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Hello, I like Warhammer. I play AdMech what do you have?

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anger issues and not a lot of friends

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A good word bearer is a dead word bearer

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I know that's kind of stupid to ask, but
Can someone make a screen capture video of this tutorial?
It's was accessible to all in april, but now only for vault members. Thanks.

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I'll have you know that we're are not word bearers we're just Maroons supports with the lore to back it up, but of course the bloody Blues wouldn't understand.

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But do the Ultramarines not bear the word of Guilliman, as do all Codex compliant chapters? DOES THIS NOT MAKE YOU BEARERS OF THE WORD?!

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bloods and crips marines when?

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How are you playing while Nurgle rampages outside?

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First for murica marines

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imperial captain is fun once you max him out he pretty much plays himself untul wave 18

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So is there any chance of us getting an Emperor's Children army anytime soon?

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Necron Lord for easy mode.

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wow eldari totally fit into the whole 40k aesthethic

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That's the less interesting campaign not Last Stand

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nope just bits

>> No.72468911

you just say that cause he's blue and stands out from the dark red background

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Barely any factions fit into a consistent aesthetic.

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I'm probably just being autistic, but slight variances in how each squad is painted is normal for an army that wasn't done all at once, right?
By that I mean, you can tell that you improved between squads and some newer squads have different techniques used on them.

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ngl the outlook is pretty bleak. you might have to glean what scant glory as can be gleaned from the cold ineffectual confines of endless cacophony and music of the apocalypse. perhaps in 9th edition might EC finally be grated access to viable stratagems like experimental weaponry and orbital bombardment

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Why does the only AL character in 40k not benefit AL, but some rando warband?

Come on, Arkos.

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Yes, of course. Use it to see how you've improved, and take satisfaction in it.

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post current projects!
I was working on the base for my valkyrie

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Ok, thanks guys. I was looking over my three squads of CSM and noticed that the older one, where I just did basecoats and shades without any highlighting, looked clearly different compared to the other ones, where I started playing around with layers. Got it into my head that it would stand out during a game.

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I'm not. Might try get a game in next weekend though.

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>current project
I am not in the mood for painting so they've only been basecoated since I put them together

>> No.72469012

Wraithbone seems to be pretty fabulous

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How disappointing I wish we would get the same update the Thousand Sons did. You have no idea how badly I want an Exalted Sorcerer style box for EC Lords/Sorcerers or even just a box for generic Chaos Lords/Sorcerers.

Well since it's not happening is there any good 3rd party Slannesh bits anywhere? Not just Noise Weaponry but pauldruns, heads, icons, small accessories?

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I want to play on TTS with a buddy of mine but he refuses to play unless the models are perfect 1:1 representations of their chosen loadouts.

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AdMech, knights but mainly OOOOOOORRRRKKSSSSS

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So Mike, what did you think of the Warhammer Preview part 3?

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Shut up zoomer

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Just say your AL list is The Faithless

Its nit like you're missing out in anything

>> No.72469195

Is there anither preview today or nah?

>> No.72469242

Has anyone used the Kromlech predator sponsons? Can you slot the Leman Russ sponson in there (provided you cut the tab at the top and bottom)?

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how much of a sperg lord is he?

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No. Anon, you should start going to the community website every day and check it on your own.

>> No.72469254

How much do you think the Indomitus starter Box will be?

>> No.72469268

He does have diagnosed autism. I'm basically his only friend.

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>Eldar Pirarto

>> No.72469293

What a burden it must be for Blanche to literally be impossible to have bad ideas and aesthetic.

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So when a new Chapter gets founded who trains the marines and decides who should be in charge and other stuff?

>> No.72469308

Would they still get the AL trait? -1 to hit at 12" seems nice.

>> No.72469311

purge the mutant

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I haven't painted a single model since the lockdown commenced

>> No.72469331

Yes, you just say your warband uses X Legion Trait like Successor Chapters

>> No.72469348

They get a high ranking charismatic dude from another chapter, he takes some veterans with him and they sit around thinking of dumb shit they can get the new recruits to start doing as their chapter gimmick.

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What were you doing in the meantime, anon?
I've painted:
10 Poxwalkers
2 Plague Marines
Foul Blightspawn
2 Blight Haulers
3 Obliterators
3 Nurglings
1 Chaos Rhino
1 Reaver Titan

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Cope harder, smurfy. Do It Again Bomber Phaeron!

>> No.72469375

Guys I have a question picked up admech now as my first units to get into 40k and been looking through the codex. So the book gives me a bunch of preset colour schemes of their different armies but not all of them have their own extra rules like voss primus for example. If I paint them in a colour scheme that doesn't have their only bonus do they not get any bonus at all or can I choose which bonus I want?

>> No.72469378

what army do you play?

>> No.72469387

Based word bearer, without you none of my guys would know the truth.

>> No.72469390

You can paint them any color you want and play them as any faction you want.

>> No.72469397

Yes, for example red orks get a +1 movement and advance in their rules and the purple faction get's another -1ap in cover.

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I love the freehand and it's a good looking paint job, it's just metallic red feels wrong on word bearers.
>also where'd you get that mace head?

>> No.72469406

based and wordpilled

>> No.72469409

I dig this dude.

>> No.72469410

assembling models, basing models, priming models, anything but painting

csm, ig, dg and sm

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It's fine, anon. At least you were doing something.
But you need to paint em eventually.

>> No.72469424

Ok cool so painting them the army colour for their rules is just for aesthetic reasons. Thanks

>> No.72469426

yeah i feel ya, i can barely bring myself to paint their trim.

>> No.72469440

Stop assembling models if you still have models to paint.
I'd rather they were still on the sprue when you sell them to me on ebay.

>> No.72469449

I've almost finished all my metallic paints thanks to all the trim. After I finish this batch I'm not gonna paint anything with metallic trim, fuck it to hell.
That's why DEldar is gonna be my next army.

>> No.72469467

imagine making those artworks for decades and then seeing the models made out of them...

>> No.72469473

Yeah, and if the last few Psychic Awakening books are anything to go by, there'll be custom forge world rules in Engine War

>> No.72469474

yeah, who ever designed the trim on warptalons can go fuck themselves

>> No.72469495

I like the Skitarii, they look very much like the art. The guns are a bit meh, but if I ever made an Admech army, I'd get the 30k Tech-Thrall arms with the guns and use them.

>> No.72469513

>npc army

>> No.72469529

Yes. Sprugs on this board will say it’s against the rules to use your ultramarine painted armh with imperial fist rules but they are idiots

>> No.72469561

This is a word bearers general, if you don't like i don't care

>> No.72469564

has anime really rotted your brain so much thats what you see

>> No.72469571

But I collect Word Bearers and love cock.

>> No.72469585

Is mixing colors with metallic paint like leadbelcher a good idea? Reason I ask is because I want to make a darker lead belcher but what would I even mix into it? Black?

>> No.72469609

Probably better just using a wash or a glaze. If you mix non-metallic with metallic then the shiny shit in the metallic paint doesn't show up properly.

>> No.72469611

Yes, stuff like contrast mix really well. I prefer to give it a leadbelcher coat first and add the paint later. deluded Dark templar with leadbelcher or super deluded black.

>> No.72469627

Oh so you're the retard that ruined our broship with the world eaters.

>> No.72469629

Hmm the reason I ask is because I like the look of leadbelcher but I wanted to make a darker looking necron. But not darker as in nuln oil bath.

>> No.72469646

You could try and add some medium to the nuln oil so that it's not as strong. Mixing paints with metallics can go badly pretty easily so best to try out on a shit test model.

>> No.72469668

Are vindicator any good in a TS army or should I stick with predators? what are good TS vehicles anway?

