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gscb best 40k waifu

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Claiming this thread for The Imperial Guard!

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Convert more.

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>favorite model

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Okay /krieg/chads, how we feeling about the new FW rulebooks?

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I don't want it.

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>Cara Delevingne
What does this have to do with 40k?

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Im fine with primaris in concept but i dont like how they look. Too much like halo Spartans, too clean and shiny

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>Karate pose Steel Legion sword officer

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Fuck Wizards

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>termie chaplain

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Are Agressors considered waac?

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>Anything lovingly converted

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Now that’s a based army, anon. Not a pr*maris in sight.

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>My own custom kasrkin model

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I don't like primarchs and 40k should focus more on isolated stories like Vraks, Armageddon, Badab, the Damocles crusade, the invasion of Rynn's world, ect as examples for the campagins you should play with your friends, instead of the big picture of heads of state and really special characters in general.

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Not really. They're the absolute last word on horde clearing, but only really get nuts for IF, Ultramarines, and Sallies.

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Hey, it’s gamechad. Nice looking wolf man, dude.

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Guard reinforcements coming in
>first batch are all bald
>second ones have spikes all over their armor
>third one keeps yelling about muh greater good

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We were talking in the last thread, I agree 100%. Love your Deathskulls, by the way.

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My dudes have fluff that consider Primaris an abomination of the Emperor's will and techoheresy. They shoot Primaris on-sight.

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we out here

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Damn man, that looks awesome.

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So they're renegades.

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No guardsmen that are looking kinda green?

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That’s great. What are they called?

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Oh fuck not only do I agree with all your opinions, you're the dude who posted those cool orks (nice SM shoulderpad used as a helmet). 2000% based.

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Also Iron Hands.
Played some guy at my flgs that had three 6 man squads surrounding Malkaan Feiros, a primaris apothecary, a primaris librarian and two primaris LTs. My ass still hurts.

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These orks are top tier. Love them.

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Are Sallies ones even that bad, they're still 8' flamers.

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>Terminator Lord

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Gez, I wish I could scult that well with greenstuff. Most of my stuff just ends up like torn blobs.

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Doesn't that mean they're just straight up traitors at this point?

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My fluff, so I get to use my interpretation of 40k. As far as I'm concerned, Bobby-G being back in charge is nothing more than a rumor, and even *if* he is back in charge (which is again, unconfirmed), he is clearly having his mind twisted by those shifty Ad-Mech.

Iron Angels. Kinda boring name, but I had a lot of Dark Angels minis so I had to roll with the Angel motiff.

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How popular is Warhammer over there? Depend on where you're at?

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>"Through the artifice of the Martian priesthood were these warriors created. By the grace of the almighty Emperor are they given now to you. Silence your questions and instead rejoice at the honour done to you this day. You are handed the gift of hope by the immortal Master of Mankind Himself, and you will accept it with sincere and solemn gratitude lest you be taken for the traitors that you profess to hate."
>— Sanash Gallimedan, Emissary Imperatus to the Hammers of Dorn Chapter
You gon' get excommunicated, small man.

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How many shots does a 6 man unit get?

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8 inch flamers with 12 auto-hitting heavy flamer shots with 1 to wound, shooting twice?

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Does nurgle make special fat armor for plauge marines? If they are super bloated , i don't think it would just be able deform and shape ceramite like rubber

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Enjoy getting your ass handed to you lmao

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Yup, straight up Relictors-tier.

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Based homebrew fluff, anon. Your army and your background around them is the soul of this hobby, it’s all about yourdudes vs mydudes.

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Headcanon > NuLore.

Why should I accept lore I think is dumb? I can approach 40k's lore any way I see fit, I don't particularly care about blind adherence to canon.

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>i don't think it would just be able deform and shape ceramite like rubber

You underestimate the power of putrefaction powered by hell itself.

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>How popular is Warhammer over there? Depend on where you're at?
I'm in Tokyo and there are plenty of people playing. Lots of expats, but some japanese people as well. The ratio varies between stores.
It's still a very very niche hobby, even less popular than gunpla.

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Good. Best part of warhammer is just that. Fuck the new lore.

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They should retool Chosen into Primaris equivalents and give them their own models again, don't even need to make new lore to explain the change.

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By whom? Who is going to hand my army its ass? Oh, nobody, because I'm writing the lore for my army.

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How'd your guys deal with the torch bearer squad though. Those groups of Custodes, Genetor, and SoB basically going 'take it, or else'.

But I guess it's as good a way as any to justify why your army is fighting other space marines.

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i heard that you Gue'la liked Tau girls.

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>Faggot ass martians trying to improve on literal divine perfection hand crafted by the emperor himself.

Cursed founding 2, fuck off.

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>winning games is the only aspect of the hobby
Netlisting waac faggot detected.

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Better color scheme than GW. GW insists on making plauge marines colorful and bright, despite being rotten piles of meat.

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>those abs on the helbrute

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>Buy unit off ebay
>"wow, it's so detailed"
>"There are are less seams and defects than I remember... wait a minute"
>It's a recast

Why are Slavs who probably heat metal in their ovens and are legally intoxicated more capable in making miniatures than a multi-million dollar company?

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Very nice, anon.

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>Headcanon > NuLore
I fully approve of this mentality so long as you don't try to inform people of your headcanon like it's a fact. There's a dude who occasionally goes to my LGS who insists that his donutsteel is the canon leader of commoragh whenever the topic of DE comes up.

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Galaxy is a big place with a fucking rift down the middle, no way did they meet every chapter in person.

