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post models

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Warriors of hive world Cronulas will destroy this so called Maroons warband

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Can anyone think of a character treating Servitors as people? I am aware they're lobotomized, but I can't help but wonder if someone has written a character that remembers these are people.

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This week I’ve been working on
My warrior brood+prime.
8x warriors, 1x prime.
Cleanup and then dullcote

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g'day mate

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Not all of them are. Some are vat-grown and never were sentient in the first place.

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So with lockdown ending, I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a guard force I have planned. Well, GSC and guard, but I want to better represent their less orthodox tactics. Are there any blatant ways I could improve upon this list? I was considering a Leman Russ or two, but I might save that for getting to 1000 points. I don't plan on bringing this to any tournaments, but I do want to make sure not gimping myself too terribly.

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Appears they were trying to tunnel out . Wrong hive fleet for this shit

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fuck off cunt, last origin was a shit house and you know it.

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You might occasionally get people who chance upon a servitor made out of someone they knew in the past but this is 40k, most people's lives are too shit to be worrying about servitors.

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Pic related

Also check out this massive 40K lore tuber crossover, I thought it was going to be one or two people, but the mad lad did it!

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What the fuck is that

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A terrible vehicle that can't turn its guns

>> No.72354159

looks like one of Chapter house's custom vehicles

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>Having a named character in your army

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That's why I have two.

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>r/sigmarxism exists
I feel like we're at war and if we're just gonna let all this slide, they'll take over our hobby and twist it into another SJW rubbish. I'm so tired of these sheltered fucks, why can't they just stick to SoiTrek and SoiWars? They took that away from me too.

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looks like the rail guns are on a vertical axis, while the full turret has full horizontal axis maneuverability with a limited vertical.

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fuck off Nidder

why are you even on reddit

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>A terrible vehicle that can't turn its guns
You rang?

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>wanted to add some scouts to my imperial fists army
>spent too much time figuring out what the best loadout would be for my strategy
>10 boltgun man squad
>there are only four bolters in the scouts kit

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just buy boltgun bits on ebay, they are like 75 cents a pop

>> No.72354263

cut and replace on of the pistol hands with a boltgun.

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>imperial fists

And into the trash it goes

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Any good knight pauldron designs? Ive done two for my chaos knights, and im kinda running out of ideas.

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Yeah, I think I will have to do that.
I managed to avoid eBay until now. But for 0.75 I can give it a try.

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Did not mean to reply, im a phoneposter.

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You play marines and you don't have two spare boltguns lying around anywhere? They could even have pistols drawn and just have the guns strung across their backs if you wanted

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I dunno. I think they are pretty neat.

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>You play marines and you don't have two spare boltguns lying around anywhere?

Er... Actually, I have.
Oh my god, I think my brain is just dead.

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You're welcome anon

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Kek, I shouldn't laugh at your quarantine induced madness, but it still makes me laugh a little

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same lmao

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Just do stripes.

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Hey anons, how do I make a necron army more varied? imo the units such as warriors, lychguard and immortals look samey with immortals being slightly chunkier warriors and lychguard with some added bling. How do you make your army look unique and, more importantly, make painting the units such as immortals feel like a different experience than painting, say, warriors? Thanks anons and hope you have all the leadbelcher you need.

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Speaking of that, do you think some tournaments should ban the use of named characters?

Are named characters part of their faction strength, or are they just extra?

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>necron army
>more varied
you don't

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add in some vehicles and canoptek units
unfortunately gw has decreed that all the awesome units are shit

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you just wish you had a HQ as good as Ahriman

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>imo the units such as warriors, lychguard and immortals look samey with immortals being slightly chunkier warriors and lychguard with some added bling.

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Who will get the fifth cronesword? The other four have all been put in the hands of a named character with a model and rules.

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Who got the forth?

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Based Ahriman in every list bro

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Why are all Eldar degenerates

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The Ynnari triumvirate each have one, and so does Yriel.

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*laugh in iron*

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McNeil Mars trilogy
And eisenhorn has named servitors
It varies depending on how grimdark the specific writer wants it to be

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You can achieve some results through color scheme, such as different pauldron or ornament colors, or take it a step further an actually focus on detailed and varied squad markings.

There is also the possibility of representing a certain degree of battle scars and trophies by having warriors be pockmarked or have exposed cables or dilapidated plates, or giving immortals war trophies or the remains of fallen foes at their feet.

Beyond that, you would want to get more extensive with conversions such as by kitbashing with Deathmarks or other visually distinct infantry, or by going for grander conversions involving the various tomb contstructs and giving them extra limbs or spidery legs.

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Thanks anon, there are a lot of great idea here

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5++ is cool an all, but he doesn't fit in every space marine list the way, compared to Ahriman which will automatically make and heretic astartes based list better.

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yes i am having a stroke

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>playing SoB without celestine
pretty cringe bro ngl

>> No.72354631

Modern Star Trek is unironically more Grimdark than modern Warhammer because of these faggots

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>playing SoB
pretty cringe bro ngl

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I have like a million chaos boldguns lying around from my Iron Warriors army. But I doubt you would want them

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>pretty cringe bro ngl
pretty cringe bro ngl

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yes everything and everyone must cave to a bunch of retarded fucks trying to get rid of dinosaurs to raise a personal army

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>Slaps an "i" in his name so his Primarch copyright squad doesnt rape him

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>>pretty cringe bro ngl
>pretty cringe bro ngl
pretty cringe bro ngl

>> No.72354681

>pretty cringe bro ngl
pretty cringe bro ngl

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>>>pretty cringe bro ngl
>>pretty cringe bro ngl
>pretty cringe bro ngl
pretty cringe bro ngl

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So what I do is try to add some personal flair to the model. Like pose it doing something specific or paint it with some type of /your dudes/ lore in mind. I will post some of my necrons a and maybe it will show what I mean. I am by no means a good painter though but I like the /your dudes/ aspect of the hobby. Also, I am only interested in kill team so I don't do vehicles.

So for own flair personal to the model, I made this lychguard hold the head of a enemy lychguard that lost a duel.

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Bluestuff casting my dude

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Crab edition you say

>> No.72354718

I want to try sculpting but I feel like I will just ruin a model and want to neck myself

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I fucking hate defilers so goddamn much

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>Having named characters in my army
>Implying I have named characters in my book at all

No way, fag.

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Anyone got any experience with products from mirandairene? Looking to get some Solar Auxilia stuff without breaking the bank.

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How difficult would it be to reverse the tracks on a Leman Russ? I've seen some models that just have the turret turned round with the engine remodeled as the front and vice versa (pic related), but I want to try swapping the tracks round.

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I love the GSC for this. Lots of characters to take but they're not just one-model beatsticks, they're there to interact and enhance the rest of the army.

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Here is a flayed one I had made with a similar idea in mind. These are warriors converted into flayed ones but I had a necromunda bomb rat sitting around so I figured I'd use it to indicate someone trying to lure a flayed one away etc.

So I guess the excitement kind comes from how personal you wanna get with your dudes. Like a lot of my models don't even have an extremely similar color scheme. But I usually pick something that is universal between all of them. Like red energy color etc.

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go to that one subreddit and ask, these faggots wont know.

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How difficult would it be to reverse the tracks on a Leman Russ? I've seen some models which just turn the turret round and remodel the engine as the front and vice versa, but I want to try swapping the tracks round.

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Cool model

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that's a fancy lad
very nice

>> No.72354856

How difficult would it be to reverse the tracks on a Leman Russ? I've seen some models which just turn the turret round and remodel the engine as the front and vice versa, but I want to try swapping the tracks round.

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Trash. Totally crap resin with missing details galore.

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please stop

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The shitposters going insane from lockdown are back I see.

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Why do defilers make you so angry

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cool model

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Posted this.
Didn't post this.

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▲ ▲

▲ ▲

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Posted this.
Didn't post this.

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I just wanted an excuse to post Ahriman so here you go

>> No.72354945

Got a dredd from there and one from FW. The fw had more missing details kek.

Other time got sm helmets and shoulderpads but they weren't as good

>> No.72354949

Pretty good in my experience, minimal mold slips and cleaning needed, no loss of details.

Are you thinking of Alph/WTG or TPC instead

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Tau aesthetics barely works for legs as is, doubling the normal number instead of just using hover tech looks like shit

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Any tips for painting when you have a tremor?
I've been meaning to get into this hobby for a while, but I'm always scared I'll fuck up the painting part
My local games workshop store opened again yesterday and I think I'll buy a few kits

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That's why it was made by chapter house retard

>> No.72355022

So is GW not making models right now but what stores had in stock, they will just sell the rest of? Basically, I only ever get my stuff off amazon but amazon is like wiped out on the models I want(chaos space marines).. I really wish I had a GOOD LOCAL GAME STORE. FUCK! Don't even know where the fuck to look.

