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>Bonus points if you've made a model

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I believe in you anon.

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Convert more, and don't forget to paint it!

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100% of the releases tomorrow will be Talons of the Emperor!

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The ads on 4chan are in-ignorably shit and vexxing. Tell me I'm not alone?

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50% of last weeks reveals were harlequins, anything can happen

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What armies do you wish you got to play against more often?

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Remember when Asa Akira was getting fucked by multiple men, instead of shilling some online game on 4channel?
I do.

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I don't know man, I'm mostly here to find out what's going on with Hermione's car.

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So get an adblocker

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I'm fine with either

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You should buy that ad space and use it to advertise for your sekrit klub.

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non-retarded ork players

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>my name
>my name
>my name
>is Loadsavouchers

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Whats the point of converting if no one knows what unit it's supposed to be.

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It's gonna happen

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whats an "ads"?

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How does it feels to put a dremel up your ass?

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It does this to you >>72065604

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Like playing Space Wolves.

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salty milk and coins

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new primaris lieu... captains!

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just buy 4cgan gold

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People look too hard into Orkz. Short stories is the way to go. They are just a race that live to fight, and their spare time is spent trying to get better at killing. Life average is like 2 months?

Stop looking too much into it, keep it simple, keep fighting. Kick a Grot or too in dah process

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i dont know, take video when you try

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I belie

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I swear, if we get more Primaris Lieutenants...

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What if it's a primaris major-general?

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But anon, that surge of dopamine when 'eadbanger actually goes off on a dangerous unit!

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How much of a problem is that thought
>Hey what is that?
>That's my converted "X"

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does he have information vegetable animal and mineral?

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If you are at all excited for Games Workshop Funbux vouchers, you should burn yourself alive.

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I really like the look of aged or ancient metals and metallics. However, I feel like this would make me a boring painter, especially because I like painting necrons. How do you usually add some excitement to necrons? Me personally, I like beat up and weathered looking necrons. However apparently necrons are seen as very boring in general because "Lmao just use leadbelcher and nuln oil bath."

Is there a way to move away from that style? Also, what are some "weathering" tips in general? What I have to work on is learning how different metals tarnish. For example, how does gold tarnish? I know copper tarnishes by turning greenish. Iron tarnishes by turning orange with rust. What about a metal like bronze or brass?

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Do we have any examples of Chaos Kroot?

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He's defeated enemies both xenos and heretical.

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Joke's on you.
>buy one (1) voucher
>get FREE tenbux from GW
>purchase two (2) Hades Breaching Drills

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What brand new army is gonna get shown off tomorrow? I’m thinking EC.

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forgive the busy background. But Neave is waifu materiel, and psyker inquisitor materiel as well.

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Gold doesn't tarnish. It's why it's so valuable in the first place beyond the obvious rarity.

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Could you hide/build around one of those mini dragon dildos and field it as somthing? Maybe work it into a big artillery piece or somthing.......

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My birthday's coming up. If this is true, I'm starting my Necron Kill Team.

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If GW had a single brain in their collective head, it would be Renegades and Heretics, so it's not going to be that.

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It might reveal a new dude or two.

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waifu doesn't mean cute girl

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It's amazing how much better these look.

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Lots of people stay away from silver for their crons. Also, gold doesn't tarnish, but you can use washes to give it a burnished look.

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That would be cool. A new chaos cultists box would be great.

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brass and bronze corode green like copper, gold just darkens to brownish

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Literally buy the Blackstone box retard.

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Giants for AoS.

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Mine’s the best.

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Those dudes probably won't be usable in KT, but honestly, I've been looking for any excuse to start one.

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I don't want Blackstone Fortress.

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Yeah it's been theorised since omegon became a thing. You realise though that with the twins being bald, there's only one real contender for who the last one can be? I'll give you a clue, he really fucking hates mega man.

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The people that look hard at Orkz are Orkz players.

Especially ones that played O&G in fantasy. Da Warpath forums and the Animosity campaign was the shit.

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Necron monolith

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A cultist squad can't have only 7 models

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which order of sisters does she belong to?

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It's the expansion box, containing what you see there.

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bluestuff molding, retard

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This is my husbando


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Best berry

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And? I don't want Blackstone Fortress.

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That’s just a few with fixed equipment. I want to see a box of twenty that you choose how to assemble.

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You can also grab some of the Necromunda gangs.

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The hot ones.

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>reveal starts
>45 minutes of twitch chat chanting ResidentSleeper and WHENS 40K???
>new aos giant reveal
>you can build him as order, chaos or destruction
>still looks like a drunk hobo in each build
>new warcry sisters of sigmar
>they all have man faces and an undercut
>subscribers start getting banned for typing trannies in all caps
>new animated series preview
>team of 30 well funded animators come together to produce a slideshow motion graphics presentation
>nice brexit man tells us that it is finally 40k reveal time... after this 15 minute break
>get snackies and drink
>accidentally drink paint water
>spill last bottle of pre-corona nuln oil on snackies
>nearly rage but see reveal is starting
>its a single necron character dynamically jumping off a rock

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He's also very well acquainted with matters fanatical. He understand dogmas, both the chapter and Ecclesiarchical.

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Why wouldn’t they? It would be a new model of an existing one or would get rules the next time Killteam updates them.

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Simple as.

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Join the new /40kg/ Discord server!


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Convert some.

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It's really brought out the depth in those tiles.

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How? I play Orkz and it is the simplicity that captured me. They just do shit just to do it so they can fight.

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>single necron character dynamically jumping off a rock
Why would slow old men jump off rocks? He'll be hovering over a rock, in a retarded guru pose.

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>still looks like a drunk hobo in each build
Is tthat a bad thing for Giants? I do like me some giant ugly hobo who can eat Stormcast whole. Its suitably disturbing.

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The better cultist box is sold out every where, the one with the flame dude. >>72065830
The ones that work as Slaanesh cultists are all sold out as far as I can tell.

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future wizard! what are the lotto numbers?

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>using duplicate models in the same squad
What the fuck?

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Why do the Ultramarines in 30k look so much superior to the 40k design? Is it because they figured out their design aesthetic by the time they got around to the Horus Heresy?

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I have a box of witch elves that I was thinking of giving shotguns to. Don’t have any more autoguns.

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Do you guys think I have enough Zephyrim?

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Finally got two unassembled copies of this guy. I plan on giving him a loyalist jump pack, replacing the bolt pistol with a plasma pistol, try to turn the bolter into a combi-melta, and replace the powerfist with either a lighting claw or a sword/axe since I haven't decided whether to have him be a Chaos Lord or a Sorcerer

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These are from Death of Hope btw

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Because efficiency is needed because all they do is get fucked.

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That deep blue they were using at one point is much better as well.

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isn't that the edgelord german's project?
the one he's making because he wants to show Chaos slaughtering imperial citizens?

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I'm gonna be making a smash captain for my rg army, i'm thinking of using the dark fury wings and jet pack on it. Would the scale be all fucked up in a primaris model?

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You know you can paint the armor 2 different colors?

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Because FW puts a lot more effort into hh than anybody does into 40k. I can't think of any legion that looks better in 40k.

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I enjoy working with subtle tint shade and texture variations.

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If you enjoy making them, I see no reason to not get more.

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I mean nevermind how he's being horribly tortured but look at his hairline, his golden laurels and tattoos it looks so beautifully designed
Nice b8 but Death of Hope is ironically titled because it gives me hope that the real grimdarkness CAN be translated from the book form into imagery

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What's max squad size, 9? Could go for 3x9.

