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You are huge, that means you have huge wires

>Thread FAQ(very old)
>Erratas and extra downloads
>Rules and stuff for HH and Titanicus

==/ATG/ Zone==
>Rules and supplements
See the MEGA in HH section
>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours
>More lists
>What size magnets do I need?

Previous Hear-say: >>72423480

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>I dont know how robotics work, the picture

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The same general image? really? we’re better than this

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enlighten us, autist-kun

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>Pam says it's the same picture dot giff

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it's a different angle.
If I make the next thread too I'll use the third angle I have

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Is it okay to post unfinished models?

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How good is this chart for starting out with the books?
>image for ants
the original file is massive

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Chill out, Autillax. Not all of us have Djinnsight and see all angles simultaneously

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Legionnaire Uno now has four friends to commit warcrimes with. Transfers to follow soon

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Good if you're big on chronology or want to find a Legion to like. Would recommend Tymell's list if you already know which Legion you want to focus on though.

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painfully autistic, but seems accurate, if a bit dated maybe

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No clue, I read Mechanicum since that's the army I bought into and just finished Horus Rising because it's the first book. Is it a good idea to just finish up False Gods and Galaxy in Flames then or do they not really matter since I'm pretty sure they go over relatively common knowledge?

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Is there a way of putting Thallax in a space marine army without a side detachment of mechanicum?

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Yes. I don’t remember how, IIRC you just take a dude with a cortex. Think IH can take extra because butt buddies.

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Yeah, each cortex controller lets you take 0-1 units as a non-compulsory troops(?) Some legions can obviously bring more cortex controllers than others

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Speaking of cortex controllers in legions, which legion has the best unique automata? The sturdy Iron Circle of the IW or the psychic conduits that are the Castellax Achea of the TS

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I mean it is a trilogy. If you have them on hand and have the time, go for it. Here is Tymell's list for Mars:
The Kaban Project
Into Exile
The Master of Mankind
The Binary Succession
Bringer of Sorrow

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I quite like world eaters vorax
>5 attacks on the charge each
>Reroll 1s to wound on the charge (so pretty much all wound rolls)

SoH are better with Castellax which naturally have rage giving them effectively 6 attacks each on the charge (or 5 if you want to run around punching things with strength 10)

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So what's the deal with Malcador and the Sigillites?

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robots run on magic, not wires

you simply build a metal body and wish it alive

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gotta love that rotor cannon guy's grit, rotor cannoning the galaxy's slowest terminator as it plods toward him

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they mostly just do Beatles covers for beer money

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Cool, I'll go look up the Tymell guy then

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RT to about 1992 tanks were made for a more petite scale of model generally (not just marines, but that's what we're looking at here)

the thing is that those tank kits stayed in use a lot longer than most of the infantry they supposedly carried, and the replacement kits didn't really change the footprint for a lot of reasons

the super heavy tanks around the Baneblade chassis for example are the size they are because in Epic they were only slightly larger than a standard Land Raider, which - even though Land Raiders weren't fully to scale with infantry in Epic either - meant that when they arrived in 40k the super-heavy vehicles (starting with the nine-pound lead thunderhawk sometime in the mid 90s) ended up much smaller than they needed to be, both to fit on the table and to remain affordable (the thunderhawk was a gimmick kit and not affordable, but later kits would be, with the possible exception of the Warlord)

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I used to have this metal medic, he sucked because he didn't have a chainsword

the gameplay changes have been WILD

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Only if the barrels are drilled.

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nah, it's all gears

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Kitbashed some Destroyers using mostly Mk IV armor and a few homemade rad grenade launchers out of heavy bolter and missile launcher parts. Any suggestions on what colors would differentiate them from other Iron Warriors?

Also kitbashed a Praetor with Thunder Hammer and an Apothecary, what color should the Praetor’s archeotech pistol be?

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All yellow Iron Warriors with brass and black chevrons
Or just full brass armor

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An arm doesn't just magically move because their is electricity inside it or nearby it, it requires hydraulics, just like your arm doesn't just move because you are full of blood, but because you have muscles, ligaments, and bone.

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Just darken their armour. A gunmetal to normal marines' steel. Also no chevrons, those are Olympian honour markings, which destroyers traditionally lack.

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Brass and black chevrons sound really cool, thanks!
Here’s my volkite squad, I gave all the veterans individualized servo-skulls so Command can scream at them even over vox jamming. I lost the last volkite gun, so I kitbashed a slightly-bigger than average one using the techpriest dominous kit and it came out pretty well.

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Forgot the picture, like a fool.

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Based my force's third chaplain/command squad champion. Only Legion and chapter heraldry left to do on his shoulders, and I'm happy with him.

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it's moved by servos.

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Great work on the eyes and the skull teeth, detail work is always tough!

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i love the word servo, it’s such delightful nonsense.

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Fuck Legio Astorum and fuck Legio Ignatum and Fuck Legio Tempestus, but most of all FUCK Legio Atarus.

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>why yes I do run double melee mortis warlords, how could you tell?

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>teleports begins you
eh... nothing personal kid.

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as fun as melee is warlords are never going to see it.

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>anon, you don’t serve as the emperors bodyguards?

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These Custodes dreads are getting out of hand.

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How do they make those tiny little fences?

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I think he details it in his thread on bolter and chainsword, if not you could ask. The AT forum is slow and 99% just modeling and painting, it’s comfy if you can ignore fajita fanatic, who never fucking shuts up

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posting my favorite AT titan I’ve seen recently

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More like

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There's a simple list I've found more accurate in the reading order. Doesn't divide things by arcs tho


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I want this but with Dreadnoughts, Knights, and Titans

also add in Primaris and Custodes and Primarch minis for good measure

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I've been out of Heresy for like a year because I was away for college and is it dead? Forge World is literally selling nothing heresy right now, but is that because of corona? Is it finally a dead game

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Their website isn't fully up again yet, yeah. The game is fully alive, with a growing scene and new releases.

>> No.72467537

Yup, it’s totally dead. They also publicly executed every sports team and disney is kill.

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>much smaller than they needed to be

Which is funny considering apparently you can fit a Rhino inside the old TH kit, but not in the new one, despite it being bigger.