>> No.72355038

this meme is awful and I can't wait for it to stop

>> No.72355046

Hold model in non-dominant hand, brush in dominant hand then put your wrists together. That way your arms are joined at the wrists and you can then just worry about your fingers. You can also do the same with the bottom of your palms if you find that more comfortable. A painting handle/model holder like one that GW sells may help you get a more secure grip too.

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It's great in how it underlines the fact that all 40k aliens are basically interchangable not-humans in space, thus being all uninspired as fuck

>> No.72355060

The more you acknowledge the more the daemon gets power.

>> No.72355063

someone called for a StuG?

>> No.72355066

Here is your new C’tan.

>> No.72355083

literally just go on the community site and you'll have all your answers

>> No.72355095

Fight back or get the rope

>> No.72355098

no fuck off

>> No.72355115

I'm already here and you just dropped the soap, faggot. Bend over now

>> No.72355131

Thanks Anon I'll look into it

>> No.72355157

yes fuck on

>> No.72355164

I recall there’s some lore saying there’s entire races entirely subservient to Chaos. Will there be a collection of minor Xenos of that form? Sorta like WHFB Beastmen.

>> No.72355174


▲ ▲

▲ ▲

>> No.72355180

There are the Tzaangors, so GW doesn't seem totally against exploring it, but I'd expect it to be done in fairly limited ways as part of another Chaos army if at all

>> No.72355182

wouldn't these just be chaos demons?

>> No.72355185

>you will never have a chaos auxiliaries codex
>you will never have a minor xenos codex
>you will never have a mercenaries codex
>you will never have a UNALIGNED codex

>> No.72355187

Daemons aren’t flesh and blood.

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>> No.72355194

fuck off

>> No.72355211

Has WD453 been uploaded somewhere yet?

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>> No.72355235

>dogs of war

>> No.72355250

These will be your new Chaos Xenos.

>> No.72355251



>> No.72355264

This is how I Dogs of War.

>> No.72355274

What about Chaos Androids?

>> No.72355277

Looks like someone took a Revenant and slapped on more angular blocks.

>> No.72355283

To this day I have yet to understand how they managed to get away with making one of the most influential and powerful evil figured a transgender.

>> No.72355294

What is nmm and tmm?

>> No.72355298

Does anyone have the full picture of this?

>> No.72355304

Sir, the space mercenaries you ordered have arrived.

>> No.72355307


>> No.72355320

If this thread was a model it'd be this

>> No.72355341

Here's a hint. Pic related is ffmm.

>> No.72355347

I love you anon
haha beaky pointing, what's he pointing at haha. Looks like that other pic, that guy who shot that prime minister or something several years ago.

>> No.72355350

Is 2 battalions and an outrider detachment way too much HQ for a 2k DE army?

I'm thinking:
2 archons
30 kabalites in raiders or venoms

3 - 4 units of wracks

1 succubus or drazhar
3x6 reavers

Then fill in remaining points with some anti tank, probably in the coven battalion. But thats like 400-500 points of hq all up at a rough estimate.

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>> No.72355362

Oh ho ho! It's funny because your picture looks like three women and one men, but your comment is telling us that one of the women is actually a trap!

>> No.72355395

So you know how humans are born with a proto-female template and become male when flooded with testosterone and other hormonal compounds in the womb? Hive do that in whatever process lets them morph into their adult stage. Very simple process.

>> No.72355396

Make a gameplan of what stratagems you'll be using and though out an average match and budget for that.

>> No.72355400

If so then pic related is two ms. I still don’t know what t or n is. I’m close but I need another hint.

>> No.72355402

Your only anti tank is the blasters from the kabbies, you probably need more. Either you take triple dissie ravagers or take 6 talos with haywires.
You probably also don't need that many reavers, their task is just to tie shooters up and die.

>> No.72355413

But anon, they do so in their adult stages instead of fetal development. Also, the big bad transsexual currently stuck inside a gun in a lost and probably SIVA-infected storage was one of the ones who shaped their species into their current form and thus didn’t follow their usual ways.

>> No.72355414

take as many hints as you need

>> No.72355422

Plugging along. Almost done with a 2k list.

>> No.72355423

I don’t need to know what c or m stands for. Just what n and t.

>> No.72355431

true metallic metal and non metallic metal

>> No.72355433

I just realized one time I tried to get that above pic submitted for a banner contest.

>> No.72355436

>I dont have that level of skill so I'll say its bad and then I can stop hating myself!

>> No.72355439

As I said all the leftover points will be going to anti tank, though their might not be enough. Honestly I'm just a big fan of reavers, both rules and model, which is why I even bothered putting in an entire detachment for them, and I usually use them in large numbers to bully opponents from across the map. But I'm considering dropping them altogether for this list and just going double battalion.

>> No.72355453

Imotekh is absolutely ridiculous, but I still wouldn't run him. My army is still too small for him.

>> No.72355454

But anon, is it m or f if you’ve transformed a female body into a male?

>> No.72355475

>getting offended by a dumb meme

>> No.72355479

Z'all The Wrathful or The Murder Sword on a Lord/Jump Lord? Former seems like it'd be great at killing warlords (since if I read that right, each HIT delivers a mortal wounds) but might be a little that-guy-ish. Former could potentially roll really high STR making it useful for more targets, but would lock me into only having the Lord summon Khorne daemons. ... Though I guess that gives me an excuse to buy some bloodletters.
Or does it not matter and I shouldn't have a static list?

>> No.72355480

>Not just saying "I'm using X characters profile as /mydudes/ leader"
I mean a lot of your are just using subfaction bonuses with your own color schemes, there's no harm in saying that this named character is actually your guy.

>> No.72355496

Here is your new melee weapon

>> No.72355526

I see a woman and a soiboi

>> No.72355543

I’ve heard a shot of whisky can help unless you’re an absolute welterweight.

>> No.72355550

Anyone that complains the Murdersword is "that guy" is actually retarded since it only affects a single character each game. Also if you're summoning with a melee character that means they're not moving, and that's really bad, so don't worry about being locked into summoning a specific alignment, plus being a khorne guve you access to the fight twice stratagem so that's a bonus.
Honestly you should save your relic slots/CP and just take a thunder hammer.
>also summoning isn't free if you didn't already know

>> No.72355557

I see a tranny and a soiboy

>> No.72355559


>> No.72355563

that's a dude, mate

>> No.72355608

I know, kinda. Could you correct me if I've gotten something wrong?

>Make list as normal in BS
>Add another detachment, "Chaos Daemons (Reinforcements)"
>Put the daemons I want in it, with their points being a part of the total in my army
So it's essentially deepstriking. Do they still need to be on the table by turn 3?
>implying I'll survive to turn 3

>> No.72355622

GW should add point requirements for named characters in the 9th edition

>> No.72355624

Called it

>> No.72355644

If you want to summon demons you don't need any detachments, but you need to set points aside for them, and leave them off the table.
It doesn't count as deepstriking, you can summon them in any time.
But at that point you might as well just make another detachments and put them in directly instead of TRYING to summon them onto the table.

>> No.72355648

unless it's a seperate pool of points I don't really see what that achieves other than just raising the cost of all named characters across the board.

>> No.72355654

That woman probably has a bigger dick than you

>> No.72355668

>t. Alexis

>> No.72355669

Imagine a hobby with no space marines in it. It seems beautiful to even think about it. However I realize that space marine pay pigs are the only reason why any of us xenos players are alive today in the hobby. FUCKING CURSED MAN!!!!!!!!!

>> No.72355674

Greater Good, Psychic Awakening question:
Can I take the Sig Sys "Super Nova Launcher" and the Prototype Weapon system "Reactive Countermeasures" on the same Crisis commander?

>> No.72355681

Because they are shit models. Legs go all over the place and break easily, hard as fuck to put on a terrain because GW won't put them on bases, and the rules are shit because it can't do the role of shooting and bashing together

>> No.72355687

>why don't people read
Summoning doesn't take up a slot for your detachments, and since there's no units put in reserve they aren't affected by deep strike rules.
Summoning is the closest 40k has to a side deck, the only thing that limits it is the points you set aside for it and the models you have on hand.

