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>This is the ideal Human form. You may not like it, but this is what peak aesthetics look like.

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I want Primaris to go away :'(

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just play chaos so you can kill them

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Is this the place to talk about the new retcons and lore?

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Yes. That is the plan

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Noise Marines are pretty good at taking out Primaris.
People talk about non-40k shit here all the time. Go for it.
We also bitch about the lore here all the time but whatever...

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>40 Warriors
>20 Tesla Immortals
>10 Gaus Immortals
>10 Deathmarks
>10 Lychguard
>4 destroyers
>6 tomb blades with gauss
>18 wraiths
>14 scarabs
>2 ghost arks
>1 monolith
>1 night scythe
>1 triarch stalker
>C'tan Shard of Deciever
>Nemesor Zahndrekh
>Overlord with voidscythe and resurrection rod
>Overlord with staff of light
>Lord with staff of light
>Cryptek with staff of light and canoptek cloak

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Are there any depictions of primaris fighting alongside manlet marines in the more recent 40k books? Are they notably stronger/better/faster?

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Oh sorry though I copied my entire post but I need help figuring out a 2k list from this

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>leaving zandrekh to fend for himself
That's not very nice of you, anon.

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How do you guys decide how to assemble your models?

Do you build based on what you think looks cool or look at rules first and build based on that.

Always feel stifled by this overwhelming amount of choice especially in a game where weapon rules change with editions.

I also don't like the idea of lugging sriund 20 extra arms for my models with magnets.

Maybe I'm just autistic.

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>also don't like the idea of lugging sriund 20 extra arms for my models with magnets.
my father magnetizes all of my weapon options for me

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I 'm new to hobby and just made orks with shootas cause I thought looked better.

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So is Machine War delayed until the UK lifts quarantine guidelines? Or does GW have different rules for different countries?
The way the rate is going in the US, things might not calm down until June (if not later), and that's a long time to wait.

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I build shit that I think looks cool, and where I can I make the things that have decent rules look cool via conversion when I'm done with the units that innitially interested me in an army assuming those units are not good. At the end of the day my minis are forever and the rules are transient.

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Build what you like the look of. The meta changes too much to worry about it.

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*Engine War
Sorry, misremembered.

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>Emperors Children

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Yep, everything is delayed.

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Ayy, it's the thigh-sisters guy.
Is there a reason for them having exposed thighs or is it just a fetish thing?

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Just a fetish thing.

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Eh I respect it.

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>fetish thing
Pretty based.
I wish that GW would release slightly more lewd Slaanesh models, like they did for the Fiends. Stuff like Daemonettes, but I'd also be okay with the jewellery and silk aesthetic of the Keeper of Secrets.

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I just thought it looked good and would be fun to paint. I have no idea how to work it into their backstory. Some people being upset about it is a plus as well. Was inspired by pic related but anons here convinced me that thigh thighs were a better look.

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GW is entirely shut down right now - the warehouses and factories are closed, presumably so are the printing companies who make the books. So everything is delayed, not just in the UK but internationally. No way to tell how things will go as lockdowns and such lift.

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Testing out a new color scheme in quarantine. How’s it look?

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I want to create a chapter a Space Marine (yes, I am a faggot) specialized in the supply chain, militia formation, public aid, and key point defence.
To draw a parallel, I would like them to perform the same tasks as the current special forces: "the direct approach is characterized by technologically enabled small-unit precision lethality, focused intelligence, and inter-agency cooperation integrated on a digitally-networked battlefield", whereas the "indirect approach includes empowering host nation forces, providing appropriate assistance to humanitarian agencies, and engaging key populations."

Does any Chapter already do that?
Do you know any third party where I could find space marine backpack with pockets?

It is just an idea I had overnight. Feel free to give me yours.

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The thigh highs are pretty sexy. I don't know how the sisters models work but would it be possible to give them bare arms with half-way-up-the-bicep lace?

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Blue highlights on black armor is always nice. Looks good. If you ever want to tone it down mix some green and black in with the blue around equal parts.
All the models in the Battle Sister Squad set wear gloves. You could trim down and sand the flared parts of the gloves and shoulder plates but then you will be dealing with huge hands.

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Seems a bit too Tzeentchy
I have no idea if that exists but sounds pretty chill.
The marine chapter I'm using for a narritive campaign is /tg/s own Argent Strix which I helped make.

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All Marines do most of that stuff. If you want to establish the FEEL of Special Forces, your best option is the Primaris Rievers kit. They have shitloads of pouches and such you can glue wherever, and their guns have foregrips.

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I want to commit indescriminate destruction bordering on genocide without it resulting in a boring global-thermo-nuclear holocaust.

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All Space Marines do this, although you have to understand how exceedingly rare in the lore Space Marines are that they can be 'wasted' spending years on one world.

The official taglines are "The Imperium, an empire of more than a million worlds" and "less than/a thousand Chapters of Space Marines", meaning there's one Space Marine at best for every world in the Imperium.

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problem is, I don't really FEEL any particular hatred towards any one group, i just kinna wanna kill 'em all.

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I am so very excited that EC are good again.

Is there a Saga of The Beast rip uploaded yet?!

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Do you think it is possible to use this arm and put it on a bolt rifle?

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the girl i pay to torture me says i just need to get laid, but i can't afford to see her every night..

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now the humiliation is starting to feel good to me, and i've never been one to top from the bottom

t. Are you there Khorne, it me Angron

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You'd have to do some cutting and shaving, but yes.

You could either arm the Rievers with knife & pistol OR you could give them some sort of gun and run them as Infiltrators or Incursors, since they're in the right armor.

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There is but it's not in the OP megas. It has yet to be uploaded there. In the meantime, you're going to have to wait for pdfanon, unfortunately.

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To be fair I totally agree with you. But actually, I do not care if my chpter unfluffy. I just want to feel there are "my dudes".

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Armadas of money-fueled robot carriers besiege the Milky Way. How does 40k fare?

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Rules are temporary, models are forever.

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Would it be difficult to trim the gloves into gauntlets?

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Does some kind Anon have a Mega link for the story The Enemy of My Enemy from the first new volume of Inferno? It would be much appreciated.

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Maybe make a Chapter deliberately under the control of the Imperial Guard?

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To add to this, I mean some strings were pulled, and either a penitent Chapter or a test in inter-organization bonding, made a Space Marine Chapter come under the command, of some Imperial Guard warmaster, and he scatters them to act as the vanguard of his forces, small groups among the army, training local militia, etc.

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Would one hidden ork in a forest/jungle be enough to fuck up modern day earth /40kg/?