>> No.72469670

Always love seeing your word bearers anon.

>> No.72469678

You could just try the Iron Warriors metallic they have now. It's just a darker leadbelcher as far as I can tell.

>> No.72469680

One thing you could try is basecoating black and drybrushing very thin coats of leadbelcher, I've found that gets a darker effect

>> No.72469690

>those parchment details
Awesome stuff there, anon!

>> No.72469700

Spellcrow do noise marine bits called pleasure legions
Pretty sure kromlech and wargames exclusive do too

>> No.72469702

even with the demolisher buff vindicators are still very bad, predators are fine but can be expensive for what they do. As TSons it's usually best to stick to MW's for you're anti tank if monoarmy, and ally in fire support like knights or exalted flamers.

>> No.72469721

They have that metallic-like bright red in older art. The crozius is literally a power axe from CSM tacticals with its blade cut off and a head made from two Undivided backpack icons from that same kit.

>> No.72469722

How are the daemon weapons? I like the idea of a jump lord with the claws.

>> No.72469730

Welcoming critique for my 2k DE list, made for maelstrom games

Brigade - Kabal of the Dark Heart

Archon w/ venom blade
Archon w/ venom blade

5 x 5 kabalite warriors
1 x 8 kabalite warriors

4 x raider w/ disintegrator

3 x ravager w/ disintegrator

3 x 10 scourge w/ 4 heat lances + 1 blast pistol

1 x 9 incubi

2 x 9 mandrakes

Just a casual list really. Mandrakes and Scourges obviously start in deep strike along with 2 raiders full of kabalites with screaming jets. Archons ride with the other kabalites, incubi get a boat to themselves, and 1 group of kabalites runs around like povo cunts because they couldn't afford their raider repayments and I really want those CP. Been having fun with the list. Drazhar feels a bit wasted with only one squad of incubi but he always turns out to be kind of a beast just on his own and I like his model.

>> No.72469733

Cool, here's mine.

>> No.72469753

That is pretty true about the metallic red, i guess i just associate it with preheresy TSons.
>gotta support the maroons

>> No.72469792

Luckily my flatmate plays, we do like 2 games of 40k or KT a week.

>> No.72469808

So was Mk IV Space Marine armor super popular before Primaris and that's why GW based the Primaris design on it so heavily including modeling the repulsor pilot with the Mk IV techmarine helmet or did GW just throw darts at a wall and land on Mk IV for inspiration vis a vis rng?

>> No.72469814

Hopefully you can cause enough damage to the enemy but I don't think you'll have enough staying power, which is a big reason why coverns work so well as area denial units and speed bumps.

>> No.72469852

I know people liked it, but I always got the impression that Mk3 or Beakies were the most popular "alternate" flavours.

>> No.72469858

Only thing MkIV on them is the helmet mask. They don't have the extended breastplate to cover the abdomen, the external torso cabling, the thin trim on the pauldrons, the squared off knee pads, the extended vambraces nor the segmented backpack design.

MkIV was popular when it was rare, mainly through the FW Red Scorpions line. Before that I knew a lot of people who wanted pure MkVI army and MkVI helmets and studded pads were hot commodity.

>> No.72469865

They probably saw the massive sales for the betrayal at calth box set and the tactical box and decided to added it to possible design choices.

>> No.72469870

Post your favourite conversion!
It doesn't have to be yours.

For me, the Custodes Knights are amazing.

>> No.72469886

Can't wait till I finish painting my own. Still need to order some more brett heads. Can anyone identify the head used on the biker on the bottom right and the biker on the top middle? Those are swanky as fuck.

>> No.72469887

What colors go nicely with bronze or gold? I want to make a model that’s mostly gold in color. But what other 2 colors could I use with it? I was thinking green and red but those colors fuck me up because it’s apparently easy to go full Christmas tree shit.

>> No.72469894

My usual strategy is to gang up and bully the shit out of the enemy's faster units and then dance around their slower ones, while generally being fast enough to get the majority of my objectives each turn. But granted I haven't played against many other armies who are also deep strike heavy.

>> No.72469896

That's probably one of the coolest themed armies i've seen in a while.
For me it's anything to do with guant summoners.

>> No.72469903

Gold is best with "regal" colors. Blues, reds, purples. Those kinds of things.

>> No.72469928

Ah okay. Makes sense. The idea is that I wanted to use gold, red and maybe orange but orange would probably duck things over. I don’t like using just two colors though.

>> No.72469935

I am not sure:

>> No.72469946

Hopefully this'll be helpful, treat gold is a shiny yellow-orange.

>> No.72469950


>It doesn't have to be yours.

That's difficult to narrow down, I've seen so many really great conversions. I'll just post an old standby that I don't see get posted around much anymore.

>> No.72469961


And the follow-up:

>> No.72470009

It's very difficult to turn artwork into models: often what works in one medium doesn't work in another.

>> No.72470030

I got 2 of those free primaris models.what do i do with them? I play CSM and Admech.

>> No.72470034

To be fair, EVERY marines should be metallic + their color glazed over it.

>> No.72470046

Working on my second DG Boxnought

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>> No.72470069

Whats the dumbest shit you've ever accidentally glued to yourself?

>> No.72470085

There's many shades of gold. And many gems suited to each shades.
Look at jewelries.
Green jade to emerald is rarely seen on gilded minis but do work.

>> No.72470091

> Ork-timuz Prime

>> No.72470141

Forgive me if this is peak retard, but this conversation on conversions has got me thinking. Is it possible to remove the heads of metal miniatures to use in conversions or is it too hard to be worth the effort?

>> No.72470232

Its possible with a saw, whether its worth the effort depends on you

>> No.72470242

A good quality razor saw or hack saw and hold the model in a vice grips.

>> No.72470245

That was done all the time before the all plastic lines.
This is an acquired skill and isn't easy to do, nor can absolutely every miniature be cut.

>> No.72470252

>tfw got the carcass done, but it doesn't feel like even half the work done
This is taking a while. First vehicle, and resin too. I wonder how people assemble Forge World vehicles, because the instructions for FW seem non-existent.

>> No.72470270

I'm building and painting terrain that my home group had amassed over the years. As soon as lockdown is over I'm going to treat them to a game on a proper, fully painted table.

>> No.72470271


>> No.72470278

never done that

>> No.72470328

You need to work harder then

>> No.72470345

I’ve bought some kataphrons, anything I should know before assembling them? Should I magnetise?

>> No.72470348

Would a chaos bro do me a favor? I need Abaddon and the GW demon prince side by side for a size comparison.

I'm planning a conversion, but the size makes it hard to guess how it'd turn out.

>> No.72470349

I painted my first pox walker so today I started on my first plague marine

>> No.72470358

I tried testing my new super glue on a 2 euro coin and now there is a 2 euro coin permanently stuck to my desk.

>> No.72470363

nice ogre conversion

>> No.72470382


>> No.72470397

>Trying out a new black recipe
>First two steps I'm liking
>Apply the third step
>Doesn't look great
>Wait for it to dry
>Now it looks the way I was picturing it in my head
Feels good, bros. How're you today?

>> No.72470411

They are both on 60mm bases so just line up the GW shop images of them.

>> No.72470418

Slowly working on Valerian. Hope he and his tsundere waifu will be over next week.

>> No.72470423 [DELETED] 

Is your space dad's still a whiny bitch hiding in his room because he's afraid of a bird ?

>> No.72470440


>> No.72470459 [SPOILER] 

That's really good ! I tried to do mine in TMM and failed

>> No.72470474

Huh, the Christopher Walken head looks a lot better when not painted by GW.

