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Best - edition

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>Thread Question:
But what about the second online reveal?

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i can't decide which new Chaos girl i wanna draw porn of

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Why choose.

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>But what about the second online reveal?
It better fucking have some dragons. You can't release High Elves and pretend they're a finished army without dragons.

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i have limited time for my hobbies, and there are other things i want to draw as well.

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Draw the one who's hottest.

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Which ones do you want to choose from, then?

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now i'm not gonna draw either
fuck you Carlos

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The fire worshipping elves will have dragons no doubt.

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Draw all together including the iron golems one all in pin up poses. Have the new samurai leader there as judge.

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there’s no fire you mong.
mountain, river, sky, zenith (stars etc)

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obviously not the nog who may or may not actually be female
it's either the priestess or pic related
you have no idea how much work goes into drawing a single figure, do you?

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So it will be zenith, then. Remember that HE dragos were categorized by celestial bodies. Star dragons, sun dragons, moon dragons...

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I REALLY want to like Lumineth because I loved High Elves, but some of these design choices are making it hard to like. I just hope it doesn’t turn out like Tau where they say all 4 castes are involved, but 90% of the models are mountain/fire caste.

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Do this one.

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>River aspect models revealed
>helmets as tall as their bodies with a trout on the top

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That just ain't right

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the sooner there's porn of her, the sooner we can answer to shitposting

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Hit me up on why the Lumineth have a Keeper of Secrets with a rock on its back, please.

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pick one

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Those cloud patterns better be etched in the armor. No one in their right mind will freehand it.

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Chad cow

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Its a mountain spirit and I think it looks neat.

I wonder if its going to be like the Aspect of Sea/Storm for Idoneth or if its a named one and a generic.

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I do, but take your time, disappear for a month and then come back with a masterpiece.

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Do you have a link to your other work?

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Lmao, AoS is an absolute train wreck.

I warned you. All of you.

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So are we gonna get 4 big monsters, one for each aspect?

If so this will be a huge army.

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how is he supposed to swing the hammers if going above the shoulders is impossible?

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Yes plus a tyrion model

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>40k are seething they got fuck all in the preview and are dragging their shit into a different general
C'mon lads. I'm annoyed that all we got for 40k is Bile too, but chill out.

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>So are we gonna get 4 big monsters, one for each aspect?
I will be EXTREMELY suspicious if the other "spirits" also have similarities to Chaos GDs.

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>elves will have a bigger selection of models and bigger variety than storm cast on release

Holy fuck.

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I like Cows.

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The absolute state

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Next week dummy, chill out

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He spins.

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Hey Janny, you up yet? Those three Ben-threads could do with some nuking.

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>4 big monsters
not really half of the elementals and their specific units may as well not see any model at release so the army can have a wave two in third edition

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>on release
It won't be on release. There's not much else to show.

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Cope anon. That model looks goofy as fuck

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this is better than the special character, but I don't like the mask

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The split ends on those horns... what?

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I hate these helmets, I don't know how so many designers and higher ups had to okay the stupid design.

At least they will look cool with Wanderer hooded heads.

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Speaking of big monsters. I truly wonder if GW even considers transportability when designing models anymore. Moving Teclis and one Mountain spirit alone needs a small case or a large portion of a larger case.

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>Shadow warrior/wanderer ranger heads
That's a really good idea.

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>scoons of the flame
Love these lads
>Lumineth Lightbovines
It would be funny if it weren’t so confusing. Cows, hammers, and mountain/earth themes? They’re just tall dwarves. What happened to the dragon and Phoenix motifs? What is this shit? The optimism I had for the design team after Obr is gone

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I think he means the first storm cast collection.

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The miniatures look really good, but then the horns ruin it.

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>Benposting hours
Good thing I have work to do hopefully I catch the rona

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>I truly wonder if GW even considers transportability when designing models anymore.
they never did

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Like, I get that the name of the game is warhammer, but we already have Sigmarines where their main weapon is hammers. As far as I'm concerned, all of lumineth are a burning trash heap. I cant believe I was looking forward to new elves.

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really, the helmet is one cow head too tall

also this is the lamest lumineth unit so far

>> No.71673660

maybe its a multipart kit that makes a different unit, those helmets must connect at the point under the cow's head. if you left them off they'd look like chimney helmets

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If you hate Deepkin models you hate fun

Like, how can you be in a hobby about painting plastic toy armies and playing war with them and hate Sea elves riding sharks

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I love them they’re fucking stupid

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Were almost certainly getting just mountain and teclis stuff plus the baseline horse/spear/bow basic bitch triad at launch.
each of the other three runes will likely have 1 caster, possibly 1 other hero, 1 special unit like the hammers and 1 big boi spirit. Plus tyrion

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They cant even be set up in formation without knocking their horns together.

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it's a pretty tame picture but
although that's when i really bust my ass on drawing a decent face and spend like a week on it
kinda wish they'd done this reveal yesterday, BEFORE I started an ambitious piece, because i do find that chick kinda cute but i should finish what i started first
ha, naw i'll just do one and move on

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Where the fuck are sons of behemat

>> No.71673680

This. Replace stupid cow with a plume and they look fantastic.

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How can 3 seconds of paint edits make a unit look 10000% better, is GW's design team so far up their ass they think everything they do is good?

>> No.71673691

>'Fire' aspect is a big muscular brute with a huge axe
>'Sky' aspect is a big, magic casting bird
>And I dunno what you could use in place of a GUO

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You don’t get it we need to be super serial

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are y’all really so autistic that elves having hammers makes you seethe. It’s pretty obvious that each runic aspect gets a special weapon unit tied to the weapon of their realm spirit.

>> No.71673710

>Cow Aelves™

The Sharkposter was right

>> No.71673717

Way better. GW is fucking retarded.

>> No.71673721

Next week is specialist games

>> No.71673727

There's no fire can you people even read.

>> No.71673728

>How can 3 seconds of paint edits make a unit look 10000% better
Because if you aren’t a lazy hobbylet you kitbashed your models in the first place

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>i-it will be high elves b-bros!

>> No.71673733

>stop disliking what I like
Sea elves dont look fun to me. That's it. I think they look dumb.

>> No.71673739

Why do they have to sculpt mixed race units? It's literally like randomly painting some of the models of your unit in a different colour scheme for no reason. It just spoils the cohesion and the idea that this group comes from a particular place and time.

>> No.71673742

One of the shipping documents leaked that we will be getting a Sons of Behemat Battletome soon-ish. Sons of Behemat were a group of Giants banding together under a Giant King in Godbeasts.

>> No.71673743

You’re posting on the same board that constantly complains about the dwarf or elf stereotypes but refuse anything else

The answer is yes

>> No.71673752

Lol, Sons of Behemat were never going to be a REAL army, its probably going to be for Warcry or officially released for Underworlds.

Mortals of Slaanesh is going to be for Underworlds.

>> No.71673753

The fact that one can kitbash has nothing to do with it being a stupid design anyone could see it wouldn't work and it was still greenlighted for years until now.

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>> No.71673758

I expect that we will get classic elvin shit with the other aspects.
>sky will be a giant hawk, with archers, possibly riding eagles
>zenith will be dragon chads, possibly elves riding mini dragons but definitely a dragon realm spirit
>river will be ????

>> No.71673760

>if you dont like something you're autistic
That's stupid.

>> No.71673770

Fair nuff. Still gonna root for ya. We need more artists here, led and non lewd variety.

>> No.71673772

If I wanted high elves I would go on eBay

Any chances they’ll have another caster? I assume the spirit of Hysh is one, teclis, yaklord, and veiled lady are obviously casters

>> No.71673775

Fish aelves > Cow Aelves > Snake Aelves > Tree Aelves > Loyal and Orderly Sigmarite Aelves

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GW released the prequel comic to the new Elves.

