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Hi guys

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Whats the best way to search for images of good conversions? any specific tags?

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Word bearers or Nightlords. Doubles gets to choose.

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When you guys add servitors, scarabs or drones to the bases of your models, do you point them in the same direction the main model is facing, or do you try to have them look elsewhere?

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Red Corsairs

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Red Corsairs.

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Black Legion

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NL, but use some other trait

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Whoops, I forgot the picture.

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world eaters

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Load Bearers

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Word Chads

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Night lords

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Chad Bears

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Are the different rims a stylistic choice?

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Raven Guard

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Sons of Malice.

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Night Bears. Bear Lords.

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World Bearers

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not him but I was thinking of doing different rims for each of my individual infantry squads, so that its easier for opponents to dell which is which when they're close to one another.

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Big Gay.

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Post models

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Dark Angels

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It's so I can still use them in their Board game, Space Marine Adventures.

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How the fuck have we not hit dubs yet.
Word Bears

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Can we get that antifa discussion going again from the last thread? I love when millennial fucktards ruin everything.

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>Stealthy legion
>Creeping about at night
>tfw your squad medic insists on wearing white so he's lit up like a Ukranian firefighter

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Did you do the blood spatter with Blood for the Blood God technical paint?

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I typically only decorate the bases of Characters and large models

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No its going steady in the old thread leave it there

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Ha not all stealth is in the dark.

With a toothbrush, yes

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Stormcast Eternals

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Like flicked the toothbrush?

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Basic soldiers get Astrogranite and some fucking rocks.

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So now the Horus Heresy is coming to a close, which piece of background fluff do you think GW will massively expand and thus mutilate forevermore?

The Scouring? Requires minimal effort in producing new minis but at the same time might mean they can't sell EVEN MORE marine vs marine stuff.

Or go further back and do The Unification Wars™ with Thunder Warriors vs a bunch of Techno-Barbarian shit Forge World can cook up and sell at eye-gouging prices?

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The only communist in America is Zizek when he travels there to speak. Burgers, stop talking politics when you know fuck all about anything. The Imperium is more like the USA (a fascist country) than, ironically, fascist Italy, Germany, or authoritarian USSR.

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With the same hand thats holding it, use your thumb to flick the bristles

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Think about your life and position in society, if you were transferred to the 40k equivalent, what would you be?

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Play Horus Heresy if you're going to play Space Marines. It's much better.

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Neither, they're going to continue pushing the setting forward with 9th edition and get FW to start producing more specialist stuff for Primaris.

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>investment banker
I actually don't know

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Oh fuck no that has so many stupid useless rules

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I'd like an expansion on the Badab war

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A genestealer cultist

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Night Lords

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Ave dominus nox

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Well I work in shipping and warehousing for an electronics company so some sort of lifter-servitor in the AdMech I guess.

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So does 8th where CSM have no identity. If you're going to play SMs anyway then go for a game that actually gives them interesting units. Gal Vorbak for Word Bearers are super neat.

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In Eisenhorn:Magos there is a guy who works for an investment firm, he thought he found "The cursed number" but actually just found out his boss was laundering money from selling alien narcotics and other contraband

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Isn't it over? Like you want badab 2 electric boogaloo

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>Civil Lit Attorney
>Adeptus Administratum mid-level cleric or scribe of some kind.

>investment banker
>Treasurer or comptroller for a Rogue Trader or noble house

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Imperial Guard/PDF Commander. Pretty cozy all things considered

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The Horus Heresy has been over for 11,000 years in the setting and FW is still releasing Black Books

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My post was removed why? I asked if we could continue the antifa millennial shitposting from the previous thread.

Hey look I posted the same pic and it's not a duplicate...

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I'll admit I started at the beginning of 8th ED. So I am operating under the assumption that the badab war is a background event like the Heresy used to be back in the day

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What book are the rules for reinforcement points in? I wanna summon daemons, but fuck if I know the rules for it.

>> No.72343443

I am an eternally unemployed social parasite who has never contributed anything productive to society whilst leeching off it and engaging in petty criminality to pad out my NEETbux-based income.

>> No.72343454

factory worker or consript, like all of us

>> No.72343462

Core Rulebook and the most recent Chapter Approved

>> No.72343463

Unless you're special forces, you're PDF, Guard only takes the best of the best.

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Lobotomized servitor

>> No.72343470

Siege of Vraks for more forgeworld £££

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Night lords

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>2 electric boogaloo

Do you think using this makes you witty or funny? Do you feel included with the other group of retards that utter this shit? You're the same as the infantile dipshits that bark out, "CHONKY BOIS" as they hyuck hyuck to themselves thinking they're humorous or have a personality. Can you goddamn mongoloids speak like actual adults?

>inb4 manchildren playing with toys

There was a time when the likes of H.G. Wells (who is a founder of tabletop wargaming) and Peter Cushing played these sorts of games. Do you think they'd say any of this shit? Hobbies are no excuse for baby talk or immaturity. Grow the fuck up.

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A few weeks ago I decided to get back into the hobby by spending about $200 on models who I really liked the look of. Now I don't even feel like opening the boxes because doing a more in-depth catch up on the lore and other stuff has killed my interest.

Well that was money wasted. Maybe I can sell them on ebay. I shouldn't have tried to get back in.

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World Bearers

>> No.72343487

>can get THREE (3) Leviathan dreadnoughts, with arms, for the price of one GW contemptor

I can't believe I've been buying from GW for all these years.

>> No.72343489

>Dry Cleaner
Chapter Serf?

>> No.72343490

It is way better than 8th

>> No.72343500

There were like 2 huge forge world books full of fluff and rules and models for the badab wars...

>> No.72343501

>redshirt going to uni for art

A remembrancer, I guess?

>> No.72343503

Bear Worders

>> No.72343506

Speak for yourself lad.

Physics PhD student.
I assume some sort of Admech seminarian/trainee?

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Emperor's Children

>> No.72343520

>methhead convicts
>best of the best

>> No.72343526

Why do you think I'd run into the arms of the cult who'll shield me from the Enforcers?

>> No.72343537

Aeldari fall or War in Heaven (the Necron one)

>> No.72343538

That is a penal legion.

>> No.72343544

Don't tell that to people. They think 8th is amazing and shit all over anything before it (despite not playing any of it). Sure, older editions had their flaws but they've unironically got more soul than 8th which is as banal as they come.

At least you have options in HH and it was a labour of love for Alan Bligh. 40k 8th just exists to be as bland as possible to make money off kids and their rich parents.

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>play SW
>ragnar is my favorite character in the entirety of 40k
>100% down with the primaris
>occasionally thought about starting a small Ork army

>even with all that this box STILL sucks dick, even for me

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pls r8 no bully
plasma scions and meltas are my anti tank with orders and the WT giving everything around the prime -1 additional ap
battlesisters to contest the board with stacked invulns and ignoring ap 2
seraphim to clear out screens with double shooting and zephyrim to be spooky in combat idk, I just like them

Lambdan Lions
>Tempestor Prime: Tempestus Command Rod
>Tempestor Prime: Tempestus Command Rod
>5x Militarum Tempestus Scions
5x Scion
4x Scion w/ Special Weapon: Frag & Krak grenades, Plasma gun
Tempestor: Chainsword, Frag & Krak grenades, Hot-shot Laspistol
>Militarum Tempestus Scions
5x Scion
4x Scion w/ Special Weapon: Frag & Krak grenades, Meltagun
Tempestor: Chainsword, Frag & Krak grenades, Hot-shot Laspistol

Valorous Heart
>Battle Sister Squad
7x Battle Sister
Battle Sister w/ Meltagun
Battle Sister w/ Meltagun
Sister Superior
>2x Battle Sister Squad
9x Battle Sister
Sister Superior
>Seraphim Squad
7x Seraphim
Seraphim Superior
2x Seraphim w/ 2x Inferno Pistols
>Seraphim Squad
4x Seraphim
Seraphim Superior
2x Seraphim w/ 2x Inferno Pistols

Bloody Rose
>2x Zephyrim Squad
9x Zephyrim
Zephyrim Superior

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>Producing an entirely xenos-focused system


>> No.72343556

Do you have a moment to talk about Our Lord and Savior

>> No.72343560

A penal legion... regiment of the Imperial Guard.

