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Warhammer 40gay

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Consdiering the iron lads blew the fists the fuck out during the heresy i'd give the edge to them

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Why are Steel Legionaries $35 on GW's site, but $50+ on ebay? I thought the latter was supposed to have better deals than the former.

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Whats with the random Tau being decapitated in a Craftworld vs Darkie fight?

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What is it about your favourite army/race/faction that you can't stand? What's that one bit of lore that you always ignore or that one rule that prevents you fielding the model you like most?

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anyone have speculation for what will come in engine war? im hoping admech gets something other than just units

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the dark eldar brought a bunch of tau with them on the raid, so they could slaughter them

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Necrons you say!?

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Has anyone here read any of the novellas Black Library put out? Besides the sister ones they've all been really good.

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>tfw no slim athletic aeldari gf

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So would you guys rather see THICC models or greyfucks on a board?

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That's not really how it happened though, at least as the FW and BL HH books portray it. Even when people did try to honor them, they were so bitter and proud that they didn't want to accept it.

What pert wanted:

>Oh glorious warrior, thank you for your aid in this war! Truly your deeds and the deeds of your sons deserve commemoration!
>Pssh. That's not what we Iron Warriors are about! We don't need praise or glory.
>But my Lord, I insist! We simply MUST praise you!
>Oh all right, but it's not because I want it or anything!

What pert got:

>Oh glorious warrior, thank you for your aid in this war! Truly your deeds and the deeds of your sons deserve commemoration!
>Pssh. That's not what we Iron Warriors are about! We don't need praise or glory.
>O-oh. Okay. Are you sure? Bec-

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Thinyourpaints, all day every day.

Because at least they're trying.

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Didn't the iron warriors have to do really monotonous shit like year long sieges, dig trenches, bust trenches, hold weird back water planets, take on dangerous jobs that lead to many casualties?

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>What is it about your favourite army/race/faction that you can't stand?
Orks. Everyone always expects me to be this goofy motherfucker who doesn't try to win and just yells WAAAAGH all the time, and then they're super disappointed when I'm just a regular player.
>What's that one bit of lore that you always ignore or that one rule that prevents you fielding the model you like most?
Stompa. All of its rules.

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Tau Ethereals all being over the top villians. I like it when they're still clearly being shown to be the best rulers for Tau society while purposefully downplaying their ruthlessness. Good example is when some Ethereals save a shit ton of Fire Warriors from going full Khorne on a bunch of Berzerkers.

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First for Null Maidens

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Man, my dick wants me to like big tiddy breeders, but when you stop and think about it, athletic really is the best body type.

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100% the thicc boys, they still look fine from a distance and we could have a laugh about it

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Fuck t*u is what.

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Yeah, most of the time by choice.
Actually pre-Perto IWs weren't in too bad of a position. Perty's presence made the whole IW situation worse in every way.

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Use a recaster, dinkus. I buy mine for $29. Not much of a difference, but every bit helps.

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It's not that strong a weapon, and has a built-in anti-spam clause. I don't get it.

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so I just found out that eldar look basically human under their helmets. I haven't been into warhammer for long but was always curious what eldar really look like. I google it and they are just fucking humans with pointed ears! What the fuck!?

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Primaris Marines.
And luckily nothing, space marine lore isn't that awful to outright prevent me from playing something.

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Thicc. No contest. I just wish there were studios with the same animu style as KD doing that shit.

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But it really isn't. Thicc is biologically proven to be the best suited for child raising and birthing.

Sticc women are at higher risk of childbirth related issues such as needing C-sections, dying during childbirth, premature babies.

And don't even get me started on obese women. That's a whole different story of tragic.

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>space elves look like elves

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What specialist game would you want GW to make or bring back?

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They didn't have to, Perturabo just through them into that sbit because ??? and then complained when step 3 wasn't profit.

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>Sorry Brother Captain, you cannot use that weapon.
>Why? Surely carrying a Thunder Hammer into battle would increase my effectiveness agai-
>W-why tho?
>You're too tall.
>Oh. Okay. Well then, let me just call the Land Raider to come pick us up.
>Well about that.

Primaris should be able to use all marine wargear. I get if you don't want to cross pollinate with squads, but with characters and transports they should have the options. Make primaris take 2 spaces in a Land Raider, let my Captain take a power axe or whatever.

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>Ruuuuuuuh why elf look like elf?

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>just fucking humans with pointed ears!
Wrong. Most fanart and modern shit by crap artists have them as humans with pointed ears, but lorewise they're far more gaunt, gangly, and long-faced. They do look positively more alien in actual artwork.

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Battlefleet gothic

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grey because they have the potential to be good eventually

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I would if I'd know where to look.
I started practically last week, so I haven't had time to get acquainted with any.

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If you're gay

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Custom forge world traits like everyone else, maybe forgeworld specific canticles, and a handful of strats.

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Are Renegade Knights >fun or are they strictly worse than their Imperial counterparts?

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Judge Dredd

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>Titty Eldar
>One of two game characters not to get mentioned in the main Blackstone Fortress novel
>Gets a little side story with her on the cover
>gets upstaged in the story by dark eldar, the way it should be
Totally irrelevant

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When should I take my resin out and scrub it? Just tossed it and rumbled it in some soapy water

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I'm pretty fine with my army/race/faction honestly. It's weak, but fun to collect, paint and play!

What I dislike is how badly GW did the Monolith. It deserves so much better than it has.

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No clue, they seem to be doing better than their imperial counter-parts in tournies BUT that's not really proof of being better or worse. A buddy of mine bought a few of them when they came out, but still haven't painted them.

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silly goy, buy our NEW primaris tanks for your primaris. land raiders? nope, can't use those, because you need to buy the primaris tanks, for primaris! What's that, you have a mostly manlet marine army, and want to transport them in a primaris repulsor? NOPE! sorry! You need to but primaris marines to use this primaris repulsor!!!

I honest to god fucking hate these restrictions, and I am honestly surprised there's not more uproar about it. Are the TT community really this passive?

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>athletic that goes full big tiddy as a result of breeding
your dick and your brain can work together on these things, my man

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I let resin soak in warm water with soap for about 20-35 minutes. Then scrub and dry.

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>want to play whfb or maybe aos
>no fantasy niggers in the area, only 40k
anyone have some conversion ideas for a fantasy themed 40k army? I genuinely don't really like many of the 40k models

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Help me.
Craftworlders or Necrons?

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It's on a 30 point character model.

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So me n my friend just played our first game of 40k. It was rather one-sided.

I played GSC, he played Chaos Marines. I forgot my creed passive, he forgot his legion passive. He didn't use psychers or charging, I didn't use Cult Ambush. We screwed up damage distribution. And probably line of sight rules. And number of attacks.

I had fun.

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The knowledge will reveal itself to you in time, Legionbro. I’d post a link to my Ivan, but I don’t want any newf(ags)riends bumbling in and nuking the site like they did the codex mega.

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>Yeah, I'm up for a game, bro. Just let me unpack my army bag first and then we'll play.

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Repulsor doesn't have the Primaris tag

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There's been constant discontent over it.

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Who has the Regent's Shadow to share?

It as taken down from VK and the mega links haven't been updated ...in a while

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How much should I scrub it?

>> No.71304221

Codex mega is back up, idiot OPs keep taking it out


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Necrons are fun, but not in the best of places right now. If you can live with not always winning though, you might want to try them out!

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Is a nigga telling me repulsors can carry manlets and primaris...

but a land raider cannot?


Yes, but noone is doing any notable thing about it.
A husband who's wife is fucked by another man should take action, and a) leave her or b) pummel the fuck out of the other man.
A husband who's discontent with his wife being fucked by another man, but does nothing about it? Well we all know what that is.