Also how does this shit work now, I'm a little off.

>Earth Spirit
High Elves
>Water Spirit
>Tree Spirit
Wood Elves
>Shadow Spirit
Dark Elves

>> No.71673780

You know why.

>> No.71673783

Right, anon. A faction of Giants for a Skirmish game. Definitely.

>> No.71673788

Yeah, they’ll totally do a giant only warband for their SKIRMISH games. Imagine putting a foot tall model on a fucking underworlds table

>> No.71673789

>elf hammerers
I fucking called it, and you laughed at me.

>> No.71673791

>what is religion?
>the post

>> No.71673802

some of y’all spergs are literally going REE NO HAMMERS FOR ELVES DWARVES ONLY!

>> No.71673804


look how they massacred my boy (Doombull)!

>> No.71673808

>It's literally like randomly painting some of the models of your unit in a different colour scheme for no reason.
Except it's not. Do you even know what the words you write mean?

>> No.71673815

Because every time they do faggots seethe about them and give free marketing

>> No.71673825

Exactly my thoughts. way to fuck up a nice design with retard ideas.

>> No.71673828

To be fair, une thing is giving some hammers to elves and another is squatting elves, introduce their replacement and they don't even use elf weapons.

>> No.71673846

Thank you, Janny.

>> No.71673862

I wonder how these elves would look in other colours, silver and green would be what I try.

>> No.71673874

I really wish those fire guys were their own army.
That is peak fucking aesthetic right there.

>> No.71673886

I have to say the reaction to these new elves has been amoosing

>> No.71673894

A lot better. White armour with cream cloth gives no contrast. It's a really awful choice.

>> No.71673902

remember the goblin "leaker"?

>> No.71673903

draw a hot nurgle girl in the spirit of this Corona lockdown

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but what do elf fags think of this?

>> No.71673909


Disliking is one thing

Being butthurt enough about them to complain about them is another

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Elves are great and all, but I sure as fuck get hornier looking at these chads.

>> No.71673916

you mean, ben?

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H...Hey guys im still cool ri.... right?

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File: 79 KB, 668x663, 75B01DF5-A6BA-438D-9B62-11928B7520F6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cow Aelves


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I... really don't understand why it's not the exact same model, but instead of cow features, it's something light-related. I expected some giant gem creature or something, not a cow.

>> No.71673939

That's what happens when you are replacing something people liked with a different thing. It's not that this new thing isn't appealing to them, is that they lost the thing that appealed to them and were given something else in return that they don't like.

>> No.71673941

Yes Fomoroid Crusher you are still cool

>> No.71673945

>Hammer elves
>Cow hats
very not chill

>> No.71673947

Hope this isn’t all for elves. Lumineth are going to feel really weird and hollow if we get all this lore about the 4 different runes and tyrion being their war god and the balance between all this... and then no models or rules for it.

>> No.71673957

hopefully they don't like it so I don't have to feel dirty about liking an elf model

>> No.71673961

This is actually one of the better models of the range, because it's not trying put a new spin on old themes (i.e. the overall look of High Elves) in a way that looks retarded. It's its own thing, whereas basically everything else in the range is High Elves but retarded.

>> No.71673964

Hammers and cows are cool. But the fucking helmet doubling the height of the mini is fucking stupid.

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File: 1.82 MB, 2300x1900, 1563627282170.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These elves are cucking us

>> No.71673978


>> No.71673982

Here's hoping for gargants next weekend

>> No.71673996

>mixed gender anon is evolving faster than we can develop a cure

>> No.71674003

Welcome to 40k Tau. Mostly Fire caste units, no Earth Caste except for 1 character that just uses a Riptide model, 2 Air Caste models, and the grand variety of Xenia models representing the efforts of the water caste are Kroot and Vespids.

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File: 342 KB, 982x853, 1572735436448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly just do everyone a favor and retcon lumineth into being a human chaos cult or some shit, the elf fags hate these designs and everyone who likes these most likely don't give a shit about elves in the first place

>> No.71674032

oh shit oh fuck

>> No.71674037

Yeah but fire caste are the war cast - aircast don’t leave space except for fighter craft and even then don’t stay long. earth cast are fucking scientists, and not the tech priest kind. water caste literally just spend battles trying to decipher languages they can see on ships etc.
this is way worse

>> No.71674047

It’s pretty funny that he says that when I just read a StD story in which a vaguely named Asian fucker is enslaved by a roaming chaos band and eventually risies in it

I’m actually surprised by how many people don’t understand how chaos works
Or how many people refuse to understand the realms

>> No.71674049

Tau make more sense because their castes do different things in their society. Fire caste are the military. Earth caste the engineers. Air caste the pilots. Water caste the diplomats. Why would their units be water caste? Why would their infantry be air caste? Lumineth are different, any elf can be attuned with any spirit and all of their military is shared between them.

>> No.71674058

Honestly this is such a no brainer I genuinely wonder what the hell is going on over there

>> No.71674059

I've always hoped that they would go full 'star trek' with T'au giving them a huge array of alien allies that they can add to squads or just be a unique unit. But instead they're going full animu gundam

>> No.71674068

anon here’s a secret... come close it’s bait and this general is full of newfags who can’t spot bait/trolling

>> No.71674071

super weird. I dig it.

>> No.71674072

>and everyone who likes these most likely don't give a shit about elves in the first place
I'm noticing a trend every time they try to subvert any trope. Their target demographic hates it but the people that didn't like what they are supposed to be like it.

>> No.71674077

Does this mean Lumineth are docile, stupid and produce lots of milk?

>> No.71674080

>>TFW dark eldar have more alien allies than T'au

>> No.71674090

And yet all we’ve seen is mountain shit, Teclis, and the veiled lady who is maybe wind.

>> No.71674091

honestly I like the stupid high collar shit they have but i’ll basically be doing this

>> No.71674092

Where are those movement trays from?

>> No.71674093

>Aelves can’t be trusted
Apocalyptically Based GW

>> No.71674094

big tiddy cow aelf gf now please

>> No.71674098

You're forgetting that 90% of Warhammer players don't read any of the lore or their rules properly

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File: 1.89 MB, 1080x1080, 20200324_220324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71674111

Spoiler alert, grogs aren't their target demographic anymore.

>> No.71674119

You now have me picturing Sigmar sucking Techlis's milky teet now

>> No.71674125

What? Bovines are temperamental violent assholes second only to goats

>> No.71674144

shhhh don't let city slickers know the truth about cows, let them jump into the paddock and tell them to give Daisy a pat

>> No.71674161

>I’m the target demographic
Obviously not since AoS is doing very well yet you don’t like it. You can not like something without pretending that they are missing their target demo

>> No.71674177

Grogs are specifically the kind of people that didn't like the old elf designs and are more likely to enjoy these, though. Do you not know what grognard actually means?

>> No.71674209

You are missing my point. If you make elves, your target demographic should be people that like elves. Why would you make elves if it's not?

>> No.71674218

If you just chop the whole cow head off the top these guys otherwise look great.

>> No.71674228

Christ, Lumineth have been an utter failure. Nobody that likes elves will buy these, and nobody that dislikes elves will buy an elf faction.

>> No.71674232

GW is in a mode of 'we're making crazy unique designs and people will buy it because they play our game'.

Its kinda like when a band does a new 'style' of music on their new albums when they get popular

>> No.71674235

Which just begs the question of how anyone at GW thought the cow head on top of the helmet was a good idea.

>> No.71674243 [DELETED] 
File: 35 KB, 451x517, ECE0D098-A8F0-4D1D-8EF4-6786099E95CE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AoS releases a dumb model
>GW fans mock it
>Aos fans double down and defend flying sharks, steampunk top hat dwarves and Cow elves

It’s all so tiresome

>> No.71674245

Lots of “elf” lovers hated deepkin but it seems a very successful model line. everything has been classic elf except literally one group of dudes with hammers. I don’t think they’re a great model range, they need to be about as big as stormcast to feel fleshed out honestly, but aside from some... bizarre hat choices it’s pretty solid.