>> No.72470484

Not that Anon, but those pleasure legions bits look pretty cool. Would you recommend getting those over the actual NM kits? Or is it a matter of preference? If the actual ones fit the new csm models, do you think that these would too?

>> No.72470495

Still mad about your loser of a space dad ?

>> No.72470501

Remove yourself, scrub. Your 'commissions' are garbage, as are you. We don't usually chase people out of WIP threads, but you got kicked out for a reason.

>> No.72470519

I'm gonna be doing some word bearers in a few weeks anon, could you tell me how you got that shade of red? Looks nice.

>> No.72470524

Get him to play with figures he'd deem inappropriate, it'll do him good

>> No.72470529

A communist.

>> No.72470536

Imagine seeing AoS

>> No.72470537

Look, the basing material thinks it can troll. Amusing!

>> No.72470538

I saw his post and this one and am very confused. What did he do in /WIP/?

>> No.72470568

>We don't usually chase people out of WIP threads, but you got kicked out for a reason.
Oh my, you're such a great keyboard warrior for policing a thread on a bangladesh fish net weaving forum

>> No.72470569

He posted his hackjobs with bad, thick and messy painting, mould lines still on, and visible sprue nubs. Claimed he gets paid 5 green for each one. When anons called him on being a hack and told him to improve, he started bitching and insulting everyone. It took some threads to make him understand he's not welcome so he stopped posting there.

>> No.72470574

Based Faithbros

>> No.72470593

I posted my models, said it was a commission, and a retard went ballistic, go figure

>> No.72470594

Stfu jabroni, I only toild you to fuck off twice. You literally pissed the whole thread off.

>> No.72470607

Not him, but work and clases at night. Feels like I have worked more this past 4 month than the rest of the time.

>> No.72470614

Keep dabbing on smurflet sperg, brother.

>> No.72470624

>Stfu jabroni
Make me
>When anons called him on being a hack
You have multiple personality disorder now ?

>> No.72470643

>Ultra pauldron
What kind of brush would I need to manually paint those details?

>> No.72470645

Of course. You can explain it lorewise as the older models being gritty veterans, hardened and damaged by constant war. The new fellas are less experienced, so they look better.

>> No.72470654

Schemes+Urban Conqest Rules+ITC first floor blocks line of site is the dream format.

Or maybe if you could see into and out the first floor bt not through?

>> No.72470657


Why is this in resin? Recast? Or does FW for some reason sell a resin cast of a plastic kit to go with the supakannon upgrade?

>> No.72470658

Your jewlord wasn't high level enough, anon. Try sending him out on more tax collection missions.

>> No.72470663

Well I have models from almost two decades ago. Model and paint quality is all over the place. So I assume older people armies have a more diverse look

>> No.72470673

A fine №1 or №0, that's what I use myself.

>> No.72470693

Brush size is less important than being familiar with brush control. Assuming you have a sharp point, at least.

for example I do all my freehand (and basically all my painting in general) with the small GW layer brush

being an annoying cunt is the long and short of it

>> No.72470705

I recently came back to the hobby after a few years, hasn’t played since the beginning of sixth and had heard about the mess that seventh had become. A few old pals who’d also left got back in had been telling me about all the new shit like new marines and told me there would be a bunch of new shit to use for my Black Templar’s. First thing I ended up buying was just one of the gacha marine boxes, and I’m kind of shocked by how good, and by how big they are. Why’d they need to push Primaris if these new non - primaris sculpts existed? They’re great and so much nicer than the old squatting marines, but also don’t have these big goofy boltguns and what look to be power armored sneakers on some models.

>> No.72470706


>> No.72470708

I live next to many jew. So I have super glued some coins on the way to the synagogue.
Years have pass and they still try to grab the same coins

>> No.72470735

Why did they shill for TFA?

>> No.72470746


You could probably ask the same question about the Deathwatch releases.

>> No.72470755

Necrons and nids should be the big bads of the galaxy. Both overwhelming powers that will be unstoppable once they fully arrive/wake up.
Instead the ancient evils are hand waved away to make way for armored humans socking each other in the face and fighting over the same territory for ten thousand years.

>> No.72470769

One can dream...

>> No.72470775

Here are your new Chaos Necrons/Androids.

>> No.72470785

Rent Free, mister decoration. Rent. Free.

>> No.72470795

every faction is the big bad of the galaxy

except the fish commies, who are irrelevant and gay

>> No.72470798

Anyone else change the chapter/legion/etc they wanted to play purely because they hated painting it?
I wanted to play Black Legion until I realized painting black is mind-numbingly boring.

>> No.72470799

Where would that leave Chaos? Personally I'd like to see a collection of minor Xenos that are completely Chaos from a species-scale. I highly doubt that in all Chaos' existence, the only willing Chaos cults are from Humans. There's bound to be some minor Xenos here and there who, without an Emperor, Gork/Mork, or equivalent, have all become Chaos worshipers.

>> No.72470800

Do more homebrew! If GW can not, we can!

>> No.72470806

Next 3 Tanith troopers. Sgt Criid, Jess I Banda, Adj. Beltayn.

>> No.72470815

You spared yourself playing the gayest coldsteel OC, so that's at least one good thing about being lazy.

>> No.72470816

>doesn't know how vcrs work

>> No.72470825

Metal oldschool Obliterators, ye or nay

>> No.72470837

I'm starting fires of cyraxus this weekend when I'm out of work. For what its worth I made a home brew of the Asterius posted it here and latet the gw rules where nearly a 100% so at the least it won't suck completely.

>> No.72470839


>> No.72470842

Eh, the sculpts are okay but they're so fucking tiny compared to the new ones that it's really not worth the hassle if you ask me. I'd rather just use some greenstuff to make the new ones look better than have to spend all the time scaling up the old ones.

>> No.72470853

Fair point.
Now I have to figure out what I /do/ want to paint. Maybe purple armor with gunmetal trim.

>> No.72470854

Recast, yeah.

>> No.72470877

Aw, man. I was gonna do that, but I'm also unsure about accidentally messing up the model. If getting the old better looking ones is out, then I guess it's time to the get hacksaw.

>> No.72470912

Want to start an Eldar army but can't decide whitch faction it should be atm.
Are Ynnari still hideously broken or can I bring them for a friendly game without being stoned to death now?

>> No.72470923

If you bring Ynnari you'll absolutely be stoned to death, but not personally. I could probably beat a mono Ynnari army with only <Gretchin> models and do it fairly easily, they're worse than fucking garbage.

>> No.72470927

Ynnari got nerfd to garbage tier. So you're good now.

>> No.72470930

Do old school eldar.

>> No.72470934

>caring about being broken with a non marine army
>implying you could even pull of the broken stuff with a non autoplay army

>> No.72470948

Vex are based as fuck though

>> No.72470957

Calm down Asher/Osiris

>> No.72470962

Once you go dark you never something something

>> No.72470968


>> No.72470972

Lmao oh how the mighty have fallen. Pretty justified after the bullshit they were able to pull in the beginning.
I guess I just paint up some different models and see what's the most fun to paint and convert then.

>> No.72470973

Black undercoat, mephiston red, carroburg crimson wash and then another light brushing with mephiston to lighten up the central parts
nice and simple

>> No.72470992


>> No.72471010


>> No.72471012


Yeah, Maul has about the right response to that.

>> No.72471033

If you mean these ones then yes definitely old school metal oblits.

>> No.72471038

Kek, that genuine "what the fuck?" response.