>> No.72355710

No. You can't put 2 Sig Sys or Prototypes on the same model. That includes being mutually exclusive

>> No.72355715

>It doesn't count as deepstriking, you can summon them in any time.
Tactical reserves applies to any reinforcements that arrive on the field after set up, not just deepstriking units.

>> No.72355757

Summoning isn't reserves, there's no specific units that are off the board, it's just points set aside.

>> No.72355767

>>why don't people read
nigger why don't you read? It literally says summoned daemons are treated as reinforcements, there's no reason why the tactical reserve rules wouldn't apply to them. Summoning is just deep strike with extra steps.

>> No.72355777

Nothing about summoning says anything about tactical reserves.
You simply assign the points for them, leave them off the table them bring them in whenever you summon them.

>> No.72355779

I recognise the skill behind it and the fact that it would take me a lot of practice to look good. But it also looks retarded, pretentious and out of place in 90% of the cases and youd be better off using metalics. Also fine if you have like one model to paint, lets see you paint a squad like that and not give up or go insane. Unless you are an advanced level autist that is

>> No.72355785

>being transphobic in year 2020 of our false lord
this offends Slaanesh

>> No.72355789

daemons are treated as reinforcements, the latter still applies to them.

>> No.72355803

Why do you need varnish to use transfers? Also, which kind of varnish? Matte or gloss? I prefer matte colors in general. Kind of hate gloss.

>> No.72355804

They aren't put in reserve, you just simply set aside X points and summon in whatever demon costs up to X points.
Maybe you should do the reading instead.

>> No.72355805

yeah, you are right about that, but can you please tell me what unit is being destroyed

Yeah, but you have to remember that there are no unit that is getting destroyed.

>> No.72355809

The only "trans" the omnissiah recognizes is transhuman. Get out of here you wannabe broad.

>> No.72355815

I thought that it was only specified you couldn't take two sig systems or two prototypes on the same unit/model? Not that one of each wasn't allowed?
I was only thinking of the fact that the Nova Launcher "replaces" an airburst frag launcher thus the commander no longer has one to activate the prototype weapon with.

>> No.72355825


So you don't recognize bioTRANSference either? FUCKING ORGANIC BIGOT!

>> No.72355828

A smooth surface aids in application.
Gloss is therefore much better.
Cover it with matte once you're finished.

>> No.72355830

Tactical Reserves are always REINFORCEMENTS, REINFORCEMENTS are not always necessarily tactical reserves.

Anything set up on the board after deployment, or removed and set back up on the board (Dark Matter Crystal, Da Jump, Gate of Infinity) count as reinforcements. Reinforcements usually cannot move, for any reason, on the turn they were set up.

Daemons summoned are reinforcements, not reserves.
Therefore you can summon them in Turn 1.

>> No.72355841

it means that whatever unit would have been summoned with those points is destroyed, this is not even a vague or hard to understand rule, you're just looking for an excuse to cheat.

>> No.72355846


>> No.72355850


>> No.72355864

>cannot move
You can charge out of deepstrike / rapid redeployment

>> No.72355875

What unit? He could have 2000 points of different models and chose to summon any of them as long as enough points are available.

>> No.72355877

Nth for fix Custodes

>> No.72355883

Oh, so you're just going to be retarded and not understand what a unit is and it's specifically means games wise

>> No.72355885

Move is during movement phase
Charge is during charge phase
2 seperate phases.
You can't MOVE after you arrive as reinforcements (this includes casting Warptime) but you can CHARGE.

>> No.72355888

Tactical reserves is a rule that applies to reinforcements, not a separate thing. They are treated as reinforcements as stated in their own rule, therefore the tactical reserve rule applies to them in the same way it would with a unit that can deep strike.

>> No.72355889

Every single one that hasn't arrived

>> No.72355901

This post right here inquisitor.

>> No.72355913

I have a Chapter Announcement. Fuck Chaos and Fuck Trannies!

>> No.72355916

>move is during the move phase
>but also during the psychic phase
>but not the charge phase
Got to love GW

>> No.72355918


>> No.72355933

You guys are the retarded ones here. Literally any unit that would be summoned has been counted as destroyed.
>durr but which one?
all of them you spastics.

>> No.72355939

>calling out=offended

>> No.72355941

I watched one of it's live streams ones and as soon as arch was mention he went all "at least my lore is accurate!" Like bitch, 40k is a setting to make your own narrative, lore is gonna get fucked up, that's just how it is. Also, I don't see him making a series like "The Siege of Vraks."

>> No.72355943

>love the look of knights and custodes
>hate both when they don't have a helmet on
is this autism?

>> No.72355949

>Get FW broken as fuck dreads and tanks
>Fix muh faction!
Shut up, if anything Custoads need a nerf

>> No.72355951


>> No.72355957


>> No.72355959

...so put a helmet on them? Although some of their faces are pretty good.

>> No.72355962

Shit like this is why warmahordes got their foot in the door in the first place.

>> No.72355966


>> No.72355967


>> No.72355968

It's not a specific unit, it's all you brought. You still have to allocate the models you brought into legal units.

>> No.72355974

there is no unit being destroyed, because there is currently no unit.
That is what everyone is trying to explain to you.

>> No.72355978

>Speaking of that, do you think some tournaments should ban the use of named characters?

Yes, when Space Marines first had their codex and soup was a thing the the meta was Rowboat Girlmen, Mortarions and Magnus running around everywhere.

It's not bad per-se, but could be excessively dull as games become 'who had the fewest 1's in their re-rolls today.'

>Are named characters part of their faction strength, or are they just extra?

They are both. Characters add synergy because their rules tend to be 'extra' compared to rank and file guys. But some were almost auto-takes. Abaddon for example was one of the few characters who had 'reroll all to hits' and you couldn't get it elsewhere, and the range of his fearless builds possible.

But that being said; Now as these once unique abilities are more common, characters are starting to blur as points efficiency rears its head more and more. I'm not saying having options isn't a bad thing - 40k has so many rules for customising units and it's been a staple throughout the games life to come up with your dudes. It seems a shame that you aren't rewarded for coming up with your own fluff in a setting with over a million worlds and unfathomable numbers. This is where theme bonuses could really solve the fluff-crunch divide, and they have tried to do it with Detachments but the the execution has been off.

>> No.72355980

wow, I bet you got into arguments a lot and people stopped playing you. You've got the big dumb

>> No.72355991

The unit exists only theoretically until its attempted to be summoned, at that point it no longer exists theoretically and is retroactively destroyed. What part of this do you struggle to understand?

>> No.72355999


You don't take them in your list or outline them at the start of game. It's just a points limit and a mechanic that is meant to mean you get flexibility to summon appropriate unit for what you're facing, but usually it's useless. It's the same for assassins stratagem and GSC "summoning". Play more games.

>> No.72356004

I bet you don't even play.

>> No.72356006

None of their dreads are broken anymore, and they don't get splashed for their tanks by WAACfags anymore either. You're living in the past, both those have been repeatedly nerfed into obsolescence.

>> No.72356019

yes please
we are forced to play with the FW stuff because our GW models are crazy overcosted
if they fixed those you might see less FW stuff from custard players

>> No.72356039

Tactical Reserves specifically mentions units that are set aside before deployment.
With summoning, you aren't setting any units aside, just a number of points.
Thus, Tactical Reserves does not apply to summoning.

No units are assigned to those points. The rules say you destroy units, so you can summon even after round 3.

>> No.72356044

So, can we call tau otaku tau-L heads?

>> No.72356065

like warhammer fantasy named characters should be optional.

no, i dont consent to you using gulliman.

>> No.72356082

The only fw unit I'd even consider better than decent is the pallas anymore. The calladius isn't costed for competitive play and the fliers are decent knights that can't cap objectives.

>> No.72356091

okay, seeming that people are really struggling to get this, let me outline it for you
>turn 4
>attempt to summon a unit
>unit is treated as reinforcements
>tactical reserves applies and so the unit is destroyed.
So yes, theoretically, you can still attempt to summon a unit, but any unit summoned would be retroactively destroyed, this is the same as if you tried summoning on turn 1, it would be retroactively blocked when it is summoned because it counts as reinforcements. This is incredibly clear cut.

>> No.72356094

That's too bad.

>> No.72356098

>named characters should be optional
But they are? You can just choose not to use one.

>> No.72356107

I only just started collecting 40k along with some friends. I'm planning to magnetise the bases and then carry them around in a metal/magnetic container when needed.

Do you think pic related would work?
Dimensions are 30 x 19 x 15,5 cm (I only have infantry right now, no vehicles).
I thought it would be funny since I'm collecting imperial guard...

