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Emperor did nothing wrong edition

Previous Heresy: >>71698411

>Thread FAQ(very old)
>Erratas and extra downloads
>Rules and stuff for HH and Titanicus

==/ATG/ Zone==
>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours
>More lists
>What size magnets do I need?
>Shadow and Iron
>Doom of Molech:

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1st for the 1st

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2nd for the seco

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Satan, why does GW love the 1st more than The Rout?

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why the fuck did you screencap this nonsense

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I didn't do it, someone else did.

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All of the Gloriana's are between 20 and 30km. Basically Super Star Destroyers.

Which makes the size of the Furious Abyss ships interesting since they dwarf even Gloriana's. Really gonna have 40km ships?

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>when your mutation problem is so big it spreads to your weapons

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GW just needs to admit they fucked up with the mold on the bolter and made it upside down by accident. Mistakes happen.

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>8 turrets
What a failure of a ship

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FAs are huge, they've got half a mil crew each, and Angron thinks they'd be a match for the phalanx

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>they've got half a mil crew each
Always thought ship crew numbers were too low.

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>B-b-b-b-but muh wolves.

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I'm reading the Lion novella, and it says that the Invincible Reason has a crew of a million.

That's the one that's 28 km. long.

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There's hardly anybody on that ship with those numbers.

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>Really gonna have 40km ships?
When you're already that far in to goofball territory, what difference does it make really?

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now in fairness even the smallest of those turrets is 500m in diameter, there's some significant engineering accomplishments just getting 8 turrets working, these are people who worship toasters let's not forget

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I always thought boarding actions on ships this big would be fucking stupid or at least near impossible.
>Board the ship
>Now you're four hours away from the reactor or the command deck, and that's only if you can find a way there without getting lost in the thousands of miles of corridors

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well kinda

if it were say a flat area of 28km long and 2km wide that'd be just 56m^2 per person, without factoring in equipment or hull depth or internal bulkheads and decks and so on, which is like a square with sides of 7.5m

we know these things have huge engines because we can see them; we assume they have huge reactors to power the huge engines because we've heard about those, and the huge magazines to feed each huge gun must take up significant amounts of space so even if we try and work out the actual volume of the ship as represented on paper we still have to cut out huge volumes of it, including the cavernous bridges and other upper deck structures that we know from artwork tend to be large, empty spaces which are impractically ostentatious ("gothic")

for a fully military vessel, a crew of a million at 23km long might be about right - you're going to have several shifts, it's filled with weird technocrap as well as dormitories, commissaries, food storage, and all the other shit

after all, they might not use Cortana but they do need space for crypts to put servitor controllers in so the doors can open with that swooshy noise

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maybe at this resolution conventional Macro turrets are too small to be visible

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actually it almost makes them reasonable. now i understand why they could never find curze or the lion - even a world water could hide on a ship that size

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Aren't those macro cannons stacked with giant flight decks?

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Don't get into ships size and crew nubers, most of this is made by BL authors who can't even keep characters personalities consistent between books.
Numbers are and will be fucked.

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Why does ship size matter though? you’re in a vacuum and generally dealing with small amounts gravity and not even trying to hit C so why not go big as fuck?

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We have things like ramilies star fort or Phalanx and Blackstone Fortress that is said to be moon sized, also Raptorus Rex that is flying space fort.
40km space ship is not that impressive, especially since we also have fucking huge space hulks or craftworlds.

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It's normal, see BFG skeches for Retribution battleship or for Lunar Crusier, showing macro cannons on 5-20km ship is beyond artist skills so they just make couple big ones and call it a day.

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>moon sized
that is a size that can vary pretty wildly

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in 40k void shields are immensely powerful so what matters are massive volleys of fire from huge weapons arrays, so the bigger the ships the more weapons it carries and the more damage it can do to void shields. That's the "technical" poorly thought out reason for why 40k ships are so big.

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>and not even trying to hit C
Some books have mentioned they need to get to high speed for a warp jump. Some never mention it.

>> No.71714464

Blackstone Fortresses served as navy bases and chunk of it was big enough(described as moon sized) to destroy Cadia, Phalanx can serve as fleet base and dock battleships.
So I guess it's FUCKING HUGE.

>> No.71714499

high speed =/= c. a million kilometers an hour is below C

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It's no different from invading and capturing a city really. Just a matter of landing a couple hundred thousand troops so you can control the thing and hope the defenders don't try to scorched-earth the place while you're in there.

Really it's just another entry in the great "40k Has A Scale Problem" saga. Where they want the focus to be on this intimate squad level skirmish game and the actions of a few heroic individuals, but also want this sweeping epic backdrop of such scale that the actions of individuals (even superheroic individuals) would be completely irrelevant.

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that is a perfectly adequate description

>> No.71714536

When the knights errant infiltrated the vengeful spirit they spent like weeks getting to the throne room

>> No.71714604

Blackstone Fortress abouth 7th Blackstone Fortress in middle of nowhere have art with CSM crusier or light crusier since they all look the same crashed into it, this 4-5km ship looks small when compared to chamber it crashed.
Ok found it, you can see for yourself.

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It's kinda like how the Invincible Reason isn't considered as important to the DA in 40k because they have the fucking Rock.

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that just depends on your, uh, frame of reference, man

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They still have it?
I know glorianas in 40k are thing only since Gathering Storm and Guiiliman's resurection, but are they mentioned to still have Invincible Reason?

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It was still kicking as of Wrath of Magnus and nothing since says it's been destroyed.

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the last thing 40k needs is weird relatively stuff, it was weird enough when garro said he’d experienced weird time affects because of it and crying sleep (why would you ever need this in the great crusade)?)

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it’s not even their biggest ship since the rock might be the only imperial “””””””””ship””””””” bigger than the phalanx aside from maybe the ark in priests of mars.

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I checked both Curse of Wulfen and Wrath of Magnus and there is no mention of Invincible Reason.

>> No.71714936

I double checked and the Lexicanum linked to the Legacy of Russ series.

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You mean short story?

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Yes but instead they said "it's all according to plan".

>> No.71715757

Individually, yes. But the eight are now sold together as a novel.

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Wolves are shit, more news at 11.

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Traitor Primarch Tier

>Konrad Curze

>> No.71715893

>love the 1st more than The Rout?
GW can't get its lips off the SW dick. It's FW that like the DA, and even that's a rather new development. BL falls in-between, they've treated both legions like shit until recently.

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> this post brought to you by GANG PERT

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I won't deny it

But seriously, what did Fulgrim and the EC do during the heresy beside fuck over the iron hands and rape civilians?

>> No.71715989

Is that supposed to be the Hranfkel? Source on this?

Because if that's supposed to be a Gloriana-Class that must be a carrier variant or something, no way the broadside is that light.

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From the Wolf King limited edition.

>> No.71716081

Let's see.
>during heresy
Raped entire Iron Hands legion(first Primarch kill, like being responsible for half of loyalist Primarch death during heresy).
Primarch became daemon as first or second.
And fucked over Pert.
Legion had fun.
Broke wall as distraction for fun, plan failing is Abaddon and Pert fault.
Raped civilians.
>After heresy
fucked over other traitor legions.
Killed Guillman
caused World Eaters to split into small warbands.