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Is it true that Imperial Guard and Death Guard are the most popular armies among japs?

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Warp energy can change the shape of armour, which is why most CSM have horns.

>> No.71187249

They have to compete.

>> No.71187250

you mirin bro?

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>There's a dude who occasionally goes to my LGS who insists that his donutsteel is the canon leader of commoragh whenever the topic of DE comes up.
thats some top tier retardation

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That's cringy not gonna lie, what's the point in even making their lore if they're just Gary's.

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It's the warp, ain't gotta explain shit

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Friend in Tokyo says Tau are quite popular, and that many people paint their shit in Gundam/EVA style.

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>Steel Legion Chad
Hello, brother. I wish I had pics of my dudes to post on this new phone.

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This image... perturbs me.

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So wait do tau have red eyes or human eyes?

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Hunting orcs in the acid jungles is a thankless job.

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I made the concession to Primaris even existing because I wanted to leave the door open to make a Primaris Kill Team in the future or something.

I figure Custodes should never leave earth so I ignore them even being an army because it's dumb, SoB won't get embroiled in Marine internal affairs (for now. If I regularly start fighting a SoB player I can change that). The Primaris for my dudes never arrived because their fleet is caught in some kind of warp fuckery.

So they only encounter Primaris from other chapters, and that I think is a rare occurance given the relative rarity of SMs in the scale of 40k. Leave it at small scale skirmishes against some sort of isolated strike force from another chapter.

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Continue posting Art

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Are there any other DE who play at your store? If not then why not? No one can challenge his throne.

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IG is popular, yes. DG as well. There's a pretty healthy spread of factions being played here, actually. The only ones I haven't seen are harlies/deldar/ynnari and fringe guard subfactions like mordians or krieg.

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That's only in the best possible scenario. It's 2d6 shots per model but the flamer is only S4 AP0. It costs 2CP for flamecraft for max hits, and another CP for the counts as stationary strat as long as they didn't advance. Then the doctrine doesn't kick in until the 2nd turn, which is alright as they probably won't reach combat until the 3rd. So unless your opponent is an actual dumbass and leaves a squad right next to the aggressors it costs 3CP on turn 2 or 3 to actual get the most out of them. Sure it's painful, but not an immediate threat like ultra or IF aggressors are.

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>Slit isn't a Y
It's a trap!

>> No.71187307

Anon, that's a male.

>> No.71187308

So is chasing the green bastards across frozen tundra.

>> No.71187310

Of course not. I treat my lore as being informed by kitchentable games against people I know and try to create a shared lore within the group. But I am able to compartmentalize "headcanon" and "official lore" into seperate boxes. I mean, it's not like people who play pickup games ever ask about lore anyway.

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Now that you mention, you'd think most of the best IG would be recruited from worlds that have recovered from an ork invasion.The guard would probably be raised from PDF forces with actual combat experience.

>> No.71187320

So they are definitely 100% declared renegade at this point, if not outright traitors. But from their point of view, everyone else is crazy.

I can dig it.

>> No.71187321

why ?

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>> No.71187335

So they're kind of like the Soul Drinker's. "It's everyone else who's crazy, can't you see this is all just some Mechanicus plot!"

>> No.71187349

Why not?

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People I know are going to be doing a Vigilus campaign and I have some interest in it but very little. There's just something about 8th edition and everything that I just don't like. I used to play 3rd edition all the time (and the Specialist Games around it and the like) and had an enjoyable time. Now, I can barely bring myself to put together or paint stuff so I can play them. I've yet to buy any Primaris and I don't even think "PRIMARIS? BAD!" or anything. I just don't find them interesting. I can't really explain why because I don't know.

I took part in Armageddon and the 13th Black Crusade (and the Warhammer Fantasy campaigns). I don't understand why I don't want to play that much anymore. Or do anything too much with the hobby despite having interest in it. It's paradoxical.

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Custodes leaving earth makes sense now but only because they can recruit in NUlore for some stupid reason.

So they're just 10 chapters worth of space marines but different.

>> No.71187373

Might just need to take a break, honestly.

>> No.71187379

They are very religiously fanatical. According to them the Emperor himself personally visited their homeworld and gave them their core task. and it happened in like M36. I'm trying to ride that old school line of lore that clearly can't be literally true given the facts that we the players know, but the marines in-universe believe it so the truth doesn't even matter at that point.

Yeah, they are very rigid on some points of their beliefs. It keeps them on task, but can be detrimental. Some real Javert logic.

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>So they only encounter Primaris from other chapters, and that I think is a rare occurance given the relative rarity of SMs in the scale of 40k.

People really forget this with all the Marinefags around.

>> No.71187388

>they can recruit in NUlore for some stupid reason.
I don't remember ever reading that they couldn't. Is that just one of those things people assumed?

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>> No.71187393

I took a break for a decade.

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picture limit

>> No.71187411

What alternate color scheme for Death Guard looks good?

(Or the other 8 from the other pages that I cant be assed to find online.)

>> No.71187429

I know something along the lines of "They are all individual works of genetic art, hand crafted by the emperor" was stated, and them not leaving the palace only makes sense when they're irreplaceable living artifacts.

Not to mention it's a lot cooler than them just being space marines: but better.

>> No.71187445

None of those, do a super pale green color with black shoulders.

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>> No.71187452

Hitting it with art and models is better than hitting it with memes and titties.

>> No.71187455

Would that mean they are all 10k years old? Or that they are clones or? Not aruging, the idea of irreplacable special guards is better than making them another flavor of marine.