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thank you anon. im working again on my IF if anyone in LA area wants to play

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>plays worst legion
Surprised? Not in the slightest.

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Are there any good guides on how to do something like this? I sort of want to paint one of my dudes as an Alpha Legionaire infiltrator with some of the AL colours showing through battle damage.

>> No.72467926

>misses the obvious joke of commiefornian playing the faction best known for building walls

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The Dark Angels will have the best automata thanks to power creep.

>> No.72468084

It's best known for jobbing in futile tries to get over the wall, though. The iron cage is among their earliest written lore, they're built on being failed Mexicans.

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Where are the primaris? They are canon in 30k now, confirmed in Sons of Selenar.

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Wash the armour darker and add more weathering/chipping.

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That's hot! I'm chaos curious now.

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The effect is created by using chipping medium.


Paint AL colors
Chipping medium
Paint IF colors
Add water and use a toothpick to created scratches
Varnish and you're done.

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I;m pretty sure that's photo etch parts. they're used in scale models all the time.

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You need to paint the plate (shield in this case) fully, with a transfer in this case, seems fairly easy, blue with a transfer. THEN you need to vanish or lak it so it's shield in. Then use chipping paint or hairspray, then paint the "top" paint scheme. then you use hot water to chip the areas you want to be the under layer. Once that's done, you need another vanish layer to seal the chipping. Finally you give it some depth by underlining SOME of the chiped areas with the highlight colour.

It sound complicated but fairly idiot proof actully!

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don't these guys dwarf most HH marines though? Guess it gives the impression of 'swollen with chaos' but still.

>> No.72468892

What if he's Alpharius?

>> No.72468935

alpharias manlet

>> No.72468944

There's usually an amount of variation in normal marine physiology. Abaddon's terminator armour had to be custom built, so large is his frame. Members of Horus' Mournival are described as being shorter or taller despite being of the same base genetic stock.

>> No.72468954

If Abaddon is meant to rival Horus in size, does this mean Abaddon is canonically bigger than Alpharius?

>> No.72469005

>Abaddon is meant to rival Horus in size

>> No.72469023

Just want to clarify a rule, if anyone can help.

The Transvectic Generator Psyarkana equipment required the user to roll a D6 every time it is used. On a 1, they suffer the Dragged into the Warp Perils result.

DitW requires a Ld test. Failure means immediate death, success is 'only' an unsavable wound. My understanding is that this means for the user to die instantly, they must roll a 1 and then fail their Ld test. Is that correct?

Pic is grey knight but pretend it's an IW Moritat or something IDC

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>Don't talk to me or my son ever again

>> No.72469144

He's a big guy.

>> No.72469180

He doesn't look so big he'd need a special issue custom armour. If you remove the basing and didn't have him on his toes, the difference between him and the Justaerins is not that different from the plastic cataphractii commander and regular plastic cataphractii.

>> No.72469324

He does.

>> No.72469338

Yeah, after getting all that Chaos juice. Winners don't use drugs, they go home and fuck the Eldar queen.

>> No.72469358

He's natty tho.

>> No.72469366

Probably not? I don't think any marine dwarfs a primarch. Angron was described to be small, and saw marines at eye level, but he was also perpetually hunched

>> No.72469421

>1998 metal SM
Eh? That's one of the Death Eagles from 1989

>> No.72469423

>has all 4 marks of chaos and their benefits

>> No.72469454

Even quite modest differences in height might require custom engineering, because they throw out all the other measurements as well. Why the Dark Mechanicum in particular had to engineer him a special suit instead of his own Legion's forge is perhaps more pertinent to the mystery of why he wears the thing, but generally speaking if he's just a bit taller then a) he wouldn't be able to wear armour engineered for the near-standardised bodies of space marines and b) it would be technically correct to say he rivalled Horus in size, the best kind of correct, even though it might not be objectively true to say they were borrowing each other's bras all the time.

This conversion for example is about the size of a regular modern plastic Indomitus, standing next to the metal bastard it was specially engineered from by the Wolf Mechanicum. Obviously you couldn't fit Billy Big Diggers into his brother's little suit, but he's not Ogryn-sized the way some marines are described.

>> No.72469479

Abadabadoo's not far off. It's not helped by him leaning forward like that though.

>> No.72469499

Old Rhino. Possibly Blackadder's Thunderhawk. Definitely not the metal Thunderhawk, which is here next to a lot of original Rhino kits that couldn't possibly fit inside it in official photography -

>> No.72469510

In your pic he's still propped up and the primarch is doing a power squat.

>> No.72469519

- and here in a more easy visual comparison to a modern Stormraven kit.

Threw me as well, but apparently that's year painted, not year made.

>> No.72469537

In that pic Horus is dead.

>> No.72469558

He's a head shorter than Guilliman. It also shows he's obviously larger than a standard space marine in Calgar.

>> No.72469574

>being mad because you're huffing daemon dick and your gains are still shit

>> No.72469575

They are about half a head taller on average, but it's mainly due to not squatting. The main elements such as heads, chest plates, backpacks, shoulder pads and hands are exactly 1:1.

>> No.72469578

They are almost a head taller, so I can see that warranting a different suit from the standard. 30k Abaddon look like he's tad taller from stock terminator, which doesn't seem enough to warrant a whole new custom suit. Regular marines have more than enough variety in height to fall into such margin.

Isn't there art of Abaddon in power armour being the same size as the dudes around him? Or was that some other LW/SoH marine with long black hair?

>> No.72469591

So, even though the lore unanimously describes him as 'fucking huge', because his resin representation is the same size as everyone else you're going by that?

>> No.72469608

>"Abaddon is big"
>because of Chaos
>"nah, it's all natural"
>except all the Chaos marks
>"lololololololololo XXXXDDDDD you mad bro?"

>> No.72469655

No, just saying they don't do much to represent his massive size in art or models. By lore, Alpharius hides among his troops and alpha legion marines (and custodes) can hide among regular population, yet in model form they're freaking giants. Magnus is the size of a 4m tall dreadnought. Yes, I know he's suppose to be big, but taller than two dudes standing on top of one another?