>> No.72065965

I don't think a chaos lord can take a plasma pistol, a combi weapon and a melee option.

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>tfw no emotionally suppressed cyborg gf

>> No.72065979

This, is much better then

>> No.72065980

That isn't my model.

>> No.72065982

big blue berries

>> No.72065985

t. GW

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>his golden laurels and tattoos it looks so beautifully designed
Meant the head tattoos not the Chaos ones

>> No.72065996

The thing itself

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They max out at 10. That's 15 of them, plus a Celestine proxy and a couple other heroes out front.

Posing them on the ruin chunks is a lot of fun, actually. Way better than trying to use those clear flight stands.

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That's not grimdark. That's grimderp. It's a very fine line and Death of Hope crossed it too many times.

>> No.72066010

I don't care about the rules for this.

>> No.72066017

good lord

>> No.72066019

>imagine the angry hate sex between these two

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Because HH is marines vs. marines so no-one is the "default." Outside of their characters and a few old units, 40k Ultras get to be the defaultmarines.

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If she has metal hands, I must insist she only use the mouth

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>Well anon, your pitch for the Emperors Children codex really impressed us, we're prepared to give you full operational control over the book!

Well, what did you show them? posted this in another 40kg thread and only got joke replies plz be serious this time .-.

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>It's a very fine line and Death of Hope crossed it too many times.
Have you never read the books or are you one of those zoomer fans that only play Primairs because they grew up with fucking Halo K E K

>> No.72066034

>we're only showing slaughter ironically! We're not psychopaths!

Okay fag.

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My kill team is coming along nicely I think. I have more immortals that are done but I think in Kill Team you can only have 3 characters that have "classes" or whatever right? I gotta see what my actual team is going to be too. I don't have any flayed ones. I actually only have immortals and lychguards. Not sure if I can make a good kill team or not out of just that but I am not playing competitively.

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Death of Hooe is cringe
Astartes is cool though

>> No.72066051

Trans Marines.

>> No.72066053

I'd rather not, cumbrain.

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Why are you using books in an attempt to defend CGI murderporn? Dumb kraut.

>> No.72066060

self bump.
anyone? I'm unsure if these wings would look retarded in a primaris marine body (too small)

>> No.72066062

I know, fuck those clear sticks.

>> No.72066067

Rules for daemonette erections getting sturdier as their health gets lower.

>> No.72066068

>Because Alan Bligh put a lot more effort into HH than anybody did into 40k.

>> No.72066074

Both are good

>> No.72066077

Delete the army.

>> No.72066083

Pick you're hive fleet

>> No.72066092

Its Chaos. They're supposed to be edgy fucks.

>> No.72066095

No. It will work fine. People have used Sanguinary Guard jump packs and even normal Jump Packs on Primaris and they look perfectly fine scale wise.

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Same goes to you you fucking newfags will grow up one day

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No U

>> No.72066109

There should at least be hints through the wargear and any other WYSIWYG stuff.
If the intention is to use rules and play that is. If it is just for the sake of the artform then ignore me.

>> No.72066119

Gorgon, duh

>> No.72066120

Punctuation is your friend.

>> No.72066125

could you post an example maybe? I'd like to see that

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Astartes shits on Death of Hope

>> No.72066147


F-fuck you guys I just wanna homebrew some E-children rules that don't suck.

>> No.72066153

>CGI murderporn?
What do you expect happens to you if you get captured by Chaos or loose a battle to them? Memes aside if you're a man then pray to fuck they will kill you BEFORE you go crazy from torture, and if you are a woman... Well...

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EC don't suck, they blow

>> No.72066164

Pick up the Northstar Frostgrave Cultists and their SF upgrade pack.

>> No.72066174

That's fair.

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>> No.72066176

They do both.

>> No.72066180

No, Astartes is a fucking amazing portrayal of space marines are war and how fucking brutal and violent they can be without literal cringe like the shit in Death of Hope.
> muh grimdark!!!
Grimdark done RIGHT is the psyker in Astartes going insane and getting executed, and the weird cosmic horror monster that transports them through the warp to a mausoleum planet.
Grimdark done WRONG is the stupid "oh gawd muh baby" civilian scenes and this gay torture shit in Death of Hope.
Know the difference- it will save you from spergs and neckbeards

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>> No.72066192

Be honest: how many times did you watch the christchurch shooting video?

>> No.72066196

Kitbashing the Warcry models with Necromunda models is the best way to get Cultists

>> No.72066197

Do/Can any of the loyalist space marines commit rape? I'm pretty sure there are loyalist space marines that kill innocents and others that eat innocents.

>> No.72066198

> t. 19 years old, back at home from College in his tiny room due to Flu Manchu

>> No.72066201

Death of Hope is fun though, you know how to have that right?

>> No.72066211

what this artist again? Krakov or something?

>> No.72066223

>ackchyually hive fleets are hundreds of millennia years old

>> No.72066227

It's scary how on the money this anon is

>> No.72066231

He might have got caught in space canada

>> No.72066235

I mean it's only recently are we seeing sparks of hope with models like this portraying real grimdarkness

>kill innocents and others that eat innocents.
Pffffffft that's childsplay to Chaos

>> No.72066241

anyone as a gif of how swiftly and brutally they dispatched him? my fav moment

>> No.72066255

Jump Pack

>> No.72066257

I watch it on loop everytime I masturbate

>> No.72066258

>Grimdark done RIGHT is the psyker in Astartes going insane and getting executed
But that's baby-tier shit. Was that supposed to make me go "oh shit"?

>> No.72066265

There are like five

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>> No.72066286

nice, thanks

>> No.72066290

literally hundreds DESU

>> No.72066292

You're right, they should have had the daemonculaba. I can't get off with anything less.

>> No.72066294

>baby-tier shit
>oh noes muh babee
>cut his lips off

>> No.72066297


>> No.72066301

>>oh noes muh babee
>>cut his lips off

>> No.72066314

Thats DoH.

>> No.72066319

A deer?

>> No.72066321

I didn't express any need for them to go further, I just think that labeling that scene as "grimdark" is kinda stupid. Reminds me of how people misuse "nightmare fuel" all of the time.

>> No.72066322

Wow, a flesh harp? that's some twisted shit for nu-GW.

>> No.72066324

>Grimdark done RIGHT is the psyker in Astartes going insane and getting executed, and the weird cosmic horror monster that transports them through the warp to a mausoleum planet.
That's awesome and all that but it's still baby steps to what 40k can be and HAVE been. Chaos isn't what they are because they are spikier than the Imperium, Chaos is... Well, beautiful...

>> No.72066339

Hydra best girl and color.

>> No.72066340

I don't know what that is.

>> No.72066345

I like death of hope better.

>> No.72066346

>Pffffffft that's childsplay to Chaos

>> No.72066354

>What do you expect happens
Mostly I expect it to happen off camera

>> No.72066364

Remember that ancient necrontyr were BLACK!

>> No.72066367

Why is behemoth a little girl when she's the oldest Hive Fleet

>> No.72066375


>> No.72066383


>> No.72066386

She got hurt recently.

>> No.72066395

>a cool fight is grimdark
Grimdark is being a serf-captain who listens by vox as hundreds of The Emperor's Angels go into pic related and hears as they get isolated and wiped out by whatever horrors are on board while all you can do is wring your hands and pray The Emperor will save them from damnation.

There's a scale and hopelessness to it that one execution doesn't cover.

