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From the creator himself:


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Oh, I liked Arch's theory, but oh well I guess.

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Figured as much.

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Good. Not everything should fit into a pre-made category

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what was Archs theory?

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speculation was fun, but the whole thing being OC made the most sense

I can only hope other people get inspired to make their own stuff in the universe by this.

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Something called the Yu'Vath.

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>3 or more stories coming
Nice. Guess he's in this for the long haul given how long the updates take. That's probably gonna be years we'll sit waiting, isn't it?

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Guys basically doing what everyone should do with <your dudes>

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What if he were provided a team?

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I envy the people that will find this after its completed.

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Arch is a dumbass who hasn't paid any attention to stuff Astartes-guy himself has put out. In that theory video, he wasted time speculating on who the white-helmeted guys were when all of the Retributors' insignia have been known for a while now. He also wasted time speculating on the gold-faced psykers in Part 4 when the creator himself said they were his own original dudes.

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Presumably he's going to release them in bits like he did with the Retributors and Two Big Balls story

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yeah but his speculations are interesting.

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That's actually the plan. He mentioned in part 5 description that with enough support he hopes to hire help.
God-Emperor bless him.

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Are they still if they miss the mark completely?

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Being wrong but having a fun theory is interesting.

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The retarded expression on your image suits you perfectly.

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Well, thats make it even more interesting. I mean, generally with all the little details he included, like the blood clumping etc. its obvious that the guy behind it knows his stuff, so I really want to see what kind of OC Stuff he writes.

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you really sound autistic if you can't find joy in things like this.

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GW needs to hurry up and hire this guy at this point.

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Not him but wouldn't it be the other way around?

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Anyone have info on GW's reaction? I really thought they were going to hire him

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being autistic for enjoying theories?

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GW has no need to hire competent people

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He probably makes more in his industry job than he would working for GW. Plus he retains complete control and plays to his strengths.

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GW would ruin it you retard
GW are seething so hard they banned the word astartes, think on that

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>Anyone have info on GW's reaction?

There hasn't been any. They undoubtedly know about it, but it seems they haven't had any direct contact with Astartes-Guy. At least, none that they've talked about.

Honestly, that's probably the best-case scenario for all involved. No "management" of his creative vision, and GW gets free hype for their IP.

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>GW banning "astartes"
yeah right bruh, I'm gonna need source on geedubs banning one of their copyright words.

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are there subs for when the spheres speak?

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>think on that
not acknowledging it is one way of protecting it, since otherwise they'd have a legal obligation to fuss around with IP protection

if we're looking at things with a positive angle, at least

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>they banned the word astartes

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"I have failed, brother. We have all failed. The Astartes resist our touch."
"You must return. Break your seal."
"That is impossible. We will never survive."
"You must. Take them."

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Can someone post a screencap or give me an alternate link? Imgur hasn't worked for me for years.

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I don't think Astartes would be nearly this profitable if it was something officially made by GW either. People seem to love supporting this guy's talent. The quality of work is obvious to everyone. But if it was a movie you'd have to pay for, I'm not sure people would be nearly as excited.

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It was in yesterday's reveal stream on twitch. Look it up.

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Whoops. Correction:

"The Astartes DENY our touch."

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Has anyone asked him about that black shadow? Is that the psyker bro or something else?

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GW can fuck off. the marines would get replaced with primaris and the alien spheres replaced with chaos or something else that's 'safe'
fuck GW i hope covid tanks them

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Most likely some Warp critter. You can see several be-tentacled things floating in the background during that shot, and the shadowy thing which impacts the orb-entity looks just like them.

This also lends credence to one of the orbs' lines: "Impossible. We will never survive." Even though these things are connected to the Warp, they aren't immune to it.

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This. and most rabid fanboys would defend it.

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I really like this pysker design.
Even thought its basically just an eldar pysker.

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Danke kind Anon.

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While it's fully possible I personally don't think so for several reasons.
a) A random warp critter is too out-of-context for the rest of the series. The context is that of "space marines fighting rebels of an uprising orchestrated by xenos", and things that we see do not go outside of that outline. We have astartes, human troopers, nobles as leaders, xenos as mastermind who put astartes on xeno world. Everything follows the same theme so far, and everything is interconnected and flows out of another. "Suddenly warp critter" seems like too out of the left field for otherwise very tight series.
b) Colour scheme. The colours in that scene match what we have seen before - blue for orbs and their minions, black for the inquisition psyker. When we previously saw things from his mind view he was surrounded by black smoke, and the shadow looks like black smoke.
To add to that - "several be-tentacled things" are other astartes sucked into the orb. They look black and they are humans. The shadow is also black, suggesting that it's also human of origin, tying it to the psyker.

I'd really like for this moment to actually be clarified by the author.

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>I really like this pysker design.

As someone said in one of the other threads, so much of what makes Astartes awesome are the constraints imposed by it being a one-man project. You don't have to have too much complexity in the environments when you cast everything in shadow and use minimal lighting to its greatest advantage. You don't have to have voice-acting when you can tell everything through character action and body language. You don't have to bother animating a face when you give the guy a cool mask.

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They were so embarrassed of the Blood Angels trailer coming out while Astartes was trending, they had to show some rendered models form another animation project.

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its what made warhammer great in the first place.
The creator doesn't have to worry about share holders or selling miniatures. He just makes stuff that works for his story.

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I feel bad for everyone working on that project.

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>"several be-tentacled things" are other astartes sucked into the orb

No, there are actual, shadowy be-tentacled Warp monsters floating around in that scene.

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So when the astartes puked, did he actually have acid puke or was it just normal puke

>> No.71820452

it was blood, not puke

just coagulated blood, because that's how space marine blood works

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Looks more like just background warp perturbation to me, but I won't say that you're absolutely wrong and I am right here.

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Normal. The Retributors are Fists successors, and the Fists can't actually spit acid since they don't have Betcher's Glands.

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It was trending at number 2 on YouTube yesterday.
Which considering it wasn't a video about a boyfriend putting on his girlfriends make-up or a music video is quite impressive.

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Watch it again in motion. These things give off the same smokey effect. It seems to be the creator's visual shorthand for actual psychic fuckery.

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>mfw seeing that stiff and ugly Angels of Death trailer a day after seeing Astartes

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why go on the internet and lie like that

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noooooooooooo you cant just laugh at GW products stoooooppppp. id like to see you make an animation all by yourself

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I see. Makes sense but I still want to hear author's comment on it.