>> No.72469666

He was described as huge even before the mark. That being said, the original discussion is about how new plastics scale to older resin kits.

>> No.72469685

Well, Magnus is the only primarch whose huge model is fluff-friendly. He literally had gigantism, alone among his brothers.

>> No.72469707

This old lore? Pretty sure one of the WS books describes him as a bit taller than Jaghatai.

>> No.72469711

Alpharius kinds tied the sculpting teams hands. If they made him too small, he wouldn't be the centrepiece model the other primarchs are and (more importantly) they couldn't justify the £70 pricetag.

>> No.72469765

I hate this fucking "centerpiece" shit. People been perfectly capable of fielding named characters the same size as their other infantry models for ages in Warhammer, but now they all have to be huge with massive bases because of reasons.

>> No.72469794

That is correct.

>> No.72469802

Cool, I'm glad making my Saboteur a bit more mobile isn't quite as risky as I first thought.

>> No.72469804

You suffer the result, ergo you do as the result tells you, which is roll and see if you die or just take a wound.

>> No.72469812

magnus is regularly described as a fuck off huge giant in BL and in the black book, but he can also do E money type glamors and biomancy.
His huge height might literally be him projecting his massive ego.

>> No.72469817

Oh, me too, I'd much rather have a to-scale Alpharius. It's the marketing department that fucks it all.

>> No.72469854

Cool, I was just confused because RaW the AoE S6 ap1 damage triggers even if you pass the leadership test, while if it was just a normal Perils it wouldn't.

>> No.72469892

I, for one, can't wait for plastic Yarrick standing taller than a Primaris marines with his two power claws with built in twin-heavy bolters, standing on an 80mm bases filled with Ork corpses. That, if anything, truly captures the essence of a tired old homo commissar lusting after his arch nemesis.

>> No.72469926

Maybe the elbow, but the shoulder joint has nothing, just a couple wires.

>> No.72469969


>> No.72470008

>homo commissar
Yarrick is gay?

>> No.72470038

I believe one of the BL novels outed him.

>> No.72470107

Fist me Daddy Yarrick

>> No.72470111

he tugs it with the klaw and pretends it's Gaz

>> No.72470142

>People been perfectly capable of fielding named characters the same size as their other infantry models for ages

Kind of? Even the first dedicated Ghazghkull model wore lifts. He towered over 1988 marinelets like >>72469421 >>72464616 >>72464606

The size creep isn't new and the tendency to produce more impressive models as centerpieces isn't either - Ghazghkull was part of the pre-2E wave that rescaled Space Marines to the metal-plastic hybrid models and reintroduced the Space Wolves as Space Norse, which included redesigning dreadnoughts into boxnauts for the first time and - naturally - the introduction of Bjorn the Fell-Handed, who was a lot more impressive with an assault cannon when it was strength 8 and could basically fire indefinitely with good dice.

So... perfectly capable up until 1991?

>> No.72470225

>reintroduced the Space Wolves as Space Norse
Weren't they always space Vikings?

>> No.72470288

Russ was a fairly late entrant, Sept 1989, and AFAIK it wasn't until literally the month before 2e released that any more SW specific minis (Ragnar and Ulrik) came out to join him. They ha some loose runic heraldry, but 2e took it into overdrive.

>> No.72470319

Ah, ok. So not so much a reinvention as having their primary traits codified at the same time as everyone else?

>> No.72470335

Orks, by canon, are bigger and stronger the more experienced they get, so it's not a good example. Was Calgar, Yarrick, Macharius, Creed, Eldrad, etc. big impressive models that towered over their contemporaries? Old Abaddon was not that much bigger or more impressive than regular Chaos terminators of the time. Look at WHFB models before End Times/AoS. Prince Imrik, the Lord of Dragons, rides on a regular dragon which has a head swap. Archaon, the Everchosen of Chaos, is a dude on a horse. Yes, the horse is on a 50x50mm bases as opposed to 25x50mm, but so are all daemonic mounts and it's quite clear he's not riding a normal horse.

>> No.72470401

>Old Abaddon was not that much bigger OR MORE IMPRESSIVE than regular Chaos terminators of the time
Are you blind?

>> No.72470407

Much of the early designs were also limited by the tech they had access to. Who's to say that OG Eldrad wouldn't have been suspended in a vast psychic vortex had they access to CAD and advanced sprue design?

>> No.72470429

Impressive as in standing on a big scenic base striking a fancy pose to draw attention to him. Sure, there are exceptions, like old Yarrick and PA Calgar (both with a fist in the air), though you can find regular models doing the same thing, so it's not out of the norm.

>> No.72470534

Nah, that thunder hawk was a scratch build

>> No.72470562

I want to see the Russ-Magnus diorama, but this Russ instead of the FW one.

>> No.72470570

Different colour hazard stripes, hazard cheques like old-school marines

Actually does anyone do hazard stripe power fists, I dimly recall those being a thing

>> No.72470615

>I'd much rather have a to-scale Alpharius
Then all your legionnaires should be primaris sized. It's not only that alpharius was short, but his legion was also big

>> No.72470634

That's fine by me. Obviously, from a practical standpoint it's never going to happen, GW of FW are never going to make MkII-VI on primaris scale just for the sake of one of 18 factions

>> No.72470640

In the old days, yes.

>> No.72470648

>Actually does anyone do hazard stripe power fists, I dimly recall those being a thing
I've seen it before, but never done it myself.

>> No.72470686

It's funny to see the tiny bases.

>> No.72470724

I can't help but think they're carefully trying to balance their feet on the edges. Abaddon gets too into a vitriolic speech and slips off his base, and has to stop for a second to step back on

>> No.72470737

That looks cool. While it's a bit of a stretch, especially for a full-traitor force, I might give that a shot for my DG eventually (Maybe Red+White hazard stripes, the red right hand is an Old-School Dusk Raider mark, so it's building on that)

>> No.72470986

You're getting it wrong. It only implies he got ara'd by a milf colonel while serving as a regimental commissar, the faggotry is purely le ebin memers taking a quote out of the context.

