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Pushing Forward Edition

>What is Genesys?
Released in November 2017, Genesys is a pen-and-paper generic RPG system and toolkit by Fantasy Flight Games, using a refined version of the system presented by their Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny). Its central mechanic is the Narrative Dice System, using pools made of specialized dice to create narrative results. The intention is for the system to be a highly flexible narrative system, adaptable to most any conceivable setting and premise.

>Asmodee (FFG's parent company) has folded all future RPG development - including Genesys - into a company called Edge Entertainment
>The next source book - Keyforge: Secrets of the Crucible - is revealed and will launch in Q2 2020
>An additional card pack tantamount to a splatbook for the upcoming Keyforge release will also be available soon

>Where can I find the books?
Check the Online Extras pastebin below. The core book is the only mandatory book.

>Player-made Genesys settings

>A quick and dirty primer on how the dice in Genesys work

>Online Extras (fillable sheets, dice rollers, quick reference sheets, generators, PDFs, etc.)

>Official Discord Server (unaffiliated with /gengen/)

>FFG Community Forums (check out the Master Resources post)

Previous Thread

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Do any rules for disease exist in Genesys?

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A skeleton structure can be found in the expanded players guide page 30, where you make a resilience check and keep on making that check until getting a triumph. Mechanically its basically poison on a longer damage tick. On the other hand, you can use Radiation rules as disease in page 29, if you want something different.

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Hadn't thought to check there, thanks anon. Any suggestions for using it to represent a magical disease, rather than something more traditional? I'm thinking something similar to Sunlight Sensitivity, in that it directly interacts with wound/strain thresholds?

>> No.71463880

I don't follow. Those disease rules are for transmissible diseases that ravage the body. As for interacting with max thresholds, you could say a Despair can also reduce your max thresholds by 1 until the disease is cured.

>> No.71464025

Something like that yeah. Or a necromancer plague of undeath. Just "if you die whilst infected, become a zombie"? Or am I over complicating by trying to differentiate types of diseases?

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Depends on how particular you want to be.

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Has there been a comprehensive list of modern firearms made for Genesys yet? With differentiation for 9mm and .45 etc?

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Not that I've seen, or at least not at the granularity you're asking for.

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I think that the level of differentiation is not really a feature of Genesis. A light pistol is a light pistol in narrative terms.

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>Asmodee (FFG's parent company) has folded all future RPG development - including Genesys - into a company called Edge Entertainment
So does this means this Edge dudes will release new versions and FFG won't be the name on the covers?

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Who's to say? I guess we'll find out in due time.

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Hopefully those guys will be more creative on making more variant rules; not to say a bad thing of the last team, but it did feel like 80% of Genesys was reskinned Starwars.

I want to see more campaign structures like Obligations EotE, and a better rule to make closed rolls!

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It's actually EDGE Studio, I think, they're transforming Edge Entertainment into their new RPG production house and giving it a new name even. FFG will probably still have to be name-dropped because it's their in-house IPs used in Genesys, but I dunno if that will include the logo.

>those guys

Nope, same guys, just on freelance now. Edge may go to Foundry and other places and find interesting new freelancers, but a bulk of the work will probably be contracted to the same people.

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>Edge may go to Foundry and other places and find interesting new freelancers, but a bulk of the work will probably be contracted to the same people.
That would be cool. Lots of great community work out there. I'm always thought an 'authorised' community made rule book like the EPG would be a boon.

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As others said, Genesys doesn't really ask you to make that differentiation. It's smaller than a hand-cannon, it's not an automatic pistol, it's a light pistol. You can say it's a .45, 9mm etc, but mechanically they're the same thing. The Dark Heresy hack has some attachments that you could crib to allow you to highlight differences yourself. Ammo types that do more damage against unarmoured enemies, are more armour-piercing, crit better etc. You don't have to say "It's a light pistol with Dum-Dum rounds", you can say "it's a .45" or what-have you.

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Wow, I remember that game, although the name escapes me. A 3D MOBA that I never realized was a MOBA.

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Land of Chaos, it looks like. Never played it myself, but I saved the pictures of some of the characters because they reminded me of the crazy video game character designs of the 90s, like they

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Tbh after playing Keyforge I'm more interested in the book coming out, I can't deny it.

>> No.71479094

I’m interested in what we’ve seen so far with the Aembershards and the power boosts you can get from consuming them. Also makes me think of Malifaux a bit, which might end up working better as a Genesys homebrew than its own RPG.

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I still can't believe they went with Keyforge as the next sourcebook over doing a TI one. Theoretically can they even do a book for their Arkham stuff? I thought the whole point of the LCG is because Chaosium's license explicitly prevents that.

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Star Wars is still relevant as a system, so it might be a little time before their own dedicated space opera setting gets a book.

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Is there any point to coming up with your own Talents or Skills for a Genesys game setting?

>> No.71481756

Definitely, if it's important enough for your setting. Knowledge skills, alternate magic skills with their school-unique spells, talents that can cover a wide range of use cases, etc.

>> No.71482023

Does it make sense to have different sorts of related skills? Like, say, Diesel Mechanic vs Steam Mechanic?

>> No.71482042

That's a little TOO granular, if you ask me. You might say you have a specialty with certain types of machinery, but that's not the sort of thing you'd split Mechanics over. It feels like one of those instances where you'd honestly be splitting hairs.

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Sounds like a talent.

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If your system is built upon Mechanics, and there’s a justifiable reason for splitting (like opposing factions that prefer either diesel or steam), then you can probably split them. The Android setting separates Computers into Hacking and Sysops, which is a distinction that makes sense for that particular setting but may not work even in another “modern” setting. It all depends on the focus of the campaign.

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>The Android setting separates Computers into Hacking and Sysops, which is a distinction that makes sense for that particular setting but may not work even in another “modern” setting. It all depends on the focus of the campaign.
The core book does this as well with the optional hacking rules, which Android only marginally builds on. A setting like Android's - and really any cyberpunk setting - tends to place a large emphasis on dedicated computer work, so splitting Computers into Hacking (offense) and SysOps (defense) makes sense in that case.

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How do you make fantasy game armor more varied? The provided armors in Terrinoth are insanely samey.

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The item writeups usually also provide additional details that won't be mentioned in the raw statline. This is especially the case for what you might consider "legendary" pieces of gear.

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Forgot to mention that the only extras that the writeups provide are for chainmail and plate and just give setback dice to stealth. That's it.

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Same way you do it in D&D, slap magic on that shit part way through the campaign. Slap better magic on that shit when the old shit gets boring. Repeat until no one cares about their armor anymore. It sucks, but I can't think of any fantasy rpg that isn't niche that does does equipment well. Except 13th Age which just ignores armor and gives every class a set AC to work with.

>> No.71483488

I know the diplomat-specific book from the Star Wars game had a decent amount of clothing-based gear items, which could be adapted into also being armor; also there are tons of armors from the Star Wars books with interesting effects/abilities besides defense and soak. I admit this is a bit out a cop-out answer though. The basic concept of different sets of armor having different gear built into them should hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

>> No.71483519

You should also consider price and rarity. How easy or hard is it to get some of these choice pieces?

>> No.71483548

True, as well as non-mechanical benefits/liabilities. Like an armor with great soak, but while wearing it your character cannot tell lies. Or for more a more mechanical take- a set of armor with 5 defense, but it adds 3 setback dice to any attack pool you make.

>> No.71483563

Or even more practical stuff, like "you're not going to the ball in that full-plate. Find something more respectable to wear."

>> No.71483688


That's an armor mod in something, "Ceremonial", removes any penalty dice for your armor not being socially appropriate.

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A birdman archetype, but it uses its legs for all fine manipulation rather than hands on its wings. It can fly, but what rulings do you have for its legs and using weapons etc?

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Yeah but Keyforge? Calvinball the non-CCG? Sure they're short on other settings to use, but given that we got a fourth edition of TI out of nowhere in 2017, it's fair to say that it still has strong adherents within FFG. I'm not saying don't do Keyforge, but it would have made more sense to at least do TI first.

