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what is your biggest fear how GW could fuck up the lore

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Hit me up with

>your chosen game mode
>your chosen gaming snack
>your chosen gaming drink
>where you play (club, home, LGS)

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They already have, in 3rd edition

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This thread is for titties

Post some titties

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my homebrew is that my scions can take rhinos

because I still have all my inquisitorial stormtroopers and all my inquisition rhinos

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Tau not getting bodied by Chaos.

Also Xeno marines.

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Also butts!

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4 factions
Several galaxies
Even more trademarked names

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>your chosen game mode
Usually narrative or open play

>your chosen gaming snack
I don't typically eat while I play, but if I'm just chilling at the club I'll usually eat some kind of sandwich.

>your chosen gaming drink

>where you play
Private club.

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Only because you asked. I kinda feel like I fucked this up by trying too hard to make it balanced.

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Tell me about /yourdude/s leader. Model, lore, homebrews, whatever.

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Do you still run them as rhinos?

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Narrative campaign with friends
Pizza (not during play)
Beer (not getting shitfaced)
At home (or friends home)

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How do we feel about Proper looted vehicles? should orks be allowed to take literally any vehicle adjusting for BS/abilities.

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If the Necrons and the 'Nids ever had a huge Octarius-type conflict and ended up doing a fusion dance, would the result be something like this?

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ADB getting supreme authority over the lore.

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Ok in my books.

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>Narrative at home, matched at the lgs
>Biscuits and tea. Something about the tea just helps calm down my brain when I'm trying to micro manage 100+ Tyranids
>Energy drinks, Live+ if you know what that is
>Play at the LGS weekly, at home every other weekend

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How do you react to winning/losing a game?

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He’s also an Iron Warrior?

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>Several galaxies
Ngl that'd be actually pretty cool. So many sci-fi settings focus on only one galaxy it's become dull.

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we out here

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Chapter Name: Sons of Ra
Founding: Ultima, 42nd Millenium
Chapter Progenitor: [Official: Blood Angels] [Unofficial: Thousand Sons]
Gene-seed Purity: Slightly Corrupt. [Mutations: Oolitic Secretions(A small number have been reported to have red skin)]
Demeanor: Uphold the Honour of the Emperor
Chapter Flaw: We Stand Alone
Figure of Legend: Chapter Master Ra, Slew a newly ascended Daemon Prince.
Chapter homeworld: Duat, Civilised Desert World, Stewardship
Organization: Unique
Combat Doctrine: Psychic, Shock and Awe
Chapter Beliefs: Repentance through sacrifice
Chapter Strength: Over Strength
Chapter Allies: Eldar, Scholastica Psykana
Primary Enemies: Chaos/Heretics, Orks, Tyranids

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They'll remove all mention of marinelets from loyalists and only have primaris

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Neat, thanks anons.
Not sure I can handle a disco lord right now, but I guess I'll pick up a box or two of secondhand possessed.

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Primaris outrider bikes

Bike stats and rules, +1W/A.

Twin bolt rifles standard

May take power knives for 3 points (S:user AP-2 D:1) or may take melta bombs

Sergeant may take intercessor sergeant melee weapons.

26ppm base, size 3-6.

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Brewing up my genestealer cult at the moment. I'm real keen on banners and wanna have a shit load of printed banners hanging from icon bearers and terrain and shit, does anyone know of good resources for miniature banner making?

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Chapter Master Raphael Occidenus. A veteran of the indomitus crusade who finds himself increasingly in command of a rebellious, superstitious chapter as the first generation primaris are slain or integrate with the newer recruits from their home planet.

>Rites of Battle: you can re-roll hit rolls made for friendly Hounds of Midas units within 6”.
>Exemplar of Nobility: friendly <CHAPTER> units within 6” may use this model’s leadership stat in place of their own.
>Battle Chieftain (Warlord Trait): Friendly Hounds of Midas units within 6” add 1 to their hit rolls when resolving an attack made against an enemy within 1”.

>M6 2+ 2+ S4 T4 W6 A6 LD10 2+/4++

>Heavy Bolt Pistol
>Phosphex Grenade: 6” S5, AP-3, Dd3. This grenade may only be thrown once per game. Make d3 hit rolls for every 5 models in a target unit, minimum d3.
>Krak Grenade
>Legacy S+1, AP-3, Dd3. Hit rolls of 6+ inflict a mortal wound in addition to the usual damage.

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I think that would actually be an improvement, if they redesign basic intercessors to look more gothic/grimdark like marinelets.
Just give us an upgrade sprue or something.
Or maybe, you know, put the bits in the actual fucking unit box.

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Yeah my guys are an Iron Warriors warband
It's like how Obsidius Mallex is both Black Legion (legion) and Servants of the Abyss (warband)
Guess it looks a bit weird on paper

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what does TiWP and field% even mean

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Better him than Gav. ADB would at least give us hot black chicks, Gav "xe, xir" Thorpe is the one pushing the "gender equality". ADB may have forced female characters, but at least they're hot.

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How would he fare in 40k?

>> No.71059958

their weakness is and always has been model count

>> No.71059966

>tell me about their leader
>here's literally all things except their leader

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he canonically has destroyed entire universes and has literal god-like powers so pretty good.

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That is not hos Tau females look
This is worse than painting Sonic with blue arms

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I'm not talking about the models
I'm just saying the loyalist marinelets just completely vanishing from all lore, because "XD oh its always been primaris haha"

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I laugh my ass off because I dumped four units out of my transport into charge range except the thing I was charging was a tank and the units I was charging with were guardsmen.
Shit never gets old

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Why is Archaon such a cooler BBEG than Abbadon?

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Chapter Master, The Exalted - Archon Ra - Archon Ra is a solemn man on the outside who’s dedicated himself to the destruction of the Chaos. But as many of his captains know is a deeply wounded and vexed man. He was born long ago approximately sometime around the closing of the 31st Millenium, on a world that had known the touch of a Primarch. His homeworld was peacefully brought under the wing of the Imperium by the Red Cyclops, son of the Emperor Magnus the Red. His world was isolated and far from normal Imperium space, so his people never stopped worshipping Magnus as a herald of the Emperor and their hero nor did the Imperial Truth fade.

He’d grown to aspire to be like the Thousand Sons, though that changed when he was kidnapped as a boy to be a part of Cawl’s Primaris project. Ra awoke in the 41st Millenium to find his golden Imperium rotting. To find someone who he’d worshipped as a hero was partially responsible for this rocked him to his core.

Ra was amongst the first Primaris to leave the vaults of Mars and served as a veteran of the Indomitus Crusade. During his service, he distinguished himself enough to be made Chapter Master of a new chapter to be formed in the Ultima Founding. His chapter would be named the Sons of Ra and they were to shepherd the world of Duat and its subsector.

Even though they were officially sons of Sanguinius; Ra never felt it to be right and had his feelings confirmed when they got their hands on Thousand Son gene-seed. They were sons of the Cyclops. Since this he has led them on many crusades across the border of the great rift fighting daemons and heretics, only returning to their desert world to replace heavy losses.

He rarely leaves the battlefield once they engage, and even with a long time for repairs, his own modified armor is typically pot marked with craters and etched with deep gashes and groves, his golden armor dull and worn in places to almost silver.

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Saying Archaon has god-like powers is like saying a dude with a shovel has power over the sea. Like yeah maybe he can cause some floods, but it's not really him doing all the work.

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Unlike Abbadon he's a bit of a mary sue desu.

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what if the emperor is just the chaos-god necoho

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How many Guardsmen should I have on the field turn 1 to absorb the alpha strike if I also want to bring a small battalion of Tempestus Scions to jump into the backline later?

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Post gscb titties

>> No.71060022

AoS Archaon definitely does though

>> No.71060023

I wonder what the ratio of loyalists to "traitors" in ultima founding chapters is. It seems like every ultima founding homebrew I see is made from traitor gene-stock.

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Female Space Marines when?

>> No.71060034

>gets beat up by a magic little girl
Okay man whatever, but if you look at what he actually accomplishes, and not just the wank in his own codex, he hasn't actually gotten anything done since Sigmar got off his ass. I feel like Abby could whip him good.

>> No.71060035

Does anyone have any pics of painted Vostroyan armies? I can’t find much on google

>> No.71060037

at least 6 squads of infantry generally

>> No.71060039

And yet space marine points costs keep lowering, making it easier and easier to field mass amounts of them.
Remember when intercessors were 20ppm? A more balanced time...

>> No.71060041

Beef stew.
Scotch (Ardbeg).
Either a buddy's place (with models) or from home with tabletop simulator. This is largely due to a spine injury with associated nerve damage.

>> No.71060046

You eat beef stew while you play?

>> No.71060049

He very nearly freed Slaanesh before Nagash and Katakros inadvertently stopped him

>> No.71060051

Never if we're lucky.

>> No.71060053


Field% is the percentage of all lists(i.e. "the field") that was that faction.

>> No.71060068

So probably 70-80?

>> No.71060077

A disgraced 4th Sphere Ethereal sent on a suicide mission with his loyal band of dissidents.

>> No.71060080

Dude still got beat up by Sailor Moon in his own book. Still, I'll forgive it since AoS Black Library books are all over the place, and Mortarion ran from a little girl too.

>> No.71060095

Space Marines are Transhuman
>Trans human
Female Space Marine are coming, 40k gonna get as woke as WotC

>> No.71060097

What is his name? What did he do to piss off the tau emperor?

>> No.71060100

If I'm playing from home on a computer, yes. Rather amused that its the stew that caught your eye, not the scotch.

>> No.71060111

A lot of people drink while they play, and taking a sip from a cup is easy and quick. I imagine that if you were trying to eat beef stew while playing, it would get cold while you're taking your turn.

>> No.71060130

And he rekt Nagash, His new boneboy, almost killed Sigmar.
Found Slaanesh and would free him if not boneboys.
Archaon have quite nice achivments.
BTW what's the deal with little girl?

>> No.71060136 [SPOILER] 

>love the tau mecha
>love giant robots
you don't have to be a weeb to like Tau right?

>> No.71060139


Unironically, I walk if the surrender to the culture war and make female Space Marines. It's just a totemic issue at this point. If it falls, the magic of decades is broken.

>> No.71060140

I'm curious.




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>> No.71060145

Why? Women can't have something of their own? They need to take it from a man to be valid?

