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Big Al/TroyX has a patron page and gets over 100 bucks month.
CYOAs have been literally monetized

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This girl is so cute, I wish she could sit on my lap. Short hair is so cute.

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Let's all get back to talk about Magocratic Convention.

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As the new founder and ultimate emperor of this newly colonized /cyoag/ thread, I allow refugees from the previous Magocratic regime to engage in posting.

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Let's talk about Blood Magic instead

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What are the chances of Aeneas having had Cognitive Reincarnation? Part of me really hopes he got uploaded into a qt grill, I really want them chained up to watch as the convention does in weeks with Diabolism what would have taken centuries with genocide.

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real blood magic is the one pumping your muscles

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I fucking hate lovecratian myths

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Is that what you say to the nigger that is pumping your waifu?

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Lovecraftian myths are the reason fantasy is still good and epic. Based.

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does casterfaggotry stem from their insecurity or are they self-aware enough to realize that only way they would accomplish anything if all their wishes came true without any effort?

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Based. Fuck P*rists

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Doesn't matter, the question is what does shitposting stem from? Not enough love from daddy perhaps?

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So, the "good ending" would be to reconcile with the Adversary, stopping the Omnideath, and stopping mana drain.
Is there another way to win ? Eclispe just irritate me, but as we discussed a full purge would be problematic.

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But study and intelligence have always beaten brute force?
How else do you think that the screen and device that you are staring at was created in the first place?

If magic is intellect while martial is brute force then wizards have always dominate human history.
Work smarter, not harder

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Depends on what your goals are, if you still want to be an authoritarian conqueror-king the great game moves into its political stage. Dido's rebellion is legitimised (honestly she was in the right all along) and there's no omniversal threat to justify "special measures" but new blood mages chimping out with void magic might give you a pretext to consolidate power.

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The only mandatory problem is Omnideath imo. If you want you can still go Purist and continue to purge blood magic and eclipse, but its going to be a real challenge to destroy Adversary and you'll have to live without all the good shit like Diabolism.

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Diabolism is the only cure for mana exhaustion. You may be able to overcome omnideath but ultimately you'll need to embrace blood magic if the Convention isn't to wither away.

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I personally agree with you, I'm just playing devil's advocate for that anti-adversary anon.

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>Gets money from cyoas
>Out of all authors this is the one that does it

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Martials are by far touchiest demographic of the two extremes, the other being casters. Their kneejerk defense of their class is born out of a sense of dread that inhabits their subconscious-- it is the fear that martials are actually boring & not "fun"-- which must be denied at all times. I think they are touchier than the thief-flock because the religious devotion to being a trickster is not "perpetual"-- but limited to specific "hits" (though they reify their big robberies all the time, they do not always "participate")-- but martialism is a perpetual activity. If one were to realize that being a thief a "waste of time"-- the cost of that waste can still be limited to a fairly limited quantity-- but to suddenly wonder "has martialism been nothing but a waste of time"-- is to suddenly see one's entire life as void.
If someone said "Chess is a waste of time"-- the chess player thinks "Yes-- but it is a sublime waste of time-- the Gods waste time playing chess"-- but the martial? The martial must deny this, or else implicate everyone in their sin. "It's everything else that is a waste of time."
Typically, martials will reply by asserting that "reading and studying magic is a waste of time"-- because, again, "everything is equally a waste of time, martial arts is just like everything else, there is no way it is unique in its ability to waste time." If reading is a waste of time, let us compare-- compare the days, weeks, months, years of hours spent upon learning sword technique to the equivalent amount of books one could have read in the same time. How is it that the book reader emerges with something "more" than the martial?

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>But study and intelligence have always beaten brute force?
how did that work against the mongolians?

>If magic is intellect while martial is brute force then wizards have always dominate human history.
again we encounter the casterfag in action, his "intelligence" means that reality must instantly reform to serve his whims

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It's funny, I agree the Eclipse reveal restricts choices in a way that's detrimental to the concept of a cyoa but then again the twist is pretty easy to see coming and if you've played blood magic you already know that the Convention is built on foundations of sand and blood magic is a must.

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>ITT. faggots taking obvious bait
The shitposter doesn't care one way or another, ignore his retarded post.

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all martialchads have asked for is that virzards should not overshadow the entire setting with no downsides
but since the casterfags are triggered to insane fury by the thought of having to actually work for anything, they will instantly demand that magic should be both trivial to learn yet obscenely powerful
considering how much this things has it's roots in DnD, it's quite funny how relatively balanced 2e was about this and Gygax himself wrote about the problems of imbalance and attempted to correct the problems he saw with it by introducing some fairly powerful martial class kits
3e truly was the worst

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Why not work smarter and harder?

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>Italics claims to Lovecraft
>Proceeds to make Shub-Niggurath a waifu and founder of a Bloodline with a human body.
>Magis can overpower Outer Gods and eat them for their magical power.
Why is Italics dumb?

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>Orderly cyoa discussion is made
>New thread gets deployed prematurely and saturated with shitposting

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Not really. I checked his patreon and nothing's gated behind it, it's just a tip jar like he said. It's far more acceptable than a certain cunt who also has a patreon.

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Ignore the shitposting and continue discussing the cyoa. Not much you can do beyond that.

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>No paywalls it is a tipjar
Ah, that's fine by me. That fucking paywall feature is cancerous and i hate it with a passion.

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This guy had it right. Everyone's too busy having the same old arguments to see this prick >>71784148 for the faggot he is.

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The problem with the mundane/wizard bullshit is that there usually isn't an explanation for why a guy swinging swords can do supernatural shit. They just do. If martials were drawing on something or there are a setting explanation I would be fine with the 'mundane' classes doing supernatural shit. At least, that's how I personally take it.

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>Kinda want to make a build but because i know blood mage is getting a rework i can't get it going

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tankista is a garbage author. all he has is graphics.

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Pragmatist 105 – Pragmatism Incarnate
Purist 40 – Purist In Name Only
Reformist -40 – Literally Aeneas

I think that the convention’s hateboner for blood magic is fucking retarded and that the war on blood magic is unwinnable, so I guess I’m a Reunionist. Hopefully Dido will play ball with me since we have the same goals.

>Planar Chart
Genocide is genocide. Draining worlds for the greater good is bullshit, but politics force my hand. I’ll try to stop the world draining once I have enough political capital to do so and have confirmed that the mysterious omniversal level threat can be dealt with.

>Status of Blood Magic
This is the only time the Purists will ever accept an end to the war, so I’m taking the chance.
>Drained World Refugees
I don’t have enough political capital to deal with a refugee crisis, so I’m going to have to murder several trillion people until I do. Magical politics never cease to amaze me.
>Gateway Regulation
I personally don’t care for this issue, so I picked the one that gives me the most useful benefits politically.
>Diabolism Sorcery
Only until the Purists and Reformists get around the idea of Blood Magic
>First Contact Protocol
This is a terrible idea, but what can I do? Purists are retards.
>Mana Regulation
>Coverage of Living Expenses
Welfare state is one hell of a drug. I’m not touching that nightmare with a ten foot pole.
>Government Focus
Limit Research
Again, a terrible idea but it’s politics.


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Attack A (S)
Defense A (S)
Speed A (S)
Wit A (S)
Mages apparently still have duels and believe that magical might equals good governance, so I’m forced to waste much mana on making myself a demigod. At least I won’t be assassinated.

True Immortality
Temporal Spiral
Eternity's End

Mystic Position
Unseen Mystery
Concept of Ruin
Concept of Healing
Concept of Afterlife
Concept of Defense
>Blood Magic
Outer Gate
Parasitic Engineering
True Destiny
Cognitive Restoration
Blood Magic and Conceptualism are bs so I’m picking those. Arcanism has a lot of practical utility so I’m also taking that.

