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First for Angron

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Do you guys think I should pick up some Valhallan guard to supplement my Vostroyans?

Currently I have 6 Vostroyan infantry squads and 4 Company commanders that I run in my 1k list. I was thinking about expanding it to 3 battalions worth and perhaps expanding to a 2k fully guard list.

Also... post your painted guard models.

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Vespids are actually pretty good

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Go for it, they're cool as hell.

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Do you think 4 valkyries with stormtroopers and the vigilus drop force special detachment, 2 vultures, and an avenger can punch somewhat competitively on the basis of the valkyrie disembark cheese and no one bothering to take AA ever?

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Shalom 40kg. I have a question about force detachments.

If I take Custodes, and then take Imperial Guard Allies, do I lose both the battleforged abilities for the Custodes and the Imperial Guard?

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No, because they share the imperium keyword. They do lose it if you mix them inside the same detachment though. E.g. you want to run a IG battalion and then a seperate Custodes detachment.

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Only if you put them in the same detachment

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Ahh, a man of culture.

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So to do it, I would run a battalion of Guardsmen, and then an outriders of bikes and stuff, and still get the battleforged rules?

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Thank you humans. This has been very helpful.

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I need some help deciding which army to pick. I've narrowed the choices to grey knights, adeptus custodes, and eldar. Here is what I like and dislike about them.

Grey knights:
Look cool, especially the helmets, weapons, and decoration.
Strong in every phase
New book adds combos that look fun and good
Can build all the infantry using only terminators and marines with lots of options for conversions
Cheap to build an army
Hard to acquire right now (sold out)
Flavor of the month

Adeptus custodes:
Most elite army
Cheap to build
A lot detail in each model, each model is very special
Not a fan of the gaudy gold look
No psychic phase, so less stuff to do
Not even sure how this army is supposed to fight

Has my favorite lore out of all the races
Warlocks, rangers, tanks and characters look cool
Strong psychic phase
Most of the infantry models look dorky and unappealing
More expensive in terms of money than grey knights and adeptus custodes

If I had to pick one right now it would be grey knights because that's the safe choice, but I don't know much anyway

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Fusion Blades get how many shots? I swear they should get like 4 if I'm reading the rules correctly.

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Play what looks coolest to you. You'll always have more fun playing your cool looking models.

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SO I'm really happy Valhallans are here for now.. Im hoping Tallarn comes back, too. Im gonna get the platoon here soon, but when these guys are gone do you think Cadians would blend in well enough?

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If there is even one Grey Knight player in the world, it is too many. Play Eldar.

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They are here for 1 week you idiot.

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they get two, they are treated as two fusion blasters for the purpose of shooting

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I just came here to say that £25 for a section of men was way less than I expected.

Either they've come to their senses or I'm so beaten that I think paying that for 25+ year old models is a good deal.

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*blocks your path*

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Is a character-based eldar army with tanks and almost no infantry at all viable, or is it just silly?

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Play what you're gonna have the most fun building and painting! Of those, I think the answer is going to be Grey Knights, with Custodes in a close second - they both have a strong aesthetic that looks good on a table but isn't too difficult to paint at a tabletop standard.

Shade your armor with Drakenhof Nightshade.

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Thank you. Also, if a unit uses For The Greater Good, does that not mean that it cannot shoot overwatch again, even if it is charged? A guy was playing a game, and me and him had a disagreement on this.

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I'd recommend Custodes. You don't have to paint 'em gold, though the lack of a psychic phase is annoying.

anyways, they're elite, fairly quick, and individually quite strong. You want to be securing objectives and focusing on eliminating threats that can do substantial damage to you.

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yes, if you shoot because of The Greater Good, you give up the ability to fire in overwatch

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You can make anything Viable. But Eldar Tank lists are under Ulthwe. You'll just need the right HQs/Detachments/Craftworlds.

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Just as I thought. I WAS RIGHT HA!

Seriously thank you for the clarity.

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no problem, dude

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That's probably why I asked about blending Cadians when they're gone..

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40k still uses a points system, right?

I was on what seems to be the official army builder and it didn't seem to be using points.

Trying to mess around with lists, been out for quite a while, but I can't find anything to build with easy.

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Who was at Vigilus? We're doing a narrative campaign soon and I want to be fluffy. I'm thinking Imperial Fists (I like the colours and want to do them for HH but no one else plays HH so that's on the back burner and I would probably end up doing IW anyway) with some Custode support.

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Literally look at the Megas and find the relevant books talking about the vigilus campaign.

Make an attempt figuring it out for yourself you slack jawed dimwit

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Brava Alfabusa > GW lore

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I don't know it myself very well, but maybe 1d4 has it? I know they're a bit of an interesting little source, but I've found their lore doesn't always suck.

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You're an asshole.

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I had a lot of fun with my Harlequins today, I brought kiss troupes and destroyed some intercessor bois.

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no it wasn't

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Anyone have any lore for their World Eaters warband? I honestly have no idea how the fuck they function and sustain themselves. Have read the Kharn novels. The level of attrition is nearly Tyranids tier

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I sure hope the wolves don't burn this thread like the last.

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Who is the best 40k waifu and why is it GSCB?

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As long as they don't try push their retarded headcannon we should be fine

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yes, but there's no point in taking vigilus drop force with the new book. There's a strat that does the same thing and gets your scions within 5".
Also scions are really strong with the new release + Valkyries, pass it on

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I mean they as in Space Wolves

>> No.71123945

Play custodes + sisters of Silence. Cool and fluffy

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ive got 10x extra mk3 marines, what should i do with them? heres some context, ive been building a space wolves great company for a couple years, it consists of:
30 (roughly) terminators, like 25 of them melee terminators (5 of which are characters), (have an additional 2x bolter terminators, 3x assault cannons and a heavy flamer, whatever)
4x 10x man grey hunter units (full plasma, fist, TH, etc)
2x 6x man grey hunters (melats but otherwise similarly kitted out)
2x 5x man long fangs (5x missiles, 5x heavy bolters).

so the last 10x mk3 ive got idk what to do with, im thinking of converting them into wulfen or doing 10x more long fangs (lascannons/plasmacannons), but idk. what should i do?

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oh i forgot, ive also got 20x power armored wolf guard with various gear, combi weapons, melee etc. so i dont need wolf guard.

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11 S3 attacks base squad of 5, 16 if you take the one order conviction that benefits melee.

What are these supposed to be able to kill again? Guard squads?

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My personal favorite is the Custodes, but I think you should play Grey Knights because it seems that it's the one you are most excited about and like the look of the most.

>> No.71124019

Unironically this.

>> No.71124030

They're assault Marines. Unfortunately, Assault Marines suck right now.

>> No.71124067

Have you considered that ORKS STOMP EM ALL!

>> No.71124073

Just played a game using a battalion of Scions using the 133rd Lions Doctrine and used the stratagem to give a character a warlord trait, and it didn't turn out that well.

Had two units, one had plasma guns and one had meltas (with the warlord nearby to re-roll 1s) and another near a tempestor prime to give re-roll 1s to another unit with plasma. I dropped them in the rear and they totally sucked ass. I have NEVER seemed to have luck with Scions (whether or not I am using Valks or Vendettas). I may need to try them again or just go all in with them and a few Valks, but so far, none of them have pulled their weight.

>> No.71124097

what happened? with the reroll 1 buffs and orders you should have been able to bring down most enemies. What were you facing?

>> No.71124100

Which is the Lions? I can't remember all the new ones.

As for your bad luck, did you identify anything in particular that caused you to fail?

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More heavy weapons is always a good idea.

>> No.71124123

S3 reroll damage is better than S4. Its 55% against 50% vs T4

>> No.71124137

Can anyone give me side view references of SM devastator helmets? Particularly the ones that are not these four

>> No.71124147

>MFW These noobs with Custodes think they can just walk into gunlines and my randomly rolled Genestealer cult army just hosed down two squads.

>> No.71124169

I was going up against a Custodes Venerable Land Raider (save of 2+), I rolled two ones for the meltas (then re-rolled a 1 & 2), then the useless Hot-Shot Lasgun (HSLG) did nothing. The other unit with two plasma overcharged and did only two wounds (got to re-roll a 1 and not die) and the HSLG didn't do anything either. Another unit with two plasma did 4 damage from two plasma overcharging and two of them got through to do damage.

The 133rd Lions warlord trait lets you re-roll 1s within 6 inches of him and their doctrine lets you add 1 to the AP of their weapons.

>> No.71124188

basically + 1 AP to all weapons, one of the strongest regiments in the new book. Have zero idea how >>71124073 whiffed so hard with rerolls

>> No.71124203

I will say that the new strat for IG (Concentrated Fire) which lets you add 1 to your hit and wound rolls for a designated target was pretty sweet, I used lascannons and was hitting on 3/4s and re-rolling all failed misses and then wound pretty much everything on 2+s. I never use anything besides mortars, but it was great for the lascannons, even if they'd only get to shoot once.

>> No.71124207

Honest Opinion? Ditch the Melta. The Weebs do it better than Scions, and AP-4 Plasma is already decent enough to use against stuff like Venerable Land Raiders.

