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Stop asking questions.

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Repost... >>72210826
What are the complete set of GW female (non-elf) heads? Asking this because I want to kitbash something GW-friendly and submit it for a painting competition. From what I can recall:
>FW Stormcast female heads
And also Sisters of Silence, but they seem too pricey and thus unlikely to have bits floating in ebay.

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>Ten half-painted Skitarii
oh shi-

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>fuck off dumbski-buttden

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The setting is in a transitional phase. Everything will return to normal soon.

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Stop posting twitter shit. If I wanted e-celeb drama I'd go to /v/.

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reminder that only edgy teenagers play chaos

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I've pretty much only painted necromunda this month.

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>Have painted one ravager
Have fun mr daemon scum while I zoom around

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>10 Nobz
>5 Plague marines
>3 Poxus
>10 Deathwatch veterans

Could be way worse

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3d printers will force GW to lower prices they said

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Any good salamanders books? Been really getting into them

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Who is the 40k equivalent?

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Then what can we discuss? We are starving of content.

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Retard's own fault for printing a Rock 'em Sock 'em Lucius Pattern instead of based Mars Pattern Warlord.

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Spire Tyrants?

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>why do their bolters have 5 scopes
>"because the models are new. give it time."
>why are there no chapter specific armour
>"because the models are new. give it time."
>why are there no women
>"because the models are new. give it time."
>why are there no primaris bikers/terminators/etc
>"because the models are new. give it time."
>why are there so many lieutenants
>"because the models are new. give it time."

he's kinda right senpai

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>3d printers will force GW to lower prices they said
Holy shit, anon. That is amazing. I can't believe that 3D printing has already surpassed GW quality. Scary times we live in.

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You are tasked with choosing a 40k book to be turned into a movie, which do you choose? I'd have to go with Dante for the first 40k movie.

>he's more compassionate than most SM's so the audience can "connect" with him better
>"oh, vampires. i get it" to helps explain the red curse to normies
>flashbacks to his childhood for world building and to build investment in his character, would also break up the present time war sections
>could split it in to two movies with the first ending when he is chosen to become a SM in the flashback and has just returned from battle and is visited by the sanguinor in the present time

I think other books would make for better movies, but Dante is in a good spot where they can appeal to the normies and start to ease them into the 40k world. If you go to grimdark too fast it would likely get shrugged off as "another video game movie".

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Looks propa orky

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>20 boyz
>10 nobs
>10 stormboyz

I think I'd stand a chance.

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>ablooblooo abloobloo guilliman and cawl bad

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Uhh... I'm going to do 4 of both. I'm making the Penitent Engines to look like they're running towards the enemy heedlessly, while making the Mortifiers look like they're walking while firing. I'm doing this by cutting the pegs off the leg joint so I can repose them the way I want instead, so it's -really- simple.

And lore-wise, my Iron maiden volunteered for the position due to thinking her failure to be so great that she knew she could not redeem it as a repentia, and thought that by spending the rest of her life suffering for it (and prolonging it by being interred in the coffin) would be the next best thing. She was a canoness and it was to be her last order, and now serves as an inspirational tale for the rest of the Order of both martyrdom and the price of failure. I just finished painting the first five yesterday, but havent' taken a picture of them yet.

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lucius warhound > mars warhound
mars warlord > lucius warlord

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Anyone who said that is retarded. Recasting which is already widely available and of higher quality than 3d printing hasn't done anything to prices, rather GW has raised their prices. GW doesn't set prices based on supply/demand or the availability of competing products. They have a market dominance and so far people will continue to pay whatever price they set even with alternatives available

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I've been wondering...

How does he shit?

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As a peros new to the table top, how is he wrong? Those primaris minis look great. Oldmarines look like something you pulled out of kinder surprise.

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They really need to do a box of idealised female heads with medium length (long wouldnt work with every model) hair and neutral expressions.
Realise as many gritty and """badass""" females as you want then. No one would complain if you just offered replacement heads online.

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The Ghaunt's Ghosts series. Literally there is no better "Book to movie" option for a first foray into cinema. It checks all the boxes of being able to get normies into seats while also being one of the best BL stories by far, meaning fans will enjoy it as well. That or Ciaphas Cain, but I think starting with some Guardsmen is a better place for a first movie than an Inquisitor since the latter requires some knowledge of how the Imperium works to understand their role.

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15 hours

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No just Mars > Lucius in general.

It is even a better Forge World to have for AdMech too.

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Yeah. How old are Primaris again? 3 years?

>Saint Celestine
>5 Penitent Engines
>10 Arco-flagellants
>An Exorcist tank
>A bunch of other sisters and a medic
Yeah, 's'good.

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Ever wondered why they are always covered in tubes in the art? Now you know.

>> No.72211004

Cadia stands.

tfw no Bio-titan GF

>> No.72211007

Through a tube when in armour, and normally when not.

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Glorious Ultramarines efficiency ensures nothing goes to waste

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Personally, I just want IG female heads equivalents, particularly female beret scions.

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They would look horrible on the man bodies.

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That giant, idiot head. I really hope they do a pass on titans. The Knights show that they can scale the weapons properly. The old plasma canon looks like someone scaled up a 3D model and called it a day. Also, those splayed duck toes, and massive flat codpiece.

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Seek help

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3 Years?! That's an entire 7th edition!

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Are you the fucking daughters of behemat foot fetish guy?

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Crunchwise, aren't SoB just Space Marines but more easily wounded and with less options? If they are, are they about as easy as 'babbys first army' as Marines are said to be?

also, the Anon who called me retarded last thread, fuck you

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Meh, I think the caraspace armor would obscure most of a person's silhouette, anyways. That's probably the reason why they've made female heads for stormcast eternals too.

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fucking retard

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Praying for heavy/special weapons squads for Custodes.

>> No.72211088

Neither of those two things are true anymore. They're generally tougher on the tabletop, they succeed by abusing the fight phase primarily and as such require a lot of knowledge and very precise movement otherwise a squad you think you've got locked can just walk away and blow you the fuck out. They are absolutely NOT "Babby's first army" by any stretch of the imagination.

>> No.72211090

>how much trouble are you in
Totally fucked. I've painted two 10 man tac squads with bolters and two tartaros terminator squads. This shit blows over in a light breeze.

>> No.72211096

>20 Guardsmen because I had to drop everything and visit my parents because my mother can't speak the language and we're fucked if my dad dies from Kung Flu.

I should have brought my paints.

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No. They have better optioms in their army overall and some unique rules that no one shares like miracle dice. Their lower ppm means they are generall in a better position then marines amd their basic squads have better options than marines. 3 special weapons per 5 girl squad, and you aren't forced to take a heavy. Normal tacs can only take 3 in a 10 man and one has to be a heavy weapon

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No u.

I am a lot of things, but no, that's not one of them. His lore was messed up and didn't fit 40k one bit. If I do fetish writing, you can bet your ass I won't be posting it on fucking /40kg/

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You already got them.

>> No.72211115

Based Freud telling the coomers how it is.

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They're "easy" in the same vein that Harlequins are easy. You don't have as many options so it's harder to fuck up (Melta is for busting tanks, Heavy Bolter is for infantry), but at the same time you lack flexibility.

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>I think the caraspace armor would obscure most of a person's silhouette
No, especially not on miniatures which have exaggerated male proportions to begin with.
>That's probably the reason why they've made female heads for stormcast eternals
They did that because they made female bodies for Stormcast Eternals.
Female heads on male Stormcast look even worse than Stormcast do normally.

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the closest I can think of would be Malcador, but only very, very loosely

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No we don't

>> No.72211134

>do more painting during quarantine
>parents ask what we're up to on the other side of the country
>send some pictures
>they're glad I kept up with the hobby, interested asking what the different models do
Where was this fucking support 30 years ago?

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>> No.72211138

Wait a minute...

>> No.72211146

Tau sip on Coors light

>> No.72211154

where do your parents live?

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>> No.72211163

Forge World.

>> No.72211168

GSC destroy that entire argument.

>> No.72211173

Oh my god, it's Mechwarrior Online.

>> No.72211175

anon I know your day drinking habits are out of control thanks to recent events, but you can do better than coors light

>> No.72211179

They gave up on you ever giving them grandkids so now you are all they have left to pamper.

>> No.72211180

At least your folks are supporting you now.
Hell I wish my parents supported me at all with my interests.
My Dad always said 40k was going to turn me into a "warmongering tea-party voter", and my mom always said it was faggy.

>> No.72211181

coors light is the perfect beer for drinking from 10 am to 10 pm

>> No.72211184

Why did you glue legos onto the arms and shoulder of your battlesuit?

>> No.72211195

Other state(I live in Germany).

>> No.72211197 [DELETED] 

Well anon? What are the reasons?

>> No.72211202

Told them 15 years ago I wasn't having kids. Besides, they have my niece and nephew to dote on and get their baby fix. Wife and I agree on no kids, we'd rather be selfish and do shit we want to do then die and leave any money left to some local charity.

>> No.72211206

Fw doesn't either

>> No.72211207

Cock and ball

>> No.72211213

How do fuck do people play Table top simulator? I'm just being dumb and missing the entire 40k section?

>> No.72211214

Fucking retard.

>> No.72211218

>a fag republican


>> No.72211225

Haha, imagine if she took those boots off and stepped on you.

>> No.72211227

>Wife and I agree on no kids
Living the dream.

>> No.72211229

Primaris Sanguinary Guard when?
Resin IG infantry that's not Cadian/Catachan when?
New fully nude Daemonettes when?

>> No.72211236

>DW gets 4 whole pages of rules in WD
T-thanks gw

>> No.72211238

You hurt me fee fees :(

Also look what I got from the Chinaman!

