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I've always liked Gun Blades as a concept, but realize they are stupidly impractical which triggers my autism. What are some ways you could justify and implement such weapons in a fantasy setting?

Take this sword for example, let's say the barrel and firing mechanism is made out of some rare, super light alloy in order not to weigh down the sword part. Like mithril or whatever. Gunblades are rare in the setting, used exclusively by the guards of wealthy/powerful individuals or high ranking officers. Gun Axes and Hammers and the like are also around and more common due to the less complex construction and need for rare materials to lower weight, but still not used by everyday grunts.

Also instead of firing bullets as we know them, firearms contain an alchemical compound that allows normalfags to use basic forms of offensive magic, which just like IRL has changed warfare by making your infantry a bunch of lvl 1 wizards instead of just people with pointy sticks.

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Honestly I go with the Final Fantasy 13 style gunblade over the 8 style gunblade, which amounts to 'an assault rifle that can turn into a sword with the press of a button', in game by the 'blade' basically folding along the gun and then flipping out when it's stabbin' time.

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Gun Axes are mostly used by irregular troops and mercenaries who can afford them. They are seen as close range "shock" weapons designed to break formations. The gun part is designed to be used in short range, spraying a short range "cone" spell at the enemy to make them panic and then using the axe to hack into the formation

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so, you just made a Final Fantasy XIV gunbreaker blade? That said, funny part that that design seems pretty good on it's own. The firing mechanism is close enough to the hilt that it might actually help with balance, the pistol isn't bad and not in a retarded position like the Imperial Japanese Nanbu (which was theoretically a more ergonomic design for a more modern firearm but the design made the blade's integrity highly precarious), and you're generally not exactly expected to impale someone to the hilt when you stab them, and the barrel is short enough to not compromise blade effectiveness. To top it all off, the barrel and the blade being separated means they don't compromise one another's metallurgy or wear as they're individually used. The only issues are that the pistol mechanism makes that slightly cumbersome to stow (but no worse than having a shitload of keys and sticking them in your back pocket with your wallet), the off-centering of the barrel might disrupt aiming/or if the bullet tumbles too much during firing, it could richochet off the blade. Only other issue would be holding it wrong and not firing first causing you to accidentally shot when you meant to swing.

Oh, and lastly, there are 'practical gunblades' they're called bayonets and we use them even with modern rifles.

Fun fact: because all tank classes (which is the gunbreaker's role) have one ranged attack as a sort of taunt, the Gunbreaker's is to somehow fire a shot, likely of aether, from their gunblade.

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This weapon is a custom made piece designed to serve as a side arm for a paladin. The heavy design actually benefit's the paladin's use of smites and the scripture on the side enhances these effects. The "gun" was added to give the Paladin access to a few last ditch, emergency spells after expending all his slots.

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gunbreaker being a tank was dumb

if the class was based on squall instead of on random garbo it would be the most mobile thing since lancer

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>Oh, and lastly, there are 'practical gunblades' they're called bayonets and we use them even with modern rifles.

Obviously, but I made this thread to talk about more exotic weapons. Good read though, thanks. It was always my understanding that gunblades were too heavy to be practical and just carry a pistol you could freely use was better than fusing it to your sword.

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Rather then attaching a gun to a sword, why not attach a sword to a gun?

Oh, that's right. They already did. It's called a bayonet you talentless weeb.

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The only thing I'd do to try and justify them is keep the gun part as a single shot, long reload weapon. Just to give a reason why characters don't just sit back, ignore the blade part and keep shooting.

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>What are some ways you could justify and implement such weapons in a fantasy setting?
The same way that they did in RL. It may not be quite as retarded as you'd like, but it works incredibly well.

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>Final Fantasy 13 style gunblade
I just looked these up, and they remind me of this trick weapon from Bloodborne.

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well, you're not wrong. In the scheme of things it is simpler just to keep a pistol and a sword since another issue with that design is that it would limit reloading just enough to be a bother/slow you down. And in the end, you're only going to only get a single shot off the pistol.

and samurai should have been a tank, but clearly Square Enix had other ideas.

you could get away with a multi shot pistol. I mean, look at old Colt Single Action Army revolvers before catridged bullets came along. You got six to even nine shots in some cases, which is cool, but then you basically had to reload each chamber like they were muskets of their own.

