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Extremely SHARED edition

Last time: >>72114054

>"Official" Site: Contains deck building guidelines and the current ban list.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.

>Official search site.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface and syntax

>Thread Topic:
How many decks do you own? If you own more than one, which is your favorite?

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>How many decks do you own? If you own more than one, which is your favorite?
6 but i only play 3 of them regularly

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Fuck you man, fuck you.

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I've currently got 8 decks, but I'm kind of focused on like, 2 of them.

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>How many decks do you own?
Not enough compared to the numbers of strategies I want to play
Too much compared to the number of games I'm playing each month

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I've got six decks. Go back and forth on whether my favorite is Jeskai enchantments or Temur energy. Both do dumb things.

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I have 12 but they're all varying degrees of suboptimal. I just keep making new ones instead of refining the old ones

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3, with Etali and some cards being switched out with the Neheb deck since I'll never get around to actually building Etali. Neheb is def my favorite, just need three more cards. I made mine dragon tribal since my table doesn't include ways to really deal with fliers, plus big power and haste are the bnb for Neheb. Yahenni and Ghalta are getting cannibalized for Ukkima/Cazur on release

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Post 'em

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Thanks again for introducing me to those kino oversleeves.

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I got 3 complete 2 in work.
Mono-red Varchild land destruction gonna be my fav.......still in work, lol.

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Hello russian anon

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>meaningless numeric power scale
>dumb avatar

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We already did one recently, but here's my contribution. No changes from last time.

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I live to help,
Hello anon

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1 Wort the raidmother, but i'm finishing weaterlight capting deck

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New global rule: insinuating that Tatyova is shared is a permaban

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>saying the truth gets you permabanned

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Ghalta and Neheb both win much more than they lose, to the point where my friends say I'm the closest to cEDH and run super optimized builds. Don't completely agree but a wins and win and so's a compliment. Yahenni is the weakest, and usually can lock down a board but then not do anything, allowing one of them to eventually turn tables and fuck me.

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7 but 2 are jank piles, 2 are precons, one is a joke and the other 2 are my regulars. My favorite is Shattergang Brothers control

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New to the game: what is a voltron theme?

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Boosting one creature to bash your opponents

>> No.72119903

When the primary wincon involves making one creature HUGE and hard to deal with by equipping it with a shitload of artifacts.

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Right now I've got about 4 decks, but my favorite is definitely my Avacyn, Angel of Hope deck. Right now I'm working on lists for Bruna, Gisela, and Sigarda tho and they look quite fun. If anyone has got any good and fun recommendations for those I'm all ears, thanks.

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Pump one creature up super huge and make them hard to block and harder to kill.
You will lose to anything that forces you to sacrifice creatures

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In the context of EDH it's almost always your commander that you're beefing up since you can defeat an opponent with 21 commander damage.

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nu-Emrakul in Gisela so that you can use one of your opponents to beat one of the others to death while also leaving that opponent open to crackback.

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Partner with is based AND redpilled. Prove me wrong, you can’t

>> No.72120047

I have no interest in proving you wrong. Partner is a shitty mechanic, but Partner with is great.

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Have a list for Ghalta? I've been considering converting my Omnath into him.

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I've got 7 and they're all pretty middling power level. I think Yuriko is the only one capable of shutting a game out quickly

>> No.72120120

In a Commander context it generally means loading up your commander (sometimes another creature) with buffs and killing people in one shot.
It's fragile as fuck. But killing a player in one swing is satisfying.

>> No.72120129

Can't recommend Ghalta enough if you wanna smash face with big monsters. Apex Altisaur was a new replacement for Berserk just fyi.

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Alright, I'm testing this out. This should be a folder containing all how 2s I and other anons have worked on. If there's one you have that's not here, post it and I'll add it in.

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Cheers mate!

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Can anyone give me a primer on Saffi? I'm looking into a higher power borderline-cEDH deck to play with my friends' higher power decks

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My ONE gripe with Partner with is the potential for more designs like Haldan literally not doing anything without Pako. Should have had something like
>{T}, Put a card an opponent owns from exile on the bottom of that player's library: Scry 2.
Technically can do things without Pako. And, with Pako, gives you something to do with exiled creature cards and some capacity to ensure that you don't hit a creature off of your own library.

>> No.72120276

Have fun anon!

>> No.72120292

Ooh that sounds neat, there's less of a crackback threat because they get an extra turn, but swinging at somebody with all their things and forcing them to stumble into all my punishment effects could be pretty useful, thank you!

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>You may play noncreature cards from exile with fetch counters on them if you exiled them
Can someone with more rules knowledge than me clarify if there's actually a reason this wasn't written as
>You may play noncreature cards with fetch counters on them from exile if you exiled them
or were they just taking the templating from Mairsil/Rayami without thinking about how the sentence read?

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Partner with is lame because the card isn't allowed to be great on its own and is possibly paired with a shit partner

>> No.72120411

Alternatively, recommend another 1 to 2 color commander I could build that's not Gitrog, Jhoira, Teshar or K'rrik

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>looking through the precons and values
>propaganda is 7 dollars

>> No.72120465

It's a highly sought after card. The price will go down once the decks start getting out to people

>> No.72120469

not sure if it actually effects magic rules, but from a computer logic perspective it makes more sense for it to be: Zone-Requirement-Requirement than Requirement-Zone-Requirement. It has better syntax logically, but worse grammatically.

