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>Thread question
I prefer white and red color schemes. But no one I've seen has been able to pull it off without it looking like poop.

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Convert More

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TS smite better than your army

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Mark my words, our new rules will suck

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Is soup still a thing or mono army is better nowadays?

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Don't jinx it bro

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Classic ocher Tau.
3rd was kino aesthetic for the army.

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Their current rules didn't stop me from playing them and whatever new rules they may get won't stop me either.

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too clean

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I bet you get 2-3 cults that are good and worthwhile.

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>doesn't even have pubes

What's the point?

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Same with TSons? Fine with me. Anything is better than our current codex.

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Where in God's name do your pubes grow? How could you ever see them from that angle?

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The real question is who'll get worse rules custodes or dg? DW, Harlequins, or necrons?

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>Which color scheme do you prefer, classic ocher Tau, or the new white Tau
Classic, except the hue is an actual coyote brown and the cloth is multicam
But for official septs? Sa'cea

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Is that a fact?

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Fabulous Vile is literally experimenting on Custodes. You are not getting shit rules, lmao.

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Well Anon, what are the reasons?

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Do they run barter town?

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You could easily see them with 10,000 year old DG bush, which she should have.

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Probably crons. DWs update was pretty good

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Posted on the ass-end of the previous thread.
Convert more!

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There's no dark mechanicum and demons are cliche.

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Depends on faction. Are you imperial knights? Probably want guard or ad mech to cover your lack of bodies for objectives. Are you space marines? Mono is fine. Skittle marines works too. Are you chaos? You can mono build but, if you're trying to be competitive might want to bring CSM, TS and something else too. Really list building is very open right now and I really like it.

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Free Dental and 4 weeks vacation

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>fellow pube connoisseur
Man of taste
I got my gf to grow her pubes out, shit's cash

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I don't even know what I'm looking at.

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1 Ignorance is bliss
2 cowardice

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Chorfs on Helstalkers

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Pretty much this. If Dark Mech became a thing then I would commit heresy that instant.

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Congratulations, Games Workshop. You finally managed to create an attractive female character. I love tummies so much.

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The Emperor and my faith.

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What would you add in a hypothetical codex for Eldar Corsairs, Exodites or Croneworlders?

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>balloon dwarves

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I've tried both, turns out it's very easy for pure white to come out looking like shit. Ochre with sky blue ornamentation is my color scheme of choice.

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I hate how she looks so much like me when I am a dude.

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haha dude you posted the same shitty 40k smut picture for 60 threads now, haha epic dude

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Those are some Slaaneshi Chaos Squats!

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Post pics and I'll be your BF.

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Some armies (mainly Marines) get nice bonuses for not souping. Otherwise, there's still no penalty for doing so so it depends on whether allies have anything to offer you.

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Custodes exist to job in lore, don't get too excited.

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>half her face is covered
that's probably why

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Tau! The only faction that doesn’t need a secret police because they self-secret police.

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are we sure it is a female model? could be a slim fat dude in heels.

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What're you lads working on today? Making some terrain myself.

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>Day 138 of waiting for AdMech rules previews since their model announcement at Warhammer Open 2019

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>waacfag brings his new sisters of battle army that is immune to 90% of the weapons everyone else's army lists has in the group

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The negate -2ap thing?

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I'm gonna start painting a conversion for necromunda loosely based off red from transistor

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I like her model. She looks about like an average female human. Not super ripped and questionable sex, not a landwhale, not a big tittied stick barbie.

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I made a GIF to give a fluff reason for why Imperium players in our 40k escalation campaign can use Assassins if they want to.

Also that terrain idea is fucking gold. Billboards, I assume?

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Kharadron Oerlords fit the aesthetic of 40K perfectly and don't even need to be converted to be used as Squats or Demiurg. Their vehicles, however...

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>Not just killing them with regular shit because they’re still T3/ST-4 girls.

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Rumors we'll finally be told something this weekend.

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can you paint over varnish? citadel stormshield to be exact

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Does anyone have pics of the new chaos models with the old heads instead?

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Imagine the following
>Casual games
>Lots of terrain
>Core rulebook rules, no extras

At worst, you're facing an army that has terminator armour saves against AP-2 and lesser and a 6+++, and which can be easily loaded with a ton of firepower.

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How bad are Ynnari gameplay wise?

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Road signs actually. Gonna paint the cork board up like cracked highway and think of something stupid to write on the signs.

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>Pretty good
>More than half the stratagems copy-pasted from the space marine codex are the outdated versions that will need an errata, or in the case of adaptive strategy will be outright deleted
>no new relics or warlord traits
>just shit deathwatch don't need
>Oh hey a couple of intercessor only stratagems.

Deathwatch are just as one-dimensional as Grey Knights now. "lol spam intercessors faggot gg that makes for good design right?"

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>"All men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

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wont the paint start to fade after a while though? I thought the varnish prevent shit to adhere on top of it

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>Calling a player WAAC because you crippled yourself with poorly thought out houserules

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Who cares, if someone keeps bringing WAAC lists into casual groups then the WAAC guy is just going to find himself in situation where no one plays him. He'll have to go through character development, or quit while bitching about it online. It's only really bad when there are multiple WAACfags.

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No one knows they got dropped by almost everyone. Realistically, they were knee capped with the nerfs but, they are probably still playable. I still expect them to one day get a couple unique units and a codex but, that day is still far away.

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I like the old scheme better in general, but a lot of the artwork that came after the switch to white is pretty nice.

A nice thing about ochre/brown is that it's easy to get to tabletop standard with a few details...white is more time consuming to do more than the basic color. I like bright yellow and blue more than either out of the color schemes I have atm.

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Guys i have some DG questions, do you think with the new rules we will be allowed to have CSM allies? im thinking of having some Purge alongside my guys

Also as i don't use them much can Death guard (and i guess 1ksons) use forgeworld units like the Helwright or Decimator? checking for faqs on the fw site but i dont see any

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When are we getting a model for that fucking thing in the back?

>> No.72020909

Their unique abilities are very gimmicky and situational while losing out on some of the best abilities and units from all other Eldar list. They also lost access to a God that's worth using and any unit who's good in Ynnari list, outside of their unique two dudes, is even better in their own army instead. They are basically a handi-cap for Eldar Soup.

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>don't even have the balls/ovaries to write their name on it
opinion discarded

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Let me guess you don't play Deathwatch
>oh no marines with marine rules
>Deathwatch already have good relics and stratagems, don't need even more bloat
>Fortis kill teams get support to be useful instead of worthless
>Vet units are still better than Intercessors overall

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Tell me /yourdudes/'s names and what legion they descend from and i will post a little blurb of lore about their chapter traditions and doctrines.
Don't worry i have been bestowed by GW itself with absolute authority over fandom so whatever I say is canon

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Here ya go, regular new CSM and new termi in the middle for scale.

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It hasn't for me. You can always varnish it again if it's a major concern

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Technically you only play the few HQ units and then your regular DEldar/Eldar with Ynnari rules, right?

>> No.72020950

What do you play and what's your list?

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>no more angry skull helmets with big horns

It's a good think I happen to have a bunch in my bits.

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No idea, two people at my local store- one moved away and the other switched to ironhands when their suppliment released.

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>do you think with the new rules we will be allowed to have CSM allies
Just take another detachment and call it a day.

>can Death guard (and i guess 1ksons) use forgeworld units like the Helwright or Decimator
No, CSM only. They can use FW dreads though, the FW dreads are pretty powerful in DG because they have Inexorable Advance (no movement penalty for moving and firing Heavy weapons).

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Varnish is more to stop the paint underneath from flaking off from contact abrasion, IE people touching it, dropping it, general use basically. You can definitely paint over it and even mix it into your paints for other effects.

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basic custodian guard
>gets a 24" rapid fire 1 bolt rifle
>sword and board downgrades to a bolt pistol for +1 to invuln
Fancy spear Custodes
>1 s5 -3ap 3d shot
>or a 12" meltagun shot
Sagittarum Guard
>3 heavy bolter shot and/or 1 fancy spear shot, -1 to hit if you take both
>3 attacks in melee with a 3 point buy for a -2ap chainsword
>can't hold objectives
>are marginally more durable pfp than marines, and less durable than some legions
Why do these exist? None of them are good at anything.

>> No.72020989

Can love bloom on the battlefield?

>> No.72020990

If you don't write MARINES OU on the back of one of the billboards, you're not worthy of even making your own terrain.

>Playing the game according to it's rules
Are you retarded?

>> No.72021003

>Using those junk mail fake credit cards to make dilapidated billboards

Holy shit Anon, I never thought of doing that.

>> No.72021012

nooooooo plse dont say that

>> No.72021013

Priming some Sector Mechanicus. If I get really ambitious I might finish up some AoS goblins tonigh

>> No.72021020

I still hate how much of manlet the guy is.

>> No.72021021

pls be london

>> No.72021025

>Core rulebook only, no extras
Uh huh sure thing.

>> No.72021036

It's so easy too, and it uses up my old sprue.

>> No.72021048

That's fine. If I know I'm going to play against a WAAC then I just bring the most annoying list I can. Nothing like sending 150 boyz at a guy and taking over an hour for my rolls to piss off assholes.

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yes but only between girls

>> No.72021064

Yes. Seems like the buffs for being ynnari are close combat related. Honestly, I've never even played with the new rules. The DE codex stuff is better and I can include a single ynnari HQ without breaking my faction bonuses.

>> No.72021069

>I still expect them to one day get a couple unique units and a codex but, that day is still far away.
Pretty safe bet Ynnari are getting something sooner rather than later

>> No.72021078

at least he gives something to engage with, rather than a guy who posts the same image every thread with the faction name, or the soon™ squat poster.

>> No.72021083

Necron players whine but Eldar players KNOW it will be the Harlequins. GW forgets they exist half the time.

>> No.72021095

What's the best they can do, negate ap 1/2 fire? Just bring volume of fire then.

>> No.72021096

I can think of a million ways to better spend my time. Why would you subject yourself to this?

>> No.72021116

>150 boys
Try harder

>> No.72021125

...You do realize that not everyone lives, eats and breathes FAQs and rules updates, right? And how the -fuck- is that houseruling stuff, still?

>> No.72021135

>Only 150 boyz
You are weak and a disgrace to the grot revolushun.

>> No.72021148

ugh why? if i could convince mine to go hairless I would. but shes broke and if it aint a full waxing shes not goin for it

>mfw after going down on the jungle with pubes in my mouth

>> No.72021162

As a guy, I hate pubes cause they make it harder to jack it.

>> No.72021163

Imagine snitching on your neighbors. Imagine "caring" this much but being too weak to knock and just running to the police. Bootlickers should be shot.

>> No.72021174

>Didn't mention the 90 grots, big mek with KFF, and lootas/morkanaut/shokk gun as well for maximum cancer

>> No.72021178

>Not just going 300+ grots

>> No.72021180

And you realise that armies like GK are unplayable without updates and PA4?

>> No.72021192

>Just take another detachment and call it a day.
Wait, you can do that? i thought these new Psychic awakening books forced all your army to be the same thing to benefit from the passive rules, if so i'll just take some csm in a patrol or something

>> No.72021197

The guy could be essential and just not need a uniform too. I work at a hospital and don't need scrubs, so I just wear dress shirts.