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in time, yeah

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>i have been baldermort, your faithful servant

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Penitent Chapter sounds better. They shamed themselves somehow and were put under Guard command for a century or two as punishment.

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I mean they reproduce by spores so yes...

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It occurs in almost every book that has primaris in it

Marines definitely notice the difference, even a Custodes does when he has to fight a primaris captain. But it’s not nearly as big of a difference as it is on the tabletop. The biggest upgrade is easily the Furnace which lets them go berserk when they’re about to die.
That being said they still die like marines, the death guard kill lots of them in Dark Imperium/Plague Wars. Even a SoB gets one with a melta.

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Just finished watching the Saim hann and White Scar videos. Good shit.

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>Even a SoB gets one with a melta.
Gotta use those Miracle Dice 2s on something

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Unironically the alpha legion do this. They have an enormous and well supported network of cults, infiltrators and spies hidden throughout imperial society.

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How long do you think it would take? Any similar stories in 40k?

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Wasn’t even a fight, she rounded a corner and blapped him with a melta gun before he could recognize she wasn’t friendly. It was actually the least cinematic kill of a marine I can think of in recent fluff.

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That flesh paint on the hand is ultra life like. Got a tutorial?

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Hit on 3s, wound on 2s, d6 damage. Pretty good odds.

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I mean, a meltagun is an anti-tank weapon...

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Mmh... Alpha Legion Primaris...
Why not actually.

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We have 100% confirmation of Minotaur primaris and they’re exactly as indoctrinated as the rest of that chapter, so if a weirdo Chapter like them has primaris then Alpha Legion primaris is basically guaranteed. There’s no primaris immunity to being a subversive dick.

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Did you quote the wrong post? That guy doesn't have arms.

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>putting half the deathwing in one thunderhawk

>> No.71899071

a thunderhawk can only fit 15 terminators in it (or 10 and a dreadnought)

most of those probably teleported in to support the downed bird

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>TFW demanding GW make changes to 40K while not even playing/collecting it
Time to post about female space marines on GW facebook page again

>> No.71899175

Female space marines are the final PA book, it's a new ADB snowflake chapter

>> No.71899237

ADBs homebrew loyalist chapter is pretty mundane

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Who here builds their armies with 100% GW bits to be officially tournament legal?
Pic not related, nor mines.

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Do they have to 100 percent gw for tourneys? I thought it was like 75 percent or something.

>> No.71899384

For GW-sponsored tourneys. Or whichever ones have WarhammerTV on, I guess

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I am new to 40k, and out of all the factions and chapters, the Adeptus Custodes seem the coolest to me.

Are they a good faction to start with? Are they generally well supported, or do they rarely get models?

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>Are they generally well supported
>do they rarely get models
having said that, they're not the worst choice as a starter army just because collecting them is so simple as they're hyper elite and low model count. and if you like them thats the most important thing

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Mentors. Jesus.

>> No.71899446


Well fuck, I guess I'm never going to a tourney then.

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Been forever since I've been to an actual GW sponsored event. That's retarded that they went so strict. Like is that interpreted as even no greenstuff?

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A random mix of WYSIWYG based on how I plan to run them, what looks cool, and what I have. I find it more important that something looks like it can do its intended role and stands out from things that don't more than the actual rules. For instance, my khorne berzerkers wield a mix of chainaxes, chainswords, pistols and possessed marine murder hands, and I run all of them as chainaxe+chainsword. I deem that an acceptable break from WYSIWYG because they look sick and nobody is going to be surprised that the walking pile of close combat weapons do close combat shit, and I tell my opponent how I will them before hand anyway, and I run all of them the same, so there's nothing to be confused about.

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Doesn't really matter at most tournaments unless your trying to be on a GW stream.

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>no greenstuff
From what I've read online, you should have more leeway with greenstuff so long as the green stuff'd parts doesn't blatantly look like a 3rd party, non-GW bit.

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Whats the current base size for Bikers ? The ones my bike squad came with are 70x25 but that Deathwatch White Scar is 75x42

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Does anyone have the file of the last WD to share?
It’s not in any Mega and I can’t seem to find it online without having to subscribe to shady sites

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I started my current army working from a tournament list I liked. I wanted to streamline my purchasing before experimenting so that I could save money in the longterm and have a functional army before fucking around.

It really helped me because now I have a clear idea as to what my army is going to be at 1000, 1500, 1750, and 2000 points. I have a second list I'm eventually going to build towards, but I can expand in that direction once I have something I can take to shops to play.

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Posting the requested Edra lore hopefully for the last time.

Not to make this an empty post. Describe in one sentence what do you think of this revelation.

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shut the fuck up no one cares you tranny go dilate

>> No.71899667

Everyone cares. The Internet is a buzz with this!

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Read your own picture retard

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>Read your own picture retard
I read the retards picture. This is the first I seen of the tall cunt.

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No chance. There might be a small scale conflict until the army gets involved, but that's it.

>> No.71899775

One small mistake causes this much butthurt? Is it autism?

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So then there's no way to tell that I in fact just 3D printed said greenstuff'd parts?

I mean, in the end it just encourages me to actually sculpt out or use carbon copy STLs rather than cool unique ones that don't infringe their IP.

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Most people are retarded. But I am a cynic

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Definitely the tism.

>> No.71899843

Post lockdown backlog progress
Now that I'm putting my own together I can Immortals are a pretty nice kit, they have a good visual heft to them

>> No.71899847

>Are they notably stronger/better/faster?

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As an ordinary minister and an atheist, people are often dumbasses. It's why I gotta minister to my flock. And sometimes sheer them.

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This HH World Eaters color scheme is top-tier.

>> No.71899880


I do believe this is bait. An excelent Fedora impression good sir. Why you almost had me believing you were actually a three hundred pound manchild riddled with complexes, but I do believe you've overplayed your had chap. Time to come off it, the jig is up as it were.

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Worst thing chaos ever did was lose the pre-heresy colour schemes. Seriously, the Lunar wolves decay into the black legion colours is fucking tragic. Even the death guard had it going on with that off-white.

>> No.71900003

Those are nice! Way better than the metallic schemes I see locally.

>> No.71900132

Nukes solve most problems. Once effective fungicides are developed the issue will be completely gone.

>> No.71900136

Fuck I love Baldermort's stuff. Soothing voice, chill attitude, and most importantly, fresh theories.

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me n the wife

>> No.71900184

You're a fucking dumbass. Read that too far. Jesus christ, I'm a minister not a fucking retard. People like you are why i believe 95 percent of people are retarded.

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Tits with no nips are a disadvantage

>> No.71900211

Pre fall colors are tits

>> No.71900224

hitler was trans

>> No.71900241

There is actually some truth to that, as handwriting analysis of Hitler's well f****** handwriting revealed he had a quote on quote feminine mind type. It's really weird how much psycho analysis into a person reveals.