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okay bootlicker

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Good, the Yu'Vath theory was nice and maybe he got a lot of the inspiration from that. The anthology stuff seems cool as well, probably where he's going to throw in his vehicle animation as well, which if the predator is any indication is going to be awesome.

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Rude and uncalled for.

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>even bothering to watch it
knowing it came from the helsreach people was enough to turn me off it completely

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What's wrong with the Helsreach guy? His behind-the-scenes videos and streams made him seem like a pretty genuine dude who is pretty dedicated to his craft.

>> No.71820598

I look forward to seeing whatever xenos fired those needles - knowing this guy it won't be something we've seen before

>> No.71820604

They're doing their own animation already and let's be real as well; GW's management team would fuck it up with some pissy fuck with an MBA would get his panties in a bunch and try to get the entire thing shut down.

Never trust these corporations when someone starts making fan content which vastly outclasses all of the attempt they've made. In a better world they'd hire this guy in some free lance position and offer him some support if he needs it, but in that world they would do a shitload of stuff which is more sensible.

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I won't say anything negative about him as a person, or the genuine passion he undoubtedly has.

I just think helsreach was fucking bad

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Ahh gotcha. Well I suppose everyone has their limits for works that-need-more-work - I found mine when someone posted an abysmal live-action 40k film here a couple days ago.

>> No.71820648

His animation quality sucks nigger shit. Black and white and red is also a retarded choice, considering some people are color blind.

>> No.71820676

>considering some people are color blind.
Some people are completely blind.

>> No.71820688

>Never trust these corporations

>> No.71820689

I feel bad for that guy.
Normally his thing would not have gotten much praise either, but still be relegated to the entertainingly bad camp niche. But he had to release it at the same day as Astartes, and crappy malformed child of love looks like an aborted puke of a trash can by comparison.

>> No.71820691

At least those people don't have to see that travesty.

>> No.71820713

I do as well. Like, he clearly put a lot of work into making it even though his writing skills were (and are) absolutely trash. I hope the guy learns how to write better (as well as a host of other glaring errors in his film) and then comes back with something he can really be proud of.

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Fuck off Arch

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Fuck off with your e-celeb brownie points drama of 2 years ago.

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Yeah I also believe the black smoke is from Inquisibro.

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This, creativity like this is good.

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>Looks more like just background warp perturbation to me
that's what the creatures in the warp want you to think, anon!

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Nobody cares about him or your vendetta.

>> No.71820919

because if you show people real space marines they are going to be in awe.
Most people have been spoon fed capeshit and marvel quips.

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desu this guy handles the warp better than anyone in GW ever had.

>> No.71820936

more in his industry job? I guarantee you he makes more from patreon than from his professional job

>> No.71821011

Still more than GW would pay him

>> No.71821045

At that point, it's probably a matter of choosing what project he likes to work on more: contract stuff or 40k things. Given how he has a solid patreon support now, I'm hoping his enthusiasm for warhammer will remain strong for years to come, enough to finish the Astartes project.

literally who

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Imagine seething this hard over some shitposts years ago

>> No.71821071

Finally, someone with balls to actually do their own thing in 40k.
Everything in 40k is so codified that it's hard to have a suspensful moment using the established factions. "Oh no, it's actually Chaos!" Or "oh no, the Necrons were sleeping under our feet the whole time!" both fall flat because those factions are so clearly defined and lack any mystery.

>> No.71821080

so what was that thing the sergeant stepped on and broke in the vault chamber?

>> No.71821107

Frost. The chamber is cold due to Warp fuckery. You can see the exhaust vents on the Marines' backpacks misting in the air, too.

>> No.71821138

It could easily have fallen under Chaos if GW hadn't done their best to Flanderize the gods and neuter them to be fair

>> No.71821157

knew there was autism besides hating fun behind this.

>> No.71821162

Same could be said of the necrons. They were scarier when they had more mystery as opposed to /just/ another faction that's almost comparable to the eldar.

>> No.71821163


Arch is retarded.

>> No.71821252


I love how he perfectly captured the menacing look of the helmet.

>> No.71821253

>Arch is retarded.
It's the same theory everyone on /tg/ was running with, retard.

>> No.71821258

How can anyone even understand much of what is "said"? Sounds like most of it is non-sense with a couple lines that are suddenly clearer. And Astartes apparently don't resist shit, they got sucked in then warp-fucked.

Also people saying "this guy purely done his own thing, it's just "warp" man!" is strange. With everything else ripped directly from 40k, you think the happenings with the orbs is purely made by himself? Can easily take influence and work from multiple 40k sources. Yu'vath for example is realistic and probably heavily influenced the series.

And the people crying Necron got torn into. Especially in 5th part people saying C'Tan got laughed at.

>> No.71821275

I find it funny how people are so starved for quality entertainment a 7 minute short film becomes huge.

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>How can anyone even understand much of what is "said"?
Get your ears checked and get some decent headphones. It's a lot clearer than you think.

>And Astartes apparently don't resist shit
Yeah, they do. When they're first walking into the room where the orb is. It tries pulling some psychic fuckery on them to no avail. Hence, "the Astartes deny our touch."

>you think the happenings with the orbs is purely made by himself?
That is literally what is in the OP, yes. He came up with his own stuff based off of the existing lore. Hard to fathom, I know.

>> No.71821293

Why is Imperium so against using warp?
Why not use it?
Eldars do it and they are alright.

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I miss proper marines so much. Fuck primaris.

>> No.71821301

It isn't clear at all. It's intentionally extremely muffled.
Suddenly fucked despite the Astartes trying to "resist" their hardest and still get sucked. Whoopsie!
What's in the OP is nigh-pointless.

>> No.71821303

did you ever read anything 40k? the Imperium has a lot of warp stuff going on.

>> No.71821314

>I miss proper marines so much

You mean like, 1-2e?

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>What's in the OP is nigh-pointless.
>the word of the creator doesn't mean shit next to my stupidity!

>> No.71821318

As in before GW tried replacing the iconic design with zoomer marines

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>implying the creator doesn't know what they're saying about their own production

>> No.71821336

You act like their word means something entirely pulled out of their ass. Which is funny as everything else is directly from 40k. And their "100% original donut steel" is exactly like many other things in 40k. Totally original. As expected of someone that uses irrelevant gif and webm reaction images every post. Try some nuance.