>> No.72343561

>he likes Primaris


>> No.72343566

I'm new to this, bought the start collecting space wolves and the space wolves half of the ork box. Do I make those marines into infiltrators or incursors?

>> No.72343572

most menial work still exists in 40k, so anyone with a job like it would be doing the same thing, just harder, with longer work hours, worse living conditions and more restriction on what you could do in what little free time you have now. I did think to myself that I could possibly join the pdf or a gang, but the fact that I wouldn't join either of those options irl means I probably wouldn't in the 40k universe either.

>> No.72343574

All the work on that model, with that quality paint job, the good blood splatter, then you base him with THAT? That "tabletop quality" low effort base, complete with obvious sprue bits? Don't get me wrong mate, that model is great, but It's like serving a ribeye on a piece of oily garage cardboard.

>> No.72343586

What book are the rules for reinforcement points in? I wanna summon daemons, but fuck if I know the rules for it.

>> No.72343595

Post models.

>> No.72343600

I used it sarcastically frog poster. Not in some form of baby talk you smooth brain cock licker. I'm saying the Badab war is done. Move on.

>> No.72343605

Oh god this shit has bled in from /aosg/ too?

>> No.72343606

Night Bearers

>> No.72343630

The part where people repeat an old and bland shitpost, and people tell them to post models to suggest that they don't actually play, and are just here to shitpost? That shit has been around since before AoS was a twinkle in Kirby's eye.

>> No.72343634

Word Lords

>> No.72343635

I mean it’s shit in other ways - every tube and bulb is also flat white, the same shade. even the hydrolics and servos are fucking flat white? it’s all pretty lazy

>> No.72343644

Space Wolf players for years complain scouts are in elite and not troops. They get troops with the scout rule and bitch. It's funny. Best part incursors don't suck on the table. They are tougher than a plague marine and can get -2 to hit with a phobos rune priest for a strat.

>> No.72343649

Most recent Chapter Approved
Also it boils down to
>set aside points for what you want to summon
>cant summon till turn 2
>any deep strike units not on the board by turn 3 are slain (summoning does get around this)

>> No.72343651

I'd be dead and so would everyone else responding.

>> No.72343668

I'm a college student majoring in networking so maybe AdMech? Sign me up for having a gun dick I guess.

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>> No.72343671

How can you type this while using a frog pic. It must be ironic baiting.

>> No.72343674

You're not gonna see anything from GW proper, since anything before Guillinans resurrection can't use primaries marines

>> No.72343681

I don't think the turn 2 limitation applies to daemonic ritual as they are not units being held back. Not that summoning on turn 1 would ever be worth a shit since your summoning character has to remain stationary to do it.
The "in by turn 3" thing doesn't apply here either for the same reason.

>> No.72343687

Word Sneeders

>> No.72343692

>hull points
>assault grenades
>admech automata creatures
>iron fire
>snap shots
And im sure there's more I scoured from my brain to quell the nightmares

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>> No.72343718

>loan officer
Probably just a financial advisor for a rogue trader too

>> No.72343728

Jesus Bois

>> No.72343731

Pretty sure they'd recognize you were a NEET before you had the chance to make that decision on your own, unless you were born into a cult

>> No.72343732


>> No.72343735

Remember glancing wounds basically stun locking vehicles?

>> No.72343749

See, why did you bring that up. I did. Fuck 7th was straoght trash if you like tanks.

>> No.72343753

hull points are good
it’s still better than 8th

>> No.72343764

It's not so much SW players bitching about infiltrators, it's SW players bitching about JUST getting infiltrators. I mean seriously? A full size, full price box release that only gives you one 10 man squad and a character? For the SAME PRICE as Dark Imperium, a box that has 4 characters, 2 5 man squads, and a 3 man special unit? Even if it was 5 infiltrators and, say, 5 rievers or even a single Space Wolf Squad (re: blood claws) sprue, it would be better. Not really okay, but better at least.

>> No.72343768

I just started getting into 40k and thinking about picking up either nids or thousands sons but was told both are shit and too expensive atm is this true?

>> No.72343787

Hull points are dumb IMO, but I wouldn't be too put off about bringing them back. But so help me fucking god if they brought back armor facings without introducing a template overlay to kill arguments, they better remove every vehicle that isn't a land raider or a monolith.

>> No.72343788

What page number?

>> No.72343791

Nids kinda
Thousand Sons, no bit they have like 2 lists that are competitive all else is just for funsies

>> No.72343799

Eh. Nids can be solid upper-middle tier with the right builds. 1ksons are strong enough for friendly matches.

Relative to what? This is an expensive hobby. And as far as I know, neither army are really more expensive than any other. They aren't GSC or Tau or anything.

>> No.72343807

Jesus Christ

>> No.72343814

Ever lose a unit to sweeping advance?

>> No.72343815

>this is an expensive hobby
Compared to what? Whittling driftwood?

>> No.72343826

>I want to do everything with no drawbacks and never need to actually think hehe dice go roll

>> No.72343829

>neet living off parents money
lecherous noble, I assume

>> No.72343832

Compared to no collection based hobbies like bird watching or sports

>> No.72343838

Get what you like, fuck what other people say.

>> No.72343848

Tanks are by far the strongest thing in the Horus Heresy game, are you retarded? Glances didn’t roll on the vehicle damage table in 7th. Faggots

>> No.72343850

Night Lords

>> No.72343872

Play what you like regardless of meta. I play Khorne Daemons and basically cant win a match unless I get god tier rolls and card draws.

But even while losing 90% of my games I still have fun

>> No.72343873

Death guard

>> No.72343875

Summoning can he done turn 1 or later. The reserve rule doesn't effect them the same way units put into reserves.

>> No.72343890

Armoured Assault games in 30k boil down to
>did the opponent bring enough anti-tank? You lose.
>did the opponent bring an all-comers list? You win.

>> No.72343894

Well my three hobbies are basketball, painting, and 40k, and I can clearly fucking tell you which one costs 10 times more than the other two.

>> No.72343897

I spend more on 40k than target shooting or PC gaming, both of which are infamous for being retarded money sinks.

>> No.72343913

Slaanesh approves

>> No.72343926

Is there a bigger chad in all of 40k?

>> No.72343946

Anyone whose ultimate goal isn’t to be painfully devoured aliens. GSC are literally the biggest cuck army.

>> No.72343949

All these fething imbecils.


>> No.72343950

Lukas the Trickster does the same shit with hot nordic babes, in addition to being bigger, taller, and stronger, so yeah, I'm gonna say Lukas.

>> No.72343958 [SPOILER] 

Basketball b/c you gotta pay for a fresh pair of J's or get clowned off the court

>> No.72343971

source of webm?

