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come to chaos

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Custodes were right.

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Primaris need to learn how things work around here

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Just follow the law you Primaris fucks and maybe the Custodes wont have to kill you.

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Imperium is shit. They standards for traitor not traitor are shit too and if you think being a puppet of some super powerful warp entitiy is dumb imagine being the slave of some old fags, some void guidelines and a corpse on a chair.

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Custodes were not wrong, but too rash. Which is really out of character for them.

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Did Demons get an update in PA?

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They will in Engine War, with the Mechanicus

>> No.72132964

No. Engine War is indefinitely on hold.

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They just acted on their natural programming to remove future enemies of humanity.

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enjoy having daemon dick up your ass 24/7

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>>72132832 #
>>72132840 #

They weren’t members of the traitor chapter in any way shape or form, just earmarked as resources for them.

Your attitude describes an imperial cult mindset, which custodes not only don’t share but have active distain for.

Instead of trying for a rational solution, he accused them of heresy immediately, shot a guy for being offended then was surprised when his captain got on the radio and correctly announced to the rest of the chapter the custodian had begun executing loyal servants of the emperor, effectively making him the only traitor to appear onscreen in this story.

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He asked them twice to surrender.

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No ones cares when hundreds of thousands of guardsmen are executed for trivial crimes like seeing daemons.....

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>WH TV tip of the day

Wait a minute ...

>> No.72132981

Fires of Engine War

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Custodian was in the right.
Chapter was declared traitor by the Inquisition, which means their geneseed may have been compromised before the primaris were made using it. Marines had the option to surrender, be checked for taint and then either reinstated as a new chapter, be assigned to deathwatch as blackshields or (most likely) sent on a penitent crusade.
Instead they refuse direct orders from a Custodian who outranks them ten times over, and immediately go traitor. If that's all it takes for you to turn on Imperium, you were unfaithful in the first place.

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Everything is shit except for the harlequins.

>> No.72132994

Why do you hurt me like this?

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Yes, but he opened by insulting them and then shot one of them for nothing but righteously taking exception to being called a heretic.

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>They weren’t members of the traitor chapter in any way shape or form, just earmarked as resources for them.
>Your attitude describes an imperial cult mindset, which custodes not only don’t share but have active distain for.

>When the resurrected Primarch announced his intention to bear the secrets of the Primaris Space Marines to the Loyalist Firstborn Chapters, there was some resistance from the Adeptus Custodes, who feared strengthening those who might one day rebel against the Emperor once again.

I mean, this just proved his fears...

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Custodes were always described as logical and reasonable, even notable shitheads like Diocletian would not jump the gun like that.

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The Brazen Drakes didn't do nothing.

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If their geneseed was tainted then their entire legion should be purged, given cawl didn’t micromanage separate gene seed for every chapter.

If you’re an ultramarines successor you got ultramarines gene seed Greyshields, simple as that.

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You don't argue with direct orders from a personal bodyguard of The Emperor. Unless you're a heretic.

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No he shot a guy for saying that they should go help their chapter. A chapter which had been declared traitor. The Custodes still remember the Heresy.

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>Wrath and Glory says that Aeldari eyes are without pupils and are often white.

How do they see?

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>You fuckboys better surrender. Otherwise I'll slap your weak asses.
>See, now I shot one of you. Why are you not surrendering yet?

>> No.72133045

With their beautiful lithe feet.

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Wrong, they were essentially members of the chapter declared traitors, he DID try for a rational solution and only shot a guy after TRYING FOR A RATIONAL SOLUTION TWO TIMES
The captain did NOT announcr what you said, he announced EVERYONE NOT PART OF THE CHAPTER TO BE ENEMIES.

Did you even read it?

Instead of taking the loss of one guy as a sign that he means business, they declared war on THE ENTIRE IMPERIUM AND THE EMPEROR HIMSELF

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Because nobody cares about the games second worst faction after Tau.

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By not being human.

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Not giving tech herest Cawl abominations the time of day is reasonable for the Emperors bodyguard.

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They don't.

Next question.

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>Being called the worst thing imaginable shouldn’t provoke an emotional verbal reaction from a loyal citizen

I’d be a lot more suspicious of someone who wasn’t insulted to the core to be called a heretic.

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>Imagine being dragged away from guarding the Emperor's Corpus Imperator
>Imagine being asked by the Primarch Reborn to gift strength to the very faction which led to the Emperor's internment on the Golden Throne
>Arrive after suffering hardship and losing valuable defenders for the Imperial Palace/Terra.
>Find out the Chapter you had a gift for not only failed the Emperor by being lost, but add the indignity that they didn't even get wiped out to the last man, some becoming traitors

Nah, I side with the Custodes. Astartes are unworthy of the mercy they've been shown.

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Read the story, that’s not the guy he shot.

>> No.72133068

Put a bolter in it so they can have pupils.

>> No.72133069

>Wrath and Glory says there is little variation between the heights of Aeldari

A society without manlets. How are they not a utopia?

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Under chaos you can just kill your boss if he pisses you off

>> No.72133081

Remind me again why Harlequins aren't gonna be in a Psychic Awakening book?

>> No.72133082

>Stuck working from home
>Just want to paint my bugs

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Yeah well thats what the captain tried, like a true follower of chaos.
Got impaled twice for his trouble.

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So what occasion was this where Custodes had to slap some Primaris around?

>> No.72133087

>I am justified fighting back, the Emperor's Right Hand called me mean things

... fucking traitors.

>> No.72133089

>Implying I can read

>> No.72133090

Loyal chapter:
>Disarm yourself and subject to test of purity!
>Dude WTF?
>I speak with the voice of the Emperor and will not repeat myself! Stand down!
>Okay okay we're not gonna try and kill the literal bodyguard of the Emperor we venerate.

Traitor chapter:
>Disarm yourself an...

>> No.72133092

>may have been compromised
Cawl tech, he's already Mary Sue perfect the sed, that's out

>be checked for taint and then either reinstated as a new chapter, be assigned to deathwatch as blackshields or (most likely) sent on a penitent crusade.
They didn't get that option,, thats assuming a lot. The custode was going to execute them because he said all marines are traitors. The only reason he didn't shoot immediately was likely he weighed the risk of weapons fire on the bridge of the ship. They could have sunk the vessel from fighting. He made the smart play by trying to negotiate a surrender BUT he fucked up and basically said you're all going to die as traitors like all marines are which escalated the marines. And then he shot first because he let emotion take over. Had he negotiated properly it would have been avoided. And the marines would have eventually stood down as grey shields.

>Instead they refuse direct orders from a Custodian who outranks them ten times over, and immediately go traitor. If that's all it takes for you to turn on Imperium, you were unfaithful in the first place.
First half no, they questioned it. Poorly mind you, the marines weren't the brightest to begin with but could have been reasoned with. Second half, in universe yes you are correct, these religious extremes are common practice unfortunately.

>> No.72133095

They're prepping for War of the Spider and Bile's traitor Primaris.

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Because they're a dumb minidex, they get to go play with Deathwatch in the fucking shortbus.

>> No.72133102

Cawl's abominations are still part of the defense of the Imperium, regardless of the Custodes' feelings on astartes, primarchs, the AdMech or somebody one-upping the Emperor in terms of gene-crafting. In the novels they have mentioned several times that they despise what the Imperium has become but would still fight with every fiber of their being and every tool at their disposal to protect it.
And this guy just threw out a substantial investment on a whim.

>> No.72133103


Why are you lying in all caps

The custodian announced with withering contempt that they needed to step down and be tried for treason.

And no, the captain absolutely did not announce everyone not part of the chapter to be enemies, he said to consider everyone within the fleet hostile until further notice because there was a fucking rogue custodian giving orders and shooting innocent citizens for being insulted for being called a traitor.

>> No.72133104

OK by your logic when are we purging the blood angels?

>> No.72133105

You can be indignant and hurt all you want. But if you're an actual loyalist you're never ever going to fire upon a custodian or explicitly command your chapter to capture the fleet.

>> No.72133107

>please cooperate
it was more like
>wtf why are they mad

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He didnt say he was going to execute them, they were to be detained for the time being.

Also if you dont think doing the opposite of what you were told to do twice in a row is not you refusing to follow orders, you might be retarded

>> No.72133118

When were they declared heretics by the Inquisition?

>> No.72133119

>there was a fucking rogue custodian

If he was rogue, why did everyone else side with him, even the Sisters of Silence?

>> No.72133128

or, everybody is a manlet.

>> No.72133135

>tells me I'm assuming a lot
>immediately assumes just as much

>> No.72133136

Simon Says "I am the Voice of The Emperor and you're traitors".

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They didn’t fight back until he shot a junior officer for saying he wasn’t a heretic.

And before someone vomits their godawful reading comprehension at me again, no: He didn’t shoot the captain who expressed gut disbelief that the chapter he’d been prepping his men to join were filthy heretics, then trailed off because he could see the evidence.

>> No.72133146


Why? Their gene-seed is flawed, but I ain't ever seen the Chapter turn traitor.

The only main loyalist Chapter which had a large degree of it's forces turn traitor, gives out of it's way to hide that fact.

>Gee I wonder if there's a reason...

>> No.72133157


Well done, you broke down exactly what happened in the story and proved the primaris guys were loyal.

>> No.72133162

You don't negotiate orders from the FUCKING CUSTODES, how many times do I have to repeat that. I swear, some people take the "just marines but biggerer and golderer" memes literally.

>> No.72133167

>They didn’t fight back until he shot a junior officer for saying he wasn’t a heretic.

They also didn't surrender, which was the important part.

>> No.72133172

it was "please cooperate" twice, the caps yelling only came out AFTER they had come to blows and he was already dueling the captain
>‘You do not address me, Gerion,’ said Tyvar, his voice cold and hard as adamantine. ‘You do not look at me, nor at any of these faithful servants of the Emperor. You are tainted by heresy and you will be detained, along with all of your battle-brothers, until an appropriate fate can be determined.’

They were to be detained. Next.

>‘Brothers, we are betrayed!’ he roared into his gorget’s vox mic, throwing himself sideways as he reached for his own drake-embossed power sword. ‘Consider all outside our Chapter hostile! Seize the fleet!’

"Consider all outside our Chapter hostile! Seize the fleet!"
Here he is declaring war on the Imperium at large, there you go.

Actually read the story next time.

>> No.72133178

The sisters are literally a rogue organization that was rounded up by the Custodes to fight with themm

>> No.72133179

I missed the part where the "loyal chapter" fires upon the custodian and the SoS and tries to capture the fleet.

>> No.72133185


... if a Custodes wants to talk to an Astartes like that, unfortunately he's allowed. They're not equals, he speaks for the Emperor.

>> No.72133186


The story is from a sister of silence’s perspective, and she’s clearly in disbelief at how poorly the shield captain is handling things.

>> No.72133192

Custards don't have authority over Astartes. Go read The Regent's Shadow where the Minotaurs tell the Custards to fuck off, and successfully do so one Holy Terra itself.

>> No.72133193

ALSO, this "Rogue Custodian giving orders" outranks every single person on that ship, it's not like someone without any say in anything came in guns blazing.
Also, shooting innocent citizens, more like shooting a marine that was declared as a heretic by the Ordo Hereticus after they repeatedly refused to comply, mind you he was not the one coming up with these accusations.

>> No.72133197

>The sisters are literally a rogue organization

A rogue organisation, originally founded by the Emperor as his Left Hand to the Custodes Right?

Nice try heretic.

>> No.72133199


They also didn’t get hostile, and it had only been a few seconds. We’re aware that the custodian is acting more like an inquisitor, that’s the whole problem.

