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>> No.71007108

'ate chaos
'ate daemons
'ate civillians

luv me emprah
luv me termies
luv me sister blood

simple as

>> No.71007114

Thread recon done by FASTEST legion.

>> No.71007153

Bandeblades need T9 OR 5/6++.

>> No.71007155

Im not looking forward to finishing the painting, I am a brushlet.

Post your WIP.

>> No.71007162

Why didn't the best stormtrooper regiment get their rules?

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>> No.71007177

with the new cultists rules what do you guys think of neophytes with guns?

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FUCK daemons.

>> No.71007184

>alphic hydras
simply ebin

>> No.71007189

March 2018 - Forgebane
March 2019 - Shadowspear
March 2020 - ????

>> No.71007192

What changes have The Eight in Greater Good?

>> No.71007204

>tfw no steppe nomad gf

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T9 wouldn’t solve anything. It is AP -3 D3 bolt guns being able to kill it that’s is the problem. It needs an invulnerable or bust.

>> No.71007215

Literally a meme.

>> No.71007244

I’d be happy with that. The Tank Ace abilities for LoW aren’t that good.

>> No.71007254

Absolutely nothing, the rules just got reprinted cause they stopped selling Chapter Approved 2018.

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>> No.71007284

reminder that this piece of shit that's just two basilisks stapled together has an invuln save

>> No.71007301

Fucking retarded.

>> No.71007313

Where are the shoulder pad crosses from? i need em

>> No.71007314

What are the best spray on black primers? Are there alternatives to GW's?

>> No.71007331

*laughs in 4++ save*
fucking baneblade scrubs

>> No.71007335

Post meme conversions

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>> No.71007349

I went from playing once a week to not having played since November, how do I beat Iron Hands as Drukhari/Harlequins?

>> No.71007356

Is this what you like? What kinda guy ju are?

>> No.71007378

I’ve been putting of these last two wraithblades for months

>> No.71007380

I like Krylon, it gives me good results. Nice and thin, no funky texture.

>> No.71007392

>Playing Adarki Aeldari

>> No.71007410

Fuck off, Dark Eldar are a based faction.

>> No.71007411

Sell me on your factions. Trying to get back into the hobby
>imperials not welcomed

>> No.71007413

If you have any metal models, throw them at your opponent until he leaves, then find someone else to play

>> No.71007421

They are slightly more deadly against other cultists.

The new GSC rules seem lack luster except for maybe the Magus Strat.

>> No.71007430

ignore their vehicles, kill their infantry, hide out of los of their big guns
run around the board with your higher mobility, win on objectives

>> No.71007436

one of my most extensive meme models was something we called the "Edgeraider". Basically we tried to put as many spikes onto that thing as possible, but it got out of hand and became chaos in itself. We also created a fitting lightning claw terminator team to ride inside that had power tools for hands (besides the "new guy")

>> No.71007449

Space Wolves player about to fight Death Guard for the first time today, what am I in for?

>> No.71007453

play a different game if you don't want to fellate imperials

>> No.71007458

Rustoleum works well enough. Although their nozzles like to clog. Goddamn spray any angle design makes it so you can't clear it after use

>> No.71007471

Do either of these lists seem functional? Or are they completely retarded?

First, house raven @2000pts exact
>Knight Preceptor
Chainsword, Ironstorm, Multi laser, Landstrider, banner inviolate
>knight acheron
mark of the omnissiah, ion bulwark
>4 armiger helverins
3 w/meltagun, 1 w/heavy stubber
>3 armiger moirax
all w/grav pulsar and siege claw

Second, house hawkshroud @2000pts exact
>cerastus acheraon
ion bulwark
>knight preceptor
chainsword, stormspear, meltagun
>cerastus knight lancer
helm of the nameless warrior, knight seneschal
>2 armiger helverins
1 melta, 1 stubber
>2 armiger moirax
both with lightning lock and conversion beam cannon

>> No.71007474

Don't we also get a trait that gives mining lasers and shit a buff too?
correct me if I'm wrong but being able to reroll the ones on that ridgerunner or shoved into a 20man squad

>> No.71007481 [SPOILER] 


>> No.71007482

Yes. I know this. Not everyone does, which is why they put the stipulation for "one" in there, or were you not following the conversation? I was pointing out the wording so that someone COULDN'T misconstrue it as that, dummy.

>> No.71007490

will any of the new animations be as good as the astartes fan made thing?

>> No.71007506

-Certified protagonist faction
-Hoes mad, all the time.
-Cool robots, cool guns
-Mostly plastic and no 30+ years old kits
-Loved by GW so you get new models and good rules regularily
-Hoes mad

>> No.71007521

Nothing you cant handle with even the most casual list. DG lack damage output at long range and close combat. Their strengths are medium range and stubborn durability.

>> No.71007531

No AdMech?

Nid soup has a lot of variety of units you can field. You can have hordes, big beasties with assasin-esque elites, psychic shenanigans, deployment fuckery and some tanks to rock the backfield.

Not the cheapest army though.

>> No.71007541

That legit looks like something I saw while tripping once. It wasn't fun.
My lists tend to be plasma heavy, that should do the trick right?

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>> No.71007568

I used drukhari for the subtle bait to generate responses so I garner actual interest ty.

I have several, I dont have to play against him but hes a good friend. My regular opponents are;
>Imp guard / knights / ultras
>Flesh Tearer / Nids
>World Eaters & Thousand Sons
>BA / DG / World Eaters / Raven Guard
>Iron Hands
>Custodes with Knights

So I should still stack up on things like shredders, disintegrators and Coven shit? I've heard that Venoms are a trap vs IH, should I swap out my 7 venoms for Raiders?

>> No.71007573

You want versatility?
being able to crib things from 2.5/3 other factions?

You want to be able to convert a lot like chaos or orks.
You want a faction that can be the mob, communists, inbred hillbillies, madscience experiments or lovecraftian cults?

lovely meleeblenders and a lot of dickery?
go for genestealer cultists

>> No.71007591

Thinking about making a chaos army. Are the World Eaters any good? How about Kharn himself?

>> No.71007610

I guess if you are spamming mining lasers. Ridge runners still need the Alphus baby sitter to be effective.

>> No.71007615

If you've played before, you know if you want to play Necrons or not by now...
Semi-related, thoughts?

>> No.71007626

5++ anon. For sure.

>> No.71007641

how do we make warhammer 40k big in japan

>> No.71007660

idk man I don't actually play deldar, these are just like common concepts that exploit iron hands weaknesses
If you can weather their first turn alpha strike then it'll fall apart for em

>> No.71007662

can't they reroll of the new trait?