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So my girlfriend and I have been tossing around the idea of making Fenrisian Eldar. Yes that's snowflakey, but it's somewhat supported by the lore, what with the increasing amount of evidence that Fenris is/was an exodite world. The idea is this:

>Use Eldar and 3rd party (including Kingdom Death) models to make exodites
>Maybe throw in some Sylvaneth and whatever the AoS wood elves are called now
>Run them with the eldar codex
>Use them as an allied detachment for friendly narrative games, or as opposing armies on the rare occasion my girl wants to play

And before you accuse me of being a neckbeard for the titty models, yes I am, but also the TNA part was her idea.

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Cool sticker bro, where'd you get it?

>> No.71304232


Near perfect warriors that were able to survive the War in the awe way but get BTFO on the tabletop surprisingly easy.


Elite alien hunters that are a collection of some of the best space marines around. Die incredibly easily on the table top and generally play worse than regular marines.

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it's the thought that counts. I know there's an ivan selling Kriegers, but the month-to-ship and fact that my LGS is a gw kinda limit the usefulness.

>> No.71304242

>opponent plays horde army, all stored in a bag with each individual model having it's own section in foam trays
>have to wait 30 minutes just for him to unpack all his fucking shit to start playing
im glad he has movement trays now at least but why can't hordefags just magnetize to a tray or dump them into a fucking bucket

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Skaven AdMech
Savage orks
Thousand sons birb spam

>> No.71304247

I hear people talk all the time here about people house-ruling it in FLGSs and clubs, but unfortunately the only game store within 50 miles of me is a GW, so I can't really do that shit.

Do you actually think there are jews involved or are you just memeing? I can never tell.

>> No.71304249

There probably are people who have left 40k over it, but you won't hear about them as they've left.

>> No.71304259

>Is a nigga telling me repulsors can carry manlets and primaris...
but a land raider cannot?
That's cause they can't reach the door

>> No.71304263

Oh sweet.

>> No.71304272

There are always Jews involved in it. Someway and somehow.

>> No.71304274

Citation needed.

>> No.71304275

I scrub with an old soft toothbrush once or twice over; nothing serious. It’s just enough to ensure nothing is left on the model.

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Yeah, that sucks.

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The good early days playing on a door on saw horses, with books and scrap 2x4's for terrain.

>> No.71304300

Am I going crazy, or was there a regimental doctrine/order/stratagem that let guardsmen fire into targets that were engaged in close combat with another guard squad?
Also, on that note, my codex doesn't say a word about commissars having voice of command, but battlescribe does... when did that happen?

>> No.71304302

The fact you need a citation for this and weren't taught this as a part of secondary school biology, is concerning.

>> No.71304307

>what with the increasing amount of evidence that Fenris is/was an exodite world
Christ the snowflake never ends with the Wolves, does it?

>> No.71304310

Primaris.. can't reach the land raider door?

>> No.71304318

Please just do a basic google search. Humans are ingrained to find thicker women, wide hips, and larger breasts attractive because they’re biological signs of being able to give birth to healthy children.

Athletic women can still give birth to healthy children just as easily, but we don’t find them as attractive because athletic women typically carry less of the traits we see on thicker individuals. Also being lean can cause certain reproductive cycle issues.

That’s it really.

>> No.71304320

It's a commonly repeated "fact" that's total bullshit, and I'm inviting you to find a source so you look into it and realize it's not true. It's right up there with large breasts being attractive because they produce more milk for offspring.

>> No.71304323

I like the ork dudes who have a different yogurt tub for each squad

>> No.71304325

I played fantasy as an excuse to put my models on display, so winning doesn't matter.
I'm worried about painting them though. Plain metal is very boring.
Eldar don't have that problem, although I don't like their fluff as much.

>> No.71304328

It's the valhallan order. Commissars don't have the voice of command innately, but it is possible to give it to them.

>> No.71304331

For a Necromunda campaign I'm going to be making a unique bounty hunter. What's a good model to base it off of?

>> No.71304334

Pretty sure what passes for thicc (aka girls that would have just been fat 10 years ago) is past the point of diminishing returns for improving childbirth.

>> No.71304336

see >>71304320

It's bullshit.

>> No.71304340

It's not bullshit, it is fact. Wide childbaring hips and big tits are superior to that of athletic slimness and smolbuubs.

This isn't up for debate, this is fact. If you LIKE athletic women, that's true too, and it's fine. But you cannot deny biology.

>> No.71304343

How many officers do you want for a Guard army? Is there some ratio/rule-of-thumb for infantry squads/order?

>> No.71304349

Do you think it needs to be better offensively or defensively?

>> No.71304352

Deathmaidenworld Feral Exodites seem neat. Why do they need to be literally from Fenris?

>> No.71304353

the door is too small

>> No.71304355

It fits terminators, so it can fit primaris.

>> No.71304367

Chubby chaser cope

>> No.71304370

Not him, but it needs to be better defensively and also gain its utility back and be cheaper so it's not taking up so much of the list.

>> No.71304371

>This isn't up for debate, this is fact.

Do it. You fucking can't, because it's bullshit. Just look into it.

>> No.71304374

He wants you to find some article of a sociologist claiming biology isn't real because it's inconvenient to their political narrative.
They'll say things like because African women walk around topless that means men don't naturally like big tits. It's all just made up nonsense part of some SuperPAC's political powerplay.
You know what's real.

>> No.71304376

How do you deal with cawls moving castle? Those stupid fucking 80's robots shoot enough dakka to make an ork blush

>> No.71304380

>Mohawk donning champion of chaos
>then pic related


>> No.71304382

What pistol are the old rogue trooper beaky space marines rocking?

You know like brother Craig/Johnny.

Is it a mauler bolt pistol?

>> No.71304384

i read the two Bloody Rose siters ones, the Leman Russ one and the Necron one.
i found all of them nice and hope they will publish more of sister Augusta.

>> No.71304385

Because I play Space Wolves and my girl often helps me paint, and this whole army idea started when I mentioned that Fenris may or may not used to have been home to space elves.

1 officer per soldier is the best. Can't have the men getting out of line can we? Best to have a commissar for each officer too, you never know when they might need moral support.

>> No.71304387

Why do necron vehicles have pilots?

>> No.71304388

default Company Champions are better than default Chapter Champions

>> No.71304395

No, I want you to provide some evidence supporting some idea that higher fat content above a healthy weight leads to better child birth in the modern day.

>> No.71304396

*manlet terminators

>> No.71304400

although the ultramarine chapter champion is radical, with his 2H sword AND a gladius, pretty cool.

>> No.71304409

>higher fat content above a healthy weight leads to better child birth
That's not what's being claimed.

>> No.71304418

primaris grey knights?

>> No.71304420

but no invul, and can't take the Shield Eternal
and converting your own champion is always better

>> No.71304428

>Thicc is biologically proven to be the best suited for child raising and birthing.
It kind of is. Unless this anon is using thicc to just mean wide hips, which isn't generally how it's used.

>> No.71304430

>Both these anons see childbaring women the same as being fat.

Ah yes, you've just proven you do not know a single fucking thing on the matter. Good going, now we can keep talking about 40k.

>> No.71304443

Is that because the UM chapter champion was part of the command squad? back in the terminator marneus days?

Or is there something i'm missing?

>> No.71304445

In the very post you quoted he specifically said that obese women are tragic.
He's clearly talking about wide child-bearing hips and nice big tits, not being a fatass.
Whatever, this is a dumb conversation. I'm going to stop replying after this.

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>> No.71304449

It's the old style of the Umbra pattern.

>> No.71304450

AdMech/SoB nogames nominis nolife again. I ended up with 1400 points on a Battalion Detachment build; should I just fill it in with Rhinos for transports or is mixing in 600 points of Mechanicus considered acceptable?

>> No.71304451

This isn't the first time the Guard got their files fucked up. Thank Cruddace for giving you guys the second most options of any army.

>> No.71304458

Literally all I've asked you to do is cite your source and prove that it's not just an antiquated truism that doesn't apply in the modern day, which you haven't even tried to do. If it was so common and so universally known and confirmed, surely a simple google search could turn up a wealth of supporting evidence on your side right?

