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Any ideas on how I can make necron flayed ones from kit bashing? I have a box of necron warriors and some left over bits from my lychguards and some left over immortal parts. However, I have no green stuff and I thought with kit bashing you need green stuff to help make stuff not look weird?

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Convert More

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How to into 40k? I got another box to build and I kinda want to sci fi them.

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Cogs and valves.

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Outside of the multiple HQs in LEGENDS who can take these steeds, thus only really need weapon changed in hand, the daemons themselves have 40k rules to be run in same way as AoS versions. That easy.

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Can we have ONE thread without incels, /pol/tards, and other rightoid losers.

Seriously, they constantly just bring this place down with their incecent idiocy. I want to talk about my plastic space doods.

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Cut off their hands and replace them with rudimentary stabby/slashy bits. You can make those out of the lychguard bits or out of plasticard. Greenstuff for flayed ones is usually used to fashion a cloak of skin to drape over it, which is an easy and identifiable characteristic of flayed ones. Greenstuff isn't that expensive and is really useful for a lot of hobby purposes, but you could just cover your FOs with blood for the blood god technical if you really don't want to try it.

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Does anyone recognise the backpack on this please? Also post pics of dark angels to get me sweaty.

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>he plays custards

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death guard

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Instead of leading Hive Fleet leviathan to the Octarius sector, Kryptman leads them to an Imperial sector held by a Blood Axe klan who have been particularly loyal mercenaries to the Imperium (so long as they get paid and get to fight).

The goal is to feed the Blood Axes, specialize them in Anti-Nid tactics and give them a taste for krumping bugs, and use them in conjunction with IoM forces to go and fight more Tyranids as in the "Anti-Bug WAAAGH"

Can it work? Supposing their Warboss is one who is a Humie Tech fetishist like Gratzdakka or Kommandant Klank?

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True, shouldn’t be too hard to do. I wish they had something like this for an official kit, I love the concept.

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Guys, I just got a phobos librarian. I play blood angels.

I really like the post of the model, but I hate camo but without that the model is very lacking. In order to tone down the tacticool of the model I want to free hand some very intricate detail on the cloak of my marine.

What kind of pattern should I go with and does anyone have any good resources on free hand?

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>If we ignore last time this failed, would it work if we tried it again but this time closer to Imperium worlds?
this fucking guy

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>without incels
You are already posting.
You fuck it up already.

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They get fucked.

Octarius was fucking nuts, not some random band of mercs.

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She's cute.
Nothing wrong with playing custodes though.

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have sex

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I feel like GW has forgotten true Xeno love. I am abandoning ship.

Space Marines.... ugh. Do I just go regular SM or are the separate Codices better?

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Threadly reminder to stay two metres away from Nurgle cultists at all times.

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Jewish tranny commy nazi niggers. No.

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Do you not play dark Eldar? If not, I get it. I’m pretty happy with them myself, but also my EC and primaris.

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But Octarius wasn't getting supplied by the Imperial War Machine.

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>incels virgins projecting on to normal people

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Not with this post we can't. Thanks.

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can you paint base paints over base paints? reason I ask is because I painted a model with a dark bronze color but I am thinking I want the majority of it to be red now. or maybe I just use a layer red color like evil sun over the dark bronze? Going for more of a crimson color.

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also wear appropriate protection at all times

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Yes. Bases spread better than layer paint anyways.

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whats the best box set for starting a ork army?

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Kryptman is genuinely more of a menace to the Imperium than the nids with his plans of how to stop nids.

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Playing custodes is an automatic sign of latent homosexuality though. Custodes are the epitome of homosexual culture. A race of elite uber-men who have no need for women.

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Pic related is a pretty good starter set for work players. It comes with a few rounds of ammo but you'll probably only need one.

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Too small and silent, needs a mag extender, some duck tape, abit of super gorilla glue, maybe some plastic jewels and gold chains (the fake gold) from walmart, a cylinder to extend the barrel in order to increase the damage, maybe another barrel for more bullet holes, and some plastic and houseware paint so that you can customize the color abit. Actually it'd help to get same first aid bandages too, this way you get a nice grip and really make it your own.
A skull would be nice, but I can't think of many places you can buy one unless you own a chicken farm or something.

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POST YOUR LATEST WORK, /tg/. Painted, kitbashed, greenstuffed, based, I just want to see it.

Finished the bases for this set of 8 girls. After I seal them in all I'll need is their heads. I also got a group of fly girls done, so I'll be prepping their bases as well.
By the end of the week I'm hoping to have 20 more girls based, painted, and waiting for heads.

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But they do need women, sisters of silence are joining them next PA.

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Anon, you and I both know thats way to fancy for orks. I think pic related is a better starting point.

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Custards might have a higher playable unit / total unit ratio than IG.
>Shield-Captain on Dawn Eagle Jetbike
>Pallas Grav-Attack
>Calladius Grav-Tank
>Vexilus Praetor (Magnifica)
Are all good, and decent units are
>Storm Shield Custodes
>Orion Assault Dropship
>Vertus Praetors
>Allurus Terminators
What're 20+ good and 16+ playable units from IG?

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They need SoS. Astartes are closer to homosexual culture and don't need women, especially given the taste for Roman themes.

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A codex based on like two or three different models is always gonna have a higher percentage of useful units, by sheer virtue of having absolutely fucking nothing otherwise.

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>They need SoS.
No they don't.

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a ratio is a pointless comparison when IG have around 10 times more units to choose from

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Fuck I want to start painting again but assembling things kind of makes me want to vomit. I hate cutting shit off the sprue because I feel like I always fuck up. Also, is amazon still delivering stuff? I want to order stuff but given corona, won't they delay the shit outta it? I want to buy some ossiarch bone reapers and maybe kit bash my necrons with them.

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Explain necrons then.

>> No.71892121

Valerian and Aleya would disagree.

>> No.71892129

There's a reason they've historically fought together, because SoS cover Custards only weakness. Even now they still work together frequently, but the SoS are busy trying to escort shitty psykers for the Golden Throne.

>> No.71892130

Amazon is still delivering things, and it is very hard to fuck up with sprues if you are even half-competent.

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Necrons need a new codex.

And new sculpts.

>> No.71892144

>There's a reason
Nope. They existed before them and apart for them for the majority of their history.

>> No.71892145

Looking good, anon. I picked up some Zephyrim yesterday since my FLGS is still doing grab & go orders, just put them together.

Fun fact: The box set gives you five extra jetpacks and loads of spare pistols, so my next project is to convert up five Seraphim

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Tell me of some cheesy strategies you have come up against in your warhammer games? I have actually never played but I enjoy hearing about the cheese that can happen.

I remember a long time ago a friend explained to me about the whole weird tau skimmer transport cheese thing. I forget exactly what it was but it involved using it to block LoS somehow?

I also recently heard about "IG parking lot" where they camp out and use units that can shoot without direct LoS?

>> No.71892159

Lmao Necrons are a fucking waste of space that should just be phased out already. GW tried to make something of them with the retconn in 5th but it did absolutely nothing, they should cut their losses whilst they can and just move on.

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Here's the pic

>> No.71892164

Just thought it was interesting. Though I think Harlequins have the highest ratio of playable units in their codex.

>> No.71892168

Has anyone else noticed the sheer laziness on display? the box says copyright from 2017. Have they seriously not fixed this in 3 years.

>> No.71892169

Every gay community has its fag hags

>> No.71892171


I really want a fucking cableless immortal but won't immortals just look like warriors with no cable?

>> No.71892177

What's his name again?

>> No.71892182

>Those bases
Hold on let me breath it in...

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fuck off.

>> No.71892191

Though Custards have fought with Sisters for nearly their entire existence. Your arguement is like faulting somebody for not doing something before they were born.

>> No.71892192

Is rebasing 25mm units on 32mm ok rules wise and general fair play? I assume its ok since its a disadvantage if you are thinking waac-like.

>> No.71892198

More projecting?

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The real stupid but fun cheese has left the game quite a while ago. Things like being able to have your marines jump off their bikes, which meant the latter would careen into the enemy army like runaway missiles.

>> No.71892201

Use an xacto-blade or file the part better.

At a glance maybe, but they would without the cable's too.

go away anti-cron autist

>> No.71892202

They're a melee unit. Making them taller makes them worse because they're harder to hide.

Also I keep a model on jetpack with the shitty flying stand on hand to swap in if someone insists.

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I was told that this hobby is garbage for meeting women in to date. Is that true? I was consider getting into the hobby to maybe meet new people and potentially women to date as I don't get out much. I like the idea of this hobby. It would be nice to meet women in it too?

>> No.71892232

>Though Custards have fought with Sisters for nearly their entire existence.

>> No.71892239

...this can't be real

>> No.71892243

as long as you don't mind a penis on your woman you'll be fine

>> No.71892247

A lot of people are opposed to the idea regardless of who benefits from it. What're you trying to rebase?

>> No.71892251

Aside from the 10 thousand year holiday the SoS took away from Terra after the Heresy.

>> No.71892254

>wanting to date women

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>> No.71892263

Go to a game store once you are able to and figure it out for yourself.

>> No.71892270

The line of sight rules should be burned. Modelling affecting the game as much as it does it a disgrace for some coörperation calling itself "A model company first, game company second"

>> No.71892273

You can try using plastic bags if you don't have green stuff.

>> No.71892287

skitarii on sector mechanicus bases. I got the 32mm ones for cheap.