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>Favorite game mode
Maelstrom of War: Tactical Cascade
>Chosen snack:
I dont eat while I play warhammer, but we usually go to the arby's next door for lunch
>chosen drink
Root beer
>where I play
LGS with a wall full of free to use terrain

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>> No.71060155

>the tau emperor?
Wait, do the tau have an Emperor?


Homie is never gonna live that down. He could personally bro up with khorne and fuck slaanesh, dude is still gonna be known as that dude who got bodied by starlight jailbait.

>> No.71060160

You don't have to be a weeb to like Tau, but liking Tau makes you a weeb

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>> No.71060170

is it just me or is there a huge push towards promoting Warhammer 40k to new players recently?

>> No.71060177

They do, Sisters of Battle and Sisters of Silence.

>> No.71060180

Man, its stew. You could eat it cold and it would still be delicious.

>> No.71060181 [DELETED] 

Reported and saged

>> No.71060187

They want new players who have no connection to marinelets so they can do a great purge.

>> No.71060188

You either hate the taste (weak tongue) or are afraid that you'll drink too much (weak self-control)

>> No.71060193

Can you write it in english? I don't speak in retard.

>> No.71060195

I like mecha and I like tau but I think the riptide and stormsurge are ugly fucking robots

>> No.71060196

There is, and it's unironically a good thing. More players is always a good thing.

>> No.71060199

Why would they want to do a purge?

>> No.71060203

>cold stew
You disgust me.

That's like all of 8e.

>> No.71060208

>chosen mode
Maelstrom of War
>chosen snack
I don't eat during play, don't want to pick crumbs off my models
>chosen drink
Iced green tea
>where you play
Home, our LGS is full of WaaC autists who constantly barge into games to comment on how we're stupid for not playing (Smash Captains|3x Custodes Bikes|Imperial Soup|Tyranids|Iron Hands)

>> No.71060211

>if you dont like bitter things you're weak
Kek typical warhammer player

>> No.71060212

I mean I would appreciate it the mini was proper orky with a conversion, but yah I'm kind of cool with that as an easy option.

>> No.71060213

Aun'el Dir'le
He committed a little bit of genocide on the auxilaries under his command. But he was a decorated war hero and has some friends in high places, so instead of committing sudoku he's in charge of a penal batallion of 4th sphere veterans.

>> No.71060216

She could use an orky work out!

>> No.71060219


Eh, you do you, but I don't see how that adds anything of significance really, like a single galaxy is already so incredibly vast and myriad, I can't really think of how adding multiple galaxies changes things in an interesting way.

Like, ignoring the fact that the lore is set up that the imperium is limited to one galaxy, what does going to another galaxy do that couldn't already be stated to exist in this galaxy? I guess it could be used to setup another imperium sized civilization if they really had an interesting idea for a new *large* faction, but other than that, 40k doesn't suffer for a lack of scope with one galaxy really, and I don't really see a huge benefit of changing the 40k universe to its very core by suddenly making it a tiny player in a universe of galaxies.

That's just my two cents though, plus it takes some of the Tyranids mysticism away.

>> No.71060220


Do you just not know, or are you setting up for the whole "incarnate so it was totally not pathetic" thing?

>> No.71060224

Shelf space. Moulds. Image?

>> No.71060226

And what if I'd rather not waste money to temporary numb my body because I dunno, I guess I'm pathetic and can't live my life without magic happy juice?
I choose to live my life at its fullest at all times

>> No.71060229

Why can't I find any lore about the Tau Emperor?

>> No.71060238

Why did they remove all the other guard regiments?

>> No.71060239

>Even more trademarked names
Seconding this. Nobledark in particular is the worse, since what makes 40k so unique is just how grimderp and batshit in general the whole thing is. Otherwise it is just an uninspired science fantasy kitchen sink.

>> No.71060242

>abstinence is living life at its fullest
The American education system failed you.

>> No.71060243

Turns out the Tau were crashed colonists from another galaxy. Theirs is a super empire that can snuff out chaos on a whim with technology.

>> No.71060245

There is no Tau emperor. It's ruled by a council of high ranking ethereals and has a kind of first among equals (that is dead and a hologram)

>> No.71060247

So they already have two exclusive clubs but it isn't enough? They must also have what is exclusive to man? Work with me, anon. Tell me why female space marines should happen.

>> No.71060248

Then don't drink to the point of inebriation. I never have.
>I choose to live my life at its fullest at all times
Yet you avoid certain things out of fear...

>> No.71060251

He doesn't exist. They're more of a loose collection of feudal republics

>> No.71060253

>charging a tank with Guardsman
Truly a man of class and refinement
Did you win the fight?

>> No.71060254

>I play Steel Legion
>My models are steel legion
>My rules from the codex are steel legion

>remove all the other guard regiments

>> No.71060262

Luckily I'm not american
Apparently I missed out of "How to become an Alcoholic 101" Dang, sounds like a good one lmao.

>> No.71060264

Stay in school kid, come back when you're 18

>> No.71060273

Dirlewanger much?

>> No.71060275

>my models are cadian
Sorry, typo

>> No.71060276

>I play vostroyans
>models are all M2O vostroyans, genuine
>rules are vostroyans
>I cant stand having exposed crewmen on my vehicles that aren't vostroyan looking so a bunch of models are just out.
kill me

>> No.71060277

>Do you just not know, or are you setting up for the whole "incarnate so it was totally not pathetic" thing?
Don't know, who is magical girl and what happend?

>> No.71060278

Why is it called an Empire

>> No.71060280

What's wrong with what I said?

>> No.71060281

So they can keep their production costs down to a minimum by making only the cheap plastic models between their Made-to-Order regiment sales?

>> No.71060283

by objectives
Took four turns to kill the land raider

>> No.71060296

Can’t you just change the heads?

>> No.71060300

Because they have auxiliaries.
Romans had auxiliaries, right?

>> No.71060317


>not American
>But Just Say No!
Yeah okay bud. Well in every part of the civilized world where cannabis is legal and you don't have to be 25 to drink, we don't see alcohol as an inherent moral evil.

>> No.71060320

The whole body is wrong, vostroyans dont wear the cadian uniform under their armor.

>> No.71060327

Isn't this a perfectly valid tactic to keep the tank from firing and then wrapping the guardsmen around so the tank also can't fall back

>> No.71060328

That's even faggier, considering how more common teetotaling, dry counties, blue laws, etc are in the US. With as anti-drinking as the US can be, it's understandable.

Imagine being French or Italian and not enjoying wine, or being German and not enjoying beer.

>> No.71060340

Maybe skitarii torsos?

>> No.71060342


>> No.71060344

You can drink without becoming drunk dude
A lot of people actually enjoy the taste of alcoholic drinks.

>> No.71060346

Doesn't make a ton of sense, vostroyans are wearing either breastplates or maille hauberks.

>> No.71060347

Imagine being you and not sucking mouthfuls of cock.

>> No.71060349

This is Age of shitmar general now, deal with it.

>> No.71060351

How I managed to stop a bunch of robots from shooting my guys. Especially since he locked their protocols to the shooty one.

>> No.71060352

So out of the new regimental doctrines that caught my eye, these two stand out in particular, especially what happens when you combine them - which for reference purposes I'll call the Ganger doctrine.

since most enemy models have at LEAST a 6+ armor save the Lord's Approval doctrine is pretty much always in effect, and bonus hits always work too (turning WS4 into WS3 and WS5 into about WS4), with the net result that this doctrine seems to come into play more advantageously than the Catachan one.

Assuming a GEQ target, chances of unsaved wounds are:

>Catachan Guardsman vs GEQ:
WS4, S4, T3, 5+: (1/2 x 2/3 x 2/3) = 22.22%
>Ganger Guardsman vs GEQ:
WS(3), S3, T3, 6+: (2/3 x 1/2 x 5/6) = 27.78%
>Catachan Conscript vs GEQ:
WS5, S4, T3, 5+: (1/3 x 2/3 x 2/3) = 14.81%
>Ganger Conscript vs GEQ:
WS(4), S3, T4, 6+: (1/2 x 1/2 x 5/6) = 20.83%

About a 5% increase in hits, which constitutes a 25% increased effectiveness on guardsmen and about a 33% increase on conscripts. Not bad. Vs MEQ:

>Catachan Guardsman vs MEQ:
WS4, S4. T4. 3+: (1/2 x 1/2 x 1/3) = 8.33%
>Ganger Guardsman vs MEQ:
WS(3), S3, T4, 4+: (2/3 x 1/3 x 1/2) = 11.11%
>Catachan Conscript vs MEQ:
WS5, S4, T4, 3+: (1/3 x 1/2 x 1/3) = 5.56%
>Ganger Conscript vs MEQ:
WS(4), S3, T4, 4+: (1/2 x 1/3 x 1/2) = 8.33%

Showing an increase of about 3% here, which is a relative increase of 37% on guardsmen and almost 50% on conscripts, OVER THE MELEE REGIMENT.

Even accounting for Straken, this could open up new melee options for guard. I want to try this with some buffed conscripts. See if I can make a tarpit that actually hurts.

>> No.71060354

I'm pretty sure you're shitposting, but on the off chance, why do you see alcohol as bad?

>> No.71060356

>Then don't drink to the point of inebriation. I never have.
Lmao, thats almost as bad as no-drinky mcgee.
What, you can't handle a few drinks? You need to hold back?
Who's afraid again?
Stick to orange juice anon.

>> No.71060366

You mean they train themselves to. Booze tastes like shit.

>> No.71060375

He's either socially crippled or trolling, just stop responding to him.

>> No.71060387

Just exchanged cash for plastic in a parking lot, do I build SharkBomber or Sharkfighter?

>> No.71060388

It really doesn't.
>T. Recovering alcoholic

>> No.71060396

More Dakka is better

>> No.71060399

Hey now, there's nothing wrong with sucking cock. It's 2020 everyone should be by now

>> No.71060405

But is it worth supercharging your Russes with the Catachan dX shots trait or +6" range or making the vehicles tougher, although Cadian or Tallarn strats and tank orders are still probably better.

>> No.71060407

uh oh here come the brigade of onions boys saying they cant drink anything that isn't loaded with sugar because they prefer choccy milk

>> No.71060427


>> No.71060428

>people having different taste preferences
Crazy, I know.

>> No.71060429

Bomber can remove 50% of an infantry unit per turn, and has better guns than the fighter.

>> No.71060431

>Dude at my LGS has a Guard Army
>Cadian, okay modeled, okay painted
>One of his squads has boar heads for some reason
>He never says why
>you ask him and he says something noncommittal

Is this a meme I just don't know.