>> No.72021206

I don't think even my autism would save me from trying to paint that, Anon.

>> No.72021209

I'm p'ikle r'ick!

>> No.72021212

Play marines. Grav Guns and Hurricane Bolters will still chew through sisters. A squad of Centurion Devastators parked next to a chapter master will ruin their day.

>> No.72021213

relationship ended with slaanesh. Khorne is my waifu now

>> No.72021217

what do you do?

>> No.72021220

Because those rules updates usually serve to fix broken shit. On top of that putting terrain everywhere in a game where over half the factions have power means everyone should have 2+ and it's not like a 4++ or even 3++ is particularly rare. Do you not play with marines?

>> No.72021236

Very cool.

>> No.72021238

took this time without having anything to do to get into 40k for the first time and painting stuff, got my second minis done today after a few intercessors. Feel free to tell me what looks bad and i should change going forward

>> No.72021242

Why? Does their codex not contain the rules for playing them? Or is "unplayable" the same as "not the top of the current meta" to you?

>> No.72021244

Dip buckets and the ol naked grot models, not the fancy old ones nor the new plastic ones (well some of the more naked combination of body+head is fine for plastic).

>> No.72021248

Front desk mostly. Since Corona I've been moved to working our call center for it and scheduling telephone visits for acute sickness. Once I get trained in phlebotomy I'll need to wear scrubs but anyone who doesn't medically interact with patients doesn't need scubs where I work.

>> No.72021266

Our campaign is imperials against xenos. I play against everyone but Marines as it is.

Thank you for understanding the point of the post and explaining it to the dumb anon.

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Alright I'm sure you'll be singing the same tune when I play against you with a Castellan, a battalion of guard and an outrider of Custodes Jetbikes and can table people t1 and finish the game with more cp than I started with.

>> No.72021314 [SPOILER] 

Anybody remember the Omega Mississippi Men?

>> No.72021318

Or he doesn't take his work clothes home with him.

>> No.72021326

>not on top of the current meta
They were easily the worst army in the game until their pa.

>> No.72021330

What faction do you play?

>> No.72021333

I never liked pure white on black as its a bit too striking and hides some detail. If you have some spare bits try priming them and using an off white (vallejo silver gray is a shade darker than ivory and takes washes well, as an example) and see if you like the effect better.

>> No.72021336

Imagine being a faggot who is crying like a little bitch over a couple toughness 3 girls who make it so that his bolter doctrine spess muhrines can't just roflstomp EVERY list in the universe now.

>why are you such a pathetic twat?

>> No.72021341

The relic shokk gun can do 144 mortal wounds in one shooting phase, that's a lot of snotlings...m

>> No.72021342

I'd politely ask you to stop being an asshole since I'd assume we're both there to have fun playing a miniature wargame, not showing how much you can break the game by.

And if you'd tell me you'd rather keep playing that, I'm sure you could find someone else to play with.

>> No.72021345

no, it is not the top of the meta. It is LoL we made GK stuff cost twice as much, as it should. How do you feel about a techmarine without a thunderfire canon(without even an option to take it) cost 140pts? A GK termintor costing twice+ as much as intercessor for worse rules.

Or the fact that psychic powers, combat doctrines etc are in the PA book, as you know GW decided to not update the GK codex, and just give them 4 pages in PA4.

>> No.72021350

Didn't they just announce a new harlies model, and that model is not even for their army?

>> No.72021351

>now its paladin smite spam
where is the middle ground gw?

>> No.72021363

>classic ochre tau
white is a bitch to paint and looks MEH

>> No.72021364

Which doesn't really matter if you're playing casual games.

Basters of Sittle.

>> No.72021368

Based NPC army player

>> No.72021370

>oh no marines with marine rules
More than half of the shit deathwatch got do nothing for them. Hero of the Chapter is okay because you can get the 2nd warlord trait for something like extra damage on the watch master while also getting the CP return trait.

>Deathwatch already have good relics and stratagems, don't need even more bloat
They have 6 relics and only 3 of them see any play. Because the rest are completely redundant.

>Fortis kill teams get support to be useful instead of worthless
Okay, so now you're proving that it's YOU who doesn't play deathwatch. Intercessor kill teams were already the better option for pretty much every other role except sitting on the back line objective with storm shields.

>> No.72021377

The middle ground is mostly stuff that's been nerfed. TSons are a good example of an army that's fine but not insane that used to be bad.

>> No.72021387

Honestly I found ochre to be just as hard as white. For some reason GW's ochre is always shitty

>> No.72021391

This is honestly a good advice. Pure white often gets unfairly knocked in these threads, but off-white really would be easier on the eyes when contrasting with the black here.

>> No.72021394


>> No.72021400

base coats are really clean, just need to highlight the black especially to make the armour panels look distinct

>> No.72021403

The legguards look weird to me but good job all the other

>> No.72021409

They'd still be dogshit against anything better than an army of only Lieutenants.

>> No.72021411

I mean it's all fun and games until you are reminded that someone wasted like $300usd on that thing.
I wish i had tits

>> No.72021412

Hey, I'm not crying, I'm just pointing out that it's a really strong combination.

Well, that sounds bad, but I'm pretty sure you could still play them.

...Oh how the turntables, GK were dominating our games back in 5th or 6th, I forgot which.

>> No.72021416

They are kinda okay if you are building a melee craftworld eldar detachment. Which is already suboptimal right there. Oh and your shining spears, the only competitive melee option? Can't use them as Ynnari because they need to be hyper accelerated across the board by a CRAFTWORLD power that wont work on them if they're Ynnari.

Meanwhile, Dark Eldar and Harlequins don't need literally anything Ynnari have as their melee buffs are WAAAAY better.

Soooooo. Yeah. They're fucking useless. I'd like to curbstomp the retard who reworked them. Not because I played old Ynnari but simply because the genepool would be improved without that level of retardation.

>> No.72021417

Post a WIP.

>> No.72021425

that's true, yellow is also kind of a nightmare

>> No.72021427

>>For some reason GW's ochre is always shitty
>using gw paints
you were asking for it

>> No.72021439

Currently fixing up the army in my downtime. Lots of busted gribblies and such. So currently I'm on the glue phase, next up is fixing paint jobs. Once the weather gets back into the 60s I'm gonna redo the basing on everyone to match. Having a grand time

>> No.72021444

>I wish i had tits
Trannyposters I swear to god...

>> No.72021447


>> No.72021457

You're the one who insisted on not following any updates that fix broken shit. If you're going to refuse the fixes to all the broken shit, who are you to say "no broken shit".

>> No.72021466

Sons of ̶F̶̶u̶̶l̶̶g̶̶r̶̶i̶̶m̶ the Phoenix? Nice

>> No.72021469

“I’m here to help”.

>> No.72021471

for 7 months in 5th ed. that is three editions ago.

Plus codex only would mean eldar can do some mind breaking shit, same with castellans getting cheaper and more destructive and the return of the original BA kamikaze smash hammers.

>> No.72021480

>imagine NOT being able to remove an enemies AP

>> No.72021481

Nice pubes bro

>> No.72021492

It's really a shame because all they had to do is fix soulburst and either limit transports to carry things from their original army or nerf dark reapers.

>> No.72021504

>More than half of the shit deathwatch got do nothing for them.
Doctrines, Veteran Fury, Hero, and Transhuman are all huge boons for them

>Okay, so now you're proving that it's YOU who doesn't play deathwatch. Intercessor kill teams were already the better option for pretty much every other role except sitting on the back line objective with storm shields.
Fucking wrong. Fortis Kill Teams were shit for anything but providing ablative wounds to hellblasters. Vets are better in every way. Last time Deathwatch was placing in tournaments it was using vet squads with storm bolter/shield and termies with power maces and storm bolter. Intercessors also can't bring any special weapons like frag cannons and they don't even out fight vets because vets are a2 base and can all take chainswords for free. The new stratagems for them give them something to do at least but they're CP hungry and vets remain the better choice in general.

Post your list or models. I do not believe you actually play Deathwatch.

>> No.72021519

What are your expectations for the Angels of death series they plan on releasing after seeing Astartes?.

>> No.72021520

Only way I've gotten decent yellows has been to prime in tamiya gray then do at least 3 or 4 very thin coats. Any other way I've tried the yellow is either washed out, too thick, or streaky with brush strokes.

>> No.72021521

>imagine thinking about armor saves

>> No.72021529

who wins in tau vs sisters matchup?
I think that would be fun

>> No.72021531

I wasn't aware that we had reached the point of 40k when there's no broken shit anymore.

>for 7 months in 5th ed. that is three editions ago.
Yup. That's around the time I stopped playing 40k due to other hobbies, friends dropping the game and starting to get tired of the bullshit that was 6th and 7th edition.

Looking forward to playing some again when this guarantine thing goes through. I don't mind, but nobody wants to come play.

>> No.72021544

I was new when I tried it and obviously I would get the paint that had my armies name on it. I've found less shite alternatives eventually though. still shitty to apply but it helps

>> No.72021545

None. I don't particularly care for blood angels

>> No.72021551

She spawns doves when healing people. The jury is still out there whether or not she's a psyker, saint, or just annoying.

>> No.72021554


Nothing Typhus does is correct.

>> No.72021561

i mean someone has to play the npc faction i guess

>> No.72021577

t. tau

>> No.72021584

>the NPC meme unironically

>> No.72021586

>Veteran Fury
You do realize you can't use it on Veteran squads, right? You HAVE to use it on a terminator unit, and terminators are overcosted trash.

>> No.72021587

How so?
I have xv-88 and Tau light ochre for non-tau reasons and both cover just fine.
Much better than shit like ushabti bone

>> No.72021588

or you can enjoy yet another match against IH, GK, UM, BR, etc.

>> No.72021603

That isn't a case of Tyranids though...

>> No.72021604

Helps lessen reliance on shield drones. Having one suit in a blob with iridium armor, shield gen, and a relic burster makes for one durable suit that can take a lot of punishment

>> No.72021607

Let me guess, yet another deathskullz list.
Let me find the trashcan for you while I do some spring cleaning.

>> No.72021620

I downloaded the codex yesterday for shits and giggles, vets are way better due to gear options.

>> No.72021621


>> No.72021628

>instant whataboutism

>> No.72021643

Its been a while but I remember it being just hard to thin. it would break apart and become a liquid mess last I tried

>> No.72021647

Less broken shit >>> more broken shit
The best army in the game is probably RG, and it's not that much better than T'au, Chaos Soup, Iron Hands, Imperial Fists, or Grey Knights. The only 'bad' armies are like Necrons, Custodes, and armies that don't have enough units to function like Harlequins, and Corsairs. There's simultaneously no longer 1 or 2 armies that are far and above better than the rest, and we're down to 1-2 fully fledged armies that need buffs.

>> No.72021687

Yes. But deathwatch can bring huge terminator death drops that now have +1 to hit. A 5 man terminator unit with 5 melta fists, storm bolters, and 3 cyclone missile launchers now can frop in and put out 20 SIA shots, 5 melta shots, and 6 krak missiles. All now benefiting from doctrines, rerolling 1s to wound, and with optional +1 to hit and +1 to wound, for 304 pts. That's a lot of dakka and is a godsend because deathwatch are so hard up for anti tank normally

>> No.72021688

Seriously I don't get why people constantly defend the fact that 60% of armies people use are Space Marines. It's just not fun. We need more Xenos players, and people making fun of them isn't helping matters.