>> No.71488038

They're not supposed to be more varied. Genesys is a rules-lite system where items and equipment shouldn't be too detailed in order not to hold up combat calculations. You can actually get away with Heavy/Medium/Light Armor only and just give player's flavor text to say it's different armor. But rules-wise, they're not supposed to be a lot of variety.

>> No.71488865

Dunno that I'd agree with that. You're right in that everything should be streamlined where possible, but I don't see why that doesn't mean you shouldn't have variety in armour.

>> No.71490043

That's tricky, you are definitely looking to have an archetype with serious debuffs due to flight. For example: cannot fire a weapon unless in the air, making them an easy target.
This would be a good place to intrusive speculative technologies for alternative biologies

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Precisely. I ask because someone posted in a Birdman thread with that as their preference.
If I had to hazard a guess, I'd go with:
B 2
A 2
I 2
C 2
W 2
P 2
Wounds: 8 + Brawn
Strain: 12 + Willpower
Birdmen start with one rank in either Athletics or Coordination (different flavours of bird).
Birdmen can fly as per rules for flying.
When not flying, Birdmen add 2 setback die to Athletics, Coordination and Brawl checks. Birdmen cannot make Melee or Ranged attacks unless flying.
Starting XP: 130? Ish? It's a pretty steep penalty, and when it kicks in it's a pretty severe detriment. But flying is very useful.

>> No.71491033

I don't know if it would be too limited, but I might make the 2 setback dice be added to 'any check that requires fine manual dexterity' So like using your shoulders to push a boulder in an Athletics check wouldn't get any setback, but using Skulduggery to pickpocket someone would. It's more of a mechanical grey area for sure, but I think it's fairly easy to argue when having arms/hands is vital for a task, versus when it's not.

>> No.71491879

That's a much more eloquent way of handling it, good idea anon. What do you reckon for the starting xp?

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>> No.71496144

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Probably should have 3 agility. Maybe 1 brawn? 1 to a mental stat?

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>> No.71499336

I thought about going 1 Brawn and 3 Agility, but it called to mind a default "little bird", while I wanted the profile to be species-agnostic. It could be any birdman, a vulture or a hawk, not just a cute robin. I figured the XP spent could retroactively affect the type of bird you are, if you wanted it to. Pumping Agility could make you a Hummingbird, or a deft pigeonman etc.

>> No.71500571

Do you think Skill Trees are more fun? I've been building a game system and I feel like every class except one should have trees, and then one should allow for the tiered talent purchase option, to better differentiate each class type setup. Thoughts?

>> No.71500586

Do you mean Skills as in "Specialisation Talent trees but Skill ranks instead"? Because that doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

>> No.71500622

Is there a list of school unique spells? I can't really find any interesting magic. It's all very basic

>> No.71500630

Ah sorry, talent trees yes. I fucked up my terms. My bad.

>> No.71500711

No worries. I like the idea of a Specialisation Tree. My players are often very reluctant to invest in Talents because they'd rather get a bigger die pool and more chances at getting Triumphs etc. So next time I'm GMing, I'm debating making some Specialisation Trees that can allow them to see the upper echelons of the Talent system without having to heavily invest to get there. No idea how they'll work in execution though.

>> No.71502395

What do you mean? I don't quite follow.

>> No.71502518

I can only presume he means Dispel being Arcane specific, that kind of thing?

>> No.71502665

The core book (and EPG) spells out which spells are specific to each school.
>Arcana: Attack, Barrier, Conjure, Curse, Dispel, Mask, Predict, Utility
>Divine: Attack, Augment, Barrier, Curse, Heal, Predict, Utility
>Primal: Attack, Augment, Conjure, Heal, Transform, Utility
There's also certain school-exclusive spell mods to consider as well, though those are fewer and further between.

>> No.71503436

I know that, I meant that >>71500622 may be asking after it. In which case, as you say, Arcane magic has Dispel, Mask and Predict while Primal has Transform.

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>> No.71506717

What are some other magic-types that can be added? EPG gave us Mask, Predict and Transform which are all pretty sweet abilities, but adding more to what was once an absolute invites the question of "what else?" I'm racking my brains trying to think of magical abilities that are universal and not covered by what we already have, but I'm coming up short.

>> No.71506876


If they haven't all been tapped out, I'd say mine the force powers. They have a different system for how they do it, but there are a lot of them and their various upgrades can kind of break down to extras.

>> No.71506919

You could look at Talislanta, the magic system in 5th edition uses an Order and Mode system that is kind of similar to what Genesys has.

>> No.71507448

Keep in mind that Mask is for illusions in general, and Utility is explicitly kept vague so it can cover general use cases.

>> No.71507709

As >>71507448 says, a fair bit of the abilities contained within Force Powers are distilled into Utility and Augment.
May have to give that a read. It's hard thinking of something universally applicable, mind you. It's easy to create a single effects for a single setting, but ensuring those effects have broader applications is the hard bit.

>> No.71508264

>Battle Medication

>> No.71508436

From Talislanta we have these Modes (which are basically spells):
Each of which has specific ways to change how the base spell works.
And these Orders (which are more or less analogous to Skills):
>Elemental Magic
>Natural Magic

>> No.71508668


>From Talislanta
Don't know, don't care, never will care.

>> No.71508775


So honestly, most of these are already handled by extant spells or extras, or special magic talents (a good way to do Force Talents in Genesys). And some of the names are a bit confusing, like Misdirect is basically the Force version of Mask. There's no spell I think directly for social, but there are talents, etc.

If you're doing a science fantasy or other sort of situation, a Spell version of Manipulate might be good, because what that actually is is using the Force to repair vehicles and droids, so non-living healing for vehicles, constructs, etc might be useful.

>> No.71510957

>non-living healing for vehicles, constructs, etc might be useful
That's called a Mechanics roll, chief.

>> No.71511557

>Question for the thread
Has anyone here started playing genesys because of /gengen/?

>> No.71511839


Okay, wiseguy, then why does a spell to heal exist also?

>> No.71512964

/gengen/ helped with getting the resources and learning. I bought the books eventually, but would not have if I hadn't been able to read and learn it first.

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Working on a project and figured I'd get the general's sage advice.

In a setting where you expect every character to have access to magic (or powers that would use the same rules), is there a reason to not just do one magic skill that has access to all the spells? The setting has Brawl, Melee split between Light and Heavy, Ranged split between Light and Heavy, and a Gunnery skill so I'm not sure if it gains anything from Magic splitting.

Does having Magic be a single skill make it too "bland"?

>> No.71513674

I think, personally, that just having one way to do magic makes it more bland in terms of flavor, because then you can't have fighting between different schools of magic and interesting limitations and differences in how different magic-users do their magics. In mechanical terms, it does make the skill (and whatever characteristic it keys off of) a bit overly powerful, unless you add some caveats, like having additional strain cost or negative effects from rolled Threats; or having it key off of multiple characteristics depending on the spell being cast.

>> No.71515222

>> No.71515287

On one hand, that's a lot of skills so you overvalue the single magic skill. On the other side of the coin, that's a lot of skills and you might want to prune it down. What's the setting?

>> No.71517723

>> No.71517724

Setting-wise it's a kind of hero setting so there are no schools of magic inherent to the world.

I have not played with magic in Genesys before, would it really be overpowered if one magic skill did everything? Would a split by "type" with little or no overlap in spells solve that? Eg a "creation" skill with Conjure, Barrier, Utility, and Transform, a "manipulation" skill with Augment, Curse, Dispel, Heal, and Mask, and so on?

