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First for Tau

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Cadian SC! Or Scions SC!

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Women have no place in combat, they should be birthing babies to be used as soldiers

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>Buying privileged glory boys instead of true Guardsmen

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PA 5 winners bb

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Post games

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Just played this today since I wanted to putz around with my Primaris Brick
Had a couple of people ask me what it was, didn't realize it was that uncommon

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Who gives a shit my point stands

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The proportions are goofier than I anticipated, but I love my retarded deff dread child anyway.

He's a space marine cosplayer

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That's a ton of useless terrain.

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i give a shit about your point when you kill 310 nazis in defense of your homeland and people. until then why would anyone care what some neckbeard thinks about real war? this is /tg/ not /pol/ or /k/.

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Had an idea for a regiment.

Umbran 404th
>Entirely under Inquisition control
>specialized in counterinsurgency and urban combat
>extensive experience against Chaos cults
>no records in Departmento Munitorum databses

Is this perhaps based entirely on a pun for the number 404? Irrelevant

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>this outlier makes me right
damn you're smart

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This might be the fewest words you can say "I'm a retard who shouldn't be allowed in the hobby or considered human" other than "I play Stormcast"

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Also I'd rather have 300 more Russian babies to be future soldiers that 300 dead Germans

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You have no argument. What can be claimed without evidence etc. etc.

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I don't think the soviet union ever had any sort of propaganda, did it?

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Like usual Drazhar charged in and did absolutely nothing.

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I agree, but its what was there when I arrived for the game. at least its themed. and not mismatched.

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Looks nice

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Sorry if this is a question that gets asked all day, but as for the benefit of a new player, is there anything you know now that you wish you knew starting out?
Particularly with spending smart. I got a little starter kit, some paints and the rule book.

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>A woman can have 300 babies
>WW2 lasted 18+ years

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>Particularly with spending smart.
Yeah just spend on what you WANT and what you think looks good not on what's meta right now

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my evidence is human history
tell me how many wars had women on the front lines? Women only serve combat roles when a nation can afford it or when they need every single man woman and child to start fighting to defend their land.

there is a reason that women get an easier test when trying out for military positions

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That's why I'm making the point in a Warhammer 40k thread, dipshit.

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Buying used models was a great way to build up an army quickly, but now I regret that I don't have bits I would of had or that some models are poorly built with pieces that shouldn't be glued being glued.

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>that pic

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>I don't think the soviet union ever had any sort of propaganda, did it?
Oh yeah that too. I'm sure at least half of that number is propaganda to encourage the soldiers that this brave woman somehow killed 300 eeeevil naaaazis

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This is 40k general not Bolt Action your sperg.

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I want to convert a few more lootas, since I'd like a squad of 10, but I'm not about to buy a second box.

What kinda dakka should I make for em?

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Even the poster agrees
The terrain in the middle serves no purpose as it's either too small to block Loss while the most decent one is farthest away, forcing a pretty rough playstyle of not moving from cover and shoot for 5 turns.
My store also suffers a bit from limited terrain, but we still play small points there so isn't as big of a deal as it was in that picture. I still hate the fact that the store allows objectives to be places on top of terrain while abusing the wombly models to place shooting models in unchwrgable/unreachable places. Forces me to do disgusting builds.

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sorry for trying to steer the political discussion to a lewd one

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I saw a funny conversion once of a loota firing a while termagaunt

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>forcing a pretty rough playstyle of not moving from cover and shoot for 5 turn

That's not what happened though, The knights bum rushed me so not having cover was no problem.

I do prefer more terrain to the little terrain that there was, but I don't really care, I'll play on anything.

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Thanks guys.
Do you guys enjoy the lore? I'm coming from MTG, where I basically ignore the lore because its fanfic level. Wondering if I can look forward to a more interesting story

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Simo is also pretty likely to be propaganda. The kill counts were self reported and the whole white death meme is only finnish propaganda as far as I know.

Most war heros from ww2 who accomplished super human feats or achieved unbelievable success should be looked at with skepticism

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I wonder, if a painboy hooked a stolen devourer up to a boy, would the ork biology be enough to rangle the nid under it's control?

>> No.71000657

That's my shoota boy actually, painting him as we speak.

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Good job anon

>> No.71000662

I mean maybe "forced" isn't the best word, but basically means, if you want to use the best terrain, it's basically that playstyle. You can always choose to ignore, but it's pretty much the same as playing open table.

>> No.71000667

>Man shoots 500 commies
This is clearly factual
>Woman shoots 300 nazis
This is clearly propaganda

>> No.71000676

>Do you guys enjoy the lore?
I'm sure none of us would be here if we weren't. It's just that the curren't lore past the 6th-7th edition is trash and so is the artwork and designs because you can't have nice things these days

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They're almost obviously both bullshit, but yes, men achieving things is much more believable than women achieving things.

>> No.71000684

its the best fictional setting imho

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Are there any kits with prices that stand out as particularly egregious to you?

I'm shocked the mek guns are 50 dollars a pop. I expected 35~.

>> No.71000692

Based answer. And checked

>> No.71000698

yeah but you shouldn't plan for infantry to always have cover.

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>February 15th
Show us on the doll where the woman failed to touch you Anon.

>> No.71000717

I really want to impregnate a tau.

>> No.71000720

You really shouldn't assume that everyone observes any particular holiday, sir.

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>not bringing your own terrain
>not making trenches for Your Dudes

>> No.71000724

What has changed?

>> No.71000726

You're either a woman or a soft "male" cuck

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>> No.71000732

I'm gay.

>> No.71000736

nerfed Tyranids

>> No.71000741

It was the fat thighs, wasn't it?

>> No.71000749

The same thing that fucked up Star Wars, Star Trek and pretty much every other franchise finally is hitting 40k albeit slowly

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Why would they need trenches if the only position they take is forward, towards the enemy, with bayonets fixed?

>> No.71000756

The "story" sucks and they're kind of making the same mistake as magic did with it's super friend planeswalker focus with the primarchs instead of focusing on world building.

The world of the 40k galaxy however is really great.

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>> No.71000767

trying to become more mainstream by throwing it's fans under the bus?
or is it going woke

>> No.71000777

That isn't Saint Häyhä. It's a Swedish Volunteer that fought in the winter war. The biggest giveaway. Is he is using a Swedish Mauser.

Simo used a Finnish Mosin Nagant.

>> No.71000778

So would a Cadian SC! and a box of Brood Brothers/Shock Troops be a decent enough start?
Maybe turn the commissar into a Company Commander?

>> No.71000787

Cant avoid it eh, bummer

>> No.71000791

The anon is exaggerating, but there is a slight tinge of both of those happening. Not enough to impact the game yet, but enough to make people who are aware of those issues worried.

>> No.71000793

>they should be birthing babies
That can be done more effectively by test tubes.

>> No.71000797

It’s best to view the setting from a historical standpoint than reading it like traditional stories

>> No.71000800

>The world of the 40k galaxy however is really great.
This. You can literally have anything you want as a setting but set in 40k, including a medieval fantasy world set on a remote isolated planet where a crashed human colony ship went and they forgot their origins through the generations and the ship's remains were lost to time
>trying to become more mainstream by throwing it's fans under the bus?

>> No.71000807

>The Chronostrife began after the resurrected Roboute Guilliman attempted to reform the Imperial Calendar. As his new Logos Historica Verita tried to create a reliable Imperial history, the Ordo Chronos and Admech divided into factions and a vicious civil war erupted which would see billions dead and hundreds of planets scoured.

But why? Why are they so stupid?

>> No.71000812

As someone who just started building their first army, i'm concerned.

>> No.71000817

Do clones have unique souls? Or do all Kriege troopers share some long dead eternally tormented soul?

>> No.71000824

40k is just well defined enough to feel coherent, while also just vague enough to let you do anything.

Fantasy is a good example of a just a bit too restrictive.

AoS is a good example of way too vague.

>> No.71000833

why don't they just clone psykers instead of using the black ships?

>> No.71000836

Because it is the end times. Billions of years of bad decisions have piled up. Resulting in everything being shit and never getting better. Even Roboute will fail like Big E did, or be killed by the Imperium.

>> No.71000841

The Baghdad Battery is total horse shit.

>> No.71000849

>some retard shows up and asks to see your secret history vaults so he can fix some bureaucratic issues.
>Some retard admech refuses to adopt a new standard and violate the sanctity of the records held on the sacred cogitators of his forgeworld

And now there is war. 100% fitting for the bulk of the imperium. and it's always good to have lore hooks for imperium v imperiuim games.

