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Mars pattern titans are ugly

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Anyone who plays anything but narrative is a tourneyfag and a fagfag. Real men play Rogue Trader and will never use Primaris.

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What does GW do when they make a new model and nobody buys it?

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White women love them

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>ITC is a trash format Edition
CA19 Schemes of War Unironically better

But no one plays it and I'm mad about it

Also pic related work as a stand in for the admech skorpius tanks?

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It's cute!

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They throw 8-10 of them in a box with a model you want and hold that model hostage in that box set for 6-12 months

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Made me want to start a Primaris army exclusively for tourneys.
Fuck frogposters

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>no pic
Wow I'm a trash human being

These guys. I want to admech but I do t want d day boats

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Are necrons in rogue trader?

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Points drop in CA then a bonus rule at some point to make them work on the table

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which army line has, overall, the most Soul? which is the most Soulless?

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it's shit

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Warhammer was a mistake.

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how do we deal with the tranny problem

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>which army line has, overall, the most Soul?
Chaos Space Marines
>which is the most Soulless?
Space Marines

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How do you suggest to go about kitbashing some Mutilators? I'd use the old ones, but I'm just curious. Terminators with lots of horns and a greenstuff stretched face? How easy do you think the GS face would be to make without looking derpy?

Reposting because I didn't see the link

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People who come to lead businesses who are either there due to nepotism or just being middle management long enough and kissing ass to get more responsibility never actually worked in the positions they're overseeing.
They have this idea that they're the reason stuff went well before, or some other source of unwarranted self importance and don't listen to the people on the floor who know what they're talking about.
At my last job, the CEO essentially inherited the company from his mother, and the money making portion was entirely driven by self motivated developers who just figured stuff out. We even tried to organize so things could run smoothly if people left. But, due to some idiot staring at spreadsheets he didn't understand and never interacting with us (his office was down the hall, even), the people doing the work were too put upon while also not being appreciated, and then he fired half the company at the start of covid.
People who never honestly work just don't know how to identify people who do honest work.

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Old guard infantry IMO have the most soul of all infantry models.

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Of the shit GW still sells? Black Templars. Still have many kits dedicated to them and each and every one is full of S O U L.

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Increase the price of everything.

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I've been playing ITC for awhile now. I really like it. Why are the CA schemes good?

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Lucius pattern is far uglier

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Just give me the flamethrower flappy boys I want to paint them grimey

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Anything can be in rogue trader since it's so open. Make your own shit. That's the spirit of Warhammer.

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Titans are ugly in general. Knights look way better.

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Not Based

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ITC is good for making some attempt of balancing WAACfag bullshit, but the required terrain style and layout and the feel of the missions is way too esports feeling. The newer GW matched play competitive missions are legitimately good, balanced, and feel more like 40K but are super underplayed, probably because of a combination of ITC wannabes and GW’s stigma of being unbalanced from the 6E-7E shitshow.

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RT was dumb, I'd rather play 5e or 3e to have a narrative game that is still reminiscent of the moderb game. Rogue Trader was basically a different game and setting

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we're gonna find out with the new skitarii crap

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3e is acceptable but not manly.

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Lots of people are excited for these though

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Warhound is the best titan because it looks dope in both patterns, has the coolest head and overall silhouette, and the coolest lore. I just wish you could do stuff like remove both arms to mount a heavier titan weapon on its back.

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Necrons, by far.
Yes, some of their models don't have a lot of detail.
Yes, most of their models are old as fuck.
Yes, all their named characters are still in finecast.
But god damn it, even the basic Warrior just works. The sculpt is perfect in it's shittiness.

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When do we get the bonus voucher money added to our accounts?

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Lots of people are into eating shit to get off sexually. That means absolutely nothing anon.

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>not manly
Neither is frogposting or spamming yet here we are

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Hopefully the Corona crisis will solve it. Trannies are a Corona risk demographic.

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Me and a buddy have been playing with the terrain layout they used for the top 200 at the LVO this year. It plays really well. Gives melee armies a better chance than random terrain. The ITC rule about ruins breaking LoS is great. Tones down shooting and allows places to hide units.

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Don't assume the small fraction of the 200 max people who use this board in anyway speak for customers at large, they'll shift incredible numbers of them.

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Feels like you're in control of the objectives and can cater to your armies play styles in a good way. Rather than ITCs wide net of objectives that most of the time armies want to abuse one or two of the objectives.

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it's meant to be within seven days of the end of last month.

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Loyal knights are fucking ugly and I’m a huge loyalistfag. The only good looking knights are Chaos ones, the armiger knightlets, and the non-AdMech FW knights

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what have you lads got on the way?
>leviathan + greenstuff for my first vehicle and sculpting attempts
>myrmidon and vorax for my 30k KT
>SC! daemons of nurgle for my first 40k army
>diving helmets for some of my marines
currently building and painting my first plague marines

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>Jets are inactive
Confirmed to fly by flapping, whatever Jes Goodwin claims.

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>Getting back into 40k after 15 years
>Been using my usual lifelong Deathguard and Necrons in Kill Team so fancy something different to paint
>GSC's blend of low industrial shit appeals
>Grab some stuff off ebay
>Including Goliath for £7 i will use for airbrush practice
>Package arrives today
>Its a brand new Goliath still wrapped.

So whats your bets? stolen? or a guy clearing his regret pile?

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Urban conquest has the best terrain rules. Everything else pales in comparison.

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yeah im sure reddit will buy out the stocks

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>Which daemons should I include in my Word Bearers force?

I though about Blood Crushers and Screamers for some oomph and mobility.

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The problem with ITC is the terrain and missions fall apart if you ever want to do a board that doesn’t look like a typical ITC board. Like if one side is high ground or there are no buildings or you’re playing city fight or ZM or have a board that’s partially ZM. You’re limited to the basic ITC board layout and style if you want the missions to work properly. Which is fine for a standardized tournament circuit, but 40K is more than that and it can get stale.

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There's an old family owned engineering firm near me that's gone through 4 generations, one of the largest employers in the area. They keep going because the upcoming generation is put to work doing basic bitch stuff as soon as possible and then they spend a minimum of 6 months in every department. The son who is the up and comer is nothing on the old boy running the show, but he's had enough millionaire beaten out of him to be acceptable.

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That means everything when the question is about things nobody wants you mouth-breathing fartsniffer

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Probably a regret pile if you bought some stuff and he just threw it in there.

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100% agree.

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Lmao, this looser at my LGS got triggered that I had communist themed Marines. It like eighties think this fandom is their safe space.

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I've got a pot of Agrax Earthshade and Yriel Yellow coming in from Ontario, as well as a box of Lychguard. Hopefully the site wasn't lying about having that stuff in stock...

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Post them

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Nice, I remember touring a Vineyard once and they talked about how the family which owned it required their sons to actually toil in the fields and work making the wine for years before they even got an office.

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And Facebook and Tumblr and everyone fucking else. The people bitching here are in a minority so small I can't work out if it's funny or sad that they think they could have an impact.

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Stolen. You can easily sell sealed stuff for 80% MSRP on eBay, especially now when people are actually complaining about not being able to buy the models they want due to lack of supply. 60% of MSRP would be purchased immediately by resellers or a lucky customer.

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Bit of an oxymoron since the space Marines are goons of a fascist empire and that is not at all what communism is

Inb4 some american brings up stalin and has never read marx

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Do you guys wash every part of your models separately, with different washes?
Or just one wash for one kind of color scheme?

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I play Valhallans and I fucking hate commies IRL lol.

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Working on painting 2 armigers. Got 10 chaos marines on the way. Then I'm going to be working on them and 10 I've already got assembled

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It's the same general that said sisters will flop yet everytine we start posting projects and games like 5 or 6 people show up working on sisters or playing them

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I hate to break it to your ego, but to a business investing in new assets to sell: ten people on a taiwanese spear fishing board doesn't count as "somebody".

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Depends on the mini and if I want to give it a more dynamic color range.

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USSR wasn't communist lol

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I'm not buying anything until I finish my commission. Got three centurions, a Thunderfire, and some characters

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Half the 40k players at my local play sisters and it's so boring. Before this it was sm with the other half playing guard. No variety

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Use different washes for different parts. Nuln oil and Agrax are the most common and useful ones and you can technically just use Agrax on everything. I use nuln oil on silver and armor, Agrax on gold, and drakenhof on white and skin

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Valhallans are Stalinist Russia which was probably the most brutal yet anti degenerate and family focused period of the USSR. If they couldn't make communism work no one can.

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nobody except you thinks that 4chan has an impact

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The absolute lack of self awareness lmao

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How do you deal with grognards that try and gatekeep at your LGS. My army is 100% primaris and people at my store get fucking triggered like manchildren for it.

They also are a bunch of edgy retards who. The store owner only has older grimderp art and constantly shit in the new art direction. It's almost like a hot topic in there.

I wish there was a closer official GW store so I wouldn't have to deal with grogs who take the setting super seriously and hate anything that isn't spikes and blood in the hobby.

The store owner didn't even order any Warhammer adventure books when I went in to buy some. What's with these fucktards.

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This place wishes it was half as cool as a spear-fishing forum.

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Kudos to updating your pasta

>> No.72420595

He furiously types, soaking his keyboard in tears.

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I'm going to assume saving a thumbnail is part of the joke.
If so, bravo, anon. Bravo.

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I've never been to a tournament that used standardized terrain. Making a table terrain heavy on one side sounds okay of you are doing something narrative but, if you are trying to have a balanced amount of terrain on each side. I haven't tried the pro tabletop set up yet but, it's on my to try list.

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I know this is fake but damn does it sound like heaven

>> No.72420606

new to this, whats wrong with and different about primaris? it seems their models are just a bit bigger

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>reddit spacing
Makes you think.

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My LGS is pretty chill in terms of faction console wars, but almost everyone there is a tourney player in some fashion or other. My favorite guy there is a giant metalhead neckbeard who plays nids and nid accessories.

>> No.72420623

If not bait, your store's pretty based. But it's probably bait.

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>See some newfag playing Primaris
>Offer to play my infantry guard so he has a shooting gallery
>Just bring a shitload of autocannons

>> No.72420643

Oldfags insist they are new and distinctly different even though non-oldfags and especially hobbyists just treat them as a new mark of armor

>> No.72420648

Honestly dude, most people who are into 40k just buy everything that GW puts out like a drooling retard. If you dont believe me just look at Facebook comments

>> No.72420677

Newfag here. Just received my box of Know No Fear and damn. I didn't think the figures were so small. Now I'm more impressed with the painting skills of some anons here, like the one yesterday with the teal and Gold marine. Nice job guys. I Hope I don't screw this up.

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Personally as an oldfag I see no difference between Primaris and the plethora of Ultraniggers in 5th

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Thinkin I'm gonna repaint my tau in a green/brown scheme.

Yeah, I've been in the hobby for a couple years and I'm still surprised by how small models are when I first see them, especially the 'big' stuff.

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Rather than just introducing a new mark of powered armor and/or introducing truscale marines; GW decided to introduce deus ex machinas and shit bland not!Ultramarines all over the setting. A breed space marine+s in a setting that has almost as many Space Marine+ codices at this point as it does different flavor of space marines at this point.
They're also an easy symbol of the marvel comic book the setting has become. I hope y'all enjoyed novels like Fifteen Hours while they lasted, because it's all about Guilliman's Super Friends now.

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my my, how positively nasty of you!

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Marx was a fucking hack. I've got serious issues with his philosophy. His entire basic conjecture of a perfect totalitarian government that removes itself from existence is utterly naive. He also seems to have been of the opinion that it's only the existence of wealth that drives people to seek power over one another. Most of all he never recognises the irony of calling for the liberation of the working class while being just another voice telling them what you want.

>> No.72420736

New approach, I see? Keep it up, you might become famous in time.

>> No.72420754

Why did you feel the need to post something so wildly irrelevant?

>> No.72420762

I say I don't think 4chan has an impact.
>"Ha! Only you think 4chan could have an impact.
Explain this one to me mate. Did you just not read what I said?

>> No.72420775

Yo if I shit in a chinacaster mold seal it and paint it would a redshirt notice?
thanks in advanced!