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>you could get away with a multi shot pistol
Sure, you could. But how many rounds of effective shooting do you give the players ?

By 'effective shooting' I mean putting out enough bullets for it to be worth shooting instead of closing to melee.

Make each shot too effective and a multi-shot weapon means players going a large part of the combat before running out of ammo. Using the blade becomes tactically questionable.

Make it so that it's only worthwhile shooting if you empty the entire gun into the target and you're only talking a single round of shooting. Sure, it's a multi shot weapon, but the only practical use empties it in a single round. So all you've got to make it different to a single shot weapon is, maybe, a bit more math to calculate the result. And the risk that players might decide to only fire some of the shots they have, then complain about guns being 'unrealistically' ineffective.

But part of this is that, when I have guns in fantasy RPGs, I like the dynamic of guns only getting a single powerful shot each fight, while bow users can keep their weaker ranged attacks going throughout the fight.

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>What are some ways you could justify and implement such weapons in a fantasy setting?

I think if you're including something as goofy as gun blades in your setting you shouldn't obsess over justifying it and just have fun with it. That's what the source material certainly does with things like a gun blade being loaded with what look like shotgun cartridges but in a revolver style chambers.

If you're worried about them being too powerful as both a long range and close range weapon I'd just keep it to the FFVIII style: the gun part isn't actually for shooting, but vibrating the blade for more cutting power similarly to high frequency blades from Metal Gear.

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If you're looking for a sensible and realistic style, then centuries of weapons makers and fighters have worked very hard to produce the answers for you. You'll find them in museums.

If you're *not* looking for a sensible amd realistic style, do whatever the fuck you feel like.

Just don't end up up your own arse agonising about finding something that's logical but wasn't already found in the real world, because that's pretty much self-contradictory.

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that's a fair assessment. in my mind the more ideal situation is maybe firing one or two shots for opening salvos and keeping another two or more in reserve for picking of runners of stopping chargers. But that's not always how others will play out.

I am so fucking weeb half my blood is Japanese and this is far more offensive in my mind than the FFVIII gunblade. You take an already shitty pistol, stick a very flimsy blade on it that compromises aiming the pistol due to the increase in weight, and you prove two negatives don't necessarily make a positive, they make something shittier.

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People have experimented with the idea in real life. The bayonet aside, stuff like pic related was apparently popular with street gangs.
One of the great things about humam cultures is that we dont always do the practical thing. Just about any kind of gun+blade combo could be present in your games if it is fashionable. Fashion did play a big part of civilian side arm choices. Duelling weapons especially can be impractical, but a single shot gun knife would also be a good mugging weapon.

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got you a real picture, bro.

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It was the first one i saw that showed how it folds.

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>new guy joins the group
>pretty chill, fun to be with
>We're doing a oneshot, he just uses a prefab character
>Eventually we get to combat, his turn comes up
>"What's a javelin?"
>He even pronounces it jay-vleen

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Put a bayonet on a rifle. HOLY SHIT, DONE.

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also, let us never forget that no matter how retarded you might think a gun/melee combo might be, it will NEVER be as needless and potentially suicidal as Gun Cutlery.

With Key Guns being a bit of a runner up.

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Fuck wrong thread

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People really experimented with what a gun could be. Some were more useful than others. Gun axes were actually in use for long enough that they must have been useful.

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I mean, it's a sensible design in the fact that an axe is a very sturdy weapon that deals a lot of damage, but the positioning of the axe eye being around the barrel makes me nervous that in some ways it'd be worse than a gunblade because all that force is going through and would be pushing up on the barrel, but they might have been braced well enough the effect would have been minimal, and again, axes are much simpler and more practical than a sword in many situations.

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>gun cutlery

oh fuck that's so dumb I have to put that in a game somehow. give it to some assassin butler or some shit.

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That's a pike not a sword

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>the butler
>implying everyone wouldn't suspect him
>implying it wasn't Professor Plum, in the library, with the gun cutlery

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the chad ridiculous gunblade >>>> the virgin "realistic" gunblade IMO

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I like the idea of them being a thing at noble dinners. Like "yeah, i could shoot you with my fork right now haha wouldn't that be funny you had better watch it". If nobility had a tendency to assassinate each other then gun cutlery would be half party gag half extremely thinly veiled threat.