>> No.71000853

One of these Gretchin look so weird. It’s the one holding the pistol and from one side his mouth is closed. But turn him to the side and you can see his chin and lower lip poking out from under his arm. How am I suppose to paint that shit?

>> No.71000854

Imagine if they used it to power what remains of some ancient spaceship though

>> No.71000860

Kreig boys aren't clones, they're made from a krieg ladies doner egg and some soldier's coom just grown in tubes.

Clones in 40k have weird fucked up souls and suffer absurdly bad luck.

>> No.71000862

>Saint Häyhä
The same unit commander who reported his 500 kills with the rifle also reported he killed an equal number of RKKA troops with a submachine gun. 1,000 men, half at extremely close range by necessity.

Which to me makes the whole thing pretty suspect. I'm sure he was an exceptional sniper and probably killed a lot of men, but when you're dealing with self-reporting of kills, states at war in desperate need of propaganda heroes and ambitious officers reporting that they are commanding a man who has killed 500 men with a submachine gun like it is CoD....

I start to get dubious.

>> No.71000869

Also why did they make it then? I doubt it is horseshit, I've seen the video of that Persian electrician guy too

>> No.71000877

It was likely just used to hold scrolls. There's no way to complete the charge without modifying the jar.

>> No.71000879

1.Psykers aren't purely generic. It's also a weird unpredictable spiritual thing
2,clones in 40k lead to bad shit due to having deformed souls
3.The black ships role of clean up and inspection crew to prevent witches from getting too populous is almost as important as their "recruitment"

>> No.71000891

chinese also made advance tech before anyone else did, they even made compases and used steam to power some shitty toy thing.
Just because a culture can create something doesn't mean they have the knowledge to apply it, in china this kind of thing was just a interesting little do hicky.
For an obvious example look at how the chinese and the west used black powder

>> No.71000895

Oh man, you're right. I just took a look at my copy of the one you're talking about and his lower face is melting into his arm. Just paint it all green.

>> No.71000899

>Brother Stennis, do you wish to partake in some sustenance this Friday after prayer?"
>But Brother, Friday was but yesterday..."
>No! What chronoheresy does your wicked tongue waggle! Friday is two days from now...
>*both pull out laspistols

I mean, it's pretty normal in the Imperium.

>> No.71000905

How does 40k play for casuals? Got some skaven to run 6ed fantasy but thinking about some 40k stuff. Maybe death guard. Think it's worth picking up the death guard dark imperium half if I plan on playing with buddies?

Also wondering if not being competitive changes how you guys build and if you just use fun units.

>> No.71000918

Kriegers (probably) aren't clones, more like artificially grown fetuses.

Krieg regiments probably spaff into a cup/donate some eggs before being shipped off-world for duty and those are mixed together and grown in tanks.

Cloning and/or splicing of people's genetics has a bad history in 40k fluff, which the Krieg regiments don't share so you can sort of rule them out from being artificially created or clones because they're not encountering weird shit like the Afriel Strain super-soldier program did.

I imagine Krieg soldiers are probably eugenically selected for whatever physical and mental criteria the Korps deem most advantageous but they're almost certainly not clones or artificial humans.

>> No.71000937

6 mega nobs in a battlewaggon with killcannon, or 5 meganobs +10 something else, maybe lootas or burnas in a battlewagon with baby canon?

>> No.71000959

>used steam to power some shitty toy thing.

>> No.71000969

It’s better to teleport manz in. That way you don’t worry about getting them shot off the board. And depending on what your wagon to do, either transport a mob of boyz or an open topped wagon for passenger shooting.

>> No.71000978

Good call.

>> No.71000982


>> No.71000999

Do I get away with being a WAACfag but also have the best painted army in the stores?

>> No.71001000

I'd agree with that, yes.

>> No.71001028

>deff squadron army with nobs in chinork spam, lots of coptas, jets, bombas, and stormboys

This seems like a fun project.

I think I'll make a deffskulls mek-dread detachment, then once that's done, expand into a blood axes fly boy detachment :)

A mek shop that has it's own mecha cult thing going on supported by mercenary blood axes who rely on the shop for all their fly gear.

>> No.71001031


>> No.71001038

it's always a pleasure to see you deffskull anon, how it ended? my kans always manage to kill nothing except the patience of my opponent with absurdly lucky saves

>> No.71001047

depends, if you have an expertly painted blood angels army and run them as iron hands, you're still a cunt.

>> No.71001082

Anybody contrasted their marines yet?

>dicking down testubes

I cannot discern the level of heresy on display here.

>> No.71001102

Holy shit i found a new 40k lore youtube channel, and it seems better then all others. How does this guy have so few subscribers?

>> No.71001103

>Cloning and/or splicing of people's genetics has a bad history in 40k fluff,
True, but didn't Krieg get special permission from the Administratum and Mechanicus to do it anyway? I could swear I read that in one of the Vraks books.

>> No.71001114

I am hundred percent behind this, I wish I hadn't bought as many pieces/models as I did when I started and went crazy with secondhand stuff. I plan to sell off at least half of it for what I paid and build my own stuff exactly as I would like.

>> No.71001122

>Anybody contrasted their marines yet?
Did one one as an experiment with a spare marine. The head isn't contrast but most of the rest was.

>> No.71001125

It's not hard to pick off clueless conscripts who know nothing of the land you spent you entire life hunting in.

>> No.71001135

What is you're pic from?

>> No.71001139

What faction is Chad and what faction is onions?

>> No.71001146

>femcels become hysterical
Makes you think don't it?

>> No.71001147

thanks boss; the kans actually did alright in that one, they all died but one but whittled the knight down in the process (it was already down to half strength by then) until my Deffkilla could return to finish the job. I got smashed across the rest of the board and lost big on objectives though.

>> No.71001153

Yea they're were probably successful, but still when the evidence is
>I claim that I did this very impressive thing without much or any evidence and I have massive motivation to lie
You should probably assume some degree of fuckery.

>> No.71001155

Chad= dark angels
Soi= dark angels

>> No.71001168

Has anyone tried to model a lolicron, or print one?
I wonder how it would look.

>> No.71001174

He's pretty low-key based, great narrator he is a little hampered by being a lore lightweight reading from wikis or by request, still beats the awful speaking voices of 2/3ds of other 40k lore channels.

>> No.71001195

Why did Guard get shafted I feel like in The Greater Good, actual Guard, not Scions.

>> No.71001217

Wow so you are even bigger a retard

>> No.71001228

Chad = not marine
Onion = marine

>> No.71001251

Colors used on the dark part of the bolter?

>> No.71001252

I get the skepticism but in his case, it was his commander and fellow soldier collaborating the kills, he himself didn't talk about it at all. If it was him taking on tanks or some shit yeah but its was literally him being a gifted marksmen and the enemy being as dumb as possible. They were conscripts walking around in winter wearing highly visible uniforms versus a bunch of snow spooks. I'd totally believe someone can get a few hundred kills against an enemy force like that.

>> No.71001261

People say a lot of shit about the Iron Warriors, but they've never been associated with bean-boys.

>> No.71001286

That makes the reality seem like his comrades/the brass hyping up a reasonably talented successful sniper from a realistic count to a propaganda count.

>> No.71001294

Raging Heroes stuff looks so sick im surprised we dont see more of it in 40k kitbashes

>> No.71001340


I forgot fuck machines existed.

They're out of scale, made from resin and usually poorly cast.

Although they would make great uncanny valley demons.

>> No.71001350

RH models are much slender so they really cant be used aside from the leg parts. Their heads are too small on GW models and GW arms are too bulky on them and so on. Look nice on deldars tho.


>> No.71001412

Besides as escher, daemonette or dark eldar, they're not very usable.
And I've heard mixed report on their resin quality.

>> No.71001469

Bought a couple. The resin is better quality than gdubs. Is great on smaller details, but i found a few cracks on the bigger surfaces

>> No.71001512

They didn't. Tank Aces are good and Hail of Fire is potentially absurd. Especially on the revised Demolisher.

>> No.71001529

How useful would a "Traditional" Hunter Cadre be this edition?

Think roughly 6 Squads of Fire Warriors, 2 of Pathfinders and 3 Crisis Squads?

>> No.71001530

But still, only being able to get ONE tank ace in an entire army seems gypped when I could like to use it for one for EACH category of Tank/artillery/LoW.

I don't know, some of them sound good but some of them just seem to really suck.