>> No.72471050

Cath is a fuck
I'm a faith man
100,000 dead ultramarines

>> No.72471085

Brighter red than you usually see, but it works well for the flame imagery. Very old-school, would Heresy with

>> No.72471108

Thicken your paints

>> No.72471116

The example was Bjorn, who was literally a dreadnought with a strength 8 supergun, storm bolter and a power fist. Back when there were no other vehicle characters and they were insanely difficult to even damage, let alone disable.

>> No.72471201

How different was Bjorn from a regular metal boxnought?

>> No.72471245

Somewhere between the two, it's sort of the point where they stopped just being another chapter an became their own entity beyond just Space Marines. While it's not a total reinvention, it's definitely a fresh start.

>> No.72471258

Iirc he originally only had the claw-like CCW, a pelt and some minor SW decorations. Then they slapped a ton of WOLFWOLFWOLF on him, both in-universe and in terms of models.

>> No.72471285

From 1989 SM Painting Guide.

>> No.72471304


>> No.72471356

Yes, every chapter had its own heraldry and backstory. What *didn't* exist was a whole book full of uniquely organised units just for one single chapter. The closest RT came to that was the Mentor Legion's 2 types of squad and the Grey Knights (and even they're really meant just for RoC games, which are a whole other complicated mess). No Blood Claws, or Long Fangs or any of that. Hell, even that pic shows just a regular Termie, the Wolf Guard were years off yet. They were just marines who painted wolves on their shoulders.

>> No.72471451

>realistic lense effect
>no barrels just metal rods so the arm explodes one the first shot.

>> No.72471587

+ HQ +
Lord Commander Eidolon/ Jump pack

+ Elites +

Apothecarion Detachment.
. Apothecary, Legion: Artificer Armour

Palatine Blade Squad
Artificer Armour, Jump packs, 4x Palatine Warriors, 2x Phoenix Spear, Sonic Shriekers
. Palatine Prefector: Charnabal Sabre

+ Fast Attack +
Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod.

Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod.

Jetbike Sky Hunter Squadron, Legion:
4x Space Marine Sky Hunters
1 plasma cannon.

+ Heavy Support +

Deathstorm Drop Pod
Deathstorm Drop Pod

Kharybdis Assault Claw

The Kakophoni of the Emperor's Children: 9x Chora
. Orchestrator: Artificer Armour, Melta Bombs
The Kakophoni of the Emperor's Children: 9x Chora
. Orchestrator: Artificer Armour, Melta Bombs

Legion and Allegiance: III: Emperor's Children, Traitor

Rite of War
3rd Company Elite

++ Total: [1,890pts] ++


Ruinstorm Daemon Chosen: Ruinstorm Daemon Chosen [1]


Ruinstorm Daemon Brutes: Crushing Claws, 6x Ruinstorm Daemon Brutes, Warp-scaled Hide

+ Armies of Dark Compliance Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List) [2,095pts] +

+ HQ +

Centurion: Bolt Pistol, On Foot
. Chainsword or Combat Blade: Chainswords/Combat Blades
. Consul: Centurion, Legion

Damocles Command Rhino [100pts]: Special Deployment

Zardu Layak [175pts]: Diabolist, Legiones Astartes, Master of the Legion

+ Elites +
X 2
Gal Vorbak Dark Brethren: 9x Dark Brethren Meltagun
Dark Martyr: Melta Bombs, Pair of Lightning Claws

+ Fast Attack+
Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod

Jetbike Sky Hunter Squadron, Legion
2x Heavy Bolter, 1 Plasma Cannon

The Ashen Circle
9x Incendiary, 2x Power Axe
. Iconoclast: Artificer Armour, Inferno Pistol, Melta Bombs, 2x Phosphex Bombs

+ Heavy Support +
Vindicator Siege Tank Squadron, Legion: Squadron Command Tank
. Vindicator Tank, Legion [x3]

Rite of War
Last of the serrated suns.
++ Total: 2,505

Are either of these viable?

>> No.72471598

It's archaeotech, it teleports the bullets directly into the target and cuts out the messy 'flying through the air, trajectory calculation' thing entirely

>> No.72471623

Is your plan to deepstrike everything? Who does the apothecary go with? I don't think you have capacity left in your drop pods and you haven't specified you've bought him a jump pack

>> No.72471643

Actually, you have the opposite problem, you've bought twice as much drop pod capacity as you need. Are you trying to game drop pod assault and use dummy pods to deploy all your infantry early?

>> No.72471660

It just has a paying card stuck to the side of the barrels, so when they rotate it makes a "brrrrrrt" sound and everyone plays along, pretending to get hit.

>> No.72471689

FW doesn't even sell their generic terminator kits anymore what a waste of stock

>> No.72471703

Why would they, when plastic ones exist?

>> No.72471732

Bjorn is so senile they can't actually risk sending him into battle anymore. They give him his fake assault cannon and under locked power claw, have a great company repaint their armour and let him go to town. The Iron Priests will humour him with a feast at the end and let him go to sleep. By the time he wakes up again it's already muddled with his old memories from the heresy.

>> No.72471754

the plastic kits only have power fists and lightning claws, no more axes, mauls, or decent posing

>> No.72471778


>> No.72471804

>dummy pods
Isn't there pods filled with guns and missiles for this exact purpose?

>> No.72471810

It's not like the old resin kits came with a sprue, you had to buy your weapons extra. And the base termies were more expensive than the whole plastic kit anyway.

>> No.72471822

Yeah, but he's bought a kharybdis and two anvillus, giving him capacity for 40 marines while only needing capacity for 20

>> No.72471832


>> No.72471842

Beautiful. How did you do the blue? It's so perfectly subtle.

>> No.72471848

Thinking of using kataphrons as myrmidons because the FW kit doesn't come with weapon duplicates and they match the tank aesthetic. Thoughts?

>> No.72471860

>[several people are typing...]

>> No.72471879

Really? It's just chaos black spray, over brush with Army painter platemail, then blue tone, military shader and blue tone again.

>> No.72471921

It could work. Just remember that a myrmidon is an inducted priest of the omnissiah, not a common tech thrall or automata. You may want to add robes, hoods and other trappings to prevent them from looking too servitor-ish

>> No.72471929

Oh I'm just stupid, that's good

>> No.72471945

They all look like services to me. Looking at the myrms I thought they were. I have spare hood heads ill try that.