Plasma is probably a better choice anyway. After all it has more variability in what it can be shot at, and benefits much more from the Reroll ones thing these Lion guys get.

>> No.71124212

I should add that I was running Cadians with a Platoon Leader parked next to them the whole game.

>> No.71124217

Considering two of the choices are elite armies of Imperium, why not both? They fill up pts fast and you could always soup them.

>> No.71124224

Gotta consider what you are up against. You have about 170 points of infantry versus a 200-250 point tank.
Scions are meant to hit fast and dirty, probably should have allocated more fire, also doesn't help that u whiffed.
What orders did you place? elimination sanctions for scions is brutal against big niggas

>> No.71124226

I thought as much, but I thought I would try Meltas one more time, but so far they just never seem to pay off since they only get a single shot and have terrible range.

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>> No.71124235

That is pretty strong. I've been eyeing Sentinel Squadron Spam as distraction carnifexes, while each still having the ability to shoot Lazcannons at a potential 3+ across multiple targets.

I like my multiple distractions.

>> No.71124254

It's honestly a pretty good strat for any weapon option that HWTs can take.

>> No.71124272

Sadly Meltas are more of a Hellhound thing, if that. Melta spam is indeed viable if you build around it, and if that is what you want then by all means go for it. But I tend to follow the Striking Scorpion 82 school of Army lists: take a theme and then make it as strong as possible.

For example, My Eldar. I like not dealing with Resin, so I am Playing Biel-tan to spam Shuriken with Dire Avengers and Guardian Defenders. I build around that theme, and support/find ways to buff them. Its obviously not meta, but I am optimizing a theme. Make sense?

>> No.71124316

I had to worry about all the Custodes terminators that got dropped off into my infantry line (two squads of 4) and between one of the Land Raiders and a unit of those I lost two hellhounds, a unit of 4 Bullgryns a priest, psyker and an Infantry unit. My 3 basilisks and 2 manticores were trying to bracket both of them as well as worrying about his other unit of Custodes Terminators with a Vexilia, Trajan and an Achilles Dread coming up the other side. I mostly did the re-roll 1s if not near the warlord and I used re-roll 1s to wounds if near the warlord which was giving away the re-roll 1s to hit.

>I've been eyeing Sentinel Squadron Spam as distraction carnifexes
I ran a unit of three of them in this game with 3 lascannons, right up front and center, did a good amount of damage (using the strat to add 2 to their hit rolls) and then I used the other strat to halve any damage they take (saved my ass against the land raider crusader's twin lascannons.

I absolutely loved it more than anything I used from TGG so far, would 100% recommend people use it. If playing as Cadian with a Platoon leader nearby for orders, oooof it's going to fuck shit up.

I love Meltas, but damn, do they suck ass and cost so much. I usually just run plasma in any squads if I use special weapons. Usually build around my long range stuff and a ton of infantry swarming the board. I totally get you, but I was primarily there to try out some of the new stuff. The Hellounds with a heavy flamer did serious work though (for two turns until they got nuked)

>> No.71124319

Tau have nipples on their abdomen like terran hoofed mammals.

Change my mind.

>> No.71124322

But muh peak post-human body

>> No.71124334

>Land Raider Crusader
>Laz cannons
The guy knows storm bolters are why you take them right?

But anyway, I happen to be a Custodes expert (i.e. I know their rules and codex without owning either the models or the rules. Thanks Wahapedia.) Need pointers to bring them down?

>> No.71124335

>Tfw you're teaching someone how to play and they end up handing you your ass and tabling you

>> No.71124348

He never got in range of them and he was trying a different list also, he usually brings two Telemons and a tank or two and castles with Trajan & a Vexilia and walks around the board deleting units.

>> No.71124350

TF is with the Eldar? Get a better pic. The shoulder pad isn't symmetricaly with the other one.

>> No.71124353

It happens when you're intentionally putting on training wheels. Either running a weaker list or just doing things more to teach than to beat.

>> No.71124369

I had a strong list though
10 intercessors with bolt rifles.
10 intercessors with stalker bolt rifles.
Redemptor dread.
Primaris librarian.
Malkaan Feiros.
Primaris Lt.

>> No.71124371

Ooooof. I would shoot everything at the Tanks first, they have no Feel No Pain and a worse base save.

Telemons should take a healthy amount of fire too, but the Caladius are surprisingly ez to kill.

>> No.71124372

I play against Custdoes all the time, they get to be a pain in the ass with everything have a 2+ or a 3/4++ and somethings having a 5/6+++ coupled with everything hitting on 2+s.

I have noticed that bringing two Shadowswords with 4 sponsons seems to fuck up the big stuff (running them as Valhallan to stay in higher brackets) and using a Trojan support vehicles AND salamander command vehicle for BOTH of them to re-rolls all failed rolls and add 1 to the hit rolls. Since both have 4 heavy bolter sponsons, they never get charged.

>> No.71124381

>Loses to an absolute noob
>While running IH
Holy shit you're bad at this game, throw away your models

>> No.71124382


>> No.71124392

>Didn't Bring an Apothecary to respawn dead models

Ahh, what a wholesome Iron Hands list. Its nice to see a list that isn't absolute cheese.

>> No.71124407

Enemy army was Ravenguard
10 intercessors with stalker bolt rifles.
10 tac marines with combi-plasma and plasma gun
Venerable dread with twin lascannon
Jump pack captain with lightning claws
Jump pack captain with lightning claws
Jump pack chapter master with stormshield and teeth of terra.

>> No.71124411

6+++ only applies to Dreads, Wardens. or psychic powers.

5+++ is a warlord trait.

If they are playing differently they are cheating.

>> No.71124424

Balanced, as all things should be.......

Except for bit where the shoulderpad got cut off.

>> No.71124441

Well maybe GW shouldn't market Space Marines as gods of war that can shrug off tank cannons like they're nothing.
Space Marines should be able to win with little effort and/or strategy on the players part.

>> No.71124443

Pic related is what irritates me the most about Custodes, more than anything else in the Codex/Forgeworld.

>> No.71124461

We call that broken.
I've played against these things all the time, their biggest weakness is having to come to you, or else deepstriking. Shot for shot you can outgun him. Leman Russes are Viable, as well as Lords of War with Lazcannons and other heavy dakka weaponry.

>> No.71124466

It's considered a beginner army therefore it should be an easy army to win with.

>> No.71124470

I try to nuke it ASAP before it gets close, after it's range got cut in half, it isn't AS bad to deal with, but once it's castled up and in range it's a tough son a bitch.

>> No.71124471

telemons arent even good 2bh

>> No.71124480

Marines are partially designed to be an easy first army. The ease is that their stats are easy to apply to a variety of situations, not march around the field and take damage like nobody's business while dishing equal. If you are looking for that Play Custodes, who require considerable more skill than Marines to play.

>> No.71124482

Just bought this sexy mofo to celebrate starting my new job. What should I build my radical terrorists as and with what equipment?

>> No.71124492

Telemon with Trajan and a Vexilia nearby are pretty tough to bring down, you're -1 to hits they all hit on 2+ (Trajan lets you re-roll 1s to hit and wound) and then they've all got a 3/4/5++ and the Telemon has a FNP.

>> No.71124499

This is why i don't play anymore.
I just setup a small table with some cultists just so my Space Marines can kill them and make me feel like a great commander.
Fuck playing other people.

>> No.71124511

I recognize that reference.

>> No.71124512

Not really how that works, as the game is more complex than the Marine codex alone. Besides, if you wanna be good at marines, learn to play better. The challenge is playing them well.
Oh yeah, totally. I remember My friend (Tau/Eldar player, swell guy, hates Triptide and Alaitoc) Tried a non riptide list against a poorly optimized Custodes list. Thing punched a Hammerhead Ion Tank into smithereens.

>> No.71124519

They're pretty decent. Mine has pretty consistently done some pretty good damage in normal matches. The only time it did jack shit was some guy that brought Morty, Magnus, and a Knight Tyrant with a volcano lance. It never stood a chance.

>> No.71124524

>The challenge is playing them well.
To play any army well just find out what unit is OP and spam the fuck out of it.
I don't feel like painting multiple leviathan dreads.

>> No.71124529

It's not about how difficult to kill is. The telemon cost a lot of points for the dakka it brings. Most games I've ignored it and it hasn't really done all that much compared to it's points

>> No.71124531

What reference?
I do this a couple of times a month.

>> No.71124556

That's not necessarily true. I know an Eldar Player who has a very strong list that consists of Guardian and Dire Avenger Spam in Biel-Tan, because he hates Alaitoc and has an autistic aversion to Resin. Guy does pretty good with it.

Likewise I'm sure you don't need Leviathans to create strong lists that aren't absolute cheese. The trick is to experiment with what you have and find a nice list type that suits your playstyle.

>> No.71124558

They cost a hellva lot, and after they nearly beat it to death with the nerf bat and raised it cost, it's hard to use right. If used right and in a castle it'll hurt, the tanks are what you want to worry about just as much because of out their damage is D3+3.

Absolutely agree with that on how a Telemon can be a big pain in the ass.