>> No.71060438

Check if they're drilled

>> No.71060452

>boar heads
like they all have pig heads instead of cadian heads?

>> No.71060458

I don't think you need to drill lasgun barrels, they have a lens not a proper barrel. But what's the joke, I don't get it.

>> No.71060462

If you're playing an army that doesn't make extensive use of random-shot vehicles (say, punisher russes and lascannon/autocannon sentinels) would let you push harder into melee.

>> No.71060467

>manly men only drink manly drinks that taste like a yeast packet thrown into a porta-john
>that's what the society told me, so that's what I'm going to believe
Consider evaluating your life experience without the lens of peer pressure.

>> No.71060473


>> No.71060480

Duke Nukem

>> No.71060486

Yeah just like wild boar heads. Clearly designed to be somewhat anthropomorphic, but not full-on furry or anything. Look like they were designed to go on 28mm minis, but I've yet to find whoever sells them.

I think it's less about manly-men drinking what manly-men are told to drink, and more what manly-men choose to drink. Personally I like drinking disgusting shit like hard whiskey because I enjoy the challenge. It tastes bad, is somewhat painful, and hinders you, but in a pleasant way, and if you're drinking with the lads then you can make it a contest. It's like eating extremely spicy food; unpleasant, but fun.

>> No.71060501

Bitch I made that, don't post it at me.

What do you mean?

>> No.71060505

>I have only drunk childrens liquids and never bothered to experience anything else in real detail, everyone who thinks differently than me must be pretending to like it!
s o y

>> No.71060508

In Duke Nukem the aliens turned the cops into boars, because cops are pigs.

>> No.71060518


>> No.71060519

Do I understand how coming in from reserves works with Orders and Tempestus Scions?

Is it in fact possible to drop them in at 9.1" away, using the guys that get +6" to RF range, and the issue FRFSRF and boost that with the new Point Blank Efficiency stratagem? That seems pretty good against things that aren't marines.

t. noob

>> No.71060526


>> No.71060533

He played that game as a kid. Now he has a thing for burly boar men who kidnap busty women

>> No.71060535


>> No.71060538

>I will be forever a slave to what other people told me to do and think, without ever questioning my own preconceived notions and how they were formed
b r a i n l e t

>> No.71060540

What is the best points level for games and why is it 1250-1750

>> No.71060542

its still not as good as their special weapons and costs CP
scions are all about their special weapons

>> No.71060544

>spicy food
Now, I'm not one to tell people they are having the wrong kind of fun... but that isn't why I drink scotch or eat stuff with habenero sauce. Just make sure you do that sorta stuff responsibly.

>> No.71060548

yeah that's a good combo.
a basic bitch combo

>> No.71060549

my favorite guardsmen tactic is
hey diddle diddle straight up the middle
are there any other tactics you like?

>> No.71060551

I'm thinking of making an army sometime this year. Whats something that is rare for people to fight against, fun to fight against, and aesthetic? I kinda like how genestealer cults look, but I'd love to do SoBs as well.

>> No.71060552

Lel, I wish that was real but modern GW wouldn't even think it.

>> No.71060553

do these drones do anything?

>> No.71060556

>I will be forever a slave to what other people told me to do and think, without ever questioning my own preconceived notions and how they were formed
How narcissistic do you have to be to think that people can only like beer because they were peer pressured into it, merely because you dont

>> No.71060564

>Now he has a thing for burly boar men who kidnap busty women
Could be I guess. But not the fetish part, he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who has a fetish.

Maybe? I haven't looked into them much, but they mostly look like goats right? I don't think it's them, but I'll see if our LGS has any pictures of his army on the facebook page to compare.

>> No.71060570

How many points is that even to field or is it for the hobby

>> No.71060572

2500-3000, mono codex, mono subfaction, and everything wisiwyg

>> No.71060575

Yes, that is exactly right.

It doesn't do as much damage as a proper quartet of special weapons, but that doctrine DOES get off more shots than any other approach, which can be very helpful versus large crowds. 36 S3AP-2 shots can mulch anything weaker than MEQ (and probably also MEQ) pretty well.

>> No.71060581

>no you don't actually like that, you're just being told that you do
>trust me, as I am telling you what you like
Please stop.

>> No.71060582

Yeah, I have this tactic called "steel reign" where the guard hold the line offscreen and I use IH to play because I have the most toxic WAACfaggot-ridden LGS that I literally cannot win with my Tallarn :/

>> No.71060589

I don't guard but my favourite tactic is Transuranic Arquebus spam, I run ten in a 2k list, add in a Vindicare if I'm feeling raunchy

>> No.71060592

Around 150.

>> No.71060600

>he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who has a fetish.

>> No.71060604

Describe hey diddle diddle straight up the middle.

>> No.71060611

Chaos Daemons.

>> No.71060612

Or your body cannot metabolize alcohol. It's something I can't work around, and feeling drunk for eight to ten hours from three shots sucks.

>> No.71060615

WATER is the drink of chads.

>> No.71060616

boars head is a brand that packages meat, it's a bad pun.

>> No.71060618

On that note, from reading the wikis, do the Vigilus Detachments just let you take an additional relic and warlord trait? So with an Emperor's Wrath artillery company, you can have 1 Company Commander with say Old Grudges and another with Lord of Ordnance.

Or am I totally retarded about how warlord traits and specialist detachments work?

>> No.71060620

On the bomber they do.

>> No.71060622

What is "civilization" is chaos-controlled space like. Is it even possible to live decently if you don't outright live on a daemon world? Are there no chaos-worshiping planets that just kinda do the imperium with chaotic face?

>> No.71060626

Bro I don't want to get caught in your guy's argument but really. Start coming out with the
>Oh if you don't drink what I like you're a pussy and ain't a man!
Then try to hit him back with the
>Woah man you can't go judging people based on what they drink just cause you don't like it.

I'm actually dumbfounded. Is this one of those "merely pretending" post.

>> No.71060635

>36 S4 AP-2 shots
If you're also popping Point Blank Efficiency

>> No.71060636

but these with the intake are just for the fighter?

>> No.71060637

Play Necrons. They're uncommon, have weird rules, and are cool skeletons that you can modify however you want and your opponents will still be fine with it. Note that they are actual hard mode 40k, unlike what eldar armies are purported to be.

>> No.71060638

Man, a carafe of black coffee does sound good.

>> No.71060646

They have a stratagem that lets you take an additional warlord trait, but it has to be the one from the specialist detachment.

>> No.71060650

The reverse can be an issue too. If I want to keep pace with my friends I need to drink literally three times as much as them, because they're all asian-sized mixed asians, and I'm a giant american whose grandparents were all germans and russians. Drinking a boiler maker for every beer they put away gets expensive.

>> No.71060651

Not him, bit should I build a Corn Demon army? Those bloodcrushers are looking nice to me

>> No.71060652

You pay 1 CP to have the vigilus detachment

you can then pay 1 CP more to give that vigilus warlord trait to a character even if you already have a warlord trait, if you want.

Relics are limited to 1 as usual unless you pay more CP.

>> No.71060653

The big WAAAGH is coming

>> No.71060654

Ahhh, Chernoposts. I need more of these in my life.

>> No.71060659

Varies by planet based on who is in charge and which god or gods they worship. In one of the GK books, there is a Khorne ran planet that is basically a giant arena with everything revolving around it and the natives being bugmen that worship khorne and tend to the arena with a marine warband there

>> No.71060660


>> No.71060661

If you like the models, you should. Armies get buffed and nerfed, but models you like are forever

>> No.71060663

Yeah they're not drones on the fighter, just decorative.

>> No.71060664

Do you play/strive for wysiwyg or no? Why or why not?

>> No.71060666

>everyone on 4chan is the same person

>> No.71060667

Gaunt's Ghost probably has the best depiction of an interstellar chaos society that might actually function for a period long enough to qualify as a civilization.

>> No.71060671

It's called banter

>> No.71060683

Well what is it then?

>> No.71060684

I guess I'm a bit confused by Relics. Is it one/detachment or one/army?

>> No.71060692

They're not actually drones on the fighter. On the bomber they can detach to act independently, but you shouldn't.

>> No.71060696

You're all apes to me satan.

>> No.71060702

Have Eldar ever not been top-tier in modern 40k?

>> No.71060703

Its called being unable to argue a point without sticking your own foot in your mouth.

>> No.71060704

My fav tactic is the Double Barrel.

Run two brigades. it's REALLY restrictive if you want to give your infantry squads any sort of special weaponry - you basically end up with sentinels, hellhounds, basilisks, and HWTs in your other slots. But if you look after morale the sheer number of dudes is nigh impossible to get off the board.

And of course you get 29CP to play with.

>> No.71060706

Reeks of Orktober 2 if you ask me.

A coalition of tribal associations of varying looseness, that have no problem using daemon engines for a level of societal control. Is the tl;dr. Why don't you read the books anon ifr you're so eager anon? Or the lexicanum.

>> No.71060708

You get one for free based on your warlord and then you can use faction specific stratagems to get more.

>> No.71060715

What's sad is there's definitely at least one person who's actually jacked off to this.

>> No.71060718

Blood Pact (Chads)

>> No.71060720

I feel your pain, brother. I have only ever been drunk once in all my years. It was expensive and probably would have put someone else in a hospital.

>> No.71060722

you are getting upset about banter
stop that

>> No.71060727

I'm getting back into the game and repainting my ancient orc army.


>> No.71060729

Hmm, troof. You can DEFINITELY mulch some space marines with that - and put out enough shots to threaten T7 models too.

>> No.71060730

>uh oh I do nuthin' left!

>> No.71060733

it's me

>> No.71060735

Per army, with your warlord determining who gets the free relic if you soup. 1CP for additional relics, which becomes 3CP (unless you play space marines) if you want a 2nd/3rd one from a faction.

>> No.71060740

thanks yall

>> No.71060745

To that same point, dark eldar (w/o soup)

>> No.71060746

if I have 60 vostroyan infantry, a 3 base mortar team, a 3 base lascannon team and an assortment of HQ models, what else should I get to get them to 2000?

>> No.71060753

He's not me dude. Whoever your talking to is not me. You understand? There's more than one person on 4chan?

>> No.71060755

To you guys who go to GW stores:

What's the on call like when the manager isn't around? I've been to a few where they do fuck all and I wonder how they're employed. GW seems to be high energy and engaging but these guys act like they work at Walmart.

>> No.71060757

Why repaint it? Be an Ork band that remembers the WAAGH of the Beast as "good old days".