>> No.71892289

>datable women
>attractive women

>> No.71892291

That's correct, very few women as is are into nerd-shit outside of DnD/Pathfnder/etc and regular miniature painting (usually for DnD). 40k in general is a very high price and hobbist wall to most people in general, it'll be even worse for getting together with a chick.
I don't really recommend looking for women through nerd hobbies anyway.

>> No.71892293

How come based Tech-Priest Daedalosososus is easy to find at a reasonable price online whilst the Tech-Priest Manipulus, which is no where NEAR as useful as the former, is like gold-dust and either unavailable or costs and fortune?

You'd think it'd be the opposite. Daedy's ability is practically a must-have for AdMech.

>> No.71892300

I haven't even gotten to play my Ad Mech army yet, but I bought a bunch of Castellans. I understand their use as artillery more or less, but how can I make them work as melee fighters? I like the idea of these lumbering melee robots ripping stuff apart.

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I am lonely bro. However, I feel like women would just laugh at this hobby. I am hispanic too so I DOUBT any hispanic women play this. Hell, if I ever showed this hobby to anyone I know currently, pretty sure I'd be laughed into oblivion. FUCK!

>> No.71892309

Just learn to base

>> No.71892318

You can do them up better than I did, the legs that came with the model will look fine if you put a csm torso on them

>> No.71892323

I love the central Sister climbing up with her flag, great pose.

>> No.71892325

Just play using the city fight rules from CA. Pic related is from like the first page of it.

>> No.71892329

I feel like you should never join a hobby for the purpose of meeting a partner. If it works I mean it works in that 1% of the time, but when it doesn't youre stuck spending time/money in something you might not even enjoy.

>> No.71892339

You can run them as such but I can't think of anything that makes them worthwhile to do so

>> No.71892342

What cringe is this

>> No.71892345


Hmm.. I might try this. Granted, I am not sure if I want fleshy flayed ones but I guess whats the point of flayed ones if they not wearing flesh? Also, how did you attach the bladed bits and stuff to their arms? Is that what flayed ones normally look like or is that warriors?

>> No.71892353

Can you give me some examples of necroncore music?

>> No.71892354


what did you use to do the base?

>> No.71892365

Thanks. I wanted her to absolutely be the standout and look like she's about to plant it on the ruins.

My favorite is the one on the right spinning around the beam, though

>> No.71892372


I am doomed.

>> No.71892378

How'd you cure the plastic bags into place?

>> No.71892383

Nice dude! I'm too poor to use that much of my terrain as basing, but they look nice.

Here are my girls. I'm going to start prepping their bases tonight. I have another 3 boxes of Seraphim/Zeryphim I'll be working on afterwards.

>> No.71892395

Just finished this last night for a painting contest

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>> No.71892401

Chunks from the Sector Imperialis sets. I bought a bunch when Kill Team came out and I still have loads of leftovers.

Your girls look good, but I get the feeling they pissed off a Vindicaire...

>> No.71892414

These aren't mine, I saw them on Reddit. But the guy converted Warriors, chopped their hands off, and just glued the blades and stuff to where their hands were.

>> No.71892427

Mechanicus game soundtrack? When I think of Necrons and their theme, I feel something ambient works best, so maybe Lustmord or some other dark ambient artist.

>> No.71892431

would look better as a necron

>> No.71892456

That's more admech I think. But lustmord does indeed work.

>> No.71892466

Do people sell single unpainted models online? I'd like to paint a member of the adeptus customers to act as a prisoner taken by my necron army, but buying an entire box seems wasteful.

>> No.71892471

Tau and Necron are the same species.

>> No.71892477

Did they ever stat Chaos Marines for Dark Heresy 1st Ed? How would you build an encounter/campaign around one?

>> No.71892479

Yeah, ebay works like it always has.

>> No.71892480

>playing necromunda
>goliaths vs eschers
>giant pit in the middle of the map
>eschers have a firing line on the other side just taking potshots, most of which bounce off my guys because lmao T4
>not really sure how to break the stalemate, look at my tactics cards
>one of them is Boost Up, which allows you to have one ganger throw another 6" up vertically
>we've had a few beers and I misread the card, get all excited and try to throw one of my gangers across the gap
>realize my mistake before it's done but my pal is a bro and lets it happen anyways
>the ganger I threw across the gap has a blasting charge, which is a 5" template explosive
sadly the scatter dice fucked me the next turn and the eschers gunned the poor bastard down like a firing squad, but physically hurling a friend across a canyon so he can chuck a bomb at the enemy will never not be hilarious.

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>> No.71892497

Honestly, *most* women find *most* typically male hobbies dumb/boring/laughable. Broad, horribly sweeping generalisation there but realistically if a chick likes you, she won't be any more put off by your desire to hang out with your mates pushing tiny plastic soldiers across a table than she would be a desire to hang out with your mates to watch the football/go fishing/work on your car. All of them will seem equally dull/weird to her but normal people accept men and women have different interests and she'll tolerate your hobby just like you'll tolerate following her around shops for six hours while she TRIES ON LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN EVERY SHOP AND THEN ENDS UP BUYING ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL!

Ahem, sorry.

The exception would be women who care (too much, everyone cares a bit) about how their boyfriend's hobbies will make her look in front of her friends. But quite frankly if that is the case, you're dodging a bullet by not getting involved in that in the first place.

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>> No.71892522

That is the Death Korps surely?

>> No.71892540

Horus Lupercal

>> No.71892544

the sector mechanicus base are way too complicated to make without 3d printing. The factory roller on greenstuffworld is the closest to making it yourself and it looks crap.

>> No.71892551






>> No.71892566

for me this is the death korps song

>> No.71892569

Now that I think about it, you're absolutely right.
I can't think of any other metal songs that being immortal skeletons to mind, though.

>> No.71892579


I mean it's shit but here you go. Doing my first practice run for my repentia conversions using defective recasts. I wanted to practice connecting the arms and legs to the torso since it's gonna take some sculpting to do right. I've attatched the legs but still need to do the arms. I'm honestly not certain if the legs turned out ok or not.

>> No.71892580


This one works

>> No.71892584

I feel its a bit different though in that case. I've never been shopping with my gf for that long, but she often just wants my input on how things look on her, which I'd imagine is how a lot of people who are sane are. With 40k, I don't see a point in dragging my gf with me to a store. She doesn't think it's strange, but I wouldn't expect someone with no interest to be interested in them, not as universal as clothes nor would she provide any input that really matters.

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>> No.71892598

Xenos lover

>> No.71892599


>> No.71892600

Not really. Scorched Earth is a completely valid tactic.

>> No.71892606


>> No.71892608

Post games you've done during quarantine!

>> No.71892625

C'mon, dude.


>> No.71892637

That too. The event 'Attack of the Dead Men' is based on is 100% Death Korps in my mind though.

>"Oh shit, my lungs are dissolving in hydrochloric acid....oh well, might still have time to get one last bayonet charge in before I shuffle off this mortal coil"

>> No.71892639

>Socks on the ground
Pick those up you filthy animal

>> No.71892640

I'm assuming paper is a placeholder for another army? Looks fun, but promise me you will vacuum your carpet and paint those admech when you have the time.

>> No.71892645


>> No.71892646


This has revitalized my love for the necrons somehow. I was wavering pretty hard. Was about to just become a imperium player of some sort because I like being able to kitbash easily. FUCK that was close.

>> No.71892667

>for meeting women
Anon........ are you actually retarded? The majority of wemon who are into nerd shit are either doing it for attention because autists will go after anything with a vagina. Or massive sjw's who get into stuff like D&D because they can be a special snowflake warrior princess who dont need no man, except for maybe that worlds version of (inerst minority), because it gets them charity points.

Or or, they are into the thing because their husband/boyfriend got them into it. So they are already taken.

Also also most of them are 400lb whales.

A dateable non sjw/attention whore, who isint already taken, who is physically able to wipe her own ass, is a niche of a niche of a niche of a nihce. In my close to 20 years in D&D and mtg and other stupid nerd shit, Ive only seen 2 women that fit that.

Its a fucking fools errand anon. If you want to meet women, get into boring normie shit.

>> No.71892668


I've seen people say this, but the aesthetic is all wrong. Necrons are vaguely skeleton shaped robots, no part of them actually looks like it's made of bone. Necrons are incredibly artificial and are made entirely of hard angles and geometric shapes.

>> No.71892675

is it possible to play a game by yourself? I got some ork boyz and some space marines just wondering if there is a way to do it

>> No.71892677

Why is gulliman so important to the story right now? Are there no other living loyalist primarchs or something? Isn't the salamander primarch alive?

>> No.71892681

I've tried to explain this exact thing to people here, but they just go "lol no they skeleton robot"

>> No.71892689

I think he's refering to his genius plan to lure two alien races that are both strengthened by warfare into fighting each other, turning two moderate problems into one MASSIVE problem in a few centuries time when a victor emerges from Octarius and the Imperium ends up facing either a super-Hive Fleet gorged on Orkish genetics and biomass or the return of the motherfuckin' Krork.

>> No.71892700


I wish necrons had a little more meat to them. I like a space marine which has all this room for nice paint and details and then necrons most important detail is probably their energy color in the chest and eyes and such.

>> No.71892707

it would look better as a necron lord, who sometimes are so insane they modify their body to show how they have transcended the mortal coil.