>> No.72211245

Get started with this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gc-VC2X8bZ0

>> No.72211246

haha seethe retard

>> No.72211255

>how much trouble you in

>10 intercessors
>15 blood claws
>5 Wulfen
>2 Wulfen heroes
>2 primaris heroes
>a las/fist dread

I think I'm gonna be okay. I think the heroes alone could take him.

>> No.72211256

>Resin IG infantry that's not Cadian/Catachan when?


>> No.72211262

Casual funsies 1k list: SM battalion w/ Bolter Fusilades and Rapid Assault

1 Gravis Cap w/ Burning Blade and Sword of the Imperium
1 Primaris Chaplain
2 Lieutenants, one w/ Bellicos rifle one w/ sword and pistol
2 five man intercessors w/ grenade launcher, chainsword
1 ten man intercessor w/ same
1 Primaris ancient
1 Redemptor w/ ETB loadout
1 three man Inceptors w/ bolters
1 predator w/ autocannon turret and lascannon sponsons

I basically made it out of various scraps and eBay to make a budget army alongside my 3-5k pt main armies

>> No.72211264

Yikes I hope you disinfected everything (I'm not even joking)

>> No.72211277

>fw troop that gets 1 gun
>fw terminator that gets to choose between 2 profiles that are lifted from other guns and a flamer and has a mandatory expensive melee gauntlet

>> No.72211279

Relax burger, that's not how it works.

>> No.72211288

It was in transit for like 2 months so i figure anything on there is long dead

>> No.72211291

Oh so it is less of a cunt than trying to use the rpg mods for xcom.

>> No.72211292

Man you have to put it in alcohol to get rid of the release agent anyway. Why bother taking risks?

>> No.72211297

Haha yeah that'd be so funny I hope someone drew that.

>> No.72211298


>> No.72211300

>2 Telemon
I'm not even shaking DESU

>> No.72211301

desu ive never worked with resin models before so i didnt know that.

Truth is that these will sit unbuilt on my shelf for another 3-8 months. Im not worried

>> No.72211303

I watched a batrep with the new SW rules, wulfen seem retarded strong. I've always like the space wolf aesthetic and color scheme but I have no interest in playing space marines at this time.

>> No.72211312

Tabletop Simulator 40k is great, I've been playing 7th ed games with my friends and it's made the game fun again.

>> No.72211325

The divinity and virtue of the Emperor.

>> No.72211327

Type A decon solution (1 part liquid tide detergent to 10 parts water) is an alternative if they can't find alcohol. Just takes a bit of extra scrubbing with a toothbrush.

>> No.72211335

I only have tidepods. Can i just use one of those?

>> No.72211337

Don't you have a fanfic to write about how 40k is about communism and fascism? adults are talking right now ok sweeaty?

>> No.72211342

No, save those for when you get the 'rona and need to pop one to clean out your lungs.

>> No.72211346

Yeah just lick them for a bit to get through the coating.

>> No.72211347

If you eat one you should be able to just lick the release agent off, no problem.

>> No.72211355

Sure, just take your hobby knife and open only the large pocket of detergent and squeeze that out.

>> No.72211358

>half raven wing army with vehicles
>some inquisitors
>Deathwatch team kill members for a role play session I'm making
>some Terminators of other aemies
I'll fuck the Bloodthirster ass

>> No.72211363

More like two reasons to NOT JOIN the Imperium:
>retarded giantess fetish
>mediocre fanart

>> No.72211367

I hate primaris

>> No.72211380

Unironically no.

>> No.72211385

So me v bloodthirster.
Here’s hoping the angry little shit is model-sized. At least that way my death will be hilarious

>> No.72211386

>Here's two
>Here is two
So being retarded is one but what's the other?

>> No.72211406

like this

>> No.72211412

You no need speak gud to war gud, Anon.

>> No.72211416

The Tau. Now sponsored by Coors light and tide pods

>> No.72211422

Sorry Abnett, they are saving the galaxy 1 planet a time, go cry in your manchild corner

>> No.72211427

Post your art anon.

>> No.72211430

What did he mean by this?

>> No.72211459

I don't get it. "Here's two" is fine.

>> No.72211468

Is it worth taking a unit of 2 or are mortifiers worthless unless you take a full unit?

>> No.72211470

>see shit coors light
>mouth starts to water
been 5 or 6 years since i quit drinking but i immediately thought "that would taste good in this heat".

>> No.72211471

international shipping has more security measures than your whole country.

>> No.72211476

>you must be an "artist" to critique "art"

>> No.72211477

He wanted to insult a picture of a big titty SoB because he can't enjoy nice things. Don't pay attention to him.

>> No.72211485

I've been out of the loop for a while, has Abnett been vocal about disliking Primaris marines?

>> No.72211500

I don't get it. But you would be fool to not take precautions when accepting good from the Land of the Coof.

>> No.72211502

I wouldn't know, I haven't gotten to field them enough to form an opinion on that yet. Considering 2 of them are as shooty as a full unit of retributors for almost the same price (a bit more expensive, but a lot deadlier in melee), I'd think them worth it.

No, I just want you to post the 40k stuff you've made/commissioned/saved instead of being a fucking bitch.

>> No.72211507

>buy masks from china
>immediately put them in contact with your face

If thats how it really works, we all fucked

>> No.72211519

not the guy who you were originally talking to just hate the "if you're not an artist you can't criticize art" defense

>> No.72211520

Of course you don't, this is why you should be wasting your time on writing on how communism is evil on toy miniature game for children.

International postage means it goes from grorious china security measures, then EU, the US. Basically that package is safer than you'll ever bee, tehee

>> No.72211522

You can get arkos to -5
Arkos himself has -1
Alpha Legion -1
Apostle prayer -1
Warlord trait -1
spend 1 cp to change his mark to nurgle
cast miasma on him -1

Congrats he is now invincible.
Unless you are an ork....

>> No.72211523

Shit y'all my noggin just got joggin

How did warp travel work before the heresy? All of it relies on the golden lighthouse in 40k, so how did ships get around in 30k?

>> No.72211541

Read what I said. I didn't tell them to post their art to criticize, I wanted them to be positive instead of a whiny bitch.

>> No.72211566

less good.

>> No.72211578

slowly and carefully.

>> No.72211588

Just got my Mek done, ready to get in the trukk with the boyz. Post your recent stuff /40kg/boyz

>> No.72211598

Question for the Ork codex.
You've got multiple abilities that allow you to repair a vehicle. And every ability states that you can only repair a vehicle once per phase.
But does that apply simply to that specific ability or to every repairing in general.
E. g. can I repair a vehicle once with grot riggers and once with Mekaniak, or only once in general?

>> No.72211607

After eldar degeneracy gave sideways birth to the god of cocks the warp was calm for a while allowing humans to travel without a dead god on a golden toilet

>> No.72211613

>buildin' a sentry

>> No.72211617

I haven't painted any, but I assembled a tactical squad and a dreadnought?

>> No.72211624

>5 stormboyz
>30 SoB (2 flamers per squad SS has a combi flamer and hand flamer)
>4 repentia and a repentia superior
>3 arco flagellants
>5 seraphim
I think I could do it.

>> No.72211626

Primaris goldbois would be too costly to take. You might aswell take a vanguard detatchment of custodes if you want that many wounds and attacks in a single model.

>> No.72211631

WIP. Wanting to make mydudes, but cant think of a name or emblem for them.

>> No.72211632

Depends, do gunpla count as models?

>> No.72211641

it's somewhat vague but basically the restriction covers abilities with the same name. For example, because "da fixa uppers" and a Mek have different repair abilities you can stack them but you can't stack say 2 Big Mek heals.

>> No.72211642

Well I painted about 1800 points of marines so I'm good

>> No.72211643


>> No.72211646

Are you the blue sob anon? if not post your sisters pls.

>> No.72211649

But that was before the Great Crusades

>> No.72211656

Unironically painted a gang of ork boyz. I could paint one and feel safe.

>> No.72211657

I wonder how he feels his entire writing career is there to shill small plastic army men?

>> No.72211658

Please help me, I must be retarded:

Why can't I find Guilliman in the Space Marine codex?

>> No.72211661

Silver Swords/Sabers

>> No.72211669

>"and if dat don't work, use more dakka"

>> No.72211675

Feels good to be a 21-year old Zoomboomerfu.

>> No.72211678

When you say Blue SoB do you mean the Blue with White armour or Blue with Silver armor?

>> No.72211682

week he's not in it for starters, he's dlc now

>> No.72211691

>very simple and universally understandable story: a leader defends a city
>great introduction to the setting through the eyes of a chaplain, learn a lot about the imperium in that book, orks act as the NPCs they excel as

>> No.72211692

I thought the birth of the cockgod was what fucked over the warp during the DAoT, ending it because all human worlds got cut off from each other.

Did the warp just naturally calm down between then and Big E's rise to power?

>> No.72211702

I dislike ADB as much as any sane person but getting paid to write fanfiction to shill 40k would be a dream.

>> No.72211703

I'm old enough to have seen it in theaters when it was released.

>> No.72211708

>Are you the blue sob anon?
Nope. I don't post my sisters often here because I'm not very good, and I just aim to get them table ready.

>> No.72211714

0. I've painted 3 blood bowl teams, wood elves, chaos, and ogres. I'm sure I can handle 1 blood bowl thirster

>> No.72211717

Damn, that’s terrible looking.

>> No.72211718

Why does an over a decade old model look better than GW's vanilla-brand most recent version?

>> No.72211720

I think it was white but post your sisters anyway cause Im painting some after admech and forgot to save them.