>> No.71518154

That'd be a better way of doing it yeah. The reason it could invite problems if one skill does everything, is that the other skills have less value when compared to the single magic skill that can attack, heal, conjure aid etc. The chances of using Brawl to do anything but hit a guy in combat are pretty slim, but a single magic skill that can attack as well as heal/let you fly inherently has more value.
If you're going with Superheroes, it may be worth considering outlining a 'package' of superpowers, either as a magic skill or a talent. The rulebook suggests that Augment can be used to enable flight and jumping up cliffs, so it'd make sense for a Hero who has that kind of prowess to be able to use Augment spells, but then what else do they get? A single skill for just Augment isn't worth spending XP on, but giving them additional magic effects clashes with the idea.
I'd personally make it a Talent, something tier 1 or 2 (with potential for improved versions of it later down the line). The basic outline is that with the talent, the Hero can do X thing. It doesn't always call for a check, it simply lets them jump far, fly, climb to walls or run fast. Only when the abilities interact with structured time (mainly combat) would I include rulings. For things like healing factors, talents already exist that you can ape off. Things like super-strength can be basic things like +DMG, Pierce, Knockback or Sunder (at higher levels).
If you have magical heroes in the setting, then I could see a case being made for a Magic skill being used. Dr Strange and Zatanna exist alongside Superman and Luke Cage, but in this way the systems used to represent them would be different. If you want to have different flavours of magician or sorceror, I'd again advise against making multiple magic skills, but rather using talents again. There's precedent for tier 1 talents that modify the magic skill (Dark Insight from Realms of Terrinoth does just this).

>> No.71518485

It's more like Green Lantern than a kitchen sink "supers" setting, I think those have kinda been done to death. I am interested in the balance of magic in Genesys when not doing Terrinoth or the core's Arcana/Divine/Primal split.

If Attack were its own Magic skill from the others would that solve the issue of that skill competing with the other combat skills? And on a more general note, if you want to create a weapon with Conjure and then attack with it on subsequent rounds, is that not an Attack spell? Any limits to the characteristics of what is summoned?

>> No.71518507

For context, Dark Insight is a tier 1 talent that says that for instances where Knowledge (Lore) is used to determine certain spell effects, you may use Knowledge (Forbidden) instead. This is considered a mandatory requirement for certain tier 2 talents like Blood Sacrifice (before making a magic check, may suffer X wounds to add X successes to the results, limited by ranks in the talent) or Necromancy (when casting Conjure, may add the Summon Ally effect for free; only works to summon undead).

>> No.71519162

What if you stan Tannhauser? How do you think they feel?

>> No.71519658

Keyforge is the new hotness so it makes sense. Tannhauser might be the better play over TI so as not to conflict with the Star Wars RPG. Sorry TI senpai

>> No.71520024

Has there been any work on a magic system that is basically completely run through talents like signature spell and necromancy on specialization trees? It seems like it would be useful to ease new players into the openness of the magic system without just throwing a bunch of difficulty tables at them when they ask "so what can I cast?"

>> No.71520280

The core magic system is fine, as you still need the skill itself to make it work. Talents help you specialize one way or another and add that ever-satisfying mechanical flavor to your character. The Dark Insight talent makes you a "dark arts" caster in whatever your school is; the Elementalist or Druid talents in the EPG, or any of the bardic talents that enhance the Verse school in the Terrinoth book, provide more focus and help establish a sort of "class identity."

>"so what can I cast?"
That's the easy part. When they get their first magic spell rank, they get their spell list. They know what the base skill check with no mods does, and the tables let them customize their spells.

>> No.71520488

I think they were asking if anyone has done a specialization tree for magic yet using the type of talents you described, but organized in such a way to help guide a new player. Which I've been working on, but I'm nowhere near being able to share my work yet.

>> No.71520515

For what it's worth, NPC wizard nemesis's typically have preferred spells listed in their equipment.

>> No.71520634

That would be good way to go about it. I think another way is to just run a one-shot to help newbies understand how the dice act in real play. The hardest part of using the open ended magic system is that it can be hard to tell how much influence adding difficulty dice has on your roll until you've already made it. Once you understand that, the rest of the skill/magic system will start coming together on its own in my experience. Though my group was faster in appreciating the nuances of the dice than other groups may have done.

>> No.71521071

For obvious reasons, I now need a way to play genesys online. So I need a dice roller online where I can get everyone to see the rolls.
I know roll20 exists but it required paying to use the genesys dice scripts, and I can't use tabletop simulator cause my friends don't have it.

>> No.71521154

rpgsessions.com might have enough of what you want. It also integrates with discord if you want it to.

>> No.71521155

>Genesys is a rules-lite system
>sees the equipment rules in the various settings
>sees all the item keywords
>looks at all the mods
>and all the vehicle minutia
Genesys equipment stuff is anything but rules lite, if anything, realms of terinoth armor lists being so barebones is super out of place.

>> No.71521198

I'll take a look, thanks

>> No.71521206

I think Genesys *can* be somewhat rules light, but it is so easy to keep bolting things on until a GURPS player would start nodding their head.

>> No.71521243

To make it actually rules-lite would require actively removing things.
Honestly I wouldn't call any game with a talent/feat list of multiple pages "rules-lite". I feel like people are conflating "Narrative-ish" with rules light.

>> No.71521316

Genesys is not as lite as FATE, and no one makes any implication of such. Rather, it's of moderate crunch, a nice balance between FATE and GURPS while still calling itself a narrative system.

>> No.71521320

Skyjedi made a discord bot that I believe works well enough, you can add it to any server and tell it to roll die for you.
Definitely. The focus of the game is narrative, but it has a respectable level of crunch to facilitate that. Rules-lite is a misnomer for Genesys, but to say that it's purely a Narrative game invites the wrong sort of connotations.

>> No.71523111

>> No.71525199

After some effort, the dice replacement deck is in a usable state. Could do with being cleaned up, but I want to use it a bit before another iteration. Next time I would rather figure a way to automate some parts of the creation process.

>> No.71525256

How the fuck is that supposed to work?

>> No.71525290


how do I use it?

>> No.71525481

It is a deck of 48 cards. Each card should be proxied over some bulk playing card sized things in a sleeve (bulk magic cards works for me). Top three sections of each card are proficiency, Ability, and boost dice in that order. The lower three sections are a negative mirror of that order.

To roll a dice pool, lay out a card for each die. You only care about the section of the card associated with the die it is representing.

Generally you want to shuffle after each roll, but you can probably get a couple smaller rolls before shuffling.

Oh, note, I just marked triumphs as "Triumph Success." This is just so I can describe Triumph as super advantage.

I still need to actually try using it in a game. I just am not intrested in non-d6, nor non-standard dice... so deck of cards. Also I figure having an excuse to shuffle a deck of cards while GMing will be very relaxing.

>> No.71525515

Yeah I’ll just stick to dice.

>> No.71528737

Interesting. Not sure I’d prefer to use cards as a complete replacement for dice, but having some cards with certain “pre-rolled” outcomes could be useful for banking results or generating them for large groups of enemies (like in an alternate mass combat ruleset).

>> No.71528889

Anyone here used the random setting generation tables in the EPG to build a setting yet? For those who have, have you run any sessions in it yet?

>> No.71529540

The guy developed the card system precisely to avoid buying the dice.

>> No.71529786

I haven't but it did look surprisingly competent.

>> No.71530454

Put some symbols on there so I know what's supposed to represent what

>> No.71530966

>For obvious reasons, I now need a way to play genesys online. So I need a dice roller online where I can get everyone to see the rolls.

You want genesys.skyjedi.com
You create a Channel for your game and a user name for yourself. No passwords, no login required.
Almost everything needed for rolling, Story Point spending, initiative tracking, messaging, and a bit more is available.

>> No.71532068

PSA a bunch of Foundry stuff is pay-what-you-want on DriveThru at the moment

>> No.71532222

The book is literally still shrink wrapped on my night desk. I should crack it open.

>> No.71532419

Is this any good? It sounds like an interesting idea, but not a $10 interesting idea.

>> No.71532690

Fuck it, let's make a setting in the thread. Someone roll a d100 to determine the basic trope that underlines the setting, if we need another we can add it in to complement whatever is rolled for.