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File: 4.14 MB, 640x292, 1586032741535.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71821345

>Eldars do it and they are alright.
Do you qualify creating a new chaos god as doing alright

>> No.71821350

>people think that mail reply means shit
>mixed with warp fuckery
hence influenced by 40k and hence people can suggest where the influence may or may not come from. why do you retards try to police this? honestly out of everything you could have asked or gotten an answer from, that is amongst the weakest of all possibilities. and look at how defensive a couple of instantly get.

>> No.71821351

Gotta love how the series itself provided us with a perfect response to faggots like >>71821336

>> No.71821358

>Someone gets punched then killed
Whoa, so unique...Literal r*dditors right now with circle-jerking.

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Nice samefaggotry, Arch. Your theory is still bullshit.

>> No.71821367

Not me.

My mind-peenus > /tg/'s average mind-peenus > your mind peenus

>tried replacing
Umm. Here I go, opening the GW website - and seeing that manlet marine's lineup for SM, DA, BA, SW, DW. RG, GK etc is still selling - they just don't ANY ship online orders due to Corona-chan.

Here I go, reading through SM codices and noticing that Primaris straight up have fewer options in every way.

Here I go, opening the recent tournament lists for Imperium armies and seeing next to 0 Primaris in them - because pretty much all of them suck ass tabletop-wise compared to manlets.

And for some reason, doing all of that makes me strongly consider that you don't own minis and don't play the tabletop.

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File: 1.31 MB, 320x212, Takeshi kitano slaps a fag.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The punch itself and the getting his body exploded with small rockets perfectly conveys the satisfaction I would get from doing the same to (you) just like this gif

>> No.71821377

You're delusional, shill. GW haven't supported marines ever since primaris happened. They're just still selling them to rake in the cash before scrapping the molds.

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You shouldn't have bothered responding after >>71821288
> than you think.
>That is literally what is in the OP
>Hard to fathom, I know.
Either asshole or baiting. In light of something they don't like, it's best to see how they react to it, to judge if they're worth genuinely responding to--some of these posts are legit' old-school /v/-tier by what I remember of it. Furthermore >>71821360 mentioning "Arch" seems to cement the thread into being trash. And >>71821376 genuine psychopath. Stay in here on the off-chance a post or two may have something of note like some of the previous Astartes threads, but with these resident depressotards, it's unlikely.

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I want to know more about the Beksiński planet.

>> No.71821416

Why did they get transported to the Dawn of War 3 Trailer planet?

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File: 1.28 MB, 245x195, 1HZ8ei7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>samefag trying to cope but still seething

>> No.71821437

What do you guys mean? It's something the guy just made up with mixed with planet fuckery.

>> No.71821458

I want more period. More weird shit, more action, more answers and even more questions to answer later. I especially want to see more units. I already love the Predator tank at the end and I almost have a hardon at the thought of what kind of scenes he could make with a Terminator squad.

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>It's something the guy just made up

>> No.71821468

This. The whole point of the setting was always to be a sandbox for your own stories to fit into, at least until GW turned it into glorified capeshit.

>> No.71821498
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>> No.71821517

Its so fucky when you realise the original marine helmet was just people taking apart the beaky.

>> No.71821529

I really despise named characters. They used to be background things that were cool to have in your army, but not something that defined your army.

In fact iirc you had to okay it with your opponent before using them.

>> No.71821534

Anon, I believe that it is possible that those two posters were making jokes in reference to the similarity between the planet showed in the video and the two subjects mentioned; a planet in the Dawn of War video game, and the curious and morbid world depicted in the artwork of the Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński.

>> No.71821537

Who the fuck is Arch?

>> No.71821548

Youtuber, talks about lore.

>> No.71821551


Norwegian guy that makes lore videos about 40k and warhammer on youtube,

>> No.71821564

>GW haven't supported marines
Pretty much the entirety of Deathwatch lineup? The current Start Collecting!-box? BAKA kits? Sternguard kit?

If you are so adamant about shitposting about a hobby you don't engage in you should at least update your bate. It's been 3 fucking years now, things that worked in 2018 don't work today specifically because your urgency has goten old.

>They used to be background things that were cool to have in your army, but not something that defined your army.
And now they do? I can name exactly 3 codices that have more than 1 named character that is not an absolute dogshit option rules-wise.

>> No.71821575

oh that faggot got it

>> No.71821582

>And now they do?

I haven't been keeping up with it, but the primarchs were all necessary for marine armies. Then theres the ynnari shit.

>> No.71821587

>You're delusional, shill. GW haven't supported marines ever since primaris happened.

This may surprise you but Primaris are in fact marines.

>> No.71821601

Arch's voice is terrible: he wants to sound posh and authoritative so he layers on affectation after affectation, but he can't keep it up and the inconsistencies are plain to anyone who knows what real poshos sound like. It might fool Americans who aren't familiar with the nuances of British accents, but I think even then they can probably hear that he sounds like a weird mix of public school and common-as-muck.
It's just all so forced. The same goes for his use of language, it's ostentatious and overly flowery, not at all how intellectuals really speak.

>> No.71821619
File: 160 KB, 700x850, polish-artist-paintings-nightmares-zdzislaw-beksinski-590065d46552d__700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This, though I also want to know more since the dude obviously has a good taste in inspiration and has piqued my interest so far with his shorts. Basically what >>71821458 said.

>> No.71821625

The Arch vs 'who actually gives a shit about arch from /tg/' sound like both parties are the same, and one is jealous of the other for using their arrogant and unlikeable disposition to make profit.

>> No.71821629

lol no

>> No.71821641

All of that was released before primaris, idiot.

>> No.71821643

Honestly its all very autistic and I don't care.

>> No.71821648

He seems knowledgeable about the subjects he discusses, and he's farm from the worst fake poshfag on youtube, he doesn't even layer it on as thick as others I have seen.

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File: 138 KB, 1920x1080, mvyeN5q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's a bunch of dead aliens
and a bunch of sand
and that's it

it's cool

>> No.71821670

Classical physics can be interesting even though the real world is quantum mechanical.