>> No.72211722

Ill keep that in mind, thanks.

>> No.72211727

Leave your money to your siblings don’t be a greedy ass and give it to some nigger charity. You’re the families cash cow they’re just waiting for the eventual murder suicide so they can take a couple vacations

>> No.72211728

>How long until we get our fist all black military force?

>Should they be named NiS or NoB?

>> No.72211729

Could literally make that out of scrap cardboard.

>> No.72211737

But you won't

>> No.72211743

They tabletop ready anyway. Must feel good to have so many done!
Also balls of steel going for no helmets.

>> No.72211745

It blew away all the excess warp energy, calming the storm so to speak, but it also nuked everything that relied on it at the time.

>> No.72211750

At least we are still pretty competitive. The rules were bland as fuck, but they synergies quite well with SIA and other DW tricks.

>> No.72211753

What's to stop someone either identically copying the existing GW mini's and uploading their files for free?
Or someone capturing an existing sprue through a photo capture process, tidying it up slightly and then posting that online for free?

I'm just curious as to why nobody has done it and wrecked GW's pricing model

>> No.72211755

Still practicing blanchitsu. This model was difficult. Originally I converted it to use as a crusader sergeant. Then I found our crusaders don't have sergeants or pistols. Then I thought I could use it in Kill Team as a crusader leader for an IG team. Then I found out crusaders aren't in kill team and kill team has no means by which to give models unusual wargear for some reason. I thought I could run it is a bounty hunter in Necromunda, but necromunda doesn't really have shields yet I think.

Overall I don't think the model was very succesful. Primer went on super thicc in some areas and my color choices didn't really work.

>> No.72211759

All BL writers and GW developers have their own OC novel series. Matt Ward wrote "Th Empire of Ash" which is getting decent reviews.

Josh Reynolds and Gav Thorpe have their own OC series and they have Patreon accounts where you can request them write a short story for you.

They have lives outside of 40K, you know.

>> No.72211762

I like how you placed them like that with the canoness pointing in the back, looks like they're marching to war.

American hours so someone's gonna tell me how shit they are, but here are some blue sisters.

>> No.72211772

Inquisitors or maybe acolytes can take storm shields and pistols right?

>> No.72211775

first hh book, from the pov of the rememberancers

>> No.72211777

You still have to respect different parts/materials of the model having different textures/colors/brightness. You are just painting everything at once.

>> No.72211783

No, I wouldnt want to waste time and space on something like that.

I dont understand why people are into titans as models. Ugly and pointless wastes of money. If you wanna play a titan just have some house rules and have like a pair of titan feet that make their way across the board and occasionally the anti infantry weapons fire down. Don't need an ugly ass model for that.

>> No.72211784

I'm picking up some SoB to hobby and haven't played since the dreaddreadknightknight was a thing. Is this edition worth actually playing or should I just stick to hobbying?

>> No.72211786

Primaris were a mistak, cann't wait for when they are shitcanned

>> No.72211800

The cloth looks good. I think the guns needs to be a different color than the armor just to break it up.

>> No.72211803

Aint gonna happen till they make omegus marines to replace the primaris marine. They will be bigger.

>> No.72211809

My girlfriend (in the white) wants to start collecting a salamanders army. I want to get her some flamestorm aggressors while she is visiting her friend in another city this weekend. With GW closed where can I pick some up?

>> No.72211810

I just checked and I don't think so outside of named characters

>> No.72211814

Niiiiice, you lucky bastard.
Did kids really cry when OP kicked the bucket, or is that an urban legend?

>> No.72211815

where would I find him then?

>> No.72211817

This edition isnt too bad. Play a few games to decide for yourself though.

>> No.72211845

I also would like sauce.

>> No.72211849

This edition is easier to play, games in general are quicker; so you can have larger battles that span the afternoon or you could have smaller 1-2h battles with your friends. Its a nice format but there are some imbalances, although I guess thats always been the case.

I came back after leaving around 3rd. The game is definitely more fleshed out, and also streamlined.

>> No.72211867

Should we tell him?

>> No.72211871

Can you expand on that? In actual method I did the coat seperate from the armor seperate from the shield etc.

>> No.72211872

>What is the internet?

>> No.72211878

Why do I get the feeling you're the "white girls fuck dogs" dude from yesterday?

>> No.72211886

He taught me a new word today
"chav slag"
apparently it's the epitome of brittish beauty

>> No.72211887

>last time I played the game was 500 points a retarded nids player
>quit 2.5 battle rounds in, took 2 hours

>> No.72211889

Should we tell him that his bait is rather transparent?

>> No.72211899

>STILL no new Daemon Prince model

Why is GW being such fags? Just release one already.

>> No.72211907

Fluffwise, depending on just how heroic the first 90% of you die, whoever's left has a slim chance of clinching it.

>> No.72211917

I thought so too, but then I tried purple and red and didn't like it, and making it a different shade of silver didn't show up well, so I decided to leave them like that instead.

I'unno. I like it. "Brushed gunmetal" someone once said so I've taken to calling it that.

>> No.72211925

>Bullgryn Pain train painted or partially painted
Enjoy getting smacked around by screaming retards daemon boy

>> No.72211949

How many are you taking? The PA release gave them some useful strats.

>> No.72211950

Strange, my GF wants to collect salamanders and is also visiting her friend this weekend.

>> No.72211960

Yeah my GF is starting a SW army!

>> No.72211968

I get it
It's funny because white girls are built for BBC and salamanders are niggers

>> No.72211972

Its the patricians taste. Us nigels know they arent attractive, but something about the way they dress and talk, their culture, the breast implants, the tongue peircings etc. Its all just for sex, they are filthy and there is no better one night stand.

>> No.72211979

What are you whining about, there is a practically brand new one in plastic no less

>> No.72211985

>> No.72211986

>there is no better one night stand.
As long as you're okay with getting the clap.

>> No.72211998

>no better one night stand.
I think avoiding herpes is preferable to throwing a hotdog down an alley

>> No.72211999

Do all miniatures painted look like shit really close up? Especially with yellow I find that even though they look crisp from afar upclose they look chunky

>> No.72212010

For anyone wondering that's just a thing wolves do, slutty white girls or no.

>> No.72212027

Huron taxed the people of the system, he just didn't want to pay tithes further up the chain

>> No.72212038

nigga that model fucking SUCKS

and 6th edition is not brand new what a fucking lie

>> No.72212047

How tall are the adeptus sororitas?

I imagine like any military force there is a height and weight range? What do you anons think it is? Whata re the other physical requirements?

I think they are between 5'9 and 6'2
60-80kg fairly lean
can squat 1.5x bodyweight
can press 80% bodyweight
can run 400m in under 1 min

>> No.72212059

Yeah, I've gotten the majority done, I just have celestine, a couple canonesses, and a hospitaller left before I've cleared my backlog. I'm going to attempt faces when I'm better at painting.
thanks, other side of the shelf is my orkz, so as my collection grows it forms a battle scene.

>> No.72212062

No, properly thinned and layered paint will show no chunks or brush strokes.

>> No.72212065

w-why are those sisters out of their power armour anon?

>> No.72212071

It is new, in miniature standards. Sit down, there are models older than you that need an update first.

Whether you like the model or not changes nothing, it's recent so it will be around for quite a while. Better get used to it

>> No.72212085

orks look too organized anon

>> No.72212096

>When are they finally going to be officially best buddies?

>> No.72212102

I really wish coomerposters go fuck off back to /b/.

>> No.72212120

>squad of blood angels intercessors
>10 skitarii, a tech priest dominus
>librarian in phobos

emperor help me

>> No.72212125

the actual battle sister would be close to 6' and 100kg, and fairly muscular (for a woman)
non-combatant such as dialogs can be easily 4'6 and 30kg
sidenote: mixing metric and imperial like that feels weird

>> No.72212131

>fetish posters

>> No.72212137

Never, Geedumbs hates advancing plots.

>> No.72212154

Shitting is not allowed in the Imperium because it suggest you're a follower of papa Nurgle

>> No.72212169

Didn't they cut the galaxy in half just recently, reviving fucking Guilliman and replacing Marines in the process? Looks like quite the advancement to me.

>> No.72212174

GW should have focused more on creating interesting stories in their vast setting that is warhammer 40,000

Instead they cut the galaxy in half, mention the dark part barely, and spend even more time on the handful of factions that are already done to death.

>> No.72212175

Just be careful not to lose detail.
Think about light/dark contrast to help show details of the model.
You don't want the model to look like he just had a mudbath.
I made this picture before to show how 'eavy metal paintjobs push model detail through dark/light contrast.
You can do this in a blanchitsu style.

>> No.72212178

Ive been thinking about using the verminlord as a base for a daemon prince. Cut off the rate tail, give him a head of your choice, and use the verminlord horns.

>> No.72212189

white girls fuck dogs

>> No.72212192

3d printing is complicated and hard. Not a lot of people want to sink 300$ in a piece of hardware that is smelly and hard to get into. people would rather just buy the minis from gw. also i've never seen someone printing a complete army/unit so in my mind it mean that it's probably not worth it. if some one wants to 3d print those models and then sell them, it would very similar to recasting which is illegal. Also i saw someone on instagram that was 3d designing a deathwatch pauldron for his dread, he was saying in the comments that he wouldn't sell the files because he didn't want legal trouble from gw. for a file mind you. So my guess is that a general lack of knowledge of the masses and foggy knowledge of the laws is keeping 3d printing from becoming a threat to gw for now.

>> No.72212200

>'Oh, i've painted loads of models'
>Random mutant rabble, a dozen renegade Guardsmen, some Necromunda civilians, objective markers and three cargo containers.