>> No.71674246

>Its kinda like when a band does a new 'style' of music on their new albums when they get popular
Someone should tell them now that that kind of thing doesn't tend to work on the long run.

>> No.71674247

>>Udder failure

>> No.71674258

Percent cow to note releases similar to Stormcast down the line whenever GW feels like expanding the army.
>Some shit is going down
>Oh man better send in the air/zenith/river army!

>> No.71674275


>> No.71674278

>people that want high elves back aren't grogs
oh ok

>> No.71674286
File: 9 KB, 272x185, descarga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember when they teased lumineth using HE concepts and literally everyone liked it? Why the fuck would they bastardize every single HE design, then?

>> No.71674296

Because they stole it from another IP

>> No.71674297

>everything has been classic elf

>> No.71674303

And MULTIPLE people looked at it and said “Yeah, this is cool.” They’re so far up their own ass the farts are making them lightheaded.

>> No.71674314

My point is, why would you go and make an elf army that isn't trying to appeal to the people that like elves? Why wouldn't you do something else if you don't want to make actual elves? Same with fyreslayers. Sure, they have their fans, but why would someone looking for actual dwarfs settle on the dwarfs that do everything different?

>> No.71674326

How young are you? Do you think 'grognard' just means 'person that likes Warhammer'?

>> No.71674329

Deepkin haters said the same thing and now look where we are. Tolkien Race stereotypes in AoS don’t matter at this point, GW comes up with a theme and just decides what race that the theme will use.

>> No.71674335

I'll probably do this, except put the cone head on top, it's too iconic to not have it.

>> No.71674341

The archers, spear men and horses are classic elf and low fantasy by AoS standards, borderline realistic. Teclis is very elfy if a bit weird. gravity wizard is also elfy, though the weird base might as well be a fucking meme about GW’s weird obsession with retarded over done bases.

>> No.71674346


Why is it that all the Elf and Dwarf lovers who want 'classic' dwarfs and elves refuse to play LotR

>> No.71674348

I'm an AoS fan and I fucking hate these. They're incredibly shit.

>> No.71674349
File: 119 KB, 1130x945, 419C7743-DC6E-4E05-BD08-7901A5DFAE5E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least the river wizard looks like she’ll be as thicc as cold peanut butter.

>> No.71674358


>> No.71674363 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 468x424, 11809137-7619-45D0-A27B-CC82F90AA8F0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone explain AoS to me as an outsider?

It looks like they scrapped their original product line only to bring lesser versions back. High Elves were cool. Flying turtles and shit are cringe.

>> No.71674368

So there’s one unit with hammers in an army with the most grounded spear men and horsemen in the entire system, and decently elfy archers, and that one unit of hammers makes the whole thing not elfy?

>> No.71674377

I’d argue elf market saturation but it isn’t like there’s any other tabletop Wargames that competes at the level of GW that has elves in it. I’m just going to fall back on the old “GW wants to trademark the design and can’t do that with traditional fantasy races” argument.

>> No.71674385

>The archers, spear men and horses are classic elf and low fantasy by AoS standards
They're all ruined by their retarded overwrought helmets. I don't even want high elves, these guys just look bad.

>> No.71674389

I dont understand

People hate or like the new Lumineth?

>> No.71674392

>you have no idea how much work goes into drawing a single figure, do you?
Lol fuck all “”””””Art*sts”””””””

>> No.71674399

The bovine avatars were a mistake

They should've just made living stone statue constructs controlled by mountain mages

>> No.71674409
File: 37 KB, 540x390, https_%2F%2Fi.redd.it%2Fvdduzzrblc411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normie elves and normie dwarves already exist, why the hell would they make more.

>> No.71674410

>low fantasy by AoS standards, borderline realistic.
Excuse me what.
It's a skirmish game with no translation, so no one to play with.
I'm not talking about that unit specifically. I just don't get why they would take HE and then change a bunch of things about them when people wanted HE. I don't think the basic spearmen and archers look bad, but I don't get why they changed the design of their helmets and armours for no reason.

>> No.71674412

>the best NuElf character for the army
>not even teased yet
Such is life

>> No.71674414

I don’t disagree but saying they’re not elfy is laughable - I would argue having an ugly helmet is basically mandatory for GW elves. Never liked that

>> No.71674422


>> No.71674425

Because a couple of units leftover after they squatted 90% of them in a book that's nothing about them isn't the same as a fleshed out faction with relevant presence in the story and actual lore.

>> No.71674427

Man, I've been reading the battletomes and the Flesh Eater Courts seem fucking based. Going to pull the trigger and buy some boxes I think

>> No.71674429

I might pick them up and turn the hammers into swords.

And get rid of those damn minotaur crests.

>> No.71674442

I mean, are these really all that far off?

>> No.71674443

best lore by far in AoS

>> No.71674448

Fantasy wasn’t making them enough money so they blew it up to make a new setting where every army had a chance to fight every other army to ignore the geographic restrictions of the old world and to introduce new designs that could be copyrighted. Was also done to make the new game more skirmish focused. t was an attempt to mimic the grand scale of 40k to make nearly any army possible for hobbyist by expanding the setting into eight realms instead of one world. Was terrible on release, got better and is more playable than 40k.

>> No.71674449
File: 1.66 MB, 394x350, 1585235988386.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Elf joins my Vermintide game.
>Runs off with the bots that are glued to him when a tank appears.
>Instantly kick him.
>He ends up joining again.
>I wait until the very last moment.
>Kick him from the match so it was all for nothing.
Vermintide is great if you're the host.

>> No.71674450

Nah, Ur opinion is still gay

Like wow one tribe conquers another, that doesn't mean they're gonna be different races, coz similar races always neighbour each other forming a kid of genetic gradient. The more mixed the more convoluted it is.

>> No.71674451

coming from someone whose pinnacle of artistic prowess is making mspaint comics

>> No.71674454

I WANT to like them. But shit like dumb helms is throwing it hard, the hammers are cool, armor sculpt is fine, spear men are kino.

>> No.71674458

They need better rules, I'm not debating that. But that doesn't mean new factions are going to just rehash what already exists, and anybody who is still surprised by that is a moron

>> No.71674463

Why do idiots always fall to this argument
>hmmm yes I’ve been arguing with you all thread but I win because I’m going to say it, ummmm plastic toys and playing war, why so serious ;)” get carona and die with your Low IQ reasoning and argument skills

>> No.71674465
File: 63 KB, 257x378, geh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yet another Lumineth unit that requires a bunch of shit cut off and replaced with old elf stuff to look nice. The really awful thing is that these are SO close to being good, but then GW just had to add those retarded bull heads and hammers. Slip down the tops of the helmets so they're not chimneys, replace the bullheads with plumage, and swap the hammers out for something that doesn't look like a cartoon mallet, and bam, good unit.

It's all so tiresome.

>> No.71674473

You get flying sharks when your diversity hire at the end of the design process sends it back because they dont understand beauty in simplicity and tell you to add a harpoon launcher

>> No.71674474

They're not flying they're swimming in a magic sea that gets summoned like a tide by the idoneth mages

>> No.71674476

I like everything so far aside from cow-helmet hammerers, but I can fix that no problem.

>> No.71674481


Yea that's what I like about them. The rest are pretty gay tier if I'm being honest.