>> No.71821685

>but the primarchs were all necessary for marine armies
1. Fucking when?
2. Fucking how? Nearly the new Primaris variants of old characters fall into one of the two classic categories that included the absolute majority of named characters since the 6th: "Literally worse than the generic option" and "nowhere near worth it's point cost". The only noticeable exception I can think of is Shrike. In very occasional lists, Phobos captains or Primaris leutenants are preferable to manlet variants for quite specific reasons - but you'll find about a dozen captains-on-bike or librarians for every one of those.

>> No.71821693

Take your fucking meds.

>> No.71821697

>1. Fucking when?

8th edition.
Guilliman was mandatory and made up half your out put alone, mangus was a fucking powerhouse, Morty soaked a shit load of shots and was half the builds for most DG armies.

>> No.71821703


You're just bad at the game. Should've said so.

>> No.71821714

Says the guy that mixes primaris and primarchs.

>> No.71821734
File: 31 KB, 400x225, sand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71821748

Primarchs were never mandatory - they are nowhere close to justifying their point cost.

I mentioned primaris just to highlight that they are amond the few differences from the tournament meta of cheapest generic HQs with mobility.

>> No.71821754

>Primarchs were never mandatory

yeah okay you clearly never played the game if you think guilliman was never mandatory for marines.

>> No.71821769

>made up half your out put alone
Well duh if you are retarded enough to take him - the rest of what you'll be able to afford on the table will have trouble competing with him. Or with anything else. In the non-retard circles we call that "ridiculously high point cost".

>> No.71821828

Provide evedence to the contrary. Math has proven Guilliman to be trash for his points hundreds of times. Tournament lists that could allow him have shunned him completely. But of course, Kevin at LGS beating you with unpainted Guilliman is the only actual hard arguement.

>> No.71821839

You don't seem to understand that metas change, point costs as well.

>> No.71821893

What exact meta made Guilliman mandatory? Post actual lists. Post actual calculations.

>> No.71821895

parking lot lists.

>> No.71821922

What exact meta made Guilliman parking lot competitive? What you were getting from his statline and auras is objectively less than what you would get from his worth in a bigger parking lot.

>> No.71821933

Colorblind people can't confuse red for black or white

>> No.71821960

>sand exists in almost every single setting in every timeline in every form
It really does get everywhere.

>> No.71821973

Typhus was not only a straight upgrade to a LoC, he was mandatory for poxwalkers lists

>> No.71821988

Well duh. Typhus is one of the few obvious exceptions.

>> No.71821993

Who the fuck is arch and why he sounds like a complete faggot?

>> No.71822011

>I don't know this person but I bet I hate him

Was /tg/ always this spergy.

>> No.71822026


>> No.71822055
File: 3.75 MB, 640x292, Heresy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Arch is the epitome of the GW fan that has no interest in models but feels entitled about everything else in the hobby.

>> No.71822074

So, the average poster in these kinds of threads.

>> No.71822078

I'm asking first before anything. Do you think he is not a faggot? Why?

>> No.71822082

Why does Arch sound so fucking annoying? Why do all warhammer lore jewtubers sound annoying, with the exception of Luetin?

>> No.71822085

Am I the only one that doesn't really see the point of having Impulsor squads in the chapter organization? They look just like a generic tactical combat squad, the only notable equipment is a plasma pistol on the sergeant and the stuff they injected in the orb, which could have probably been issued to anyone involved in the same mission. Their role is to be more independent when required and potentially have more supporting assets, but why not just train combat squads and give them the same freedom and equipment in the first place?

>> No.71822091

Post minis lol

>> No.71822092

Real subtle.

>> No.71822094

I wouldn't know if hes a faggot or not. I've heard some of his stuff but I didn't like his presentation.

Hes not bad though.

>> No.71822102

Arch pays rural by the bit prices for the internet nowadays. There is no way that swedish jew is wasting shekles here anymore.

>> No.71822105

40 year old men who say "by the emperor" mid sentence are very obviously retarded.

>> No.71822113

There's nothing wrong with that. 40K is a multi media franchise.

>> No.71822114

Fuck Arch, and fuck you.
Only faggots flock to other faggots

>> No.71822116

Oculus is okay but even he has a weird voice

>> No.71822120


>you're not a true gamer unless you do X.

Like fuck I bet most people here don't even paint their minis.

>> No.71822122

Everything about it revolves around selling plastic army men with big pauldrons. Everything is supplemental to the plastic.

>> No.71822128

Not really. There are enough novels and games for a lifetime.

>> No.71822132

You can trademark "impulsor" or "intercessor" but not "tactical"

>> No.71822142

Post minis LOL

>> No.71822147

You're not the only one. Giving SMs a "rapid-response independent-acting unit" is probably the first idea any logically-thinking person would get when trying to invent some organisation changes for "their dudes". And from how series are directed, it's safe to say that Astartes Guys is logical.
People like that forget that despite some of their "specialties" Space Marines are rapid-response by definition. Something like that is just rednundant.

I'm not actually hating on the Astartes Guy for this. It's a weak spot, but even the sun has spots, and it doesn't ruin it for me. Especially since GW's official Primaris have troops like that, so we can't exactly blame him for a mistake GW themselves make.

>> No.71822148

And they all exist to sell plastic. Novels are written to sell new models. Every significant story element happens in conjunction with the launch of new army men. All the important events are written by GW interns, not BL authors.

>> No.71822149
File: 40 KB, 375x500, cbdd27661d081a651a10c7ed5d856e8e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>whine about arch thread

you people need to find something better to do with your lives.

>> No.71822151

I like how "impulsor" squads are literally just Tactical squads.
And his grr we are operators chapter describes just about every fucking chapter.
Even the "honorable" ones do whatever it takes to complete the mission, its just authors might include a few lines about them whining "dis isn't honorable!!" while they gun down mindwiped humans or whatever the fuck

>> No.71822164

shouldn't this guy be the one posting minis?

>> No.71822167


You dont understand.

The guy screeched like a fucking baby at AoS for example. Yet the man never once bought a fucking WHFB model to support the game when it needed it.

This is the kind of entitled attitude im talking about. While GW might be expanding into a more multimedia market they are still 95% a model producing company and all their ventures into other fields are veiled marketing for the miniatures.

people screeching about decisions made that suit the model releases need to find a new hobby because they will never be happy.

>> No.71822175

Everyone who has ever posted in this thread MUST post minis or be deemed a faggot and kill himself.

Do it now.

