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What motivates an "adventurer" (aka PC) to dress up like a stripper?

Other than actually BEING a stripper/prostitute I mean.

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Discounts from shopkeepers, more favourable adventuring rewards

If you've got it, why not flaunt it and reap the benefits?

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Feat that lets them use Charisma for AC as long as they're not covering up.

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>why yes, I do add Con to my AC while not wearing armor

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Look at women in real life. All throughout history women have been acting and dressing like whores. Why would it be any different in our games?

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Actually that went back-and-forth depending on culture and time period.
So, they have just as much justification to dress as strippers as they have to not do that.

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The chad half-naked barbarian
the virgin knight tin can

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In a world of superhuman warriors and magicians without public media to advertise with, word of mouth is everything. Being eye-catching is very important on and off the job, since being recognized as a powerful and influential hero means avoiding delays from local authorities and red tape.

Conversely, those of villainous persuasion depend upon concealment to do business in peace. Though often quite recognizable themselves, most will cover themselves in generic black armor or cloaks and surround themselves with similarly-dressed minions to better prevent recognition by onlookers. It isn't always successful, but the sheer number of people willing to cover up to hide a tryst or illegal sale lends a great deal of plausible deniability to the true evils across the land.

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footfags need to leave and stay gone

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I have a rocking body of a supermodel. I want to show off that body, and make everyone - from the peasant washerwoman to the queen - go mad with jealousy just by looking at me, because I am a Charisma 24 adventurer ubermensch, and they're not.

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A lot of attractive women enjoy getting attention from not wearing much. This is a phenomena that's been present throughout the entirety of human history.

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dare to say "thread"

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After a certain point a characters abilities and gear are so supernatural that their appearance is cosmetic. At this point it's more for fashion and maneuverability.

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The fact that you can't do that in real. It's one of reasons we play RPGs. Try it once in a while, it's fun hobby.

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This. I'm protected by forcefields and have every elemental resistance ever. Clothing is basically just there to show off. And I'm a Sorcerer with Cha 24, so I definitely have good looks to show off!

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Unless 'adventurer' is job ala japanese adventurers guild then your typical murderhobo is not the sort of person to meekly fit into normal societal roles.
Once the practical reasons for clothes are covered by magic (warmth, protection from thorns on bushes, rocks on the road etc) then the adventurer can dress however the fuck they want to.
If they want to run around stark naked, if they want to wear two scraps of cloth over the important bits, if they want to wear the muslim full letterbox, they can.
Unless the local lord and his retainers (in full harness) make them, they can dress however they choose.

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Well, Belit did. If it was good enough for Conan...

Now, if you're asking why the illustrators do or why the groups do, that's another story.

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Uh, I ain't gonna lie anon, if I was a girl and had the assets I would dress like pic related a lot of the time

I've seen enough hot girls get favouritist treatment from coomers and I'm not immune myself to know that there are significant CHAR buffs to tits and shorts

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Belit was mostly naked, they had to draw scandalous outfits on her to make her acceptable for the standards of the time. Same reason Frazetta invented the metal boob-cups, he just wasn't allowed to put bare tiddies on book covers.

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She's actually a male wizard polymorphed.

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It's fantasy, and some people's fantasy includes mostly naked amazonian women. Doesn't really raise an eyebrow with me because some women walk around in fucking yoga pants in real life.

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In summer I see women walk around in shorts that might as well be a thong with how tight they are and how they are cut.

People just like to show off and be comfy

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Actually she does fully undress on the ship, or appears to

>As they moved out over the glassy blue deep, Belît came to the poop. Her eyes were burning like those of a she-panther in the dark as she tore off her ornaments, her sandals and her silken girdle and cast them at his feet. Rising on tiptoe, arms stretched upward, a quivering line of naked white, she cried to the desperate horde: "Wolves of the blue sea, behold ye now the dance--the mating-dance of Belît, whose fathers were kings of Askalon!"

Not that she was particulary dressed before, but I guess car bonus means you don't get sunburns

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When you have magic to protect yourself, why do you wear ANYTHING (that isn't magical)?
Sorcerers should be nudists, fight me.