>> No.71007663

A Bishoujo figure series

>> No.71007683

Nag an anime studio to make an anime of it. Failing that nag some rich guy to pay the studio to do it

>> No.71007693

only against shooting though

>> No.71007694

It already is. There was a thread about a month ago where the topic was all about how surprisingly popular 40K is in Japan.

Guess what the most popular faction was?

>> No.71007705

>Guess what the most popular faction was?

>> No.71007715

Vehicles don't get cult creeds. Shit sucks

>> No.71007727

studio trigger would probably do it

>> No.71007732

shit i should have fucking remembered.

>> No.71007742

Aight man thanks, just wanted some advice as I saw them rip a death guard army to pieces turn 1 and I dont think he has lost since the supplement came out, just want to make sure we have a good game rather than a 1 sided pounding

>> No.71007747

Anyone else think the Watchers in the Dark are cute?

>> No.71007750

Is it safe to talk about transgirls now?

>> No.71007756

Primaris land speeder and bikes when GW? I don't want shitty manlet speeders bikers

>> No.71007766

Cmon man I just got off of /vg/ where it's nothing but tranny talk, just let them exist as equals and forget about them like you forget about other men

>> No.71007769

>studio trigger would probably do it
Nag them whenever possible

>> No.71007770

whats with your obsession with trans people?
What does that have to do with warhammer 40k or this thread?

Is this a bot?

>> No.71007773


>Ork vs Black Templars

ahahah post the pic anons

>> No.71007774 [SPOILER] 

Only /I/ know just how cute they actually are

>> No.71007783

>Failing that nag some rich guy to pay the studio to do it
Do we know if Elon Musk is into 40k? He seems like the surefire way to do it, I don't think Henry Cavill is big into anime.

>> No.71007794

I have the Start Playing Skitarii box. Should I get the Eradication Cohort Battleforce box, a box of Skitarii Rangers/Vanguard and maybe another Start Playing Skitarii box for a full army?

Do people typically go pure Mechanicus or do they mix in Marines and/or Imperial Guard? I see Mechanicus has a codex, but not a huge range of minis on the GW store. Haven't played 40k in a long time and only did some intro games so everything seems to have changed a lot.

I'm used to Infinity and Battletech so the scale of games and unit types is an adjustment for me. Is 2k points the typical game size now?

>> No.71007799

With a solid collection of tyranids you can play any army in the game, and sometimes much better than the originals.
Guard? Termagants, carnifexes, tyrannofexes etc
Custodes? Carnefex spam
Khorne? Genestealer spam
Raven guard shenanigans? malanthropes and venomthropes let you do the same with bug kaijus
Deep strike? Jormungandr and trygons
and so on and so forth.

>> No.71007803

>pretends to not be interested in tranny talk
>ends his post is a way that he knows will get (you)s
solid bait

>> No.71007811

Transgirls are the social backbone of the internet (and soon the IRL) warhammer 40k fanbase.

>> No.71007812

krieg because they are nazis on denial?

>> No.71007815

except you'll be awful at every one of those playstyles except for horde spam or CC meatgrinder lists

>> No.71007819

I've been told the start collecting tyranids wasn't worth it, that it's better to just start with gaunts or something.

>> No.71007826

Imperial Guard actually. I now understand the wise words of Mike Tyson, "I'll fuck you til you love me faggot"

>> No.71007831

1k, 1.5k, and 2k are the most common. If you're just starting out then I'd recommend just going for 1k points of admech and go from there to see if you want to soup with other imperial factions or just go pure admech,

>> No.71007832

>Guess what the most popular faction was?
Either (Ultra)Marines or Guard, right?

>> No.71007841

they do like the nazi aesthetic, but krieg is based on ww1 soldiars not nazi's.

>> No.71007844

>Only /I/ know just how cute they actually are
Almost a good GET
>Do we know if Elon Musk is into 40k?
I know he is into anime. I'm not sure about 40k but I think it's a safe bet he is, I mean who isn't? Seriously I have yet to hear someone mention 40k without liking it
>Imperial Guard actually
WHAT? That's the last faction I had thought Japan would like

>> No.71007849

this shit is OOP since 3 years anon, btw mechanicus are good for their own or if you want to soup you can synergize well with knights because of stratagems and still being fluff enough to not be called WAAC fag

>> No.71007855

Actually Guard, believe it or not. Japanese players are big into the Milsim game, so Guard apparently scratches that itch.

Also the fact that they're a bunch of under-equipped mass-charging dudes devoted to a divine Emperor.

>> No.71007858

That box is great but good luck finding it, that said 3 starter boxes is the usual go to for admech because you'll use the Skitarri and the Dunecrawlers for sure

>> No.71007879

Knights are the best ally for AdMech. It's fluffy too. Armigers work quite well if you don't want the big boys.

That big box set is ok. The sicarians and the electro priests aren't too strong of a unit, especially 5 man squads. You also need a transport for the priests for them to be effective.

Another start collecting would be a wise choice. 2 5man ranger squads with snipers and a 10 man vanguard would make a decent Battalion.

>> No.71007888

>Also the fact that they're a bunch of under-equipped mass-charging dudes devoted to a divine Emperor.
That's the last thing I expected modern Japanese to like desu

>> No.71007889

Tau were marketed to weebs not actual Asians, Eldar are far more anime anyway so they already had that demographic down

>> No.71007910

If you like the models it's fine. Every good genestealer list needs stealers and at least one brood lord.

>> No.71007915

We all miss the old ways, no matter how much we say otherwise

>> No.71007916

>imperials not welcome


>> No.71007917

>Also the fact that they're a bunch of under-equipped mass-charging dudes devoted to a divine Emperor.
reminds me of this

>> No.71007955

Getting ready to paint some Meganobz, mainly as an excuse to learn how to use my airbrush for something other than priming.

>> No.71007967

Well, shit. Respect for Japanese increased by 1945%

>> No.71007971

Don't care, I've been playing 40k since 4th and tyranids have been in much rougher spots than they are now, I'd rather just have some fun and keep people on their toes. Only really play with my friends at my place anyways, so keeping diverse with my lists and strategies ultimately keeps me from getting hard countered and feeling like a dick. Cant bring hordes every time against the same three dudes and not expect them to start bringing serious anti horde options to push your shit in.

I personally like it, but its really wonky as an army on its own. Trygons enable shenanigans but imo if you run genestealers you need to run at least 20 and you wanna run them as kraken so they can get a turn 1-2 charge off and delete something before they get deleted themselves. Your best start is to take that money, go to ebay, and hunt for someone selling large lots of nid hordecritters and then buy a hive tyrant to lead them or something.

