread with a silver, detail-less arm

>> No.72529971

correct take, sort of
a game in that scale would be great, but it would need better mechanics, and mechanical variety.

And also not be prublished by eugen, one of the scumfuckiest EU publishers to exist.

>> No.72529974

They feel pretty good in the hand and are odorless. Almost like a hard plastic

>> No.72529986

CSM, Imperial Guard, Orks, Necrons, Tyranids
If you voted any other way, you did wrong

>> No.72529987

Seeing how Primaris Marines use Legion era formations how exactly is a Primaris Chapter supposed to be organized? Has GW said anything about that yet?

>> No.72529995

bUt aNOn dLc BaD

Yeah, some people equate any dlc to shitty microtransactions for some reason these days. It's like they've lost all ability to see in more than black and white.

>> No.72530019

>AAA release
>fledgling company
Further, there are a shitton of games made by smaller studios that do free, content-filled (rivaling the initial game at launch) updates.
Don't be a paypig.

>> No.72530031

How's the shipping when you got them mate? Slightly wary of buying from Siberia.

>> No.72530037

Who are these guys anyway?

>> No.72530038

As long as I get a few hours out of it and maps and cosmetics, then $10-$15 isn't too bad for a DLC.

>> No.72530059

>Paying to access more factions, most of which will probably be included at least partially fleshed out in the campaign anyway
Nah anon, you're retarded.

>> No.72530065


>> No.72530077

>the poorfag cries
why are you even here?
I prefer to achieve at least a 1$/1hour ratio with games, so if I hit that in the base game I have no problem throwing down on dlc. I just won't buy a second batch of dlc until I hit that ratio again, but if I do I can basically keep going forever.

>> No.72530085

Would anyone have an aneurysm if I painted Deathwatch something other than black?

What's a good lore justification for that, anyways?

>> No.72530110

Long as hell. Took about 2 months after it was shipped. Also use a credit card you can have fraud protection on as they require some slavic payment system.

>> No.72530112

>I like to paint yellow

>> No.72530116

Is your time only worth a dollar an hour?

>> No.72530126

Tzeentch recoloured yourdudes as a joke. When they get back to base they'll repaint it

>> No.72530147

Classic Tzeentch

>> No.72530149

>lore justification
none, just make them /yourdudes/ and say you use deathwatch rules because that's how the chapter operates, and they have connections with the mechanicus or something
a 60ish grog got mad I use using deathwatch rules to represent my /yourdudes/ in a kill team league, so you may run into one or two. But fuck those people, how retarded do you have to be to think 'reee can only paint [x]' in a hobby like this anyway?

>> No.72530158

>What? You don't want to pay $20 for a two maps, a CTF gamemode, and a reskinned faction?
>LOL Poorfag! I bet he doesn't even buy new kits when he just needs the weapons.
>The poor game developers need it! For such an obscure setting like 40k, they need all the support they can get.
Fuck off

>> No.72530167

Have rules for a sonic pistol ever existed? For a noise marine I mean.

>> No.72530195

holy shit needing that much of a strawman to cope lmao

>> No.72530199


so did you make this with the 2018 CA or is there a new character maker?

>> No.72530201

Imagine unironically not knowing how game development works
Gamer gate was really by far the most useless event in human history

>> No.72530205

>people will actually fall for this

>> No.72530212


>> No.72530235

what point are you trying to make here anon. Or are you just throwing snark at the wall and hoping it sticks

>> No.72530249

This anon gets it. It's why I have all the DLC in total Warhammer because I've spent... fuck 500 hours on that.

Just hope it's total Warhammer levels and not a paradox game levels.

>> No.72530251

*lack of

>> No.72530271

Pink or green?

>> No.72530274

going by my rule there are a few games I could spend ~1000$ on lmao

Rimworld and Battle Brothers, to be exact.

>> No.72530284

>paradox game levels
Reminder that It's been 4 years since HoI IV launched and the Soviet Union is still a mess and will probably only get fixed with $30 DLC.

>> No.72530287


>> No.72530291

>neon pink or lime green?

>> No.72530294

the one on the left

>> No.72530306

Oh 4chan...

>> No.72530314

>Battle Brothers
Hell yeah. Gunpowder hype.