>> No.72343975

>literally just forcing his xeno vore fetish on a planet
The "star gods" wanna eat you nigga haha.

>> No.72343978

Alpha Legion disguised as Word Bearers

>> No.72343981

can i bother you to post list
just got my first bloodletter box

>> No.72343982

GSC are the bulls, the Imperium is the one that gets cucked whenever there's a Cult on one of their worlds.

>> No.72343983


Both of them are gonna rely on big (relatively speaking) hordes of some of the least value for money models GW makes, yeah.

Tyranids actually have the flexibility to be built as a non-horde these days, but you might want to do your research first depending on if you want to be "competetive" or not. (Protip: It's more fun if you don't.) The problem for Nids is that their SC box is shit, and they don't have any big box sets you can pick up at better value.

Thousand Suns really want lots of those little demon bird guys from what I understand, but their rubric marines aren't exactly a greatdeal better value either. They do at least have a pretty nice Start Collecting kit though.

>> No.72343994

Is there any more kino rivalry in all of 40k? I don't even play them, just love the matchup.

>> No.72344003

More, anon. We need MORE!

>> No.72344005

Nah, they get eaten with the rest or run back crying to their space daddy who also eats them

>> No.72344007

>Implying the Imperium isn't a giant golden musclebound chad, and GSC and Chaos are the fags trying to hit on him.

>> No.72344014

From what i was told they were relatively more expensive because they are a horde army

>> No.72344022

Yes because hull points was clearly the intellectuals system

Ironfire required no thinking, that was lolartilleryhitmore and was the easiest way to play

>> No.72344024

They get eaten because that was their purpose because they are a weapon created by Imperium wives getting bred by BGC

>> No.72344027

Eh. If you're buying from Recasters anyways (which you should) they end up being a lot cheaper than most.

>> No.72344034

Its rubric spam these days anon. They went down in points and all the PA rules buff them. Birds went up in points. A big unit is still okay but, CP demanding between having to auto pass moral, fight twice, and reroll a charge.

>> No.72344038

>No you don't understand, I wanted to get eaten by space bugs!
Cuck, beta, etc.

>> No.72344046

do you play 30k? Its flyers and knights unless you play Ironfire or reductor.

>> No.72344054

Either play AoS

>> No.72344055

Question about washes.

Whats the difference between a wash and a glaze? They both seem the same to me.

What color washes go with what? If I have a blue color, would I wash it with a blue wash or nuln or agrax? What about red etc? For metals I know you normally do nuln for the "colder" metals and agrax for "warmer" metals?

Do you normally wash ddirectly into recesses or do you do the "wash everything" approach. It seems strange to apply a wash to like a flat armor panel and what not. I have seen people do both I guess but is there a better or worst option?

>> No.72344059

Anon I'm the one doing the eating. You are such a cuck you are literally incapable of understanding the bull perspective, your brain automatically inserts on the cuck perspective, it's actually pretty sad.

>> No.72344065

Night Lords, check 'em!

>> No.72344104

The new Animal's Crossing: Valhalla Trailer
The new protag is a woman

>> No.72344113

Pretty sure Lukas did that before he became a marine. Meaning vikang women /ss/'d him.

>> No.72344115

Amasec distiller, neat

>> No.72344123

If I want to play mono world eaters am I gonna get rolled every match?

>> No.72344127

Haha nigga all the Tyranids just get fucking eaten. They just throw themselves into the acid vats and get sucked up to the big nid mommy in the sky. Doesn't matter which one you are. Ya'll niggas pussy whipped as fuck haha.

>> No.72344131

menial :(

>> No.72344139

The original photo that spawned this all was hybrid that WILL get eaten you fucking retard.

>> No.72344141

No, most Space Wolves get laid before they become a marine. Lukas is unique in that he kept doing it after becoming a full marine, or so he implies.

>> No.72344160

Why is warhammer so niche? I go to an animation college full of the nerdiest degenerate weeaboos who play magic the gathering, yugioh, dnd (some even with miniatures) but NO ONE plays or even paints warhammer.

>> No.72344162

>Getting paid large amounts of money for doing literally nothing

Imperial sycophant I guess? Thief?

>> No.72344166

>Haha nigga all the Tyranids just get fucking eaten
Yes and?

>> No.72344173

>40 replies and nothing
End it Dark Ones, or this thread will be consumed.
Word Bearers.

>> No.72344184

30 Bloodletters with upgrades
2x 15 Bloodletters with Upgrades
9 Bloodcrushers with upgrades

>Supreme Command
2 Blood Masters
1 Skull Master

Daemon Prince with Wings and Talons
>Heavy Support
3 Skull Cannons

100pts for a skull altar

>> No.72344185

He doesn't imply that. It's just meme talk.

>> No.72344188


GSC is a based as fuck parody of neo-liberal SJW faggotry and the way it has infested the traditional socialist left like a brain parasite.

People meme about them being the tranny army. What they don't realise is they ARE, but that the joke's on the trannies. They are pawns in a psy-op orchestrated by an even greater evil, that will eventually simply devour them in the end.

They are a direct paralell with the way that CIA/MI6/KGB etc plants corrupt and pervert every popular leftist movement in recent history, by subverting the organisational structure and turning it towards identity politics and LGBT race baiting.

The GSC are based.

>> No.72344189

>Anon I'm the one doing the eating.
>Y-Yeah I get eaten so??
Work the shaft you dirty bitch.

>> No.72344192


>> No.72344193

Is there a single person in the entire 40k galaxy who you CAN'T reduce down to some kind of cuck?

>> No.72344194


iron warriors

>> No.72344206

How forgiving to paint are Daemons?
I also would like to ask if you guys have any personal favorite schemes for them. They're beings made of chaotic energy, right? So it would seem they would allow some room for variation.

>> No.72344207

You mean my own shaft?

You are so retarded lol.

>> No.72344211

Cost. Effort. It's easier to play magic or video games.

>> No.72344213

Is this a test. . . Loyalist Inquisition

>> No.72344215

Fulgrim was briefly cucked but has since assumed a pretty chad position despite presumably having some kind of snake vagina in addition to his manifold penises.

>> No.72344221

He does imply that, quite deliberately, and with the obvious intention to lead you to that conclusion. Now whether or not he's telling the truth is another matter, but he is clearly trying to make the Blood Claw with him think that the chick is his daughter.

>> No.72344225

Literally nothing in the GSC themes is like the tranny movement you braindead /pol/fag. You're thinking of Slaanesh.

>> No.72344230

Eldar probably. They don’t give a fuck about anybody else and act solely in their own self interest. But you can 1d4meme anyone I suppose

>> No.72344232

Fabius Bile

>> No.72344236

World Bearers
And if I get dubs your commander has to have the title "the Undigitable"

>> No.72344246

Asdrubael Vect

>> No.72344250

No one who intentionally gets raped can ever possibly be a chad again.

They literally spend their entire life trembling in fear of getting raped to death by their wife's son. LITERALLY. FACTUALLY.

The guy who personifies the idea of hubris, and spends most of his books running away from people?

>> No.72344255

Really forgiving. They are older plastic kits so there's less detail covering the model (not that they lack detail just not as over done as new sculptures). You can easily vary the scheme.

>> No.72344256


studying xeno flora and fauna

>> No.72344257

What are your thoughts on edge highlighting? Whats the inbetween? I don't like the eavy metal way of highlighting every single fucking edge but I feel like I don't highlight enough? Whats your approach to edge highlighting? I know theres different ways but which ways tend to work best?