>> No.72120471

I'll shamelessly bump my own previous question, that remained unanswered: do you guys consider fetch lands to be colored mana?
I'm building my mana base to put out my commander asap, and it's 2ccc, I roughly need 30 colored mana base to do that on turn 5, out of 40 lands.
Also tips and tricks related to mana base are welcomed.

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>printed in precons in 2011, 2013, and 2016
>also in Mystery Boosters
Doubt the price will fall all that much. $5 is probably the floor on it.

>> No.72120521

For this particular calculation, you can count them as actual mana sources

>> No.72120530

Days like this I wonder why they ever thought unbanning Hulk was a good idea

>> No.72120538

>Put a card you own with a silver counter on it from exile into your hand.
I suppose Karn is technically Requirement-Requirement-Zone, but then Haldan would be Requirement-Zone-Requirement-Requirement since he also specifies that it has to be a noncreature.

>> No.72120547

>mono red
>land destruction

>> No.72120564

Who's gonna miss flash though? I play hulk for value

>> No.72120583

flash is a more fair card, hulk exists almost exclusively as a wincon

>> No.72120585

>do you guys consider fetch lands to be colored mana?
If you're asking if you could put a Marsh Flats in a deck outside of white/black color identity, I'm pretty sure you can.

>> No.72120586

I think im in love with abzan bros...

>> No.72120611

but it doesn't have red in it

>> No.72120613 [SPOILER] 

This says otherwise.

>> No.72120617

>I play hulk for value
You're a minority.
To be clear, I'm calling you a nigger.

>> No.72120628

Your a cheeky cunt

>> No.72120633

I know and im a huge redfag but it somehow clicks all my buttons.

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the Eternal or Dreadhorde Champ? The Eternal was my first deck but of course I wasn't great at deckbuilding back then, any ideas?

>> No.72120699

I'm going to miss flash. Flashing out godhead of awe while elesh norn or is out or vice versa is 10/10
Flashing out Avacyn and then saccing angelic renewal or brought back is cool too. It's a fun card and it sucks I'm now going to have to ask if it's okay with the pod that I'm using it.

>> No.72120700

>If you're asking if you could put a Marsh Flats in a deck outside of white/black color identity
No. Basically, you got lands that are cool but you can't really count as colored mana. For example, I'm running Cabal Coffers, because it's nice and fits the theme of my deck. But I also run Deserted temple, because it's nice to have both out at the same time, plus Petrified Field, because I might want to get those lands back if they get nuked. Those don't give me colored mana, and if I run too many of colorless/utility lands, then I run the risk of not being able to play my 2ccc as soon as I wished.

>> No.72120713

>picked up a BBD 6 pack blister from Amazon because I had a gift card for my birthday
>crack a Land Tax
>not sure what deck to put it in
My non-G deck could use some more ramp but I only have 6 basics, is it worth making a cut for?

>> No.72120747

>but I only have 6 basics
You absolute madman. Anything less than 18 and I start to eye the red or blue decks suspiciously.

>> No.72120753

Give it to me, I need it.

>> No.72120759

Land Tax isn't ramp

>> No.72120777

>only 6 basics
You’re asking to get landfucked

>> No.72120823

Neheb, the Eternal is the only answer dear anon. How you play is def up to you. I used to do a mix of beaters/Xspells unitl i realized my group always had the biggest and most dudes on the ground. So i went Dragon tribal and trimmed the Xspells.

>> No.72120845

So should I slot it in? My mana base is very poorfag atm and I still need to pick up a couple shocks and fetches.

yeah yeah, I know

>> No.72120861

Is Teysa really the only go-to for a good aristocrats deck? Is she too overdone?

>> No.72120887

imagine being this much of a brainlet

>> No.72120891

>My mana base is very poorfag atm
That's not a problem, your low count of basics is a problem though. Does your deck lean into a color more or less than others?

>> No.72120908

Aw man, this takes me back to my first days in commander. It's better built that mine but I'm not sure it can play at the same level as the top decks my friends have. I don't want Tymna/Thrasios, but I would like a more powerful alternative, as Neheb usually got spot removed and then I didn't have much else to do. Wort took over my big spell quota and I prefer a bunch of tiny dudes rather than a handful of big beaters (and fork spells are usually great answers, my shining moment was Wild Ricocheting a Time Stretch, then I beat the original Time Stretch owner to death)

>> No.72120921

It's a 4C deck, but definitely leans more into blue. I suppose I can post my deck list.


>> No.72120931

Are you stupid?

>> No.72120942

Build Sek-kuar you coward

>> No.72120943

Fair enough anon :) maybe Etali to steal all the good cards your opponents run?

>> No.72120959

it'll take a moment. Do you want to keep at 34 lands? I would sugest adding more (e.g, 36) but I imagine you do not wish to make cuts elsewhere.

>> No.72120970

Alright, but sek-kuar is ugly orc man and Teysa is a hot sexy human woman.

>> No.72120983

That's currently the plan, along with Boom//Bust, Bend or Break and Ruination type effects

>> No.72121001

If that's your problem just build Judith or alter it, no Teysa will ever be as hot as Envoy of Ghosts

>> No.72121005

>Etali with LD
Anon, i envy you. I've never pulled the trigger on that deck, and I've wanted to since i saw Etali.