I'm Alive – I don’t want a succession crisis so Aeneas has to go.
Our Solemn Hour – I’m going to have to cover this up somehow aren’t I?

The King
I’m Pragmatism Incarnate so the pragmatic followers should work well with me. Robert sounds useful as a bodyguard/personal army.


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Guys I need help.
I'm looking for a joke cyoa.
It was made when magocratic convention was first posted.
The premise is that you get two keys to free important people or one child molester and the secret results page tells you that you should have freed the child molester twice.
Does anyone have it?

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Archmages 2x
Battlemages 3x
Artificers 2x
Conjurers 2x
Gatekeepers 2x
Void Stalkers 2x
Planar Scouts 6x
Shock Infantry 6x
Crown Vanguard 3x –also my personal army incase I need some things done discreetly.
Enchanters 3x
I plan on reducing the Purist grip on the military by introducing non-Purist units and developing Shock Infantry. Once the peace goes through with blood mages I’ll start replacing Purists with them as well.

My main goals are to end the blood mage war, introduce blood magic to the convention and end world draining. Thanks to Purists, I’m forced to compromise on the issue of world draining and kill trillions of innocent people but at least I managed to push through the blood magic reforms and peace treaties. Hopefully a century or two of peace give me time to reform the military to ensure its not dominated by Purists. I also hope the peace is successful which will reduce Purist animosity against me for the blood mage policy and give me enough capital to end world draining. I’ll also spend a lot of political capital early on to appease Reformists since they’re on the brink of rebellion. Hopefully I can keep them pacified until I start repealing the world draining laws.

TL;DR I’m a shitbag of a politician who left
trillions of people to die and I feel dirty, but I guess that’s politics.


>> No.71784946

The definition of supernatural relies on our rl understanding of natural. If craftsmen get so good at making rings that they become magical boxers can get good enough at punching to split hills, to a native that's just the way the world works and if told that's "supernatural" on other worlds they'd probably just say that the other guys just aren't trying hard enough.

>> No.71784952

You can do whatever you please as long as you eradicate Eclipse.

>> No.71785000

just search by image or filename in one of the archives

>> No.71785004

They were almost entirely in the right though, as long as I'm still on top they're just subjects who need to be watched more closely than most. Once you ensure that nobody else can retroactively become the First Sinner you're free to claim the power paramount for yourself and Dido is left in the dust.

>> No.71785010

>Draining 2 worlds
you are supposed to drain only one you fool.

>> No.71785044

>how did that work against the mongolians?
They had someone intelligent directing them.
In fact, their strategy was only possible in the first place because there intelligent people(wizards) that takes horses, created bows and so on.
>again we encounter the casterfag in action, his "intelligence" means that reality must instantly reform to serve his whims
Humans with their intellect literally use the laws of reality to their advantage.
It's literally how it always worked. I was referring to the image of >>71784148 where it makes fun of "study and intelligence".

But it was this "study and intelligence" which made us what we are today, by raw strength. We aren't the strongest species on earth, far from it, there are many creatures that easily exceed oir physical capabilities.
But we are the smartest, and with our intelligence we can easily surpass any physical gap and be able to kill and dominate even creatures that we wouldn't be able to otherwise. We talked this planet because of intelligence, motor raw physical power

>> No.71785046

My bad, must've misread that section. I guess I'll ditch avalon and be content with just draining Abbadon.

>> No.71785111

Magical worlds shouldn't be like our world plus some disconnected magic.
The magic should be a result of the way in which the world is fundamentally different.
In the case of supernatural martials it could be that fighting ability is based on a balance of the ki or something. Even before supernatural competence comes into it you're already handling ki for things that in the real world are only done with strength and muscle memory

>> No.71785127

>Playing ball with Dido

>> No.71785132

Make a build for magocratic convention instead.

>> No.71785162

She's an effective underling and he has the stats, spells and sorceries to bitchslap her if she gets uppity.

>> No.71785179

Adversary destroyed the previous government and the entire military. It's absurd to fight her when the convention is at its nadir. Besides, we literally share the same goal.

>> No.71785210

They declared war against their countrymen.
Al quida wants America to leave the middle east. You can do that without also granting amnesty to terrorists.

>> No.71785229

what's avalon

>> No.71785233

A temporary truce is understandable, if distasteful. Forgoving and forgetting is a betrayal to your constituents.

>> No.71785244

Their countrymen are self destructive retards who ousted their rightful leader because they were too stupid to see the bigger picture. Sargon would weep if he saw what his legacy has become.

>> No.71785256

Waifu dream world created by dido for a (you) that chose to not become the nameless.

>> No.71785267

The military were largely Purist scum who needed to be purged and that mana is easily recouped when you have UNLIMITED POWER courtesy of diabolism. Their power behind the throne bullshit needs to be stopped but I'd straight up thank them for castrating those belligerent assholes.

>> No.71785289

Nevertheless their crimes are cosmic and fundamental in nature.
Eternal torment is too good for them. But we can settle for death.

>> No.71785300

I'm a politician, I hate them (especially Purists) and I think they're fucking retarded so they can choke on my dick. The safety of the omniverse and convention is more important than their feelings.

Yeah. Aeneas would've continued to be an belligerent asshole and kill trillions even after he dealt with the omniversal threat. Dido saved the convention when she pulled her stunt at Sheol.

>> No.71785307

Thank you anonymous retards for proving to me Tank is one of our dumber authors. I guess he traded writing sense for graphics adequacy.

I was saving these things as my last CYOAs to play, but then I read the discussions in the previous thread.

My mistake is thinking prettiness = quality.

>> No.71785310

He is still getting paid to make CYOAs

>> No.71785313

>countrymen deserved death for severe retardation
Nope, willful idiocy is a greater crime than betrayal which in any case the convention did first by launching a coup.

>> No.71785337

>I guess he traded writing sense
He made a Fate CYOA, can't have any writing sense after that

>> No.71785339

They're still decent, try Time of Troubles for something less controversial though the point system is still among the more needlessly complex I've ever seen.

>> No.71785362

What i really want to know is what the fuck happened to sargon. In my personal opinion i think he just went to the void on a vacation and is hanging out with the first sinner.

>> No.71785373

Seems likely, he's definitely the chilliest of your predecessors.

>> No.71785378

Have you played it or are you just making an assumption created from anons?

>> No.71785411

Nothing is a greater crime than betrayal you nincompoop.
That's kinda the core trait of betrayal.

>> No.71785449

Nope, if my superior is a sadistic fuck torturing children for kicks the right thing to do is to cap him right there and then though you're sealing your fate by doing so. Your cowardice is the kind that marches people into gas chambers.

>> No.71785520

Yes I read it. I am seeing the poor balance and the inability to actually choose your adventure in Magocratic Convention. It doesn't really feel good.

>> No.71785564

It is flawed but I can see how the Adversary reveal follows by the fiction and how Tankista course corrected too hard from blood mages being edgelords to them being saints who dindu nuffin. It's a shame, I can respect the attempt at tying his cyoa together at least.

>> No.71785581

>the inability to actually choose your adventure in Magocratic Convention.
So you didnt actually read it then?

>> No.71785609

I think he means the fact that the golden ending is inherently >>71784214, it's inevitable once you know conventional magic relies on blood magic but it still rubs anons who weren't automatically following the Adversary's agenda up the wrong way.

>> No.71785636

>getting specific results requires specific actions
Thats not preventing you from "choosing your own adventure", it just means you cant be retarded and expect to get everything you want

You can tell adversary to go fuck themselves, wont end well, but you can.