>> No.71124568

In a hypothetical where there are two of them, Trajann, A magnfica, and two Caladius, I reckon they might be a bit harder to ignore.

>> No.71124575

I'll do you a couple times a month

>> No.71124582

Ork Supa Stompa?

>> No.71124585

What caused this? The new Marine codex?

>> No.71124588

Melee T'au?

>While we're dreaming

Sanguinius alive?

>> No.71124600

I know Grey Knights are strong right now in crunch but I feel like nu-40K should be a fucking bonanza for them in fluff. As cool as the idea of the secret chapter working with the secretive chapter to secretly fight daemons genuinely is, the goddamn galaxy just got ripped a Warp asshole and keeping daemons secret when there's a Chaos cult in every hab-block is probably not going to work anymore. If we can have daemon fucking Primarchs flying around in sub-Apocalypse games and let Cawl shit on 30 years of fluff, I think we can leave the edgy teamkilling bullshit behind and let the GK start taking a role as icons of Imperial faith and openly pushing back against the darkness. It's not like you have to explain to the average hive shitter exactly why the shiny man with the glowy spear fucks up the freaky monster so good.

>> No.71124605

I've been doing this since i got into 40k in 2007.
I'm an extreme narcicist who can't handle losing to someone so i do this to reassure myself that i'm better than everyone.

>> No.71124615

The specialist detachment is for the extra warlord trait. +1 to hit rolls for drop force within 6" in the shooting phase that dropped this turn. Combo with 6's spawning extra shots and first rank second rank and you have 38 exploding hotshot dice on drop turns.

>> No.71124616


I believe almost all of the originals were there. The ones I remember for certain are

Imperial and crimson fists
Dark angels
Space wolves
White scars
Iron hands

I want to say salamanders and Raven guard showed up too, but I'm not positive. We don't think ba showed up at all

If there were successor chapters kicking around I don't recall at all. I feel like there was at least one named, but fuck if I remember

>> No.71124619

Would it be Horrifically Against Fluff for a Sisters order to be based on a Feudal World? They don't recruit from there of course, still get their recruits from the Schola. But they're based on a standard castles & villages world. I mostly want to justify using some Warcry models to represent Arco Flagellants and such, but I'm starting to like the aesthetic in general

>> No.71124622

You certainly make a compelling case. However, fluff would probably says it won't happen because...enterGWcontrivancenumber999,999,145here.mp3

>> No.71124638

With proper training I'm sure you could become an excellent player. Its all about target priority, playing the mission, and knowing when to take risks. However, it requires practice.

Imagine this: You're not losing, so much as letting them have wins so you can slowly learn their army, then once you have found their weaknesses, ruthlessly exploit them and destroy your enemies, proving yourself to be the superior commander through hard work, determination, and planning.

>> No.71124642

Do you have any Warhammer 40,000 models? Why?

>> No.71124645

Yes. Because I play the game.

>> No.71124649

But why go through all of that trouble when i could just set up some cultists and have my dudes slaughter them and feel satisfied?

>> No.71124650

Yes. Because they look cool and I like painting them.

>> No.71124652

No. I do have Battlesword 10,000 models though. I hear 40k is pretty dumb.

>> No.71124654


This anon here. >>71124615

Is this worth doing? With that lions thing it sounds like it would be a good idea to switch the ballooning hit rolls for the -1ap but still keep the +1 to hit on drop turns. If I'm doing that, what, if any, special weapon should I run? Was planning a 4 man melta squad but I can go with others. Plasma imo is far too expensive for what it does though, just like melta.

>> No.71124666

How bad did I do?

I haven't played since 6th, was curious about making a tough tank/artillery based army to grind my opponent down.

>> No.71124670

Pretty fucking bad you haven't even posted the list

>> No.71124671

Well, you certainly could keep doing it your way. Its an option

But wouldn't it be just awesome to know that through your own hard work and big brain powers, you found a way to best your opponent?

Is victory earned through sweat and tears not sweeter?

>> No.71124675

who /SCOTCHAD/ here?

>> No.71124690

Damn it.

I had a problem with battlescribe giving me an insanely long list and fixing it fucked up my attachment, I guess.

>> No.71124702

Played (most) a game tonight (will finish tomorrow) and used the Cities of Death rules, I liked them overall and wouldn't mind them becoming apart of the core rules. First time really using them AND I played an Eternal War mission with them and liked how the Victory points are mostly about holding objectives, and pretty much nothing for "just killing" like ITC missions.

Anybody else want another tournament rule set standard and/or for newer GW missions to be used instead? I know, I know, WAAC and all that but ITC seems to be a fairly widespread standard for lots of people.

>> No.71124710

The question I postulate is does it have wound rerolls or wound roll modifiers? Without either you're up a creek. Still a great idea though.

I see the point on the Plasma. Thing is, I know its better than Most of the T'au Plasma, so its a take against them for the trololol. That and it generally is a good choice when shooting their battlesuits/tanks.

>> No.71124715

Fuck off, retard.

>> No.71124721

I generally agree with you. Cities of Death is good, and I'd like something to replace ITC

>> No.71124724

...Goodness Anon....

That's a truly terrifying list.

>> No.71124729

In what way?

>> No.71124732

What separates Cities of Death from ITC? Or rather, what sets them apart?

>> No.71124733

WTF? You have THREE Tank Aces, it says you can only use the stratagem one time???

>> No.71124745

Pure unadultered Gunfire, all of which can tap on anybody no matter where on the board they hide. The pure volume of fire alone scares me.

>> No.71124746

Militarum tempestus have a special order that lets them reroll failed wound rolls against vehicles and monsters. I'm not sure if they still get that if they're using one of the new militarum tempestus sub groups.

Anyone know?

>> No.71124749



>> No.71124759

Didn't you know, its called the "noob" stratagem? It allows you to post lists on 4chan that are illegal to actually play so people can make fun of them.

>> No.71124760

Huh, wonder why BS let me take three.

Easy enough fix.

But this is why I'm posting this, to see if I fucked up.

>> No.71124761

Cites of Death adds deeper cover rules that discourage gunlines and encourage melee. ITC has rules that make ruins LOS blockers and adds secondary objectives.

>> No.71124764

There are two kinds of "cover" which can give anything entirely on or within it a +1 or +2 to your save.

6s automatically hit

Obscured targets give the shooter a -1

Streets/roads allow anything that stays entirely on them for their whole movement gets an extra 3 inches to their movment

Shooting units that are 3 inches higher than their target get an extra -1 to AP.

Dangerous Terrain: each time a model advances or charges though dangerous terrain, roll a D6, on a 1, that mode's unit suffers 1 mortal wound.

>> No.71124766


>> No.71124767

Battlescribe is garbage. Build your lists in a word doc and use a calculator like a man.

>> No.71124770

That being said, I likely swap out the Punishier for a regular Battlecannon in that case.

Not sure, would have to try it out.

>> No.71124775

That's true, I noticed they fixed a lot of their mistakes and added things that were being left out, I assume they will add the stratagem to give a Scion character a WT without having to click "warlord" and get the error message.

>> No.71124777

>You're Garbage. Build your lists in Battlescribe and memorize your rules like a man.

>> No.71124780

> Building Deathwatch to act as an allied detachment for my Sisters of Battle

Right now all I have are five Veterans, Three Aggressors, and a Watch Master. I'm thinking about getting the Start Collecting box and a Rhino and calling it good, but I hear that Artemis sucks ass and that everyone just converts him into a regular Watch Master, is this true y/n

>> No.71124791

They would, it just benefits "Militarum Tempestus" units, it's not required to have a specific doctrine or not.

>> No.71124795

Yeah you just run him as a Watch Master with the spare parts from the Veteran kit

>> No.71124812

What book has the most recent rules for sisters of silence?

>> No.71124822

The Bible

>> No.71124827

The White Dwarf had them recently, but I'm pretty sure it was just a reprint of their section in Index: Imperium 2 with no new content

>> No.71124830


>> No.71124832

>What book has the most recent rules for sisters of silence?
LoL, that's funny anon, they got "rewritten rules" in a White Dwarf. Give me a second and I'll post it.

>> No.71124834

That was sort of the intent.

My infantry are totally unprotected, but I do want to present them the real issue of if they focus on killing them then that's just more turns my tanks get to fire.

Not sure if it'll work because I barely know the rules, but hey, intent is intent.

>> No.71124836

There was an issue of White Dwarf that had an index for them but the rules in it are basically identical to the ones in Index Imperium 2 other than some slightly different wording.

>> No.71124840


They got an Index in a White Dwarf a while back.

Would be nice if they got something in one of the PA books for the five people who have their models.

>> No.71124843

Heh, good one anon.

>> No.71124847

>slightly different wording

Don't forget that Slightly different wording is why we now have Shield Drone spam.

>> No.71124849

Please do

>> No.71124851

FYI you can only get 2 if you give up your normal Warlord trait. The strat is explicitly one use.

>> No.71124860

Here you go anon.

>> No.71124873

Weird Question, but isn't there some kind of weasel looking thing that's typically associated with 4chan? Whats that thing called?

>> No.71124880

For you here: >>71124860

>> No.71124893


>> No.71124894


>> No.71124910

>that one moba they tried to make
what the fuck happened to that?