>> No.71674485

The archers have bows, the spearmen are just spearmen, and they’re the only people outside of chaos to ride horses. If you can’t understand why they would change the armor and make things look different while updating the lore for an entirely new setting i don’t know what to tell you. I don’t think it’s great, but the fact that y’all (and i’m confident you’re TWW2 players who thought elves ever looked as good as they do in that game) are shocked they did this is stunning

>> No.71674487

Chocolate is the superior flavor

>> No.71674491

Awful shit crayon tier art and even worse, BOOOORINGGGG. I’d rather look at the Macy’s catalog for more scandalous pictures then that lol faggot

>> No.71674509

The amount of whiny hobbylets in this thread is unreal

>> No.71674516

Why are people responding to this bait

>> No.71674523

This. It’s frustrating because they’re so close to being great, but they had to make the hats and bases (and paint scheme) retarded. i can’t love them until i see them in a scheme that doesn’t flatten every detail

>> No.71674526

Wow what spergs actually being above the age of 17 and caring about dope ass traditional fantasy aesthetics

>> No.71674535

Listen, I'm fine with converting, but designs shouldn't be churned out as garbage so that people have to convert just to get something that doesn't look like ass.

>> No.71674538

Troll detected.

>> No.71674541

Poorfag be samefagging.

>> No.71674544

Says the consoomer faggot whore complaining about people complaining. Do is all a favor and hang yourself

>> No.71674548
File: 26 KB, 693x390, Doja.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we're horny aelves now boys

>> No.71674549

Are you me?

>> No.71674550

>GW releases something out of field that looks pretty nice
>Fucking basedboys keep complaining "HERR DERR ITS NOT 40K"
>People who unironically like the model cringe at the dumb people who are salty
you niggers get mad about everything, don't you

>> No.71674556

Bait for the Bait god?

>> No.71674561
File: 618 KB, 840x859, cringe your way off this board.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>looks pretty nice

>> No.71674563

i for one like shaerk

>> No.71674564

What is NTR

>> No.71674565

>GW fans
Imagine being a fan of a company instead of the product they make.

>> No.71674566

what's wrong with Ogor lore?

>> No.71674570

Yeah its 4chan

>> No.71674572


I was specifically latching onto LRL because of their classic-ish but updated look

I still think alot of this is salvageable with minor kitbashing. Some new heads here, a little sniping there,,

>> No.71674580

I like the cows. And the silly mochi mallet hammers. Not those super tall helmets in the elven hammerers though

>> No.71674595

Netorare. It just means cuckolding in japanese.

>> No.71674597

It might be the zoomer in me but yeah I like the way it looks

>> No.71674601 [DELETED] 
File: 48 KB, 378x479, 493A996B-6102-4905-B811-CF3E1D397E69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GW releases something out of field that looks pretty nice
>Fucking basedboys keep complaining "HERR DERR ITS NOT 40K"
>People who unironically like the model cringe at the dumb people who are salty
you niggers get mad about everything, don't you


>> No.71674619

Looks good enough to put 10-20 hours to make Cathy elfs damn it!

>> No.71674622

They are drawn together by a common religion organized into worshiping the aspects of gods they don't understand. They aren't necessarily all from the same place.

>> No.71674623
File: 75 KB, 614x732, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Imagine simping for a fucking company

>> No.71674625

eh, not really, if you saw the stream it was full of salty trans supporting redditors
though I mean 4chan has been full reddit since 2015 at the earliest but that's besides the point

>> No.71674626

It's the same for me. Doesn't seem like it'll be too hard to cut the cow heads and put some plumes but the fact that I even need to do that because someone thought it looked good is asinine.

>> No.71674628


Haven't got to reading ogres yet.


I could be

>> No.71674633


>> No.71674651

brokk is based and jewpilled, prove me wrong

>> No.71674663

I'm honestly glad there's enough people calling GW out for their stupidity that shills like this are necessary.

>> No.71674670

I like Lumineth, specially this new constructs.

>> No.71674678

well to some up Ogor lore, basically see them as what they appear on face value, big hungry boys that live to eat

>> No.71674684

There's no constructs, mate.

>> No.71674690

He heard the word in AOSG when some other zoomer called a whfb fan a grog. Please forgive him, it’s my son and he is retarded. I took him off the pc for the night

>> No.71674706

tzeentch cygor

tzeentch cygor

>> No.71674708

But if they live in the realm of light, why are there rock spirits?

>> No.71674709

Why can't people accept that someone might be disappointed? Like, why should I like everything that they do? The fact that they are putting extra work to make the preview because of corona doesn't magically make me like the new elves more.

>> No.71674722
File: 305 KB, 748x618, 1437178696848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are still going to do some April Fools, right?

>> No.71674734

Imagine being Poorfag.

>> No.71674736

Go to /v/, more importantly no one cares post it to your blog then kill yourself.

>> No.71674765

Maybe you find it annoying, but like, what the fuck are you doing? Complaining about someone complaning about complaining? Over toys? If they're simping and shilling, you're just cucked.

>> No.71674767

Imagine not liking a product... what a horrible way to live, being miserable over everything.

>> No.71674783

because they're basically autistic naturalists that follow different paths
or in other words 40k Eldar with Battle Cattle

>> No.71674802


And then you prove the point by being salty

>> No.71674813

t. PanzerAaroon

>> No.71674814
File: 310 KB, 792x648, Draenei smaller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't like these new elves

why can't they remain simple?

>> No.71674819

Tzeentch Ghorgon

Tzeentch Ghorgon

>> No.71674820

>typing three sentences to a retard on a Hungarian horse riding forum= salty.

>> No.71674831
File: 100 KB, 846x846, 6FC69A84-2F42-4EB6-9C6D-2979781097CB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably the best sculpted monster in AoS, at least that was made during AoS and not WHFB. Both monsterous and noble, powerful and serene, doesn’t have a bunch of stupid shit to fill out a base, good contact points, doesn’t feel huge for huge sake like nagash or overdesigned like archeon, nothing superfluous like Alerielle. missed every usual pitfall.

>> No.71674837

because doing something generic and boring means it's easier to chinacast and they want to avoid normal tropes

>> No.71674842

Chaos fag

Chaos fag

>> No.71674850


Beastclaw Raiders seem pretty based

>> No.71674860


I'm more amused than anything

AoS is getting it's own grogs, cute

>> No.71674881

>implying I’d ever subject myself to actually play AOS

>> No.71674882

These are generic and boring. They look like just about everything in vidya fantasy does.

The actual best sculpts here are the big mountain guys, who at least are their own thing for the most part, but the elves just look like generic overloaded MMO fantasy guys.

>> No.71674883

lol some dweebs tweet actually truly hurt your feelings, didn't it?

>> No.71674885

I don't think I've seen people mock the model from a design standpoint other than the mountain on the shoulders
It's just been thematic wise, and this being yet another clash of two different groups having two completely different ideas on what warhammer is

>> No.71674886

I'm not going to play the new Elves, but the cows look pretty cool to me.

>> No.71674888

I think the legs MIGHT be a little too thin of a contact point. Looks very obviously top heavy.
I actually don't have an issue with this guy aside from how fucking hard it will be to transport, but my god, the Stoneguard helmets are retarded.

>> No.71674892
File: 166 KB, 625x682, 1573571645218.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This company marketed their product during a global pandemic with material they had already prepared!

>> No.71674897

>anything i don't like is grog
Again, you're just proving over and over that you don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.71674899

I love my Frostlord on Stonehorn so much, does so much damn damage

>> No.71674901

>Implying Poorfag can afford this game or any other.

>> No.71674909
File: 685 KB, 436x646, hammerer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hammer elves
Hammerers are a thing you know. A much better thing. That's going in the book.

>> No.71674911

Just ignore the newfag

>> No.71674928

Consoom is such a fucking dumb phrase
Why the fuck isn't it Cumsoom, makes so much more sense and still references the dumb wojak meme

>> No.71674933

did someone touch you in a bad place?