>> No.71532867

Rolled 53 (1d100)

The thread has made two settings already. Here's a paranormal rendition of Tom Clancy's The Division meets Men in Black.

>> No.71532891

And here's ersatz Shadowrun, taking place in a city-state that exists between realms.

>> No.71532905

Sure, but now we're EPG-sanctioned, baby.
>53 - Mad Science
The setting features weird pseudoscientific devices and theories, championed by eccentric and reckless individuals.
I'm onboard already, another d100 determines the era of the game. If we're anything before Iron Age, get ready to roll some crazy wheels and make blue fire.

>> No.71532918

Rolled 80 (1d100)


>> No.71532966

>Transhuman Age
Cybernetic enhancement, genetic manipulation and augmentation are commonplace and dominates everyday living.
Is Transhumanism mad science? Who knows!
2 d10 determine the world and the climate of the world in which the game takes place. If we need, we can roll more d10s to create separate regions and provinces.

>> No.71533087

Rolled 4, 10 = 14 (2d10)

Depending on how extreme it gets, transhumanism could be a form of mad science. But in a timeline this advanced, it's doubtful.

>> No.71533167

>Earthlike planet
Is our game set in Earths future, or is it just a planet full of humans?
>10 - Frozen Wastes
The world is so cold that it can barely support life, there's barely any liquid water. Is transhumanism humanities only option to live in such a world? All plugged into a matrix or piloting automatons that can stand the cold? Did mad science cause the big freeze?
I think we can bypass the 'Environment' part, as the world is so cold that it can barely support life, it doesn't matter too much if we're in a frozen forest or not.
2 more d10 will tell us the human population of this transhuman society and an oddity about the world itself.

>> No.71533188

Rolled 7, 9 = 16 (2d10)


>> No.71533255

>7 - Midsized towns
This region has some moderately sized towns with hamlets on their outskirts, population centres attract a few thousand people.
This is interesting, we're not some cyberpunk mega-city, we're a handful of middling towns in a frozen hellhole.
I fucked up asking for the second roll, it's meant to be a d100, but 79 gives us
These Dragons have their own culture and society and regard others with a mixture of annoyance, disdain or active dislike.
This just got interesting. We have mad science, dragons, transhumanism and towns in snowy steppes. But what binds it all to oneanother?
A d10 will determine the presence of the divine in this world.

>> No.71533311

So what I'm getting is mad scientists use future tech in an ice age hellscape. Ice dragons caused it, created by the first mad scientists. Setting is Strand-like, where disconnected bunker towns dot the frozen wastes. Most people have augments to survive the journey and for everyday life.

>> No.71533362

Dragon parts are actually what unlocked the augments. By grafting metal and dragonbone to yourself you gain a cybernetic arm. Dragon hearts are used to alter the body in mysterious ways. See cybernetic and gmod rules in SotB

>> No.71533455

Rolled 3 (1d10)


>> No.71533517

>3 - Polytheistic Pantheon
We've got a multitude of gods, spirits, concepts and domains looking over us from on high.
Roll another d10 to determine the general outlook of the majority of these gods, are they good, evil, indifferent etc.
This gets more interesting by the minute.

>> No.71533532

Rolled 1 (1d10)


>> No.71533568

We Norse mythology now? Too Human the setting?

>> No.71533599

>1 All good bruh
The gods that look over this world are good, if not benevolent. No idea how many there are, but probably more than two. We'll have to decide if these are important ourselves. But if there's gods, there's probably magic, is transhumanism divine?
2d10 will allow us to determine what sort of government runs this world. Is each town autocratic, is there a single unifying government somewhere or is it a free for all?

>> No.71533608

Rolled 2, 4 = 6 (2d10)


>> No.71533683

>2 - Local rulers and councils
>4 - Hereditary rulers
The text says that each ruler commands 'several hundred' people, but our towns number in the low thousands. Is each town home to small dynasties that command the loyalty of their subjects? Who elected these people, why is heraldry important? Do some rulers claim divine providence? Has one bloodline struck a deal with a dragon? Are the secrets of humanism bound by bloodline and need to be unlocked once a generation?

We now move onto smaller organisations, guilds, churches, corporations etc.
We need a 3d100 roll for each organisation and a person to represent it. Whoever wants to roll, they get an organisation. We've not got a limit on towns just yet, so we don't know if each faction controls a sole town or if they co-exist.

>> No.71533700

Rolled 37, 97, 26 = 160 (3d100)


>> No.71533731

>37 - Fans/Fanatics
Sports fans. What the fuck.
>97 - Terrorism
Their main objective is terrorism to push their own political or ideological beliefs. Are these sports based, or do they make sport of terrorism? Do suicide bombers push for a score since they're not actually risking their own body in the bomb-blast, since they're backed up somewhere else?
> 26 - Dreadful
The main personality trait of the point of contact is that they're a dreadful person, they're ruthless and cruel as they need to be to instil appropriate amount of fear in whoever they meet.

What is this group? What is the cause they're fanatical about? Is it a sports thing, is it a worshipful cult or something else?

>> No.71533786

The first leaders of each town were elected. For each subsequent generation of leader, selection was made by a somewhat austere process, partly the will of the people and partly by chance/divine ordain. It's not necessarily genetics that determines who rules the township next.

Typical apocalypse cult. As far as they're concerned, humans should not be allowed to survive in this world, between the dragons and the cold and everything else. Return it all to nothing, and let the snow claim the earth. They engage in terrorism to take human life, make things inhospitable and instill fear in the survivors.

>> No.71533901

Are the Dragons natural or the creation of the mad science? Right now we've not got a lot that's transhumanist or mad-science based in what seems to be a post-apocalypse setting in all but name.

>> No.71533962

The mad science could be some sort of super-potent reactor that provides energy and allows the town that springs up around it to flourish, kinda like Frostpunk. Mad science also goes towards the cyberware that makes living in this frosty future a little easier.

>> No.71534186

Also, robots. See >>71494170

>> No.71534802

Rolled 52, 51, 28 = 131 (3d100)


>> No.71534891

>52 - Military
Paramilitary, mercenary, government or what-have-you.
>51 - Military Expansion
Handy that, the organisation is focused on expanding its influence using its means available to it.
>28 - Dreadful
Yet again, the point of contact for this faction is an awful person who enjoys scaring people. Are they representative of the faction as a whole? If they're the point of contact, chances are decent.

>> No.71534993

A township with what amounts to its own civic-owned PMC with delusions of grandeur wants to establish a new order among the disparate townships and intends to do so by force. They want to enforce order under the guise of making sure people are adequately prepared to deal with dragons and dissidents.

>> No.71535023

Sounds pretty decent, could make for an ally or enemy, alongside the terrorists.

>> No.71536909

Rolled 20, 46, 99 = 165 (3d100)

One more for the road.

>> No.71537019

Is there anything regarding nanobots in the Android setting? As far as I can tell, there really isn't much in the lore.

>> No.71537022

>20 - Clans
Either family units, oathsworn associates or other. Hopefully they're more mild than the other factions we've made.
>46 - Military Expansion
Oh well. This Clan are focused on expanding their presence and consolidating their gains through military means.
>99 - Quietly deadly
The representative seems calm, quiet and mild mannered but does not hesitate to kill anyone who fails them or stands in their way.
Everyone seems to be a bit of a dick in this world, but we'll roll with it.
Have we just rolled factions of antagonists, or are most people existing just in sheer spite of their kind and loving gods?

>> No.71537060

The former, I think. Most people seem to get along relatively pleasantly, all things considered.

>> No.71537097

Are these factions a necessary evil? Or are they taking advantage of the population for their own gain? All three seem focused on propagating their own existence before any other concerns.

>> No.71537123

Two of them want to consolidate power, and the other wants to just end it all. They would appear to be taking advantage of the people however they can.