>> No.72344261

>They literally spend their entire life trembling in fear of getting raped to death by their wife's son. LITERALLY. FACTUALLY.
Lol beat me to it. The absolute state of Eldarcucks.

>> No.72344275

I'll put it this way. Give a child a group of Daemons to paint and some contrast and they will be presentable

>> No.72344284


>> No.72344289

Only edge highlight edges that are facing the light or would catch the light. (assuming light source is zenithal).
You can also put a light above your unpainted or primed miniature and take photos of it from different angles and then replicate the lighting in paint.

>> No.72344297

Alpha Legion

>> No.72344299

I dry brush most everything bit I edge highlight the outside edges of rifles and most melee weapons. Also on any easily accessible line, like the horns on a bloodthirster

>> No.72344300


>> No.72344306

emperors children

>> No.72344314

Fucking hell man
Word Bearers and he is a Dark Apostle

>> No.72344323


>> No.72344325

>What are your thoughts on edge highlighting? Whats the inbetween?
Edge highlights are good, but I completely understand why people don't want to do the eavy metal style.
I like to do airbrush highlights with the head and surrounding areas edge highlighted to create a focal point. It's far less time consuming. Not sure if it looks any better, though. I save the rest of the highlights for things I want to draw attention to. Like battle damage.

>> No.72344336


>> No.72344339

Show me the first thing you ever painted. This is a threat.

>> No.72344343



>> No.72344350

Once these are done I'm going to finally paint some troops.

>> No.72344355

>Daddy please love me, look I got horribly mutilated just like you.

>> No.72344374


No Anon, it is you who are the brainlet.

>codex is literally nothing but revolutionary propaganda and guerilla warfare tropes
>you think themes about sleeper cells and counter-insurgency psy-ops don't fit

>muh slaanesh

>> No.72344377


>> No.72344380


>> No.72344384

I usually just do a super delicate drybrush with a massive brush from above. Go in to pick out any select upwards facing corners that really need it. I think it looks much more subtle and natural. I can not stand every single panel getting outlined regardless of the lighting logic.

>> No.72344391

Those are all good. Are you a rules baby or something? Every edition since 3e has been dumbed down for retards like you.

>> No.72344395


>> No.72344414

I like that grey, anon. What's the recipe?

>> No.72344415

Neither. You'll play harlequins and you will like it.

>> No.72344432

>guerilla warfare
>sleeper cells
I think you're confusing the CIA SAD and national equivalents with Trannies m8. Easy mistake to make, don't worry.

>> No.72344434


>> No.72344442

Khan did make 0 compromises when building the legion and maintaining its culture

>> No.72344446

Not dubs, sad clown noises.

>> No.72344449

Hey guys, are there Saga of the Beast and Deathwatch WD update PDFs around? They aren't in megas but it's been long since they got leaked.

>> No.72344452

Word Bearers

>> No.72344457

>trannies and coomers are suckered into jewish psyops by thinking with their dicks and getting into degenerate satanic fetishes
>GSC operate by forming tight-knit heavily religious family-oriented male-dominated patriarchal militia where everyone is a hardworking blue collar redneck with a gun

>> No.72344459

Dark Eldar Archon

>> No.72344467

Yeah I'm quite familiar with resin and PVC, my main job right now is designing statues and follow/give feedback during the whole process - only drawfag on the team so I need to do everything including marketing images, designing the packaging, working on the trailer(s), visit the prototype painters and mass produciton factories etc. (Actually one of the orgs we worked with to paint a couple prototypes mainly does warhammer commissions IIRC).
Can't reveal stuff due to NDA's and unwanted attention but although none of what I do is that small of a scale, it's also not too far from it when it comes to small brittle details. I can't imagine any of those vertical poles and sticks in the image being resin, maybe the flags at most.

The only thing I'm not familiar with is painting IRL so it would be fun to grab a set of them and practice. Are there any 3D files online? I could print them.

>steel legion
huh, they look pretty similar although not nearly as appealing. Maybe I'll give those a shot.
Is the official GamesWorkshop site the best place to buy in EU? I highly doubt my country has a dedicated 40K online store. Even in my major city I know only of 1 store that runs tabletop events and I'm pretty sure they're closed for now.

>> No.72344468

I’m voting Word Bearers again, but i’m Beginning to feel like we’re both fuckups. We’re supposed to be good at numerology.

>> No.72344469

O b a m a

>> No.72344476

Light gray is Vallejo Blue Pale Grey, dark grey is MSP Storm Grey. Both have Nuln Oil over them. Dark grey has the original paint color reapplied on lighter areas to bright color back up.

>> No.72344477

anybody have a good alternative to valhallan blizzard? Its just so perfect for what I want I have a hard time breaking away from it. But the price hurts every time

>> No.72344479

How do I stop overthinking choosing an army? It should be an easy decision where you look at a few models of each army, think one looks cooler than the others, and then paint that army, however my autist brain seems to believe it has to overthink everything. If I think I've chosen an army, i'll just start second guessing myself and start thinking about other armies and how cool they look, and the cycle continues, even looping back on itself, and I have no idea what my playstyle would be so I can't base my decision on that. Thanks for any help anons.

>> No.72344490

Half Night Lord, Half Word Bearer, split it down the middle

>> No.72344496

Word Bearers but instead of cuneiform place a shit ton of dubs on the armor

>> No.72344503

finish your backlog first

>> No.72344504

Night Lords

>> No.72344507

Baking Soda and white paint

>> No.72344511

Word Bearers

>> No.72344512


I tend to highlight most of my models as if they are lit from above, or like, the front side of where they are facing.

I never fully outline every panel, I always thry and keep a logical light/shadow, but I think it is nevertheless a very important technique to make details pop out on miniatures that are intended to be viewed on the tabletop. You need very bright, stark, exagerrated tones which aren't "natural", but they help the eye pick out the detail from a distance so your minis don't look like one big blob of colour at the other side of the table.

Lots of painting techniques you see nowadays are designed with one intention and one intention alone: To be photographed in high resolution, and posted on the internet, receiving much adulation in doing so. These highly detailed models with fancy "realistic" lighting and over the top blends, NMM, etc often start to just look wierd and out of place when set against tabletop surroundings, or even just when viewed from the wrong angle; so it's not something I aspire to for a good looking army.

The most important part of an army is that it's consistent throughout.

>> No.72344514

These guys are cheaper (more minis the box so cheaper per capita) than Cadians and looks Steel Legion-y. Their rifles look close enough to lasguns and the plasma and flamers are spot on. Great way to fill out a Steel Legion Force.

>> No.72344521


>> No.72344522

Iron Warriors

>> No.72344532

Holy fug we finally have a winner.

>> No.72344533 [SPOILER] 

Word Bearers.

>> No.72344534

IW are cucked again

>> No.72344536

Yellows and is chunky looking as fuck

>> No.72344540

Literally just buy one squad of one of those armies.
Need help choosing? Flip a coin/roll a dice.
Then actually build and paint those. Once you've done that, you'll feel attached to them. Or you'll think you should've gone with another army, and if you do, move on to that other army, one squad at a time.

>> No.72344556


>> No.72344559

>GSC operate by forming tight-knit heavily religious family-oriented male-dominated patriarchal militia where everyone is a hardworking blue collar redneck with a gun
Which is good because I can't think of anything less threatening to a militant totalitarian state like the Imperium than a bunch of no-guns fanatical leftists who think writing slogans on their tits and gatecrashing a church service is blow against the establishment. I imagine such individuals are just seen as having volunteered for servitor conversion.