>> No.72133209

> ‘And I am not in the habit of repeating myself,’ Tyvar replied. ‘Disarm. Command your brothers throughout the fleet to do likewise. Understand the lenience I show you in this, for your Chapter is confirmed Hereticus Diabolus Extremis.’

> The designation scrolled across the hololith, repeating beneath the damning seal of the Ordo Hereticus. It could not be an error. They all knew it, even Gerion.

> Hereticus Diablous Extremis is the most serious accusation that an Inquisitor can possibly give. It is used most often by Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus for consorting with or being under the influence of Daemons. Witchcraft, practicing forbidden arts and heresy against the Emperor are all grounds for pronouncement of Extremis Diabolus. The punishment is death

Huh, didn't know about this

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>> No.72133216

AoS, right?

>> No.72133217

That's why the Imperium is shit and >>72133073 is why Chaos is good

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>> No.72133227


You really can’t see how the line you quoted is the custodian willfully antagonising them in terms that would rile up any loyalist? Utter incompetence on his part.

And no, declaring the fleet is hostile does not in any way, shape or form mean he’s declaring the imperium as a whole hostile.

>> No.72133232

"please cooperate"
"do it or else"
"ok. pew."

>> No.72133233

if you start a gunfight on a the bridge of a ship because someone is yelling, you might be the stupidest being on that ship.

>> No.72133243

Custards absolutely have authority over Astartes. The minotaurs are personal butt-slaves of the High Lords and listen to no one but them. Using such an outlier as an example of the norm shows you are either arguing in bad faith or are a brainlet.

>> No.72133244

Idoneth most likely.

>> No.72133245

>A Shield-Captain is the highest authority in the Adeptus Astartes.

As you can clearly see from this chart in the rulebook, that claim is utterly incorrect. The Adeptus Custodes have no power over the Adeptus Astartes.

>> No.72133247

>The punishment is death

And yet he offered them surrender. Custodes in the right.

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>> No.72133254

One of their succesors were, thus the seed is tainted.

>Assuming a gunfight on a ship bridge is bad
>gun fight with weapons that have explosive ammo in the most important room
Its common sense

>> No.72133257

>Custards absolutely have authority over Astartes.
What's this claim based on?

>> No.72133258

Here's a short list I put together of organizations founded by the emperor;
Emperor's Children
World Eaters
Thousand Sons
Alpha Legion
Dark Angels
Word Bearers
Death Guard
Iron Warriors
Night Warriors
Lunar Wolves
You realize the entire setting is based on the idea that literally half of the orgnizations that the emperor created not only went rogue but full on traitor? What a shitty argument. The Sisters of Silence, unless they had a lore update, all fuckign disapearred some time after the emperor died and were basically roaming around stabbing psykers in the face wherever they felt like from what I understand. They were moreor less free of Imperial Mandate for a good long time before they were all rounded up to be put back in service.

>> No.72133261

If you're so weak that being told off by someone that is the right hand of the Emperor himself you're supposed to serve and worship makes you actually show your heretic's colors, idk what to tell you, thats a traitorous marine right there

It's like if he was told off by the Emperor he'd decide "fine I'll make my own Imperium"

>> No.72133262


He’s allowed, that doesn’t make it a competent decision.

If he took his lousy attitude alone or executed a marine for backtalking him alone, he might have still been able to resolve the situation without wasting considerable imperial resources, but both? He’d very convincingly given the impression to the marine captain that he’d gone rogue and was intent on slaughtering loyalists.

>> No.72133263

>muh geneseed taint
this meme will never hold water for as long as the Blood Ravens and Minotaurs exist

>> No.72133272

>Emperor's Children
>World Eaters
>Thousand Sons
>Alpha Legion
>Dark Angels
>Word Bearers
>Death Guard
>Iron Warriors
>Night Warriors
>Lunar Wolves

... it's like Space Marines turn traitor a lot...

>> No.72133274

Also also, learn to read, he doesnt declare any fleet hostile, he declares all that do not belong to the Chapter hostile.

>> No.72133278

>muh geneseed taint
literally the author saying the Brazen Drakes are niggers and deserve to be ethnically cleansed

>> No.72133283

>We’re aware that the custodian is acting more like an inquisitor, that’s the whole problem.
Why? You do know the imperium doesn’t use traitor gene seed anymore specifically because they think it’s inherently shit and traitorous? They’ve always applied this standard to space marines even other space marines apply this standard to space marines. If your chapter goes traitor regardless of where or what you were doing you immediately to be suspected and interrogated. There’s a reason for this

Where are all these lorelets coming from? I think it’s retarded that 40k treats gene seed like this but why are people pretending that isn’t the norm? Why would a custodes who possibly already had to murderfuck traitors suddenly go “yeah nah these dudes are pretty cool :D”

space marines and custodes aren’t people they’re autistic cybernetic mutants with extreme programming
>inb4 no custodes aren’t
Yes they explicitly are if not from their own in house positions and professions then from their insular as fuck nature from being locked up for 10k years

>> No.72133286


They really are the grey knights of this age. Can't wait for them to get the boot.

>> No.72133295


>If you're so weak that being told off by someone that is the right hand of the Emperor himself you're supposed to serve and worship makes you actually show your heretic's colors, idk what to tell you, thats a traitorous marine right there

Why are you phrasing this in dogmatic religious terms when you know a custodian isn’t a member of the imperial cult? That’s inquisitor logic anon.

>> No.72133306

>What's this claim based on?
Custodians being the personal bodyguard of the Emperor, the entity all loyalist Astartes venerate and serve. Or are you seriously going to say the expected behavior for a loyalist marine when meeting a custodian is to blow raspberries at him because he's in a different branch of government?

>> No.72133307

SoS were disbanded during the Age of Apostasy, so presumably Vandire, the traitor himself did that.
The organization had done nothing wrong and had not turned traitor. All we know from the time between then and now is that they were fighting the imperium's enemies in the shadows in the meantime

>> No.72133311

there was a HH novel where a RG librarian, a custodes and some imperial fisters are returning to terra only for the custodes to get told that librarians are illegal and that he should do his duty.
he immediately goes into kill mode trying to murder the librarian even though they fought togeters and he befriended soome of the marines. no hesitaton, mercy or remorse

>> No.72133313

This is what the writer says

>> No.72133314

>Forced to join a literal D tier chapter
>Don't leap at the chance to jump ship and maybe get assigned to a cooler chapter
Custodes did nothing wrong, they were steeped in Chaos to willingly join the Confident Ducks.

>> No.72133318


So you’re just to take that as an absolutist statement? You think in that moment, the captain has decided to commit omnicide on all life that isn’t his 200 men?

Fucking pick up on the context of conversational language.

>> No.72133325

I never said they were traitors, but they were most certainly rogue as they were not taking orders from anyone and just doing their own thing.

>> No.72133326

>Even among the fleets that ferry Primaris reinforcements across the Imperium to their Chapters, heresy can be found.

Chaos Primaris gonna be a thing now?

>> No.72133330


Because it's got nothing to do with religion? The Emperor's Word is law.

He wants you to get naked, shove a pine-apple up your ass and eat a hornet's nest? You don't get too ask "why", you're expected, as members of the Imperium, to say "YES MY EMPEROR, WHICH END OF THE PINEAPPLE SHOULD I INSERT FIRST?!"

>> No.72133331

I feel like you guys are making way too big a deal out of this.

>> No.72133333

>Chapter was declared traitor by the Inquisition, which means
I mean it could mean anything. Without context for the declaration it's hard to say anything concrete about the situation. Which is directly mentioned in the short story, by the way.

but the custodes acted as expected. They'll always have a chip on their shoulder about marines and act in a less-than-rational way around them.

>> No.72133340

>Chaos Primaris gonna be a thing now?
You've seen the new Bile model right? War of the Spider soon fellow Primaris!

>> No.72133341

>After their failure to protect the Emperor during the Heresy they hide, like fucking cowards, for 10,000 years with the rotting body of their Master
>During this time the Imperium fights against the darkness in all directions. Mankind holds the line against all at great cost. The Imperium survives.
>Custodes are ordered out of the Palace like spoilt children and told to actually help.
>ThEy Do NoT dEsErVe Us

>> No.72133345

Autism and people who never read the lore before are getting really bothered by it

>> No.72133347

>One of their succesors were, thus the seed is tainted.
Successors can have different geneseed from their parent chapter through mutation or chaos taint. Black Dragons have bone swords growing out of their elbows, but no first founding chapter has those.

>> No.72133348

Emperor is the highest authority in the Imperium, the Custodes serve as his right arm as an organization.

As long as you're in the Imperium, what the Emperor says goes. Doesn't even need to include any kind of religious dogma.

>> No.72133354

>write custodes as cops
>write primaris as niggers

The short story was written to rile people up.

>> No.72133358


I mean you can look at it like that, but since it was Space Marines that ruined everything, it's sort of the pot calling the kettle black...

>> No.72133364


>> No.72133366

>Betray the emperor
>kill billions
>throw hundreds of systems into super hell
>torture billions more
>destroy the imperium
>nearly kill the emperor
Why do you think you deserve anything but contempt?

>> No.72133367

>GW said we need chaos primaris, please except my fanfic for how this happened

>> No.72133371

Astartes make up like 0.01% of the Imperium retard.

>> No.72133383

But didn't one of the Custodes hand Drach'nyen to Abaddon?

>> No.72133384

>Repentia are only two poses
>Not multi-pose
What is this shit

>> No.72133387

>being this assblasted
There’s a mega full of free books read some

>> No.72133390

>I mean it could mean anything.
So you're just NOT going to take any precautions? Really? "Oh these guys may be tainted but ehhh, it's prolly gonna be alright"?

>> No.72133392


And yet they did all that...

>> No.72133395

Despite making up 0.013% of the population, Astartes are responsible for 50% of the Heresy.

>> No.72133398

Wait, do people actually want chaos Primaris?

>> No.72133401

idk the Emperor would probably have been killed by assassins in the time after the Heresy & the war in the webway would have ended up worse if not for the Banana men

isn't it canonical that horrific shit would happen if the Emperor were to actually die?

>> No.72133402

plot twist: the primaris that spoke up and was executed for it was an alpha legion infiltrator

>> No.72133403


Anons, the religion issue isn’t that the custodian MUST BE OBEYED, it’s that his conduct is off colour in the first place if he’s acting exactly like a member of the religion he’s supposed to not be a member of.

>> No.72133405

>only Astartes betrayed the emperor
The only person with more audacity than a heretic is a lorelet

>> No.72133407

I just enjoy talking about the lore involved in this, really.

>> No.72133414

GW clearly does

>> No.72133415

Yes, I see it clearly now.
Those marines were all crisis actors. The Brazen Drakes really were loyalists!

>> No.72133417

welcome to nu-gw, where the models look nice but you cant pose them much at all

>> No.72133419


>> No.72133420

They are so superior that they require more minimal updates, and can be comfortably placed inside the much cheaper and entertaining White Dwarfe Magazine.

>> No.72133426

>it’s that his conduct is off colour in the first place
Some custodes killed librarians after they were banned
Custodes follow the emperor’s law and word autistically
Why is this news to you?

>> No.72133428

Ah, yes. The memetic disease of chaos that gains power when you think about it versus guys who actually did nothing, were berated, then were shot for attempting to defend their innocence.

>> No.72133430

Did you honestly believe that people hate Primaris?

>> No.72133431


... it's not religious to ask a guy, who has been declared by law, to be under penalty of immediate death, to surrender twice and then shoot him when he doesn't immediately get on his knees and be thankful he's being arrested rather than executed immediately.