Well they must have been at least somewhat effective to have stuck around. A cursory look says they were cavalry sidearms, so they might not have needed to be super durable, or the advantage of having a dual purpose emergency weapon as your side arm outweighed the disadvantages of it.

The important thing for OP to consider is that what is practical for civilian weapons and what is practical for military weapons are different. Look at something like the cinquedea, which is a perfectly serviceable way to stab someone, but not the most practical possible knife. However its often believes that people liked it because its width gave allowed more room for decoration, which on a weapon you might never use, or might only ever use to stab an unarmoured ruffian accosting you in an alleyway, is something you might consider. Supposedly the reason people switched to carrying parrying daggers over bucklers in england was at least partly because that was what was in fashion on the continent.

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>takes whatever shape he feels like, committed to neither fun nor blade!
>Can fire a projectile even if it lacks a barrel!
>Used in a setting where casters and martials are the same! (So you get to be a gun mage AND a magic knight!)

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Hell yeah, those are so fucking cool.

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> firearms contain an alchemical compound that allows normalfags to use basic forms of offensive magic, which just like IRL has changed warfare by making your infantry a bunch of lvl 1 wizards instead of just people with pointy sticks.
Fucking dropped

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the point is emphasizing the sword part over the gun.

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Seifer's gunblade was always really clunky looking. Squall's looked alright, but Seifer's just looked awkard to hold.

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What about gunspears? Like in Bloodborne.

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How are you supposed to hold that weapon ?

Because I'm seeing a weapon where you have to switch how you hold it to go between shooting and brass knuckle fighting.

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Gun cutlery. Keyguns.

Why hasn't GW put them into warhammer (fantasy or 40k) yet ?

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Have the players investigate a noble dinner where everyone died to each other's gun cutlery. See how long it takes the players to work it out.

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Weren't the FF8 style ones basically just a regular sword with a powder charge to make them swing harder? Seems like a simple and interesting gunpowder fantasy weapon

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I want a gunblade that shoots the blade, maybe with a chain?

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What even?

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So something from RWBY, then?

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This would be perfect to me if the axe head was on the stock instead of the barrel

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I think he's referring to something like a ballistic knife but in sword form.
...and a chain to make retrieving your "ammunition" easier.


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This, DESU
There's a valley when it comes to stupid things, kinda like the dunning kruger effect.
Grounded and realistic? Not stupid, no problem
Mostly grounded with weird stuff hamfisted in? Ruins my immersion and makes me question the logic of the setting
Very stupid, fun as fuck
It's like justifying melee in sci fi. If you try to make some half-assed excuse like uh oh they flood ships with gas or um everyone wears anti bullet shields that dont work against melee then it kind of just seems like a half assed attempt that's going to be picked apart and probably cause more complications than it solves.
However, if you just say melee weapons are cool and people in the future still like hitting each other just like they always have then fuck yeah give me a chainsword time to rip and tear

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You'd be correct, you do in fact have to change how your hand is shaped to use this weapon, and if you have functioning hands it shouldnt be a problem

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>Well they must have been at least somewhat effective to have stuck around
most of them were ceremonial or decorative, or in the case of the one you replied to, a modern reproduction

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Hence using an actual sword rather than a bayonet.

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They were not supposed to fire projectiles, they were supposed to make the blade vibrate or some dumb shit like that.

So you pressed the trigger just as your blade made contact, and the vibrations would tear up your opponent.

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I can't imagine that those are easy to aim...

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Not an issue.

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[Laughs in Redeemer Prime]

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I use gunspears and poleguns in my setting. Basically, I added a handgonne option, and one of my players pointed out that, if you strengthen and enlongate the shaft, there's really nothing stopping you from sticking a halberd head on the end of it other than balance, thought it was neat as fuck and made it a thing, A famous paladin uses a custom gunspear as his signature weapon and symbol of the Church; a bombard built around a cross-shaped winged spear, much like Ornstein's.

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>I can't imagine that those are easy to aim

>Stab the other guy with the blade
>Pull trigger
>Gunsmiths hate him
>Local psychopath makes gunblades accurate with this one weird trick.

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Lucky he didn't run into a GAZEEBO.

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based and henry the 8thpilled

or alternatively just use a bayonet.

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