>> No.72121010

Yeah, I'm looking at cutting creatures if anything. Also still need to swap out that Scheming Symmetry for the Diabolic Intent I cracked today too. Not sure if I should cut Revel in Riches or make another cut for Smothering Tithe at some point. Still a couple cards I need to buy that will need cuts too like D Tutor and KCI.

>> No.72121036

Oh wait I totally forgot I still had Acquire in, that can easily be cut. It was mostly a filler card since I pulled it out of some bulk my sister's bf gave me along with the Top in the list

>> No.72121070

CEDH pod:

>everyone’s having fun regardless of what hits the table
>people know when someone’s combining and just scoop and go next
>lots of intricate stack interaction when people keep good opening hands
>everyone knows everyone else is in the same level

“Normal” edh pods

>autistic screeching about counterspells and interaction
>defend everything they don’t like as unfun
>sandbagged by pubstomp shits who can’t evaluate their decks properly

Why don’t you like cedh /edhg/?

>> No.72121081

I like it, I just wanna proxy into it before I get cards I'm not sure I'll like

>> No.72121111

>Wild Ricochet
Such an underrated card. Twinning Staff is going to make for absolutely galaxy-brain plays with Ricochet and Narset's Reversal.

>> No.72121151


75% all day

>> No.72121184

How's the rona situation going in Australia?

>> No.72121185

Are you still gonna be here in 20mns? right now I'd say run 16-18 basics, but after Im done with something real quick I'd go over the rest of the lands.
Question: Is Bolas's Citadel an integral part of your strategy? it's not a bad card or anything, but it's the only card with 3 blacks in it, opposed to your majority 2 colored cards.

>> No.72121188

is Kambal fun?

>> No.72121195

Fuck off.

>> No.72121204

>Are you still gonna be here in 20mns?
>Is Bolas's Citadel an integral part of your strategy?
Not in particular, actually doesn't come down a lot because of the triple black cost.

>> No.72121237

Cool. Last question and then I'll come back and report: how fast does your deck need to be? Slow fetchlands are dirt cheap, but they enter tap, however they're really nice for mana fixing plus the Mirage artwork is sick.

>> No.72121273

What about cEDH pods? My Casual EDH pod is exactly like you described, we don't have any asshole or autist

>> No.72121299


Slow fetches from Mirage are fantastic for color fixing in metas that aren't trying to combo out on turn 3. I absolutely recommend running them if you can.

>> No.72121306

This implies a whole cEDH pod, usually I see cEDH decks alone in a casual pod pubstomping. Outside that context I really like cEDH

>> No.72121327

i own 3 and am building the fourth.
I have trostani, wort raidmother, saheeli the gifted and i'm building sliver hivelord as a voltron commander

>> No.72121329

psst anon
its about the ppl not the format

i could add that cedh babbies cried so hard about flash that they got sheldon to ban it even tho it only affects .0001% of the playerbase

>> No.72121338

Doesn't need to be super fast, and if I did put in slow fetches I'd likely end up replacing them with proper fetches down the line eventually.

Also I'd probably be more likely to keep the basic count down closer to 12, and I still need to grab shit like a Steam Vents and Watery Grave. Also was considering grabbing a Strip Mine. Only one guy has ever tried putting down a Blood Moon, but my friend does run a Wasteland and uses it often.

My friend and I pretty much already have the fastest decks in our group so slow fetches won't hurt me too much as long as I don't rely on them too much.

>> No.72121367

>people know when someone’s combining
I've been slowly training my playgroup to recognize my combos and what pieces are crucial so they can remove my pieces before I'm capable of going off. It's slow going, since we only get in a few games each week, but they're starting to value interaction more and they've begun realizing that they can include their own synergies and disruptable combos without everyone else hating them.
I'm so proud.

>> No.72121373


they are really nice for color fixing one of my favorite budget land cycles along with the BFZ lands why the fuck don't they have enemy versions yet wizards you incompetent hacks

>> No.72121407

Fuck off with your forced bullshit.

Post paper, or don't post.

No proxies, walletlets

>> No.72121430


My phone assigns the wrong orientation to photos 100% of the time. It's maddening.


He's fun but forces you run a bunch of pieces that aren't very good on there own.


Joke's on you, Golos is a funpile.

>> No.72121476

Slow fetches are straight trash in any meta that isn't just dumping a binder into a pile and calling it a deck.

>> No.72121493


They're probably fine for most playgroups and they don't cost 50-100 dollars a piece.

>> No.72121514

Hornet Nest is a pretty great include into Tayam decks if anyone is running him, whenever you block and make bugs you just remove the vigilance counters from them and bring it back so long as there's 3 being made. Not one of his many infinite combos but I didn't wanna build him that way and it glues up the board pretty great.

>> No.72121534

>wake up
>flash is banned because of a meme format

What the fuck. So basically all I have to do is bitch on reddit enough and a card I don't like will get banned? I can't wait until WotC takes over this shit, the RC is an embarrassment.

>> No.72121578

>beat on an xmage Thrasios player that dropped Oko on turn 2 so badly with my Sek'Kuar Suck My Balls.dec that he starts calling me nigger and threatens that he's sent me CP over my connection then disconnects

>> No.72121584

No, your ban wants just have to align to whatever card has particularly caused Sheldon to lose a bunch of games recently that's all

>> No.72121641

I know the feeling. I started doing kitchen table with some friends, and its been great slowly introducing them to higher power stuff, crazy combos, and the value of interaction. IE we went from craw wurm to pseudo modern (boggles/affinity type shit) to everyones playing janky rogue modern-vintage decks.