>> No.71001540

One thing I was thinking was giving Tank Ace "Full Payload" [each hit does max damage] to a Deathstrike (as Cadian) then when using the stratagem "Vortex Missiles" to have every single shot do 3 MWs and the additional hits (if you make the 6) doing a straight 6 MW.

>> No.71001542

So i got 2 ruling questions for the new PA

Firstly:If i get the gatling burst cannon instead of the normal one i lose the tenet special rule of -1ap right?
Secondly:there is 1 stratagem and 1 special rule for FSE that lets enemy units have one more markerlight counters on them than they actually have. So does that mean that they can get from 0 markers to 1,or do they already have to have 1 on them so that this stratagem can be used?

Thx in advance

>> No.71001544

They're good but they seem really thematic to me. More for Narrative

>> No.71001547

Today, I will remind them that Seraphims are STILL not out.

>> No.71001555

I would also park a Salamander Command Tank next to it to make it hit on 3+ and reolling all failed hits (from the stratagem).

>> No.71001556

Blighthauler is still a ETB kit

>> No.71001558

Does that even work? Seeing as a deathstrike doesn't have a damage value.

>> No.71001564

If i have a model with multiple melee weapons that add attacks, how exactly does that work?

Do I make the default profile attacks + 1 additional attack with the better weapon, then a single attack with the other weapon?

>> No.71001567

It's damage is in the the missiles special rule, pic related.

>> No.71001573

That's not a damage value. If it's intended to work with a deathstrike they'll have to errata it.

>> No.71001583

Yeah looks like an faq job for this

Intention is clearly max on the MW rolls

>> No.71001592

They do stack, but you usually only get to make the attacks with the weapon that adds the attacks.

>> No.71001603

Every HIT to the unit you target is a mortal wound, but every unit within 6 inches gets D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ (3+ if you burn the stratagem). It's a really janky thing, if it rolls well (and you get a 6 on the second battle round) if can definitely fuck shit up.

The Tank Ace "Full Payload" is specifically mentioned in the section, but since they refer specifically to a "Damage characteristic" would that negate the Deathstrike, looking at it from a RAI it would seem like it would apply, no? Since the S/AP/D are just * with all of it's information in the weapon's line on the datasheet.

>> No.71001613

D3 mortal wounds isn't the same as D3 damage, it's D3 individual wounds of 1 damage each.

>> No.71001621

Yes, but the intention is clearly for you to automatically roll the max on the D3

>> No.71001626

I don't know if it is.

>> No.71001627

This is what I was getting at, all of the D3 and D6 in the weapon/stratagem would become flat 3MW and 6MW.

>> No.71001637

RAI is a tricky thing, like how Mad Dok Grotsnik has a Cybork body's 6+++.. but it does nothing because he gives 5+++ to everyone.

GW aren't strangers to doing useless shit.

>> No.71001657

His aura can be shutdown by some things

>> No.71001669

Just reading that datasheet it SEEMS like it would imply that it is better to use his own ability on himself since it hits on a 5+, whereas the other CAN be used on himself (but should not) OR other units, but the payoff required is higher since it CAN benefit more than just himself, i.e. every INFANTRY OR BIKER within 3" of him.

>> No.71001671

Would you allow your opponent to count this model to count as having a bolt rifle?

How do you guys model intercessors with melee weapons when it seems like there are only a few one handed rifle arms?

>> No.71001681

Sure, why not? As long as everything is clear and easy to understand within the unit.

>> No.71001683

Why don't you just stick a rifle on their back?

>> No.71001685

It's the other way around he has a 5+++ and gives a 6+++ aura.

>> No.71001690

Weapon proxies never bother me unless the opponent asks me to remember a bunch of them.

>> No.71001693

>Not adding slings to your model if you want to add more weapons to him

>> No.71001698

How would you model that in this instance without it looking goofy?

>> No.71001710

Carry the rifle in its right hand

>> No.71001714

All that's stated is that they received "Vitae Womb" technology, which is apparently a highly uncommon thing for the Mechnicus to grant to anyone outside their order. It's never been established exactly what this technology is.

My headcanon is that, like several others in this thread have said, it's tech for growing fetuses outside a human womb. As soon as a Krieg woman reaches maturity, she has her ovaries stripped of all their eggs, which are then artificially inseminated and grown en masse.

So, basically, every Krieg battalion are all literally brothers-in-arms.

>> No.71001811

I personally think that "Vitae Womb" tech is literally just accelerated pregnancy. So instead of needing 10 months until birth, it's only 3 or 4.

>> No.71001895

Sounds like that twat American sniper who made a big deal about himself with self reported kills and sucking up to the gun lobby and republicans
Then he got shot at a gun range lmao

>> No.71001896

> If this litany is inspiring, select one friendly GREY KNIGHTS unit within 6" of this model. When resolving an attack made with a ranged weapon by a model in that unit, ignore hit roll modifiers and Ballistic Skill modifiers.

Is this 'Ballistic Skill modifiers' mean like Culexus's 'Attacks that target this model are resolved as if the attacking model had a Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill characteristic of 6+.' rule?

>> No.71001902

Lol basedboy triggered

>> No.71001930

That, heavy weapon minuses etc
Essentially the unit is hitting at the bs on its profile

Plus almost all the litanies are any GK unit, meaning you can have shit like land raider that doesnt need LoS and ignores cover, ignores bs minuses and rerolls damage

>> No.71001934

The assassin would force you to act as if the BS is 6+, it doesn’t “modify” it like other things do.

>> No.71001941

Technically its modifying the profile to be bs 6+, as its modifying the bs, its ignored

>> No.71001974

Will gorilla glue suffice for adhering magnets to plastic, and resin to resin? Pretty new to this.

>> No.71002013

Yes it will. I would recommend plastic cement for plastic pieces that you will never want to take apart, like torso/legs.

Be warned, plastic cement is 100% permanent.

>> No.71002022

I could see it argued either way, they’ll need to errata/FAQ it.

>> No.71002026

Same with the Greeks

>> No.71002035

Thanks! I have been using plastic cement on things I don't want to magnetize. But, it doesn't work on resin, right? Hence the 'plastic' bit. I splurged on Eisenhorn but I'm waiting to build/paint him until I'm a little more confident.

>> No.71002056

It does not. I would recommend you magnetize where you can, it’s not to hard to do and it lets you easily switch loads outs in the future. Usually for vehicles and big things, don’t bother with generic infantry.

>> No.71002063

>it doesn't work on resin, right?

Correct. Plastic cement works by melting and fusing the plastic together. This reaction doesn't happen with resin.

>> No.71002069

I'm magnetizing the heads on my Skitarii so I can hotswap them between Ranger and Vanguard whenever I like, but the rest of the magnets are going into the Dunecrawler.. and the Alphas, I guess.

>> No.71002074

Jesus H tap dancing Christ just get laid already you fucking insufferable incel

>> No.71002111

the guard get sent all over, wherever there is fighting. do regiments change their equipment and uniforms based on the location? would Vostroyans adopt woodland? would Tallarn use urban/muted trench colours? would Catachans cover up in the desert?

>> No.71002128

Well the FAQ is gone and no answer to it

Hell, the FAQ missed Assassins in GK armies using the stratagem, meaning GK dont lose tides, but SM lose doctrines

>> No.71002130

I always assumed so. you don't go bare muscles in the cold. But also I don't know if Catachans would be requisitioned to go fight on an arctic planet in the first place unless shit was really desperate

>> No.71002132

>do regiments change their equipment and uniforms based on the location?
if they're able, yes

however just like real militaries that's not always possible for any number of reasons

>> No.71002135

I'm thinking of arming my mortifiers with a 50/50 mix of flails and buzz blades, but not sure if this is a good idea. Also not sure if the Anchorite is worth the extra points for a mere +1 armour save. What do?

>> No.71002172

I'm trying to plan my scheme in my head and I just don't want it to be plain sand. I want them to look like they've been through bloody hell but still look the part

>> No.71002173

Lads do I have two five man squads of rangers with two arquebi each acting as backfield sniper teams, or do I rework my list to have a big blob of ten for the aesthetic?

>> No.71002174

Penitent Engine vs. Arco-flagellant: Which is more severe form of punishment?

>> No.71002224

Neither, the real punishment is being a Space Marine player

>> No.71002240

Arco flagellant

>> No.71002270

t. mad orkfag

>> No.71002274

I need pics of interiors of Imperial Ships. Anyone has anything like this?

>> No.71002288

Anon, those are called "imperial knights". They are not terrain.

>> No.71002307

Finished reading this. The conscript parts were fooking kino.