>> No.71124911

Besides him. I think you can see it here (speed up to 0:47 seconds in) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw9zyxm860Q

>> No.71124916

Came five years too late, Mobas aren't relevant anymore

>> No.71124924

Are you talking about spurdo??

>> No.71124925


>> No.71124930


>> No.71124935 [DELETED] 


>> No.71124936

Use the movilized infantry scions trait instead of the drop force, get out your vehicles hiting on 2's and with safe plasma

>> No.71124940

>all primaris
How pathetic

>> No.71124945


>> No.71124946

I guess I am.

>> No.71124954


Why would you want to expose a new player to manlet marines when they'll be squatted by the time the new player has a decent amount of experience with the game?

I say this as someone who has a sizable collection of standard marines.

>> No.71124989

Because your satisfaction is hollow.
You're setting up figures to just sweep half of them off with your arm and say "I win".

>> No.71125041

>No strategems
>Still too expensive
>Still underwhelming output
Holy fuck, no one that works on 40k gives a shit about the silent sisterhood!
Their Psychic Awakening book better let you add them into a Custodes detachment without breaking their bonus or else all hope is lost.

>> No.71125042

We've had squat fags seething for almost 2 decades.

This squat isnt happening how you imagine, at least people like and buy marine kits.

>> No.71125045

Thanks anon

>> No.71125071

> SoS getting PA content
I wish I had your optimism anon, I really do. SoS are getting nothing.
Lets at least hope the release of Valerian/Aleya on the BL weekend event contains useful rules.

>> No.71125074

Build the saw guy definitely. It looks the coolest, and rules-wise it's apparently the best (don't expect that to last into future editions).

>> No.71125090

No problem anon.

They really are shitty which is a shame since their lore seems cool.

>> No.71125151

So it’s settled then?
Ranking cringe armies worst to least worst is
Tau, sisters, grey knights, Custodes, marines, dark Eldar.
All the others are fine.

>> No.71125200


>> No.71125231

Well Aleya is confirmed to be a HQ iirc

>> No.71125236

Why are custodies cringe?

>> No.71125245


>> No.71125268

Swap Dark Eldar for Eldar, remove Custodes and add IG as borderline and sure.

>> No.71125347

>Toy Fair
Am...am I playimg with toys? I couldn't never believed it, but it might be true.

Also, Terminator vs Orka Horde mode and yet, no re-release of Space Crusade? What a travesty.

>> No.71125378

I give fucking props to White Scars players, I finally forced myself to finish my apothecary, I’ll legit be honest this was the most unfun model I have had to paint.

Mad props to those of you who paint white and yellow armies.

>> No.71125383

Yellow is easy what are you talking about?

>> No.71125395

Miss me? SW must know their place. Russ is shit and SW must be squated.
>Then the Lion struck, hauling his blade around crossways, only to drive it up at the last minute. Russ' counter-strike came in too high, and Krakenmaw was wrenched, spitting, from his grasp. He reached out to pull it back, but the Lion had already sent it clattering away, and it tumbled, end over end, forcing the paladins to leap clear.
>Perhaps the Lion thought that this might have been an end to it, for he never followed up with the strike that would surely have driven deep into Russ' exposed chest, but the Wolf King had other ideas. Snarling with rage, Russ barged headlong into his brother, turning his entire body into a weapon, smashing the Lion back.
>Perhaps the Lion thought that this might have been an end to it
>he never followed up with the strike that would surely have driven deep into Russ' exposed chest

>I(Angron) pulled his chainsword from his fists, and broke it in my hands. We fell into the mud, brawling. We’d both known that fight would end up on the ground. I had him, Lorgar. My boot on his throat, at the very end. I stood above him at last, and Russ…’

>…and Russ had to crawl away, fanged teeth clenched, breathing spit as much as breath. Strings of it tumbled from his cracked lips with each rasping exhalation

>> No.71125403

Yeah, I'm learning to paint them!

>> No.71125459

Bl lovers the whorf effect

See: avatar of khaine, swarmlord etc

>> No.71125462

Can anyone help me with my first army? I would like to play DA and have Shadowspear and Know No Fear box which puts me on 1100 points. I have :

Primaris librarian
Primaris lieutenant

10x Primaris Infiltrator
5x Primaris Incelsor

3x Eliminator
3x Suppressor
3x Inceptor
5x Hellblaster
1x Redemptor Dread

What should I get next? Bikes? Termies? More Hellblasters ?

>> No.71125473

Termies and specialized manlet squads like sternguard/vetrans etc.

Prims are already the anvil, buy a hammer

>> No.71125498


>> No.71125503

Reminder: Russ got btfo by Angron and his World Eaters at Ghenna

>> No.71125504

Nah, Russ is jobber and worst primarch. Like his SW legion/chapter. They are joke.

>> No.71125527

how am I supposed to build plasma/melta scion units when they only come with 1 in the box

>> No.71125532

That is exactly what my post about.

>> No.71125538

To be fair, the World Eater legionaries did take the brunt of the damage. But the 1v1 was a whole other story.

>> No.71125540

How do you spray undercoating? Do you do it exactly as the official video guide shows (outdoors, minis taped to something, cover behind to catch paint), or do you have your own way of doing it?

>> No.71125562

>Mixing Bolsheviks and Tsarists
Recipe for disaster.

>> No.71125570

I usually blue tack my mini's to a plank of wood to hold. Spraying is usually about the wrist movement and keeping it quick swipes so the paint doesn't clog detail.

>> No.71125576


Love it.

>> No.71125588

The irony is that the whole point of that confrontation was Russ trying to stop Angron going ahead with installing the Nails into his legion, seeing his legionaries pushed back by the Wolves whilst he stood victorious over Russ himself just convinced Angron more of the benefit the Nails would give his sons.

>> No.71125594

There was more dead Space yiffs than World eaters. Read the book.

>> No.71125609

It's not true. Whole World Eaters legion already have the Nails (Angron: Slave of Nuceria novel). And WE massacre Space wolves at Ghenna. Angron beat Russ and WE beat SW.

>> No.71125619


Buy more models, goy

>> No.71125624

If Khayon is such an important and powerful character in the Thousand Sons legion, and 40k in general, how come he doesn't show up in the Prospero Burns, or the Thousand Sons HH novels?

>> No.71125630

Redpill me on why I should collect Necrons running an Imotehk list

>> No.71125637

Because he is not important. He is ADB self insert in book. Another Argel Talos OC donut steel.

>> No.71125640

Shooty termies or knights?

>> No.71125642

Hey bro I don't like space wolves, I was just saying that it was multi-layered battle.

>> No.71125661

my new forgeworld models are coming on the coronavirus express

>> No.71125669

Not knights. They are not worth loosing all doctrine benefits at all

>> No.71125670

No it wasn't. Russ and SW was btfo by Angron and World eaters after Ghenna massacre.

>> No.71125674

Murder characters with a >guaranteed<, flying deepstrike charge. A Squad of 10 BR with the passion+strat vs a T5/4++ target will average 10 wounds (or 6.5 wounds against T5/3++).

>> No.71125684

Termies hit like a wet tissue. Centurions are the new hotness, both Devs and Assault variants.

I have seen maybe one game where inceptors did something useful, although DA do have access to stronger plasma inceptors thanks to their Weapons of the Dark Age strat. Still very niche and need to work very hard to earn back their points.

A captain would be a massive help to this list and plugs that reroll 1's to hit gap. The Phobos variant is pretty popular.

Ravenwing knights on bikes are a dangerous unique unit and reward a skilled user. Don't forget about their land speeder version either. Sammael on his speeder is a very potent character that functions as a mobile firebase on top of his buffing capabilities. Definitely worth a look.

Hellblasters have actually kinda fallen by the wayside unfortunately.

>> No.71125691

Oh this is a false flag, like what I did last thread.

>> No.71125698

>Has a sword made from the soul shards of sanguinius
>has a big titty dark eldar gf who solos space marine squads
>has a hot naked sister, who is also a ship
>is abaddons personal assassin
>has a deck of cards soul bound with powerful demons
>once started getting his ass beaten by a Space Wolf, until Khayon decided 'fuck it' and deconstructed this SW on the molecular level
>had a loyal demon familiar who didnt turn on him, unlike almost every other Thousand sons tutelary
>made Magnus bend the knee
>arrested Ahriman after he conducted the rubric
>would be the most powerful sorcerer in the thousand sons (if it wasn't because of Ahriman, but it's cool, they are rivals)
>is currently incarcerated in Terra, by the inquisition (but it's cool, because everything is going to plan)

>is too powerful for some
>has made some powerful enemies
>he lies, so we don't even know if he's telling the truth

>> No.71125726

He's also an absolute bitch who bends over to anyone who offers him brotherhood.

On a side note, I wish Scourges on the tabletop were as good as his pet one.

>> No.71125750

Did the dude shit himself?

>> No.71125780

>Tau shat himself.
Based model.

>> No.71125797

Why are tau and sisters players the most insufferable people in the hobby?