>> No.72066403

You can paint ceramic crons and weather them. You could also try chameleon paints.

>> No.72066408


>> No.72066422

It was always there in the fucking books, people need to see 40k not read about how "oh such horror" and all that whenever Chaos show up
This. It's all about the atmosphere not cool fights, this isn't fucking MARVEL

>> No.72066431

I'm not disagreeing with you, but this scene from Astartes felt pretty on-point to me

>> No.72066432


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>> No.72066438

>lived miserable lives
>a sun baked land
>fought each other constantly
>blamed all the problems on others

>> No.72066444

>Alpharius, Omegon and Ipsiloron

>> No.72066447

heh, skellytranny.

>> No.72066449

Gap moe

>> No.72066457

Jesus, that's a blast from the past. Loadsamoney has gotten quite paunchy in his dotage.

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>> No.72066467

Did you never see the African SS volunteer brigades or all the African warlords who declared Hitler was right?

>> No.72066469

Why doesn't GW make bishonen models? They'd be popular and give woke points.

>> No.72066473

What exactly is grimdark about being teleported to valley full of statues

>> No.72066490

right by agreeing they were subhuman?

>> No.72066494

>this isn't fucking MARVEL
Uh...... well, dis iz awkwurd......

>> No.72066500

by hating jews probably

>> No.72066502

Some people choose to ignore it.

>> No.72066509

You know...I don't think that question really deserves an answer.

>> No.72066512

Not him but I agree it did get proper Lovecraftian cosmic horror at part 5 but I NEED MORE

>> No.72066513

dios mio...

>> No.72066514

Can anyone tell me all the bits used in this?

>> No.72066517

Sigvald the Magnificent

>> No.72066524

I really like that valley of death, but unfortunately I think horror-mystery is more apt to describe it than grimdark.
If we had to find the single most grimdark part of Astartes, I say it would be the absolute and utter slaughter of the crew by the Marine boarding party.

>> No.72066529

Begone Yakub the leader of the Old Crackas.

>> No.72066547

"it looks like this other thing" isn't an answer

>> No.72066550

Why does GW insist on this shitty eavy metal job for EVERY mini.

>> No.72066556

That's great. Legit spooky how it makes you strain to see where to the arms are coming from, then realise they aren't coming from anything and the shapes you thought were maybe bodies are just more arms.

>> No.72066561

Lone resin model though. I guess BA have bishonen vibe to them.

>> No.72066562


>> No.72066568

>Literally spent 3 hours deciding what colors to use for painting specific parts
>Still not 100% on it

Do you guys spend a lot of time deciding what colors you're using where, or am I just autistic?

>> No.72066570

Just gonna get mine out of the way here

>> No.72066572

Consistant style looks better on a website. Really fails for some minis thought, death guard marines in GW style look so clean and well defined.

>> No.72066574

It's good asides from the face.
Apparently no one on the 'Eavy Metal team has a sister.

>> No.72066575

Art and imagery create mood and instill emotion. I guess we'll have to disagree on what that image makes you feel when you see it. For me, it's like reading the 3rd edition rulebook.

>> No.72066579

>Aesthetics isn't an answer

>> No.72066587


That scene is basically a Zdislaw Beksinski painting. Tons of his stuff is just big spooky statues, with the skeletal/architechtural style.

Something to do with the holocaust, he saw everything as the bones of society or some shit.

Tons of metal bands have used his stuff. Almost certainly an inspiration on the artists who were responsible for the grimdark era of 40k artwork.

>> No.72066591

Well yeah because grimdark isn't an aesthetic, it's a descriptor for a kind of event or setting.

>> No.72066597

Aesthetics can convey emotions anon.

>> No.72066611

It's not grimdark, but it's cosmic horror.

>> No.72066613

the blackstone cultists look a lot worse than the cultists that came out around the early 2010s

>> No.72066627


>> No.72066633


>> No.72066647

You don't get what I'm saying at all.

>> No.72066650


Guess I'll post a few of my favourites, I have a whole folder full of this guy's stuff.

>> No.72066654

Really makes you think.
Any here seen They Shall Not Grow Old? It's mental footage.

>> No.72066661

That's first one of these I think I've actually liked.

>> No.72066669


>> No.72066676

Yeah it's cosmic horror and I love it

>> No.72066677 [SPOILER] 

Best waifu

>> No.72066680


>> No.72066681


>> No.72066685

Post a Mega please

>> No.72066691

how would atheists fare in 40k?

>> No.72066693


>> No.72066696

Because it actually gets the point of the meme (being "normal thing presented as substandard" vs "absurd thing presented as godly")

>> No.72066698

I don't know what this means but I'm angry I saw it.

>> No.72066701


Every video I have seen of people doing "blanchitsu" they are using a fucking air brush. I want to see brush painted blanchitsu dammit! So I can learn!

Are airbrushes really the end all be all?

>> No.72066702

>Any here seen They Shall Not Grow Old? It's mental footage.
It's beautiful. Nothing, NOTHING compares to real life, you can never recreate these scenes in movies even though 1917 is pretty well made and beautiful in it's own way

>> No.72066703


>> No.72066704

What, that you're on the spectrum and have difficulty understanding/displaying emotions?

>> No.72066719

That "grimdark" refers to things as they happen and not how they look.

>> No.72066723


>> No.72066726

Pretty sure even the Tau would have them killed because they are useless dregs of society

>> No.72066728

>Praise the God-Emperor friend!
>Ugh, GOD? there are no gods you ignorant-

>> No.72066738

Thats one definition. Grimdark however is based on actions and actions deliver emotions. You can then translate that into art.

>> No.72066740

If they ever do new EC god I hope they do new Bikers

>> No.72066741

they would get blessings from Necoho and eventually ascend to demonhood

>> No.72066746

I feel retarded. I just realised how tanks turn.

>> No.72066749

Thread theme since we are talking about Chaos

>> No.72066765


John Blanche makes every era of 40k art better

>> No.72066768



I would if I didn't have a shit upload speed.

90% of them are just weird barbed wire BDSM anyway.

>> No.72066773


>> No.72066775

You're getting kind of ridiculous here. This is like saying "pencils are used to draw and crayons are also used to draw, there are some brown crayons, and mud is brown, so mud is a pencil"

>> No.72066778

DESU bill is the most based character in the entire setting. He's just a basic marine and he still tells the chaos "gods" to fuck-off.

>> No.72066788

here ya go

My main problem with with DoH is how fucking boring it is, I'm not even entirely clear on what the plot even was despite having just watched it

>> No.72066793

But the Tau are atheists. You get that atheist means "someone who doesn't believe in any gods" and not specifically "someone who wears a fedora and is annoying", right?

>> No.72066800

>Orks do not research or develop technology, and appear to innately know how to cobble together weapons, armour, and vehicles from whatever they find. These ramshackle devices work to terrifying effect in the hands of an Ork, but those that have been examined after a battle disintegrate into the nonfunctional piles of scrap they appear to be. This has led to the radical, often disputed, xenobiologist viewpoint that Orks possess gestalt psychic abilities — their impossibly constructed guns fire simply because Orks think they should, and their crumbling vehicles rocket forward because they believe they ought to go faster after a fresh coat of red paint.

-Wrath and Glory revised RPG book page 81

Finally an answer to whether the Orks are advanced or not. Turns out they are not. It's just magic. They don't develop or research their tech. It just happens because they believe it should.

Actually, The Primarch saved at atheist Rogue Trader and recruited her to his organiuaion of truth seekers.