>> No.72133435

Can someone tell me roughly how much an Astartes without power armour could bench/squat/deadlift? A mate of mine is a pretty successful powerlifter and he is adamant he could total more than an average Astartes

>> No.72133436

He's not though, he's acting within his rights as someone that politically and in terms of military hierarchy ranks much higher than anyone in that Space Marine chapter, religion doesnt even come into it, at all

>> No.72133443

Stat him.

>> No.72133453

Remember when Custodes were forcing people to take Primaris instead of killing them?

>> No.72133455

>refuse direct orders to disarm
>"did nothing"
I mean, you're technically right.

>> No.72133461

>Can someone tell me roughly how much an Astartes without power armour could bench/squat/deadlift?
more than a non augmented human ever could

>> No.72133464

It’s crazy how many people don’t read the lore but insist on having strong opinions

>> No.72133468


Bullshit, this cunt wrote a bad story that says Custodes think all Astartes are traitors
>But you side with your brothers before your Emperor, as the Adeptus Astartes always have.’
This isn't just "Fucking Astartes caused the heresy, I have immense distrust of them" this is, All Astartes are out and out traitors.
>you side with your brothers before your Emperor
>your brothers before your Emperor
That's Excommunicate Traitoris territory, that he has casually brushed on every Space Marine Chapter right there. You're literally all traitors every single one of you.

>> No.72133471

Now I kinda understand why DA's so autistic about keeping their secret.

>> No.72133472


No, but it is absolutely religious to call him heretic scum who has no right to look at you or open his filthy heretic mouth.

>> No.72133476

I mean, they still do that as long as said Primaris aren't declared traitors of the highest decree by the Ordo Hereticus

>> No.72133479

You understand that we are by far the worst general on /tg/ right?

>> No.72133487

Yes and? The chapter was declared highest level of traitors and for all intents and purposes their seed and traditions corrupted and subsequently all of their space marines are to be suspected

Why do people keep pretending like any of these guys are bound by human logic

>> No.72133490

so what you're saying is that Marines are so fragile that they can't handle being told bad words so they resort to open rebellion against the Imperium at large

>> No.72133493

/cyoag/ is worse

>> No.72133495


Like, how do you people not get this? That’s the exact moment he isn’t acting in character for a custodian.

He can be an asshole, he can be dogmatic in his thinking, but the one thing he can’t be and still written correctly is someone who thinks in terms of the imperial cult.

>> No.72133497


>> No.72133498

AoS is a setting less than 6 years old and every single person in that general is a lorelet we could be worse but god damn this is annoying

>> No.72133500

Half of the space marines went traitor. Zero of the custodes went traitor. He has all the right to distrust marines.
And most of all he is proven absolutely correct when the drakes choose open conflict and bloodshed over submitting to detention.

>> No.72133508

Calling them "heretics" doesn't seem out of place when the Ordo hereticus declares them to be "Hereticus Diabolus Extremis", guy

>> No.72133511


They’re extremely heavily indoctrinated.

When you tell someone categorically indoctrinated that they’re the Bad Thing their life is all about exterminating, you’re damn lucky they’re only responding with outraged words, because their every instinct has been wired to react badly to that shit.

>> No.72133513

I liked the idea that their gene-seed made them naturally inclined towards extreme paranoia.

>> No.72133522

I don't really understand why there's so much fuss in setting about the primaris joining the various chapters

it's not like chapters haven't gone through multiple marks of armour and generations of recruits replacing the old marines already

the dark angels have to keep their little secret and everyone has their own inside jokes and habits, but is that really enough to warrant so much distrust for the primaris?

is there some kind of loss of sovereignty and autonomy involved with taking them in I'm not aware of?

>> No.72133529

"Heresy" has much broader implications than just religious one in 40k. You can have absolutely no religious views and still be a heretic.
Is this your first day here?

>> No.72133531

>the marines chose violence
>the bananaman drew and shot first

go read a book on how to de-escalate conflict

>> No.72133533

>> No.72133534


Yeah, if this wasn’t coming out of the mouth of literally the only organisation both higher ranking than the inquisition and in a position to see their more religious elements as both stupid and dangerously close to treason against the imperial truth.

>> No.72133536

The custode was a disappointing hot head

The marines were air heads

The SoS was duty bound

But the real victim?

>‘I will not have weapons fire upon my bridge!’ barked Shipmistress Kachorkyn,

The poor ship!

>> No.72133538

never visit /aosg/

>> No.72133541

I'd rather have Bile's mutants start fucking shit up in the imperium and carving out mini empires for themselves

>> No.72133543

>War of the Spider will also be delayed
Fuck's sake I've already been waiting for a year for DG updates reeeeeeeee

>> No.72133547

Based an 2A pilled

>> No.72133549


The dark angels distrust the greyshields for being tied to gulliman and the mechanicus rather than fully indoctrinated by their own hands. They’re fine with primaris tech and gene seed.

>> No.72133553

>the bananaman drew and shot first
After marines pointedly refused to obey his order to stand down. Twice.

>> No.72133554

>bad guys
>go read a book on how to de-escalate conflict
double lmao

>> No.72133556

They had guns and they still died retard.

>> No.72133560

nooo not the heresyerino
not the hecking warmaster-turning-traitorerino

>> No.72133561

>ordered some minis last week
>should be arriving on thursday
>still no tracking
>sent an email monday afternoon and got a reply
>"oh yeah we shipped it out, I'll get you teh tracking number by the end of the day"
>no email this morning, call them
>"we are temporarily closed for business"
come on guy, if you hadn't shipped it yet just tell me. worst case you lose a sale, but lying will trigger my justice gland and make me want to shit on your company online.

>> No.72133564

>‘Apprehend these traitors.’
>‘You do not look at me, nor at any of these faithful servants of the Emperor. You are tainted by heresy and you will be detained, along with all of your battle-brothers, until an appropriate fate can be determined.’
>‘Disarm. Command your brothers throughout the fleet to do likewise. Understand the lenience I show you in this, for your Chapter is confirmed Hereticus Diabolus Extremis.’
>‘We started nothing, Knight-Centura, we started nothing,’ he repeated, ‘but we will finish it. We will not rest until every Brazen Drakes Space Marine, old or new, lies dead.’

I mean, every thing he said was technically true...

>> No.72133568

I'm reading through the old army books right now and I was wondering which Edition had the fluff for each faction? I've heard Sixth and Seventh, with eighth not being as good. I've also heard third and fourth thrown around, too.

>> No.72133570

Why is this whole discussion taking so long? Custodes are assholes but they are directly under emperor so they have almost complete power inside Imperium. If anyone die for them is a fact is right by Imperium rules even if they are a bunch of jerks and assholes.

>> No.72133575

That depends
>Do I want chaos space marines troops that are actually usable
>Do I want chaos space marines wearing mark X armor and with no wargear options

>> No.72133576

So they couldn't be returned to stasis, like they had been in for the last few thousand years?

>> No.72133577

the amount of female characters in the other organisations of the imperium used to counterbalance the fact all space marines are males is getting dumb

>> No.72133578


No right to look at you or open his filthy heretic mouth.

No right, to look at you, or open his filthy heretic mouth.

That is not “heretical in the sense of treasonous” that’s “filthy unclean devil people fit only as fuel for a pyre”

>> No.72133584

What terms of the imperial cult? Did you read a single heresy book? Or any book? The moment your chapter goes traitor you are considered a traitor do you know why? Because space marines are insular monastic organizations with specific traditions and cultures that is the result of indoctrinating fucking children and then beating and shaming the rest of your culture and traditions into them. Space marines are not human they do not think like humans or a non trans human

It’s is precedence to treat anyone who wears the colors of declared traitors as traitors. There is literally nothing in that story that isn’t something that happened already I literally do not understand why people think Custodes who have been described as seething constantly because of what the fuck the imperium looks like would warp to a planet being destroyed by declared traitors and look at the marines wearing their colors and not automatically suspect them. Dude even the fucking marines employed by Malcador were suspected. Why do you expect him to be lenient or understanding?

>> No.72133587

>Why do you think you deserve anything but contempt?
Because the ones who didn't turn were the ones who saved the imperium and emperor, time and again, friend. Proven loyalists with an honour roll more significant than the custodes, who sat on their laurels after the emperor's internment.

I mean of course the custodes will always go "muh heresy, muh horus", but it's an emotional and illogical response to give towards someone from a chapter like the fists, ultramarines, scars, salamanders, etc.

>> No.72133596

in universe? Yeah that's a shooting

Objective audience? Not grounds for risking killing the whole ship

>> No.72133599

AoS threads always seem to be a lot more civil than here

>> No.72133604 [SPOILER] 

This is what happens when the male:female ratio is 50:50, and Marines are half of the setting......

>> No.72133607

Which is why he offered to detain them more than once instead of opening fire the moment he read the words on display.

The marines repeatedly decided not to comply and thus got what was coming to them.

If people in our real world history were able to commit suicide by cutting their gut open with a knife just to retain something as abstract as honor, you'd think marines could stand down for one second or even turn themselves in even after one of them is shot.

>> No.72133618

>which Edition had the fluff
best fluff that is.

>> No.72133619

>Normal human being
>Want X Primaris

Come on anon you can't believe this.

>> No.72133621

>fight for centuries/millennia to gain the knowledge and prowess in your field
>some guy comes along and makes a better version of you out of the box
gee, I wonder why someone wouldn't trust someone like that

>> No.72133623

>where the models look nice

>> No.72133624

>Because the ones who didn't turn were the ones who saved the imperium and emperor

The Emperor killed Horus. The loyalist Space Marines did nothing special but their jobs.

You don't get medals for doing what's expected of you.

>> No.72133627

He gave them a chance to surrender, which is honestly a big surprise in the universe. But then again, what did he think was going to happen when he asked a bunch of genetically modified super soldiers with a programmed drive for victory above all else to surrender.

>> No.72133628


All those words are technically true from a hardline religious fucktard point of view.

Custodes are hardline areligious fucktards.

Good writing would find a way to make that “a” noticeable, and give the subfaction their own flavour.

>> No.72133629

>offered to detain
That's a very nice way of saying "threatened a jail cell or death".

>> No.72133630

>We paid a BL writer to say a thing you like is a traitor because the pandemic is forcing people to look inwards on things that matter and we want you to keep thinking about our Hobby.

>> No.72133651

>story about two groups in 40k acting retarded to no ones best interest
>this is somehow contentious

It's 40k, everyone is retarded.

>> No.72133652

>liking Primaris
A lot of people exposing themselves these days

>> No.72133656

>The loyalist Space Marines did nothing special
remember it was loyalist marines who intervened and saved the emperor, earning themselves a medal for their exceptional conduct in saving his life

>> No.72133663

>Burning of Prospero
>an instance where Custodes and friends jumping to conclusions lead to an entire legion going traitor

>> No.72133665

>Because the ones who didn't turn were the ones who saved the imperium and emperor, time and again, friend
>wanting a cookie for doing your job

This is why space marines suck they forgot they were weapons not people

>Proven loyalists with an honour roll more significant than the custodes
I mean I guess you could consider nearly destroying the imperium significant

Heresy is heresy in this setting why are you pretending to not know how it works? Their heretical designation instantly gave them an execute upon sight order on top of their planet being a fucking battleground and the custodies gave them leniency twice

>> No.72133666

Primaris are fine, I don't give a fuck what autistic neckbeard grogs like you think.
go play with your marineletts, faggot.

>> No.72133668

Hat guy got a serious case of baby face, look at the little mutant.

>> No.72133669

We have to go back.