>> No.71125817

Because they are beloved by weebs and coomers, respectively. Both of whom are obnoxious, and lack social skills

>> No.71125822

Sorry i mostly thinking for other marine armies not DA specific. Yeah termies have run the gambiy from shut to useable under certain circumstances in 8th hit honestly i think the idea stands. Primaris units almost universally are solid shooting focused units, Aggressors can both both and id recommend them I'd suppose.

Its retarded but dont discount non primaris marine marine units. They still do and likely will always have a unique flacour to them that will take primaris years to even hope to fill all the gaps.

Centurions, Devastators, Dreadnoughts, bikers, termies, assault marines. Even when new primaris releases in those fields come out (2 new dread types, aggressors and elimantors where centurions and scouts are) the manlets still got spice and SOUL.

>> No.71125825


> Why are (insert name of the armies my opponents used in the last 1-3 games that I played and lost) players the most insufferable people in the hobby?

This question is basically a meme at this point.

>> No.71125837

You forget about Space wolves players.

>> No.71125839

where are my Thousand Sons

>> No.71125843

On the gw website

>> No.71125844

Gone, reduced to atoms.

>> No.71125858

Everyone in my group still hasn't figured out a counter to Armour of Russ. So many times the counter attack of the wolves just wipes em, they think their big bad single unit or character can hold me off in melee?

Shits so cash

>> No.71125881

.t tau weeb

>> No.71125885

>Teleports behind you, and and summons a bloodthirster

>> No.71125891

Pssht nothing personal Astartes

>> No.71125896

>Gone surfing

>> No.71125899

Sadly DA cant use Centurions

>Captain in Phobos
Do you mean Master in Phobos? I dont see it in battlescribe

I would lose my doctrines with knights?

>> No.71125907

Alright, so GW are going to replace marines with Primaris, mainly due to copyright issues.
But what about terminators, either new suits will be made Primaris sized (stupid idea so likely) or terminators will be entirely replaced with the nice and easy copyrighted Agressors (also stupid so likely)

>> No.71125908

you forgot two important weaknesses

>will never be an Ultramarine
>will never live up the example of Marneus Calgar, whom he venerates as his spiritual liege and abject superior in all things space marine

>> No.71125925

>Bring back saturnine terminators
>Call them Exterminators

>> No.71125928

my favourite person to play with is a tau player but he has always done fluffy/fun lists

>> No.71125931

>>will never live up the example of Marneus Calgar, whom he venerates as his spiritual liege and abject superior in all things space marine
Do you think Dark imperium was a dig at ward given that Calgar is utterly humiliated by Guilliman to point he is left self doubting himself and relegated to that of a housewife?
If GW had any balls I’d almost expect a Lion/Luther event coming after reading the first book.

>> No.71125937

nah, it's a fairly natural reaction for someone to have of a you+1 coming into the picture. Nice character moment.

I still love using the ward spiritual liege stuff to bait out nerds when I play my smurfs

>> No.71125940

>SM lose out in Doctrines when fielding an assassin via the stratagem, because the FAQ said so
>GK dont lose Tides when fielding an assassin via the stratagem, as the FAQ makes no comment on it

>> No.71125942

at least not in PA

>> No.71125944

>I would lose my doctrines with knights?
You will lose your doctrines if you soup with anything that doesn't have doctrines and you will lose the chapter doctrine benefits if all your marines are not from the same chapter

>> No.71125949


I play Space Marines and Orks, dummy

>> No.71125951

I expect they'll get their rules reprinted in the PA with the custodes, maybe a stratagem or two

>> No.71125961

>>SM lose out in Doctrines when fielding an assassin via the stratagem, because the FAQ said so
Why would you possibly want to take an assassin with marines. They have better stuff to begin with

>> No.71125978

Deathwing Knights are not Dark Angels?

>> No.71125979

>why can't the protagonist be as underwhelming as I am?

>> No.71126010

So you dont have to blow a load of points on eliminators and only need to spend 95 to reliably kill characters

>> No.71126011

Just trying to play casual games, is this doable?
++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Orks) [58 PL, 999pts, 8CP] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Battle-forged CP [3CP]

Clan Kultur: Bad Moons

Detachment CP [5CP]

+ HQ +

Big Mek W/ Shokk Attack Gun [4 PL, 80pts]: Ard as Nails, Shokk Attack Gun, Warlord

Big Mek W/ Shokk Attack Gun [4 PL, 80pts]: Shokk Attack Gun

+ Troops +

Boyz [4 PL, 82pts]: Tankbusta Bombs
. Ork Boy W/ 'Eavy Weapon: Rokkit Launcha
. 8x Ork Boy W/ Shoota
. Ork Boy W/ Slugga & Choppa

Boyz [7 PL, 80pts]: Tankbusta Bombs
. Boss Nob: Power Stabba, Slugga
. 10x Ork Boy W/ Slugga & Choppa

Gretchin [1 PL, 30pts]
. 10x Gretchin

+ Elites +

Nobz [14 PL, 145pts]: Ammo Runt
. Boss Nob: Choppa, Slugga
. Nob: Kombi-Rokkit
. Nob: Kombi-Skorcha
. Nob: Kombi-Rokkit
. Nob: Power Klaw, Slugga
. Nob: Power Stabba, Slugga

Tankbustas [4 PL, 95pts]: Bomb Squig
. 5x Tankbusta: 5x Rokkit Launcha

+ Heavy Support +

Deff Dread Mob [5 PL, 97pts]
. Deff Dread: Big Shoota, Dread Klaw, Dread Klaw, Skorcha

Morkanaut [15 PL, 310pts]: Kustom Force Field, Kustom Mega-blasta, Kustom Mega-zappa, 2x Rokkit Launcha, 2x Twin Big Shoota

>> No.71126029

>t. waacfag

>> No.71126062

Yeah, but the Deathwatch killteam squad sprue is a goldmine of bitz so convert that sum'bich up.

>> No.71126080

I asked this last night but I figure i'll ask again incase I got a bad time. whats the scene in edinburgh like for warhams?

>> No.71126082

working on these two foul blightspawns, what do you guys think?

>> No.71126111

I fucking hate it

>> No.71126122

>what is null zone

>> No.71126133

I've not played GeeDub in absolutely ages, but there does seem to be a decent Edinburgh scene. Theres Ark Games club, plus places like Red Dice Games doing wargaming nights. Have a search on FB for those names.

>> No.71126135


It's fluffy as shit

>> No.71126149

Why so? He did get lucky enough to get resurected

>> No.71126153

>Return of Makari the luckiest grot ever.
Fucking based and kekpilled.

>> No.71126160

Anons, I came across this conversion when looking for ideas for my army, and I cannot track down who originally made it, anyone know by any chance?

>> No.71126170

What are some good options for a 500 point fluffy Ordo Hereticus/SoB taskforce?

Was thinking of taking my Inquisitor as a Psyker with either a thunder hammer or power maul, plus combi-plas.
The Acolytes I'm going to arm with storm bolters.

I'm just not sure what to bring for the SoB half of the task force. All I've got right now is one 10-man box of SoB which are currently unassembled so I can go in any direction from here.

>> No.71126180

A canoness and a hospitaler should do the job

>> No.71126182

> No Primaris
> Not IH
> Power armor infantry + walker centered

Which flavor of the Muhreens will best suit me?

>> No.71126194

Should I make half the squad into meltagun dominions? I've been told by a friend that those worked very well for him.

>> No.71126197

So how many of these we got down so far?

>> No.71126198


>> No.71126213

Do you mean Celestians or Retribitors?

>> No.71126219


Blood Angels. They have like 30 different Dreadnoughts.

>> No.71126230

Reminder: Even with the help of two tank sized wolves, Russ barely beat a suicidal Magnus with what is explicitly said to be a lucky shot.

>> No.71126234

Don't think so. Its Dominions who can take quad special weapons in a five strong unit.

>> No.71126256

Salamanders. Ignoring ap-1 make infantry a lot more worth it

>> No.71126265

Are you afraid of a grot?

>> No.71126270

Mmmh, not really sure, they need to be on the frontline to not get shot before being in range. And they can only fire at vehicules that would also be on the frontline.

I feel it would be better to have a regular squad of sister melta guns and a combi melta.

>> No.71126292


>> No.71126300

How should I kit out my neophyte squads? are the seismic cannon or heavy stubber worth taking at all?

>> No.71126301

Yeah, a multi-melta will be better at 24"

>> No.71126302

It was not the whole Magnus. It was a shard. So Russ barely beat a fraction of true power of Magnus.

>> No.71126315

Full auto or shotguns and take either a grenade launcher or flamer respectively. They suck right now so either use them for back field or as a bullet magnet by applying pressure with shotguns.

>> No.71126323

Oh and despite it looking like the best option N E V E R take a power pick.

>> No.71126333

I was just gonna have them sit on objectives hence why I thought a 2 point HS wouldn't be too bad
I learned a long time ago from guard to run my shitty sergeants as low cost as possible.

>> No.71126342

Finally show us Ghaz, GW...

>> No.71126343

Magnus was sharded after pulling off the teleport to Sortiarius trick, wasn't he?

>> No.71126353

Shards were after he lost to Russ

>> No.71126354

>he fear a goblin

>> No.71126377

Just save those 6 points or what ever for hand flamers on acolytes or buy some demo charges.