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>Belit came to poop

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>They are weird
>It's part of their culture
>The magic they use requires it
>Their backer (if they have one) demands it
>They like to mess with people, distracting them
>It's a pulp setting
And many, many other.

You would know, if you played games. Besides, short from online players non-stop linking images to shit "for inspiration", actual tabletop players rarely mention things like that, UNLESS it plays part in the game, otherwise people don't even mention what their PCs wear. Which you would also know if you played, OP.

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Climate and faspion.

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What if that's REALLY what REH meant her to do?

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man if i was superpowerful and supersexy nobody would be able to tell me how to dress, just imagine trying to convince a demigoddess who gets a kick out of provoking reactions with her appearance to cover up

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Janna is a literal wind spirit IIRC so she's not beholden to mortal modesty

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Naked body makes a perfect distraction. For males of any humanoid intelligent race it's a possible way lower stress levels and bring back hormone balance. For animals it's an equivalent of a walking snack.

> But what about females?

You can't distract everyone, but getting over 50% of possible enemies distracted is still better than none, right?

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Their outside reality puppeteer is a coombrain, there is no other reason.

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> implying your hands aren't stained with cum produced as a byproduct of watching "three gays lost in woods #47856" clip on pornhub

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Less clothes to be washed, easy to disguise, no noise made... Thieves in general should dress like strippers.

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Who's gonna get away with trying to tell them they can't?

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Character comes from an area where aberrant magic has caused unnatural body warping effects in most people, though thankfully most are benign. As a result, skimpy clothing has become a trend among the elite to show one is untouched or has the wealth to reverse any aberrances.

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If my Charisma is that high, I'll dress however the fuck I want.

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all of the rationalizations are unnecessary, the fact is that if someone is so strong that they can beat armies themselves, they will dress however the fuck they want

imagine telling a sorceress who routed the dragon invasion last year that she should put on conservative clothes

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Interesting idea about how you can disappera in a crowd anon. Might I enquire about your setting, in which average non-noticeable women dress like strippers?

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>Hottie outdoorsy Southern Belle

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Normally functioning humans are coombrains, that's how the species survives.

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What motivates a realismfag to seethe over every suspension of disbelief fantasy has to offer?

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>> No.71229836

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See armour like this doesn't bother me but if the person is willfully wearing it and is embarrassed as a result it ticks me off.

Am I the only one?

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Rent free

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he's not wrong though

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My rogue, after story reasons caused him to be consumed with rage dipped into barbarian. Coincidentally ripping off his leather armor caused him to become a nigh untouchable demigod.

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It's wrong to obsess over a fetish

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Frazetta fashion is okay, anime fashion is not okay. Don’t ask me to defend this, it’s just how I feel

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>Charisma as looks
>Not Charisma as social skills

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Depends on your character.
If you don't want to act all diplomatic while roleplaying it's best to say all the positive reactions come from people drooling at your tits.

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What stat would YOU use then? CON?

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Not that this is really useful regarding the "should PCs look like strippers" argument, but honestly being charismatic as being straight out of an hentai is bullshit.

Yes, people do trust more good-looking people, but absurdly beautiful people aren't really looked upon as much more than sexual objects, especially women. Charisma is basically how you can convince the other dude to do what he doesn't want to at first, but said other dude does already want to fuck a girl looking like Aphrodite. Or a guy looking like Apollo, for that matter.

I'm not saying that your paladin should look like Merkel, but maybe give her something more than tits also paladins should be athletic anyways

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t. like a stripper = anything I don't like

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Because they exist purely for my entertainment.

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Fertile-age women enjoy male attention.

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Guessed as much. Healthy and fit usually translates to physical beauty. But it doesn't fit 100% either. You can be super healthy and fit but look like Serena Williams, or super pretty like Taylor Swift and yet turn people off. End of the day, even less-than-perfect-conventional-beauty but with dazzling charisma gets you favours, but a hot bod and shit personality is going to sour people.

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got you covered

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Is this thread supposed to bait people into posting lewd outfits?

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Textiles are expensive luxuries
Worshipping the Holy Sun isn't done in long sleeves
Since the only "good" religions are Sun/day aligned, having an extensive tan is a mark of respectability
"The concealment of rashes, poxes, plagues, or mutations will be punished by death" - The management
tl;dr House elf rules

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Evolutionary pressures due to the Gods being massive pervs.