>> No.72133670


The only thing religious there was that he referred to the ship-crew as "faithful", which they were. And that their Chapter was 'tainted by heresy', which is religious but if the Inquisiton says you've trafficked with daemons, is technically true.

You don't need to be hardline to understand this. If their Chapter has turned, they're guilty by association.

>> No.72133671

yeah I think the biggest issue here is that the story was poorly executed which leads to arguments that a well executed story about the same subject wouldn't cause

>> No.72133675



And are just just completely unaware these marines aren’t members of the chapter?

Like, I could get literally anyone else getting confused, but a custodian who is specifically escorting them to join the chapter they haven’t joined? A custodian who didn’t have that context, sure, I can see the reaction. A member of any religious wing of the imperium? Sure, I can see the reaction acting on dogma over plain facts.

>> No.72133678

if the Custodian wanted to just kill them, he would have. And he did after they started shooting back & declared the Imperium their enemies.

They could have been assigned to a different chapter if they were determined to be free of taint, they could have been sent on a crusade which I personally find most likely, they could have been jailed, they could have been assigned to Deathwatch or something idk, there are a ton of options and if death was the obvious answer, like I said, the Shield Captain wouldn't have even attempted to detain them.

>> No.72133683

Realistically the Imperium would be like 70% female if we look at all the men dying by the billions. Its more a need for bodies in positions they can work.

>> No.72133684

>Conveniently ignoring that Magnus fucked up the entire future of mankind because he did the exact opposite of what he was told.

>> No.72133687

I don't understand how this meme went from mocking the specific sort of people who say "doggo" and cry over dogs dying in movies to being something that you say whenever anyone disagrees with you

>> No.72133692


It was a Custodes who distracted Horus and saved the Emperor.

>> No.72133696

>he did after they started shooting back
Right, my mistake. I forgot the Primaris drew and shot first.

>> No.72133701

These look great. The only thing stopping me from picking up chaos terminators si the stupid fuckin tusks, but these models look incredible. How come I've never seen them before?

>> No.72133702

I really like that chain fist

>> No.72133703

>Justifying retard line of thought with shitty believes and hierarchy

This is the kind of trash nobody would respect.

>> No.72133704


only slightly worse then putting cucklecucks head on the emperor's body/10

>> No.72133705

>why are military giving out medals to the soldiers when they are just doing their job and get paid for it?

>> No.72133708


He didn’t just offer to detain them, he called them filth beneath his dignity to even look at or speak to.

Why do I have to keep repeating absent segments of the full facts? We’re talking about a few sentences from a very short story.

>> No.72133709

>implying there was any ill intent
>had the Emperor heeded his warning, he would not have turned traitor
>the Emperor would still be alive, but have to find a different solution to travel or restart

>> No.72133718

Actually, it was an experimental primaris marine.

>> No.72133720

How come Altansar gets to have Aspect Warriors and Wraith constructs if they were pulled into the warp during the Fall, before the Aspect Shrines were founded, and didn't get out of there until 10,000 years later?

>> No.72133730

made to order week when?

>> No.72133732

They're rogue trader models. You can probably find some on ebay.

>> No.72133734

>spike on the bolter bit blocks off the iron sights
thank you cawl
Aren't they indoctrinated out the arse?
Wasn't it a Terminator?

>> No.72133737

Probably the same process by which we went from no gf wojack to the sanders-loving cum-guzzling zoomer wojack.

>> No.72133746


And the custodian knew full well they weren’t members of the chapter.

Can you all just like, stop this? Fucking stop this? Not the arguing, that’s fine, but like I said here >>72133708 the goddamn leaving out of facts that are plainly stated in the story but contradict the point you want to make at me. It’s insane.

>> No.72133748

kill space marines

>> No.72133751

Just use a fucking astropath. Fuck it, just send a ship through the warp to send the message. Better a few months late then directly going against the emperor's orders.
>Had the emperor heeded his warning
He never even gave the warning, as soon as he broke the webway he shit himself and ran for it without saying anything. So the Emperor still did nothing wrong.

>> No.72133752

Just started reading some fo the 40k books, about halfway through Dante and am enjoying it. Like the back and forth to the different time periods, you see what he becomes and you see part of the journey there. I've also downloaded the saga of the beast series and the eisenhorn series from the megas. What other books should I take a peek at? Not really a huge fan of space marines but Dante has been enjoyable. Apart from the saga of teh beast are there collections of short stories for orks?

>> No.72133759

Like he said, it's exposing a LOT of people.

>> No.72133761

>And are just just completely unaware these marines aren’t members of the chapter
They have their GENESEED
Have you read any lore? Do you know that this is more important context than anything else? I Don’t even like this part of 40k but even I can recognize that’s how it works

>Like, I could get literally anyone else getting confused, but a custodian who is specifically escorting them to join the chapter they haven’t joined?
There is literally no confusion they are scions of a heretical chapter, they were indoctrinated with that chapters beliefs and traditions, they have that chapters blood literally flowing in their veins. This is a precedent set from the heresy it self to suspect anyone belonging to the chapter of traitors

>A custodian who didn’t have that context, sure, I can see the reaction.
What context? This is literally procedure for them the minute he got the information that the chapter was traitors and the planet was burning he had all the information they are trained to get. Why do people keep forgetting that the custodes personally fought in the heresy? Hell other books have custodes making reference to the heresy and how they view space marines because of it.

>> No.72133762

>spring wire energy field effect
that's amazing

>> No.72133768

but manpower is one of the thing that ISN'T missing in the imperium

>> No.72133771

>Why do I have to keep repeating absent segments of the full facts? We’re talking about a few sentences from a very short story.
I mean it's /tg/, people are less interested in the content of the actual short than they are in being offended/shitposting.

>> No.72133773

Why do you keep ignoring everything I say?
Bottom line is, he offered to detain them, they refused. Twice.

If the marines were so bothered by someone tied to the Emperor himself calling them names and their reaction isn't shame or something similar, thats on them.

>‘You do not look at me, nor at any of these faithful servants of the Emperor. You are tainted by heresy and you will be detained, along with all of your battle-brothers, until an appropriate fate can be determined.’

He offers to detain them, the captain rather calmly tries to argue back but is then told off, since he is openly refusing to comply to orders from a superior.

>> No.72133776


They were Brazen Drakes.

The Brazen Drakes were declared traitors.

Therefore, they are traitors.

Why is this hard to understand?

>> No.72133782

I thought the rogue trader ones had different helmets, whereas those ones look closer to themodern helmets. I guess they were a second wave of RT releases or something?

>> No.72133783

Why are people so mad about ONE shitty short story depicting ONE litterally-who Custodes shooting a bunch of marines from a litterally-who chapter? There are other better written pieces of lore about Custodes. Who fucking cares?

>> No.72133784


Why the flying fuck do you all think greyshields have gene seed specifically sourced from the chapters they’re reinforcing? Do you know fucking nothing about the greyshields?

>> No.72133793

idk cuz "m-muh primarines can't be b-b-b-b-bad-.-.."

>> No.72133794

Based Custodes bringing these primakiddies into the light.

>> No.72133795

Honestly just think of it in terms of middle ages catholocism and it fits right in. Local bishop says a woman is a witch they just burn her alive because he said so. If you grant her a chance to defend herself she would only poison your mind with lies and spells, better not to take the chance. Doesn't matter what the proof is if any, BISHOP SAY WOMAN BAD AND GOD GON B ANGRY!

>> No.72133796

>They have their GENESEED
That means very little considering that there are multiple loyalist chapters with traitor geneseed

>> No.72133800

>Treason flows within blood

I'm the only one that thinks this is absolutely retarded?

>> No.72133803

There's so much I love about this diorama, from the wire energy fields, the putty muzzle flashes, the armour being torn to shreds, the printed forced perspective on both the hallway behind it and the chasm below, the zoid parts on the wall, etc. It's all just great, add in those nice clean paintjobs that nowadays would be considered basic tabletop standard and the gunk coming out of the vents. It's just great.

>> No.72133806

its just assmad pr*maris niggers chimping out over being dabbed on.

>> No.72133811

If there ever was a time to post soijacks, its for the retards chimping out over Primaris not being the good guys.

>> No.72133812


Some idiots think all gene-seed is the same. Like, the gene-seed in an Ultramarine could be swapped with a Mortifactor, Silver Skull or Iron Snakes - it's interchangeable, right?

>> No.72133813

t.does not know anything about medieval catholicism.

>> No.72133814

idk aside from some outliers this seems to have been for the most part the established pattern within 40k

>> No.72133816

>offered to detain

There's those wiggle words again. Don't they make everything sound so much better?

>> No.72133818

This gotta be the best art I've seen in a while

>> No.72133821

I'm just stoking the fires. Outside of major releases these threads are the most fun when there's a bunch of shitposting. I still remember the "nuthin personell" Tau threads. Good times.

>> No.72133828

>That means very little considering that there are multiple loyalist chapters with traitor geneseed

Fan-theories. Not one is confirmed.

>> No.72133831

>if the Custodian wanted to just kill them, he would have
No, he didn't because when he did try he failed and it turned into a protracted firefight on a ships bridge. He made an attempt to prevent it, smart, but let his grudges get the best of him, dumb.

Eventually he killed the present marines but it probably resulted in mutual destruction because he had an itchy trigger finger

>> No.72133832

Yes. Being related to traitors in some way makes somebody pretty much guaranteed to betray you as well, it's just facts.

>> No.72133836

>Shitposting is fun guys

Fuck off, and keep fucking off.

>> No.72133848

That's the spirit.

>> No.72133849

Exactly, every single one of those is just lorelets wishing for their snowflakes.

>> No.72133853

>mutual destruction
get real primaritoddler, custodes genocided the whole chapter.

>> No.72133855

space-cop custodes shooting nigger marines, and you expect us not to laugh at the dindus?

>> No.72133858

They originally came out in 1989.

>> No.72133859

thanks, it's actually on the table getting a full refurnish since I built that like over a decade ago. Big gem is gonna get cabling and I'm making the second deck into a workshop

>> No.72133862

There's one body with a normal marine helmet, one with a skull helmet, and the captain sculpt. I don't think there's any more than that.

>> No.72133863


Because the ultimate core of my entire damn point is that the lines

>You do not look at me, nor at any of these faithful servants of the Emperor. You are tainted by heresy and you will be detained, along with all of your battle-brothers, until an appropriate fate can be determined.’











And are what led to the ensuing escalation, and he should have known that.

They aren’t out of character for most imperials, and might even be in character for a custodian who had less complete information than this guy.

But those specific lines are wrong for the circumstances. He should have, in the very context of what a custodes is, started on less confrontational grounds even if giving the exact same order, and only escalated to suspecting treason once the marines got uppity instead of snapping to obey him.

>> No.72133865

>No, he didn't because when he did try he failed and it turned into a protracted firefight on a ships bridge

In which he killed all the traitors. Done.

>> No.72133869


>> No.72133871

>According to Eadwin Brown, one of the developers of the Badab War: The current incarnation of the Minotaurs was formed by a garrison of Iron Warriors who were allowed to rejoin the Imperium (but put on a short leash by the High Lords) back during the Great Scouring. The reason for their lack of/confusing history (including a different chapter getting the same name) being a mix of deliberate actions of the High Lords not wanting to lose their personal pet Astartes and the difficulty of the Administratium's already shitty record keeping. Or maybe the Cursed Founding World Eater chimera Minotaurs were explicitly set up to fail in a deniable fashion that allowed the High Lords to get the Iron Warrior Minotaurs quietly formalised. If this is true, this raises all sorts of questions as to whether the Cursed Founding was deliberate to cover this up.