>> No.72066803

Do you hope for trap marines?

>> No.72066806

why are his rules so shit bros?

>> No.72066813

Wait there is a difference?

>> No.72066814

Things are you need:
>Wet blending (Not nearly as hard as people say it is, use paint retarders)
>Reds,browns,creams, Warm tones
Matte finish is really important, gloss or satin will ruin the execution
>Weathering, don't go overboard, no more than what you would see on say, FW's painting team for Horus Heresy

Learn techniques, don't just copy.

>> No.72066815

Are you legitimately autistic? Its like you're having trouble understanding the concept of emotion.

>> No.72066817

agree, where is she these days?

>> No.72066818



You mean this

>> No.72066821

The Chaos Gods actually laugh at him. He is corrupted as any CSM. He is in their thrall and his work benefits them.

Only one marine can resist the Chaos Gods. The one that ADB said stands above the Chaos Gods. And it's Warmaster Abaddon

>> No.72066824

That conflicts with the fluff about mekboys having an innate knowledge of technology.

>> No.72066827

Day 57:
Still lost in sand storm. Had to eat last serf.
Captain thinks storm will stop tomorrow.

Day 58:
Storm even stronger today. Squad ate Captain.

>> No.72066835

A fedora'd atheist is not valuable enough to be in the circles that Robute has an ear into.

>> No.72066839

>good art makes everything better
Amazing how great this sounds and also how non-controversial it is.

But Blanche is the concept and Gallagher and Taylor flesh it out before Kopinski and Smith give it a final loving (and horrifying) rendering.
This is how peak 40k/WFB art got made.
I like the Gallagher phase best.

>> No.72066841

>Using gifs
>in current year

>> No.72066842

I know what you're saying, but I don't think that it's correct. Something eliciting the same feeling as something that's grimdark does not make it grimdark, because grimdark is more than just your emotional reaction to something. Do you want me to make another analogy?

>> No.72066847

>google Wrath and Glory
is there also a page that says they don't want mean people playing their games?

>> No.72066848


>> No.72066849

>This post is ADB tier
>This post is on tg

>> No.72066854

Based anon. For those who like it chunkier and basier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekCmZDO4d8o

>> No.72066855

Fuck off cunt

>> No.72066856

you can get a full airbrush kit for around $100 if not cheaper, which will save you money in the long run on spray paint since you can prime everything with the airbrush.

>> No.72066860

Depends on the time period I guess
during the great crusade the vast majority were atheist by the time of 8th ed only a select few people are and even they'd dare not say it out loud

>> No.72066866

If the new EC kits don't have female heads, despite a female EC being canon in the fluff, I'll just put escher heads on them. Whatever they got under their codpiece isn't my business

>> No.72066868

I think you're completely lost right now. Christmas is a Holiday, but there's aesthetics that invoke Christmas without even being directly related to the Holiday or any actions.

>> No.72066871

honestly, adding black people to 40k makes the setting even more grimdark.

>> No.72066878

Good job cunt

>> No.72066879

Most space marines are atheist

>> No.72066881

Bile doesn't worship the gods, he barely acknowledges them as real.

>> No.72066884

It's clearly heroquest tho, look at those fimir.

>> No.72066888


And remember kids, make sure you're mentally prepared when you have sex on acid. It really can go either way.

>> No.72066892

In the WWII fashion it was literally go, stop, or turn unless you had a lot of experience on your system

>> No.72066897

>Amazing how great this sounds and also how non-controversial it is.
I know
>Mental image of a Leonardo Da Vinci level of art depicting a cuck

>> No.72066902 [DELETED] 

that ain't shit

>> No.72066908

If you had to drink one GW paint, which would it be? For me, It would be typhus corrosion.

>> No.72066909

Different guy, but thanks for the tip. I know the box is $10, but it pisses me off that the official Cultist boxes don't give you any variety.

>> No.72066912


>> No.72066917

Okay. What does this have to do with the psyker being killed being rather tame and not particularly stunning? I think that's where I started.

>> No.72066918

agrax earthshade because I'm convinced it' just worcestershire sauce.

>> No.72066927

Ahriman has the same stance. He is still a slave regardless. It doesn't matter what he thinks. He is stamped with Chaos.

>> No.72066929

>haha that thumbnail looks like lots of-

>> No.72066931

Aye but the tonks looked more 40k the older you go though

>> No.72066933

Peachy's bath water

>> No.72066935

it does look like it would go well with a steak

>> No.72066936

Chapters like the Black Templars are the minority and most marines do not venerate the Emperor as a god.

>> No.72066940

What? I'm talking about how art can convey grimdark aesthetics.

>> No.72066943


Geiger just wanted to be the little girl, though. His stuff is more shock value than genuine perversion.

>> No.72066944

and they're just over a million strong total in an Empire of a million worlds. They are a tiny weeny insignificant portion of the imperial demographic in terms of numbers

>> No.72066948


>> No.72066951

Pete is that you? You wouldn't be some faggot plagiarizing someone else's work would you?

>> No.72066954


>> No.72066957


how the fuck do "warm tones" paint necrons? Seems challenging. Just trying to think of ways to do it in my head. Hell, I have never even tried wet blending. Might give it a go I guess.

>> No.72066965

Nevermind I got two reply chains mixed up. I was just kinda replying to you on "auto-pilot"

>> No.72066968


There was so much good art from different and distinct artists in the old codices. This SoB artwork isn't as grimdark as others but it's just damn good.

>> No.72066978

Ain't Giger something?

>> No.72066981

I legitimately thought I was talking to someone with a mental illness for a moment there. Good to know it was just confusion.

>> No.72066995

rust, bronze, gold, copper, brass

>> No.72067001


Leadbelcher is a fairly warm metal tone, theme them with desert bases, use a more yellow or warm tinted green or discard green in the scheme altogether.

>> No.72067010


>Any here seen They Shall Not Grow Old? It's mental footage.

Properly is isn't it. At the same time as it's kinda trendy to say our generation is spoiled and sheltered, thank all fuck we didn't have to go through that kind of shit, jesus.

The scenes they're sat chilling and you can tell there's bantz going on, you really get the sense it's just a bunch of lads who'd rather be having a pint and a game of footy, you know three days later they were sat in a miserable trench under artillery fire watching their mates get their bollocks blown off with shrapnel. Powerful shit.

>> No.72067014

I am so afraid to experiment with painting because I just don't know how things go. I feel like I can't properly experiment because I could ruin a model. Prime example, lets say I wanted to do wet blending or try. I have no way to feasibly do that without fucking it up.

>> No.72067016


>> No.72067024

You know that not everything is true even if canon in 40k right, that this is a series with purposely contradicting information. Orks have both innate knowledge of machines, which is why they have mekboyz in the first place otherwise they'd just magic everything, and use small amount of innate warp energy (same way Eldar do) to both active certain machinery and to help their stuff run slightly better than it otherwise would.
Ofcourse if you wish to dispute this point then I present the point of Eldar all being secret Slaanesh worshippers, backflipping Terminators on top of Rhinos, and Eldar technology being NOT ONLY inferior to imperium: BUT ALSO Eldar tanks being destroyed easily by rocks and stick thrown by children.

>> No.72067025

>Grey knights are slaves to chaos because thier actions prevent the Imperium from collapsing thereby strengthening chaos
ADB please go.

>> No.72067033

Anon, Leadbelcher is cold as fuck.

>> No.72067034

Interwar is peak 40k as far as vehicles go. If you want a "thing," you just take "thing" and drag it through 20's technology.