>> No.71785663

That's what I mean, most cyoa are usually less restrictive about what constitutes "the right choice". All non-moronic builds for Magocratc Convention are alike whereas something like Night Ride allows different routes to achieve the same end.

>> No.71785687

Tankista did a similar thing on time of troubles too

>> No.71785700

How so?

>> No.71785705

In what way?

>> No.71785732

The cyoa doesent decide what "The right choice" is, you do

If you want a civil war within the convention and to keep blowing up worlds then pissing off adversary is the way to go

>> No.71785741

I think he means that last page with paths to victory, which is bullshit. For one thing there are a bunch of them that are largely equally valid, for another you just need to go strained with all powers to have enough Will for Thrice Ninth Tsardom. From there arrangine troops and vassals is plenty of variation for your campaign of conquest.

>> No.71785784

Whats your favorite Tankista cyoa?

>> No.71785787

Beautiful post

>> No.71785795

"The right choice" is literally anything that isn't outright suicide. Remember Scottish's Dark Crossing? You chose one of four times to embark and one of them turns out to be fatal, this underscores the danger of all the options but doesn't otherwise impact the cyoa much. If he chose to make three of the four options fatal there would be no point presenting them in the first place, it's more crippling than fatal in MC but the idea that there's only one viable path disincentives build variety significantly.

>> No.71785808

No, he means that you are forced to be involved in political bullshit, and you -will- be smugly corrected for your mistakes, it doesn't matter if you already disagreed with said mistakes before this.

>> No.71785810

The one that he didn't make

>> No.71785812

Time of Troubles
Don't you mean "beautiful"?

>> No.71785817

This is such an excellent troll cyoa. It never fails to make my blood boil.

>> No.71785825

It's a tie between Magocratic Convention and Time of Troubles. I love the political aspect of them.

>> No.71785847

His worm cyoa, which is the best worm cyoa around.

>> No.71785848

Fuck politics i just wanna go on a comfy adventure while i stab myself a bit to become a little girl like on blood mage

>> No.71785849

>No, he means that you are forced to be involved in political bullshit
Because thats what the cyoa is about. Or did you think being magical president wouldnt require being involved in politics?

>> No.71785862

You have to choose a specific side. Which is bad.

>> No.71785871

Compare it to Blood Mage, anon. The freedom is 300% gone.

>> No.71785878

I can understand it somewhat, they can't see you internal world so what may be the last world draining for you looks like more of the same conventional idiocy. That's why I prefer to imagine that becoming a full blown blood mage and discovering the conspiracy would allow me to privately open talks rather than leaving them to observe and draw the wrong conclusions.

>> No.71785886

The amount of tankista shills and defenders in here, wow
I wouldn't be annoyed if they weren't zealously dedicated to ignoring things being pointed out

>"it's not true, lalalala I can't hear you"

>> No.71785898

I mean, one's about being a nobody in the apocalypse and another's about being president. Even without the Adversary reveal more politics is to be expected.

>> No.71785907

Blood Mage isnt about being magical president

>> No.71785914

What's being ignored? Provide links please.

>> No.71785921

There's literally nothing stopping you from going full Purist and fucking over Dido. You don't have to accept Diabolism and Blood Magic if you have a comprehensive refugee settlement plan. Try making a true Sargonite build for once.

>> No.71785928

Ignoring the point this hard, eh? I don't fucking care if it's the point, I don't like being limited. It's not even a real CYOA, first of all. Blood Mage is.

>> No.71785930

Anons here are basically tribalists with authors being the tribes. If you criticize their author then they will it to death even if you are right.
Some authors tribe have population 0 though

>> No.71785931

Because you are the magical president and theres a civil war going on (or threatening to erupt)
Of course you have to choose a side, or you could abdicate and just fuck off, but then there isnt much of a cyoa

The complaint that "why cant I as the king just be neutral in the conflict between the upper class and the populist uprising" is retarded

>> No.71785938

>True sargonite
>No blood magic

>> No.71785943

Vanilla conventional magic is a dead end, without blood mages about to compress mana you're going to run out of planes to evacuate to.

>> No.71785947

That doesn't work. You -will- lose. Eclipse good.

>> No.71785952

>It's not even a real CYOA
But it is

>I dont like being limited
In the same way you are limited to dealing with magic shit in blood mage you retard.

>> No.71785962

I would at least expect to be able to choose what party I belong to.
Two options where one is good and the other is bad is not a choice.

>> No.71785968

>But it is
But it isn't. You can't even fucking argue this when your actual character from the previous CYOA is in the seventh goddamn page.

Fuck off, you ignorant little shit.
>In the same way you are limited to dealing with magic shit in blood mage
You haven't fucking read these. Consider yourself disqualified.

>> No.71785969

>without blood mages about to compress mana you're going to run out of planes to evacuate to
At some point in the future, most likely aeons after youre dead and its not your problem any more

>> No.71785973

The only unironically bad party are the purists though.

>> No.71785978

Nothing except the cyoa punishing you for it.
No, a SPECIFIC side. Eclipse's side.

>> No.71785983

Think of it this way, I don't like being the little girl so I don't play those cyoa that incorporate that into the premise. You don't like being limited by factional politics, why are you playing a cyoa based around that? I'm not saying that MC is the best execution of its concept but your criticism is retarded and pointing out the it and BM have different goals is not ignoring your point.

>> No.71785986

>You can't even fucking argue this when your actual character from the previous CYOA is in the seventh goddamn page.
>my character from another cyoa is in this cyoa so this cyoa is not a cyoa because reasons

>> No.71785988

ok purist

>> No.71785992

>That doesn't work.
Why not?
>You -will- lose
With this attitude of course you will.

>> No.71785999

You are immensely retarded. Blood mage has you choosing your path of pursuit, your lifestyle. Magocratic convention does not do this. There's only one correct path to take.

>> No.71786001

>not my problem any more
Literally why the Convention is the tyrannical shithole that it is.

>> No.71786007

No, you can very much NOT choose Eclipse, you literally CAN go full puritan if you want

>> No.71786009

And the others are on a sliding scale towards the one good option.

>> No.71786024

Two options were one is good and the other is bad is not a choice.

>> No.71786030

>There's only one correct path to take.
"Not fucking up and not causing a civil war" is as much of correct path to take as "not dying". If you complain about having a fail state, you might as well give up on anything.

>> No.71786044

>There's only one correct path to take.
There is a specific way to get specific endings, no shit. You decide which ending you want, not the cyoa

>> No.71786063

But it is, you literally CAN pick either option, youre just spazzing out that one faction are evil and one arent

>> No.71786071

The trouble is that there's only one fairly rigid way to achieve that best ending, other cyoa allow for more leeway on the path there.

>> No.71786087

I really really like this, but it is painfully difficult. I wish it were easier to make a build for, because I don't think any future magic cyoa will ever repeat the lengths this thing went to

>> No.71786094

Bang for buck is as important as overall quality. Not every author is blessed/cursed with autism.

>> No.71786098

Once again, "best" is entirely up to the player.
Yes, there is a specific way to get everyone to be friends and whatnot. But you dont have to do that, you can go and turn the convention into the imperium from 40k and have a big civil war in which you go around killing everyone you don't like.

>> No.71786099

You could ally with eclipse BUT if you do so then you can't go on a cool 1v1 anime tier fight while shouting at each other your ideals against Nameless.

>> No.71786109

>lalalala I can't hear you

>> No.71786112

But it sucks because not to get the fail state you have to make the one good build with only tiny easthetic details that you can decide for yourself.
What if all cyoas had a secret page telling you lost if you didn't take the listed build?

