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Archetypes Edition


>Current meta, complete with deck lists

>Comprehensive Magic search engine

>Build and share decks

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What is your favorite archetype to play?

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Control I miss the times before Teferi

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>>What is your favorite archetype to play?
Tempo and Aggro with disruption like Humans.

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Okay you got me, I think I was just being salty.

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midrange, anything else is for niggers

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It happens to everyone, especially in these trying times.

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reminder that 'polarizing' is corprate doublespeak for successful :^)

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it's actually corporate speak for "everybody hates it except a few cherrypicked sycophants"

maro is not so braindead he can't see the writing on the wall

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>as well as the rest of Ikoria
does anyone care about the rest of Ikoria?
even in standard it looks like the big decks picked up companions and the tri-lands and fuck everything else from the set

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yeah it's bfz all over again
absolute dogshit forgettable set with a handful of fundamentally broken cards that will ruin the game for a solid half a year

I already predicted this a while back but maro has basically confirmed that the timeline on a companion fix/ban won't be reasonable at all. Minimum 1 month (closer to 2-3) for quarantines to start be lifted. Minimum 1 month (closer to 2-3) to "gather data". We're likely looking at modern being shitted up by companions until August in a best case scenario. Time to check out of this shit hobby and do something else this summer.

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take the /trad/pill

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What a fucking jew. Is there seriously not enough evidence yet? How do I email this pic to him, I wanna get his response.

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>the most skilled, dedicated, and time-invested players grind out cumulative tens of thousands of match data to demonstrably show that companions are broken
>but timothy at le lgs hasnt gotten to play with it yet anon :^) the dust is still all up in the air

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>what if we took the most soulful plane in magic and just took a hefty shit on it for those cyberpunk dollars?
lol indeed

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at least it would distance the absolute disservice they would do the plane from the original block

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I'd rather take the quitpill

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that's the bitterest one of them all, but I respect your decision

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Very based

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heh, you guys complain now but a few years from now you'll all be nostalgic about companions. typical whiny magic players.
t. nosewater

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>in 10 years we'll print something so broken magic players will actually like companion

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>10 years from now we'll make companions look like a fucking joke with how busted shit will be

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I know. Despite all it's shortcomings I love this game and I have met cool people playing it, however, when the company in charge of it doesn't thinks with the best interest of the players in mind, then I can hardly justify spending much more of my time on it.

Our time in this world is limited, and there are much better things to do than spending it as the cattle of some corporate executives trying to sell me the most cardboard they can every 3 months. If it were the best, most entertaining cardboard, then sure, but if it's only purpouse is to beat the previous cardboard without care for the quality, then it's not worth it.

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Treasure Hunt
(both the oracle and zombie hunt versions)

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Tempo. Which is why I don't play memedern

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>He thinks Mtg will last another 10 years

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It's absurd that MTG is big enough to have a bunch of other companies that specifically exist to ride its wake. The game is definitely going to die soon (at least on a competitive level), so the fallout will be pretty hard there.

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That's corporate doublespeak for widely hated. That kind of speak is supposed to make bad things look as good as possible, or at least neutral. If it were successful why would corporate doublespeak be employed to say it was polarizing? That's not how it works. Things are always worse than they are willing to admit. That's corporate doublespeak.

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more like 10 months

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Take the Netrunner pill anon.

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Maro's getting so desperate he had to go through a billion of hate posts to find this gargling circumcised cock sucker to pin it and show not everyone is shitting on the most retarded mechanic ever.
If anything it just show how terrible the situation is. For once i expect some design kikes at jotc getting the boot as sacrifice to appease the angry crowd. This time they can't get away with it, it was just too big of a mess up.

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Lurrus Delver is a tip deck.

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>but timothy at le lgs hasnt gotten to play with it yet anon :^) the dust is still all up in the air
i keked pretty hard, thanks fren

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Try 10 weeks

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Am I the only one playing modern who actually likes new cards shaking things up? Playing against stock list tron/jund/burn/uw control for eternity sounds like hell.

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you still play against those things retard only now they're ten times more powerful and you have to rearrange your whole deck to play a pokemon too or you just lose to them

>> No.72295725

companions are next level homogenizing, every game look exactly the same now, tf are you smoking bruh?

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Eternal formats already have so much redundancy that you can just shove 40 copies of bolt in your deck and blindly keep the first hand you draw

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A thing that I just realized is how little TBD and Uro have shaped the meta compared to WAR ELD or Ikoria, even though I think few people would call tbd a low powered set.

I also love the idea how wotc must be on all around damage control at this very moment. Their set hasnt even been physically released and has irreversibly altered almost all formats in existence.

Imagine printing a card that is played by half the vintage decks within weeks and restricting it will do nothing, haha

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I miss stuff like this lads.

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why hasn't tcgplayer had a cashback sale in forever

>> No.72296485

bro I don't even think they're doing tcgplayer direct. they're located in syracuse, NY so they're still probably under some kind of lockdown and all their employees decided to unionize right as the coronavirus hit

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I love mutate :3
Dont go comparing the two sets. Limited ikoria is decent, contrary to that fucking garbage of bfz

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I live in Syracuse, and you can get arrested for being out and about without a reason, and anyone in public has to be wearing a facemask be fined

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Since TCGPlayer Direct is down I invested my trumpbux in stocks instead and I'm up 150 dollars. Kind of puts it all into perspective.

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Wtf I did the exact same thing except I lost 150 dollars. Stefan??