>> No.72212206

Since we know that the models are the no.1 source for Canon, Sisters of Battle are atleast 7-8' tall, as we know that Space Marines are that tall. Cadians are also atleast 6'6".

>so as my collection grows it forms a battle scene
That is really cool.

>> No.72212209

Thanks for the replies anons

>> No.72212214

That's the spirit. A daemon prince could be almost anything. Limiting yourself to the one official model just shows a severe lack of imagination and creativity.

>> No.72212240

And I wish faggots would stop using wojak terms and focus on snark and irony like we used to, but I guess we don't all get what we want, now do we?

>> No.72212242

How come no one complains about the 2019 CSM? Is their transitional period already over?

>> No.72212248

Yeah but you have to be a fucking weirdo to let them do it. It's like letting your dog hump your leg. Fucking discipline them the first time they do it or you are willingly getting humped.

>> No.72212261

I thought I had done something like that. This is a shitty filter on my phone, but making the coat a lighter color than the body I was hoping would give contrast. If you account for lighting, it does seem to follow through

Not to make ot seem like I'm arguing. I agree my model wasn't particularly successful, I'm just trying to figure out how to do it better. I've had a lot of challenges with fully armored models so far with these techniques. When the model has a lot of exposed skin it has been much easier

>> No.72212271

Cock and balls

>> No.72212276

I agree with ya.

>> No.72212277

Those arent real space marines anon. Its confirmed that they are defunct. Primaris are "truescale"

>> No.72212297

>Snark and irony
Thats somehow gayer then wojak posting

>> No.72212306

Does the Imperium have better nutririon standards than the modern west?

If so then this isn't unreasonable.

>> No.72212311

What do you think the most beautiful model is? Anything with a natural and ideal aesthetic. You know, things that just seem like they are "supposed" to be?

>> No.72212314

If Primaris are truescale, why are they called Primaris, portrayed as being taller than Space Marines in the lore, and are shown to be in the same warzones and interact with each other in the lore?

If they were truescale, we'd not have any of these problems, but no. We got Primaris Interincurincelinfilsessonators.

>> No.72212326

Won't lie, I chuckled.

>> No.72212327

Generally no, but I assume the sisters of battle are an exception because they are a more elite soldier class

>> No.72212339

Primarine models also are not truescale at all. Just larger, and with slightly different proportions compared to classic marines.

>> No.72212340

Fuck off newfag.

>> No.72212343

GW fluff exists to support their models. Primaris are really just the new space marines with everything around them just being a justification for revamping the concept.

>> No.72212351

>wojak terms
I don't care what it is, using fap-bait to get people to reply to you is gayer than anything else
>focus on snark and irony like we used to
Dude you are a massive faggot holy shit

>> No.72212360



>> No.72212377

They were released as primaris marines so that autists like you didnt notice the rug being pulled from underneath. Its GW updating the space marine line. Next edition there will be no normal space marines and we wont have "primaris" intercessors anymore, they will just be called intercessors. We wont have primaris captains, they will just be captains (with the primaris statline and no normal space marines sold anymore)

>> No.72212378

What's the base model you used?

>> No.72212398

Torso and head are dreamforge games heavy infantry, legs are dreamforge normsl infantry. Both are OOP right now I believe

>> No.72212401

WithWith a good paintjob i think this would look alright

>> No.72212411

Es gibt bestimmt Möglichkeiten, wie deine Mutter auch Deutsch lernen kann. Das wäre für alle cooler.
Bis dahin, pass auf deine Familie auf.

>> No.72212414

so since the weather is pretty good i was going to head out and prime my space wolves, My primer can is kinda fucked but i got a can of army painter black. Can i get away with priming with it and than go over it with the fang or will that obscure details to much?

>> No.72212427

Yes hello how do I win as Orks?

>> No.72212432

Something with shields
Also they are blue so maybe azure shields? I think simpler names are better for marines

>> No.72212437

Everything in the picture,so yes in tabletop, but not in fluff

>> No.72212445

It will be fine.

>> No.72212449

Wolves lick each others teeth to show affection and submission, the girl is letting the wolf do it to maintain dominance in the situation

>> No.72212457

>if only you knew how bad things really were

>> No.72212464

90 Boyz

>> No.72212470

I love the jacket over the body look. I just want to do that

>> No.72212472

Shokk attack gun in the back as deathskulls
Boyz and warboss in front as evil sunz
Any shooty dude you want as bad moon in the middle.

>> No.72212483

I've seen models primed twice over and look fine so long as the coats are thin.

>> No.72212494

Unironically I think something like a some-what straight adaptation of the Space Hulk boardgame could work as a movie. It's a clean slice of the setting that can serve as a easy introduction for new audiences, where the story isn't all that important instead giving focus to Space Marines as characters and a wide range of action without betraying everything the fans want.

>> No.72212497

Thanks for the idea!

>> No.72212507

Glaub mir, wir haben alles versucht. Mein Deutsch ist auf keinen Fall das Gelbe vom Ei, aber ich kann mich verständigen. Sie weigert sich aber seit zwanzig Jahren die Sprache zu lernen weil sie fließend Englisch spricht.

>> No.72212515

Your phone made the contrast a bit more extreme than it actually is but you are right it doesn't look too bad value wise.
I think if you add a tiny bit of edge highligting or drybrushing on the armor/gun so you can see the form separations it would look good. Also some color variance on the armor and gun would help. The basic palette is white, yellow, orange, red, black, iron/silvery metals and brown but you are using mostly yellow and brown.

>> No.72212518

mold lines

>> No.72212529


>> No.72212530

Is this real? It's been years now.

>> No.72212532

I know that's what it is, and it's what's pissing me off about it even more. They're still going to pull the rug, they're just delaying it.

>> No.72212535

120 boys, warboss on a bike, traktor cannons.
ez pz if you fuck up burn you're army your bad

>> No.72212542

>Fully assembling Cawl before painting
Good luck

>> No.72212553

That's the jacket from the scion kit

>> No.72212576

So is this model just not comming out anymore? They ain't opening any stores now with the ilness so will they be smart and realse her on the web store?

>> No.72212592

>he doesn't know how to speed paint

Spray prime and if you miss parts, so what? If you missed an area it means no one can see that spot anyway.
Then it's just brush brush brush and fuck you the model is done and looks great.

>> No.72212593

that's exclusive store opening promo, those day's you're looking for store closing promo

>> No.72212604

Yeah hopefully they are forced to make it made to order.

>> No.72212610


>> No.72212614

More warbosses.
They're one of my favorite units in the game and I don't even play orks.

>> No.72212623

Took them 6 years to flesh out AoS. it takes time, mate

>> No.72212633

I'm guessing Resident Evil remake

>> No.72212649


>> No.72212652

How the fuck big is Abaddon's base?

>> No.72212656

Would be nice to have her when I make a catachan list. She reminds me of vasquez. " Hey Vasquez you ever been mistaken for a man?" " No have you?"

>> No.72212660

I wish i could round up all primaris players and shoot them in the back of the head

>> No.72212661

Not worth the effort, nobody will buy that piece of shit.

>> No.72212666

AoS nuked a whole setting and had to start almostfrom scratch. Primaris have just been dropped into an existing setting as a new subfaction. how hard can it be?

>> No.72212674

Wait, are we finally getting some hot minis?

>> No.72212676

Thinking about fomoing and buying boxes of 40k before the supply dries up. What's the difference between the 2011 boxes from the new ones? Eyeing necron immortals

>> No.72212679

We get it, you hate women

>> No.72212684

The astronomican was already active in 30k

>> No.72212697

>Painting, a HQ no less, to below table top standard
Garbage anon.

>> No.72212704

If you are the guy who got abaddon today then you aren't painting either of those.

>> No.72212711

Just ugly models.

>> No.72212716

i love it when they throw catachan players a bone

its like "here you fucking pigs. now buy the 25 year old guardsmen again"

>> No.72212733

Looks like over designed garbage. Doesnt fit the 40k aesthetic at all

>> No.72212759

>over designed garbage doesnt fit the 40k aesthetic
are you new here or just retarded?

>> No.72212760

>hey are filthy and there is no better one night stand.
So slags are nurgle daemonettes?

>> No.72212761


>> No.72212769

40k is overdesigned garbage these days.

havent you seen the fucking primaris vehicles

>> No.72212784

Alright I'm sick of asking about R&H.
I guess I'll just be using IG rules. What regiment tactics make for the best Tzeentch-ish warband. I'm imagining the soldiers basically being mind controlled barely living husks, with the regiment led directly by a cabal of sorcerers So librarians I guess

>> No.72212799

There's nothing overdesigned about them. They just have too man fuckign weapons. The Repulsor executioner has more different weapons than a fucking baneblade.

>> No.72212803

>25 year old guardsmen again
I honestly like those better than the upcoming 45€ for 10 monopose guardsmen. Which can also be assembled as a command squad, but doesn't come with grenade launchers.

>> No.72212809

Honestly as someone who plays eldar, dark eldar, slaanesh, GSC and sisters. I just want something masculine to mix it up I guess, also I can expand muscle girl fetish beyond sisters. Also also with cadians torsos and some helmets with masks they would remind me of gears of war dudes and that's cool

>> No.72212813

I mean, I'm sure you're aware that they're not amazing, but I've seen a lot worse. 7/10, would lose a game to.

>> No.72212819

>havent you seen the fucking primaris vehicles
They're just floating boxes.

>> No.72212826

It needs to catch his arms when they fall off

>> No.72212827

it's a small shelf so they're fighting for space a bit. Also I think of it as seeing just a slice of a massive horde, so they're all desperately squeezing past each other to get to the fight.