>> No.71674937

>trying to use a global pandemic as a shield to protect a company from valid criticism
This is some despicable shit.

>> No.71674938

Hammerers ? The CoS plumbers ?

>> No.71674943

>I don't think I've seen people mock the model from a design standpoint
I am specifically mocking the model

>> No.71674955

>People getting angry the new elves are not just a direct copy of High Elves.

The Horn helmets are really stupid, but I actually love the direction of the elemental spirits.

I hope the hammer elves can be battleline, will totally shorten the hammers and make them look more rugged mountain man to fit though.

>> No.71674966

>people are made thing they were promised was a lie

>> No.71674971

Named one and a generic were mentioned in the stream.

>> No.71674983
File: 90 KB, 1000x608, 837682EC-0B1D-4E4F-8E6A-BE5231DB49A8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey man fuck you we should be first

>> No.71674989

The issue isn't people disliking whatever, it's people whipping themselves up into a frenzy to whine and shitpost about stuff that is ultimately an Opinion.

I'm honestly quite sick of hearing the same pathetic arguments about what is basically an aesthetic disagreement.

>> No.71674990
File: 434 KB, 792x648, 20200328_180917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but by trying to be original for originality's sake they end up on the same treads of others
it's pointless

>> No.71674992

I am such a massive autist and took everything you said on face value

>> No.71674997
File: 70 KB, 1024x768, 9B9DE29AD5504DE594B821F635337232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71675000

>will totally shorten the hammers and make them look more rugged mountain man to fit though.
So White Lions but blunted then?

>> No.71675003

i think the issue is that the people who've been waiting for high elves basically wanted all their classic elf units with updated kits and dynamic poses.

what they ended up getting was a VERY aos style high fantasy re-imagining of the elves and its clashing with peoples expectations.

as for the mountains on the shoulders, i actually like it, it harkens to the knights from 40k with entire cathedrals on their shoulders. the whole design is also pretty clearly inspired by the wraithknights

>> No.71675005

>Retards can't read

Literally everything points to the Lumineth being a a High Elf Aesthetic taken to a hilariously insane monkastic concept.

>> No.71675008

yeah, honestly the whole corona shit has made everyone a tad more narky then usual

>> No.71675011

People seem to be okay with elemental spirits. They just hate the actual elves.

>> No.71675020

Is this thing male or female? Why do the aelves worship it?

>> No.71675024


Nigga Cows are some of the most relaxed animals I've ever tended too.

Even Bulls can be pretty nice, if scared fucks. What the fuck do you do to your cows?

>> No.71675026
File: 442 KB, 999x450, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are fantastic sculpts without the damn helmets, pic related. Pisses me off so much since I was looking forward to the hammerers. Everything in the range aside from Eltharion is almost good, but one dumb decision fucks it. I also want to know why there's so much silence on Tyrion.

>> No.71675027

it's always about race with you people

>> No.71675030

Slaanesh to both questions

>> No.71675033

And we're sick of seeing you white knight for a company. People will say what they think about the new designs, and apparently, a lot of people think they are lacking. You are free to disagree, but you don't get to pretend this is somehow a grand evil.

>> No.71675040

It's the avatar of a sentient mountain that grants magic powers.

>> No.71675047

>steampunk top hat dwarves
it's dieselpunk you inbred

>> No.71675050

>Phone posting

Gee, your opinion sure is valid and not garbage anon.

>> No.71675054
File: 55 KB, 1000x1000, 1579973490860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hence why skavens are better

>> No.71675055

But you already have simple elves?

>> No.71675062

Eh the mountain looks cool w the bonzai, his unique build looks bad but i think that’s the retarded red mountain shit they did for the paint.

Fair enough but it’s better than archy, all the nighthaunt characters, etc. Also about the legs - they’re poseable. big step up from the monopose shit we’ve gotten for years like the knight titans. you can tell by looking at the two versions, opposite feet are forward.

>> No.71675070

>High Elf Aesthetic
there's very little of it

>> No.71675077

I mean yeah cows are relaxed but they weigh an actual tonne so being in the wrong place at the wrong time is never a good thing
granted there has only been about 2 times anything happened from the cows when I was growing up, one of said things made that calf be dubbed nutcracker to what he did to my friends mate (Said friends mate did deserve it though)

>> No.71675084

dark elves are not simple elves

>> No.71675094

Pestilens did Corona Confirmed?

>> No.71675100

How does it bestow these magic powers? Do these magic powers cum out of its body in some form or fashion?

>> No.71675106

yeah I prefer the generic cow as well, even if it's because I always like it when Behemoths have massive 2 handed weapons

>> No.71675109

Yeah this dude is pretty rad honestly

>> No.71675113

God what is with the AoS design team that there physically incapable of adding something to a good model that makes it look retarded. are they incapable of dialing things back, is there someone yelling at them “No! Bigger hats! more shit on the base! smaller contact point!”

>> No.71675116

source on that one?
seems like a nice video to watch

>> No.71675118

See, you're doing it right now. You're so fucking butthurt while being up your own arse that you think anyone against your constant bitching and whining is somehow whiteknighting GW entirely.

Why are you even here anymore? This is a game system you clearly hate, with models you don't like, and your ego seems to be unable to grasp the concept that some of us enjoy some of these new rather out there designs.

I like the Big Bull dudes, the Hammer elves are salvagable and the lore of Elemental Elf monks interests me.

How about YOU learn that people have opinions too, and they're not automatically GW shills if they actually enjoy something GW makes for ones. This is like the fucking Admech Ornithopter where people like you were CONVINCED the only people who liked the DaVinci inspired units were only liked by GW redshirts.

>> No.71675119

If I wanted high elves I would go on eBay

>> No.71675124

More like Moomineth, am I right?

>> No.71675135

>No! Bigger hat!
are you saying that the CEO of GW is secretly Nagash?

>> No.71675139

It's an element you fucking retard.

>> No.71675144


So looking at what's available to buy online and what's in the battletome, all I fucking need to do is get as many SC! boxes as necessary. Fucking based af.

Also going to buy some Ogre models too.

Quarantine is about to get so fucking comfy. Already excited about this game

>> No.71675161

You still should get or convert a Vargulf though

>> No.71675164

From what I have seen is that most people think the Cow Avatars are neat, and the Hammer elves are only let down by the hats.

>> No.71675170

Monkastic isn’t a word, I have no idea what you were trying to say lmao

>> No.71675172

These are actually good. They look visually interesting and have an overall unique presence.

These suffer from the same issue as nearly every other Lumineth model so far has. GW knows people for the most part want helves, so they're gritting their teeth and making them about 70% recognizably high elf, but then they feel the need to overcomplicate a pretty much perfected design in order to make it look more 'epic'. The result is a bunch of models that are almost very nice, but are dragged down by one or two completely retarded elements. Rather than be adventurous and try something new, GW have done the worst thing possible - taken an old design that didn't need any kind of revision, and despoiled it with tacky stupidity. Who in the fuck signed off on those helm tops and hammers?

I wonder how hard it will be to fix the helms. It won't be as simple as simply taking the bull icons off, the helmet tops are tapered in a way that will make them look awkward if you just stick a topknot or something in its place. Anyone got any ideas for weapon swaps that would fit?

>> No.71675181

They’ve been cool so far but the cow theme is really gay

>> No.71675189

nice movement trays, where they from?

>> No.71675192

These guys have completely upheaved the current hat meta, great move on GWs part desu

>> No.71675194

I like the hammers, they look like weird ceramonial weapons.

The hats do look ass. Honestly, I might just file down the face and round the helmet and make them have bull masks.

