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An arming sword is a poor weapon for use against Dragons.

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Depends on how close you can get and the warrior's abilities. If we're talking about a regular dude he's fucked either way.

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I mean if you wanna talk realism, nothing short of ballistae would be a very good weapon against a dragon. Then again, realism goes out the window as soon as dragons are introduced.

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Good choice against dungeons though

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And small stuff like kobolds

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Well that's why you upgrade it to +15 and enchant it with Sunlight Blade.

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A human fighting a barn sized lizard and winning, even as part of a group, implies supernatural ability on the part of that human. All the sword does is maybe hold an enchantment or two for cutting through tougher materials better.

If you’re fighting with superhuman skill and ability and have an expensive, hard to make magical weapon you’re going to just make that magic weapon work in whatever scenario you find yourself in, it’s not like you can afford to buy and carry fifteen for different circumstances and be equally competent with them all.

A dedicated careerist dragonslayer *may* have ideas on what weapon is optimal and not have it be a sword, I grant you that much.

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What is the optimal weapon for dragon fighting?

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Hey, as long as it works.

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There is nothing more optimal than a mastercrafted double rifle, anything less is a disservice to the magisterial creature. It is only right that a dragon should be slain by a weapon of such craft that it would respect the bearer for their taste and wealth.

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An arming sword is generally a bad main weapon in war. It's a good sidearm though.

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forget the sword, takes a dragon to kill a dragon

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Indeed, the sneaky dagger is a much better choice.

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Pikes, halberds, traps, and artillery.

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muh dick

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with that attitude, mabye
you can kill anything with anything else if you try hard enough

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ICBMs, blast the fucker out of the sky whilst it's flying around to avoid unneccesary collateral dmg.

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How is a 50 ton lizard creating enough force and or lift in the first place when an arming sword is what bothers you?
Do you have any idea how big its wings would have to be?
Which would be a problem in itself.

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Anything not magical is a poor weapon for use against dragons

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Not every weapon is sufficient in every situation, but even so, I would rather have an arming sword than my bare hands if I were going to face a dragon.

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Depends on the size of Dragon. A modern .308 or 7.62 nato (or warsaw pact equiv) rifle will deal with an elephant exploding ammunition while not legal for any purpose in our world presently would help. Couple of dues with battle rifles plus a lmg/gmpg would I think be adequate against dragons of any reasonable size

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Drangon's favourite food stuffed with semtex

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Duelling a dragon with an anti-materiel rifle would be fucking awesome

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>An arming sword is a poor weapon for use against Dragons.
No shit.

You want a big crossbow.
A very big crossbow

Or lots of little crossbows
Aim for the wings
Dip the heads in VERY potent venom

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At least fuckin try, you were great up until "dragon", see >>72073756

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You want chains, hooks, grapnels, tower shields, water soaked padded armor, spears and LOTS of men

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Woud be cool but I think an AM rifle is a bit on the weighty side. Would go for something smaller unless absolutely necessary

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>Dip the heads in VERY potent venom
Dragons are immune to poison, dipshit. I mean, a creature with an internal body temperature that melts gold won't give a shit about botulin.

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Please review the following historical document

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That's who you use supernatural venom, like basilisk fangs or esense of mother in law.

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That really depends on the size of the dragon. The dragon that Saint George slew was no larger than a man, and while he used a lance, I don't see how a sword wouldn't have also been sufficient.

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A legging sword isn't much better.

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Wolves hunt in packs

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Get creative you nog

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Snow harpy!

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The barbs on these things are stupid, better to have a smooth point that will penetrate deeper.

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Is there any games out there where the best way to kill a dragon is by first hooking them & dragging them down to the earth, pinning them using cross spears & chains, finally killing it with either a spear thrust or a weighty executioner blade?