>> No.71892712

I think most people see them note the "ribs" and skeletal face, so I can't totally fault them for it at the same time. Especially because they are such an unpopular army that it's not like anyone tries to play them anyway on the TT...

>> No.71892717

The real Necron OST

>> No.71892719

>Are there no other living loyalist primarchs or something?
None doing anything important.

>> No.71892720


>> No.71892727

Technically, but it's like playing chess with yourself; you always know what's coming.

Rings a little hollow, if you know what I mean. I played a game or two of kill team when I was trying to learn the rules and it was just kind of sad.

>> No.71892735

I primed my commissars

>> No.71892736


>> No.71892738

Leave the flayed ones and warriors as thin skeleton men but let anything that has a mind be a little more bulky. Fluff it as those who kept their minds manage to keep more of their bodies during the biotransferrance process

>> No.71892742

He's the only "active" loyalist primach. Nobody really knows what the other ones are up to for, imo, nothing more than plot convenience, even though Vulkan is supposed to be alive given he's a perpetual. Basically, Guilliman has a direct say in how the imperium is operating now, whereas even though the other primarchs are allegedly alive, nobody seems to know / care what they are up to.

>> No.71892756

Classic Cron, one of a 20man unit of Necron Raiders. :p

>> No.71892757

>I can't totally fault them for it at the same time
I can, they're fucking retarded.
It's like trying to pass off Bretonnians as Space Marines because they both have armour.

>> No.71892763

All but Ferrus and Sang could be brought back without any trouble. GW just want Primarch to be a big thing and loyalists even more so.

>> No.71892764


>> No.71892773

If you can remember back to when primaris marines were first announced or showed. What did you feel? I only started playing warhammer maybe like 4 months ago but from what I gather, people hated primaris reveal? Almost in the same fashion that people hated Age of Sigmar reveal?

>> No.71892780

Unless you play oldcrons, there's no reason not /yourdudes/ your skeletals funky undead pimps.

>> No.71892787

That's excellent. Please post again when painted

>> No.71892791

I have money on Dorn coming back from the dead. The novels are playing him up as even more of a badass and having him single handedly fuck up fulgrim and kill alpharius. Bet we are getting a one handed yellow primarch back soon.

>> No.71892795

>That neck ornament
Real shame those aren't a thing anymore. I'd like the new necron warriors if they weren't so bland comparatively. At least give them a small adornment like that.

>> No.71892796

>>Calladius Grav-Tank
Bad news on that one...

Also Saggitarum guard are great

>> No.71892806

Some people did, most embraced them as indicated by the popularity of 8e.
Personally I felt something like it was coming, since Stormcast were super sized space marine protagonists of AoS, I was fairly sure they'd beef up the Space Marines at some point.

>> No.71892816


I still have to do touch ups and edge highlighting. Tried a bit of kit bashing too using a blade from a lychguard void blade I think.

>> No.71892821

>Remaster never ever
SOUL incarnate

>> No.71892826

That would be pretty nice, I want to see at least one of the other Primarchs crawl their way out of the galactic woodwork kind of soon. Preferably Vulkan, but Dorn is a cool one as well.

>> No.71892829

"If twitch thot was a primarch"

>> No.71892830

Eh, it'll work itself out.

>> No.71892844

The red looks a little bit excessive, but it might be the low resolution making it look worse than it is.

>> No.71892851

Damn son, what the fuck is that? It's tight.

>> No.71892857



When I saw this trailer, I nearly fucking puked man. Especially when he mentioned "gene forged beyond their brothers potential" It was so fucked.

>> No.71892858

Faggorks and Nidgers always ignore that the Imperium can just swoop in a decapitate both at their leisure.

>> No.71892875

Novokh Dynasty chad

>> No.71892880

thats a good idea actually, might give that a try. never tried to make a flesh "cape" out of green stuff before, so it'll be a chance to experiment.

>> No.71892888


>> No.71892895

Which one is Gork?

>> No.71892905

I feel like Dorn coming back would take away from Imperial Fists, and their successors, writing wise. With Vulcan... he's kinda boring and his perpetual status is in quesiton right now anyway, would like him dead too. If there's a loyalist I'd want alive it'd either be Russ, but broken beyond belief both mentally and physically, or Lion just for the sake of being a massive asshole constantly heading butts with Guilliman ESPECIALLY on subject of stuff like Inquisition, Ecclesiarchy, and High Lords.

>> No.71892911

It will probably end up looking better than the retail models.

>> No.71892916

Thanks, Saggitarum guard. Custodes troop choice from FW.

>> No.71892921

Does anon have Siege of Terra The First Wall? I would very much like to read it.

>> No.71892922

But wouldn't that be at the cost of leaving themselves vulnerable to another faction? I'm not 100% disagreeing with you, but I always thought there was a bit of bombardment on the imperium from a lot of sides (Nids, Orks, and Chaos being the extra-aggressive ones).

>> No.71892931


>> No.71892937

Flayed ones are basically warriors with knives for hands. You can probably skip the skin, as long as they look distinct from your other models

>> No.71892942

Are space marines ambidextrous?

>> No.71892943

From that art, the Blue one.

>> No.71892951

If i take a the specialist detachment's relic do you have to pay command points for it or do you get it for free? example the souped-up shokka in the dread waaaagh! detachment

"If your army includes any Dread Waaagh! Specialist Detachments, you can give one of the following relics to a
DREAD WAAAGH! CHARACTER from your army."

"Before the battle you may give a relic from this section
to a CHARACTER from your army with the relevant
<SPECIALIST DETACHMENT> keyword instead of
a relic from a codex or Chapter Approved. Named
characters such as Ghazghkull Thraka cannot be
given relics.
Note that some relics replace one of the character’s
existing weapons. Where this is the case, if you are
playing a matched play game or are otherwise using
points values, you must still pay the cost of the weapon
that is being replaced. Write down any relics your
characters have on your army roster."

>> No.71892956

Actually, while on this subject, maybe Khan wouldn't be so bad of a choice either when it comes to High Lords considering his past beef. But if things were to go in this direction then I'd want Khan killed at end of this story arc.

>> No.71892960

>But wouldn't that be at the cost of leaving themselves vulnerable to another faction?
No, in fact the Imperium and even the Eldar were keeping tabs on the situation all along and running interference operations.

>> No.71892963

What's this meme about Abaddon being a good guy now?

>> No.71892977

Vulkan is off sulking on a backwater planet somewhere because he doesn't like how the Imperium has turned out.

Corax has also locked himself in his room somewhere because he got the Big Sad from fucking up his son's genetics during the Heresy. Ditto the Lion who has locked himself in his room on the Rock and won't come out anymore in case someone asks him why half his Legion and his homeworld mysteriously disappeared during the Heresy.

Jaghatai is probably chilling out in some Commorrite arena, competing in jetbike murder races and banging adoring Drukhari racing fans in his spare time, waiting for the Imperium to collapse like he predicted it would and Mankind needs an outrider and roving sentinel once again.

Dorn is ded, committed suicide by Traitor Marine boarding a Chaos battleship against impossible odds in the 1st Black Crusade, probably because he was still butthurt over the whole Codex Astartes thing.

Sanguinius got fingered to death by Horus during the siege of Terra, Iron McIronhands got his swede removed by Fulgrim during the Heresy too.

Leman Russ took off with his 13th Company into the Eye of Terror, probably out of sheer embarassment at how increasingly obsessed with wolves his Legion was becoming. He promised to come back in the Imperium's hour of need but Cadia fell, daemons manifested at the walls of the Imperial Palace and the fucking galaxy got turned into a giant goatse reference and he was still a no-show so fuck knows what has happened to him in there.

>> No.71892978


>> No.71892979

Ork's never felt like an actual threat to the Imperium to me. They just seem like they are a threat when they hit areas that have a small guard or SM presence. Nids and chaos feel like the only long term threats to the Imperium to me.

Well maybe Tau as well if you give them a few thousand years to grow the fuck up and stop acting like children playing war.

>> No.71892997

I'd have to assume that it comes built in with their "kuh-razy reflexes". I looked it up, and according to the Inquisitor game, they get an ambidextrous trait for free. The validity of that being canon is up in the air, but at the same time I feel like being ambidextrous is important with the possibility of having an arm cut off and having to keep fighting.

>> No.71893012

ADB fanfic.

>> No.71893018

Chaos was always good.
Didn't you get that?

>> No.71893019

What sort of pattern are you going to paint? I'd recommend going conservative and limiting it to the edges of the cloak. As long as you paint and highlight the rest of it properly it will look good.

>> No.71893027


>> No.71893038

>Most powerful psyker of all time
>Incapable of recognizing that half of his demigod sons harbor intense, boiling hatred for him, either by reading their minds, or by just paying any attention at all to their outward demeanor
Timeless superbeing who has long since shed his humanity aside, is the Emperor fully autistic?

>> No.71893043

Make your own chapter. Then you can play them as whatever you want. Plus you get to go full autist with their history and culture which is a lot of fun.

>> No.71893048

Orks are a threat in the same way rats are to a city. An infestation is an economic loss that can have dire consequences down the line.

>> No.71893050

Orks are an issue not because they are big overwhelming threat, like Nids, but rather than they are hard to get rid off once they invade your lawn due to how their fungus works. Once Ork infestation hits, it's almost impossible to remove them permanently and you can see proof of this as most of known 40k world is overwhelmingly covered in orks, way more so than it was back before 8e.