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>> No.71187476

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My preferred interpretation is that they have been sitting, standing watch, for 10k years over their master's throne. Each one dates back to the unification wars, predating even the great crusade.

If they had any presence on the table at all it should be as a single 250~ point HQ that can be souped into other imperium armies, an absolute melee monster chad machine that represents a lone custodes sent to take care of something that could pose a threat to terra.

>> No.71187507

No, in their codex when they get to a point of "old yeller" whereas their abilities start to degrade they leave the palace/terra and go lone wolf for the emperor in the galaxy. They are made from the newborn sons of the top of the terran elite.

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Black metal?

>> No.71187509

I would neck myself after painting like the 5th checkerboard paldron. Good job.

>> No.71187513

Good shit, anon. Convert a captain with a power fist though, the power sword one sucks balls.

>> No.71187518

Based and checkers pilled. Lamenters have primarines kinda ruins their whole shtick of being on the brink of annihilation though doesn't it?

>> No.71187522

Does anybody else save awesome looks minis from other Anons they see posted on /40kg/?

>> No.71187524

Do you think Commissar Yarrick knows how much Orks idolize him? Many Orks would give everything to die at the hands of his power klaw and it seems like he isn't aware.

>> No.71187527

>those checkers
>that yellow
>that weathering
Completely erect.

>> No.71187532

It's the lamenters, they'll find a way.

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>> No.71187537

Handling them in a similar way to Imperial Assassins would probably be a good call. They're a lot of skill and resources, and would probably offer a big morale boost to any troops from the sheer fact that one of the emperor's personal guard has come to help

>> No.71187541

They've always been able to recruit. It just takes who knows how many years to create a single Custodian.
They aren't flavors of marines. Custodians are hand-crafted by biomantic processes from infants, and each one is a unique work of art. Those made by the Emperor's direct hand are blessed with much better work than those made in the modern day. Watchers of the Throne and their Codices are, as far as I know, the only definitive resources about the Custodians.

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>> No.71187544

I like how scouts look so tiny compared to primaris now.

>> No.71187551

This makes the most sense.

This is more badass and weird. I like it.

>> No.71187552


>> No.71187556

He knows how orks think and is well aware of their adoration of him. He requested that his augmetic eye was made into a laser precisely because orks thought he was so badass he could kill dudes with a glare.

>> No.71187565

Damn, I thought those were Scions.

>> No.71187571

>> No.71187573

I don't save them because archives exist. I do remember Anons who post their stuff regularly though.

>> No.71187581

All the time.

>> No.71187587

>> No.71187596

This triggers me way more than it should.

>> No.71187597

You don't enjoy just cycling through awesome looking minis every now and then and getting inspiration and imaging other styles/conversions instead of having to go through the archives?

>> No.71187600

Posting real art and not gay nu shart now.

>> No.71187602

Yea, that's new lore and it degrades what makes the custodes cool. Other than their creation process being THEY AREN'T MARINES GUYS HONEST IT'S A MYYYYSTERY it just makes them another super special chapter like the GK.

>> No.71187603

>greytide tau

>> No.71187618


>> No.71187620

Scion headswap.

I think Reavers need a total revamp to look more like scouts. The Necromunda-Primaris scout conversions are pretty tits.

>> No.71187621


>> No.71187626

>tfw saw somebody repost my warhammer fan art and say that it's what the wished GW designed their minis like

>> No.71187628


>> No.71187633

Ultramarines blue with Fulgrim Pink trim

>> No.71187639

I thought the muzzle flashes from tau guns were more like disks than spheres.

>> No.71187640

Do you know what bits were used to make those? They look rad!

>> No.71187641


>> No.71187642


>> No.71187645

They're power armor wearing genetically engineered super soldiers. Without the whole "Hand crafted by the emperor" thing, they aren't very different from marines.

>> No.71187648

I think they are T'au'n sept.

>> No.71187650

But they never go into detail how they are made just that they are taken from the tip top of the terran elite as newborns.

>> No.71187651

My classic dudes. They are old. I have since gone to the church of thinned paints.

>> No.71187653


>> No.71187657

Necromunda Goliath bodies with scout heads I think.

>> No.71187664

>tfw literally every new character model GW makes will involve the model standing on rocks, or an animal or floating with magic powers or something

fucking hell, can't we just have special dudes that are just on a base?

>> No.71187665


>> No.71187670

IIRC they were the new Necromunda goliath bodies with all the spikes and nubs filed off. Handswap and headswap with SM scouts. I think that was all.

>> No.71187673

Hey ArtAnon, has there ever been any offical art of Shas'O Kais outside of what was made for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade?

>> No.71187686

>titty pauldrons

>> No.71187690

They've already been confirmed to have made it out the other end of Kraken. Although barely. And they had a Torchbearer fleet specifically sent to them. They'll find some new dramatic way to lose soon. They always do.

>> No.71187700

Why? It's the appropriate term for someone who guards another.
I mean, if you wanna be as reductionist as possible sure, but that'd also mean every Tau in a Crisis Suit is a space marine. But the fact is that the Custodes aren't made the same way, and each individual Custodian fights as hero rather than a part of a squad. And those things separate them out enough.

>> No.71187705

So I won 80$ on a scratch today, what should I buy? SC boxes of the armies I play already? I've been thinking of investing in Raven Guard or just getting the sisters battle box

>> No.71187707


>> No.71187708

Buy smokes

>> No.71187713

You jealous that your tiny manboobs aren't big enough to fill a set of titty pauldrons of your own?