>> No.71002315

maybe check rogue trader rpg rulebooks?

>> No.71002317

God damn GSC PA is insulting. Two fucking pages are already free stuff and most of the new stuff are like why the fuck are they even there?

>> No.71002321

Theres also the night witches

>> No.71002324

Why is he wearing leggings?

>> No.71002331


I don't think that Kriegers are clones. Cloning's actually not that big a deal in the Imperium, the AdMech use it all the time to make servitors and there's a section in Vaults of Terra where cloned meat is used for parchment. It also wouldn't fit the Krieger mindset - the people must suffer for their blood-debt, it doesn't follow then that they're just random bio-bots, there has to be a naturally inherited burden.

>> No.71002339

because they are comfy?

>> No.71002342

9th edition changes

Bring back initiative

Bring back templates

Bring back vehicle facings

Bring back terrain checks

Make it tabletop standard to drill barrels or that mini can't shoot

Bring back difficult terrian checks and vehicle pinning

>> No.71002347

So I bought a bunch of Chaos and Death Guard stuff when Dark Imperium box was released which was supposed to be my first foray into WH40k, with the advent of 8th edition. But, due to things happening, I never got around to it, and now my interest and potential is starting back up.
I have some questions regarding stuff though. I picked up the Death Guard codex and the CSM codex; even if I select Death Guard as my Legion, I can still pick up regular CSM stuff that isn't in the DG book, right? I'm not limited to not using regular Chaos Space Marines, for example?

>> No.71002348

sounds terrible except maybe the last one

>> No.71002350

Hes Sanguinius he could start holding guns and no one would question it

>> No.71002353


Vanguard should be put in squads of 10.
Rangers in squads of 5 with the 3 ablative wounds for the Arquebi.

>> No.71002359


Nah don't think so m8.

>> No.71002362

Thought as much, thank you!

>> No.71002364

Holding guns Upside down*

>> No.71002395

Look up deathwing gameplas on youtube. Most of the hulk is pieces of imperal ships

>> No.71002438

>no mention of ditching TLoS for area terrain
your edition is shit

>> No.71002449

If you aren't already doing that you're lost.

>> No.71002461

People are not using area terrain?

>> No.71002486

she was a propaganda puppet. Same way as female traktor drivers.

>> No.71002497

Ah man. I kinda miss pinning in general until I remember that 90% of the armies were virtually immune to it.

>> No.71002503

He should have desu.

>> No.71002508

You forgot to double all point costs.

>> No.71002517

It’s like moral. I hardly see it and when it happens people usually forget about it

>> No.71002527

But only for non marine armies

>> No.71002528


>> No.71002533

it was almost relevant if you were playing something weird like guard v tau

assuming they made every army vulnerable to it things could be interesting

>> No.71002538

How good are the pistol rules atm? They don't feel too hot for me at least. Few extra shots for you choppy boys that are in the frey anyway? How about shooty units with sidearm pistols? How often do those play out in any significant way?

>> No.71002554

Even guard had ways to avoid it.

>> No.71002588


>> No.71002613

*Blocks your path*

>> No.71002633

where did you find this picture of me

>> No.71002659

What's holding the Custodes back from being good at the moment?
Can Psychic Awakening help?

>> No.71002667

>Make it tabletop standard to drill barrels or that mini can't shoot
Suddenly, the amount of 40K players drops by 90%.

>> No.71002671

On Coomerbook.

>> No.71002674

>Suddenly, the amount of low effort bads drops by 90%.

>> No.71002697

If departo munitarium chooses so.

>> No.71002738

They need to shed their war gear and oil up for their glorious golden overlord.

>> No.71002752

Another Russian cuck who is terrified of Finns.

>> No.71002782

The first thing never happens. Ever. It's an excuse/cope to mask the infiltration of radical left politics with the logic of the market.

>> No.71002803

You can use pretty much anything chaos related as long as you properly use the keyword detachment system.

>> No.71002807

Clearly a Callidus assassin in disguise. Too many fingers.

>> No.71002842

Tau women have udders on their abdomen instead of breasts from.their chest.

Change my mind.

>> No.71002872

lack of good rules really.
Problem is that al the other factions have gotten so much more powerful with PA that the custodes resilience means nothing now.

Custodes shooting has no AP or ap 1. Most armies can ignore AP 1 now.
So bad shooting.

So really if custdoes just got the normal space marine stuff.
Shock assault bolter discipline etc it would help a ton.

Also, custodes need some kind of anti tank ranged unit that isn't a land raider.
You can use the forgeworld stuff but it's clear that GW doesn't want us too use that. They keep nerfing it into the ground.

>> No.71002901

Ancient forbidden technology the emperor took from xenos and mars.

The custodes do guard a vault on terra. Said to contain horrors of the DAoT.

>> No.71002914


Depends on the army. They're great on sisters, especially bloody rose for the AP-1.

>> No.71002950

Would 40k be better if it was played across the long edges of the table and you deployed from the short edges?

>LOS blocking terrain would be more impactful
>Ranges matter more
>Mobility matters more
>Gives more options and decisions in terms of reacting to an opponents advance

I also seem to remember back in 3rd and 4th deploying on short edges was more common, but maybe I’m misremembering things.

>> No.71002952


>> No.71002958

>recommending cadians to anybody ever
die for the emperor bro

>> No.71002963

>I also seem to remember back in 3rd and 4th deploying on short edges was more common
there was a bit more variety in deployment and mission styles

remember the old sabatoge mission? with the pre-game sentries and random board edge deployment? that was fun

>> No.71002994

You're absolutely free to pick that map setup option if you win the roll for the choice

>> No.71003002

You mean hammer and anvil

>> No.71003004

Anyone here have experience with army painter rattlecans? Doest it maybe happen sometimes that the cans get labelled wrong? Because i just used my brand new can of matt black, and that shit is reflective as fuck.

>> No.71003009

Their time as the Emperor's most special boys is over. Make way for THE HAMMER grandpa

>> No.71003030

But he also survived a 20mm to the face, and that is demonstrable fact and also incredibly badass. We'll never know one way or the other about the kill count, but surviving a 20mm HE round to the face is enough to land you in the toughest of all time book to me.

>> No.71003032

Suggest a name for my troupe of rave-clowns.

>> No.71003035


Do you mean Hammer & Anvil?

>> No.71003048

>World War II was concluded formally for Finland with the signing of the Paris Peace Treaties in 1947. The treaties resulted in the ceding of the municipality of Petsamo and the leasing of Porkkala Peninsula to the USSR. Furthermore, Finland was required to pay $300 million in war reparations to the USSR.
Finland makes a huge deal about 'WHITE DEATH' when really is just a decent marksmen gunning down what are in most cases completely untrained conscripts led by inexperienced officers. Some of the RKKA troops didn't even have boots in the Winter War, the majority had no idea how to assault a prepared position or deal with effective enemy fire.

USSR eventually produced far better snipers, who had great success against the Heer, at the time the best trained and equipped army on the planet, as well as against German snipers. Mr. White Death never encountered trained counter-snipers or really even infantry trained in small unit tactics.

>> No.71003051

Have fun getting your melee dudes into combat

>> No.71003054

The Legacy of Tron

>> No.71003070


>> No.71003104

Im considering to start a small Space Marine army, primaris only. Should I go for Crimson Fists, or my OC donutsteel Salamanders painted in white armour and blue scales?

>> No.71003110

Are you having a seizure or something?

>> No.71003113

Always OC

>> No.71003143


The Custodes forge world options, while a bit cheaper than stuff like Leviathan dreadnoughts or repulsor executioners, lack the support network those other armies possess.

The basic custodes troops are expensive as fuck, and due to the way GW keeps raping the forge world models into the ground, they keep losing their capacity to fight against the big threats at range. This in turn forces them to use the even more expensive jetbikes, which limit the army even further.

Give the forge world models back some of the stuff they lost, like better toughness or better range on weapons so that they stop sucking ass with their low shots. Give the basic custodes infantry special rules or 1 point stratagems that let them at least have a chance against basic bitch horde spam.

>> No.71003151

>Communigger seething and excuses

lmao kill urself

>> No.71003169

Anon, you promised to post new Farsight novel if all would be well with you bank. Did you do it?

>> No.71003177

Can Dominion Squad use its Vanguard:ability when it start the game inside a transport?

>> No.71003196

Finland lost both wars so 2:0 for commies.
But I guess Finnish snipers had good time shooting green dots on white snow.
I still can't believe how USSR was unprepared for Winter War.