>> No.72420776

not to mention every prediction his theories made has failed

>> No.72420777

>People replying to this unironically like this shit show of a store.

Let me give you some advice. Get out and find a decent store, trust me. Even if you must make a drive. Losers like that are stuck in the past and they'll just drag you down with them.

Also getting advice from this garbo board won't help, cause almost everyone here is like that shitty store.

The only good thing is that thankfully people like that are a minority.

Most people understand and accept the new direction and what it's doing for the hobby. Grognards have no impact.

Find a good discord or subreddit to talk to people about your space doods and find a good store to have epic battles with your space doods. That's where the fun is in the hobby.

>> No.72420802

>I'm a pleb

>> No.72420803

As an even olderfag, I'm confused that you highlight 5th rather than 2nd.

>> No.72420804

>or sad that they think they could have an impact.
you think that they think that.
but nobody except you thinks like this here

>> No.72420815

Guys total newbie here want to start and get into 40k. Is Admech a good starting point? I like the skitarii models but their armour units look kinda shit. Is the starting pack for Admech worth it?

>> No.72420822

I remember going to my first kill team night with my tau and expecting to catch some kind of guff about it based on what I'd heard around here.
Instead everyone was nice as hell, and were just like 'Oh yeah Mike plays Tau too, he'll probably be in later', and then gave me a learning game.

>> No.72420824

You mean the 3 characters and an upgrade kit? Not all that many.

>> No.72420835

I'm confused why you're not saying rogue trader for maximum larp dickwaving kiddo.

>> No.72420838

No, I think that you think that I think that.

>> No.72420842

no buy primaris marines instead

>> No.72420848

The start collecting box is a fairly good deal, especially if you can find it at a discount. I will note that there is also an Ad Mech update coming out fairly soon with some new units, so you may want to search that up to get an idea of their full model range

>> No.72420849

Start with primaris Marines.

Primaris Marines have a huge model range, are super tight on table top, look fantastic, and are easy to assemble and paint.

You won't regret it.

>> No.72420872

Im pretty sure you think that I think that you think that this place has impact but what I really think is that you think that the people here think that this place has impact when infact nobody but you thinks this. to make it simple: youre the only one thinking about any impact 4chan thinks it has.

>> No.72420873

>most soul
Probably the Blood Angel Tactical marine box.
>most soulless

>> No.72420874

Why do people respond to obvious bait here?
Nothing funny comes from it.
There are never any good reaction images.
It just kills threads faster, and it's not like we're tracking thread #.

>> No.72420878

>Goldy trips of truth

But honestly this times a katrillion

>> No.72420879

Start collecting for admech is great, you'll want to pick up more than one because the dunecrawler is magestic. You have to think a bit harder than you would do starting with marines, but it's never been a complex game.

>> No.72420890

a chimera driver targeter head, blue stuff, and milliput.

>> No.72420908

I basically only post on the lore subreddit and sigmarxism now. Know any good discords? I come here on occasion just to laugh at retards but seriously, fuck this place.

>> No.72420909

>Why do people respond to obvious bait here?
Because I can

>> No.72420913

If you don't like the look of models maybe choose a different faction. Remember that you'll be spending time assembling and painting them. Ad Mech are pretty good on the table and their line is being expanded to round out some options for them.

>> No.72420914

regret pile. Few people like GSC. I'm glad you do, they're fun to play against.

>> No.72420920

Is this general anything but b8 anymore? What a cynical bunch of assholes. Even the Ward days were better.

>> No.72420929

Because I only started playing in January 91 and that was just fucking around with my friends poor understanding of the rules and the Space Crusade minis I had. Besides, 2nd edition started the fascination with the Ultramarines, they were the default codex for space marines that edition.

>> No.72420932

I actually don't really like the primaris look and I don't like the Space Marines that much . Was thinking Admech, Necrons or IG but I heard they don't make Krieg models anymore or rather haven't seen any of them for sale

>> No.72420941

It's really just that one capeshit guy posting new variations of the same pasta over and over again.

>> No.72420943

The partnered AoS discord is suprisingly good for 40k talk

Krieg are made by Forge World, a subsidary of GW that makes shitty resin. Don't bother.

>> No.72420945

>Why do people respond to obvious bait here?
because this is a slow board so people will respond if they believe that any discourse is good discourse.
>There are never any good reaction images.
oh boo hoo I can't stalk threads to get heckin funny screencaps to farm karma on /r/4chan

>> No.72420946

Tyranid bits so I can build a shield for my feral worlder crusader conversion

>> No.72420948

>Nine/Ten years later the neckbeard is vindicated.

>> No.72420953

Start Collecting boxes are always a great deal, but you should probably have another look at the available factions if you don't like everything about Admech, maybe you'll find something that suits you better
Don't stick just to the stuff with Start Collecting boxes. You can get just a single squad and play Kill Team at the very beginning

>> No.72420963

>I heard they don't make Krieg models anymore or rather haven't seen any of them for sale


>> No.72420966

Good on you, I was born in 89 so by all means I'm an oldfag when most people here are at least a decade younger than me. I find however most people that pull the "hurr older than you" brag are in reality younger than me and just trying to get internet cool points. I wasn't born yesterday.

>> No.72420981

/Sigmarxism/ is great for light-hearted discussion and keeping poltards away. But bringing that up here is asking for trouble.

>> No.72420984

Krieg are forge world, its a games workshop subsidiary that do resin miniatures. You do not want to start with resin, it's expensive and you'll find it difficult to work with when you're starting. Admech are alright to start with but skitarii are a bitch to paint at first.

>> No.72420994

>oh boo hoo I can't stalk threads to get heckin funny screencaps to farm karma on /r/4chan
>Worrying about what plebbit's up to.
I sure hope you're charging them for that headspace.

>> No.72421002

I kick them out of my store because I'm the owner. Whenever I catch that shit going on I break it up and explain to the grognard that this is a place of business and new people will always be welcome no matter what they play. Gatekeeping costs me money and if they don't like it they can get the fuck out of my shop.

>> No.72421009

/tg/ culture says we need to take bad ideas and debate them for 72 hours (no more; never more) to determine if a usable homebrew can be fashioned out of it.

>> No.72421013

Nth for fix custodes

>> No.72421026

Yeah the painting part is scaring me the most. Never really painted anything but my ww2 revell tanks and they look like utter shit

>> No.72421028

sigmarxism is the only place you can have real discussion without right wing retards

>> No.72421032

And then everyone clapped!

>> No.72421044

Based anons telling trannies to kindly fuck off to their containment forum.

>> No.72421050

Aren't they just Necrons with a robe, as far as painting goes? Just don't fully assemble them before painting and you should be fine

>> No.72421055

Sounds like I'd like your store better.

Do you have new art and products or is it all the old edgy shit.

>> No.72421056

still procrastinating on this guy, need to finish two squads of raptors and some random dudes I skipped. Also sorted my orks for when I'm ready to paint a bad moons detachment and evil sunz detachment.

>> No.72421059

There aren't enough proper oldies here these days, sometimes I just want to rant about why Orks should still be called Space Orks and have helmets with three spikes.

>> No.72421062

Here's an image for you. Its not a reaction image, but it's a cap atleast.

>> No.72421063

>oh boo hoo I can't stalk threads to get heckin funny screencaps to farm karma on /r/4chan
>Worrying about what plebbit's up to.
do you ever reach a point where there's such a disconnect between two ideas that you can't begin to explain why someone is retarded for attempting to link the two?

>> No.72421065

I prefer them to stay here desu. Yeah they're obnoxious, but their containment boards might trick them into thinking they shouldn't become a statistic.

>> No.72421077

What's wrong with them? New to the game and they're on my short list of factions I might build.

>> No.72421079

Just out of curiosity, how do you feel about people who voice their concerns about new stuff without being autistic about it?

>> No.72421086

Where are you meant to get carapace mounted weapons? Which Knight patterns have them in the box?

>> No.72421088

My game store gatekeeps a little, but thats just us giving shit to the unpainted tide players

>> No.72421090

>Yes Anon, r/sigmarxism is totally great and epic. No /pol/yards at all! Totally check it out and never come back.

>> No.72421093

That store owner's name? Albert Einstein.

>> No.72421097

Hello guys, im gonna somewhat make a blog, but i ask for ur pardon.

This past week a friend of mine was streaming in discord some warhammer totalwar, Ive always heard from this game since i was little, many times saw images in 4chan and all that, but i never looked about it, I like the aesthetic and shit, but always thought that 40g was the main franchise, he somewhat explained me there is 2 games, the fantasy and 40k and yada yada.
So it kinda picked my interest and started bingewatching/reading a lot about the games, he plays mainly fantasy, and i like both, i relly like aesthethic in both space scify and the other, but after i see the age of sigmar shit, i just give it a hard pass, and started looking more for 40k stuff, after watching some videos and shit, it picked my interest in the tabletop and was thinking about maybe getting some soldiers and give it a try to paint them and all that. Looks liek fun.

So I've been thinking hard about which faction to pick, and finally i decided by space marines, because ive seen some images of black templars (i think they are), which looks badass, and i like the colors of those ones and the inquisicion/paladin style they have.

I've seen some figurines paint here and there with this colors (pic related), but there is any other faction with this aesthethic, and can u guys tell me some good figurines to start with if posible, thank you and sorry for all this text.

TLDR: Any faction with this style?

>> No.72421109

>/lgbt/ isn't just full of suicidal trannies
Tell another joke.

>> No.72421111

You're obviously not a business owner

>> No.72421119

I'm a cynical asshole after having to grow up with children discovering the internet in my adulthood. I actually dread Warhammer Fantasy being brought back as I played Hordes of Chaos as my first army and now I'm going to have to deal with children larping about that soon too.

>> No.72421120

Women are funny.

>> No.72421121

That anon was being sarcastic

>> No.72421123

do knights have like a single pilot? or do the larger knights have entire crews in them?

>> No.72421124

Not sure to be honest, this was taken from the Renegade box and still have the other guy in sprues.

>> No.72421129

You're the one who brought up /r/4chan retard-kun.

>> No.72421138

Lot of people fuck up the wood on the rifles, leather on the backpacks, and there's actually a distinct bodysuit underneath that robe that isn't metal. I'd say that they probably require the most different colours for a basic troop outside of harlequins.

>> No.72421142

If you want Blood Elves you should unironically play AoS, plus it has better rules than us.

>> No.72421146

Well the only models of them I don't like are the Kataphrons as they look like C&C4 rejects the rest go to great to fine for me might just wait a bit as another anon said they'll get some new stuff soon

>> No.72421150

Why do you have shit taste. The man likes skittles not nu marines.

>> No.72421158

All questoris class knights come from the canis rex box and have the parts to build the carapace weapons, although you can only build one missile pod and one AA gun from each box.

>> No.72421171

Pat don't listen to Mothmans lies.

>> No.72421174

You don't understand.

You need to start with Primaris Marines.

You're acting against your own best interests if you don't.

>> No.72421185

I try to stock what sells, and its mostly models and paints, not a lot of art.
That's fine. I leave my customers alone for the most part.

>> No.72421187

yes, but none of what I said implies I give a shit about them, I was only making fun of one guy complaining that we're apparently not entertaining enough for him.

>> No.72421188

i liek the armor style. Colors and books. Dont care too much about the belfs. its only ive been playign wow all my life and its the style i like

>> No.72421191

I only wanted the ironstorm one, so I ended up just getting the bits off Ebay for $10.

>> No.72421197

You won't be one for much longer either.

>> No.72421198

Acolyte Hybrids are also a contender because they've got
>Bodysuit main
>Bodysuit rubber padding
>Bodysuit hoses
>Cloth(3 colors)
>Leather pouches
>Sticks of dynamite
>Metal weapons
>Bone weapons

>> No.72421199

You want AoS.

>> No.72421201

I'm glad the kustom job Da Boomer was released because now I can justify the cannon on this battlewagon.

>> No.72421205

What would happen if a chaos corrupted psyker was accidentally sacrificed to power the Astronomican?

>> No.72421206

Blood Angels

>> No.72421214

Luckily there's a good tutorial on the warhammer tv youtube channel for painting a skitarii ranger, watch that to get an idea of what's involved. The main thing you want to make sure you have are appropriately sized brushes and that you water down the paints. Thining your paints is the most crucial step, it stops the paint clumping on the brush and gives you the lot more control.