Those who please the Gods in form and action (dress slutty, smite heretics) get rewarded with extra luck and favor and miracles. Over time, this leads to cultures and bloodlines where beauty and sluttiness = power.

I call it Survival of the Sluttiest.

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uncensored sauce, please

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Can you not post ASSFAGGOTS shit again? Almost made me hurl.

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both are wrong

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People in general like to be sexy and the only reason we cover up as much as we do is because of the health benefits. Even then man is constantly finding reasons to wear less and show more.

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in your profesional opinion, what is the practical definition of charisma then? If social skills are the sole catalyst of charisma then all the spergs on this site have -4 to all of their rolls

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Have you seen what girls are like? They'll happily take any opportunity to get as naked as possible for a crowd.

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That's how the species survived, past tense dipstick.

>> No.71238346

You know you're hot and slick enough to get away with it. Simple as.

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>Minoan fashion: more titties on display than most fantasy outfits

>> No.71238834

Minoan culture was really rad & might have been the bases of Atlantis’s myth

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>Atlantis: City of tits

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What motivates a realismfag to seethe over every suspension of disbelief fantasy has to offer?

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If you had a good body you'd understand how nice it feels to have as much of your form exposed as possible. Waking around shirtless or with short shorts and seeing people stare enviously or in awe at you is supremely comfy. The hell is the point of being an adventure if you can't feel wanted.

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Your pic is actually saying "Crete", just saying

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Split Charisma into Appearance, Personality, and Style.
Appearance is used when the character is silently drawing attention to their physical traits while talking; like a barbarian making a vein in his forehead throb and muscles swell while intimidating or a sorceress bending forward to show some cleavage. These would obviously be modified by worn items and such, as well as what the target is more swayed by (in a living, breathing world, everybody has different tastes and levels of courage).
Personality is used when a character is drawing more focus on their words, whether being earnest or craven, with no attempt to use physical appearance in their Charisma attempt. It is implied that the character is well-learned in vocabulary and has an eloquent way of delivering words, even if everything they say is a lie.
Style is similar to Appearance, but solely focuses on the clothes the character is wearing. The character's Charisma attempt will be changed by who they're talking to versus what they're wearing, because yeah, real people are shallow enough to be more or less willing to listen to someone based on their clothes.

Obviously, each of these would also have smaller passive effects on Charisma rolls, but the aspect a character brings attention to will have a more profound effect in either direction.

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Because the party bullies me for the fact I have 7 strength.
This is just a "lash out" phase

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>splitting one stat into three

Too damn much work. If you're going to go that way, I say just use existing stats; CON for physical attractiveness, CHAR for eloquence and persuasiveness, and player-described face and outfit appearance

>> No.71240559

>CON for physical attractiveness
>being a dwarf makes you more attractive

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Plenty people would prefer "though to kill" more than "good looks" as a leader.
Consider "stranded!" or "zombie apocalypse now" scenarios.

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I already said it. Charisma is the representation of ones own social capabilities.

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There's a million dumb justifications I would consider not rejecting out of hand.

But if a motherfucker says "oh it's for Superior Mobility." they got slapped right in the face.

It's the clothing version of that one meme where there's a huge fucking hulking dude and then a tiny stick figure dude thinking to himself "i will deafest him with my superior speed."

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>aquatic SAD/SOG inspired rogue
>skintight skimpy wetsuit under common clothing
>outer layer of clothing is all tear away for quick change disguises and definitely not magical realm
>dm will roll to see if my clothes catch on an exposed nail or get caught in a door way and accidentally get ripped off
> he makes me RP it when i fail the roll

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Magic armor?

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> Charisma is the representation of ones own social capabilities.
No. It's influence.
Societies are many, each might be defined by different code of behavior what makes a representative of one highly capable in dealing within boundaries of his or her own society, but almost helpless in different one.
Influence, on the other hand is neutral. You might be unsophisticated near-barbarian and people would still think you worth the leadership (Genghis/Kublai Khan). You might be unattractive, and people of either sex would seek to get into your bed (Cleopatra). You might be everything different society despises and yet you'd still be considered a person to be feared, respected or not to be taken lightly (Gandhi and British). Finally, you can use your influence to look an animal into eyes and make it reconsider attacking you.
The point is: Charisma can't be defined in relation to society only, because it's going to work with no society, or across societies defined by different goals and agendas.