>> No.71003211

Yeah, What is funny too me is that if you give the custodes some of the stuff they lost from HH the army would be so much better.

Like exploding 6s on melee attacks, and the ability to fight first if they have higher weapon skill.

Heck, even if you made SOS troops and gave them access to a cheap battalion.
Just getting some extra command points would go a long way too making them better.
It's why most custodes players are still running a loyal 32.

But yeah, What i really want is a GW plastic custodes tank.
Just some kind of ranged strength 9 or 10 to even out the army.

I doubt any of this will happen. Custodes are kind the new gray knights.

>> No.71003221

>I still can't believe how USSR was unprepared for Winter War.
It's because preparations for it were rushed against the requests of the generals who wanted a bigger build up.

>> No.71003241

I thought the number of kills with SMG was 200.

Also, how can we be objectively sure of any sniper statistics?

>> No.71003246

Are there any novels that cover interaction between the Admech and Tau?

It feels like it's a matchup that hasn't really happened, but them interacting offers so many interesting ideas

>> No.71003254

Pinning and morale would have been better in old editions if Marines weren't immune to them.

Wording meant people often thought Marines could never break since they automatically regroup. Just make Marines follow the same rules and it works.

>> No.71003268

I still don't get why GW splitted Talons on 2 armies, where calling SoS an army is bit of exaggeration, 3 same units with diferent weapons and a rhino.
GW treated Custodes without passion, just made 1 troop kit, 2 elite kits, 1 bike kit, slap marines ugly contemptor and land raider with better rules and call it a day.

>> No.71003271

>PA drops
>NPCs are meh
>IG infinitely better
never change, crud

>> No.71003284

>Soviets were totes better
>t. Soviets

>Stalin wants to invade Finland under the guise of protecting St. Petersburg
>didn't succeed in it
>"We won!"

>> No.71003315

It's funny that during Battle of Britain pilots reported more kills than both sides had planes.

But it's normal during war, you think you shoot this plane down, but it was only damaged and managed to retur to airport, some pilots added kills to be more badass etc.
Same case is with the snipers.

Also I found records of Soviet MG gunner who had almost 1k kills, Imagine how many german MG gunner would have.

>> No.71003327

>Stalin wants to invade Finland under the guise of protecting St. Petersburg
>didn't succeed in it
>Finland surrender
>Finland won

>> No.71003348

Show me on the map where the USSR is currently and I'll show you where Finland is.

>> No.71003356

the depressing part is, most of the board is too new to even remember Caramelldansen

>> No.71003366

The thing is, after the war we can compare and contrast reports of reported kills and reported losses. If high amount of sniper kills were totally fabricated, then shouldn't there be evidence of reports from Soviets indicating no rise in deaths to snipers in Simo's operational areas, and Soviets probably wouldn't dedicate anti-sniper tactics to counter a sniper that isn't any good.

>> No.71003378

This. Its the same thing for Tanks as well, one that would have been taken out of action would be marked as a kill in one side's records but be noted as being repairable in others.

>> No.71003398

If you invade with the purpose of taking a country and don't take it, what sort of a victory is it? I'm not denying on paper USSR won, but they lost plenty of men and equipment over nothing.

>> No.71003423

thanks, i'll get a bunch of stuff and i'll post said stuff when im done painting them

>> No.71003428

What the fuck are you going on about?
Finland lost the Winter War, though for the Soviets it was in a way a pyrrhic victory, with senseless amounts of men dead for no good reason.

The Finns were smart, they acted the best with what they could, and they soon got international support. This means that while they lost land in the peace deal, they guaranteed their independence.
In reality, I fully suspect that the Soviets would've pressed forward if peace wasn't signed, though I doubt that other major powers would've sat idly by and let the Soviets annex the whole of Finland.

>> No.71003431

I believe signing capitulation because you suffered heavy loses in war count as defeat.
>Show me on the map where the USSR is currently
Silly anon, USRR fallen in 1991 and it had nothing to do with Finland, It's like saying that First Punic War was draw because both Roman Republic and Carthage don't exist today.

>> No.71003433

Does a tank or a plane kill have to be total destruction of the vehicle to count? If you knock out a tank or damage an enemy plane bad enough it has to disengage, what difference does it make for the battle if it's permanently out of action or can be recovered?

>> No.71003449


>> No.71003458

I've seen one irl. Its uncommon because it was literal garbage tier until CA19s points reduction. Now that plus SM 2.0 and supplements it's good.

What chapter?

>> No.71003462

>IG infinitely better
I mean, we got some nice things, but you'll need to make a damn good argument for us being "infinitely better".

>> No.71003466

It depends on the army. Some define vehicles 'lost' or 'casualties' very loosely. The Soviets for example called any tank that couldn't immediately return to combat following a battle a casualty.

>> No.71003478

Because if you damage enemy vehicle after some repairs it can fight in another battle, if you destroy vehicle and kill crew/pilot it won't appear in next or even the same battle.

>> No.71003479

That terrain does nothing other than making models move around it. It had no actual rules.

>> No.71003482

It's just that butthurt boy complaining about Guards again, for no value.

>> No.71003503

> though I doubt that other major powers would've sat idly by and let the Soviets annex the whole of Finland
Not really, Germany was perfectly okay with it, as Finland being in the soviet sphere was part of the Molotov pact. Furthermore, France and Britain were still in the whole "Phony War" with Germany at the time, if they weren't willing to seriously oppose Germany in the first few months of the war they probably weren't going to commit to Finland.

That's the problem, there really is no prefect way to tally kills.

>> No.71003509

Is pivoting vehicles to move further and/or touch (more) models a valid move or cheating?

>> No.71003511

Also quite hard to say for certain you've killed someone in a lot of cases. You fire, guy drops. Maybe you blew a six inch hole through his skull or maybe you just clipped him and he fell over from the shock and will be back on the frontlines in four hours with some stitches. Who knows? Might as well chalk it up as a kill if that is the culture of your military.

I never served in Afghanistan, I was too late, but my basic training corporal said they never knew how many of the enemy they'd killed or seriously injured, because the Taliban would remove both corpses and injured so efficiently, so basically all their reports on enemy casualties were educated guess work and estimates based on blood splatter or the odd bits of flesh. Which is hard, because they'd reach the abandoned firing position, find a huge pool of blood but then you don't know if you hit just one guy, in which case he's dead because there is all his blood on the floor in front of you, or if you hit multiple guys and they all bled a little bit in a triage location before being casevac'd but will otherwise be fine.

The only time they found evidence that decisively proved the guy was dead was when one of them took a direct hit from a 40mm HE grenade and that was only because there were bits of him everywhere and the Taliban didn't have time to gather them all up before they were forced out of their position.

In a major war where millions are dying? Bodies being mulched by artillery or mortar fire, indiscriminate rifle and machinegun fire, grenades being thrown, enemy corpses being rolled into massed graves without even a cursory examination for cause of death? I don't expect individual reports involving fixed numbers to be anything close to reliable. All you can say is that if all his comrades were saying "this guy is very good, he's killed a lot of men" you can probably accept he's the best guy they'd got, earned the respect of his (or her) peers and give respect for that.

>> No.71003515

Anon who promised here.

I'm not able to do it in the BL official site. So I'm buying on kobos my card is blocked for some reason. I will try to use paypal but the payment for it will only be finished on monday. Just hold on a little longer I will post it.

>> No.71003520

>get into a fight
>knock out 3 guys
>they all recover later
>ergo, you didn't do anything because you didn't kill them

>> No.71003537

I will have to go to the fucking agency. I hate going there!

>> No.71003551

Yeah, nobody really gave shit about Finland at the time. They were given like two weeks tops and international support equal to a pat on the back.

>> No.71003566

Imagine being a massive piece of shit taufag
>wtf why are we the most hated players in the game

>> No.71003582

Any Tau player with a painted Ta'unar is a cool dude in my book.

>> No.71003600

It’s literally sprayed white and washed to a 3 color minimum and one of the colors is a dot of red paint on the lenses

>> No.71003667

>should I just play 1000 points
>NO, it is everyone else who must change

>> No.71003695

Is there going to be a Sisters SC? I think I'll start my sisters collection after I assemble a Tau one.

>> No.71003708

>tau went from the only army able to compete with space marines to being able to crush space marines in multiple ways

>> No.71003728

In this era of meteoric point drops, I'm considering just not going beyond 1500 pts. Seems like a pretty good stopping point for fun and wallet both.

>> No.71003734

Tau still get dumped on by Iron Hands, they just bully the weaker chapters like salamanders and smurfs.