>> No.71007991

Duplicolor Sandable Primers are breddy gud. Nice tooth for painting, but goes on thin enough to preserve fine details.

>> No.71008029

but what if we wanted to build and paint our own models

>> No.71008036

..... fine!

>> No.71008053

After PA is done I guess, because then the last Marine release was around 6 months ago. And we all know they'll get some new toy every half year or the like.

>> No.71008055

youll need to spend more than $100 then, sadly. Gotta get some big bugs and some little bugs, but unfortunately gaunts are pretty bad in smaller numbers.

>> No.71008065

>eldar popular in japan
does that mean we'll be getting new eldar lore and models?

>> No.71008091

I thought about buying one, watching pros use them makes it look easy

>> No.71008099

R8 this list

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [104 PL, 6CP, 1,820pts] ++

**Chapter Selection**
. Salamanders

Battle-forged CP [3CP]

Detachment CP [5CP]

+ HQ +

Bray'arth Ashmantle [20 PL, -1CP, 325pts]: Stratagem: Hero of the Chapter, The Imperium's Sword

Primaris Librarian [5 PL, 98pts]: 2) Fire Shield, 3) Burning Hands, 4) Drakeskin, Force sword, Tome of Vel'cona

Techmarine [5 PL, -1CP, 61pts]: Boltgun, Master of the Machine, Power axe, Strategem: Master of the Forge, Warlord
. Servo-harness: Flamer, Plasma cutter

+ Troops +

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 86pts]: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Stalker Bolt Rifle
. 4x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 101pts]: Bolt rifle
. 4x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant: Thunder hammer

Tactical Squad [4 PL, 60pts]
. 4x Space Marine
. Space Marine Sergeant
. . Boltgun/Bolt pistol

+ Elites +

Cataphractii Terminator Squad [10 PL, 175pts]
. Cataphractii Sergeant: Chainfist, Combi-bolter, Grenade harness
. Cataphractii Terminator: Combi-bolter, Lightning Claw
. Cataphractii Terminator: Combi-bolter, Lightning Claw
. Cataphractii Terminator: Combi-bolter, Lightning Claw
. Cataphractii Terminator: Combi-bolter, Lightning Claw

Relic Sicaran Punisher Assault Tank [14 PL, 191pts]: Heavy bolter, Hunter-killer missile
. Two heavy bolters: 2x Heavy bolter

+ Heavy Support +

Repulsor Executioner [15 PL, 324pts]: 2x Fragstorm Grenade Launcher, Heavy Laser Destroyer, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, 2x Storm bolter, Twin Heavy Bolter, Twin Icarus Ironhail Heavy Stubber

+ Flyer +

Xiphon Interceptor [11 PL, 240pts]: 2x Twin lascannon, Xiphon missile battery

+ Dedicated Transport +

Impulsor [4 PL, 79pts]: 2x Storm Bolters

Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod [6 PL, 80pts]

All that and a loyal 32 detachment

>> No.71008107


>> No.71008110

Okay but
>no Doctrines

>> No.71008138

>worst enemy of the smurfs
>best color scheme in the game
>based new CSM models
>based possessed dudes
>best color scheme in the game
>absolute madmen who unironically love chaos
>responsible for the "horus" heresy
>best color scheme in the game

>> No.71008200

I sure hope we get new qt craftworld eldar porn from based japs

>> No.71008248

Why bother with the doctrines ? I need more cp and while the devastator doctrine is good, i couldn't give less of a shit about the sallie one

>> No.71008259


>> No.71008278

>Valhallans Made to Order the week after next with Commander Chenkov and Classic Yarrick


>> No.71008281

Why do they hold their guns in such a weird way?

>> No.71008285



>> No.71008287

That's actually a pretty good compromise. I think.

>> No.71008306

We got wizards
We got beastmen
We got daemons
We got whatever the fuck Magnus is these days

>> No.71008369

Space Finland? Hells yeah

>> No.71008394

Hmm, has anyone tried one with skulls?

>> No.71008467

Valhallans are Red Army in spess.
Yes they are even more meme Red Army than rest of the Guard.

>> No.71008475

GW did, many times

>> No.71008485



>> No.71008489

Love it, actually looks good.
Also, you could've included even more spikes

>> No.71008530

>should I paint
>maybe after another sheath of pizza pringles for motivation

>> No.71008542

Are kataphron Servitors useful in an Ademch army, or am I gimping myself by not going full Skitarii? I like the bulkiness of them, and my meta is so full of marines that it feels like I'm gonna get plenty of use out of those delicious grav-cannons.

>> No.71008562

Making attractive females in both art and minis instead of female ogryns would be a start

>> No.71008598

But what about trannys?
If we stop making "Sisters"(male) of Battle all 5 trannys will left 40k?

>> No.71008601

The shooty ones are actually pretty decent at being, well, shooty, especially if you've got an HQ to buff their accuracy. The Breachers are very specialized and very slow, so unless you've a transport to get them in close, good luck getting them to recoup their points.

>> No.71008630

They have tyranids

>> No.71008632

I have a squad of 6 plasmaphrons. I run Ryza and use the vigillus detachment. With the vigilus Strat, elimination protocol, nearby dominus and plasma specialist Strat you get 6d6 shots hitting on a rerollable 2+, +1 to wound and 3 dmg. It's expensive cp wise, but kills shit dead.

Haven't used grav, but seems popular enough with them.

>> No.71008645

Imagine playing the reddit faction

>> No.71008680

Is that not AdMech?

>> No.71008695

>They have tyranids
That's for real females(no dicks). Females(male) neeed Sisters(male) of battle.

>> No.71008702

got a bad dragon toy the other day, now i want to start nids
hereby i can confirm it works the other way around too

>> No.71008704

>favorite factions are genestealer cult and admech
uh oh

>> No.71008747

>when you finally have more money than sense and you spend $450 in one day on new boxes for an army you’ve never played
feels based tbqh

>> No.71008764

I'm nervous about my first army, and am nervous about what to make my first purchase

>> No.71008786

I've done it, but the backlog destroys me. I've got to do it one unit at a time now.

>> No.71008798

what army lil fella

>> No.71008826

you should be more nervous about your flgs and if you'll embarrass yourself with your lack of 40k knowledge.

>> No.71008829

Chaos because FOR THE DARK GODS

>> No.71008845

when will that terrible meme end.

>> No.71008852

What army will fuck my FLGS marine meta the most?