>> No.72471041

>Mouth guns
I can dig it

>> No.72471054

Is there any way to basecoat a cream color without having to make like 5-6 layers

>> No.72471068

Excuse me,i couldn't read your crap under all those thick coats

>> No.72471069

Would the way the Darkness is handled work better than Chaos? You never fight the Darkness directly, only through their minions. You never have anything alike Chaos Daemons, the closest thing being high ranking Hive, Xol or Darkness-possessed Vex. This probably wouldn't translate easily on tabletop but it makes the Darkness the overarching threat controlling the biggest bad guys with the gap between it & the greatest connected bad guy the players faced being farther from the top than Abaddon is to the Chaos Gods.

>> No.72471071

If I wanted to run conscripts, would it be better to have one 30 man squad or two 20 man squads?

>> No.72471078

I found a great deal on what I believe is 2 boxes of the good kit (6th ed) of Bretonnian Knights of the Realm that I'm going to use to finish kitbashing my Custodes and decided I'd go ahead and built the knights themselves as well and run them as rough/death riders alongside my guard allies. Should I paint them to match my Custodians' heraldrys or should I do unique ones for the rider units?

>> No.72471100

Didn't know Best Korea used best AK.

>> No.72471104


Priming white helps a bit, maybe cuts down on a couple layers, maybe 3, but I've found it still goes on streaky. Otherwise, you just have to suffer.

>> No.72471107

Why not one forty man squad?

>> No.72471109

>best AK

>> No.72471124

When Squats return, they will have axes with super-heated edges.

>> No.72471125

They do, it's the Type 88.

>> No.72471140

I would, if the rules allowed. Conscripts max at 30. I have 40 models that I used to field back in the day and trying to figure if I should run them as two squads of 20 or one 30 and, I dunno, a 10 man "elite" conscript squad of basic bitch infantry.

>> No.72471165

Schemes of war should be standard matched play. So much better than ITC.

>> No.72471173

Ugh great. The suffering continues, then.

>> No.72471177

2 at 20, I think. Or just get 10 more dudes, it's just two 5-man ETB cadians or cultists plus maybe a bit of conversion work to make the buggers look decent.

>> No.72471183

It looks like the bastard offspring of an AK and a Bizon.

>> No.72471202

That's not the rifle in the photo. Different muzzle brake, different sights, different stock.
Their rifles look just like AK-74's.

>> No.72471228

I think he's implying the Rk. 62 is a better AK than the 74.

>> No.72471234

Nah, I feel like warhammer intrinsically needs the goofyness.

>> No.72471247

Big problem is that I used them as abhuman levies and a lot of the bits I used to make them are now OOP and hard to find, so I'm stuck with the 40.

>> No.72471283

Just throw in some normal humans, wave it off as colonists on a mostly abhuman world where all citizens get drafted into PDF regardless of subrace.

>> No.72471311

Isn't bizon basically just a kalashoid built for tube mag use?

>> No.72471331

It's a 9mm for one. I question the feeding myself.

>> No.72471332

Best build for IW anti armor Havocs?
I have tons of extra bits so i can do a full squad of everything besides chaincannons

>> No.72471353

It's a 9x18 SMG, using helical mags for large capacity. If a box mag exists I haven't seen one.

>> No.72471374

It's based on a shortened AK frame. Designed by Victor Kalashnikov (Mikhail's son) and Alexei Dragunov (Yevgeny Dragunov's youngest son).

It feels like any other gun, the magazine is just different. I think they've made a modernised version of the concept (9mm AK) with stick magazines.

>> No.72471385

Currently painting a tzeentch SC! box. I don't have pictures of the /wip/ but I have this picture of the blue/brimstone horros box I did last week.

>> No.72471388

>Get Cawl model
>he has car keys in one of his arms
That's adorable. My head cannon now is that that's how they start knights.

>> No.72471396

Lascannons are probably the best choice for purely anti-armor use but are pricey.
I'd probably load up on autocannons since it makes your havocs less of a pointsink your opponent will want to kill ASAP.

>> No.72471409

>Known for the daemonic hosts they summon before each battle, the Invocators are a rag-tag assortment of minor warbands that now seek power through bringing as many daemonic rituals to fruition as they can. They have fallen so far from the light of truth that their only recourse is to court the favour of all four of the Ruinous Powers -- and some rumour other Empyric gods besides.
So obviously, I'll need to run daemons of all four gods, but what Legion tactic would fit these guys?

>> No.72471433

No, I was in reference to the bigger metal ones. The ones that also come in finecast. I'd use the ones in your pic, but those are legitimately too small.

Was the another anon/you thinking I meant those?

>> No.72471438

I am very confused at what I'm seeing. Even assuming it somehow won't have as much feeding issues with those 100+ 5.45 bullets, how're their soldiers going to use those in practice? That magazine's likely going to be heavy as fuck compared to a 30 round STANAG magazine. How many are they going to be packing around? How heavy will the final weapon be?

>> No.72471447

>Have to run daemons from all 4 gods
>Known for summoning daemons for every battle
>seek power through daemonic rituals
I'm sorry anon. You have Word Bearers. It's terminal.

>> No.72471450

I mean the magazine. How often is the fun going to have any feeding malfunctions from the magazine.

>> No.72471458

Fug. I shall resign myself to this fate.

>> No.72471480

Uhhh Anon... What kind of car do you have that uses those types of keys?

>> No.72471484

I’ve got this done since sun.
Just Finished off the week with a bunch of tt quality cultists.

Corona has been very good for the backlog to be sure

>> No.72471492

Lascannons are 20 points and the next best alternative is missle launcher at 15 right?
I think the extra 5 points is worth the 3+ to wound on most vehicles. Best if a squad of havocs destroys at least one tank or vehicle that is worth focusing on, they have more than likely got their points worth

>> No.72471514

You've never seen someone unlock an engine/car with those types of keys? Is it only me?

>> No.72471519

From what I understand, there are more special forces guns. From what I've seen, the soldiers only carry the one drum in the gun and the rest are regular magazines. So I guess the idea is that they got the maximum firepower on hand from the get-go and the switch to box magazines after the drum is done.

>How often is the fun going to have any feeding malfunctions from the magazine.

Depends entirely on how good the magazine is. A lot of guns with bad reputations have come from bad magazines and ammo.

>> No.72471565

Magazines with weird shapes tend to bugger up. I remember reports of those 100 round Beta-Cs screwing up in Afghanistan though reports later that they didn't bugger up as hard in later conflicts.

>> No.72471589


>> No.72471602

Why is Abbadon Black so thick yet has dogshit coverage?

>> No.72471616

M63 was not reliable enough for common use, but Navy SEAL in Vietnam made extensive use of them. Mainly because they didn't have to rely on the gun for weeks and weeks in the field, so they had all the time to clean, maintain and improve their guns for the next op.

>> No.72471624

Who was getting authorized to use Betas and Afghanistan? Convoy grunts? Ive only ever seen some private naval security dudes use those awful things as a poor man's suppression tool.

>> No.72471653

Oh he does have a smaller modern looking key. I meant the tooth ones.

>> No.72471669

Mix it with a stick, then ball bearing with a tad of medium. The pigment separates and becuae its black its hard to tell and comes out like a layer.

>> No.72471724

God I hope Termies become good again.

>> No.72471759

Actually, I've got a set of Terminators coming in with some other stuff. I've heard termis aren't that great, though. Do you think anyone would say something if I did an oldhammer and converted those into Obliterators? I've seen only a few pics, but they don't seem too much smaller. Could just put them on the correct size base right?

>> No.72471763

What thinner should I be using to do this?

>> No.72471768

I'd cite http://www.defendamerica.mil/articles/jul2003/a072803b.html but I think the link's broken

>> No.72471781

they'll be forgotten.
They're not that bad as is, just too expensive

>> No.72471819

Wow thanks, I shook the fuck out of it and it seems to perform better. Usually I just shake it a bit but this time I shook it like it was White Scar.