>> No.71003737

Probably. GSC had to wait ages for theirs though and I haven't heard any hint of a SoB one yet.

>> No.71003766

Are IG beginner friendly

>> No.71003767

>why can't we have these improved rules

>> No.71003770


>> No.71003777

Why do people feel the need to ruin good memes with awful fucking unfunny captions and other kinds of forced additions

>> No.71003804


>> No.71003805

So should I get a ta'unar since it makes you this mad?

>> No.71003828

>want to order some Chinese recasts Titans and Imperial Knights
>China is under lockdown and my recaster is probably dead
Fucking God damn it. The one time I actually want something from the chinks they all have bat flu.

>> No.71003839

Would traitor forces use Thunderbolts and stuff like that? I know they use Hell Talons and shit but they're not in Aeronautica Imperialis yet and I want to play Imperials but also not Imperials because everyone else plays Imperials. You know what I mean?

>> No.71003864

Space Marines deserve bigger dreadnaughts. Even a Riptide dwarfs my Levi dread.

>> No.71003867

Yes, they make use of captured Imperial vehicles or Imperial Pattern vehicles produced for them in captured factories in the Gaunt's Ghosts novels.

>> No.71003909

>Z might be dead
glad I switched to cyka blyats a while back

>> No.71003931

1750 is still reasonably ok, though borderline

>> No.71003941

my guy responded saying he was doing well, just unable to work due to the extended new years.

>> No.71003967

Ivan is safe from coronavirus, it cannot tolerate alcohol and average Slavic blood-alcohol level is like 50-60%.

>> No.71003969

1750 is bad because most armies can't fit two battalians and support sections in to them. you woudl have to play IG or maybe some xeno army to do it. With marines you either have to play 1870pts or around 1200pts. but at 1200pts you can't use knights or any big units or formations, and at 1870 you may as well play 2000pts and get a proper army with all support you want

>> No.71003995

>'ate senioritas
>simple as

>> No.71004000

>I switched to cyka blyats
Which one? I want to get a load of Krieg Grenadiers because I don't like the Scion minis but I'm scared I'll get scammed.

>> No.71004005

That's fine, I'll only be done in like a year.

>> No.71004010

He isn't a Crimson Fist...

>> No.71004015

Old OG Chaos like CSM would probably mostly stick to Demon Engines and stuff made by DarkMech, but R+H armies like the Vraks Defenders rely almost entirely on nicked Imperial vehicles. In 40k they can field Valkyries and a few other flyers in their FW army list.

>> No.71004025

I wanna clap Tau cheeks so much help me bros

>> No.71004042

Are there any models (preferably IG) that could block Los for a baneblade variant?

>> No.71004044

this was the best butchered version of "repentia" or "sororitas" i could think of

>> No.71004095

Another baneblade

>> No.71004101


>> No.71004131

Skorpius Disintegrator

>> No.71004140


>> No.71004149


>> No.71004154

None of the space marines changes make them more effective against tau cheese and now tau have some absolutely retarded stratagems and prototype weapons

>> No.71004178

Its cute that you think that.

>> No.71004187

In terms of list building and rules yes fairly user friendly but in terms of playing generally no, new players struggle to play well with 120+ models. a new player can probably handle something nonstandard like a tank company just fine though

>> No.71004197

>the taunar is the problem

>> No.71004224

A buddy of mine is a T'''''''au player. He insists that my Death Guard are the most balanced match against his T'''''''''au.

>> No.71004236

>picture of a woman’s ass
>picture of a cartoon ass
hmm nice
>picture of a blue cartoon ass
>picture of a blue cartoon ass with hooves

>> No.71004242

You could look at some of the FW superheavies, but at that point you're spending points roughly equal to a Baneblade variant to block another Baneblade variant, which I have to imagine would be against the underlying reasoning.

>> No.71004269

two imperial bastions?

>> No.71004298

I've got like 200 bucks in chinkcast orders that are still Processing dude you just gotta wait

>> No.71004316

Just go play 30k you insufferable cuck

>> No.71004332

Well at least they're fully pai-
>Complete lack of details, obviously a tau player that plays tournies and went for the cheapest 3 color job (2 if you discount black) he could shit out. Literally nuln oil over contrast and thats it

>> No.71004360

Is this you?

>> No.71004387

Eplain how please? The moment you use the stratagem, the assassin is part of your army. And as the assassin does not have the masters of the warp ability, and is not a servitor, the army should lose Tides.

>> No.71004444

Not him but I see a SW powersword/frostsword

>> No.71004451

Rules state that no part of the model may move more than the maximum on their movement characteristic. If you pivot a dark elder raider 90 degrees to gain an extra 2 inches moving forward, both the front and back ends have moved 3" already, so you're losing out on an inch in reality. It's cheating.

>> No.71004471

because you gaina a tide at the start of the turn, but deep strike an assasin after, when the tide is already active, and later on you just recast the psychic power that lets you refresh it?

>> No.71004492

الله الامبراطور هو أعظم!

>> No.71004497

is the pivot durning shoting and before charges and disembarking free though? We have been playing like that since 5th ed.

>> No.71004518

a true brit if I ever saw one

>> No.71004523

They're Lawrence of Arabia, not Taliban, you dumb dumby dumble dumb.

>> No.71004531

So you're assuming models in deepstrike just don't count as part of your army? That makes 0 sense.

>> No.71004579

Bit of Dune is there too.

>> No.71004583

No, that is movement. You don't get a pivot before shooting, you don't get to move before an unit disembarks. Of any part of the model moves, it cannot go farther than it is allowed, be it your movement characteristic in the movement phase (modified with advancing), the distance you rolled for charging, 3" heroically intervening, 3" piling in, 3" consolidating. No part of the model may move more than this.

>> No.71004609

One correction would be to certsin planes that get a free pivot before and/or after their movement. But those are exceptions to the rules.

>> No.71004625

Which one would you pray to lads

>> No.71004630

How are Necrons doing currently? What are their "do not take" units, which are some must-takes? I build lists to have fun but I also don't want to waste my money on units I shouldn't use.
Also, those who play Necron, do you use Immortals or Deathmarks? I'm partial to Immortals on paper.

>> No.71004633

Is it legal to use the extra relics stratagem to take more than one new prototype weapon from the Greater Good book for the T'au?

>> No.71004646

>Not removing parts of the table to have an actual trench

>> No.71004654

Read the rule a little closer. You can nominate a tide, and change it through the battle as much as you want. But as long as your army contains or has contained a unit that is not a servitor, and does not have the masters of the warp ability, no models with that rule will gain the benefits of Tides.

>> No.71004668

... Scions can't take boltguns...?

>> No.71004675


>> No.71004693

Are you sure

>> No.71004703

The nice thing with 40k at least is if you have a good group to play with you can usually just ignore the stuff you don't like fluffwise when writing narrative campaigns. Necrons have been Tomb Kings in space for awhile now but in the campaigns I play my guys are still cheap terminator rip offs.

>> No.71004714

Both comissars and lord comissars can take them

>> No.71004715

Imagine having just 2 (TWO) gods
Greenskins are pathetic

>> No.71004756

Ahh.. I didn't take them into consideration

>> No.71004759


>> No.71004763

Yes. As long as your warlord is T'au, you can replace a character's signature system with a prototype weapon. It does not specify that you can do this once per game. You can use the stratagem to get more signsture systems, and instead of having a character get them, you may take a prototype weapon just like you did the first one.

>> No.71004768


Good, let cancer die.

>> No.71004775

Do you reckon things survive on the surface of Krieg? Like you get mutants and shit living out in the tox-wastes of Hive worlds, 40k seems to run off the 1950's sci-fi logic of toxic waste/radiation = mutation. After one nuclear holocaust followed by 500 years of sporadic nuclear exchanges, Krieg's surface could be crawling with all sorts of shit.

Would make a good training exercise for prospective Korpsmen;

>"Cadet #4372-3473-3757, in honour of the 12th year since your decanting from the Vitae Womb and passing of initial genetic screening, you have been assigned your first mission. You will take this autogun, you will take this magazine, you will take these 25 rounds, you will take this rad-sensor, you will take this compass and you will take this map. You will exit this Stage One Training Bunker at 0430 hrs and make your way across the surface to the Stage Two Training Bunker marked on the map, here. The airlock to that bunker will be open for 48 hours, after which, no further access will be allowed. Dismissed."