>> No.71893052

I would expect them to be. Being able to shoot ambidextrously is important to real-world soldiers and marines also do a lot of dual-wielding which would require it.

>> No.71893056

thats dope

>> No.71893064


>> No.71893066

>teaching my friend how to play 40k.So I have someone who is worse than me at the game.

>> No.71893070

Lore wise Orks basically regressed crazy hard, so yeah, they are treated rightfully as dangerous ass pests basically. For Tau, it's a bit disappointing, as the writers kind of don't know what to do with them. Everything is too convenient for them it seems, which sucks because I feel that they would be a much more well received army if they learn from their mistakes, and acted a bit less recklessly after realizing their scale in the galactic plane. Their edge-fest with the 4th sphere mishap was a bit neat, but I hope that they get something big coming up (I think that's what the Deathguard retreat was trying to setup).

>> No.71893073

Middle a grill?

>> No.71893081

Generally they'll bulk order thousands of boxes at one time, so they could still be using their first print run.

They could also keep forgetting the issue when they order a reprint.

all in all not the most egregious of errors.

>> No.71893083


wait.. the dudes name isn't pronounced as "row boat". Its "ru boo teh"? WHAT THE FUCK!?

>> No.71893090

It's Severa, she's featured in one of the book series about the guard.

>> No.71893091

Yeah it's Severina Rein

>> No.71893097

no fucks anon. no fucks

>> No.71893099

>only weakness

Well they don't stop them from getting shot to shit so I'd say they fail at that.

>> No.71893103

What's the best online tool to play 40k?

>> No.71893104


>> No.71893108


Is this 2009?

TTS is where it's at now adays.

>> No.71893112

I know jack about Primaris, do they still get Walking coffin dreads? I liked that idea a lot more, where they were basically giving it their last stand whereas this just seems like a retro Tau suit and a Kastelan fused.

>> No.71893115

>losing best overall because you couldn't be ass'd to fix a gap on your model

i hope you don't do this anon.

>> No.71893120

dat crisp Gamesday 98 grill tho

>> No.71893121

dilate faggot

>> No.71893123


well the pictured dread is for stealth operations apparently.

>> No.71893127

It's still one of their best units.
Sagittarum seem meh.

>> No.71893132

The fucking Heavy Bolter is so dumb. Not even 40k cool dumb.

>> No.71893139

Tabletop Simulator


>> No.71893140


>> No.71893144

They at the very least aren't phased by bolter fire

>> No.71893153

are chaos bikers good? a blob of them with endless cacophony would be a lot of dakka

>> No.71893154

How are your guys' LGS? Do you like the people there? Do you miss going there to hang out?

>> No.71893163

I'll get around to it eventually. I mean I'm not embarrassed about WIP shots

>> No.71893168

What is better in a deepstriking army: 60 cultists or 40 cults 10 CSM and a Rhino?

>> No.71893173

The Heresy was also meant to happen in some form or the other, the Primarchs were half generals meant to conquer the galaxy for humanity but also half irresistable bait for the Chaos gods; beings in the material universe powerful enough to absorb a huge amount of their power.

The idea, according to Malcador at least, was for the Heresy to kick off, the Chaos gods pour a big chunk of their power into one or more of the Primarchs in an attempt to kill the Emperor, who was otherwise untouchable by them, at which point the Big E himself and 10,000 custards would swoop in and wipe out the Chaos-empowered Primarch/s, thus temporarily depriving the Chaos gods of a big chunk of their power and buying much needed time for the Emperor to complete his 'remove Mankind's dependancy on the Warp' plan.

But then Magnus Nothing Wrong'd the Imperial Webway.

>> No.71893175

you say that but the tau have had large parts of its empire destroyed multiple times. by both imperium and tyranids.

>> No.71893178

Yes, Primaris Dreads are called Redemptor Dreadnoughts. What you were replying to is a Warsuit.

>> No.71893179

>Can we have ONE thread without 40k's player base

I mean, you could always head over to reddit.

>> No.71893181

Yeah iunno why they did that.

>> No.71893191

According to audiobooks, yeah. I always pronounced it Row-bout.

>> No.71893192

It's not a Dread. It's just a walker that a Marine can pilot.

>> No.71893210

>Half-way to finish painting my Nob Warbiker
>Notice I glued his arm saw upside down
Would it even be out of place for an ork to not be using a power saw properly?
Or should I just rip it off and turn it over?

>> No.71893213

Excuse me, are those lights instead of storm bolters on that Redemptor?

>> No.71893215

I would like them to get wrecked and then rely on guerilla tactics.

>> No.71893220

It'd be dope if that was how they differentiated rank with the higher rank the more bling.

>> No.71893222

how badly upsidedown

>> No.71893224

>looking good
>zoom in


>> No.71893225

That's disgusting

I'm tired of seeing unpainted guard armies. They're almost as bad as Tau

>> No.71893233

They're going to add primarchs one by one until they have the primarch justice league all setup. I wish I was joking

>> No.71893236

No that's a Las Bulb

>> No.71893240

That's pretty much what they do. Lychguard are considered important enough to have loincloths.

>> No.71893243

missile pods

>> No.71893245

Rather than teeth obviously pointing down, they are pointing up.

>> No.71893253

Do you think if GW released new lines for all xeno races, it would allow xenos to catch up in popularity to space marines?

I have been hearing rumors that with corona fucking the economy and fucking GW by forcing them to make hand sanitizer. GW will probably not revitilize xenos for a long time and they will now look for good cash grabs(I.E IMPERIUM PLAYERS) to get their funds up.

Fucking hell man. We going back to the fucking dark ages xeno bros.

>> No.71893254


>> No.71893262

>going back

>> No.71893267

Sure, but then you'd be reddit, and you can fuck off

>> No.71893270

Fuck over old SoB players.

>> No.71893274

>Zooming in to unnatural levels
>Surprised when it doesn't look right.

Who fucking cares, they look good.

>> No.71893275

If they're recieving any compensation for making the hand sanitizer they're doing fine.

>> No.71893280

>> No.71893291 [SPOILER] 

Noob question: Are you supposed to water down contrasts or just use them as is?

Pic unrelated and probably heresy.

>> No.71893296


>> No.71893297

What are your truest thoughts on gray tiders? I personally kind of dislike them because I think a big part of the hobby is showing your dudes. Gray dudes just makes it seem like you are only playing to win I guess. Maybe I am wrong. Its even more disgusting if you gray tide in kill team.

>> No.71893302

That's the plan. You can give everyone but the Champion (who has an extra attack anyway) a chainsword for their pistol. So if you run 9 and give the Champion a Combi-bolter, that's 40 shots at 24" with a 14" move.
Run as Slaanesh for cacophony and give them the icon as well, because why not. With the icon, you can get exploding attacks on 5+ in melee, where they all have 3 attacks on the charge.

Warptime forward, kill some screening units (the mathematically kill 30 Boyz) and then charge something just to be in the enemy's face. Alpha Legion lets you fallback and shoot, Night Lords let you fallback and charge and Iron Warriors ignore cover, which is surprisingly useful nowadays.

>> No.71893305

They might look good on a computer screen, but that shit will be noticeable IRL.

>> No.71893307

I'd use contrast medium instead of water.

But it depends on your application.

>> No.71893308

It's not free.

>> No.71893310

He's from space Rome.
Like Astartes or Custodes rather than ass-tarts or cuss-toads.

>> No.71893311

What a time that was.

>> No.71893318

No. Even when xenos get new releases or lines, like GSC, they don't outsell marines. Xenos players bitch but they have the back seat for a reason

>> No.71893320

You got to pay for it.

Gotta pay for the detachment
Gotta pay for the field commander
Gotta pay for the relic

>> No.71893321

Technically you're suppose to use them as is after a good shake, but all the professional youtubers so far have diluted them slightly with alcohol mediums in order to change up the property slightly and make for better layer application, which allows for lighter and better skin layers for example.

>> No.71893323

It's fucking beautiful. What are your plans for the castle guns and the fortress?

>> No.71893324

The hand sanitizer thing is what their paint factories are making, not models. I'm pretty sure they'll get all their stuff back after this shit blows over

>> No.71893326


>> No.71893333


>> No.71893341

that model has so far taken nine hours of work. I don't know what the fuck the castle and the guns are gonna end up as

>> No.71893342

Babies first SW.

>> No.71893343

but they work just the way they are. It's a glaze.

>> No.71893344

I much prefer to play against a fully painted army but I get that some people just don't have the time or inclination to paint their shit.

Ultimately, it is their army, I have the choice of playing them or not and I'd pretty much always prefer to have a game than not, regardless of whether they're greytiding or fully painted.

Greytiding in Kill Team is just fucking lazy tho.

>> No.71893347

Imagine the smell

>> No.71893349

literally the cancer of the hobby. I would rather see pic related than grey tide.

However, grey tides serve the important purpose of being bareboned when the fag decides to sell his army for cheap and you don't have to strip the minis.

>> No.71893357


>> No.71893362

>that heavy flamer
what the fuck

>> No.71893363


>> No.71893373

That's very well considered. I've never given them a proper look but that sounds really good, and they're T5 too

>> No.71893374

I mean if you don't like them, just don't play against them. 40k is just something to do with people you like to hangout with.

Most tournaments have rules against unpainted army so its not like you'll ever be forced to play against them.