>> No.72471833


>> No.72471855

Squatpunk 2077
actual release date
>every faction is the big bad of the galaxy
False meme from a false prophet:
- Eldar are a dim waning star;
- Dark eldar a tiny demographic with no impact;
- Orks neutralize themselves by design, waaagh is not a threat but a kill switch;
- Chaos is a tiny portion of the warp unsentient confusion;
- Marines (both kind) are wildly overrepresented, the real fight is guard imperial vs cultist, also called: the Stalemate.
- pre fluff shuffle necrons are the galactic killswitch, post fufflle they are a plot tool too divided to do anything interesting.
- and nids never kill anything worthwhile.

NO ONE is a fucking threat nowadays.

>> No.72471873

Tau and Ad Mech

>> No.72471918


>> No.72471925

Only allowed if you watch tetsuo bodyhammer for inspiration first.

>> No.72471936

Nth for fix Custodes

>> No.72471948


>> No.72471960

Chaos Space Marines and a small army of unpainted tau i used twice in 7th

>> No.72471971

I’m getting my BA codex sometime this week then I’ll start buying for my army :)

>> No.72471996

Bout tree fiddy

>> No.72471998

depends on your opponent,desu, just make sure they are standing on things or have lots of spiky bits.
the new ones are fucking huge

>> No.72472007

Do people care if you bring "legends" units or equipment to the table?

>> No.72472020

there will always be salty fuckers, I wouldn't care. just don't play against people who do because I guarantee they smell.

>> No.72472099

At first I asked if I could convert Terminators nowadays, and I was told people might feel weird. So then it became "well, just get the old models, since they're legitimately Obliterators. Less of a problem." Now it's come around full circle again. My head hurts. This isn't even really a "do whatever you think looks best" situation, since if someone doesn't take kindly to it, that's a unit and effort that's just waste. But at the same time, it's as much if not more effort to make the new model not look stupid. They don't have new models for Mutilators, do they? Maybe I can get away with making those instead.
Thanks for the movie recommendation, though. Looks neat.

Can I at least make a dreadnought into a helbrute, or is the new model too big for that, too? also sorry for asking this a lot. It's probably annoying by now.

>> No.72472139

i hate my fucking life

>> No.72472141

>missed the black library bundle

>> No.72472142

>They don't have new models for Mutilators, do they?

Nope. Thanks for reminding me those failed abortions of models exist.

>Can I at least make a dreadnought into a helbrute

>> No.72472176

Don't we all anon, don't we all.

>> No.72472177

you're better off without it

>> No.72472190


>> No.72472204

No, that's wrong.

>> No.72472210

Get sex

>> No.72472222

Go away Slaanesh

>> No.72472264

Bugger anon, here’s a pic for scale. The termi isn’t mine but should give you a decent idea. Hope it helps. Either that or just use the real(older ) ones

It’s a slippery slope really. I know no one wants to be that guy by modeling for advantage to an extreme extent. But hey maybe If you convert hard. Missile launchers vertically facing to add height?

Make sure to post pics anyway, sounds like a fun project

>> No.72472268

You cant just 'get' sex. Thats not how it works.

>> No.72472276

Nice. Now I'd just need to figure it what to do with the spare two models. Make some Terminator Lords?

>> No.72472278


>> No.72472294

>You cant just 'get' sex.

You can, but it might involve some struggle.

>> No.72472310

Hmmm, that might explain the screams

>> No.72472315

There like a whole 12 step program or some shit for that. And even then its a dice roll.

>> No.72472347

Sorcerers in terminator armour are quite useful. Great to deep strike alongside some other unit to cast Prescience on it.

>> No.72472358

I must say, it's a good think I made my Obliterator conversions before these new models, so they're kosher with the scale of the old models.

>> No.72472360

Imagine the recoil

>> No.72472375

clever lad, post them please!

>> No.72472390

I'm more concerned how it'll eject a shell casing or deal with the taste of gunpowder.

>> No.72472432

>the taste of gunpowder
Knowing Obliterators, they'll love it.

>> No.72472463

I bet they put it in their food like Solidus does for his child soldiers.

>> No.72472467

>Noon EST
>Still no news updates
What's going on

>> No.72472472

I will, once I get around making them.

>> No.72472528

Allow me to post the first draw request someone drew for me on this site.

>> No.72472535

Makes me wonder, what would Obliterators actually consume to sustain themselves? Ammunition, gunpowder, fuel, or just "regular" food?

>> No.72472542

So I am researching T'au lore. The region whose acquisition by the T'au sparked the Damocles Crusade was in a rough state. The systems and worlds in the region were neglected and lacking in resources. Imperial support and overwatch to these systems were so minimal that they slided slowly away from the Pax Imperalis. Civil war and mistrust was the norm as the systems were at each other throats.

The T'au came and diplomatically assimilated these worlds by offering them support and protection. They rebuilt the worlds infrastructures and through their advanced technology filled the desperate needs the populace.

So can it be said that the T'au did wrong by taking these worlds under their wings when the Imperium didn't care for them and didn't notice they declared their breakaway until a fluke alarmed them?

Also it's noticed that the T'au have mastery over the anti-gravitic arts which the Imperium no longer understands. How did the Imperium lose anti-grav?!

>> No.72472571

I'm sure it's normal for baby to scream, though.

>> No.72472573

I don’t think you need to sleep or eat when you are that far gone into chaos. They seem to be mostly functioning on warp magic.

>> No.72472578

It will get better Anon

>> No.72472590

I was wondering that as well. Probably some huge drops tomorrow for preorder since they are finally back in production.

>> No.72472613

I have a small Dark Eldar army and a regular sized EC army.

>> No.72472621

>How did the Imperium lose anti-grav?!


You misunderstand, anon. Imperial flyers, grav-chutes, servo-skulls, speeders, various civilian craft, etc. all make use of anti-grav. Imperium hasn't lost it, they just prefer heavy land vehicles over fragile grav-ones.

>> No.72472624

Is this from something official? Love Maul’s face after.

>> No.72472640

Casings fly out of the ears.

>> No.72472648

Fan made

>> No.72472652

The repulsor isn't anti-grav.

>> No.72472672

Do u enjoy painting

>> No.72472675

Just look at the mess that is Afrika. Sure, short term giving support and offering supplies might look like help.
But in the long run it means that local economies are completely ruined, initiatives for improvement by the population itself left without support, larger amounts of infants surviving leading to even larger episodes of famine.
Which is exactly the kind of support Tau would want to offer, they benefit greatly from keeping assimilated races highly dependent on the Tau. Taken into consideration that other races are second-class citizens to the Tau at best, it can be seen as a more disingenuous form of enslavement.

>> No.72472689

sure thing buddy

>> No.72472695

Is there an errata i need to refer ti for Sabotaged Armoury?
Exploding on 3s instead of on 6 doesn't sound that great. It's still a 1/6 chance it'll explode

>> No.72472700


>> No.72472722

What should I spend $50 on to expand my Craftworlds eldar army?
I have the Apocalypse box and 1 extra spiritseer you can possibly convince me to spend more

>> No.72472729

>Humanity thinks Chaos isn't real

>> No.72472763

It is. ADB joked about it when it came out. It's an Imperial attempt at producing something like Anti-Grav but they came out with a crude noisy thing. It's a metaphor for the Imperium.

Instead of floating gracefully via technology that defies gravity, the Repulsor projects immense forces on the ground crushing everything beneath it and breaking the ground. You don't one on your streets.

>> No.72472773

I spent the 50eur I got from Pfandbucks on Cawl and some paints

>> No.72472784

no it's my least favorite thing about the hobby

>> No.72472785

You don't want one*

>> No.72472814

They eat Daemons.