>> No.71675195

phil kelly talked about it in the livestream
I didn't quite hear all of it but it was more or less like this

>be elf in the age of myth
>be asshole and weave magics so powerful they scar the land and cause chaos invasions
>be post fall elf
>try to learn from the past and get in harmony with the realm and your feefees
>sit in a spot and get bullied by the land's spirits until they think "u actually cool, lets be symbiotic pals"
I assume the elves allow the spirits a degree of freedom from their natural state and the spirits give elves their qualities

>> No.71675198

I like the elemental spirits part, I just don't like how they made a high elf helmet and then decided to put a cow head with giant horns in the tip of the helmet. It looks atrocious.

>> No.71675202
File: 18 KB, 569x423, 1544829039412.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are the chances the retarded bull helmet unit comes with alt/helmetless heads? I like the idea but I am too much of a hobbylet to convert much myself.
I like the chaos warband though, wonder when its coming out

>> No.71675207

Based khalidiaanon

>> No.71675214

Monastic, but I fucked it up. But I think you do know what I am saying and you're just being an argumentative sperg.

>> No.71675215 [SPOILER] 
File: 46 KB, 1028x415, 1585416380640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71675216

That's not really true. There will always be copycats, there are for stormcasts now.

>> No.71675224


Oh yea I definitely need to get that bat, thanks for the reminder. I'll pick one up once GW allows for orders again

>> No.71675230

To tell the truth, more i look at it, more i see verminlord. Am i ratard or CAD strikes again?

>> No.71675232

>Being such a chad you make friends with a mountain

How will Dwarves ever recover?

>> No.71675234

you're a tard

>> No.71675235


>> No.71675237

I think they're flexing on other mini manufacturers. GW has always equated "being the best" with having the most shit stuck all over their models, and if their rendering and moldmaking capabilities allow it, by god they'll stick it on. I like AoS designs generally, but I hate easily broken miniatures

>> No.71675238

>You're so fucking butthurt while being up your own arse that you think anyone against your constant bitching and whining is somehow whiteknighting GW entirely.
You are. You're objecting to anyone that has issues with the designs voicing them. To you, anything but total placid approval is constant whining. You're pure consumer trash.
>This is a game system you clearly hate
I like the system.
>with models you don't like
I like many of the models. I wouldn't own so many if I didn't.
>your ego seems to be unable to grasp the concept that some of us enjoy some of these new rather out there designs
Anon, you're the only one here actually attacking people for their opinions. I and most others have simply been stating what they think. You're getting fucking assluminous over this and trying to outlaw criticism, because it hurts your pathetic company loyalist ego.

Fuck off, dude. Nobody gives a shit about your inability to handle people disliking what you like.

>> No.71675239

I'm just waiting for Battletome: Nagash so we get super Nagash with an even bigger hat to take back the hat mantle

>> No.71675241

I doubt they will have alternative helmets. At least it seems like cutting the cow heads from them will be easy, maybe they are even glued on top and are separate pieces. The problem is gonna be making something to replace them, like some plumes.

>> No.71675242

Like, 50/50

>> No.71675253

Blame the sculptors for being obsessed with pushing their computer designed miniatures to the limit, that's all they care about.

>> No.71675257 [DELETED] 

>The issue isn't people disliking whatever, it's people whipping themselves up into a frenzy to whine and shitpost about stuff that is ultimately an Opinion.
this is really the pot calling the kettle a nigger from this place

>> No.71675259

>elven gods look like slaanesh right
>That’s more of a 40k thing
>whatever bro just take a keeper is secrets and give it a hammer that’s the light aelves greater demon
Awesome GW

>> No.71675265

they made friends with the lizards that said "I bet my dad can beat your dad"

>> No.71675272

They try they are flexing. But these helmets just look bad. They aren't particularlt impressive and look just bad.

>> No.71675277

He's autistic dude, he can't change. Big part of that is not understanding that other people have points of view, and melting down spectacularly when things change

>> No.71675281

I actually didn’t I’m just retarded I suppose

>> No.71675311

Fuck now I want a draenei army

>> No.71675322

Fish and turtles look the same because they are both water animals.

>> No.71675323

That's pretty much what GW has just released, dude.

>> No.71675326

>typing a sentence explaining why you don’t like a product is a frenzy
What’s with nu-males and getting scared of words on the internet?

>> No.71675334

They're fucking silly, but I like em.

>> No.71675337

Have you considered the Lumineth Realmlords?

>> No.71675338

I'm upset having a slight hope for some new dwarfs via box game only to see mooelfs

>> No.71675347

Wow, it's like you didn't read my argument at all and you're just using it to cry fowl on people calling out your constant shitposting.

I was never against people speaking opinions, I'm against insipid losers like you trying to browbeat everyone into the camp that liking a GW product automatically makes you a GW shill.

Grow up you fucking child.

>> No.71675348

Not enough crystals and elves are gay I like goat men but BoC suck right now

>> No.71675353

The irony of this post is astounding. So far, you appear to be the sole aggressor in these arguments. Other people are simply pointing out what they don't like. You are having a meltdown about the opinions.

>> No.71675354

Someone had the good idea to use Wanderers hooded heads instead.

>> No.71675372

>Stop telling me to not be retarded!

>> No.71675373

I thought he was referring to someone screenshotting and crossposting that dumb tweet, which is definitely the act of someone who's butt is majorly hurt and is scared of words. Works both ways

>> No.71675386

>old elves were magical masters who rivaled the lizardmen
>nu aelves are cucks who let cows bully them

>> No.71675387

It seems like it's all added after the fact.

Also why hammers? Just why? Its the most un-elven weapon!

>> No.71675391
File: 454 KB, 388x477, F-EC18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, aside from the reveals and discussion about the reveals, how is everyone, and what are you up to today?

Personally I need to glue sixty arms onto thirty ghouls, rebase my ancient Crypt Ghast Courtier stand in, and build my Terrorgheist.

>> No.71675392
File: 88 KB, 900x675, 1583938837476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could see shadow warrior heads working too.

>> No.71675402

This is pretty cool, specifically meditating until the stars/a living mountain/etc telling you stuff and give you power.
but wow “their arrogance and out of control emotions led to chaos smashing their empire” plus the emotion draining rocks is a bit uh, it’s basically a reskin of eldar huh?

>> No.71675407
File: 9 KB, 225x225, wahhhhhhhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people can't criticize a new release because i like it!
>that's psychological warfare against my fee fees!
>now let me scream and rant about how you have to stop talking and give me my safe space!

>> No.71675408

Yeah that’s a sign of buttmad

>> No.71675420

It looks nothing like a keeper you mong

>> No.71675426
File: 2.78 MB, 2300x1138, w2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finishing up my splintered fangs and starting an homemade herdstone, really damn excited for those utter chads

>> No.71675427

Thing is, I actually like the bottom part of the helms. The issue is everything at the top, and the way it sort of chimneys out to accommodate it.

>> No.71675431

God old elf helmets were so fucking cool

>> No.71675436

And again you literally cannot read comments and getting extremely angry about it.

I know it's hard for people with severe mental problems to actually use hindsight, but go look back at my fucking posts and see what I am talking about.

I'm not talking to people voicing their opinions about the models, I am talking to people who instantly shout down people and claim anyone who actually LIKES them is a GW shill or a "Consoomer"

Because heaven forbid some people have different tastes right anon? The only Irony here is Your fucking ego trying to champion the freedom to discuss models while calling people shills who actually want to.

>> No.71675446

Yeah good luck the kit having the heads attached in any sensible way. This is not 2010 anymore.

>> No.71675448

Nice work, you prove you are literally incapable of actually tackling my argument.

Go back to /v/ you fucking retard.

>> No.71675458
File: 170 KB, 950x950, warhammer-underworlds-warband-nightvault-garreks-reavers-110-35-60-board-game-13577-13577_vtk8-am.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thinking of doing this gang as my next small project, anyone got a tip for painting white skin?

>> No.71675460

This. The helmets are fine. The cows on top of the helmet aren't.