>> No.72121652

post list

>> No.72121659

Nothing in commander is ever truly banned

>> No.72121712

>"We use the banlist to guide players in how to approach the format and hope Flash’s role on the list will be to signal “cheating things into play quickly in non-interactive ways isn’t interesting, don’t do that.”

>> No.72121743

meanwhile fast manaing your combo out on turn 2 is still completely fine

>> No.72121774

based fellow Wort anon

>> No.72121781

Just counter it or something. Gonna ban Elven Piper too? Abilities are even harder to interact with than spells

>> No.72121792

>plays ulamogg on turn 4
Pfft nothing personnel kid

>> No.72121798

After I killed Oko I wheeled and he said he drew into exactly what he needed, I assuming he had his combo together so I told him I mentally checked out as soon as he played Oko and didn't care. Then he cast a shitty blue version of Propaganda (seemed to work like Sphere of Safety) then copied it with Mirrormade. Passed to my turn, I cast Calming Verse destroying his defensive enchantments and Mirri's Guile after which he cracked and called me a tryhard and started calling me a nigger. Passed to his turn he put Overgrowth on a forest and cast Consecrated Sphinx, pass to my turn and I cast Avalanche Riders destroying the forest and he completely loses it before disconnecting.
Man that felt great.

>> No.72121834

>a shitty blue version of Propaganda
Collective Restraint?

>> No.72121847

Yes, that's it.

>> No.72121885

In 3+ color decks it's better than Propaganda, but in a straight Simic deck it's worse and idk why you'd run it.

>> No.72121948

I can see him thinking he's oh-so-clever if he also has a Jolly Gay Dryad in there.

>> No.72121955

I didn't clarify but the guy was just running staright Thrasios, not Thrasios+anybody. I don't think I need to worry about somebody running that in 2color being able to send me pizza through xmage.

>> No.72121983

Probably what he was going for, but why bother jumping through hoops for that?

Yeah, your original post made that clear enough to me at least. I doubt he's smart enough to figure out how to send pizza without getting caught for it himself if he's running straight Thrasios.

>> No.72122042

painter's servant naming green? Based.

>> No.72122080

Better hope you have a force of will in hand for when your opponent plays flash on turn zero off of a gemstone caverns and a simian spirit guide.

>> No.72122094

>Painter's Servant
>Naming Green
I don't get it. I just imagined naming blue so you can REB everything.

>> No.72122112

It depends on what else is at the table, but it's almost always green yeah.
Cast and conspire Eldritch Evolution, saccing a token. Find Lotus Cobra and Painter's Servant. Use them to conspire a ramp spell, float some mana off Lotus Cobra, etc. Shit is so cash.

>> No.72122121

>gemstone caverns
Mother of Christmas land

>> No.72122126

Well that too, but Wort doubles red and green as long as you have red and green creatures

>> No.72122129

I name green so then any of my creatures can conspire any of my spells. A red goblin can't conspire a green instant or sorcery, but a red green goblin can.

>> No.72122131


Off the top of my head. You really don't need white for Aristocrats, you just need "thing die, get thing", which Red and Green often do better than White. Namely, they are the colors of Goblin Bombardment and Fecundity. Black is practically a given just because it's the color of Grave Pact and ten million life drain effects.

>> No.72122137

Woops, meant for >>72122080

>> No.72122159

Nevermind, I got it. I forgot that line of text that your conspire creatures have to match the color of the spell

>> No.72122172

You could also have leyline of anticipation and almost any 2 bits of fast mana alongside flash hulk. It's a lot more plausible than you think.

>> No.72122198

>budget lands /edh/ refuse to acknowledge
>Krosan verge
>odyssey filters
>slow fetches

>> No.72122219

Lairs and depletion lands are unironic garbage though

>> No.72122225

Izzet Guildgate with SCALDING TARN written on it with sharpie because FUCK WOTC

>> No.72122229

Filters are the best lands

>> No.72122230

I'll acknowledge Krosan Verge because it's actually ramp.

>> No.72122242

I missed spoiler season.
The fuck?

>> No.72122275

Did you really, or are you just enjoying the opportunity to get people riled up?

>> No.72122284

Have you ever run the Great Aurora or Indomitable Creativity in your Wort? You got tons of token fodder to put you ahead and the second one can be conspired, putting 15 lands into play compared to everyone else's 7-8 is pretty awesome.

>> No.72122314

I saw the box legendaries and thought the rest of it would be garbage so I stopped following.

>> No.72122340

Early EDH strat where you put auras and equipment on your commander. It is almost never played anymore because:

1. Most of the good voltron equipment is expensive.
2. Every Blue deck is going to Cyclonic Rift you.
3. Player back more removal now.
4. EDH has generally become more combo centric thanks to cEDH players pub stomping. The idea winning via combat steps is almost alien now.

>> No.72122360

/tg/ is bad at Magic AND poor.

>> No.72122383

I do not run Indomitable Creativity. I don't have many creatures or artifacts in my deck, so IC wouldn't do much for me.
I do run The Great Aurora though, it's an absolute BOMB. Floating a bunch of mana and then wiping everything and rebuilding is awesome.