Now tell me what Iron Warriors did during heresy before siege, beside being fucked by Fulgrim so he can became DP.

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Fuck's sake that's probably the worst take on a BFG ship I've seen yet from official sources. A third-party game studio can absolutely nail the Vengeful Spirit and Macragge's Honour, and even random players put out better looking conversions, while in-house writers and illustrators put out garbage.
I'm unreasonably bothered now.

>> No.71716105

It's BL art, don't take it serious, just like covers.
Unless legions fights as mass of thousands marines shoulder to shoulder.

>> No.71716106

>A third-party game studio can absolutely nail the Vengeful Spirit
Very keen on seeing this. Do you have any pics? Or links?

>> No.71716124


>Half of loyalist primarch death

There were 2

Became daemon by being an asshole

>fucked over Pert

Yes, which if it had gone according to plan how tf would the traitors ever broken through the palace

>Plan failing is Abaddon and Pert fault

yeah because Fulgrim didn't do what he was supposed to

>raped civilians

really helpful contribution there

>killed guilliman

kinda, but couldn't finish job

>caused world eaters to split

holy shit, was fulgrim a loyalist all along?

>> No.71716133

Funny thing is that Vengeful Spirit had picture and rules for Battlefleet Gothic, but it was when it still was battle barge not some super battleship twice the size of normal one.

>> No.71716141


>what did iron warriors do?

marshalled Angron and WE.

fucked over tallarn

flew into a black hole

nuked vulkan and salamanders

>> No.71716182

The great work continues

>> No.71716201


Looks beautiful.

>> No.71716234

It does appear to be more of a carrier. Though every Gloriana was pretty much completely unique, with the exception of the Alpha and the Beta.

>> No.71716237

>There were 2
Point is valid and still stands
>Became daemon by being an asshole
Pert was an asshole all the time at least Fulgrim gained something from it
>yeah because Fulgrim didn't do what he was supposed to
he quite loud distraction, Abadon didn't do his part
>really helpful contribution there
more chaos energy, more daemons, giving Khan and Sanguinius frustration also having fun, nothing wrong with that
>kinda, but couldn't finish job
But Guilliman died, his life support(technically stasis field) was turned off so he die from wounds dealt by Fulgrim and then he was ressuected.
>holy shit, was fulgrim a loyalist all along?
Nah, just fuck World Eaters, why would anyone worship Khorne? Where is fun in it?

>reddit spacing

>> No.71716260

From BFGA 2, this one I think was a cutscene

Honestly I just want BL writers to put together a series bible that clarifies all the details and smooths out lore and art issues, which really wouldn't be that hard to do.

>> No.71716280

>Though every Gloriana was pretty much completely unique
That's a lot of unique ships.
18 legions flagships, at least one in solar battlefleet, multiple others in legion fleets(WB alone have something like 9 gloriana at start of Shadow Crusade ), unikown numbers in armada.
That's a fucking lot of it.

>> No.71716303

>>71716237 >point is still valid yes, but not big of achievement >pert was an asshole all the time, atleast fulgrim gained someting from it yes, but at the cost of everyone else >raping civilians gave more chaos energy surely more chaos energy would have been given off by actually killing legionaires >Guilliman died that's why he is very important in current 40k, because he's dead >fuck world eaters, where's the fun? for we, killing is fun. for dg, snerzing is fun. etc.

>> No.71716312

Why would they do that when fans will do it for free and pay them money while they're at it? The lack of a standard canon is a positive not a negative, through GW's eyes at least.

>> No.71716313

Forward Profile, from an In-engine cutscene

I have the PDF of famous Chaos flagships somewhere on my harddrive, always wanted to run a narrative campaign similar to how original BFGA turned out.

Got a link to the shapeways store that sells those?

>> No.71716328

>that mark of Chaos
I'm guessing this is after the Heresy. Still, it looks amazing. If the whole thing is 30km in length, that eight-pronged star must be 5-7km across. Crazy.

>> No.71716334

>Honestly I just want BL writers to put together a series bible that clarifies all the details and smooths out lore and art issues, which really wouldn't be that hard to do.
Trust me you don't, Gav always fucks up and writes the opposite of lore since always like Imperator Titan gatling energy weapon firing shells, Ordinatus with nova cannon is just bog plasma canon while nova cannon fires shells plasma/vortex/etc and there are other authors.

Only FW would be good enough to do it, at least they would keep it consistent.

>> No.71716359



They've got some cool Glorianas. But pretty pricey.

>> No.71716375

>killing Primarch
>not big achivment

>> No.71716390

Be warned that the ones in charge of said series bible would be Gav Thorpe and Nick Kyme, and MAYBE John French.

>> No.71716420

Big thanks lad

Yeah, this is post-Fall of Cadia. I'm assuming when we get the BFG re-release we'll have a pre-heresy model.

Probably true. I would argue that it wouldn't exactly kill conversion creativity but GW screwing us over in some way would almost be the expected outcome.

>> No.71716431


not as big of an achievement of even erebus, who killed trillions, or horus, who organized it, or typhus, who diseased trillions, or magnus, who kept the emp busy (but that was by accident)

>> No.71716494

Is there any lore about pre nurgle Terminus Est?
I would like to know what makes it unique and why it's so dreadful.

>> No.71716503

>Only Alan Bligh would have been good enough to do it

>> No.71716507


the name literally means

>end is

can't beat that.

>> No.71716560

It was a pre-Crusade battleship that the Emperor had specifically assigned to the Dusk Raiders. Supposedly its power was such that it could go 1-on-1 with a Gloriana and put up a good fight while doing so.

Much later the Imperium copied the design for the Despoiler-class battleship as part of the Gaerox Prerogatives, but this turned out to be a bad idea as Chaos had quite literally influenced the design and caused most of the people involved to turn traitor.

>> No.71716593

Forgot to mention, it was explicitly stated that Terminus Est was the only ship to engage and destroy the Shadow of the Emperor (Raven Guard Flagship, Gloriana Class) over Istvaan during the Dropsite Massacre.

>> No.71716628

Not gonna lie, I kinda dig Sanguinus without a head. Move that halo up a bit so it sits where his head would be and I think it would look pretty neat.

>> No.71716649

Step away from the bird boy Fulgrim and go play with your snakes.

>> No.71716787

What are the chances of the Lion getting his own personal conveyance like Dorn and Perturabo?

>> No.71716810

Don't make me repost my monograph on Perturabo's small dick energy

>> No.71716849

He has one in his novel and it's the only way you could take him with Ravenwing?

>> No.71716857

Going by novel, not likely, hist personal stormbird is most likely one of bigger ones, just like Fulgrim's ride.

>> No.71716861

I thought the Emperor gave the Lion his own as a gift.

>> No.71716870

Loyalty is its own reward.

>> No.71716876

Is the Stormbird as much as a bitch to build and paint as it looks?

>> No.71716880

hell have his own custom. [/spoiler]jetbike[/spoiler]

>> No.71717058

use ctrl+s when you've got something highlighted

>> No.71717064


I know that they COULD. I'm asking about how likely it'll be to get rules.