>> No.71060758

No, I just build whatever weapons/accessories that I think look coolest. Theres no reason for wysiwyg in my opinion, since if you are ever in doubt on what your opponent is using, you can literally just ask.

I can maybe see the reasoning, to prevent people from cheating and changing loadouts mid-game, but if you're playing against people that do shit like that, you probably shouldn't be playing them.

>> No.71060759

Dude this whole thing started because of a guy's hurt feelings at jokingly being called a pussy, indirectly, by a fucking internet poll

>> No.71060761

I honestly can't tell if this is a newfag post or some sort of abstract bait.

>> No.71060762

>reading Eisenhorn
>every now and then think that he's a bit slow for an Inquisitor
>reach end of Malleus
>realize he was actually a based retard all along
explains how he has so much dumb luck with having his would-be killers crushed by random pieces of falling masonry and freak environmental anomalies

>> No.71060763

How is that sad?

>> No.71060764

This too

>> No.71060772

Because only half of it is painted, and what is painted is a handful of AoBR boys in thick sloppy paint.

>> No.71060774

A normal human wouldn't need to ask. Go outside, interact with humans for a while.

>> No.71060778

They've always been strong, but people talk about them as if they're a hard to run army. They're not really hard to pilot with their good rules, they just don't reward stupidity like imperial factions do.

>> No.71060779

this too

>> No.71060783

They are based around heavy weapons right? Any fuck huge cannons on your models and silly artillery, especially if the cannon is dwarfing rest of the model? Just whatever the loudest machinery is really.

>> No.71060788

Does this seem like an okay relic? It seems useful and trollsome, but not especially overpowered.

>Pauldron of the First: At the end of a phase wherein this model is reduced to 0 wounds, roll a D6. On a 2+, the model remains on the field with a single wound. For each time this model has previously made this roll, subtract one from the roll.

>> No.71060789

And hitting on 3s. I wonder if the ideal ratio is some combination of 1-2 big squads with just hotshots to mulch infantry out of deep strike, and the usual plasma-packing MSUs.

>> No.71060803

They get 6" extra range on their rapid fire and heavy weapons, their stratagem is a flat +1 to hit for one unit which is pretty cool.

>> No.71060805

And this

>> No.71060812

Yea, the only hurty but is that a unit of 5 Bloodcrushers is $200 hobbitbux so it's a pricey army for down here

>> No.71060814

Tanks and artillery.

>> No.71060817

You need to state what happens to it between being reduced to 0 wounds and the end of the phase.

>> No.71060819

It was weak shit spewed from the mouths of a couple of blithering retards is what it is.

>> No.71060824

Alright, I've realized that I lean into horde armies and after playing short ranged shooting armies I'm thinking of going more melee focused (but sticking with the horde).

Are Orks fun to punch faces with?

>> No.71060832

A normal person can jerk off to anything they want.

>> No.71060833

This sounds really good but its 8 MEQ wounds or 16 GEQ for CP which is eh

>> No.71060839

to be honest this too

>> No.71060840

Anon, why are you dumping your spank bank on here?

>> No.71060845

Orkz iz da best at punching faces, but honestly Nids for Close Combat is pretty fun too.

>> No.71060847

>Jerking off to a ballet shoe filled with salmon eggs is normal behavior


>> No.71060853

Please stop. I enjoyed my dinner, and I'd like to hang onto it.

>> No.71060858

beastmen come in all sizes and shapes

>> No.71060862

There is literally zero reason why Tau wouldn't bone Gue'vesa
It increases loyalty and contains zero risk.

>> No.71060865

If you like the idea of your basic troop unit having 4 s4 attacks that hit on +2 yes

>> No.71060866

Conqueror tanks.

Vostroyan conquerors get +6" on their co-axial storm bolters, which lets the main gun get rerolls to hit at 30" instead of 24. Pure sex.

>> No.71060876

I did shooty endless swarm Gaunts back during 5th, and I've looked at the book but I don't know if I click with them like I used to that 4th ed book.

>> No.71060879

>There is literally zero reason why Tau wouldn't bone Gue'vesa
Well there's the fact that typical Gue'vesa wouldn't find tau attactive, since they don't have breasts and their face looks like a flattened grandma's.

>> No.71060881

Space aids.

>> No.71060887

I'm definitely not against it to be honest. I just haven't really played the game since 6th and don't know what the fuck I'm doing at this point.

>> No.71060893

Pretty cool. Some of them are trying a little bit to hard when it comes to selling stuff tho.

>> No.71060898

Whatever floats your boat, man. I honestly don't care and neither should you about people jerking off to hot Tau

>> No.71060902

Oh noooo S4 ap- attacks, whatever will we doooo

If you're talking canon, yes there are. At least three that I can think of.

>> No.71060906

Not to mention Tau don't do the whole sex for leisure thing

>> No.71060907

They aren't mammals and tau dont have sex

>> No.71060914

That's like arguing that an Eldar would fuck a human. Yet the differences in race create a sense of repulsion, not attraction.

Plus you're assuming that the species are compatible and Tau don't have a corkscrew penis like a duck or something.

>> No.71060918

>the degenerate wants all behavior to be allowed
shocked honestly. This totally doesn't fit the stereotype of a tau player.

>> No.71060925

At least when I go, I've never seen the guy act bored. He seems to really enjoy what he does.

Dunno if it's atypical.

>> No.71060928

Lose models to needing to roll 40+ saves?

>> No.71060936

>not having sex in the 40k setting makes you the happy commie robot weebs

holy fuck man man what kind of next level shit is this?

>> No.71060938


>> No.71060942

Do the custodians have a finite number of custodians left? Like they cant make anymore and are slowly dying off?

>> No.71060946

Its way different from Eldar

Eldar have the same sexual and erogenous organs that humans do, even if their internal structure is different.

Tau females have no mammalian organs and have no sexual dimorphism beyond the Y nose.

>> No.71060951

>being a prude about fanart
I'm shocked too. I normally don't expect this behavior from a massive faggot

>> No.71060955

Yet another reason why they are an inferior species to glorious humanity, who has the ability to take sex and make it an enjoyable art form.

>> No.71060957

A primarch is to a human as a human is to an ape: related but not the same.

>> No.71060965


>> No.71060968

We call that Nurgle's Rot, or Slannesh's Kiss.

>> No.71060969

Primarchs aren't human, and Yvraine is literally, canonically, this-isn't-just-my-headcanon regarded as trash by her own people for cooperating with Guilliman, once, without dicking him over.

No, they can make more.

>> No.71060971

On a scale of ACU to Tigerstripe, how aesthetic is Coffee Stain for Guard Infantry?

>> No.71060974

Eldar are also repulsed but the human pheremones, meanwhile Tau may be completely incompatible. Like bird cloaca.

>> No.71060977

Tell me about /yourdudes/, anon. I just built this lad.

Captain Steele had a long and storied history in the Imperial Guard, before being in an extremely rare event, honorably discharged.
Through many battles and campaigns Cpt Steele fought, and over time it became apparent to his superiors that Steele was, to put it lightly, a fucking numbskull.
Over many warzones, various commissars attempted in vain to get rid of Steele, sending him and his constantly renewed squads into suicide mission after suicide mission, and each time the veteran would somehow stumble back unscathed, though his squad would invariably have died to a man.
The man, it must be said, was utterly blessed by the Emperor, for no matter what the circumstances, Steele somehow seemed to make it out alive. Desperate to be free of the idiot, but without proper cause to execute him, the higher ups of the sector militarum simply decided to let the man retire honorably, letting him go home in his birthplace of Necromunda, where he could bother the locals freely. Steele quickly found employment among House Orlock, who were ecstatic to have such a decorated veteran amongst their ranks, until they realized the man for what he was.
Captain Steele favors the plasma gun as well as a plasma pistol, normally considered a suicidal combination. The warriors of House Orlock freely admit that the man has a knack for avoiding bad circumstances, but all the same they keep a wary distance from the man said to carry an Imperial relic where his brain should be.

>> No.71060982

No. The process for making new custodes is known and their numbers are maintained at around 10,000 I think.

>> No.71060985

Seems to be GW m.o., really. I've yet to go into one and not be pushed towards something. It's car salesmanesque.

>> No.71060988

No. It just takes a long time to make new Custodes since they are hyper-unique on the cellular level. I think it implied that their numbers are back up close to the 10,000 strong range in the modern Imperium.

>> No.71060989

They fuck, but only when told to.

>> No.71060990

They haven’t done any of the psychic awakening guys too dirty. Even Chaos are cool with their new Iron Warriors.

>> No.71060993

>You know, someone has probably jerked off to this lol
>What a prude!


>> No.71060996

Just below woodland

>> No.71061002

It's definitely slanderous rumors spread from Biel-Tan and Vect

>> No.71061004

>bird cloaca
Oh, Anon...

>> No.71061017

Is Woodland flak armor + DCU fatigues aesthetic nirvana?

>> No.71061020

>Eldar are also repulsed but the human pheremones
Citation needed.

It's from her own book dude.

>> No.71061026 [SPOILER] 


>> No.71061031


>> No.71061038

Well anon this may shock you, but to your average human, having sex with an attractive human of the opposite gender appeals far more than rubbing against the outside of a dry, leathery opening until a small amount of fluid is exchanged one way or the other.

>> No.71061039

He's probably Welsh. They're practically trained from birth to go after sheep.

>> No.71061041

I've read a thing where a fire caste found a water caste chick attractive, but remembered he's not allowed to breed between caste. Also breeding is selected by ethereals where they jerk off in a private room or something. But that means they do have sex drives unlike space marines.

Is there civilian life in Tau society?

>> No.71061045

I'm agreeing. Rumors of a salacious affair between Yvraine and Guilliman are definitely spread by mad Biel-Tan craftworlders as well as agents of Vect

>> No.71061049

It comes up in the Eldar trilogy (Path of the Exile IIRC), basically we stink to the Eldar.

I'm more all one or the other on camo patterns unless we're talking Orks.

>> No.71061068

Says the guy jerking off the salmon eggs in a ballet shoe

>> No.71061070

Imagine not fucking the lower castes

>> No.71061071

Well that and one misunderstood question on Adeptus Podcastus to Thorpe who accidentally(?) canonized it.

>> No.71061074

Do the Forgeworld hammerheads count towards the rule of 3?

>> No.71061080

>play custodes
>orks dish out as many attacks at as high of a weapons skill
Oh boy another army that does what my army does nearly as well for a fraction of the cost.