>> No.71187727

Working on a Krieg 500pt army rn

>> No.71187728


>> No.71187736

Get a pool membership and go for a nice relaxing swim after work. Lose weight, get in shape, have fun.

>> No.71187740

>can't we just have special dudes that are just on a base?
Why would you want less options? Converting a dude made to be standing on a rock to just standing is easy.

Also you're forgetting the bajillion characters and single model units GW has put out recently that do just stand there. Only centerpiece models or named characters get the custom base treatment, and not even all of them do.

>> No.71187750

Is this your mini? 8/10

>> No.71187751

The fuck that's supposed to be? Orks burning ayyys for fuel?

>> No.71187753

Nice colours, are they inspired by anything?

>> No.71187756


>> No.71187757

They're called Custodian Guard or members of the Adeptus Costodes. In the former case the custodian is an adjective referring to their status as members of the adeptus custodes, not a noun. I realize its a silly thing to be annoyed by, but here we are.

>> No.71187764

That's pretty autistic but ok

>> No.71187773

>implying I work

haha OK wagie

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>> No.71187781


Take it to the casino. Go to the roulette wheel. Bet it all on the number of your favorite legion.

>> No.71187786

>he's never encountered "that guy" who bitches about changing the height of a converted model

I envy you.

>> No.71187789


>> No.71187799


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>> No.71187815

>> No.71187822


>> No.71187824

It's the 158th Siege Regiment from the Vraks book, all my Krieg are based on the Vraks Campaign which is why they have that reddish rocky basing.

>> No.71187826

all the times I saw them in art it was red eyes

>> No.71187856

R8 my cosplay

>> No.71187859


>> No.71187860

Cause their molds are probably less then a couple years old and have less runs put through them. Sometimes you're getting models that are within the first 50 casts if you're buying something weird or rare

>> No.71187861

Custodian Guard is kind of silly to say, since it's literally Guard Guard. But I can see why you'd be annoyed.
I think this would be a legitimately cool background for a renegade chapter. They saw the writing on the wall, realized they were being replaced, and rebelled against the Imperium.

>> No.71187871

Only niggers play shit like Tau and Space Marines

>> No.71187873

Let Guilliman to me.

>> No.71187874


>> No.71187884

What are the odds salamanders are black just because some black painted his black.

>> No.71187885

Pic related

>> No.71187886

>> No.71187895

Still chuckle at the bipod on the plasma gun.

>> No.71187904

Damn I fucking love Elysians, I just wish they actually had a full range of weapons teams so I could run them are regular Guardsmen by using recasters.

>> No.71187910

Would be so nice if these lads came back. GW needs to do a Yearly Survey and I'd put this shit in every time.

>> No.71187913

So it turns out Harlequins are really fun to play

>> No.71187917

>> No.71187935

Just started a test model for a Ancient Roman Guard regiment. In retrospect, I think I should have chosen a brighter red than the more maroon color I did use.

>> No.71187937


>> No.71187941

>> No.71187954

For me, it's Mordians but I see that you are also a man of taste

>> No.71187958

Alpharius if 30k counts
Chaos Lord from Dark Vengeance if not

>> No.71187960

>> No.71187970

I dunno, I just do. Maybe it's because the model doesn't have it. Maybe I've got bipods for LMG's and ISW's. Maybe I am just autistic. Lets go with that.

>> No.71187973

Fuck they move sexy. I love the free-rotating joints.
She's okay but I don't like blondes. I don't get the appeal unless they're Ukrainian. >>71187035
Sumbitch. What state and post pics of this Jackie Chan officer.
I love the idea of this model but the other skulls are too large and take the emphasis off the Chaplain's skull mask.
How are you younger than me and into 40k.
At least say some kind words towards my main men the Mordian Iron Guard. We go way back.
Pics please, if able. And State.
You sound like me.
Which Termi lord. The chaos one?
That chaos lord is awful busy. How do you feel about slambo?

>> No.71187976

What have been 3 good changes of Nu-Warhammer (since 6th edition but especially since the start of 8th)?

And 3 bad?

>> No.71187983

>those nu cadianesque abominations

No also for some reason you seem like the type of person that calls things "big stumpy bois[sic]" and "chonkers" like a faggot

>> No.71187990

Show rome guard, for the Imperator.

>> No.71187997

I hate how flat that helmet is from the side-view

>> No.71188000

I was looking to model a female company commander for a shitty PDF Guard regiment but I can't find an option that isn't absolute cheesecake or mannish gorilla man.

Victorian Miniatures don't really have a look I was going for either.

>> No.71188005


>> No.71188012

>No also for some reason you seem like the type of person that calls things "big stumpy bois[sic]" and "chonkers" like a faggot
What the fuck? Are you schizophrenic? Not that guy btw them I am literally creasing. I am baffled.

>> No.71188017

Get sculpting then. Pretty sure you've checked everything there is at this point

>> No.71188018

Nothing good has come of 40k past 4th edition. Anyone who says otherwise is a newfag and a retard.

>> No.71188026

>> No.71188027

Enjoy your chaos

>> No.71188030

I don't. Literally my only complaint with the Mk.4 from being the best helm was that it wasn't flat enough.

>> No.71188032

The original Praetorian Guard were head swapped Mordian. As for your second part of your post I am confused as fuck. Seek mental help. This isn't a meme, I am genuinely concerned for you.

>> No.71188034

Would Guardsmen flyer spam be able to defeat knights?

>> No.71188037

nu-swarmlord fluff that makes him just a super hive tyrant that remembers shit and not a separate entity from the hivemind makes him a cool character for the nids

>> No.71188040

What about Severina Raine ?