>> No.72021693

I am glad you said "bad" as opposed to regular bad, it gets tiring seeing some faggot (who likely doesn't play) parrot same bullshit about factions he knows nothing about and only thinks in top 20 tournament placings.

>> No.72021697


More like t. Mortarion.

>> No.72021705

>Fortis kill teams were shit for anything but providing ablative wounds to hellblasters
>he doesn't know about taking 9 stalker bolt rifle intercessors with 1 aggressor to get the ability to move and shoot without penalty
>doesn't know about the 4 aggressor 1 inceptor 5 autobolt rifle fortis team that gets to toughness 5 because half the models in the unit are T5
>and if you splurge on a power fist for the sergeant you'll have some massive fucking melee punch to boot from 9 power fists

>> No.72021719

>Playing Primarislets instead of the true chadstodes

>> No.72021729

>Some armies are competitive
>Some armies aren't
Okay good, woo hoo. Have you considered not playing competitive 40k and instead playing it as a vehicle for telling stories of epic conflicts in the Grim Darkness of the far future?

>> No.72021735


>> No.72021737

I say 'bad' because there are still viable things to do with them, they just tend to be very rigid, and things outside their best units tend to be bad.

>> No.72021745

>who wins in tau vs sisters matchup?
No one wins in that match up. The Taufag loses because they were born a disgusting degenerate. The sisters player loses because they have to play against the Taufag in the first place.

>> No.72021749

>girl friend
>sexual degeneracy
Get married, you doofus. Go, repent!

>> No.72021750

Why would I play xenos when they get shit rules and no new models?

>> No.72021751

Deathskulls getting overpowered was a bit annoying as I've been playing them for over 15 years and I chose them for the colors and the fluff. Ah well, I've been looking at some tin 'eads and madboys subcultures to mix it up. I suppose we all have times where our codex is getting hated on

>> No.72021755

>ignoring half my arguement
Opinion discarded.

>> No.72021761

The supplement was released with the explicit aim of removing Ynnari from competitive play and it has an impressive amount of effort put into it to remove any trace of synergy, fluffy rules or power in general. It's a masterpiece in bad design.

>> No.72021763

Those were cute builds but not actually that useful. Now they can be useful thanks to the extra stratagem and doctrine support. They aren't better overall than vets but they can actually add something to the army. Stalker bolt rifles can provide much needed snipers for example

>> No.72021764


Tau can render some armies literally auto lose, but I don’t think sisters are on that list.

>> No.72021771

>Spending hundreds of dollars and countless hour building/painting an army based purely off how competitive they are
None of you actually does this, right?

>> No.72021772

Use a medium bro
GW's is the same shit as liquitex but they're not charging a fiver for 12ml

>> No.72021780

It depends on the armies and the players. Generally the Tau are considered the stronger army, though.

>> No.72021792


>> No.72021794

>Reserve junk food for weekends, which consists of drinking a single can of coke when painting miniatures, which used to be saturday and sunday at most.
>Have tons more painting time now, continue ritual of drinking a single can of coke during painting sessions but now daily.
>Run out of coke one day due to getting supplies being awkward
>paint anyway and evening goes fine
>next day still don't have coke and get headaches and feel tired, cant paint.
I accidentally got addicted to caffeine and sugar pls help.

>> No.72021805

SBRs are dogshit now that devastator doctrine got deleted

>> No.72021809

Their lore. Besides, what do you need new models for? Start another army, convert, or kitbash. Or do you just need to buy a new Primaris lieutenant every month to feel happy with your life?

>> No.72021816

Drink tea

>> No.72021818

Which part? The one where you said that some armies are still better than others, and then said that some are worse?

>> No.72021819

Just drink water, it will stop after a few days.

>> No.72021832

>SBRs are dogshit now
Special Issue Ammunition makes up for it by far.

>> No.72021833

Drink non sugar coke, it tastes the same

>> No.72021834

Cut the coke switch to tea or coffee without milk or sugar

>> No.72021836

No thanks I'll just stick to my CSM.
>Besides, what do you need new models for?
Tell that to all the Ork players that wail in agony when their first model in forever was Ghaz while SW actually got a good model.

>> No.72021843

Stalker bolt rifles can still be used with SIA and are literally the only option Deathwatch have for targeting characters.

>> No.72021849

this is why 60% of armies are SM. if they get new models and updated rules (especially ones that make certain chapters meta choices for tournament play) of course people will play them more. then you keep doing it because those SM players are a larger part of the "market share" in your game and would yield more profit making new units and rules for them compared to xenos.

>> No.72021856

>abs with a little bit of extra tummy

>> No.72021857

And very legal.

>> No.72021858

Orks have lots of models and they're a blast to convert for. I'm looking at some old projects I never finished now

>> No.72021859

No, but I know a WAACFAG who finished painting his Iron Hands the very day the nerfs came out. He had previously been Ynnari too and his only response was, “every fucking time.”

>> No.72021863

>The new stratagems for them give them something to do at least but they're CP hungry
rapid fire 2 bolt rifles with special ammo is a huge deal

>> No.72021886

Why is 40k so offputting to normies? You'd think they've never played a boardgame before.
>hey dude, wanna learn how to play warhammer?
>'whats that?'
>oh nah man im good
Every damn time. Haven't actually played in a good while because nobody in my circle is interested. Not a single person. I'm stuck painting armies I'll never play and booting up Dawn of War: Dark Crusade for the millionth time.

>> No.72021889

Sounds like you have an anniversary gift idea on your hands

>> No.72021897

>Ork players
Oh boy, I can't wait for a 42€ box of 5 Tankbustas that can also be assembled as Kommandos, or the new 45€ box for 10 Ork Boyz with 8 sluggas and choppas, a heavy shoota and a power klaw.

>> No.72021900

which armies are considered npc armies?

>> No.72021903

Yes and it costs 2 cp to use it every time you want to do it and it turns your bolt rifles into a storm bolter with an extra AP, but you already have troops with storm bolters. The auto bolt rifle strat is significantly better in that regard but still 2 cp, and 3 cp for the stalker one

>> No.72021904


Sniping is generally a garbage option. It’s a hefty points sink for something unreliable-to-useless.

>> No.72021909

Again, not everything is black and white. The top armies are no longer far better than other contenders, there are more overall. There are fewer bad armies than at launch and even the ones that are still have decent strategies.

>> No.72021916

Tau don't have belly buttons.

>> No.72021920

Are you me mate? Some friends have showed some interest but the modeling and paitning part turns them off

>> No.72021922

That's nothing, a single Shadowseer can do infinite mortal wounds off a single spell. GW plz merf!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.72021924

Take a marines army and cut its size in half. Significantly restrict selections. Let those half of units roll to do a single mortal wound to an opponent in short range.

Congrats, you had prebuff GK.

>> No.72021934


I suppose Hrud, Rak’gol if they even count as canon, Arbites if they count as an “army”...

>> No.72021936

>and countless hour building/painting an army
since when was it obligatory to paint anything to play?

>> No.72021940

>Why would you want to kill your opponents buffing characters
Ok retard. Having played with 0 snipers until now I'm looking forward to being able to actually do it

>> No.72021943

I recently got into the game, and my first regiment is going to be Custodes. Am I part of the problem?

>> No.72021945

This article sums up why I can't get any of my friends into 40k.

>> No.72021948

New player getting into tau, what are fun units to incorporate that aren't super cheese? Been thinking about longstrike or maybe a sky ray for right now

[Please be nice]

>> No.72021950

I mean, you have good HQs and your troops are luckily also your workhorse units, why don't you have two battalions for zero CP worries?

>> No.72021953

You can always run all the tier 2 stuff. Practically everyone with the possible exception of Marines (by way of dumping 6 special rules on every goddamn model) has a lot of variance between the tournament-optimized netlists and a randomly selected list out of their codex.

>> No.72021962

We only need 1 reason; 3 words:
The Greater Good

>> No.72021963


I’d usually use melee or shooting away the screening units for that.

>> No.72021966

It would be fun, especially if the tau player takes a lot of -1 and -2 ap so their bullets bounce.

>> No.72021967

Ahahahaha. Sniping a character is hugely important against a lot of armies, and shit like bolt rifles are great because they're still good at killing primaris marines.

>> No.72021978

Most people don't have the patience to get into 40k.
When I say that, think of the investment that goes into it:
>Learning rules/tactics
>List building
>Build/paint models
>Each game can go past 2 or 3 hours

Even if you play on TTS and cut out the physical models, you're still left with a lot to put in.

>> No.72021980

There is no problem. These people literally make up issues because of their army preference. It's not the player's fault that Xenos get shit rules and no new models ever. Besides, custards are actually entirely different from Space Marines.

>> No.72021986

Don't forget charging a premium for the shitty smites.

>> No.72021989


Tau aren’t fun to play anon. You either build a hyper competitive buff stacking spam list, or you get to enjoy only being good in the shooting phase and missing half your shots even there.

>> No.72021991

Really depends on the composition. A Valorous Heart castle can actually pose quite a threat for Tau because most of their usual firepower is AP-1 or -2, meaning you're essentially going up against army-wide storm shields.

>> No.72021992

>Imagine not wanting to be able to floss your teeth while also pleasing your partner orally.

Dental Hygiene is important fellas

>> No.72022003

Depends on the army really. Snipers are uber deadly to most

>> No.72022004

They did nerf dark reapers back then. It just made them unplayable for Craftworlders which is ludicrous.

They simply needed to make the new Ynnari melee buffs en par with, say, the better wych cult bonuses and NOT tacked on a million insane and nonsensical restrictions and it would have been fine. Just fine. I would have been totally cool with a semi viable melee craftworld Ynnari detachment. In fact that's sort of what my eldar army was always about anyway (im a vet of 3rd edition where my biel tan aspect warriors ran wild).

But as i said the restrictions they tacked on are nonsensical and crippling and the bonus of "if a unit died this turn your units now fight first in combat" is lackluster horseshit that does nothing to get your deepstriking scorpions/wraithguard into combat and does little to nothing to make them better in combat once there.

Utter shite. I could write a fucking BOOK on what counterintuitive useless SHITE they made the Ynnari.

Example: You can't have a phoenix lord in a Ynnari detachment when their big ynnari rules release came in a FUCKING BOX WHERE THEY LITERALLY HAD JAIN ZAR FIGHTING FOR AND WITH THE YNNARI.

pants on head doesn't even BEGIN to describe the mental defects the writer of ynnari rules has.


>> No.72022011


>Hugely important against a lot of armies

Name one then.

>> No.72022013

Any army without a named character.

>> No.72022015

Can you not go to a LGS/GW?
It may seem awkward at first, but it's worth branching out.

>> No.72022021

Good post. Shame about Corona, the conpetitive meta was the best it's been since last August.

>> No.72022025

I gotta figure out a way to get my roomies to paint my army. God I hate painting, all it does is stress me out and make me rage.

>> No.72022027

I do have two battalions + a vanguard usually but have you seen Deathwatchç strats? They have so many good ones but they can chew through CP so fast. We can pay 2 cp to get +1 to wound on anything shooting or melee. You can spend CP to deepstrike dreadnoughts too.