Also, some people were saying that the Stormbird the Lion uses isn't the Sokar pattern. Do we know anything about other patterns of Stormbird?

>> No.71717078

The others make the Sokar look like a speeder, they're titanic. I think they're mentioned a few times in Inferno, during the landings?

>> No.71717202

There's several, all larger. Going from memory here.

The Warhawk was an old pattern even for Stormbirds. The two Egyptian named ones were newer and bigger. The Apophis was the biggest, the class was nicknamed 'Sunkiller'.

The Warhawk could deploy a standard Legion infantry company. I think that's the one we see the most on the page, in all Legions.
The other two could carry more, I think up to 300 troops(?) and had battlefield command stations/equipment and could deploy heavy armour. Void-shielded etc.

The Thousand Sons definitely had the bigger ones, the Apophis. For some reason they have a large Legion air-wing and use Astartes pilots. It's not played up very well in the fluff but is established. I think to link to the old Epic game where Tzeentch was the Chaos air units.

I think the Raven Guard had a stealthed pattern as well, with it's own class name, but I can't recall it.

>> No.71717228

Sokar is the small one.
Apophis class Stormbirds are called Sunkillers because of size
Khonsu class Stormbirds are known just by name, by numbers in Inferno I assume they are "medium ones".

>> No.71717345

Only reason why Legions changed stormbirds into smaller thunderhawks and even smaller stormeagles is because of GW not being able to sell that fucking huge models.

>> No.71717476

kind of the opposite - the only reason they have storm eagles is because GW thought it could sell them.

>> No.71717528

>But Guilliman died
dark imerpium really goes back and forth on this one they use the word "resurrection" but then also say say "Guilliman would have died" like a sentence later so who knows what gw was going for

>> No.71717558

Just read Gathering storm, Guilliman needed to die, so Yvraine could do Ynnead dead magic and ressurect him.
He fucking died.

>> No.71717571

GW sells flying bricks aka stormravens.

>> No.71717666

You rang?

>> No.71717696

Mortarion is such a cuck that even the Terminus Est gets a bigger spotlight than the Endurance.

>> No.71717697

Based trips, but still stormraven is more of a brick.

>> No.71717718

Fucking 15 hours in and still not finished

>> No.71717727

Nobody cares about Endurance. Fourth Horseman is where it's at.

>> No.71717739

Your paint is amazing, especially the chestpiece, but goddamn i wish there were helmeted options for other primarchs, that head sculpt is still goofy as

>> No.71717752

Fourth Horseman was "ram it into planet" small one?

>> No.71717765

That's twice in one thread I've gotten 666 trips.

I think I'm the antichrist.

>> No.71717776

Have you recently developed an eight-pointed star upon your brow?

>> No.71717859

Fuck yeah, anon.

>> No.71717951


>> No.71718159

Testing running board and RT bozer, searchlight and smoke launchers.

>> No.71718454

I've been looking through the Ruinstorm list, and barring it's vulnerability to armour, particularly dreadnoughts, it looks pretty fun. How would it go when allied to an Armoured Breakthrough legion list to deal with all those pesky av units? A lord, a bunch of small lesser daemon units, some shrikes and behemoths, and then a couple of preds and sicarans with maybe a javelin to deal with armour?

>> No.71718712

He died when they took him out of stasis.

>> No.71718724

>For some reason they have a large Legion air-wing
Probably because they use US style shock and awe when not using psychic bullshit. So they have mech inf with heavy air support

>> No.71718734

Why does that have an Iron Warrior's Skull, and Ultramarines Toilet Seat, a 1ksons Eye and a Fists numeral?

>> No.71718744

I pose a question to you all, dear anons.

If the Primarchs had JoJo style stands, what would they be?

>> No.71718776

>Why does that have an Iron Warrior's Skull


>Ultramarines Toilet Seat

Because if the blue didn't tip you off, it's an Ultramarines flyer.

>1ksons Eye

Heretics don't own all the symbols in the universe.

>and a Fists numeral?

Fists don't own numbers.

>> No.71718781

Because it's a GI Joe toy converted to look like a picture from Rogue Trader (IIRC) during a time before FW's involvement in the heresy and when BL hadn't even invented the novella. A time when every HH model was individually hand converted from 40k stock to look like pictures from an artbook.

It was a simpler time. In many ways a better time.

>> No.71718806

He's done

Time for the big sleep

>> No.71718839

Tubular bells, mental effect that scrambles enemy expectations
Caramel Dansen, just leaves everyone 10/10 mad and exacerbates every emotion
Cars, by Gary Numan. Gives him a pocket dimension where he can pause things and think for a while/indulge his autism
Yuve Yuve Yu, probably just possesses any nearby mode of transport and supercharges it/gives it sentience
Who let the Dogs out? I dunno, area of effect speed and savagery increase to him, his sons and his pets, but also degrades his higher brain functions
Another Brick in the Wall, rather self-explanatory. Puts more bricks in more walls the longer he stays near them
Thriller, causes everyone to be increasingly paranoid the longer he stays close to them but undetected
Massive Attack's Angel, demoralising effect to anyone he's opposed to but encourages his sons to fight harder, albeit while doing their weeping in battle thing
Headstrong, gives large buffs to twitter usage at the cost of higher brain functions, leads to subpar tactical decisions

>> No.71718846

>Who let the Dogs out? I dunno, area of effect speed and savagery increase to him, his sons and his pets, but also degrades his higher brain functions
Give him one like Achtung Baby that just turns him into a Wulfen

>> No.71718862


>> No.71719037

The more gore caused, the stronger the stand's master gets. Fairly basic, but can be channelled by any of his progeny
The Glory of Rome, Avantasia. Gain incredible powers over Marble, but anyone seeing you using it thinks you're a vain wanker. Additionally, renders you very vulnerable to being commanded, but allows you to command others loyalty if they respect you.
Don't Fear the Reaper, Children of Bodom version. Allows you to move far faster than ought to be possible and allows you to conjure a sentient scythe on demand, but in return damages the respect anyone who looks at you has for you.
Astronomy, Blue Oyster Cult. By embracing the power of the things beyond the stars, you can send those vulnerable to mental manipulation subservient to you, though any that manage to resist this power are galvanised against you
Teenage Dirtbag, gives great bonuses to screwing over parental figures but removes any ability to grow up
Bleeding Heart, Hendrix. Allows for supernatural endurance whenever acting in the objective common good, and for every good act allows a resurrection
Hell Patrol, Judas Priest. The more hostile the environment, the faster the stand master's reflexes. Also can permanently track a target anywhere after wounding them
>Alpharius Omegon
Through the Looking Glass, Blind Guardian. Only one of the two can ever be beheld at once, and neither can see or communicate with the other in any way.

>> No.71719323

4* Spinal Mount 1km sized turrets
4* Lateral 0.5km sized turrets each side
6* Lateral broadside Batteries each side, with Muzzels 200m across

Ngl, that seems reasonable. Even Titan Class weaponry is gonna be barely visible on a thing that size, never mind CIWS like say even heavy Arachnus or Solex Lascannon Turrets that are like 3-5m long at best.