>> No.72212837

Play R&H pussy.

>> No.72212866

post army themes

Hard mode: NO METAL

Iron Warriors:

>> No.72212875

Asking again, does anybody has a good source for Juan Diaz daemonettes?

>> No.72212877

>Hard mode: NO METAL


>> No.72212879

Unless you really want to ally in daemons, running renegades with the normal guard rules tends to be easier.

Valhallan tactics might fit what you want well, given the morale mitigation they offer. Mordians might also work for their leadership bonus, though it requires fielding your infantry blobs in tighter ranks. If you want custom regiments doctrines, Spotter Details and Disciplined Shooters might work as a way to focus on spamming infantry weapons

>> No.72212906

Night lords

>> No.72212920

Answer me or I'll pull the god damn trigger

>> No.72212931



>> No.72212938

I'm probably going to have him painted by a painting service. I'm not even close to good enough to do those models justice.

>> No.72212963

I love that they put Salvar Chem dogs into the codex (with art) and then didn't give them models....
Not even as a kitbash like the Praetorians....

Nope! Buy Victoria Miniatures or you can't have your Chem Dogs....it's mental.

>> No.72212972

Ill do it for $10

>> No.72212983

R&H rules are incomplete and what they do have is literally broken and was never FAQ'd from what I know. 7e R&H rules were the fucking tits, I don't know why they couldn't recreate them in 8e, they could have easily done it in a couple of days.

>> No.72212984

>40k but metal isn't allowed

>> No.72212999


Khorne Demonkin (I miss that 7th ed codex)

>> No.72213024


>> No.72213034


Guess and industrial rock isnt metal you zoomer plebs.

>> No.72213038

>death of hope is based
>astartes was cringe
>primaris are cringe
>warhammer adventures is cringe
>40k memes are cringe, anything to do with admech liking toasters, tau/eldar waifus, TTS jojo references, all led to GW noticing this and watering down the setting

Holy shit. Not only are they /ourguys/ but thet basically discovered why all this shit is going the way it is.

>> No.72213039

Cheating but Tsons or Tzeentch in general.

>> No.72213048

shut the fuck up and consume product already you faggot

>> No.72213055

I think not much since I think 2011 had 32mm bases. If the bases look really small you have 25mm and need some 32mm ones. Thats it.

>> No.72213076

GW does not approve of kit bashing and conversions

>> No.72213079

>not allowed
I mean, it's hardmode for a reason.

>> No.72213085

>a facebook meme with "received" filename...which he thought was so good he sent it to his laptop via bluetooth?
>/co/ shit

I thought Necronfags were supposed to be cool, not utter faggots.

>> No.72213086

>Commissar gazma
Ah yes the incel who drank the cool aid

>> No.72213087

Ok Primanigger thats literally what the community is all about.

>> No.72213090

Interacting with anyone or anything that uses 4chan memes or buzzwords outside of 4chan
Only cringe here is you buddy.

>> No.72213099

He's new obviously to Necrons. Give him time and he'll learn.

>> No.72213102

Gamza has a wife tho. Then again so does valrak...

>> No.72213103

Why do you think GW cares about what the community "is"

>> No.72213107

>GW does not approve of kitbashing


>> No.72213110

How anyone watches Death of Hope without cringing is beyond me.
It's like an emo short story made for English class in middle school.

>> No.72213117

Because I don't play at Warhammer stores like a fag and have my own terrain.

>> No.72213126

Learn what?

>> No.72213128

Roleplayer first, gamer second, modeler third and painter fourth. I know they're not amazing, I just want them painted to look okay and post them here because I've nothing better to do. And if atleast one person likes them or gets inspired to do their own thing because of them, it's worth the "you fucking libtard sisters can't have green hair" posters. So thank you for you kind words.

Sisters of Battle

>> No.72213130

Which one makes a better looking demon prince with wings for DG?

>> No.72213141

How many times do you think DoH's creator watched the Christchurch shooting video?

>> No.72213148


>> No.72213160

How did 40K lose its grimdark? Isn't this just "old is good. new is bad" shit?

>> No.72213161

Honestly, both.

>> No.72213167

Let me quickly run this by you lads. How cheesy would you think it is if I said I plan on running my Death Company as Sanguinary Guard for rules purposes?

All the weapons roughly match for WYSWYG, because I built them all with swords and bolters, so I don't think it'd be a huge issue. They're conversions I made because both the DC and SG models are ugly manlets.

I was thinking I can fluff it up as my chapter having some sort of mastery over the Black Rage (Blood Drinkers are said to have much smaller Death Companies than other chapters. Nothing heretical about it, I assure you.) So instead of joining the Death Company and kamikaze charging, they become the elites of the chapter. The Sanguinary Death Guard, if you will.

TL;DR I'm too cheap and lazy to buy/convert some Sanguinary Guard, I want to kitbash a Priest and Ancient then run my existing DC counts-as instead. Thoughts?

>> No.72213169

Are you a faggot? See >>72213107 or the White Dwarf article about how to convert your own inquisitors.

it was a cool short, but I did cringe at the start with the "Dedicated to the TRUE FANS of the Grimdark" universe, as if the setting isn't taking itself far too seriousl now.

>> No.72213182

Left for size, right for aesthetics. That being said I used to rock a Daemon Prince on a 40mm square base when I played Chaos Space Marines because I'm a 30 year old boomer.

>> No.72213188

Is that kuwagamon on the left?

>> No.72213191

40k is more grimdark than it used to be now.

>> No.72213197

>GW does not approve of kit bashing

were you dropped on your head?
they literally sell greenstuff explicitly for converting, multiple hobby tools for converting, and kitbashing means you're mixing their kits together, meaning they make more money on them.

What they discourage is converting using third party shit, and they've removed options not available in the box so that you're not REQUIRED to convert in order to have a certain weapon loadout.

>> No.72213202

I don't know which army exactly but this song fits a lot of imperium armies.

>> No.72213205

I like Astartes for the detail autism and Death of Hope for the old school autism.

>> No.72213208

You don't understand. Grimdark is about animating CSM ripping civilians in half. If there aren't blood and guts and shrieking death sounds it's not Warhammer 40,000.

>> No.72213209

Super fly!

>> No.72213215

Neither of them look like something out of 40k. Left one is a weird tyranid hybrid at best and right has feathered wings that clash with nurgle aesthetic.

>> No.72213222

Right definitely.

>> No.72213224

No visible, graphic violence allowed because GW wants the 12yo little timmies.

>> No.72213225

>they've removed options not available in the box so that you're not REQUIRED to convert in order to have a certain weapon loadout.
Except for all the times they uhhhh...didn't.

>> No.72213241

Lmao at the only space marine chapter bar none that doesn't have its chapter tactics affect vehicles

>> No.72213249

ADB's latest novel had a marine pinning a mutant child with a spear and as the child cut off its own fingers grasping weakly at the power spear, he finished it off with a bolter.

Is it enough grimdark for you?

>> No.72213250

yeah like the single plasma cavalier in skitarii boxes when taking 2 for 5 man or 3 for 10 man is optimal unless you want a sniper.

>> No.72213256

I didn't think it was cringey but it was incredibly boring. The trailer was good but the actual part 1 was a fucking snooze fest. 20 minutes without anything interesting

>> No.72213257

> they've removed options not available in the box so that you're not REQUIRED to convert in order to have a certain weapon loadout.
Is this why the DW kill team only has like 1 or 2 of each weapon?

>> No.72213267

See >>72213249

IIRC, one novel had graphic detail of an Imperial ship getting flooded with parasite filled Tyranid acid.

>> No.72213277

Are you implying that new art isn't allowed to show violence?

>> No.72213279

yeah, except for those. But that was ostensibly the point of legends.

well that just means you have to buy several boxes, doesn't it?

you think that's bad? I play GSC. in a box of 5 acolytes, which cost 50CAD, you get 1 rock saw. in a squad of 20, 8 rocksaws is optimal.

acolytes are a troop choice. $50 for 5.

>> No.72213288

Look at the loadout options for new Chaos heroes or the Canoness.

>> No.72213292

What's the best Chapter/Legion for tanks? I'm guessing the obvious answer is Iron Fists and Iron Warriors respectively, but I'm curious about some good alternatives that synergise well with tanks.

>> No.72213303

That shade of green is too bright. I get that salamanders are green, but they are fern green, not shrek green.

>> No.72213306

>BA scouts in close combat

When the art is extremely accurate to the tabletop

>> No.72213308

meant to quote >>72213225

>> No.72213311

I dunno, how many good writers does GW have on payroll?

>> No.72213319

So, at least there IS a plasma cavalier in the box
If I want a powerfist/hand flamer intercessor champ, i'm stuck buying a box and not 1 but TWO upgrade sprues.
And that only makes me 1 champ.
>b-but your bits box
Doesn't change the fact that they're options not found in the kit.

>> No.72213325

I think the green is fine, it's the gold that's the problem. Salamanders need a really deep gold, clsoer to bronze if anything.

>> No.72213327

Do you mean GW or BL?
Either way, the only good writer we've lost is Alan Bligh.

>> No.72213328

This is extremely PG-13 when it comes to art. Then again, I can't think of much "old art" that showed graphic decapitations, gore for the sake of gore or whathaveyou. Mostly the dark grimness comes from the way the world is described and the novels.

>> No.72213337

>It's like an emo short story made for English class in middle school.
I remember I made a short story with space marines in middle school. I copied a short story from an old Dark Elf codex about a unit leader starting off the story killing a deserter saying "he was weak he deserved to die", then ending the story hiding in a closet like a bitch and getting gassed under the door by spoopy monsters.