>> No.71061082

Essentially the caste members do have time off and that’s civilian life. Most of it is probably just Earth Caste who work at some factory from 9 to 5 and go get wasted off green xeno milk and blue burritos.

>> No.71061091

I’m trying to get into 40k and alpha legion sounds very interesting to me as they seem to be the dudes playing 4D chess in the background. Are they detailed in the CSM codex and a viable faction to make an army out of?

>> No.71061094

It looks cool tho

>> No.71061095

Lame and dumb lore. They should be living artifacts hand crafted by the emperor, not just space marines: gold.

>> No.71061099

Skaven in 40k, but that might actually be kinda cool to see. Have to bring back the Squats!

>> No.71061105

And a fraction of the durability, AP and shooting

>> No.71061114 [SPOILER] 


>> No.71061120

Matched Play
We don't really eat while gaming, unless you mean the wive's pussies, or each other's dicks.

>> No.71061125

>but that might actually be kinda cool to see
piss off furry.

>> No.71061132


>> No.71061133

There are also leisure planets if I recall. I was wondering if 100% of each caste part of the greater good machine, or if there's a separate civilian population either within or outside of the castes

>> No.71061143

Eh. It could be worse. He could have filmed it.

>> No.71061144

Are those Guardsmen facing down a Carnifex?!

>> No.71061149

They are still philosophers and warrior poets. They are still educated to the level of being worthy conversation partners to the Emperor himself. Shit just doesn't come up often when the imperium is fucked in half and they have daemons to curbstomp with their SoS besties.

>> No.71061150

Die because something like 80 s4 hits is still going to kill pretty much any infantry in the game that doesn't have a 2+

>> No.71061151

On that note, I wonder what a Guard Regiment from a Pleasure World would be like - besides gigantic assholes.

>> No.71061162

Yes. They have a decent legion trait and mostly work with cultists who act like insurgents.

>> No.71061164

>Are they detailed in the CSM codex
yes, they have their own rules and everything since they're one of the big 9 CSM factions.
>and a viable faction to make an army out of?

>> No.71061166

Come on, it's one or the other. Nobody gets both.

>> No.71061177

>-2 vs -1 ap
>1 vs avg 2 damage
>barely better shooting than a guardsmen
>over 7x the points

>> No.71061181

Gav Thorpe was on a podcast called "Adeptus Podcastus" where he was asked if Yvrainne/Guilliman was canon and he replied "yes".

It's unclear if he understood the intent of the question honestly.

>> No.71061188

It's lame that they can just make more of them though. A lot of the appeal for me in the imperium as a whole was that it was essentially just a bunch of people doing their very best to cling to the relics and knowledge of a more civilized age, but all this nu-lore is just turning them into a pretty generic sci fi space empire.

>> No.71061192

If he did, that's based and coompilled tbqh

>> No.71061197

How did they phrase the question?

>> No.71061199

You're comparing them against Orks not Guard. So way better shooting, and better AP in both melee and shooting. And better save, more wounds per model (which means attacks don't drop off until people kill the actual model).

>> No.71061202

Assuming those infantry can't just walk away before you attack then shoot you next turn lol

>> No.71061212

Thank you, happy purging!

>> No.71061221

I guess you're not on this board on Saturdays.
F-fuck off man-thing!

>> No.71061227

I love Ikit Claw. Not I think I'm IN love.

>> No.71061236

I game on Sundays. Saturdays I'm doing indecent things to my wife, plus I don't have a basement.

>> No.71061237


>> No.71061253

How is Chaos suppose to be portrayed; Realistically or have a sheet over it to be considered good?

Isn't it chaotic, and pleasing to Korne and Slaanesh, to commit, say, guro rape on innocent old men? But showing that would be in poor taste.

>> No.71061257

I just fucked up trying to prime a repulsor turret, used the wrong can of primer that was almost empty (don't know why I haven't just thrown it away) and then when I got the correct can there's now a real bad grittiness to it. It's Army Painter Uniform Grey, should I just keep going over it or is there some easy way to strip it? I've had trouble using LA's Totally Awesome to strip primer in the past.

>> No.71061259


>> No.71061261

Damn, we do all the above on Saturdays. Life is good. :)

>> No.71061267

I can't remember, and I can't find the exact question and don't feel like sitting through 90 mins of podcast to find it.

>> No.71061274

I feel like the joke about weebs not getting hit by enough nukes may be a little too easy in this case...

>> No.71061281


>> No.71061284

Going back a bit, which would be the more fun melee focused army: Orks or Nids?

>> No.71061287

Kitbashing a Chaplain Dreadnought from a Vernable Dred kit and the Blood Angels Librarian Dread.

The leftover parts will be used to make a dreadnought. Would it be a basic dread or would I be able to run it as something else?

>> No.71061289

You're asking RPG questions about a tabletop game.

>> No.71061290

you can fix it with the basecoat

>> No.71061300

A venerable dread kit should come with enough fancy armor panels to make another venerable dread

>> No.71061301

Anon, literally everyone I play Warhammer with is either married or lives with a long-term gf. And I play with at least 7-8 people.

>> No.71061303

>people still see the daemonculaba as "le epic weird fetish thing" instead of the natural end result of the Iron Warriors' cold and uncaring pragmatism

>> No.71061308

Orks. Nids can be quite difficult to move around.

>> No.71061309

Whichever you'd rather model and paint.

>> No.71061321

Isn't roleplaying part of the tabletop?

...You mean I killed all those squirrels and decorated my units in their entrails for nothing?

>> No.71061324

You think just a couple layers of khorne red will smooth it out?

>> No.71061325

But those are Space Marines who are supposed to be capable of superhuman evil relative to normal people

>> No.71061326

They're still point for point better in combat, and don't instantly cry the second a psyker gets put on the table

>> No.71061328

Anything having to do with vaginas is lewd for the prude burgers.

>> No.71061330

the "hobby" bit is my least favorite part but think it will look cool on the table and might be fun against a bucket of boys or guard

>> No.71061331


>> No.71061332

You're lucky. I have to import players if I want to play opponents who consistently meet the standards of good personal hygiene.

>> No.71061343

You're dedicated to making good models, and Nurgle. But that's got to reek after a bit of time.

>> No.71061344

>Tau are all subs

>> No.71061346

Uh, anon

>> No.71061348

And that's because you traded pure offensive output for other stuff as mentioned before.

>> No.71061354


>> No.71061364

I personally find it horrific that Honsou thought that was the best way to hot-house CSM. I'm also disappointed that Huron or Abbs didn't take notes.

>> No.71061375

Bile would have liked to watch though

>> No.71061378

Honsou is kind of an asshole, would you *want* to join his warband.

>> No.71061381

>mentioning their shooting
>1 damage and 1 more ap than a guardsmen a piece
>mention their survivability
>solid chance each will die to a single smite a turn
Perhaps you're wrong and custodes infantry isn't very good

>> No.71061383

>I personally find it horrific that Honsou thought that was the best way to hot-house CSM
Yes, you get it.

>> No.71061387

What? Too soon?

>> No.71061397

>enjoying the last of alcohol
Do you also enjoy the taste of ass after the person has been dancing for 4 hours?

>> No.71061411

I think that if you are brought to Honsou's attention, your personal preference really doesn't matter anymore. Ventris kind of burned up Honsou's appreciation of free will on the recruitment front.

>> No.71061412


>> No.71061413

Plenty of slaneshi whores to do too

>> No.71061420

Could deny the smite. Only really matters if there’s only one psychic on the field of course.

>> No.71061421

>using comparisons to GEQ to prove that they're not better than Orks
Sure thing anon. You're totally right that those two armies are completely interchangeable when complaining about comparisons to Custodes.

>> No.71061424


>> No.71061426

No, I just wanted to post that pic.

>> No.71061427

I want to talk about something but I know there's no way I can phrase it in which people won't instantly think it's bait.

>> No.71061430

He probably heard about it and said "Amateur hour. The kid should have learned from the master"

>> No.71061432

Counting cider as beer I guess

>> No.71061436

I have some black legion stuff I'm modeling after the sons of horus; most of my army is from an alternate timeline that travelled through the warp and popped up in the current setting. The Abaddon I have is a fully realized clone of Horus who gathered each legion still loyal to him and remade them as a reborn sons of horus. I've got some other chaos guys I'm planning on turning into a legion called the warp riders, and I want it to be themed after the band " The Sword" and stoner metal bands.

>> No.71061437

You mother fucker, that’s my picture.

>> No.71061442

Even porn stars like amateur porn now and then.

>> No.71061445

It's very humorous.

>> No.71061446

Hit us, at the very least it should be entertaining.

>> No.71061447

There's one way they get to and that's a relic once per turn.

>> No.71061448

I really enjoy Honsou's grudge

>> No.71061452

>I choose to live my life at its fullest at all times
>posting on 4chan
We're all laughing at you right now. Can you hear us?

>> No.71061460


>> No.71061466

Are you sure it wouldn't be "Hey kid, you've got some potential. Wanna learn from a master?"

>> No.71061473

If you say so.

>Hide my warhammer habit from my girl for the first couple months that we dated
>She happens across some of my models while we're cleaning up my place
>I try to play it off, but she ends up seeing all 5000+ pts
>She kinda likes them, thinks it's cute, crisis averted
>Over the past week she's been texting me pictures of models (some GW, some not) and asking me questions about the hobby
>Wants to start a sylvaneth, tyranid, or dark eldar army

I'm kinda weirded out that this point, not only that she took it that well, but that she's getting into it too. I kinda feel like this should be a deal breaker, but I feel like breaking up over it would be kinda petty. I kinda want to pressure her not to do it, but I don't want to stop yet, and I'd feel like a douche just telling her to stop.

>> No.71061477

I was hoping so. I figured the legs of the Blood Angels Librarian Dread would be basic dread but I'd def run two Vernable dreadz

>> No.71061481

He's definitely the chip off Perty's shoulder.

>> No.71061490

I’ve also gotten JoJorks saved

>> No.71061491

That seems fitting considering he's part Imperial Fist.

>> No.71061498

They also point for point are much better at t7 or less and marginally better vs t8 up. They're better against any sort of target and not especially tanky.

>> No.71061500

Bile wouldn't stoop to teach anything for free. Honsou definitely wouldn't pay Bile's price for his "wisdom"

>> No.71061508

>my gf got me into warhammer
>has enough for multiple apocalypse size eldar armies

>> No.71061527

It’s always Eldar.

>> No.71061537

What's wrong with you?