>> No.71719359

>160 meter long
>Only 10 guns
The victory was a third of that and had 10 times as many guns. What a shitty ship the Dreadnought was

>> No.71719371

That's what makes it awesome.

>> No.71719473

Speaking of ships, Battlefleet Gothic 2 is on relatively cheap on steam at the moment.

>> No.71719509

I played 1 and it was alright but not amazing, how is 2?

>> No.71719517

Hopefully a Scorpius one day. Bolters and gunner just for show at the moment. Need to move the headlights. Don't know if I should add running boards, even though there's no side doors.

>> No.71719559

During the heresy before terra most of the actual useful stuff done by EC was under Eidolon fighting white scars to some decent success considering the state of the average EC degenerate at the time. Its hard enough getting 5 drunk people through a pub crawl let alone thousands of drunk/high people through a military operation.

>> No.71719597

Supposedly better, but I'm downloading for the first time now.

I think the layout and UI is supposed to be a little simpler, and the campaign itself is less...stressful? 3 campaigns from Imperium, Tyranids, Necros, and a DLC Chaos campaign.

Sorry for discussing 40k stuff in here anons.

>> No.71719786

Blue or green eye lenses for Emperor's Children?

>> No.71719840


>> No.71719861


>> No.71720099

So why DID they take the Mk II armour stuff out of production?

>> No.71720113

Too laborious to repair, later marks were easier to produce/maintain and had superior functionality.

>> No.71720139

I mean kinda. The stormbird itself was a very late addition and basically just a fatass thunderhawk, but it's absolutely true the T-Hawk was *the* uncontested space marine attack and transport craft for like 20 years, and selling those big ass models was hard. So they introduced the smaller plastic and resin alternatives like the stormeagle, the firebeagle, the lightningsmeagol, etc (originally in the old IA books, but greatly expanded in the last couple editions).

Thing to remember is, the Thunderhawk was not consistent over the years either. Originally it was basically a flying rhino with a cannon on it. Then it kind of chunked up over a couple editions in to the all-rounder beast we're familiar with. So in some sense the storm eagle is a callback to the oldschool thunderhawk.

>> No.71720146

One blue, one green.

>> No.71720154

I think he means why did FW stop the models

>> No.71720159

Yeah, I did mean that

>> No.71720166

Because GW came out with plastics so FW decided all their marks GW didn't sell (II and V) plus their weapon kits could go.

Because FW

>> No.71720249

The Lion also has the Grand Master of the Order's seal which could make him an exception to the rule. Hell maybe any Praetor could take it and mix -wing protocols as far as we know.

>> No.71720355

>Ever admitting a mistake ever
They'll kill their own mothers before saying they were wrong on something. GW is unironically more autistic and obsessed than their fanbase

>> No.71720363

>implying the problem wasn't that the hand was mounted the wrong way around

>> No.71720465

Is it really worth it to get into this game for my space marine fix?
Its been years now and i still hate primaris so goddam much just thinking about it makes my anger surpass any mortal boundary

>> No.71720490

You need to go to therapy if you're that angry, friend. Primarines are trash, but this is still expensive plastic army man game. To answer your question, if you want to play games more than anything else, not really, people generally play 30k for their love of the setting and models rather than the game itself

>> No.71720638

But what of i wanted to channel that anger into a small world eaters army. Where do i start?

>> No.71720648

60 assault marines (one to be HQ) with chainaxes.

>> No.71720669

Sixty despoilers, three apothecaries, and a Delegatus to use Berserker Assault fits within 1k, and lets you bring a massive tide of frothing madmen. If you're looking for a small-model-count army, you're looking at the wrong legion

>> No.71720801

Can some kind Anon create Saturnine PDF? I tried but my hands grow from the ass.

>> No.71720828

>pretty pricey
That's an understatement given the maccrage's honor can cost 300$ if you want a good quality model

>> No.71720831

60 assault marines backed with Jump Pack apothecaries does the job quicker. Despoilers are crazier only when that primus madman is present.

>> No.71720880

Calling the Dominus done for the night. Needs a bit more work plus some weathering and then the base.

What’s everyone else working on?

>> No.71720898

looks good bro

>> No.71720907

Wouldn't that make them into an attack of the clones army?
Or do the base marine give some customisation options?

Shit 60 marines is like almost 1000€

>> No.71720919

>spoiler on the back

>> No.71720940

I think its to carry the Missile Launcher

>> No.71720944

It's a mounting point for sensors. Whether I leave it on or not depends on how it'll mesh with the launcher. Would be a good point to mount a havoc launcher. Otherwise it'll be without.

>> No.71720972

How was this made?

>> No.71720986

GI Joe toy, apparently

>> No.71721008

World Eaters main schtick in 30k is that they have free chainaxes on everything, which is bananas good, and have essentially free rage (more attacks when charging) and hatred (rerolls in CC) when using the right setup. This works best with large squads of cheap models, so you've got the best horde army in the game straight away. For 225 points, you can have twenty wounds of t4 3+ save dudes, swinging with the force of a heavy bolter 81 times on the charge, with rerolls. Add a 45 point apothecary, and you make them a third again harder to kill.

Or do as >>71720831 says and pay an extra hundred points to make them have jump packs rather than footslogging, though that means you can't fit them in a 1k berserker assault army unless everyone is naked, which leaves you vulnerable to contemptors and such

>> No.71721011

If Gloriana were just a term like Ironclad, then they'd simply represent a formerly common supermassive class of ship. No reason for them all to be the same any more than the most massive ships ever built by the various navies of the world look the same.

>> No.71721059

Looks amazing.

>> No.71721067


>> No.71721318

I want to play that thing in BFG

>> No.71721471

Then why is V still on the webstore?

>> No.71721614

I get that people didn't paint the old BFG models very well because they couldn't really. It was a lot of fine detail rendered in mostly metal.

But there is no excuse for not painting the hell out a ship that size.

>> No.71721667

That's what it kinda implies. That any Order might be made up of disparate components, like the Order of Santales having Dreadwing and Firewing members, in order to deal with the Khrave.

>> No.71721747

Where is this art from?

>> No.71721768

But regardless of whats competitive or extra good, can i give my horde of mindless idiots different weapon configurations like two handed chainaxes, power weapons, lightning claws and the occasional gun here and there to make each model more unique without making a fool of myself in the occasional games or its just not possible.

Also how are chinaman quality on these, fuck if i'm gonna pay hundreds of euros for plastic armymen

>> No.71721811

Getting inspired.

Any good place to learn about Dark Mech?

>> No.71721825

Horus Heresy Book 9 - Angelus.

>> No.71721833

This is the Heresy, where legions resembled the Imperial Guard. But yes, yes you can. Run a Veteran/rampager squad and theres a buttload of customisation available

>> No.71721880

Why does everybody keep calling it Angelus? They confirmed it wasn't named Angelus like 2 years ago.

>> No.71721884


I've been wondering... BSF takes place onboard one of the Blackstone fortresses correct?

How come this one is just laying around or is boardable by just about anyone?

Surely post the Gothic war that shit would be on Eye of terror tier lockdown or what?

>> No.71721893

>that's the joke

It appeared out of nowhere.