>> No.71188047


>> No.71188050

I think it's because I hate that anon for saying he misses Praetorians when he clearly wasn't even around for them based on the image he posted and is just posturing for weird grog cred.

>> No.71188055

It's too bad most of the nu-Tyranid models look like shit imho

>> No.71188063

>How do you feel about slambo?
It's not a bad model, but I believe that Chaos should be busy, that's why I like the DV Chaos Lord. Seems like our tastes are exactly opposite of each other

>> No.71188069


>> No.71188070

I’m a huge fanboy of I-Kore sculpts. Search away you might find something .


>> No.71188077

>No also for some reason you seem like the type of person that calls things "big stumpy bois[sic]" and "chonkers" like a faggot
The fuck...

>> No.71188079

secundus angels seems like the natural ironic 40k shitposter equivalent to shit on primaris

>> No.71188094

>I hate nulore!
>so my guys will be defined by nulore and how anti-nulore they are!
You're pathetic

>> No.71188097

>name calling a wagie
you dont get to indulge in plastic crack often do you

>> No.71188099

>> No.71188111

>> No.71188118

delayed due to corona virus

>> No.71188123

I cannot get a good picture for the life of me, since my camera is a potato. And it's nothing special, just a Cadian with a red tunic and metallic armor.

>> No.71188133

>tfw we will get emperor's children this year

>> No.71188136

>> No.71188138

GW makes all their models in nottingham though.

>> No.71188144

>actually intending to buy that trash

>> No.71188152

>> No.71188154


>> No.71188156

People have been saying this for 3 years now.

>> No.71188162

Removing Armor facing was good. Fuck that nonsense where you had to micro-position your angles to use the AV front 13 on your Predator because side AV was 11

The old WS system was better. A comparative system basically, where the Swarmlord's WS 7 was terrifying because WS3 Guard officers straight up could not hit him. Meanwhile the Swarmlord wounded those same officers on 3+

The bad was removing Weapon facing. There's a gun on the ass of the Repulsor Executioner. Why the fuck can that gun fire at targets in front of the model?
Eat shit GW. You heard it here first.

>> No.71188163

no they dont

>> No.71188168

>> No.71188173

Yeah here you go dude. Sorry for the bad lighting, in the middle of repainting these dudes

>> No.71188174

>not just headswapping
Tbh the Sisters head sculpts aren't bad, it's just that 90% of the people I see can't paint female faces or paint them without makeup and wonder why they look like men (pro-tip: guess what most women look like without make-up).

100% agree on any shaved head sculpts though, I understand it's supposed to be thematic but come on GW, lets not pretend anyone actually wants that.

>> No.71188188

What old WS system were you using?

>> No.71188192

The problem with the nurepentia isn't just heads, it's the entire shitty design.

>> No.71188194

>> No.71188198

Headswapping does nothing for repentia, since their terribleness encompasses the whole model, From the nike shoes to the wife beater.

>> No.71188202

When did that change?

>> No.71188203

post ur sculpts faggot

>> No.71188207

I enjoy the characterization Chris Wraight gave to the Iron Hands (around 6th edition) and to the White Scars (around 7th edition) and to the Adeptus Custodes and High Lords of Terra (8th edition).

I do miss Dan Abnett and mourn that we have ADB instead. No one even remembers Ian Watson these days.

>> No.71188213

>Removing Armor facing was good. Fuck that nonsense where you had to micro-position your angles to use the AV front 13 on your Predator because side AV was 11

This is wrong because vehicles are just boring large monsters now

>> No.71188215

>> No.71188220

This one.

>> No.71188231

>> No.71188232

I think that anon means the previous WS chart that was in 5/6/7th, not sure about editions before it, compared attacker's WS to defender's and your roll would scale based on the difference, but no one could hit on 2s aside from Kharn

>> No.71188235

>No one even remembers Ian Watson these days.

>> No.71188236

I would have liked to see armor facing simplified to something like Flames of War

>tfw grav-chuting into combat

>> No.71188240

I didn't think the unpainted sculpt looked bad but I just took a look at the painted ones and oh my god you're right, I take it back they look horrible what the fuck.
What if I spam Maurader Destroyers

>> No.71188241

>Officer of the Fleet can't target "characters"
>Doesn't specify if >10W is targetable
>Told I can't target a monster because of it

Surely this isn't what was intended, right?

>> No.71188242

The Kasrkins? Those longlas(?) don't look like the ones Ratlings get. What's the source?

>> No.71188244

Yeah but those capped at 5's, you couldn't be unhittable.

Which edition is this?

>> No.71188245


Piling on the chapter swag is the way to go

>> No.71188248 [DELETED] 


>> No.71188251

the problem is that their heads are too small in proportion to their bodies

women have much smaller heads than men

>> No.71188256

Fuck off. Inquisition Wars were good.

>> No.71188262

Does anyone else like Warhammer? I do

>> No.71188271

>> No.71188273

too large

>> No.71188283

We have to go back.

>> No.71188289


>> No.71188290

>The old WS system was better
I wouldn't mind WS to work the way wounding does now; double, greater, equal, less, half.

>> No.71188306

You'd have to normalise a lot of WS values, as a single point makes a huge difference.

>> No.71188307

>> No.71188308

No it wasn't it was fapfiction that was published for some odd reason, no book that features characters talking about their repressed sexual feelings for several pages has ever been good.

>> No.71188311

You cant target a character regardless of the number of wounds it has. So yeah, you can't target Mortation or Magnus. But you can target anything that isn't a character, monster or no.