>> No.71537182

I'm onboard. We need to name these factions and decide how they actually exist. Do the terrorists live in the towns, or have they eked out a living in the frozen wastelands? What enables them to do so, since the flavour text seems to infer that beyond the towns is inhospitable and hostile to life?

>> No.71537273

There can be other structures outside the townships. Living is harder, but doable, and the bad guys need to hide out somewhere once they're exposed. The PMC comes from their own town(s), so they are the most structurally sound, with clans close behind if they're organized in their own towns. The apocalypse terrorists would be harder to pin down.

>> No.71537350

I envisioned the terrorists living in a dead Dragon personally. I imagine the Clans offer a nice front for the general populace, stability, camaraderie and benefits for joining. You'd only get these benefits from furthering the Clans cause though, which is to perpetuate their own existence by gaining more members and building the Clan up. Perhaps they hire out the PMC now and then to drive off the terrorists, make a big show of "only together this was possible!".

>> No.71537574

The clans would say that the only chance for true prosperity is to join their ranks, and they would be bullying more benign organizations or governments to get their way. The terrorists would say nothing is worth saving, that we don't deserve to be here in the face of all this harsh nature and these powerful dragons; it's a terrible perversion of the good gods' wishes, as they think it'd be better to be in their gods' loving bosom than to continue suffering here on this earth.

>> No.71537720

That's a good angle, misguided zealots racing to get as many people into gods warm bosom as possible. The PMC are all too happy to fight these guys, as it's an easy way to cut their teeth while they continue research into new dragon-killing weapons.

>> No.71538289

More or less, yeah.

>> No.71539285

Got it on a whim a few weeks back. Will give a read soon a report back.

>> No.71540157

How do you stat this murder machine? He has gunnery at the least.

>> No.71540582

Thoughts that come to mind:
>Silhouette 2
>Tentacles allow for Brawl attacks at short range instead of just engaged
>Undead template (immune to poison, disease, sleep; does not need air, food or water to survive
>Single-minded focus allows him to declare a quarry and gain a couple bonuses when specifically targeting that quarry (bonus doesn't apply to other enemies)
>Gunnery for the rocket launcher/minigun, as you said, though he doesn't get that until later
>Gains Breach 1 for the purpose of knocking down certain walls

>> No.71543291

Any tips on getting people to even start looking at the rules and make characters?

>> No.71544769

>> No.71544825

Has anyone done any large (silhouette +4) vehicle combat yet? I'm interested in pitching a nautical themed campaign to my players in addition to the usual options. I am worried about there not being enough to do in vehicle combat to keep each player engaged. This is mainly a mid-game concern when the players probably have a ship with 100+ crew and they start using single actions to fire all the weapons at once. The campaign pitch would be set in a 18th/19th century-ish fantasy setting with ships of sail and a few steamships as endgame goals/adversaries. So actions like jamming, boosting defenses, hacking, etc. won't be available to fill in for players who aren't piloting or commanding the guns. I'm concerned about actions like Concentrated Barrage and Fire Discipline being the default every turn after the initial Scan the Enemy and Manual Repairs has already been done. Is this a valid concern or does it all work out in actual play?

>> No.71544934

I haven’t done any, but you could maybe manage the whole thing as a mass combat, with each player character in charge of one subsection of the ship’s crew? And if you get into boarding actions then each ship is basically a small map for fights/objectives can happen.

>> No.71546272

>> No.71546812

Doom enemies statted up?

>> No.71547588

How much skill overlap should careers have? Or perhaps a better question is how specific should careers be?

Right now I'm looking at several careers that sort of overlap that I made to try and match certain tropes in the setting, which is dieselpunk/pulp 1920s. I like the idea of having different types of careers but I worry that I'm either building them too broadly or too narrowly given some of the overlap that I'm seeing. Right now the careers are:
>Pilot: Combat + Transport
>Adventurer: Rogue + Exploration
>Captain: Leadership + Combat
>Socialite: Social
>Medic: Support
>Magician: Magic
>Mechanic: Support

And I definitely feel like I could condense things down, but then I also worry that players won't be able to match tropes.

>> No.71547745

A bit of redundancy is fine, and probably even encouraged since it's rather unlikely you'll have a party consisting of one of every career

>> No.71550148

You don't need Poison and Sabotage. Both of them fall under Skulduggery (one L, not two). You don't need a skill to represent the crafting of poisons; you can handle that narratively.

>> No.71550985

>You don't need a skill to represent the crafting of poisons; you can handle that narratively.
Shouldn't it just be thrown under alchemy? Or medicine if alchemy isn't used for anything else.

>> No.71551011

That was an alternate suggestion. I just didn't bring it up. The question is whether you really need a narratively significant skill check to craft a poison. You should only be rolling dice if it's narratively important to do so.

>> No.71551269

I see, likewise, I agree.

Forgot to add: I've been experimenting with the idea of talents unlocking new uses for skills. I've been doing so with the idea of using them in specialization trees. So someone who takes the wizard class can then specialize in Forbidden magic. So while forbidden lore isn't normally a skill that is available now their knowledge skill doubles as one. They can then use it to cast spells only available to forbidden lore such as raising the dead. I've only just started so I don't have much worked besides necromancy, but I don't plan to make this a common option. It's a rare, but powerful option for certain classes that requires heavy XP investment which delays that player character's development in exchange for unique powers.

I can't really advise how your skill list could make use of such an idea, but something to consider. Just don't overuse it if you do. Otherwise you still have skill bloat, but now with extra steps. I am only using it for the type of abilities players would want to fulfill a certain archetype, but wouldn't necessarily come up every campaign. Don't need Forbidden lore on the skill list if no one is messing with magic they shouldn't be messing with.

>> No.71551717

>Laughs in potion crafting rules in RoT and Star Wars

>> No.71553601

So what can we work with from that "dragon winter" setting?

>> No.71554187

The dice odds are fucked in the official dice roller app. It seems that no matter the combination of dice chosen, a failure with advantages is by far the most likely outcome.

Are the dice made to have this bias or is it just the app?

>> No.71554223

How does Genesys fare with an all-magic-user party?

I'm concerned it might get a bit samey for the players.

>> No.71554260

Fluff and presentation can go a long way. Never sell the narrative short.

>> No.71554707

Does anyone think that advantage/threats are way too common? Seems like every roll ends up having one or the other, and eventually people get burnt out on inventing a narrative explanation for it and just choose a mechanical effect from the tables.

>> No.71554749

Apps probably fucked. Never touched it. Try this one:

>> No.71554787

I think one good way to combat that is to make rolling less common. For example if something seems only moderately difficult, and it isn't being done under extreme stress (like during combat, for example) then a character with 3/3 in the attribute/skill should just auto-succeed. Also throwing in more Setback dice from inclement weather or other factors means there's a higher chance of the outcome including Threats that you get to decide on.

>> No.71554840


Do they even have the rights for that? I thought that was another License deal?

>> No.71555054

I thought Tannhauser was in-house for FFG.

>> No.71557991

>> No.71560358

Honestly, our games come up with more wipes than anything. The amount of times 3 threat have been cancelled out is getting frustrating desu.

>> No.71563017

>> No.71564904

>> No.71567276

>> No.71569416

What are thoughts on temporary access to specialisation trees? Say you want to do something similar to a prestige class, or a career from WFRP, and you don't want the specialisation to completely define you (I am a pilot, I can only get talents for flying good), but rather say something like;
>The next 50xp (or whatever) is spent on this specialisation tree, and after that I lose access to it
It can correlate to an ingame time period (I spent a year in the outer edges, learned a lot about killing. But then I came home), or magical/hypnotic learning etc?

>> No.71569727

That seems a bit reminiscent of the title ‘’mini-classes” offered in 5th edition Legend of the Five Rings. I like the idea, especially if it’s framed narratively too: like being an apprentice in a secret shadow cabal, or a holy order or whatever. It also allows you to discount upper-tier talents, or offer tree-exclusive talents.