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Your charisma score doesn't change when you go to a different country.

>> No.71241301

Precisely, and therefore it can't be the measurement of social skills.

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>What motivates an "adventurer" (aka PC) to dress up like a stripper?
Being a woman? Once you see women dress like retards IRL, you're suddenly a lot more willing to believe that the female wizard would dress like a stripper.

This Valentine's Day I went to a mixer and it was horrible, but the one thing I took away from it is how one girl present dressed. She wore pants, a blazer, a transparent shirt (think the same material pantyhoses are made of, think maybe 30 denier or something) and a bra below that. Yeah, I could see the bra. I actually had to doublecheck because I saw something black and at first I thought it was a pattern on her undershirt, until I noticed there was no fucking undershirt. If real women dress like that, what stops fantasy women from dressing like that? Though I'll give credit where it's due: other than her and some other thot with turbo-cleavage, the attending women were generally dressed modestly. But that's also where my compliments about the attending women end.

Thanks for reading my blog, please comment and subscribe.

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You guys must be either living in ghettoes or conservative as fuck to see that many stripper-looking women on the streets, honestly.

>> No.71242016

How prude are you to see a bra under a transparent shirt as lewd clothing?

>> No.71242023

Not him but pretty sure the artist is 774.

>> No.71242194

Sounds like he's operating at a pretty normal healthy level of prude
Don't be a coomer

>> No.71242271

>Flappy elf ears
i love it

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>> No.71242288

thanks anon

>> No.71242296

Happy to contribute

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Is she embarrased? She looks more like deattached to me

>> No.71242322

Go the fuck back to /v/ or whatever shithole you came from

>> No.71242343

Expressive elf ears are the best

>> No.71242352

I do what i want. I will make my PC wear those half-shoe things too and double dip in upset retards.

>> No.71242371

Based footfag laying down the hurt

>> No.71242424

The coomer isn't the guy that don't feel weird looking at a woman wearing a transparent shirt

>> No.71242515

I think it would be very in-character for this hypothetical coomer to be offended by someone not wanting women to dress like whores

>> No.71242536

Well, I don't want women to dress like whores either, but we're not talking about a woman who does

>> No.71242553

Minoan civilization developed on the island of Crete.

>> No.71242555


Placing yourself in the hands of the gods by both disdaining physical protection and also exulting in the exhibition in peak condition of the sacred human form that they crafted is a sign of devotion and submission - that earns their favour and so the gods grant unclothed adventurers boons far more effective than those unconfident, untrusting sellswords who rely on mere matter for defence.

>> No.71242567

A woman wearing a straight-up transparent shirt is absolutely dressing like a whore
Same way that you can see a guy wearing a mesh shirt and safely assume he's looking for someone to fuck him in the ass

>> No.71242599

>A woman wearing a straight-up transparent shirt is absolutely dressing like a whore
Not in the case we're talking about: with a bra underneath and as transparent as pantyhoses

>> No.71242602

I know about this, but I don't understand the thought process behind a dress that explicitly leaves your tits hanging out. Why even bother with the fabric at that point, why not just go topless?

>> No.71242619

>as transparent as pantyhoses
That's pretty dang transparent, anon. Have you seen a woman in pantyhose (or at all) before?
Anyway, if underwear is overtly visible, that's automatically whorish.

>> No.71242627

When tits aren't seen as a sexual thing, but just a mark of beauty, like hair, why would you stop yourself from revealing them?

>> No.71242645

I have seen enough women to not be aroused by the mere sight of them
How do you feel about revealed ankles, my prudish friend?

>> No.71242659

A coomer and a footfag, good for you. Maybe you can start sniffing bike seats and make it a trifecta.

>> No.71242680

You need to discuss what "woman" is to both of you and whether it's enough to think sexual things, Anons.

>> No.71242686

>missing the point that badly and going for ad hominem

>> No.71242701

>honestly being charismatic as being straight out of an hentai is bullshit
Honestly you'll probably get treated worse for being stunningly good looking. Reactions will be either spahetti spilling, creepily forward or just plain jealous.