>> No.72421218

They're basic infantry with an inflated statline but have the wargear of a space marine veteran at nearly twice the cost. Plus they don't have rules for the units to lean on like Grey Knights.

>> No.72421222

Ok Boomer

>> No.72421227

>The store owner didn't even order any Warhammer adventure books

>> No.72421228

Come back after you've held on to a business through a recession.

>> No.72421236

Don't point that at me, asshole

>> No.72421238


>> No.72421241

Smaller knights single pilot. Larger knights like war hounds or larger have multiple people working with one pilot directly connected to the knights machine spirit. The princeps of Emperor class is usually hobbled with stumps beyond the elbow and knee. Pretty sure they have their eyes removed and replaced with augmented ones. I forget what the tank they float around in is called.

>> No.72421245

If you're willing to give up on the elf face, Grey Knight models with a custom color scheme would fit great. They even have the same symbol on their pauldrons.
If the elf part is important, you may be shit outta luck. None of the Eldar (space elf) factions look like that

>> No.72421247

They die

>> No.72421260

>$800 of Death Korps just arrived
>Quarantine probably ending in a couple of weeks
I need more time!

>> No.72421261

bro,,when they will release a darkmech or blood pact codex

>> No.72421279

>I sure hope you're charging them for that headspace

>> No.72421280

I really like Dark Eldar.

>> No.72421281

New heretical mortals codex coming in early 9th ed

>> No.72421290

basepaint blue, then bury em in mud for a month

>> No.72421291


>> No.72421292 [DELETED] 

Commie fags deserve a bullet.

>> No.72421296

Thnaks I'll do that. Also another question regarding factions. Apart from Admech I find IG interesting and Necrons. Are there only Cadians available for IG I only see them or Catachan units. Cadians look kinda bland is there anything else but them? Also what role do the Tempestus play are they just part of IG or their own thing they look cool too.

>> No.72421300

Cool. Which models are your favorite?

>> No.72421308

As a lifelong Black Templars fan, I need to recommend you try either Grey Knights or... urgh it pains me to say this, Dark Angels. Black Templars have been mediocre at best for over a decade, and due to Games Workshop trying to distance itself from the "insane fundamentalist screaming retard" image that the Imperium used to have, Black Templars won't likely get any great support, models or pretty much anything in the near or far future. We can count ourselves very lucky that the rules and upgrade kits are still being sold.
I recommend you get into another faction, so you don't suffer the heartbreak I do.

>> No.72421310

Big titty Wych gf.

>> No.72421315

the more i remember sigmarxism exist the more i get confused on what the fuck the entire movement is on about

fags or something

>> No.72421324

No you don't faggot, stop pushing horrible advice.

>> No.72421340

How have you not seen this a thousand times at this point?
>Company shifts entire tone and characterization of setting to make it more marketable
>Newfags swarm in
>Oldfags and Newfags eat each other alive and turn the fanbase into a toxic cesspool.
All that's missing from 40k right now is the media dogpile on the oldfags lmao

>> No.72421343

My buddies kid reads those. He got a start collecting tyranids for Christmas. I don't get why adults are bothered by stuff that's clearly marketed for children.

>> No.72421351

If ITC/NOVA had better rules for terrain it would be so much better. If GW actually tries to establish their own “tournament rules” with good terrain and maybe Cities of Death rules it would be a much better tournament format than either ITC/NOVA.

>> No.72421355

> Mars pattern are ugly!!!
> shows the Lucius
Big think. Box titans look like shit and only reflect shitty 1990s sculpting. The new Mars is infinitely better and only retarded grogs disagree

>> No.72421357

Cadians and Catachans are the only plastic ones. There are some other designs available in resin or metal, but you don't want to work in that.

Tempestus units are sort of a mini-faction within Guard. You can take them alongside guard or run them on their own.

Cadians are very bland. I wouldn't get into IG, since Cadians are basically your only option for most units. The other option is going third party, but that leaves you doing a lot more work on your end.

>> No.72421358

Continue being an assblasted poltards while we take our hobby back

Now go on, shoo shoo, you human clown

>> No.72421372

I share your confusion. I think it's just counter counter culture because kids are bored and lost.

>> No.72421375

>One thin coat at a time
>Meaning they paint and work on their models
Why do we hate them again? For all their faults: atleast they are not gray plastic "players" from this board who think that anything but "top placing tournament army" in a casual is unaccaptable for play because there's a chance they might lose.

>> No.72421376

Nids look like they're fun to paint desu.

>> No.72421387

Remember that you're not strictly bound by the factions and subfactions that GW came up with. Come up with your own paint scheme and convert to your heart's content until you get what you want.

>> No.72421389

You're forgetting the part where the oldfags inevitable lose and the hobby becomes more successful than ever

>> No.72421396

>"This summer...From the site that brought you /r/cuckolds.."

>> No.72421402

Autists have colossal ego and think they own their hobby. Just look at >>72421358

>> No.72421413

Because 40k isn't for children and shouldn't be marketed for children. You can't keep 40k as it is without changing the fundamentals of the setting. Like trying to sell gears war coloring books.

>> No.72421418

GR8 B8 M8 R8 8/8

>> No.72421421

Comics are literally on life support and Disney's Star Wars is the first Star Wars trilogy where every numbered movie did worst than the last.

>> No.72421425

Also legitimizing theft because they are too lazy to work

>> No.72421427

So i could run Tempestus only? Does that bring any restrictions on what they can use alongside them? I'm also confused about those Imperial Knights are they units that can be synergized with all the Imperium factions or just some of them?

>> No.72421434

There used to be other regiments available as infantry squads. That was a long time ago, they might redo them eventually, but I wouldn't count on it happening any time soon. You can find third party versions if you really want an alternative though. The tempestus are basically the SAS, they can be run as an attached squad or in their own detachment, in which case they get their own regimental bonus. They're pretty good and have improved equipment, but have a limited selection of units, so it's unlikely you can make something really good with just them. The absolute most important rule with this game though, is that you play with what you want, not what is good. Crap rules might change next edition, but you're never going to start loving the model you hate.

>> No.72421443

>take our hobby back

>> No.72421445

Poltards hate then because they are forcing them out of the hobby and making 40k into a decent mainstream game

>> No.72421454 [DELETED] 

>claims he hates commies

>votes for a globalist president who has russian officials come and give him bribes in the hotel he owns in moscow.

Pick you you retarded faggot.

>> No.72421455

Oh that's a shame. Do they at least have a decent list or two?

>> No.72421459

I know this is bait but do non-gw LGS even stock warhammer books? I've only seen them in book shops and GW stores.

>> No.72421468

>/40kg/ Warhammer40k General

>> No.72421473

>40k isn't for children

Isn't it generally considered to be a thing like comics or MTG that a lot of brit kids kick around from ages 10-14 or so and then invest more heavily in or drop out of?

>> No.72421475

>hurt get woke go broke myth!!!!!

You're a pathetic nanchild

>> No.72421478

comic book industry is doing better than literally ever before.

>i dont think you know what you're talking about

>> No.72421479

Cringe posts

>> No.72421484

this has to be the stupidest image I've seen in weeks and I just got done reading oglaf

>> No.72421489

Hey man, I like my Warhammers with red Warsickles, all 40 of them.

>> No.72421495 [SPOILER] 

why larp as facists when you could larp as


>> No.72421497

You can only bring tempestus units and guard auxilia. Basically the scions, taurox primes, comissars, bullgryns, psykers, and valkyries.

>> No.72421508

>>Russian officials come and give him bribes

Muh Russia was literally pulled out if then air and debunked several times over yet retards still cling to it.

>> No.72421511

Go paint your army+backlog before replying to me every again. I bet you haven't even painted one unit, let alone a model, during the entirety of this quarantine.

>> No.72421512

Comics are experiencing a gigantic boom the likes of which that they've never seen thanks to the advent of digital media and art.

The floppy industry is another matter.

>> No.72421514

I started playing when I was 9. Found a copy of the Space Crusade board game in a charity shop after Christmas 1990. The majority of people will have gotten into it as kids. You're also missing that these books exist to get the kid interested so that the wife doesn't object to fucking off to the garage to paint when I need to be watching the child.

>> No.72421519

Reavers and raiders.
Also Incubi but I don't like their rules as much this edition for some reason.

>> No.72421523

I just made a plebb account and asked them what the whole point of the group was.
I shall keep you updated.

>> No.72421524

Yes but some manchildren can't hand toys being marketed to children even though most posters probably started when they were teens or kids

>> No.72421532

>complains about the imperium being fascist and evil
>website survey showed that imperial guard and space marines are the most played factions
Why. The xenos almost directly go against the imperium's agenda and politics yet they still go imperium.

>> No.72421533

So in 40k your army is broken up into "Detachments" of several units, usually 1-2 HQs and the units they're leading. Detachments can be different factions in the same army, like you could have a detachment of Tempestus Scions fighting alongside Sisters of Battle and such. As long as your detachments are purely of one faction, you get special rules for them.

Imperial Knights are essentially a one-model detachment. You can run them alongside any Imperial force.

>> No.72421539

god speed, kunnin git

>> No.72421540

The point of the kids books is to groom children into hating despotic christian regimes.

>> No.72421547

A novel take in the era of Marvel firing half their staff. Usually this crowd defaults to "Comics were actually always dying".

>> No.72421562 [DELETED] 

>the report basically says that he'd be in jail if he weren't the president
>said corrupt president claims it as victory

>fucking morons continue to believe everything that shits out of his corrupt mouth.

He recently said disinfectants are a good covid cure. Why don't you go drink bleach? lol

>> No.72421575

I can’t wait for kids to start wanting to “purge the alien”, sounds very progressive.

>> No.72421581

No I have, but the issue of painted/greytide when talking about leftie retards is irrelevant. Liberalism is cringe, and if unopposed, will turn 40k into Marvel-tier fanfic derivative shit

>> No.72421584


>Isn't it generally considered to be a thing like comics or MTG that a lot of brit kids kick around from ages 10-14 or so and then invest more heavily in or drop out of?

No, not in the slightest, but I'm sure redfitirs might give you that impression.

The settings is incredibly dark and filled gratuitous violence and sexual themes. Very discrpt and explicit violence. It's not designed for kids what so ever. That's why Warhammer adventures simply doesn't belong because you can't have it both ways. If you cater to kids you'll have to to e down everything else.

>> No.72421589

>Aytu BioScience isn't a real company!

I love how YouTube and Twitter successfully deleted this NASDAQ-traded institution.

>> No.72421605

The new deathskull psi power seems pretty good, gonna give it a try when I can get a game in

>> No.72421612

Tragically this. Oldfags fight for the uniqueness of their setting, for individuality, whereas the newfags are brought in by a push from the collectivist left to make everything uniform and bland. Papers have been published about why democracy is doomed to fail and it's the same thing: oldfags will lose because humans can't handle freedom. We can't handle individuality. We carve control and uniformity. The victory of the left is inevitable because being a PC, just like in our games, is the exception, not the norm.

>> No.72421613

>political climate among zoomers shifts to conservatism because of 40k
Daddy Ronald would have been proud.

>> No.72421614

I have a hard time believing someone would seriously sit down amd write this post yet here we are

>> No.72421620

Right wingers like you do t even play.

Go fy k yourself you dumb ignorant loser

>> No.72421622

Marxists have killed more people with ineptitude then any other faction in the world. Every country turns to shit every time communist take over, either through mass purges for wrong think as well as fucking up the economy and starving the entire nation due to having no idea how the real world works, all because a man named carl marx who was a lifetime NEET wrote a shitty book.

Commies always deserve a bullet. It's the moral thing to do.

>> No.72421623

Now that's a soulful mini.
When are you basing him?

>> No.72421628

Oh man, you're right. And Spawn was never intended for kids, what with the dark, gratuitous violence and sexual themes.

>> No.72421632

>turn 40k derivative
...you do realize the whole franchise is basically just Dune fanfiction, right?

>> No.72421645

We need more than just one newish noise marine.