And before your stupid ass starts conflating THICC with wide hips, that's not how it's used and you know it.

>> No.71304467

>80's robots

Nigga, you call them 80's robots as well? I thought that was just in my group.

>> No.71304476

our group calls them 50's robots since they're clearly more 50's inspired than 80's inspired.

>> No.71304485

I thought so, but the umbra looks too long.
The mag well is at the front.

>> No.71304487

So when you lose a game, what happens to /yourdudes/? Do they die, and get replaced with another battalion/chapter/whatever? Or do they make a tactical retreat? e
Everyone that "dies" just getting grievously wounded and waiting until the enemy passes them before setting up again?

>> No.71304489

Well then that's confusing, as command squads have been chopped into seperate units, so surely the UM chapter champion would be better now?

>> No.71304496

I hope not. I hope GK just get another wound because fuck you. It also wouldn't make much sense considering the process of becoming a Grey Knight.

>> No.71304500

They die.

Fuck you, and your OC snowflakes.

>> No.71304509

I roll on the casualty recovery chart

>> No.71304510

I always wondered what happened to the death company once the game finished, i mean they have to be put down by their own army right? They have the Black Rage ability which means they are already done for

>> No.71304514

Basically fires of cyraxus

>> No.71304516


>> No.71304520

that's just because they unfucked the proportions of the gun when they modernized it

>> No.71304523

Thicc was originally, and I still use it, for women with wide hips and big tits. I do not use it for chubby, or overweight women.
Thicc was hijacked by chubby and overweight women because they wanted in on all the action. but, men with sense can see right through it.

I would find a source, but truth be told I don't want to spent time doing it, I don't want to further shit up this thread with off-topic chatter, and I also don't want to sift through the plethora of SJW tripe which shills obese women as "thicc" and all that shit which is involved as well.

>> No.71304525


>> No.71304529

The small fry die and the characters and units equipped with teleporters warp away

>> No.71304531

>he can't into google scholar

Brainlet detected

>> No.71304533

Do these fuck huge wings count as part of the model for LOS?

>> No.71304535

Resurrection protocols, baby!

>> No.71304540

But you still refer to them as <decade>'s robots.

Doesn't that seem a bit strange? That two unrelated groups would come up with an identical name for something?

>> No.71304541

If they have a name in my codex (basically everyone Sarge and above) they're wounded and recover later, because I don't want to refluff /mydudes/ twice a month. On a couple occasions I have included a tabletop death into my "canon", like my original Chapter Master incapacitating (killing) Abaddon in a duel, but succumbing to his wounds (getting punched in half by a helbrute) afterwards. The same opponent and I then used Abaddon's and my CM's wounded bodies as objectives in our next narrative game, and since I got there first, I was able to recover him and stick him in a Contemptor. My chapter champion also got killed by lelith in this weird drunken arena game my wife and I played once.

>> No.71304542

>Thicc was originally, and I still use it, for women with wide hips and big tits.
There's already a term for that: hourglass

>> No.71304544

there's an older casualty chart, roll on that. But if you've put work into your HQ, maybe write it off as they bravely ran away at the last moment or were injured.

>> No.71304553

Normally I would say yes, since the wings should be a vital part of the creature, but there are already holes in it, so no. Note that I prefer logic autism over rules autism, though.

>> No.71304557

>We should stop

I agree. You're still retarded, but we've shit up the thread enough. Agree to disagree. Retard.

>> No.71304559

From CA1 in the fucking city fight portion

>> No.71304560

>not wanting OCs that end up horrid messes of bionics and hate, with personal grudges based on past games
critical lack of soul detected

>> No.71304561

Aye, and "Sick" is used for something which is good. And "Whack" was used as a word for something which was bad.

Thicc is just a new memeword, for hourglass.

And even then hourglass was fucking hijacked by overweight women. You'd be fucking astounded how many profiles i've seen described as "Hourglass" and they're basically ovals.

>> No.71304567

Casualties don't necessarily mean dead. sometimes its retreating, sometimes wounded, sometimes desertion and sometimes killed.

>> No.71304572

>Fenris is/was an exodite world


The fucking imperials are stealing our lore

>> No.71304573

Retarded, but right. Cunt. But sure, agree to disagree, you cunt.

christ we're like imperial fists and iron warriors up in this shit. All over hip ratios.

>> No.71304589

>WD mega still there

So this is a brazen act of deliberate faggotry. For what purpose?

>> No.71304591

>big fucking wings on a flyrant counts as limbs

get fucked lmao

>> No.71304594

The loss is not canon.

>> No.71304627

I mean you should be asking yourself "If a lascannon tore the fuck through this part of the mini, would it be a problem?"

A banner of topknot getting taken off is cosmetic. Losing a wing is a bad time.

>> No.71304638

All these guys in the thread arguing about the "ideal" female form, I'm over here wishin' for SoB gf

>> No.71304644

Well, i've got something in mind for exactly this.

Vehicles get destroyed if they explode. They get damaged, recovered, and eventually repaired if they do not explode.

Troops die, commanders survive but barely, and actual named characters are effectively given an emergency evac, escorted by nearby marines (who we assume end up dying) to save iconic names of the chapter from a needless, honourless death.

Dreadnoughts I usually say die, due to high turnover rates, (who knows, one of the marines who "died" earlier become a dread), but pic related my tyrannic dreadnought would simply be repaired and revived after every near-death experience.

And when a new game starts, we just assume that replacements from reserve companies are brought up to fill the new spaces, or newly promoted scouts get the honour.

>> No.71304648

it's just a game. I'm not going to convert a new character every time my captain dies

>> No.71304649 [DELETED] 

>implying that isn't the ideal female form

>> No.71304653

Not canon, SoBs don't have any augmentations.

>> No.71304655

just go to the gym and get a varbie gf, simple

>> No.71304660

>I mean you should be asking yourself "If a lascannon tore the fuck through this part of the mini, would it be a problem?"

I mean he has 8 more limbs but i guess it would be extremely painful.

>> No.71304661

What's a general level of acceptable competitiveness? Is "Hm. I'm getting beat. Maybe I should change doctrines/add some stuff to balance it out" alright, or is that a slippery slope into waacfaggotry?

>> No.71304666

Then the robots die at all, ever?

>> No.71304668

Yeah you get a body like that from a surgeon, not from the gym.

>> No.71304671

no, waacfaggotry is "My army just got nerfed, i'm going to literally ebay it."

I'm not kidding.

>> No.71304673

Going to kitbash some cooler artillery for some Iron Warriors. Fuck basic stuff. IRON WITHIN! IRON WITHOUT!

>> No.71304680

I maintain that wings confer an ingame effect and thus should count as part of the model. If it's something decorative - then ignore it, but if it's something that has meaning on the tabletop - it's part of the mini.

>> No.71304682

For you.

>> No.71304692

damn she thicc

>> No.71304699

>johnny mini
Shit this reminded me that I still haven't painted my johnny. What chapter should I do?

>> No.71304700

Whatever the people you play against are like.

>> No.71304701

thank you son, for using it correctly. now I can die in peace. farewell.

>> No.71304706

Ah. I'm new and I'm terrified of being 'that guy'.

>> No.71304711

depends on the army
got fast melee? charge one unit and pile into the rest of them to lock down their shooting for 2 turns
got lots of dakka? fucking shoot them
play eldar or SM? just win the game
or play objectives if thats more your speed

>> No.71304712

I feel like the word thicc has come to have a number of meanings. Apparently it can mean:

>Skinny woman with cosmetic surgeries
>Actually overweight woman
>Slightly overweight woman with good proportions
>Skinny woman with wide hips and big tits

>> No.71304717

Fuck's wrong with her claw hand?

>> No.71304723

It should only mean the latter.

#1 is an insult
#2 is a lie
#3 is a hopeful woman

>> No.71304724

What the fuck does the word thicc even mean you goddam zoomers?

>> No.71304725

lost some fingers jilling off a deldar

>> No.71304729

Look at the collage in /wip/ and choose one that have not been done yet.