>> No.71893376

>release imperial guard but with retarded brow ridges
>include 500 characters
>doesn't sell
>gee wonder why that could be
>release 40 buggies for the infantry horde faction
>doesn't sell
>gee i wonder why
>release shit that isn't overpowered in a 230 burgerbuck box
>doesn't sell
>gee i wonder why

>> No.71893384

They're anti air now

>> No.71893386

I feel that every army has a unit like that, one that is pretty decent but you always seem to forget them.

>> No.71893387


>> No.71893395

Don't forget that GSC acolytes cost more money than they do points per model.

>> No.71893396

back to twitter

>> No.71893397

that's roll20 you fucking moron

>> No.71893401

I'm a fan of unconventional units suddenly being threatening, and bikers seem to strike that middle ground between unexpected and when buffed, really strong

>> No.71893406

They are also sapient enough to appreciate them.

>> No.71893408

If xenosfags were half as good at supporting things they like as making excuses not to then there's a chance the Imperium would be the worst selling faction.

>> No.71893410

Here's a decent video about them and different uses and results.
I don't really care. I don't think GK is the best army in the game so I think it's either
A) Idiots who are trying to get ahead of the curve on the next broken army and picked poorly
B) People who already liked GK but didn't want to build an army that was that cucked.

>> No.71893416

if they're all deepstriking? 60 cultists

>> No.71893421


but what DOES sell well and why? Like do space marine sell well because they are space marines or do they sell well because their boxes are done well?

>> No.71893422

>most sold after marines
>didn't sell
The thing is no one actually plays GSC but a few rich bastards or conversion fags.
You could buy like 3 armies for the cost a single GSC army.

>> No.71893424

Pretty much what >>71893344 says. Painted armies look better for sure, but what people do with their models is up to them. It takes a lot of time, effort, and also money (on top of an already expensive hobby) , and some people don't have that.

i'd say the same goes for Kill-Team, but at the same time it's way simpler to deal with just 10 dudes, but still. Some people just don't have the time or inclination.

>> No.71893425

your humor needs to go back, cringelord

>> No.71893428

GSC was one of the highest selling kits GW produced in years on their release.

>> No.71893430


I'm reading it now. And it is above average book in the series. Makes you feel the Lion's Gate spaceport really is that massive hive city on top of a hive city. And still keeps Iron Warriors as the most based slav legion.

>> No.71893434

>you fucking moron

Yup im the moron for not knowing a sub par way of playing 40k online.

>> No.71893435

Anyone have a link to all the Blackstone Fortress stuff?

>> No.71893439

I've been thinking about expanding my army with some fast attack and was looking at ork bikers but I really dig the stormboys.

>> No.71893441

>xenos players don't buy good looking models or anything without WAAC rules
It's not a mystery. Of course they won't get anything else if they find a reason to turn their nose up at what gets given to them. If all you like is 20 year old finecrap and metal then you can keep buying that

>> No.71893443

Imperium and Chaos are the largest factions they get the most releases. I doubt GW is changing a bunch of their plans on WHAT they are releasing so much as they are delaying what they had already planned on releasing.

>> No.71893444

You can come with grey dudes as much as you want as long as you slowly paint some shit over time. Show me you're at least trying then you get a pass.

If you come with some WAAC ass grey tide then get fuct virgin.

>> No.71893450


>> No.71893453

I'm going to kill you

>> No.71893460

It's not free bc it's from the detachment if that's what you mean. You can take it as your 1 free relic tho

>> No.71893461

Works fine for Role playing

>> No.71893466

Okay folks, let's list the underappreciated unit in your faction.

It's got 16" move, it can go anti-horde or anti-tank, and it can sit on an objective and shit out drones when it dies to continue sitting on the objective. Plus it can have 22" range or better missiles if you take a custom sept. And they're only $35 a pop.

>> No.71893467

What is most likely to get updated/new models between orks/nids/crons? Wanted to have an army from one of those, and need to know what to hope for.

>> No.71893468

>if xenos were mindless consumers like sisterfags they'd outbuy the imperium
I mean, ok

eldar people aren't normal people.

>> No.71893469

T'au is the only xenos with decent support

>> No.71893470

holy shit my sides anon

>> No.71893485

necrons, followed by nids.

>> No.71893488


>> No.71893489

What if you just want to play the game, but would feel stupid to proxy the models even if the group let you?

>> No.71893494

If you've been picking up boxes since 7th when they were released you end up with a pretty decent collection add a few boxes of brood brothers, neophytes, or acolytes and you'll have it. That's what I did. Slow grew the shit out of it. Overkill was solid and the box against the SW was a good pick up.

>> No.71893502

Where? Really just looking for expansions and the cards. Stranded 80 miles from the nearest game store and want to preview before buying.


>> No.71893503

Custodes or SoS will probably get a decent expansion with their supposed new codex. Maybe with sisters they'll finally get as many units as deldar.

>> No.71893504

Stormboyz are pretty cool. They're ultra fast if they're Evil Sunz and can charge 8" out of deepstrike.

For bikers, boss bikers are always the better choice.

>> No.71893506

Orks just got a named figure so they're likely done for a while. Necrons haven't had their PA yet so necrons and nids are probable.

>> No.71893514

Consider also that they're an easy faction to grab a couple boxes for kill team and necromunda. I made a munda gang and let it lie at that.

>> No.71893515

>Combat Servitors
BS4+ is good enough for an immobile platform they can work well, I've not once had them not make their points back (which admittedly is petty easy because they're cheap as fuck)

>> No.71893517

What's the funnest way to play necrons?

>> No.71893518

Nice dude. KoS?

>> No.71893530

As a platform they're pretty pozzed.

Should avoid at all cost.

>> No.71893531

Mortifiers. They're probably the best distraction carnifex in the game, because "Oh these four get 15 attacks each at S6 AP-2 and they move 9 inches" will draw a lot of fire off your real damage dealers.

>> No.71893534

>Chaos spawn
they're invaluable as distractions since nothing wants to get near them in melee and they have a fair bit of bulk

>> No.71893540


>> No.71893541

Necrons will probably get something next. New C'tans or maybe pariahs would be cool. Nids are mostly in plastic but, a plastic lictor or a plastic super heavy would be cool. Rules wise the nid flyers could use improvement

>> No.71893545

my friend aint got TTS

>> No.71893551

the lychguard/wraiths deceiver meme build probably

>> No.71893554

I really wish they'd put out a ten or twenty model servitor box. Admech could use a chaff unit and frankly it makes sense that they'd send waves of lobotomized nobodies out to take hits for their skitarii or whatever else.

And desu I have a bit of love for them after getting good use from the humble servitor in Mechanicus.

>> No.71893555

Wrong because Dark Eldar have the best line. Anyways I have 0 sympathy for xenosniggers if they choose to bitch. They are in the place they are for a reason. They way out is simple, but they think they're better than every other paypig in the paypig hobby

>> No.71893558

It's on YouTube

>> No.71893566


IF GW fucks necrons for the PA, I might fucking drink my paint water man. FUCK! I just know GW is going to wipe their ass with necrons.

>> No.71893576

>They are in the place they are for a reason
Yes, GW wanks imperium and doesn't care about them

>> No.71893580

table top simulator? He's not talking about text-to-speech same acronym tho

>> No.71893583

Their PA thing is literally called Pariah so if they don't get pariahs you'll have proper justification to go up to GW HQ with a molotov or ten

>> No.71893585

Only one of you needs to own it and its on sale for $10

>> No.71893590

is it true that tech priests can assume direct control of skitarri if they wanted to? Seems kind of weird but I guess I see how it can be advantageous to do so.

>> No.71893593

No, you're a moron for not being able to use your eyes

>> No.71893604

Yes they can

>> No.71893605

Finished up these 6 to finally get enough to fill out a battalion. Still working on more small dudes with about 20 poxwalkers and a couple more plaguebearers so I can have an even 60 painted on both those.

>> No.71893607

I can't really blame them for not wanting it to just be based on who paypigs hardest, even sitting here as a Marines player. Hell, maybe if GW recognized that supporting whatever gets sales is just a self perpetuating cycle we wouldn't have gotten the awful idea of giving space marines more new models than a lot of armies have in the first place.

>> No.71893611

Depends on the legio in question iirc. Some skitarii are more or less guardsmen with more bionics, others are a step above combat servitors.

>> No.71893615

No, because they don't buy and bitch whenever they get an update. Make no mistake. You aren't supported like marines because you don't pay like marines. You want paypig releases you gotta be a paypiggy.

>> No.71893617

>I finally found that cringy size fetish shit with the Eldar bigger than a dreadnought and can prove to my friends I'm not crazy.

At long last I can know peace.

>> No.71893622

no its not

>> No.71893624

Wait for some chinahammer mechanicus thralls. You can stick heavy weapons on em and they look okay.

>> No.71893629

Skitarii are lobotomites used for their inability to revolt or cower.

>> No.71893630

>Black Templars
The Cenobyte Servitors

They're 6 points for the whole unit of 3 and they fill an elite slot if they're not in Grimaldus' detachment.

The morale immune has never come up (I play Space Marines ffs), but they're 2ppm and nobody wants to kill 3 servitors squatting on the most rural, bumfuck objective on the table.

>> No.71893652

You seem like a salty little faggot because i don't recognize your shitty vassal clone.