>> No.71900245

Tits are only fake arses.

>> No.71900256

I wonder who could be behind these posts.

>> No.71900265

Retractable nipples so she can be modest topless.

>> No.71900283

I'm the one that watched a documentary on how they did a psychological review on Hitler. The other person is some f***** that I don't give a s***. But the cool thing was they use psycho-analysis for one of the first real instances The OSI or whatever the f*** the British had. And it revealed a bunch of weird things like how his mother basically did not like him.

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>> No.71900299

Tactical teats that retract like my BMW'S antenna

>> No.71900304

Do not post this again.

>> No.71900306

Man, I hated perpetual more from the very beginning. I was so right.

I hate almost every new lore, they raped 40k

>> No.71900308

gb2 discord

>> No.71900314

>they raped 40k
No, what they're done to 40k is bad, not rape

>> No.71900332

You also are a fucking dumbass.

>> No.71900349

What a massive poorly thought out loredump that changes nothing.

>> No.71900374

>What a massive poorly thought out loredump that changes nothing.
That was the first time that I had read of that. Is that really the new lore? I've been away for a while and I have not been able to read up. They're really adding onto the whole Perpetual bullshit aren't they?

I watched the new astartes video. Yu vath warp fuckery actually looks cool.

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Quarantine Model completion so far (20 ish days):
2 Blight Haulers
1 Foul Blightspawn
10 Poxwalkers
2 Plague Marines
1 Ahriman
Now working on my last 3 Nurglings.

>> No.71900399

based nurgle nigga

>> No.71900426

>Describe in one sentence what do you think of this revelation.
its not very good

>> No.71900457

Yes but I take quetiapine for that.

>> No.71900463

>Taking drugs

>> No.71900467

I should snap a pic of my full army once I finish this batch.
Anyway, here are da Haulers.

>> No.71900478

>handwriting analysis
Literal pseudo-science.

Also Hitler rarely wrote things down himself, even Mein Kampf and its sequel were ghost written. Any extant examples of his handwriting are probably from late in the war when he stopped trusting anyone around him and was also taking a ridiculous cocktail of drugs so even if there was a scientific basis to handwriting psychoanalysis, the results would hardly be free of outside influence.

>> No.71900504

>Describe in one sentence what do you think of this revelation.
Everytime Black Library or GW explain one of the mysteries of 40k, they made it shit, they should stop, the mysteries, the lost knowledge, the unreliable myths, the blank areas of the map marked "here be dragons" are what made 40k a fun setting.

>> No.71900515

Why is nu-GW so adamant on making conversions such a pain? Is it too much to ask for chaos marine bolters without hands attached?

>> No.71900527

How are Orks supposed to counter Guard artillery spam? Guard niggas will consistently field full basilisk batteries, wyverns, and mortar teams and table my shit before I'm halfway across the board.

>> No.71900534

I just finished stripping my old metal and plastic Commander Farsight model so I can refurb it, because I don't want to deal with the finecase one.
My options are basicly;
- rebuild the exact original model and give it a fresh coat of paint
- rebuild the model using the updated crisis suits and some new bits to
- rebuild the kit using a plastic tau crisis commander

Any thoughts?

>> No.71900536

>Describe in one sentence what do you think of this revelation.
I think GW did not understand that fill all the gry area of the Emperor history was not a good idea.

Yes, it explains everything: what is a perpetual, the creation of the Primarch, their disappearance in the warp, etc.

BUT only that could not make good lore.
Is it because is a woman? Replace her with a man and it would be as bad as before
Is it because of the perpetuals? Replace them with powerful psychics and the problem will remain.

The lore WAS ALREADY COMPLETE, and GW misses this point.

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>> No.71900551

CAD and better plastic molding technology means they can do more advanced poses and stuff and they want to show this off to justify their prices/make their promo shots look better.

You think you have it bad, I had to de-weapon Skitarii without damaging their hands which I needed to re-use, now that is fucking bitch with their teeny robo-fingers.

Also Forge World sell packs of resin bolters without hands, might be worth a look.

>> No.71900564

Rebuild using new updated Crisis Suits and use the Commander kit for a Coldstar Commander

>> No.71900566


The Emperor's origins being a complete mystery, with only rumour and speculation filling in the gaps is far better than ANY origin I can think of.

>> No.71900569

>>>71900241 (You)
>>handwriting analysis
>Literal pseudo-science.
>Also Hitler rarely wrote things down himself, even Mein Kampf and its sequel were ghost written. Any extant examples of his handwriting are probably from late in the war when he stopped trusting anyone around him and was also taking a ridiculous cocktail of drugs so even if there was a scientific basis to handwriting psychoanalysis, the results would hardly be free of outside influence.

No s*** but Hitler was an artist and anyone can just look and develop a pretty quick psychological profile based on how someone writes and just simply what the f*** they do now enough about f******

>> No.71900572

Why does that Tau bother to have a sword? Aren't Breachers still WS5+?

>> No.71900579

why are you censoring yourself?

>> No.71900584

he's a child

>> No.71900586

I think it is an honorary distinction.

>> No.71900588


>> No.71900591

Bonding knife, lets Tau ignore morale on 6s

>> No.71900593


>> No.71900599


>> No.71900604

Why the fuck would they even consider this in the first place?

>> No.71900617

Free technology someone just left laying around....behind a massive door that required a two kiloton melta charge to breach....but free technology!

>> No.71900622

>>>71900569 (You)
>why are you censoring yourself?
I'm not it's called f****** speech to text and I am on a goddamn cell phone

>> No.71900626

But when you compare poses between the newer kits and older ones you see that there's barely any difference.

>> No.71900637

>cell phone


>> No.71900638


Because GW thought that people wanted answers rather than mysteries.

>> No.71900639

The Tau 'trained from birth, eugenic warrior-caste' thing would be pretty badass....if they weren't from a staggering non-badass species with crap eyesight, strength and reflexes.

>> No.71900654

Might a sprue-related thing then, if you compare older GW sprues to the newer ones, the new ones are massively more space-efficient so it could be related to that?

>> No.71900660

If you're quoting DoW the line is "WHY AREN'T WE KILLING YET."

God kid, clean out your ears.

>> No.71900661

Pretty sure that's exactly why they invested so much into ranged firepower and augmented suits

>> No.71900664

I just ignore all this new fluff really. My personal headcanon is still floating somewhere around 3e when I first started playing, I just pick and choose the occassional addition I think is actually gud, like the Dark Eldar fluff rework when their model range was updated, that shit was gold.