>> No.71126394

Not everyone can have a magical nkb wifh 3-5 attack 3+, S7, -1 ap, 2d AND 40 HP

>> No.71126419


>> No.71126426

The Hurr Durr Makari stuff started getting old after the first video dropped. They really don't know when to let the joke go.

>> No.71126440


>> No.71126442

Ah, so he just hero hammered you.

>> No.71126452

Did GW give a time table, when armies without a start collecting are going to get one?

>> No.71126455

>new rules
>literally an Errata of existing rules

>> No.71126456

I feel like it's going to be Deathwatch vs Necrons and Custodes vs Deathguard

Harlies could be in either one.

>> No.71126458

My thinking with the Dominions was to have either a Rhino or Immolator carry them and the Canoness to the front where they disembark and obliterate high priority or heavily armoured targets.

>> No.71126461

They've never even said that every army will have one.

>> No.71126463

No. Magnus sharded after he burst through Webway to Imperial palace. Read Last son of Prospero.

>> No.71126466

What Chaos Knight do I want when playing Death Guard?

>> No.71126468

You mean the story that threw a giant wrench into the tutelaries = daemons in disguise deal for no apparent reason?

>> No.71126477

okey, did they maybe say when GK will get theirs, we just had our Awakening book, but it had no new models, while chaos and DA got boxs and new stuff.

>> No.71126479

Autoguns sismic and mining laser are good options specially for the creed that ignore the -1 for heavy weapons
Launcher for long range and mining laser and Webber for sismic or deepstriking mining lasers
I’ve seen fuckers run 12 Neophytes squads with enough bonus the cunts can end hitting like marines

>> No.71126482


>> No.71126490

Next War of the Spider, so probably Necrons vs Harlequin, I think.

>> No.71126491

Dominions without the scout move for vehicles are just overpriced Battle Sisters squads
At that point just run regular battle sisters squads

>> No.71126502

That would be a good way to do it. It will gives them 15"+1d6 at turn 2

>> No.71126512

How even does using the assassin stratagem work with 100% single army abilities? (E.g Doctrines), ignoring the FAQ of course

Is doctrines determined when you generate your army? (And as the assassin isnt added tuntil the start of the game etc)

>> No.71126549

>How even does using the assassin stratagem work with 100% single army abilities?
It doesn't.
Doctrines is an ability that only works when your whole army has it. The second something in your army doesn't have it you lose them. It doesn't matter when you add the assassin. You lose them afterwards

>> No.71126554

>Because it turns out that even though it’s their fourth game, they’re a net listing WAACfag.
Farmer and the viper.

>> No.71126575

They haven't said anything. And they probably won't, the GSC start collecting box appeared out of nowhere. I wouldn't hold my breath.

>> No.71126576

>Gets wounded on 3+ by lasguns/guard punches, 2+ by boltguns and marine stomps.

>> No.71126591


>> No.71126603

Seems a bit excessive to kill a grot that does essentially nothing.

>> No.71126607

>Reminder: Even with the help of two tank sized wolves, Russ barely beat a suicidal Magnus with what is explicitly said to be a lucky shot.
Reminder that headcanon is irrelevant and Magnus was beaten in the multiverse despite trying the hardest to win

>> No.71126614

No, Magus lost so hard he broke up in a million pieces>>71126607

>> No.71126622

>>You will get our LGS right now, racist! Diversity is our strength! White men OUT of our hobby!

>> No.71126630

What happened? Haven't read it

>> No.71126638

It's author's speculation. Imperial propaganda if you want.

>> No.71126644

The training halls of Titan are pack full of new trainees thanks to the psikik aweaking, acording to the fluff

>> No.71126647

did he go on a retarded woke video on that shit now?

>> No.71126656

>Hurr durr is propaganda
Funny how this propaganda have been the canon story since it was written

>> No.71126665

Fair point. I was thinking of going either Bloody Rose or Valorous Heart for my Order. Starting to lean towards the latter as it makes my Sisters more durable and will be better for going on the defensive/capturing objectives.

Yeah, that was my thought. The obvious caveat is they always have to be within max charge range to get hits off, so while they're incredibly melty they also have to be exposed in order to get hits off. This is why I was thinking of having the Canoness ride with them. Given Blazing Ire and made Bloody Rose she can be a real monster in close quarters and can ham up the targets while the Dominions pour melta fire into them.

>> No.71126667

>did he go on a retarded woke video on that shit now?
I want to know too. This same fag keeps posting it, and he never gives an explanation.

>> No.71126688

Maybe. He painted a sister of battle as a man.

>> No.71126700

>Cast Astral Aim on a Twin Las Razorback
>Opponent starts complaining at how me casting the power on a 4 on 2d6 is "broken" and he never makes a move to try and flank the razorback to kill it

>> No.71126725

Is Razorback a good platform for Twin Las Astral Aim? I was thinking about the dreads because they can cast it by themselves and bit more durable

>> No.71126738

FW HH books are written by some imperial historian and based on imperial records. They didn't know about multiverse. It's speculation, metaphor. It's not canon.

>> No.71126758

Its the cheapest twin las platform you can get, but a Ven Dread is better because its got 2+bs and can take a missile launcher too

>> No.71126772

Chaos space marines are are the worst just by the fact they contain the Emperor's Children

>> No.71126777

does he have to get on his woke soap box for you to know he is woke? just look at the fucking tranny

>> No.71126787

Hes into bestiality. He doesnt do manfaces, he does monkeyfaces

>> No.71126797

>an object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something

>> No.71126813

>Suggesting you paint things you're sexually attracted to

>> No.71126833

>Get started in 4th edition
>Nerdy black weeb types are playing Blood Angels and Space wolves painted white as snow.
>Girls painting Tyranids.
>8th edition comes round
>Nerdy white knights are playing/painting Sistahs of Battle and telling everyone it’s the only way you’ll see brown people and girls.

>> No.71126834

Its what SoB painters have proved with the pantless sisters, you have plenty of proof in previous threads

>> No.71126839

He's a skinny nerd. Are we seriously making fun of nerds for looking like goober mongs in a 40k general?

>> No.71126844

>Dark angels captain
You need to repent, boy

>> No.71126854

What if I play Sisters because I love my Emperor and happen to be a loyal servant of his most holy Ordo Hereticus?

>> No.71126857

BL HH books are written by some fanboys and based on their favoritism. They don't know about consistency. It's fanwank, masturbation. It's not canon.

>> No.71126863

Who is he? Is he supposed to be someone important?

>> No.71126868

>Centurions are the new hotness, both Devs and Assault variants.
Can you elaborate?

>> No.71126888

>that picture

>> No.71126891

>Just started a Sisters army
>Already looking at Ad Mech and Genestealer cults
Why am I like this?

>> No.71126893

Does taking an unaligned unit interfere with <KEYWORD> cohesion in armies?

>> No.71126907

>Who is he? Is he supposed to be someone important?
He's nobody. Almost as unimportant as the guy who's making fun of him.

>> No.71126910

>weebs and coomers

>> No.71126915

C list Youtube Celebrity painter

>> No.71126925

because you have good taste in armies just build bladed cog and play either gsc or admech whenever you want

>> No.71126928

Would you have the points for the rhino at 500? If not, running them as regular sisters would be better.

Most reliable way to land d6 on backlines would be seraphim. You're they will be able to be in range and alive

>> No.71126933

because in your heart you just want to play with cowboy cogs and bandito cults rather than gay nuns

>> No.71126943

Do like my GF and run both Sisters and Admech

>> No.71126950

I don't want to get grouped in with these weird cunts just or playing Sisters. I play them because I want to play an army of religious zealots and lunatics and because the Ecclesiarchy is the most grimdark part of the fluff. People who are trying to sexy up their Sisters of battle need to gtfo, they're supposed to be nuns with guns you fucking heretics.

>> No.71126953

Primer only armies are the best

>> No.71126955

so are Primaris Aggresors primaris version of Terminators or will they get their own?

>> No.71126959

A 60 point unit of Deathmarks popping in and opening fire point black with rapid fire sniper guns getting good roles or any good sized sniper teams with mortal wound generators could take him out

>> No.71126964

He meant Imperial Knights.
Tardation most likely

>> No.71126968


Because you have difficulty committing to things?

>> No.71126978

>there's a certain level of intellect required to enjoy certain things
God what a pretentious cunt

>> No.71126983

Post your sisters then! I'm fed up of only seeing SoB painted by coomers!

>> No.71126984

Woah Bladed cog is a thing, that's terrifying that I could do a two for one army
This was my plan from the beginning, but not sure I want to give up the bonuses you get from running pure Sisters.
>gay nuns
listen here you fucking heretic...

>> No.71126986

too bad nu-sisters are here and they're fierce

>> No.71127001

>Complaining about a color palette... When your Iron Hands are airbrushed pastel blue and purple.

>> No.71127003

Most recent progress, I have a Mortifier that is nearly complete too but can't be arsed taking a photo right now.