>> No.72022028

Imperial Guard, Tau, SM to not as much of an extent.. Mechanicus definitely

>> No.72022036

The core of T'au armies are
>3 riptides
>3 commanders if you're not fse, more if you are
>a fucking lot of drones
The less you take of these the less obnoxious you'll be. I'd say 0-1 riptides, 1-2 commanders, and at most like 3-4 drones per big battlesuit.

>> No.72022046


>> No.72022048

Most snipers are guttertrash because they do 1 damage and are stuck fishing for mortal wounds on a 6.
SBRs do a flat 2 damage so it doesn't take much to delete your typical W4 character.

>> No.72022050

Strange. The top rod part definitely looks Asuryani, but the bottom is too jagged and rough and the curves are too sharp. Ynnari stuff is definitely on the table of possibilities, but I want to say corrupted Aeldari? some form of croneworlders? It doesn't look right.

>> No.72022053

Look at it like this: if the HQ is important, the sniper's gonna be effective against it.

>> No.72022055

It's a shame Hellfire rounds don't work on vehicles, having Intercessors with essentially handheld rocket launchers sounds funny.

>> No.72022056

eldar need their psyker buffs to function. Sisters of battle and genestealers need their force multipliers too. Are you new to this game?

>> No.72022059

>the sissy virgin who feels like prey when the Chad lion looks at him

>> No.72022062

If I wanted to take a storm surge in a fairly high point game should I kill myself?

>> No.72022063


As much as being able to kill commanders more reliably would be nice, I can’t think of a sniper unit that could actually do that even remotely efficiently.

>> No.72022067


>> No.72022075

Do you even play 40k?
Most armies have HQs and elite characters that rely on character protection to be effective.
You should always bring snipers if you can.

>> No.72022076

Anon, please. Some armies are always going to be better than others, but the margin by which that is so can vary. Pre-nerf IH were tier 0, now they're tier 1 (as are RG). Pre-nerf IF just completely invalidated half the armies out there. There are still top dogs and bad matchups, but they're much more manageable.

>> No.72022078

I like Dark Eldar.
The hardest part of my life is choosing between boats and jet skis.

>> No.72022082

Anyone with generic characters that give reroll auras.
Anyone with generic characters that can repair vehicles.
Anyone with generic characters that can cast during the psychic phase.

I think it's Deldar and maybe orks that don't care about snipers. Even necrons can have MWBD shut off.

>> No.72022101

Nah, Custodes are alright. Good melee and very tanky, but not much else.

>> No.72022114

Oh rad, I posted my list last thread and I only break one of these (I run 3 commanders and 3/4 of my army is FSE)

>> No.72022116


Pretty much every sniper option consists of taking like 200+ points to *maybe* kill a single sub-100 point HQ with four wounds in two turns if they can even maintain line of sight and range that long.

>> No.72022128

As long as you avoid triple Riptides (even a single one is fine), a trillion Shield Drones and maxing out on Commanders you should be fine. The vehicles are all decent as long as you're not in a hyper competitive area. Railguns suck arse though

>> No.72022132

I'm sure it's an important choice, simp.

>> No.72022134


>> No.72022143

>Pretty much every sniper option consists of taking like 200+ points to *maybe* kill a single sub-100 point HQ

Laughs in Arquebus

>> No.72022145

Hrud would make a good faction potentially, although GSC kinda fill their niche already.
Rak'gol should've been the actual orks because they're orks without comedy relief or shitty memes but it is too late to fix that.
Slaugth or Yu'vath would actually be a solid addition as an evil xeno army, they are definitely unique enough.

>> No.72022146

Tau don't really care if you snipe their commanders. Oh no the ethreal/cadre fireblade is dead!!!

Unless we're talking about FusionColdstars and those won't be in range/LOS if they know you're bringing snipers.

>> No.72022149

>everyone plays ITC and the ground floors of ruins block LOS with zero exceptions

>> No.72022160

>[laughs in SBR]

>> No.72022168

Reminder that bile refers to the plague marines as enemies. Whatever he cooks up, deathguard won’t be getting any

>> No.72022170

Orks, SoB, Possessed Bomb CSM, GSC all depend hugely on relatively fragile buffing characters. IIRC some of the top ITC dudes were adding Eliminators into their IH lists because it completely changed the CSM matchup.

>> No.72022173

Daemons are still getting stuff for engine war right?

>> No.72022174

We are talking about Deathwatch who can now bring a 5 man troop with 10 s4 ap 1 D2 shots for 17 ppm, can target characters, and can choose between extra AP and range or auto wounding on 2s.

>> No.72022179

Who is Korea of 40k and who is Japan of 40k?

>> No.72022183

Skitarii with their snipers are actually really good. S7, AP-2 and D3 wounds. Also deals a mortal wound on 6, of course

>> No.72022187

GK to get rid of warp shaping and the cp gaining psychic power, and the hq that doubles psychic range
AdMech to take out Cawl because they're probably running him
IG for Company Commanders and Psykers
Space Marines for Chapter Masters and Apothecaries
T'au for Firesight Marksmans
CWE for Farseers and other psykers
TSons for Daemon Princes and Sorcerers
CSM for Sorcerer's and Dark Apostles if they're doing possessed bombs.

>> No.72022190

Just be aware that they're priority targets and need support to work properly. More of a fun unit thab a conpetitive one, though at least they're relatively cheap now.

>> No.72022195

don't worry just place space marines the army that doesn't require you to think when they give you point and click units like eliminators

>> No.72022202

The Eastern Asiatic Hives

>> No.72022209


What’s letting them shoot twice?

>> No.72022213

That's early in the edition. As the uodates have rolled by, snipers have been massively powercrept. GSC characters, Eliminators and tooled up Phobos characters are really good at assassinating fragile characters.

>> No.72022219

>Crisis suits are fun and can do a lot of heavy lifting now
>kroot aren't the best but they get ten bodies per squad and can make an annoying roadblock since no melee unit wants to be stuck fighting some shitty guard chickens
>breacher and devilfish party bus allows you to (suicidally) charge into or onto stuff
>Y'vhara is like a riptide but less gay

>> No.72022221

Asuryani and Drukhari.

Next question.

>> No.72022228

Best Korea is Tau. Japan is also Tau. Worst Korea is Fallen.

>> No.72022230

This a new Necromunda model or...?

>> No.72022233

Nothing personnel kid

>> No.72022234

If someone kills my buff cannoness mysisters are very fucked. If someone kills any one of my warlocks I am fucked. IG can take ratlings for like 60 points.
Eldar can take rangers for a bit more.
Any Imperial faction can take a vindicare for .... i think 110 points or so?

>you are a liar who doesn't understand other armies very well and is not listening to people who know better explaining why you are wrong

>> No.72022241

How much are snipers, point wise, in general? Cause if you run like 100 pts just to get rid of my 75 pts of marker lights, then more power to ya bud.

>> No.72022250

Do deathwatch get eliminators with that special ammo?

>> No.72022253

Are stalker bolt rifles not heavy 2 or am I getting them confused with stalker boltguns

>> No.72022254

can i play a pure sleneesh army in 40k? it's the only army i'm interested in

>> No.72022258


Honestly I’ve seen the stats for eliminators and remain baffled why they’re considered good.

I assure you, I can kill your low firepower six wound infantry unit before it makes its points back.

>> No.72022260

The fact you even think about tier lists just shows that you're playing a completely different game than I am for a fundamentally different purpose.

>> No.72022266

How hard would it be to paint haemonculus covens stuff for a first timer? Looks much harder than, lets say, tyranids.

>> No.72022267


>> No.72022268

Yes but it won't be good.
Spend your money anyway to prove your devotion to the Prince of Pleasure. You know you want to.

>> No.72022271

Awesome because the model is gorgeous and I really wantes to use it in higher point games

>> No.72022279

don't forget, Necrons can get deathmarks for 70 points

>> No.72022285

Oh thank goodness.

>> No.72022287

>110 points or so
85 points for the Vindicare

Nothing personnel, kid.

>> No.72022289

It is the players fault that xenos get shit rules and no new models. Do you think if 60% of the playerbase played orks they wouldn't get marine levels of attention?

>> No.72022290

It's a battle scar, hello

>> No.72022293

i want to actually. but everyone always tells me it's so i give up

>> No.72022297


>> No.72022300

Depends on the army list. If the tau go in with their generic list of riptides and cyclic blasters it won't end well, however if you go down the burst cannon/rifle route you can shit out a lot of shots.

>> No.72022303


Lol name one character a Vindicare can reliably kill without taking half the damn game.

>> No.72022314

No they're good but not cheesy.
A single squad of 5 SBR's will easily kill a company commander. The thing about essential HQ's is that it's not about making points back. If you kill a company commander you're slowing down guardsmen. If you kill a Chapter Master you make nearby bs3+ drop from 89% average accuracy to 67% average. That's worth the investment even if it isn't points ways.

>> No.72022326



>> No.72022329

>haemonculus covens
That's not a fully fledged army.
And the quality of your paint job is directly proportional to how long you spend practicing, which includes painting test models and stripping them.

If that sounds bad, it's not.
People freak out over painting skin, but skin is easy as long as your paint is thinned and smooth.

>> No.72022333

is this real? fuck i hate size creep with a passion.

>> No.72022340

Every army you literal retard. Welcome to 8th ed by the way

>> No.72022344

Anon, a good list wouldn't have snipers as the top priority for an enemy. You probably won't be able to take put all enemy snipers unless you dedicate a bit into shooting them, and by doing that you're probably neglecting something else that needed to be shot at.

>> No.72022350

If you hate size creep you should stop playing 40k.

>> No.72022351

>don't forget, Necrons can get deathmarks for 70 points
Deathmarks.... Lol

>> No.72022355


>> No.72022363

That's a worthwhile trade easily. I'm down 25 points in that trade, but how many points is the loss in accuracy is worth it. I'll make my points back if suddenly you're hitting on 4's on my Repulsor instead of with rerolls or plus to hit.

>> No.72022371

>is this real?
I wish it wasn't

>> No.72022375



>> No.72022384

Multi damage, good AP, S5. They can also benefit from a lot of buffs and even 360 noscope through walls in a pinch. They're not that expensive, have 1+ saves in cover and scout deploy. It's not about instantly deleting Abaddon or whatever, but a squad or three can squat in cover being a giant pain to shift while threatening to headshot any medium- and light-weight character that pops its head out over the course of the game. Psykers, medics, various buffing characters that rely on being untargetable to survive get fucked over hardcore by them.

>> No.72022391

But who is who?

>> No.72022399

>GK to get rid of warp shaping and the cp gaining psychic power, and the hq that doubles psychic range

LoL, may as well not have an update at all.

Let me guess marines keep their codex doctrins, relics, psychic powers ? are they allowed to take their PA rules too, because if yes then it would make for really hilarious games.

Do GK keep their codex point costs, or can they used the CA ones?

>> No.72022400

They're all Aeldari. It doesn't matter.

>> No.72022404

Multi damage, good AP, S5. They can also benefit from a lot of buffs and even 360 noscope through walls in a pinch. They're not that expensive, have 1+ saves in cover and scout deploy. It's not about instantly deleting Abaddon or whatever, but a squad or three can squat in cover being a giant pain to shift while threatening to headshot any medium- and light-weight character that pops its head out over the course of the game. Psykers, medics, various buffing characters that rely on being untargetable to survive get fucked over hardcore by them.