>> No.72122481

On the one hand, I wish that Indomitable Creativity was just "any number of target artifacts and/or creatures" at CMC 6 like Descent of the Dragons.
On the other hand, I recognize that all the reasons that I want it to be that way are all the reasons that it shouldn't be.

>> No.72122585

Never thought of it before, but I've noticed that basically every game ive played in the last couple months has been won by an "i win the game" effect or combo. Don't think i've even seen a token beatdown or infinite win recently.

Unironically starting to think that changing life totals to 30 would be much better for the format.

>> No.72122622

I beat everyone down with tokens just this Saturday.
After Tasigur Villainous Wealthed me and hit a bunch of shit like Doubling Season, the Tatyova player really shouldn't have bounced Tasi's board back to its owners' hands.

>> No.72122714

Partner has untapped potential. If they revisited it with way more variety instead of mostly using it to push 4c decks. I want monocolor and colorless partners.

>> No.72122735

colorless would be stupid, monocolor would be cool. Partner with Monocolor maybe?

>> No.72122751

>colorless would be stupid
You can make a monocolor partner deck. It's silly, but I want to see it.

>> No.72122818

Partner with is the future. It’s more resonant and flavorful, easier to balance, and even has a function outside the command zone.

>> No.72122842

Haldan sucks alone though.
But I guess he looks like Guy Fieri so I'm ok with it

>> No.72122914

>Also I'd probably be more likely to keep the basic count down closer to 12, and I still need to grab shit like a Steam Vents and Watery Grave. Also was considering grabbing a Strip Mine
So this is what your mana base would look like to better align with your mana costs. Consider this: some shocks are more expensive than others, perhaps consider replacing them with cheaper mono cycling lands, if you're comfortable replacing flexibility for the underpriced card draw. If you wish to add some cards to 36, I'd consider prioritizing blue producing color sources (eg.Tolaria West, Memorial to Genius)
1 Ancient Den
1 Ash Barrens
1 Bad River
1 Buried Ruin
1 Canyon Slough
1 Command Tower
1 Darksteel Citadel
1 Fetid Pools
1 Flood Plain
1 Great Furnace
1 Hallowed Fountain
1 Inventors' Fair
1 Irrigated Farmland
6 Island
2 Mountain
2 Plains
1 Reliquary Tower
1 Rocky Tar Pit
1 Sacred Foundry
1 Seat of the Synod
1 Spire of Industry
1 Steam Vents
2 Swamp
1 Temple of Deceit
1 Vault of Whispers
1 Watery Grave

I didn't include Stripmine, does your meta play good lands?

>> No.72122948

Ah yes that's a very nice aura you have there anon, very enchanted indeed HOWEVER

>> No.72122969

Reliquary Tower is not usually as good as it seems, selecting down to 7 seems fine, the only deck I played it in was for a while against a friend's Nekusar Reanimator that always got Jin Gitaxias into play. That and Obstinate Familliar

>> No.72122992

Who said you were allowed to target my things?

>> No.72123002

>does your meta play good lands?
Sometimes, mostly want to fuck up my friend's Serra's Sanctum

>> No.72123005

>He hasn't heard about the upcoming bans because sheldon couldn't spot remove things

>> No.72123069

also I get the Bicycle lands can be fetched but I think the corresponding Bond lands would be better since I've rarely had to have them come in tapped. Definitely appreciate the suggestions though.

>> No.72123086


I'm fine with that honestly. they work fine in both the 99 because you can tutor them up w hen you find the other and fine in the command zone because it means you don't need to really cast Haldan until there's good stuff worth playing out of exile.

The thing I don't like about some of them is that the partner is just there to add the mono color to the allied color identity while the other partner just carries the entire pairing (Looking at you Whale Wolf).

>> No.72123099

>Sometimes, mostly want to fuck up my friend's Serra's Sanctum
then replace one of them with Strip Mine, or some cheaper options if that's your target: Tectonic Edge, Encroaching Wastes, ****Field of Ruin****, and anon might be righ

>Reliquary Tower is not usually as good as it seems, selecting down to 7 seems fine

>> No.72123105

Honestly, even as an inveterate enchantress player, the main reason I would be mad would be less Shadowmoor art in my decks.

>> No.72123174

Feels bad having to discard to 7 a lot of the time since most of my play group is stupid and never pays the 1 for Rhystic, but since I've been cutting back on the CMC of my deck I can just cast cards I don't want to throw away.

>> No.72123179

iktf bro

>> No.72123301

>Abzan Aristocrats
Name a more iconic duo.

>> No.72123367

That's not a duo

>> No.72123369

This is probably a stupid question but if i have a token copy of a creature with undying, it doesn't come back, correct?

Like if I make a copy of flayer of the hatebound in my graveyard with feldon and at the end of turn, it's sacrificed, it doesn't come back, correct?

>> No.72123403

jund does it better

>> No.72123409

Tokens don't cum back. They stop existing when they die

>> No.72123433

I think he means a duo of the two entities of 1. Abzan and 2. Aristocrats

>> No.72123434

No blue actually Better then both.

>> No.72123459

That's what I thought. However, if it does have a death trigger, it does still trigger, correct?
Like if a copy of ancient stone idol dies, I get a 6/12 with trample, correct?