>> No.71008866

Never with that name, unfortunately

>> No.71008870

I kinda impulse bought the Codex, and was gonna buy the Start Collecting so I'd have something to work on while I planned the rest out, but I'm starting to wonder if that's the right choice

No worries there, I've been visiting it for the past four years off and on
I've bought a few things to paint, just never enough to actually play anything

>> No.71008875


>> No.71008887

*No worries there, I've already done that

>> No.71008929

Damn that marine is a little bit ham-fisted.

>> No.71008942

and maybe, but at some point it actually got pretty hard to just pick this thing up since it poked back, so I kinda went for tentacles and chains instead

>> No.71008952



To be serious, though, if you're committed, the Start Collecting box is a fair start. It's not going to get you too far, since a single squad of infantry is going to get blown away like paper, but that Russ is going to be with you for however long you're still with it.

>> No.71009005

has it ever been explained how a power fist works

>> No.71009030

you punch people with it really hard

>> No.71009039

Cute japanese girl building the sisters of battle set


>> No.71009042

You punch things, and they die.

>> No.71009044

>mfw I sprained my miniature holding arm and I probably won't be able to paint this weekend.

>> No.71009057

It projects a destructive force field like other power weapons
I don't think it's explained how the shape of the weapon matters though

>> No.71009058

Tau women have teets on their stomach.

>> No.71009097

Can handshakes be carried around between active Power Fists?

>> No.71009117

Tau actually have options in playstyle now

>> No.71009149


>> No.71009161

Should. The power field merely weakens molecular bonds, so if they don't squeeze too hard, the fists shouldn't damage each other. Though I wonder if I read somewhere that power fields cancel each other out, so two power swords clashing would be same as if their fields were inactive. Might be mistaken.

>> No.71009180

lost the head did we

>> No.71009203

naw man , hate that head.

i just love huge visors

>> No.71009231


>> No.71009237

>Plip, plop, plip, plop...
>Splish, splash, splish, splash...

>> No.71009245

>major HQ units with no weapon options
why is this allowed

>> No.71009251


Interesting stuff from the latest Farsight novel.

>> No.71009270

abaddon be like yo i mean it this time

>> No.71009286


>> No.71009287

Having real trouble dealing with Craftworld Eldar psychic spam as Tau. Anyone have any advice?

>> No.71009323

God damn that tickles my H R Giger boner.

>> No.71009334

>Tau actually have options in playstyle now

We always did and Tides, Commanders, and Drones will continue to be the Tournament Meta.

>> No.71009366

DAMN. Japanese letters make everything more kino, never knew I needded a Warhammer 40k poster with Japanese letters until now

>> No.71009372

best compliment !

>> No.71009408

G'day cunts
Who's got a pdf of The Greater Good?

>> No.71009426

how come all the comments are English
and not funny

>> No.71009440

That patriarch reminds me of pic related.

>> No.71009460

>best stormtrooper regiment
uh sorry sweatty

>> No.71009463

>using a flesh hound's collar to purge a tzeentch daemon from yourself
I like that

>> No.71009476

>finally got my puppetswar troopers
>also got a free turn counter

>> No.71009494

>worst rules in the game

>> No.71009495


>> No.71009531


>> No.71009544

Youtube comments are never funny

>> No.71009567

Rules are temporary
The Gifts of Chaos are eternal

>> No.71009577

An interesting choice, Anon.

>> No.71009587

Just show these to the Emperor if he ever comes back and throws a tantrum over Primaris Marines

>> No.71009591

Post them m8

>> No.71009597

Is there any faction that just wishes that everyone would have a good time?

>> No.71009604

If you used Chosen of the Pantheon on a Greater Possessed, it would buff literally all chaos daemon units. I don't know if this is practically useful, but it's worth noting.

>> No.71009621

Sisters of battle

>> No.71009626

Orks, full stop.

>> No.71009630

all <legion> chaos daemon units*

>> No.71009641

Lmao I put it on and sure enough my speakers were blaring and my MiL was walking by

>> No.71009642


>> No.71009665

Carnifexs vs Custodes?
I guess the MWs on living ram and chitin thorns is a hassle.
I'd use Castellan Axes and keep command points for Castellan Strikes to ruin their day though (S8 and -3AP to wound on 3s and leave them with a 6+ save).
Also charging them stops the living ram MW coming in and 8 wounds each is laughably soft.

>> No.71009690

soon as im done building them

>> No.71009708


Eh, I don't like the implication that the Ethereals are corrupt. I much preferred the Tau when they were cheerful optimists running headlong into the brick wall of the Dark Millennium - if they're just the same-old cynics then there's no difference between them and any other race.

>> No.71009727

>-Loved by GW so you get new models and good rules regularily

Isn't the Shadowsun resculpt the first new Tau mini in like 4-5 years?

>> No.71009733

no race is going to survive contact with the other races of the 41st millennium and not become cynical

>> No.71009742

Is the WD Index Inquisition legal?

>> No.71009744

>the 6 pointed star icons that the statues are wearing were avoid by the daemons.
The Jews savin the day.

>> No.71009753


>> No.71009764

can't think of a unit in the tau line that really needs an update, vespid have always looked like retarded shit and even new CAD plastics wouldnt help, theyre like that jew alien from star wars. can you think of a tau unit that needs and aesthetic update? even the venerable devilfish looks good desu. they went backwards with the xv25s, i think the xv15s looked a lot better, but thats an ancient complaint

>> No.71009769

I'd allow it, fairly sure GW stores would too.

>> No.71009791

They just dont attack their own

>> No.71009803

Last two heads are being saved for the RPG team, whenever I buy the Heavy Weapons squad.

Also, still haven't gotten an answer for base color.

Choices are:

>Gold (like 1Ksons)
>Death Korps Drab

>> No.71009813

Black's not an option since that's my color for objective markers.

>> No.71009816


Take a detachment of MSU Neophytes with double mining lasers, with the reroll hits with mining weapons and no penalty for moving and firing Heavy weapons trait. You've got a decently punchy shooting threat that drops in T2 and needs to be able to screen you out from 24" against their heavy armor.

>> No.71009817

they need to update the XV-8 sprue to include cyclic ion blasters fucking jews

>> No.71009849

I no clean! I'm not clean! Ok?

>> No.71009862

Does anyone have any advice on the "cheapest" way to build Farsight and the Eight?

As far as I can tell I need 2 boxes of Crisis Suits, a Commander, a Ghostkeel and a Broadside?