>> No.72067043

Sounds like you need test minis

>> No.72067054

Put it in the microwave for 45 seconds

>> No.72067055

The fuck are these Space Marines on the cover?

>> No.72067058


I guess I could use some of my necron warriors as a test model. I have like 20 but in reality I don't intend on having that many warriors for anything.

>> No.72067059


Go to bed Lutein, it's fine to have your own headcannon and handwave everything as unreliable narrator, but I reserve the same right, and for that reason everything I don't like never happened.

>> No.72067065

Buy cheap models, strip and repaint test models, e.t.c.

>> No.72067070

Oh yeah

>> No.72067072


this is the kind of chaotic shit I am talking about. Information just seems so inaccurate in regards to color theory etc. Like what truly is WARM if we can't even decide if lead belcher is cold or not.

>> No.72067083

As a rule of thumb warm=brown, cold=blue.

>> No.72067084

You're using text to describe a color, it's better to just post the colors and be done with it. There's too much lost in translation for something like that

>> No.72067085

Nah. That's false equivalence.

Picture related.

Give up. It's magic.

>> No.72067090


You always have bits of sprue with leftover parts you don't plan to use. Test on those if you don't want to waste a full model.

I got addicted to buying those easy to build marines for a while and used them to test a bunch of colour schemes. Some were good, some were shit. Primed over it all in the end to do a Kill Team with them and guess what, you can't even tell.

So don't worry about ruining models.

>> No.72067092

Looks like fair use oldschool marines

>> No.72067093

Hydra is the most appealing, but Tiamet is the only hive fleet that you could really build a future with

>> No.72067100

Get yourself a nice big jug of degreaser and some mason jars.
I like Simple Green's industrial degreaser (it's actually purple).
Get a good scrub brush too.

Eazy Peazy paint stripping if you soak for 48 hours and scrub. Takes off the rustoleum primer I use too.

>> No.72067113

Their helmets look so weird and their armor textures like that first guy's legs look somehow cool

>> No.72067114

copyright-dodging ones

>> No.72067129

How is it a false equivalence?

>> No.72067131

>>Orks do not research or develop technology
then explain how there are at least 3 different kinds of shokk attack gun, a fairly specific kind of weapon

>> No.72067133

This reminds me of a non40k virgin v chad meme.

>> No.72067135

Alright then, Eldar are all Slaanesh worshipers it is.

>> No.72067138

>GW fags chasing even those who sing about 40k with copyright strikes

>> No.72067141


Ersatz marines, because the original cover art was actually GW, probably had the license expire or some shit.

Had a pint with their singer once, proper nerd that guy.

>> No.72067143

No, but I’ll bet you they’re out there somewhere>>72065692

>> No.72067150

Old art also has weird stuff like that as the artists were given ideas of what to draw instead of "Here's this mini make it as close as possible to this". I like it in that it adds personalization. Maybe the fucked up helmets are a rare war relic these battle brothers found on a forgeworld? Perhaps their asartes helmets went bad and they had to cobble together voidsuit gear? It adds an extra layer of intrigue and I like how that art conveys that

>> No.72067159

are you implying there were chaos kroot at Vraks?

>> No.72067166

>then explain how there are at least 3 different kinds of shokk attack gun, a fairly specific kind of weapon
He'd also have to explain how Ghazz commissioned Nazdreg to develop his teleporta technology and the various field testing to get it to work, rather than just magicking it into reality.

>> No.72067168

Nintendo takes down fan games that sing praise to Nintendo simply because it wasn't made by Nintendo. Many companies are defensive of their IP.

>> No.72067180

>it's fine to have your own headcannon

>> No.72067181

>Many companies are defensive of their IP.
Then this happens and they can't do shit about it

>> No.72067183

Grey Knights are not deluded servants of Chaos. Ahriman denies the existence of the Chaos Gods while being the greatest marked servant of Tzeentch.

>> No.72067184

I think the Orks are just not aware of their powers and they're emulating other races they see, so "research" is necessary for new orky tech.

>> No.72067191

I love it

>> No.72067193


>> No.72067198

Nah. Like one Youtuber said, if you want to claim something you gotta to consider the source and how many sources backing that claim.

Look here. It's magic.

>> No.72067210

when will they start selling shit again?
jesus christ

>> No.72067212

yellow, orange, red = warm
green, blue purple = cold
gold or similar metals = warm
silver or similar metals = cold
neutral browns (desaturated orange) = warm
neutral greys (desaturated blue) = cold

Color Temperature is relative. The closer to Orange the warmer it is. The closer to Blue the colder it is.

- Green can look warm next to blue
- You can have greenish yellows as your coldest colors or blueish reds (crimson) as your coldest colors.
- You can have warm (more brownish) greys and cold (more blueish) greys

Random Tip: Try to make your darkest (shadow) colors look colder or warmer than the highlight colors. This color temperature contrast between dark and light colors is more realistic to emulate warm sun in direct light and cold sky ambient light in shadows (for a specific outdoor lighting scheme, though this warm light and cold shadow is often found in artifical indoor lighting too)

>> No.72067224

What separates a deluded servant of chaos and grey knights? THey do the same actions and have the same beliefs.

>> No.72067227

We're in middle of a pandemic, retard. Plastic toys for children are not an essential product.

>> No.72067228

When lockdown ends in England.
Dumb question.

What you should be asking is when the shipping companies stop making personal deliveries.

>> No.72067233

>Coofed on Nurgle minis for that extra realistic touch

>> No.72067238


GW actually collaborated with bands back in the day. See:


Even has the GW logo. Probably the contract ran out or didn't include terms for re-releases etc.

>> No.72067242

>THey do the same actions and have the same beliefs.

Reconsider that statement.

>> No.72067243

Based anon putting that faggot down

>> No.72067249

Necrons vs SM Starter box for 9th ed

>> No.72067250


When the company is no longer shut down. England just extended the lockdown an additional 3 weeks yesterday. At this point you are only going to find stuff via eBay or through recasters. Honestly, by the time GW gets working again and production normalizes you'd get recasts of anything you want well before.

>> No.72067258

I see.

>> No.72067274

>people posting Bolt Thrower
>not the DoW kino


>> No.72067275

I forgot how the UK treats their citizens like chattel and think that bread and circuses is not a good idea to keep people happy during quarantine.

>> No.72067278

Neither worship chaos gods and both do acts which indirectly power the gods.

>> No.72067293


Pandemic is overrated shit that only kills boomers anyway. I couldn't give a fuck, I just want to go outside again and drink a goddamned beer in the sun.

Let the weak and old die, like we would have done in more sensible times.

>> No.72067297

France is even more fucked.It ordered amazon to stop delivering anything.

>> No.72067308

they won't because there is absolutely no risk to get it from a package, unless it takes 2 hours to get to you

>> No.72067323

>only kills boomers
>1/3 hospitalized are 20-35

Reopen the football arenas!

>> No.72067328

Pennsylvania decided that alcohol was bad and they shut down sales. I feel bad for anons there that can't do shit, not even drink away the days.

>> No.72067330

Fake news

>> No.72067335

Nope. Grey Knights deny and slow the spread of Chaos. They are pure and uncorrupted.

Ahriman's actions willingly or not directly benefit Tzeentch. He is corrupted and doesn't have a face

>> No.72067338

TV and internet is considered essential in the UK at the moment. Just not toys

>> No.72067346

Ahh, I see you're a man of culture as well

>> No.72067350

just don't forget to pay that tv license m8

>> No.72067353

Show us the dead 25-35s then. Show us. I'm sick no pun intended of people telling me its gonna kill us all when even on quarrantined cruise ships its got a 0.10-0.18% fatality rate. I'm frankly done with you people on this, you don't listen.