>> No.71822177

> retard doesnt bother to research source material, freely available from creator
> wildly speculates on shit already know, is completely off mark
no other makes him look like a retarded cunt. Not hard for Arch, but still

>> No.71822180
File: 1.69 MB, 3226x2420, say cheese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71822182

>Yet the man never once bought a fucking WHFB model to support the game when it needed it.

I hear this arguement all the time. Why would anyone in their right mind support fantasy near the end of the run when GW was killing it with the jewry.

You can hate what GW did before AoS and what GW did after AoS.

>> No.71822191

You too, I want to see yours anon ^w ^

>> No.71822194


>Why would anyone in their right mind support fantasy near the end of the run

to stop it from being near the end of its run.

>> No.71822199

Wait what? Explain

>> No.71822200

nice mechanicus.

>> No.71822210


yes if I'm listening to something while painting, and its intersting. Its good to listen to.
>b-but its just wild speculation

so what. Do you require every fucking discussion to be sourced and cross referencing all the lore? Like jesus christ dude.

>> No.71822215
File: 3.20 MB, 2568x1926, IMG_20200331_223329_100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm the lol guy

>> No.71822218

Exactly my point, you have the whole chapter already being a rapid reaction force, I don't think there's anything to really make them stand out from basic troops with the material we have, especially since it's stated that the chapter as a whole operates with many small units over a broad front, so you can't even say that they're specialist units used for sensitive targets when the rest of the chapter is acting as more of a blunt force.

And I may get some flak for this, but at least the primaris dudes covering the same niche are part of the 10th company so it somehow fits the theme more.

>> No.71822219

>people screeching about decisions made that suit the model releases need to find a new hobby because they will never be happy

>> No.71822221

>to stop it from being near the end of its run.

I really don't think its wise to respond to you anymore if you genuinely believe it was the consumers fault for fantasy dying out.

>> No.71822232

Why? Is this going to be some kind of /v/posting where you're going to be screaming "NINTENDO, I mean, GAMES WORKSHOP, HIRE THIS MAN!!!!!" ad infinitum?

>> No.71822235

damn that looks good.
pox walkers could use another color though.

>> No.71822239

I like the at gunpoint
> who is your favorite character?
> the female captain of course!!!

>> No.71822241


Im not sure where youve seen me say that because thats not what im saying. Im saying dont spread such a polarizing opinion of it if you have 0 investment.

>> No.71822249

That explains why, out of all the shitty 40k youtubers, you're so upset about him rather than just not bringing him up.

>> No.71822250

they mean guardsmen right?
I haven't been following this at all, they didn't pull fem marines out of their ass yet right?

>> No.71822254

I liked Helsreach for what it was. Simple stuff to go with a story. AoD feels cluttered.

>> No.71822259

>Im not sure where youve seen me say that because thats not what im saying

you are effectively saying people let fantasy die because they didn't buy fantasy models. That the consumer failed fantasy (GW) not the other way around.

>> No.71822264


Well I unironically dont give a shit now. Disapointing.

>> No.71822267

Thanks ^w ^ They do need some more work.

>> No.71822274

>never once bought a fucking WHFB model to support the game when it needed it
>when it needed it
Hahahahahaha, what kind of sorry ass sentence is this?
>GW does something horribly retarded, greedy, and for the detriment for franchise, business (GW), and players
>hey uh why aren't you guys giving more money?
How many years has GW been around for again? And no I'm not anti-GW, despite their massive and continuing fuck-ups, as if they want to be extinct soon, but these perspectives that I greentext I never understand or feel sympathetic for.

>> No.71822284

Its seems ridiculous how much middle management is in Nottingham.
The game design was a manager, model design has a separate manager, book design has a separate manager... and no one talks.

>> No.71822292


no im literally saying

>dont spread such a polarizing opinion of it if you have 0 investment.

>> No.71822294


No, the "Impossible line" refers to breaking the bondage in the imperial vessel.

"we will never survive" means the imperials will fuck the restrained orb up if it reacts / breaks the seal (which it did)

>> No.71822296
File: 13 KB, 105x128, 1571587730661.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/40kg/ thread goes into auto-sage
>this thread suddenly turns to off-topic shit

>> No.71822299

No one considers the colorblind at all when making movies or tv. What kind of 'tard thinks they ever would? It's a tiny percent of the audience

>> No.71822306

They all look like decent WIP. Got any finished models?
Where are the off-topic posts?

>> No.71822308

Why would he invest in a shitty game thats dieing due to GW incompetance.

Are you saying he can't be mad that GW killed the lore for AoS? Simply because he never bought the models? Why would he buy the models if the sales practices sucked ass?

>> No.71822314


You dont need to feel sympathy for the perspective since its actually true.

GW canned WHFB because it made no money. People bring up issues that WHFB had and state these are the sole reasons but thats not true because 40k was in an even worse state at that time and multiple other times yet still sold enormously.

>> No.71822316

Fuck all E celebs

>> No.71822328

>Where are the off-topic posts?
Everything currently being "discussed" has nothing to do with Astartes.

>> No.71822332

It's nobodies fault. People bought it. GW made more shit to keep people buying it. People bought more shit that GW made. Shit GW made piled up so high that nobody was buying it anymore. GW made something quite different so that it would sell. People bought the quite different thing.

It's just how money and desire for plastic miniatures interact to make more money. And the point about how pointless it is to hat AoS when you don't buy FB stands perfectly. It's not the consumer's fault - but it's a natural responce to consumer not buying FB, just like how consumer not buying FB is the natural responce to it's sorry state, which is turn was a natural responce to what people buy.

>GW does something horribly retarded, greedy, and for the detriment for franchise, business (GW), and players
Whan was the exactl last time that GW did anything you would not classify as this?

>I haven't been following this at all
It fucking shows. You didn't even read the image it was referring to.

>> No.71822341
File: 2.99 MB, 2420x3226, non sideways version.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I prefer to play than paint desu.

>> No.71822362

Yeah, changed to just to sell the latest shit figure they are pushing this week.

>> No.71822364

Werent they on the same side?
Or did the executioners turn loyal at the end?

>> No.71822369

the truth is GW loved fantasy so much the staff killed it to prevent it being descerated.
Its now permenantly safe from being fucked with.

>> No.71822370
File: 1.79 MB, 1000x841, Point creep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's nobodies fault.

its gws fault for making the game impossible to get into and dog shit to play.

Its not "aos being different' that saved it.

>> No.71822372

They look really nice!

>> No.71822379

in all honesty I'm satisfied with this answer.