>> No.71188321


I mean, you gotta admire the little bastard's courage. Not knowing what a daemon prince is good for morale in this instance.

Yes, the warp affects their armor and allows for their mutations to shine through. This, on top of any damage they receive because it's sorta a mark of honor to have half your guts spilling out from a power sword wound only to turn them into tentacles so your little nurgling buddy can play hop scotch with it.

>> No.71188322

>> No.71188330

>> No.71188332

>a single point makes a huge difference
Good. There should be a world of difference in melee ability between a guardsman, a marine, an eldar exarch, etc.

>> No.71188333

Endless spells and terrain are made in china. And maybe books and packaging? So those will delay anything

>> No.71188340

>What if I spam Maurader Destroyers
-1 to hit wont save them

>> No.71188342


>> No.71188345

I think it's more likely 40k is gonna get fixed to wound rolls than having something like the old WS system, under current GW

>> No.71188352

night lords btfo, as usual. What's new?

>> No.71188356

>> No.71188363

Fair, but I'd be more concerned about melee specialists fighting each other.

>> No.71188370

I kinda want these huge tables to make a return. Would serve as a nice barrier to entry.

>> No.71188371

>> No.71188389


>> No.71188403


>> No.71188406


>> No.71188412

Who is this nerd spamming dumb pics? Does he want to troll by reaching the image limit?

>> No.71188413

Two more sleeps until list and the dammed!!

>> No.71188424

What you want this year
>Fulgrim (with codex) and Leman Russ
>plastic kits for Eldar
>more plastic guard kits
>9th edition (maybe with alternative activation but I doubt it)
>something, anything for fucking Necrons, Nids, Dark Eldar, GSC, Harlequin or Chaos

What you'll actually get
>the sisters and admech releases already announced
>primaris lieutenants
>more knights

I mean, they can't keep releasing Imperium stuff for 3 years straight, r-right?

>> No.71188427


>> No.71188431

I just think it would offer more room for depth now that initiative is gone. There's more to think about for when you're going to declare a charge than just overwatch, and it forces melee armies to consider tactics other than just CHARGE EVERYTHING. Like if You're playing Blood Angels, even with your melee bonuses you might hesitate to charge your tacs into a squad of incubi, since you'd be hitting on 5s, so you'd be better served with shooting and overwatch. On the other hand a Space Wolf player might still choose to fight in melee since he'd have the +1 to hit bonus evening things out.

>> No.71188441

>> No.71188442

>the Cerastus Castigator Knight from forgeworld

>> No.71188444

>they can't keep releasing Imperium stuff for 3 years straight
There's been massive releases for chaos and xenos including a full overhaul and what's effectively a new codex.

>> No.71188451

It's not that I don't think it won't work, but it does require more than just going back to the old WS values.

>> No.71188455

are that woman in the middle a baddy or a goody ?

>> No.71188459


>> No.71188464

Alpha Legion and Thousand Sons look fucking great

>> No.71188468

I really liked those Sister Augusta novels i hope we can have more of her in futur.

>> No.71188473

Saharduin Codex and Hurd Codex, these were revealed to me in a dream.

>> No.71188484

Dumb question but detachment rules means basically I can field a 2000pt army thats basically 2-3 different factions so long as they're all under one keyword right? So for example Sisters/Guardsmen?

>> No.71188485

>> No.71188490

>it does require more than just going back to the old WS values.
This fag doesn't want to suddenly buff Chaos Daemons through the stratosphere

>> No.71188498


So how long before he gets the chad treatment?

>> No.71188500

I want a Rak'gol codex. Best Xenos.

>> No.71188502


>> No.71188503

>new Cadian sculpts
>Steel Legion in plastic
>Guard gets a Regiment-by-regiment release like Marines did
>I guess buff Necrons lmao

>> No.71188504

It would be pretty funny to have bloodthirsters immune to anything with a powerfist.

>> No.71188515


>> No.71188525

Yes. Imperium can be the only keyword your ARMY all shares, but it can't be the only one all the units in a DETATCHMENT all share

>> No.71188531

Yes, as long as they're in different detachments.

>> No.71188538

Gib Lost & Damned regimental doctrine (ala Brood Brothers)

>> No.71188544


>> No.71188559

I'd certainly like to have Big Things with melee ability be almost untouchable again. Getting close to Guilliman or Skarbrand or whatever as a vanilla human should be impossible, it doesn't matter if you brought 50 friends, if the thing you're trying to kill can smear rows of you from 15 feet away, you shouldn't be able to fight it effectively in melee.

>> No.71188561

Marines, Knights, Admech, and Sisters (deserved) have received the overwhelming of releases in the past 3 years. Wolves are likely to get new stuff this year too.

Eldar have received 4 model refreshes (Shadowseer, Drazhar, Incubi, Banshees, jain).

Nids have gotten no mainline releases, though yeah GSC got a ton of support.

Necrons have received 1 unit.

It is time for Xenos and Chaos.

>> No.71188563

What you want this year
>primaris bikes
>traitor guard with subfaction rules
>dark mechanicus
>custom CSM warbands
What you'll actually get
>more primaris units that are awkward to use

>> No.71188568

This fucker

>> No.71188570

Literally never heard of them.

>> No.71188574

I love the old ork books.

>> No.71188576

Celestine is truly the big tiddy goth gf we all want.

>> No.71188577

Ephrael Stern when ?

>> No.71188585


>> No.71188586


>> No.71188587

Is it wrong I want her to step on me haha?

>> No.71188592

Yeah my concern is with having some things almost untouchable by anything you can bring as an army.