GSC are based on the cool kinds of cults that get into gun battles with the FBI.


>> No.72344560

What factions do you like the look of? How do you think you want to play?

>> No.72344567

Buy a box of troops. If you love them keep going, if you'd rather switch to another army at least you have a kill team

>> No.72344575

Guys... World Eaters when?
I don't want all this gay shit, I just want to melee people into red paste with a bunch of screaming red retards.

>> No.72344577

how big is an electropriest compared to a guardsman?

>> No.72344579

Do look cool. What is the scale like compared to 40k stuff?

>> No.72344586

How many did it take and also we should still use this idea>>72344496

>> No.72344588

Late August, screencap this.

>> No.72344603

He was too l8 m8 sorry to b8

>> No.72344611

Identical. You can fit Cadian heads and arms on them even with minimal work.

A no-no inside official GW stores but once you let go of needing official GW minis, the world is your ostrich.

>> No.72344619

There haven't even been rumors of anything. Rumor is Emp's Kids are next in line for new cult troops and a primarch. No source for that other than it's what people think because Fulgrim has been mentioned and seen in current lore.

>> No.72344622

That World Eater's helmet makes him look SAD. Like a KOT.

>> No.72344628

>Posts a Word Bearer

>> No.72344631

Stupid question, but do you guys paint the eyes on your miniatures? Is that a thing you're "supposed" to do? Do they look bad without them?

>> No.72344646


>> No.72344654


>> No.72344656

I do. I dont bother with sclera, iris, pupil. I just do iris.

>> No.72344662

Just play 30k and paint them in late-heresy red.

>> No.72344670


>> No.72344681

It's really easy to make a model look derpy painting the pupils. I prefer to just make the entire eye socket in shadow.

>> No.72344682

The factions I like the look of are: Necrons, GSC, Craftworlds, Thousand Sons, Space Marines (Salamanders), Grey Knights and Admech.
As for how I think I would like to play, I'd certainly like to be versatile (i.e. not being a one-trick-pony army like T'au with shooting) but that's all I can think of

>> No.72344689

Varies. I didn't bother on most of my GSC (just the characters) but I did all the lenses on my AdMech.

Honestly, if you're mainly going for a battle-ready army rather than a display one, doing the eyes isn't really necessary as it won't really be visible on the tabletop unless you've got your chin on the table. Drill your barrels though, that shit is visible.

>> No.72344700

Nth for fix custodes

>> No.72344705

I'm pretty sure based is an old word that had something to do with piety. Like like "Based Lot of Sodom"

>> No.72344712

>paint them in late-heresy red.
But their pre-heresy colours are so much better and show the blood splatter more clearly....

>> No.72344717

what do you mean he's red therefore he must be khorne, it's only logical.

>> No.72344720

Fuck you they are the best and never in the wrong

>> No.72344722

What’s wrong with cusstoads?

>> No.72344726

Xth for fuck custodes

>> No.72344731

Who's blood and hand print is that on Lotara? I know for a fact it isnt an embroidered hand print

>> No.72344734

God I wish melee servitors were worthwhile

>> No.72344742

I agree wholeheartedly but he specified that he wanted them red.

>> No.72344763

It’s Kharns. He gave it to her as a mark of honour or something like that

>> No.72344775

>only takes the best of the best
That’s only true on some worlds. Most of the time the guard will take everyone it can and the PDF is just made up of people either too inept to meet the minimum requirements or people who chose to join it instead of the guard

>> No.72344776

Shit thought it was angron’s

>> No.72344781




>> No.72344795

Who does savage killer better, Yiffs or Khornefags?

>> No.72344799

I organize and clean cars for a dealership, so hopefully something like working in some janitorial position in some rich dude's household where I just wax his vehicles

>> No.72344802


>> No.72344808

Neither it’s the space sharks

>> No.72344809


Basically he managed to convince his fleet commander that letting him grope her was the highest honour the legion could bestow. Now THAT is how you slip in some work-place sexual harrassment without ending up in front of Human Resources.

And people claim he was stupid.

>> No.72344816

These look cool what are they?

>> No.72344825

you nigger I didn't ask outside of those two

>> No.72344826

Khorne. Space Wolves are cunning murders masquerading as savages. Think more Conan the Barbarian than Doom Guy (book Conan, intelligent, insightful, armor-wearing conan, not Arnold). Space Wolves are as likely to drop a rock on you as they are to kill you in melee. World Eaters are where the Rip and Tear is really at.

>> No.72344839

Never ever.

>> No.72344840

>sys admin
Admech I guess. I'd probably get corrupted by chaos though.

>> No.72344848

Depends on what you mean by 'savage'.

Covering yourself in fur, beads and fangs on bits of string? Sure, Space Yiffs.

Defeating your opponent by tearing out his throat with your serrated ceramite dentures and then beating his corpse into a thin paste with the shattered haft of your chain-axe because you are that pissed off? World Eaters.

>> No.72344852

>book Conan, intelligent, insightful, armor-wearing conan, not Arnold
It's always been funny to me that Conan the Barbarian is more of a fighter/rogue than he is a barbarian, if we're talking DnD classes.

>> No.72344855

Isnt angrons hand like the size of her torso?

>> No.72344862

The new White Dwarf is up. Has it been posted or added to the MEGA yet?

>> No.72344869

Why are bare arms on marines so fucking cool? I know lore wise it must reduce their strength, but it looks so awesome.

>> No.72344875

The product of the AdMech weaponizing grim-derp.

>> No.72344897

According to the article discussing the Realm of Khorne in April's WD, Khorne's domain exists simultaneously in the 40K Warp as well within the edges of AOS's Mortal Realms.

This more confirmation that the setting are connected. Why is GW doubling down on this concept a lot recently? Are they planning to do a crossover.

>> No.72344902

No, he had carnie hands for a Primarch, same reason Kharn can wield his chainaxe.

>> No.72344909

Nids are mid tier but have so many options for army building you make easily make something powerful or gimmicky. Also, this entire hobby is too expensive so never let that stop you.

>> No.72344913

No. But I have it. Ask me anything.

>> No.72344918

Edge highlights are for cucks. Realism > cartoons.

>> No.72344924

This video can explain why it's so cool


>> No.72344927

The fuck is with the Mechanicum's obsession with adding human parts to a perfectly good combat Robot?

>Wow, we have this awesome jet-packed killing monstrousity, how should we make it better?
>Add a vulnerable human pilot
>Nah, that would take up too much room within the chasis
>Remove all of his parts

>> No.72344931

Are you dating anyone?

>> No.72344938

Edge highlighting minis is super realistic though, most minis are edge highlighted.

>> No.72344945

can't have AIs

>> No.72344949

Read up on why the Admech got fucked up lorelet and you'll realize why. Mars was a shithole full of daemonic scrap code possessed killbots before they got things in order again.

>> No.72344955

Because you need a brain to make it able to make decisions in battle, otherwise it's just automata that requires a datasmith which is a whole can of worms.

>> No.72344965

Hlaf the appeal of 30k admech over 40k is because forgeworld used to paint in a cool grungy style and their sculpts had human error (though I think 30k admech were the firs to use computers for some parts).
If you repainted these dudes in current forgeworld saturated colors and thicc highlight style they would look much worse.

>> No.72344966

Not at the moment. Was Engaged but had to break it off due to creative differences.