>> No.71127010

Its a meme unit anon, with that statline anithin up 25 points wouldn't be worth fielding it

>> No.71127016

Most top armies from RG/IF, as well as some other chapters, rock 6 centurions. Devs hit like a truck and are very survivable thanks to overloaded chapter tactics, doctrines and strats. They're also a nightmare to score secondaries against in a good ITC list.

>> No.71127029

That photo gives me hope. Thanks anon.

>> No.71127032

fucking kino

>> No.71127035

Chaos, unironicaly

>> No.71127041

incredibly based

>> No.71127050

Yes, unless something says it doesn't. For example, if I took a unit of Noise Marines with my World Eaters, it would break my comical legion trait but if I took a unit of Fallen, Cypher or Fabius Bile, I would be good to go thanks to the "shadowy allies" rule.

>> No.71127068

That reminds me I have a 2k game today and still haven't figure out what I want.
Beside the 3 Exorcist and 2 seraphim squads with inferno pistols.
The annoying nun list is not exactly fun or good.

>> No.71127075

Blue & former blue IH / IF are as despicable as manfaced sisters and sexy sisters.

>> No.71127088

I have 370 points to spend on Terminators for my BT army. Do I buy

>9x Hammernators, for maximum Hammers and durability
>5x Hammernators and 5 Clawnators because it's 1 more model and gives the option to split the squad

The goal is to run them all in one squad, deepstrike them in and use the 6" pile in + no fallback stratagems to screen my Herohammer chars.

>> No.71127093

>not running regular battle sisters as Neophytes
>not running Repentias as acolytes
Is like you hate the hobby.

>> No.71127108

Ad mech is not strong enough to loste the boost, but they are cool enough to deserve it

>> No.71127136

So, how would you rank the PA rules releases so far? For me it'd be
>Complete overhaul tier
Grey Knights
>You really didn't need all this new shit tier
Space Marines
>Much-needed update tier
Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines
>Not revolutionary but very welcome tier
Tau, Thousand Sons
>Narrow and kinda disappointing but has some good stuff tier
Craftworld Eldar, Black Templars, Tyranids
>Shouldn't have bothered tier
Genestealer Cults, Dark Eldar
>Go fuck yourself tier

>> No.71127155

Pretty nice color scheme anon

>> No.71127166

How good are Possessed in a Death Guard army?

>> No.71127195

*unblocks your path*

>> No.71127208

They're just overtuned to shit. They sucked for a long time, got successive point drops in CA then got huge buffs both to their statlines and the abilities they get access to with the supplements. It's actually kinda retarded how cheap they are for the amount of damage they put out.

>> No.71127216

>No 5+++
>4 toughness
>lack of melee buff stratagems
>dont benefit from relentless advance
You tell me

>> No.71127241

If GW ever decided to put an end to 40k, how do you think they would wrap up the story in a way that doesn't piss off all the fans to an unbelievable degree?

>> No.71127252

t. reddit

>> No.71127261

They are. Outside of Intercessors and characters, most Primaris aren't a 1:1 upgrade over their manlet equivalent.

>> No.71127263

Did Tides do that much to GK? Like, can't quite believe one additional rule can complete overhaul a former shit army

>> No.71127270

Max out on Hammernators, you really want whatever you fight to die.

>> No.71127271

warp-flashfry the universe, killing every psyker off at once. reset the clock, all this has happened and will happen again until the universe hits on a working pattern that seals Chaos and the Warp out of the material universe.

>> No.71127287

They got a lot more than just Tides. They also got a bunch of excellent stratagems (seriously, I don't think there's a single dud there), much-needed extra psychic powers and even some really good relics and litanies. Plus they had been getting point drops for quite a while in the hopes of salvaging their trainwreck of a book (they even got rid of that retarded "special weapons cost more for terminators" shit), so now it all came together to make a legitimately strong army.

>> No.71127294

god i love pl*bbit.

>> No.71127296

if only they had +2" Charge litany...

>> No.71127303

Oh, hey Scott. Dilate.

>> No.71127316

>I need a creed and a character to get that

>> No.71127324

If I have an ability that lets me reroll hit rolls of 1, but also an ability that adds 1 to hit rolls, how do they mesh?

>> No.71127335

Choose my new army lads.
>Played Blood Angels in 2nd, dropped when they went balls deep on the vampire shit
>Played Orks and tried chaos in 3rd
>played guard in 6th & 7th
I’m thinking Tyranids because at least it’s hard to utterly butcher the fluff around the great devourer.

>> No.71127336

>friend of mine starts painting two years later than me
>he's way better than me in a month lenght
I'm happy for him but it's a good wake up call. I should invest more time in the hobby.

>> No.71127344

You need 1 less than whatever your base BS is to hit, i.e a bs of 3+ basically goes to 2+, and then you can reroll any rolls of 1 for that hit roll.

Your BS cant go down to 1+

>> No.71127345

GSC with Tyranid

>> No.71127356

So I've been into the 40k lore since I was a kid, reading the novels and what not.
Decided I finally want to try my hand at the tabletop, have some great places to play near my work so thats covered.
Thinking of starting with Admech.
Any advice on where I should start and is citadel paint the best I can get or are there better?

>> No.71127358

You would think the iron warriors would be really vulnerable to nurgle? Considering how dower and in the dumps they were under perty

>> No.71127369

Imperium makes peace treaties with xenos, necrons use pylons to close the eye of terror and great rift. Emperor returns and sacrifices himself to seal the warp and materium off from eachother forever. Chaosfags got to win fantasy, so they can lose 40k.

>> No.71127371

If he's way better after a month than you in two years, you just fucking suck at painting.

>> No.71127372

I’m really impressed with the cult minis, are they new. I can’t believe I’ve not seen how awesome they are.

>> No.71127375

Are any of the 'choose your own regiment' abilities aside from wilderness survivors worth anything?

>> No.71127386


>> No.71127387

Vallejo paint. GW stuff is as good but waaay overpriced.

Except GW washes and technicals, those are worth getting.

>> No.71127391

Rerolls before modifiers.

>> No.71127394

N-not those ones, Anon!

>> No.71127397

Yeah I saw the mars cracked ground stuff for bases, that looks really good.
Thanks for the tip anon.

>> No.71127398

Holy shit ADB is a bad writer. Nightlords is god awful. Not so much the story itself but the character dialog and deacriptions.
Why does every single character smile and grin monstrously every single time they speak? Its like a deviant fan fiction.

>> No.71127399


>> No.71127405


>> No.71127417

thanks anon

>> No.71127421

So what are your predictions for the Engine War anons?
I would love to see Iron warriors added but I know it's not gonna happen..

>> No.71127424

Not worth as much as the cheaper Plague Marines. I suggest a Blightspawn if you need something useful in the elite slot.

>> No.71127454

Iv been painting for about 3 months and im pretty middling myself, i ruined my first marine squad expermenting with different techniques, but since then im actually doing alright. Well, iv seen much worse posted here. I just have to be on the right mood, if i try to paint when distracted or somewhat tired ill come back the next day to something like
>1 decently painted model
>1 shitty one
>1 that looks like it was painted with peanutbutter
Then i end up having to wash the latter two and start again

>> No.71127457

What loadout do I want on my Plague Marine Champion if I'm running 2x Blight Launcher in a 5 man squad?

>> No.71127464

Ahh, I see you are unfamiliar with the Night Lord legion.

>> No.71127474

I know it's the swarm: the game edition, regardless interested in Nidzilla. How easy/friendly is it, regarding to my wallet, painting skill and play difficulty?

>> No.71127476

I personally do nothing or a powerfist. Plasma Gun is decent, but if I have 2 Blight Launchers I prefer running them every chance I can to keep up with my Arch Contaminator Daemon Prince. Powerfist is just nice if I ever need to bash Marines in the face.

>> No.71127489

how many points would yall say the valhallan platoon box is?

>> No.71127491

disciplined shooters seems okay, also you can basically make a better vostroyan doctrine by having spotter details and disciplined shooters. But for the most part they do seem pretty meh.
hopefully traditions for custom knight houses.

>> No.71127499

Does anyone know a good third party source of bugmen minis I could use as vespids? I don't want to just do the jetpack tau conversion.

>> No.71127502

Is plasma or bolt pistol any good? Seems pretty useful for getting in melee when they're running around the field.

>> No.71127515

assassins are fun

>> No.71127521

I'm hoping Chaos Daemons get some good shit. The other three have had their time to shine and are at worst decent even if a bit behind the curve right now thanks to Marines. But mono daemons have sucked dick forever.

>> No.71127525

A plasma gun has 18" rapid fire range thanks to the legion trait for 6 points more than the pistol.

>> No.71127527

ah, poor thing
hes retarded

>> No.71127532

Plasma Pistol maybe, Bolt Pistol less so. 1 Bolt Pistol shot won't do a lot. 1 Plasma Pistol could be shot in close combat to some effect by killing a Primaris Marine when overcharged, but that's only useful if you're charged and don't die or they stay in combat after you charge them. It's a little too situational to me. If you have a champ model with those guns, then by all means take them, otherwise I would just do nothing. I personally only bring along Powerfists because I always end up in combat with my Plague Marines and it's helped me either kill or cripple things.