Young man you put those goalposts back where you found them or so help me

>> No.72022407

>Next question.
Where is the based department in 40k?

>> No.72022409

Are you interest to AoS? Pure Daemons armies exist for players that want to play both games, that's the only reason to.

>> No.72022412

>That's not a fully fledged army.
Damn, but I want as much icky fleshy stuff as possible.
My only options as I see are haemonculus, nids or some kinda meme list like discolord+maulerfiends+defiler+whatever. Nurgle stuff is kinda too cartoony for my taste.

>> No.72022433


You know I’m only taking more than one HQ because the garbage detachment rules of 8th force me to though, right?

>> No.72022434

Sisters confirmed 9' tall.

>> No.72022451

Isn't there an ork character that adds attacks in melee or something?

I remember being able to kill some ork character and my opponent getting super sad about it. That alone is worth the points.

>> No.72022485

My Painter Fuel. Helps that I'm a recovering alcoholic, the slight bitterness and effervescence is what I used to curb cravings.

>> No.72022502


Half a head taller than 7 foot is 9 foot now?

>> No.72022509


>> No.72022511

>the virgin BANEBLADE NEEDS A BUFF ;______; T9 or 5+++ NOW
>the chad Stormlord "its for fun, fuck it" fully manned pirate ship sailing down the middle of the board

>> No.72022514

t. 5'11''

>> No.72022518

Okay you average 1.9 wounds before headshot, and 1 from headshot. 2.9 should kill most characters in 2 turns.

>> No.72022539

Good job anon, keep up the good work.
Care to post some of your stuff?

>> No.72022545

It's a chicken and egg scenario. Sure Marines would still be the most popular if you equalized releases, but it still skews the data if one faction gets 40+% of the model releases and almost all the lore, promotional material, videogames and more.

>> No.72022553

I live in ITC hell. Those types of people come by the bucket here. Except most of them either paint people to paint their models for big tournies or just gray tide because they're wannabes that go to low tier tournies with no 3 color at best

>> No.72022565

I do. I also have EC marines I use with them.

>> No.72022567


Two turns with good rolls, three turns without is “half the game” anon.

>> No.72022577

>3-4 drones per big battlesuit
Just don't take more than 2 drones per suit. If you're using fast attack slots to take dedicated units of shield drones then you're playing way too cautious if you aren't trying to win a major tournament. No, the 8 man tourney at your lgs is not major. If it's in a store of any kind instead of a convention center then it isn't anything more than some guys organizing to get more casual games in. Don't take an all kroot army or something dumb like that so you're guaranteed autolosses, but don't worry about going max nofun optimal either.

>> No.72022581

they do that because existing and new xenos releases, sans Tau, don't sell nearly as well.

Eldar finally got their new aspect warriors and new Phoenix Lord and nobody fucking cared even after the box got split.

>> No.72022585

Nice looking army anon

>> No.72022589

A vindicare is wounding your characters with a 69% chance. It gets a bit more random from there due to Deadshot and Head shot abilities, but a Vindicare -can-, with good rolls, dish out 10 wounds with a single shot. Granted, the chances of that are around 0.1%, but it's possible. Realistically, he's doing 2-5 wounds per turn, or spamming double kill every turn to double that.

>> No.72022591

I have quite a few betrayal at calth and plain 40k termies lays around unassembled. Easily 15-20, maybe more second hand ones locked away deeper in my closet.

Should I take them and toss on some chaos bits and run them in my black legion?

They were for an imperial project years ago I abandoned, but with the primaris push, I don’t know if I should bother doing them up when Agressors and it’s most likely fu to re derivatives will get all the love.

>> No.72022596

Oh manlets.

>> No.72022601


They’ve also completely ran out of ideas for marine units because they’ve been releasing them so fast for so long.

>> No.72022602

It would be easier to go Nids if you want all flesh army. Death Guard may also be worth a look.

For Drukhari, Covens only get
>HQ: Haemonculus
>Elite: Grosteques
>Troops: Wracks
>Heavy Support: Chronos, Talos (same kit)
And that's not going to work as a full army.
The heaviest flesh list of drukhari would be using the Coven units plus Wyches, since Wyches have much less armor on than Kabal units.
Wyches will not have the "ick" factor you want however, but you can run Beastmasters with their whole menagerie of monsters. Greenstuff some flayed skin on them a la Necron Flayed Ones and you're in business.
And there's Mandrakes.

>> No.72022610

Are citadel metallics supposed to have a liquid-like consistency? Can I still use them, thinned with water or lahmian medium or do I need to buy replacement pots?

>> No.72022617

Turn them into yourdudes.

>> No.72022620

>Should I take them and toss on some chaos bits and run them in my black legion?
You can although cataphractii terminators have actual rules for loyalists and death guard

>> No.72022628

How do you know any of this?

>> No.72022631

First powerfist finger complete

>> No.72022642

They get indirect fire, are 1+ armor in cover, and can pick off characters pretty efficiently. They're low risk decent snipers, and generally aren't the biggest threat in your army. Like if you're targeting my Eliminators over my Devastators or Centurions, be my guest.

>> No.72022645

If fusion commanders are never in range to use their fusion, then the war is already won without a shot fired.

>> No.72022650

Keep shaking, may need to get a tooth pick and stir the bottom well. I use lamiam medium on them, just a little though.

>> No.72022657

How many people from your LGS/club/gaming group have died from Corona so far?

>> No.72022661

No. I'm saying we play the game differently. You want the game to be perfectly balanced by a rules team, I want to play the game with my friends for the purpose of having fun, so we're balancing the game out ourselves. Both are viable, I just can't imagine having fun playing competitive 40k myself. so this discussion is futile..

Sisters confirmed 8' tall.

With "Good rolls" the Vindicare kills anything with 6 wounds or less in one turn tho'.

>> No.72022663

got my corona-chan check today lads

ordering some blight haulers and lamps

>> No.72022670

None that I know of

>> No.72022690

I thought all orders were cancelled..

>> No.72022702

None. Kinda hope i am the first so i dont have to pay this $1200 back next year when i file taxes.

>> No.72022705

People go on about the "2 year pipeline" but in reality GW has the capacity to rush shit along if it turns out it sells well. Just look at how knights took off and got 3 fucking box revisions adding new shit every time along with three other big plastic releases just because their original box sold unbelievably well.

>> No.72022709

Yeah you can totally play Slaanesh only. Don't listen to people that say say it's bad. On the daemon side their HQs are all pretty good. Fiends and the contorted epitome can lock units in CC which is a big deal. Daemonettes aren't really good. I suppose you could buff them up and take huge blocks but, there are better options on the CSM side for troops. Noise marines in an Emps Kids detachment are really good and an underrated option (possibly because the parts required to make them). Cultist are cheap. Possessed aren't bad when properly buffed and supported.

>> No.72022711


not on amazon, sucker! It's just delayed till may.

>> No.72022713

The 4 chaos gods have you cornered and you will 100% get corrupted, but at least you get a choice as to which one you will join.

Whats your choice?

>> No.72022720

>I thought all orders were cancelled..
>ordering from GW directly

>> No.72022725


>> No.72022729

They should deal 2.9 to any infantry hq without a fnp and a 3+ or worse. If they have a way to double tap that should eat a character a turn.

>> No.72022735

Barely anyone in my state is sick let alone dead.

>> No.72022738

Do it.

Most nerds that pick up fotm armies will have about as bad of a win rate as you anyway.

>> No.72022740

Easily Nurgle. Those dudes seem happy as fuck despite having their entrails on the wrong side of their ribcage and my job would be to spread this joy to all.

>> No.72022750

and you keep posting the same twitter meme every single thread

>> No.72022752


>> No.72022755

Ten years ago.

>> No.72022769

>It would be easier to go Nids if you want all flesh army.
From what I can tell they've been consistently getting a short end of the stick. And while I am totally okay with playing something sub-optimal I'd rather not gimp myself too hard.
>Beastmasters with their whole menagerie of monsters
Are beastmasters and beasts good enough?
Coven+beasties sound like they'd be kinda lackign with shooty.
Are snakelads good enough or should you always pair them with an archon?
Also fuck taloses (talosi?) are sexy. Love their new design, the awkward floating bunch of triangles it was earlier is nowhere near as cool.

>> No.72022773

I didn’t manage to get my hands on multipart seraphim before the virus happened, but I guess the ones I have from the box set it makes sense I could swap around with a multipart squad to get one flamer group and one melta group?

The issue though is the superior, who has a useless plasma pistol and power sword. Thank god the basic sisters in the box set come with good equipment.

>> No.72022779

Ork player with the boy with the rocket hand, haven't done anything else since. It's been raining and humid so I haven't been able to varnish the boyz or prime the nobz I put together. Its nice out today so I think that will change.

>> No.72022782

I thought it was so bad in America that people were being dumped into mass graves and there was no one left to work in convenience stores and supermarkets.

>> No.72022791

Is it true that Duncan is intensive care?

>> No.72022795 [DELETED] 

How would I model a space marine company veteran, would I just add some extra bling to make him stand out from an average joe?

>> No.72022803

You didn't answer my question. How do you know that the eldar models sold poorly?

>> No.72022809

I live in Washington and haven't seen or heard anything like that. Schools are closed till next year and we'll probably be in quarantine for a while as well though

>> No.72022813

>Ork player with the boy with the rocket hand
I remember that one, fucking awesome idea to save a model, dude.
Long live Atomic Fist.

>> No.72022816

Okay, so why are Death Guard considered shit? I play CSM and know fuck-all about DG, besides the fact they can bring Plague Marines as troops and 5++ armywide FNP.

Why are they weak?

>> No.72022817

wow he had hair

>> No.72022823


What news sources are you reading, the chinese times?

barely any states besides new york and california are affected.

>> No.72022830

>sans Tau

> Firewarrior PS2 game
> DoW: Dark Crusade protagonist
> Loads of BL books

Yep, feelsniceman.jpg

>> No.72022832

I dropped small nuts into my gold paints, while they're no long separated the consistency is still liquid. Even the Retributor Armour primer came out wet after ten minutes of shaking. Except for my sycorax bronze, that's now a solid, gelatinous mass.
I'll use lahmian medium in small quantities instead of water once the primer on my minis is dry.
Why can't this shit dry faster?!

>> No.72022835

lmao what

>> No.72022844

Makes you think. Why can't GW run their parts making factory at full throttle? It's not like they have to hug and kiss to make those parts.
Now that everyone is at home with nothing to do they could have made a killing in mini sales.

>> No.72022846


I don’t think anywhere in the world is hit by it that bad.

Unsurprisingly, humans are extremely populated and losing a fraction of a percent of the population isn’t really a huge deal except as individual tragedies.

The current response is a disaster for the health of society as a whole due to shutting it down unnecessarily, but it all really depends on your perspective as to how important minimising losses of individual people really is.

>> No.72022850

They aren't weak as such. Their datasheets are naturally powerful they just lack the extra rules outside of the datasheets to abuse in high level comp play. In casual games they can stomp.