>> No.72530321

good thing paradox dlc is so easy to crack
And more importantly is only fun with actual people, so you just get your richest friend to buy all the dlc for your friend with the most freetime, so you can all ride off him for MP games.

Feels good having put so much time into stellaris without having spent a dime outside the base game. Fuck paradox

>> No.72530342

Honestly, as much as I'm looking forwards to both that and the south, the thing I'm the most hype for is battlefield variety. I'm so fucking tired of playing on boring ass fields and shit. Hope we get more tiles later on too

>> No.72530356

Unironically want some for my models

>> No.72530357

With these guys.

>> No.72530386

It does rumble me that they lumped "skins" and "new gamemodes" in with "race packs" and "campaign DLC". I'm more than willing to shell out for something big and quality like a TWWH2 DLC, but being nickel-and-dimed over gamemodes that split the community and shit like faction skins absolutely sucks. I can imagine SM chapter packs being low-effort recolours with one OP aura buff shilled for £10 a pop.

>> No.72530416

Good point, though i'd always prefer a nice field to having my shieldwall spaghetti itself across a dense forest while all my bowmen get mugged turn 1 by greenskins.

>> No.72530417

>Just watched Astartes
>It's literally the best 40k content I've ever seen

How does that guy not already have a contact for a full series funded by GW?

>> No.72530447

>Put in no Imperial Factions for 5 selected

Literally can't find anything on WarHol Studio. They seem new and google search most leads to Andy Warhol or some apartments

>> No.72530467

He's just a Primaris Lt. with one of the GK Litanies as an ability.

>> No.72530479

But anon, what would anon use them for?

>> No.72530482

yeah. I'm concerned that this teased 40k rts is from a 'new studio' or whatever, so for all we know we'll get some faggoty ass mobile shittery with exactly those kinds of skin dlcs.
that reminds me I still need to do my poacher run and actually clear a crisis with it

christ is it hard to main ranged

>> No.72530498


Here are all the leaks. Eldar can finally build a good beatstick, at least.

>> No.72530510

>first 4 episodes
astoundingly well produced but laughably directed bolter wank
now we're starting to get interesting

>> No.72530523

>laughably directed bolter wank
What did he mean by this?

>> No.72530532

In their mutual heyday, Haywire jetbikes were one of the best counters to Knights (when Doom applied to the former and the latter could get a 3++).

>> No.72530550

Nope. They're just about the only faction that could potentially work in Ynnari and even then it's a hard sell as Harlies have really good stratagems and subfactions.

>> No.72530563

>the silent king
Literally who the fuck-ing cares. When's ultramarines?

>> No.72530589

the story direction is incredibly basic, boring, and lacks any amount of teeth, even for a series of a few minute shorts. All it does is scream 'raaah marines are so coooool hell yeaaaaaah so badasssss fuuuuuuuck broooooo they're so grittyyyyyyyyy and badaassssss' up until the 5th one where things stop jacking off the concept of space marine and take a breather.
It'll be interesting whether it goes back to the wank or develops into something more interesting. Considering how damn well the dude animates I hope it does develop.

>> No.72530590

I want whatever these Psyker dudes are to become actual models

>> No.72530645

This was a whole lot of words to say "I hate watching Marines win, and enjoyed watching them lose."

>> No.72530666

So why does everyone love possesed do much? What am I missing?

>> No.72530680

you'd think they would be used by now after 10 years

>> No.72530684

>"I hate watching Marines win, and enjoyed watching them lose."
I hate watching boring one sided shit where there's no sense of threat or struggle. Not even the psyker fight had it.

If you like watching thor or superman or whoever the fuck beat up a bunch of random thugs and a minor villain I can't stop you, but I sure as shit can point out how boring and shallow it is for anyone not screeching that their superhero is the best and invincible.

>> No.72530692

>the story direction is incredibly basic, boring, and lacks any amount of teeth, even for a series of a few minute shorts. All it does is scream 'raaah marines are so coooool hell yeaaaaaah so badasssss fuuuuuuuck broooooo they're so grittyyyyyyyyy and badaassssss' up until the 5th one where things stop jacking off the concept of space marine and take a breather.
What does this actually mean?

>> No.72530714

>I hate watching boring one sided shit where there's no sense of threat or struggle.
The Traitor Guardsmen are remarkably competent for what they are. Ambushes, taking advantage of positioning, they'd butcher Stormtroopers sent.