>> No.71822403

Jesus you must be paid this hard to shill for someone.
Christ you probably give that swednigger money on Patreon dont you?
Fucking cringe

>> No.71822405

Ther are a lot of GW shills out doing damage control today. I wonder how many threads they will create in the coming week to try to convince others that GW is still cool?

>> No.71822413

You sound schizo.

>> No.71822416

What am I supposed to be seeing?

>> No.71822427

I don't know about the appeal something like this would have to a mass audience, but if you are saying that the same number of people that are excited about these short videos wouldn't be paying for cinema tickets to watch a full-length movie of this quality (multiple times even), you're dead wrong.

>> No.71822436

It's the ship captain.
One of the talking points was along the lines of "space marines are strong, but SHE controls this massive world killing starship!!!!!!"
GW is pushed so hard to try to be "woke lite" but they are never going to get that audience anyway. It just baffles me

>> No.71822445

Why is it always the female ship captain.

>> No.71822454

> duel terrorgheists
Someone is a faggot, the SC player had no chance...
I wish the vanguard units, besides raptors, were stronger

>> No.71822460

>its gws fault for making the game impossible to get into and dog shit to play.
Then why were you giving them money for fucking you up the ass and calling you a dirty slut? And why people still do that en masse?

>> No.71822471

I wasn't?
Thats the entire point I'm making. I'm saying no one should have supported it or gotten invested in the models.
Blaiming someone for not getting invested is retarded because that would be rewarding bad behavior.

>> No.71822474

>I'm saying no one should have supported it or gotten invested in the models.
Which is how FB died. Brilliant plan.

>> No.71822491

you are driving me insane, and sound like an ESL with this flip flopping.

Just tell me, what SHOULD people do then. You clearly don't want them to buy the minis to support the shitty practices. Yet you tell me that kills the business.

Why are you constantly switching your positions when you're backed into a corner and required to answer them.

>> No.71822505

Because it's the only position were it makes since a women could rise to the level above the super human soldiers.
As another unaugmented soldier, why would they listen? Astartes are levels above normal humans.
But a starship captain? That's authority as well, that doesnt rely on physical combat power.
Hilariously, in Blood Angel Lore, the highest Admirals are all Astarte anyway. Bellophran is the Master of the Heaven Gate and ship master of all the fleet, not a baseline human

>> No.71822522

Anyone else just think it was a C’tan shard?

>> No.71822541
File: 104 KB, 850x560, feys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At first, there are only scattered testimonies of "fairies" and "elves" seen by walkers who are taken for liars, but the testimonies multiply and the evidence is more and more overwhelming: a very clear video shows the existence of a couple of trolls in a French forest, British television captures the flight of a swarm of fairies in a garden, hundreds of witnesses tell of having seen a gnome cause chaos in a shop in Dublin, Ireland, an old man, fishing off the coast of Maine, brings back from his expedition an authentic mermaid corpse...

How would the modern world react to the gradual (re)appearance of feys, wonderful creatures and magic?

>> No.71822548

C'tan don't do warp stuff.

>> No.71822552

fuck, wrong thread. Don't mind me bros, just keep doing your things.

>> No.71822553

>accidentally fucking up your new thread

>> No.71822560

I can't stand him either. That and he knows fuck all about anything that isn't 40k, but talks about milhist stuff as if he's an expert.

"The Garand was a piece of shit!" etc.

>> No.71822563

>Just tell me, what SHOULD people do then
If people enjoyed FB and didn't want it to die, they should've kept buying FB. If people didn't care for FB and were niot interested it keeping it alive by buying FB products - they don't get to bitch about GW dropping it and rolling out AoS.

>You clearly don't want them to buy the minis to support the shitty practices
I'm not the one who decides what is a shitty practice for every consumer. Personally, I find absolutely everything that GW does to be a part of a consistent and sound profit-oriented plan that absolutely fucks me over in every possible way. So I only ever bought recasts and thirb party supplies, and did not mourn for FB, and don't hate AoS now (which I buy recasts for). But people who hate FB, stop buying FB and then hate GW for abandoning FB baffle me.

>Why are you constantly switching your positions when you're backed into a corner and required to answer them.
Because I don't have a "pro-GW" or "anti-GW" position due to not being paid shill.

>> No.71822578

>How would the modern world react to the gradual (re)appearance of feys, wonderful creatures and magic?

same way they reacted to trannies, but most people would be on board with them. The real question would be the magic element, if they have some ungodly powers thered probably be some mandatory segregation going on.

>> No.71822583

I figured it was superscience doing the stuff

>> No.71822588

by your own logic you have no say in any of this because you buy recasts.

>> No.71822601

The C'tan are weird in that they can control reality itself through their as if by magic but they use neither warp nor science. The Necrons use über-science but they hate the C'tan and use them as tools.
From what the creator said it is a minor xenos race that used warp to some degree.

>> No.71822619

Yes I'm ashamed. Please forget my existence.

>> No.71822631

no. You have forced us to redirect the thread to answer your question. You have birthed this abomination, and must take care of it.

>> No.71822632

Kinda - I'm not entitled to shit from GW because I'm not making them money. So I don't act entitled.

>> No.71822666

So unless a person directly supports a company financially he is not entitled to shit on them?
So if Apple is being an asshole beyond desciption I cannot, ever, open my mouth to criticise them, unless I have my IPhone?

>> No.71822671

and I'm willing to bet they'll turn around and say "lol why are you supporting them if you hate apple"

>> No.71822710

Right. I figured it was minor xenos who found a C’tan shard, that’s why it was weird & metalic, teleported the dude to a big pile of skeletons, tried to take over the inquisitors mind, & had a gold body found near it. I don’t mind being wrong or anything. It was just my theory

>> No.71822712

Ah, the good ol' "you need to be a professional chef to critique prepared meals". What happened to /tg/ lately?

>> No.71822717

>So unless a person directly supports a company financially he is not entitled to shit on them?
Regarding for-profit organizations - pretty much.

>So if Apple is being an asshole beyond desciption I cannot, ever, open my mouth to criticise them, unless I have my IPhone?
That's shifting the goalposts. I never said you're not allowed to critisize GW. I myself described their policy as:
>a consistent and sound profit-oriented plan that absolutely fucks me over in every possible way

What is retarded is EXPECTING (i.e. - acting entitled to) GW to act in way that would favor... well, your interests period - that's not something that companies ever do. But also - expecting GW to act in a way that considers your demands and the demands of anyone who stands with you in any way if your lot does not give them money. It's just retarded.