>> No.72022858

>How do you know that the eldar models sold poorly?
Have you noticed how all the two faction boxes for 40k and AOS sold out within 10 days with the exception of Wake the Dead and Blood of the Phoenix? The former was available for a year after release and the latter is still taking up shelf space everywhere. Nobody fucking wants eldar.

>> No.72022880

They're really bad at getting in melee where most of their strength lies cause they're slow and their ranged options are kinda bad. They've got really nice vehicles, though. Bloat-drone and PBC are ace.

>> No.72022897

Mass graves were all over Danish news and I think I got the convenience store thing from there (or it could have been from /pol/).

>> No.72022905

2+.2+.,5+, 3+ translates to 4 wounds, which kills most supporting characters for a 15.4% chance.

2+, 6+. 6+ does 6 wounds and kills most any character, admittedly with a 2.3% chance.

2+, 6+, 6+, 3+, 4+, 5+, 6+ does 10 wounds and has a negligible chance of succeeding but the point of this exercise was to say that with good rolls, Vindicares can remove a character a turn. Or two, if you use the double kill stratagem (which lets you shoot again but at a different target)

Meanwhile, the Eversor you pointed at a squad at a squad of boyz or equivalent kills 10 of them per turn.

>> No.72022906

They don't run the factories themselves, not that it matters because they order massive batches then them in warehouses. They aren't allowed to run right now because they are not an essential service or producer. Corona in the UK is real bad right now.

>> No.72022920

Alright, I tried tweaking everything to synergize a bit more. Is this any better? (Different detachments, I'm just putting it together so my post isn't huge)

x2 Company Commander [60pt]
>Chainsword and Plasma Pistol, 1 WL (Laurels, Grand Strategist)

Tech-priest Dominus [80pt]
>Volkite and Macrostubber

Canoness and Missionary [97pt]
>Blessed Blade, Plasma Pistol, Heroine in The Making (Beacon of Faith)

x4 Infantry Squads [192pt]
>Vox Caster, Grenade Launcher

x3 Battle Sister Squads [252pt]
>Combi-Flamer, Hand Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Flamer, Incensor Cherub, Simulacrum

Repentia Superior and 9 Repentias [152pt]

[Heavy Support]/[Transport]
Basilisk [110]
>Full Payload, Heavy and Storm Bolter

Mortifier (Anchorite) [62pt]
>x2 Heavy Bolter, x2 Penitent Flail

Retributor Squad [110pt]
>Combi-Flamer, Hand Flamer, x3 Heavy Flamer, Armorium Cherub and Simulacrum

Sister Rhino [67pt]

Guard are Mordian so they'll overwatch on 5+, +1 to leadership, and they can (if they're still alive) target characters. Sisters are still Ebon Chalice because the Missionary will provide the buffs to A, while EC allows Battle squads to advance and still shoot their guns. Admech is still Stygies so that the Onagers will have some defense for a little bit. Guard and Battle squads will push objectives, with the sisters being a bitch in overwatch due to all the flamers. Rhino will move around with the Repentias and Superior to be a distraction and annoyance, much like the Basilisk and Anchorite. Onagers will do the heavy lifting. Canoness will net a total 2 miracle dice every one of my turns, which the girls can use for whatever.

There, did I make something that isn't irredeemable shit?

>> No.72022939

This dude straight up listens to only Chinese news or something. More people have died from the flu this last season. In fact whats really saving lives are the sharp decline in automobile deaths which are far far deadlier than the flu and we let 16 year old retarded children drive.

>> No.72022941

who cares about coastalfags
>trusting news from /pol/

>> No.72022946


This picture is from a hart island NY temporary burial site that has been used for jane/john does that have been unclaimed by family members in unsolved cases.

They were burying coronavirus dead there because of the possibility of infection of living people.

>> No.72022947

>Eldar finally got their new aspect warriors and new Phoenix Lord and nobody fucking cared even after the box got split.
Gee I wonder why, could it be because 42.5€ for 5 monopose models with no options whatsoever is really shitty?

>> No.72022953

Or maybe its because those eldar boxes contain decade old models that look horrible with horrible rules to match.

Its really tough to say that no one wants to play xenos when their model lines are old enough to vote and 80% of the releases for the last 2 years have been space marines.

>> No.72022956

guess so, thanks

>> No.72022965

New york and california is the living, beating cultural heart of your nation. Everything else is just irrelevant shitholes.

>> No.72022967


>Corona in the UK is real bad right now.

Are you joking? We’ve only had about ten thousand deaths. We’d need sixty times that to even hit 1% of the population.

>> No.72022976

Not to be political but the dead are mostly fat people, old people, or unhealthy people with some kind of bad lifestyle decisions. Very few actual healthy people are dying. The media tried to push that bullshit by showing these "Healthy" 245 pound nurses that died from Corona and they got shut down hard by criticism.

>> No.72022978

White is hard.

>> No.72022986

Does anyone know of aftermarket sites that make custom parts and models? Like Legiomodels and Bits of War. Those are the only two I know of, and was curious if there was more.

>> No.72022989

Have you ever played before? This isn't a legal list at all. You need to run your sisters, imperial guard and mechanicus in seperate detachments. IMPERIUM isn't valid as a usable detachment keyword anymore. Even if it was you aren't allowed the benefits of regiments etc (eg mordian rule) if it isn't a pure mordian detachment.

>> No.72022992

People are so fucking braindead. They turn on the TV and only tune in to the noise they want and a lot of it is wanting panic because it means more people glued to their screens for information.

>> No.72023004

Is this a joke post?

>> No.72023012

>living, beating, cultural heart of America
No, not really.

>> No.72023016

dude do you not understand how viruses work? The more it spreads it gets multiplicatively worse. If we just do nothing it spreads to everyone, becomes almost impossible to deal with and millions die.

>> No.72023028

>eldar would sell if they got new models!
>get new models in box, nobody buys it
>releases models by themselves, nobody buys them, nobody plays them

>> No.72023030


>> No.72023040


>the living, rotted disgusting rotted roots that should have been burned in fire thirty years ago

>> No.72023046

Slaanesh, if I'm going to lose my soul, might as well go for the ride of my life.

>> No.72023047


I know planet of the apes depicted a virus killing most of the world’s population anon, but real diseases don’t work like that.

>> No.72023050

>When your entire worldview is based on American movies because your shithole nations culture is completely irrelevant in the 21st century

>> No.72023052

lol nice try

>> No.72023055

They are in separate detachments.

>(Different detachments, I'm just putting it together so my post isn't huge)

Guard Battalion, Sister Battalion, Admech Spearhead.

>> No.72023060

So easy to get responses here.

>> No.72023064

Why are there no Iron Warrior successor warbands?
Gimme one with industrial orange + reflective silver stripes.

>> No.72023065

Not an eldar players but who the fuck buys boxes with minis that they won't use? It's like how I, a chaos player, didn't buy Shadowspear since I don't play loyalist marines.

>> No.72023086

Khorne because being mad and angry as well as having violent outbursts is what my life is like anyway.

>> No.72023100

>but who the fuck buys boxes with minis that they won't use?
See real people have these social groups called friends with whom they can split boxes with. Its ok that you don't know anything about that tho

>> No.72023105

Steel Brethren is one
There are a few other named warbands of IW, but with no official colorschemes

>> No.72023106

It's too easy

>> No.72023110

You didn't list any admech heavy support...

>> No.72023117


>> No.72023127

>giving away things for free

>> No.72023131

So your plan is to happily let it spread to everyone and do absolutely nothing about it because you want some more plastic toys?

>> No.72023162

>giving away things for free
I'm quoting you here because you're going to realize how fucking stupid your post is and will inevitably try to say it was a merely pretending but we both know it wasn't.

>> No.72023163

So you know at least one person who plays each faction?

>> No.72023165

>willingly living in flyover states

>> No.72023166

You split the cost as well.

>> No.72023169

You jealous, zoomer, that I give away nice minis to my friends but you have to beg mommy for a box of ETB Intercessors for Easter? That's fine, you seem like a spiteful person anyways.

>> No.72023183

Oh. Whoops. Could've sworn I did, my bad. There's three Onager Dunecrawlers, each with the Icarus Array, [306pt]

>> No.72023191

Curious people's opinions on my Iron Hands list. Taking the Astreus because I think it's criminally underrated and looks cool. The main things I'm not sure about is if it's worth running the Repulsor Executioner as a back up for my Astreus or if I should go with something that benefits more from the Father of the Future like a big squad of Centurions, but if I go that route I'll probably have to drop my Eliminators which means I have little to deal with characters.

>> No.72023192

At that point you might as well just wait for the kits to come out separately.

>> No.72023202

>I know planet of the apes depicted a virus killing most of the world’s population anon, but real diseases don’t work like that.

>Smallpox in the new world
>Spanish flu
>Ebola in Africa, where the outbreak hasn't ended since the international scare 6 years ago

>> No.72023208

I've been to New York and to San Diego and a little bit of LA (in both cases for conferences), spent a couple of months there in total.
On one of the trips I took a car and drove out from CA into the interior to see the grand canyon and all that. The nature was very impressive, but the people.... kek. I don't think I've seen so many shanty towns and inbred-looking McDonalds workers with rotten teeth in my life. Also, your injuns are ugly and dumb.

>> No.72023211

>So you know at least one person who plays each faction?
>Do you know someone who plays space marines, space wolves, space marines, also more space wolves, orks and death guard?

>> No.72023224

>At that point you might as well just wait for the kits to come out separately.
You don't because you're paying $70-80 for roughly double that worth of stuff

>> No.72023240

>Also, your injuns are ugly and dumb.

>> No.72023251

I don't know what the fuck you want anon, you asked a question and I answered.

>> No.72023259

>On one of the trips I took a car and drove out from CA into the interior to see the grand canyon and all that. The nature was very impressive, but the people.... kek. I don't think I've seen so many shanty towns and inbred-looking McDonalds workers with rotten teeth in my life. Also, your injuns are ugly and dumb.
>I drove through the barely inhabited Mojave desert and now assume an entire continent is like that

>> No.72023272

How much was Shadowspear?

>> No.72023274


As compared to who else's fucking injuns?

The only "smart" indians are the white sami of finland and that's only because they didn't get started being retarded. and actually figured out tech.

The homeless problem in california should kill them all soon enough and so will new york

>> No.72023289

There's one that gives +1 to hit, which is more valuable for WS3+ when you're at A4 or higher (which choppa boyz hit naturally). Ghaz gives +1A on the charge but you need a fucking volcano cannon to snipe that guy and even then it takes 3 turbs.

>> No.72023313

Imagine thinking 'even 1% of the population' wouldn't be a catastrophic disaster the likes of which no western nation has seen since ww2

>> No.72023316

They kinda screwed themselves by giving Jain Zar shit rules. Good rules sell models, GW knows this. At least Drazhar gets some play.

>> No.72023320

Nids are fine. 40stats records tourneys using ITC rules and basically Hive Guard, Malanthropes, and genestealers (possibly a full GSC detachment) will pull you through and often into Top 4 finishes.

For Drukhari, avoiding Kabal units will definitely remove your best shooting options. Blasters and dark lances will be the biggest losses.
I don't own any Ssleth so I don't know.
I entered the conversation assuming that style was more important that power. That's the ground I've been making recommendations from, and I took those grounds because your original question was about painting. Drukhari are a perfectly capable army, but it has always been the case that Drukhari are harder to play than other armies because they lack durability.
If you want to turn your brain off and still win games, just play Space Marines like everyone else.
I don't say that to be an elitist prick, but I have to say it because it's the only thing that can be said when Marines were 6/8 finalists at LVO.