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You'll never get your Grinding Stations or your 150 dollars back, hon hon hon

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mutate is probably the easiest way to 2-for-1 yourself in the history of the game

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Aggro/tempo/stax hybrids. Delvers are aggro tempo. Eldrazi is aggro/stax. DNT is tempo/stax.

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I hope there aren't many people like this that will give mark rosewater the wrong idea

He literally doesn't address the meat of what this person is saying at all, a very valid critique of the mechanic's design

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imo L O N D O N has done that as well. For better or worse, there’s pros and cons to reducing extremes in variance, but I find it a) puts extra emphasis on deckbuilding, and b) leads to some of the funnest games in addition to stinkers. Not that the mulligan rule changes it that much, but think about the decision you make to put a card back and how your decision sculpts the hand you have.
You always put back the stinker. Less games where you have full houses and whacky hands and instead more consistent action.

I find the truly fun action lurks in the spaces inbetween the consistency.

>> No.72297963

*vancoomer mull for a) and b)

>> No.72297979

I have no clue what you're trying to say, but companions make every hand the same in at least one way, so...

>> No.72297986

london mulligan

>> No.72298029

Meant to say that it’s more than companions that lead to this; it’s also the shittier mulligan rule.

Companions are leaps and bounds ahead of anything else when we are talking about mtg consistency and there is no way for this mechanic to be balanced unless you ban all 10 companions or print 10 more generic ones and they hand them out like cars at an oprah show

>> No.72298092

ehh the london mulligan doesn't affect consistency nearly as much as companions. If neobrand is a little more powerful and has to get banned as a result, I'll take it in exchange for getting screwed/flooded less. Because yes the london mulligan reduces variance, but it mostly reduces the flood/screw games that naturally come with variance but that aren't fun; the london mulligan doesn't come close to making the game repetitive.

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Variance is bad and you should be allowed to stack your deck at the start of the match, change my mind. I want games to be decided by skill not by who gets flooded

>> No.72298101

>We have the tools to adjust!

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Part of skill is knowing how to use whatever part of your deck you draw moron

>> No.72298138

If you think that's more fun, put your money where your mouth is and try it with someone

>> No.72298177

a hilarious thing to say, considering that an entire class of tools (discard) is completely ineffective against companions

>> No.72298187

I mean, decks are already designed around that concept. You want your deck to beat turn 3 tron, not "oops i kept a 1 lander and 6 karns" tron.

>> No.72298210

Not even close to comparable to what your talking about. Now shut the fuck up and come back when you know what your idea plays like

>> No.72298241

Y'know what, why am I even entertaining this? If what you talked about were implemented, every format would just play one deck based around the best combo and games would be determined by who went first

>> No.72298269

In a different card game or different format it would be sweet, it’s like 60 step mental magic. It might be the most based format.

>> No.72298282

Your Spike Chancellor deck is no match for my Providence Weenies.

>> No.72298283

I read a thought experiment about it and the writer suggested that it would turn the game into Rock-Paper-Scissors, with 3 decks:

The best turn 0 deck
The deck made to shut down the turn 0 deck
The deck that shuts down that second deck, but loses to the first.

I don't know how that would actually play out, but it's safe to say that there would be at least 2 decks.

>> No.72298301

Sounds like a looot of fun...

>> No.72298302

>what is counterplay
thats a yikes from me anon

>> No.72298306

that was the original ravager meta which basically killed the game and even then ravager was still top tier and you either played ravager or anti-ravager and anything else was like a combined 10% of the meta
so what you're suggesting happened before and we know from experience that it was miserable as all fuck

>> No.72298315

and then see

you are dumb

>> No.72298331

I didn't mean to suggest that it sounded fun, a more muddled meta is definitely better for everyone, otherwise my ninjas deck would always lose...

>> No.72298345

>People should be allowed to stack their deck
If I wanted to play bloody knuckles, I wouldn't waste money on cardboard.

>> No.72298358

Honestly the top deck would probably be some sort of esper control. t0 Leyline of Sanctity, t1 Thoughtsieze with Forces in hand to stop opponent comboing off, then drawing into a midrange strategy to fight against similar decks

>> No.72298416

it works best with two people. It’s a format called premeditated mental magic and it’s not cancer. What probably would happen and what actually would happen are different sometimes.

>> No.72298441

You're just describing the second deck in that list
Any resources, gameplay videos, anything? And even if the format isn't bad, I don't want all magic to be like that like anon was saying.

>> No.72298462

I bet if the government put the MTGO software into a machine learning super computer with this dumb timmy format then made it duke it out infinitely we would see how dynamic the meta might really be.

>> No.72298468

You dumb faggot U/W hasn't existed for almost a year because of VoS and just going Bant, and Tron, Jund, and Burn are STILL COMMON DECKS WITH LURRUS AROUND. The only good that's come from Lurrus is Seal of Fire Jund and Delver, but Lurrus Burn is even stupider than regular Burn and all Lurrus decks that aren't Burn or Bogles or whatever are basically the same thing.

>> No.72298487

no it’s a meme but mental magic is a format. premeditating it is something for AI since humans would be sneaky bastards with spike chancellor and the meta might get stuck there.
This format is so stupid i love it
MMG where it’s always christmas land

>> No.72298497

regular magic isn't able to be solved like that, and I suspect this format isn't either

>> No.72298517

Probably not, but I bet they could give you hard answers on questions like "what's the perfect deck" and spit it out to the card if you fed it all play data available from events involving real players.

>> No.72298525

You realize new decks can appear and old decks can get stronger without broken shit like companion being printed, right?