I can critisize Apple to kingdom come - but I'm not surprized in the slightest when they present another shitty overpriced product. Who surprise me are the people who buy said overpriced products and then get angry when they are presented with another one, or stop buying a particular kind of ocerpriced products and then act angry when Apple cuts it's support.

>> No.71822736

This. It's very obvious this guy knows what he's doing.

>> No.71822739

The good ol' "you should try the meal before critique it" applies too. Only a couple of minis pics were posted, the rest posters are smelly secondaries. Miniature modeling and painting IS the primary media.

>> No.71822770

Of course mate, Astartabro managed to confuse the powerhouse of autism that is /tg/ so your questions are completely valid.
While metallic and skeletons do feature heavily with the Necrons and the C'tan they would never use the warp for any reason, they avoid it even harder than the Imperium. Since the warp nowadays only appears with chaos fuckery I get why you found it unlikely the big four are involved and you are correct. According to the creator this is a minor race that is weirdly humanoid and titanic that used the warp in one way or another.
Personally I liked the idea that it had something to do with the Old Ones for example.

>> No.71822801


These could easily be Enslavers.

>> No.71822822

EVERYTHING EVER "could easily be Enslavers"

>> No.71822827
File: 32 KB, 297x301, wtfisapaddock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one that has no issue with this whatsoever? If anything, using a menace outside established canon combined with an homebrew chapter just makes the setting feel that much bigger and more extensive, full of all manner of mysteries and danger.

>> No.71822833
File: 30 KB, 398x501, EC45D02B-D1A6-49D6-80A0-3FBA245D3B20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71822856

>I'm enjoying Arch VtM campaign

There I said it.

>> No.71822859

Never mind the BFG manual had a line about how while the emperor leads the galaxy, the captain leads his ship.

>> No.71822867
File: 7 KB, 192x213, 1527274507992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Arch still has fans on here
Proof that cocksucking hero worship will always exist no matter how much you shit on their fake hero.

>> No.71822868

It's a meaningless cop-out, though. It's entirely set in 40k universe and that warp fuckery means anything and everything of a "menace" can be explained as "it's warp, yo".

>> No.71822870

Arch isn't even British; he's Norwegian. His way of speaking may have to do with him being friends with Sargon, who he so desperately wishes he was.

>> No.71822874

No its typical 40k writing gw has been doing this for years
>oc chapter
>minor xenos threat and plot.

>> No.71822899

He may have been taught english in school which in europe usually means english pronunciation rather than american.

>> No.71822910
File: 18 KB, 432x118, 1481002105061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71822929

it's pretty impressive that his masked characters are still expressive with head movement and angle

>> No.71822945

True, but there's something noticeably off in the way Arch speaks, and not in a usual ESL way that I could easily overlook (having been subscribed to many YouTubers who are bi-/multi-lingual).

>> No.71822987
File: 36 KB, 567x587, 1584526506343-fourchan-co-113720347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71823005
File: 1.96 MB, 268x325, 1581947359302.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being original is a cop-out

>> No.71823006

I have a theory that the Orb, (Assuming it IS Yu'Vath in actuality) took the marines as payment to the denizens of the warp for safe passage but on inspection they determined the orb creature's soul to be far larger and far more delicious than five tiny humans by comparison. Remember they were in the warp and that being was shining brighter than the Sun.

>> No.71823025

Some "lore" YouTuber who mostly just reads directly off wiki pages rather than doing anything creative.

>> No.71823056

When was the last book where space marines were up against a minor faction? Maybe some minor arcs at the beginning of HH series, the reast is against eldar or orks, no minor xenos in sight ever.

>> No.71823063

You're aware that there's more to 40k than just the wargame, right?

>> No.71823075

You mean the 40 facts guy? Or that MajorKill guy.

>> No.71823183

Don't tell him that, he might become aware DoW3 exists and end up having more absolutely awful self imposed opinions.

>> No.71823190

What I don't get is how come no-one's talking about what the sphere says while the Astartes are approaching.
No-one's talking about it at all.

>> No.71823211

Do the orbs actually say something while trying in vain to push the marines back? It was woefully pathetic in ferocity and energy if it could barely make them step back much less harm them.

>> No.71823225

Its just showing how mentally strong marines are.

>> No.71823236

How come you guys think that's weak when just a few seconds later it consumes the marines?

>> No.71823272

Because the three psychic shockwave attacks were weak where as the second 'attack' was merely pulling them into the core of the orb not dissimilar to how a black hole might function. I don't know how anyone could think the first shockwaves were effective to be honest.

>> No.71823280

From its dialogue we can see that absorbing and teleporting them was a move of utter desperation which still got it killed.
Pushing them back or controlling them before it came to that was its actual hope.

>> No.71823319

they werent weak. The marines are just strong. They shall know no fear etc.

>> No.71823335

It's more that the marines were just heavy, they shockwave was too weak to knock them over.

>> No.71823390

I'm guessing more of a psychic attack than a physical one, which failed completely, which was what the sphere was complaining about in the skype call.
"The Astartes resist our touch."

Again, the whole point is the sphere couldn't fuck with the space marines with psychic powers alone, so it had to "break the seal", and it grabbed them physically and jump into the warp, which fucked it over.

>> No.71823403

it was a psychic attack see how they flinch and regain their composure.
The wave attacked their mind.

>> No.71823423

>psychic attack can't cause even a single mortal wound to 5 tacticals
What a bitch move.

>> No.71823458

You're correct. My only gripe is that the ending is really not an ending at all.

>> No.71823468

It has the potential to be so much better than it is, though. I wanted schlocky Wolfenstein style Weird War Two shit and instead it's LE EPIC STICK IT TO THE LIBS NAHDZEE CAMPAIGN where Arch wanks over Wehraboo shit, display his complete lack of knowledge about history and the others just bumble around being usless.

Rags and Uzalu are the only good players.

>> No.71823470
File: 87 KB, 640x292, 1586033928059.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the ending is really not an ending at all

Good thing more is on the way, then.

>> No.71823506

Space marines have a good leadership score.

>> No.71823574

It makes sense, the thing can't do much more than influence, because it's hiding its warp presence since if it isn't hiding it'd get fucking eaten by warp nasties. Which is exactly what happens.