>> No.72356116

>Thus, Tactical Reserves does not apply to summoning.
it applies to reinforcements, the summoned unit is counted as reinforcements as per its rule. It doesn't apply to the summoning system, but does to the summoned unit.

>> No.72356128

>tfw I've started a necron army
>tfw finding the first white dwarf I ever read that featured a painting workshop for haemonculus covens is making me want to start a deldar army
Is it possible to make a decent and small force using only wracks and haemonculi?

>> No.72356135


>> No.72356148

On one hand, I feel bad that my noob question started an argument between at least three people that's lasted 20 minutes.

On the other hand, it's kinda fun to watch.

>> No.72356150

Make a DE Kill Team first.
Just a few models and you get to feel em out a bit when it comes to painting.

>> No.72356166

I don't understand the apparent disdain for that one particular condiment.

>> No.72356169

That's an excellent idea. Man, I can't wait for this shutdown to be over. Wracks are so god damn cool.

>> No.72356178

>deliberately missing the point

>> No.72356184

Could work but you'd want some wider ones I think. I usually just buy plastic commercial toolboxes/screw boxes and glue magnets in them.

>> No.72356210

idk how to word it, but it's not that i hate them because the faces are ugly or of poor quality, i just dislike when they aren't in armour

>> No.72356211

Wracks are also expensive to field in large quantities in 40k so be prepared to pay or buy recast/print some if its getting hairy for you financially.

>> No.72356222

I'm trying to find the tallest mini's I can see myself fielding, obviously I'm thinking I attach them at a 90 degree angle and hopefully the magnets are strong enough that they don't just slide down the sides

>> No.72356233

Nah, they look much better as armoured juggernauts, they look a bit gay without their helmets imo

>> No.72356245

Aww that model looks cool. Is that a new FW model?

>> No.72356247

Wracks are cool but in a full 40k game they're basically chaff, sorry. If you want to do something you need either a Talos blob or Grotesque blob. The resin Grotesque is awful btw, most people just convert using the FEC ghoul + Talos bits.

>> No.72356268

Their helmets look much more proportional

>> No.72356283

I think it's more impressive we've seen the five stages of grief
>Depression and Acceptance
lack of posts after >>72356091

>> No.72356298

Are necrons actually boring to paint? I have heard many things on the excitement or boredom of painting necrons. I imagine they are boring IF you got the "prime, leadbelcher and dunk in nuln oil" done strategy but couldn't you do it better? When I look at space marines or chaos space marines, they have a lot of detail but they also have a lot of flat areas which I don't think necrons have. So does this mean necrons have less room to be exciting with? Its all just interesting to think about. Like what makes necrons not exciting but space marines are exciting? or maybe space marines aren't exciting either?

>> No.72356329

Does anyone have any pictures of a Ghostkeel paint to match the original Stealth Suit box art (black with dark red)? I figured it would make sense to have the Ghostkeel match my Stealth Suits, but I don't want to deal with paint ochre over black primer if doesn't look cool.

>> No.72356338

Just remember what is stable in your room may not be stable if given a bump. I learned that the hard way after having to make a hard stop and I Ripperoni'd my brittle chinacast Destroyers.

>> No.72356346

Once you start painting chaos trim (and by extention, metallic trim) after your nth model you'll start to despise painting trim.

>> No.72356355

Necrons are boring if you paint them cleanly, but can be a great painting exercise in weathering techniques.

>> No.72356358

>SOUL EXCEPTION: If the named character is a /yourdude/ OC. That you've painted and written lore for.

>> No.72356376

The older Necrons lack a lot of intricate details, combined with the metallic scheme, makes it hard to go the extra mile on them in a way that REALLY shows on the tabletop.

>> No.72356379

Of course!

>> No.72356392

There are no theoretical units set aside to the points, you are literally pick what you summon depending on the dice roll.

>Round 3 ends
>This triggers all UNITS still SET ASIDE ARE destroyed
>turn 4 starts and no longer triggers the destruction of reinforcement units
>summon as normal

Nah just, just finding pic related designer's notes

>> No.72356395

I field Guilliman and Calgar in my army, u mad noob?

>> No.72356396

Trannies deserve a bullet

>> No.72356400


See I want to do more weathering also but I feel like weathering on necrons is just "rust or tarnish" thats it? I find it hard to weather them in any other way. Also, one thing I am careful of with weathering is "overdoing" it. It seems so easy to just go crazy and rust everything. I try to keep it subtle I guess.

>> No.72356405

>gue’la! don’t take your own life! retain your natural biology so you can properly serve the greater good!

>> No.72356407

I find painting my boys to be a ton of fun. The trick is, as you said, to not be lazy. I start by priming my fellas with grey seer, because I like having to work for my models. Then, I start with a base of leadbelcher, which I shade with nuln oil. After that, I brighten up the raised parts of the models with Runefang Steel. Now, the fun part: green! I start with WAAAGH! Flesh, then Caliban Green and finally, I highlight with Moot Green. That's usually where the good times end for my rank and file, but for the more ostentatious members of my legion, the gold, copper and canoptek sections are still left undone. For gold, I base with Balthazar, then I wash with Reikland Fleshshade. After this, I brighten it up with Auric Armour. Copper is similar, but with copper colours. Canoptek is either Abbadon Black or WAAAGH! Flesh, highlighted/layered with Caliban Green, then highlighted with Moot Green.
Necrons are only boring if the painter wants them to be boring.

>> No.72356412

At least I am not a faggot.

>> No.72356424


When you say older necrons, which ones are you referring to? Like necron warriors etc?

>> No.72356427

>you are literally pick what you summon depending on the dice roll
learn what theoretical means tard
also source the designer's notes, if they're written before CA2019 they're null and void.

>> No.72356437

We are different people. You are still incorrect. You keep making the same incorrect point over and over, what else is there to discuss?

>> No.72356448


can you show me some of your models? I am curious. Here is a couple of mine. I try not to be boring but I also try not to get TOO fancy either because I will fuck up.

>> No.72356453

can anyone please post the audio book mega

>> No.72356459

If it's incorrect then prove why, you haven't been able to. So far the best is a designer's note that is currently pending authentication. All anyone's done so far is try to say that you can just ignore rules if you feel like it.

>> No.72356479

I've never met a community more interested restricting what people can play. No
>Named Characters
>Non-Successor chapters
>Non-codex marines
are all restrictions I've heard encouraged here, and I'm sure there's much more I haven't thought of. Like why bother playing if you don't like half the game?

>> No.72356481

>Imperial fists
>Wanted to play scouts.
>Trys to WAAC it up by going online and finding out what's the most broken loadout.
>Decides to go full boltgun even though he's playing scouts and if he wanted to be a bolter fire-team instead of scout centered weapons like shotguns and sniper rifles, he could have just gotten tacticals.
>Box won't let him do it.
Based GW dabbing on WAACfags

>> No.72356484

>no helmets

What Knights do you speak of that don't have helmets?

>> No.72356487

Does anyone have the contact info/email for SPTKS?

>> No.72356506

>/40kg/ is one person
because that laundry list isn't consensus. Just because one guy wants to restrict named characters doesn't mean he also wants to restrict everything else.

>> No.72356507

grey knights

>> No.72356511

Just because I'm feeling helpful
1. Go to the recaster review subreddit
2. Get approved
3. Order something from SPTKS's weekly sale post

>> No.72356512

That’s honestly a difficult question. It really comes down to wether or not RCM allows the still existing air bursting frag projector to still retain its name. I would say that in this remote case, no, it probably would not apply. Then again, why do you want RCM on a Commander? It shouldn’t be getting shot at in the first place.

>> No.72356518

Honestly, only soup should be banned. It was a horrible idea that was only concocted to appease listfags and get them to buy more models so they could build their ultimate WAAC armies.

>> No.72356527

Thanks. I've been snooping around there for a while but must have missed his sale posts. derp.

>> No.72356538

because no one but a few selected people cares about theor self imposed restrictoons

>> No.72356543

I'm saying these not because one autist says them but because these are pretty frequent talking points and a sizable portion of the board seems to agree when they come up.

>> No.72356545

Thanks. I've been snooping around there for a while but must have missed his sale posts. derp.

>> No.72356564

The RCM says "ABFL models only" and the errata says it doesn't replace the ABFL like the Nova launcher.
As for the why, I'm making a 1k point Tau for fun list but I still want to stick with matched play rules and restrictions. Putting it on a regular xv8 with iridium armor for maximum tankiness

>> No.72356569

There's another one. I actually like soup a lot. It makes the prospect of building and painting 2k point army a lot more interesting and livens up both list building better. A lot of the time otherwise I'd end up painting the same troop unit 6 times which is awful.