>> No.72298552

It's kind of unsurprising, I've seen at least several dozen posts from random people online saying they like companion, and without fail, every single one is a fucking retard who sucks at the game. I have never once seen anyone remotely competitive say they like companions except with caveats like "companions seem kinda cool...too bad they're broken as fuck" or "I will not make a statement until there is more data". Even the morons going "we need more data" often say stupid shit like "companions aren't homogenizing you can't say that it's only been a week" despite a week's worth of 30+ events all with companions being 40%+ of the meta and 80%+ of the tops.

>> No.72298571

Here's a Frank Karsten article from a couple of years back. Not about stacking decks but allowing unlimited number of copies.

>> No.72298577

If the super computer predicted at some point that it was more intelligent to not go spike chancellor than otherwise, the meta would go above and beyond, with the 59th card being important. Pls gov run vidya bots

>> No.72298606

If you played T&N during Ravager Affinity meta you were a sucker. The only real deck during then was Affinity, and a distant second was Molder Slug Ponza. That was it.

>> No.72298607

>companions seem kinda cool...too bad they're broken as fuck

>> No.72298623

Ah, that's the article, yeah, my fault I forgot that it was about card limit rather than stacking the deck, though I would imagine there are some similarities (playing 60 of one card is a bit like stacking your deck)

>> No.72298642

I meant hook up mtgo to a machine learning super computer and give it a cookie whenever it gets a win, let it order decks and decode this timmy format meta

>> No.72298710

It already is, but WotC no longer shares the full results with us.

>> No.72298721

I hope they flat out make it applicable EDH only, the sooner the better, but they are bumblers and might not.

>> No.72298781

No please, edh doesn't want this shit either. Just ban companionshit everywhere.

>> No.72298826

based and underrated

>> No.72298829

I don't think companions are that destructive in edh. And I love the idea of using partner commanders and a companion to start with 10 cards in hand lol

>> No.72298845

I wish I could hate you to death through the screen.

>> No.72298854

What about partner planeswalker commanders with partner companions?

>> No.72298855

Too bad you can't :)
See you fnm ;)

>> No.72298864

>edh fnm

>> No.72298866

those don't exist and I don't really want them to

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>> No.72298881

>banned day -42

>> No.72298884



>> No.72298919

Why can't they just change the rule of companion?
It doesn't say on the card what it means so they can change it however they want.

>> No.72298931

They did, they changed the rules to let companion work because the edh rules committee is a bunch of fucking clowns. If sheldon had any fucking balls he wouldn't have tolerated this shit and changed the rules to allow them.

>> No.72298945

Why haven’t you taken the tradpill yet, anons?

>> No.72298952

partner commanders are actually kinda cool, as long as they're not "partner with." Creating combinations that synergize with underutilized mechanics (like akiri/kydele investigate) is pretty interesting

>> No.72298962

Fuck off cancer partner faggot. Edh is one commander, and that commander is a creature, anything else is fucking clownery.

>> No.72298986

I mean if it's fun and not busted, who cares?

>> No.72298995

So then why do you trannies ban land destruction?

>> No.72299004

traditional is kind of joke, especially considering the word "traditional" and the timing of the introduction of mythics/introduction of planeswalkers/creation of modern. Tradition is a fundamentally shitty thing to strive or anyway anon, even if you were adhering to the buzzword.

>> No.72299017

Me. I care, because I'm very autistic.

>> No.72299022

land destruction isn't banned? I guess sundering titan is banned, but that's one card and it's not even a good one

>> No.72299036

>land destruction banned
What sort of clown world bullshit are you talking about?

>> No.72299073

You are not autistic. It is very reasonable to hate that which goes against everything magic stands for.

>> No.72299124

Commander is a casual fan-created format, you have no fucking idea what you're talking about

>> No.72299132

3 card magic is pretty fun, which is sort of the logical extreme of playing magic with stacked decks.

>> No.72299164

And it's not Magic

>> No.72299267


>> No.72299335

Dumbfuck format idea inspired by the "stack your deck", and taking it to the logical conclusion:
>Every instance of card draw instead a free tutor
>Cascade, "reveal top of library" effects, Ad Nauseam effects, play as normal (can't cascade into whatever you want)
Now obviously this format would be fucking broken and require banning certain combos to make it playable, but do you think it would still be fun to play? Would this require skill aside from simply owning the correct cards?

>> No.72299343

Edh, along with cube and pauper, is the last format that isn't fully raped by wotc, and no matter how much wotc fucks edh it'll be fine because it's a casual format with no established meta.

>> No.72299361

No and no

>> No.72299377

member when wotc banned cards in a timely manner
I member

>> No.72299395


>> No.72299403

Reminder that this banning took place FOUR DAYS after the set released.

>> No.72299415

Ahhhh Desire
I remember when busted cards were at least fun.

>> No.72299446

>Edh, along with cube and pauper, is the last format that isn't fully raped by wotc
>EDH isn't fully raped by WotC
the last time this was a true statement was, like, 2012. Fuck off, the yearly precons have fucking decimated EDH.

>> No.72299470

>What if you could play your commander without playing your commander?

>> No.72299498

If it bugs you, then don't play it and fuck off.
inb4 >b-but wizards has been designing for commander
then take it up with wizards you fucking cunt

>> No.72299525

gonna have to side with >>72299446 here. I kinda wish wizards would leave edh be for the most part, the more a corporation tries to identify with something fanmade, the less authentic it becomes.
I worry about pauper, because it's two things that wizards hates, affordable and non-rotating. At least there are people on the inside of wizards who like playing pauper, and they banned astrolabe.
Cube is and will always be safe though.

>> No.72299564

If there's anything this shitty meta helped to prove is that Humans will always be relevant, even if it might be tier 1.5 at times.