>> No.71304730

so uh, what are necrons supposed to do, asking for a friend.

>> No.71304731

just count the head, torso, and legs for LoS, disregard everything else on the model
for tanks, main hull and turrets

>> No.71304737

You may not like it, but this is what peak Sister looks like.

>> No.71304740

Don't paint knights in chapter colors

>> No.71304741

I guess to use her pinky finger to take the photo while keeping a good grip. I find I can't normally hold my phone and tap the central button with my thumb to take a photo, as my thumb's too big and my nail taps the glass, which doesn't register.

...but then again she's a woman so has smaller hands so shouldn't have my issue.

You know what, I don't know what's with the klaw.

>> No.71304744


>> No.71304747

Well the chick in the picture is just a STICC with plastic surgeries, and apparently she counts.

>> No.71304749

Sure can, pretty sure there'd be some knight house on macragge all decked up in ultramarines shit because they'd be super proud of it.

>> No.71304752

but what if i have a dishonored freeblade that has pledged itself to a chapter to redeem itself for their sins?

>> No.71304754

Very hot, not going to lie.
How can centuries old flat eldar can even compete ?

>> No.71304760

Pretty sure those hips aren't plastic surgery. They're way too smooth and defined for that, and if they are, they're astoundingly realistic and makes me wonder why more plastic surgeons can't do this.

>> No.71304763

Even Jes Goodwin says not to do that

>> No.71304766

>Unironically liking cowtits

>> No.71304768

Yeah, paint them in House Terryn colors like a civilized person.

>> No.71304772

Correct, also paint all knights with individual heraldry AND house colors.

>> No.71304777

What's his reasoning?

>> No.71304780

Would a Gundam scheme look good on Guard tanks if I want a colorful force?

>> No.71304781


>> No.71304782

It looks stupid and dumb

>> No.71304786

other than severina, were there any official female commissar models? or is the guy on ebay lying through his teeth?

>> No.71304790

Knights are not fucking astartes.
Knights are knights.

Finally, men of taste.

>> No.71304792

They aren't space marines

>> No.71304793

>Pretty sure those hips aren't plastic surgery.
They are. Just google her and walk it back 5 years.

>they're astoundingly realistic and makes me wonder why more plastic surgeons can't do this.
Most people's ideas of what plastic surgery looks like was set in place 10 years ago. Modern high-end plastic surgeries can be incredibly hard to see, with the exception of breast augmentations and nose jobs, which can look much better now than they used to, but are still really hard to hide.

>a c-cup is cow-tits
You what?

>> No.71304794

So.. a knight, with its own heraldry and house name, can't have a banner or two hanging from it of the space marine chapter which it shares a homeworld with or solar system with?

Sounds a bit closeminded anon.

>> No.71304796

>sob all have space tattoos on their faces

MADE for orc cock

>> No.71304797


>> No.71304802

pinky and index are being used to stabilize the phone, from what it looks like

weird-ass way of doing things, but it does keep it steady regardless of the angle you hold it at

>> No.71304804

The mega link in the AoS thread used to have the Warhammer Horror novels but the new link doesn't. Are there any links that still have those? Didn't see them in the ones posted in the OP.

>> No.71304805

I didn't say they are, niggers.

>> No.71304808

It's probably just a bit of photoshop, camera angles, and panties pulled up high over her hips

>> No.71304813

Yeah my first game of 40k went a similar route. 6 years later and hundreds of minis painted since then

>> No.71304814

That shit drives me up the fucking wall. Even ignoring how unfluffy it is; part of the appeal of Knights is making the heraldry and such. It's so cheap to just paint them like your spess mehreens.
Read the post chain, imbecile. This is about painting Knights in chapter colors.

>> No.71304817

>cadian warp tainted purple eyes

>> No.71304819

No, she actually has cosmetic surgery. That's not a guess, I just googled her.

>> No.71304825

Well, the ears are a big charm point in their favor.

>> No.71304829

Well then they don't get to wear chapter heraldry, dumbass.
Knights are not part of the chapter's armorium.
They are also not auxiliary personnel like serfs.
Space marine chapters don't field knights.
Knights are knights.

>> No.71304830

>Our local Knight Fag has an entire army of knights, all shittily painted with Testor acrylics in Salamanders Colors
>Nigga plays Word Bearers

>> No.71304833

>Read the post chain, imbecile. This is about painting Knights in chapter colors
I did, and I have been.

I'm saying there's nothing wrong with a knight house on somewhere like macragge, incorporating the ultramarines blue into their armour.

Going full blue with gold trims, sure, that'd be fucking lameo, but nothing's wrong with the same blue being used, but with some unique patterns and other such details.

>> No.71304836

Bought a box of the 2019 Chaos Space Marines for some reason, I don't have any Chaos models besides Death Guard.

Thinking Night Lords or Iron Warriors for them but I'd like to do some customizing to make them stand out as those factions. What are some easy kitbash options?

>> No.71304840

What do people think of drop force scions/people who play them?
I am in the process of building a scion list that is completely transported by 3-4 valkyries and will have roughly 30 of the old metal stormtrooper models to be my scions. I want hector rex to be my nofos inquisitor too.

Is this a good idea? Would it be /fun/ to play and play against? What are the stereotypes of scion players?

>> No.71304842

>he cant make custom heraldry for his knight that pledged itself to a chapter
whatever, imaginationlet

>> No.71304845

How do I blow knightfags the fuck out

>> No.71304848

That and the fact that you get to fuck the smug out of them. It's the ultimate high-class-girl fantasy.

>> No.71304854

by simply not playing them.

>> No.71304857

Also do not paint Chaos Knights in legion or god colors.
Chaos Knights do not devote themselves to gods.
At best they're Dark Mechanicus or Undivided.

>> No.71304858

wouldn't say there are any real stereotypes of them, stormtrooper armies are rare

>> No.71304859

What is this, 2019 lmao?

>> No.71304864


>> No.71304873

>no iron warrior johnny
Time to corrupt him
with autism

>> No.71304875

you uh
got a source on that, chief?

>> No.71304877

Painting knights like space marines is literally as much of a lore rape as female space marines
>Chaos Knights do not devote themselves to gods.
Actually, that's wrong. There are god-related relics in the codex.

>> No.71304878


>> No.71304885

>No thanks man, your army doesn't look fun to play against.

>> No.71304894

There is an Iron Warrior. Next to the guardsman in the collage.

>> No.71304905

Ask them what their real army is.

>> No.71304913

Shut the fuck up you goddam faggot

People like you are the cancer that's killing this game you autistic little piece of shit, if you don't want to play a competative army DON"T PLAY THE FUCKING GAME ITS A COMPETATIVE GAME

Christ you people make me mad. CAACfags are cancers and deserve the noose.

>> No.71304919

Do Knights have good lore?

>> No.71304920


>> No.71304922


These. Do not acknowledge the Knight players. If he wants a game, you say:

"I want to play Warhammer 40,000, 8th edition. Not Titanicus"

And move on.

>> No.71304929


>> No.71304930

I've always seen it as just one particular part of the knight that's been blessed by a god and darkmech grafted it on.
The actual nobles / throne spirits are too crazy to scrap enough attention to devote themselves to any particular god, hence why the datasheets have no <God> keyword and there's no official art of monotheistic knights.

>> No.71304932

IW - Mark III, FW Iron Warriors bits, the old IW upgrade heads if you can find them
NL - Mark IV, FW Night Lords bits, the old NL upgrade heads if you don't find them utterly silly

>> No.71304936

>can no longer get 3++

knights are fine

>> No.71304938

Yeah. Knight codex for only having 3 actual units has an incredible amount of effort put in to making it fun and fluffy

>> No.71304940

4/10, the fullcaps meltdown gave it away. Need to keep a cool "scolding" tone, would get more bites that way.

>> No.71304941

Hope the enamel melts apart his Knights.

>> No.71304944

Not canon

>> No.71304946

Yeah okay I guess

>> No.71304947

It was one of the drawfags who posts on /aco/.