>> No.72067360

Apparently Brits aren't even allowed to leave their homes to go for a walk. Utterly dystopian.

>> No.72067365

Nigga What?

>> No.72067368


They're allowed to keep operating if they wish and can do it safely, they've just chosen to shut down themselves for the sake of safety.
They do actually put all that fuckload of money you spend on them into treating their staff right.

>> No.72067373

Of course, wouldn't want the propagandists to go out of business but the escapist companies that provide us a sliver of joy? Fuckem.

>> No.72067376


People don't care about the facts though, people are already acting like this thing is hyper-smallpox cross-bred with anthrax.

At this rate your ordinary person would be happier if they ordered a full shutdown where nobody can leave their house, gets shot on sight if seen outside, and have more people die of starvation than the disease kills.

>> No.72067386

Only need to pay it if you watch live telly, which I don't since on demand is better. I probably should look into whether there a voluntary contribution thing though. That money goes into a lot more than just a couple of entertainment channels

>> No.72067389

Won't this basically kill alcoholics?

>> No.72067394

forget starvation, many small companies won't survive this shutdown. the world economy is going to be completely fucked

>> No.72067400

so what?

>> No.72067409

each warrior box has 12 of them, so you have 4 you can fuck around with, and any you fuck up too much can be made into flayed ones.

>> No.72067412

Bezos networth has gone up by 24 billion.

>> No.72067415

PA's always had a weird relationship with booze.

>> No.72067416

Yes and it clogs up ER rooms with withdrawal patients. Good going. Also the person in charge who decided that is mentally insane unironically, they're transgender.

>> No.72067420

he can finally afford that one car he always wanted huh

>> No.72067426

Didn't he sell off tons of stock in like february?

>> No.72067428

If they're so bad they'd withdrawal will kill them then they probably already have big liver damage.

>> No.72067432

America has been having 2,000+ recorded Covid deaths a day. And America has barely been doing any testing, so god only knows what the actual death rate is

>> No.72067437

Wait, alcohol addiction has that kind of withdrawal? I thought that it was like when I don't have caffeine for a day.

>> No.72067442


You're saying the UK is cucked when the US has states doing this?

Off-licences are essential shops over here.

>> No.72067447

Sure it has. Dead boomers. Show me the dead 25-30 yos. Show me.

>> No.72067454

>the bloodthirster summoning ritual

>> No.72067455

The USA has varying degrees, the UK is monolithic. I live in New Hampshire and its almost completely a nothingburger here.

>> No.72067460

Communications infrastructure is still being maintained and expanded. So while you can't go out a buy a telly just now engineers are still fixing stuff, cables are still being laid, masts erected etc.

Probably not entirely untrue but also they're means of entertainment available to almost every household in the country that doesn't require you to leave your house

>> No.72067463

great now it tastes funny.
Wtf dude you ruined my leadbelcher

>> No.72067464

bruh you do realize states have a financial incentive to over-report covid deaths right now?

>> No.72067466

Some people don't want their parents to die, anon

>> No.72067470

Fucking thieving Pete.

>> No.72067471

Going cold turkey can cause strokes for serious alcoholics.

>> No.72067472

I am pleased with the direction this thread is going

>> No.72067477

Show us the young people dying. Show me the nurses that aren't old or obese dying. Notice how few Doctors, people often associated with keeping themselves healthy, are dying. Homeless shelters full of unhealthy people in Boston got tested and 40% of them had it but were asymptomatic.

>> No.72067479

Severe alcoholics get the DT's if they go through withdrawl. It is reasonably fatal.

>> No.72067483

They have a much larger incentive to underreport Covid cases. And on top of that, lots of people can't even afford to get tested.

>> No.72067490

They can quarantine then. We don't have to sacrifice the young people to save a few boomers.

>> No.72067493


>inb4 msn isn't a real source
Please tell me what source you possibly would accept? What quantity of 25-35 year olds would I need to show have died for you to accept that 25-35 year olds can die?

>> No.72067494



>> No.72067495

Some people don't want their parents to die, anon

>> No.72067498

>Going cold turkey can cause strokes for serious alcoholics.

>> No.72067500

Right Lads I'm going for a kip. See ya at the reveal. Hopefully necronanon isn't right.

>> No.72067505

That is an intentional lie and you know it.

>> No.72067516

Necrons are the best faction and your opinions are wrong.

>> No.72067518

1 person died, shut down everything. Sorry kiddo you're gonna be working til 85 the boomers and 1 young person died of a nasty virus.

>> No.72067523

Which part? Neither are lies. Both are accurate. States don't want to be seen as epicenters of the outbreak because that's bad for business. And testing can be like 500 bucks. If you even qualify, a lot of places aren't testing people unless their symptoms are severe

>> No.72067526


Trouble is boomers are the generation that runs the show right now. So when a disease comes along that practically laser targets them, and them alone?

You bet your ass we're the ones who gotta suffer, just so old fucking Doris who's 84 and will probably die of renal failure this time next year, isn't at risk.

>> No.72067529

>one death
wow it's literally nothing. A statistical outlier. They're going to find out he had sickle cell disease or some shit, or an African parasite no one has ever seen because he visited the Congo on a missionary trip.

>> No.72067533

An 84 year old isn't a boomer. The oldest boomer would be 75

>> No.72067538


>> No.72067553


That article is two weeks old anon.

Post us the follow up article they posted after her post-mortem that found severe underlying coronary issues that had gone undetected because she was too young to be suspected.

The Guardian ran the same story and pulled it 3 days later because it wasn't accurate.

>> No.72067557

What business? They've shut a lot down. Your argument falls apart.

>> No.72067562

>I have concluded that Xenotech artefact Xl-Gamma- III is little more than a length of industrial piping, a plasteel drum containing loose ammunition, and a large Ork incisor in place of a trigger. As such, all reports of its effective use by the Greenskin menace have been labelled as combat induced hysteria.

-—Andrass Tellion, Adeptus
Mechanicus Explorator (Wrath and Glory RPG).

Holy shit. The Orks are such a meme race. They attach a drum of loose ammo to a pipe and it can be a gun.

>> No.72067567

OK, call your governor and tell them to lift the lockdown for everyone under the age of 55. Stop complaining about it here, we can't do anything about it

>> No.72067571


Coronavirus is a particular risk in the US as it's dangerous for fat fucks too

>> No.72067573

And that's a good thing.

>> No.72067576

Im in New Hampshire and based Sununu understands. I'm crying out for solidarity to my Americans stuck in shithole situations.

>> No.72067580

Business in general dipshit. Investment. Future plans. Nobody wants to set up a factory in a state that got hit twice as bad as a neighboring state. Big companies would moves assets out or cancel planned expansion

>> No.72067589

They didn't just collaborate, they were outright published as GW had a short venture as a record label for a bit.

Though they also have allowed other metal bands to use 40k and fantasy artwork outside of this, pic related being the most famous example.

>> No.72067591

No one is thinking long term except people critical of the overreaction. Your argument has no weight.

>> No.72067594

You parent's right to life doesn't override my right to liberty. The weak should stay indoors or at least have the good grace to disappear rather than be a burden on the rest of us

>> No.72067603

This is the dumbest shit. It makes both the orks and anyone who they're fighting look bad.