>> No.72299596

Outside of banning Vial or Cavern (which wotc will never do), there's nothing you can ban out of humans. It's nearly burn-tier resilient.

>> No.72299609

Dumn ADHD kid.

>> No.72299622

Variance requires skill to win in the long term. That's teh kind of game magic is.

>> No.72299624

MTG is too complex to do that, unironically.

>> No.72299637

Reminder that this was in a time where there wasn't half the population online at any given time to test out new cards and combos WotC can pretend they knew of afterwards

Maybe if they didn't release a gorillion products each year, that'd be different

>> No.72299673

You can ban ziggurat and unclaimed territory, those cards aren't played anywhere else and will disrupt their 5c plan, forcing humans to go 3 colors and losing anything between mantis rider, duress on a stick or meddling mage/reflector mage, the deck would also be forced into shocks/fetches making them take considerably more damage from themselves, it would be weaked quite a bit but still a good tribal deck.

>> No.72299685

Again with this shit? Why would you have to ban anything from Humans?

>> No.72299687

Rise and shine Anon

>> No.72299688

idk man computers are good at mtg too

>> No.72299715

I enjoy tribal decks, but Cavern is a very stupid card.

>> No.72299727

People have been programming supercomputers to learn chess for 30 years and still are only able to sometimes beat grandmasters, starcraft II neural network "Alphastar" still struggles in lower ranks and it's only advantage is having perfect micro (albeit capped to be human--like), MTG is far more complex than both games, the variables you have to included are infinite based on both chance and the situation you're in.

Humans is among the symptoms of the game being shit, 5c, consistent decks that don't have to pay a tax for going in 5 colors is a huge issue only overshadowed by wotc retardness of printing busted graveyard strategies and straight up overpowered cards.

>> No.72299729

You're mathematically wrong

>> No.72299749

Those cards will never be banned, humans isn't dominant enough to warrant it

>> No.72299759

Humans is a based, interactive aggro deck and clearly your ass is sore.

>> No.72299783

For me, it's a 60 Chancellor of the Dross deck.

>> No.72299912

Where the hell did Goldfish Breakdown go? I can't see the cards played by different decks anymore below the aggregate lists.

>> No.72299921

Goym stats are racist, you wouldn't discriminate against companions now, would you?

>> No.72299928

>5c, consistent decks that don't have to pay a tax for going in 5 colors
Yeah, they tax they have to pay instead is playing only one type and supertype. Oh no.

>> No.72299963

That's why they also run artifacts and instants, right? Don't open your mouth again, brainlet.

>> No.72300000

What instants does Humans run? Fuck off, retard.
Inb4 Dismember.

>> No.72300029

Why did gush get banned in pauper again? What deck brought it on?

>> No.72300037

They printed Foil as common and it went out of control. As always Wizards fucked it up.

>> No.72300131

So, let's sum this up.
Formats there obviously was no playtesting done for:
- Modern
- Legacy
- Vintage
- Standard

Which must mean that Ikoria is either a Pauper or EDH set.

>> No.72300238

>tfw no pitiless gf

>> No.72300256

Okay I haven't played magic since forever, is Ikoria allowed in modern?

>> No.72300266

It is, but it shouldn't be. Aside from Labyrinth Raptor and Lore Drakkis.

>> No.72300293

Magic is dead. Nothing is allowed in any format, because every format is dead.
get out while you can

>> No.72300320

Its an edh set. Not much usable for pauper here fortunately

>> No.72300418


Nope. It restricts decks harder than companions.

>> No.72300422



>> No.72300462

I'm guessing control ? I don't mind honestly, I'll play anything

>> No.72300474

it is, lurrus is just pupetting it's corpse

>> No.72300478

grandmasters cannot reliably beat computers any more

>> No.72300484

this is what furries look like

>> No.72300518

molder slug ponza was the shit

>> No.72300526

oh, don't worry, the rape is already there and more is coming, you just haven't noticed

>> No.72300539

apparently they didn't test for limited either, looking at the reception

>> No.72300552

I honestly thought limited was fun though. Companion-ridden as all other formats, sure, but as all cycling formats, I found this one to be pretty good as well.

>> No.72300776

i dunno i like the cycling creatures, add in some payoff for having creatures in your graveyard and i think you could make a neat deck

>> No.72300832


Ban lurrus, unban opal

>> No.72300851

This WILL be banned.

>> No.72300871

will vial decks ever be good again with all the infinite value permanents being released these days?

>> No.72300891


>> No.72301046

>People have been programming supercomputers to learn chess for 30 years and still are only able to sometimes beat grandmasters
You're living in the past, grandpa. Humans, even the top grandmasters, haven't been able to beat the chess computers in quite a while. The best they can hope for is a draw, probably by 3-fold repetition.

>> No.72301059


>> No.72301066


>> No.72301068

haha guess we won't have any data on Companions for a while, huh?

>> No.72301077


The one artifact they run makes every creature they have an instant, dipshit. Which is part of the problem of why spells on creatures is a bad idea.

>> No.72301089


haha yeah dont want to ban anything before we have hard facts haha

>> No.72301100

I just wanted to play with the goddamned cat a few times in paper before it was banned. Now I might not get to do that. I'm pretty pissed.

>> No.72301174

Quints of ABSOLUTE truth

>> No.72301189

Oh no, there will be no official data until june, goys!

Guess we can't do any drastic measures like bans in the meantime since we are an information and statistics driven company!

>> No.72301217

Fuck off with your antisemitic garbage.