>> No.72023321

Thats the funniest shit ever.

>> No.72023323


Are you mistaking me for saying something more than the uk hasn’t been hit very hard?

>> No.72023324


>> No.72023328


>> No.72023330

>the people who live in the middle of a desert are weird

>> No.72023349


>> No.72023362

Looked it up, it was $175. Meaning $87.50 if you split it. SC daemonkin and vanguard primaris are each $95. The difference is a pittance. I can find $7.50 walking down the street.

>> No.72023373

Wouldn't it make more sense for the armor save to come before the wound roll?

>> No.72023384

You can grab stls and have a 3D printing service do stuff for you.

Or save money in the long run and grab a printer and 3d scanner. Resin printers are $200.

>> No.72023386


>> No.72023393

Why is /40kg/ so easy to derail?

>> No.72023396

>I drove through a red state and everyone was a redneck

You should visit a good state like Delaware.

>> No.72023409

Yes, GW have addressed this. They say that even though that's the logical sequence, armor after save 1) cuts down on the alternating player actions which saves time and more importantly 2) was a "feels good" thing for the defending player since they felt they can stop an attack at the last moment. Mind you, in the edition of Dd3 and Dd6 I don't know how valid either of those points are anymore.

>> No.72023413

Because this entire board is now 90% /pol/tier retards and people who easily take their bait.

>> No.72023416

The shitposting never stops unless the retards start posting bannable material.

>> No.72023417

I don't understand this post

>> No.72023423

So you would rather wait 12 months and spend 9% more so you can...get nothing else.

Also the other boxes are far better deals since they aren't filled with ETB starter models but the full kits

>> No.72023440


>> No.72023442

>wake the dead, split with marine player
>tooth and claw, split with space wolf player
>shadowspear, split with marine player
>legacy of the beast, split with space wolf player
lmao idiot

>> No.72023448

>So you would rather wait 12 months and spend 9% more so you can...get nothing else.
Well it's better than getting a bunch of ugly vanguard primaris models that will sit on a sprue until the sun burns out

>> No.72023453

Thingiverse, etc. have all been purged of 40k stuff outside of a few scraps.

>> No.72023456

>Muh /pol/
>Muh /v/
I bet you're not innocent either pal.

>> No.72023457

40k caters to teenagers and edgelords.
Miniatures are a hobby for social rejects or autists.
The internet amplifies the voices of the stupid.
4chan is a refuge for degenerates.

>> No.72023464

Andy Chambers is the one who decided the armor save comes last.
Robin Cruddace is the one who added Dd3 and d6.

Really makes you wonder why 8th edition has been such a cluster fuck.

>> No.72023465

Not a whole lot to talk about right now and nurgles gift made playing the game hard to do right now

>> No.72023475

That's not every faction.
What if there was a hypothetical box that came out where you play one faction, but neither you nor any of your hypothetical acquaintances play the other?

>> No.72023488

>Well it's better than getting a bunch of ugly vanguard primaris models that will sit on a sprue until the sun burns out
Are you implying its hard to find a marine player to sell marines to
You know shadowspear sold out for exactly that demand right

>> No.72023495

I know this image is bait, but I'm locked inside because of the Chinese virus so here goes:
>40k justifies fascism

>> No.72023499

Pure slaanesh as in only slaanesh marked units is fine, but trying to play pure daemons you will suffer mainly due to a lack of shooting in an edition that favours shooting over melee.

>> No.72023503

Oh you mean like Blood of the Phoenix where nobody plays Eldar and nobody wants to buy Eldar so it just sat on shelves for over half a year before being pulled? Yeah I member that

>> No.72023529

>take the time and effort to set up an ebay account to try to sell off some fugly marine units
Yeah I think I'll just spend the extra 7 bucks on SC CSM

>> No.72023540

You're next level retarded.

No one bought the box because it was bundled with trash units that were decades old.

You don't have a shred of evidence to suggest that the models being released by themselves didn't sell well.

>> No.72023552


>> No.72023553

The hypothetical includes a faction that you hypothetically play. For example, if you played Dark Eldar, but not Craftworld Eldar.

>> No.72023560

Ghaz sounds right.

I didn't snipe him, I did some screen clearing + maneuvering to let my fusion commander knock him out. Then think I repositioned with a stratagem to hide the commander on a flank where it couldn't be killed. He sent something to try to assassinate, but the shield drone the commander had + character rule ended up as an unintentional rope-a-dope.

>> No.72023563

I unironically think Cruddace has done a good job with 8th, specific balance mishaps (release IH were 7th ed-tier) aside.

>> No.72023570

I think if you see Chaos and think "Da Joos" that's a you problem.

>> No.72023580

The sigmarxist place seems to really hate 40k for some reason because its fascist or some shit.

>> No.72023591

>take the time and effort to set up an ebay account to try to sell off some fugly marine units
So we're getting back to the top of the reply chain where I imply you're a fag for not having an actual play group where splitting a box on release day is trivial.

>> No.72023597

The un-snipable thing is new, Ghaz got a new model and a huge rules overhaul. He's now closer to a daemon primarch than a marine captain, most notably getting a rule where he can only take up to 4 wounds (from his 12 total) per phase.

>> No.72023610

>You don't have a shred of evidence to suggest that the models being released by themselves didn't sell well.
Yeah all those new banshees and Jain Zhars running around in peoples armies or WIP pics...oh wait

>> No.72023611

I don't know anyone who likes the vanguard models. They're quite ugly.

>> No.72023613

The only bad units in BotP were the Falcon and Vyper.
Those were also the only two models more than six years old.

You don't have a thread of evidence to suggest that you aren't full of shit.

>> No.72023626

High. I care for blood angels a lot

>> No.72023633


Shockingly, having the same rules team that fucked over a good system design their own system from scratch is only “better” in that it briefly results in less bloat before their ruleset in a worse starting position gets fucked right back over by the same incompetence and bad habits.

Rowntree should have fired the entire rules team on the spot and started over.

>> No.72023645

My favorite is they're unironic Marxists but buy from GW, which is the definition of corporate greed.

>> No.72023653

r/sigmarxism is a shitpost generator akin to r/SRS, which unfortunately means it's going to take on a life of its own eventually, and destroy the hobby.

In the mean time, discard out of hand any opinion that stems from that place.

>> No.72023659

ghaz gives a +1 attack on the charge aura

>> No.72023676

>Rowntree should have fired the entire rules team on the spot and started over.
That wouldn't fix anything because the rules team is a bunch of redshirts they promoted.
Exactly what kind of experience does a salesman bring to a rules-writing team?

>> No.72023677

2 cunnies!

>> No.72023694

I do friend.
I do.

>> No.72023703


It would fix anything if he followed up firing them all with talent scouting, you know, qualified rules writers.

>> No.72023706

>using Ghaz outside of narrative play

>> No.72023712

i know people irl that legitimately eat this shit up.

>> No.72023713

as someone who is slipping down the commie path fast, I still like the product GW makes and buy it based on that merit. I just also think everyone who works at GW should own a slice of the pie. Being leftist in a capitalist society doesn't mean you have to sit in a bare room.

>> No.72023717

So uh
Yea or Nay? Or should I just go with what's 'fun'

>> No.72023719

I don't. I use recasters and am buying a Anycubic Photon to 3d print.

>> No.72023723

Eldar won't sell if the models are priced up the ass.

I know it's anecdotal, but our local FLGS managers are pissed at the new Sister line. The army set was sold out to the point they were getting angry calls about not being able to order one for them, but now that the actual kits are out nobody's buying them because fuck nu-GW pricing.

Again, I feel sorry for anyone asking for new models for their armies because it will only mean a retarded price hike to boot.

>> No.72023743

>Imperium is Fascist
Why are the politically illiterate always the ones to make images and shitposts?

>> No.72023768


I'm calling out bait explicitly from here on out, because I think some of them aren't recognizing that they aren't exactly having quality conversations. Hopefully it helps the userbases recognition.

>> No.72023772

>my purely anecdotal evidence must be true!
cope more faggot. give me one hard fact to back up your claim. I'm waiting.

False. Hellions and scourges came out in 2010 and 2011 according to this:https://www.thedarkcity.net/t2570-dark-eldar-release-timeline

And the phrase is "A shred of evidence" not a thread.

>> No.72023773

>nids are fine
40kstats doesn't even keep track of what style of mission packs are being played
The one event where two nid players made it to the top 4 was an iron man event where dead models couldn't be used in the next game
iirc games of westeros IX's semifnals and finals were played after a night of heavy drinking where the day 2ers were so hungover they could barely play
grim resolve barely even scraped up enough players to be considered qualified to be put up

>> No.72023785

I'm worried about guard vehicles getting replaced/updated. It wont happen for awhile right? I dont want to buy a bunch of wyverns only to have them announce a new sculpt for them next month

>> No.72023800 [DELETED] 

Should women be allowed to play 40k?

>> No.72023803

You forgot the one where they mistake the cool space crusaders for political commentary.

>> No.72023804

guard vehicles are hilariously ugly anyway. Buy historicals instead.

>> No.72023824

>commissars aren't political commentary
>laughs in russian

>> No.72023837

Name one (1) way in which the institution of the Imperium isn't fascist. I don't give a shit about anecdotal pieces of fluff where the MC in a book did something that wasn't fascist. I am talking about the institutions that drive the Imperium and the precepts that they live by.

>> No.72023840

don't do this

>> No.72023842

Did people do anything else with the Omega Mississippi Men? Seemed like a fun idea, would be a shame for it to fade away.

>> No.72023845

The chaos rhino has to be the most useless kit that you can buy right now. If you buy a SM rhino and a defiler (instead of a CSM rhino and a defiler), you'll have all of the exact same bits to build the chaos rhino, but you'll also have the extra gun options for the defiler thanks to the SM rhino having razorback guns.

>> No.72023856


It’s not efficient enough to be truly facist, though I guess Gulliman is working on it.

>> No.72023866

Fuck no. I wanna buy 40k

>> No.72023868

Iirc this was index orcs vs. codex Tau. So it was going to be a slaughter, even with me playing a depowered list.(had all the various kroot stuff, stealth suit spam, random mix of vehicles/suits that didn't particularly synergize, didn't bother using stratagems other than reroll, etc)

>> No.72023902

Its more of a feudal sustem then anything. Its literally impossible for the imperium to have an iron grip on the million of planets that they own

>> No.72023903

Maybe it didn't sell because it was expensive and had shit content.

>> No.72023905

>All systems of big government that fights wars is Fascist
Believe it or not, political systems have DEFINITIONS.
The closest thing the Imperium is to is a Feudal Theocracy.

>> No.72023927

is the Genestealer Battleforce worth £120?

>> No.72023951

I wouldn't say so. Your best bet for starting GSC is buying two of the Start Collecting.

>> No.72023960

the Imperium of Man is based more on tsarist imperialism than anything else, and that includes the bureaucratic quagmire that Gogol and Dostoevsky documented.

Unfortunately for your argument, the Third Reich wasn't especially religious but the Imperium of Man cannot exist without Faith.