>> No.71900667

deep strike.

also orks blow ass.

>> No.71900670

yep, theres supposed to be enough gaps in the lore that you can write pretty much whatever you want about your own army.

>> No.71900673

fuck off and dilate nigger tranny

>> No.71900674


>> No.71900686

That was probably one of my favourite pieces of art when I started Tau as my first army. I actually chose them because I loved the Kroot models but art like that and pic related got me excited for the Tau side of things too.

I wish Crisis Suits actually had that kind of proportion though, the actual minis are very blocky and uniformally proportioned.

>> No.71900695


>> No.71900703

what do gundam fags think of Tau?

>> No.71900706

Leaving unnexessary plotholes everywhere is gay.

>> No.71900723


>> No.71900725

>>>71900569 (You)
>fuck off and dilate nigger tranny
Listen dumbass, have you considered being a man before talking shit?

>> No.71900726

They create more of those everytime they attempt to make something concrete though, a plot hole is an inconsistency in a narrative, not an area in the setting left intentionally vague or blank for people to fill in with their own speculation.

>> No.71900733

u wot cunt?

>> No.71900747


>>Because GW thought that people wanted answers rather than mysteries.
Unfortunately, given the stupendous, NYT-bestselling success of the Horus Heresy line, they were correct.

>> No.71900756

for what its worth the new codexes still have little snippets of stand alone fluff that are good, I just ignore the broad metaplot now

>> No.71900759

>just tested airbrush for first time
>managed to clog it within a minute
>got paint everywhere
well fug

>> No.71900768

thin your paints?

>> No.71900791

It was more of a me handling it like a retard thing

>> No.71900808

I don't know shit about airbrushes, why would you use it over a normal brush? The lack of physical contact makes it look like it would be quite a bother to use.

>> No.71900817

Mostly just to prime so I can ditch aerosol cans and and basecoat larger things

>> No.71900832

Not the anon you're replying to, but basically: you can get smooth thin even coats with the thing.
I also use mine for priming and clear coating since you can airbrush in shitty weather without it impacting the paint.
As for what it's like to use, I tell people it's a bit like painting with a torch, there's a strong centre point that radiates out. Makes it good for gradients, but a whole bunch of airbrushers think it's "Highlighting: The Tool" and overdo it.

>> No.71900840

>ditch aerosol cans and and basecoat larger things
Is this an environmentalist thing, or is basecoating with spray cans bad? I would have imagined basecoating larger things with spray cans would be easier.

>> No.71900849

Ah, I see. Thanks.

>> No.71900855

I always have issues with them and you're dependent on outside conditions. Airbrushes do smoother coats and with any paint you want.

>> No.71900867

vehicles, esp ones with large flat surfaces are so much nicer to paint with an airbrush

>> No.71900869


>> No.71900873


>> No.71900924

Cool colour scheme anon. Reminds me of these more tactical Custodes from the Emperor v Horus picture.

>> No.71900940

heres my first Ultramarine list.
Tell me what im doing wrong.

>> No.71900947

>Tell me what im doing wrong.
Posting on 4channel

>> No.71900948

Nothing surprising anon. Karl Kopinski will always be one of the greatest artists who ever worked for GW.

>> No.71900957

Thanks. Really wanted Saggitarum guard but didnt want to do all gold.

>> No.71900960

playing space marines

>> No.71901002

Is there any successor chapter of the Iron Hand which has no fetish for bionics?

>> No.71901021

273 KB JPG
I think i'll buy a squad of spehs muhreens to try my hand at painting, but i don't want to get something that's utterly shit at tabletop if i decide to delve deeper into the game. I had reivers, tac marines or terminators in mind. What do you guys think?

>> No.71901022


>> No.71901024

just create your own, call it “no robots allowed”

>> No.71901027

Might as well get know no fear

>> No.71901030

if you just want to test them out, you can try making a kill team

>> No.71901032

Make your own chapter and name them "Normal Hands"

>> No.71901036

I feel they're gonna make one of the missing primarchs a wahmen to shoehorn in female space marines.

>> No.71901039

but what if they have webbed hands?

>> No.71901051

Please tell me I'm not the only one autistically tinkering out armylists I'll never use.
You guys also spend 4+ hours daily on Battlescribe, r-right?

>> No.71901053

then it would be a matriarch instead of a primarch

>> No.71901055

That'll be their dark, closely kept secret.

>> No.71901065

>making lists for armies you'll never play
What's the point?
But if it entertains you, go wild I guess.

>> No.71901074

Didn't they learn anything from age of shitmar?

>> No.71901075

well then fucking name them Fishhands nigga it's not that hard of a naming convention
Adjective + "Hands" ,did you really needed to have been told that

>> No.71901077

Who would you tell me to take then?

>> No.71901084

>reading about armies on 1d4chan before i make a purchase
>talks about all custodes having 4++ and the melta custodes being troops rather than elites now
>going through the pdf's still has the old custodes stats and battlescribe still seperates the troops and the elites

What am i missing here?

>> No.71901091 [SPOILER] 

>Emperor's name is Neoth

>> No.71901097

The fact that 1d4chan is complete shit.

>> No.71901105

yeah, I do sometimes, especially if there's the faintest chance of a new campaign coming up where I play

>> No.71901140

You're missing that if your detachment is entirely from the Custodes list, all units within it gain the 'Emperor's Chosen' ability which bumps their invuln saves by 1 to a maximum of 3++. Back of the codex just before the Strategems section.

And this is the rules that make melta-stodes troops;


>> No.71901153

1d4chan is permanently outdated regarding the tabletop. Only use it if you wish to play by older rulesets.

>> No.71901156

In the 7th edition codex, its stated that Deathwing and Ravenwing numbers are unknown, and one source puts them at 1000 each.

>> No.71901168

Simple as.

>> No.71901176

any number from gw in the fluff is pretty much guaranteed to be full of shit

>> No.71901177

For this list I've decided to make the Imagifier my warlord with Indomitable belief instead of a canoness.
Would it be better to give her the Book of St. Lucius for the 9" Aura buff or the Iron Suplice of St. Istaela to stop her getting killed by Snipers?

>> No.71901178

wahapedia is the way to go. Based Ivan.

>> No.71901180

their CSM section seems relatively up to date, it doesn' mention how dummy strong Possessed synergies are, but other than that its gud

>> No.71901182

There’s no reason they can’t be, although at that point you basically have atheist word bearers: super vanilla marines

>> No.71901209


>> No.71901213

Implied history
>You fill gaps with your wildest imagination, it becomes cooler than actually possible
Actual backstory
>Makes the setting feel almost mundane
>Bloated with 'literal who'-s to facilitate events

>> No.71901223

Ultramarines and their successors following Guilliman's return (primarilly in Ultima Segmentum).