>> No.72301281

reeeeee be nice to jews reeeeeee

>> No.72301298

cycling makes most formats better, but when I see limited fags complaining about companion it's easier to assume that they're right

>> No.72301317

why are so many cards going up in price despite the fact that no one can play rght now?

>> No.72301510

post-'rona speccing

>> No.72301535

How are they gonna top Companions, Oko, and Hogaak?

>> No.72301540


Hahahaha wut

>> No.72301566

That is your, uneducated, opinion. Now bend over, the rapetrain is coming.

>> No.72301567

Companion delve Teferi in the core set.
Mythic mythic rarity lands in Zendikar.

>> No.72301573


1g/wr/b summon human cat wizard elf demon 5/5 flying first strike trample when ~ enters the battlefield or dies draw 2 cards, can't attack unless opponent controls 3 non-basic lands

>> No.72301586

"Peepee of Ugin"

Tribal Legendary Land - Eldrazi

Companion - Your deck contains only colorless cards

Colorless Eldrazi spells you cast cost 3 less to cast.

"You're gonna need at least four planeswalkers for this one."

>> No.72301601

The day Chrome Mox was more expensive than Black Lotus.

>> No.72301609


>> No.72301611

>This guy enters the battlefield on turn 2 on the play, and wants to look at your girlfriend's hand
What do you do?

>> No.72301634

>Tribal legendary land
Even as an Eldrazi purist, this scares me

>> No.72301636


>> No.72301639


>> No.72301685


tri-color fetches
2 mana tefari

>> No.72301701

t. mutt

>> No.72301703

We're going to get "Teferi, Disruptive Student," aren't we?

>> No.72301730

Companion adventure delve escape je ne sais quoi passive ability planeswalker featuring Bant Teferi

>> No.72301751

Honestly Companions should have escape, they feel a bit underpowered like this, there are still some decks that don't use them. What do you people say?

>> No.72301779

Yeah Lurrus should just read "when you cast this spell, jump the table and anally rape your opponent until they pass out." Think that might give them a certain kind of je ne sais quoi.

>> No.72301790


just turn them into commanders at this point, return to the companion zone, companion tax etc etc

>> No.72301810

Good idea! It would help a great deal to combat the rampant transphobia and antisemitism in the magic community.
Companion tax is unfun, when they die they should go into exile and then you can cast them for escape for zero cards.

>> No.72301842

Companion. Eminence.

>> No.72301847

inb4 they try a "fixed" version of the great whale esque cards

>> No.72301851



>> No.72301861

*taps cavern of souls*
So, TKS resolves?

>> No.72301967

>"i'd like to resolve ceremonious rejection after you announce the spell but before you pay its cost"

>> No.72301985


>> No.72302030

Oh I wasn't planning on resolving it. I was just leaving it on the stack for later.

>> No.72302031


>turn 2
>4 drop with one cavern

what meme list are you running

>> No.72302044


>> No.72302063

Gemstone Caverns

>> No.72302130

No, I'd rather WotC forget that Kamigawa even existed, pretty much every Return to X set has destroyed everything interesting about the plane.

>> No.72302259

>using mtggoldfish meta shares

>> No.72302294

based & kept on the stack pilled

>> No.72302314

this. The recent obsession of normos with Kamigawa will destroy the plane
I better by a full set before they ruin it with shit art and the OG becomes absurdly expensive, unless it's already too late

>> No.72302330

can you even do that?

>> No.72302341

Try it at your next tournament

>> No.72302350

t.has never eaten a card

>> No.72302435

never gonna make it

>> No.72302565

there is, search Caleb Gannon
>songs of the damned
>get mana
>Reaping the Graves
>get cyclers back
>cycle further
as long as the ping/cycle is in play, it's possible to win this way

>> No.72302723

sauce on the art?

>> No.72302900

When you make an illegal play you have to ask yourself the following:
- does your opponent know it's illegal?
- is there a judge watch the game?
- if so is the judge one of your friends?
Anything can be legal under the right circumstances, it's all relative.
This guy is an impostor.

>> No.72302931

How many cards can a man eat in one GP before it presents a health hazard?

>> No.72302933

I'd love to see the design notes for lurrus.
Do you guys think they'll include them in the inevitable article banning him after they ban bauble and petal?

>> No.72302952

Depends on if they're foil.

>> No.72302966

I don't think they're toxic, so whatever quantity would be enough to clog his digestive system.
I'd say at least 2 dozen before any serious issues begin to arise, depending on how they're cooked, how well the fellow chews, etc.

>> No.72302977


Anything other than "breach on a stick" is bullshit

>> No.72302978

I can't remember if it was MaRo who said this but they were originally going to have higher cmc and someone convinced him it would be more exciting to have them at lower cost.

>> No.72303004

Poe's Law in action here, this is completely ridiculous but at the same time very believable.

>> No.72303006

don't trust this guy
speaking from personal experience, between two and three 60 card decks, depending on the number of sleeves and the brand. I'm a big fan of the taste of eclipses

>> No.72303008

>Hey wouldn't it be more F.I.R.E. if they were competitively costed so they could be stronger?
>You're a genius Gottlieb, lets make them all competitive playable. Timmy will LOVE it.

Based saboteur destroying Wizards from the inside.

>> No.72303022

they didn't show the notes for oko so I doubt it'll be different for lurrus, most likely because they include shit like "this should be pushed" or some shit

>> No.72303025


holy based

>> No.72303073


>> No.72303085

Do you guys think that WotC card designers are just bored?
As in, they're tired of attempting to make balanced designs and just want to play with ridiculous shit without regard for the design of the rest of the game?