>> No.72213340

None, that's the whole point.

>> No.72213342

>If I want a powerfist/hand flamer intercessor champ
Yeah, but atleast you can do that. If I want a jump pack canoness, I need to houserule her.

>> No.72213343

A poor example because this is pre primaris. Might as well be from last century.

>> No.72213348

Does my "inferno pistol" look passable?
Considering cutting off the clip if it makes it look closer to the actual thing

>> No.72213349

>Titan manipal


>> No.72213350

Are you talking about the game or fluff? In-game it's Iron hands and in fluff who cares because it's madeup bullshit that entirely depends on writer's bias.

>> No.72213360

Iron Warriors is the only Legion that really has specific benefits for vehicles in general, although even then a lot of Chaos Buffs relate to Daemon Engines instead. You'd probably be better off with a loyalist chapter for an army with lots of marine tanks

>> No.72213363

Hey guys what do you think of painting admech these colours and what should i call them as well It annoys me that all the admech schemes are kinda boring so I make my dudes but I need name for them as well as what you guys think just making discussion discuss admech and this scheme

>> No.72213364

GSC are some of my favorite models but the amount of models you need is retarded. I plan on just painting up 1 of every unit/hq and leaving it at that.

>> No.72213365

the weapon is still in the box.

in comparison, most legends weapons, such as, as an example, the Drukhari Archon, are weapons not sold in the kit. The archon used to be able to take agonisers and blasters, which you had to get out of a kabalite kit, and could not have unless you converted.

compare that to a squad of CSM who get 1 reaper chaincannon, while their unit can take multiple. You still get 1 in the box.

I'm not defending the choice - it's 100% GW trying to make money. But the weapon choices are technically available there, and thus you technically don't HAVE to convert to get that weapon.

Honestly, I hate it as a GSC player.

>> No.72213374

Gore isn't grimdark. Hopelessness, sisyphean struggles, cruel pragmatism, and impending doom is grimdark.

>> No.72213375

the new art is incredibly tame in comparison to the art 20 years ago.

its sterile. its like the subway of art.

>> No.72213377

Yes, it is. What did you do the barrel with?

>> No.72213399


I would have no problem playing with you Anon. As long as you explain it I don't see why anyone else would, especially if they're models you put effort into converting.

Only assholes and sperglets refuse to play against flavourful conversions because "muh wizzywig", and you're better off not playing those guys.

>> No.72213405

40k grim dark is such an awful fucking wankery. Literally as soon as GW dropped it, its sales went through the fucking roof

>> No.72213421

>Imperial Fists

>> No.72213426

I don't want to be presumptuous, but if that was directed at
, the barrel is from a Phosphor Blaster

>> No.72213431

To add to that, the regular csm can use the havoc weapon bits and have rules for those heavy weapons despite them not being in box

>> No.72213433

You're gay.


>> No.72213437

It's just the swap to digital artists. You lose a lot of texture and charm in digital.The artist needs to be a really good at traditional and really good at digital to realise this and avoid the sterile digital trap.
You see it in a lot of magic the gathering art too.

>> No.72213439

It's a little fucking big for a pistol. Alsi U think the barrel should be sitting a bit higher, so the top of it is flush or nearly flush with the tob of the bolter part.

>> No.72213457

>you should just fucking discipline a timberwolf!
Stop. A wolf is not a dog. If you want to be close to them, then you have to work with their social cues.

>> No.72213461

Yes, it was. I think it looks neat, and I see you're using the extra repentia superior for a canoness. I did that too, good for you!

>> No.72213466

I think the Ultramarines movie is still the most graphic official depictions in 40k.
>imdb says R rated, I'm surprised it actually got rated instead of being NR

>> No.72213472

Is this moron REALLY complaining about joke images from the community site and funny merchandise?

These guys really hold 40K so sacred if irrelevant funny art and toys tilts them this much.

And it's always Americans that do this. What the fuck is wrong with Yankies?

>> No.72213487

I would say that having an entire KT with combi weapons is not an unreasonable loadout, and yet you can't do it with just one KT box, to me that means that the box doesn't have the required parts to make the unit as written in the book.
As for the archons, I see no reason why they don't just scrap the archon model and instead put a few extra bits and pieces in the kabalite box so that you can upgrade one of them into an archon, it'd be great if most factions could get that treatment in fact. No more monopose HQs, just build the basic infantry boxes with conversion in mind.

>> No.72213496

>he doesn't think half a company of Ultramarines could beat a single bloodthirster in the fluff

Dude, there are at least three individual Ultramarines who've beaten a thirster. I'm pretty sure half a company with a dread and a heavy tank can manage.

>> No.72213510

Continued...they are acting like the Warcom art is the art you get in the codexes and rulebooks. This is absurd.

We need to ban Americans now!

>> No.72213513

As the guy who created Death of Hope pointed out, it was GW seeing the memes that caused the setting to be watered down in turn

>> No.72213515

its an obvious change though. 40k used to go for the "so hard and cool and violent raaaawr" look of the 2000s

and now they are going for the 2020s nice and friendly artwork.

>> No.72213516

Depends on what you mean by "sterile".
Unless you're talking about the ancient Rogue Trader art, I don't remember much actual depictions of violence and corpses until we got the 6e CSM book.

Most of the new art in 3rd/4th was in the attached style.

If by "sterile" you just mean "digital art bad!" then yeah whatever dude. It's so much cheaper to do than traditional painting that I can't seriously blame GW for switching to it.

>> No.72213517

What do Minotaurs think of primaris?

>> No.72213518



>> No.72213519

It was an okay movie.

They're like the Japanese in that they don't understand nuances, subtlety or variance. If there is one 40k book series aimed at kids, it means that ALL of 40k is ruined.

>> No.72213525

Hallo evryone and walcome back to anotha videoo

>> No.72213534

Its le epic grimdork 3rd edition players. Mordernising 40k has helped sales so much, got tons of new players interested, expanded the universe etc.

grimdark for the sake of grimark is just bullshit. Its boring, its not appealing. heroes and villians sell like hot cakes, look at marvel, thats what 40k needs to aim for in terms of themes.

>> No.72213540

unless I'm mistaken, the KT box DOES HAVE one of each weapon they can take.

you don't have to get a KT box, and a completely different box to get just a single hand, that you have to cut specifically to get it to fit onto the model.

Not saying you're wrong - like I said, I hate the '1 weapon per box' policy because it means I have to buy EIGHT BOXES OF GODDAMN ACOLYTES to get enough rocksaws to outfit a single unit - but that's GW's thought process. Gotta buy multiples!

>> No.72213551

>What the fuck is wrong with Yankies?
>"I would of went"

What do you expect from people who don't even speak their own language properly?

>> No.72213556

>people defending the ultramarines movie

>> No.72213557

The only legal chaos lord loadout is thunder hammer and plasma pistol
Its all thats in the box.

>> No.72213558

to be fair, it does depend on who's writing the fight

>> No.72213559


>> No.72213566


There is no noticeable change. The guy is throwing a fir and insulting people over what is essentially irrelevant fanart. You won't see a marine drinking from a coffee mug in a fucking codex or rulebook.

>> No.72213576

>Posts ugly lesbian with problem hair

>> No.72213588

Have a qt then.

>> No.72213591

Stronger cannon fodder is always appreciated.

>> No.72213592

but anyone who isnt a child or a brainlet doesnt like capeshit either.

capeshit is the worst thing that has happened to cinema in decades.

>> No.72213593


>> No.72213595

Calvary is the hillside on which Jesus was crucified.

I don't know if you're just retarded or being wrong on purpose.

>> No.72213600

Actually come to think of it I don't think there's even a storm botler in the box. But I could be wrong.
Non terminator storm bolters actually seem to be the hardest weapons to find in general.

>> No.72213601

Is there a point buy system in 8th?
I ain't just getting whatever the fuck i want with no control whatsoever

>> No.72213608

/ktg/ seems to be dead, so I'll ask here: has the Inquisition been put into Kill Team yet?

>> No.72213613

They probably welcome them and encourage them to beat up other Primaris marines

>> No.72213615

I haven't seen the video so I can't comment on that but nuGW art feels like they just aren't taking this quite old setting with decades of lore any serious anymore.
I get 40k was always a bit tongue in cheek but this maximum inclusion and soft cutesy "we're all a happy family" art to rope in the normies just feels silly. It's nothing to really get pissed about but it definitely shows how GWs priorities changed in the last years

>> No.72213617

No they got rid of it. Just keep playing 7th edition like all of us.

>> No.72213618

are you fucking blind?

compare 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8ed books with eachother and its completely different. the look has changed several times.

fucking compare 5th bretonnia to 6th bretonnia. its night and day.

>> No.72213620

Help me make a decision. I got a Hive Tyrant, but I dunno if I want to build it as a Flyrant or not. The points seem a little exorbitant for the extra movement and the ability to shoot after I fallback, but it does look cool and is probably useful.
Anyone have any experience or thoughts one way or the other?

>> No.72213622

Should I make a hex blade? or just glue my tank together in one configuration? if so, which one?

>> No.72213644

>Another uggo with terrible hair
Not helping your case here.

>> No.72213647

Point was that Americans mispronounce cavalry regularly because they don't understand how their own language works.

>> No.72213652

Magnetize the arm sockets. Hive Tyrant has so many options you'd be stupid not to.

>> No.72213653

>heroes and villians sell like hot cakes, look at marvel, thats what 40k needs to aim for in terms of themes

Lmao that's exactly what gamza rants against in the video

>> No.72213661

>Best selling movie ever made


Stupid cunt

>> No.72213664


>> No.72213665

yeah better not try to train the wolf, domesticating canines is impossible after all.