>> No.71786128

No it isn't.
A civil war and being assassinated is clearly a bad end. You don't intentionally build towards it.

>> No.71786149

Based. Literally reason enough to go full Purist.

>> No.71786158

>You don't intentionally build towards it.
Speak for yourself. If you cant even have fun as magical Goge Vandire what even are you.

>> No.71786164

>Being assassinated
You can get assassinated but you will just get better anyways. You better research in secret how to upgrade true immortality before they actually find out how to get past it like eclipse did

>> No.71786169

The fail state is ending up in the civil war (and even then you can go on about how you can still win), and you're told about it on the first page.
You can still go against the Eclipse shenanigans on the last page and try to win if you want, it doesn't say that you lost, only that you have to fight.

>> No.71786180

I detect a certain fragrance
He is here

>> No.71786201

Ah yes, HIM

>> No.71786204

>S intelligence
>Infiltrated the highest circles of the convention
You have no secrets for them anon. Bow down to tankistas waifu or be destroyed

>> No.71786224

>Infiltrated the highest circles of the convention
So? They didnt infiltrate you did they? What kind of evil magical overlord lets his research be known by underlings?

>> No.71786252

They very well might have.

>> No.71786288

>(you) are secretly an Eclipse agent unknown even to (you)rself
Deepest lore

>> No.71786443

Nah. I will just suck her dick so hard her int will plummet to minimum value via ahegao.

>> No.71786459

I wasnt aware Aoko was in convention.

>> No.71786471

What foul sorcery is this? How can I learn it?

>> No.71786484

Being smart doesn't make you know things you can't know. Just institute purges, keep secrets from even your closest confidants, and restructure the highest circles of governance. If you're shifting power structures anyway, you kind of have to do these things. Basically, just don't accept the leftovers of the previous president or you'll have sedition and treason overwhelm you from below; Americans figured this out decades ago.

>> No.71786498

Fully finished new ver of conduit when?

>> No.71786542

It took years of research and development in secret but this was the secret project that has been uncovered with the purpose to "kill" dido. I hope you understand i will never reveal this sorcery as i am in fear someone might use it against me.

>> No.71786617

No wonder no one gets shit done when you have to burn all the bridges every 4 years or so.

>> No.71786633

Don't sweat it, I'm only out to use it on Aeneas >>71783991.

>> No.71786661

Don't forget that there's the revolving door with corp consulting for the 4 year interim, truly a flawless system.

>> No.71786675

>I will just suck her dick so hard her int will plummet to minimum value via ahegao.

>> No.71786806 [DELETED] 

I love waifus

>> No.71786883

"You". I lean somewhat toward pragmatism and somewhat toward reformism, but the draining of populated worlds is abhorrent and it's nonsense to hate blood magic for blood magic's sake. My ideology is a consequentialist one, magic is good in the proportion that it tends to reduce suffering. For that reason, sacrifice is generally looked down upon and avoided, though in dire cases it may be a last resort. I don't delude myself into thinking I can be ruler without some dark secret, but transparency is a goal.
>Planar Chart
"No world". Efforts will be made to find worlds with no discernible population, or to otherwise relocate a population in order to harvest a world. But realistically, centuries or not, this practice isn't a sustainable one. Focuses will be put on research to find one or more alternate sources of mana, perhaps even manufacturing it ourselves.
Blood magic: Restricted. Fourth and Third sins are fine, Second iffy. First and Void prohibited without authorization.
Refugess: Evacuated. This is precisely what I said I wanted to do even before I saw it was an option. Costs be damned.
Gateways: Unregulated. Maybe I'm short-sighted, but this seems just like multiversal globalism and that could lead to shared ideas which may advance our understanding of magic, mana, and it's source.
Diabolism: Experimental. Very few things should ever be forsaken outright.
First Contact: Expedition.
Mana Regulation: Restricted.
Expense Coverage: Maintenance.
Govt Focus: Limit Construction. The other two are essential given my goals and other policies.
Wizard. I see my power as neither a birthright or a gift, but for what it is, a tool. One that must be wielded responsibly.
C, C, D, A. Combat might won't solve this crisis.
True immortality, Diabolism.
Arcanism: Lore, Position, Mystery, Retroactivity.
Conceptualism: Exchange, Ruin, Afterlife, Forgery.
Blood Magic: Gate, Parasitic, Reset, Destiny.

>> No.71786890


Old Guard, Conscripts.
Darker Skies Ahead. This could be the answer I was looking for. Solve this, and we may not need to destroy any worlds at all.
This sets my reformist faction to 50, allowing me to take Rhea, Merlin, Merovech, Clovis, and Cassandra for free.

I feel as though I should go back and shift things in my build to anger the purists less, as they're the most dangerous ones to be in a civil war against, but at the same time I just strongly disagree with all their stances. The status quo was headed toward catastrophe. It couldn't be maintained.

>> No.71786892

>Multiversal globalist

>> No.71786911

He isn't playing genocidal tyrant, everything else is irrelevant.

>> No.71786987

>Don't want to kill some people for mana
>Ok with letting more people die by disarming the convention's army and abandoning worlds to their fate
What did he mean by this?

>> No.71786995

>> No.71787014


>> No.71787027

Killing isnt the same as not saving

>> No.71787055

>Lavender Coronation
Knew it, pdf are unholy

>> No.71787057

In this case it's ultimately semantics. People are dying and you could've saved much more people by draining worlds but you prefer to protect your sense of morals instead of people's lives.

>> No.71787067

>In blood magic you need to consign a soul to the void every couple of months to stop aging
>Hydra despite her methods still has sacrificed much
>Darius "Lmao magitech" has managed to extend his lifespan for millenia WITHOUT sacrificing a single soul
Excuse me old man but WHAT THE FUCK

>> No.71787081

Once again, killing is not the same as letting die

Its like that trolley image

>> No.71787084

Your MC should be able to take down Koschey alone or he's not worthy of being called Tsar, the Enforcers are contained for now, the Hell Rebellion MC shouldn't be stopped and all the Sheol options are a meatgrinder that shouldn't be touched. A Call to Arms and the Chaos Wizards are a shame but really the sooner P*rists are rooted out the sooner the Convention can send out armies untainted by their retardation.
Oh, I'm Alive confirms that Aeneas does live on in his wife. Great, now I can partially separate their souls, NTR him and then mind break him.

>> No.71787112

It's called being smart, chances are he still did some nasty shit during his research.

>> No.71787125

>Oh, I'm Alive confirms that Aeneas does live on in his wife. Great, now I can partially separate their souls, NTR him and then mind break him.
>not fucking his wife while hes inside her, fucking him AND cucking him in one go

>> No.71787139

>not abusing timeloop to do every single variation of mind break
A fellow man of culture I see, I will strive to be better.

>> No.71787155

>Not abusing timeloop to mindbreak multiple versions of them simultaneously

>> No.71787175

>not abusing timeloop to cause him to experience an infinite variations of him and his wifes mindbreak in perpetuity for an infinite duration compressed into like 3 seconds

>> No.71787226


>> No.71787332 [DELETED] 

My roommate hasn't showered in a week from this quarantine. I can't live like this.

>> No.71787366

Throw roommate in shower and scrub clean

>> No.71787374

Could be worse. Imagine rooming with celt or gil

>> No.71787377

You just have a bad roommate. They're using it as an excuse to not take a shower.

>> No.71787391

Tell him he reeks and needs to take a shower, anon. It's that simple

>> No.71787396

>Wash your hands faggot
>I am not taking showers because corona
it makes no sense

>> No.71787400

no that's gay

>> No.71787415

What? Talking things out? Don't be silly! Just be passive aggressive for weeks and bitch about the issue on a cantonese potato weaving forum.