>> No.72303107

I remember MaRo himself writing in an article or blogatog post or something about this; that he sent it to Play Design worried that it might be broken, and they sent it back saying they could be pushed further and have lower costs.

>> No.72303113

I'd attribute it to incompetence, malice and greed in some balance

>> No.72303118

The initial design was actually amazing and perfectly balanced, but unfortunately the notes got eaten so they had to wing it for the final version.

>> No.72303180

>first playtest team chimps out and writes an entire paragraph on a mirror using lipstick
>second playtest team is either illiterate or builds shitty decks, maybe both

>> No.72303183

So I'm almost 2 decades out of the loop for MtG and wanted a little recommendation. I'm slowly reading up on the plainswalkers and wanted to put together Angrath's crew for a D&D campaign.

Can I get more functional detail about him from the card blurbs/flavor text or the books worth it? I'm still not too familiar with the Planeswalkers otherwise, but I keep seeing some badass art of this flaming minotaur pirate. /shrug

>> No.72303185

>the notes got eaten
When they released Skullclamp and then banned it and released the notes to explain how it happened, that was actually kind of cool. "We made a mistake, sorry, here's how it happened so both you and us can learn about not to repeat it." That's a cool move.

Nowadays admitting you made a mistake is "uncool" and "chewing out your coworkers that fucked up" so shit gets swept under the rug and everyone pretends nothing is wrong, and if shit gets banned then we never get an explaination about it since everyone has to pretend everything's all right and no one made any mistake at any point, so no one learns anything, so they keep repeating mistakes again and again and again.

Fuck this shit. Wizards used to be cool. Now they're a bunch of corporate bootlickers that don't even like their consumers.

>> No.72303188

And don't forget, with enough practice you too can be World Champion one day. But you'll have to wait until I retire because no one beats me at sleights of hand or has more judge friends than me ;^)

>> No.72303196


>> No.72303215

>g-guys we made this card but watch out because it might be too powerful
>nah we can power it up
>maro receives countless mails of people angry at companions
Honestly can you imagine how pissed Maro must be right now?

>> No.72303240

He accidentally Planeswalked onto Ixalan, which had an artifact, called the Immortal Sun, blocking all Planeswalkers from leaving. He was pretty pissed about not being able to return to his family, so he started wrecking as much shit as he could. At some point he fought Huatli, and they sort of became rivals. Eventually the Immortal Sun was removed from Ixalan and Angrath was able to leave dino-Mexico. Shortly after returning home, he was dragged to Ravnica by Bolas, who had placed the Immortal Sun on Ravnica this time. Angrath was, once more, stranded on a foreign world. You can imagine how that went.

>> No.72303247

here's legit everything we know about him. He's shown up in like 2 stories I think. Minor character at best.

>> No.72303254

I'm surprised he's not angry all the time, he basically spends hours each day reading absolutely retarded questions and doing unpaid overtime as a PR person

>> No.72303260

MTG story is trash. I think they're not releasing books anymore, only short stories, everything should be on Magic's website.

>> No.72303264

>Supposed to be art of an angry inferno minotaur destroying shit in a fit of rage
>Looks like a dude at a fucking rave
I hate modern MTG art.

>> No.72303272

They just released an Ikoria book, Sundered Bond.

>> No.72303291

>trapped on Ixalan for 14 years
>gets trapped on Ravnica again
>Huatli makes fun of him for it
What a cunt. I now like her even less than I thought was possible.

>> No.72303299

>>Looks like a dude at a fucking rave
Kek, thanks for summing up my feeling.

>> No.72303311

All planeswalkers are unlikeable cunts these days. It's a trademark of incompetent writers.

>> No.72303357


>> No.72303375

>implying planeswalkers haven't been unlikeable cunts this entire time
Have you not been paying attention or are you just a literal psychopath?

>> No.72303376


>> No.72303389

Urza was the right kind of loveable "destroys entire planes and oopsie doodle doos entire species then fucks off without saying sorry" asshole though.

>> No.72303412

Is he tho? He just seems like a fucking cunt.

>> No.72303428

Oh he was, but he was a cunt of such epic proportions that nobody in the multiverse can even compare. Which makes him just wonderful.

>> No.72303454

>”I’d be happy to stop contradicting you Urza, as soon as you stop being a cunt” -Some sick cunt named Bo

>> No.72303471

>6cmc Heros Downfall thats sets you up to get 2 for 1'd
lol it could have been Maelstrom or Void and it would still be shit

>> No.72303480

well it seems like this more or less confirms that the very small amount of testing that they do is confined to limited

>> No.72303507

the opposite, there is no more free stories on the mtg website, everything is now in paywalled books or set details

>> No.72303544

Imagine being in play design and discussing this card more than an entirely batshit insane new type of cards that wrap the whole game around them from day1 on

>Mft when whilst typing this I realized Ikoria is still young and there could even be more broken/exploitive companion combos out there
Hold me

>> No.72303550

>black bat
>killing creatures each time it mutate
>in the same set than death corona
nothing to see here goyim, pure cohencidence

>> No.72303553

>tfw we will never get a story where angrath pins down huatli and teaches her some manners with his big minotaur cock

>> No.72303557

Planeswalkers were assholes by design. Not all of them were as cuntish as Urza, but the writers back then took the multiverse & PWs to their logical conclusion, ie a dark jungle; there's tons of more powerful entities out there in the multiverse, and so the first moron to attract attention to himself will get raped & drained of his power to fuel some other arrogant oldwalker coming in to slap his shit. If you didn't have powers, you spent your life hiding from more powerful PWs because they would 100% track you down to use your spark in their latest dragon engine (see the poor fucks that urza comes across when he's on the hiding from phyrexia with Xantcha iirc)

>> No.72303568

It’s okay in Standard and I don’t mind cards like this. It’s not shit. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, you can have well-balanced cards or pushed bullshit, and let me be clear that pissbat is balanced.