>> No.72133873

>Why the flying fuck do you all think greyshields have gene seed specifically sourced from the chapters they’re reinforcing?
Whoops guess the wolfspear weren’t space space wolf seed my fault
I like how you also completely ignored the indoctrination grey shields still receive anything to justify being a lorelet

>> No.72133874

It's literally what he says, I copy pasted the sentence there for you to read if you have the capability to do so.
Instead of shooting them, he offers to detain them, which is the exact word he uses

Most likely they'd have been assigned onto a crusade.
You spamming real world imagery has nothing to do with anything, this isn't the real world, it's a make believe universe and there are in-universe patterns that dictate what will happen

>> No.72133882

In all seriousness, shitposting was never considered fun and people who think every board is /b/ (or now /v/ I suppose) are one of the biggest reasons why 4chan's declined in quality so much.

Oh yay a shitty undead meme, I feel so silly.

>> No.72133883

I like his Slaanesh dude more, but all that art of the marines he did is so good.

>> No.72133884

it's challenging people's preconceptions they have about the imperium and the setting, even though they may be wrong. you have one nigga earlier in the thread talking about context in regards to being declared traitor. no nigga the imperium doesn't do context, especially when it comes to that. hoenstly its a bit troubling, it seems 8th has brought in a lot of interlopers and outsiders who know nothing about the setting and grew up on mass effect and star trek discovery.

>> No.72133895

There was a possibility that the manlets went traitor because their geneseed was tainted by chaos or mutated in a way that made the psycho-indoctrination less effective. The marines who went traitor and the new primaris shared the same geneseed.
You don't just disregard that possibility, anon. Yes the primaris have done nothing wrong up to that point. Yes the custodian is using rash words (because marines absolutely do have a history of going heretic). But ordering them to surrender (to be detained!) and then reacting with lethal force when they refuse to is the right course of action.
You don't just say "eh, they're probably not chaos-tainted, let's take those chances!" about two hundred superhuman soldiers.

>> No.72133897

What do you mean, if he wanted to he could have and its exactly what he did, he and his guys killed every last one of them on that ship
This literally happened Anon, how did he fail to kill them all

>> No.72133902

>it’s out of character
>because I said so

>> No.72133905

>Eventually he killed the present marines but it probably resulted in mutual destruction because he had an itchy trigger finger

There were 200 Brazen Drakes Space Marines in the fleet.

There was at least five Custodes on the bridge.

The Primaris are screwed, even if they kill one or two Custodians.

>> No.72133909

The thing is that the Custodes are supposed to be above all of that stupid bullshit. They aren't the Inquisition, and they aren't the Ecclesiarchy, and they look down on those groups for being fucking stupid.

>> No.72133912

Does Abaddon work closely with all four cult champions or just with Kharn? Because I can't recall him doing anything to rope the other three into the 13th BC, but he went out of his way to get Kharn in on it.

>> No.72133914

Above what? Murdering the fuck out of traitors?

>> No.72133915

Because we can't keep bitching about ADB constantly.

>> No.72133923

The ultimate question: Custodes bad or good?

>> No.72133924


Printed source please? I heard from a guy or read on a website of a friend is fanfiction. I'll even take a GW guy posting on twitter, but "I heard from a guy according to" isn't facts.

>> No.72133927

That's fair, but honestly if you're looking for good writing, the last place you should look is 40k fiction.

>> No.72133929


>> No.72133931

Thankfully they aren't above putting down traitors, which they did in this short story

>> No.72133932

post proofs

>> No.72133933


Read my point as the opposite of what I said champ.

>> No.72133935

I've found it on wiki and couldn't find the original author because there's a ton of different people uploading it

>> No.72133936

>they're traitors because the group who calls everyone traitors called them traitors

>> No.72133941

So what's this whole thing about Custodes and Primaris? New story?

>> No.72133945

>and only escalated to suspecting treason once the marines got uppity

What speculation? He's got it right from the Inquisition that they're traitors. A Custode isn't just going to ignore the Inquisition's warnings...

>> No.72133946

And a space marine is supposed to have nerves of steel, not get butthurt enough to declare war on the imperium after the mean man called you a name

>> No.72133951


>> No.72133953

yeah sure but that's besides the point here

>> No.72133955

Adrian Smith did them.

>> No.72133956

When were blood angel grey shields disbanded from their formation and Sent to become dark angels?

>> No.72133960


Again dude, they didn’t have Brazen Drakes geneseed, they had (whichever legion brazen drakes are registered as descended from) gene seed and if you wanna apply that guilt by gene seed logic here you’d have to apply it to all chapters from that legion.

>> No.72133961


>> No.72133963

not even custodes in full wank mode can take 200 marines. If all the custodes are on that ship the rest of the fleet just has to blow it up

>> No.72133966



>> No.72133969


>> No.72133972

The Ordo Hereticus doesn't declare just anyone the highest decree of traitor possible on a whim

>> No.72133973

>conveniently forgetting the whole "disobeying the direct orders of the dude who speaks with the authority of the Emperor"

>> No.72133978

primaris traitors got mad and chimped out, got put down like the nigs they are by chadstodes. the retarded children who play primaris are seething and dindu nuffin'ing

>> No.72133981

Literally where the fuck do you think we are? That is literally how it works a read a book. The moment you are declared a traitor every single thing you touch or bears your color is to be apprehended or killed on the spot

>> No.72133985


Imperial cult thinking, irrelevant to a custodian’s decision making.

>> No.72133990

You worked with what you had available. 3D printing is great since as long as you or someone else can realistically design what you want you can make it, but I think it does sidestep a lot of the creativity that the hobby used to encourage. Its no longer "that looks cool how'd you do it" its "where can I order the parts".

>> No.72133995

maybe the custodian was the changling in disguise or he was being mind controled by a female eldar psyker.

>> No.72133996

For the unreasonable and paranoid Inquisition. Not the Custodes.

>> No.72133997


Have you read literally anything with space marines in it

>> No.72134000

I play Primaris and think the custodes were right you’re trying too hard to be a memeing jackass bring it down from a 8 to 5 for me

>> No.72134002


The Custodes fleet?

>> No.72134003

>they didn’t have Brazen Drakes geneseed, they had (whichever legion brazen drakes are registered as descended from) gene seed
The fuck do you base that statement on? All chapters submit geneseed tithe to admech and it was used by cawl to make reinforcements for all loyalist chapters. First wave Primaris shared the appearance peculiarities of all the chapters they reinforced.

>> No.72134007

>custodes speak with the emperors will
>tells marines to disarm and fuck off
>they dont
>by refusing the emperors will they are traitors and are therefore killed

>> No.72134011

It's just this thread specifically. Unless we've got new or upcoming releases to talk about, this place is boring as fuck, nobody ever talks about the game and shit anymore outside of new releases, it's all just priamrch wank and waifu shit. At least lore arguments are funny to watch while GW get their shit together after that joke of a release annoucement the otherday and actually give us something fun to talk about. I remember when threads were filled with people talkin about recent games, theory crafting, showing off their armies and such, but sadly those days are gone so I take what entertainment I can get.

>> No.72134012

So in your mind being called a name one time is enough to make a supposedly thoroughly loyal space marine declare war on the Imperium, and the Emperor himself?

>> No.72134015

>that pic.....

>> No.72134021

>the department of the bureaucracy who officially decides who is and is not a traitor came back with a decision saying they're traitors
And you're shocked and appalled that the Custode enforced the decision?

Next you'll say the Border Patrol can ignore 8 U.S. Code § 1325 because worrying about laws is what the SCOTUS is for.

>> No.72134022

Why do you keep bringing up religion? It has nothing to do with this.

>> No.72134025


The Inquisition isn't going to judge a Chapter Hereticus Diabolus Extremis lightly.

>> No.72134027


No see, everything you say there flows naturally.

The only contradiction is the dialogue where the custodian spouts imperial cult rhetoric, not the chain of events resulting from him doing so.

>> No.72134029

>For the unreasonable and paranoid Inquisition
For literally every single organization in the imperium. If you are declared a traitor you are killed or detained. A custodian who didn’t have that context, sure, I can see the reaction.

>> No.72134032

Replying to your own post in order to generate attention is bad praxis, Anon.

>> No.72134034

>A medieval catholic Bishop (?) accusing a random woman (??) of witchcraft (???) and without a trial (????) burning her (?????)

Literally everything you said was wrong.

>> No.72134035

they declared Chapter master Serpadon and his men heretics, just because they did not want to give up the chapters holy relic.

>> No.72134040

>you have one nigga earlier in the thread talking about context
Do you fear the quints? Just quote the post, anon thought the story fit fine with 40k.

>> No.72134041

>custodian spouts imperial cult rhetoric
literally where

>> No.72134042


That's how it works. It's that simple. Disobey the Emperor, you are traitors.

>> No.72134044

The Inquisition is beneath the Adeptus Custodes.

>> No.72134045

>FW autist's personal OC doughnutstheel snowflake chapter

You know that FW is just as bad as BL when it comes to self-inserts and such.
The high lords of Terra (who are suppose to be personally condoning the Minotaurs) are the last people in the entire Imperium to allow any traitor geneseed to be used for a founding.
On top of that, a garrison of marines is nowhere near enough geneseed to start a new chapter.

This is just as hilarious as when ADB makes statements about what is canon

>> No.72134046

Being a lorelet should be a bannable offense this is ridiculous

>> No.72134049

agreed, this custode was designed by the author to escalate.

A better version of the story would have been that the captain and custode enter a debate, and are moments away from agreeing to disarm because both are logical being that know a fight there is the worst outcome for all parties. The are hyper intelligent post humans and would have come to an agreement.


A human should have panicked out of fear and sparked a fight on a different ship. The captain and custode overhear parts and it seems like one side shot first but its indeterminate, the humans on that bridge panic and open fire and sparks the fight.


The old grudges of the custode come out because he thinks the marines started it and the captain, thinks the custodes betrayed them barks back and the rest happens.

That would have been good writing.

Instead the author made
>lol custode mad so he shoot first cut marines are dumb

And here we are, arguing about a story designed to be bad.

>> No.72134050

Does Nurgle approve destruction and decay caused by industrial waste and toxins, or does it have to be organic for him?

>> No.72134051

I mean not only that but the SC was going to contain them, providing the chance that if they are deemed not traitorous, they'll have some opportunity to redeem themselves later on, via crusade or other means

>> No.72134058


I mean, they absolutely didn’t declare war on the imperium or the emperor, just that particular siege captain and anyone potentially answering to him.

>B-but by association!

They’d be branded heretics if they failed to cover up what had happened, if not, there’s no implied decision to continue attacking the imperium after resolving the immediate threat.

>> No.72134060

I just got here

>> No.72134061

then it should be easy to post proof to refute it

>> No.72134065

not true, every burning was done after a trail, and each time the women and men condemed of heresy said they were heretics. not a single time they they claim they were not.

>> No.72134068

You would be the worst custodes in the galaxy

>> No.72134069

see >>72133245

Those orbits aren't even close.

>> No.72134070

He thinks that because he used the word "heresy" once, he's a religious fanatic, when this term is used very openly in the 40k universe

>> No.72134071

>give proof that traitor geneseed doesn't turn you into a traitor
>"no that's OC fanfiction because traitor geneseed turns you into a traitor"

>> No.72134076

>captain and custode enter a debate
You do not debate with possible heretics, anon. Is this your first exposure to 40k?

>> No.72134077

Conclusion of this whole general= Chaos always better

>> No.72134080

Why so Perturbed?

>> No.72134082


They work together to jusge traitors, like these Astartes.