>> No.71787460

I assume by this you mean allowing the Purists to drop below -100? I couldn't find a way to accommodate them without otherwise compromising my values/build. Any suggestions?

>> No.71787655

Tell him futa doesn't exist

>> No.71787671 [SPOILER] 

You don't need the purists. [spoilers]Just revive the magical girl project and use cute automatons to lure little girls into becoming magical girls this way you can heavily decrease resource usage by simply making them defend the worlda for you while you crack entropy.[/spoiler]

>> No.71787779

I was talking about missing out on 500-1000 manas worth of an army. Even with the full backing of Purists it's going to be hell policing the omniverse without draining worlds, good luck trying to do that with an Eclipse army while you're not reconciled 100% with them.
Even so, here's some advice to get a better Purist score:
>Rebrand your Other ideology as Reunionism as they're really similar unless you really don't plan on stopping the war with blood mages
>Fully restrict the gateways
>Drop diabolism in the short term and bide your time before implementing it
>Pick missions which give you purist points
and if you're very desperate for purist approval
>keep blood magic completely illegal for now. it's going to be hell trying to legalize it in the future though.

>> No.71787792

celt showers, gil doesn't

>> No.71787842

the only showers celt gets are golden ones

>> No.71787997

I would contribute to a ScottishAnon patreon

>> No.71788447


>> No.71788583

Give him a tongue bath

>> No.71788587

>> No.71788609


>> No.71788691


>> No.71788715

65 Reformist -50 Purist 65 Pragmatists 10 Mana

>Moralism +30R -15Pr
If I am being honest the true ideology is me, but I am just smart enough to justify everything I do by referring to Sargon. The pragmatists may find pathos arguments tiring, but my actual policies are more than enough to make up for it.

>No World +50R -50Pu
Going over the history of the convention draining has been rather bad in shifting the focus on what we should actually be doing. Of course I am going to be making a trip to avalon myself...

>Free +100 mana +50Pr -75Pu -50R
Like Draining the war is ultimately just a distraction from what should be the goals of the convention and it will help with mana issues

>Abandoned +15Pr
We no longer drain worlds as a rule, so we shall use the resources freed up for more productive matters that will make such refugees unlikely to occur in the first place.

>Strict Control
I despise the purists so I am not going to fund some of their biggest supporters. I also do not want too much travel to occur during this period of consolidation so I do not have to worry about ANOTHER splinter group seeking to destroy us.

>Banned +20Pu
Oh I am fully aware that I shall utilize this sorcery for myself. In truth my arcane power has always been lacking, but this seems to be the key to rectifying this. I am also fully aware how destabilizing this will be. So the convention must be carefully prepared. Perhaps when all is said and done I can make suitable alterations that may make this sorcery more palatable to the public.

>Expedition +10Pu -20Pr
Assigning people to expeditions is the easiest way of getting them out of my way while I doing things they dont like. They can have their "concession"


>> No.71788742

>Unregulated +15Pu
Such an outrage caused by limiting their magic would spiral things out of control. They must be made content while the changes are ennacted. Only when they realized they are saved after the fact should they notice.
>Maintenance -50 mana +25all
I am under no delusions that the convention works entirely as a popularity contest. What may seem extravagent is ultimately cost efficient when you consider it pacifies ornery wizards who would otherwise be subversives and introduce greater inefficiencies elsewhere.

>Limit Bureaucracy -15Pu
It is unfortunate that our glorious government is a mere shadow of its former self with our population now so low due to the old policies, but I shall reform it. Consolidating it under my rule

>Our Solemn Hour/I'm Alive +20Pu +10Pr +20R
I will tolerate no opposition to my rule especially with someone who appeals to the demographic of fools. The Proper application of Arcanism should solve this issue. Once that is resolved I must go to sheol myself despite the danger. While I have never been the most combat capable of my peers. It was military might that failed them, not subterfuge.

I had always grasped the mysteries of magic

>Attack E +100 mana
>Defense E +50 mana
>Speed E +65 mana
>Wit S -200 mana
>Sorceries: All

>Arcanism: All
>Blood: Absolute Denial, Parasitic Engineering, True Destiny
...but in truth I had been incapable of casting almost all magic. While I was far more intelligent than anyone else it mattered little. However The secrets of arcanism always appealed to me and in such a field I was a master. It was helpful that the school was so obscure that any lack of detectable magic was considered more of a product of my mastery rather than incapability.

Followers: All except purist

Units: Old Guard and Conscripts -55mana


>> No.71788772

>reconciled Adversary and bloodmage
YES! My plans have finally come to fruition. The entirety of the adversary has now gathered in one place, but more importantly their entire leadership. I can accept those of lower rank who decided to integrate themselves into the convention. Like the purists they will be made mine eventually. But their leadership? No, I shall ensure their deaths. There will be no rival tolerated and if they ever truly believed in their cause then they will accept this fate even if they forsee it. After this I shall be able to reveal what I have been working on. Suitably altered from the original sorcerery given, but none will have been able to compare.

>At the Edge of Time
With the mana recovered from the adversary, my secret drainings, and this new form of magic. I shall be able to resolve this issue in due time. Unlike Aeneas who blindly charged headfirst all the way to his death. I have carefully prepared the convention for this moment. Still he was indeed the one to enable all of this.

Is there anyone who actually likes the adversary and especially dido, because they just always piss me.


>> No.71788781

Celt just implied he has a tiny dick. Suddenly I feel very sad.

>> No.71788905


>> No.71788911


Pragmatist 65
Purist -35
Reformist 20

Militarism (Aeneas), at least on paper, it's all a ruse to let the Purists sleep well.
None, I have the chance to stop this practice once and for all and I shall.


>Blood magic
Free, we must return to our root to or disappear.
Abandoned, since I don't want to drain them ever this seems right. Maybe it's not really.
>Gateway regulation
Strict control, I would prefer something else, put politics is the art of compromise.
Experimental, I'll have to get mana from somewhere.
>First contact protocol
Expedition, in some aspects I have to mantain the ruse of the militaristic approach.
>Mana regulation
Restricted, I have to get mana from somewhere.
Limit research


Attack B (A)
Defense B (A)
Speed D (C)
Wit B (A)

Not the best, but a great start.

True Immortality, Temporal Spiral, Diabolism, Titanomachy, Eternity's End.

Various means of attack, defense and some tricks.

Arcanism: Arcane Lore, Mystic Position, Unseelie, Retroactivity.
Planarism: Interdimensional Assault, Metaspace Theory, Temporal Theory, Teleportation.
Blood Magic: Parasitic Engineering, True Destiny, Angel, Absolute Denial.

In general I was looking for ways to gather information and to manipulate things from afar.

Yang, Prometheus, Nameless
Cheap and good, half the other factions don't like me.

Old Guard, Battlemages.
Some good infantry and some elite troops.

Our solemn hour, At the edge of time.
I choose only the greatest challenges, sadly the other universes shall see to themselves.

The Eclipse is assimilated again, I'm a demon, turns out the guys I took were spies, not that it matters.

>> No.71789140

>-50 Purist
>Nonexistent military consisting of all Adversary troops
>Virtually a muggle with no skill in magic
>Still planning on betraying Adversary after using up virtually all your political capital on reconciling with them

>Militarism Ideology while ending the war and stopping world drainage
>Still end up with -35 Purist anyway
You're basically a republican who championed and legalized gay marriage, abortion, gun control, communism and open borders. The Purists will figure out your ruse and rebel within a year.