>> No.71893655

What exactly is there to buy for necrons lmao. They have less choices then new armies. Unless someone just started the army it's impossible to not have almost all their shit.

>> No.71893659



>> No.71893661

I charged a unit of them and lost 11 Possessed to the overwatch and mortal wounds on death.

>> No.71893675

I actually went and counted, outside of characters(which would include the vault to be fair) necrons have less choices than any army that wasn't introduced in 8th edition after engine war drops

>> No.71893689

Isn't it a bit weird for stealth suits to have hoof-booties? That'd be like space marine armour having toe-shoes.

>> No.71893693

got a list?

>> No.71893695

>ld 6

>> No.71893696

Are necrons supposed to buy 3 copies of the same army to match brainless guard players or something?

>> No.71893706

Footfags infect everything.

>> No.71893709

It's also a nickname or something for one of those characters they previewed. Doesn't mean necrons won't get them but, don't hold your breath. I'd be more interest in what rules they get. If I had to guess it would be similar to tau or orks as they are the only other codex that are completely standalone. They are going to be at the very end of PA so chances are it'll be solid.

>> No.71893714

Ah that sucks, must have been only for the weekend.

>> No.71893718

Thanks for the advice!

>> No.71893721

Because that's the shape of their foot? Would you propose a cone instead?

>> No.71893725

Are they better than a chaincannon, if you had to pick one? As in upgrade one five-man squad with a cc or get a spawn?

>> No.71893733

This. Unless pariahs are a new troop or HQ unit, they're just gonna be another overcosted footslogging elite option.

>> No.71893740

>Okay folks, let's list the underappreciated unit in your faction.
Vets in a transport or valkyrie

3 plasma guns, a heavy flamer and a lascannon with a few ablative wounds all for pretty cheap is great. Then again I play vostroyans so I can make them BS2+ hopping out of their valks

>> No.71893753

One spawn won't go far. Part of their appeal is their great leadership stat.

>> No.71893756

People sleep on lychguard, but those guys are real strong casually.

>> No.71893761

>it makes sense that they'd send waves of lobotomized nobodies out to take hits for their skitarii or whatever else
In 30k and in the fluff, that is exactly what they do.

>> No.71893771


how many PA releases are there between the upcoming one and the necron one?

>> No.71893779

Why do I feel I saw something similar in Infinity... Can't quite remember exactly what though

>> No.71893783

Crons aren't gonna get Pariahs as a new unit, at best you can hope for the strategem to turn a lychguard unit into them.

GW doesn't make new units without models
GW would have previewed them by now if they were gonna be released.

release order

Engine war
war of the spider

>> No.71893785

2. Ad mech then Bile

>> No.71893790

Why is he so shit?

>> No.71893794

So go with the reaper and buy spawns in squads, gotcha

>> No.71893796

Finished up a burnaboy, nob, and painboy for my Digganob inspired counts-as Ork army

>> No.71893799

These are wip lychguard. They ossiarch, lychguard, warrior parts and lots of greens stuff. Making a tomb world infected by a warp virus, every kill and reanimation turning them more demonic and covered with bone/warp flesh.

>> No.71893807

people don't sleep on lychguard, they just have no delivery other than a deceiver and transports, a opg relic, and obyron and zandrekh.

gw can't even be arsed to make any of the necron iconic units halfway decent. idk what these people expect.

>> No.71893814

He's fine for a single model elite slot gimmick character. What did you really expect?

>> No.71893820

In the novels, he downgraded his chassis to fit in and also make it to the blackstone fortress. He is planning to find a new body and download into it.

Outside of lore, they want him to have a reason to bother working with others.

>> No.71893825

>GW would have previewed them by now if they were gonna be released.
GW just sorta dumps necron shit out, they don't do the super hype reveals that imperium or chaos gets. Like forgebane was all about the knights and then the cryptek was just there.

>> No.71893826

Some good looking necrons, fucking finally

>> No.71893827

Also working on tree eldar. Everyone gansta till the space trees start singing elvish.

>> No.71893834

his whole thing is disguising as a shitty robot

>> No.71893842

He's like 20 odd points the fuck you want

>> No.71893845

You forget Nephrekh Kutlakh rushing

>> No.71893853

Those look like ass.

>> No.71893869

My army has more expansive units that are way worse, what's the issue?

>> No.71893872

Yeah but you have to sacrifice a detachment to take him if you don't want to lose your [All models in this detachment must be X] bonuses/abilities.

>> No.71893895

>In the novels
There are Blackstone Fortress novels? Are they any good?

>> No.71893900

gw said they showed half the shit for adepticon, and theres rumors abound for a huge necron wave this summer/fall. I bet well see it on the 18th

>> No.71893901


>> No.71893907

>they don't do the super hype reveals that imperium or chaos gets

They do this for all new releases now. Even for their specialist games.

For example these guys got a video and they still haven't been released.

>> No.71893920

Nothing to do with him specifically

>> No.71893921

Cmon man we just wanna spread our gifts :/

>> No.71893935

tell me about it. but he prob wouldn't have bought it then either and im unemployed so i'm not buying it again.

>> No.71893936

Not the greatest but are like twenty minute to two hour reads. A Border Prince has the UR one narrated, or one of the other youtube groupies, cant remember.

>> No.71893944

>so i'm not buying it again

Only one of you needs to own the game, its a steam remote play game.

>> No.71893964

Dunno if I'd expect a huge overhaul. The have lots of plastic lots.

>> No.71893968

Not after the points hike

And saggi are near mandatory for backfield

>> No.71893973

plz dont get my hopes and dreams up anon. Theres no way necrons are getting a huge wave

>> No.71893976

Name a more based Imperial character.

>> No.71893989

Cool, might give em a look.

>> No.71893997

>only one of you needs to own it
also wrong

>> No.71893999

Who is cooler: Custodes, Marines or Thunderwarriors or T'au???

>> No.71894004

frenchmen say that the flayed ones and green rod units are getting redone, as well as szeras?

My google translate isn't perfect.

>> No.71894008

You should switch to an army that doesn't suck then.

>> No.71894016


>> No.71894019

Why are you posting an AoS character in a 40k thread?

>> No.71894026

I painted them, the lighting is just bad. Everything except the Kataphrons and Onager is 99% painted

>> No.71894027

I want to believe, but there's no way they'd get rid of warriors.

>> No.71894030

I have a soft spot for Thunder Warriors. Especially the ones who survived the Cull and hid out on Terra during the Crusade and Heresy.

'Dreams of Unity' was a great short story.

>> No.71894035

If Sigmarines looked half as good as Custodes I'd be playing AoS instead of 40k.

>> No.71894042


>> No.71894043

it's a re-do, not a removal. the unit stays the same just not looking as bad.

>> No.71894048

Their PA thing is called Pariah because it has rules for Ephrael Stern and her assistant, who is LITERALLY known as The Pariah. The name has nothing to do with Crons.

>> No.71894049


>> No.71894053

Wtf, they have Marines in Fantasy now??

>> No.71894071

Do we know if they're still going to use the green plastic tubes for the Gauss or are they going to actually not be retarded?

>> No.71894077

Who is more tough - Space Marines or US marines?
My classmate timmy who also plays warhammer says it's US marines.

>> No.71894092

Yes, not sure if this is bait but they killed off Fantasy to replace it with an inferior setting which includes the aptly named Sigmarines.

>> No.71894105

>US marines

>> No.71894108

is there a way on amazon to have ONLY the US postal service deliver my stuff? I fucking hate when fed ex or UPS does it because I live in apartment building and normally they leave it at the receptionists office but reception is closed because of fucking corona. FUCK. USPS can leave it in a drop box onsite though. Its why I am hesitant to order shit right now.

>> No.71894110

They've had Sigmarines with their Stormbol-err, "Boltstorm Crossbows" for ages now.

>> No.71894111

if they're redoing the green tube units then i imagine it's because they don't like the green tubes.

>> No.71894117

I demand more ROBOTICA IMPERIALIS units

>> No.71894125


why did they kill fantasy anyway? Was it mostly because it just wasn't selling like 40k? However, isn't age of sigmar or at least war cry doing better than 40k and kill team?

>> No.71894128

Post the raw text, I speak fluent French.

>> No.71894135

It wasn't selling at all.

>> No.71894137

Ok, just a question, aside the Mega nz is there backups of 8th Edition in other hosts?

>> No.71894138

guess what's next on the chopping block.

>> No.71894145

So, beyond teaching Fabulous Bill the basics of fleshcrafting memes, what lore do we have about the Coven of the Thirteen Scars? What's their specialty?

>> No.71894146

Reach out to whoever you're buying from and ask? IIRC usually it's not Amazon that decides the shipping (Unless you're buying FROM Amazon) it's whoever owns the Amazon Marketplace you're buying from.

>> No.71894152


wait is war cry about to get knocked the fuck off? or is it kill team!?

>> No.71894162

>implying the PA names haven't had some kind of reference to the armies in them outside of the 18 blood angels at ball ranch

>> No.71894167


hmm.. I prefer to buy from amazon directly if possible mostly because you don't get some weird fuckery and you get prime delivery right? I doubt amazon allows you to pick carrier.

>> No.71894168

He's talking about 40k. 9th edition soon comrades.

>> No.71894170

40K End Times soon fren.

>> No.71894171

excuse what

>> No.71894192

It was called Gathering Storm.

>> No.71894209


>> No.71894211

Doesn't really make sense to me.