>> No.71304948

Shapeways. As long as by "easy" you don't mean cheap.

>> No.71304951

says who?
>the thrice blessed by nurgle knight decides he doesnt want to devote himself to any chaos god

>> No.71304956

Are orks overplayed? Are they any good? What do they do well?
I'm brand new and think they're gonna be my first army.
Also, any advice on avoiding plateaus when it comes to painting?

>> No.71304957

Like nigga, just play the mission. It's not like they're souping with Guard and BA.

>> No.71304959

>CAACfag cope

>> No.71304962

Oh that is? Thought it was but it seemed way too dark

>> No.71304972

If you have any plague marine bits left, you could bash the CSM into Heresy armour plague marines.

>> No.71304973

An Oath of Fealty does not mean they paint the knights in warband colors, you fucking brainlet.

>> No.71304977

caac? Is that some made up shitty version of waac, "casual at all costs"?

If you're seriously defending Waacfaggotry then you need help, perhaps a psychologist to find out why you're so hellbent on winning at all costs.

Bullied relentlessly, felt powerless, and now in this game you finally feel a drip of power for once?

Were you ignored, felt like nothing and winning games gets you much wanted recognition?

Either way, get help.

>> No.71304982

Tuning an army is fine. Tailoring a list to specific opponents is WAAC
Taking better performing units to fill a role your army is lacking in, or better weapon options is fine, Taking the exact net list that won the latest tournament is WAAC
Taking the best options on a bad unit is fine, ONLY taking the best units and switching them out the moment they get slightly nerfed or under perform WAAC.

People sometimes will complain about getting beaten, those people tend to be WAACs, People also sometimes assume that a fluffy army can't be effective or that to be fluffy your army has to be shit. Those people are stupid. the game is most fun when you're playing against a tough but fluffy list with an opponent who knows how to play their army depending on the objectives.

>> No.71304985


>> No.71304987

says who?
>also completely ignoring the second half of the argument

>> No.71304991

The Stormsurge and any suits bigger than it. Just headcanon they don't exist. Riptides push it as well, but too many people use them

>> No.71304992

but they might do, you fucking imaginationlet.
There's entire renegade guard armies who repaint to allied chaos legions, and you think a knight can't do the same? Fuck me.

>> No.71304996

>CAACfag cope

It's a competitive game dickbag, if you can't take it go back to little league. Participation trophies were a mistake.

>> No.71305004

>says who?
I cannot prove a negative, you retard.

>> No.71305005

Ah, can only make a shitty post. So I hit the nail on the head then.

I bet you have no actual friends at your local, they probably all fucking low-key hate you.

>> No.71305008

Does anyone know what you can actually make with this? Specifically, can I make 3 missile launchers, or 3 lascannons, or 3 autoguns? Or must I make one of each?

>> No.71305009

>Are orks overplayed?
Nah, they're pretty mid-tier in terms of popularity.
>Are they any good?
They can be, they have a few decent mid-tier builds but only one that's actually high-tier competitive.
>What do they do well?
Swamping the enemy with bodies. The strongest Ork lists are basically just an assload of Boyz with some HQs for buffing them.
I would suggest you don't worry about this too much. Just play was seems cool at first. No one wants their first army to be 300 models they have to paint.

>> No.71305013

>cant prove your point

>> No.71305014

I've got Mortarion, 3 Deathshroud Terminators and 3 Plagueburst Crawlers. What's the next step for a list that doesn't get destroyed in casual games?

>> No.71305021

7/10, doing better. But the last comment blew it, as it makes no sense being added.

>> No.71305022

you get 3 sprues with every heavy weapon on them and 3 sprues with the guardsmen on them. So yes, you can triple up on any of the heavy weapons.

>> No.71305023

Because a knight is not a fucking cannon fodder guardsman, he's an actual warrior of repute that the astartes would not acknowledge as one of them. Wearing chapter/legion colours would be seen as an insult.

>> No.71305024

Imagine how ridiculous you would sound if you were talking about poker, and begrudging people with the talent and who put in the time to be better at it than you.

Whence does this scrub mentality spring?

>> No.71305026

>can i kit this entire unit out the way i want without buying anotehr kit
the general rule of thumb is "no" with the tyranids being the notable exception to the rule

>> No.71305029


>> No.71305032

Okay retard. I'm wasting my time @ing a CAACfag, git gud. Out.

>> No.71305036

Based on the sprues on GW's site, it should have one of each, as the tripod is on the same sprue as each of the barrel mounts

>> No.71305039

>putting in time into finding the newest, hottest, overpowered list is the same as skill

Fucking DELUDED.


go fucking warm up ebay, you catastrophic faggot, for when knights get nerfed into the ground so you can make money to buy your next OP list with whatever is FOTM afterwards.

>> No.71305043

It has all the options to make every gun 3 times.

A savvy guardsmen can make multiple guns out of each sprue.

You can make a mortar, missile launcher, and your choice of HB, AC, or LC with some extra guardsmen. With some sandbags you can put the HB on that without it looking weird.

>> No.71305044

>legions have literal shit eating cultists hang around in colors similar to theirs
>this is fine
>fallen knight pilot of a thousand campaigns decides to ally with him and re paint his knight to match his new allegiance
>this is unacceptable

>> No.71305046

Implying that going to an LGS is the same as going to World Series of Poker. And desu, if Phil Helmuth was in my friend group, I wouldnt want to play with him unless it was for 5 buck buying and he wasnt mindraping us

>> No.71305049

>lmao I'll glue a porcelain doll face to it cuz nurgle
>so edgy
>damn I'm creative

>> No.71305055

Plasma pistol finished :)

Only thing left to build is the power fist and left shoulder pad.

>> No.71305058


Sounds pretty fluffy to me. I think Valkyries are cool as shit though.

I don't remember the specific FAQ update that GW did to fliers though, you should take a look for it to make sure that you don't auto-lose on turn 1 if your entire army is embarked in fliers.

>> No.71305060

>tfw dying and coming back is lore friendly for your faction
Nameless troops die, some of their soulstones get recovered and put in wraiths
Named Exarchs die, but get a new body in time for next week
Named HQs all get webway'd out, either by their own will or another seer
If one's ready to die, we play a "last stand" mission where they eat shit and either get retired or upgraded to wraithlord/seer

>> No.71305063

It's on a 30 point character model that also grants a RR1 to Hit aura for artillery, dipshit.

>> No.71305065

Why play chaos and not be edgy?

>> No.71305067

Looks great desu

>> No.71305068

>individuality irrelevant

>individuals with their own legacy and traditions
how is this hard to get

>> No.71305073

Fully transported armies are thematically cool.

>> No.71305081

So this is American hours

>> No.71305084

If he actually painted it like it was morphed from the armor with catharacted eyes leaking pus and blood, it could have been cool.

>> No.71305088

>midnight in America
>American hours

>> No.71305091

>Holocaust Stormtrooper squadron

>> No.71305093

>falling to chaos
>not being a tool
>giving a shit about your legacy and traditions
>being rivals with the legion you pledged fealty to

>> No.71305094

Yep. And it reminds me why Wh40k was an English made hobby, for mature and civilized English.

It's 5:15am and i've been here long enough I think.

>> No.71305096

I was thinking more in the context of Texas Hold Em with buddies, but one of them has put in the time to get better at it.

First of all, the game starts when you build your list, not on turn 1.

Second, even within the context of a strong list, if you look at a strong list like the Possessed Bomb, you can see a wide range of success with it. It's almost like there's a skill component to getting into top tables at tournaments.

>> No.71305097

With guys, you can make one of each.

without guys, you can make at least 2 of each 3 times.

you will need more bases though.

>> No.71305098

You should read more about sieges. I recommend Mark Urban's book on the 95th Rifles.

Artillery is a major component of sieges, but so are the storming parties themselves.

>> No.71305102

It's only midnight on the east coast.