>> No.72472029

It's a decent alternative, just make sure you get the correct weapons to proxy. Out of the box it's only the graviton weapons that can be used.

>> No.72472031

A myrmidon is a specific kind of techpriest who chooses to express their worship of the omnissiah by perfecting the art of warfare. They act like knight-errants, wandering from battlefield to battlefield, beholden to none except whomever they choose to follow for a given conflict. Its more obvious looking at a Myrmidon Secutor, who wield Omnissian Axes, the badge of office for an ordained Techpriest

>> No.72472038

In gameplay terms?

For starters he was the only character vehicle at the time. There was like a 12 month period in which Space Wolves were the WAAC build just because they had a Codex filled with weirdly OP characters, like the Strength 7 Wolf Guard or the guy who could see through time.

Bjorn was immune to psychology (which was a bigger deal then), had a lightning claw and heavy flamer (I want to say Deathstorm Template sized, because there were three sizes of template then, but I honestly haven't checked) and an assault cannon.

He also rolled a D6 at the start of each game and could use the result to just... modify his damage table results back to something good. And he was cheaper than a Terminator squad of 5 guys by a considerable way, despite having a near-indestructible body and two terminator heavy weapons.

This is the datacard from the 2E Codex, it's less bullshit than the later RT version (Sustained Fire is no longer infinite, the Vehicle Manual rules have been simplified into just three hit locations). Armour penetration in 2E was per-weapon, usually Strength+Damage+D6 but not always, so for example a Meltagun was 2D6+8 and could barely scratch Bjorn from the front and only with slightly lucky dice from the side. Multimeltas would fuck him up, they were D6+2D12+8, Lascannon, krak missiles, meltabombs, powerfists and especially thunder hammers (which he could Parry).

Plus I think he could join squads because he was a character. I genuinely don't think they ever patched that, you just decided among your group whether shit you didn't like in the rules was usable or not.

>> No.72472051

Did SW have their own Leman Russ Battle Tank variant back in the day, or is that just my memory playing tricks?

>> No.72472064

They look so mean, nice

>> No.72472073

The armoured body, hooded head, and maybe a 3rd party tabard hanging from the front (to give it some more robed look).

There's also the Necromunda Ambots as an option, though they'd require some more work. Or mix the two for some walking kataphron type things.

>> No.72472074

Yeah, they're the mean girl clique. Other marines aren't allowed to sit with them at lunch

>> No.72472095

3e codex.

>> No.72472101

Nah, they're warrior-priests on a level that makes techpriests of the guard (and probably most techmarines) feel inadequate as hell, being at least 50% weapons at any given moment and tinkering on themselves when they're not blowing things up or cutting them into little pieces

>> No.72472112

>In gameplay terms?

Well, we've been talking about models the whole time, so no.

>> No.72472118

That's proper techno horror

>> No.72472127

Sick. Do you know somewhere I can find scans of the old 3e codexes? 40kg only goes as far back as 5th for a lot of factions

>> No.72472140

Or techno-goals, if you're not a filthy meatbag

>> No.72472149


>> No.72472158

I think they could field regular ones, but like regular chapter's Preds most of theirs were Exterminators/Annihilators (I seem to recall that the base Russ Battle Cannon has vacillated wildly between meh and really good* over editions (*for the price) ), but I may be making that up

>> No.72472164

Very sinister.

>> No.72472181

They just a bunch of asshole tacticals?

>> No.72472184


>> No.72472195

Asshole veteran tacticals. You think that extra attack is just for show?

>> No.72472212


>> No.72472215

Or are they?

>> No.72472235

/40kg/ should have various codexes in the OP Megas.

>> No.72472265

Yeah, but not the 3e SW codex, which was the one I was looking for

>> No.72472290

Just because some 30k marines discover that they're making Primaris in secret doesn't mean that the Primaris are ever going to see the tabletop in 30k, anon. Stop being an idiot.

>> No.72472455

>cdn (.) preterhuman (.) net/texts/gaming_and_diversion/Warhammer_40K_Collection/Warhammer%2040k%20-%20Codex%20-%20Space%20Wolves (.) pdf

>> No.72472483

So, 40k's 10,000 year club includes Bjorn, Guilliman, Crawl, Eldrad, probably Urien Rakarth, Big E, and basically every CSM special character who isn't a pirate. Are there any other 30k contemporaries that make it to 40k?

>> No.72472502

Even in model terms, he was still the only boxnaut with that loadout, which was bullshit.

>> No.72472533

Vect was around back then.

>> No.72472565

Pretty sure Vect was a slave in M34, I doubt living conditions in Commoraughan slave quarters are contusive to a 4-millennia lifespan

>> No.72472604

Yer a goddam Saint, anon

>> No.72472743

5e codex it says he sold off to slavery as a child and in M32 began to make his moves.

>> No.72472769

Fair enough, my knowledge must be out of date. Doesn't that mean it took him 2000 years to organise his coup though?

>> No.72472847

Interesting to see that the 30k SW HQ rule has a precedent in 40k

>> No.72472916

No, but M32 to M42 is 10,000 years, is it not?

>> No.72473191

Sure, I'm not arguing the point. I'm just surprised since I thought the old noblility were only overthrown in the mid M30s, meaning it took Vect millenia to organise his coup

>> No.72473287

Nah, even in Commoragh things started falling apart shortly after the Fall, which is when Vect started making his moves.

>> No.72473362

Eldrad has bremen kind of forgotten but he has firmly cemented his identity as the biggest fucking dickhead in warhammer more times than I can count. the narrative has kind of moved away from him in 40k but he has fucked up more shit than anyone and I’m including E money in this.

>> No.72473394

Silent king and Tyrenzian the infinite or however you spell it. I was still surprised we never got to see the silent king and sanguinius meet in a book, but I guess that was during the GC.

>> No.72473405

Cipher and the fallen as well

>> No.72473447

3rd was in a lot of ways the last good edition for army books. They really did some stellar work. Not always great for balancing, but those books were just so packed with ideas. Really inspired you to build.

>> No.72473531

I guess? They're really thin on lore, although what is provided is usually written in universe. I think most of the interesting ideas came from the unusual army construction; the IG Platoon structure, the SW Wolf Guard system, BA Death Company, etc.