>> No.71569774

Speaking of specialization trees, I've been working on putting together some for an Only War campaign using the Genesys rules and the Dark Heresy hack someone made for it. Thought I'd share it and see what people think. I based it off the Doctor/Medic specializations from the SWRPG, but stretched it out to multiple trees since I'm basing the entire career around it.

>> No.71569978


Looks good. Interested to see what else you do.

>> No.71570040

That's more or less the idea. My players aren't keen on investing into a whole talent pyramid to get one t4 ability they like, but they don't want to be restricted to a niche set of talents in order to get it easier. It's a bit of a mess I'll warrant, but it also makes sense narratively.

>> No.71570143

So, what? It'd be to the effect of "If you join this order/take this timeskip, here's a talent tree and a pool of XP you can spend on that tree. When the narrative picks you up again, you bring those talents with you." Something like that?

>> No.71570316

I've put this one together as well, although I'm not quite satisfied with it yet. I want to keep the flavor of sergeants performing two weapon combat with a las pistol and chainsword, but I'm not sure how well that can translate in Genesys.

>> No.71570631

Maybe yeah, or it's a part of a campaign. While we do this mission, you can use this tree, once the mission is over you can't use it anymore.

>> No.71570805


I don't think Genesys has ported over the two weapon fighting much, but there are several talents for it in SW. If you're not using the same skill I think it'd +2D instead of +1D, but I can't remember if the "suffer 2 strain" accounts for all difficulty increases negated. There's also a talent which lets you attack other targets in range instead of the first one with extra hits. Gunslinger or ARC Trooper would be where to look for inspiration.

>> No.71572304

flying brooms would be Sil 1 right, does anyone have examples stated anywhere? I was going to do a broom race and have a module from Star Wars for 'swoop' racing that I'm ripping off... but was wondering if Sil 1 could have modification hardpoints or any specific rules to try that would freshen it up.

>> No.71572388

You want to mod a broom?

>> No.71573430


Eh, bikes are usually SIL 2, you could possible treat a flying broom that way. Otherwise, Jetpacks usually make you a SIL one vehicle with certain stats.

>> No.71573831

What do you like to give minion and rival enemies that only get one advantage/disadvantage if you're too lazy to throw in something for the narrative all the time? Since they can't use strain.

>> No.71573925

A boost to all their mates.

>> No.71575738

I'd say in that case it's up to the racers to bring their own variables. Witches (I'm presuming) throwing bags of enchanted dust behind them to blind tailgaters, casting spells to conjure gusts of wind etc.

>> No.71576634

Yes, and they're saying they'd rather stick to dice instead of a PITA "avoid dice" system. Can you read?

>> No.71577527

I see the aeropack in the core, I think that's a pretty fun way to do it desu.
Yeah they want a little funky stuff like that. I think in between piloting checks they'll try to knockout other racers (yup it's a witches/wizards thing)

>> No.71577554

My vehicle knowledge isn't good at all, but I guess you'd want to offer actions to the players that can compete with magic spells that can destabilise other racers. But beyond what I suggested above, I'm coming up short. I guess you can ram other racers or try to undercut them? Depends on the environment too.

>> No.71577675

supposed to be a bit of an obstacle course, so the odd piloting check here and there to get by something dangerous, and otherwise competitive checks with each other to see who's leading.

I think they wanted to work on their brooms to have an advantage over the competition... see if they could justify a boost or guaranteed advantage for checks.

>> No.71578509

If that's the case then I'd say you can pitch it similar to a nitrous boost or something in a car race. Once in the race, let them suffer strain to go even faster, or attempt something else they couldn't otherwise do. Similar to the basic gear principle, it lets them do something they couldn't otherwise do.

>> No.71578571

>narratively significant skill check to craft a poison.
Messing around with poison is risky bro, if anything id say it should always require a check.

>> No.71581029


>> No.71582609

>> No.71582885

Sadly, war of the worlds has been postponed indefinitely due to Covid. I'm sure I'm not alone in having a game cancelled, but damn it sucks. At least we didn't end on a cliffhanger.

>> No.71585146

thanks, that sounds like it would work super well. I'll do it that way and I think we'll have a fun time

>> No.71585187

that's sad, can't be done online for a bit?

>> No.71587475

looks cool

>> No.71587710

The whatnow? A podcast?

>> No.71590046

>> No.71590461

Damn, I enjoyed the play reports. I do appreciate the irony though

>> No.71590626

I was doing a bit of campaign posting but the campaign has been intermittent at best, of late. The premise was 10 years after the War of the Worlds, England is gearing up for a follow-up invasion that they believe was inevitable. The campaign was us trying to win over other nations into joining our Anti-Martian League. The first mission we had involved fighting radical terrorists in mainland china and recovering an AML agent who had defected. We then unveiled our giga heat-ray and levelled the city to let everyone know that England's foreign policy wasn't set to change any time soon, get in line.
Hadn't thought about it like that, heh.

>> No.71592654

>> No.71593170

Is there an actual hard cap on how many dice of any kind can go in a pool?

>> No.71593371

Dice specifically, no. But certain values do have hard caps. The big one are characteristics and skill ranks being hard-capped at 5, and defense rating being hard-capped at 4.

>> No.71593379

You can reach 6 in a characteristic with talents or cybernetics

>> No.71593506

No you can't. Dedication, the T5 talent that increases a characteristic by 1, explicitly says
>This talent cannot increase a characteristic above 5.

>> No.71593576

Not in Genesys, the cap is at 5. NPCs can reach 6 in special cases, such as giant dragons etc.
The aim of Genesys is to keep your die pool relatively small and concise, but there's no specific cap on how many die you can have in a hand (beyond 5 proficiency die).

>> No.71593843

>beyond 5 proficiency die
Even then you could upgrade it twice. I was mostly wondering if there were any rules that stop that sort of thing but there don't appear to be

>> No.71593917

Really? That's stupid. Way to make dedication shit (costs the same as putting 5 at the start, costs more if you want to increase a low stat, and takes away one of your precious tier 5 slots), as well as enforcing even harder that you should always spend your starting xp on stats.

>> No.71593991

>The aim of Genesys is to keep your die pool relatively small and concise
Good idea
>cap defense at 4
make sense
>don't cap boost dice from advantages, meaning you can get some dumb 3 prof, 1 ability, 4 setback, 12 boost rolls
and that's when I realized they fucked up

>> No.71594864

How the fuck would you reasonably get 12 boost dice?

>> No.71594974

Not! Nero Wolf acting as the employer/hint giver to a group of player detectives seems like a neat game idea.

>> No.71594991

Accurate 2+build up from previous ally turns.
4 advantages turn into 6, into 10

>> No.71595160

>important roll
>got 1 success, made it by the skin of my teeth
>"oh anon, you forgot 1 setback die, here"
>roll it
>1 failure
>check failed
Every time

>> No.71595385

At that point I'd say to just ignore it, or narratively have the effects of the setback kick in after the success.

>> No.71598037

>> No.71599826

Because +1 in a stat is a whole extra die you get to roll. It's XP inefficient, but it's still solid no matter the build in spite of there being strong alternatives once you start shopping for Tier 5 talents. It's not good enough to be mandatory, but no talent should be in a vacuum.

Failing checks because you rolled as many failures as success does suck. It makes sense, but still feels rough losing on a tie.

>> No.71601456

Is there a way to make an aura or area that has some sort of an effect using the magic rules? (Cloud of poisonous smoke, roots coming out of the ground to hinder enemies etc)

I can't seem to find an option that fits the bill, aside from just making the Attack action with Blast.

>> No.71601685

Lingering spells are typically managed by spells with the Concentrate feature (spend a maneuver to keep a spell active), if that's what you mean.

>> No.71602001

Yeah but you can't use the Concentration maneuver on Attack actions, right?

>> No.71602024

Normally, no. I'm sure some manner of "magical aura" talent can be hashed out that lets you concentrate an Attack spell targeted on yourself, if it hasn't already.