I wish my wife had any interest at all in 40k. All she knows is the colour of my armies.

>> No.71061539

Wasn't he last seen getting dabbed on by Ultramarines, shaking his fist going "I'll get you, Uriel Ventris, and your little dog too!"?

>> No.71061541

A little outdated because there are plastic havocs now, but keked at AL because I do that shit with my death guard
>Oh these dreads and plague marines are just alpha legion dudes in desguise

>> No.71061546

Mine got me into 40k as well. We both like CSM. She wants me to paint her a Flawless Host army eventually, but that seems hard.

>> No.71061557

In the past she's played a few flavors of sc's, tau, necrons, imperial guard, and mechanicus.

>> No.71061559

Why do you even want her not to get into it? I'd be happy if my girl was into warhammer... because then id have a girl

>> No.71061564

Is she one of the wives who hover around the store or is just on her phone when you make her tag along?

>> No.71061571

How are you guys feeling about the direction they're taking your favorite faction, either lore or models?

I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about tau.

>> No.71061578

He's actually on his way to have a whining contest with Perty over how badly the Imperium has treated them.

>> No.71061580

Mines not good at painting, but at least she's painting her tyranids as she's buying them.

>> No.71061584

Need some ideas for models for alpha legion cultists, thought about using scouts, what do you guys think?

>> No.71061591

Comparing Guard shooting to Custodes shooting to say that Ork shooting isn't dramatically worse than Custodes shooting (not to mention the durability as well) is just some intellectually dishonest BS that someone only pulls when they know they're wrong so they try to redirect to a more valid comparison.

>> No.71061600

The regular cultists work the best to represent sudden uprisings

>> No.71061603

Back in 5th Tyranids were the big hotness for women. Interesting to see that it changed.

>> No.71061611

Why wouldn't that strike you as a dealbreaker? You meet this girl, find out that she's wasted thousands of hours of her life on useless plastic and you stuck with her?

See above, it's a terrible hobby to have. It's weird enough that she didn't question me about it, and then she wants to get into it? Imagine if you were sitting around smoking crack, and your girl comes in and instead of getting mad she just asks for a hit.

>> No.71061612

my wife and I often play Necromunda at least once a week

sometimes we go on multi-week campaign benders

usually just the two of us, unless you count the cats sitting on stuff and knocking it off the table for fun, though we have friends over sometimes[/spoilers]

son, you don't know what love is until your spouse is nagging you to finish some terrain piece

>> No.71061624

I've never played necrons, but I was taught by someone who did, and every necrons player I've fought made the game very enjoyable except for one guy who used a tournament list against me because it was the only army he brought aside from a tournament nid list(so he doesn't count) when all I wanted to do was have some fun with my death guard, but that was just the area I used to play in. It was very cutthroat.

>> No.71061631

She doesn't tag along

>> No.71061632

Could just use a box of Imperial Guard, that’s always fun.

>> No.71061634

Why would you break up with someone based on a hobby? If you construct your own army, you show a level of dedication and attention to detail that melts more panties than you may think. This is assuming you have a job, of course.

>> No.71061636


Our vehicles are pretty cool. The rules we got from The Greater Good book are interesting but not gamebreaking, which is probably the good side of balance to be on.

As for models the last model we got was Severina Raine and that was a resin model. I'm happy with most of the vehicles but we've got get some new actual guardsmen soon. I know there's other factions suffering worse than we are but when you put a Cadian next to a Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard model it's night and day how much better the Traitor Guard models are.

>> No.71061641

Better than her spending several thousand dollars on plastic sex toys.

>> No.71061653

>Why would you break up with someone based on a hobby?
Not him, but because it shows you're a massive manchild with poor judgement and almost certainly bad finances?

>> No.71061667

My kids are getting into painting my EC. I tell them that they can mix all the paint colors they want, as long as it's got a pink/purple base to the mix. Thankfully they don't care about the lore, they just like to paint.

>> No.71061670

Not saying orks are better at shooting, but custodes are garbage at shooting. Just pointing out that orks manage to be better at melee against literally everything. The point is that it's b.s. that custodes are worse than orks even against high toughness enemies, which is exactly what custodes are supposed to be good at.

>> No.71061672

New to 40k and was wondering if there is anything like a special unicorn mech.

>> No.71061677

I just want auxiliaries

>> No.71061678

I'd break up with her if she did that too.

>> No.71061681

Do you really think anyone will play guard if they double the cost of Guardsmen because new sculpts lmao? 2k lists are generally running at least 90 of them for the triple battalion.

>> No.71061688

Yeah, an Imperator Titan.

>> No.71061689

>> No.71061690

She wouldn't be buying those toys if you could please her, anon.

>> No.71061701

Nothing it stopping you from painting your guard tan and orange.

>> No.71061703

I mean I've spent thousands on cardboard. At least I think I've gained value on cards though.

>> No.71061705

>triple battalion
what in the unholy fuck

>> No.71061707

Ah, you seem to be operating under a bad assumption. Just because someone can provide an example does not mean it applies to them.

>> No.71061709

Adults have hobbies dude. Most you need to spend money on. Stop being insecure.

>> No.71061712

Your right anon, I'm sorry that was hasty of me.

>> No.71061717

I tend to get the impression that 95% of other Necrons players are pretty much just in it for the aesthetics, the memes, and just the fun of it. Given that the other two armies I play are AdMech and Sororitas...yeah, that's me, too.

>> No.71061721

Fair enough.

>> No.71061722

I mean, typhus has a single horn

>> No.71061730

>your favorite faction,
Space marines

>either lore or models?
Eh... They've made mistakes but I see them as largely being non-issues. They roll back the options in the new model kits, but I already have literally thousands of bits to fall back on, and 3rd party models and bits are more available than ever. The primaris lore is weird, but it literally only exists until regular marines are phased out, as soon as they're gone it just goes back to being marine stories about marines.

I'm enjoying the hobby more than ever even though GW has made mistakes, which is weird, but that mostly comes down to 3rd party sales I use to convert primaris, and my local club houseruling a lot as far as primaris wargear goes.

>> No.71061737


For a moment while reading his abilities, I had overlooked that this was a character dreadnought, and thought you had just decided your character would suicide bomb upon death.

>> No.71061742

Continuing to show that 40kg has a less positive opinion of the game than the average human. Also no it's a hobby that's up my ally, and it's fun to have shared hobbies with your s/o.

>> No.71061743

Yeah but some hobbies build you up as a person, or you benefit physically or mentally. Warhammer, MTG, etc give you absolutely nothing beyond entertainment.

>> No.71061745

I know. And I know I'm on crack hoping they'd only get a bump up to $40 or $45 a box, but dammit it'd just be great to see a new one. People already shell out an extra $5-$10 for extra 3rd party bits and heads for their guardsmen all the time to try and customize them or build canon regiments they don't support anymore. It's not that farfetched to think people would still pay.

>> No.71061766

>tyranids and gsc
fucking shit

>> No.71061767


Fuck if I know where we're going

>> No.71061769

But that's people that are already sold on Guard and who probably got in through the relatively inexpensive old Cadians

>> No.71061770

Maybe if gives you faith in the Emperor?

>> No.71061773

At its cheapest (assuming Rule of 3), that's 3x Company Commanders + 3x Lord Commissars + and 9x Infantry Squads ~= 555 pts for 90 bodies (which you're probably going to want to shoot for anyways since they still go down to mean looks) and 5+5+5+3 CP.

>> No.71061779

You can dive into painting and sculpting which are skills that have launched actual careers for people.

Or are you shitting on artistic expression now too?

>> No.71061785

Yes. There are already GW-quality 3rd party plastic sculpts for every single alternative guard army, sold for the same price or cheaper than cadians, but some idiots will only buy directly from GW.

>> No.71061786

>you benefit physically or mentally
Does getting to be creative not benefit you mentally?

>> No.71061787

>strategy games provide nothing mentally
Also by that standard go ahead throw out 99% of the population because their main hobby is passively consuming media.

>> No.71061788

all my breachers are Gue'vesa but i want more xenos

>> No.71061793

No you dont, you want suits and I bet you've bought all of them so as far GW is concerned you want suits. Only reason Taufags arent buying auxiliaries is they arent broken as triple riptides and all their fucking drones or whatever the fuck is broke and overpowered now, only way Taufags are getting new auxiliaries is if GW made them OP and then the little cunts would flood the board with them and then you would have bitches crying about muh firewarriors or suits just to pretend to be a "good" tau that doesnt care about winning despite all his bitching basically being about how this one thing should be good again and when they mean good they mean broken.

Tau are fucking scum.

>> No.71061796

nevermind, I thought you meant triple brigade, brain short-circuited

>> No.71061798

As someone whose more sold on Krieg and Vostroya I'd kind of like the revamped line to use a standard body kit with a heads/gubbins upgrade pack like the Marines do with their shoulder pads.

Preferably something with Great coats.

>> No.71061811

So you play grey tide netlists?

Worth is relative. If you are so self loathing about 40k why do you even bother playing? Go watch sports or play video games or some shit.

>> No.71061814

I mean they already increased them by what, 10 USD, without changing anything.

Hobbies are just that: hobbies. It doesn't really matter if they serve a purpose or not beyond giving enjoyment to the person taking part in them. That said MtG and Warhammer are a more social nerd hobby, one could do much worse than them if speaking of benefits.

>> No.71061815

Breachers were a concept that -almost- sold me on Tau. I mean aggressive, mobile Fire Warriors -sound- cool.

Too bad they play like ass.

>> No.71061823

You can do triple brigade I think with like 200 free points.

>> No.71061829

And you could do Mordians too, because greatcoat torsos with plain legs ala a tank commander are close to the Napoleonic look.

>> No.71061832

Stop. We all know that 99% of warhammer players aren't creative or strategic.

Fuck off retard.

>> No.71061840

I'll never forget the day I beat the guy who taught me how to play 40k. He played necrons and was a math whiz so he optimized it in ways I couldn't fathom. I like big guts and taking skulls. Nobody at my original shop would play against necrons because they didn't like reanimation protocols(those dudes who refused were just your typical rage gamers when they lost), but I was heavy into plague Marines and nurgle bikers back in 7th, so I thought it was kinda like fnp so I decided to play this guy. Best decision of my 40k career because this guy was cool and taught me a lot. When 8th came out I used poxwalkers to outsmart him and deny his warrior's reanimation protocols by surrounding his unit and not allowing his models to be placed more than 1" from my guys. Only time I ever beat him though lol

>> No.71061845


Yea do not overhype this. We'll get Ghaz, that'll be the only kit, and it'll only build Ghaz and nothing else. And the writing of the book will have pre-dated the Marine Summer, so just like other xenos factions which were in a decent to good place in the meta, we will not get any significantly nice rules or toys.