>> No.72344971


>> No.72344972

I'm still new to this whole 40K thing so before I sound too stupid take that info before ok?

Is it possible to put together in an army Pimaris Space Marines, Imperial Knights Armiger Helverins and one Imperial Knights Knight Castellan or do they belong to different factions in the imperium? In what order and what books should I read to know my stuff? How to operate my army and all that...


>> No.72344974

post models.

>> No.72344976

They just don't do nearly enough to justify their points cost.
I wish. Most the time they appear anymore it feels like they're just jobbing. Reminder of things that have killed Custodes:
>One unarmed punch from a manlet marine sergeant
>2 minotaurs in close quarters combat
>An unarmed and unarmored space marine in prison
>1 Death Jester and 1 Shadowseer killed dozens in the imperial palace

>> No.72344978

Play 30k.

>> No.72344980

thallax are so metal

>> No.72344987

White Dwarf confirmed Warp and Realm of Chaos is the same thing bro

>> No.72344988

That’s weird didn’t a word bearer become friends with a custodian

>> No.72344990

Did Deathwatch get anything else beyond what was already leaked?

>> No.72344992

>Hey I have a lore question
>Lol look at this lorelet, he doesn't have the answer to his lore question!

>> No.72344996


Read the core rulebook first.

>> No.72344997

I don't want pure marinewank

>> No.72345002

No. What was leaked is exactly what's in the issue.

>> No.72345007

Do necrons hate each other just about as much as they hate organics? Do certain necron factions have rivalries? I was reading the lore somewhat and it makes it sound like NO necron dynasty is on the same side. But it doesn't say that any particular ones hate each other?

>> No.72345008

>I know lore wise it must reduce their strength
In terms of fluff, marines seem perfectly capable of fighting with deactivated power armour, so most of their strength seems to be from their genhanced muscles rather than the suit's fibre-bundle system, that seems to just be there to mainly to carry its own weight. In terms of crunch, scouts are the same S4 as power armoured marines too.

So going unarmoured might effect their endurance but presumably their arms have a greater degree of movement without those chunky plates covering them so maybe having greater agility/flexibility in close-combat that offsets the decreased endurance. Plus marine endurance is so stupid you're probably talking about a marine's arms getting tired after four days of non-stop fighting rather than six.

That is how I headcanon marines dropping the armour on their arms anyway.

>> No.72345014

>wow admech are stupid
>you're an idiot
>no, i was only asking questions, reeeee!

>> No.72345017

That’s obviously referring to after the heresy you’re brainlet

>> No.72345020

Boo. No super doctrine? That sucks.

>> No.72345027

>Lorelet makes false assertions
>Read up on these specific things
I just told you what to look up

>> No.72345029

>he thinks the Mechanicum and the Admech are the same thing
Who's the lorelet now?

>> No.72345036

When was the leak / where can I find it?

>> No.72345040

>you’re brainlet
Lol ok

>> No.72345046

What false assertion did I make?

>> No.72345053


What do you think it is that the admech are stealing?

>> No.72345067

They're all rivals.

>> No.72345068

You are a good man anon

>> No.72345070

That the Mechanicum/Admech are fucking retards and just hate robots for no reason. They have specific reasons why they make Imperial robots the way they do and you just decided to take a shit on the table instead of googling it.

>> No.72345074

Autocorrect did kind of undercut my point there

>> No.72345076

it might also be that when the arm plates get damaged to the point of nonfunction, it's usually in a way that impedes the use and function of the wearer in such a way that it's simply easier to tear off the busted parts and keep going. after all, the only thing that it would feed power to is the corresponding hand, which in most cases all you're carrying is a gun or sword or something, things that really aren't reliant on power armour like say your legs supporting that extra like, half ton of metal and electronics

>> No.72345083

>The fuck is with the Mechanicum's obsession with adding human parts to a perfectly good combat Robot?
They have huge theological issues with the concept of a General Artificial Intelligence (called Silica Animus or Abominable Intellects) and that is basically what you'd be doing if you created an AI that was complex and adaptable enough to equal a human mind in the chaos of a battlefield.

To skirt around this they slice up humans and install cybernetics to achieve a similar result. Even then, the Thallax is considered to be bordering on GAI territory by the wider Mechanicum despite its human components and was only really tolerated because Ordo Reductor magi are scary and no one wanted to tell them they couldn't keep making them.

>> No.72345087

What's in the fucking box? And why are the Grey Knights currently considering using it according to their codex? Are things this bad?

>> No.72345090

>That the Mechanicum/Admech are fucking retards
Where did I say that?

>> No.72345108

they are functionally the same. the entire organization had been set in their way for hundreds if not thousands of years before the Emperor convinced them to join the Imperium. the only real difference between the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Mechanicum are the names

>> No.72345113

>If you repainted these dudes in current forgeworld saturated colors and thicc highlight style they would look much worse.
Yes, but still cooler than the bird-men who are the 40k equivalent jump-pack equipped troops.

>> No.72345120

Bro those look fucking sick. I should do something similar for /mydudes/

>> No.72345134

>and was only really tolerated because Ordo Reductor magi are scary and no one wanted to tell them they couldn't keep making them
Lmao, I'm just imagining the council of tech-priests standing around trying to figure out who is going to go into the manufactorum full of psychotic murderbots and tell the guys in charge they can't make any more of those psychotic murderbots that are staring right at them because they're tech-heresy.

>> No.72345137

>And why are the Grey Knights currently considering using it according to their codex?
Because they desperately want to stay relevant

>> No.72345142

As you're just shitting on the Mechanicum for "adding human parts to a perfectly good combat Robot"

>> No.72345146

A note personally written by Malcador.

It just says "lol ur fuckd"

>> No.72345148

your entire greentext is predicated on them replacing important robot bits with a vulnerable human pilots for 'no reason' and implying they're stupid for it

>> No.72345151

Not him but that's like saying the Space Marine Legions and Chapters are the same.

In fact those are actually much closer to each other than the Mechanicum and the AdMech.

>> No.72345152

They want to stop being sad penguins.

>> No.72345162

Thanks! Its Greenstuff plus some bootleg lego SSH-40 helmets. Pretty easy to make the winter gear if you have some silicone tools.

>> No.72345177

It's probably an off switch for the golden throne, entrusted to the grey knights because the custodes are too loyal to the emperor to ever consider using it, even if all hope was lost.

>> No.72345186

Inside the box is a piece of string, and pulling the piece of string opens a secret compartment, and inside the secret compartment is a decree that the Emperor should never be put on the golden throne

>> No.72345190

That's what I always felt like it was.

>> No.72345192

Oh you're the type to get triggered and read malice into a joke! That explains a lot. Let me be clear: I do not hate your red army men, they are very nice.

>> No.72345194

The Ordo Reductor guys were pretty hardcore, I wouldn't blame them.

>> No.72345202


>> No.72345227

LOL no, in fact what would become the admech were the minority of the mechanicum, weaker in both numbers and technology. They lost most of their lore and their high status as a result of the new treaty they had to sign to become adeptus. In 40k they’re a mini empire but in 30k they were equal partners in theory with the imperium.
They had much, much crazier shit and operated differently, and the cult of the omnissiah that specifically believed E money was the same was... relatively weak and new.

>> No.72345238

How big is an electro-priest compared to a guardsman?

Also I finished this admech objective market

>> No.72345242

It never ceases to amaze me how mad people can get about a simple joke. I blame the liberals.