>> No.71305106

>1 am
no, this is peak aussie hours

>> No.71305114

As if 11pm is any more of prime internet time

>> No.71305115

I soak it for 24 hours then scrub with a soft bristle tooth brush for 5-10 minutes.

>> No.71305118


Army for this boomer rock song?

>> No.71305122

>why did gw give us a new faction with unique lore
>why do they have their own color schemes
>shit what's with all this individual heraldry
>I'll just make them space marine robots

>> No.71305127

But that's bullshit, the game starts when you build your list, sure. But you can't possibly know what your opponent will have most of the time. So of course people just mathhammer the most OP army, and field those units.

Why do you think every SM player and their mothers was iron hands, for waacfaggots?

Now look at them, selling off their entire armies at $600 a pop and investing into Knights.

They have no loyalty, no passion, just wanna WIN. And it's honestly sad to see.

>> No.71305133

>Grey Knights Holocaust Psychic Power

>> No.71305137

trve pvnk girls wouldn't drink boba tea

>> No.71305138

It's 9pm on the west coast.

>> No.71305139

So that's why this thread is shit

>> No.71305140

>he cant come up with a reason for his knight to have both SM and household heraldry

>> No.71305141

It honestly wouldn't be so bad it it weren't so ugly? What's bigger than it besides that Taunar, anyway?

>> No.71305142

It's more like Texas Hold Em with your buddies, but your buddy starts bringing hundreds of dollars to ante with

>> No.71305153

I did wonder why her thighs looked weird.

>> No.71305154

Why would you do that? You say that like it's something you should strive to do.

>> No.71305156


>> No.71305159

When you have enough money to afford a knight bud, you can paint it however you want.

>> No.71305160

>new faction with unique lore
Hardly... they're just humans on human worlds in a human imperium, (or chaos worlds).

It's not like toasterfuckers, it's not even like sisters of battle who actually have considerable influence.

These are just haughty self-important noblefolk, who can only impose their rule over certain guard, at best.

>> No.71305173

>playing oldhammer
>friend playing Demonhunters
>casts this power
>calls manager over
>asks him how hard it is to deny
>manager just looks on with a defeated stare
had a good laff

>> No.71305176

Small and irrelevant factions are way more interesting than the big boys.

>> No.71305178

>old metal stormtrooper models
incredibly soulful
It would probably be more fun if you run the stormies/valks as one detachment, and then bring a second detachment of armor/infantry just so you're not running a one-trick gimmick list.
More fun for you and your opponent this way.

>> No.71305180

Nothing yet. And while part of the problem is that the Stormsurge is ugly, the other problem is that it just doesn't mesh well with the Tau's previously established outlook and methods when it came to titans. They were pretty firmly established as thinking building-size robots were inefficient, and just took them out with massed hammerheads or railgun tigersharks, which fits them well. GW introducing new giant robots to suddenly 180 on them is just an excuse to sell more big battlesuit models

>> No.71305182

>I'm gonna invent this specific excuse to my lore raping
>I hope he doesn't realize no one actually bothers with household heraldry

>> No.71305192

Does GW think people don't want models like this?

>> No.71305193

They're weak to melee.

>> No.71305194

>not one but two major knight houses got BTFO by literally who tyranid hivefleets
irrelevant is right

>> No.71305195

>I was thinking more in the context of Texas Hold Em with buddies, but one of them has put in the time to get better at it.
There comes a point where you've outgrown your friend group in skill level, especially if you spend 5 hours a day reading about theory and playing online, vs. The friend groups expectation of casual play for fun and entertainment.
If you're the skilled one, you'd be an absolute sperg to freak out if they don't want to play with you. Go to a casino, find people as passionate as you are about the game.
These problems are compounded in games with a meta, and an expensive buy in for each army

>> No.71305198

they're interesting, sure. But nothing stops you having some creativity. And by creativity I don't mean just painting them in 1:1 chapter schemes, that's not creative that's lazy. And as bad as greytide.

>> No.71305203

play tau

>> No.71305206

>it's ok guys they're not actually ultramarines
>see all this personal and household heraldry, right?

>> No.71305208

>And by creativity I don't mean just painting them in 1:1 chapter schemes
Then stop fucking attacking people who are saying to not do that.

>> No.71305210

>consistently calls it lore rape
>never provides evidence to why it is
funny that

>> No.71305214

I'm not the guy wanting marine knights. I want the to stay unique and full of flavor.

>> No.71305215

1-3 commanders and 1-2 platoon leaders, depending how much infantry you have.

>> No.71305216

>for when knights get nerfed into the ground
they already have been.

>> No.71305217

Are rock saws really a meme?

>> No.71305222

All the while Kroot, Vespid, and other auxiliaries get sidelined. We're never going to see Gue'vesa, are we?

>> No.71305224

>Amazing sculpting
>ok-ish paintjob
>not a single bit of unique heraldry in sight

Fuck me. lost it.

>> No.71305225

>household heraldry makes it fine guys
>look I've got plenty on mine

>> No.71305227

>resorts to strawmanning from den of ((((imagination)))) because he doesnt have an argument
fucking hilarious

>> No.71305232

I want smaller. More irrelevant. I want Hrud.

>> No.71305237

What is the LEAST popular army at your LGS? No meme garbage obviously such as Inquisition, R&H or Necrons

>> No.71305239

>Why do you think every SM player and their mothers was iron hands, for waacfaggots?

I think IH were an unhealthy exception as a top-dog list, with how easy they were to pilot - and accordingly ruining the game even for casuals.

>They have no loyalty, no passion, just wanna WIN
And that drive to win isn't passion for a game? You've got a very narrow definition of passion.

>Now look at them, selling off their entire armies at $600 a pop and investing into Knights.
It's more like the return of Guard-Knight-[Melee Threat] than Knights per se, and that's been good for pretty much the whole edition.

>> No.71305240

>den of ((((imagination))))
As someone in the industry, i'm silently chuckling at this.

>> No.71305242

Post your dudes and what they're all about

>> No.71305245

theyre on a 3 attack, strength 5 base, weapon skill 2+ with rr1s and +1 to wound rr1s platform if you get your buffs in order like a good boy, so yeah, theyre pretty memey
oh and you can take 8 in a unit if you feel so inclined

>> No.71305249

Ultramarines at least KIIIIND of makes sense because of the ultramar thing.

But really, people in general paint their armies much too uniformly. You shouldn't be afriad to use slightly different color schemes for different units. Using the exact same colors for your whole army makes it look bland - you have to remember the big picture, and that just like one individual model, your army as a whole is an art piece, and you want contrast.

And that goes double for when it's a huge model, and triple when you're shitting on the lore just to be a lazy bitch boy.

>> No.71305251

If you want to play a game competitively there are plenty of options that are more suited for that than 40k.

>> No.71305253


GW thinks that people want models like that at $35 a piece

>> No.71305255

No, this bad boy is the deadliest weapon in the 41st millennium.

>> No.71305256

im a sucker for the goofy ass OG blue and yellow UM scheme so i like it
>hes still going

>> No.71305257

Go for a walk anon. I agree that painting your knight like a space marine isn't as cool, but posting like this isn't healthy for you.

>> No.71305260

But I enjoy 40k, and presumably so do the tourneyfags that rustle your jimmies, otherwise they wouldn't spend significant amounts of their time and money on it

>> No.71305263

Didn't we just do this?

>> No.71305265

Murking Feddies.

>> No.71305269

Only Space Marines get to be tacticool.

>FW makes Mk II, Mk III, Mk IV, and Mk V for Space Marines
>meanwhile GW removes everything except Cadians and Catachans from the store

>and then Valhallans go up on Made to Order but Elysians are still dead and gone .

>> No.71305277

>shitting on lore
either provide evidence, shut the fuck up, or resort to posting shitty conversions from DoI like the other knightfag

>> No.71305279

Maybe have it as a mini game after the battle where what's left of your blood angels fight what's left of their death company

>> No.71305281


>> No.71305287

those bois better be raptors.