>> No.71823609

Now that you said that I realise that whatever the snugglesphere is, it is more tasty to warp creaters (assuming it wasn't Inquisibro attacking) than the 5 marines.

>> No.71823665

Imagine, after all the decades Warhammer 40K has existed, this is the highest quality piece of art that has been made for it.

And it was made by one man. Alone. With no financial support from GW.

And the best part? If GW had done this, it would have been absolute, soulless shit.

>> No.71823691

I think the weird wolfenstein shit is for later. Hell they didn't even met any soviet anarch still. Probrably when they reach the gates of moscow.

>> No.71823692

You can just about guess the timeline of events.
>psychic ancient giant alien race
>start getting eaten by warp due to psykers being delicious
>most of the species wiped out on their homeworld
>survivors retreat into spheres that hide their warp presence
>50,000 years pass or whatever
>manage to influence some nobles and give them warp powers in exchange for getting giant robot bodies built for them
>guardsmen kill off most of the rebellion
>then the fucking astartes show up and wreck everything
>since they're going to die anyway, decide to grab marines and take them to homeworld to ???? leading to the possession of the marines and resurrection of their race

It's not hard to guess the plot.

>> No.71823702

You telling me you didn't enjoy the 15 old vampire gangbang.

>> No.71824107

At such low speed ?

>> No.71824186
File: 38 KB, 395x395, Obviously.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Just to clarify, are there two orbs on the ship (one chained and the absorby one) or is the chained one a flashback?

>> No.71824231

Somewhere in that timeline they felt the need to position their mightiest sized beings on big fuckin chairs.

>> No.71824284

One orb is on one ship, probably that frigate shown in the opening shot, and the other is on a different ship, which the team of Retributors has been in the process of raiding throughout the series.

Everything going on is happening in the same timeframe, as evidenced by the video feeds which the Veterans are watching showing the raiding team closing in on the vault, and by the fact that the Inquisition guy gives a warning to the Marines which they try to pass to the team, but too late.

>> No.71824312

>Just to clarify, are there two orbs on the ship (one chained and the absorby one) or is the chained one a flashback?
There's two orbs, on two different ships.
The first orb was already captured, and the Inquisitor + space marine captain has it on their ship.
The space marines boarded a rebel held ship, and there was a second orb on it. The space marines shoved in the dataknives, and that allowed the Inquisitor to intercept the warp communication between the two sphere entities.

Everything happens at the same speed as the video.

>> No.71824324
File: 1.48 MB, 350x263, Jesus's Gift.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.71824376

>glorified capeshit
Substantiate this claim I keep seeing this meme and people agreeing with it but never saying anything

>> No.71824851

IMO, Impulsors are smaller and are for more specific tasks.

The chapter obviously has some inways with the Inquisiton, and the wiki actually says the Impulsor Sargents are groomed there.

So boarding a ship that has a psychic orb guarded by competent (though outmatched) rebel armsmen and psychers is probably something more suited for the Impulsor squad than tactical.

Notice that they're ready for the Psykers in 4, they've obviously dealt with them before or were briefed about it, possible working closely with the Inquisitor.

Also explains why the Inquisitor tries to get a warning out to the Impulsor squad. They might've been working together even during Deathwatch service.

>> No.71824904
File: 353 KB, 1280x1742, 3e05e4856eaf1e099e458c4c39db4518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd love to see more animations depicting the agility of the Space Marines, most of what I see shows them as slow and bulky when they're supposed to have Master Chief levels of agility

>> No.71825341

I'm glad it's not blatant chaos, would've been too obvious

>> No.71825383

What's with that one marine's eye? initially i thought it was blood from his eye bursting but apparently it's robotic

>> No.71825504
File: 2.93 MB, 1280x582, 1575955797986.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's how their helmets are constructed. Why have a see-through hole when you can instead have a series of cameras, all of which can detect different things in different spectrums?

>> No.71825551

Good ol Red Eye is such a chad.

>> No.71825764

In a few shots, you can actually see his name on his left pauldron. Apparently it's "Kohren."

>> No.71826040

Yeah I saw that detail after countless rewatchings. He'll always be Red Eye to me though.

>> No.71826164

He'll pump out more stuff faster but I fear quality might go down.

>> No.71826185

>that pic
go back you discord nigger

>> No.71826271

Fear is for the heretic and those of no faith, Brother. The fools previously feared Astartes couldn't deliver even on facial features and he displayed such a concern is nonexistent now. There's no reason to worry.

>> No.71826308

I don't doubt him. I doubt what the people he'll bring as part of the production team might do compared to him. I rather play it safe and slow.

>> No.71826347

Unless he hires absolute heretics his companions will be in utter awe of his passion and abilities. They will obey him like the Marines obey the Emperor and no loss of quality will occur.

>> No.71826372

>They will obey him like the Marines obey the Emperor and no loss of quality will occur.
I hope you're right. But you never know when one ends up being traitor and mess with things...

>> No.71826394

Are his videos only available on YouTube? Are there any higher quality non compressed versions around?

>> No.71826397

I'm laughing my ass off at the guy who said Astartes couldn't do faces.

>> No.71826419

Well thankfully we do not know of actual chaos gods so there is no reason for any sort of animator to mess with a project he is part of. Especially one that presents the opportunity of acquiring fame and fortune via sponsors.

>> No.71826425

Blame Lorgar.
Fuckin oath right? What a mong.

>> No.71826491

Same markings as DA. Confirmed pratical DA marine chapter.

>> No.71826499

If you're not on a 4k monitor, the 4k version has a higher bitrate.

>> No.71826517

>Astartes couldn't do faces.
I will defend that anon because I get what he means. The human brain is hyper-specialized at decoding faces and doing them right in animation is disproportionally more difficult than any other body part.

>> No.71826532

why do you discord /v/tards derail almost every thread?

>> No.71826705

I would give that anon some leeway if he wasn't so absolute in his judgement towards Astarte's ability to do races. Doubting he could do it is one thing, adamantly stating he couldn't is another higher dick move.

>> No.71827154

inb4 he takes all the dono money, makes a studio and never does anything Warhammer related again like that one dude

>> No.71827197

>Why would I actually involve myself in the hobby I'm obsessed with?
The absolute STATE of secondaries

>> No.71827367

Nigger, it literally says "Imperial Fists successors" in the picture, what drugs are you on?

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