>> No.72473549

When you think about it, 30k Predators got the firepower of two autocannons and can have 3 heavy bolters...

>> No.72473898

Legio Krytos for life!

>> No.72473918

what’s it like being a fan of the worst legio?

>> No.72473985

Man, I wish Secotors were better, they look amazing but their rules are shite, especially compared to Destructors.

>> No.72473996

Enjoy your inferior color scheme

>> No.72474029

The necrons rising up in 40k seems like bullshit with all the tech the great crusade had, how come they didn't detect or woke up a single tomb world ?

>> No.72474124

They did, apparently. Ferrus solo’d the tombs on medusa, some before he was even fully grown or knew that humans existed. That one space wolf destroyed a tomb world and turned a Necron lord into a fancy axe, and the pale spear seems a solid candidate for a necron weapon. They probably weren’t looking, for the most part, and even the Emperor likely only had limited knowledge that they existed. They are supposed to be pretty deep in the crust, and most worlds weren’t strip mined.

>> No.72474211

Yes, well, if the fucking DAoT didn't wake the Necrons up then it's unlikely that the substantially inferior ages afterward had zero chance of doing so.

>> No.72474315

Maybe it's a matter of response time. Like the seconds or minutes between hearing the alarm and actually getting out of bed. When you've been napping for 42,000,000 years what is 10,000 years more or less

>> No.72474421


>> No.72474432

They showed up very rarely, but not enough to be recognized as a single coherent threat, just the occasional weird xenos with powerful tech (kinda like how Ymgarl Genestealers were known for a long time but not tied to regular Genestealers, or the Nids, til much later). I also remember reading somewhere that the Eldar were actively fucking with their reanimation protocols (aka smacking the snooze button) til somewhat recently in the timeline, which also explains why most tombs were dead asleep through the Crusade and Heresy.

>> No.72474439

alternative take

>> No.72474486


> tfw love the idea of Battlefleet Heresy but I can't possibly justify starting another project right now

Suffering. Also peeved that GW decided to bring back Aeronautica first over BFG.

>> No.72474538

wouldn't battlfleet heresy just be like gothic with a few unique SM ships?

>> No.72474578


Exactly. It's the purity of AT with none of the Xenos NPCs to shit up balance and divert attention from the factions that actually matter.

There are a few fan-made rules for it floating around.

>> No.72474603

it's that just BFG though, without xenos players?

>> No.72474615

Just use Tymell's list if you want chronology.

Read by author otherwise.

>> No.72474683

strong disagree. Yeah chaos and imperium are the best balanced factions in old bfg, but most of the distinctions between them are born out of the 10k years. Chaos ships are old crusade models and a few “evil” classes from the intervening years, and most imperial ships are relatively “new” and part of the distinction is the codex restrictions on space marine fleets.
The factions are then almost identical and you lose a lot of the charm, unless you lean heavily into it like 30k and have rules for every legion+other major naval factions.

>> No.72474734

aren't there multiple battleships that are from the Great Crusade era? And aren't several chaos designs from around M36 that just had tainted machine spirits and went evil?

>> No.72474899

Dunno what you got from what I said that there were no old Imperium ships and no newer chaos ships but yes, though they are the exceptions and not the rules.
The point is that the most iconic imperial ships aren’t around and the fleets would be basically identical which is a bit boring balance wise. Also I can only think of maybe 3 imperial ships that are GC era, and IIRC they’re not made much because they can’t be or they’re seen as dated designs

>> No.72475031

the divine right was part of a space hulk for 10000 years

>> No.72475050

Retribution battleships that are from the "earliest days of the Imperium"

>> No.72475077

pictures that don't attach to the post

>> No.72475120

a chaos cruiser that was in Imperial use in the 37th millennium and the despoiler wasn't around until the 36th millennium.
The Styx dates back to the 32nd millenium and the Desolator to the "earliest days of the Imperium"

>> No.72475196

Infidel raiders weren't around until the 40th millenium.
I don't care anymore these fluff snippets are great

>> No.72475309


Interestingly, this particular fluff blurb has sparked up a lot of conversation about the "Imperial = big prow + torpedoes" and "Chaos = pointy + lances" dichotomy.

Given that we've seen both style of ships in service in the 30k timeline, there's speculation that "distinct armoured prow" being a Martian trademark shows that the distinction is more from the ship's constructor rather than a pan-Imperium shift in design. The keel-built "Chaos" designs could instead be Terran or Saturnine, and the gradual disappearance of that style is a combination of doctrinal changes (like the Garaeox Prerogative) and the increasing stranglehold of the AdMech (compare with 30k, where competition exists like the Terrawatt Clans and Luna).

>> No.72475431

This makes the most sense, especially since the opposing theory implies a uniformity of design which is explicitly absent in other branches of Imperial technology

>> No.72475506

>uniformity of design

Excluding Triplex and Ryza, they all use use the same style battery packs, which makes a ton of logistical sense. Just like with STANAG magazines, each world/country can make their own guns, as long as they use the same power packs. Thus supplies become easy as you just ferry power packs from anywhere and they'll work with (just about) all guns.

>> No.72475537

The weapons are so esoteric I don't see an issue with any of them if the goal is uniformity

>> No.72475829

Oh sure, because they were all designed by STC systems. However, each pattern is adapted by the STC system to use the resources available locally, which may have some minerals in abundance or lacking in others. As a result, although at a tabletop level the designs are sufficiently similar, in reality different patterns will have different fire rates, max charge levels, operational lifespan and so on

>> No.72475830

What's the best tank to put a Solar Auxilia Tank Commander in?

Superheavies included.

>> No.72475849

I'm always a slut for a stormlord myself

>> No.72476191

To be fair, the Despoiler is based on the Terminus Est, which was around during the Heresy. It just wasn't a class of ship, but a unique example at the time.