>> No.71188595


>> No.71188600

Orks are the heroes we deserve

>> No.71188602

Imagine that being a thing in current meta.

>> No.71188608

Imagine being this much of a newfag.

>> No.71188611

I can't imagine it. 8th edition has no soul.

>> No.71188615

I used the hotshot lasguns from scions as their rifles. Unfortunately not as cool as hellguns, but you know how it goes

Here's a better pic of my battalion

>> No.71188617

Chaos has gotten a load of new models, including a massive overhaul for CSM and the release of two entirely new factions with actual chaos knight kits, and Death Guard. Xenos had GSC turned from a scions-tier pseduo-dex into a full faction with lots of options.

I'm not saying they don't both deserve some love, I'm just saying that acting like they've gotten nothing is silly when both have gotten entire new armies in the past few years.

>> No.71188622


>> No.71188624

A return to 3rd edition fluff and setting and rules

>> No.71188629

>What you want this year
Trump 2020

>What you'll actually get
What you said, and hopefully what I want

>> No.71188630

>having some things almost untouchable by anything you can bring as an army.
Yeah we wouldn't want armies to have bad matchups or something. Homogeneity ftw!

>> No.71188638

>GW insists on making plauge marines colorful and bright, despite being rotten piles of meat
I've heard this dumbass opinion parroted so much that it triggers my gag reflex now.

>> No.71188641

Xenos isn't a faction in the same ways the others are.

>> No.71188644

3rd edition was peak kino

>> No.71188645

I agree I just hope the xenos or chaos release window is coming up faster and we don't spend the next 2 years drip-feeding more primaris

>> No.71188651


>> No.71188653


>> No.71188655


>> No.71188656

I like to bring melee units though, I don't want to switch to just taking shooting because it's more consistent.

>> No.71188663

/40kg/, does anyone know if this colour scheme belongs to any particular warband?
It seems pretty popular, I've seen a lot of people paint their CSM dudes up in this exact same palette and I'm curious if it has any foundation in fluff.

>> No.71188665

Has there ever been a point in this game where shooting wasn't king? Late 5th and most of 7th are the best times I can think of for melee in 40k, and even then shooting armies were on top.

>> No.71188673

8the edition has nothing but bore and blandness. It's actually depressing

>> No.71188675


>> No.71188677

It's Pre-Heresy Death Guard.

>> No.71188680

Melee has always had a place, it just hasn't been a dominant strategy as an army.

>> No.71188682

Half of the results have no ingame effect, and the ones that do aren't dramatic. Not really that exciting.

>> No.71188686

No, this is pre-heresy Death Guard.

>> No.71188689

Catachan is probably a good stand in. But I do agree they need a standalone doctrine

>> No.71188706

>Death Guard
>mk3 armour
Not canon

>> No.71188724

Thanks anon, nice dubs

>> No.71188726

That's Mk2 armour, you absolute fucking lorelet.
This is Mk3 armour.
This is your final (you)

>> No.71188729


>> No.71188745

If you're depressed just be a man and kill yourself

>> No.71188748

Space Marines have so many fucking elite options how the fuck am I supposed to know whats good and whats shit

>> No.71188756

Read you're codex, and look at the point cost.

>> No.71188759

Those dudes look swell.

>> No.71188761

You should play an army that isn't for faggots.

>> No.71188767

I believe that's The Cleaved.

>These mysterious warriors first appeared during the insurrection on the world of Magma Codelian. The Loyalist Guardsmen of the Astra Militarum's 334th Iridian Regiment had pushed their way into the rebellious Planetary Governor's palace after a sustained bombardment.

>The regiment's Primaris Psykers realised too late that the architecture of the Governor's keep was actually a gigantic summoning circle. Amongst the choking fumes, the insurrectionists conjured reinforcements; not daemons, but Chaos Space Marines with strange, oil-like blood oozing from the joints in their armour.

>Though the new arrivals were massively outnumbered, the Power Armoured warriors exhibited an incredibly high pain threshold, fighting on through mortal wounds to eventually repel the Iridians' attack and secure the planet for the insurrectionists.

Pick whatever you like and thinks the coolest, stop acting like a waacfag

>> No.71188768

She prefer Eldar boy, sorry anon

>> No.71188775

If its primaris its good. If it's a FW dreadnaught it's good. Everything else is pretty much bad

And people still think manlets arent on their way to legends hahaha

>> No.71188781


In terms of models

Doesn't need to be touched/largely refreshed/maybe a single release here or there would be cool Tier:
- Sisters of Battle
- Admech
- Primaris
- Slaanesh, Nurgle
- Custodes (open those wallets, bitch)
- Misc. Imperium (Assassins, Inquisition, etc)

Needs a touch up but otherwise in a good place tier:
- Space Wolves
- Dark Angels
- Blood Angels
- Tzeentch, Khorne
- Tau

Expansion would be cool tier:
- Harlequins
- Grey Knights
- Dark Eldar (mostly new beasts and characters)

Missing significant chunks tier
- Imperial Guard
- Orks
- Eldar

Does not exist but should tier:
- Heretics & Renegades
- Emperor's Children
- World Eaters
- Ynarri (but not before refresh

>> No.71188791

That's mk4 armour you stupid cretin

>> No.71188793

A termie squad with a land raider and dreadnought spam then

>> No.71188797

Are you one of those retards that thinks assault centurions are bad?

>> No.71188800

That's the spirit.

>> No.71188803

Necrons don't even get a mention once again.