>> No.72421648

Thanks for the answers, but im looking mainly to be cool lookings for now, i dont mind being the underdog either, bt ssaw this image in some other thread, and it is the think i was looking for, but im not really sure if these are real models, or something custom or what

>> No.72421649

Some people will tell you to THIN, but I know it's metal texture. Just heads up about metal texture being garbo even if the model itself feels so good to hold and look fine in real life.

>> No.72421653

You paint plasma gun coils the same way you do fire right?
Brighter colors on the inside darker on the outside?

>> No.72421663

I played doom as a kid too. That doesn't mean doom is for children. And if it was, I wouldn't have been interested in it

>> No.72421670

Why do we have so many pedos in the 40k community??

>> No.72421671

I was laughing my arse off at something someone I went to uni with posted on Facebook. He'd gotten picked up for shoplifting and posted a huge spiel about how in times of crisis he needed to feed himself and that people are more important than companies. Never mind that he got arrested for stealing alcohol from a corner shop. He used to play Grey Knights, it was probably the purges that appealed to him then.

>> No.72421677

Those are Primaris with lotsa customizations.

>> No.72421683

>GW stores reopen nearly everywhere
>Still no big releases weeks later

Fuck's sake.

>> No.72421687

>Comics are experiencing a gigantic boom

Digital sales are even worse than physical

>> No.72421688

He's a complete and utter moron, but the way he keeps triggering libtards on a daily basis is prime entertainment. Hoping for a re-election so the show can go on.

>> No.72421689

The Illuminator is coming!

>> No.72421692

Yeah, exactly.

>> No.72421693


>> No.72421694

social rejects play tabletop games?? that's crazy

>> No.72421695

Only the greatest works of art are influenced by Dune.
like Tremors.

>> No.72421700

Okay thanks I'll stay off IG then don't want to mingle with third party right when I'm wanting to get into this thing.
Okay I'll keep that in mind.

>> No.72421704

The releases will come once everything is actually up and running.

>> No.72421714

What is wrong with it other than the Berzerker wearing stupid gloves

>> No.72421717

Would you have objected to kiddies first gateway doom, aimed at 5 year olds though?

>> No.72421718

40k has been primarily for children since 2e with its colorful paint presentation, model designs, and various books with primary appeal for children. They also aired tv commercials for 10-year-olds and tried doing so again back in 2012 and last year.

>> No.72421720

You're literally talking out if your ass, the entire investigation into trump found literally no connection between him and Russia despite two years of unlimited scope.

Leftist are just liars and faggots

>> No.72421725

you have an over simplified view of history and politics.

and you're willing to kill over it lol

>itt amerifats continue their decline into the second world while spouting anti second world rhetoric

>> No.72421734

it...it really isn't
it takes inspiration for LotR, Lovecraft, Dune, Paradise Lost, and the Bible
but more importantly, it adds to those
it takes the "Epic" narrative telling tradition to its grandest stage ever. For all of its flaws it is one of the most unique and compelling story setting in the last 100 years

But yeah, make everyone a queer marxist faggot. That should fix everything

>> No.72421741

>horrible globalist take
>r*ddit spacing
>his brain is full of tabloid journalism headlines
Dude just shut the fuck up

>> No.72421743

You're deluded if you think media companies didn't notice that kids like edgy shit and jump fully into the gimmick. That was the entire reason the Liefeld era happened in comic.

The industry is dumb and floundering, but the art form has never been stronger.

>> No.72421744

Painting light effects on your plasma coils is a meme.

A bad one.

Do the normal base/wash/layer/highlight routine but build from Khorne Red up to White Scar instead.

>> No.72421748

Plus, the most successful crowdfunded project comes from a comicsgater

>> No.72421754

40k just copied StarCraft.

>> No.72421760

>40k has been primarily for children since 2e with its colorful paint presentation, model designs, and various books with primary appeal for children. They also aired tv commercials for 10-year-olds and tried doing so again back in 2012 and last year.

>> No.72421761

Reminder that the Twistflesh Desecrator's special move is twisting your nipples in close combat.

>> No.72421763

I'm not wrong faggot

Go on, tell me how chaos is kid friendly, or even the imperium.

>> No.72421769

>hey it's fine if my country keeps going to shit as long as I can enjoy my dank memes
Thank fucking heck I moved to Germany, I'd rather deal with these mentally stunted Nazis than somebody with their priorities that fucked.

>> No.72421770

me too honestly. I don't care for your country and watching you self destruct "for the luls" is incredibly satisfying.

>> No.72421772

so i can take any faction i want and paint it how i like then? but then the rules apply to them, and the way they fight is that of a primaris right? only with black templar transmog?

>> No.72421777

What are you on about? "Most successful" kikestarter project is still.....Scam Citizen.

Shocking I know.

>> No.72421779

I don't know why I'm surprised someone actually thinks that guy is being serious and not just trolling the new player. Unless you're just pulling some next level 4D chess and merely pretending to be retarded.

>> No.72421784

It’s eh, I like have GW doesn’t reward for killing units and is all about objectives, outside of one or two things. ITC focuses on killing too much, which is a way to “game the system” by just tabling the other guy and getting one objective.

>> No.72421789

>He would be arrested
>Can't say why but just trust us, he's definitely the bad guy
>There's tonnes of evidence, we just can't show you, y'know
You are right though, he would be in jail if he wasnt president, because a corrupt lefty politician would have him thrown there without a trial for daring to disturb the status quo

>> No.72421790

And chainswords. You left out the damn chainswords. It's very important to the setting.

>> No.72421792

Obama thought he commanded the marine corpse. All politicians are jumped up office workers not fit to govern.

>> No.72421794

Not a comics fan (other than anime and manga)`, but why was the medium/industry in the west hit so damn hard by the identity politics shit?

>> No.72421801

Works literary have the best political system. Ask any ork if unsatisfied with their system.
"Green is da best" he would tell you.
T. Eldar farseer.

>> No.72421810

Gatekeeping is based.

>> No.72421821

I found it's better to start by painting white and then put gradually darker washes over it. Gotta make sure they're super thin though.

>> No.72421822

We don't. You're confusing us with Magic: The Gathering.

>> No.72421827

>No mum, you don't understand.
>40k is for adults, especially the chaos faction
>Look at this on-off book about baby-making factory, it re-affirms my maturity with its gritty and adult themes

>> No.72421831

New players might not know.

>> No.72421834



40k aesthetic is literally He Man with more dramatic detail since it doesn't need to be animated.

Don't tell me you grew up watching some gay shit like Friends instead.

>> No.72421840

Whats with commie fags and hating America? You would think our consitution and democracy would be viewed as a good thing by tankies

>> No.72421843

>Khorne Red up to White Scar
So khorne red, carroburg crimson wazdakka then white scar sound good?
Ive never tried to actually make coils look decent so this is kind of new territory

>> No.72421844

>boot up computer
>get onto my favorite online forum
>find my favorite thread on the forum
>prepare for some fun disguistion about 40k
>marxist faggot is just chronically derailing everything with immense retardation
guess im off to the drawthread lads

>> No.72421846

Pretty much, yeah.
As long as you keep the painting consistent, and make sure you can tell the differences between models, you can do whatever you want.
I once knew a guy who pasted a bunch of random plastic candy bits onto his tyranids, and used what could be describes as a model of a sentient eldritch candy cane as a carnifex.
The more creative you are, the better.

>> No.72421848

yea, that new necron book isn't going to be very good

>> No.72421852

Once the weather is a bit nicer. I'm rebasing my whole army to match since I've changed basing habits over the past 15 years

I should thin too, I'm not a great painter

>> No.72421856

>The industry is dumb and floundering, but the art form has never been stronger.
holy fuck the delusion

>> No.72421864

Nobody said 'kid-friendly'. We said 'marketed to kids'.

Ten year old boys love demons and spikes and bad, killy shit. Media companies know this and give them a steady supply of deadpools and Reapers and Chaos.

>> No.72421869

I'm not a communist.

Nor am I American.

You are a retard though.

>> No.72421878

Sounds fine. I used Wild Rider Red instead of Wazdakka.

Don't forget to brighten the raised areas back up with Khorne Red after you apply your wash.

>> No.72421880

tankies and twitter commies are hard-left authoritarians, so they're of course retarded

>> No.72421883

This is how they win, retard

>> No.72421886

You seem to think kid friendly means exclusively PBS shit. 40k has always been partly aimed towards children/young adults/teens or whatever you want to call them because they have disposable income and are easily convinced to buy expensive toys. It's not like GW is ignorant of so many people starting 40k as kids. Even before adventures they had ads with kids painting and playing. They did a line of special easy build boxes that they sold in department stores to try and get kids who werenct walking into specialist wargaming shops.

>> No.72421892

That's not true. ITC changed its missions and secondaries a couple months ago. Your better off playing the objectives to win get the mission bonus to win on the primary. Secondaries that are objective based got easier to score. Lastly, tableing your opponent to win was more because of how IF could abuse dev doctrine and FW artillery to win.

>> No.72421893

I still want to fuck Evil Lyn, it's been 30 years and I still want to.

>> No.72421898

what are some good complimentary colors that go with balthasar gold? What about contrasting colors?

>> No.72421918

>tfw everyone is whining about having to stay home and posting quarantine models but you have to work like normal due to essential worker except now it's even worse because you have to wear a mask, groceries are a huge pain, and everyone around you is reminding you about how they get to not work and collect money

>> No.72421920

With bronze? Most things, though obviously black and yellow are strong contrasts (in a good way).

>> No.72421924

Are you going to tell me in complete honesty that the ability for literally anyone to start a webcomic has lead to the industry as a whole getting smaller?

The Big Two and their flotsam used to be the oligopoly of the industry. They're sinking because any random dude can put his shit on his own site and feed himself with patreon if he's good enough.

>> No.72421930

>>Quarantine probably ending in a couple of weeks
If you want to be part of the second hump, sure

>> No.72421932

lol Chaos was my first army at 14

>> No.72421942

>Thread is fine until Americans start getting home from work and then it goes to shit


>> No.72421946

You are a redditor, get the fuck out or and post 40k, you midwit

>> No.72421947

Damn, I was born in 90 and started in 8th.

>> No.72421948

I think i have some wild rider somewhere. Thank you for the advice

>> No.72421950

Name a successful communist country that people are eager to move to. I'll wait.

>> No.72421955


>> No.72421957

Gold is dark and warm.

Use a brighter color. Warm is fine, so is cold.

DO NOT use a desaturated color or your model will be boring.

>> No.72421963

>larp as a fascist
I larp as an transdimensional anarcho-capitalist with a suffering-based fiat currency though.

>> No.72421974

So whats the best loadout for a Sentinel squad to use the Strike First, Strike Hard strat on? Im thinking either Missile Launchers or Plasma Cannons, lascannons are still one shot weapons so after the first volley they are back to crap tier and autocannons arent that threatening though they are a good generalist weapon.

>> No.72421975

He's sort of right though. Outside of the big two, there's been some really nice short run comics. Because of digital sales being so easy, we're actually getting independents breaking in and being able to self publish. Hell, even if you want to go with Marvel, the Immortal Hulk run is fantastic and, as long as they don't fuck the ending, will go down as one of the best comic runs ever.

>> No.72421976

Worst part is these fucks don't wear masks and stopped saying "thank you, you're a hero" and instead bitch to you about being stuck at home while using your store as their entertainment park for their family of 9 people to run around and converse with another family of 7 people.
Oh and "BUT WHYYYY IS IT OUT OF STOCK" during pandemic while people are shopping like it's black friday for third month. Wish I could be stuck home painting my orks. But no, I have to deal with coughing old fuck coming to my face asking to check for out-of-stock items while I wear this mask for 8 hours straight.

>> No.72421982

It's true

>> No.72421999

>Are you going to tell me in complete honesty that the ability for literally anyone to start a webcomic has lead to the industry as a whole getting smaller?
This is the most s o i filled take I've heard in a while. Your pea-sized brain is conflating size of industry with quality. And yeah, people are starting webcomics when they really shouldn't because they are mediocre hacks, see Dobson.
>If he's good enough
I love how society used to have a distinct class of artists many centuries ago but now because I throw money at you it means you're bringing something fresh to the table. I guess Shadman is art for you?

>> No.72422006

Post your army lists for the judgement of others.