>> No.71009877

There are no Ghostkeels in the Eight

>> No.71009881

>100% KINO match-ups

-black templar vs orks
-death korps vs death guard
-SoB vs emperor's children

>> No.71009889

I’m completely new to 40k and I am having trouble choosing my army

I’ve boiled it down to

Can any kind anons please sell me on which of these you think is best

>> No.71009927

Admech is for tasteless fags who like terrible models, and only weebs who hate the setting's tone but still want to play in it for some reason enjoy Tau.
I hope that helps.

>> No.71009930

go to your local store and but the start collecting kit that looks coolest, it's what I did.

>> No.71009957

Imagine getting into an army based on another's opinion on which is best.
See which models you like more and consider their pros and cons in playstyle and decide what would be more fun for you to play.
These are all shooty armies, though some can lean into melee a little bit.
Necrons are relatively tougher, though in general they're all kind of gunliney from my experience to varying degrees, Eldar tend to be more hit and run, though have Wraith-constructs for variety too.

>> No.71009968

You need
>4 Crisis Suits
>1 Commander
>1 Broadside
>1 Riptide
>6 gun drones
>2 shield drones
>2 marker drones
>2 missile drones
>2 shielded missile drones
Note that The Eight are locked in with these drones, you can't change them to whatever you want.

>> No.71009981

Already in a reasonably good place and will be getting more rules and models in april
considered not the best but are due an update, likely in may
Unless you're only into wraithbone then enjoy resin, super old sculpts, probably not due an update for a while as well.
Were already in a good place and just got even better. I will warn they are very much a gunline faction. "Tau can't melee" is not just a meme, I have a friend who's started Tau recently and he tries to use them in melee with disastrous results every time.

Just go for whichever you think is coolest. If you can't decide go for which you'll enjoy playing most, you can get their codexes free in the mega link, give them a browse before committing.

>> No.71009991

Oh yeah, O' Vesa is in a Riptide.

>> No.71010001

Literally just do what this anon >>71009930 says. If you can't pick by that then look at their other models and decide what you think you'd be most interested in collecting.

>> No.71010021

Necrons or Eldar.

>> No.71010031

Make Custodes Great Again.

Fluff wise. They're sitting on a treasure of DAoT technology the emperor deemed too dangerous. So they should whip it out to the fluff and crunch.

Shit that would make even Cawl shit his cogitators. True AI, nanotechnology, time travel, warp technology, etc.

>> No.71010059

I generally agree, I was just contesting the assertion that Tau get new models. I didn't even think Shadowsun needed an update.

I would however like to see a new, generic, non-Commander, HQ option. Also, Pathfinders should be Troops.

>> No.71010061


>> No.71010063

If the trend continues, it'll be a new type of
Primaries vs. new sculpts for existing chaos space marines.

Since normal and scout primaris have happened, I'm gonna guess heavy, terminator style primaris space marines vs. new World Eaters or Emperor's Children

>> No.71010067


>> No.71010078

Why would GW do that? Right now they have half a dozen primarchs to help keep their """story""" from having any stakes. They need to keep the vault vague so it can also do anything they need it to do to counter anything Chaos does. Especially if they run out of Primarchs.
Reminder that the 40k setting "should progress" crowd was, is, and always will be a cancer we failed to cure in time.

>> No.71010096

>“Oh look, three guardsmen squads.”

>> No.71010108

why dont csm models look like this

>> No.71010116

Glad to see your guys came in the mail and they weren't lost in the atlantic!

I think you shouldn't base them gold, I'd reserve that for characters and special stuff, I assume these guys are cultists. I think drab would look best. How are you planning on painting these guys?

>> No.71010118

So are Tau top tier again?

>> No.71010153

You wot mate. Breachers are amazing, durable, have good long range firepower, and are even decent in close combat. And dirt cheap for their durability and firepower. Against vehicles their arc rifles are arguably better than lascannons.

>> No.71010170

They're traitor guardsmen mixed in with the locals. Until a Militarum Hereticus codex comes out, they are "Tallarn".

I haven't decided a paint scheme yet. The world from which they hail is space (80's) Afghanistan, so maybe ANA uniforms.

>> No.71010210

>-SoB vs emperor's children
"raep xDD" is a shit premise compared to SoB vs WB
Crazy nuns with guns
Crazy fanatics of an opposing religion, whose dad wrote the nuns' bible
You can't get more kino than that

>> No.71010215

Well hopefully not considering the last Primaris starter box was Primaris vs CSM.

We've had
Primaris vs Death Guard
Ad Mech vs Necrons
Primaris vs GSC
Primaris vs Eldar
Primaris vs CSM
Eldar vs the other Eldar
So I'll say that it should probably be Primaris vs Orks since that'll tie into the PA as well.

>> No.71010222

>> No.71010248

Another pic, featuring Chimera.

>> No.71010276

because they look like THIS

>> No.71010310

> all local groups think “geedubs” are for children and overrated.
I mean they’re not wrong but I don’t care, I just want to play 40k :(.
Anyone else devoid of players, what do you do? DoW is out of date and poor replication of the tt.

>> No.71010328


>> No.71010330

tabletop sim with discord, trick a friend into playing 40k/Kill Team with you, or play Blackstone Fortress single player

>> No.71010336

The helmets without horns look weird

>> No.71010337

40K is popular as fuck, you can surely find a different group at your place which isn't full of disgusting, repulsive h*storicalfags

>> No.71010346

yes if you can find the apocalypse tau box online you just need a single broadside and farsight after that

>> No.71010363

Ace weathering on the Chimera, my dude

>> No.71010381

What's your favorite color scheme for Tyranids?
Pic related is mine, it just looks so cool and edgy.

>> No.71010390

>I will warn they are very much a gunline faction.
imagine playing waacfag gunline t'au instead of chad farsight breacher devilfish mantastrike t'au

>> No.71010408

I feel that scheme is a bit too dark, I prefer leviathan

>> No.71010418

>heavy, terminator style primaris space marines
primaris dont even need bikes because inceptors are basically bikes
tbqh their range is pretty solid at this point, not a lot they cant do except bring cool melee weapons in significant numbers

>> No.71010424

Imagine playing at a GW store or LGS instead of being a home gaming master race. Imagine being brow beaten cause you don't want to waste $40+ a pop on unnecessary books when Battlescribe exists. Imagine it's the weekly game night you've waited for and : " tonight you're gonna play Timmy anon the retarded 14 year old whos parents just dropped off!". Imagine sitting in a cramped shitty store on stools surrounded by ugly smelly nerds who you're forced to socialize with, often times hating particular ones. Imagine being told "ONLY GW OFFICIAL MODELS, PAINTED TOO ANON, SORRY, BUY THIS OVERPRICED KIT PLEASE".