>> No.72134084

>the custodian spouts imperial cult rhetoric
no he didnt? he said they were traitors and needed to disarm and be detained. they didnt, therefore defying the emperors will and proving themselves to be traitors.
>d-da mean gold man said dat muh gud boi who dindu nuffin wuz a traitor because he hated marine. he rasis
custodes speak with the emperors will, if custodes hate space marines then so too does the emperor, simple as.

>> No.72134087


It is the single and only point of contention on my part.


Which would be relevant if the reinforcements had any contact with the heretics, or even shared their gene seed, neither of which applies with greyshields.

>> No.72134088

Life is cheap when you're an 8 ft tall immortal golden warrior. Being shot over basically nothing is how 40k rolls.

>> No.72134094

There is nothing to improve, the story is fine as is. Custodes are suppose to take no chances when it comes to defending the Emperor and the Imperium. If anything it would have made more sense if the Custodes shot the marines on sight.

>> No.72134095

> ‘Consider all outside our Chapter hostile! Seize the fleet!’
Didn't know the Emperor himself was a member of the Brazen Drakes, I'm learning so much today.

>> No.72134096


None its all trash.

>> No.72134097

>captain and custode enter a debate
the emperor doesnt debate with uppity slaves.

>> No.72134099

Able girls are getting drafted just as much as shown often enough but knowing hive cities most are probably pregnant the moment they are of age.

>> No.72134100


>You do not look at me, nor at any of these faithful servants of the Emperor. You are tainted by heresy and you will be detained, along with all of your battle-brothers, until an appropriate fate can be determined.’

Tainted, not fit to look at or speak to loyalists.

Religious, unambiguously religious.

>> No.72134105

>A fucking revolver

>> No.72134107

It's completely reasonable to use IW geneseed since it's noted to have a very high implantation success rate and has no drawbacks

>> No.72134109

That other snowflake FW chapter also had some guy claiming they were loyalist EC. That too got shut down and retconned. Just saying.

>> No.72134112

>If anything it would have made more sense if the Custodes shot the marines on sight.
This ffs
Custodes are even more autistic and anal than space marines this is not new

>> No.72134115


>> No.72134116

>Which would be relevant if

They share gene-seed and are Brazen Drakes. They are traitors to the Imperium and refused to surrender to the Right Hand of the Emperor when they were asked to disarm.

Their judgement was fair.

>> No.72134118

You don't seem to be very familiar with the way language is used in 40k, try again later newfriend

>> No.72134124

>That too got shut down and retconned.
Uh, when did they shut down and retcon Minotaurs being IW? Or are you just using words and phrases incorrectly?

>> No.72134126

Watch your fucking mouth Sanguine is best girl

>> No.72134128


Newfag detected

>> No.72134130

No it is not in the setting of 40k. Being tainted by Chaos energies is a physical condition, it has nothing to do with religion.

>> No.72134131

>two weapons argue, one goes off
40k everyone

>> No.72134134


I don’t even understand how you could be this bad at reading into conversational statements.

>> No.72134137

Fuck yeah a revolver, archaeotech pistol is gangster af

>> No.72134138

>doesn't jam
>easy to swap to special ammo
>more concealable than the usual Inquisitorial Crossbow

Want to know how I can tell you're a secondary?

>> No.72134142

I'm sorry, no need for a martyr complex.

>> No.72134146

Religion has nothing to do with this. The chapter was declared "heretic" not because they disagreed with Ecclesiarchy and formed their own branch of Imperial Cult. Which a fucking shitton of planets do already, there are a myriad or "heresies" as described in the Oxford dictionary. Fire worshipers, ancestor worshipers, tech worshipers.

>> No.72134148

I'll just leave this here

>> No.72134149

Yes. Typhus joined him in the 13th Black Crusade and ravaged the Cadian sector.

Ahriman pledged an alliance with him.,

Only Lucius has no lore with Abaddon.

>> No.72134150


>I found the untrained menial

>> No.72134155

>wtf the imperium is shitty?

>> No.72134157

Meh. A bit overzealous imo.

I do agree the Custodes overeacted, and he seemed very different to how Wraight writes them, with no pride and no anger. Just duty.

>> No.72134159

custodes are not a weapon, they are an extension of the emperors will.

>> No.72134164

Ah okay you're baiting then. Enjoy my last (you).

>> No.72134169

Man declares everyone not of the chapter their enemies, easy math problem to solve.

That and attacking Custodes and Sisters of Silence is you directly attacking those who answer directly to the Emperor himself.

You can stop posting any time, its ok

>> No.72134170

>Be Custodes, look down on Marines because they fuck everything up
>Sent to deliver some shiny new Marines to literally who chapter
>Sure, whatever, beats oiling the joints on the venerable dreads all day
>Literally whos go heretic, like half of these fucking upjumped children do
>Demand the ones you're carting surrender immediately
>"durrr we don't betray our brethren"
>Fucker, don't make me repeat myself
>he makes me repeat myself
>Emperor help me I fucking hate Marines

>> No.72134178

You wouldn't need anything more than a revolver for 90% of heretics
>Oh no, a raggedy-ass inbred chaos cultist with 11 toes, I need a plasma pistol!

>> No.72134181

>he seemed very different to how Wraight writes them, with no pride and no anger. Just duty.
wraights custodes have plenty of pride and anger. valerian disobeyed orders from fucking girlyman at the end of emperors legion

>> No.72134183

But anon, it can't be 40k since it's not EXXXTREME and GRIMDARK enough! Revolver should be at least the length of his leg.

>> No.72134188


You sir, win

>> No.72134191

It isn't when the entire Legion went traitor. In the Imperium's eyes, that means the geneseed is tainted beyond salvation.

One sperg making statements on normiebook vs established lore saying something different. It's literally fake news, that is what that site is used for.

>> No.72134195

>be the factions allowed to choose your own gear
>not styling on everyone else with baroque archaeotech unobtanium-fueled black hole-shooting revolver

>> No.72134196

Sometimes it's really easy to remember Marines are literal roided out teenagers

>> No.72134198

>Only Lucius has no lore with Abaddon.
If you use that Kevin Bacon game he does.
Lucius got punched in the face by Loken.
And Loken was a member of the Mournival with Abaddon.

>> No.72134201

OK but they are a weapon

>> No.72134206

>not subjecting the mutant to the most painful death possible
What a suspicious mindset

>> No.72134216

Mmm fair point. But Valerian is noted as the "exception", the custodes who goes beyond his normal attitude and grow out of it. That's a big reason why Aleya likes him.

>> No.72134217

>established lore saying something different.
I just asked you for a citation on that and you have yet to provide it. Where is the canon stating that Minotaurs use anything but IW geneseed?

>> No.72134224

no, they are more than a weapon.

>> No.72134227

holy shit are you autists still at it

>> No.72134230



Show literally anything that would make *this particular custodian* have any reason to think they have chaos taint on their souls.

Again, this particular custodian.

Not a member of the imperial cult.

Not a less informed custodian.

This custodian, the specific one from the story.

>Some stupid reply that ignores what I just asked

No. This guy. This non-imperial cult member who is fully aware who the recruits are, their origins and that they have had no contact or relationship with the brazen drakes other than painting their armour in preparation to join them.

>He just told them to stand down!

He was right to! That part is completely fine! We aren’t talking about that in the slightest! We’re talking about how he said:

>You do not look at me, nor at any of these faithful servants of the Emperor. You are tainted by heresy and you will be detained, along with all of your battle-brothers, until an appropriate fate can be determined.’

He was as insulting as it is physically possible to be to a loyalist marine, and on grounds not relevant to who he was or what information he had.

>> No.72134231

Because there are more named characters in a single Marine book than there are Harlequin units total, that's how much they matter.

>> No.72134232


>Each Custodian is beyond all law save direct command by the Emperor Himself
>In addition, each one is a lord of the Imperium

There you go. Custodian can't be wrong.

>> No.72134233

Read Michelet's Satanism and Witchcraft and Kors' Witchcraft in Europe, 400-1700.

>> No.72134236

Custodes have every right to shoot a marine without hesitation. Marines are the reason the Emperor is crippled and the Imperium in such a shit state.
Marines are literally the main bad guys of the setting.

>> No.72134237

>a single clean killing blow delivered in the form of this image, which is about a weapon which symbolizes a clean killing blow
Bravo, anon. You've made the MVP.

>> No.72134239

Pretty sure that bleeding out from a regular bullet is more painful than instant death from having your head blown off.

>> No.72134242

>over 24 hours of painful screeching noises over a short story

>> No.72134244

FW is not canon.

>> No.72134248

general consensus seems to be that Sororitas vehicles are overcosted. seems like everyone says to just proxy or convert, like with the Rhino. But what about the Exorcist and Immolator? They look kinda like Rhinos. I couldn't just grab a Rhino and and extra crap on the top to make it look similar, could I?

>> No.72134258

heh, Ironboy looks like he's holding in a shit

>> No.72134259

What's the 2000AD equivalent of this?

>> No.72134262

>valerian tells girlyman to fuck off
>in master of mankind custodes are arrogant as fuck the whole time
>everything with valdor hes unapologetically egotistical
custodes speak with the emperors will, they dont fucking care about "optics".

>> No.72134263

Their parent chapter going renegade, maybe? When is that fact finally gonna penetrate that thick skull of yours?

>> No.72134264


>> No.72134265

We don't have any new shit to talk about. New releases are postponed due to rona.

>> No.72134273

This quartet is forever neglected.

>> No.72134274

the fact that an inquisitor said they do you rattling penetrator

>> No.72134275

Yep, so there wasn't any Bishop (a high up position in ecclesiastical structures and often a powerful local secular ruler in his own right) randomly accusing random women of being witches and then having them burnt without trial.

You made the claim. We have plenty of records across Europe for the medieval period on ecclesisastical proceedings, you should be able to find one to support your case.

>> No.72134276

inquisitors can only get hard with overkill

That revolver is fucking enormous, though.

>> No.72134286


And the custodes knows what they are and acted to provoke them rather than to genuinely get them to stand down. He knows he’s dealing with flaky untrustworthy babies, and he insulted them all then shot one in the face.

Nearly any loyalist marines would have got violent. This would class them as traitors after they get violent, but not before.

>> No.72134287

It's the gift that keeps giving.

>> No.72134289

dude they didn't even knew if it was the brazen claws OGs that were rebeling, and not some AL or csm attack on the planet. It was "oh lord part of the planet is chaos" clearly the marines have gone AWOL. Order 66 everyone

>> No.72134291

But what precipice the Custards have to obey the Inquisition? I am sure they acknowledge how harsh and dumb Inquisitors usually are with their work and they could have just easily belay the order and do their own investigations on the matter. I just don't get how blindly they believe one Inquisitorial message.

>> No.72134295


>> No.72134296

Honestly I like the idea of Space Marines being seen as unstable roided out zerkers that could turn traitor at the drop of a fucking hat. The wider imperium should fear space marines, like in that comic with the BT coming to purge orks on a backwater feudal world.

>> No.72134305


>> No.72134306

its because kharn is the only one worth a shit. lucius is a loser, ahriman and typhus are both assholes.

>> No.72134307

>implying a filthy fucking heretic deserves the emperor's mercy of instant death
ever been shot before? that shit hurts, almost equal parts burning and just pure bare nerve pain.

>> No.72134311

Not forcing him to shoot an overloaded plasma gun
U lack inspiration adept

>> No.72134317


Well then they should have proven they were loyal by surrendering.

Hell they just heard their parent Chapter might be traitors... they should have dropped to their knees and begged for death, since they wore tainted colors of those unworthy of life by defying the Emperor...