>> No.72123481

Death triggers will still happen

>> No.72123505

who are the commanders for this anyway?
seems like just orzhov does it better

>> No.72123527

Yes, "dies" specefically means goes to the graveyard, tokens go to the graveyard (and other zones) but immediately stop existing. It's why someone like Elenda doesn't work normally as Commander, sending her back to the Command Zone is a replacement effect, so she doesn't go to the graveyard, and doesn't actually "die" so no death trigger.
>I'm pretty sure I hope my understanding of the rules is correct without constant fact checking

>> No.72123549

To be fair, you're playing black. You could always just let her go to the graveyard without being too worried about getting her back.

>> No.72123643

Since Cauldron is a triggered ability, not a replacement, you can let her die, have her hit the yard, then move her to the command zone instead of the library.

>> No.72123681

I'm just saying "dies" specifically means goes to graveyard and is why she is unique (the new simic legend was the same, proliferated on dying so he couldn't really be built around). Elenda can be a pretty fun deck because reanimation gets around her commander tax repeatedly, it's just hoops to jump through to get use out of her (which I'm fine with)

Holy god I never knew about that interaction anon, works with Kokusho as well right? Thanks for the tech

>> No.72123715

Yep. Anything that wants to "die," but also wants to end up back in the command zone, can get there with the Cauldron.

>> No.72123743

imagine actually believing this

>> No.72123777

prove me wrong
give me a commander that does it better than teysa

>> No.72123783

Esper Control

>> No.72123787


green is the best fucking color in the game.

>> No.72123789

When did you realize 1v1 Commander with 30 life was a much better format and way to play than FFA Commander?

Ban a couple commanders like Edgar and it's objectively better.

>> No.72123806

Peanut butter and chocolate

>> No.72123812

What exactly is the combo here?

>> No.72123835

I'd rather just play canlander at that point desu.

>> No.72123890

I used to play with just 40 life and commander damage, didn’t realize there was separate for commanders until I met a second playgroup

it was better before

>> No.72123912


>> No.72123923

destroy enemy lands to protect big dick monster you created

>> No.72123941

There isnt

>> No.72123951

the more i think about it the more i kinda agree because it would make combat actually viable but i dont think thats worth what it would do to the format to actually make that change

>> No.72123958

>lgs event
>have to play a c20 or ikoria commander

is there a difference in power level between the two, or does having access to all legacy cards even it out? basically, are ikoria legends any good?

>> No.72123964

That's not tech anon but I do support land destruction so good luck

>> No.72123994

People talking about how Cataclysm is an ideal boardwipe for voltron. You keep your threat, while you pressure opponents to desperately keep scraps of a boardstate they can recover from

>> No.72124013

>40 life and commander damage, didn’t realize there was separate for commanders
Maybe I'm just retarded but what do you mean by this?

>> No.72124017


>> No.72124023


Just play the BUG partners and infect combo or the RUW partner and put curiosity on the red one.

>> No.72124032


Can we have the rules committee ban every card that came out of a Commander deck already? This shit is tiresome.

>> No.72124042

I mean all I'd do is just have more lgs offer a second night of commander that's 1v1

don't have to touch FFA nights

>> No.72124055

>curiosity on the red one
You mean the one that deals damage when you discard (not draw) a card?

>> No.72124075

>ban Chaos Warp
>but leave Tatyova legal
Great idea champ

>> No.72124085

>The autist wants to make everything counterable by REB
Checks out

>> No.72124087



>go to end step with more than 7 cards in your hand
>clean up step says 'discard down to 7'
>discard to 7, triggering the ability then curiosity's draw
>clean up step sees you, yet again, with more than 7 cards in your hand, and makes you discard down to 7
>everybody else dies

>> No.72124102

Ban all commander product cards, ban all planeswalkers, ban sol ring, ban feather so we can get paradox engine back, and unban griselbrand.
There. Commander is saved

>> No.72124115

i like mardu, for angry aristocrats.
you can't do the nim deathmantle combo as easily in jund

>> No.72124117

Who says you can't counter the now UR REB with another REB?

Blue kills two birds with one stone. Enables removal and makes your spells and permanents the same color for conspire

>> No.72124119

>ban feather so we can get paradox engine back
Not even remotely why Paradox Engine was banned.

>> No.72124164

I don't play REB in my Wort deck, anon

>> No.72124171

Remember to unban Iona and also not ban feather because that's retarded. Just unban engine.

>> No.72124181

Iona needs to stay banned so monocolored decks can survive

>> No.72124185

Cyclonic rift, but banned

>> No.72124186

prof suggested a new format for cards only printed in standard sets(no battlebond or mh). i like it desu

>> No.72124195

Pyroblast is better

Why not, you fucking dweeb?

>> No.72124196

>anything suggested by the Kikefesser
Hard no

>> No.72124209

Cyclonic rift is blue's only way to protect itself from creatures

>> No.72124214

i was thinking more wheel grandma versus the storm dino

>> No.72124226

I chose to run Guttural Response instead because the foil is better and the flavor text is a quote from Wort.

I realize that REB and Guttural Response are almost functionally equivalent in this particular scenario

>> No.72124230


If you want to sweep this dumbass tournament just play busted combo. Stormdino is okay, RUG is a good color combination and he goes infinite with any reverberate spell. Run Ral Storm Conduit too so you can just win out of nowhere.

>> No.72124237

I think he means that he played as if commander damage was collective and went to 40.
So player 1 does 15 commander damage to you, player 2 does 15 commander damage to you, and player 3 does 10 commander damage to you and you're dead to commander damage regardless of life total.