>> No.72422010

Stay and fight for your hobby. Fighting commies is good for the soul.

>> No.72422023

>Duuuuuhhhh 40k was never meant for kidz!

>> No.72422025

There are none. That's not really my point though. I'm not defending communism. I'm just pointing out that yall are retarded.

>> No.72422029

Orks aren't unsatisfied because they love violence and happen to live in a galaxy defined by pretty limitless and ubiquitous ultra-violence.

>"Travellin' through space is boring. Well, boring unless da hulk yer on is full of dem gene-sneakers, or a base fer da chaos lads wiv da spikes, or already has Boyz on it. Or if humie lootas come callin', that's always good fer a bit a sport. Or unless yer have a mutiny or two to pass da time, or unless strange fings start happenin', which dey usually do when yer out in da warp. One time we had some bloody great ugly fing come straight out of Weird Lugwort's 'ed! It butchered half da lads, that was pretty entertainin'. Come ter fink of it, space is a pretty good larf. And that's before yer find yerself a nice world ta crush!"

>> No.72422032

More power to you fren

>> No.72422045

Having worked in retail to get me through university, I've become convinced that all retail workers should be given cattle prods as standard equipment.

>> No.72422051

>fight for your hobby by turning it into another battleground for current year politics
Better idea, next time someone posts low effort bait maybe shut the fuck up instead of using it as a soap box for whatever ideology you fuckwits subscribe to

>> No.72422054

>unironically reading comics
Where the fuck is your dignity man

>> No.72422056

The bitching about primaris earlier was lame.

>> No.72422059

>using a weapon that has a 1/6 chance of slaying your W6 model
I see I am responding to an intellectual.

I maintain lascannons are the best option to maximize your T1 strategem, since they'll do a hell of a lot more to the big targets like Leman Russ and Knights which a Krak missile will struggle again.
But people really REALLY like the missile launcher on the sentinel because they can start shooting frag missiles after T1. . . . but frag missiles are pretty ass and struggle to kill guardsmen.

I think missile launchers are preferred because they're cheap and look cool, not because they're good.

>> No.72422072

Many centuries ago your options were to hope some rich fucker or the church sponsored you to do what they wanted. Hardly a thriving market for self-expression.
I'm taking your use of buzzwords as evidence that you don't actually have an argument, just an angry opinion.

>> No.72422073

>not an American
+++ Beware the eurofag, the foreigner, the 3rd worlder +++

>> No.72422088


What is a desaturated color? Reason I ask is because on my next lychguards, I might change the pauldron color. The reason I want to keep red energy is to keep them close to my other necrons which have red colored energy parts.

>> No.72422089

Some comics are pretty good, like this short 4-page one for 40k.

>> No.72422091

>Stay and fight for your hobby.
Fuck off, political cretin.

>> No.72422112


>> No.72422113

wat about 40k comics?

>> No.72422118

>Hardly a thriving market for self-expression.
>he thinks any fucking retard with a megaphone is worth listening to

>> No.72422121

Kill Six Billion Demons is a Webcomic and it's one of the best comics ever written. Because it's not superheroes, it would never have gotten made even before the Internet. Even if it was picked up by a publisher, it would have had a tiny run and never have been seen by anyone outside of maybe three cities in the US.

>> No.72422126

>What is a desaturated color?


Get yourself a copy of photoshop and play with the colors before you waste money on paint. I am 100% serious.

>> No.72422137

Black Templars are pretty kino.

>> No.72422141

I threw it away so I could play with my plastic space soldiers in my 20s.

>> No.72422147

God it's so fucking funny how so many people got gaslit into thinking that reddit spacing is an actual thing

>> No.72422154

Its been shit all day including yuro hours kiddo.

>> No.72422158

If everyone gets megaphones, you can choose for yourself to listen to the ones with things worth hearing.
If only the rich decide who gets a megaphone, you hear what the rich want you to hear.

>> No.72422159

thanks man, very helpfull, ill look around for cool lookign space marines models and then pick the one i like the most then, ill just paint it with the colors i want

>> No.72422161

Last page.

>> No.72422163

Imagine if all manga became yaoi shojo because that’s what’s politically correct.

>> No.72422182

Missile launchers with hunter killer missiles is my go to and its a good combo. You're almost guaranteed to delete something with 5 S8 D6 damage shots.

>> No.72422185

>he thinks that only the rich and the church should decide who should be listened to

>> No.72422211

you take missile launches to go with hunter killer missiles and then you don't cry as much if the sentinels get deleted by a D6 damage gun since they're cheaper and 3 frag missiles can still do some damage.

>> No.72422216

Severed mini book was great so maybe maybe not.

>> No.72422224

I'll read anything. Literally anything, I own over two thousand physical books, I've filled two rooms in my house with them, and the attic. I've got everything from Horrible Henry to the rise and fall of the Mongol Empire. I've even got a selection of leaflets about famous steam trains I got from a museum. I'll read comics if I want to, I'd never shut myself off from an entire medium like that.

>> No.72422230

This post hit me too hard bro..

>> No.72422250

I recently realised I fucking hate my army's color scheme, after dedicating time to painting most of it
Should I just finish it and do better with my next army, or paint the minis I still haven't done in a better scheme, then strip and repaint the older ones?

>> No.72422258

ITC missions haven’t been kill point dominated for at least a few years. Yes they matter but unless you absolutely table the enemy, they can still beat you with stragglers in the right place at the right time. I think only NOVA or one of the other huge tournaments is the one where you absolutely have no idea who will win due to scoring until the last turn is over because their scoring system is so dynamic.

>> No.72422268

So is this a mating dance? Are you two gonna fuck at some point?

>> No.72422269

War of the Spider when

>> No.72422272

Continue on in different scheme and strip the old ones. You don't want to field an army you dislike the colors of

>> No.72422273

What would make you happier? Ask your heart and go with that answer.

>> No.72422279


vallejo paint set...I have everything assembled and have been waiting a week ro start painting reeeeeee

>> No.72422280


>> No.72422281

Strip all now and start over

>> No.72422294

Finish it, sell it if the paint job is decent, build a new one

>> No.72422305

How am I supposed to argue against a viewpoint that's utterly nonsensical?

>> No.72422307

Sell it

>> No.72422309

new player planning on getting a start collecting box here. im stuck between dark eldar and thousand sons. any recommendations?

>> No.72422310

People are working from home/not working at all due to corona you dumbass. I’ve been here during faggo hours the only difference is you guys name drop other countries in your shitposts

>> No.72422321

You were supposed to ignore the obvious shitpost

>> No.72422323

I love the GSC range. Like this motherfucker. Given his rules, they could have given him a really dynamic action pose like many/most other characters with a fluff/rules that imply they're really fast.

But with the Locus he's just stood there in his cloak and I really like how understated that is, he's just this cloaked figure who stands behind the Magus not attracting attention until it is time to go full-on anime on some Ordo Xenos operative.

>> No.72422324

>responding to an hour old post
seethe harder tranny

>> No.72422326

It's hard to differentiate bait from real retardation when it comes to religious people

>> No.72422343

Cope harder neolibs, I am genuinely serious, your average moog doesn't even possess inner-monologue, let alone the skills necessary to make meaningful and long-lasting art.

>> No.72422344

1) You don't need a missile launcher to take hunter killer missiles
2) 3 frag missiles at guard BS are marginally more deadly than 3 bolt guns at marine BS.
2a) A unit of SM Scouts is cheaper than your frag missile Sentinels and outshoots them.
2b) That's fucking embarrassing

Just take the lascannons so your 1.5 shots that hit can at least kill/cripple what they're hitting.

>> No.72422347

whatever looks coolest to you. nothing else matters

>> No.72422353

Emprah on the Throne, was just asking, I'm assuming you got turned down?

>> No.72422358

Dark Eldar.

>> No.72422369

Because I oversimplifed communism in a short paragraph? Are you autistic?>>72422091
I don't rock the boat with politics, I only rock back when left wing faggot bring it up. Next time you see this happen, pay attention. It's always these pink hair faggots that start it.

>> No.72422374

I mean when someone outright says 'yes, I would prefer to be a useful idiot', there's not really anywhere you can take that conversation.

How dare you call me a neolib

dark eldar, or maybe thousand sons

I'm really not enjoying painting these tzaangors, and you're gonna need a bunch of em. Hope you like armor trim.

>> No.72422377

They've done alright for giving some of the more sinister characters appropriate poses recently. The tech priest manipulus is pretty great, he's doing the Gendo pose, peering over his fingers.

>> No.72422384

nah I already busted a nut to some trap hentai so I can't get it up rn

>> No.72422388

anon. I want to throw a hypothetical at you. Even if some other anon WAS serious in their ridiculous beliefs, what good do you think you could do having a dialogue on a Mongolian woodworking forum? Is it EVER worth replying to retards, trolling or not?

>> No.72422392

I guess that'll be for the best. I was reluctant to strip them because of an ongoing narrative campaign I was taking part of, but that obviously shouldn't be a problem for some time now.
I love the models though, that seems to be the worst option

>> No.72422404

Stop theoryhammering to me I've fucking used Armored sentinels with HKs and Frag/Krak missile launchers and they always take out more than their points cost. Your lascannons are worthless past turn 1 whereas at least frag missiles with guard BS can get some decent returns due to volume.

>> No.72422405

Two battalions

1 Tyberos, the Red Wake
1 Chaplain Terminator
1 Primaris LT with power sword
1 Phobos Librarian

6 LC Terminators
1 Dreadnought, TLLC, fist
10 Vanguard Vets, jump packs, 2 TH, 8 SS, 2 dual chainswords

3x5 Tactical Marines with illegal chainswords on the models because fuck me for trying to model WYSIWYG properly from 5E to 7E, right GW?
3x5 Primaris Intercessors, 3 TH, 3 GL, auto rifles

3x3 Eliminators, bolt snipers
1 Leviathan, siege claw, storm cannon

>> No.72422407

Gonna agree on Lascannon. Use the 9 inches of movement of scouting to get in a position where you can shoot something really important then laugh as those S9 shots are hitting on 2s because you didn't move. You could reasonable expect those 3 little chickens to take out or cripple most vehicles.

>> No.72422416


>> No.72422423

>How dare you call me neolib
You think skill and art can be commodified in order to justify """"free expression"""", neolib

>> No.72422429

Okay but what if some artistically-gifted person doesn't like either the church or rich people

>> No.72422434

>2 Shield-Captains on Jetbikes
>Trajann Valoris
>1 Vexilus Praetor
When my order comes in
>9 Sagittarum Guard
>1 Vexilus Praetor
>1 Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought
And after that I'll be getting
>5 Vertus Praetors
>1 Vexilus Praetor
>1 Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought

>> No.72422438

Is there anything more kino than heavily armed scout vehicles?

I'm looking forward to fielding my piranha squad when all this is over.

>> No.72422452

Man, I love arc mauls. I know people insist that you shouldn't give Alphas melee weapons, but I'll always do it for the one time the dinky little tin man gets his act together and caves a marines skull in with his anti bitch stick.

>> No.72422455

And I have used lascannon sents with hunter killers and lascannons and they're still perfectly good after T1.

I have provided numbers to support my argument while you are continuing to argue on feelings alone.

>> No.72422468

Actually I'd like the whole system torn down, but as the situation stands I think it's nice that artists can carve out a living in this capitalist hellscape without being utterly beholden to any superiors. Eat the rich.

>> No.72422473

Your "numbers" are worthless on the tabletop when there are so many other factors at hand and you're spending more points for a less utilitarian unit that gimps itself if your opponent deploys infantry at it.

>> No.72422484

>Okay but what if some artistically-gifted person doesn't like either the church or rich people
>"What if I want to work in a job where I'll hate my boss :CCC"
Sucks to be you. We don't build society around edge-cases and exception. Also atheism is cringe, but I will admit that our "elites" have completely sold us out, as labor and capital are no longer tied to geography and borders. Thanks neoliberalism for giving us unrestrained free-trade.

>> No.72422485

>special weapons on troops should be free so people actually take them without gimping themselves.


>> No.72422487

Gutted and lightly armored heavy vehicles repurposed for speed and scouting come close but aren’t as cool. Like Phobos Marines.