Best I can gather:

Post-Heresy Chaos ships:
>Despoiler: designed in M36, but based on the HH era Terminus Est
>Desecrator: first encountered during the Gothic War
>Retaliator: in Chaos service M35 onward
>Repulsive: first commissioned in M34
>Furious: off-shoot of the Repulsive in M39
>Hecate: developed in late M33
>Styx: used during M32-M33
>Acheron: first prototype turned traitor during Gothic War
>Murder: made between M33 and M37.
>Infidel: late M40
>Idolator: constructed Xana II, includes technology from the Kroot or Fra’al raiders

Heresy era Imperial ships:
>Victory: known to have existed as far back as the Great Crusade
>Retribution: ships of this class were around during HH
>Oberon: ships of this class were around during HH
>Apocalypse: precursor to the Retribution class
>Vengeance: First launched during the Great Crusade
>Avenger: ships of this class were around during HH
>Lunar: At least one (Pulchritudinous) was captured by the Black Legion in the aftermath of HH, so they were around during HH or came out just after it
>Cobra: ships of this class were around during HH
>Sword: dates back to the earliest days of the Imperium

>> No.72477740

I always like how the Imperial Navy has the most innovation out of the Imperium. Sure everything is based on existing technology but it's still cool.

>> No.72477801

BFG has great little fluff tidbits, like the navy being noble bloodlines in some combination of a british naval officer corp and ship-feudalism. And said naval guys yelling at each other about whether carriers, lances or guns are better. Not to mention the fact that everything is loaded by fucking hand

>> No.72477844

I never liked those arguments because attack craft are just better than everything. It's so obvious but some people just have their heads up their asses

>> No.72477934

What!? higher up noble houses having their heads up their ass? in the imperium of man!? surely you jest. Next you’ll tell me the martian priesthood are self serving or the the high lords are corrupt!

>> No.72477944


Bold words when you're in macro-cannon range, Gayreox virgin.

>> No.72478030

Brave words when you're always in bomber range, bitch-boy

>> No.72478245

I fee like this thing's flak guns should be usable against models with a larger scale

>> No.72478270

>bomber range: 20cm
>chaos cruiser speed: 25cm


>> No.72478296

I have more problems with this thing than good things to say about it. How they managed to add a new titan and make it as unappealing from a rules and modeling standpoint as possible I’ll never know

>> No.72478299


>> No.72478339

dangerously based

>> No.72478368

the shitty elbows and the fact that there's supposed to be a spotter and gunner on the top deck are the worst things for me. That and the head is ugly. And it has crappy armor distribution. And it's legs are over-armored. And those shitty elbows.
Otherwise it's a cool concept. Not as an artillery piece that's stupid, a smaller titan with warlord firepower with anti-aircraft defenses like a titan heavy cruiser

>> No.72478457

And then on top of that it only has two maniples, the aircraft guns don’t do anything, and it’s main gun is corridor despite having a huge range of motion, and it has no unique arm guns. there’s just so many problems, even if a “battlecruiser” type titan is a neat idea.

>> No.72478493

Painting up a prospero box after having stripped away my former (and very contrarian) sons of malice scheme.
My paint supply is limited so my only options for basing are abbadon black and death world forest, their look will be kinda ramshackle and their standard equipment consists of a bolter, bolt pistol and chainsword, gonna try to go for a inq28 kinda look.
Dubs decides the legion paintscheme.

>> No.72478503

the cannon has a range of movement but the recoil arms only go backwards.
The two maniples are decent, although it needs one with warlords. I imagine we'll get that with the next book

>> No.72478531

Yellow and black in a honeycomb pattern, with red trim.

>> No.72478558

Raven Guard

>> No.72478590

dappled grey, like a palmetto, with dark green accents like the bronze shoulder pads for alpha legion

>> No.72478646

Bronze armor Iron Warriors

>> No.72478682

This was only the case prior to the limits on number of attack craft.

>> No.72478692


Future Executioners, so Imperial Fists who are predominantly blue-grey with yellow details.

>> No.72478700

Do we have a pdf of the latest Mournival Events book yet ?

>> No.72478705


>> No.72478715

Salamanders with purple and yellow highlights

>> No.72478800

blood ravens temporally displaced by warp shenanigans

>> No.72478922

I feel bad about doing you dirty like this

>> No.72478941


>> No.72479053

Thats actually pretty good. Ill unironically try it, expect me to post the first mangled corpse of this force in like, 2 months

>> No.72479063

those helmets are the best legion helmets out of any

>> No.72479287

I strongly disagree. The Corvus Alpha helmet is a beakie helmet, but slightly pointier, therefore making it superior to even the regular beakie.

>> No.72479325

it’s up there but you baka gaijin are sleeping on that real shit

>> No.72479379

+49 1578 8638358

>> No.72479451


>> No.72479486

>forehead fangs

>> No.72479593

Look at this pleb, having to choose between headbutts and biting

>> No.72479738

look at this oaf forgetting his acid spit

>> No.72479826

>he can’t spit from his forehead fangs
are you okay brother-anon?

>> No.72479940

>$55 for 3 Thallax plus stupid FW shipping
oh fuck off

>> No.72479974 [SPOILER] 


>> No.72479981

It'd be cool if AL had stronger-than-average acid spit, to play into the venomous hydra theme.

>> No.72479988

prices will get cheaper for americans and more expensive for euros soon, at least in shipping. possibly much more

>> No.72479998

Look at this cuck, having to take his glorious beakie helmet off before he can put venom in the eyes of his enemies

>> No.72480064

>prices ever getting cheaper

>> No.72480081

dollar is dead, just doesn't know it yet

>> No.72480096

The UK will have much better trade deals with the US very soon and a no deal brexit is likely and any deal they get is going to be ass for people on buying products on both ends compared to what it is now. It’s not GW lowering prices it’s costs of shipping and international sales going down for the US. They will certainly go up for the euros

>> No.72480427

>peeved that GW decided to bring back Aeronautica first over BFG
Makes sense though. Smaller outlay, less in the way of tangible competition. And they'd already dipped their toe in on the scale with AT.

>> No.72480502

a couple of us over here figure it's a prelude to epic

>> No.72480534

BFG also is a much bigger operation. More beloved, more models, more rules, more expensive to get into. Probably didn’t want to work on it until they knew their specialist games would be a hit.