>> No.72530738

It doesn't mean anything. It's the kind of post you get from someone who just dislikes something and wants to sound smart about it.

>> No.72530740

it's now boring nor shallow, it's boring and shallow FOR YOU. And there's always AOS

>> No.72530751

Think im done my first plague marine

>> No.72530756

To be fair, they were just fighting traitor guard, so they should mow them down like they did in the vid. It's also a fairly effective tool to portray someone as superior only to strip them of said power later on to create tension.

>> No.72530757

which makes the complete innefectiveness of them even more boring. All that was needed was a marine losing an arm and then continuing to fight, or a splatter of blood as a bullet hit an armor joint. Instead it's just superman walking up to a robber shooting him with a machinegun, laughing, and saying it tickles.

>> No.72530762


>> No.72530772


>> No.72530777

>there's always AOS
But shitcast are exactly this kind of wank?

>> No.72530781

What does this actually mean?

>> No.72530796

Oh.... then go play homebrew or something where Xenos and Chaos are not NPCs.

>> No.72530803

If it's /that/ reactive, how does that glass container hold it?

>> No.72530814

>which makes the complete innefectiveness of them even more boring
They had more than ineffectiveness. If you look at the models, many hits had their marks on their armor. And the Psykers nearly had some of those marines including blasting them many times.

>> No.72530816

>the story direction is incredibly basic, boring, and lacks any amount of teeth
A straightforward story with incredibly clear direction and forward momentum is basic, but in no way boring. It's how short films and stories succeed, and arguably their primary strength.

only pretentious faggots disagree with this

>> No.72530825


shhhh we don't want your logic here.

>> No.72530827

All codex races are PCs with the plot armour that comes with that.

>> No.72530841

desu Im even even less optimistic for the official gw stuff.
decent effort anon, not a huge amount of weathering and could do with some highlighting but certainly tt standard.

>> No.72530844

>All codex races are PCs
lmao xenos codex

>> No.72530852

Well well well, if it isn't Mr smarter than comic book made for children

>> No.72530861

Way to be a contrarian fag, fag.

>> No.72530864


>> No.72530875

Marinefags are actual children

>> No.72530883

I mean, that's my point. Things got marred, but nothing actually got damaged or hurt. There were a few peak opportunities to have something with consequence happen, biggest being during the psyker fight, but nothing did. Instead of something cool happening that both showcases how dangerous even shit tier psykers are as well as SM extreme resilience we got marked up armor from a multilaser and ragdolling a bit.

Something like the autocannon ambush taking an arm, or one of the marines throwing a grenade during the psyker fight only for one of them to set the grenade off in his hand, would have gone a long way. Both times the marines would have shown that they are not invincible, but they're damn tough and even when injured are still dangerous as fuck to fight.

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The only thing it can not dissolve are diamonds because its original intention was to help mine those. The container is lined with finely ground diamond dust
Don't expect to find glaring plot holes in a Don rosa comic

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>Something like the autocannon ambush taking an arm, or one of the marines throwing a grenade during the psyker fight only for one of them to set the grenade off in his hand, would have gone a long way
It would be terrible. In fluff, even fluff that doesn't wank space marines, that's like DoW's intro levels of incompetence.

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Just cause you asked nicely, Satan. Their main schtick is that they have a ton of valuable keywords that make them eligible for dozens of interlocking buffs, including from Codex Daemons, so you can turbocharge one big unit into a roving deathstar that'll shrug off almost anything and delete most things in combat. They're usually taken in Alpha Legion with the Mark of Nurgle and given some or all of the following buffs (I'm surely missing some):
>Veterans of the Long War
>AL strat to not be targeted
>Misc AL movement strats
>Virulent Blessing (Nurgle Daemons)
>Locus of Pestilence (same)
>Miasma of Pestilence (either CSM or CD, I think you might be able to stack them)
>Master of Possessions' spells (Cursed Earth and Infernal Power) and the Daemonkin Ritualists strat/WT
So on and so forth

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Lol, nice test for sexual orientation

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Well well well, if it isn't Mr has a very good knowledge of comic book made for children

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I’ve been working on Heretek uplifted Beastmen for a while.

Whether their bolters or otherwise depends on what rules I want to model.

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You stupid faggot.

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Holy based, you are my brother.

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