>> No.72134318

>Nearly any loyalist marines would have got violent.
Damn bold words, and baseless too!

>> No.72134324

>implying records that said the church was wrong would be recorded by the church in the first place

>> No.72134327

not like this shit isnt normal, we have days worth of arguement over minor points of detail, like necrons and ftl travel.

>> No.72134334

Not that anon but had they fought with their "parent" chapter I would agree.

Except here from what I understand they're getting fucked for the treachery of a chapter they haven't even met.

>> No.72134337

What should I get when starting out a 1k Custards list? Besides some Guard Squad.

>> No.72134338


They don’t have a parent chapter. You know this. The custodian knew this.


The inquisitor said that the chapter they were being sent to join was heretics. This is enough to tar them in the mind of a religious fundamentalist. The custodian is not one. He has similar dogmatic obsessions to a religious fundamentalist, but they are in different directions.

>> No.72134344

>Yep, so there wasn't any Bishop (a high up position in ecclesiastical structures and often a powerful local secular ruler in his own right) randomly accusing random women of being witches and then having them burnt without trial.

yes, because bishops couldn't sentance someone to death. They would either have to be A bishop and an official of the state(like a Otto of Bamberg) B Head of the State (like Pope in Rome or the Bishop in Paderborn) localy.

The church never(the western one, ortodox did many crazy things, but they are heretics no better then protestants, so there isn't much to expect to begin wiht) sentanced anyone to death.

>> No.72134345

I'll fucking take it over the communism/facism shit we had earlier.

God this general is trash.

>> No.72134351


>> No.72134357

I'm just glad we're done pretending warp travel and the webway count as FTL but not dolmen gates.

>> No.72134359


They clearly do. The Brazen Drakes were declared traitor. Filthy by association.

>> No.72134363

Thanks for proving me right, thread >>72133599

>> No.72134364

if you have access to a recaster and don't want to pay crazy money to FW, Aquilon Terminators have been treating me well so far

Also you probably want to model someone with the banner but then again thats in the regular box

>> No.72134369


Baseless? Marines are emotionally immature and coded through intensive dogma to respond to certain triggers.

He called them traitor scum and shot one of them in the face for saying he was loyal.

Them’s triggers.

>> No.72134380

Marines do not surrender. Plus how is it suppose to work. they give up weapons and they shoot them anyway? The marines would be crazy to trust someone as mentaly unstable as a custodes, who thinks that a sector being attack, automaticly means that the local marines are heretics, AND marines who don't even share anything incommon besides the same progenitor have to be traitors too.

Custodes spend 10k years inside one palace. They are crazy hikimori, the way they act.

>> No.72134388


Loyal Space Marines are expected to serve the Emperor, which the Custodian represents.

Ergo, they are traitors.

>> No.72134390


That’s great inquisitor and/or commissar! Very faithful regurgitation of imperial cult rhetoric!

Now shh, we’re talking about a custodes.

>> No.72134393

So you're a lorelet then? Figures.

>> No.72134397

aos/whfb threads are fine when they're dead, but when they're shitposting they can reach 40kg quality

>> No.72134398

Weird how everyone called the story full-on grimderp yesterday but now it's getting defended en masse

>> No.72134401

>He called them traitor scum
he is the emperor's will, therefore they were traitor scum.

>> No.72134403

>Marines do not surrender

Then they died as traitors for disobeying a direct order from the mouthpiece of the Emperor.

>> No.72134404

These recruits were from Mars, the only association was paint on their armor. These were vat borne clones cawl made.

>> No.72134406



Again, we’re talking about the custodes being a retard who doesn’t act right for a custodes, not how it unfolded after he already fucked up.

>> No.72134412

Considering they were declared Hereticus Diabolus Extremis, the ones on the planet may well have been pulling their devil triggers at that time

>> No.72134414

Okay different anon here, but i can not stand your ignorance.
1. Medieval Catholic Church did not recognize such thing as witchcraft until 1484. It was considered to be superstitions of peasants and nothing else.
2.People who were really persecuted by the Vatican consisted of christian sects that perverted catholic dogma such as cathars and people who publically converted to christianity for status but practiced judaism and islam in secret.
3.Spanish inquisition was created by spanish king and was not beholden to Vatican and was dericted against jews and moors not witches.
4.Protestants in Germany and England are the ones who set the world records in burning people. It was partly caused by simultaneous popularisation of occultism and hardline religious fundamentalism(Puritans).

>> No.72134417

>The church never(the western one, ortodox did many crazy things, but they are heretics no better then protestants, so there isn't much to expect to begin wiht) sentanced anyone to death.

ok idk if that's like a 2/10 or 4/10, but kinda mediocre troll

>> No.72134422

likely just fun posting

>> No.72134429


Cool, his word is to be considered correct within dogma.

Now, why was his dogmatically correct word so fucking stupid and wrong?

>> No.72134437

I liked how in To Speak as One the Ordo Xenos gets into a scuffle with Cawl's representative, Qvo-87, over jurisdiction. Yes, Cawl has been given the go-ahead from Guilliman to requisition whatever. On the other hand, as one inquisitor argues, the Inquisition as an institution is beholden to no authority but that of the God-Emperor. And sure, Guilliman is giving his word that he got full authority over anything and everything in the entire Imperium, but this has never been confirmed beyond Guilliman's own words.

>> No.72134443


>> No.72134448

>Then they died as traitors for disobeying a direct order from the mouthpiece of the Emperor.
Yep. You don't argue with a Custodian.

>> No.72134452

>(((c*tholic))) conveniently doesnt mention anything in central/south america

>> No.72134461

>they do not deserve their emperor
motherfucker who do you think made this shit the way it is in the first place
>they do not deserve us
go fuck yourself

>> No.72134468

Yeah, we get them all the time, mostly written by other Bishops or monastaries and so on because the Church was not a single hegemonic bloc with a strict hierachy, but lots of people bitching and competing with each other. One of the most famous accounts of the early medieval period, Gregory of Tours' History of the Franks is full of him bitching about other bishops not doing their job properly.

>> No.72134476


>> No.72134486

Sect doctrine shitflinging aside he's not wrong.

>> No.72134489

Marines proving again that they are in fact not worthy

>> No.72134494


Can we just get it through out thick skulls that the question is not “why did marines chimp out at a custodes” and rather “why did the custodian get a prefrontal lobotomy and read the lectitio divinatus cover to cover right before the story started?”

>> No.72134501

I'm just enjoying the unadulterated imperiumfag seethe

>> No.72134503


>> No.72134506

Yeah because there wasn't much witchcraft trials there, but a fuck ton of heresy.

>> No.72134509

>Plus how is it suppose to work. they give up weapons and they shoot them anyway?

Then they'd die as loyalists, rather than traitors?

>> No.72134526

de las casas wrote dozens of books about how they were burning whole villages of people and torturing infants, etc.

>> No.72134528


None of the major branches of Christianity are faithful to the original small cult. For one thing, Paul describes sharing a jail cell with a married couple who are both Christian priests.

>> No.72134552

Y'all are unworthy.

>> No.72134584

If bringing grots to use for grot shields in my backfield should I be bringing a runtherd as well? Wondering if the 35 points for the runtherd to help with morale is worth it over just bringing another unit of 10 grots to deal with the losses that way.

>> No.72134594

The Psychic Awakening series seems to be nearly over

And yet they haven't talked about the literal Psychic Awakening yet. It seems like a pretty huge plot point to invent and then not do anything with it.

>> No.72134598

I'd probably just get more grots

>> No.72134625

>mutual destruction
In lore (not so much TT, at least not at the character level) a Custodian will wipe the floor with 99% of Marines and not even get winded.

>> No.72134626

I'm sorry did you expect them to come up with new lore when they could basically just reprint the lore that was in previous books?

>> No.72134627


I’m uncertain bloody anything happened in psychic awakening.

Anyhow come back in 15 years when a new generation of nostalgiafags run GW and want to focus on the interesting parts of the setting again.

>> No.72134628

Imagine you are a Custodian. The shiniest motherfucker on this ship and a nigh-immortal philosopher king subservient only to the greatest being to ever live, your father, the rightful Emperor of all mankind. And this little bitch fucking starts talking back when you told him to get on his knees. Sometimes examples need to be made. Sometimes the unworthy just need to die. Like crushing bugs, they were probably fine to leave alone but it doesn't matter.

>> No.72134630

>Only Lucius has no lore with Abaddon.
He was fucking around on the periphery of the old Eye of Terror campaign.

I feel like relative to the others he's been left underdeveloped in the +17 years since then. Best case is they want to do something with him but don't know what. At worst, and more likely, the case is just that they don't really care.

>> No.72134638

>And yet they haven't talked about the literal Psychic Awakening yet.
That will be the Emperor waking up and screaming at what has happened because of stupid people.

>> No.72134642

>The Psychic Awakening series seems to be nearly over

I mean we're still waiting on Saga of the Beast
Then Engine War
War of the Spider

That's another three months of this at least.

>> No.72134645

Maybe in a protestant bible. Church judicary was always separate from normal law makers. The whole conflict between Pope GVII and Emperor HIV was about investiture.
Church court was declering you a heretic(or not)
you had an assigned defendand(something the church actually invented). Then you were given to the civil goverment. And the civil goverment would judge you according to the local law. Of course in some parts of europe being heretical, was a crime against the crown. And crimes against the crown have two types of sentances death or banishment. The church never burned, or sentanced anyone to death.

On the other hand the ortodox were killing people left and right up till mid early XXth century. Took a small break for mid XXth century, and now are doing it yet again, killing faiful greco catholics and catholics.

>> No.72134650


200 marines are likely to take down some of the custodian assets before falling.

Considering the raw value of even a single custodian, that alone is good enough reason that they should have made a more genuine effort to resolve this situation before acting in a way that would convince even loyal marines to go hostile.

>> No.72134661

watch some battlereps of ork players that are actually good at orks as grots can be surprisingly versatile. watched one where a guy had a fuck ton of grots and kept using da jump to send them to the mid field and just annoy the enemy and act as a screen while they had bikers grab objectives. saw another one where they parked 30 grots/runtherd/and i think a mek with KFF on the main objective and just sat there for the whole match earning points.

>> No.72134662

>Sometimes the unworthy just need to die.

>> No.72134665

So the Church itself did that? On its own authority with no external assistance? For witchcraft?

>> No.72134678

This is the worst event GW has done since the last big event.

>> No.72134681

>A better version of the story would have been that the captain and custode enter a debate, and are moments away from agreeing to disarm because both are logical being that know a fight there is the worst outcome for all parties. The are hyper intelligent post humans and would have come to an agreement.
Holy fuck the sheer secondary emerging from this post
Jesus fucking Christ, stop guzzling the kool-aid

>> No.72134682


A Custodian falling in the line of duty of killing traitors is a good, loyalist death.

He will be remembered.

Shun the memory of the Brazen Drakes.

>> No.72134686


Yeah, but no matter how arrogant I let myself get for being powerful and important, if I was in any way based on myself I’d express it through smugness and self aggrandisement, not shitting on people in a way seemingly specifically designed to make them violent.

>> No.72134697

Because it had already happened

>> No.72134718

kek are you even aware of the big mess called papal state

>> No.72134720

Like the old sating goes, you're only as memorable as your last fuck up.

>> No.72134724

>Emperor wakes up
>immediately kills himself
>Seinfeld theme plays as another warp anus destroys half the galaxy
>Rowboat Girlyman declares himself Emperor of Imperium Nihilus
>marries his Ynnari fucktoy
>forms an alliance of races to stand against the hordes of chaos and tyranids and shit
>space WoW
I'm drunk as shit.