>> No.72472816


Africa is a good example and not for the reasons you think.

The west gives support but it comes with strings, with one hand its food aid supplies and doctor's without borders and with the other its exploitative loans to shady despots and substandard or defective medicines dumped on the third world.

China on the other hand has no strings, they build roads, railways and ports.
They dont care who's in charge or how dodgy they local warlord's human rights record is as long as they keep a unrest down and everyone benifits.

Guess who is China and who is the west in this scene?
The build stuff and keep their moralising to those that listen.

>> No.72472817

It's hard to take Repulsors serious when in their first showing in a BL novel one flattened an IW like a coin, Wily E coyote style.

>> No.72472836

>Obliterator takes a shit
>it doesn't flush because he shat a dozen used magazines on it

>> No.72472855

>China on the other hand has no strings, they build roads, railways and ports.
As a Chinese guy, I question the "no strings" part. They definitely have an ulterior motive.

>> No.72472858


>> No.72472876

>Utilising anti-gravity generators and powerful turbine engines, some Space Marine battle tanks and transports hover above the ground as they advance.
>Repulsor Executioner

>> No.72472881

A plumbers nightmare.

Imagine being the serfs responsible for the space ship's latrines, and having to clean up after the warband's detachment of Obliterators went for a number two.

>> No.72472917

I love how the explanation for the increased use of anti-grav basically boils down to Roboutte giving the Mechanicus a whack on the head and telling them to work harder.

When previously the lore of the Imperium's anti-grav was it being so complicated basically no one could produce it, and all existing uses of it being repaired using stock still laying around since the Great Crusade.

>> No.72472920

They don't shit in the latrine actually, they shit in the armoury. That way they can take the spent casings and recycle them into more ammo or melt them down into raw materials.

>> No.72472938

The old mechanicus probably horded theirs with 0 intention of giving it out.

>> No.72472942

What is the 40k equivalent to Cockatrice? Is there no way to play an uglier version of the game for free online?

>> No.72472947

That would actually make a lot of sense.

This thread is getting answers to the real questions, damn.

>> No.72472963

Yet servo-skulls, land speeders, grav-chutes, VTOL flyers, etc. were common enough. Even large ships could hang in the air above the ground without massive engines blasting down the keep them afloat.

>> No.72472972

Didn't say it made sense when you thought about it

>> No.72472983

Not that I know of. Tabletop simulator is pretty cheap though.
Why not just use xmage? Cockatrice is 99% shitters who don't know how to play the game.

>> No.72472985

It says right here in the fluff that the Imperium didn't know how to produce Anti-grav outside if simple stuff like servo-skulls

>> No.72473005

Put a dozen servo-skulls beneath whatever you want to levitate.

>> No.72473009

Sounds cute.

>> No.72473010

I think it's less he told them to work harder and more that the conversation went like this.
>Holy shit Cawl it's been 10,000 years, have you really not figured out how to put the anti-grav plates on the Land Speeders onto other vehicle chassis yet?
>We cannot my Lord, that would be considered "Innovation" and would be decried as heresy by my contemporaries and the Fabricator General.
>Good thing the Fabricator General isn't wielding my father's flaming sword. You'll have flying land raiders before the end of the month and if anybody gives you any issues with it you tell them they can come to Ultramar and explain their complaints to me in person.

>> No.72473015

>right here


>> No.72473019

>google anti gravity
>read wiki page

>> No.72473020

Vasal if I recall, but Tabletop simulator is really good.

>> No.72473021

Canada post has failed me yet again. My lychguard won't rise from their stasis tombs today...

>> No.72473052

I didn't know TTS had Warhammer. I imagine it's some mod? Where can I read more?

>> No.72473055

Don't give me ideas.

>get a bunch of servo-skulls
>get the skulls box
>start gluing skulls together to form a sheet
>put servo skulls to the perimeter to make it looks it's all servo-skulls
>have character ride on top, like being carried on a palanquin

>> No.72473075

>Got my Valhallans primed today
>Mauzer drops this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA7NGp8u-kk
Yep, think its time to get these boys painted.

>> No.72473080


you will need;

battlescribe to tts
one of the dozens of maps
and the relivant army download

I play with a friend and its pretty good

>> No.72473103

Waiting since the 24th of april for my CSM apocalypse battalion to show up. They finally decided to scan it in Mississauga on the 7th.
I feel your pain

>> No.72473113

That's fucking tight anon.

>> No.72473133

I really like how NMM looks for display miniatures or competition pieces but I hate how it looks on the tabletop, how do I reconcile my aesthetic preferences?

>> No.72473150

The easiest way to get it running is to get that 40k TTS discord server which has all the download links for the models and maps. After that it's quite easy and streamlined, there is even a mod that let's you see the battlescribe output for each model for ease of use. TTS is literally the next best thing after real models.

>> No.72473163

at this point its fucking better than the abortion of a game that attracts only waacshit cuntbags

>> No.72473181

I was thinking about getting one of those. You think it's worth it? My fear is them squatting normal chaos space marines by having fabius make New Manaris Space Marines or whatever like Cawl did with the normal ones.

>> No.72473236

They're not going to squat kits they literally just released.

Bile is going to be introducing primaris to Chaos though, unfortunately. GW already confirmed that he's able to clone them no problem. Now that he's got his hands on a custodian we may even get some chaos equivalent there with like some Varanguard tier shit.

>> No.72473285

the true patrician taste is full NMM chrome armor
go for that cool sky-earth reflection look

>> No.72473300

As there is no specialist games general around, I'm gonna ask it here:
Is it good to field a Van Saar gang with an Ambot as a meat shield?

>> No.72473302

Nothing in the MEgas, so:

Anybody got a PDF for Kill Team Annual 2019? I want the Sisters stuff.

>> No.72473307

Here is your new Chaos Space Marine

>> No.72473312

I wish they'd at least leave chaos undefiled by primaris and custodes shit.

>> No.72473326

Would a schola progenium student still have to deal with the Black Ships if discovered in their juvenile/adolescent years? Will the experience be as scarring as it would be for the average psyker picked up from the teeming masses of humanity? Been reading a lot of Ravenor, Eisenhorn, etc and noticed neither of them, nor Inquisitor Roth of the Bastion Wars seems too haunted by their mind training

>> No.72473337

I want more Necrons.

>> No.72473340

Mortis Redemptor when!?

>> No.72473349

My knowledge of the Schola is not as great as it once was, but I'm fairly certain that being almost to a man the sons and daughters of nobles that they don't have to deal with the Sisterhood black bagging them and torturing them into compliant sanctioned psykers. Could be wrong though.

>> No.72473372

Does the launcher sit in the icarus mount properly or does it need fitting?

>> No.72473378

Looking at a Redemptor and Leviathan side by side it's so clearly obvious they were trying to go for a similar but updated look. What we got was a damn shame.

>> No.72473382

>factions that are wildly different cultures need to fit my uniform vision of the aesthetic.

aeldari are fine, tau are fine, admech are fine

>> No.72473388

This is the last Necron release before 9th ed.

>> No.72473402

So the last Necron release?

>> No.72473408

The legs are a big miss. They really need to be beefy like the Leviathan/Deredeo ones.

>> No.72473415

I'm just using it to start out my other legions and ive heard most people just use cultists for troops right now. So I'm not sure. I only heard RC players being happy about it.
That is gonna be weird. Imagine if he doesn't bid them off to other warbands and his warband becomes some stupid meta bullshit.

>> No.72473424

Even worse than that, the legs are so close! Like, they look so similar you can tell the sculptor literally had a Levi on his desk he was copying from, finished, picked up the model and went "Oh no..."