Talk to GSC. There's basically nothing in that book for them that actually changes their meta.

>> No.71061847

Got beat real bad huh?

>> No.71061849

Exactly. Basically give us a standard most of the army could build around/customize through add on bits.

I do't care about the 99%. I care about me. And I spend most of my time with this hobby studying classic art and trying to improve my painting standard.

>> No.71061860

Different people gain different things from their hobbies. Painting models helps me maintain my fine motor skills in spite of painful nerve damage.

>> No.71061861

Are we going anywhere?

>> No.71061862

post PA 5 breachers are cool again

>> No.71061863

Why are you taking this chance to defend yourself? Literally no one was talking about you you egocentric little twat.

>> No.71061867

My apprehension is if they'll lock Ghaz to being ONLY Goffs, or if they'll do like Shadowsun and let any army take him, but he only benefits from the Goff Kultur.

>> No.71061870

Okay well your standard for finding a partner who has no hobby other than reading and sports, and as such shouldn't date a warhammer player such as yourself. Have fun dying alone for your arbitrary standards that you fail to meet.

>> No.71061875

no wonder commander farsight rebelled, paraphrasing ray from generation kill:
>tau should invest more in their pussy infrastructure

>> No.71061877

What's the difference between chess and 40k besides rules and academic clout?

>> No.71061880

Overrepresented and ugly, for people with bad taste and pushed as the new face of the franchise? Literally primaris.

>> No.71061883

Can I get away with two 30 ork boy mobs for 2k points, or should I make 3?

>> No.71061884

It'll probably former like it is now, but I'd take latter over nothing.

>> No.71061888

>Hey guys should I dump this girl?


>> No.71061895

You'll be fine both ways.
You don't even play tournaments, play some games and get a feel yourself instead of getting 2nd and 3rd hand account from people who don't play and just lazily look at netlists.

>> No.71061905

Cost of entry and balance, and chess has stricter dress codes

>> No.71061910

Well, Trazyn must be at least...

>> No.71061913

>if your girl isn't a loser nerd you'll die alone
Men prefer virgins with no tattoos and normal human hair colors Kayltelynn.

>> No.71061914

I think they're smart enough to make him good for all kulturs for maximum money.

If it wasn't for Ghaz, no one at all would play goffs. Convertlets play Bad moons or evil suns because red and yellow look good on orks, and chads play one of the other 4 cultures that aren't goffs for the conversion opportunities.

>> No.71061918

You pretty have to be tryharding against even mediocre marines these days.

>> No.71061919

Closer to 100, but yes

>> No.71061921

They should have just upped the range of the guns, or made them like Imperial shotguns: +1s (maybe an extra -1AP too) at half range.

A strat to buff a single unit that is meh without it is meh honestly.

>> No.71061922

arent bendies an artifact of 40k skaven?

>> No.71061923

Necron players tend to just want to have some fun and play with plastic armymen. Simple as.
We'll get something. No idea if it will be good or bad though. We can at least rest assured we still look great on the table!

>> No.71061927

I think 10e will be our time to shine again.

>> No.71061936

It was more to point out that the hobby isn't about what other people do, it's what you make of it. If you find it a waste of time, it's because you've made it that waste of time.

>> No.71061938

It is a multiple of 5, which marked the zenith of Necron cheese, so there's hope

>> No.71061944

thanks they look sweet. I hope they're the best marine chapter, like ones that will save the imperium.

>> No.71061945

No. Hrud are scary bastards without a mob.

>> No.71061946


>> No.71061949

>If it wasn't for Ghaz, no one at all would play goffs
It's like the exact opposite of the Black Legion problem.

>> No.71061955

Feel your pain. I lost a tournament at my local shop back in 7th against a bunch of yvharas hiding behind a void shield who then proceeded to teleport behind me(nothing personnel) and Merc my list. The riptide spam is doable if you focus on the shield drones and then the riptide. I bring ribaudkin leviathans with MoS just to give them a little fuck you.

>> No.71061958

Yellow weathers amazingly well, but I remember Goffs used to be the go to because everyone just primed their models black so you where half way there from the get go.

I like Goffs because they balance shooting and melee buffs, but they have a crap relic and the WT is meh.

>> No.71061967


Yes. Ork Boyz are almost completely out of the meta at this point, with the double whammy marginalization of Grots being more effective for building detachments, and Marine Meta making charges from fragile CC mobs a sucker's bet.

They're not completely useless as they'll be fine against any other type of army, but I certainly wouldn't bring more than two. Ork meta has almost entirely shifted over to shooting with CC being a supplemental option for cleaning up a unit in one turn after shooting them. If you really want to bring a third mob of choppy lads, make them Stormboyz so you have something to threaten thunderfire cannons reliably (have Fly so they get around the movement penalty and can get around the terrain the fuckers are inevitably hiding behind).

>> No.71061969

In my entire time in this hobby I have met literally one person who wasn't a disaster.

>> No.71061976

>it's a terrible hobby to have
Why? It's social and inherently creative. And it's only expensive if you're very stupid about buying things.

>> No.71061980

Did someone say Breachers?

>> No.71061981

The enlistment drive is targeting ants it seems

>> No.71061983

My fiance got me into 40k when I met him, now I know more about it than he does and I collect the novels now. And now I'm making money off of drawing Primarch dicks.

>> No.71061984

Goffs are great for hard punchies, dont you deny it

>> No.71061991

They have an okay Kultur, but no bonuses to getting them to melee, their relic is meh, and their WT is meh too.

They just don't feel as brutal as their fluff says they should.

>> No.71061999

> 2:03-Phil Kelly slipped up and said that the Silver Knight marine that made across all circles of Slaanesh only to meet Slaanesh and fall for him is a Grey Knight. Oppps he spoiled it.

Oh no no no

>> No.71062003

Sucks to be you then. Guess your community sucks or you've only met one other person whose into the game.

>> No.71062006

Consider moving. I've met a lot of interesting people through the hobby. Two from this exact fucking board and they were lovely people I regularly hang out with.

>> No.71062007

>There are also leisure planets if I recall
are tau really big enough to have dedicated leisure plants?

>> No.71062013

There rule is decently fun, but they're thematically and visually lame. Black doesn't look great on orks (although the checkers are nice) and "Orkier orks" isn't as interesting as all the other klans, who have some sort of actual gimmick.

>> No.71062015

>inherently creative
Is it though?

>stupid about buying
No. Stop being retarded for two seconds and think. Either you go the "cheap" way and buy from recasters, buy cheap paints, and do it all yourself and you've spent dozens or hundreds of hours, OR you have your army built by commission, in which case you're out thousands of dollars.

>> No.71062019

Do you paint better than him though?

>> No.71062023

When faced against a god, what can you do?

>> No.71062026

Oh you mean rules wise.

Ew. I was talking lore.

>> No.71062032

Would it really be a grimdark universe if a ruling class wasn't exploiting its power and abusing limited resources for their own gain?

>> No.71062035

Why I’m gushing for Saga of the Beast

>> No.71062036

Goffs are still fairly popular, and always been, simply because they are the basic orks to the letter. Their rules do hold them back with 8th admittedly, but it's not like Blood Axes or especially Snakebiters situation (honestly what's even worse for SB is that the few who do choose them end up choosing them for lorelet reasons because they confuse SBs for feral orks). Evil Sunz are the only really big band wagon ones I'd call with 8th edition giving so many good rules, outside that: BMs, FBs, and DS all got equal share of bandwagoning on same level with each other (8th was probably one of best things to happen to DS' popularity). Pre-8th non-Goff klans were not really that popular, though you had some wild players who love shooty or really love vehicles gravitating one way or the other.

>> No.71062037

>tfw you met your hobby buddy because you showed him your kill team at the LGS and he said 'oh I've seen those around online'
>you'd only ever posted them here

>> No.71062039

By far, yes. But I'm not the best painter, my hand shakes just a bit, but it's manageable for drawing. That and ctrl+z.

>> No.71062047

I have a few ideas.

>> No.71062049

I'd say the hobby attracts some very creative people.

>> No.71062050

I’d be sweating

>> No.71062053

Go to a warhammer event. It's all fat balding men hobbling in from their shitty run-down cars.

>> No.71062067

Lorewise they're pretty cool. Bigger, tougher, more likely to punt you across the room for being a git. Great stuff.

Lorewise all the clans are great, rules wise there are some meh choices and it shows. I mean look at what they did to Snakebites.

>> No.71062069

>If it wasn't for Ghaz, no one at all would play goffs
>It's like the exact opposite of the Black Legion problem.
What does this mean?

>> No.71062071

It has always been Draigo.

>> No.71062073

You forget he let Aphrodite live and fucked her multiple times in front of her husband.

>> No.71062087

My models turn up here all the time. I just keep my mouth shut and pay attention to camera angles to figure out who enjoys taking the piss out of my painting/game play.

>> No.71062088

>b-b-but look at the t-top 1%!
Yeah and the rest of them are trash.

>> No.71062089

It did happen desu. We do a lot of kitbashing together and play necromunda together. Fucker just left half his sprues at my house and told me to have at them because he couldn't be bothered taking them home tonight.

>> No.71062091

People play Black Legion despite Abaddon, never because of him.

>> No.71062099

Black Legion has one of the few good traits. But everyone hate Abaddon as a character.

>> No.71062100

Certainly not the people in charge of making models, which is why we get hideous shit like Mortarion.

>> No.71062107

Is that why he hasn’t found his way out of the Warp?

>> No.71062114

Pretty much this >>71062091

I get the feeling that the Black Legion would be the most popular CSM faction if it weren't for abaddon's legacy of failure. The base concept of them is really really cool, but Abby kinda drags them down. The goffs are the reverse, no one would care about them in the least if it weren't for ghazzy.

>> No.71062117

I've nearly started Orks a few times, and it's been Bad Moons several times, but I've spent a lot of time playing aggressive, short range shooting horde (and light horde in the case of Sisters) armies and wanted to switch it up to be a bit more melee.

Goffs aren't -bad- but they aren't great either. Some good stuff mixed with a fair bit of bad. Like I want to like Skarboyz, but I hate that they locked it behind CP instead of just making it a Goffs unit that maybe cost 1ppm than standard Boyz.