>> No.71305288

No one gives a single shit about Household heraldry because they're not a part of the fluff.

>> No.71305291

So, at least 1 order per 2 squads of guardsmen?

>> No.71305294

I'm a simple man

>> No.71305298

Why it's a fluff rape has been laid out in baby terms multiple times in this thread, but (you)'re too much of a brainlet to grasp them
Try reading the codex sometime, perhaps
It has pretty pictures in it, so they might be easier to understand
There's no space marines there though, so I understand why it might be hard

>> No.71305300

So if I play a few matches against someone, and they bring a certain type of unit, or perform a certain strategy, and I swap models around and change weapons/items/etc in order to have a better chance of countering him, is that tuning or tailoring?

>> No.71305308

Too sad for orks tbqh

>> No.71305314

Are you that autistic guy with the rainbow army? If so, post it

>> No.71305319

Well yeah but I'm curious

>> No.71305324

Yeah. I think the Kroot range still has quite a bit of potential, but they've just been handled really poorly. Vespid are just too similar to what the rest of the Tau already do. If they had BS 4 or some sort of weird special rule they'd have more going for them.

Gue'vesa should be easier now than ever with how they handled GSC, since they literally could just add infantry squads as an option to the Tau list, and just add the ability to take drones and maybe support turrets. Only relies on existing sprues and doesn't alter anything major. I'm really unsure why they haven't.

>> No.71305331

>Den of Airbrish

Airbrushing doesn't equate to skill, den.

>> No.71305337

Even the Ultramar Auxillia doesn't canonically wear Us, and that's one of the most heavily branded loyalist chapters. The only time I think it would actually work is for a Chaos Legion

>> No.71305342

A Death Guard warband that wants to bring the galaxy together in friendship. You can either come willingly to their side, or they will spread plagues and murder everyone and bring them back as zombies to be zombie friends.

>> No.71305344

Other than the monolith all vehicles have one or two skeletons piloting it.

Kill your enemy first turn like space marines but with balanced rules unlike space marines.

>> No.71305349

Vespids with the new re-roll strat makes them pretty good

>> No.71305351

I'd expect Ultramar Auxillia to have the U's somewhere on their attire, even if it's a chest icon, or a kneepad logo. But their shoulderpad would be something unique, like a regiment number, an aquila, a skull with wings perhaps to denote astartes, or even a constellation of 'stars' representing the macragge system of worlds.

>> No.71305354

You're dumb and lame for painting your knight like a space marine anon, sorry.

>> No.71305356

Wow. So plain they don't even deserve a shitty composite meme picture.

>> No.71305373

At least it's not "me sad kill everything".

>> No.71305377

What's the lowest pt level one can go to before things get too unbalanced? 1,000? Somewhere between 500 and that?

>> No.71305378

>implying i play knights
sorry, i dont play an army for faggots

>> No.71305383

I don't know what you're referring to, but I'm certainly not saying you shouldn't strive for cohesion. I'm saying that things like painting your librarians blue and your tech marines red instead of your chapter colors is a good idea, I'm saying dark angels with their 3 different color schemes make a very interesting army, I'm saying that painting ever model with the exact same 5 colors in the same ratio makes your army look bland as fuck.

>> No.71305386

Go be a paedophile somewhere else

>> No.71305391

Thank you.
I posted my mixed colors Guardsmen here a while ago and people screeched at me because every unit needs to be from the same regiment.

No they don't.

>> No.71305392

Rude. I just want my army of best friends.

>> No.71305395

Reminds me of Warriors of Ultramar where the PDF of Tarsis Ultra have ridiculous, borderline offensive parade uniforms based on the Ultramarines

>> No.71305400

I've got a guard regiment made almost entirely out of recast hostile environment bodies. Their fluff is that the specialize mostly in low visibility environments so everything they use is either short range like demolishers, or just blind saturation bombardment like wyverns. Also lots of chimeras.

Also have AdMech but I haven't done much with their fluff beyond being obsessed with "the science of war". GW pls give me my fucking myrmidons in 40k

>> No.71305401

What does a standard Guard army look like?

>> No.71305408

Based. I have both Iron Warriors and Renegades & Heretics in my list, and only a single model in the renegades has IW colors, and it's because I fluff him as a diehard IW fanboy.

>> No.71305413

They are

>> No.71305414

Yeah, it makes them better, but they're still doing what a lot of other things in the army do: drop out of the sky and blast things with guns. It's less that they're bad and more that they aren't very unique.

>> No.71305415

I understand now. I remember a thread where someone playing tau insisted that every unit needs to be a different color. One blue, one pink, one purple and it did not look good

>> No.71305416

>because every unit needs to be from the same regiment.
It's pretty dumb, because the current force organization encourages you to have troops from multiple regiments.

>> No.71305417

93+ retards and a bunch of tanks.

>> No.71305419

Around 60-90 Guardsmen, 2-3 Tank Commanders, 2-3 Russes, 2-3 Artillery pieces, a Priest, 2 Astropaths and maybe some other things like Hellhounds or a Bullgryn squad.

>> No.71305423

Which one of you guys said you listen to nothing but powerviolence?
Pic related is my current hobby progress album.

>> No.71305428

You are not a friend of justice.

>> No.71305432

>Around 60-90 Guardsmen
Fuck painting that.

>> No.71305436

Do Scions it into this standard army or are they optional?

>> No.71305445

depends on your definition of "standard"
if you mean good, then a bunch of LoS ignoring tanks and other shit to use your new dumb rules combined with a bunch of bodies to flood the board with no real structure
if you mean thematic, then a rigid command structure with pseudo platoons lead by a single company commander and his regimental assistants backed up by tank and/or artillery companies

>> No.71305449

It's expensive, but painting Cadians is pretty comfy and easy.

You can put them in there for sure. They are effective. Really you want at least 30 Guardsmen on foot and some Russes and some artillery, the rest is up to you.

>> No.71305450

At the absolute fucking MOST a knight may honor his marine allies with a place on a PART of their banner.

>> No.71305452


>> No.71305464

How come girls playing Nids is a stereotype?

>> No.71305469



>> No.71305470

They don't play them, they think they are cute. Girls play Eldar and Harlequins.

>> No.71305472

>posts evidence to the contrary of his argument
>considers this a victory
fucking lmao, enjoy my ultramarine blue knights with the standard issue U plastered over their old heraldry

>> No.71305474

They have bad taste.

>> No.71305475

>only 1 baneblade

>> No.71305478

Depends on how much effort you put into it. Painting them in 3 or 4 colors isn't too bad. You can always do just enough to get them tabletop ready and then go back later and do more if you so desire.

>> No.71305481

Because you wouldn't think that women would play the faceless horde of ever hungry space dinosaurs, but then they do.

>> No.71305482

Chaos is certainly one of the best armies to do it.

A good example of what I mean, is to have your "core" color - say purple, and always use that.

Make your warband's colors white and purple, but the cultists are shitty retards, so they wear black and purple rags, the HQs and other important boys wear red cloth over their armor, the possesed have orange-flesh mutations, ect. Even within a single color scheme you can have variety to make the units non homogeneous while maintaining the look of a coherent force.

>> No.71305485

Defend that

>> No.71305489

Takes all of a week or so of batchpainting to really crank out tons of ork boys, cadians, nids, ect.

>> No.71305495

>It's expensive

lol, GSC player here and they're so cheap compared to the other two troop choices.

>> No.71305498

They're feminine without being (conventionally) sexual.

You see a lot of people recommending Deldar as an army for your gf/wife/etc.
Women in these hobbies either swing into "table slut" territory where they'll have picked Deldar the moment they saw the bikinis
Or women who see the bikinis and assume the hobby is the same as TERA, WoW, and all the rest where the only women who play are the "table sluts" and NOPE out of the whole Warhammer 40k franchise.

Also you can get colorful.

>> No.71305502


>> No.71305504

>one chapter icon on the bottom of a banner = you can plaster as much chapter icons as you want all across the knight
I knew you were dumb, but this is legitimate mental retardation.