>> No.72473427

Figured, much too sexy for Star Wars. Very well done though.

>> No.72473439

I do once I sit down and start. It is a nice feeling to finish a mini. I haven’t painted in a few days though.

>> No.72473445

>tfw we will never discover time travel so we don't have to wait for new models

>> No.72473468

>I do once I sit down and start.
Jesus Christ isn't this the truth. I'm honestly thinking that when this sale goes through on my new house I'm just gunna turn one room into a hobby/games room so I don't have to get discouraged setting my painting stuff up and then tearing it down. Can just sit down, pick up a project, and go.

>> No.72473470

Has anyone put Deredeo/Leviathan legs on the Redemptor?

>> No.72473474

Warhammer is not priority. I waited weeks for warp talons and a sorcerer with new paints.

>> No.72473484

What ways does Chaos have to look out sir?

>> No.72473485

What are the most lewdable females that arent sisters?

>> No.72473486

>Fan made

You mean porn, because it's a porn parody. Although you wouldn't be wrong about porn parodies being SOUL. There was a Batman one that literally had the best Batsuit in the past 40 years.

>> No.72473502

I ordered paints twice now and it only took 3 days

>> No.72473504

It’s a small thing, but the setting up is a step that prevents me from just sitting down when I want to and starting. It’s definitely happening when I move.

>> No.72473519

I haven't, but I don't even think that would save it. The sculptor, in making the legs longer and less thick, also made the body shorter. That's why the belly guns are pushed up so far and look more like nipple cannons. That and the way the sarcophagus is pushed out like a beer belly. The whole thing just needs a redesign. Or for people to just use the Levi in place of it since it's an objectively better model.

>> No.72473521

Cultists? They’re 4 points now.
The Adam West one?

>> No.72473537

Bully for you. Mine took forever, happy I am getting to finally try out Vallejo paints though. They are much better than GW stuff, the coverage is superior.

>> No.72473544

The Adam West show is 60 years old, but I mean this one.

>> No.72473555

But what gives them the ability to look out sir?

>> No.72473560

Non-UK seems to be getting shafted. I placed an order for paints right when the site went back up for Americans, and they're still processing the order.

>> No.72473594

I meant the porn parody of the Adam West show.

>> No.72473597

Like lore wise? Fanatic fervor, warptouched premonitions, psychoindoctrination, worship, etc

They're /your dudes/ you tell me why they'd try to take a hit for their superiors

>> No.72473685

what army is best for someone whos shit at the game

>> No.72473687

I like the results, but painting itself is often a bit of a chore, especially since I'm pretty slow
it's basically "the reward is worth the grind to it"

>> No.72473704

Iron Hands. You move intercessors forward. Super easy.

>> No.72473713

>tfw I will never be able to freehand like this

>> No.72473727

That's a better batsuit than most live action ones. I suppose fan passion goes a long way.

>> No.72473754

I'm not asking for lore I'm asking for what abilities there are that let you look out sir.

>> No.72473774

Do you guys think camo would look good on my cadians? I was thinking either a desert ish camo fatigues or a woodland camo armor. Any thoughts?

>> No.72473778

The core rules are only 10 pages long anon.

>> No.72473788

how much money you got?

>> No.72473813

Personally I like them as is in terms of how you've painted them and feel like camo would detract from your style.

>> No.72473847

Iron Hands are a great choice since they're top tier in the current meta but also outside of it have a playstyle that's generally more forgiving for mistakes than other chapters
Other armies that are noob friendly but less relevant in the current meta are Death Guard and Custodes
Knights probably work as well since with less models you only have to decide what enemy to shoot with what gun and you won't have to worry too much about navigating cover since you're a big fat knight anyway, that being said you will probably lose a lot if your opponent knows you play a knights army since it's easy to counter-build lists

>> No.72473870


does gw still stream tournaments and stuff? I remember watching a fantasy tourney online like 10 years ago

>> No.72473877

Thanks anon. I guess I just feel like my projects are never done and I can always add something to them, ya know?

>> No.72473888

>Finally post a news article
>Just shilling for next White Dwarf
I can't understand.

>> No.72473893

How are you shit at warhammer 40k? It's probably the easiest tabletop game known to man. Just point anti infantry at infantry, anti tank at armor. That's basically it

>> No.72473917

its funny you think its an easy game
that just means you "get" it
ive been trying and failing for the past three years to "get" this stupid game and im at the point where im just going to stop playing and paint all my shit

>> No.72473929

What day of the week is it, anon?

>> No.72473931

>plays 40k for 3 years
>still bad at the game
>doesnt get the game

Anon I....

>> No.72473946

How much kitbashing/converting/counts-as do you accept? 1:1, or 'close enough'?

>> No.72473968

I'm the same way but sometimes its better to move on to a new project or unit than constantly doubt yourself and try to achieve the unachievable.

>> No.72474019

>ive been trying and failing for the past three years to "get" this stupid game
No but seriously, what army do you play? What exactly do you struggle with?

>> No.72474083

If it's the samish size and i can tell what it's got i dont care

>> No.72474085

>Playing for 3 years
>Still hasn't gotten his shit painted
>Claims the game is hard to "get"

>> No.72474089

No limits

>> No.72474106

As long as the person doing the work makes it look like what its supposed to be so I have a greater than 50% chance of guessing what it is given the context.

>> No.72474122

Which piece is the best for someone who's shit at monopoly

>> No.72474133

But there's no universal look out sir.

>> No.72474154

The shoe.

>> No.72474160

And now what do the core rules say about targeting characters with less than 10 wounds? You're almost there anon, I believe in you.

>> No.72474163

Yeah I wouldn't repaint them they look good as is

>> No.72474172

>it's not the doge

>> No.72474182

150% the hat, shit's fucking broken. Literally plays itself the whole game.

>> No.72474185

I'm not talking about screening you fucking git.

>> No.72474194

The dog rolls 5% better than all other pieces
The battleship rolls the worst

>> No.72474204

That's different to look out sir. As far as I remember chaos don't have a look out sir unit

>> No.72474207

Congratulations, you've reached the end of your journey and now have all the information you need to determine what rules Chaos has to "Look Out Sir" and you did it all on your own, congratulations!

>> No.72474225

Are you alright mate?

>> No.72474235

I just finished the older chaos marine box and got the thousand sons start collecting box

>> No.72474243

I'm not the guy who comes to the general thread to ask rules questions that can be easily answered with a cursory look at one's codex, so yes?

>> No.72474259

You're remarkably self assured for how stupid you are.

>> No.72474267

Chaos is a big faction and the state of rule bloat right now I don't blame him for asking. I don't even know there might be some specialist detachment that let's y out do it.
At least it's actually about 40k

>> No.72474278

and those people are also faggots, why imitate them ?

>> No.72474312

>Chaos in general
>4 codexes, a fuck ton of expansions, and a fw supplement.
Nah. I'd rather post on here then waste my time looking through all that bullshit.

>> No.72474325

>I'd rather post on here then waste my time looking through all that bullshit.
Then you'll fit in perfectly here with everyone else who doesn't actually play the game. Welcome anon!

>> No.72474344

Let my nephew finish my stormraven... He’s certainly got the creative aspect down

>> No.72474345

> that can be easily answered with a cursory look at one's codex
i wish

>> No.72474350

lets not be disingenuous and pretend you'd actually have to look through all that when plenty of rule repositories exist online and can easily be found with a simple google seach.

>> No.72474354

>space marine players

>> No.72474366

Yeah that's a pretty bonkers build haha

>> No.72474402

Lmao dude nice

>> No.72474408

Not one's where you can search for specific rules though.

>> No.72474415


>> No.72474428

Are melta pistols any good?