Meanwhile me and my 3 buddies are at my house, in a basement with 2 fully terrained tables with beautiful neoprine mats, the option for a massive (8 or 10)x4 table mega battle, comfortable chairs, tablets for lists, stocked beer & liquor in the fridge, stereo system, no closing time or time limits, just a good time.

You better leave soon anon, you gotta catch the 1 hour bus ride to go the the GW store tonight!!

>> No.71010433 [DELETED] 


>> No.71010435

space marines will still be at the top, the main change is mobile close range farsight just went from shit tier to competitive overnight

>> No.71010447

Primaris bikes are basically confirmed though. They were mentioned in a canon short story even if you believe the pictures are fake.

Primaris are probably also going to get a bunch of melta units at some point if "Primaris Hellfuries" is accurate to their name.

>> No.71010448


>> No.71010457

you look weird

>> No.71010464


>> No.71010466

I know this exists, I don't want to use it

>> No.71010476

>Sob vs. WB
more human vs human garbage
SoB vs GSC is the true kino matchup
the same overarching theme of clashing ideals between two fanatical groups with the added bonuses of it being fanatic puritans fighting former humans mutated by an insidious alien threat and it not including chaos

>> No.71010481

I'd say I look fairly bland with constant dark circles under my eyes

>> No.71010484

gay 2bh

>> No.71010486


I mean, you might have had a point if you didn't post so many unpainted models. Why are you on /tg/ when there's work to be done?

>> No.71010493

>unpainted armies

some things will never be different from the FLGS

>> No.71010501

I live in rural Scotland, nearest GW is like an hour away and I’m in my 30’s so fuck that noise, closest FLGS or group that plays is also over an hour away.
I’ll have a look at blackstone fortress, thanks anon

>> No.71010509


Magnus is the High Nipple of Tzeentch

>> No.71010513

imagine thinking you're superior while playing with fucking ugly unpainted armies

>> No.71010516

Because it confuses Little Timmy.

>> No.71010526

what are we just sticking big meks and their KFFs to tings now?

>> No.71010527

Crisis Suits could do with an update desu.
Also pic related, why make his army playable and not release a new model for him at the same time?

>> No.71010542

I mean, I’d prefer not to play in GW but I’d rather play in a GW than with you, you sound like one if “those” players.
I bet your friends are all tired of your shit

>> No.71010547

wow very cool anon you've got a hard life

>> No.71010551

>Managers giving a shit if you have physical books
>being forced to play against specific people
>managers caring enough to make sure you only use official models
next week on things that dont happen in any worthwhile store

>inagine sitting in a cramped shitty place surrounded by smelly ugly nerds
you literally posted that

>> No.71010578

>consistently killing guardsmen

>> No.71010581

fuck you coward we each have like 10k points sry everything isnt finished

my friends love me faggot

>> No.71010595

Blackstone Fortress is cool even just to collect the models since they do a ton of them exclusively for that game.

>> No.71010597

>Brightsword goes full Anime mode with his Fusion Blades

Brightsword using his zandatsu I see

>> No.71010598


I know mine is a very dark scheme but I'm going for a Xenomorph look for mine.

>> No.71010604


shitty cramped space? my gaming basement is more room than some shit tier LGS play areas.

>> No.71010613


Is there a list anywhere with the most up to date mods for each faction?

>> No.71010616


>> No.71010627

I don't hate it, doesn't look finished though.

>> No.71010631

>space wolves
>is a massive douche
Of course you are, Christ I bet you’re insufferable. I bet you “win” all the games don’t you.

>> No.71010638


You really shouldn't be posting so many of your own pics like this (assuming they are yours). I've already found your Facebook.

>> No.71010645


Oh it's not it still have to touch up and make the claws look a little shinier but that's the basic scheme I'm going for

>> No.71010661

The Overlord and Hellfuries were mentioned way back when primaris were first released and they still dont have models. I dont think primaris bikers are going to be a thing because the perfect time to shill them has passed (White Scars/Ravenwing codexes) and their logical statline is already taken by Inceptors

>> No.71010667

I said I could play it similar, I didn't say I'd outdo them kek

>> No.71010671

>a leaf
yeah checks out

>> No.71010672

How does your army deal with a knight? (T8 2+/4++)

>> No.71010674

Since it was a simulation it was probably a question of "How far can I push it" for him.

>> No.71010677

yea if he has the original pics I doubt he'd post them on facebook just to download them to post on 4chan, but I wouldn't know I guess

>> No.71010693

It's shitty but this discord is probably the easiest way to find what you need for playing 40k on TTS https://discord.gg/XkBbs5M

>> No.71010694

New to 40k. Are there any books or media detailing the Unification Wars and describing life under the Emperor before the Heresy?

>> No.71010697

>> No.71010705

Rolled 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 1, 3, 3 = 47 (20d3)

Well, lets see how well a knight takes 20 D3 mortals

>> No.71010708

>anything not consistently killing guardsmen
We’re playing the same game, right?

>> No.71010725

Rejoice as try hard grey legion players gaze upon the majesty of your raid party, explode in laughter as their abilities go off by your careful planning and backstabbing, look in disdain at your enemy as their un-aestethic, hideous and almost insultingly boring units clash against the sublime and supremely beautiful units

>> No.71010726





>> No.71010732

>unpainted dark angels and space wolves
>unironic leafs fan
i dont think you could be more gay if you tried

>> No.71010736

You've found my friend's possibly. I dont care either way.

>> No.71010754

Lascannons and ironclad dreads

>> No.71010755

>that tiny room
>imagine the smell

>> No.71010763

It pisses me off
I want to use an old Pit Slave Chief as a Bladed Cog Primus, but the Primus can't take a shotgun

>> No.71010781

>24 attacks
>23 hits
>22 wounds
>44 damage(29 if you take sanctuary or equiv)
pretty easily id say

>> No.71010789

>Found OP and his m8's

>> No.71010793

Where are you getting 20d3 MW anon

>> No.71010794


>> No.71010800

what's he doing with his mouth

>> No.71010804

lmao. PARTY

>> No.71010808

what retard puts the shin pads on upside down

>> No.71010809

gargantuan faggot

>> No.71010813

Meme lists that are only good at putting out mortals

>> No.71010816

>knights and space marines
Do any of you play interesting armies?

>> No.71010820

yeah....he was new to warhammer that was like his 3rd model. He's left it since.