>> No.71901225

I still put it down to trying to muscle out the secondary bits market an 3rd party manufacturers

>> No.71901230

Why not use the imagifier with the repentia, who might actually need the save then? What the fuck are you even playing.

Also pls rate, i made this today

>> No.71901233

Awoo with me sisters!

>> No.71901238

Why even have another 7 companies of ordinary marines if the inner circle out numbers them 2-1? That’s ridiculous

How do you even get 1000 in the deathwing when you’re recruiting veterans from the non -wing companies? Do they freeze terminators in stasis until needed like eversors?

I completely get if the the deathwing/Ravenwing of the dark angels + their successors numbers in the thousands, that’s reasonable. But the original chapter itself? Absurd

>> No.71901245

"NO. I will not be limiting the Thousand Sons.

In fact, the Edict of Nikea will be thus, my son Horus and his legion will have access to first pick among those individuals picked up by the Adeptus Telepathica's Black Ships and resources will be allocated to allow them to make MORE psychic space marines.

Also Horus, I absolutely positively need you and your legion to raise a psychic shield around Terra I have a very sensitive project that cannot be intervened against by demons no matter how strong or dreams of godlike grandeur they posses, understood? I need your best barrier right there do not let anything through."

What happens?

>> No.71901261

its also why some of their newer models join together in retarded ways, like split heads or partial torsos with some part attached to the legs

>> No.71901279


>> No.71901305

And? What of it?

>> No.71901316


>> No.71901317

Pretty sure it's because the Dark Angels are not-so-secretly legion building, and their Inner Circle contains members from their child chapters.

>> No.71901321

The One.

very, very cool and creative.

>> No.71901331

I think that we might get the perpetuals pushed more in future and they are simply setting the groundwork for that.

Edra is still probably alive right? With no idea of what she's been doing for the last 10k years.

In any case, most casual/moderate players aren't going to be too fussed and GW probably feel 40k has a bit of a image problem with how male dominated marine/primarch fluff is.

>> No.71901333

I ignore what I don't like. Block it from your brain. The truth is what it suits me and what it suits me alone. Everything else does not exist.

>> No.71901348

They are and they do, they cooperate with their successor chapters in a blatantly Legion manner. Which is why I said it’s fine if you mean the Dangles and their successors.

>> No.71901353

I'm playing melee orientated Bloody Rose. Just realised there's a stupid Cherub in one of my battle sister squads which is now a plasma pistol in the Seraphim.

What will you use 23 command points on?

>> No.71901369

Just because you recognise nerd tropes doesn't invalidate them.

>> No.71901376

>use 23 command points
Uhm...... on nothing sweaty?

>> No.71901386

They'll be top lads, the ones wot come wi' me. Like an empty Carling tin, I'll mould 'em, an' in a scrap make 'em. They'll be proper 'ard an' built like a brick shithouse. Mint gear I'll give 'em an' arm 'em wi' crakin' shooters. They won't get 'angovers, Delhi-belly won't touch 'em. They'll be proper bright so no one an 'ave 'em. They're the bouncers against the Fright. They're the Mad Lads Army. They're me Space Marines, an' they in't poofters.

>> No.71901393

If anything, it shows the Emperor's gigantic (and mostly warranted) ego as it's just a psuedonym he chose when introducing himself to Edra.

>> No.71901397

Needs more multi-milkies

>> No.71901402

Is there a reason to pick something other than triple Cyclic Ion Blasters for Crisis suits?

>> No.71901425

Didn't that piece of failure called Magnus retain his memories from when he was still inside a tube in big E's lab. Wouldn't he then have known about Edra?

>> No.71901465

>battlescribe still seperates the troops and the elites
Is it true? How can Battlescribe be so slow? The French equivalent I'm using for my listbuilding needs usually gets updated 1 ot 2 days max after any new release/FAQ.

>> No.71901475


>> No.71901492

Fuck astartes 5 for spawning even more retarded memes

>> No.71901500

Horus had already turned by the time of the Council of Nikaea so nothing good since you're giving him access to way more sorcerers and then posting him within spitting distance of the Imperial Dungeon.

>> No.71901510

Some things I magnetize, something I don't.

>> No.71901514


>> No.71901523


>> No.71901530


>> No.71901533

I'm making something that satisfies both, in the sense that the options fit gear they can take, BUT I'm making the entire army very themed and not really giving a shit if it's ultra competitive or not.

Rules change, but if you've got minis you think are awesome, you're constantly winning

>> No.71901534

Literally me atm, I have a ton of minis to paint but I didn't buy paints before GW locked down.

>> No.71901545


Oh wow, the GW cucks actually retconned Diaz. Maybe his titty-nettes didnt get approval from the woke krew.

>> No.71901546

Their eyesight is better at far range and can see a broader spectrum of light. Their strength of the earth caste and fire cast is pretty much the same as humans. Reaction time and time taken to focus on stuff moving at close distance is supposed to be their weakness.

>> No.71901549

>orks blow ass

But muh 4/8 tourny lists

>> No.71901554

I thought that was an edit

>> No.71901556

Pretty sure he was fined for doing over a ton on the M1 rather than the 240 mile trip, since the latter hasn't been criminalized. Yet.

Good to see the BBC sucking up that TV license £££ and still resorting to clickbait headlines. Also the guy claimed he drove that far to buy cheaper bread, which is far more retarded than Nuln Oil. I'd drive 240 miles for Nuln Oil.

>> No.71901574

Don't care about filling out perpetuals, as that was something extra. I do care about the retcons in the creation of the primarchs and their dispersion across the fuckin galaxy. If I ran a campaign where the daemon primarchs got to "have a word with mommy" one at a time, people would be more disgusted with the retcon than anything Fulgrim or Mortarion did to her.

>> No.71901597

>Reaction time and time taken to focus on stuff moving at close distance
Yeah, having a shitty reaction speed would fuck you at close quarters and not just in hand-to-hand. Surprised even their shotgun troops are viable, I suppose they can use tech to offset the focusing thing at least.

>> No.71901608

Dont forget they're shilling for a mandatory tax that would give them funding back after people are starting to not want to pay for them. What a bunch of parasites

>> No.71901634

It is. "Buy bread" was the original.

>> No.71901646

>want to start putting together vostroyan firstborns
>'page not found lol'
Did GW really discontinue every IG reigment besides Cadia? Lmao how are we supposed to collect literally any other regiment?

>> No.71901652

Black ships weren't a thing you idiot.

>> No.71901653

You only get one per crisis suit box and they’re scalped to hell and back on eBay

>> No.71901656

GW isnt making or selling anything until May basically because we all panicked like retards

>> No.71901660

Victoria Miniatures.