>> No.72345253

Glazes are intended to tint an undercoat while washes are intended to darken the recesses and define details. If you slap a wash on it usually has the effect of a very weak glaze. They can be somewhat similar but the effects are different. Washes tend to have a surficant in it to break water tension to easily flow into recesses while with glazes you generally don't want it collecting anywhere.
That depends on what you're going for. The obvious choice is to wash with a darker version of the same color. It would be best to experiment. I've seen people use a purple wash on top of gold. Remember that when put on a wash will weakly tint your undercoat.
This is another "depends" situation. Usually when you do an all over wash you'll get some coffee staining on flat surfaces. Washes can be useful in this regard by doing a weak tint which will blend/smooth out transitions in different paint layers and mostly collect in the recesses. One of the easiest ways to somewhat fix sloppy highlighting would be to cover the whole thing in a wash. On the other hand if you do not want to tint your undercoat at all you want to be more selective with where you wash. Either by carefully washing in the recesses or (and this is the easiest way I found) by putting a gloss coat over your base coat and then washing, then soaking up the wash on the raised parts with a qtip, then going over with a matte varnish.

>> No.72345255

Come on bro, a couple extra steps could make this something really cool, as is it's just lazy and bland.

>> No.72345271

A "godlike" entity saved the Fourth Sphere. For what purpose?

>> No.72345276

You're welcome for the knowledge by the way. Hopefully you won't have to make this gaffe again.

>> No.72345291

Fyodor Karamazov

>> No.72345294

Ever so slightly taller than Skitarii. I haven't got any Guardsmen to compare against.

>> No.72345308

No cat people. But fish people are mentioned and even squats.

>> No.72345327

>a stable wormhole within the immaterium
A wormhole is a hypothetical result of the extreme warping of space-time, how the fuck does that factor into the Warp and all its existing fluff where it basically ignores physics?

Did the author just throw "wormhole" in there because the pay cheque they'd received told them they were writing a science fiction novel and "wormhole" sounded vaguely sciencey?

>> No.72345332

So the nu-lore writers could continue debasing 40k and jerking each other off.

>> No.72345336

Squats have not and will not ever exist

>> No.72345341

>legions and chapters are the same
that's also pretty much true though too

the majority of Ultramarines successors effectively are due to their space dad being the one to write the big book of space marines and the Ultramarines being able to call on them if the smurfs suffer dangerously heavy losses, the Fists have the Last Wall protocol, the Dangels and all their successors are a secret legion in all but name, the Bangels were able to recall all their successors and command them without any issue, and the Space Wolves, despite suffering the losses from 10k of warfare are operating the exact same way in current year as they did when the Emperor found Russ and he reformed his legion on Fenris. honestly, the only ones that pretty much aren't are the Scars, Salamanders, Iron Hands, and Raven Guard due to pure numbers lost during the HH and lack of notable successors known today

On the other hand, outside of paying lip service to the Imperium and working on and supplying their stuff, the Admech has been doing the exact same thing for longer than the Imperium has existed thanks to uncountable generations steeped in religious zealotry and fervour

>> No.72345344

Is this true?

>> No.72345354


>> No.72345368

Does that mean that the traitors are morally justified to rebel against it?

>> No.72345370

decima was truly based

>> No.72345373

>statement made in the negative disparaging an organization based on the fact that you don't know the lore
>on 4chan of all places

>'I sure fooled you guys, I'm so smart ; ^)

>> No.72345377

Yes but only since your mother went through menopause.

>> No.72345378

I'm assuming most abhuman "Human but X" are just humans with some features like that creature but still can look reasonably human. Beastmen abhumans for example could pass as ugly humans at a distance barring some other traits.

>> No.72345401


>> No.72345409

Not the khan said this about the heresy.
“The traitors Just swapped one tyrant for another”
Or something like that

>> No.72345414

What’s it like being a lorelet? There’s much, much more that separates legions from chapters than mere numbers anon.

>> No.72345434

It's not even the cruelest regime in the 40k setting.

>> No.72345445

I love the idea of his ship being shot down, then when it crashes, they zoom in on the crash site and just see a bunch of heavy cyborgs and an extremely pissed off Magos kicking their way out of the wreckage like plunging out of control through the atmosphere and smacking into the ground at terminal velocity is a totally normal way to enter a warzone.

>> No.72345446

Silicone tools? Are they better than metal ones?

And yes, I also use putty for my dudes' coats!

>> No.72345453

Yes, it is. *sips her Ky'hasa"

>> No.72345454

I don't think Chaos is organized enough to be called a regime

>> No.72345470

silicon with water sticks far less than metal from what I've found if you're using greenstuff.

>> No.72345477

If it’s got a spine and part of a brain then it can’t turn into an AI and try to kill everyone. Supposedly.

>> No.72345485

Dark Eldar society is built on the commodification of intentionally inflicted paid and misery.

>> No.72345501

> like plunging out of control through the atmosphere and smacking into the ground at terminal velocity is a totally normal way to enter a warzone

>> No.72345508

>> No.72345517

The slaves are not citizens. They are resources. Do you consider cattle to be your countrymen?

>> No.72345528

What is 30k even about? I hadn't heard of it until today? Is it literally just imperium battling each other and chaos? Are xenos not allowed?

>> No.72345529

*for non-Orks

>> No.72345530


>> No.72345536

Wouldn't the Emperor remember and miss his faithful?

>> No.72345539

Yeah, but there's only like a few planet's worth of Dark Eldar. The only thing that stops them from being as irrelevant as the Tau is the ability to pop up anywhere they want.

>> No.72345540

Cattle are not capable of speech, reasoning, and presumably don't have souls.

>> No.72345542


why do tech priests carry around tool axes or whatever? They don't even seem strong enough to hold the damn thing let alone cut a fucking enemy down.

>> No.72345552

>Yeah, but there's only like a few planet's worth of Dark Eldar
Commoragh is WAY bigger than you think it is.

>> No.72345553

It's the Horus Heresy, Anon.

>> No.72345559

By the Eldar's metric, neither do most things

>> No.72345566

They have their own primitive communication, they have reasoning at the level of a human toddler and perhaps higher, and there is no such thing as a soul.

Aeldari view humans as a lower form of life to be exploited. If you eat meat, you can't fault them.

>> No.72345575

they call humans monkeys anon, anything that isn't them is inferior and therefore not a person

>> No.72345585

It’s about the Horus Heresy. 18 legions with different ways of building them called rites of war that allow things like artillery, drop pod, all tank, all assault marine, and much more unique lists, unique daemons that are build-a-daemon armies, multiple flavors of mechanicum (mostly stompy robots and tanks), a human faction that is also heavily modular, and an elite human boarding faction in diving gear style space suits. Dark mech coming soon too, so daemon robots before too long.

>> No.72345594

military sappers and engineers traditionally carried axes.

>> No.72345617

The khan shat on Mortarion for joining the obviously worse side. He didn’t consider the Emperor to be nearly as bad as Horus or some other false equivalency

>> No.72345642

What is their end game?

>> No.72345644

He did think the Emperor was a chode, but mostly because he built walls and pushed atheism.

>> No.72345645

>If you eat meat, you can't fault them
The fuck I can't. I don't go out and abduct a deer so I can slowly flay it alive with poison-soaked glass knives, I just fucking kill it and eat it. There are degrees. Killing a much inferior animal for food is not the same thing as torturing a debatably lesser being. One is a necessity, minimizing the suffering possible in the situation. The other is gratuitous, unnecessary, and icky.