>> No.71010822

bud we live in the same province

>> No.71010832

Practicing for sucking the other guys cock

>> No.71010857

Me: space marines, knights, admech
#2: dark angels, custodes, tyranids
#3: chaos soup, tau
#4: necrons, death guard, orks

>> No.71010873

I've done this to at least one boxnaught
His legs might have been on backwards too

>> No.71010878

sup buddy

>> No.71010885

>3rd model a Castellan
an absolute legend

But did he leave because of your maximum faggotry?

>> No.71010894

hes here right now, winning his game against the guy who usually always wins.

>> No.71010899

>Psychic awakening
>Just Shadow sun
>No kroot, no Vespid, no weird space psychic polar bears
>Even made lore specifically to eliminate the presence of non tau in the tau military
This faction is gay because it have never done anything to expand the collective aspect it was supposed to be of, the end of unity when? I want a massive kroot rebellion that success in separating and light the spark of rebellion in the other races as they see the time is ripe to free themselves of T'au slavery

>> No.71010905

>your friends all play interesting and varied armies
>you only play generic “good guys”
Yea I was completely right, your friends definitely think you’re a twat.
You don’t even play the Guard... Jesus Christ.

>> No.71010912

You: Based and Redpilled.
#2: Slightly based and purplepilled.
#3: Brain leaking from his nose retard.
#4: A man of sophistication and culture.

>> No.71010926

I want to do a 'chess board' armies on parade display this year. White space marines vs black chaos space marines. What would your chess piece to warhammer piece equivalents be?
>King: Captain/Chaos Lord
>Queen: Librarian/Sorcerer or Chaplain/Dark Apostle
>Bishops: Devastators/Havocs
>Knights: Assault Marines/Raptors
>Rooks: Terminators
>Pawns: Tactical Marines/Chaos Marines

I can't decide between the two queen choices and I'm not sure about doing terminators. I think it might look better if it was all power armour.

>> No.71010933

That namefag is a faggot, but Guard is gay as fuck and even less worthy of respect than tau

>> No.71010972


>> No.71010984

Make the rooks heresy terminators, the lads would look more in line with the power armour.
I’m not sold on the bishops either, maybe have the librarians as bishops, but then I’m lost as to the queens.

>> No.71010986

Imperial guard

>> No.71010994

The Guard are 10x more interesting than marines, knights and fucking admech

>> No.71011006

If the namefag is so superior to us & feels the need to brag, then why is he here with us tranny loving incels? Why make it so easy for us anonymous hackers to dox him or his "friend"?

>> No.71011007

keep telling yourself that soldierboy

>> No.71011023

>> No.71011028

he wants us to find him and join his orgy
he loves small hard throbbing incel cocks wanting to be sucked

>> No.71011046

Did you at least get the knees correct?

>> No.71011053

Why are weapons described as apocalyptic just wet farts on tabletop? Deathstrikes are supposed to be nukes, right?

Hell, the inquisition has a stratagem to call in a weapon that destroys planets... and on the table just causes a few wounds here and there.

>> No.71011062

Play Tau.

>> No.71011063


>> No.71011073

I want this, people talk about SW vs orkz but even as a SW player i recognise that there's nothing more fitting than orkz vs BT

>> No.71011076

>oh god he’s still talking to 4chan
>I wish he’d stop giving me advise
>I just want to play without him talking about how great his game room is
>I wish I could just go to the game club and just play
>I just want a coke
You’re making your friends miserable namefag

>> No.71011085

Do you like him?

>> No.71011096

my friends called you a faggot

>> No.71011102

>unpainted plague hulk covered in cotton balls

>> No.71011104

What’s with the cable management and the dirty walls?

>> No.71011114

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure they did buddy

>> No.71011119

If ADB's dumb gary stu shows anything, it's that he's a massive fuckin' weeb too. Plus he stole the daemon-in-a-tarot-card from SMT.

>> No.71011120


>> No.71011161

>Why is he getting so upset about the fags on /tg/
>Why won’t he just put his phone down and play
>oh Christ he’s making me say some random is a fag
>s...sure Namefag, that g...guy is a faggot..... it’s still y...your t...turn though
Why can’t you afford curtains namefag?

>> No.71011165

Matt Ward and Cawl have wet dreams of wishing they could be this level Gary Stu.

>> No.71011177

As a long time Ram Ranch fan I am fucking glad this is now a thing.

>> No.71011197

What in the Emperors light is that?
Are you telling me the guy who wrote Helsreach created something as lame as that?

>> No.71011220

ADB's Black Legion Sorceror OC who psyckically forced Magnus onto his knees to kneel to Abaddon.

>> No.71011221

i'm so god damned glad i got a resin printer and the stl for this gun. i'm going to print the fuck out of these.

>> No.71011234

wouldnt be genecest if the primarchs are related to their spacemarines since their geneseed came from primarchs? Would it depend?

>> No.71011237

ABD's a fucking hack and the Matt Ward of Chaos.

>> No.71011243

ok anons.. so Grey Knights go 6-0 at a competetive tournament (with a really good players.

where are the cries that GK are op? time tp spam paladins..

>> No.71011248

Ward was fucking based though

>> No.71011267

That's what makes it... s p i c y

>> No.71011270

Ward was a little too enthusiastic, but a good writer in the end. ADB not so much.

>> No.71011272

Yeah anybody who unironically thinks Chaos are the good guys has Swiss Cheese brains.

>> No.71011276

>> No.71011279

Meltas are a waste of points on Helverins, you won't be in Melta range because of your autocannons.

>> No.71011281

And he has a battle cat and an eldar waifu with wings and a catsuit?

>> No.71011300

Old 40k art was great

>> No.71011303


>> No.71011304

Give it a week. The bandwagon needs time to gather numbers, until suddenly you see nothing but GK "players", and people complaining about what it is about GK that makes those who play them always such WAACfags and dickbags.

>> No.71011333


>> No.71011389

You're even worse for even thinking the concept of "good guys" even belongs in 40k
Chaos look cool as fuck and so I root for them, simple as

>> No.71011406

>even even even even
lmao I need to go to sleep

>> No.71011410

I never fucking said there are good guys in 40k, there aren't any, and they don't fucking belong. Don't mix me up with ADB.

>> No.71011422

sure thing ADB

>> No.71011424

No faction being just plain "bad guy" without some redeeming elements, and no faction being plain "good guys" without plenty condemning elements is what made the 40k setting so interesting.

Too bad that NuLore has nothing of that nuance anymore.

>> No.71011427

ABD, female space marines and guard is stupid. Who did you steal helsreach from?

>> No.71011442

shut the fuck up and stop falseflagging ADB

>> No.71011443

>> No.71011446

After Vermintide came out, we have unironically gotten to the point where Matt Ward is capable of writing better and more likeable characters that ADB.