>> No.71901664


They are indeed gone now. You will have to buy them second hand or look for recasters.

>> No.71901671


ever met any one under 30 that actually bought a TV license?

No, me either. I don't know why they don't just move on to a subscription model.

The tories really doing a number on them by pushing the cost of free TV licenses for the coffin dodgers and their mate Rupert Murdock taking strips off the bbeb

>> No.71901676


>> No.71901683

Anon, Vostroyans haven't been sold for at least 10 years aside from the occasional made to order.

>> No.71901684

And he was actually pulled over for speeding with kids in the car, not for going out to buy bread.

>> No.71901692

>inb4 someone complains about the French hats

>> No.71901706


Are iron warriors preds and vindicators any good?

>> No.71901714

>Le Grognards

>> No.71901719

Bullshit they were sold until a year or so ago, then they came back as a MTO once.

BlackMarketMiniatures has pretty much the entire range. They're expensive but one of the best quality recasters.
Of course the downside is that it won't be metal but resin.

>> No.71901727


Some corporation would probably try to use orks as slave labor and spread them all over the globe dooming humanity.

>> No.71901740



>> No.71901752


Is GW going woke for the Suybucks or is there a better theory?

>> No.71901760

if you lnow how and when to run them, they're usable, don't plan around using Killshot though, it's never going to go off unless you bring like 5 preds
god fuck no, waste of points, never get more than one Linebreaker stratagem is a meme trap

>> No.71901764

Liberals would censor any Orkphobe opinion, assuring they spread over all metropolitan cities.

>> No.71901778

>"Nothing is beyond our reach"
>extremely schizophrenic
>no clear goal

Are they /pol/ in space?

>> No.71901787

>Horus had already turned by the time of the Council of Nikaea
He didn't. When Magnus tried to persuade Horus from turning, one of the key point brought was the fact that Magnus used his powers to contact him (directly going against the Edict).

>> No.71901806

>Just stabbed my thumb on the point of my Magos' Omnissiahan Axe
Actually drew blood, I take this as a good sign, he is going to be a lucky model. Red Blood for Red Mars.

>> No.71901810

Let's not fall for the bait this time.

>> No.71901812


>> No.71901813

Well, anon, I might be willing to sell you part of my Vostroyan army. I really do love the guys, but deseaming this many figures has left me demoralized such that I can't be assed to make a full 2k list.

>> No.71901815


Lascannons or autos?

>> No.71901827

Or government trying to weaponize them.

>> No.71901831

They were though.

>> No.71901833

>but deseaming this many figures
Making some death korps squads at the moment, tell me about it. I tried plastic putty but it's messy as fuck and never seems to actually fill the gaps

>> No.71901838


Pol is genestealer cults aka. people thinking they're so enlightened while actually advocating against their own interest.

>> No.71901845

Are you made of butter? How did that hurt you?

>> No.71901853

I just finished painting and basing 3 veteran squads, 3 infantry squads and a mortar squad. I love how detailed vostroyans are but after 60+ of them I’m tired of it.

>> No.71901866


PS, did the demolisher update apply to chaos or is this another fuck you moment?

>> No.71901869

Persist, anon. That army is going to be the coolest fucking thing at your LGS once finished.

>> No.71901870

>Death Korps Squads
Oh you sweet summer child.
Try over 100 metal figures. I'd be infinitely more willing to build the army if it were plastic.

>> No.71901874

Outsider here asking what has been the community’s general level of assimilation of online/digital play for the tabletop game particularly in light of current events. I am well aware of DoW, I mean the actual table top rules and modes of play like one may find on Tabletop Simulator or possibly other VR/AR setups. I have always had the itch to try but the “break out the ruler for each model movement” like crap is a major turn off, but would be more open to it if a digital platform handled for that so strategy can be the main focus.

>> No.71901883

Filling gaps is filling gaps, anon. Resin or metal.

>> No.71901890

>How detailed
They are, but some of them have horrendous mold problems.
Two examples that come to mind are one infantry soldier whose purity seal on his top left shoulder is butchered in a majority of casts, and the absolutely shit state of the back of plasma gunners.

>> No.71901892

/pol/ wishes it was even half as relevant as the AL are.

/pol/ is more like the Word Bearers.

>> No.71901899

You answered your own question.

>> No.71901911

m8 that is a viciously sharp point.

>> No.71901912

Oh don’t worry I’m basically done with my infantry, now it’s just vehicles and that’s a breeze by comparison.

Almost all of my vostroyans are MTO so my plasma gunners sculpts came out immaculately.

>> No.71901924

The main thing is that they're relatively squishy, don't think of them as a true "tank", they're a rhino with 4 lascans for 175 points. That's expensive. For odd 120 points you get a helbrute with 2 lascans that don't degrade and a missile launcher, and hellbrute has some ways to shoot twice.

Think about what you want from them, as a personal preference I like to run them naked, 131 points pred autocannon with havoc can be a decent support, but it won't anti- tank really, the AP is just too low. Autocannons also work better with killshot, if you want to take down a 'Nid monster or a daemon or something.

Lascannon pred w/o sponson is cheap but it won't do much, and 175 for 4x lascannon platform that degrades (and it WILL degrade cause preds are anti-tank magnets) is wayyy too fucking expensive for me.

Just get oblits and deepstrike & buff them / havocs and run them from behind terrain when you want to shoot.

>> No.71901927

Will there ever be one day when anons stop replying to
>muh /pol/
bait posters?

>> No.71901938

I thought my comparison was funny

>> No.71901939

no cause everyday new people come here who dont know how to ignore trolls

>> No.71901946

Funny. I had a MTO platoon and while the casts were better than original packs I got, they still had the problem models.

>> No.71901958

You're talking about this?
If so then yes.

>> No.71901967

>I'm basically done with my infantry
>3 squads, 3 vets, 1 Mortar HWT
What pt size you going for?

>> No.71901972

Not really, they aren't massive jobbers

>> No.71901973

This. Same with the whole "coomers r bad". One dude could post one picture and shit the thread up because people just refused to ignore the image. Same goes with the /pol/ stuff.

>> No.71901985


>> No.71901993

Why don't they make eldar qt anime waifus?

>> No.71902042

>no furry faction
I thought Chaos would save me, but it didn't.

>> No.71902074


>> No.71902075

Whilst ignoring the shitters is the best course of action, some people just can't help themselves.

>> No.71902080


Triggered lmao. Go lick some more zionist boot.

>> No.71902088

>no furry faction

>> No.71902094

One day we`ll teach you how to shorten links, anon.