>> No.72422505

Warhammer 40,000

>> No.72422506

They are one of the few models that make me want to build a guard army on a side to my ork army. If only Valhallans had modern sculpts outside of 3rd party. Not that I mind 3rd party too much, have bought kromlech's stuff often, but the art-style for heads tends to bash hard regardless of whether it's anvil studios or victorias'.

>> No.72422509

Should I get some lychguards or immortals? I like the looks of the lychguard dudes but immortals seem like a safer bet

>> No.72422510


>> No.72422513

You should pay attention as to whom comprises the 1%. Until you do, you're just delusional and in denial.

>> No.72422527

I think they could do with being priced more attractively, but I'm not sure I like the idea of free power fists and thunder hammers.

>> No.72422533

How is not blindly believing things without proof "cringe"?
Personally, I'm not even an atheist. I'm an agnostic who has a distaste for any kind of big organized religion (always corrupt, 100% of them)

>> No.72422535

Religions have correctly and cleverly written in clauses condemning agnosticism since it’s the most logical choice. What excuse does atheism have for forgoing agnosticism? We can’t even explain things we readily know factually exists, like dark matter, yet we can concretely define subjects beyond our limited dimensions, like atheism does?

>> No.72422537

>Speish org!
Always gets me

>> No.72422546


>> No.72422550

Play Power Level. They do that there.

>> No.72422564

Don't say racisms.

>> No.72422565

I deny the existence of God because I really want to fight an angel and it seems like the best way to get one sent after me.

>> No.72422579

>correctly and cleverly written in clauses condemning agnosticism since it’s the most logical choice
Wouldn't that be morally incorrect then?

>> No.72422592

You should read actual apologetics, like Aquinas and Augustine, if you require proofs. It would be off-topic to post them at length here.
>Religions have correctly and cleverly written in clauses condemning agnosticism since it’s the most logical choice.
Read above reply.
>We can’t even explain things we readily know factually exists, like dark matter
This level of labcoat worship is "I fckn love science" levels of retarded.

>> No.72422608

Gentlemen, I'm going to run BT primaris in melee

>> No.72422609


>> No.72422613

You get a new problem where everybody auto-takes special weapons because its free

>> No.72422619

>Most people understand and accept the new direction and what it's doing for the hobby.
Go die

>> No.72422630

I'm joining a co-op campaign and me and my ally are playing CSM.1000 points per player. I'm aiming for shooty Black Legion. It's my first time building and I'm kind of at a loss for what's good. There's a lot of choices. I want to make use of the Black Legion's trait, as well as maximize value from Abbadon.

Right now I've got a 550~ point Battalion detachment of Abbadon, a Sorc w/ Terminator Armor, a Dark Apostle, 2 units of CSM, and a unit of Cultists. I'm not sure if I should run a second Battalion or if I should go with a few more focused, utility based detachments. I dont even know if my first Battalion is any good, or what's what.

My ally is running a Thousand Sons supreme command of psykers and a possessed bomb for his side of the field, so my job is to secure the midrange with shooting, force opponents out of position, and be competent in melee if push comes to shove.

What all should I be looking at for unit and detachment choices? Any thoughts from more experienced players would be welcomed.

>> No.72422641

Thousand Sons - Cult of Duplicity
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (Wings, Malefic Talons)
Ahriman on Disk of Tzeentch
3x10 Cultists

2x Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (Wings, Malefic Talons)
3x12 Rubric Marines
1x5 Tzaangor Enlightened (Fatecaster Greatbows)

Super Heavy Auxiliary
Magnus the Red

Optionally swap Magnus for 2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts with 2 Twin Lascannons and a minimum squad of Scarab Occult Terminators.

>> No.72422644

Would you accept Terminator-sized Obliterators/Obliterators someone made out of Terminators? Or are they too small, and therefore an "unfair/modelling for advantage"? ... asking for a friend.

>> No.72422646

CP: 3+5+5+1-2-1-1 = 11

Inquisitor-Lord Hector Rex
Assassinorum operative

2 Shield-Captains on Dawneagle
9 Guardians w/ Shields
5 Vertus Praetors

Tempestor Prime
Lord Comissar
30 Scions

3 Primaris Psykers

>> No.72422648

How? There are no melee Primaris?

Cause I'm waiting for them so I can male my BT primaris.

>> No.72422650

I miss customizing my toy soldiers /40kg/. I get that there were problems but it just seemed so much more fun then the 'pick your GW approved loadout' that we have going on now (assuming you even get an option).

>> No.72422651

And it disproportionately favors units like DW who have access to a lot of special weapons

>> No.72422668

At most I would say to give them a point discount so that a single plasmagun on a tactical squad is cheaper than one of the several plasma guns on a veteran squad. It should still be a decision to take them, but there should be an advantage in fielding them across multiple units compared to a single squad designed to alpha-strike

>> No.72422672

Ha e you tried out the custom character rules? They aren't the greatest but they are fun

>> No.72422673

The weirdest mix of soul and WAACfag units I've seen.

>> No.72422677

Glad that someone is teaching the youngins how the world works

>> No.72422678

They could always modify the base to make it taller if they are afraid of "unfair/modelling for advantage"

>> No.72422684

I wouldn't give a shit, it goes both ways for ranged units. The only time I've refused to play against something was an assault squad where they all were on one knee.

>> No.72422688

I condemn atheists who act as if they know for certain that no gods exist. Do you condemn religious people who deny established science (note: this does not mean sycophantically worshiping scientists), such as evolution? If so, then we have no quarrel.

>> No.72422690

I just play orks and chop up shit all the time, GW aint stopping me. Not even with their shitty legends move.

>> No.72422692

Shouldn't two Vexilus Praetors cover you plenty well?

>> No.72422709

Are you playing with any special campaign rules we should know about?

If not, I'd say that Rhinos for all your units would be a good choice, and if you want melee you can't go wrong with a Rhino full of Berserkers.
If you're the one who is supposed to hold the field, anything that reduces your causalities and improves your mobility is good. Rhinos do both.

>> No.72422715

Any fluff behind for your army? Or ideas you had when building it.

>> No.72422729

They were thinking that, but what about the other proportions, like the width? Greenstuff another inch on each arm?

>> No.72422742

You gotta make them. Vet intercessor with hammer-sarge.

>> No.72422759

I wouldn't give a shit, especially if there was visible effort to make the Terminators look more like Obliterators. Still, you should definitely ask around your local group instead of an anonymous vietnamese miniature painting forum.

>> No.72422764

Honestly the associated problems would be a lot less severe nowadays, given that if a particular combo ends up being extremely broken, it'd be easy to adjust the point values with future FAQs and updates in order to help ensure more parity in the selection.

It's particularly frustrating since GW seems to decide randomly when a unit is or isn't allowed a loadout. You have some things like CSM that they expect you to kitbash with Havocs if you want their full array of weapon options, whereas an Autarch can't even equip something like an Avenger Shuriken Catapult despite both kits being plastic and requiring only a simple armswap, or even being able to have a non-winged Autarch with a fusion pistol and sword despite that being as simple as just not putting the wings on him.

>> No.72422801

I personally believe evolution to be valid, but you really ought to be careful about what constitutes "established science"; climatologists have been saying that we would experience a mini ice-age in the 70's and 80's, didn't quite pan out. Scientists are human beings just like the rest of us, and therefore are prone to the same ills.

>> No.72422814

I realised what I really missed today. I was going through the 7e Skitarii codex so I had a reference for what part of the weapon was wood and what was metal. I suddenly realised that I can't give squad leaders special issue equipment anymore. I used to love giving the Alpha of a squad a refraction field, not because it was useful, but because I loved the idea of the one guy in the squad having a forcefield and putting himself in harms way to save his friends. It's the loss of little stories like that, that's what really affects me.

>> No.72422832

Engine War when?

>> No.72422841

Yes, I'm very wary of what any "professional" says about anything. Appeal to authority is a logical fallacy, after all. I like to do my own research.

>> No.72422844

I act as if gods don't exist. I want one to get pissed off and come do something about it, I'm ready for the bugger.

>> No.72422850

>I like to do my own research.
Let's see your fuckin research then. Looking at others' peer reviewed research isn't "doing research".

>> No.72422859

>I like to do my own research.
Good, should be the norm. An appreciation for how easy the sciences can be corrupted with third-party interests is sadly lacking.

>> No.72422866

Honestly, we are probably going to get pre orders opened within the next week.

>> No.72422881

I like the scarf and colors, very cute, but hoo boi dats some thicc paint.

>> No.72422899

>> No.72422902

>Reading Cybernetica & Myriad because wanted to read more about Abominable Intelligences
>Myriad can outright force Chaos corruption out of cyborgs and mechanical constructs
>Daemon-possessed freak out around it due to its "cold, soulless logic"
>The moment it finds a powerful enough cogitator system to link to, it develops a 4,267-step plan to exterminate all Chaos-corrupted systems on Mars
>Literally never mentioned in the fluff again
Seems like something they should have either dedicated more books to developing or just something they shouldn't have done in the first place. Being able to effortlessly drive daemons out of things they've totally corrupted is something even Grey Knights can't do.

>> No.72422911

Like Canoness. The options are restricted as hell, now after the faq it can only take a certain gear with a dumb and worthless gear. So basically back to square one, but now the model in the no longer being sold kit can be used.

>> No.72422912

fucking with people atleast 50% of the reason
I think

it makes some people throw fits like that gamza guy

>> No.72422934

8th is called 8land edition for a reason.

>> No.72422950


>> No.72422952

I wanted to run an Inquisition army because I figured it would allow me to bring the most variety to the table while still being somewhat fuffy.
The Custodes are my main force while the stormtroopers would either be dropped in and hose down light infantry screens (I'm running Iotan Dragons). The Primaris Psykers are meant to be ablative psychic shields and smite batteries for the Guardians. Rex would teleport in with the Stormtroopers when the fighting lines clash in the center.

I'm positive that I'm going to get roflstomped when I roll up with this lot but it sounds fun on paper.

>> No.72422959

Oh, yeah, and I'm sure the two of you frequently do very intensive research and don't just sit around feeling smart for not trusting people, while imagining the rest of the world spends all their time biting authorities lies hook, line, and sinker. I'm sure you go through all the purely empirical studies, and graph it all out, and come to your own really solid ideas.
Climb out of your ass and chill the fuck out. Pic related: it's you.

>> No.72422965


TS batt
Winged prince
Terminator Sorc w/ familiar
2x10 rubrics with soulreaper
20 tzaangors
Tzeentch daemons batt
3x10 brimstone horrors
7 flamers
Aux super heavy

>> No.72422991

Yeah, that's particularly annoying given how varied the options in the battle sister kit are, and that pretty much any sister superior would serve well as a Canoness.

I wish that if GW wasn't going to allow kitbashing of HQs they'd introduce some way to upgrade normal infantry leaders into proper characters. I'd care a lot less about monopose mono-loadout HQs if I could pay some extra points to have a sergeant with enough wounds to pass as a warlord.

>> No.72423001

Usually people appreciate armies that are creative and full of soul, so good chance it'll be a good time playing even if you lose hard. 40k games are like tango, it takes two people to have one.

>> No.72423018

As far as I know, no additional campaign rules. The games will differ in point values, but I'm less worried about the low point games. For the 500 point games, I'll just cut cultists from my Battalion and run it as is.

A Vanguard Detachment with a Lord Discordant and 3 units of Berzerkers, with a Rhino puts me at 994 points, which is pretty close to perfect, but I'm not sure if that leaves my army inflexible.

>> No.72423028

I'm not sure about that.
It could be pulled off considering obliterators don't need to be proportioned correctly

>> No.72423032

Thank fuck somebody said it. I once got into an argument about something I'm very well informed about, the guy I was arguing with dug up a research paper and tried to tell me I was wrong. One problem, I wrote the fucking thing. When I told him that, he insisted that he was going to do his own research. Good fucking luck, it took me four months of wind tunnel testing and a preceding year of computational analysis. It is impossible for a layman to conduct anything like the studies that institutions can, I no longer have the ability to replicate that work, because I don't have access to the same lab and I'm one of literally a dozen people ever to publish on the subject.

>> No.72423034


Some of the best fun I've had is with the Horus Heresy 7e-plus Mechanicum list.