>> No.71011461

Is it true that the -1 ap on burst cannons sept tenet doesnt have "prototype weapons do not benefit"?
If so, XV8s can spit out fuck tons of shots with them at -2 ap


>> No.71011465

For once, thank you for your massive jewery GW.

>> No.71011482

>my taus missiles all hit on a 2+ and they automatically hit your tanks rear armour
What bullshit have you had tried on you anons?

>> No.71011497

has anyone ever tried doing this?

>> No.71011513

for what fucking purpose

>> No.71011529

it's how you rig dice anon

>> No.71011534

Yea... that was the reason. It totally wasn’t because it’s a retarded idea for regards but given how many feminists have infiltrated BL they had to give a different answer.
The future looks grim dark and rainbow coloured guys.

>> No.71011538

Because GW decided that fuckoff big weapons deserved to do mortal wounds, but instead of using "6s To-Wound also do 1 MW", they decided to have them just do MWs, and since they just do mortals they can't do *That* many wounds, since that would be unfair. So now we have shit like Deathstrikes and Bombing Runs that are almost mathematically incapable of destroying units because they only do MWs.

>> No.71011539

No, because I'm not a cunt.

>> No.71011546


>> No.71011566

You shouldn't be able to pick the units yourself. The mission is to destroy key enemy units, doesn't exactly fit if those "key units" are a couple guardsman squads.

>> No.71011578

The Shadowkeepers (the current iteration of the Warders of the Vaults of Rython) deem that shit as big enough threats to stay under lock and key.
That's why it's locked up to begin with; Abominable Intelligences that could spread out via scrap-code, grey goo nanotech, temporal distortions that break space-time, daemon-basilisk abominations and unstable mass destruction scaled vortex technology.
The Shadowkeepers have had their hands busy making sure they can regather all these things let out since the Great Rift opened.

>> No.71011628

you'll never be a competitive player with that attitude.

>> No.71011635

Its about oppotunity. You pick the three most exposed/vunerable units

>> No.71011686

Are Fusion Blades worth taking on a FSE Coldstar? It's less ranged damage than quad ions but does the melee make up for it at all?

>> No.71011691

Send in the Castellan Strike and hope for the best (s8 so wounding on 4s, -3AP so at least the Knight goes to 4++ instead of 3+ for each command point I use).
My Custodes really aren't prepped to combat a Knight really though, they can put a ding in one, though they're more able and I'm more confident in fucking up Armigers.

>> No.71011710

Iirc, it's the wolf spirit of a Rune Priest's spirit totem, and the eldar is a deldar who fled Comorragh to go chill in the Eye of Terror who while isn't specifically isn't a Scourge (those winged deldar messengers with faction wide diplomatic immunity), she has all the same upgrades, fighting style, and everything but is sooooo much better than them at fighting

>> No.71011741

Is using gold leaf on an Imperial Knight too over the top, or should I go all in and make it look like the Emperor's palace

>> No.71011756

No such thing as too over the top for a knight, especially if he's going to be the lance leader

>> No.71011838



>> No.71011862

The guy in the background really have long hair..

>> No.71011877

>The death of certain units can decide the outcome of the war

Yes, I'm sure the death of those 20 guardsmen will solely decide the outcome. It should be either decided by the opponent or something like 3d6 rolled, for each d6 a 1-2 is pick a troop choice 3 FA 4 HS 5 LoW 6 Character, re-roll any dice that are impossible to achieve.

That way you ca't just pick the 3 most gimped units in their army that you know you can just steamroll.

>> No.71011881

>Can't finish my grey stuff because I can't even get them spray basecoated, because it's so fucking windy and cold outside in the UK for the past week

This shit's lame.

>> No.71011899

>Being even associated by kitbash with traitors

I want you to know I take this personally and that I genuinely feel like your models should be rehoused to prevent further abuse.

>> No.71011904

I can't decide between blood axes and deffskulls

>> No.71011907

If I had FW stuff, I'd send up an Achillus-Dread to melee a Knight or to a lesser extent, send forth a squad of Twin-Laspulsar equipped Agamatus jetbikes to harrass it.

>> No.71011916

Relax, I'm only converting the squad leader to mark them out.

The rest are getting small Tzeentch tats.

>> No.71011936

hope they do. i'll have fun obliterating em with my imperial fists Centurion Devs.

>> No.71011943

This is the one reason why I'm glad that I live in a commieblock, I can just spray in the hall

>> No.71011955

Thank you muchly

>> No.71011961

It makes mustard gas

>> No.71012005

I'm so tired of losing every game with harlequins

Tell me what army I can win with and I'll go buy it right now

>> No.71012049

Go with Eldar or Space Marines. They have such bullshit powers, they nearly make the game totally unfun to play.

>> No.71012052 [SPOILER] 

I hear NECRONS! are in a good state atm

>> No.71012081

Slaneeshi Demons with 4 KoS (one being the character).

It's already flying under the radar and Engine War will make it the next fotm. Gives you enough time to get it most of it painted too.

>> No.71012100

That looks fucking cool as shit my dude.

>> No.71012128

Why, Every victory would be shallow and not earned. There'd be no point. you'd just get bored with the game.

>> No.71012129

I think i'm gonna add some bftbg to his power fist, but i don't have any on me right now.

>> No.71012176

That combi-bolter looks more bisected than decimated.

>> No.71012279

I dunno anon what army is everyone complaining about all the time?

>> No.71012283

Kek.Yeah, it's literally missing the flamer half. I forgot it at home.

>> No.71012305

Just bought the SC! for these guys
Should I get a set of brood brothers for some extra bodies and a HWT?
Or should I get some better paint for these dudes

>> No.71012539

That looks dope, like retro brain-in-the-jar dope.

>> No.71012564


>> No.71012568

>yfw it's a trap

>> No.71012569

How useful is a cheap chinkshit tablet to pull up battlescribe at the table?

>> No.71012581

what heads are these?

>> No.71012614


>> No.71012626

It gave it a romantic feeling

>> No.71012629

It only affects weapons that have the exact wording of “Burst Cannon”, so Gatling Burst Canons are not affected by it, nor are Double Barreled Burst Cannons.

>> No.71012656

Iron Hands. There are no better answers than this.

>> No.71012667

>Anything that sounds german is Nazi-related
Talk about grotesquely racist. Regressives sling that shit around but never realize how retarded the are.

Hopefully soon, because WWI soldiers is a very fun aesthetic.

>> No.71012807

New hedonism

>> No.71013385

Hahaha dafuq is this tranny in the background

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