>> No.72303623



>> No.72303645


>> No.72303648

brotip: it’s the cat tribal enabler

>> No.72303676

>The most discussed card of the set that broke literally every format was about how to nerf an unplayable draft chaff

Bravo wotc.

>> No.72303815

They can't get more clowny, really.

>> No.72303874

Eh, it's standard playable imo, but it's still a fucking joke that they didn't spend the same time on companions.

>> No.72303912

>companions get barley any time
>worked and reworked a shitty 6 mana nekratal
We're fucked arent we?

>> No.72304019

Even tho companions are the most legit concern, it seems everybody totally forgot they literally printed the biggest storm enabler ever.
You can even put a copy in sb you can fetch up with glittering wish so you run 7 copies.
If the frens remember i posted a list few weeks ago and i get pretty gud results with it.

>> No.72304070


>> No.72304073

>4 mana do nothing storm enabler
I'll have to pack some serious enchantment hate in my EDH decks now

>> No.72304101

>win you the game the second it hit the board
>do nothing

>> No.72304125

This is actually fine because while strong and pushed is still 4 mana do nothing. If you want to build around this card and you manage to play it and still win turn 5, then your opponent deserves it for not interrupting it and not killing you fast enough

>> No.72304187

You really need to give the card a try if you think it kill by turn5 at best, because it's a T3 win usually.

>> No.72304229

>If you want to build around this card and you manage to play it and still win turn 5
do you actually not know what ramp is?

>> No.72304243

>4 mana actually does absolutely nothing when it hits the board and requires you to cast more spells
show me your storm list with this thing

>> No.72304271

electromancer and baral don't reduce the cost of this

>> No.72304318

for fuck sake obviously you are running Song in a deck that fucking supports it you moron
For example, a deck running a Companion

>> No.72304350

>3 colors so LED doesn't work
>Rituals only ramp into R
>Maybe Manamorphose to cast into G and U
>Storming and drawing cards means ramp, aka 1/3 or 1/4 of your deck becomes useless, making you brick more often.

It's literally easier to stick a Baral and combo on the same turn.

>> No.72304705

Hey its a pretty good limited card

>> No.72304718

it's a 3/3 with flying for 2BB. Mutate is crap.

>> No.72304728

Yeah but flash saves it. Its decent in a slow environment like limited

>> No.72304761

Im talking about limited. Its good there

>> No.72304776

So am I.

>> No.72304835

Mutate is decent in such an environment. Bat is middling but still you can get to flash it eot and then on your turn mutate something else and get almost immediate value

>> No.72304875


>> No.72304894

I mean, they were right that the 1/1 that transformed into a 3/2 was THE card to worry about from Innistrad.

>> No.72304900


>> No.72304916

mmm I don't know how these cards ever got printed. they don't feel rare to me at all.

>> No.72304972

idk man i think kird ape is what pushes it over the line for me.

>> No.72305025

>cabal therapy that wins you the game
I dunno anon, it still doesn't feel rare to me

>> No.72305039

Post quarantine music, friends.
I only wanted an excuse to share how qt Curt Smith's daughter is. Goddammit she's exactly the kind of girl I like.

>> No.72305040

I can't stand wotc printing all of that owling mine hate, the deck already had issues dealing with storm

>> No.72305046

>T3 Therapy that always requires you to sac a creature

>> No.72305051

still needs a certain gen-ne-se-qoi

>> No.72305082

you got it buddy

>> No.72305090

>Tears for Fears
Absolutely based and one of the best pop acts of the era, probably only behind Talking Heads. Good taste.

>Post quarantine music, friends.

I know this isn't /mu/, but if anyone has any requests / genres they want to get into, I am a gold mine of recommendations. Now's your chance!

>> No.72305105

how about k-pop

>> No.72305117


>> No.72305144

>k-pop recs

Okie dokie, if that's what you want;

>> No.72305181

Watched someone play Oboro Ponza earlier, deck looked solid. It was just normal Ponza but with Oboro, basically. The deck was always 8-10 dorks then straight into 3 mana stuff so whatever. Klothys dealing double was pretty sweet.

>> No.72305214

Massively diverse genre, here's a variety of choice cuts;

>> No.72305223

Not him.
I had this set as my phone ringtone but that made me only hate it, then I changed it and now I can listen to it again.
Also Quantic playlist. Unfortunately some an in low quality.

>> No.72305274

>/mmg/ - modern music general

>> No.72305282


>> No.72305289

Thank you anons, I appreciate your recommendations.

>> No.72305309

Don't forget to check out Sun Ra and Charles Mingus!

>> No.72305328

I love Tears for Fears but right now I only wanted to post that qt3.14.
This is my favourite from the playlist but I love all of them.
You could easily put this baby in a house set. Amazing piece.

>> No.72305396

This never fails to relax me, I enjoy to listen to it on the bed in the dark. It's the guys who made Herzog's soundtracks.

>> No.72305409

I'm surprised they even knew Void was a card

>> No.72305559

I can't wait for the Macross crossover after Godzilla :^)
I just hope best girl Misa will have her own card.