>> No.71902095


>> No.71902101

When will Q'orl get an army?

>> No.71902104

they are shitty marine dnd larpers

>> No.71902107

Yeah. These threads are easier to troll with that than going over to /k/ and using the word clip wrong.

>> No.71902110

Same week they release Fires of Cyraxus.

>> No.71902122

Furry are larpers.

>> No.71902130

2000, Im taking 3 russes, 3 chimeras, 3 griffons and some valks with them

>> No.71902140

>Wolf Wolves: wolfaxe wolfbolt wolf wolfwowlfowlfowlfoslf
>Death Guard: blight plague poxblight rotplague poxrot
It's all so tiresome, it's the death of creativity

>> No.71902151

Ok, Mr Creative. How would you name a Death Guard unit?

>> No.71902192

Gift Giver

>> No.71902230

That's alright if a bit boring

>> No.71902231

Do a twist on various disease names and make them have different effects

>> No.71902239

In a descriptive way, the fuck is a myphitic blighthauler? Use more than 5 goddamn buzzwords maybe, khorne berzerkers aren't Bloodgod Slaughteraxes, noise marines weren't called Pleasureexcess Corrupters, and so on and so forth

see? That's pretty good, a unit of Gift Givers supported by some, say, Eradicators has a ring to it.

Hire non-Marvel tier writers maybe, you can afford them with the insane prices you're gouging your customers with

>> No.71902241


Thank for replies.

The sticking point for me currently was nobs, meganobs, killa kans and deffdreds. Trying to decide what weapon options to go with. Maybe magnetising weapons on kans and deff dreads is an option but magnetising infantry seems tedious.

I have a force of salamanders too. I say force but it is still unbuilt sitting in boxes because I could never source enough meltaguns or any multimeltas years ago. Seems now the only option for MM is dev squads however now that flamers are better ill probably just build tac squads with flamer/missile (Older sets).

>> No.71902252

Also this. There's a myriad real-world diseases, sure you can come ul with some in le wacky XD grimdank future.

Why can't we have AIDS launchers and Rabies knives?

>> No.71902256

Man of Iron army when?

>> No.71902265

Why was the emperor like "aight,Im gonna have personal bodyguards that are all male, the best of the best and genetically engineered to be superior to everything, and also have a force of amazonian null maidens with tight asses"?

>> No.71902285

I think it's a great name, if you see irony of it.


>> No.71902314

Because the Emperor is about equal opportunity but also respecting and valuating both genders for their qualities and talents.

>> No.71902317

ADB almost got female custodes into canon but was overruled by executives. There is canonically no reason they can’t make female custodes, especially since custodes are the blueprint for the ubermensch humanity that the emperor wanted to make after he had the webway sorted out

>> No.71902338

Its also funny how they literally 180'd him and put in the codex that custodes could only be male

Plus female custodes kinda invalidates the SoS and lore wise would put a divide between the 2 factions when they're supposed to be big brother and little sister

>> No.71902339

>force of amazonian null maidens with tight asses
You forgot the best part, they can't talk back.

>> No.71902342

I suspect its a trademark thing just like Imperial Guard, Storm Troopers, and Eldar. Think corporate.

>> No.71902352

Because female bodyguards wouldn't be "the best of the best"
And because he has great taste in women.

>> No.71902356

Custodes undergo such heavy chem and alchemical alteration that any woman undergoing the same treatment would most likely end up looking almost identical to a male custodes.

>> No.71902359

Eh 40k SoS kinda dont do the "vow of silence" anymore but just generally dont talk if they dont need to

>> No.71902366

They just slice you in half with a giant powersword if you do something they don't like.

>> No.71902381

>There is canonically no reason they can’t make female custodes
No, but single-gender monastic orders is a feature of 40k.

Honestly I find the Sisters of Silence and Custodians being seperate, single-gender orders more characterful than just having both be generic coed military units.

GW just needs to give the SoS more love so they have a similar presence in the fluff as the Custodes. They should be in the same codex too.

>> No.71902390

True, but at least GW are putting them in the same force with "Talons of the Emperor" in War of the Spider
Hopefully they make a SoS HQ too

>> No.71902392

I just dropped my nuln oil

>> No.71902393

>GW just needs to give the SoS more love so they have a similar presence in the fluff as the Custodes

This. SoS are a cool and interesting faction, that GW has done absolutely nothing with so far.

>> No.71902400

be careful the fuzz doesn't catch you going out for more

>> No.71902405

post pic to see, if you please.

>> No.71902407

Is this real?
Its so fucking stupid I honestly can't tell.

>> No.71902410

My condolences.

>> No.71902417

hunt for smaller online shop, they're bound to still have stock.

>> No.71902418

>Sisters of Silence
>They don't do a Vow of Silence
Then what are they? Sisters of _____??

>ywn be cut in half by a giant amazon's powersword

>> No.71902422

better not drive 240 miles for more

>> No.71902450

The original SoS all took the Vow of Silence, 40k SoS its more Optional and no one will really give a shit, Guilliman sure doesnt

>> No.71902452

Lets break it down

>lord of contagion
Good, just a play on plague lord.
>malignant plaguecaster
Should just be plaguecaster, then it’s fine
The names have zero indication of what the fuck the unit is supposed to be. Would you guess the former was a bellboy that buffs movement and the latter a flamethrower specialist?
Should have been:
Tocsin Bearer (it’s a tocsin and it sounds like toxin, come on that’s great)
Exalted Destroyer (occupies about the same rank as an exalted champion, is essentially a plague version of a 30k destroyer)
>Biologus Putrifier
Should just be Biologus Prime
>plague surgeon
>Deathshroud terminators
>plague marines
>blightlord terminators
Why are they lords? Blighted Terminators sounds way better
>foetid bloat-drone
Fucks sake this ones bad. Infested Drones maybe?
>myphitic blighthauler
Trench haulers.
>plagueburst crawler
Plague crawler

>> No.71902460

They retconned the scattering of the primarchs a second time? Already?

Holy top fucking kek

>> No.71902476

new bottle btw

>> No.71902483

Which book was Felix talking about how he hates/is scared of Cawl ?

>> No.71902489

Man, that is the worst.

>> No.71902490

You’re thinking marines. Custodes are made with a lot more skilled (and expensive) genecraft and subtlety than marines. They’re not just steroided up freaks.
The emperor wanted all humanity to be like the Custodes, eventually, so clearly that would include females.

>> No.71902504

i used to take that too, but i don't remember the dosage. shit was like fucking horse tranquilizers, it made me sleep like 13-14 hours a day,

>> No.71902510

Dropper bottles are the way to go

>> No.71902517


>> No.71902525


>> No.71902526

Why all the fuzz about nuln oil? Is it some miracle paint?