>> No.71305506

GSC is bar non the most expensive army to play and the models have so much detail for chaff. Great models, really fun looking army. I will never make a GSC army though.

>> No.71305507

I saw nails and I cringed. Simple as.

>> No.71305517

I unironically miss the platoon structure the Guard had from 3rd-7th

>> No.71305519

>troops cost an extortionate amount of money
>take like 5x as long to paint
>look fly as fuck
the price we pay for fashion and the best melee weapons in the game

>> No.71305520

>pseudo platoons lead by a single company commander
>lead by a company commander
>when platoon commanders exist

I mean, I'm building a list based on the Infantry Company ToE of the Tallarn 17th from an old FW book and I've chosen to run the Heavy Weapons Platoon leader as a CC (primarily so that I can use him to fill HQ slots for the Brigade rather than taking him as an actual third PC and needing to come up with another HQ option), so I can't really talk shit, but still.

>> No.71305524

They can be.

I bet your average knight house considers themselves to be about on the same level or higher than a chapter anyway, and wouldn't want to deign to covering up all their proud colors with marine wank.

>> No.71305525

Why should it be different for Renegade Knights ?

>> No.71305526

Every girl I've ever seen looks at them and goes "Oh these are cute". But like anything fantasy, girls pick elves because elves are are beautiful.

>> No.71305539

Yea, they're a nercomunda/kill team exclusive from my point of view

50 bucks for a fucking Achilles.

>> No.71305549

Only one guy (warlord) is alive and others are all ghosts/psychic manifestations of his dead comrades.
> Even in death they still serve.

>> No.71305552

There is a tripod and a bipod. The bipod is used for mortars and missile launchers. The tripod is for heavy bolter, auto cannon and laser cannon.

>> No.71305555

Guess my army.

>> No.71305556

i meant pseudo platoons WITH their respective platoon commanders, all lead by a single company commander

>> No.71305557


Yup i just got done with 40 neophytes, currently in the middle of 50 acolytes, and i got 30 guardsmen after that.

Soon . . .

>> No.71305559

Why should it be the same?

>> No.71305567

>tfw we used to be able to take Sentinels as part of a Command Platoon

>> No.71305570

Fire Niggers.

>> No.71305571


>> No.71305572

Now go read the knight codex.

>> No.71305575

>says knights never adopt marine heraldry
>proves himself wrong
>never has a knight gone the extra step across the whole galaxy across all time

>> No.71305578

Ah, I see. My mistake. Carry on, then.

>> No.71305584


>> No.71305588

I hate the normal nid head. Gunface is fantastic.

>> No.71305589

>want to run 9 in my fully mechanized GSC twisted helix list
>$450 plus tip
i hate this army

>> No.71305593


would you take that tuned list against some one else with a different army thinking it'd perform just as well

Or if you're only taking that unit against that specific opponent. then thats WAAC.

>> No.71305594

We both know you're arguing in bad faith. I see no reason to continue.

>> No.71305600

and yet here you are, still replying two hours later

>> No.71305606


>> No.71305610

A week of painting how many hours a day?

I paint 5 elites and i need a palette cleanser model.

>> No.71305625

Posts literally <30 seconds apart

>> No.71305629

because they have to show their allegiance the same way.

>> No.71305637

Tyranids are miniatures. All are little and colorful but tyranids rembember them of pets. Little animals. Girl found them cute pets.

>> No.71305638


>> No.71305639

It only has one meaning "the person who uses this is a retarded faggot from twitter/reddit/wherever".

>> No.71305641

I did 120 gene stealers in a day. That's my personal best.

>> No.71305642

And who says that? You?

>> No.71305646

>Or if you're only taking that unit against that specific opponent. then thats WAAC

Not him but itc tourney players are waac by definition and play against multiple different armies with the same list.

>> No.71305650

wow so you shitpost from your phone too???

>> No.71305656

I like it too, I think nids should be more weird and mutant and less space bug

>> No.71305663


>> No.71305668

>using the desktop site on your phone
id sooner fucking shoot myself

>> No.71305670

Thank god for washes and shades hey

>> No.71305674

where the fuck do i even start with adeptus titanicus they look so fucking ridiculous

>> No.71305679

GW see >>71305525

>> No.71305681


>> No.71305688

Titanicus was a prime opportunity for GW to do some Lucius patterns

>> No.71305695

Well, crap. It probably doesn't change anything, but we're playing at 500~ and I'm getting a little irritated at being deleted by a bunch of tau suits, and figured I could try to bring some stuff to even it out. I don't want to get into a waacfag mindset, and here I've gone and done it. Maybe I should just find someone else to fight for now.

>> No.71305697

They look like two single moms who are taking out their gremlins to the park for the afternoon

>> No.71305702

Where does it mention anything about the knights?

>> No.71305710

Depends on how big your batches on.

If you did 90 in say, batches of 15, you could probably knock out one batch a night with 5~-6 hours if you're newer to painting. If you paint in batches of 45 you could probably get them done in 12 hours each. The larger the batch the faster you can go.

>> No.71305718

Dark Angels and their retarded obsession with the Fallen. Codex mentions that Fallen operations take up about 1% of all their campaigns, but GW seems to focus only on this one aspect of the First. And because it’s GW, it always comes out dumb and offensive. I want War of Secrets to be erased from existence.

>> No.71305721

New thread

>> No.71305738


In the day, it was called a Lawgiver, back when the Grimdark shared its universe with the Dreddverse.

>> No.71305740

>page 6
fuck off

>> No.71305758

Yup, i used so much wash i actually had to mix my own to not go broke.

>> No.71305766

I wouldn't mind of they were actual space bugs either. It's the generic fanged maw and bulbous head every single one of them have that annoy me. And that they hold their guns like humans.

>> No.71305779

SST was a fun game. Knockback and the AOE shooting was pretty neat.

>> No.71305793

Space bug was an improvement. Biped nids were weird.

>> No.71305795

This thread is a utter dumpster fire thanks to screeching autists and badwrongfun, but I'm gonna take a second to say, these knights are painted gloriously. Hell, if I had a space marine army, I'd theme my knights to be similar to them because I love the idea of a unified scheme. Also, that wolf-head is dope.

>> No.71305801

It would be nice if more tyranids just had gun arms instead of hands that held guns that were fused to their arm anyway. The Tyrannofex or Harpy should be the standard for how their guns work.

>> No.71305811

Don't we have another general for this?

>> No.71305817

The tyrannofex has gun hands.

>> No.71305821

WAAC and Tourneyfags are two different things

Tourneyfags may have a take all comers list and can hope to win every game, but at least they have a sense of honor about it. They'll be tough to play against and you probably lose to them but they aren't WAAC

WAAC will pull out a specific list tailored to beat your army, they'll bitch about losing units and make you feel guilty for having some success and then they'll start cheating when things don't go their way.

WAACs usually aren't allowed in tournaments, get disqualified or even just lose because they rely to much on counter picks and cheating.

>> No.71305837

If you're new, its not really as much of a problem. you're still figuring out the game. Just don't get into the habit of building list to counter specific people in the store unless you both consent to it or your store has it as a weird local meta. just talk to your local players and see what they do.

>> No.71305985

I made three of each by using sprue to fab a few tripods, and subbing spare Cadians onto the bases. FWIW, I made enough bases by subbing appropriately sized steel flatwashers I bought at the hardware store and covered with sheet styrene - AKA a FOR SALE sign - using CA (Krazy Glue) so the models would bond firmly. All the base joins were further reinforced with PVA (Elmers) when I based them, so they're rock solid sturdy and don't come unraveled during use.


>> No.71306023

>somewhere out there, an Eldar is undeservedly smugging it up
How does that make you feel?

>> No.71306042

Need some space rates to knock them down a peg.

>> No.71306229


>> No.71307655

Imperium already has a gorillion human sub-factions. Tau should just be Tau+Kroot+other alien races.

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