>> No.72480644

>The UK will have much better trade deals with the US very soon

you have no idea what you're speaking of, be quiet

>a no deal brexit is likely

Brexit is dead. Five years from now you'll be using the Euro as part of your readmission criteria. Because that's what all new members need, and the US isn't going to be able to do the kind of just in time supply chain that the EU has been doing for the last several decades, simply because it's thousands of miles away and fast travel over that distance costs significantly more. Even David Davis has given up on it.

>costs of shipping and international sales

Those are dependent on fuel costs and customs handling over distance. Distance between UK and US is non-negotiable. The UK is currently hiring 50,000 new customs agents to replace the work that being within the EU previously meant they didn't need to do. The cost of paying just those 50,000 civil servants - never mind the massive duplication of paperwork in every office that ships anything overseas from January 2021 - is going to be added on to the cost of all products imported and exported, because the only way for companies to pay those costs is to pass them on to consumers. All companies will do this, there's no incentive for them not to do it. In addition to US-specific federal standards, UK-origin products will also need to satisfy EU standards and the two supply chains have to be kept entirely separate or one (or both) simply closes to UK businesses.

>but china

China keeps prices down because cost of living and worker protections - yours - are artificially low. Even if you want that, the UK doesn't and wasn't promised that - they were expressly promised the easiest trade deal in history with no disruption to their standard of living and a massive increase in wealth through trade. The UK govts own assessments, best-case, clearly show that Brexit is going to shrink the UK economy significantly. This was true before Covid. Brexit became unaffordable.

>> No.72480668

If say they did a really good job of getting players to engage with the lore and make it their own. It strongly encouraged your dudes, but in a way that integrated with the setting instead of going full OC donut steel.

>> No.72480767

Just to make this absolutely crystal fucking clear to you: the Brexit deals the US is promising needed to be signed last year for the UK/US to be ready to implement them in 2021, and that's on an incredibly optimistic schedule. Trade deals take something like a decade to work out normally, and usually aren't so vast and complex as whole-economy access.

The UK's transition arrangements with the EU end at the end of this year. Without them, there is no trade, with anybody. The UK has no basis for trading with the US; it could accept a quicky deal based on existing arrangements, but those would be entirely on US terms over what is kept and dropped. If the US says we'll replace the EU's milk, meat, fisheries buy but you're going to use the dollar from now on and we don't like your worker protections, then those things have to change for the deal to get signed. By January 1, 2021.

The actual thing that will happen is an extension of some sort to the EU/UK transition, probably for a decade while the new settlement is worked out. Then it'll turn out as part of that process that even President Biden has US, not UK, interests at heart and the UK doesn't want the deal the US is offering. At that point the UK petitions to rejoin the EU, but as a non-member must accept Schengen and the Euro as part of joining criteria.

It's pottery.

>> No.72480772

Yeah, that's been talked about since AT was first announced. Fingers crossed it never sees the light of day.

>> No.72480839

it's happening. We'll have 40mm wide super heavy tanks and infantry the size of pencil tips

>> No.72480889

All good points and I accept them except to say
>president biden
he bungled the covid response, has more #metoo drama than trump did, has lower poling and enthusiasm than clinton 4 years ago and she was rock bottom, and americans - somehow - feel trump has done well in the covid response. The only less liked democrat at a national level is pelosi. Trump is going to flatten him

>> No.72482451

That's just objectively wrong, anon.

>> No.72482468


>> No.72482496

God I hope not. The best thing GW could do for epic is to never tiuch it again.

>> No.72482555

How common is it for a Captain/Praetor to change out their wargear?

I have a Praetor in Artificer Armor and Paragon Blade, but was wondering if it made sense for him to sometimes switch to Tartaros armor with a Thunder Hammer and Shield.

>> No.72482686

Id assume it depends on the legion, if its a practical legion id expect it while with the less so ones it might be less common

>> No.72482920

those helmets are ugly

>> No.72483080

Combi-melta or combi-plasma?

>> No.72483228

Combimelta veterans in pods to kill high-priority tanks, combiplas seekers for big game hunting

>> No.72483277

At least the Aeronautica stuff is in scale with AT, giving the Epicfags hope.

>> No.72483363

Anon, as a proud American, I respect your right to express your opinion no matter how wrong.

Your opinion remains wrong however.

>> No.72483413

No u

>> No.72483828

Bangel helmets are clearly superior

>> No.72483874


>> No.72483927

I hope the Scouring gives a wacky lore reason for why helmet diversity plummeted after the Horus Heresy.

>> No.72484002

>broke: the loss of so many forge worlds led to a massive decrease in the number of STC templates and other designs available
>woke: Bobby-G declared non-standard helmet designs to be against Codex compliance, with reviews permitted every 2.5k years.

>> No.72484004

>9 helmets
>1 bare head
Fucking fuck why . This makes me unreasonably angry. Why not 10+1? There's always one odd normal helmet left.

>> No.72484034

Ngggggh mk ii armor. I was thinking of snagging some of those helmets for my BA. Maybe some the mk iii fists heads too. So pretty

>> No.72484080

Marines have good aim.

>> No.72484256

The whole BAngel aesthetic might be my favorite in the Heresy. Everything is clean, but crisp. It's not overly designed and doesn't have a lot of "stuff" on it, but it somehow looks more detailed than some of the other legion-specific wargear.
It's simple but elegant, and I love it.

>> No.72484488

What's up /tg/.

I am both a scumbag and newly in possession of a 3D printer (elegoo mars) and I'm trying to get the best use out of it. I see a lot of good 30k/40k models taken down but naturally they're out there somewhere. I've tried some digging but haven't found a repository of sneaky STLs akin to the PDF megas linked in these threads. If someone knows where I can find mechanicum/general 30k files that don't show up on the usual sites it'd be a real solid to point me in the right direction.

I want to start modelling my own stuff in the future but I have other things to worry about at the moment so I'm hardly taking requests.

Godsend kings

>> No.72485535

So with the lack of forgeworld right now, I decided to kit bash a centurion together using some sprues I had lying around

>> No.72485560

Dont know why it came out sideways, anyway here is the seige wrecker I made up too

>> No.72485876

I imagine a praetor has a room full of wargear to choose from.

>> No.72486089

>"You're next, fucker."

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