>> No.71902527

>plagueburst crawler
>Plague crawler
Here the trench adj. would work better, Trench Crawler is cool and omnious
>tocsin bearer
The Tocsin Bearer sounds like a flamethrower, literally name bellboy The Bellboy or the Bellower or any play on the word bell

but yeah, other than that it's pretty fucking good anon

>> No.71902540

Shit, bro.

>> No.71902542

Changes nothing about the fact that hormones which promote muscle development also influence the development of masculine traits.

>> No.71902543

god it's almost all gone

>> No.71902554

No, it is THE miracle paint.

>> No.71902557

That's how I usually default to, even with some of my crazier conversions and kitbashes. I don't buy 3rd party bits enough to warrant using them. The only thing not official GW in this for example is the textured plasticard and the chain.

I do have five of the Kromlech tankbustas because I found them cool, I've taken them to official tournaments no problem.

>> No.71902571


>> No.71902576

liquid skill

>> No.71902583

I prefer Vallejo's Game Color black ink.

It has more control over the shading and contrast.

>> No.71902596

Is it not the Great Work?

>> No.71902600

Literally painting talent in a pot.

>> No.71902607

I don’t know why I thought it was Plague War thanks

>> No.71902619

>ork cults
yeah it would most likely be coastal, elite cities

>> No.71902624

You can make a 8 foot tall amazon without making her a muscle monster that can’t be distinguished from a male.
Custodes are tailor made works of flesh art, not just hulking brutes, and the majority of their enhancements aren’t related to pure strength at all.

>> No.71902626

all of them?

>> No.71902629

I've managed to find most of what I'm after but I'm still struggling to find heads with this kind of tank crew helmet/headgear. anyone know of any? know what it's called?

>> No.71902643

>trench crawler
Yeah that’s better than what I came up with
Tocsins a type of bell, thus the pun in tocsinbearer

>> No.71902660

What's the point of that grip handle thing that's sticking out against your palm on all the weapons?

>> No.71902662

>Tocsins a type of bell
non-Anglo here
I'm retarded then, that's a good fucking pun

>> No.71902666

>Nuln oil
You mean devlan mud, right?

>> No.71902668

mad robot does some. dunno why more third party do it. been asking victoria miniatures to do some for ages

>> No.71902684

>devlan mud
The future is now, satan

>> No.71902689


>> No.71902694

fuck me I literally just got my last order from him. thanks anon

>> No.71902710

The only people that would ask that have never tried it, even people that are strongly against giving GW money recommend it

>> No.71902715


>> No.71902733

See I wanted to do the same thing and then make a SM/IG soup army with Valks and Vultures for CAS
Use the new infiltrator primaris for the space marines as the forward observers for some lemans and mortars.

>> No.71902750

I think foetid bloat-drone is okay, but otherwise I agree; your names are much better,

>> No.71902788

What is it for exactly?

>> No.71902801

Just call it bloat-drone desu

>> No.71902806

Why does this say live leak? That's airsoft

>> No.71902811

The blight bringer and foul blightspawn are badly named I agree. The blightspawn especially.

>> No.71902821

No AL is CIA SAD SOG, Taliban, and MAC v SOG rolled into one, unlike /pol/ they have more than 2 brain cells combined

>> No.71902836

>Biologus Putrifier
I have read it as "Purifier" until now. Putrifier is a lot lamer.

>> No.71902854

It's a wash, slap it on the model and it settles in crevices.

>> No.71902865

the only non-local tourney I attend is the adepticon team tourney and they've never been heavy on the enforcement. We ever got on the warhammerTV stream with some recasts haha

>> No.71902875

Shading and details, you put it on after you've painted your base colors and it'll settle into the recesses. Pic is before and after, with small detail work done on after

>> No.71902877

Do you guys do anything to your texture paints after you apply them to your bases? Should I hit it with Agrax earthshade or something?

>> No.71902897

normally a wash and a drybrush and call it a day

>> No.71902899

But, for what colors/materials? Do I just dip every random model in Nuln and it turns post-worthy?

>> No.71902904

No they don't.

>> No.71902928

That's practically cheating.

>> No.71902937

a shade that matches the color, then a drybrush that also matches the color but lighter, Tyrant skull on dirt or mud is pretty good

>> No.71902938

Nuln oil is black so kind of works with every color. Washes are better on non-uniform surfaces.
It's brushed on.

>> No.71902964


>> No.71902966

cheating who exactly? theyre basically handicapping themselves cause their model looks worse than ones layered and highlighted properly

>> No.71902987

Depends on the texture paint and the effect I'm looking to create, but yes. For snow, I tend to coat it in 'ard coat and sprinkle snow powder randomly. For the rusty Mars dirt, I dry brush orange over the top to create a bit more definition. Agrellan earth is a bit more versatile, letting you create bases ranging from plain mud to a more volcanic crust look.

>> No.71903026


>> No.71903045

Nuln oil seems to have run out everywhere. My country isn't even in lockdown.
Would Agrax Earthshade be a substitute for Mud, pottery and steel weapons or am I gimping myself by not getting liquid skill?
Or if there are any other miracle paints I do not know about.

>> No.71903082

Agrax is fine 99% of the time as well, some surfaces it looks a bit better and some a bit worse but its generally a pretty safe bet much like Nuln. It does give a slightly different finish though, so try it out and see what you think

>> No.71903123

All of the shades work the same, it's just Nuln Oil is the most popular because it's black so it works well with pretty much any color. Agrax is great but I usually use it for anything that's supposed to have a dirty look, like death guard. Here's a before and after for it

>> No.71903124

You're layered and highlighted properly

>> No.71903376

Dumb list I brewed up, never bought an army before. Tactical can-opener daemon friendship+Termbomb


>> No.71904035

That's where the sixth slaaneshi dick finger goes

>> No.71904076

Ever see the episode of Futurama where Bender gets Essence of Flavour? It's that, but for your models.
Essence of Paint Skills.

>> No.71904186

Have you ever ran or participated in a campaign? How did it work? Did you use a map, or kept track of experience and causalities?
I'd like to run a campaign and I want ideas about how to do it.

>> No.71905493

At the end of the day who the fuck cares.

I mean faggots are going to argue over this shit forever and nothing will change.

Go and paint something before Corona chan gets you.

Oh, and fuck your one sentence as well.

>> No.71905567

Hitler wrote Mein Kampf while he was in prison dipshit.

Thus the rest of your post would be bollocks I'm thinking.

>> No.71905674

>speach to text
you dumb fucking retard turn it off you useless clown this what people are talking about when they say phones are smarter than their users

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