>> No.72067606

Man 40k looked kino

>> No.72067608


>> No.72067616

>States don't want to be seen as epicenters of the outbreak because that's bad for business.
That is so fucking retarded, state funding from the Fed far outweight intangible business goodwill lmao.

>> No.72067621

>Manchildren with no jobs mad they can't play with their unpainted plastic toys during a pandemic nor buy more of them with their unemployment checks.

>> No.72067623

Show me the pics.

>> No.72067626


>> No.72067630

Anon asked to show young people dying. That took me literally 5 seconds on google. If opened google I'm confident I can find another one. In fact the cdc reports a death rate of .1-.2% in that age group.

More importantly though that age group shows 14.3% - 20.8% hospitilization and 2.0% - 4.2% ICU admittence. For those that don't die there is risks of long term damage and if you live in a psuedo third world country like the United States you also get a nice crippling hospital bill.

So stay inside, wash your hands, stop buying in to political spins about the death of the global economy or whatever conspiracy theories. We aren't even at the middle of the spread. This will be going on a while.

>> No.72067636

It seems that Imperial fags lied about lasgun powercells. They get damaged if you charge them in ways they weren't meant to be charged.

>One of the unique strengths of Las weaponry
is their versatile charging. Las Charge Packs
can be refilled by connecting to most Imperial
Standard power sockets; a blessing during the
Gilead System’s ammo drought. In addition,
the pack’s thermal cells can be exposed to light,
heat, and even naked flame to charge, though
doing so shortens the pack’s lifespan and risks
upsetting a weapon’s machine spirit.

-Wrath and Glory.

>> No.72067637

They don't call it plastic crack for nothing boyo.

>> No.72067645

I agree. A pipe and some bullets is a joke. They should put more effort in.

>> No.72067648

>No one is thinking long term
You are a tremendous moron. Anyone with money is thinking ahead. Why do you think the Republicans are trying to include a capital gains tax cut in Coronavirus relief bills? It's because right now is a fantastic fucking time to increase liquidity so you can buy up closed business and foreclosed homes.
This is the absolute best possible time to think ahead because with the economy wrecked anyone with resources will be able to come in and buy up a ton of stuff for pennies.

Oh my god, you should be ashamed to express your opinions in public, even anonymously on a fucking anime porn board if you really think "no one is thinking long term" right now. That's shocking ignorance.

>> No.72067650

Look on the bright side anon the more old people die now the better the odds of getting a Democrat in the Whitehouse on November 4th

>> No.72067651


My favourite is the Sabbat flexi-disc.

Fucking shit song compared to their other stuff, but I just love the crossover of deep nerd culture, and the late 80s early 90s metal scene.

I wish we could go back to a time like this.

>> No.72067657

You posted anecdotal evidence of one case that was weeks ago. Now you're adding statistical mumbo jumbo into it to sound scary. You are making propaganda. The boomers can isolate, the young will get sick and then make antibodies which we can use to save the selfish boomers.

>> No.72067658


>implying that you wouldn't just call them crisis actors

there's no cure for what ails you

>> No.72067667

You aren't allowed to take pictures inside a hospital anon. HIPAA

>> No.72067677


>> No.72067679

Most people aren't and neither are you. You're just spouting things you've read other people say. I've made 10k in unrealized profits from investments since the crash, I know long term strategies. You don't even understand the fucking words you're regurgitating.

>> No.72067684

In waht possible way is an article of a 21 year old girl dying anecdotal? I'm not saying I personally new her. Do you know what "anecdotal" means? Stop trying to spin shit you gaylord

>> No.72067689

America is also full of fat people.

>> No.72067690

>I won't give you evidence because I think you're crazy for doubting me
Get off your high horse.

>> No.72067695

>the young will get sick and then make antibodies which we can use to save the selfish boomers.
That's not true, anon. In fact tests show a surprisingly small percentage of recovered covid patients have antibodies. There may not be persistent immunity

>> No.72067701

No one ever did anything good for me; why should I look out for them?

>> No.72067705

its 1 case, thats anecdotal.

>> No.72067709

>Show me the numbers

>> No.72067718

>Most people aren't and neither are you.
Yeah I'm a normal human being. Your 10k is peanuts compared to an actual rich person.
Please try to imagine a person who can think differently from yourself. I can do it quite easily.

>> No.72067724

You're just flat out lying now. Antibody tests are what we use to check if people got sick and recovered, its very effective.

>> No.72067728

We've known this since Dark Heresy 1e.
You can use a camp fire to recharge the power cell, but it halves the number of shots you get.

Debating anyone in /40kg/ is like when Joe Rogan debated Tim Roth about the moon landing on Penn Jillette's radio show. . A NASA scientist got beat because he didn't come prepared and Rogan knows how to make an audience like him.

>> No.72067733

Why would anyone want to eat a daemon?

>> No.72067737

That's not what anecdotal means anon. Statistically insignificant sure, but it's not an anecdote. The original anon wanted to see young people dying. I showed him a young person dying

>> No.72067740

That's not what anecdotal means, anon

>> No.72067744

>Oh well you didn't have a lot of capital to throw into investments because you're not born into the 1% so you're not smart
Enough child.

>> No.72067746


The point is plenty of shit that kills hundreds of thousands of people PER DAY is going on, all day, every day, and covid isn't even a drop in the ocean.

I ran the numbers, even if we assume a 100% infection, worldwide, we'd be looking at 155 million deaths with current mortality. Which is still, relatively speaking, jack shit. We're still outbreeding the fucking thing, even if every single person on earth gets it. It's barely a speed bump.

Nobody cares about the hundreds of thousands of niggers who die from poverty and famine all the time. The problem isn't that this disease is deadly, it's who it's deadly to, a lack of perspective, and a hysteria that means we're doing more harm to ourselves than good.

On the bright side, at least, the lack of traffic pollution means we might have bought a few more years until the rising ocean levels fucking swallow us all.

>> No.72067747


A lot of it would be proximity, Bolt Thrower were from Coventry which is a fairly short drive from Nottingham. There's nothing like the old metal scene these days, idk what would be the equivalent these days. Nerds have a different aesthetic (fucking GAMERS).

>> No.72067748

Same reason people eat ass.

imagine the taste

>> No.72067751

>Hurrdurr you're just a conspiracy theorist.

Going to accuse me of believing in UFOs too?

And yet people do so anyway. If we've got tons of dead bodies, where's the evidence?

>> No.72067761

Are you people for real? English, do you understand it? 1 individual case is anecdotal, statistically insignificant.

>> No.72067772

Keep deflecting anon

>> No.72067775

The mortality rate is so low because the Chinese virus is mostly (mostly) in countries with good hospitals. And yes that includes the United States.

Brazil is already getting fucked. India and Mexico City will be fucked in due time.

>> No.72067780

When it's been widely reported that every single different state and country is using radically different methodology to record deaths, clarity and more extensive proof is needed, especially when we've seen from wide scale testing in areas where it's done most people who have coronavirus are completely asymptomatic.

>> No.72067787


It's not anecdotal, it was irrelevant. The story was published before a post-mortem could possibly have been performed. No news source ever followed up on the "no underlying co-morbidities" part, which is, in case you didn't realise, the important part. Dying while infected with covid isn't the same thing as dying because of covid.

>> No.72067792

Ah you're right I got my science confused. But my point, that getting the disease and recovering doesn't necessarily make you immune, was true.


