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>enemy has an extra knife in his weapon's hilt
What to do?

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Don't worry about it since knives do squat shit for damage. He's mentally ill if he's going to switch from a big ass axe to a little knife.

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If I win, I'm stealing it. In the meantime, I'm more concerned with the fact that he has an axe.

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This seems like a very inefficient way of having a knife.
>If you lose your main weapon odds are you lose your backup knife with it

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The knife is a tool more than an actual weapon.

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Block and then stab/punch them with my shield-sword-gauntlet- spike-lantern.

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>no serrated blade
I like the little screwdriver port on the top though

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I want one

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Might be a stupid question, but if you actually stabbed / shield bashed someone with those serrated spikes, wouldn't it get stuck and they you'd be tried to an angry enemy / corpse?

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So on the manga Blade of the Immortal theres a dude with a somewhat large sword (one handed still but noticeably heavy) which has two handles. Twisting them unlocks the lower part, and when pulled down reveals a second, thinner but just as long sword. On the handle of this one theres a third blade, tho this one is much smaller, just to be used as a surprise knife when in a bind.
Cant find images of it tho.

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A hollow sword blade is some seriously stupid shit.

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Wouldn't a hollow sword just...I dunno, break when it took a hit from a solid one? Why the fuck do you even need THAT MANY KNIVES? Are you going to be fumbling with your weapon when someone's trying to stab you in the balls?

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Is this the ending rightly endgame?

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>the dyel in all his splendor

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That knife is for piercing armor. Notice the lack of slashy bit.

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Only if they have shitloads of padding/armor that it gets stuck in.
last time I checked spears can sport wings to stop them from over penetrating and getting stupidly stuck in everything by going past the shaft. But the real reason to have it there is to give the impaler leverage instead of further over penetration.

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>serrated blade
why? You have an axe.

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spoken like a true GBZ smooth brain

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I like your style

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disarm him? he can't unsheathe his dagger if he hasn't the sheathe.

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Disarm him, this isn't rocket surgery.

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Not to worry, I keep my assault rifle in my sword.

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>he doesn't watch gragon balls, z

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