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How long until Wizards erratas the Companion ability out of existence? Because without the clause, all ten cards are perfectly decent, if somewhat janky rares.

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At least give the meta a month before you start screaming for bans.

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which meta? Because companion is fucking up every meta in existence

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Post evidence.

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It's against Wizards' current policy to errata cards for balance reasons. They'll either ban a card entirely or leave it.

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Hasn't made a dent in Modern.
Hasn't made a dent in Pioneer.
Right now, it's 2% of Standard.

I'm curious what >>72221737 has to back up their claim.

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You are all retards.

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>a single tournament
Nice sample size.

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Both pics are across 3 challenges. Retard.

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The ranger companion ability isn’t broken dumbass.

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They won't ban their pet mechanic

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no no, the OTHER wizards product that has horrible balance issues.

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They won't errata it. Just ban it. As MaRo has even stated that the reason for the bad reception was becaues "not enough restrictions" instead of you know..."8th card in starting hand that your opponent can't thoughtseize and the deckbuilding restrictions really only mean that the companions don't require much reconstruction if there are existing decks that already do what they want."

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Not happening. 100% not happening. You have a significantly better chance of a power nine reprint. You have a better chance of a From The Vault: Alpha printed in the original style of Alpha set. You have a better chance of WotC going bankrupt and shutting down. That is how unlikely it is that they will errata out an entire fucking printed mechanic.
Even if it tests miserably and every last person on the planet hates the mechanic, they will just ban the ten Companion cards and never use it again. They will never, ever, EVER "errata it out".

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