>> No.71789191

It's actually so small it's inverted through reality so I actually have a massive spiritual dick

>> No.71789201

>updated a cyoa months ago
>haven't released it yet
I probly never will

>> No.71789251

Total control will have to be imposed.
Crisis precipitates change.
And we are in the greatest crisis ever seen, while the purists may try to rebel, possibly allying with Aeneas I shall reveal to them the crisis presented at the edge of time.
They shall either comprehend the problems we face or be destroyed by the combined forces of the pragmatist, reformist and Eclipse.

>> No.71789256

I think you mean metaphysical vagina

>> No.71789294


>> No.71789302


Its my starting stats anyways. just by draining avalon and using it to empower myself I will have S attack, S defense, C speed, S Wit due to combining it with parasite. But the point is that I am not really betraying the adversary so much as removing my rivals amongst them like I am doing with the purists. which is basic bitch wizard politics

>> No.71789307


>> No.71789359

That's like saying that beri is a trash author and all he has is moe blob pics.

>> No.71789368

Edit, noticed I can't take Battlemages as I have Purists at -50. On the edge of civil war, but not technically.
Guess I'll take the Crown Vanguard instead.

>> No.71789422

Urban fantasy when

>> No.71789450

You destroyed everything the Purists believed in and refused to compromise. A distant threat at the edge of time is nothing compared to the blood mage in front of them who destroyed Sargon's dream.

The pragmatists and reformists are worthless on the battlefield, and Eclipse while strong is small in number. You also don't have an army thanks to your mana policies. The Purists on the other hand are literally the former army of the Convention. Even if you win it's a pyrrhic victory at best. The convention is finished and no one will be able to stop the omniversal threat.

World Draining is a complex spell that requires a lot of time and people. Secretly doing it is going to be impossible. Knowledge of Avalon is also public knowedge, good luck surpressing its disappearance. Preventing your rivals from using that as blackmail over you is going to be impossible too. That scandal will single handedly undo everything you did like how Dido got fucked for making Adversary.

Removing a few rivals is one thing, a hostile takeover of Eclipse is another. They'll see through your bullshit. Good luck even killing the adversary leaders with your nonexistent forces when they have freaks like Dido and Nameless.

>> No.71789587

>You destroyed everything the Purists believed in and refused to compromise.
Oh I did take compromises, indeed I'm at -50 not at -51.
It's the difference between life and death, between the bullet piercing your brain or barely missing your hair.
Besides, with the new laws on blood magic all other factions will benefit from it, except the possible Purists which happen to hate it. So in the end they would have to face a council of incredibly strong demons who can cast at will and all other important mages against 3 and the army against every other mage, possibly empowered by blood magic.
Yes it will be horrible if it happens, but I still think there is a chance. The spells I took are those to predict, void and manipulate this kind of evenience.
Besides if I manage to solve the edge of time and still die I'll consider my work a success as I saved the multiverse. The last sacrifice we could say.

>> No.71789674

>Secretly doing it is going to be impossible.
I disagree. You have the resources to get many people together for secret projects.

>> No.71789734

>> No.71789743

>Oh I did take compromises, indeed I'm at -50 not at -51.
You're assuming your reputation will stay at -50 forever. Relations change depending on future events, decisions and policies you make. It's virtually impossible to avoid civil war at -50 and given your stubborn refusal to compromise.

>Besides, with the new laws on blood magic all other factions will benefit from it, except the possible Purists
Look at the stats of Gatekeepers, Void Stalkers, Battlemages and Archmages. Purists are perfectly capable of and willing to use blood magic if necessary even if they hate it. Purists have also been fighting Blood Mages for thousands of years, a bunch of civilians who just picked up blood magic won't do shit to them even if they're helped by Eclipse.

You might possibly hide it from the convention, but good luck hiding it from Dido. She subverted and destroyed the previous administration, she'll destory yours easily enough with such a convenient weapon available.

>> No.71789774

If you let Eclipse live you are literal garbage.

>> No.71789779


>> No.71789810

You're a politician and a president. You're supposed to be stink if you want to rule properly.

>> No.71789818


>> No.71789832

I don't need to hide anything from Dido if I take her as a companion under her Prometheus identity and immediately kill her.

>> No.71789862


>> No.71789873

She's the mastermind behind the fall of the convention, if she can take out the entire convention army she can take out your ragtag team of cabinet members.

>> No.71789881

gilbert is making one, so 6-8 months most likely

>> No.71789908


>> No.71789930

is it gonna be another mmidnight world fiasco

>> No.71789936

I mean you say that avalon being public knowledge matters when it really doesnt. People know that its going to fade in a super short time and even if all the purist leaders knew about me draining it they would never dare reveal the truth. because they were the ones who lied to the people about the drained worlds still existing. The gates are also heavily controlled by me so it will be rather hard to go in and out of to really check. So if I just wait near the time it is going to die, do it quietly, deny travel requests due to citing the danger of the realm likely to collapse soon, and maintain the same lies the purists do then they cant do anything about it. anyways even if I dont drain it I basically received infinite mana from eclipse to use on myself anyways without even considering the actual infinite power from bloodmage diabolism so I can just wait until I am maxed out to make my move. There is no reason for me to try to accomplish all this shit in a year like a mortal instead of being a long drawn out thing like the convention has always been. Also I am not sure if its actually defined anywhere what it truly takes to collapse a world since it seems heavily dependent on the realm itself.

>> No.71789940

She doesn't have the foreknowledge of reading the cyoa that I have.
She will trust that I have fallen for her deception and not suspect the sudden death that befells her when I leave her alone in a room.

>> No.71789943


>> No.71789974

If I am going to be the Magic President then I will purge everyone.
Blood Mages, Pragmatists, Purists, Reformists, everyone...

>> No.71789980

>Relations change depending on future events.
Indeed, that's why I have the spells to predict the future, see all things in the multiverse at once so that I may correctly asses the situation and take the actions necessaries to avoid the civil war.
In particular spells like Absolute Denial and True Destiny, by seeing and understanding at best each and every facet of the problem it is possible to use True Destiny to steer the flow of fate in a good direction, in particular if I leave it open. While absolute denial is a last case scenario were I have to kill the top ranking officials of the purists, with good old guns.
Besides if worst comes to worst I can let "collective consciousness" take effect on those that do not wish to comply.
In the end I think I've taken all the steps necessary to reunite the Convention in all its parts and as a pragmatist without morals I will certainly be willing to take all other measures until the final problems are solved.

>> No.71790096

Fair enough. I still don't think it's enough to kill the Eclipse leadership though.

She sends cyoas to anons and isekais them for eclipse's goals. She has possibly isekaied multiple versions of you already. She knows who you are and what you're planning better than you yourself.

>spells to predict the future
Those aren't sorceries, Purists will have access to those making them a moot point. You will ultimately have to compromise, which I honestly don't think you can since you only compromised on minor, unimportant issues and refuse to compromise on the important issues the Purists actually care about.
>a pragmatist without morals I will certainly be willing to take all other measures until the final problems are solved
You're an idealist through and through. An actual pragmatist would look like >>71784883, who knowingly let worlds get drained despite disagreeing with it

>> No.71790161

afaik its some sort of high school urban detective thing

>> No.71790194

>who knowingly let worlds get drained despite disagreeing with it
Well yes, but then you can't reconcile with the Eclipse. Then you will be cursed to either fight them in an unwinnable scenario (the Convention at its zenith couldn't) or have them as secondary enemies.
If I'll have to compromise with all factions to keep them on my side I'll do it if that means solving the big problems, if I have to purge all the purists to avoid them starting a civil war I will, if I have to cannibalize the Eclipse to gather mana to solve the final crisis I will.
In the end what matters is solving the two big problems, the death of the multiverse and the entropy of mana. That's were I will not compromise.