>> No.71721942

They changed the name to Crusade in February 2019, but community often calling it Angelus even now.
HH-6 Retribution bore the different name too - Retaliation.

Angelus is a great name, better that the mediocre Crusade. Because there were several Crusades, and the Shadow Crusade in more important and famous than the Thramas Crusade.

>> No.71722135

I still think they should save "crusade" for when they do a book on the great crusade xenos. I mean, that's THE crusade. All the rest are just cheap knockoffs.

>> No.71722223

1. It was a covert operation
2. They were leaving markers for the Wolves

>> No.71722297

>(WB alone have something like 9 gloriana at start of Shadow Crusade )
Is this from Furious Abyss?

>> No.71722383

And EC palantine aquilla.

>> No.71722399

>palantine aquilla

Learn the difference.

>> No.71722494

Yeah, it works on the biblical angel theme more than renaissance Angel ideas.

>> No.71722521

Testing hull mounted heavy bolters for Auxilia Medusas. Kitbashed from some Land Speeder bits.

>> No.71722537


>> No.71722538

HH-5 Tempest

>> No.71722545


>> No.71722554

A good alternative is the Valkyrie door heavy bolter. Just put the gun on the piece in the middle and slap that on a tank. Perfect remote controlled pintle HB.

>> No.71722814

It's from Tempst, at start of Shadow Crusade invading WB force had fleet of around 100 capital vessels including at least 9 Glorianna Class and 3 Furious Abyss kingship.

>> No.71722917

Yes indeed.

Actually the DG fleet is noted as having a pretty high number of powerful heavy and/or uniquely capable ships, such as the Terminus Est, which, for >>71716494 is said to be the better of any ship of similar class and with several pre-imperium technologies that proved impossible to replicate.

In addition to Endurance (their Gloriana), the Reaper's Scythe, the Fourth Horseman and Mia Dona Mori are mentioned, the latter being a Goliath-class notoriously full of laboratories producing enough bioweapons, plagues and alchemical munitions to kill a sector - even pre-Heresy.

>> No.71722927

both of these are the palatine aquila; the aquila is the symbol of the Emperor, palatine just refers to the use of that symbol to represent officials in service of the Emperor; the term eventually gave rise (long after the end of the Roman Empire in any meaningful sense) to the term "paladin", which itself has gone through many changes in meaning until today it is largely used to represent holy warriors in service of a god

variations in the styling of the aquila are not relevant to distinguishing it from "palatine" and "non palatine" versions: the possible aquilae which could not be a palatine aquila would be one in use by forces not loyal to the Emperor (which was probably quite common even during the Great Crusade, since the symbol was clearly remembered by human societies), or the many "winged" variations drawing heraldic use of the aquila but not displaying it in full, such as the winged skull of the Solar Auxilia or the various winged swords, blood drops etc in use as the personal heraldry of Primarch and by extension their sons, the legions; this is normal heraldic practice, but there is no particular difference between full-eagle versions whether they have one or two heads or their wings are in a particular way

to be clear, the granting of the use of the palatine aquila to the Emperor's Children is simply granting them the *general* usage of it in their heraldry, rather than the *specific* uses of it as honour badge (as was common for Terran veterans during the crusade if they had also fought in the Unification Wars, and is quite common on official character models, even non-unique characters)

this denotes the favour the legion was held in, and also fit their role as equerries and emissaries of the Emperor; but other legions were granted some use of the aquila before it came into general use as a sign of loyalty during the Heresy, as for example the pre-Lorgar Imperial Heralds carried the aquila on their duties as, well, heralds of the Emperor

>> No.71723339

Post a close up of his face

>> No.71723707

Rules and model when?
As dedicated transport to Mortarion.

>> No.71723960

Are you just saying this to make me less sad that the Caesteus is OOP?

>> No.71724087

>the aquila is the symbol of the Emperor

"the great Aquila in its variations signifies both the Imperium of Humanity and loyalty to the Emperor as its master,"
-Book 1, pg. 103.

Book 1, pg. 133 has a DG member with an "Imperial Aquila" added to his chest, which look different from the "Palantine Aquila" presented in the same book, pg. 110 and pg. 103. Book 6, pg. 93-94 they mention a skeletal version of the Imperial Aquila and show several vehicles bearing skeletal version of the bottom aquila in >>71722399. The book also makes references to a "Terran Aquila". Book 7, pg. 283 mentions and shows a Ferrum Aquila. Book 1, pg. 76, also features a dreadnought bearing "Aquila Miltaris". Custodes, as a sign of their status, were able to carry the single-headed aquila with lightning bolts (Book 7, pg. 119).

It's almost like there are several, distinct aquilas, each with their own uses.

>common for Terran veterans

Raptor Imperialis, a raptor head (usually with crossed lightning bolts) was a mark of a Unification War veteran (Book 2, pg. 127; Book 3, pg. 67; Book 4, pg. 94; Book 5, pg. 95).

>general use as a sign of loyalty during the Heresy

That would be the Imperialis, the winged skull (Book 4, pg. 95).

>> No.71724092

>Stenius strode into the central nexus. The knight of the Ironwing had been
outfitted with a psychically baffled helmet of the Santales order, and was
flanked by a pair of towering six-limbed cyber automata. Adamantium-
clad behemoths of inhuman aspect and devilish asymmetry, the things
advanced ahead of the legionary as though directly from the techno-
horrified imaginings of Old Night. No blundering automata were these, no
cybermantically preserved cadavers spared the final kiss of death. They
were Excindios, the last of the dreaded Silica Animus, the bastard
offspring of the Men of Iron. Tortured, neutered, once-limitless intellects,
they were now chained to a single armoured core and the service of the
Emperor of Mankind. Legends of such terrors lived on in the species
memory of Old Night and the wars of Unification. The continued existence
of such artificial terrors, even in their current mutilated capacity, was a
secret kept even from the primarchs and the adepts of Mars, one known
only to the Emperor, the Lion and the most exalted ranks of the First
Legion's Ironwing.


>> No.71724348

Even at istivaan their fleet is stupid huge. dunno why they decided the fucking priests have the biggest fleet.
Only the white scars, raven guard and salamanders has “small” fleets, with white scars being super fast and rg being stealthy.

>> No.71724390

>Even at istivaan their fleet is stupid huge. dunno why they decided the fucking priests have the biggest fleet.
Theyd been planning the treachery for 50 years tbf.

>> No.71724421

>Rules and model when?
>three-kilometre-long assault ship
>rules and model

>> No.71724462

They have rules for titans, why not void ships?

>> No.71724494

Because this model would be larger than the fucking table. Three fucking kilometres. A Warlord Titan is fucking nothing compared to that. Imagine the price too.

>> No.71724508

Some Legios and rules from Defense of Ryza. Blackshield Titan Legios and some changes to the White Dwarf rules so Elite Magos isn't an auto-take trait anymore

>> No.71724521

I really hope the rumor from last year about the DA getting terran automata was actually referring to those guys

>> No.71724539

All legions have 100+ capital ships in fleet.

>> No.71724659

are you retarded? like actually brain dead? let’s assume a marine model stands about 2.5 meters. a kilometer then would be 400. JUST IN LENGTH the fucking thing would be 1,200 marine models, laid on their sides, long. just length. i’d expect that’s bigger than a fucking bus.