>> No.71604329

>I want to summon a small hedge of thorny vines in a targeted area to impede the enemies' progress.
Make a Difficulty 1 or 2 Utility spell check. Congrats - you've just created difficult terrain (formal term - requires double maneuvers to move through) that also inflicts 1 strain each turn for everyone who passes through/gets stuck in the field.

>> No.71604557

We house rule that washes get a reroll with another boost and setback. 1 advantage or 1 threat failures still suck tho, but sometimes that's just the way dice be.

>> No.71606272

It's hard to keep players invested when they get 3 net advantage but no successes multiple times. The boost die pass is cool at first but rarely seems to be enough to push the next person over the edge and it repeats.

>> No.71607488

Getting ready to run my first fantasy game in genesys, what's the verdict on the challenge ratings in the EPG? Can I adhere to them firmly and expect to build a decent combat encounter?

>> No.71607912

>Can I adhere to them firmly and expect to build a decent combat encounter?
I haven't used the CR system yet, but based on my game experience I would hazard a guess of mostly yes for combat CR. Early on it should be fine as is, but as the game goes on you should keep in mind that (combat) CR is an aggregate of the adversary's abilities and stats. An adversary that does massive burst damage, but dies to a stiff breeze could have an equal CR to an adversary that takes a whole session to kill. So still keep an eye on individual stats when you want a combat to go a certain way or you might end up with a disappointing/annoying fight you didn't want.

>> No.71608114

That sounds fair. I've used it to stat up two groups of 2 minions, and a Rival to lead the group. There will be 4-5 PCs, but for a first combat I didn't want it to be obscenely challenging . The rival also has 2 levels in coercion and 1 in leadership to provide the possibility of a social resolution to the Gnoll invasion of a farm. After that hopefully the PCs will progress into the woods and deal with some environmental hazards, a crotchety druid to show some magic and then the final bad guy is either a Troll and some goblins who've forced the Gnolls out of the woods, or one of those Salamanders from RoT who has gotten lost.

>> No.71609992

You'll get an idea of the group's power from that first encounter and can adjust accordingly. General advice I got when I started running the game was 3 groups of 2 minions is stronger than 2 groups of 3 minions, so changing how they're grouped is an easy way to adjust difficulty of planned encounters on the fly.

>> No.71610313

Makes sense, if only because of the action economy involved. If the combat is looking to be resolved in a turn or two, I can always spend a story point to have the Gnolls sound a horn and call another minion group or two as reinforcements?

>> No.71612390

>> No.71614748

A hacker?

>> No.71614762

Presumably from Android, yes.

>> No.71615550

Maps for online play, yay or nay?

>> No.71615605

Only if you really need them to plot things for the sake of relative position and visual aids. Genesys works well enough with theater of the mind.

>> No.71615676

I might be okay then, thanks for the solid anon.

>> No.71615958

I prefer using maps, but like >>71615605 said, the system runs fine without them. Do keep notes on ranges in combat though unless it's a straightforward encounter. Very easy to lose track how far everyone is from everyone else.

>> No.71616764

Rules question, if a player takes either of these two talents, does the attribute replace Brawn for the damage, or is the skill the only thing that's changed?

>> No.71616911

The latter. You still add successes from the check using your Agility or Cunning though.

>> No.71616914

The official FAQ/errata actually answers this. Short answer: You still use Brawn for damage.

>> No.71616935

>First post is five seconds slower than the second post
>Still appears first

>> No.71618175

cool, always forget this when I think about it

>> No.71620408

>> No.71622845

The magic of phoneposting anon, what can I say?

>> No.71624214

How many combat encounters do you have in a session? In other systems the answer is normally 1 or 2 because there's a lot more rolling involved in combat, but genesys says it's faster? Can I have my players clear a whole dungeon with 4 small encounters and 1 big one at the end against the final baddie?

>> No.71625247

I don't think I was ever able to run 5 encounters in a single session, but I guess that depends on what you mean by a small encounter. I think the most I've run in a single session was 3, but I'm a GM with a wargamming background and bring that into my sessions. So my combat encounters tend to have a lot going on. My experience with Genesys is similar to my experience with 5e. In the beginning combat is brisk because everyone is mostly using default actions/abilities. Once everyone starts getting fancier shit in the form of talents then each player's turn gets longer and longer. It's not just active talents either, keeping track of all of the passives players get can be just as time consuming.

Though, myself and the other players were all new to Genesys and this was our first system that wasn't d20 or d6 pool based.

>> No.71625897

It'll be a starter session at my LGS for people who don't know about any RPGs aside from DnD5e. Ideally I can fit in at least 3 small encounters and then something for a boss at the end.

>> No.71628212

Ooh, that gives me an idea. Magic system based on smartphones, go!

>> No.71628383

>Jinteki unveil their new PAD, it counts as Arcane
>Haas-Bioroid retaliate with a new Bioroid that has access to Divine magic

>> No.71628490

Already been done in MagiRanger, and probably at least one of the Kamen Riders too. Which brings up the question of what kind of new mechanics (if any) would be necessary for a super sentai/kamen rider campaign in Genesys? Obviously different stats for plain-clothes/transformed are a must, as are character-specific mech vehicles.

>> No.71628578

While I'm not familiar at all with Kamen Rider beyond memes, the groundwork I did for a Kaiju-brawler hack had mecha that didn't use the vehicle rules. They were decidedly more Gipsy Danger than Cherno Alpha. I specified that the Archetype was more Iron Giant or Mechagodzilla rather than the Wild Wild West mechaspider or some sort if giant Thunderbird. Their archetype ability was
>Combat Protocols
A Mecha may select any combat skill and add 1 boost die to rolls made using that skill. This combat skill may be changed with a manoeuvre during combat.

>> No.71628748

Kamen Rider is a form of tokusatsu and is basically magical girls for dudes. They're transforming superheroes who (generally) fight man-sized threats with augmented strength and special abilities.

>> No.71628809

What's the one I was thinking of? Guy turns into a giant robot thing, was I mixing it up with Ultraman?

>> No.71628865

Most likely, yes. Though some of the Kamen Riders do occasionally turn into giants as their ultra-super-special finishing move. I imagine there'd be some crossover between a system for superheros and tokusatsu heroes, since both share many key aspects as genres.

>> No.71628910

Kamen Rider: guy turns into a man-sized suited hero, fights man-sized threats
Ultraman: guy turns into a super-sized suited hero, fights super-sized threats
Super Sentai (Power Rangers): team of people turn into man-sized suited heroes, fights both man-sized and super-sized threats, using super-sized machines/robots for the latter
There's a fourth kind called "Metal Hero" that works kinda similar to Kamen Rider but has a few differences.

>> No.71628948

Tokusatsu is basically live-action cartoons. They are a major format of Japanese superheroes, put simply. My Hero Academia hits on this point in its very first chapter.

>> No.71629572

Gotcha, I guess I'll stick to what I know. Incidentally, how many pregen characters would you guys suggest making for a party of 4? I feel like I could make a social character, an arcane wizard, a divine wizard, a paladin-like heavy fighter, a berserker, dagger-using rogue anda regular fighter? Does that cover all the staples you'd expect for regular fantasy?

>> No.71629593

Having at least double the choices per party size is pretty safe.

>> No.71630404

If you'd gain a skill as a career skill twice, what's the ruling? Just pick another skill?

>> No.71630472

As a holdover from Star Wars, I believe you get a free rank in that skill.

>> No.71630509

How are you gaining a career skill twice? Is it from one of those talents that make a skill a career skill? If so, strictly speaking nothing happens, a skill that is already considered a career skill can't become a double-career skill or anything. Obviously you can talk to your GM and see if you can get another skill, or like >>71630472 said, a free rank in that skill (though that seems pretty strong, as most of that type of talents cost the same as a rank in the skill, and have other benefits as well).

>> No.71630561

The presumed use case, coming from Star Wars, is selecting your specialization tree after you pick your career. The specialization tree comes with four additional career skills, and in many cases, at least one skill will be a duplicate of a career skill you already got from the core career. In that case, as I understand it, when that happens, it means that skill gets a free rank.