>> No.72356572

>You keep making the same incorrect point over and over, what else is there to discuss?
lol, usually when someone is wrong most of the thread dogpiles them until they leave, there's nothing this place loves more than celebrating their vindication. Only time where people's dick goes limp and stop replying to a """wrong""" statement is when they know they've fucked up and leave rather than accept they can be incorrect on the internet.

>> No.72356576

Need Kabalite green to brighten up some Luprecal Green for this armor I'm workijg on, but GW isn't taking US orders yet and the other LGS doesn't have any. Could I put the LG, then brighten it up with Kislev or Deep One or something?

>> No.72356577

Soup (and any form of allies) is never going away. Having an incentive for people to buy multiple armies makes profit.
And GW loves profit above all else.

>> No.72356579

AdMech Bros.

Between the two, would you take Electro-Priests or Dragoons?

>> No.72356583

fucking cancerous autism

>> No.72356593

Just my two cents but I feel like the black and ochre colour scheme only works for smaller models. Having a large battlesuit all in black and dark accents without anything to break up the darkness would be a bit much

>> No.72356595

doesn't change the overall point though, people like to restrict different parts of the game to come up with a system that works best for them and their group, most don't even put any restrictions on at all. Just because people agree with a point when it comes up doesn't mean it's the same people every time.

>> No.72356598


I mean soup can be okay if they balance it well. But wasn't knight soup considered overpowered? Also, some races and factions can't even soup with anything(necrons)! its so fucky. Yet imperium has like 4 different factions it can soup.

>> No.72356599

Skeletons don't lie, faggot.

>> No.72356612


>> No.72356614

*Put down the LG, then mix LG and Kislev/Deep One to make a brighter green and put that on top of the first layer

>> No.72356649

>not naming a random soldier in your name jack
>not making sure jack survives all wars he finds
>not sacrificing other stronger unities to keep jack safe
whats wrong with you

>> No.72356650

>livens up both list building better

And therein lies the problem. It's literally called soup because you take a bunch of ingredients from other armies and smash them together. Usually this allows for armies that synnergize unreasonably well and don't force you to work around your own army's shortcomings. You used to have to think about and take in considerations about your army in order to compensate for what it was bad at, while allowing it to excel in its other intended areas. Now you can just take Custodes, GK, and Soritas or Guard and steamroll everything. It's lazy, doesn't make you better at the game, and it's as >>72356577 said: GW is only doing it for money. You are helping their bottom line by playing soup and actively undermining the spirit of the game. If soup wasn't a financially driven consideration, then we'd have one book for each of the most common keywords. One for Imperium, one for Chaos, etc instead of books for each army as the design intends.

>> No.72356654

No anon, that’s called taste.

>> No.72356656


>> No.72356665


>> No.72356677

Hah why? They’re the shittiest marines now

>> No.72356679

Is a Demolisher Cannon worth it in a Vostroyan army? Their trait gives it 30" range which kinda alleviates one of the big drawbacks of the gun and with the FAQ giving it D6 shots all the time I can see it being used as an anti-knight gun.

The other option is for me to build it as a Punisher gatling cannon for some anti-infantry. The thing is that I don't really know how effective anti-horde is when I already have a shit-ton of lasguns+bullgryn to keep my tanks from the bad touch.

How hard is magnetizing the tank to be able to use both interchangeably?

>> No.72356685

Is it me, or is the Khorne Daemon Prince just garbage?

1 extra attack, as opposed to several useful Psychic abilities including Smite? The heck?

>> No.72356704

>souping gk
>custodes as a good element of soup
Lmao. That aside it sounds like your problem is waacfags. Like I have a soup list that's Custodes, Blood Angels, and SoB. The primary reason I put them together is because I like the way they look together.

>> No.72356718

Autists like to argue that anything more elite than codex marines shouldn't be a full faction.

>> No.72356722


>> No.72356731

Most soup players are WAACfags. You aren't helping your point.

>> No.72356733

CSM, yes
Chaos daemons, arguable since he then gets to re-roll his own charges and gets +1A/S on the charge in addition to his extra attack.

>> No.72356737

>written before CA2019 they're null and void
wait, are FAQ's for the old CA's not valid anymore?

>> No.72356739

this would be valid if GW weren't actively trying to mitigate soup though, that's why they started adding bonuses only for whole armies rather than detachments, like the SoB's sacred rites.

>> No.72356741

Oh the faction nonsense
Well they can get fucked GWs done it so they have to fucking deal with it

>> No.72356744


>> No.72356749

He's pretty mediocre yeah. He doesn't stack up well to the TSons one or Nurgle one but I don't think he's terrible. Good movement, good attacks, and character screening mean that he won't be awful.

>> No.72356750

Unless your magnets are going to be POWERFUL and you plan on sticking them to the sides of the case, you’ll want something wider

>> No.72356765

Kinda sucks, but doesn't he also get weapons that increase his attacks? So stack those with his +1A, then have someone cast Diabolic Strength, so +2S +1A, and then use the Khorne strategem to have him attack twice.

>> No.72356769

>good local game store
Who haven't been able to restock in two months.

>> No.72356773

I don't think the solution to waacfags is shitting on casual soup lists, I think the solution is that you should just stop playing with people you don't like playing against.

>> No.72356775

You forgot the most important one
>no fun

>> No.72356786

>FAQ's for the old CA's not valid anymore?
no, you use the most up to date version of the rules when you play, so if you're using CA2019, you would only regard that book and its FAQ, as well as your rulebook and codex + their FAQs.

>> No.72356794

Look at ITC. Outside of weird shit that is the result of GW simply not looking at their rules/models (Iron Hands Dreads, Custodes Jetbikes, GK Smite Spam, Tau drone spam), Soup is just objectively better. It's so bad that Goonhammer's "Start Competing" articles are written from the perspective that you're going to be building a soup army unless there's an extremely specific reason (the aforementioned lists) that you shouldn't.

>> No.72356807

Dragoons are better in every single way unless you’re looking for an ant-horde unit

>> No.72356808

Dragoons, you can arm them with the 2nd most powerful sniper in the game and annoy slaanesh as it's daemonettes try to bum rush you only to get 420_noscopped.

>> No.72356813

either that or stack it
Bottom of tin
thin metal sheet
etc, etc.

>> No.72356817

I don't like this guy's art work, all the chicks look creepy.

>> No.72356825

>the solution is to stop playing at your local gamestores

>> No.72356829

How is this some of the most wholesome art I’ve seen from that artist?

>> No.72356845

I think there's a solid chance that at least some factions never see play testing. That or the playtesters have never attempted to break a list before and will never.

>> No.72356848

Why the Pallas? Its firepower and toughness isn't doesn't seem that impressive for a 100pts model when compared with other Custodes units.

>> No.72356854

Some people don't have the luxury of choice when it comes to what type of people to play 40k with, anon

>> No.72356857

but the alternative is what exactly? Spamming the same few units ad infinitum to get a functioning army. Either that or just having the few well kitted armies dominate and having a clear meta where a lot of factions aren't even worth trying with because they simply can't compete. Either that or every army has every base covered at which point units are just reskins of each other and every army plays the same outside of a few special rules.

>> No.72356864

Leave. If your entire lgs is people you don't like playing against, sure. Don't play against them.

>> No.72356865

Anon, why. If you wanted to do that, you could use Balistarii with Autocannons for less points, more attacks, and more strength.

>> No.72356876

he doesn't know how to draw distinguishing facial features, his men and women look very androgynous.

>> No.72356884

And that's a bad thing how?

>> No.72356885

Could it possibly be that you actually enjoy playing the game and not the social interaction? What's wrong with you?

>> No.72356889

What faction do anons reckon I could proxy these bad boys into? I was thinking maybe proxying them as necron lychguard but I would like second opinions, any suggestions?

>> No.72356894

Does that mean i can't use the custom character rules or missions from the old CA's anymore??

>> No.72356896

I live in a bottom 5 population state, with only 1 lgs and I can easily find casual games. And even if you say mono army only, nothing changes. They're just going to piss you off with a different waac list. Trying to legislate waacfags out of existence won't work.

>> No.72356904

This is literally a sign posted at my LGS. What do you think goes on at this place?

>> No.72356908

>posts a tank that in previous editions and every video game incarnation shoots it's missiles skyward as a sort of guided mortar system to come crashing straight down on the heads of filthy heretics like himself.
>seriously they shot out of line of sight like a mortar or basilisk
>how are you THIS NEW
>fucking retard

>> No.72356914

Soup can be fun or cancer just like your monolist.