>> No.72213667

Fucking Doom and Diablo has silly cutesy things in their community sites and within the games themselves. You guys have no leg to stand on.

40K has never been a serious setting. You should not take it as one.

>> No.72213674

Flyrants are one of the best units in the nid codex. Their mobility, psyker spam, melee capability, AND utility of ranged weaponry is incredibly powerful.

That said, magnetize the weapon loadout.

>> No.72213682

Have a sister then.

>> No.72213687

Do people in america really bastardize English like that? I've never heard someone speak like that in Canada without being drunk.

>> No.72213699

There's a difference and there are other options than grimdark or capeshit.

Capeshit comes from the setting focusing on a few dudes and their epic adventures and how they kick Chaos' ass.

I hate capeshit, but I also think the most grimdarkest of grimdark stuff we have seen would make the setting implode on itself, which isn't exactly good either.

Until they have a plastic kit that they can sell, Inquisition won't be a part of kill team.

>> No.72213709

Another piece of ugly nu-art.

>> No.72213720

Thats, like, not even, like, the whole story.

>> No.72213723

Are you posting niggers on purpose?

>> No.72213725

Planning on running a large wych cult with a kabal and a small coven force.
>Is Hesperax + her cult worth taking over super speed, custom or bonus str?
>Any reason not to spam shardnets over the hydra gauntlets?
>Is it better to run 2x 5 man reavers or 3x 3 man reavers?

>> No.72213739

>There are people that say that the new art is bad

>> No.72213741

aren't there rules in killteam for eisenhorn?

>> No.72213743

I really don't think it's fair to judge current 40k art because of the cutesy crap they do on their community site. It's just the times.

HOWEVER, the codex art is dogshit and they should feel bad.

>> No.72213752

so horus heresy?

>> No.72213753

>cutesy art
You are part of the problem that is killing 40k.
I have provided you with alternative art. Delete your post and try again.

>> No.72213759

I don't know much about wyches, but Reavers get 1 grav talon or caltrops per 3 right? If so 3x3 is better, but 2x6 would be even better if you've got the points.

>> No.72213767

Not all, just a lot.

>> No.72213768

What the hell does that have to do with anything? Capeshit is a plague on the world. Just like cowboy/pirate shit was.

>> No.72213769


>> No.72213771

Not really, although Inquisitor Eisenhorn can be taken as a Commander. If you could proxy the rest of your dudes as an appropriate Imperial KT it could work, like bodyguards as guardsmen or something.

But unless they release a build your own inquisitor kit I doubt it, they'll probably do what they did with the rogue trader faction and make them named characters

>> No.72213779

Are you implying that Safe and Clean art is good?

>> No.72213791

The quality really dipped in 7th edition, but it's gotten quite a bit better in 8th.

>> No.72213793


>> No.72213796

Can't fly units also charge after falling back? I feel like that's very important.

>> No.72213800

Fuck the new battlescribe design

>> No.72213806


>> No.72213816

Disregard >>72213753 he is just an angry boomer that doesn't understand waifus. Leith is a top tier waifu, strong and athletic. If you want hesprex to be killly give her str bonus

>> No.72213818


>> No.72213821


>> No.72213822

Is this supposed to be good art? It's milqetoast as hell.

It's the unseasoned chicken breast of art.

>> No.72213824

>video games do it so it must be ok
yeah ok zoomer
also you know what the phrase "tongue in cheek" means right?
I know that 40k is not a serious setting, but there's a difference between being over the top or putting your main character into a clown costume and honking his nose every 5 minutes
Is nuance completely lost to you social media drones?

>> No.72213825

no. They can shoot after falling back though.

Though if you run your flyrant as Kraken, it could then fall back and charge again.

>> No.72213834

>Until they have a plastic kit that they can sell, Inquisition won't be a part of kill team.
It's so odd that GW gave the Inquisition updated rules in 40k proper for White Dwarf, but not for Kill Team, where they fit best.

An Eisenhorn proxy is good enough for me; I've been wanting to do an Ordo Hereticus team with Sisters and an Inquisitor commander. I was planning to just use an Inquisitor model with Canoness rules, otherwise.

>> No.72213842

Because primaris sound way cooler, marinelets not being true scale was one of the reasons to replace them with the chadmarines

>> No.72213845

Why is "fly" so fucking OP?
Look I'm a deldar player and I have fucking loved reavers ever since 6e but I think fly should be fucking toned down a bit, it's already good just for the mobility.

>> No.72213850


>> No.72213859

No one gives a fuck about Chaos.

>> No.72213861

My favorite is when they tell the artist "Exactly match the pose of the miniature. That's right, crush your creativity and copy the Product that we're here to Sell".

>> No.72213863

For a hobby to survive, it must appeal to many bases. Cutesy shit is one of the least offensive, and least pandered to by official sources. Only nu-male, contemporary woke bullshit is unacceptable. The rest needs to live in harmony with this shared hatred.

>> No.72213865

Jesus Christ how terrifying

>> No.72213869

But now Primaris aren't true scale, because they're only a little bit bigger then the space mariens that also aren't truescale, when really they should be bigger than truescale marines and a lot bigger than non truescale marines.
So in other words, TRUESCALE PRIMARIS WHEN!?

>> No.72213873


>> No.72213879


>> No.72213887

>An Eisenhorn proxy is good enough for me; I've been wanting to do an Ordo Hereticus team with Sisters and an Inquisitor commander. I was planning to just use an Inquisitor model with Canoness rules, otherwise.

Sounds good, although just be aware Eisenhorn is pricy in terms of points. If you're ever playing a non-Commanders game go along with your other plan, I'm sure if you explain it to your opponent beforehand they'll be fine with it

>> No.72213888

Its balanced out through points, in my opinion.

>> No.72213889

>> No.72213892

fuck I wish 1k sons kept the red color scheme post heresy

>> No.72213894


>> No.72213896


>> No.72213900

>astartes was cringe
Opinion discarded

>> No.72213904


>> No.72213905

Everytime I see this, I remember playing soldat, and GunZ, Cybernations too. It's like there is a brief moment of happiness, and then it's gone, replaced by sadness.

>> No.72213913


>> No.72213917

Why do people choose to have the most dour, worst light outlooks on things? Coordinating the art with the models is one of the most inoffensive things a corporation could ask of someone.
>If my boss wasn't CRUSHING my spirit, I'd make Gaz do a backflip onto a spacewolf Rhino, and there'd be 3 Russ's howling at the moon

>> No.72213930

That's WHFB art from the Hordes of Chaos army book. So it doesn't count.


>> No.72213936

>onions is ruining 40k
>GW shouldn't push for a wider market
>40k needs to be more serious/comedy = bad
>less gore means less grimdark
>40k is becoming more generic
>brings up the realistic nature of SOB (with no segue) , but then backpeddles and says its fine
>the new friendly gw art MUST have been drawn by a woman or some kind of homosexual, why else would it be so trash (i don't think he's saying that woman/homosexuals can't make good art, but that's how it comes across)
>anime/memes are cringe

I get what he's trying saying but holy fuck he should have scripted this. He's ultimately trying to say 40k is becoming less grimdark than it was, which is true in many ways, and that he's not a fan of that direction, which is fine, but it just comes off as some incel screaming that his toy soldiers shouldn't be for kids, but grown-ass tough men like himself.

>> No.72213938

Ready for soldat 2?

>> No.72213941

Is this from the new LEGO Hive™ playset?

>> No.72213943


>> No.72213946

Who was in the wrong here?

>> No.72213949

now you know how i feel whenever i see age of sigmar.

just sadness. grief.

>> No.72213951

digital "art" is aids, but honestly? these low resolution pictures look fine cause you don't can't see how bad they actually are, they look kinda ok like this.

>> No.72213956

idk how onions got changed to onions, but there you go.

he never actually says anything about astartes in the video. his opinions are still trash, but lets be fair.

>> No.72213958

Games Worshop are a company. They dont give a shit about their IP as long as it continues to sell. If that means turning Space Marines into cat girls, they will.

Because marvel sells, they will continue to chase that. Stop living in the fucking past. 40k has modernised and will modernise for the better.

>> No.72213961

Anyone got tips on how to paint Urban camo like this for some catachans? Also I need femachans something simple and not overly skimpy from a 3rd party site

>> No.72213966


>have ten death company mad lads and a chaplain with me

You know what I think I have half a chance.

>> No.72213967

it's like an unironic form of Herknes Dragonblade

>> No.72213972

The same way you paint every other camo but using grey?

>> No.72213980


>> No.72213983

Do you own stock in games workshop?

If you don't, you shouldn't give a fucking shit how well they are doing. You should care about if they make good stuff.

>> No.72213992

It just keeps happening.

>> No.72213993

Finally some good art.

>> No.72213994

Oh yeah, I only ever play with friends and we do stuff like that all the time.

Thanks for the input, anon.

>> No.72213997

hold on, can you not say

>> No.72214001


People defend companies with their life, good luck trying to make them understand that what matters is what they actually want to do with the hobby.

>> No.72214003


Imagine thinking new art is bad

>> No.72214007

Just come over from /pol/?

Kill yourself the way you're killing my hobby.

>> No.72214009

Red Corsairs
4x Chaos lord
6x 20xChain sword marines, Khorne Icon
1x 19x Chain sword marines, Khorne Icon
1x Huron

2 Batalions, 1 Patrol
21CP, 2000

is this smart?

>> No.72214015


>> No.72214016

>Primaris sunds cooler
Okay Zoomaus, go back to your aeldari and troggoths.