>> No.72305590

if by some freak miracle there is a macross crossover you will have ranka lee on your cards, nerd

>> No.72305638


I'm pretty sure if there is ever is a "Mecha" crossover" thing it will be Gundam or Transformers. Macross is just too small

>> No.72305668

>Macross is just too small
it may be small, but its the best

>> No.72305680


being the best doesnt ship packs sadly

>> No.72305696

I wouldnt complain though I doubt we would get english cards or any of the good Gundam shows

>> No.72305698

>being the best doesnt ship packs sadly
>Champions of Kamigawa sold poorly

>> No.72305706

>you will have ranka lee on your cards, nerd
No one but burgers care about Transformers. Gundam is for fatties that glue kits. Macross has idols and shit, it's the one with the widest appeal.

>> No.72305715

>Today Wizards is proud to announce a new line of promo cards!
>We will be featuring the depictions of creatures from the popular show, Gundam SEED!

>> No.72305719

>Implying mecha isn't a dead genre
Macross is literally adrift with absolutely no direction and Gundam keeps doubling down on marketing itself increasingly towards literal 12 year olds. The last original mecha series was Granbelm which was an abysmal flop

>> No.72305726

raise your voices for the Wotc anthem:

>> No.72305743

Even now I smile when I remember how Ranka was dumped in front of literally the entire galaxy.

>> No.72305772

>literally wearing a broken heart

>> No.72305811

Featuring Oko, Thief of Crowns as Kira Yamato!

>> No.72305853 [SPOILER] 

I'd still play SEED cards

>> No.72305860

>Gundam SEED
I'm sorry for the gundamfags.
>now sing bitch
Honestly they should just go with Plus even though SDF has pretty iconic characters.
Top kek.
That shit would sell like hotcakes in Japan no doubt.

>> No.72305868

>/mmg/ - mehca magic general

>> No.72305881

Wasn't Gundam 00 pretty successful? We could get Patrick as Norin the Wary

>> No.72305900


>> No.72306010

>tfw MTG sucks so much now that we'd all rather spend the threads shitposting about anime and music
godspeed, anons. These are dark times....

>> No.72306056

I thought the same, until I realized that, with the current worldwide mood being pretty grumpy and mtg players especially are fucking livid, a break of off-topic shitposting might give us some respite.

>> No.72306061

/mmg/ reaches it's peak every time when we're not actually discussing magic (ie, when modern/magic is dying)
Makes me sad to think the last time was during the january bannings, usually it's longer between each time

>> No.72306062

magical girl sailor moon box toppers when?

>> No.72306086

as soon as I hit the lottery and buy WotC

>> No.72306096

good on ya anon

>> No.72306127

Gib Sailor Mars. The black hair and long legs made me feel all funny as a young lad.

>> No.72306155

>sailor scouts in swimsuits abusing Serena
anon p- pls i can only t-take so much

>> No.72306363

they definitely lack a certain je ne sais quoi

>> No.72306449

it's obosh dude, and desu it's the most ""underrated"" companion, neoponza will poke holes in the meta thanks to him, ft bonecrusher. To the nogs believing it wasn't worth losing W6 for obosh : HAHAHA

>> No.72306538

The fun thing is WAR domri is way better than W6 for any creature-heavy ponza list, and he cost 3, so that's perfect.

>> No.72306657

I was trying to sell Primal Command to a streamer on Obosh Ponza but he said it sucked. Stupid poopy head.

>> No.72306930

list ? I've always wanted a reason to play ponza and obosh might be enough to actually buy the cards

>> No.72307146

Bring your anger of the gods tomorrow guys tribal cats is the best deck in Modern
>wild nacatl, loam lion, savannah lion, steppe lynx, scythe leopard, leonin vanguard

>> No.72307184

20-21 lands
8-10 dorks (4 Arbor Elf, 4 Sprawl are core)

4 Blood Moon/Magus of the Moon
3-4 Stone Rain/Pillage

Then like whatever R/G grindy or powerful cards you want, such as:

>Tireless Tracker
>Kitchen Finks
>Stormbreath Dragon
>Bonfire of the Damned
>Primal Command
>Bonecrusher Giant

Deck is super flexible, it's just ramping into disruption, then whatever haymakers you want.

>> No.72307208

while anyone playing nacatl is based, the simple fact of being a catfag is dishonorable. Not playing Lurrus redeems you somewhat tho

>> No.72307254

The pretty cards have started to arrive today!

>> No.72307308

>not playing mommy
Disgraceful. But if you’re playing adoptive mommy then you’re still based

>> No.72307321

Im honestly glad. The companions feel very je ne sai qua right now

>> No.72307572



>> No.72307641

by far the most kino plains
Just got my set of foil Bdruids on the cheap yesterday, finally completing my foil pure snow list without prismatic vistas, they'll come when I actually have money

>> No.72307873

Yeah but it rhymes with Chad so you can say "Tradchads".

>> No.72307929

>laughs in Primeval Titan decks with not a single shared creature type but still being able to clone Caverns or use them as one-shot casts or bounce to reuse them

>> No.72307945

Reminder to join EXPAND DONG tournament on 05-02 8PM UTC.

>> No.72307957

A shame about the symbol on the bottom left, though ;)

>> No.72308155

what is ssg

>> No.72308324

What a miserable time to come back to modern with 8rack.

>> No.72308513

This is a bit different since it Storm was obviously pretty insane in a format with free spells, undercosted stuff and fast mana. There were still changes to Storm decks later, even after restricting Desire.

>> No.72308621


haha no way that happens ha ha

>> No.72308674

star sity games

>> No.72308762

Fuck off Jew lover

>> No.72308785

Are Ultra-Pro mats still made in the United States? I know they were about 5 years ago, but are they still making them there today?

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