>> No.72356915

But no mortal wounds

>> No.72356920


>> No.72356921

sorry drunkremembrancer, didn't mean to trigger you there. Its fine if you like it, I was just explaining why some people don't like your work.
could make for good acolytes or death cult assassins

>> No.72356922

See: >>72356904

>> No.72356925

what size are they compared to say a guardsman or an eldar guardian? They have some pretty good models in that game ive beein thinking of proxying

>> No.72356927

They might make ok crusaders if you gave them some shields.

>> No.72356935

I dig it.

>> No.72356949

You need to roll a 6 for that, and it's just 1 extra wound. The odds do not favor you in the slightest. Even if you're running Cawl and have him with you (for some reason).

>> No.72356957

What the hell man, even in my 3rd world LGS everyone comes in after a shower+is decently groomed.

>> No.72356962

Could the Big E have removed the Butcher's Nails safely?

For what it's worth, how complex can the Nails possibly be compared to the other fantastical stuff that existed during the Emperor's time?

>> No.72356964

Not sure about actual height but their bases are 25mm

>> No.72356966

Not sure, my community isn't that much of a trash fire.

>> No.72356975

He probably doesn't play much at all and is just basing his experiences on ITC lists he'll never face.

>> No.72356986

it depends on what you agree with your opponent, if they're fine using those rules then yes. It's more if anything has replaced the rule or invalidated it in an update, so for instance the one for summoning is void because new rules have since come out for it, so the designer's commentary no longer applies.

>> No.72356988

You retards know that that was calarifed in the 1.6 Rulebook FAQ, right?
>it litterally takes up half of page 9

>> No.72356996

Because in the 3rd world you need to be middle/upper class to play 40k whereas in America when we have absurd costs of living and cheap knockoffs easily found online any mouthbreathing NEET with zero income besides an allowance or welfare can play.

>> No.72357013

No. We see him trying in MoM. The nails have grown and replaced parts of Angron's brain. Removing them would kill him. However, he was dying anyway so whatever. He was useful until he expired.

>> No.72357029

Well that part is true desu

>> No.72357031

Which is humorous because when trying to complain about waac soup lists he picked possible the army you least want to soup with. Can't even read about itc bullshit well.

>> No.72357032

Must be good to have more then one store in town, And I am taking about chance here, because I have been to other stores in my country, in all people are playing only what can be described as non casual lists.

>> No.72357041

But he's alive.

>> No.72357052

Daemons aren't alive.

>> No.72357057

hey guys, had a few questions I was hoping you could help me with
first off, does anyone recognize this paint scheme? played against a marine army in these colours a years ago but now I have no idea what the name of the chapter was.
second, are basic marine assault squads any good? i'm just starting to get back into 40k after a few years of hiatus and noticed on the store page for assault squads only lets you build 5 marines rather than 10. can you still field 10 man assault squads or is this impossible/ not worth the effort?

>> No.72357059

Well banning soup isn't going to change that. And no, I live in a minuscule state with 1 lgs and I think the next closest is 5 hours away.

>> No.72357061

Could they not have made mechanical replacements for parts of his brain?

Also I'm reading 1d4chan and the TSons felt pretty confident they could safely remove them, and the Big E should be above them.

>> No.72357064


Necrons are as boring or as fun as you make them. Personally I paint Necrons when I WANT something easy to paint, so it's never "boring", it's judt the right level of satisfaction when I can't be bothered to do something more complicated.

I think if more people accepted the fact that yeah, sometimes you're gonna feel lazy or whatever, and chose a suitable colour scheme for one of their armies, it would really help avoid the "burnout" and giant pile of shame lots of people seem to have.

Try it anons, make a simple paint army.

>Necrons with a single accent colour
>Tyranids with a simple drybrush/wash scheme
>Daemons with contrast paint and a single highlight

>> No.72357065

I mean there's only a few soup combos that go into the "Seriously, nigger?" category and its shit like bringing a 500 point proper knight into a 1000 point game with guard CP batteries. I swear when people complain about shit like Armigers in a soup list when Leman Russes and Dreadnoughts exist it just outs them as a tourist. I've seen it often here more than anywhere else.

>> No.72357066

space marines are literally the most homo erotic premise ever put to paper.

>you have latent homosexual urges
>and this is what's driving this anger
>that and your hate filled shitty father

>> No.72357072

anon, look at the file name
that's an IMMOLATOR, the flamer tank, not an exorcist

>> No.72357079

Looks like a tube of toothpaste.
Ah must have been the Minty Molars chapter.

>> No.72357083

or whatever color you want, just stfu about it. No one needs to suffer through your garbage

>> No.72357088

Don't read 1d4chan.

Machine replacements could never match Primarch flesh. And you still need to remove the nails anyway which would have killed him.

>> No.72357090

oh thank god, i was worried i wasted a bunch of money just so i couldn't run looted wagons.

>> No.72357094

Big E was more powerful but I think Prospero had more knowledge on psychic bullshit than the Emperor did, at least on certain topics.

>> No.72357096

First off,
>1d4chan as a source
Unless it tells you the book, consider it disinfo
And then
>trusting TSons ability to do what they say they can do


>> No.72357097

Or in normal countries didn't get conditioned to care about the smell of other humans, but accept stinking korean or turkish food.

But then again west seems to view work without air conditioning as being in a concentration camp. So who knows they are crazy there.

>> No.72357103

>basic marine assault squads any good?
no, this is a shooting edition

>> No.72357121

He didnt need to. All he had to do was to get Angrons friends with him when he beamed him up. That it. He serves his purpose happy-ish and loyal and by the time he dies he has fullfilled his purpose. Give him a 1 to 1 with Nucerias leaders for an hout for bonus loyalty points, boom done.
Why E didnt do that or what they were thinking I still dont get besides that Angron HAD to become a daemon by 40k

>> No.72357128

believe it or not some people just wanna larp their lives a certain way and care more about being happy than some inconsistency that archeologists may find with their skeleton a million years from now.

>why are homophobes so fucking dumb?

>> No.72357143

Or he could have just let Angron go through with his battle, which he was gonna win anyway.

>> No.72357147

same reason Emps didn't give a shit about Lorgar worshipping him for a hundred years before cracking down with his big psychic dick?

>> No.72357148

Not him, but what's up with 1d4chan? Apart from there and here, where else are you supposed to go? Plebbit?

>> No.72357149

I need my glasses. derp

>today, I'm the retard

>> No.72357154

I dunno, have you tried reading the BL books instead of getting your information second-hand?

>> No.72357160

Why do trannies kill themselves more than regular people then? It is because you know mutilating their genitals and pumping themselves up with hormone altering drugs is bad.

>> No.72357162

Read the lore from the direct sources like a human bean.

>> No.72357171

Oh i am not saying tha banning anything fixs stuff. Look what happened after the knights got the nerf. Sure they were edition warping. but as soon as they were gone, we went back to eldar flyers and tau shield drone spams, being the top till marines got their new books.

now IH got nerfed, along side other marines that really didn't diserve it like DAs, and we are back to the same stuff. At least here where we don't play ITC.

I think that GW just makes their games, so that either people have to play everthing to have fun, or play one thing, but change an army every 3 months. Now if this works in western countries, that is great for those people. I envy them very much.

But in places like my, where people save up for a year to buy a budget 2000pts army, it is hard to expect people buying casual stuff, instead of the stuff that is good and works well.

>> No.72357175

Say it with me


>> No.72357179

Fuck you, you can't summon after round 3

>> No.72357187

Lexicanum dot com is the most reliable source of lore in my experience.

>> No.72357189

Or perhaps having severe dysphoria/dysmorphia and being ridiculed and hated by people for no reason other than that is unpleasant.

>> No.72357190 [DELETED] 

>"Doctor, I know I look like a man on the outside but deep down I just feel like I am an Allosaurus fragilis....is there any surgery that can help me with this dysphoria?"

>> No.72357198

Its nice to see the thread can get into petty rules disputes without me.

>> No.72357213

So what is the purpose of banning or restricting soup? So that casuals can't play their army anymore and waacfags will still just be waacfagging. Put yourself in the position of a soup player who gets their army in effect banned, and now you have to wait another year to build an army.

>> No.72357216

Because you guys are all I have in the way of social media and online human interaction

>> No.72357217

Fuck you and your rulings anon! Mine are obviously superior.

>> No.72357226

Would a Daemon Prince Alpharius/Omegon be able to make his marines appear like him?