Your standard-issue Magos Prime gets about four pages of wargear options, jump packs, jet packs, floating armoured pimp thrones, scouting/artillery spotter drones, repair kit, guns and melee and grenades, plus a Space PHD that gives you some kind of army buff, notwithstanding the Cybernetica beep boop wranglers who had what were essentially Chaplain Litanies for your war robots or the Ordo Reductor siegemasters.

I usually kept them cheap and just got easy repairs, but it was fun sometimes to throw 400pts into one super-Archmagos who could shrug off artillery batteries, skewer Terminator squads with a spear and Dock Ock arms and headbutt Primarchs while making all your tanks heal themselves of their own free will from his mere presence.

>> No.72423040

This is the most whiny statement I've heard in ages.
>Refractions Shields
>Putting himself in harms way to save his friends
Storm shields are in the game and you can still attach identities to your models if you want to.
I don't even disagree with the idea that it's better to have a few squads with a lot of wargear than a lot of squads with little wargear, but you just sound obnoxious.

>> No.72423051

Before, you could only take bolter and power sword for the command thingy
Now you can only take plasma pistol and power sword.
Like let me have both or at least a blessed blade.

>> No.72423054


>> No.72423076

Which one of you fuckers bought all the scions??

>> No.72423082

the Chinese virus did

>> No.72423086

Guess my recast are actual plastic then.

>> No.72423093

Why post a decent model with this though?

>> No.72423098

Before we knew what psychic awakening was, I was praying for cybertheurgy to be made available for 40k. I don't agree with a lot of people here about the 30k line of miniatures being intrinsically better, but holy fuck do I want some of the equipment patched over.

>> No.72423101

>Appeal to authority is a fallacy
>So let's throw out any expert's opinions
Fuck you. You know less about about nearly any subject than those who do any sort of independent research in any given field.

>> No.72423107

Can you people please stop ordering directly from GW already? My asshole is going to contract cancer at this rate.

>> No.72423120

>Yes, I'm very wary of what any "professional" says about anything
>You know less about about nearly any subject than those who do any sort of independent research in any given field.


>> No.72423151

>Only one person can be behind the replies to your posts
If you're this bad at making inferences you're better off not doing any 'research' of your own.

>> No.72423168

It was me.

>> No.72423173

Admech lost all of those options, they literally can't do any of it anymore. Don't assume everything works like marines.

>> No.72423181

Do you own a 3d printer and any talent at making sculpts for models? If not you at best are going to be at the mercy of other people if GW goes under.

>> No.72423188

>calls scientism neckbeards cringe
>takes head-entirely-inside-navel medieval proofs seriously
attend to the beam in your eye, homo

>> No.72423191

You'll never get equipment options or anything good because 8th has no soul.

>> No.72423198

So play an army that you'll enjoy, fuckface. Or attach a story to the wargear that they do have.

>> No.72423204

How do you go about figuring a color scheme? I'm having a very hard time choosing one for my Orks

>> No.72423217

buying from your LGS instead still supports GW

>> No.72423227

so I'm new to 40k love the lore and the tabletop but heard there are games as well. Bought Deathwing and it kind of a pain to play single player and multiplayer is dead.


>> No.72423244

I'll see how it goes when the virus situation has ended and clubs and stores are open again. In the meantime I'm hoping for some good stuff from the Custodes PA book.

>> No.72423255

>green skins
my guess is get some purple and gold.

>> No.72423256

Find one you like by browsing other people's work. There's also countless videos detailing ideas on how to come up with color schemes. Pick an album cover to match the theme and break down its paint scheme.

>> No.72423263

>don't need to be proportioned correctly
They don't? Sorry if it's a noobish question.
At this point, is it more hassle than it's worth to try to make termi-oblits?

>> No.72423267

>GW will go under if people buy their products from retailers

>> No.72423268

what's a space marine chapter that literally no one plays

>> No.72423274

What klan? I have bad moons and so far I've done:
>Shoota boy squad with yellow vest with purple pants
>Choppa squad with yellow vest and brown pants
And planning to do an ardboy squad with yellow vest yellow pants
With Nobz I do brown/black leather vests with dark-blue jeans, with Meganobz I do light-blue jeans. White is for my meks and important orks (like nob in charge of my choppa squad).

Just try out different things and see what works.
Look for various references if you need to, found this one through google that I might use for something. Might even invert some of the color order I've used before.

>> No.72423282

Stick to talking about things you understand, you won't talk much, but you'll embarrass yourself less.

>> No.72423286

I'd rather just go back to playing games at friends house's being the norm.

>> No.72423287

that's a fucking 2head take.

>> No.72423296


>> No.72423305

>Claiming superiority by virtue of shit insults
>No argument
Glad to see you have nothing but appeals to emotion still.

>> No.72423306

Fire Lords

>> No.72423311

Loyalist traitor legions in denial

>> No.72423337

It's not 40k but, vermintide 2 has been fun. Fantasy was my original introduction to Games Workshops settings.

>> No.72423352

Probably White Scars. I don't see the appeal when Blood Angels can be as aggressive as it is.

>> No.72423368

interesting but i do need some more options so i can pick

>> No.72423383

Not me, most people can't afford enough free space and terrain for wargaming where I live, stores are a necessity. They also make finding new people to play with MUCH easier, even if space isn't an issue for you. I can't fathom why you'd want to see them gone

>> No.72423391

On the other hand they replace their teeth wth flint and drink promethium so they can breath fire

>> No.72423395

Oh yes, let me objectively quantify the feel of a game edition to edition. Are you actually this retarded? You threw an insult at me, exposed yourself for not knowing anything outside marines, and are now getting pissy about being told to fuck off? You sad sack of shit, I'll insult you as much as I fucking want. Its my civic duty to call out people as braindead as you.

>> No.72423400

Both are fantastic kits but on tabletop lychgaudr are bad. Although on the positive side the lychgaurd kit comes with lots of spare bits that I have found plenty of uses for in the past.

>> No.72423403

Its hard to find a scheme for thees thing. I think i fucked up putting the red on the shoulder. It'd look better with the goff checking imo.

>> No.72423433

Are you actually retarded enough not to notice that the entire GW range is down because of the kung-flu?

>> No.72423435

Tesla immortals are the core troop choice for necrons, you should get them before lyches.

>> No.72423457

You're genuinely retarded or don't belong in this game if the loss of a piece of wargear has made you unable to project stories onto your men.

>> No.72423459

He is a cuck thats why. His "friends" are just his parents wondering why the 50 years old fag wont leave

>> No.72423468

Is it weird to like the black and white pencil style drawings more than the big bright battle art?

>> No.72423471

basic bitch question here but what's the best cheap 3rd party site to buy from as a newcomer to the hobby? interested in necrons, orks, and tau in a small army somewhat like the official start collecting kits

>> No.72423485

The thing I like about this chain of comments is watching the admech anon breaking down from being reasonable to rage in real time.

>> No.72423503

Depends if you're US or UK/Euro

Ebay is unironically great since plenty of stores sell on there with a 15% discount and really fast shipping

>> No.72423513

Honestly use the GW store finder and see what flgs you have in your area, other than that it'll depend on what country you're in.

>> No.72423515

That's what you got from that? Holy reading comprehension Batman!

>> No.72423516

The kits are both nice, even though the shoulder pads on the immortals will leave gaps you have to fill after assembling them. You will want them anyway to fill your troop slots.

Lychguard with shields are not nearly as bas as people make them out to be. They can be pretty resilient with the 3++ stratagem and still mince anything below T7 in cc. Combine them with some teleport shenanigans and you are good to go.

>> No.72423519

Not in superior countries you slow retard.

>> No.72423524

It's fluffy.

>> No.72423532

It encourages treating other people as objects to grant you the satisfaction of playing games.

>> No.72423541

US, I'll try ebay yeah

>> No.72423546

Why are they only stocking models of europeans?

>> No.72423555

There are still plenty of armies with plenty of wargear. If I'm not mistaken you're mourning the loss of customization in a game that still has a fucking lot of it.

>> No.72423561

In the Guard it is well known that the level of rust on your tank directly corresponds to how loud the Enginseer shouts when he gets it back.

>> No.72423571

But Necrons are by definition the most soulless models there are. huehuehuehuehuehue

>> No.72423604


Oldfag here (started in third, lost my virginity and quit in 4th, got bored of pussy and came back for 8th). I treat them as basically a new mark of armour, and the stats marine should have always had. In my headcannon there is no such thing as a primaris or firstborn- Not because I think the fluff is shit and heretical, it just bothers my OCD.

Actually this brings me to a question: How likely do you guys think it is they'll squat the Rhino chassis and Land Raider vehicles? I can imagine them relegating the mantlets to Legends, but I don't get the same impression about vehicles. The aesthetic is too iconic. Same goes for terminators. I get the impression they're more likely to just scale them up (so you'll still have to buy new ones) rather than squat them.

>> No.72423612

ebay should always be the first place to look. Between online retailers listing their items, people who sell their NIB pile of shame for half the retail price and WAAC faggots selling their assembled greytide to buy the new flavour of the month you will always find the right offer that is invariably cheaper and most often even shipped faster than anything bought from GW directly.

If you live in the EU/UK you should check Wayland Games. They sell well below GW retail price.

>> No.72423613

Remove marinefags
They add nothing to the game or hobby

>> No.72423629

I don't think they'll squat any mainline marine kits in the next decade at least. Especially considering other factions use the rhino chasis. They have no reason not to sell both at the same time

>> No.72423633

Original bolter and chainswords are iconic too, but GW have no issue making one go away and the other become slowly phased out.

>> No.72423644

Old obliterators aren't as well proportioned as the new ones and I'm not sure how big they are but honestly I'd just buy the new ones unless you have the green stuff skills to pull off your own obliterators

>> No.72423653

Only shills try to push primaris. Everyone else just use their marines as marines, like any other fucking marine variation since 40k is a thing

>> No.72423658

Rhinos, Land Raiders and Terminators will be phased out and replaced by Primaris stuff but remain relevant for CSM.

>> No.72423659

I play AdMech and IG.

>> No.72423661

I think you're on the money with your vehicles. No way the rhino stops existing, only if because it means so much to the designers as the original 40k tank. They'll have to keep making rhinos for the Sisters anyway, so no real reason to throw them all out.

>> No.72423662

This applies to most imperial factions.
Marines can be reduced to 1 codex. Mechanicus a can have one codex and sisters can have a minidex or something. Remove IG, Custard Tarts and Knights.

>> No.72423667


3e was the manliest of editions. It was my first, therefore the best. Q.E.D.

>> No.72423673

Sisters of battle have both of those and they came out 4 months ago.

>> No.72423677

What other faction? SoB got a new Rhino chassis (basically the same thing, but in a less huge sprue)

>> No.72423683

Is that actually on the webstore? Fucking based

>> No.72423687

Then how the fuck did you not know about the wargear that all the skitarii lost? Did you start with 8th?

>> No.72423692

Ebay is hit-or-miss. It's great for buying army for cheap if it got recently nerfed in tournaments, but it's not always good deals for most armies otherwise. What worse is most people try to make as much money back on re-sale as possible. Stuff like selling 35 USD character for 29USD+3USD shipping, or trying to set up bids specifically only for bids that are too unrealisticly high for used shit. So all you get left with are oversatured kits, like old easy-build orks and all these old scale marines, as your only real discount options.

>> No.72423700

Sisters of battle and chaos, as well as Inquisition if you want to count them as a real faction

>> No.72423708

>remove ig
That's a new one.

>> No.72423709

I have a feeling they'll start by simply quietly stopping the production of a handful of kits like devestators and assault marines, if anybody cottons on they'll just say to use the tactical box to make those units and buy jump packs seperately.

>> No.72423711

Why the fuck is there so much imperium shit in general? It just seems so bloated between all their factions.

>> No.72423715

They already are one codex
>Remove IG
>remove one of the biggest army in the galaxy

>> No.72423725

I would, except I-
I mean, my friend, has nothing but contempt and disgust for the new ones. Although he guesses he's been a pussy and mentioned it in both this thread and a /wip/, so maybe he could just get the less-retarded looking new one off of eBay and mutilate that one into looking acceptable, since he can't stop worrying about how it'll look and if people will accept it.