>> No.71675461

Knowing GW the heads will have a front and a back half and you'll have to attach the horns individually, but the torso and legs will be 2 bits.

>> No.71675464

lol soimar players will buy anything GW feeds them like the paypigs they are. Jewish steam punk cog fedora dwarves, flying sharks and Turtles, Sigmarines with fucking guns, and now gay BVLL worshipping cuck elves. Gods I’m glad the New World is coming out and this will all be reduced to the secondary game and then squatted by 2025

>> No.71675474

Those swords are actually a pretty good shout for weapon replacements.

I like that even if the general consensus seems to be that these new guys have some really shit design elements that drag down the overall quality of the models, we're helping each other find ways to make them look good. Pretty wholesome.

>> No.71675482

>pinko pig skin
Paint them black you fucking bigot cracker

>> No.71675491

You forfeited ages ago by labeling all criticism shitposting and screaming for everyone stop while insisting that it's everyone else not respecting opinions. I've just been humouring you since then.

>> No.71675503

>When you lose the argument over model discussion

>> No.71675509


>> No.71675523

>implying I care about or would ever even actually play Age of Nogmar.

>> No.71675528


Currently placing an order for some FEC boys as we speak. Might buy some single models that look cool from other factions in case painting the same colour and tones gets a bit monotonous

>> No.71675531

There's a way to make some counts-as tzaangors here, I can feel it.

Maybe if the skirts aren't too hard to saw off you could put some gor legs under em.

>> No.71675544

You're not gonna get anywhere good my dude, best just to drop it

>> No.71675555

And again just talking past my argument because you cannot refute it. You really do bring up the phrase "ignorance is bliss" as a motto for life don't you.

>> No.71675560

That ain’t it Chief

>> No.71675562

I just checked ebay, no one's got those heads, so unless you want to shell out for the full kits you're out of luck.

>> No.71675582

>I-I don't care about AoS, now let me waste my time solving captcha's to shitpost about AoS.

>> No.71675592

Duncan has a couple good tutorials on the Warhammer TV channel

>> No.71675600

Nah, it's quite clear that you're in the wrong here.

Lots of people are disappointed by elements of these models. They're not attacking you, they're talking about the new releases, as people the fucking general for these releases will. The fact that their opinions conflict with yours is completely irrelevant to whether they should be allowed to voice them. You keep saying that you're being browbeaten, or that people are whining, but you're the only one telling people to stop talking about their opinions. You're the only one whining, acting like this is a personal attack on you when in reality it's just people discussing what they like and don't like about these models. You haven't actually made any real points of refuted anything, you've just claimed that people are shitposting by being disappointed, and that this has to stop. Go away so we can continue talking about how to fix the helmets without your actual shitposting gumming up the works.

>> No.71675614

>aos gets more shown than 40k
>general suddenly flooded with idiots
you're all utter children.

ornate Persian Immortals gotes are 100% it

actually they could be slaaneshi bestigors too

>> No.71675618

Slowly working through my ghouls and working on other stuff to not get burned out.

>> No.71675630

How could he talk past an argument that doesn't exist. All you've done is claim that you're being attacked somehow by people having different opinions. That's not an argument.

>> No.71675633

>udder children

>> No.71675655 [DELETED] 
File: 29 KB, 476x473, FB_IMG_1585415836422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.71675660
File: 214 KB, 1000x638, IMG_0948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

taking advantage of warm weather to throw down a first sealant coat on some duders

>> No.71675684

I suggest adding the Bloodbowl fatties and the Underworlds dudes to that to make it an even ten Blightkings.

>> No.71675690

This post is pretty hilarious.

Nobody has been seriously called a 'consoomer' or shill for liking things by any serious posts. People have been called this for demanding that criticism stops.

>> No.71675691

So now we got every warcry warband, which ones are your favs?
For me top 3 are
2.iron golems
1.new firechads.

>> No.71675706

>You're in the wrong here
>Literally ignores my argument to talk past me again.

I have not once argued against people having negative opinions on the models, I myself have a negative opinion on the hammer elves. What I have argued against is your arbitration on opinions.

I have claimed people have shitposted because they don't actually hold opinions on the models, but thrive on negativity.

So either you're actually agreeing with me and you're too fucking retarded to see that, or you're being willfully ignorant and somehow claiming people crying "GW SHILL LOL AGE OF SMEGMAR" are somehow not shitposters.

>> No.71675709

it's incredible how much of an afterthought these models look like
they had years to design them

>> No.71675718

>giant war cow made of rock armed with a giant hammer
>aelves cant be trusted

fuck GW, just fuck them man. they are shit and Im tired of it.

>> No.71675726

But Fire Dudes are definitely not bottom tier.

>> No.71675729


swap 2/3 around and that's my list

>> No.71675730

>In any Serious posts

Which is my point. Shitposters come out of the woodwork to act like idiots, and you're trying to defend their valid opinions.

>> No.71675738

Oh that's just all I wanted to stick in the spray box at one time, it's a unit of 10. I have the underworlds warband that I'll paint up soon, but I'm not the hugest fan of the BB guys, they're just enough out of scale with the regular ones to bother me

>> No.71675755

Take it elsewhere ya poorfag.

>> No.71675762

been painting up some barak nar boys, I did the mizzenmaster yesterday and am doing the other two today, I just need to do the shade and basing.

>> No.71675768 [DELETED] 


>> No.71675769

What makes me sad is that people are actually going to buy that trash.

>> No.71675771

The snakes are my favourite. They are a step away from being the Slaanesh mortals we don’t have. Then would be the new fire guys, especially the samurai. The crows are also great models.

>> No.71675774 [DELETED] 

>I was never against people speaking opinions
Yes you were. This argument started when you posted >>71674989
in defense of >>71674623
You are quite literally defending a person who is arguing that people can't criticize new things because MUH COMPANY WORKED REALLY HARD ON IT GUISE. And your actual post just files away all criticism under shitposting and whining, rather than accepting that people have different opinions to you.

Later in the reply chain, you sneakily try to change your argument from "fuck you for not liking things I like" to "I'm just tired of being oppressed by people calling me a shill!" but that's not what you were ever saying and the fact that you attempt this disingenuous retard garbage just shows how completely without standing you are.

>> No.71675778


>> No.71675794

Please somebody tell me next week Behemat...

>> No.71675804

its like they literally let a /tg /wfg elf hating shitposter come up with the marketing and model design concepts for the new army

>> No.71675805

I get not liking them, but getting sad about other people liking them? That's dark, they're just toys

>> No.71675822

Seems next week is gonna be the big half of the previews. I like that it got split up so we have something to look forward to.

>> No.71675827 [DELETED] 

>I have not once argued against people having negative opinions on the models
see >>71674989
YOUR OWN FUCKING POST, where you defend someone telling people they can't criticize products, and then proceed to just lump all disapproval in with whiny shitposting. You claim on one side that negative opinions are fine, but your actual argument doesn't seem to distinguish between criticism and shitposting, so it's complete bullshit.

>> No.71675833


>> No.71675836

no behemat until all elves are shown and start being sold

we have to wait for the superflu to end

>> No.71675848

Honestly, with all the high elf art and "pointy" teasing, they pretty much set themselves up for a larger manchild meltdown than usual

>> No.71675849 [DELETED] 

I find it funny you literally directly quote my first post, yet still either didn't read it or choose to ignore the post entirely.

let me quote it for you then.

>The issue isn't people disliking whatever, it's people whipping themselves up into a frenzy to whine and shitpost about stuff that is ultimately an Opinion.
>I'm honestly quite sick of hearing the same pathetic arguments about what is basically an aesthetic disagreement.

Not only is that not defending the twitter idiots, it's also clearly pointing out I have no issue with any form of opinion, but people acting like utter retards with shitty repeated arguments when ultimately it's all aesthetic taste.