>> No.71790325

>Well yes, but then you can't reconcile with the Eclipse.
Eclipse are also perfectly willing to sacrifice people if necessary. They killed many people in the events of Blood Magic for their plans after all. They're pragmatists at their core and will compromise with you if you plan on eventually outlawing the world draining.
>In the end what matters is solving the two big problems, the death of the multiverse and the entropy of mana. That's were I will not compromise.
Agreed, but you can't solve everything in a flash. You have to compromise on which issue you want to currently solve and solve the remaining issues later. That's politics.
Purge the Purists if you want, but you will have to drain a world to get an army to fight the civil war for you.

>> No.71790377

If you read the temporal spiral it says the eclipse dont even know why the convention was harvesting so much mana. So dido hardly knows shit.

>> No.71790399

I assumed that the choices you make in the CYOA reflect the long term actions you take, not things you do in a day, so from what I know you either pick them or something comes up and you can't.
>but you will have to drain a world to get an army to fight the civil war for you
Will see to that. But I'll consider the more pacific options before. Besides the Eclipse managed to kill a shit ton of mages all by themselves in a ritual, if they could do something like that "alone" with the other factions together then it won't be that hard.

>> No.71790473

I think its a mix of short term and long term. With a vaguely defined longer term with the description of diabolism/blood mage. So you are probably choosing what you are doing for a couple centuries given the established timescale.

>> No.71790476

It's done. Naruto CYOA mk.3, 12 pages, 4 new Jutsu, 4 new missions, 36 "Companions".

Thank you for your patience.

>> No.71790511

Post it faster!!!

>> No.71790516


>> No.71790561

>She has possibly isekaied multiple versions of you already
No she hasn't. Because the first time she tried she was assassinated.

>> No.71790567


I'm trying!

>> No.71790600


>> No.71790640


>> No.71790682


>> No.71790719


>> No.71790763


>> No.71790819


>> No.71790827

Jesus christ.

Wasnt that interested in this cyoa, but these drawbacks are fucking gold.

>> No.71790844

It's canon the she either isekaied or helped do so humans in the Blood CYOA, for the others it's unknown they are probably natives, like the boss of the Convention.

>> No.71790893

it's trash

>> No.71790913

>taking fucking naruto seriously
anon I...

>> No.71790919


>> No.71790936

Man everything about this universe is so infuriating.
I get why people call it a troll cyoa.

>> No.71790949

wheres black magic 2 i feel bad

>> No.71790967


I appreciate it. I tried to make them interesting.

>> No.71791000

Why so?

>> No.71791008

Okay, I know im clearly thinking about this too much (since I am actually thinking about this) but how are these in any way balanced? How do random ninja in training cost as much as fucking village leaders and whatever

>> No.71791085

I figure the high ranking ones have pretty strong opinions regarding certain things and pretty strong loyalties competing with you. It might take way less effort to win over some genin than it would be for a kage. The kage has work to do and a village to look after.

>> No.71791092

thats not the question you should be asking anon.
"why does that kid have the leader of the mist village on his team?"

>> No.71791126

The dick. Obviously.

>> No.71791128

Just wait for black magic 2 bro. It's going to be THE greatest CYOA

>> No.71791168


>> No.71791175

Damn connection issues
Oh it's not balanced for shit. I didn't even think about it.

>> No.71791186

>Oh it's not balanced for shit. I didn't even think about it.
The absolute chad.

>> No.71791222

>Oh it's not balanced for shit.
Just mention something like this>>71791085 and it sorts itself out.

>> No.71791283

but really, how would this be accepted? Say I take Mei Terumi, how would that work?
or Kushina Uzumaki?

Traps aren't gay

>> No.71791289

>I didn't even think about it
I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of shitposters cried out in terror, then were suddenly silenced

>> No.71791314

You inspire me.

>> No.71791317

it's all relative really

>> No.71791322

>Say I take Mei Terumi, how would that work?
Your dick made the kage of a village your bitch.


>> No.71791339

Thanks bruh!!!

>> No.71791379

>that eye
are we a victim of the moon illusion?

>> No.71791435

Team is in quotes, so presumably it could just mean group, depending on what you want. You're right though, thats pretty weird.

>> No.71791441

>no naruko companion

>> No.71791482

>I cant make Sasuke my woman

>> No.71791493

TFW you're doing well in the chunin exams, but the Hokage decided they want to join the team you're up against next. FML

>> No.71791508

Just create a custom companion

>> No.71791529

>when you try and pass high school but the president comes down to personally dunk on you in a public tournament

>> No.71791542

Can I take Star Crossed Lovers more than once? I want to create a harem of each and every possible companion, devoted to bringing me back to life by creating their own Akatsuki

>> No.71791617

For whoever cares, OC incoming. I'll post it on the next thread.

>> No.71791643

Take Overlewd and all of the kages to literally unite the world beneath the awesome and terrible might of the D.

>> No.71791648

>OC incoming
Can you be a Planeswalker Jedi? Will it have lolis? Planeswalker Jedi lolis?

>> No.71791662

So is the whole "bride of Teitat" thing original to Lavender? Or does it come from somewhere else?

>> No.71791667

Yeah, I meant "your travelling group" not "the squad assigned by the village as your 3-man cell" or whatever.
I was already planning on doing a "DLC" with Konan, Kurenai, Kaguya, and Sarada. Not soon, but eventually. I could add sexy jutsu Naruto, but Sasuke? Maybe.
Yeah, totally, take it more than once. I like your plan, sir.

>> No.71791672

>For whoever cares, OC incoming. I'll post it on the next thread.
Is it fantasy?

>> No.71791746

Yep. A classic fantasy setting (kept extremely vague admittedly to leave it more to the imagination), based off tarots. And actually possible to 'play' also with an actual 78-cards tarot deck if one wishes.

>> No.71791783

Elves, dwarves, halflings and shit get old really fast. I hope that the tarot gives it some character.

>> No.71791796

Not much of those. At least not in the specific. Magical fairy or sassy genie companions works anyway?

>> No.71791838


Not him, but for my build just assume I take all the drawbacks and then take star crossed lovers enough times to buy everything in the cyoa that is not hard capped like perks and bloodlines. Those I will just steal myself using some bullshit custom abilities.

>> No.71791843


Not a single one of those was quoted even once. Although I have quoted fairies, fae, eldritch abominations, gods, genies, dragons, monsters, and all that stuff.
What the world contains in races and whatnot, is left to the imagination.

>> No.71791848

>It's fantasy...

>> No.71791879

Oh good, by "generic" you mean fairy tale rather than DnDshit. I retract my cynicism.

>> No.71791896

If you want sure, there's nothing stopping you. You play a CYOA however you want to play it, my guy. As I understand it, though, more than one Waifu will ruin your laifu, so be careful out there.

>> No.71791908

He's banking on being murdered and then letting his waifu ruin everyone else's laifu. I think it's safe to say he's after the pathos.

>> No.71791960

With 36 Waifus obsessed with him and trying to be the one to please him they may end up killing him first.

>> No.71792002

>> No.71792032 [SPOILER] 


>> No.71792137


Changing a few things cause I noticed I didn't account for everything.

Pragmatism 80
Purist -35
Reformist 20

Militarism (Aeneas), at least on paper, it's all a ruse to let the Purists sleep well.
None, I have the chance to stop this practice once and for all and I shall.


>Blood magic
Free, we must return to our root to or disappear.
Abandoned, since I don't want to drain them ever this seems right. Maybe it's not really.
>Gateway regulation
Strict control, I would prefer something else, put politics is the art of compromise.
Experimental, I'll have to get mana from somewhere.
>First contact protocol
Expedition, in some aspects I have to mantain the ruse of the militaristic approach.
>Mana regulation
Limit research


Attack B (A)
Defense B (A)
Speed D (C)
Wit B (A)

Not the best, but a great start.