>> No.72067800

I can do a good thing for you anon

>> No.72067801

That's not what anecdotal means. It is a documented account of a death. It is not an anecdote. An anecdote would be if I said "my frien Sharon died and she was young" and provided no source or corroborating information

>> No.72067802

Funny how fear makes midwit skeptics into believers and intelligent people into heretics.

>> No.72067810

This is a lowwit post.

>> No.72067816

>WHO warns...may not
Grain of salt anon. Read those words like you were about to bet your life savings on them.

>> No.72067826

"Can" is a notably different word from "will", and neither is the same as "shall".

>> No.72067831

OK, so you're admitting that you aren't thinking like a rich person. That's a good first step! Now that you have acknowledged that rich people are thinking differently from you, let's take the next step and try to imagine how they're thinking. Perhaps they're thinking long tern? Becasue, as you say
>[they] have a lot of capital to throw into investments

>> No.72067849

I'd rather be simple and understand the world simply than pretend to be smart and not understand the world not at all.

>> No.72067852

Anon, please at least google the word "anecdotal" before you use it again.

>> No.72067856

what was this thread about, again? I swear it had something to do with 40k

>> No.72067859

Countries that have good healthcare still get fucked (See:Italy), the main thing affecting the spread and lethality is from people not physically interacting and self-quarantining so hospitals aren't overloaded (See: Germany). If we didn't have a lockdown or ended it too early, we'd see cases spike fast, and we wouldn't be able to set up sufficient facilities for dealing with it.

>> No.72067868

I made what I could with my capital and so do the rich. The rich just have more capital to throw than me so my profits look small in comparison in spite of them being good ratios. Stop pretending to be smart.

>> No.72067873

What? YOU'RE the one betting you life on them. You're the one saying we should just assume that getting sick makes you immune. I'm the one saying we don't know that for sure yet, and therefore we shouldn't base public policy on that assumption

>> No.72067886

No retard, you're the one thinking the WHO is telling the truth.

>> No.72067887

I can assure you that no matter how hard you doubt, you can't breathe water.

>> No.72067889

*sends virtual hug*

>> No.72067893


And so it has always been. Once upon a time, refusal to believe in god would have seen you burnt at the stake.

We still have our mob mentality, nowadays we're just turning it on people who go for more than one jog per day.

>> No.72067914

OH my god please stop being offended that I call you dumb and actually think for a second. The rich have more capital to throw around. So they're thinking about how they're going to throw it around after the crisis is over and there's opportunity to buy up distressed assets at bargain prices.

Do you actually disagree with any of that? I don't think you do, because it's inherently obvious and reasonable. So why are you arguing with me?

GODDAMN you're dumb

>> No.72067923

Admittedly Italians fucked over Italy by not listening to their government. But other wise yes. Germans do love their rules and cleanliness.

>> No.72067925

I find that hard to believe anon, if that's true I'm sorry life has been cruel to you and I hope it improves for you.

>> No.72067926

I'm okay with that. My standards have been lowered enough that I'm just happy not being lied to.

>> No.72067927

>> No.72067932


Why exactly should we doubt the WHO, Anon?

(I'm the same guy who originally said we should just let the old people die, for context)

>> No.72067933

Who do you trust? Where are you getting your trustworthy science facts?

>> No.72067939

An improvement upon the P*imaris

>> No.72067941

You're just ranting about how I'm inferior to the 1% or something like you're their slave. Its ridiculous, you don't even have any argument anymore, you're just being confrontational.

>> No.72067942

Hey cocksucker, is this based department?
Cause I'm the guy who's going to gut this scam and show the whole world.

>> No.72067944

Orks are fucking retarded in the best way.

>> No.72067947


Imagine the size of the buttplug that tail is attached to. It would rip a lesser man than an Astartes in half.

>> No.72067950

I think I'm more annoyed by the mario star than the rainbows and unicorns. At least the paintjob is well done

>> No.72067961

Thay doesn't mean that the existing numbers are propaganda you cretin. We act on the information available and refine the process. We do not assume everything is going to be fine.

This is the core of conspiracy theories. Undermining reported information and insisting that they've crunched the numbers or have access to the "real story". Every effort has been made so far to dismiss the evidence I posted so far, but no one has bothered to actually post counter evidence (like for example posting the article that shows that 21 yr old women had underlying conditions). It also relies on lessening the consequences of evidence such as saying "x many people dying doesn't matter" or pushing the idea that you only get sick and die, or you are totally fine, in order to conflate severity as an excuse to not take things seriously.

This is off topic and I won't post about it anymore. I don't think anyone else does either. I can only hope that in the real world that these retards are a vocal minority who do not cause other people to die because they insist on chasing their conspiracies

>> No.72067969

ah yes. The Adeptus Equus. The Emperor's fines clopers.

>> No.72067975


>> No.72067980

AAAAAAAAAAA I never called you inferior to the rich! I called you dumb for not understanding a very simple concept! People with lots of money to invest will be thinking about the investment opportunities created by this crisis. DO you understand that? Does your fucking brain work even a little? I'll say it again
People with lots of money to invest will be thinking about the investment opportunities created by this crisis.
Do you get it now? Has that penetrated your shockingly dumb brain yet? Here let me green text it for you
>People with lots of money to invest will be thinking about the investment opportunities created by this crisis.
There, now it's a different color! Does your simple child mind like new colors? I bet it does! Whose a smart little dumb baby? Whose a little smoochy poo? And once more for good luck
People with lots of money to invest will be thinking about the investment opportunities created by this crisis.
If you still don't get it, please go lick the door handle of every grocery store within driving distance of your home

>> No.72067988

Does anyone collect model tanks as well? I'm curious what a 1/72 or a 1/35 Modern or WWII Tank looks like next to a space marine. I was thinking about making some INQ28 kitbash type thing using a T90 and some bitz.

>> No.72067991

Your a reasonable lad. What army ya play fella?

>> No.72068002

Your question is about using a scale model for a homebrew specialist game. Please take your question to either a scale modelling thread or a specialist games thread. This is the 40k thread, and we do not appreciate off topic discussion.

>> No.72068012

wikipedia has the dimensions for real world vehicles, so just use those numbers when you run the scale conversion.
Compare those to 40k models. Simple as.

Pic is 1/16 because it worked best

>> No.72068018

I don't know if I should tell the truth or say Nurgle

>> No.72068031

Thank you, my friend. I will likely go with that.

>> No.72068038


>> No.72068041

So, when are the reveals?

>> No.72068052

Nurgle is aight. Just post your dudes or something later without the context of your being “reasonable Anon”. Then shit flinging over your army will be at a minimum. Hope alls well with you sir/ma’am!

>> No.72068058

Surprised I never see Krieg with some meme french tank like AMX-40.

>> No.72068062

Dude, you are never going to be able to hide them out of LOS on most tables with those bases.

I will agree that the new GW flying bases are garbage, but there's a better way than slapping each model on a fuck huge pillar.

>> No.72068288

based anon redpilles the poorfag on the fact he has no allies

>> No.72068439

So they Devil Trigger?

>> No.72068519

They look cool and I think they're probably just display models.

>> No.72069025

>My main problem with DoH is how fucking boring it is

Yeah, that's the problem with a lot of stuff like this.

the Ultramarines movie was boring as well. Anything involving space marines is boring unless they're actively fighting - otherwise they're boring space monks.

The dark comedy aspects are crucial to break up the monotony, but everyone just goes supercereal.

>> No.72069376

They're not just display models, but looking cool was a much higher priority than hiding them outside of LOS.

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