>> No.72124243

** is attributed to Wort

>> No.72124245

what did he do? denounce Hitler or some mundane shit only you care about?

>> No.72124263

The only people that want iona banned are salty casuals whose shitpiles somehow don't have a way to deal with her, you wouldn't be one of those would you?

>> No.72124274

Fair. OG Guttural Response is great.

But it can't remove permanents, granted in all likelihood green has ways to do that anyway.

>> No.72124277

Hell, I'm casual scum myself and I think Iona should be unbanned. I don't even want to run her, it's just a dumb ban.

>> No.72124286

>Cyclonic rift is blue's only way to protect itself from creatures

>> No.72124293

>everything about the Duel Deck printing
What the actual fuck were they thinking?

>> No.72124304

Based rift hater.

>> No.72124316

blue has like 9 other ways of doing that except it also does your creatures

>> No.72124329

Yeah it's functionally the worse card of the pair, I agree. I used to have REB in its slot until I noticed the flavor text mentioned Wort.

How fucking dare they

>> No.72124333

>Original art is yelling a fish in half
>Pic relayed is tying a fish to a rock and throwing it at someone
Why does this plane hate fish so much

>> No.72124349

git gud queer

>> No.72124355


God, imagine if someone actually didn't like Hitler.

>> No.72124361

its not that good

>> No.72124370

I don't like pagan Christ-haters

>> No.72124405

Damn that wizard's a complete babe, her ass is entirely visible to the Gruul guy coming at her

>> No.72124415

>want to take the sultai pill
>smoothbrain tho
Someone give me step by steps for how foodchain gives me infinite mana with Scourge and the griffin

>> No.72124421


>> No.72124428


>> No.72124465

Why not just ban bl*e completely? No one would be sad except for tranny bl*e players

>> No.72124471


you can cast griffin from exile. food chain gives you x+1 mana where x is the griffin's cmc. exile griffin over and over again generating an extra mana each time. do whatever the fuck you want with it because if you have infinite mana but no way to win the game with it you're dumb.

>> No.72124489

I've met way too many of the type on the right. At least the one on the left can probably do basic math.

>> No.72124490


back when female mtg characters could show some skin. it was a better time.

>> No.72124504

I'd say blue is fine like green is fine, but you can't have Simic or any UG pairing

>> No.72124517

Yes, because we absolutely haven't seen any skin at all in the last year.

>> No.72124523

Northern European women have some of the highest IQ out of all the women in the world.

The one on the left would only do math far enough to figure out how to inflict usury on others.

>> No.72124528

Same amount of skin, it just all fits onto the one or two exposed arms or legs they give us

>> No.72124540

>SoCal bitch
>Northern European
Not quite

>> No.72124550

go back to the arena thread crybaby

>> No.72124553


the very very very very rare exception to the new rule.

It wouldn't bother me too much except they have the complete opposite stance on male characters for whatever reason. It's because Seattle liberal types don't give a shit about objectification if it doesn't involve women for some stupid ass reason.

>> No.72124559

>woah a bare half of a thigh and forearm I'm so horny right now!!!!!

>> No.72124560

>oh wow her leg
fuck off tranny

>> No.72124573

>coomers can't enjoy the game unless they're jerking off

>> No.72124575

>white Americans didn't come from Europe

>> No.72124593

the little engine that could

love this guy

>> No.72124611

>that one guy getting a feel on his toned demon thigh

>> No.72124626

I take it you haven't met most SoCal bitches. They've drifted.

>> No.72124628


you know it's not even about that and I totally support the "not every girl needs to be in something revealing" camp but it just bugs me for multiple reasons.

>> No.72124637

>number of decks
Probably Brudiclad, i love my robotbro pulling wins out of nowhere

>> No.72124661

10 functional decks at a variety of powerlevels ranging from block constructed tribal to high power/shitty competative. Mostly cycle between the 6 or so hanging around the middle. My favorite is my Nebuchadnezzar deck because I might be the only person who runs a Nebuchadnezzar deck that's an actual focused deck and not some kind of meme or budget theme deck. I'm extremely proud of making a deck where actually casting Nebuchadnezzar is sometimes a good play.

>> No.72124665

>implying both genders from all parts of california aren’t equally retarded

>> No.72124667


Who the fuck is Sheldon

>> No.72124680

What are your favorite tokens to copy with him?
Hard mode: No Rite of Replication "Anything I want :)"

>> No.72124681

the guy who owns EDH.

>> No.72124686


>> No.72124695

So evolution does exist in humans when it comes to putting down white people, huh? Are we ready to talk about the racial disparity in IQ yet?

Anon, why did the American Psychological Association move down the threshold for mental retardation when they found out that a majority of blacks were categorically retarded? Are they that way because of evolution or because they just need more money for them programs?

>> No.72124701

I didn't imply that. That's just obviously a SoCal bitch--she's at Joan's on Third, for crying out loud--and she deserves to be called out for what she is.

>> No.72124711

Same boat, the concept of eye candy is just dumb to me, if I wanna coom I'm not doing it to fucking magic cards or television, but it's like women aren't allowed to be good looking or objectified to ANY degree

>> No.72124720

Some cancer patient who got to set the rules for EDH as a part of his Make-a-Wish Foundation deal.