>> No.71724681

based retard

>> No.71724694

If the average Space Marine model is 30 mm tall, including base, the void ship model in question would be 12 metres long. 12. Fucking. Metres. On a table less than 2 in length.

>> No.71724706

these are pretty based, the colors look good and the fact that we’re getting black shield legio rules is interesting. hopefully with elite magos nerfed the build a legio stuff will be decent but not OP.

>> No.71724762

Build-your-own-rules always leads to cheese on the basic principle that you get to min-max. This will be no different

>> No.71724770

2 is straight up better. There are more factions, the campaign is an actual strategy game now with a map and strategic objectives, and the balance seems to be better. You cant just steamroll everything with 2 battlebarges anymore. The VA work is also great. Especially the Imperium and Chaos campaigns.

I would just die if somebody made a Heresy mod for it.

>> No.71724832

Eh, not really. it leads to people building the best possible legio, but the variances in AT are so small it’s a bit hard to break. Elite magos was the only really OP thing there. Astorum is really the only legio i think is “too strong” and even it isn’t game breaking.

>> No.71724844

>how do you transport your models?
>inside my other model, which i drive to the shop

>> No.71724856

So the Iron Hands rule gives -1 to all incoming fire for Legion units. That shouldn't effect stuff like an Aquitor Dreadnought, because it doesn't have the Legion Keyword, but should effect stuff like a Land Raider Battle Squadron, Legion?

>> No.71724862

You build the legio traits with your maniple traits so you have something stupid strong. Like a regina maniple rerolling one or two repair dice while also rolling an extra repair dice and adding 2 on emergency repair rolls. I'm glad at least part of that is going to be gone.

>> No.71724942


>> No.71724943


> Blackshield Titan Legios

Oh fuck dude it's happening.

>> No.71724951

To which part?

>> No.71724961

Nope, It means all infantry and bikes, no vehicles included.

>> No.71724977

So what's the difference between something with ', Legion' and something without it in the title?

>> No.71725007

What matters is legiones astartes special rule.

>> No.71725029

There's no mechanical differences between the two? What purpose is there then?

>> No.71725052

Rule lawyering.
Legion basilisk is in legion army list and have diferent options that Auxilia basilisk and militia basilisk.
Legion in name means something is in legions army list.

>> No.71725056

>but should effect stuff like a Land Raider Battle Squadron, Legion?
no. It does not affect anything without the Legion astartes rule

>> No.71725147

>He doesn't play apocalypse scale heresy games in his drug warehouse
Poorfags please go

>> No.71725177

For any thing to get the Legion special rules, it needs to have Legiones Astartes (Iron Hands) special rule. Any model that doesn't have the LA rule can't benefit from legion traits.

Just because it has the word Legion in the name, doesn't automatically confer the LA special rule.

>> No.71725298

For allies purposes does "Imperial army" in the red book cover both militia & cults and Solar Auxilia?

>> No.71725403

GW has given you the choice to decide the direction of Titanicus starting in its next edition. You can either 1 add tanks and infantry and make it Epic 2 add xenos and move it to 40k setting. but you cannot do both. which would you choose?

>> No.71725416

Option 1, with absolutely no hesitation. I would love to see the rebirth of Epic, even if it was all power armor all the time.

>> No.71725431

Army is for Militia and Auxilia
Mechanicum for Taghmata, Cybernetica, Ordo Reductor, Knights and iirc Titans
Talons and Knights Errants are agents of emperor
Daemons are agents of warmaster
Blackshields have their own(iirc distrusted with marines, rest are sworn brothers)

>> No.71725449

Option 3 add Imperator titan.
Fuck xenos, and don't make it epic 2.0.
For fucks sake, they barely balanced it, how they will do it with tanks and infantry on D6?

>> No.71725501

Tanks and infantry definitely.

>> No.71725522


>> No.71725524

if they added either they’d have to make an entirely different game, basically. But honestly I see them doing one or the other at some point - it’s been selling like hotcakes and it’s really the only way to expand it beyond the planned knights and chaos stuff. it’ll end up being just like old AT/epic was ironically - each edition will basically feel like a different game

>> No.71725536

I just want Kaiju

>> No.71725545


>inb4 sprue of 10 Epic marines and a rhino costs £30

>> No.71725589

Don't give them ideas

>> No.71725661

>Legion Keyword

>> No.71725673

were never getting bfg are we? I just want andy chambers to hold my hand

>> No.71725707

Make tanks and Infantry strategems instead of points units.

>> No.71725744

>clearly a Salamander
>holding a plasma gun from the Chaos sprue

>> No.71725783

I would love Xenos for the Great Crusade battles. But I don't want it to be 40k.

And I sure as shit don't want it to be Epic.

I would rather the game stay the way it is now than change to either of those choices.

>> No.71725823

So I just read this and thought it was great.

Really great characterization of both the legion and the Lion. They seem cooler to me than any other legion right now.

Any recommendations for continued DA reading? I know they have some stories from the early HH series, but aren't those supposed to be awful?

>> No.71725826

I wouldn't do either. By the time they realize I've been misappropriating development funding, the project will be dead and I'll be long gone. They'll never find me at... home. FUCK

>> No.71725839

Descent of Angels is okay if you want to get an idea of life on Caliban. Angels of Caliban isn't bad either and was the first time the Dreadwing was really fleshed out.

Dreadwing and the Leman Russ Primarch novella are the next best representation of the DA.

>> No.71725841

As a DA fan and player, I think the wanking of the primarch and the Legion got a big bit out of hand. And I love it.

>> No.71725851


I'm hoping they just straight up take out the ability to take other legio's traits. When you combine that with similar abilities to just mix and match legio-specific equipment and stratagems it was always going to end badly.

>> No.71725866

I've been trying to but all the flopheads and floozies keep getting in the way, my main henchman doesn't understand the point of the game even though he's super good at the rules and never leaves his models unpainted or painted below exhibition standard, and all the rest are bungling boobs who, obviously, I've had to kill with tigers

>> No.71725875

This is only good DA book, where Lion isn't jelous asshole who wanted to be warmaster.
Either wait for new books or don't bother.

>> No.71725910

If I remember which artwork that is correctly, (the scarface one,) I think it's a dark angel.

>> No.71725930

Alternatively you can take a legio's traits, but you have to take everything of the legio and you just switch loyalties

>> No.71725941

This, the two other good DA books are dreadwing (in which the lion is the biggest asshole) and moreso leman russ book (in which the lion cries manly tears) the latter is basically a lion book desu

>> No.71725946

After Dreadwing, I had high hopes for Guymer Dark Angels. Nice to see those hopes were met for once.

>> No.71725989

Stop on that book and wait for the HH9 Crusade. Alternatively you can safely read Leman Russ primarch book. Nothing more. Thorpe and Abnett's DA and two first HH books are just shit.

>> No.71726107

xenos. keep GW the fuck out of epic, they only ever make things worse.

>> No.71726121

I wonder how much cool toys from the primarch book da will get. It would be really retarded to get nothing except what we already got. "See, DA have SO MUCH special equipment that makes them unique (in a way) but they are totally not using it in Heresy because it's to daNgERous." can totally see that coming from FW autisteam.