>> No.72357228

I have two friends who are trans. One is them is indeed suicidally depressed.

The other is happier than ever and doing really really well.

It IS the right choice for some people

If you want a middle ground maybe we can both agree that the waiting period and screening process who people who receive this sort of surgery/body modification should be longer, more involved with mental health professionals, and more restrictive of age?

But here's the thing. Most of the hate I see coming in at trans people is all about calling them subhuman trash and then when questioned the same people bring up suicide rates.

>as if they actually care about the people instead of just trying to justify their bigotry.

>> No.72357229 [DELETED] 

>hmmm I am unhappy with my life
>instead of trying to fix the bad things, I'm going to have surgery and chemicals pumped into me
>why are people uncomfortable being around me all of a sudden?

This is my favorite part of WARHAMMER 40,000

>> No.72357248

Normally I'm okay with that but LGBT people weird me out and for a good reason. They are the predominant group that child sex predators come from and my nonce radar is very strong.

>> No.72357255

Nooooo not the soup players
Not the hecking Campbell's Company Chunky Souperino boys!

>> No.72357256

>no reason
They are mentally ill and ought to seek help instead of paid some quacks to mutilate their genitals.

>> No.72357259

Dragoon sniper isnt TArq
Its just two shot S5 ap0
I mean i have one prebuilt that way given to me so i just run him just squatting on objs since having one lance guy is more pointless

>> No.72357269

making people buy more stuff. castellans rule the game? well you better have one or some anti castellan stuff. after 6-9 months when a ton of people bought them, you can "fix" them, and make something else the must have. They have been doing it like that since 6th ed. And I am certain that in prior editions it wasn't much different.

>> No.72357271

>Oh 3 tank commanders? That's a-okay!

>> No.72357273

In Canada Campbells is a luxury item.

>> No.72357274 [DELETED] 

>fixing the bad things
What do you think they're trying to do? And hop on over to /lgbt/ and look at repgen. A fuck ton of the ones who try and desist when they're young end up transitioning when they have a midlife crisis and then they're even more fucked.

>> No.72357289

/lgbt/ bullied all the cute tomboys into becoming weird penisless men.

>> No.72357292

>no reason
Consider not taking words out of context. I specifically outlined the reason immediately following that.

>> No.72357296

>a midlife crisis
That's basically what this whole thing is.

>> No.72357301

>> No.72357307

alright he is selling it for this much. Literally who is retarded enough to buy it though?

>> No.72357311

That's the immolator not the exorcist

>> No.72357316


>> No.72357320


>> No.72357322

But why do that in a way that will fuck casual players hard? Just nerf the individual broken units.
I hope a 400lb neckbeard trips and falls onto your table.

>> No.72357329

I am not sure there is help for someone who thinks that dating a hetero dude and then suprising them with the news on date 2-3, thinking it is okey.

I feel bad for people with conditions, I have my own, but I never thought, that just because of me having problems, everyone else should be changing their whole lifes.

>> No.72357339

Which Space Marine Chapter/Legion would he be a member of?

>> No.72357345

How is it a midlife crisis for the 25 and under crowd?
aside from saying they live to 30

>> No.72357348

These people don't buy GW models and are just bitching that their lists can't take on a cancer meta no one plays at their stores.

>> No.72357350

Never ever.

>> No.72357364

>distrustful paranoid idiot
Night lords

>> No.72357366

To be fair they're trying to get them at 14-15 now so it really is a midlife crisis.

>> No.72357367

The Fallen

>> No.72357370

>But why do that in a way that will fuck casual players hard? Just nerf the individual broken units.

Because, this may suprise you, sells are more important then humans. Specialy to big companies like GW.

>> No.72357375

Space wolves

>> No.72357387

Though we're talking about what we think should happen

>> No.72357394

Salamanders might fit best.

>Good father
>Doesn't care if he's related to his son or not
>Enjoys exterminating things
>Used a flame thrower that one time

>> No.72357398

No one is banning soup you retards, calm down.

>> No.72357408

For a trade company, generating money and pleasing the investors is the thing that "should happen".

>> No.72357415

At that point, I would say it’s valid.

>> No.72357416

they do sort of look like toothpaste now that you mention it
thanks for the tip. as a rule should I prioritize shooty units like devastators over assault marines?

>> No.72357431


>> No.72357440 [DELETED] 

It's people at a transition point (no pun intended) in their lives, who suddenly realize they've been on autopilot and don't know who they are. And they panic.

the classic midlife crisis is people with a wife and kids, a successful career, etc., who start feeling trapped and un-free...because the only thing left for them is another decade+ of working the same job before they retire.
That's my understanding anyway.

The late teens/early 20s are also one such point because of leaving highschool, entering the labor force, college, whatever.
Especially for people who travel for work/college they leave behind their local community, and often enough, there are underdeveloped people who have no personality beyond knowing people from highschool.
It's the panic of "am I boring?" followed by "how do I make myself interesting enough to make friends/have a gf?" and the mistake (broadly) is thinking that there's some deep flaw in yourself instead of simply that you lack hobbies, and no hobbies mean nothing to talk about and no stories to tell.

And no, watching anime and playing video games are not a hobby.

>> No.72357454


>> No.72357464

>old debunked homophobic propaganda from the 80's probably still being recycled on fox news.

Know who have inordinate amounts of sexual predators amidst their ranks?
>republican senators
>catholic priests
>people who flew on epsteins jet like bill clinton and DONALD TRUMP
>other retards considered pillars of western moral virtue whospouting about sexual degeneracy in minority groups while fondling children offscreen

who taught this boomer to use the fucking internet?

>> No.72357466

>should I prioritize shooty units like devastators over assault marines?
You should be prioritizing primaris units.

>> No.72357484

>republican senators
>catholic priests
yeah so gay people.

>> No.72357495 [DELETED] 

>if you don't like trannies you must be a republican!

>> No.72357497

Agreed. Whoever this artist is, GW needs to get rid of them.

>> No.72357506

never happens here. people are to busy working to have a "mid life" crissis. Maybe actors or very rich people, but they just drink themselfs to death or have car accidents while drunk.

Also who the hell asks themselfs stupid questions like "am I boring"? if you aren't an actor or starting politician at the mid 20s, then you are boring just like everyone else. So work for 11 months and then work one month as a gastarbeiters in UK/Germany/Sweeden.

>> No.72357515

does nobody play 'firstborn' marines anymore? is it all primaris stuff?

>> No.72357525

Someone is going to do it bro. I hope after they are like “ok guys was pretty fucked up we will make more!” lol

>> No.72357532

>gay are not pedos
>post list of gay pedos
Are you posting some copy past I'm not aware off?

>> No.72357540

>Previous investigations have indicated that the ratio of sex offenders against female children vs. offenders against male children is approximately 2:1, while the ratio of gynephiles to androphiles among the general population is approximately 20:1. The present study investigated whether the etiology of preferred partner sex among pedophiles is related to the etiology of preferred partner sex among males preferring adult partners. Using phallometric test sensitivities to calculate the proportion of true pedophiles among various groups of sex offenders against children, and taking into consideration previously reported mean numbers of victims per offender group, the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was calculated to be approximately 11:1. This suggests that the resulting proportion of true pedophiles among persons with a homosexual erotic development is greater than that in persons who develop heterosexually. This, of course, would not indicate that androphilic males have a greater propensity to offend against children.

>> No.72357541

as if any number of senators or priests could rival the caligula lifestyle of art/fashion sociate in NY or LA. that is like saying that I drink too much, and that Mick Jagger drunk too much too.

There are scales of differences.

>> No.72357557

The thousand sons are always overestimating their abilities. Magnus included.
>I make pacts with the Dark gods without them biting me back in the ass.
>I can use the warp to warn father without making things worse.
>I can fight off Leman Russ and the space furries.
>I can make a successful rubric.
>I can bring my legion back from the terrible curse I accidentally gave them.
>I can get the drukhari E-thot to do so for me.

When will people on here learn that the legion who dedicated themselves to the cg of lies and deception might not be 100% truthful at all times?
>Is ok with custom paint jobs
>But don't you dare make lore and tell me about it! I don't want to hear that shit!

So If I paint a non-codex codex army and babble non-stop about lore that everybody knows about it's better?

>> No.72357558

Thunderfires, scouts, grav devs in droppods, smash captains, whirlwinds, landspeeders

>> No.72357568

This is why we bully faggots. They can't handle themselves and have to fuck up other threads

>> No.72357579

>by percent of group there is more gay pedos than straight pedos
>but straight pedos outnumber gay pedos 11:1
>therefore, gay pedos are everywhere

How do you exist in life?