>> No.71188809


>> No.71188813

>Doesn't need to be touched/largely refreshed/maybe a single release here or there would be cool Tier:

>otherwise in a good place tier:

>> No.71188814

Where do Nids fall on this scale?

>> No.71188824

He's talking about the actually models.

>> No.71188831

Like 99% of the elite options are absolute garbage.

>> No.71188848

Nah they're good but it's a good rule of thumb

>> No.71188870

Tyranids and Necrons are both big chunks, because of the age of their models and how much metal they have.

>> No.71188873

I considered them too anon, but the color scheme doesn't match.
The Cleaved are all white with black cloth.

This scheme is
>bone white armour
>black/metal trim
>red cloth
The closest thing I was able to find was Shackles of Khorne on a homebrew wiki.

>> No.71188892

Im an ork player and all we're really missing is plastic kommandos and tankbustas. Everyone uses that AoS shaman as a weirdboy.

>> No.71188919

He might be referring to our old options and models, some of which don't even have Legends/Index entries anymore. At some point in history 40k actually had boarboys with cyboar option, ork cyborgs, mad orks, etc. That and you had access to silly shit like Ogryns, Digganobz, 'umie mercenaries, and 'umie anarchs/necromunda gangsters

>> No.71188937

That reminds me, some of the really old HQs would be fantastic to get like Nazdreg, Wortsnaga, Wazdakka, etc.

>> No.71188979

>Everyone uses that AoS shaman as a weirdboy.
Well they finally gave Eldar a plastic Spiritseer, and CSM a plastic sorcerer / chaos lord.
There might be hope for orktober yet.

>> No.71188982

getting into 40k and trying to decide what I should be buying to start myself out. I'm mostly interested in chaos (nurgle or slaanesh) and lesser so but still interested in mechanicus. the dark imperium set seems like the best starting point for me but I have some questions about the space marine side of that set. if I paint some of them in slaanesh colors and down the road buy something like the slaanesh demon start collection kit would that all be viable for a future slaanesh army? and could I use some of the left over space marines to mix in with the start collecting Skitarii set for a mechanicus army? also are citadel paints the recommended paint or can I go with a cheaper alternative and still get decent results? am I going to have any issues with older peaces not being compatible with the newest edition? in terms of just learning how to paint would the death guard + paint set be worth buying? sorry for the retarded questions.

>> No.71188992

Ugh, anon, most of Crons and Nids is plastic

>> No.71188994

Biggest issue with the weirdboy is not so much that it's resin, but the sculpt design... and well I somehow doubt GW will bother redesigning the weirdboy enough for people to care. Ghaz himself is not far from his metal/resin version, though the Ghaz sculpt is not bad too be fair.

>> No.71188996


>> No.71189008

>Ghaz himself is not far from his metal/resin version
Wait are there full pics of the new Ghaz?

>> No.71189014

No, just small preview pictures. From what's shown: the design doesn't stray too far from original.

>> No.71189018

Tinboys, Madboys, Looted wagons, runtbots, Gargants, Stompas with playable rules, Junkas, ect.
I think the plastic SAG mek might be the closest thing to a direct 1 to 1 copy of a model gw has ever done.

>> No.71189019

How do you mean? The legs look more like from a Deffdread, the claw is entirely different and the head is goddamn tiny.

>> No.71189034

Curse me for not saving a picture of what's shown side-by-side in my lack of care in Ghaz.

>> No.71189036

>Grotsnik uses those Primaris he kidnapped to reintroduce Tinboys.

>> No.71189037

I was going to be pedantic and post the actual original which looks nothing like current Ghaz, but we're at image limit.

>> No.71189046

I'm working on a nice big tinboy model myself to count as a deff dred :)

I recommend all ork players read the 3 1st edition ork books and convert more.

>> No.71189048

You can just buy the Death Guard half online cheaply instead of having to get the primaris half that wouldn't fit the aesthetic you would want for a Slaanesh army. But do you want to run Slaanesh/Nurgle Daemons, Slaanesh/Nurgle aligned chaos marines, or DG? They can all ally with each other, but you really want to just pick one and focus on it for now. Grab the codices from the mega in the OP, look through them, you will want the Daemons, Death Guard, and Chaos Space Marine books. Don't buy the paint set, it's not a good deal, just grab some cheap brushes from a craft store and grab the colors you want to paint your minis in.

>> No.71189053

I'd love an OG Mongol Ghaz without his powersuit, do love the design.

>> No.71189056

I really want to do a Valkyrie detachment, what would be the best way to kit them out? Punisher cannons or Lascannon spam?

>> No.71189062

If your army can’t be played in 2nd Edition it’s not real.

>> No.71189065

Vendetta/Vultures are best, regular Valks blow to bring firepower.

>> No.71189078

If you're looking for best value per point, get Know No Fear instead and split the Primaris half of it with someone. That'll get you the best value per buck.
Otherwise start with easy to build plague marines / pox walkers, get a troop box once you're done with them (CSM for Slaanesh, Plague Marines for Nurgle), continue with half of Dark Imperium / KNF if you're still going.
Start yourself off on painting your shit before you buy more early.

>> No.71189108

>image limit on page

Could you fucking not? New thread.


>> No.71189175

Probably very high

>> No.71189223

The head graft is a pretty wild one

>> No.71189624

Hah. I like this. I've been putting together a Rogue Trader army for a fun time with a friend but keep switching which army I want to do. Also, serious question, how compatible are 1st edition and 2nd edition? I've played 2nd but never 1st and 2nd has more going for it.

>> No.71190442

>TS Praetor

>> No.71191474

>Tau Breachers

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