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Arming sword is an arbitrary name given by autism's who think that historical weapons can be classified and studied despite "sword" effectively being a general term for a long bladed weapon for centuries

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That's an interesting concept for clothing enchantments. Weapons or armor bound into the pattern that take on form when the user is in danger or calls on them.

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Assuming generic pseudo-medieval fantasy? Enchanted ballistae bolts, probably.

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perhaps some sort of specialized ... "dragon-lance"

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The melee weapons that would hurt a dragon the most would be axes, for the same reason why they're good at chopping down trees. But they wouldn't be very practical because you'd need to get up close.

The most practical melee option that would also work well for hurting them would be a boar spear. Good to pierce through though hides, good to deal deep wounds, good to keep some distance.
When it comes to personal ranged weapons, pretty much everything would work decently save for slings, but since your bigger problem will be to penetrate their skin and cause a deep enough wounds, you'll probably favour crossbows or (if available) firearms.
As for mounted/stationary weapons or siege machines, ballistas are your best bet. Once you're at that caliber you'll want maneuverability and precision more than you want power, as the difficult part will be to hit your target in the first place - especially if it's flying. I'd say a bunch of these would work the part. However, stationary weapons make for a great target for the dragon to focus his fire breath onto or to barge into bodily.

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Fantasy fiction has thought me that quite literally anything could be used to kill a dragon, because their power, intelligence, and defenses get reduced to nothing the instant the plot demands that they need to die.

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A lance

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ICBM....No collateral damage. ...What. Are. You. Smoking!?

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This. The only thing you should penetrate a dragon with is your penis for the purpose of reproduction.

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You need a shield to make it work

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A bomb's a bad choice for close-range combat.

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It isn't the size of the sword that's important, but rather the size of the paladin.

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ICBMs, also if it detonates at a high altitude the only problem will be an emp pulse and some radiation, no leveled cities.

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Anti-tank guided missiles are the best man portable weapons, although the best way to kill dragons is nerve gas.

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Poisoned food.

>> No.72082979

Use inorganic toxins you mong

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>Any Melee Weapon
Yes. Yes it is, you don't take down a plane that shits fire with a knife.

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Assuming man portable and medieval.

Boar spear is my usual go-to for minister hunting, but the sheer size and flight ability of a dragon can either overwhelm or negate some of the advantages of such.

Thus you go to the next best option, heavy warbow. You'd likely need to experiment with different arrowheads, or go in with a mix of broadheads for softer underbelly, bodkins for body shots, and star heads to damage wing tissue.

Supplement with pavise-bearers to provide mobile shielding from fire breath. Cover the pavise in bundles of damp rushes or clay. Also have a couple with spears/pikes to discourage it closing the distance, and a halberdier to attempt a blow to the head when it is wounded, grounded, and disoriented.

Obviously if dragons can cast magic you'll need at least a hedge wizard/priest or two to attempt the appropriate counterspells for its enchantments and fearsome visage. A commanding voice from a marshal may be enough to rally cowards and break any kind of entrancing gaze, but I wouldn't count on it.

You'd obviously need to choose your ground well: burn the field of combat yourself until all vegetation that can catch alight is gone, dig diagonal trenches to duck into to avoid flyby attacks and hide ammunition stores, and set rally points for when shit inevitably hits the fan and you need to regroup.

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>Boar spear is my usual go-to for minister hunting,

Oh dear.

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Realistically, anything is a poor weapon against a dragon. Imagine taking a sword or an axe and destroying your own house with it. The whole building. That's what fighting a dragon means, except the house is trying to kill you back.

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It's the go to for anything so large that your normal weaponry doesn't really work.
Make it start bleeding, tangle it up and weigh it down, then try to target the chest to make it drown on its blood.

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Except you can also slit your house's throat if lucky enough

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Monster Hunting

Not that there's much different with some of these blokes


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Harpoons are used on whales because many types of whales will sink when killed.

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>head knight of the god who killed the ancient dragons of oblivion

Whatever this guy recommends

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