>> No.71242718

>Muh ad hominem
You're slinging mud with a stranger on the internet, abandon the fart-sniffing pretense of this being some lofty debate
Man, that's just nasty.

>> No.71242740

Don't project your fucking tourism dickhead.

>> No.71242744

> Man, that's just nasty.
Nah. One of you said "did you see women at all" and probably thought about sexy or at least 5/10 girls. The other one could've witnessed the horrors of Walmart what still counts as "women" in spite of being abysmally overweight landwhales/10 and still respond "yes, and the sight doesn't arouse me".

>> No.71242749

>What motivates an "adventurer" (aka PC) to dress up like a stripper?

Imagene monster that can squash you like a bug. What can be more useful, puny armor or roll to seduce.

>> No.71242752

I really just meant that specific picture.

>> No.71242770

They aren't women to me

>> No.71243046

Would you really be tempted by something you could squash like a bug? A cockroach in a thong is still a fucking cockroach.

>> No.71243057

>no u

>> No.71243072

If a cockroach looked like a human thot and offered to grind on my dick in exchange for not being crushed, sure. Not my fault most giant monsters in fantasy are reverse-furries.

>> No.71243076


>> No.71243185

Imagine her rubbing against your dick, slightly bigger than herself, because her vagina can't accomadate the girth

>> No.71243199

muh dick

>> No.71243207

I wouldn't call them anything but "potentially women", still for some these poor creatures are actually attractive, God have mercy upon their souls.

>> No.71243215

Imagine multiple fairies working together to sexually tease and stimulate you

>> No.71243241

Well, >>71243076 could land on your chest or something and put up a great solo show. After all the most sexual organ in human's body is brain - stimulate it enough and you won't need to touch your peepee at all...

>> No.71243265

That they are attracted to their body, that's one thing, humans have a lot of weird fetishes, like Feet or WAM among others
But to consider dating them when they very visually have mental problems (lack of self-consciousness, lack of control, lack of sense of healthiness, liar) is the worst problem

>> No.71243279

> But to consider dating them when they very visually have mental problems (lack of self-consciousness, lack of control, lack of sense of healthiness, liar) is the worst problem
You didn't describe anything that couldn't be attributed to females of our species, Anon.

>> No.71243295

Some normal women have those problems as well, though not all, and you can't know before interacting with them
In the case of the things we're talking about, it's already visually confirmed

>> No.71243298


>> No.71243343

You.... You're 100% sure where you are now? I don't mean "fingers deep in my rectum, massaging my prostate" answer, of course - I'm talking about the site you're posting on and what consists of "gross" and "pretty normal" 'round these parts...

>> No.71243442

Someone needs to brush up on his Thri-Kreen erotica it seems.

>> No.71243506

They have always been and always will, those women who claim otherwise are either disingenuously taking advantage or duped

Look, it was a slippery slope; 40 years ago Madonna IINM first started the trend of showing one's bra strap which before then was regarded as a fashion faux pas; then they took it further with revealing the cups; then it became "just pasties"; now the idiots are screaming "free the nipple" because they forgot. Who are these people? Not ordinary women with more important matters on their minds like NASA rocket scientists or finance professionals... but women with nice tits who know they can get ahead and one up on the competition by baring them. And the dupes they have in their tow who she keeps around to look better than; like that hot girl at the club and her fatter uglier friend

Are you Asian? Cause a lot of young white women go around looking like that. It's the East which is still a little more prudish / yet to become so whorish.

>> No.71243548

I'm not talking about modern times
40 years ago isn't the same as 4000 years ago

>> No.71243575

>doesn't know what integrity means and yet memes

>> No.71243589

That woman gives zero fucks what anyone thinks of her. She smashes.

>> No.71244424

Integrity means not compromising your ideals. It does not mean purity.
You can be depraved as hell but still hold integrity, provided you do not settle for less than your depravity.

>> No.71244789

The correct meme would be "man of culture."

>> No.71245319

>muh brain 2 smooth to werk in sum stats
Then don't complain about the singular stat people use.

>> No.71245361

My character is a feisty twink who needs to show off for the world. No other reason

>> No.71245454

"needs" or "wants"

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