True Immortality, Temporal Spiral, Diabolism, Titanomachy, Eternity's End.

Various means of attack, defense and some tricks.

Arcanism: Arcane Lore, Mystic Position, Unseelie, Retroactivity.
Planarism: Interdimensional Assault, Metaspace Theory, Temporal Theory, Teleportation.
Blood Magic: Parasitic Engineering, True Destiny, Angel, Absolute Denial.

In general I was looking for ways to gather information and to manipulate things from afar.

Rhea, Merlin, Gorokh, Merovech, Clovis, Cassandra. Since they are free now.

Vanguard, magical girls.

Our solemn hour, At the edge of time.
I choose only the greatest challenges, sadly the other universes shall see to themselves.

Now it is more balanced, free sorceries from pragmatism, free allies from reformists, the purists don't hate me that much and I've reconciled with Eclipse, basically gaining free allies and units.

>> No.71792277

>> No.71792281

>Limit research
>At the edge of time

Enjoy omniversal sudoku

>> No.71792354

>> No.71792494

Time to ruin the world of Naruto forever and ever.

>Village: Wind
Because being empowered by my madness is for cool kids

Warring states era

Fuck it, im going to need a lot of time to get my plan going.

Bloodline Limit
Deep Reserves
Exception to the rule
Unbreakable Will (extra)

Will be covered later since I have no clue what im doing with them.

First, something broken
Star Crossed Lovers x36 (all companions) +360 points
Foreign Invaders +10
Time Warp+8
Distinct look +3
Tragic Past +10

+391 points total (total 40+5+5+391 = 441 points)

>Kekkai Genkai
Perfect Integration (free) Upgrade (15) (dont know what that does really) 426
(CUSTOM) Time Eye (15) Upgrade (15) (control the flow of time around objects, in fight this means slowing something down or accelerating myself, can also age materials and people much faster than normal ) 396
(CUSTOM) Soul Eye (15) Upgrade (15) (I can bind souls/khakra, allowing it to be stored inside people or objects even without a living host, by storing my chakra within an object I can make it sort of a phylactery, allowing my spirit to remain as long as it does, the more objects I want to bind a soul to the more it has to be split) (366)

All of them to max rank (8x6 = 48) (318)

>Advanced Jutsu
All of them max rank (10 x 10 =100) (218)

>Hidden techniques
Shadow Possession
mind Transfer
Dead Soul Reanimation (4x12 =48) (170)

>Special Techniques
Sage Mode
Mad Science
Flying Raijin
Eight Gates Technique
Dustless Bewilderment Cover (5x12=60) (110)

>Chakra Nature
All of them (20) (90)

>Excess points
Fuck it, ill just dump that into more Mad Science shit, custom me up baby! (90) (0)

You know what? Fuck it, ill take Akatsuki and Bigger fish.(+30 points to the custom mad science stuff)

Tale of a Gutsy Ninja
Rainbow in the Dark
The Fall
Killer Queen
Brave New world

Ill post the plan next post. But it involves incest and cannibalism.

>> No.71792591

The plan is simple, retarded and unnecessarily evil.

Basically I want all the Kekkai Genkai, but I couldnt buy all of them. The Solution? Breed eugenics babies and then occasionally eat them for their powers.

Starting in the oldest era I will work to breed my companions or various bloodlines together to produce super ninja, whom I will then eventually eat for their power.

>But thats going to make lots of enemies
Well, Ideally im going to be all stealthy like about it, but if that fails I can use my assortment of jutsu and the 8 gates to be pretty beastly in combat (the whole "it kills you" thing will be solved by simply tying my soul to something first, and then making myself a new body/fixing the old one with my stupidly overleveled dark science kills)

If all things fail and shit goes REALLY tits up I can rely on my own personal !akatsuki harem to resurrect me, or just go completely insane and star wars over possession of my body, either works for me really.

Eventually this is all going to lead towards making the perfect eugenics ninja jesus baby, whom I will then breed, possess or eat depending on how things play out.

>Missions tho
Not particularly knowledgeable on Naruto so I might well die a couple of times, but this build can work with that. Eventually it should net me a bunch of strong ninja to gain the powers of.

>> No.71792633

As for the exact nature of the star crossed lovers? Lets just fluff it as "I put bits of my soul into them/used dark science on them" or something

Or maybe theyre just kinky like that and crimes against nature turn them on, who knows, I certainly dont, my knowledge of this series is basically limited to death battle, plagueofgripes and hentai

>> No.71792912

173/172 Points
11/11 Perks
/2 Companions
Kusagakure, Land of Grass
+K Bloodline Limit
+2J Skilled
+UJ Gifted
+3H Talented
+UH Genius
+C Charming
+5 Tough
+5 Deep Reserves
+5 Unbreakable Will
5 Body Flicker U
8 Hell Viewing U
Advanced Jutsu
10 Chakra Flow U
Hidden Technique
Corrosion Style U
7 Oil Style U
7Ash Style U
12 Mud Style U
Special Technique
12 Dustless Bewilderment Cover
12 Mad Science
Chakra Nature
5 Wind
5 Lightning
5 Water
5 Earth
Kekkai Genkai
15 Adamantine Sealing Chains U
30 Perfect Integration U
30 Machina Ex U
+10 Tragic Backstory
+3 Distinct Look
+10 Irrelevant
+12 Dullest Kunai
+7,P Fated Rival
+12,P Ninja Cancer
+8,P Time Warp
+7,P Akatsuki
+10,P Foreign Invaders
+20 Ayy Lmao
+10,C Star-Crossed
+8,P Bigger Fish

I made a rather edgy boi as appropriate for taking literally all the drawbacks. too bad I know nothing about naruto. Anyways basic idea is super flexibility and just steal all the shit in the setting through perfect integration and machina ex. Chakra natures should make me compatible with everything, sealing chains combos nicely with that and restrains people for integration, and mad science lets me actually experiment. Whomever I choose as my companion I intend to basically make an heir to my research since I have only a limited amount of time and once she completes my work I can be brought back.

"Those in my homeland say that they value life above all other things. They are liars for only I in that land truly embodied that concept. Because of their jealously they tore into my laboratory and destroyed everything I worked for and killed the only one who had ever truly supported me. Now I am an exile taking the life and power from those who are not capable of truly enjoying what they have. Soon I will be able to defeat the one who harrasses me still."

>> No.71792988

I think the research had already been done. Its just a matter of getting the mana needed to actually activate the solution. I guess its bad if he wants to figure out who exactly tried to destroy the multiverse, but thats not really important in the grand scheme of things.

>> No.71793158

I wanna be the spider, man. Then I'll take the force-field, as spider powers replicate both of the other two, and experiment with my powers while waiting for some dumb spider event to drag me into the larger multiverse.

>> No.71793294

I believe that a glorious "all or nothing" charge is a very shitty option when you are dealing with something completely unknown. What could possibly go wrong?

>> No.71793363


>> No.71793373

I completely agree anon.
A glorious last stand against the forces of madness is a much better deal.

>> No.71793507

I mean you are right that its not ideal, but the convention has failed to figure this shit out for a long time and he did not cut all future research. In fact he could use it as a way of focusing efforts on finding the cause by only having the remaining funding going to stuff that would further that which will naturally concentrate all the researchers towards that goal.

>> No.71793629

I choose Time Travel then prevent Germany from losing WW1. If I can I'll pull strings to get Hitler into art school.

>> No.71795822

Not really, Star Corssed Lovers says they'd die for him, not the other way around.

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