>> No.71127536

why are sisters marked out? they should be appearing later on. I mean, unless there has been a leak I missed

>> No.71127542

He seems to be very polarizing. I find his novels ok, readable, but I truly don't understand the hype for his work that places him alongside Dan Abnett, let alone sci-fi authors from outside Black Library's stable. I love Abnett's work, my first introduction to 40k's fluff was "Guns of Tanith" and the Eisenhorn trilogy was what got me into the hobby, I've never got that invested in ADB's work, not even close.

But then some people don't rate Abnett's work. There's no accounting for taste.

Personally, with ADB, I think he writes far better human characters and falls flat when he branches out into the various forms of super-humans in 40k. I read his novel "Helsreach" and I just kept waiting for the PoV to switch back to the stormtrooper and the company of militia he'd been put in charge of. The Space Marine parts were dull as hell but I was totally invested in that character and his situation.

His writing of the Night Lords and World Eaters is almost identical, I think he writes in quite a narrow comfort zone and doesn't stray from it. He wrote both Sevatar and Khârn an almost word-for-word monologue where they compare their legions to the Space Wolves for example.

>> No.71127566

How are you gonna shoot a plasma gun when you're constantly advancing?
Yeah, fair enough. Thanks man.

>> No.71127574

The Imperium isn't real dumbass, go to their website and you can see who the author is DUUUUUH

>> No.71127584

Why do people use Nurgle as an excuse to overdo effects?

>> No.71127613

Because hacks will always be hacks

>> No.71127617

I play SoB because I think a bunch of crazy old battle nuns killing everything that *might* offend their religion, all the while rocking a strong space-gothic aesthetic is fucking badass

>> No.71127627

>25 USD for a single valhallan heavy weapon team

>> No.71127633

I don't like the gold rimming for Ultramarines, what yellow do I need for that old school scheme

>> No.71127656

You cant shoot much of anything if you advance with a plague marine and Death Guard are relatively shit in melee compared to using their rapid fire range to effect. In my experience, 14" is the sweet spot.

>> No.71127664

>tempestus scions will never become their own faction

>> No.71127700

Thats why you either are rich or you learn how to get good at recasting.

>> No.71127737

I reckon I could accommodate either or. That said, a lot of it is still up in the air as to the army's synergy. I know the Inquisitor is going to end up being a support HQ just due to their limitations. Was going to give him Mental Interrogation for CP farming.
Don't know if I should bother sticking him and his retinue in a transport.

>> No.71127755


>> No.71127803

What I’d really love is for them to get something that makes running monogod a potential option, not something where you actively handicap yourself
They have given the marines extra rules if you don’t soup them, they should do the same with the four gods factions

>> No.71127844

I mean with the new rules they essentially are. Way more options and variety to run a full army of them. You can run 2-3 types in a list.

>> No.71127887

GW, I read you most recent Nids vs Bangles stuff and I have request; plz stop trying to give the Hive Mind a personality, let me have my space ants/locusts.

I don't want their overmind to start holding grudges or developing petty rivalries, it should be focused on consuming biomass. Ants are only interested in the survival and expansion of their colony, Tyranids should be like that.

>> No.71127920

>I know it's the swarm: the game edition,
Eh, that stopped being the case after Marines dropped. Stealthy Rapid Fire Intercessors just laugh at hordes, for starters.
>regardless interested in Nidzilla. How easy/friendly is it, regarding to my wallet,
Decently. It's usually a better points per dollar ratio than most armies, certainly more so than hordes.
>painting skill
Contrast is your friend.
>and play difficulty?
Depends again. Non-character monster nids kinda suck at melee but they're pretty good at shooting. The bigger issue is that if you don't have troops (min Rippers are good slot fillers) you're gonna be starved for CP, and you really want some for stuff like the Maleceptor aura and the reroll wounds and bonus damage when shooting strats.

>> No.71127934

While I can understand your point, anon, the issue is that there are almost certainly people with the opposite opinion compared to you, who wants some degree of personality in their armies, since a swarm of locust can make for a great enemy, but are hard to appreciate as your “protagonist”
I don’t know how many times I’ve read people insecure about starting a tyranid army because they felt it was too impersonal

>> No.71127937

i miss when ynnari were fun

>> No.71127942

They're special forces/military police units attached (usually) to the Guard in the fluff or in small numbers to the retinues of Inquisitors.

They rarely if ever deploy as a complete force on the scale 40k revolves around.

>> No.71127970

Why would they? They fit perfectly where they are right now, especially thanks to the detachments system.

>> No.71127972

Yeah, I think that is why GW is doing it.

I just don't like it. I'm going to go and sulk in my Grog corner now.

>> No.71128026

No, you're totally right. If the impersonal nature of it is what's keeping someone from collecting them but 'oh my gosh i just gotta consoooom' then maybe that's why GSC are there.

>> No.71128038

> those look like bloodletters
> but why everything else looks so modern/non-gothic

>> No.71128135

Probably because the artist made it using gmod

>> No.71128157

Not everything in 40k has to be gothic anymore grandad.

>> No.71128210

The funny thing is, peak Ynnari were still a fair bit weaker than current Iron Hands.

>> No.71128360

It's funny because intercessors look more gothic than tactical marines.

>> No.71128419

Hot-shot lasguns should be assault 5 weapons, with AP 0.

This would fit the Scions role as shock troops, special forces etc better.

>> No.71128438

How about 3 shots -1?

>> No.71128458

Why do Scion guns have huge optical sights but only 18" range?

Are they really bad shots?

>> No.71128466

yea, I once considered doing nids, but the fact they were essentially just npcs, that kinda pushed me away from them. They are probably the most npc faction in the setting. Even daemons have leaders with goals and personalities. Orks, who were thought to be npcs too, have tons of personality and personal goals/aspirations. The thing is, a hobby all about making your own dudes and making your own personal force, running a nid army kinda defeats that.

>> No.71128500

anon, they were originally called storm troopers
that should give you all the info you need

>> No.71128551

Probably because they are made for precision shots, not long range shots. In the real world subsonic weaponry with big suppressors that get used in sub 150 meter conditions can have huge scopes on them

>> No.71128676

So when and how are iron hands gonna get nerfed?

>> No.71128769

The Doom of Malentai, Old One Eye, Death Leaper, and the Red Terror are some GW examples of unique characters in the 'nids. Even before the custom swarms came out, you could kitbash whatever you wanted in order to personalize your army.

>> No.71128781

>They rarely if ever deploy as a complete force on the scale 40k revolves around.
40k revolves around company level combats, of which it is entirely feasible for an entire detachment of stormtroopers to operate in. The amount of troops seconded to a warzone from the stormtrooper regiment is typically on the company level, even.

Their unit roster leaves a bit to be desired, but the amount of men and vehicles you put on the field feels very "right" with stormtroopers compared to many other factions (space marines dropping half a company on a rando battle, orks bringing sixty scrubs to a big battle, etc).

>> No.71128809

god you fucking assfaggot if you say laZcannon one more time I will find you and make you eat a fucking baneblade, its a fucking LAScannon you mouthbreathing troglodyte

>> No.71128847

>So when
April big FAQ
>and how are iron hands gonna get nerfed?
Lord knows, but something's coming for sure. I expect, for starters, that Cogitated Martyrdom is nerfed not to work on vehicles, maybe nix WTs through March of the Ancients too. But seeing as IH have top tier options in everything from stratagems to relics to fucking psychic powers, I don't know what can be done. But as a more systemic nerf, I think Marines should have to pick between the improved AP or the extra effect of their custom doctrines.

>> No.71128894

There should be a hellgun equipped option with that, yes. S4 AP0 Assault 5

>> No.71128911

WEfag is SEETHING right now, cope harder your super cool angry marines lost to yiffs

>> No.71128943

Honestly Hot-Shot sucks because your models will never wound. Str 4 would help but with no AP who cares.

>> No.71128950

lmao not gonna happens, new Primaris wave is almost here, GW sure as shit dont want to plummed the sale just yet.

>> No.71129300

Hot shot becoming a poor mans plasma with some kind of overcharge shot would do a lot to give it a purpose

>> No.71129327

I would honestly just give it a second weapon profile.
It becomes heavy 1 but with a 36" range.

>> No.71129450

>Wolf-driller instigates raging autism with false narrative.
I would joke about Burger hours but EUnuchs are just as responsible for this lately. Is this all you are capable of?

>> No.71129494

Solar Auxilia in 30k have something like that.

Off the top of my head, I think it was 36" S6 AP6 (7e) and Heavy 1, with rolls of 1 meaning the weapon overheated, didn't kill the operator but that mini couldn't fire in the next shooting phase as they waited for it to cool. Something like that.

Fluff behind it was that is was specifically used to allow mortal troops to wound space marines and (Dark) Mechanicum beep-boops that ordinary S3 lasers just wouldn't scratch.

>> No.71129832

isn't the IG meme that they just have a shit ton of dudes with guns? why do batreps never look like they have that many more dudes than the enemy

>> No.71129916

Because most people go for point efficiency rather than fluff.

>> No.71130012

I have like, 12 Killa Kanz. How do I make them not suck?

>> No.71130169

tanks are cool too, I guess.

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