>> No.72023975

Yes. 100%
Count up the cost of buying all those kits individually, now compare it to £120

>> No.72023977


Incorrect, the government operates under a caesaropapist system now due to Gulliman superseding the authority of the Lords of Terra. Caesaropapism is only found in extremely authoritarian, fascistic governments. There's never been any other example of it due to the requirements of its operation. Place be less retarded and read actual history books.

>> No.72023993

You can't exist without faith. The imperium existed just fine without faith until Lorgar found religion

>> No.72024004

>/40kg/ pretending to be armchair political scientists
Yikes and cringe.

>> No.72024010

I will never understand why you respond with this to that.

>> No.72024021

I don't know. I haven't seen any bright orange paint schemes with a confederate flag or anything.

>> No.72024023

He's from /tv/.

>> No.72024031

What the fuck am I reading?
You can't just say anything with a strong central state or figure is fascist.

>> No.72024039

If they were to update guard sculpts I'm pretty sure vehicles would be the last thing they'd do. There hasn't been any rumour engines in the past year that point towards guard vehicles so I wouldn't worry about it.

>> No.72024041

>There's never been any other example of it due to the requirements of its operation
Curious: Why doesn't Stalin count?

>> No.72024055

>dead models couldn't be used in the next game
This sounds like fun, but could easily lead to some shit in the last rounds...

Enjoy buying a model that used to cost 40€ for 60€ then.

>> No.72024062

>the imperium operates under a system of government that has only happened once, and that I happened to be an expert on

schizo-autist spotted.
it's not really a "system" when it's only ever happened once, is it?

>> No.72024066

the imperium is though.

>> No.72024073

>armchair political scientists
as if there's any other type

>> No.72024074

Strange that the Wikipedia article says 'see also: Theocracy' instead of Fascism then

>> No.72024077

Don't. They want to nitpick about the definition of fascism.

>> No.72024080

>Byzantines were Fascist

>> No.72024082

that's why the nid players just daisy chained termagants behind walls where the tervigons and hive guard hid

>> No.72024087


The >Caesar in the >caesaropapist part of the word. Augustus made himself the theocratic head of state by combining the office of princeps with pontifex. It only works if you literally are the head of state both secularly and religiously.

>> No.72024092

Then it should be easy to prove beyond saying that they think their king is a demi-god

>> No.72024096

This is a legal tournament tactic.

>> No.72024098

...But this unironically looks good anon.

I bought a Chaos Rhino and a Sororitas Rhino.

>> No.72024104

>just read these books written by the liberal elite! They'll tell you how to think! And they'll say that every system I don't like is fascism!!

>> No.72024110

Good it's wholesome and fun

>> No.72024115

But then you have a useless Defiler.
I wish they were any good but they're absolutely terrible right now.

>> No.72024119

Because he wasn’t a fascist retard.

>> No.72024121

this has very little use in a true tournament setting

>> No.72024134

I still don't understand. How is that related?

>> No.72024141

>finally get into 4k
>dark imperium
>gonna paint these shit covered aids marines first to practice before painting the primaris.
>Like to paint them
>Start to like them altogether
>9e is coming and has chance of fucking my coronabros
Fuck bros.

>> No.72024143

>it has to be caesar to be casearopapist
But Guilliman isn't Caesar either and he's definitely not the pontifex maximus.
I don't understand your argument because it seems to contradict itself.

>> No.72024149

I don't trust /40kg/'s opinions on daemon engines

>> No.72024157

No, you said they have to be Fascist because they mimic a system that operates almost identically to Theocracy which has most notably been used by the late Roman empire.
You're politically illiterate and a moron.

>> No.72024158

Skitarii Rangers, SM Eliminators, DW Intercessors with SBR, GSC has two units (their names are escpaing my memory).

>> No.72024164

Imagine karate chopping that shit

>> No.72024172

What the fuck was your point?

>> No.72024183

>No, you said
that wasnt me, that was another anon. you are just a retard.

>> No.72024187

But thats cool

>> No.72024188

Nids need all the help they can get.

>> No.72024191

Sounds like you don't have an argument, retard.

>> No.72024195

SBR is Heavy 1. I don't even know what a stalker boltgun is.

>> No.72024223


Gulliman is the son of the head of state (who happens to be God), he is deified by definition. Whether he likes it or not, that's how these systems work. Divine Right extends to him by very definition. Further, he is the Emperor's proxy due to the Emperor's inability to govern or wage war directly. As a result, he has seized the reigns of power and faith. His personal beliefs don't matter to the average person as the mechanisms of power are directly his to manage and oversee. Even though the High Lords literally plotted to have him killed, they backed down because of all the aforementioned points.

>> No.72024228

the imperium is blatantly fascist, if this triggers you then maybe you should fuck off back to whatever cuck shit you came from.

>> No.72024229

How would Cestree fare in 40k??

>> No.72024230

>use a big word like caesaropapist that no one has ever seen before
>thread becomes retards calling each other retards

Thanks I love WARHAMMER 40,000

>> No.72024263

asdie from the scale being fucky, that dosnt look to bad.

>> No.72024265

>High Lords literally plotted to have him killed
Was this in the Chad and Stacy novel?

>> No.72024267

Doctrines were a mistake.

>> No.72024288

You're a retard for two reasons.
1. Imperium isn't Fascist by literal definition.
2. Pointing this out doesn't mean you have opinions about said system.

>> No.72024289

Heavy 2 s4 ap1 d1 boltgun

>> No.72024294

>Chad and Stacy novel?
Sorry, I don't speak 1337.

Do you mean the Chris Wraight novels set on Terra?

>> No.72024296

Doctrines were a fine idea. Super-doctrines were a mistake

>> No.72024300

Post related content then.

>> No.72024306

I'd allow it, it's fluffy and takes effort

>> No.72024314

Based. Not to mention that, unlike the consoomers who constantly buy funkos or something, you actually put effort into your hobby.

>> No.72024317

The one with the Custodian and the sister of silence as protagonists.

>> No.72024327

>Post related content then.
>he says, while shitting up the thread with Grey Sk*ll's wank

>> No.72024350


>> No.72024369


>> No.72024388

>be me
>never heard of tabletop 40k before
>youtube hits me up with a random tabletop match
>shit seems fun I look up some beginner level videos
>Game looks fun and interesting
>Have no friends
>Have no money

So how do you play this game?

>> No.72024395

fuck off pardo

>> No.72024401

How to get these colors?
I'm guessing Rakarth flesh, washed with nuln oil then blended back up to Rakarth and highlighted with palid wych flesh.
then Carroburg crimson wash around the eyes?

Posting butts to stir the skin-painting conversation.
I don't like GW's recommended bugmans glow > reikland fleshshade > cadian skintone > kislev flesh. It comes out too moorish.

>> No.72024402


>> No.72024415

You could check around your local area for hobby shops, since they might have people interested in pickup games. In terms of price, there are ways to find discounts on kits, but the only way to really keep things cheap is to play Kill Team, Necromunda, or one of the other skirmish-scale variants

>> No.72024418

>no friends no money
Get a job and join a sport. You're not ready to play 40k.

>> No.72024419

Heck go for it

>> No.72024423

guys is warhammer p2w

>> No.72024427

no you fuck, it's pay to play

>> No.72024433


>> No.72024436

I fucking wish

>> No.72024455

Why are you such a fucking asshole? Hell, why is the entire thread full of this much shit? You genuinely prefer the "discussion" on "fascism" over posting fanart?

Fuck you, I hope your dog dies.

>> No.72024456

nah its just pay

>> No.72024459


>> No.72024472

Only at the highest tournament levels where adapting to new meta lists is mandatory

>> No.72024474

dumblr trash.

>> No.72024478

Don't fall in to the trap that there are only 1-2 other posters here. The site has hundreds at any given time, with dozens on each board and if they're browsing general /tg/ then they can jump in at any time.

Refer to each post as if they were being made by different people unless the anon makes it clear they are the same.

>> No.72024484

First, get some friends. Then, get some money. At that point in time most everything solves itself out already.

>> No.72024486

Play kill team like I do, you can make multiple teams for family or future friends you invite.
If you don't have friends that play 40k, don't bother with the bigger scale armies unless you have autism

>> No.72024494

is this supposed to be bait?

>> No.72024501

>Discord link
What a fag

>> No.72024503


>> No.72024506

Pay 2 paint. the game part stopped being fun for me.
Still paint and read the lore/fluff though

>> No.72024508

No unless you are a meta chasing fag, a Tactical has remained the same for almost 25 years and so has most armies basic troops and HQs, hell I've seen people still play with rogue trader armies.

>> No.72024513

What do you guys think so far?

>> No.72024518

Please join and tell Michael Anal Jello to kill himself

>> No.72024521

Should you?

>> No.72024523

it really depends on how much you care about winning. if "having a good time with your bros" is good enough for you, then no.

>> No.72024525


>> No.72024529

How did you guys get so good at painting? I feel complete trash man. I have the thin coat idea down but I want to do much but I know I lack the skill. I find it hard to make my mins truly /your dudes/ I guess. I have some necrons which I like most and a few orkz still in the box. The necrons are coming along but I feel so basic. I like metallic colors but apparently metallic colors make for very boring necrons?

>> No.72024535

if my opponent did this, i'd shake his hand and fucking bow before the absolute chad

>> No.72024536


>> No.72024541

we are the discord trannies

goodbye Camrinchan#7021

>> No.72024542

I like it. I like you.

>> No.72024544

Watch Duncan's videos and learn his techniques

>> No.72024547

It's not that expensive if you plan ahead.
Don't go buying every kit out there like it's going out of print.

>> No.72024552

What's wrong with Defilers?

>> No.72024560

huh? dg is already bottom tier. the worst case for 9e would be still being bottom tier.

>> No.72024561


why am I such a coomer bros. I jhacked off to this pic many times over now.

>> No.72024596


That sisters rhino pricing is an absolute joke, it's just the same old 21 year old kit with an accessory sprue i.e. the same damn thing as the chaos rhino, only one of the sprues is new.

Guess they can't have people buying cheap rhinos for conversions.

>> No.72024601

Let's get married

>> No.72024602

Yeah, there is a lot of hate for even non trashy girl related fan art here the last couple of days.

And it's nearly all towards reasonable sketches and rather than the space marine patreon pin ups and super trash mega boob stuff.

Not sure if they're just attaching their post to a more recent submission or what.

>> No.72024609

thats a dark souls enemy

>> No.72024620

well gee, i wouldn't want to ruin such a nice number

>> No.72024691


>> No.72024711

The game sucks and the devs can't balance, so it's an ever rotating trend of who got the last rules update.

But it's been this way since the beginning. 40k and MtG are the originators of every balance problem modern competitive games have.

>> No.72024739


>> No.72024961

The Rogue Doc's model, yeah. They 'unveiled' her in the Necromunda column.

>> No.72025056

Pretty sure she’s on a 32 mm base brother

>> No.72025084

have fun collecting, painting and converting. Arrange your dudes on the table and take cool photos

>> No.72025663


>> No.72025686

So far. Long way to go yet faggot.

If you don't think this is serious, I hope you get it.

>> No.72025713

You're a fucking idiot.

May Corona Chan visit you personally.

>> No.72025728

Another fucktard.

>> No.72025847

Yes, the S O U L department?

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