Shouldn't all robots be operated by the Legio Cybernetica? The Imperium shouldn't really have their own robots, that is practically proscribed tech, even the Legio Cybernetica is viewed with suspicion by the rest of the AdMech, doesn't seem like something they'd tolerate other Imperial factions operating.

>> No.71894224

Right now there's no Prime Delivery.

>> No.71894247

8th Edition ends with the Astronomicon getting destroyed along with the galaxy in a huge blast, leaving the emperor spinning in the void with a shard of a geneseed in his palm, after which the void dragon picks him up and flies him off to Andromeda which starts Warhammer Age of The Emperor.

>> No.71894267

>40K End Times

>> No.71894273

Tu auras l'illuminor Szerah Rework avec ce PA

Pour d'autre sortie V9 Nécron il faudra attendre la V9 mais tu devras pas attendre longtemps.
Comme je l'avais indiqué, PA 8 ce jour et PA 9 samedi prochain.
Pour la grosse info qui tue (presque) tous le monde, je rejoins @Kikasstou pour le passage des Nécron sur le devant de la scène suite à la fin de PA.

On aura certainement des nouveautés Primaris (GW reste GW) et d'autres armées ayant eu peu de choses durant la V8 avoir à leurs tours des nouveautés (Eldar, Custodes, GI par exemple)

I can't find the post where he says specifically the green rod thing, and i can't be arsed to waste more time looking

>> No.71894282

I have no idea man, I get prime delivery on all my shit but the last package I bought was a fancy pants brush from Japan for a buddy and it came in a normal ass box with a hand written letter from the guy who ran the Amazon storefront thanking me for the purchase. I'm pretty sure that as long as it's not coming out of an Amazon warehouse whoever the storefront owner is chooses the method and Amazon just reimburses them. I could be wrong though.

>> No.71894285

>Ironstrider Ballistarii
I'm honestly surprised more AdMec players don't run these as their anti-tank. A dunecrawler is a must have, yeah, but you can slap on 2 lascannons onto this baby while it's running at 10". On top of that, you can have up to 6 in a squad. So you have 6 ironstriders, and with a forge world trait you can give them -1 to hit, AND there's a stratagem that gives them +2 to hit.
Also, they look cool

>> No.71894299

>>release 40 buggies for the infantry horde faction
The only reason this didn't work was because they released monopose models for orks.
It's the only army where monopose/no bits is abhorred above all else in their models.

>> No.71894322


It uses steam remote play.


>> No.71894334

They're also like $55 EACH, so have fun with your $330.00 unit that costs 480 points.

>> No.71894343

>Being poor
Fuck off out of my hobby you smell

>> No.71894354

Most of the buggies were really bad on release, for their costs, too while filling no real niche. People bought some of them, but there's not much reason to buy multiple of a model that is just going to sit down nothing. No fun rules either.
Monopose is not that big of an issue, but yeah lack of extra bits did not help.

>> No.71894388

I promise you they look worse on a nice monitor with close-up HD pictures in bright lighting than they do to the naked eye in a normally lit room 12" - 48" away.

I'm not the greatest painter, but my Sisters are well beyond TT quality and getting better every day I sit my ass down to paint. You're welcome to put your army up for comparison.

>> No.71894398

I play 30k nigger, it's not about being poor it's about the opportunity cost of running an arguably as effective but 3 times the price unit instead of cheaper, more relevant options. You'd be correct if I was, say, complaining about the Melee Chickens being too expensive (same kit and all) because the Melee Chickens fit a niche that the rest of the army doesn't already do. Ironstriders are just more expensive, less effective Boops/Servitors.

>> No.71894414

Those look fantastic

>> No.71894439

Minis always look worse when you post em here than in person. It's like a curse.

>> No.71894449

Yeah, you're not wrong. In game it's a good idea, but for most people (myself included) that just costs an unholy amount of money.
They're still good in pairs or on their own imo, and they're about the same price as Dunecrawlers

>> No.71894454

Seems like they just have better anti tank options. The Dunecrawler is good, and the Disintegrator is even better.

>> No.71894460

He's saying that 9th edition is soon, Illuminator Szeras is getting a rework and Psychic Awakening necron stuff he's going to cover with some other dude. 9th will also have a shitload of new stuff for other armies.

>> No.71894466

they look good to me anon

>> No.71894470

If GW tries to pull another End Times bullfuckery I'm flying to England and burning everything down.
For Bretonnia.
For the Lady.

>> No.71894485

Just resize your photos so autist wont complain about benign issues they'd never notice in person.

>> No.71894516

yeah, apparently robobros are gonna be a big focus for 9e

>> No.71894517

HD camera shots in HD lighting on HD monitors that blow them up 5x-10x in size is almost always going to look more horrible than holding the fucker up 10-12" away from your face in normal lighting.

I'm not a Golden Demon winner, I'm just a dude that wants to have 115 Sisters swarm a battlefield not looking like ass.

>> No.71894526

9th is the rumor. I'm sorta hoping they don't redo all the codex immediately. I'm not sure how many more copies of CSM I can take sitting on a shelf

>> No.71894530

It's just going to be 9th ed. They're probably going to move the storyline back into a "5 minutes to midnight" situation with a new Daemon Primarch on the loose (Almost every single PA book has referenced Fulgirl in some way, I'd be legitimately surprised if he's NOT on the way) but they're not going to just end the 40k universe. The "Cicatrix Maledictum" shit WAS the 40k endtimes, we are currently in 40k equivalent AoS 1.0 and 9th is going to be 40k equivalent AoS 2.0.

>> No.71894532

One can only hope. I'll try not to get too excited.

>> No.71894533

Minis look better
>in person
>from a few feet away
>and in units
Posting them online up close by themselves is the harshest they'll look. When minis are on the table top in squads infantry look fine if you get consistent coats even if it's just flat base coats

>> No.71894540


>> No.71894556

All the armies not in this picture should be squatted. 40k will be better with greater focus on fewer groups.

>> No.71894567

Even in the bottom one your paint is splotchy as fuck

>> No.71894582

You'd piss off a lot of people in doing so

>> No.71894589

>splotchy as fuck

Your mind is just playing tricks on you.

>> No.71894590

See, I'm kind of a sloppy painter as it is*, so I get crucified every time I post anything. I accept it as a fact of life, but also I keep posting my minis. It is a conundrum.

*i prefer the term expressionist

>> No.71894591

I'm really okay with all that. I do however think Abaddon attacking Terra would be a true end times scenario for 40k. This is 'dark imperium' the crumbling imperial forces are more isolated and disjointed than ever before but, it's not true end times.

>> No.71894597

They're all faggots and culpable for letting 40k get so bland.

>> No.71894601

Correction, every single CSM Warband and C:SM Chapter should be eliminated rules wise and relegated to a single codex, including special snowflake chapters/warbands/w.e like the furries and the autists.

>> No.71894614

Custodes are cool as fuck

>> No.71894629

To be fair, you ARE a sloppy painter and... did you coat him in blood for the blood god? Looks kinda glossy.
Well, so long as you keep apinting you'll get better, but if you don't mind a suggestion: I'll do few fine details (like dulled metlic on the gun, and some symbols on the chest before going back with glazed layer of red over it.)

>> No.71894632


>> No.71894636

Isn't that a little extreme?

>> No.71894637

You're blind if this doesn't look awful to you

>> No.71894649

The red or the glow?

>> No.71894654

for mini pictures I do this:
>open photo in paint
>zoom all of the way out
>small enough to hide minuscule shit but not too small to see

>> No.71894657

I dunno, the Imperial Palace itself got attacked by a group of Khornate Daemons so vast that GW literally fucked up and didn't realized how many daemons they said were canonically attacking the palace and everything was fine bar a thousand or so dead Custodes. I doubt Abbadabbadoo could do better than the 8 strongest champions of khorne leading 8 warbands each headed by one of 8 extremely powerful bloodthirsters sworn to that champion, with each bloodthirster having 8 lieutenants leading 8 armies or w.e the fuck that clusterfuck was.

>> No.71894660

That's fair. Deldar, corsairs, and harlequins should similarlty be shoved into a big book of eldar. Guard, custards, ad mech, knights, and sisters should be minimized at best and mostly completely removed.

>> No.71894664

I think he was attempting a glow effect...

>> No.71894671

I use india inks, they tend to be a bit glossy. A matte sealant spray would fix it but somehow I never get around to doing it.

>> No.71894673


>> No.71894677

Maybe but GW can't even manage half of them properly so why not.

>> No.71894680

>bland posters

>> No.71894684

The inconsistency on the edge of the pauldron, the overshot and inconsistency of the symbol, the whole apparatus on top of the shoulder

>> No.71894687

>I never get around to doing it.
Can't blame you, I go through productive and lazy phases in life when it comes to painting myself. You do have very creative minis, and the Gor here is fantastic.

>> No.71894711

You're just mad that your shitty army gets the bin.

>> No.71894731

I'm mad that you deleted kroot but not T'au.

>> No.71894732

There's only one way the 40k universe ends and it's with Abaddon pulling the corpse emperor off his golden chair...or nids nom everything in the galaxy.

>> No.71894734

Your mind is playing tricks on you because you don't realize it's candy coated with glowing runes.

>> No.71894746

>Deldar, corsairs, and harlequins should similarlty be shoved into a big book of eldar. Guard, custards, ad mech, knights, and sisters should be minimized at best and mostly completely removed.