>> No.71004779

I think you need to dansa med oss a little bit more, and klappa dina händer, tbqh

>> No.71004798

The number of "one signature system" and "one T'au unit may get a prototype weapon" in the rule is strictly so you may not replace one signature system with any number of prototype weapons, or replace 2/3 relics for say 2-3 Magna rail rifles for a unit of 2-3 broadsides

>> No.71004809


>> No.71004821

better than those pussy gods like Slaanesh
Khorne is cool

>> No.71004823

This relic is hilarious considering commissars are the only choice for it.

It's higher penetration isn't for dealing with the enemy, it's for cracking open Scion armour

>> No.71004836

>The ONLY vidya where I can play as cute Sororitas is that shitty DoW expansion everyones wants to forget about.

>> No.71004851

Die L*thposter

>> No.71004852

Slaanesh managed to kill the majority of a single pantheon by him-...herse-... I MEAN ALONE

>> No.71004869

Sell your army and neck yourself

>> No.71004881

>he/she spoiled brat being as mighty as Gork or Mork
The Orks should show that thing a proper war

>> No.71004885

Didn't even think about that. It's even hilariously short ranged. So only good at shooting his own squad. Unfortunately it's not a pistol, which would have been better for more targets, but pistol rules wouldn't work well with the character sniping ability.

Do commisars even have the <regiment> keyword? I know they have officio prefectus, and they don't stop you from having <regiment> bonuses, but if they don't have <regiment>, they can't even take this relic

>> No.71004895

Based and orthodox pilled

>> No.71004896

>> No.71004898

>mfw nothing can stand in the way of my Luthposting.

>> No.71004916

What moron let the rpg general die?

>> No.71004920

They are clearly Taliban/Arabs in names, strategy, tactics and how they fight and even think

>> No.71004935

Yeah no idea.
Maybe because custodes players keep asking for it?
Also, it would help. Having some cheap SOS to round out a list.

That said. The HH sisters have like 8 data sheets in total, and we only ever had that single kit.

In HH that single kit does oblivion knights, vigilators, prosecutors, seekers, and the oblivion knight-centura hq. It has special heads for the knights and the HQ.

I would love it if we got upgrade sprews for the other data sheets with PA.
But i don't see that happening.

Considering how fucked over custodes are getting right now.
We will prob just get some token and told to play marines like everybody else.

>> No.71004950

You fucks would need to stop killing each other first

>> No.71004961

Cadian Defense Force + Scion SC! ?

>> No.71004996


>> No.71005007

The relics don't specify they need to be a Militarum Tempestus character, they just need to be a character

>> No.71005009

it says 9th iotan gorgonnes model, which would mean it needs a regiment trait yes, so commisars can't get it so this relic is literally useless. good job GW, showing they have no fucking clue about their own rules again

>> No.71005012

This is the best Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.

>> No.71005032

wtf moot that's not the pic i posted

>> No.71005057

A friend just gave me this box, but I haven't played 40K since 2013. What other minis should I get for Adeptus Mechanicus? I don't really know anything about them other than they have tech priests and praise the Omnissiah.

I'm assuming the scale of the game has increased so I'm not sure how many more dudes I need for a typical game. Should I just get the battle force to go with this if I enjoy the faction? I have no idea what has changed since 5th edition or what this faction does on the table.

>> No.71005122

Probably couldn't go wrong with more skitarii and walker tanks as you'll be eventually aiming for 3 Troops and 2 HQs if you care about command points for activating your stratagems.

>> No.71005124

I was wondering that. Thought Commissar got the regiment Keyword otherwise this thing can’t be used

>> No.71005139

So what do you think Custodes will get in Psychic Awakening?

My guess is subfaction rules for the famous shield hosts and some new relics/stratagems.

>> No.71005150

Moar skittles.

>> No.71005158

Soulstorm with UA is fun though

>> No.71005184


>> No.71005188

Do it

>> No.71005193

Necrons are near the bottom for meta but if you play lower points games with chill people you'll do fine. Our infantry are still scary in smaller games but in larger games our vehicles are too lackluster, overcosted or not beefy enough to survive the wall of fire meta and our infantry that matter can't be taken in squads of 20 so its kinda a monolist no fun allowed situation in tournies.

>> No.71005205


>> No.71005226

That's hilarious. Amazing QA work

>> No.71005228

But it doesn't work in campaign mode.

>> No.71005232

There's also the Contemptor Dread in the codex and Salvo Launchers for anti-tank ranged, though those are fair points.
Allarus Terminators have -3AP shooting, though it's only 12" range, mainly as they're a drop troop to harrass backline characters.
Even some strategems at 1 command point to extend range, shots, S or AP for shooting could help a lot.

>> No.71005239


>> No.71005252

>Wow, we're so dark and edgy, and totally straight, and also totally, completely not a traitor legion. Oh wow, look! Some faithful servants of the Imperium are suspecting things about us! KILL THEM!

>> No.71005255

>when your attempt to make a camouflaged ghostkeel just looks like the model is half painted and you spilled the texture paint on it

>> No.71005257

*recognises the futility of your empire-building*

>> No.71005265

There's a workaround. The mod dev disabled the button with a script that can be edited.

>> No.71005267

Some stratagems, out of which maybe one or two are worth using.

A handful of relics, out of which one is maybe worth taking in a specific case. Rest will be wastes of ink on paper.

Possibly that shield host shit represented via special detachments.

>> No.71005282

black templars best melee unit is generic primaris get rekt gg no re dornfag

>> No.71005287

Let me educate you, anon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d81QmB5gSrM&feature=youtu.be

>> No.71005292

you can do both

>> No.71005306

No you have to Roll for it. Do you eben read CA
2019 Missions?

>> No.71005321

>50 minute video

if you can't sum up what makes your prefered chapter gud in a single 4chinz post, they're automatically shite.

>> No.71005333

>names, strategy, tactics and how they fight and even think
yes, you're right, they are very much lawrence of arabia

>> No.71005337

this calls for a dump from my oldschool warhammer folder "not avengers in space"

>> No.71005366

tau players are fucking scum. fuck you, your autistic interpretation of the rules makes everyone hate you.

>> No.71005380


>> No.71005382

Jetbikes when?

Stop holding out on us Cawl you filthy tech-heretic. You're quite happy making monstrous flying Not!LandRaiders from scratch, not an STC design for it in sight but you won't stick grav-plates and a jet engine on a bike?

>> No.71005391

Though the exploding 6s and extra fighting got sent to strategems, they can still do both though you need to shell out command points for that, plus the one only works on CSMs (with a buff if it's Black Legion).
One option could be if they have certain elements in a detachment it can give them bonus command points like Knights do with how many non-Armigers are in a Super Heavy Detachment.
I like the Caladius too and wouldn't mind a 40k'd plastic version. I prefer the twin Iliastus over the twin Arachnus though.
The Gunships are nice, though costly in points, real money and I don't think Custodes need LoWs as much as decent point-costed better ranged support.

>> No.71005396


>> No.71005400

is genestealer pussy different from human pussy?

>> No.71005436

Goshhhhhhhhhhhh I just wanna buy shit and play something and get it over with
Shipping everywhere is anywhere from a week to a month, and that's before I space purchases out so I don't blow $300 in a week
Why, /40kg/, why

>> No.71005439

You don't fuck genestealer, genestealer fucks you.

>> No.71005458

>if you can't sum up what makes your prefered chapter gud in a single 4chinz post, they're automatically shite.

They're pretty cool.

>> No.71005469


>> No.71005470


>> No.71005483

It's beautiful

>> No.71005525

Good reason.

>> No.71005540

>make it so detachments from Custodes only armies require one less unit from each slot (so for example a battalion can be done with just one HQ and two Troopers)
>all bolt weapons aside from hurricane bolters become AP -1 D2 or have their firerate increased by 1 or 6" range
>spears, swords and axes come with flat D2
>exploding dice without the need of stratagem
>free misericordia
>point drop on the land raider and most FW vehicles

>> No.71005542

Yes, please tell me how my correct rules interpretations makes me a T'au player, i love hearing it.

I wish my adaptive physiologies worked like prototype weapons, I would be so happy to get more than 2 on the field.

>> No.71005550

What size drill and magnets do I use to magnetise Crisis Suits and Commanders?

>> No.71005561

this is the worst example, look at these wulfen pics

>> No.71005572

compared to this abomination.