>> No.72134735


>> No.72134740

I'm having a blast here

>> No.72134741

>Brazen Drakes

>> No.72134762

Yep, the Bishop of Rome held both religious and secular authority. We also talked about other similar rulers like the Bishop of Cologne. They weren't ordering executions or conducting trials under religious authority, it was their secular powers. This is an important distinction.

>> No.72134766

What was the previous one? GS?

>> No.72134770

AND furthermore again, they weren't accusing random women of witchcraft and having them burnt alive with no trial on a whim which is what this dicusssion was about.

>> No.72134771

That's how Custodians view them, at the least.

>> No.72134772

Does Chaos have any rules that allow them to sacrifice units for some sort of benefit?

>> No.72134775


>> No.72134776

I'm a bit high so lets brainstorm. Lets say they make a way for Big E to get off the throne long enough to switch out with someone else without everything being ruined forever, is there anyone even capable of doing that at this time if its even possible? And if there was, would emps best course of action as a perpetual be to die then be reborn again or just go into a space coma to start regenerating which I would imagine would take fucking thousands of years considering he's been using what power he's had to keep the rift closed.

>> No.72134777

I think so. Unless there was a smaller one that I've forgotten about.

>> No.72134785

Grimderp IS 40k and anyone who thinks otherwise is a seething muh noblebright imperiumfag

>> No.72134786

>Abbadon puts on an iron jaw plate from an ork

>> No.72134811

If you're just bringing MSU grots for grot shields then runtherds are overkill.

>> No.72134815

Why is Reddit strongly on the custodes side? Are they based?

>> No.72134818

The custodes thing or 40k in general?

>> No.72134827

>is there anyone even capable of doing that at this time if its even possible?
You need someone like Magnus for it. Malcador got burned to ash from holding the gate.
You might be able to hook up a bunch of Librarians into some sort of Choir with the strongest sitting on the Throne.

>> No.72134829

Because a literal comic book hero is on their side.

>> No.72134835

Custodians deescalating a conflict with traitors out of fear that they'll take casualties in the process would be the most OOC reaction possible

>> No.72134841

yeah, an anti church dude writing fantasy. What is next some early XVI century Oreanian propagandists, or maybe the stuff that Gustav Adolf ordered to be writen to entice germans to join his army durning the XXX year war?

>> No.72134854

>Why is Reddit strongly on the custodes side?
This >>72134829

>> No.72134855

Well then, guess at least one extra runtherd is being converted to a weirdboy in preparation for
larger games. Thanks lads, I've gotten most of the basic rules down but I'm still figuring out synergies and strategies.

>> No.72134864

Few, which is a bit of a wasted opportunity. Only one off the top of my head is Masters of Possession being able to deal a MW to an ally in order to heal a daemon.

>> No.72134872

you mean like the (((bible)))?

>> No.72134876

Reminder that 40k is not about good guys vs bad guys. Is about survival of humanity in the GRIMDARK future. Morals, values and beliefs are pointless in the endless war. Stop trying to fit actual shit and values inside this setting.

>> No.72134889


... who wouldn't be? They were in the right.

>> No.72134895 [SPOILER] 

A daemon has the strongest connection to the warp, so a daemon of the Emperor should be able to do it.

>> No.72134927

We respectfully disagree.

>> No.72134941

But you guys told me reddit was bad.

>> No.72134957

but fascism bad

>> No.72134984

Ok, just thought of something so I'm going to ramble.

>Emps gets off the throne and is replaced by another psyker that totally exists and is capable of holding the gate
>Emps decides to die to be reborn
>Is reborn, his body is remade but his psyker powers are diminished
>His powers may return to their full strength in time, but for now he is still an incredibly strong psyker but not at his previous level
>Word the emperor has been reborn spreads throughout the imperium
>High Lords see this as a threat, begin their schemes
>Chapter masters have differing opinions
>Should they follow the orders from the emperor that they have been following, or should they follow the orders of the emperor reborn?
>Some skeptical players in the galaxy may even doubt that it is the emperor
>Could be a clone, or chaos trying something cheeky
>Chapters don't agree on what to do, perhaps even infighting within chapters
>Splits begin to form between loyalists and "true loyalists"
Could be the setting for more shit to happen between chapters, setting up future conflicts. Might be interesting, but could very easily just become Heresy 2 Warp boogaloo.

>> No.72135005

A naked custodes should be 35 points
Becoming a naked shield-captain should not have a 50 points price increase
Sitting on a jetbike naked should not be a 40 points increase
Change my mind

>> No.72135032

invulnerable saves were a mistake.

>> No.72135039


>> No.72135061

That sounds about right. Don't forget the Admech would lose its shit too. And all of the crazy pilgrims trying to see/kill the Emperor/Monster.
The Imperial Cult would probably have it the worst.

>> No.72135069


>With traitors

I mean, key phrase.

If he’s just itching to kill something and doesn’t care about the emperor’s Resources then more power to him but he’s still a shitty custodian.

>> No.72135074

>Becoming a naked shield-captain should not have a 50 points price increase
improved stats and (more importantly) being a character is something to consider

a shield captain has twice the wounds of a regular custodes, naked

>> No.72135077

custodes should be 4 wounds base and have a strat thats like transhuman except a 5+. also all of them need a 5+++ vs mortal wounds

>> No.72135087


This already happened with gulliman declaring himself second emperor in all but name though.

>> No.72135092

>A naked custodes
So a regular custodes.

>> No.72135094

>a shitty custodian.
impossible. he is the emperor's will. if he was itching to kill marines then it was the emperor who was itching to kill marines.

>> No.72135099

Also reduce all their points by 50% too while you're at it

>> No.72135130

they dont need a point drop, they just need even more durability. also all their spears should be a flat 2 dmg in melee

>> No.72135141

>did nothing special but their jobs.
>be custodes
>job is to protect emperor
>he is now on life support
Great job.

>> No.72135147

If a Custodian shits, it is the Emperor himself dropping a mighty golden stool!

>> No.72135167

custodes dont poop, they just shit on space marines.

>> No.72135183


>> No.72135212

If emps did come back would everyone follow him or would some still want to follow gilly? Would gilly even allow emps to resume command, or would he try to keep him hidden out of fear for his safety?

>> No.72135256

>Be me xeno player.
>Still remember the "wake the dead" plotline where a Eldar spiritseer goes with his brother to kill a chaos cult only for them to get gunned down by tempestus scions even after a complete, peaceful, and clear explanation, all because the TS can't tell the difference between CWE and DE.
>Remember how nobody talked about it. They said things like "haha xenos got killed lol" and kept spouting their typical imperium propaganda "Imperium best fer humanity hurr durr" "Unreasonable xenos trying to take revenge! What's wrong with them?"
>Read this gay story
>Thousands of imperials are butthurt on all sides over "good guys" getting unjustly fratricided.
>Zoomy primaris shills that got hooked on the flashy tallmarines realizing just now the imperium might not be good people.

Imperials have mopped the floor with countless peaceful races and cultures. Killing women and children alike for some petty pipe dream of a united humanity, a race so uncooperative and apathetic to their own that makes the orks look like a hive mind. It was a doomed idea from the start. They are WRONG and have always been WRONG just because they fight another faction that's also WRONG doesn't make them less WRONG. Everyone keeps ignoring it until a fucking marine dies. Now there's a problem? Fuck you. Fuck your gay faction(s) Fuck your gay rhetoric, fuck your gay "with me or evil" logic, fuck your gay "Apathy for pain unless it's my pain" sense of empathy fuck your pandering, fuck your gay chauvinism, fuck your gay shilling, fuck your gay "muh representation/relation" memes, fuck your NPC memes, but most importantly:


>> No.72135266

>Be Astartes
>Job is to conquer the galaxy
>Burn half of it
>Put the Emperor on life support

I mean it's true the Custodes failed to protect the Emperor... from the Astartes.

>> No.72135274


Gulliman would probably defer to his dad unenthusiastically.

The ultramarines and sizeable majority of their successors would rebel in a heartbeat if gulliman told them to though.

>> No.72135293


Technically it’s not their fault a man with 10,000 dedicated bodyguards insisted on running off alone to punch his son, then couldn’t bring himself to kill the kid until his organs were on the floor.

>> No.72135310

>or would he try to keep him hidden out of fear for his safety?
Emperor wakes up
Beats Guilliman to death with a barstool
Launches "The Angry Crusade" with 10 million Super-Primaris Space Marines

>> No.72135327

>The ultramarines and sizeable majority of their successors would rebel in a heartbeat if gulliman told them to though.
yup, and theyd lose. imperial navy are more powerful than marines in the great context of things, and outside of girlymans pocket empire, theyd all side with emperor because they are all in the imperial cult

>> No.72135339

based stormtroopers

fuck elves
fuck clowns
and especially fuck tr*nshuman manchildren

>> No.72135346


>> No.72135347

>Have a 1,500 game against an Iron Hands player
>Guy is a dick to play against, always tries to rush peoples turns and take extra time on his own
>Bought a clock with a very loud tick, will use that to time his turns and take the same amount of time he does
>Bringing 130 grots just to take even longer
>Also bringing at least 90 boyz

>> No.72135355

Xenos deserve to be fucking murdered. Whereas every warrior in the imperium is a hero and their senseless death is tragic beyond words.

>> No.72135363

>imperial navy are more powerful than marines in the great context of things
not really. Badab is the biggest case study you can point towards, and without the intervention of other chapters the navy wouldn't really be able to break the stalemate.

>> No.72135369

>>Be me xeno player.

>> No.72135381

Because your mind controlling communist overlord told you to. Go back to space China before we make it space Vietnam 2.

>> No.72135385

>can't tell the difference between CWE and DE

>> No.72135410

>tick tock, humie
I like it

>> No.72135417

>haha xenos got killed lol

>> No.72135446


>> No.72135452

Who the fuck can?

>> No.72135467

>lose 9000 out of 10000 custodes fighting against an infinity amount of demons in the webway (because space marines and a retarded red nigger primarch fucked up)
>emps decided to leeroy jenkins his stupid space marine warmaster
>gets yeeted
>somehow space marines being traitors is the custodes fault

>> No.72135484

You're right, but its easier to feel for humanity than aliens.

>> No.72135498

>30k lore
No longer valid, you should have posted the part from the Codex when they say that Custodes still have absolute power to enact the Lex Imperialis.

>> No.72135503

Absolutely based Harlequin man

>> No.72135537


>> No.72135573

>Watch a unit breakdown for necrons
>Shit tier doomsday ark unironically given 5/5 stars


>> No.72135576


>> No.72135599

Best timeline

>> No.72135658


>Doom scythe also 5/5 and called best unit in codex

Ha ha what

>> No.72135663

lovin' every laff

>> No.72135669

Isn't that the fucker with the instant death murder ray?

>> No.72135696


It’s the one with the D6 shots lasgun equivalent some players cream themselves over because it’s that, heavy destroyers or forge world.

It’s... not reliable. An equivalent imperial unit would have a flat four shots.

>> No.72135708

I wish I knew doom scythes could make a mortal wound explosion before making a cluster of my characters and elite units
First turn Valoris is on the field and he gets fried

>> No.72135727


Congratulations you somehow managed to get nuked by that really useless 3CP stratagem literally every faction with tanks gets

>> No.72135856


>> No.72135887

A relic contemptor dread with quad las costs around 194 points.
It starts with BS 2+ and has a 5+ invuln too, though.

>> No.72135948

Why? >>72134098

>> No.72136217

>they haven't talked about the literal Psychic Awakening yet.
Did you just not read any of the books?

>> No.72137215

Every single model in the kit has a unique pose.

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