>> No.72345652

Comorrogh has more living space than all million of the Imperium’s planets put together but I think the writers did that accidentally because they have no sense of scale

>> No.72345653

Give suggestions. I based/washed/dry brushed. What more does it need?

>> No.72345654

>why do tech priests carry around tool axes or whatever?
Omnissian Axes are one of the symbols of an ordained member of the Priesthood.

>They don't even seem strong enough to hold the damn thing let alone cut a fucking enemy down.
They are. Most Priests, particularly the more martial ones who spend a lot of time on battlefields, will have passed the Crux Mechanicus, the point where their bodies are more machine than flesh.

They might look skinny but so does a T-800 endoskeleton.

>> No.72345656

base needs work,more mud

looks really shit and slapped together

>> No.72345659

There are definitively souls in warhammer anon

>> No.72345663

Chaos really became a big factor in 30k. Slaanesh manifested thanks to all the murderfucking the deldar were doing, and as thanks she murderfucked 90% of their race out of exist. Then the 4 chaos gods got together and convinced Lorgar it'd be funny to corrupt horus. So Horus got corrupted and started planning a rebellion. Magnus (who was told not to do any psychic bullshit) caught wind of this and smashed open the web way to try and tell big E. The Emperor got fucking pissed that there were Daemons on his front lawn told Horus to go tell Leman Russ to bring Magnus to custody. Horus instead told Leman to raze Prospero, and some Custodes went with. While Leman and the banana boys were off doing that Horus kicked things into full gear with a bunch of other legions, and proceded to destroy most of the Imperium's force, killing a bunch of primarchs and making Big E take a permanent sit down before dying.

>> No.72345664

idk if your still in the thread but i really like flesh hounds and would want to incorporate them. is there a reason why you dont?

>> No.72345667

techpriests are typically mechanically enhanced, whether through wearing suits of power armour or just straight up replacing their fleshy bits with metal bits, especially if they're going to be gallivanting around in a warzone getting shot at or performing field repairs on vehicles without a proper setup. and the reason why they usually use an ax is because it's multipurpose and an ax with a cog-toothed blade is pretty much a symbol of their office so to speak

>> No.72345670

thanks anon.

>> No.72345675


>> No.72345681

Delete all souls, chaos starved out of existence, warp turns into peaceful sea.

>> No.72345684

One minor thing. The Drukhari torture people out of necessity since they need to feed on suffering to sustain their withering souls.

If you were in their place you would do the same thing. Heck, you are doing it now. The meat you buy from the markets came out of great suffering both animal and human.

>> No.72345689

Yeah I thought that was a semi big part in book scars

>> No.72345723

It’s canon now that Chaos draws power from multiple universes and parallel dimensions. It’s effectively impossible to starve them out.

>> No.72345724


>> No.72345727

I thought crons wanted their souls back

>> No.72345742

In the books he’s definitely the most independent but he also shouts “For the Emperor!” and shit. He clearly respects him.

>> No.72345748

After this lockdown is over I’m going to be judgemental as fuck seeing grey tide armies. “Oh life is so busy, I have so much work and travel” ain’t gonna fly. We’re going to see who legit just didn’t have the time and who were the shitters.

>> No.72345761

You can cut them off from a universe by purging it from all life. That is why the Chaos Gods were freaked out by Nagash ritual. With no life around, the Chaos Gods would be forced to move on.

>> No.72345762

Bruv they're S4

>> No.72345778

this. I'm at least honest that I'm a shitter than doesn't like painting very much but I'm at least trying to make the effort to finish some of my active backlog

>> No.72345781

Yeah I understand that he is still loyal I’m just saying that he probably thinks that the emperor and the imperium has a lot of flaws

>> No.72345810

They gonna whip out the "my grandma died of coroner" backup excuse

>> No.72345829

I think only some dynasties want that.

>> No.72345866


He explains his reasoning in a short story pretty succinctly. Pick related. Context is he was teaching a warsmith that he just beat how to win. The IW asks why he’s doing that and Khan says “Maybe it’ll help in your next life” and the IW laughs and says “you should have joined the warmaster if you don’t believe in the Imperial Truth. This follows

>> No.72345871

Are you the lorelet who was MERELY JOKING earlier?

>> No.72345877

I don’t know, but I could estimate. A Scions is probably the same height as a Skitarii, and a Scion is just slightly taller than a guardsman, so just find a pic of a Skitarii next to one and think a little smaller.

>> No.72345887

The actual Emperor, or the Emperor according to the fucking propaganda that you eat up like one of the retards in the setting?

>> No.72345895

>drukhari need to
Yeah its not like the VAST majority of their species does things in a less insane manner.

>buy from market
I don't do that.

>> No.72345906

Do you miss the dead cells from your body?

>> No.72345913

Would you believe him if he said no?

>> No.72345920

You know what gets your mind off a viral massacre? Filing moldlines.

>> No.72345930

>When was the leak / where can I find it?

Subscribers got their print edition about two weeks ago.


>> No.72345945

new thread



>> No.72345968

The Emperor being a brain dead vegetable used as an abhorrent cog in a machine, and the macabre spectacle worshipped by the ignorant and cynically used by the those in power is the best version of 40k.

Before it turned into Space Dad drama and confirmation the Emperor is still sentient.

>> No.72345984

Nice bro thanks

>> No.72346132

nice feet

>> No.72346142

every time I see more of Khan and his boys, I always want to start a White Scars army. they are based as fuck

>> No.72346214 [DELETED] 

Assembling the Infernal Enrapturess now. Instead of giving the guy a tabard/whatever it is, should I put some mangled greenstuff there and make it look like his bits got mutilated? Or is that too far?

>> No.72346422

What most replies to this post is not getting is that you’re not highlighting to simulate the way light reflects (necessarily) you are doing it to accentuate detail, create contrast and attract focus which is important on miniatures that are also gaming pieces (as such will be viewed from all angles at many different distances).

There’s no one in this thread who would think that a drybrushed model actually looks better than a edge highlighted model upon actual inspection.

That being said it’s a lot of work and requires much more practice compared to drybrushing.

>> No.72346609

They only ever banded together when the Silent King gave them an outside enemy to fight, and once that failed, brainwashed them all into subservience. When the King fucked off before the necron nap time, he removed the command protocols, so now necrons don't get along again. My phaeron has had his crypteks reinstall a rudimentary from of command protocols into most of his underlings and gathering C'tan shards to try and resurrect one and become the new Silent King, just like in the good old times.

>> No.72346641

Spray the whole thing with primer and repaint it fully to look more like an ancient giant circuit board instead of something you pulled out of your stereo and stuck on a piece of blutac.

>> No.72346923

I like this as a concept but as it stands it looks quite lazy. Maybe give it a frame and some broken LEDs that are counted ti be the objective number

>> No.72347079

Lore question regarding Eldar:

I'm aware that some craftworlds strongly believe in rebuilding the Eldar empire, my question is thusly, Why aren't there any eldar "empires" out here?

The closest thing I've heard about was craftworlds defending exodite worlds, but I've never read about what the damn buggers do other then float around and whine about dwindling. Surely having multiple worlds would help in the saving the species department.

On a side note, what does an Eldar "fleet" actually consist of in terms of ships and stuff?

>> No.72347281 [DELETED] 

When is it going to be over, though?

>> No.72347422

how do chaos space marines get more numbers

>> No.72347880

We got deathwatch WD scans/pdf yet?

>> No.72348677

We don't go around systematically torturing cattle. It's bad for the product. Cows produce less milk when stressed, for example.

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