>> No.72423734

Didn't pick up AdMech till 8th.

>> No.72423739

Does anyone have pics of the glut of Iron Hands Ebay listings post nerf? That was downright orgasmic to watch in real time.

>> No.72423740

A good suggestion I've seen is using Mk III armor to represent Primaris marines, due to the extra protection they're supposed to have.

>> No.72423743

Because its easily the most popular and accounts for over well over half of all 40k sales with tau and chaos being most of the remaining percentage

>> No.72423747


Even aside from how iconic they are, because arguably they don't really care TOO much about that. The Repulsors don't fill the same role, so it's likely they'd only drop them if they made a new version in replacement.

>> No.72423748

SoB got a new rhino kit. Just Chaos marines have them. Since GW is hellbent on removing marines and replace them with marines 2

>> No.72423749

Sisters of silence use them. Might be a good indicatior if they're included in the codex when the talons finally get merged.

>> No.72423759

IG players are 95% grogs.

>> No.72423770

Dunno, precedent says they'll strangle a kit for as long as the can. Even marines still have ancient metal and finecast sculpts. Some armies have kits over a decade ago. Other than stirring shit, there's no reason to say GW plans to squat manlets when they could just sell both. Heck, they even released updated specialty sculpts of manlets.

>> No.72423772

>remove IG
Guardfags are the historical players which keep your soi wankery in check kiddo.

>> No.72423783

What would be the equivalent of a successor chapter for Admech? Like what would you call /YourDudes/ that appropriately explains why they look the way they do?

>> No.72423786

>claims admech didn't lost stuff
>didn't even bother to check his retarded and idiotic claim
Please end your life.

>> No.72423787

SoB still use the rhino chassis dip shit. Go be stupid somewhere else

>> No.72423792

I think they could be condensed into
Inquisition (GK and DW go here)
Everybody is in their appropriate subfaction.

>> No.72423800

and there it is

>> No.72423802

Never claimed they didn't lose wargear, just told you to play another army if the lack of it has ruined your fun.

>> No.72423803

I play DE and EC.

>> No.72423813

I like this, I miss when the Inquisition could take Grey Knights and have other fun stuff random stuff.

>> No.72423815

Forge world. Skitarii Legion. Explorator Fleet, if they've been away from home long enough.

>> No.72423829

Not the same anon, there's about four of us calling you stupid.

>> No.72423840

You are even more retarded than expected.
>hey I have 2 decades worth of models!
>just play another army because NuGW are hacks

>> No.72423841

>oh no he hasn't been playing AdMech since rogue trader
Doesn't change that you're a sniveling retard who whines about lacking wargear instead of just playing a faction that does.

>> No.72423854

forge world. every forge world is gonna be a little different. those tiny differences accumulate across the entire imperium. so 'yourdudes' in this specific instance would be 'your forge world'. marines have successor chapters, guard have regiments, orks have klans, eldar have craftworlds, etc.

>> No.72423855

Add another one. This is like single digit IQ

>> No.72423856

Then replace "you" with the original anon. Point doesn't change.

>> No.72423871

Why would he change faction? Beside marines everyone keeps losing options each passing edition. Should everyone change then?
How stupid can you be?

>> No.72423875

Literally anything. Individual Magi in the AdMech have their own personal armies.

>> No.72423876

sisters of battle
>still have gothic aesthetic
>still have normal bolters
>still have chainswords
>still have rhinos
>still have manly good looks

Sisters of Battle are the true inheritor of the soul of 40k.

>> No.72423887

>guardfags are the historical players which keep your soi wankery in check kiddo.
Guard players bring their own version wankery with them

>> No.72423891

>I stopped having fun with this army
>No I'm not going to try to have fun, I'm going to whine instead of trying to find a way to enjoy my hobby
Suit yourself.

>> No.72423913

shhhhh, anon. its not worth it. you can't explain basic things to someone so stupid.

>> No.72423918

If the game system is evolving into something you don't like, yes. Seems pretty basic that you shouldn't partake in hobbies you've ceased to enjoy.

>> No.72423920

This should be renamed to krieg fanboys as this really only describes krieg autists who aren't aware of their cringe.

>> No.72423922

You are so incredible stupid and slow that it is impressive you can even use a computer.

>> No.72423927

Ah okay, makes sense. Hopefully some nifty updates on the horizon, I actually want the dog riders.

>> No.72423931

Not perfect, but what do you guys think, eh?

>> No.72423943

This has to be bait. No one is this retarded.
Have a (you)

>> No.72423944

Greenstuff/microwave glue it and see if it works and post results.

>> No.72423947

I don't know if I've gone over the edge but if GW did something that ruined my enjoyment of 40k, I'd simply stop playing 40k.

>> No.72423953

You could still do checks with red and black

>> No.72423956


nice b8 m8

>> No.72423967

It takes a 2 CP strat that can only be used in your opponents shooting phase.
Necrons are one of the most CP starved factions in 40k.

They kill nothing and are so slow that anytime you play against people with a few brain cells they are just ignored.

>> No.72423970

I always wish that we got a little more insight into how military command works in the admech. Explorators have been pretty well established and are the most conventional. But what about local deployments? Do they look at a big roster of tech priests and decide who goes and pull from a central garrison? Same with promotions, how does a tech priest advance? I've been imaging it as similar to progression through a Anglican church, where it is supposedly based on length of service, but is more often due to a web of connections and butt kissing.

>> No.72423990

>PE is gone
>kept the gothic aesthetic
Ok you got me made me response/10

>> No.72423993

Wtf are talons?

>> No.72424010

Now this is autism, not even worthy of (you)

>> No.72424013

You think it'll work? Do you even have a problem with the model, or am I just autistic?
>'It' not mutually exclusive'
I really am sorry if I'm annoying on all this. I hope that my crap mspaint edit and eventually the probable failure will at least be entertaining if I am.

>> No.72424044

Talons of the Emperor, Custodes and SoS

>> No.72424045

>are so slow
>can be teleported across the table
>people with a few brain cells -> plays only netlists

Don't listen to these people, anon. Buy your Lychguard.

>> No.72424046

I'd note that the original post didn't say anything about not enjoying the army, just that he missed what he could do before. In fact, no one in this thread has said anything about not enjoying the army, that seems to be something you've assumed. In fact, the first post mentions using a reference, presumably for painting new admech minis. Just a thought from an outside observer.

>> No.72424062

If you make it work it'll work.

>> No.72424065

I'll bite, but what's wrong about the idea of dropping hobbies you don't enjoy? Haven't been following the full conversation.

>> No.72424067

fuck, nevermind dude, you're right, I was being retarded. Just, super quick, can you show me where anyone said their joy was ruined? im so stupid, I can't seem to find anyone saying that but you.

>> No.72424088

That just makes it worse to me, if he's whining that he doesn't like AdMech as much.

>> No.72424106

Ah, man I've only played against those a handful of times

>> No.72424107

no one said they don't enjoy the hobby, just that previous editions offered something that the current one does not, and that they miss that. the things that are missing are CLEARLY not enough to warrant quitting, but somehow the two became equivalent.

>> No.72424119

Never ordered from GW's site before but I need some paints.
I've also never based a mini before so I might as well try, is the texture tool worth buying?
How about the texture base paints? Or should I buy basing material from army painter instead?

>> No.72424124

Absolutely nobody's said that they no longer enjoy playing admech, just that the customisation that was lost in the shift to 8E was fun. People aren't mocking him for the argument, they're mocking him for arguing against a position nobody's taken and just not getting it.

>> No.72424126

It seemed to be the implication given that he was having a drawn out conversation about hating the loss of wargear. Generally people don't put that much energy into mild complaints, but I'm pretty autistic.

>> No.72424142

I'll take that as encouragement, I suppose.

>> No.72424151

are we ever going to get something as brilliant as siege of vraks ever again

>> No.72424167

i don't know what that is, but no

>> No.72424168

Still too many. Merge IG and ad mech, and the same for Talons and Inquisition (or just get rid of these really).

>> No.72424170

Probably didn't help that the first reply was from someone who obviously didn't know what he was talking about, who opened by insulting him repeatedly.

>> No.72424197

>still have manly good looks

>> No.72424227

It has to be forge world, because, and I'm going to piss some people off here, people heavily invested in the forge world books tend to be mature enough to accept their side losing. If a long format campaign/background book is produced that shows their favourite faction losing at the end, a lot of players won't buy it. So we're counting on forge world getting their act together, might be waiting a while.

>> No.72424230

Just remove marines, having more than 10 models in any given game is already over representation of marines.

>> No.72424246

that's fucking stupid, at this point you just want variety gone
you forgot about the ecclesiarchy (SoB and friends)

>> No.72424262

But those forces are distinct as far as the imperium goes. I think the line shouldn't be drawn such that groups shouldn't be together if they aren't under the same organization other than imperium.

>> No.72424287

I just want an event that isn't superman versus Thanos fight over totally not Cadia 2.0
I want something like random world renegades, versus Imperial Guard versus orks.
Something simple that really doesn't matter who wins as 40k should be.

>> No.72424294

They are close enough to a force of the inquisition that I don't think they should be separate.

>> No.72424297

I'd be happy with the book range being expanded for every possible faction and subfaction, as long as it came from the caveat that you could only take units from one. You want allies? You bring another player and go to a four player game.

>> No.72424333

Soup is fun as fuck and more than 2 players is a slog

>> No.72424334

forgeworld is dead

>> No.72424349

So regular soup with extra steps and even worst
Fucking why?

>> No.72424360

soup is dumb and should only be allowed in apocalypse.

>> No.72424362

I was considering making something like that. A small pdf I could shove out about some random historical battle with a small series of missions that could be played. Don't know if it would be worth going as specific as particular regiments though, seems like a lot of work to exclude the majority of players.

>> No.72424371

As if imperium needs more pointless variety and books. DW and GK can just be folded into Space Marines, and ecclesiarchy could just be fit in the pan mortal book with admech, guard, and sisters.

>> No.72424396

>page 10

>> No.72424399

Makes the game a lot more varied and if you're not playing competitively gives a lot more diverse options.

>> No.72424400

make the thread then

>> No.72424418

Because that's how we've run it at my club and it was great. We've done some dumb bullshit over the years for a laugh. Multiplayer games with a loud soundtrack of gunfire and explosions playing in the background, where you have to communicate with your ally via radio is a particular standout.

>> No.72424428


>> No.72424446

SoB, Guard and Admech are extremely different, this merge is as bizarre as making Ynnari the only Eldar faction would be

>> No.72424447

ok that explains it

>> No.72424537

FW died with alan bligh

>> No.72424878

All AdMech institutions are byzantine at the best of times, then you have to take into account the Mechanicus is decentralized as fuck compared to the rest of the Imperium (which is pretty decentralized anyway) where you at least have galaxy-wide institutions like the Imperial Guard and Arbites.

Every Forge World has a Fabricator-General and the order of seniority for them is largely determined by their industrial output and how many unique technologies are produced there, with the Fabricator-General of Mars being the nominal head of the Priesthood by dint of Mars being the oldest Forge World. But with other Forge Worlds, it is probably highly debatable who has primacy in some circumstances.

Each Forge World's military forces are organized will vary massively, just like Skitarii can vary from essentially just militarized servitors to highly autonomous cyber-commandos, can be conscripted menials, vatgrown replicae or devout volunteers depending on the whims of the Tech-Priests who create them. Then you have the other elements of the Taghmata Omnissiah, the Ordo Reductor, the Legio Cybernetica, the Titan Legions, the Knight Houses, all of whom have a varying degree of autonomy within the wider aegis of the Mechanicus.

At least during the Heresy, Mars (and presumably other Forge Worlds) were organized along almost feudal lines with each individual Forge City on the planet maintaining its own independant forces which were bound together under the Fabricator-General by a complex series of oaths, treaties and mutual support pacts.

tl;dr everything about the AdMech vary too much to give a concrete answer.

>> No.72424903


>2 decades of models

But admech only came out like 4 years ago didn't they?

>> No.72425140

90% of what Jess Godwin made.
Especially the warrior aspects.

>> No.72425242

Science is gay, just read the fucking Bible lmao

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