Close, each of those armies listed have a unique and interesting design space they occupy that we would lose by removing them. Except maybe Guard who are just Orks but bad in Melee and with better BS. The bloat that needs to be eliminated is bloat that doesn't occupy any unique design space. Having 4 different "Flavors" of space marine that are all the exact same thing but with 1 or 2 unique units that are actually just a weapon option for a unit that already exists is just fucking retarded and an excuse to get retards to buy 8 books instead of 1 to play their single army.

>> No.71894748

They'll get their single model in the codex, you won't notice a difference.

>> No.71894749

That's the light reflection...

>> No.71894751

It's not the glow as much as inconsistent tones next to it and bad details

>> No.71894753

No you REALLY have to be blind to miss this enormous blunder

>> No.71894760

Dark Eldar aren't shitty

>> No.71894766

I know, one time I was using a light blue paint that looked nice in person but looks like toothpaste on the monitor

>> No.71894768

>deleting krootox and shapers
Neck yourself, mechaboo.

>> No.71894774


>> No.71894776

What am i missing here?

>> No.71894787

Let me just make it easier for you artistically challenged idiots

>> No.71894789

>doesn't have FTL
what do you think you're going to do, tinhead.

>> No.71894802

Are you just pretending at this point?

>> No.71894804

Slow and steady wins the race.

>> No.71894811

Those were already squatted before I even suggested the cull of armies.

>> No.71894821

No one is worried about sleepy robots.

>> No.71894825

Hold on, zoom in 5x more and then enhance, do you see it?

>> No.71894829

Only because eldar aren't people.

>> No.71894835


Awesome idea, Anon!

>> No.71894840

Thanks! I'm pretty proud of the chainsword.

don't give me shit about the horn moldline I tried to get it off but it's a mold slip or something. Fucken recasters

>> No.71894845

how much simpler can I make this for you smoothbrain

>> No.71894853

but they should be.

>> No.71894854

What are we supposed to be seeing?

>> No.71894858

These models look like they'd be great on tabletop but weird by themselves

>> No.71894860


>> No.71894865

Because you refuse to acknowledge mistakes unless they're the only thing in frame

>> No.71894895

OMG I see Jesus

>> No.71894918

>> No.71894930


>> No.71894931

Wait wait, I think I got it. We just need to invert the colors and the error becomes clear.

>> No.71894939

Leave him alone.

>> No.71894960

Gor is a member of my beastman Goliath gang in necromunda.

The Darkstrider is on paper the leader of my pirate mercenary tau syndicate, but as I scorn Tau sept I never actually get to run him. Makes me sad.

>> No.71894962

What is this?

>> No.71895034

I've attached multiple angles.

please point to what you are having an issue with.

>> No.71895037

It's worse if you hide it and are apologetic about it. Give reasons why you like it, if they don't accept them, then they can fuck off. People, especially women, don't like people who cave in and are scared of rejection.

>> No.71895106

With most things in life, people are far more receptive to you if you confidently own what you're doing.
Mistakes, embarrassments, weird hobbies, jokes you're the butt of. Just acknowledge them as if it weren't a big deal and people tend to go with it with respect.
The truth is, they'd only ever be a big deal if you or someone else made them so, and if you breach it as not being such, it defuses it for everyone else.
the worst you might get is something like
>lmao and anon plays with army men
to which you reply with something like
>yeah and I make em kiss sometimes too

but dnd is becoming more mainstream, so if you liken it to that people tend to get it.

>> No.71895117

Unironically, go get yourself a copy of Mark Manson's Models: Attracting Women Through Honesty.
It has a section on "vulnerability" it's not what you think that's the single most accurate description of why a character like Rocky is so sympathetic to so many people, despite Rocky being a total fucking loser.

>> No.71895178

Necrons are the kangz of /yourdudes/.

>> No.71895213

They do tho.

>> No.71895239

Unironically, come fist my ass

>> No.71895263


>> No.71895280

Unironically, come in my ass

>> No.71895285


>> No.71895295


>> No.71895296

Can someone please explain to my tiny brain how gorefather works. If you roll a 6 do you not make anymore attacks or do you keep making attacks

>> No.71895313

Can someone please explain to my tiny brain how gorefather works. If you roll a 6 do you not make anymore attacks or do you keep making hit and wound rolls

>> No.71895314

Anon, what is this?

>> No.71895318

Agreeing with someone insulting you is one of the easiest ways to disarm the situation in my experience, yeah.

>> No.71895322


>> No.71895324

You keep making attacks, it's only that attack that ends.

>> No.71895353

>just roll over and submit and let someone subject you to unwanted abuse
Be honest. How much basedlet green do you drink?

The guy you're responding to had it. Defuse by taking the piss out of whatever you're confronted with.
Agreeing to an insult is asking to be insulted again. Do that in a boston bar and you'll be getting glassed soon enough.

>> No.71895370

The important thing there is that you do it in such a way that makes you privy to the joke, rather than rolling over and taking it.

The difference is between your response being 'yes, and it means nothing/i don't care', and 'yes, and I submit'.

>> No.71895475

Its a warmachine model done in candy coat like this gundam model


>> No.71895482

The game rules are written in such a way that it assumes you resolve each attack individually, so when the rules ever say "The attack sequence ends" it's talking about for that individual attack. You can still roll the rest of your attacks, you just don't roll to wound/save/etc for the one you rolled the 6 on.

>> No.71895501

Migrate, whores:


>> No.71895507

>Boston bar
Oh no the queers will 'throw shade' at me whatever would I do

>> No.71895538

I think you mean 'queeahs'. It is Bahstin after all

>> No.71895589

Sure, anon, context is important and if I'm stupid enough to put myself in a position where I'm surrounded by aggressive idiots who don't like my type on the best of days, I think I'd be smart enough to keep my mouth shut. Also, I was fucking AGREEING with the guy I was responding to, in different words. If he says "lmao and anon plays with army men", and I reply with "yeah and I make em kiss sometimes too" how is that not agreeing with the insult and rolling forward? Is your brain too fucking smooth to process context clues? Smoke a cock.

>> No.71895682


>> No.71895828

Why does every guard fag love sabaton?

>> No.71895912

>song about WW1 trech warfare
I don't fucking know

>> No.71895955

they're all the most basic kind of /his/fag, the miLiTaRy hIsToRiAn guy, and sabotan appeals to that directly

>> No.71896068

I love piranhas, they're really good, Its a shame they don't get any fan art. I've always had a soft spot for them, especially in the old days when they could go flat out covering half the board and still unload their seeker missiles into the side or rear of an enemy vehicle.

>> No.71896122

because its fun? lighten up man

>> No.71896136

I haven't played before 8th, but siding and rear arcs sound really interesting.

I played X-Wing before warhammer so facings and arcs are of particular interest

>> No.71896140

why not use the resize option in paint. Why make it more complicated?

>> No.71896183

>side or rear of an enemy vehicle
I miss vehicle facings

>> No.71896197

It's true.

>> No.71896216

Because that makes it blurry.

>> No.71896217

>Missing Taudar

Are you high? Can I have some of that?

>> No.71896231

Vehicles had facings, it was pretty simple 90 degree front side and rear. Usually with the front being the highest and the rear being the lowest, but some vehicles having the same front/side armor while others having uniform all round.

They also didn't have toughness but an armor value. so when doing damage you rolled a die and added it to the strength of a weapon to determine if it damages. Equal meant a glancing blow, More meant a penetrating hit. Both had their own different damage tables with the penetrating hit table being way more dangerous and even having a vehicle blows up or a vehicle wrecked... but it could also do things like immobilize or destroy a weapon.

Vehicles are tougher now than they were then since a lucky shot from a rocket launcher could destroy your tank on the first turn.

>> No.71896614

So I just bought a bunch of necrons from a person and I need help assembling my army. I have the following:

>40 Warriors
>20 Tesla Immortals
>10 Gaus Immortals
>10 Deathmarks
>10 Lychguard
>4 destroyers
>6 tomb blades with gauss
>18 wraiths
>14 scarabs
>2 ghost arks
>1 monolith
>1 night scythe
>1 triarch stalker
>C'tan Shard of Deciever
>Nemesor Zahndrekh
>Overlord with voidscythe and resurrection rod
>Overlord with staff of light
>Lord with staff of light
>Cryptek with staff of light and canoptek cloakk

>> No.71896616

I'm a guard fag who doesn't but that's because they do what I want and look cooler than T'au while doing so.

>> No.71896633

Did you get that all at once?

>> No.71896661

Ooh. I'm jealous. All this necrons posting has gotten me in a necronfever, but I'm too indecisive to buy anything.

help me. Nothing else looks interesting anymore, I can't buy anything for my other two fledgling collections. I literally cannot get myself to buy anything for Necrons though. I went and bought Dark Crusade and I can't play as anything other than Necrons. I'm not even good at RTS

>> No.71896666

Yeah, dude sold it all for $400 include paint,brushes,codex and datacards.

>> No.71896905


>> No.71896947

How good are necrons in Apocalypse sized games? Gauss Pylons make me want to build a huge necron list that spams them to shred so I can make each one of them bracket the hell out of a knight per turn.

>> No.71896962

Not bad
Generally you want a single battalion so you can run full squads of immortal

>> No.71897048

Models are made this way to not be hell to transport. Artists aren't creative and just draw what the models look like.

>> No.71897317


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