>> No.72474454


have some spoonfeeding you fucking numbskull

>> No.72474455

If you can get them into range before a charge yeah

>> No.72474485

Love this guy's work. Not lore friendly really but looks sick af.

>> No.72474489

A) Why are Jump Packs so expensive on eBay? $20 for 5 seems a bit much. Maybe I'm underestimating the value.

B) you couldn't make your own (acceptable) out of sprue bits, could you

>> No.72474496

That's still the same amount of reading lmao.

>> No.72474505

That is now an ork vehicle. Thrusters are just cannons that launch themselves and they've been fitted to launch projectiles again as Gork and Mork intended.

>> No.72474508

Anyone recognize the shield?

>> No.72474533

Why the fuck would you buy jump packs from eBay? GW also sells them separately, and for not that crazy of a price either

>> No.72474535

Don’t pick the car, it’s a trap. You want to always go hat.

>> No.72474536

It might be cheaper to just buy a jump pack squad from a recaster.

>> No.72474537

you assholes have a gun i can borrow
fuck me why am i doing this
tau admech knights deathwatch
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
eat shit and die prick

>> No.72474539

does your ctrl and F button not work ?

>> No.72474543

It's one of the front floaty bits for repulsor tanks.

>> No.72474558

Regular ones in the GW website are five for $10 Canadian.

>> No.72474571

I'm a responsible gun owner, I don't let mentally ill people handle them.

>> No.72474587

Fuck that's gonna be a pain to get

>> No.72474604

You should probably find a different game to play.

>> No.72474608

This is awesome. It's amazing how much it helps those cadian models to have a leg swap.

>> No.72474609

Chaos Space Marines?

>> No.72474616

Ye, the dude says he regularly just buys fucktons of misc shit that has cool parts then makes stuff on a whim.

>> No.72474619

Didn't see those, my bad.
When I get the effort to go through yoyhammer and wait a month, sure, maybe

>> No.72474624

It’s hard to remember sometimes. We have been without preview for weeks now.

>> No.72474640

>thing's that's literally made for killing

>> No.72474642

Maybe bullgryn shields or necromunda enforcer shields? I want to do a gundam heavy arms style conversion of some burst cannon battlesuits.

>> No.72474644

Yeah, I only remembered because I was just looking at them for some chaos dudes. They are very normal space marine looking though sadly.

>> No.72474648

Yeah, wanted to make some Lords/Sorcerers with them. I don't think there's a model for the latter, and the former looks kinda.... ehhhhhh.
Also, idk, spare raptors maybe. Mostly just the first example(s) though

>> No.72474668

Bullgryn shields look to about scale with the standard crisis suits. Maybe the enforcers and coldstars too. GL anon

>> No.72474677

No worries, I feel you. Between that and the lockdown I wouldn't even know what day of the week it was if I wasn't working from home.

>> No.72474700

>floaty bits

I wonder if we're gonna see the orks begin to utilize anti-gravity vehicles as the Primaris take more casualties.

>> No.72474757

Something light.

>> No.72474770


>> No.72474787

>Noise Marine dancing to the cries of his recently captured Sororitas slaves as they are flayed on the torture rack (M42, Colorized)

>> No.72474833


>> No.72474842

Is there any reason to run Flawless Host instead of Emperor's Children? You lose out on Lucius and Noise Marine <troops>

>> No.72474875

Disco lord.

>> No.72474878

Lucius sucks and having noise boys as troops really doesnt matter.

The real trade-off is FH's better legion trait versus EC's nice strategems and relics

>> No.72474895

The exploding sixes in melee could be worth it.

>> No.72474938

What legion should I use if I want my guys to be evil just for the lulz?

>> No.72474958

Slaanesh is the only one doing it for the lulz.

>> No.72474971

Dark Angels.

>> No.72474982

Orks would count, I think. Though they do it mostly for the lulz, not really care about evil or something

>> No.72474992

I would always go EC over FH these days, not him but my melee exists to just tie up a unit they dropped on or swarm with daemonettes. The shooting you can do with noise marines is crazy now. Also the relics and stratagems as you said.

>> No.72475010

I forgot about them. Slaanesh and orks are having a good time.

>> No.72475011

Isn't slaanesh super OP though? Or was that AoS. I kinda like their lore (the cliff notes version, at least), and I like the color. But I don't wanna look like I'm just doing it for the rules (although those are nice, too)

>> No.72475026

Same, i was just trying to be diplomatic and keep my opinion out of it.

That being said, with possessed bombs being pretty okay right now, FH does have a place.
Noise boys are just more fun though

>> No.72475029

I always thought of Will as more Tzeentch, master of manipulation and alters reality when it suits him. Also aware he’s a character.

>> No.72475032

What does a corrupted eldar look like?

>> No.72475047

In 40k ? no
In AoS the Hedonites of Slaanesh were a tad too strong, but have been nerfed into being more reasonable now. Their summoning was just too cheap in the beginning.

>> No.72475054

Slaanesh was OP in AoS, but they nerfed it back to pretty good still. Slaanesh is probably in one of the best spots as far as Chaos goes in 40k though. Will probably be OP whenever a codex drops as that’s usually how it goes for games.

>> No.72475076

I plan on using juiced up Warp Talons with buffs from daemons. The Slaanesh ones are pretty good.

>> No.72475082

So I was browsing Ebay earlier for Bretonnian bits for conversions and found a great deal on 2 boxes of Knights of the Realm (the good kit). Left it open during world so I could place the order when I got out. Came back to find the guy I guess saw that I was watching the listing and sent me an offer to buy it for an additional $50 off. Am I in a fever dream or something?

>> No.72475093

People run shooting units with Slaanesh marks for shooting units due to a specific stratagem, but usually there's more fine-tuning involved when it comes to WAAC lists

>> No.72475101

>Slaanesh is probably in one of the best spots as far as Chaos goes in 40k though.
Ah damn, now I'll feel bad. Will my inexperience with the army balance it out? Or should I pick something else.

>> No.72475104

Like a Dark Eldar kabalite mixed with a grotesque. So like the haemonculous but it’s the regular look not a special dude.

>> No.72475132

don't worry, they're in a good spot, but not OP.
You'll be fine. Honestly, dont choose factions based on balance, that changes too often to really matter. Models are eternal so pick what you like

>> No.72475157

>Models are eternal so pick what you like
Goes for listbuilding as well, yeah?

>> No.72475172

not 100% sure what you mean by that

>> No.72475189

Basically what he said>>72475132. I have been rewarded for my faith in Slaanesh for decades finally, with good rules for a faction I really dig.

>> No.72475212

I have two cultists for every noise marine. I feel my boys deserve two each. Also not so bad gameplay wise either. Always use the new noise marine model for your lord and you'll be OK.

>> No.72475242

Yes, most lists can survive most editions so long as you don't metachase too hard and gimp yourself with obvious meme units that are only good for a few months.

>> No.72475304

I want to get the new Fabulous so bad. I hope he is up for order tomorrow.

>> No.72475320

>new noise marine model

>> No.72475324

I've been playing for 5 years and my chaos list has largely stayed the same.

Daemon Prince, Berzerkers in rhinos, defiler and oblitibois.

>> No.72475354

They did a single release oldhammer style Noisemarine a little bit ago. Just the one guy, not a unit.

>> No.72475361

This guy.

>> No.72475377

I do the same, but I just got warp talons.

>> No.72475415

betas fear the colors of chad

>> No.72475527

I really want to know where you got those bits from.
That looks DAMN GOOD.

>> No.72475528

Do you hear the words of lorgar?

>> No.72475553

now if only he wasnt 100eur per squad

>> No.72475582

I use him as a lord.

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