>> No.72124731

Me >:)

>> No.72124744

No one expects the artifact deck to hit you with a 50 damage fireball

>> No.72124746

>all that surface area
She's such a badass.

>> No.72124755

>oh no someone insulted Commifornia!
>time to talk about BLACK PEOPLE, surely this is relevant in some way!

>> No.72124775

Left is unironically cuter

>> No.72124778

Holy shit, jokes aside we need to pay some make a wish kid to wish for wotc to stop making commander precons and unban Iona.

>> No.72124786

Oh, sick. Upvoted anon

>> No.72124805

You didn't insult california though, you insulted a girl because she's white and visually fits the Steven Spielberg stereotype of a dumb blonde, but if you concern was her stupidity you would be more concerned about black wome, where nearly 40% were under the line for mental retardation. She probably has a 100+ IQ, one digit higher than you.

>> No.72124814

It's true. Dorks are cute, and she'd probably nuzzle you with that schnoz like an affectionate puppy.

>> No.72124832

Half her fucking face is nose.

>> No.72124839

>damn love me a bitch who nose winds up like a jet turbine

>> No.72124847

>god awful taste
It all makes sense now. Ignore my last post.

>> No.72124849

No, I insulted a girl because I recognize the restaurant she's at and I know the kind of bitch who gets that kind of tan and eats there. I said I've met too many girls like that, and, after two decades in that hellhole, I really have.
Take your insecurities elsewhere.

>> No.72124852

I currently have three decks, Edgar Markov aggro vamps, Unesh sphinx tribal and Maelstrom big dudes. Maelstrom is my fav, I love cheating out thicc stuff.
I want to build another deck but I can't fuking make up my mind. All I know is I want it to have green. I'm thinking Ghalta, Tuvasa the sunlit, Korvold, the GW selvala or the new abzan partners.

>> No.72124872

>well adjusted white girl bad
>40% retards good
ok incel

>> No.72124903

Winota is so fucking insane holy shit. I feel like because of the quarentine people aren't really playing but my experience playing with her against my friends online has been absurd. She makes your board grow exponentially, you just fucking win out of nowhere

>> No.72124911

I dislike generic looking normie cunts too but jesus fuck get some taste

>> No.72124918

>well adjusted white girl
No, she's not. Again: I lived there, I know the kind of people we're talking about. She's likely a dumb bitch with a slew of issues and absolutely no impulse control
>40% retards good
Never said that. Never said anything about black people at all, other than to note that you're bringing them up in an entirely irrelevant context simply to deflect the point. Stop coping and just shut up.

>> No.72124919

>No one expects the artifact deck to hit you with a 50 damage fireball

In a format defined by artifact mana? It’s a surprise to no one.

>> No.72124936

also simic ezuri wat do

>> No.72124955

>experience counter commander
>wat do
Remove yourself

>> No.72124973

>I judge entire groups by appearances but find statistics irrelevant
lmao post a picture of your chin, fatass

>> No.72124997

My Mayael deck often beats people down if I get good slot pulls.

It really comes down to getting the big boys to reach critical mass and killing the combo player. They usually have sub-par defense

>> No.72125008

>I can't actually answer any points raised so I'll just keep claiming you said things you didn't
Honestly kind of sad

>> No.72125021

All of my decks have both combat and combo wins. Half the time, I slowroll out combo pieces specifically to get the rest of the table worried and on edge so that they take them out, only to then roll over them with a board state that they had neglected because it wasn't an infinite combo.

>> No.72125026


>> No.72125044

post chin

>> No.72125058


yeah. the hypocrisy in wizard's stance bugs me a lot as well. not to mention i know a lot of girls who like that stuff. not even just girls who are attracted to other girls. there was one girl in my ffxiv static who purposely dressed her character as slutty as possible in every game she played.

>> No.72125062

On the right is a tranny

>> No.72125066

So this tells me it's either that or Meren, gotcha

>> No.72125071

Wtf I love trannies now.

>> No.72125117

This is not bueno. The whole point of this format is beer and pretzels with bros. Only having one guy is much fewer bros.

>> No.72125151

I have 12. My favorite right now is Neheb, but my overall favorite deck has definitely been Trostani Discordant. I love go-wide strategies and the deck can easily recover from a wipe just by playing the commander.

>> No.72125171

But it's a much more intimate time with your bro, a lot more opportunities for extended eye contact and hand holding

>> No.72125206

>How many decks do you own? If you own more than one, which is your favorite?
I own about 3 right now that are built, Kalemne still being my favorite because get fucked by boros non-boros nerds
>tfw over 300 mostly unfinished decks on tappedout though

>> No.72125240

Please ban mana tithe it isn't fair that white gets to counter my greedy all-in X spell for such little investment

>> No.72125254

6 at the moment probably like 17 I think at my peak but I take them apart too often
Noyan or GAAIV I guess

>> No.72125255 [DELETED] 




>> No.72125268

He literally did.

>> No.72125290

Look again you autistic retard.

>> No.72125293

Take too many retard pills anon?

>> No.72125296

>this much of an autistic retard and OP actually did what you are mad about


>> No.72125323

>pass the turn to someone
>they spend like 2 minutes just thinking
>play a creature spell and pass

>> No.72125340


>> No.72125344


>> No.72125627

13 sleeved decks. favourite is and probably always will be reaper king.

>> No.72126578


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