>> No.71726132

Crusade xenos for AT would be.... interesting. the lack of Nids is a bit lame, though. Could do some fucking weird models

>> No.71726160

I hope Guymer stays writing DA, as I've enjoyed all his stuff so far.

But deep down I know Thorpe will put his fingers back into the DA pot and ruin things again.

>> No.71726164

It would be hilarious if they had a list of relic/psykanara style DAoT weapons and upgrades you could give to characters, command squads, consuls and praetors. I would like MoI and since they had previously been rumored to get terran robots it’s possible.

>> No.71726176

Yes it’s M42, in game it’s basically a clone of the Macragges Honor and the last “boss”. You can end the game with a hot Gloriana on Gloriana battle

>> No.71726180

You could do Eldar and Khrave and Rangda and Orks and various Dark Age Human factions.

>> No.71726190 [DELETED] 


>> No.71726207 [DELETED] 


>> No.71726244

He's right though.

>> No.71726260

congrats! these are the lowest quality posts I’ve ever seen.

>> No.71726266

Very good. The campaign gets a bit grindy in the middle but the end missions make up for it

>> No.71726292

>own world rebelled against him
>got cucked & fucked at Phall by a literally who
>got tricked and assraped by pretty boy Fulgrim
>tried to save face at Tallarn
>lose yet again, this time to regular Imperial chumps
>get dragged back to the front by a fucking equerry
>still get your legion used as cannon fodder like the bitch you are
>Siege of Terra, your moment to shine comes along
>fuck it up yet again, Dorn is in top form, only win using methods he taught you
>run away to the very things you hated and get turned into a puppet

>> No.71726359

>Surely post the Gothic war that shit would be on Eye of terror tier lockdown or what?


In fact the Imperium thought they had all the blackstone fortresses accounted for after Cadia, even if Huron still had one

Then this new one just popped up randomly outside the bounds of the Imperium in an extremely dangerous and hazardous system.

The imperium will absolutely want to get it’s hands on it or at least deny it to the enemy but for now it’s too far away, so all the trashy weirdos of the universe have descended on it to plunder it’s secrets

>> No.71726403 [DELETED] 


Brilliant job anon, what you doing about the head - I can't get over my dislike of the stock one.

>> No.71726414

Literally stop there in terms of BL stuff and hit up pre 5th ed GW splat books and HH black books. DA characterisation in BL fiction is near universally poor. Do however pick up some Arthurian Romances, hell even some kids versions are pretty good Andrew Lang's tales from King Arthur is still one of my favourite sources for fluffing DA. Also anything you can pull out on Angelic Lore. I'm personally quite keen on Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch by Elizabeth Clare Prophet (she's utterly bonkers but quite good for this kind of thing). If you're religiously inclined you could could try joining a lodge if not try looking on Amazon or ebay for Wilmhurst's The Meaning of Masonry

>> No.71726429

>It's almost like there are several, distinct aquilas, each with their own uses.

but there aren't, because that's not what palatine means:

>having local authority that elsewhere belongs only to a sovereign

wear aquila - speak for Emperor when Emperor not there


yes, also a terran marking, but the Raptor Imperialis is the single-headed version prior to the Treaty of Mars; they are both Aquilae (aquila means eagle), but "Raptor Imperialis" simply means "Imperial bird of prey", as raptor in modern English usage denotes birds of prey generally; in classical Latin raptor has many meanings, through which the Vulgate and finally the English usage are derived to mean "bird of prey"


the Imperialis was in use for the Solar Auxilia from the start, that's why it's on their models

since you've got book 1 open, p103

"While the great Aquila in its variations signifies both the Imperium of Humanity and loyalty to the Emperor as its master, and there is much allegory bound up into its form, for the Emperor's Children it also now represented their own deeds as well"

I suggest you read up on how heraldry actually works, because that seems to be the missing knowledge on your part: your misreading of "Palatine Aquila" is understandable, but very obviously a misreading: heraldic devices are generally invented or adopted, with adoption coming when the subject has a direct link to an existing user of the same device, and that's all that happened here - their action in saving their wounded Emperor, dying to the last warrior alongside his own Legio Custodes, earned them the right to wear the same flappy bird as his big bois

>> No.71726436

>join a cult to understand the DA
it’s true but you shouldn’t say it

>> No.71726447

Xenos, by far

Adding mechanically boring stuff like tanks is just going to drag the game down. Make Epic its own game, focused on regular units fighting regular units. Titans would be only for very, very large games

>> No.71726460

He's still right.

>> No.71726485

VIRGIN Perturabo
>be mediocre strategist
>literally incapable of empathy
>is mad about having to do his job, which is shoot at fucking chumps
>lose all the time
>own legion hates him
>is heavily autistic, uses his powers for evil

>be greatest strategist
>capable of empathy, but never shows it
>regrets the role of his legion as genocidal exterminators but does his duty anyway, and is proud of it
>win all the time
>own legion loves him
>is mildly autistic, but uses his powers for good.

>> No.71726489

>get dragged back to the front by a fucking equerry
Anon, that's the equerry's job. You can't count it as a negative that Pert returned to the Warmaster's side without the need for a significant deployment of military force.

>> No.71726517

>this is what literal gay marine players actually believe

>> No.71726553

LGBT marines best marines.

>> No.71726562

Don't forget your meds, anon!

>> No.71726578

what’s with the sudden infusion of really shitty memes/images/gifs in this thread?

>> No.71726587

Anyone got a link to The First Wall ebook?

>> No.71726599

Forgot to add:

VIRGIN Perturabo
>is blatantly homoerotic
>doesn't even realize it

>is vaguely homoerotic
>plays into it.

>> No.71726607

Don't know, found it years ago, posted it multiple times and wil post it again.
Found angry gayplayer in denial

>> No.71726611

transsexuals, mostly

>> No.71726614

Probably the whole Lion being showcased in twitch at the weekend thing and it reminding 40kg that we exist

>> No.71726623

Perturabo just can't compete with Lion's Onii-sama prestige. Only Horus, whose being found first and landing on a gang world allowed him to achieve True-Aniki mode, can compete.

>> No.71726629

As a DA player I approve this message

>> No.71726645

>but there aren't

Yet I listed several different aquilas, which look different from one another.

>wear aquila - speak for Emperor when Emperor not there

Wear a single-headed aquila with lightning bolts.

>yes, also a terran marking

Do you have examples of Unification/Terran veterans wearing the aquila to denote this fact? We have several pieces saying the Raptor Imperialis marks someone as a Unification War veteran.

>the Imperialis was in use for the Solar Auxilia from the start, that's why it's on their models

Yes, and during the Heresy it became a marking to signify loyalists.

>earned them the right to wear the same flappy bird as his big bois

Yes, the flappy bird that's different from Imperial Aquila, Ferrum Aquila, Aquila Militaris, etc.

>> No.71726649

Pert literally chokes and yeets a thot, the most Chad thing to do there is. Lili has a backstory that's a slash fanfic version of knightly novels.