>> No.71630581

I'm making some pregen characters and have a Deep Elf Mage from RoT. Deep Elves gain Knowledge (Forbidden) as a Career skill, and get 2 ranks in it. Mage grants Knowledge (Forbidden) as a career skill. So I couldn't give the character the free skill rank as >>71630472
says, because they're already at the cap of 2 ranks. I feel like giving another skill as a career skill is fair, but I'm not sure what to pick that wouldn't compensate for some manner of weakness present in the Wizard career. They don't have any combat or social skills, but that seems to be intentional, so giving a career skill there feels a bit cheap.

>> No.71630757

Since this is your premade, it's on you. Either give them a new career skill, or give them a free rank in an existing career skill.

>> No.71630770

I'll go with the latter I think, thanks for the resolution Anon.

>> No.71632653

>> No.71633177

scared, and sheltering in place.

>> No.71634958

>> No.71635588

>> No.71635600

Fuck forgot my text

>stat me anon

>> No.71635826

Magical Beast, Rival. Silhouette 2
BR 4 AG 3 CUN 3 INT 1 WIL 1 PR 1
Soak 7 WT 22
Skills Athletics 1, Brawl 3, Perception 3 Resilience 2

Attacks: Claws (Brawl; Damage 4; Crit 3; Pierce 2)
Bit (Brawl; Damage 5; Crit 3; Vicious 3)

Abilities: Night Vision (no Perception penalties at night), Berserker (+1 damage to all attacks when it has one or more wounds. +2 damage if if critically injured). Fearless ( immune to fear from any source)

I hope someone gets the joke, I'm not even sure where I got the bestiary from

>> No.71636621

There's already a Berserk talent you can use.
>Berserk (once per encounter, until the end of the encounter, gain 1 Success and 2 Advantages on all melee combat checks; combat checks targeting the character gain 1 Success; cannot make ranged attacks; suffer 6 strain at the end of combat)

>> No.71638075

>> No.71638936

Is Natural Communion (Pg 88 RoT) just a better version of Druid (Pg 96 EPG)?
Natural Communion - Tier 2
When your character uses the Conjure magic action, the spell gains the Summon Ally effect without increasing the difficulty. All creatures summoned must be naturally occurring animals native to the area.
Druid - Tier 3
When your character casts a Conjure spell using Primal, they always add Summon Ally without increasing the difficulty. Animals must be living creatures and remain for the duration of the encounter, no concentration needed.
Not concentrating doesn't seem like enough of a boost, or is that just me?

>> No.71640315

That maneuver tax every turn to maintain Concentration can add up. It makes sense the stronger version of the talent is on a higher tier.

>> No.71640372

Would it not be better to make Druid an improved version of Natural Communion then? Like a ranked upgrade similar to Inspiring Rhetoric or Field Commander?

>> No.71640392

Not precisely, because Druid specifies Primal magic. Anyone can take Natural Communion, but only Primal casters get to be Druids.

>> No.71640442

Good call. It feels like Natural Communoon is still a proto-druid spell though? The name and requirement that you summon a living, native creature screams "Druid!"

>> No.71641438

I'm thinking about running a game set in the OverWatch universe, should I make it a complete setting, or just use the superhero rules?

>> No.71641524

Does Overwatch even warrant the Superhero rules? I know it's G.I Joe the setting, but the only think of that'd benefit from the Superhero rules are Winston being strong and Genji being agile?

>> No.71641778

Someone already started taking a crack at an Overwatch hack, but it's incomplete. You'll get a thorough write-up of the setting, statblocks for most of the canon characters, some basic archetypes, a skill list and a talent list. That's about it. It felt like they really wanted to indulge the setting more than anything.

Either way, I would still call it a superhero setting and use some of the superhero rules.

>> No.71643522

Someone a few weeks ago was asking about Birdmen who had no conventional arms, and the result was pretty cool as I recall. But what about a Centaur? I could see them being a 3 Brawn, 1Willpower/Intellect type, rank in Athletics or Resilience and an ability that lets them make a second maneuver to move at no strain cost. 50/70XP bracket?

>> No.71643638

There's a silhouette two species in the Jedi-Knight specialization book in the SWRPG, that has the ability to, as an out-of-turn incidental action, take 1 strain to avoid becoming immobilized, knocked down, or otherwise moved against its will. That and/or the ability to ignore difficult terrain, or some way to move multiple range bands in one maneuver (because of them long horse legs) would be some ideas to mull over. That plus if you can figure out the wording, allowing silhouette 1/0 characters to ride a centaur would be cool.

>> No.71644066

How would I go about making a "spook"/nondescript type character in a 1920's era gangster game? Like a guy with no real identification, known age, fingerprints, etc.

I know most of this is narrative, and some can be accomplished by the "nondescript" talent, but I'm wondering if there's other skills or talents that would actually make me good at this. The game is going to be something of a mob/heist game.

Supernatural stuff is allowed but it's got to be kept kinda subtle and rare.

>> No.71644105

I should clarify additionally. Non-human races are allowed but it's specifically going to be flavored as you just having physical qualities like a Dick Tracy villain.

>> No.71644247

Load up on stealthy stuff, I guess? Lots of ranks in Deception, Stealth, possibly Skulduggery, and Streetwise of Survival (depending on if you're a city slicker or an innawoodsian). Also see if your character would have access to some disguises, as well as fake documentation for multiple identities.

>> No.71644325

Stealth, Skulduggery and Deception will be your go-to skills. Stealth to get lost in a crowd and be unseen in general, Deception for disguises and forgeries, and Skulduggery to round out having a "particular set of skills" and added misdirection.

>> No.71644405

As you say, a lot of it will come down to gameplay. If supernatural stuff is allowed, the EPG has a new magic type called Mask which is about illusion and hiding your presence. If supernatural is still on the cards, I'll shamelessly plug my Vampire Requiem hack which has a (different themed) magical skill called Obfuscate, it's all about misleading and fooling the senses of others to mask your presence. That aside, the tier 1 talent Face in the Crowd (?) will cover you, as you say. And then it's down to >>71644247 and roleplay. Never go anywhere without a mask on, use false names, burn your fingerprints off and shave your head and use different languages so people never think you're the same person twice.
I'm surprised there's no Centaur species in Star Wars desu.

>> No.71644421

are they making a sourcebook for the twilight imperium universe?

>> No.71644445

It's not been announced, a lot of people are hopeful and optimistic, but while FFG can still produce Star Wars books it doesn't make sense to dilute their Space Opera focus with TI.

>> No.71644449

>I'm surprised there's no Centaur species in Star Wars desu.
Yeah, only the Expanded Universe stuff really got into making alien aliens, and even then sporadically at best, and only as antagonists or background characters.
Hopefully, as their showcase of Space Opera: the Genre. I imagine one of the main focuses of the book would be fleet-level spaceship battles, and/or diplomacy, those being the main mechanical components of the board game.

>> No.71644917

They were asked about a Twilight Imperium book at Gen Con last year, and they verbally confirmed it is "on the list." That's as much as we have to work with.

>> No.71645126

Does TI have centaurs?

>> No.71645202

Been a long time since I've seen it in action, so I couldn't tell you.

>> No.71646041

I'll live in hope I guess. For now I'll go with
Br 3 Ag 2 Int 2 Cun 2 Int 1 WP 2
Wound Threshold: 11 + Brawn
Strain Threshold: 9 + Willpower
Starting XP: 70
Starting skill: Athletics or Resilience
Unbound: Centaurs may suffer 1 strain to make an additional move maneuver. This cannot exceed the limit of 2 maneuvers a turn.
Big: Centaurs are silhouette 2 and can be ridden by silhouette 1 or smaller creatures. The rider is not required to make a Riding check to guide the Centaur, the Centaur goes where it wills.

>> No.71646052

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