>> No.72357580

as an army, firstborn are just shitty SoBs now

>> No.72357592

3.9% of the population at most
1 out of every 11 predators

>> No.72357608

Same as you, nigger.

>> No.72357617

I read the source, apparently the guy was being threatened by Kharn.

So I'm going to guess he just wanted him paralyzed and asleep on an operating table instead of trying to kill him.

>> No.72357618

The levels of "based" it has are too dangerous for the average human let alone the average redditor.

>> No.72357630

So we shouldn't trust you

>> No.72357637

I do. But then, I play SW and get all my special snowflake rules that Primaris don't have access to.
Like 15-man Blood Claw bombs that include a Terminator with TH/SS to tank for them.

>> No.72357640

If you were going to eat icecream and one brand was over twice as likely to have a dead rat in the container in comparison to the other, what brand would you buy?

>> No.72357643

Jesus Christ, can't you faggots go to /pol/ or /lgbt/ or /trash/ to discuss this shit? I just want to have autistic discussions about plastic army men and argue over 40k's awful writing, not whatever the fuck geo--socio-political-sideways-gender-politics you cunts have.

And I'm addressing both the pro-fag faggots and the anti-fag faggots, you're both equally responsible.

>> No.72357644

I'll tell you that Conscripts are good

>> No.72357655


>> No.72357660

based admechfag

>> No.72357672

You should be allowed to take them in groups of 10. They should cost 3 ppm

>> No.72357679

If fags just stopped bring up their fetishes there'd be not need to talk about it.

>> No.72357691

that's impossible when your fetish is your entirely personality gimmick

>> No.72357693


>> No.72357704

>if homophobes stopped being so bigotted etc etc

It cuts both ways, faggot.

>> No.72357711

it's fine, just take everything you read there with a grain of salt, and realize its goal is to entertain more than inform. I think a reason a lot of people on /tg/ have soured on 1d4 is because a lot of the humor hasn't really aged well, and a lot of the site is still locked in a near decade old state of being, it's like if someone came on now unironically posting rage comics and making tree fiddy jokes, that's kind of what reading 1d4 is like now.

>> No.72357712

4.5% in the USA at least, and that number is likely to grow as it's skewed towards young people.

>> No.72357719

At this point, I feel like conscripts could probably go back to 3ppm.

>> No.72357742

Not wanting a rectal exam from some over weight man child in one of those borat speedos isn't bigotry.

>> No.72357752

I am very disappointed in the state of this thread. It is bad. There will be no further Forge World releases this year as a punishment.
Know your shame.

>> No.72357762

You two need to just fuck already.

>> No.72357766

Can confirm. Both my dads work for FW and they're very upset.

>> No.72357776

Neither here nor there. Try responding without hyperbole.

>> No.72357783

You could choose to get conscripts for 30
Regular guards for 40
And the retarded flying boys for 35
I think its fair

>> No.72357786

Rules when

>> No.72357792

How do I run the most psykers possible in an Imperium soup list?

>> No.72357797

Please not again

>> No.72357804

>t cuts both ways
No it doesn't.
If there was no faggotry there would be no "homophobia."
Nobody posts OOOOH BOY I SURE DO HATE THOSE HOMOS based on nothing, only ever in response to homos.

>> No.72357807

>retarded flying boys for 35
the what?

>> No.72357812

Anyone have any really well painted necrons that I could see? I would prefer to look at ones that had no air brush used on them. Reason being is that I don't ever want to use an air brush. Mostly because I feel that I don't really have the space and materials to use one well.

>> No.72357819

>Nobody posts OOOOH BOY I SURE DO HATE THOSE HOMOS based on nothing, only ever in response to homos.
scroll up homie, that's literally how this shitshow started.

>> No.72357828

Your societal masters would concoct some other subgroup for you to be artificially outraged and disgusted by if gays didn't exist.

I'm willing to bet you live in a square state, huh?

>> No.72357832

If only there was some way to...
I dunno
Lets use some word..uuuhhhhhh, "report".
If only you could "report" these topics that didn't relate to 40k.
Lets call them "Off-topic posts"
If ONLY there was a way to "report" these "off-topic posts"
Why I bet if the thread mass "reported" these posts instead of (you)ing them, things might change.

But I dunno how we'd do that, I'm fucking stumped. I guess we'll all have to give up and be frustrated.

>> No.72357839


>> No.72357841

The standards for a well-painted necron army are incredibly low.
Definitely why Timmy loves the army.

>> No.72357852

No it's not.
It started with the same tired homo posting >>72355341

>> No.72357863

see >>72357495

Bet you're a Floridanigger or a NYCunt

>> No.72357877

Want to talk about the last of us 2 then in /v/ ?
You know very well what is he talking about. In the 70s it was all "we are the same, accept us" and now that it has happened, the parades look A LOT different. And I say this as a 40 year old gay dude. What is worse, your making it harder for people like me living in eastern europe. Because the way you guys act in the west means absolutly no one is going to okey, even a small concetion, because they fear that if they do, the next step is going to be dudes fisting each other in the streets.

And now lets get back to talking about w40k.

Has anyone any news on what is the next HH novel going to be about ?

>> No.72357885

>Your societal masters would concoct some other subgroup for you to be artificially outraged and disgusted by if gays didn't exist.
What's artificial about it? Shit's gross.
>I'm willing to bet you live in a square state, huh?
I don't live in burger world.

>> No.72357887

IIRC they are a little bit smaller than 40k models

>> No.72357905

>> No.72357916

"Chapter master" of the exterminator's warband. "Chapter" was declared arch traitorus for putting tyranids on inquisitor Hill's lawn.

>> No.72357926


Would puting a layer of plasticard flooring help with the size difference, or is it really big?

>> No.72357930

>shit's gross
so is broccoli to me. literally vomit inducing.

>still not bigotted against people who eat broccoli

>> No.72357934

I'm talking as a young American faggot that has never attended a pride parade and the only people who know I'm gay are people who happen to have met my S/O. Fuck off retard.

>> No.72357946

Tempestus scions
>expensive gear on guardsman
>teleports from ships
>are different from the other brands of guardsman
I just dont think it makes sense

>> No.72357957





>> No.72357965

But steaming up some broccoli isn't cutting of your dick and demanding everyone treat you like a woman when you know deep down that you aren't.

>> No.72357971


I don't get why people think this about necrons but don't think it when they see space marines. Or do they?

>> No.72357976

Joke's on you I hate Guineas.

>> No.72357985

>so is broccoli to me. literally vomit inducing.
Just another sign of your mental illness.

>> No.72357996

well go see what is going on in berlin or oslo.

each time someone in the west starts talking shit about crazy stuff, we get it worse. how about you live for 50-100 years without trying to change stuff every year. Specially as all the fads stop being a thing as soon as shit hits the fan.

No more problems with bathrooms, when corona walks the land.

>> No.72358003

>then don't indulge them in person if you don't want to. Otherwise shut the fuck up it all as it doesn't affect you.

>> No.72358030

Just because you can paint simple Marines doesn't mean you have to.

And yet I struggle to find pictures of impressive necron paintjobs.

>> No.72358038

I don't have to indulge anyone if I don't want to. 2+2 doesn't equal 5 O'brein.

>> No.72358143

>so is broccoli to me. literally vomit inducing.

>Tranny acts like a child and won't eat his damn vegetables.
What a surprise.

>> No.72358182

But that is the thing anon. Emotions are so important to certain groups of people that when they feel that 2+2=5 it has to be that way for them, otherwise they cannot handle the world.
Sad truth is that those people in fact can't handle reality, and rather than learn to accept and cope they want the whole world to adapt to them instead. Which is impossible, but less confronting and easier than looking at your own shortcomings.

>> No.72358289

gays speaking in hyperbole? color me surprised

>> No.72358378

Is magnetising worth it?

>> No.72358400

those are the most up to date versions of those rules so yes you can

>> No.72359229

>thinks that anyone who has a contention with bigotry has to be themselves the thing you are bigoted against.
>thinks this way because it's easier to dismiss the argument and/or cannot fathom someone thinking they are wrong without being their object of hate


>> No.72359252

thats literally what i was saying.

were you dropped on your fuckin head or something?

>> No.72359388

call them with their true name. Space Marines, made by the Emperor's Holy design, true defenders of humanity and shield of the Imperium

>> No.72359478

fortunately, this isn't what the void dragon looks like

>> No.72359636

that narrator is awesome but some of the others are super cringe sounding

>> No.72359686

don't you mean made by their mother's design?

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