>> No.71062124

I've come to enjoy Abaddon as a tragicomic figure, the one sensible general that the Traitor Legions, forced into a role of micromanaging because he knows that people will sperg out without his direct supervision. But Abaddon can only tard wrangle so much.

>> No.71062127

>that is dead and a hologram
This still bugs me, couldn't they just have made a fake holoprojection of Aun'va having a stroke and choose another supreme Ethereal?

>> No.71062128

Its why whenever he is dragged out of the warp, he always runs back to that little boy dick.

>> No.71062131

I think he means Black Legion is very popular, but people tend to rarely care for Abaddon. Though personally I am not sure if this is true, Abby seems to have decent popularity outside of 4chan. Ghaz on other hand has divided opinion for people, good portion of Ork playerbase don't particularly care for him, or any big named orks (for that matter) outside of their klan loyalty like say with Nazdreg or Snikrot.
And on SB topic... the PA is a good opportunity to give them Zodgrod Wortsnagga and his super-gretchin, not to mention give them plenty of grot-specific buffs to make them an interesting niche choice.

>> No.71062135

Nah. We don't have that many fat people in the hobby. Half of them can't afford to eat that good after all.

Even if you're not in that top 1%, there are still a lot of people who are creative as fuck and do the best they can. Just because you have the imagination of a potato doesn't mean everyone does anon.

>> No.71062142

>Is it though?
It is. You have to build your own miniatures and paint them and base them and come up with fluff for them. You are encouraged to convert and kitbash and improve your painting. Internet community is rich with painting and modelling advice, and people doing creative conversions or painting to a high standard are always praised. If the hobby wasn't inherently creative they would have been just met with incredulity, like if you painted your soccer ball or your weightlifting plates.
>Either you go the "cheap" way and buy from recasters, buy cheap paints, and do it all yourself and you've spent dozens or hundreds of hours
What is wrong with spending time on a hobby you enjoy? Any hobby is a terrible hobby by that metric, since you spend a lot of time on all of them. Because, you know, you like doing them.

>> No.71062145

Hate him or not, that model is pretty damn sweet.

>I don't like a thing, that means it's objectively bad!
Go take your shit taste somewhere else anon.

>> No.71062148

My problem is even after thousands of years of failure, the Chaos Gods keep him around when they've punished other champions for far lesser failures. Fuck, Horus only got seven years before Chaos went "Lol no, fuck you. Enjoy losing"

>> No.71062151

Personally I am a Bad Moon guy myself, though sometimes I do find myself gravitating to Blood Axes. Both are my favourite, though Bad Moonz win out by a small margin.

>> No.71062153

>Half of them can't afford to eat that good after all.
Yeah, no failures here, just people spending enough of their money on useless plastic that they can't afford a calorie surplus

>> No.71062157

Nah. Instead they need to have a stupid conspiracy that had lead to a Fire Warrior commander (don't remember his rank) disobeying an Ethereal, so that raises more questions about that mess.

>> No.71062158

I mean the real question is, are they STILL doing the holopope thing? Tau only live to like 40, right? Didn't they advance the setting a century and do some weird dating paperwork to be like 'actually technically it's still the 41st millennium we got it wrong the first time'?

>> No.71062160

Abaddon is ... the best they've got

>> No.71062167

>You are encouraged to convert and kitbash and improve your painting
By who? Certainly not GW.

>what's wrong with spending thousands of hours on something that doesn't improve you in any way
Oh I'm talking to an actual retard, okay.

>> No.71062171

I went to a 40k tournament with around 60 participants and there were like 5 overweight dudes. Vast majority of them white and a lot of beards/glasses, but very few hambeasts.

>> No.71062172

my god you're right.

>> No.71062175

Blood Axe lore is great. I wish there was a way to ally them into Guard or Tau armies.

It was a joke anon. A joke that you decided to take seriously and spin into support of your hate boner about the hobby. Did you forget your meds today?

>> No.71062176

Why not Huron? Hell, even Lucius would stand up better as a champion than Abby.

>> No.71062177

>You are encouraged to convert and kitbash and improve your painting
In this era of no options, no conversions, and "tabletop standard" contrast paints? The fuck we are.

>> No.71062180

>Nah. We don't have that many fat people in the hobby. Half of them can't afford to eat that good after all.
Wouldn't that mean more likely to be fat. If one has trouble with controlling their expenses of basic necessities and plastic crack, wouldn't it mean their choices of food would be just as bad? Fast Food, Hot Pockets, Soda, Ramen packets, etc? Plus their metabolism would be all kinds of fucked, wouldn't it?

>> No.71062185

He was using life extending tech and was well pass his expiry date. Writting him off as simply slipping in the bathtub wouldn't have raised an eyebrow.

>> No.71062187

They keep people in suspended animation (by freezing them) and thaw them out as needed.

Kind of like what the Blood Angels do with Lamartes.

>> No.71062195

I don't see Tau making use of Orks with their lore, but IG used to have lore justification of having Blood Axes fight for them. In fact Blood Axes got so chummy with Imperium that all other ork klan went and near-exterminated all the Blood Axes until very few were left, feeling mostly bitter and looking for their own version of ork atonement for their crime of being "unorky"

>> No.71062199



>> No.71062201

Old GW definitely did encourage kitbashing and converting. That's less of a thing now, but they have done it even in recent years.

Peachy's Imperial Guard army, or Duncan's Solarite Spearmen come to mind.

Plus they do painting tutorials to help people get better at painting.

So yeah, you need to get out of your bubble more anon.

>> No.71062205

>'actually technically it's still the 41st millennium we got it wrong the first time'?
That was the case at the beginning of 8th but since devastation of Baal different areas of the galaxy are flat out experiencing time at different rates due to the rift.

For example, the battle of Baal took a couple of months on the planet but in the outside galaxy the entire time period between the battle of Cadia and nearly the end of the Indomitus crusade took place.

>> No.71062207

Dude. I started this all with a post about wanting to break up with a chick because she's into warhammer. What the fuck do you think I'm doing?

>> No.71062212


>> No.71062220

>Oh shit how do we fix the continuity errors?

>> No.71062225

Blood Axes sell their services as mercs, and that's close enough to the Greater Good to work for Tau. Even if the race is hostile they'll work with smaller groups. Works with humans for example.

>> No.71062234

The thumbnail looks like megaman

>> No.71062239

Acting like a bitch because your girlfriend is supportive of your interests and hobbies and wants to participate in them too.

>> No.71062244

I mean if you're going to do it, I'd rather they go full force with it like they do now instead of hand waving it with "eh, warp travel, time is convoluted".

>> No.71062261

In this case they handwaved it by saying that ripping the galaxy in half and exposing it to the energies of the warp have created fucked up time dilation problems.

>> No.71062283

Not Lorgar? He wants to see a total union of Demon and Man

>> No.71062302

It sort of works here though and emphasizes the psychic apocalypse thats supposedly starting now due to the rift. Shit should be getting awful in 40k

>> No.71062306

Eh it's not a deal breaker, but it's a clear sign of a lack of direction. They should have a committee that oversees this kind of things before they are released.

>> No.71062315

>By who? Certainly not GW.
Not that guy, but they do... on their official youtube channel.
Yes, making models easier to build and paint for new players totally limits creativity and eliminates the possibility of kitbashing... That was sarcasm.

>> No.71062324

>By who? Certainly not GW.
GW literally does community kitbash and conversion highlights.
>doesn't improve you in any way
Anon, it's a hobby. You do it because it's fun, not because there' is some kind of benefit dangled on a stick in front of you. And if you're absolutely adamant about netting some kind of benefit - it does improve your understanding of color, your hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

>> No.71062419

Nice, I have a similar thing going on for my Tau, 4th sphere survivors who got popped out of the warp on the other end of the galaxy and had to trek back bsg style. all the while being hunted by CSM and demons.

>> No.71062637

I talked about two Dreadnoughts last time, have a command squad blurb today.

++The Blind Father
The Blind Father is the current Chapter Champion of the Stern Judges. Like all those before him, he abandoned his birth name upon taking up his office,trading it for one from the totemic beings of Pangaean folklore. This dour Champion chose for himself the title of the Blind Father, the legendary trainer of heroes, who was famed for his fluid use of even the heaviest sword. Indeed the Champion emulates this very style on the fields of war, fighting with a terrifying combination of overbearing strength and perilous balance.
The Blind Father reserves for himself the oversized, jet-black relic blade Dwynspath, older than him by three millenia, forged from the cold metal of extinct polar volcanoes. Whilst haughty and rebellious in the hands of all others, the two seem to have reached and understanding born, so the Chaplains say, from their unity of spirit. Indeed, the ancient weapon’s power field now strikes with such effortlessness and finality that the blows of all other blades in the Chapter are mere chafes by comparision; an Ultramarines captain witness to its bloody work described it as “not from your Pangaean calderras, but some corner of hell.”

>Company Champion with Imperium's Sword and the Burning Blade

>> No.71062704

Laesandyr the Rose. Daemon Prince of The Shining Roses, a Slaaneshi Warband.

He represents the chivalrous knight, has an obsession with romance and spreading love and peace to all around.

Those who he deems worthy of accepting his gift of love and peace are given the offer to join his "empire", they will recieve protection from the warband in exchange for gifts of novels, paintings, music or any other form of creative art (including the obligatory love-making).

Those that refuse this are given an ultimatum; join or die. Laesendyr and his Roses are more than prepared to force their will upon the galaxy and are no strangers to war.

They are willing to accept all into their empire, save for the Eldar and those who walk the path of Khorne and Nurgle. They see Eldar as an oppurtunity to gain Slaanesh's favour and killing Khornate followers as doing them a service by putting them down. The Roses will often clash blades with Nurgle worshippers, disgusted by their impure forms.

>> No.71062844 [DELETED] 

I'm uncreative
How about another "dubs decide the color", huh?

>> No.71062870 [DELETED] 

Bonus round, what word(s) should I graffiti on the side?

>> No.71062903


>> No.71062914

Astarti ite domum

>> No.71063000

Why are the threads moving so fast?

>> No.71063741

mode: Kill Team or Blackstone Fortress
snack: none usually, or pizzeria Combos
drink: diet cola in a twist bottle, set on the floor during play
location: mostly home games, sometimes pickups at LGS, and every couple months a GW store league.

yeah I know I don't "play 40k", I have neither room nor budget nor interest in full scale. I got into it for the models, I enjoy painting more than playing. pic related, my Counts-As Sly Marbo.

>> No.71064097


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