>> No.72214019

No, onions-boy.

>> No.72214020

>idk how onions got changed to onions, but there you go.
Pretty sure that filter is 2 years old now. What board doesn't have it?

>> No.72214031

two or three dedicated infantry units and you are fucked

>> No.72214037


>> No.72214040

Worse, he's from Reddit if he doesn't know about years old filters.

>> No.72214046

I've never had to say it before in a non meme-y way. just completely missed that.

>> No.72214049

>he should have scripted this
I'll try to scrape through this video, but yeah. This is the primary problem with rant-tubers. This is especially true for ones who can't even be asked to edit their videos and just do a capture of their browser while they scrub through the video they're criticizing in real time. They stutter, use way too many memes as a crutch for not being able to articulate their thoughts properly, and generally just miss any sort of cohesive mark.
They just want to pump out some opinion or bias, then backpeddle any controversy from it, when that controversy was caused by them shoving their foot in their mouth and deciding *that* was the take they should post for the world to see.

>> No.72214054

onions onions ?

>> No.72214055


>> No.72214056

Unless those dudes are deep striking you're gonna get lit the fuck up witth anti MEQ shit easily. Get some transports.

>> No.72214060

B-but. Muh strategem

>> No.72214063

But muh buzzwords

>> No.72214067

That reads like a Trump tweet.

>> No.72214071

4chan is supposed to be the one fucking place without wordfiltering.

>> No.72214075

Bros, why are white women like this?

>> No.72214077

games workshop is killing your hobby dear, but thats ok, ill let you blame some rando on the internet.

>> No.72214078


>> No.72214082

Yeah, it's looking good
I hear ya, good luck when the Old World lands, hopefully they will listen to the backlash from the Kislev iceguard and not go AoS with it. I told myself, if they bring back the Big Hats Dawi Zharr, I would get into it.

>> No.72214087

How fucking new are you?

>> No.72214095

herknes is great. It's a parody account done by alfabusa to mock exactly this sort of bitching.

>> No.72214097


>> No.72214098

Hello newfag and welcome to 4chan. Your illusions are now shattered by retarded individuals running this site.

>> No.72214099

You know where "weeaboo" came from, right?

>> No.72214119

Three Punisher Tank Commanders
A Land Raider Crusader and some bolter Primaris
Riptides with those gatling things

>> No.72214126

no in fact it's awful

>> No.72214145

1x6 imperial fist centurion devastators hurricane and heavy bolters

>> No.72214150

Did you stumble in here five minutes ago?

>> No.72214157

Yeah he's dumb for being a childish cunt about it. IMO 40k can have the sanitized Primaris garbage and the boomers running oldschool minis dripped in gore no problem since its a fucking tabletop game. There's nothing stopping you from playing 40k as grimdark as possible, its just secondaries screaming into the void about secondary media to tabletop, which is what 40k is about.

>> No.72214161

oof thats evil

>> No.72214184

>List tailoring
Tell me how many people just lopside their lists in casual games of all things.

>> No.72214192

How long, from initial plantation to waffling about in scout squads waiting to be earn proper power armour, does it take for space marine initiates to advance? I get that for the most part it's mostly training and indoctrination while all the geneseed organs finish growing and changing their bodies, but how long is that usually? like 5-6 years or something?

>> No.72214207

Most people I know do their best to keep an evenly balanced army.

>> No.72214210

People who frequently come up against the same frustrating list from that guy at their local store. Or, that guy targeting some poor victim at their local store.

>> No.72214212

>being a childish cunt
this is the issue I have with it. not even his point (I don't love the direction GW is taking with the setting either) but it just comes off as a grown man being buttmad about toys. just like how no one is willing to admit nucrons are better than oldcrons

>> No.72214213

>ten death company lads
We are fucked either way m8

>> No.72214215


>> No.72214216

i dunno about the other ones, but 3 russ punisher commanders has been a staple for guard lists being bandied about here for like 2 years now. same with riptides, especially if they're bubble wrapped by about 30 shield drones

>> No.72214218

>> No.72214220

I'm pretty sure even Bullgryn will stonewall him.
CSM on the charge are two attacks right? WS 3+ S4 AP 0 with chainswords?
So it takes 14 CSM to put one (1) wound on a Bullgryn with slabshield.


>> No.72214232

I don't usually use the word.
>TFW you're so old the newfags think you're new.

>> No.72214233

the only good necron is a squatcron

>> No.72214243

Bro every tau list takes riptides. 18 shots at str6 -2 D2 is good against everything not just a retarded list filled with 140 or so chaos space marines.

>> No.72214246

>having bolt rifle primaris is list tailoring

>> No.72214255

its grim stupid now

>> No.72214257

>Charging daemons with knives and shotguns
What were they thinking?!

>> No.72214267

>> No.72214272

Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

>> No.72214273

The scouts are like the substitute bench. You only graduate when a spot becomes available. So it can vary wildly depending on attrition rate.

>> No.72214279

Nu Szeras looks more like oldcrons, so the new nucrons might be the new oldcrons.

try saying that ten times in a row

>> No.72214280

I appreciate how the old KoS overstaying its welcome like it did inspired illustrators to take more artistic liberty when depicting greater daemons of Slaanesh.

>> No.72214281

Just take a look at the game with Space Elves and Orks wearing german armour and then tell me how 40k is supposed to be "Grim Dark" again.

>> No.72214287

Based skitarii poster

>> No.72214289

>gw is lazy
colour me shocked

>> No.72214317

None of those are unusual to take without knowing what your opponent is playing. Like most T'au players will look at you and laugh because they were already running 3 riptides.

>> No.72214325

>in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war

Right, but this is supposed to Child-Safe now.

>> No.72214327

dayum, he really likes his shock stick

>> No.72214333

It happens friendo.

>> No.72214347


>> No.72214355

What about the kitbashes on the guardsmen codex? You better answer me or else...

>> No.72214360

Skitarii infantry look cool, should I get them as my next army?

>> No.72214365


>> No.72214367

Literally everyone that thinks this is an incel screaming about toy soldiers though?

>> No.72214372

Depends. How do you feel about dogs?

>> No.72214385

If you like the way your tanks look because they're also very important to your army

>> No.72214386

Do you like fully painting minis before assembling them?

>> No.72214389

i had 1 beer these past 2 months, enough for me

>> No.72214399

Whats a non-scummy way of getting good anti-vehicle in a Primaris only army list? Want to try to avoid spamming Repulsor Executioners but I always feel like I'm one Leman Russ spam army away from getting BTFO'd unless I use them

>> No.72214400

Did nobody else get into 40k when they were 10? And like it because it had all this cool shit and a dark world but with, as >>72214347
shows, room for heroism and selflessness?

Fuck y'all, I'm going to bed.

>> No.72214402

woah wtf bros, I thought new art was the bestest and greatest?! wtf is this

>> No.72214425


Go take your nap, old man.

>> No.72214431

sm are so much cooler when their proportions arent totally fucked

>> No.72214437

Are Hellblasters good for that?

>> No.72214444


new one folks

>> No.72214456

>playing both sides

>> No.72214467

Are you gonna also reveal yourself to be >>72214400

>> No.72214468

Word filters have been on 4chan since like 2005 with the duckroll meme.

>> No.72214473


>> No.72214501

>Last day for LGS
>Go in to see if Psychic Awakening I asked for was in
>He eagerly asks if it was Saga of the Wolf
>Say no, chat a bit and check the limited paint supply for what I don't have but could use
>Chaos Battleforce still here, talk how you can't get this bundle anymore and how it will be sent away
>Been talking with friend who wants to get into 40k and building my own Word Bearer force
>Buy it despite the fact I should be using the money to buy a new phone with a better camera

>> No.72214550

based water-drinker.

>> No.72214693

>look at marvel, thats what 40k needs to aim for in terms of themes.

>> No.72214770

>>If my boss wasn't CRUSHING my spirit, I'd make Gaz do a backflip onto a spacewolf Rhino, and there'd be 3 Russ's howling at the moon
Your entire post is a fucking strawman, faggot shit

>> No.72214778

if i knew what 40k was and had any money at all, i might have. i remember going to this hole in the wall hobby store that had a couple boxes of dwarf units from whfb and thought they were the coolest looking shit when i was little, but didn't actually know what warhammer was until like almost 10 years later when a couple guys in AIT were playing soulstorm

>> No.72215005

God shadow war was such a gem. It was a janky flash in the pan nostalgia trip that more or less pandered to only me.

>> No.72215375


Yeah, I got into 40k when I was a really young kid, and the super dark edgy violence was FUCKING COOL.

I feel like there are too many people who never stayed over at their friend's house and watched shit like Terminator or Rambo when they were kids. They never had a big brother or older friend who let them play Resident Evil when their parents wouldn't let them.

I hear shit from millennials who are just becoming parents about how they make sure their kid doesn't go online unsupervised, and I just think, that poor fucking kid. I had folders full of hentai hidden on my parent's PC when I was like 12.

The fuck is wrong with all you people. Never did me any harm. There's no need to tone shit down, all it's doing is ruining everything.

>> No.72215512

which chink do you use? that looks clean as hell

>> No.72215687

I can't tell if you are all old fucking boomer conservatives or just in it for the memes

>> No.72215873

Two Necromunda gangs: Helot Cults & Enforcers.

Oh, and a Castellax I'm gonna run as an AmBot.

So... badly. Unless Bloodthirsters are weak against tazers and construction equipment.

>> No.72215948

I decided I hate knights and also 8th edition so I'm going to ruin it for everyone. Am I in the wrong for playing a 12 tank army in 8th edition?

>> No.72216762

Checked. Based good guy.

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