>> No.71726723

Oh Sheeeet Andy Hoare's just unzipped his pants and unfurled his Heresy credentials


>> No.71726724

>literally the honourless destroyer legion
>gets his toy sword crunched BY FUCKING BOBBY 'THE JOKE'
>gets trolled by furries all the way into 40k
>all above done to a knight
Embrace it, Lili is a cucked tranny, the biggest one of all the primarchs. Even Horus aka canon My Legion Hates Me isn't that much of a cuck.

>> No.71726760

>gets trolled by furries all the way into 40k
You forgot the Lion won

>> No.71726775

Bark some more, dog

>> No.71726809

By sucker punching like the bitch he is. It's not a victory, it's shameful cowardice. The gay tranny is a disgrace to everyone, just accept it.

>> No.71726823

>To my mind, a Horus Heresy player can never have enough Legion Tactical Squads. I’m a big fan of games involving as much infantry as possible, so that they look like the cover of a Black Library Horus Heresy novel!
Well that's us told.

>> No.71726839

>getting punched out is actually a victory for the space wolves!
loyalty is its own reward

>> No.71726870


>> No.71726882

He thought the duel unfinished.

>> No.71726892

>Forgetting that Russ literally started the fight with a sucker punch
Fight started because Russ sperged out and attacked Lion.

>> No.71726901

>sucker punching
Russ strides up to the Lion and punches him without warning, the Lion strikes Russ while he's laughing and the fight has not been declared over

>> No.71726919

For real? From where?!?!

>> No.71726922

I will bring it up every time anyone complains about BL cover art in the future

>> No.71726925

For a knight, yes, it's dishonour and thus worse than a straight up defeat.

>> No.71726936

That homo damage control. Amusing.

>> No.71726947

Everyone had "fluffy" reasons for always taking elite magos, AND the "I push my voids for free" one

>> No.71726954

How decent are Daemons? They seem kinda bad without a few eminations on them and overcosted with them.

>> No.71726961

Lion is a knight in name only, in reality he's Machiavelli's ideal Prince

>> No.71726965

>For a knight, yes, it's dishonour and thus worse than a straight up defeat.
not that kind of knight

>> No.71726992

So, you're saying that his lance is more meat than steel?

>> No.71726993

no my friend the damage control is when you've fucked up and try to pretend you haven't just like you're doing now.
I've provided the source, the facts are there to see, cope harder

>> No.71727066


>> No.71727083

What facts? Furfag can do that, he's a scumbag barbarian. For a knight doing that underhanded stuff is verboten.

>> No.71727087


>> No.71727103

beautiful praetor there.

>> No.71727116


>> No.71727143

would have loved to see more of his scars.

>> No.71727192

>planet sucks so much he doesn't even know what nature is
>doesn't bathe
>gets bodied by the Emperor
>literally nobody likes him, because he's a furry
>attacks other legions for literally no reason

>planet is so great it's literally all nature
>bathes all the time
>never fights the Emperor, he's not stupid
>nobody likes him, because he's literally a genius
>attacks other legions for literally every reason

>> No.71727206

He couldn't even fit the helmet in? Damn. I managed to do it in about five minutes.

>> No.71727243

>Emperor's Children tanks were eventually just black hulls because purple paint was hard to find
it's funny because it makes sense

>> No.71727244

What's your definition of sucker punch you fucking retard?
Guy punches you in your ugly face without warning , you both start to brawl and at one point he is like: "nah, I'm bored but it was fun, innit?" and walks away/starts laughing like a brain damaged autist. If you consider finishing this fight by knocking him down a honourless sucker punch you should just stay in your basement forever.

>> No.71727284

lion is a knight the way that that an that one gorilla who knows sign language is a person.

>> No.71727443

People believing in some kind of "knightly" honor actually existing is so dissapointing.

>> No.71727506

lion murdered one of his own just for reminding him that the Emperor forbade sorcery at Nikaea.

He's not honorable in the slightest outside of loyalty to the Emperor.

>> No.71727626

Thinking I'll put my (3 years delayed) HH entry army on hold and just paint a model from each legion.
Anyone got any unusual or lesser-known paint recipes for their legions?

>> No.71727660

do a praetor and a contemptor for each.

>> No.71727672

Didn't Thorpe write that? Should you really count it?

>> No.71727681

I dunno if it's unusual, but all my sallies are in waagh green/vulkan's green instead of the usual moot green

>> No.71727720

Eh, I only have mark 4 tac squads.
I suppose any figures I do make will be customised enough to make good sergeants at least.

I also approve of darker salamanders.
I have an airbrush (not experienced) and don't feel tied down to citadel's paint.

>> No.71727725

Its canon, that's what (shamefully) matters.

>> No.71727790

Thorpe's pretty shit and that's an awful moment, but I do like his characterization of the Lion as an incredibly flawed being

>> No.71728007

People should also be reminded in that moment Nemiel was about to execute a Librarian for using his powers to protect the Invincible Reason from the demons crawling all over it.

The real crime is Nemiel' sudden flip in characterization after the previous two stories.

>> No.71728042

Yeah,he should have let his legion being slughtered by deamons, just to uphold a total sham that was Nikaea. Neither Guilliman or Sanguinius gave a shit about dictate when stakes were high.
Using Thorpe as a source is dumb, he literally admited that Nemiel had to be killed because otherwise he would HAVE TO fight Zahariel. How can he be taken seriously after that kind of statement. Thorpe was/is a cancer on both game and prose. People who qoute him are nobs (forgiven) or homos.

>> No.71728053

Does anyone have Dreadwing?

>> No.71728060

He had a White Dwarf article about his army a few months back.

>> No.71728182

Since he plays EC and is a head of HH team now, is there a chance for EC rules update so that their specials do not suck?

>> No.71728209

It is possible.
Maybe he fits them into Crusade since according to leaks Dark Mechanicum won't make it and DA and NL aren't enough to fill entire book.

>> No.71728245

>since according to leaks Dark Mechanicum won't make it
Better than if they just reprinted scoria and the taghmata for the 3rd time.

Unlike the new AT book where they reprint Legio Mortis because lmao we're out of ideas

>> No.71728398

They have a lot of legios, like Legio Destructor most numerous titan legion(also loyalists), Xestobi... that one from Prospero and there are others
They also reprint Warmongers since they are legio from ryza and it would be stupid for not having ryza legio during siege of ryza

>> No.71728441

Question is are they going to back down on techarcana too.

>> No.71728609


>> No.71728675

It would be fucking retarded for him to let a psyker get executed when he has MoI and psychoactive nukes on the same fucking ship

>> No.71728684

Okay but everything is cannon. That's the problem. That's been the problem with the Heresy series since the beginning.

They refuse to put anybody in charge of the IP, and now we have conflicting Primarch powerlevels and characterizations, nonsensical plotlines and outright stupid left turns.

Take the MCU for example. Say what you will about it, but at least part of the reason for their unprecedented success and longevity is because they have one guy coordinating the whole thing, making sure each movie is up to the barest minimum of quality.

BL doesn't have that. HH doesn't have that anymore. 40k doesn't have it. And the lore has routinely suffered for it.

There's no reason to take any of it seriously if fucking anybody that can bring 3 words together is canon.

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