Do show me how I changed my argument, or how my initial argument was "Fuck you for not liking things I like"

>> No.71675863

Next week is StD multiparts.

>> No.71675867

If he had more muscle and wasn't wielding a croquet mallet he'd be 10/10. I know both of these things were done to fit in with the "tall and thin" elf style but it looks a little weird on a minotaur with a hammer.

>> No.71675872

That's cause hes a great model, the problem is that he's not made for the common denominator of the elf fag which basically just want lotr elfs. This is a more nature based model, it's great, it's for people who like horses, bulls, cows, mountains and other nature shit so basically 0.00001% of the population cause most people haven't even seen one of those in their entire life

>skipping leg day

Legs are shit tho

>> No.71675875 [DELETED] 

But I'm not defending the twitter argument, I'm using the replies to post my own opinion.

You are really fucking bad at reading, just because I replied to people replying to the twitter post doesn't mean I AGREE with the twitter post you fucking idiot.

>> No.71675879

What baffles me is that if they used that for promotion, they must have known that people wanted that, so they willingly went against it.

>> No.71675885

>Legs are shit tho
You take that back, anon.

>> No.71675890

Well no, because if other people buy them, GW thinks what they're doing is OK, and they continue to make more trash, which affects ME. I agree with you, they're just toys.

>> No.71675901
File: 168 KB, 500x663, 1577197578223.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71675906

how do you go from a well designed army like bonereapers to some shitty dumb looking cow elves? Are the army designers like the tome writers where there's 2 different teams? These are genuinely some of the worst AoS models I've seen

>> No.71675908

Next week is Behemt, titanicus previews, and Night lords thramas reveals, plus the imperial side of the new psychic awakening box. screencap this

>> No.71675917
File: 1.02 MB, 441x603, 1582828231919.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chicken legs look ok

>> No.71675918

I think they were shooting for goat instead of bull, and goats are often skinny. I like the weird elongated limbs, adds creepiness

>> No.71675921

Mad I insulted your product and god, wittle baby pay piglet

>> No.71675924

God damn Lumineth are stupid looking.

>> No.71675932

can see y’all s point but 1 i think the hammer is lovely, 2 the legs look lithe, poised, noble. taste differences i guess

>> No.71675936 [DELETED] 

>it's also clearly pointing out I have no issue with any form of opinion
Yes, you say it, but by saying the actual issue is people whining and shitposting, you're deciding that the people who are criticizing these things are just doing that. And your obsession not being called a shill shows that yes, you were in fact defending that guy's stance.

>> No.71675940

But, if people buy them, what they're doing (selling toys) IS ok. Believe me, I have a fucking novel's worth of shit I'd like them to do differently to pander to me specifically too.

>> No.71675945
File: 26 KB, 121x152, 1546739374391.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>giant cow daemons
>elven hammerers
This shit is indefensible

>> No.71675960

Bonereapers look stupid too lets be real here

>> No.71675963

the original announcement looked fine, a bit bland but they were ok besides teclis' dumb pose. They just keep getting more and more retarded with each new announcement though

>> No.71675965

So you're willfully projecting an opinion I clearly do not have onto my argument just to argue against it.

What the fuck?

>> No.71675993

Guess they tried appeasing elves and chorf fags at once kek

>> No.71675998

What's your point? I shouldn't be sad they're making things I think is trash? I shouldn't be sad people are supporting products I think are trash? Just because other people like something doesn't mean I have to think its ok.

>> No.71676005

> if other people buy them, GW thinks what they're doing is OK
>Am i out of touch.jpg

>> No.71676012

I just don't get the cows, why are aelves suddenly tapping into the beastmen aesthetic?

>> No.71676018
File: 1.34 MB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20200328-190613_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>veil girl hero
>sitting horns hero
>big cow

I think this is the whole lumineth release so far
it's unlikely we would be getting one more unit, centerpiece and hero for every other element for their first release

>> No.71676032

You're right. I guess warhammer AoS just isn't for me. I'm gonna go do something that makes me happy.

>> No.71676045

this army just looks fucking retarded honestly. It doesn't even look like age of sigmar, it looks like some third party models

>> No.71676050

No generic hero makes me question this.

>> No.71676054

Anon... It should have big, thick legs. Its not a bird

>> No.71676056

Assuming the veilgril isn't it, I'd be a bit surprised we're not getting a generic fighty hero. Unless the spirit of eltharion is supposed to be that (maybe there are indeed multiple of them like durthu). But otherwise, yeah, this seems like a reasonable sized release.

>> No.71676061

>"Hey Jerry, people are taking this Sons of Behemath nonsense seriously and expect some sort of reveal for Adepticon"

>No problem, we'll just give the Lumineth a giant cow"

GW 2020

>> No.71676063
File: 39 KB, 500x295, 1e993a8e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71676066

My point is that not liking a product is one thing, and it being "objectively OK" is another. I think "if other people buy them, GW thinks what they're doing is OK" is a little deluded, the wallets have already voted, and here we are.

>> No.71676068

Well, here's the thing, as far as I can tell from looking at your posts, you seem to have decided that criticism is shitposting, that it's all invalid and a problem. Maybe you didn't make that conscious decision, but you are making the statement that there's a problem with the way people have received these releases, and this means shitposting.

But why the hell is a large scale dislike for these things indicative of something being wrong? What makes it shitposting? There don't actually seem to be many posts in this thread that are just random screeches, most of it is people seeing the models and pointing out what they dislike. If they're not the problem, then there is no problem, because other negative responses have been infinitesimal. I can only assume when you say there's a problem with how people have responded that you're referring to the things people are actually saying here, and the things people are saying are not shitposts, they're simple criticism. Which leads me to believe that you're lumping all the criticism people have, all the expressions of dislike or annoyance they make, under some kind of umbrella of 'problematic' response to the release that makes the opinions invalid.

>> No.71676078

When your criticism is calling people shills or not actually discussing the models, then yes it's just shitposting.

>> No.71676079
File: 166 KB, 846x648, Army-WC-846x648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>elite infantry
>large hero
>hero mage
>chair mage
>artist mage
>cavalry hero

maybe they will get a smallish dragon and some more heroes, but that must be the army, yes

>> No.71676108

God they look like a pain to fix. You could salvage the spearmen and archers with a bit of work, and the hammerers with a full head/weapon/banner swap but everything else looks garbage except for Eltharion and the knights. I never thought a new high elf release would turn me off but they've somehow managed it.

>> No.71676123

But that's not what people have been doing. There's probably been one or two posts like that. The only major incidences of people calling shill here have been

1. About a twitter post that definitely was shillshit.
2. About you saying that there's a problem to the way people have responded.

>> No.71676131

You're right anon. Next time I'll be sure to add the words "in my opinion" at the end of my post so you dont get confused.

>> No.71676188

No idea, I don't like elves whatsoever and it seems like they tried way to hard to make them unique

>> No.71676486
File: 1.83 MB, 3648x2736, IMG_0073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, that's good then. The BB guys aren't actually out of scale, though. Like, they're the same height, they're just a bit more comical with bigger bellies and bigger heads, but that's nothing a few Blightking parts can't fix.

>> No.71676496
File: 333 KB, 1000x1283, Settra_Rules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71676651

This seems more real now, I like that. Also Slaanesh seems closer than ever now.

>> No.71677608 [SPOILER] 
File: 26 KB, 321x321, 1585425473718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not painting you army in the whitest of bleached bone
>being a cuck to race instead of unity threw un-death

Get Stormie before we get the Moonclan out here

>> No.71678180

I like all of the new elves units other then the dumb fucking cowhead helmets. Dont know how that was ok, a bull mask would have been fine.

>> No.71678779

This probably sounded wittier in your head.

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