>> No.71005604

Nice to see some trans woman representation

>> No.71005659

Tbh, there's not too many bolt-equivalent weapons at 0AP for Custodes. It's only their sentinel blades and hurricane bolters that are at 0 afaik. The sentinel blade does feel like it needs to get buffed, usually Custodian Guard are taken to sit on objectives with the Storm Shield, though taking it really shits up their offensive output due to needing the sentinel blade with it.
That's why Custodes suffer, as they're too elite and need more range and dice for shooting. The hurricane bolter is just as crappy AP and damage-wise though doesn't feel as bad due to buckets of dice and increased threat range.
Guardian Spears and Castellan Axes are at D2, so really they just need a range buff from what you suggested.
All melee weapons are at D3 damage except the misericordia (and the Dread weapon = 3 flat dmg), so you're asking for a nerf there.

>> No.71005660

Beats a krylon gloss primed black iron hands.

>> No.71005669

rent free

>> No.71005683


>> No.71005703

D2 is not the same as DD3. I'm talking about flat 2 damage instead of rolling a d3 for damage, which would be better.

>> No.71005718


>> No.71005722

>spears, swords and axes come with flat D2
This should be a thing for all weapons with random damage. I've rolled enough, just give me a flat number for this one thing please. I don't care about the potential to deal more damage to vehicles and characters, please let me kill primaris consistently. FUCK random damage

>> No.71005724

Pretty sure that's fanart, GW orks have lips.

>> No.71005727

>tfw I am USSR propaganda
>tfw the Kurds will copy me 60 years later

>> No.71005729

>I still don't get why GW splitted Talons on 2 armies
Custodes are cool.
Shitsters are not.

>> No.71005734

Thank you for doing it, anon!
If you want it, you and other anons can find "Voice of Experience" Monday short here - https://mega.nz/#F!wO5RWSLa!4zdACGVhYgimDQEurW64Bg

>> No.71005752

no wordbearer should call anything else pathetic.

>> No.71005754

Oh yeah, I gotcha. I saw D2 and assumed 1d2, my bad.
To follow on though, I feel like the Custodes could have a strat that allows damage to follow-through for when they face hordes.
A trio gets around 9 to 12 attacks depending on the unit, though the increase to Dmg is useless if they're fighting 1W chaff, unless the damage pushes onto the next model, ala AoS. That way, if a Custodes gets in 3 wounding hits, they could potentially take out 9 infantry GEQ.
Unsure how many command points something like would be worth though.

>> No.71005781

What armies should I look at where I wouldn't have to think too much about weapon loadouts? I hate fiddling around with magnetizing things to get a wysiwyg army. It sounds stupid, but I'm a lazy fuck looking for as little customization as possible.

>> No.71005784

>‘Every strategic sense I possess tells me that Horus will direct his forces to reave the planet and exploit our concern for humanity,’ said Dorn. ‘He does this expressly to divide our efforts. When we are split, and our warriors spread, that is when the Warmaster will fall on us and seize victory. We must stand united.’

>‘Then you do not disagree with me,’ said the Khan. ‘The population is at risk.’

>‘I anticipated slaughter long ago,’ said Dorn, ‘and I regret that his chain of events come to pass, but we cannot respond to whatever provocation Horus present to us. We cannot let ourselves be lured out. We cannot follow his plan. We will make ourselves weak, then all is lost.’

>‘Since when was saving mankind from the darkness a sign of weakness?’ said the Khan, ‘Sanguinius, my brother and comrade, what do you see? Lend me your foresight.’

>Sanguinius shut his eyes. Like that, he appeared drawn and tired, a funerary monument to himself. Dorn supressed a shudder.

>‘My sight is not so clear as father’s’, said Sanguinius. ‘The Future is ever in flux. Only some events…’ He paused, finding the words hard to say. ‘Only some events are certain.’

>‘Do you see me? What will be the consequences of inaction?’

>‘I see fire, and blood, and a world laid waste if you do not act.’

>‘If I act?’ said the Khan.

>Sanguinius opened his eyes to look at him.

>‘There is a grave risk to you. A confrontation unlooked for, and if you survive, a flight from one danger into greater peril.’

>‘Who will I face?’

>‘I cannot divine.’

>‘Will I save lives?’

>Sanguinius nodded. ‘Many.’

>‘That is what I was made for,’ said the Khan. ‘I will ride out.’

>> No.71005792


>> No.71005803

Thanks anon! I've really wanted to read that but couldn't find it anywhere online.

>> No.71005814

There are already weapons that do that (like the deathwing knight flail), might be too strong on Custodes. I wouldn't complain though.

>> No.71005842

Yeah, though as Custodes lack command points, having it as a strategem for a single unit in a single Fight phase, depending on how many command points it'd be worth seems more balanced.

>> No.71005850

>Primarch still alive and well
>THE ONLY Astartes Legion that remained as an actual, unified legion after the Heresy
>got away with everything
They have the right to call anything they want pathetic, for everything IS pathetic compared to them

>> No.71005858

Primaris Deathwatch are a good compromise, they still get abilities from mixing their killteams and their SiA keeps them flexible but their actual wargear is pretty static

>> No.71005863

you can through guard or otherthings into the same army so long as it's imperial so do what you want.
it's army soup, and guard are celery
pure skit aren't unfeasible but that's the biggest change you should know about.

>> No.71005876

Buy recast cerastus knights. You can get 2k points for about £220, no weapon selections either.

>> No.71005883

Go fuck yourself

>> No.71005901

if you give one unit of three broadsides the magna rail-rifle they all get it dummy

>> No.71005910

You're forgetting they LOST the Heresy and got chased into a giant space-anus and trapped in there for 10,000 years by fucking Guardsmen.

They sold their souls because the Emperor rejected their worship, then the Emperor became a god, pretty much proving if they could have just contained their religious autism long enough, their legion practices would have become acceptable and there'd have been no need for Guilliman to trash their city.

As it is, their souls are eternally damned and they're puppets to malicious gods who care for nothing but destruction and anarchy. Also Lorgar is objectively the shittiest Primarch. He might be alive and well but he's done fuck-all of worth or note.

He couldn't even successfully murder Guilliman or destroy the Ultramarine's fleet with literally everything weighted in his favour and complete surprise on his side.

>> No.71005941

You can magnetize them if you want, I just use a paperclip piece and pin them on.

>> No.71005975

oh god its like pathfinder

>> No.71005986

You're forgetting that the Emperor became a god BECAUSE of them. The golden faggot was forced into a position he never wanted by the very people he rejected. All because of pure spite.
Lorgar started the bloodiest and most horrible civil war in humanity's history, and managed to blame it all on Horus, who then got fucking deleted from existence, while Lorgar got away with it completely. Non-Astartes Imperials even consider him a Saint, as it's a well known fact that he wrote the book of golden faggot worship.
Word Bearers are fully content with being "damned" by chaos. The madmen love every fucking second of it. How could that be considered a failure? They got all they ever wanted- a pantheon to worship, which acknowledges them and even rewards them when they do a very good job.

>> No.71006002

>tfw the main reason tau actually win is because marinefags are incapable of understanding more than one codex simultaneously
think of all the times your opponents have been surprised by one of your basic rules
>um what does that do? are you sure? can I see the codex... *ten minutes later* huh... idk man seems a bit broken... up to interpretation...

>> No.71006089

Weapon System replaces each heavy rail rifle models in
this unit are equipped with and has the following profile

muhrine players cant read

>> No.71006098

This is cool. Where is this from?

>> No.71006116

So what is life like for chaos marines outside of combat? Do death guard hang out together in some diarrhea-covered barracks, having a bull sesh about how their commanding officer, lieutenant shrieking pigman, makes them dirty their armor too often?

>> No.71006121

Kek this actually cracked me up

>> No.71006122

i bet he thinks only one pathfinder gets a networked markerlight too kek

>> No.71006133

Yes. They have more muscles and finer control

>> No.71006153

>Non-Astartes Imperials even consider him a Saint, as it's a well known fact that he wrote the book of golden faggot worship.

Citation needed. I'm pretty sure only the WB know who wrote the Divinitatus as of the HH novels.

>> No.71006179

Wait this is clearer

>> No.71006183

Good god the white scars are so fucking based

>> No.71006185

For Evil Sunz, is it better to go with more troops/heavy attack, bikes, or buggies and trikes? I'm still trying to put together a casual but still decent list and I have no idea what I am doing. I just know Evil Sunz are good at getting in the enemy's face for melee krumpin.

>> No.71006189

They did, but not for cloning. It's called the Iron Womb, and essentially it's a suspension tank that the fetus grows in, something between a bacta tank from SW and that weird bag contraption they grew a sheep fetus in a few years ago

>> No.71006194

I loved this old game. The mek chain gun would either fire 8 billion rounds instant killing titans, or fail miserably and fire 1 round then explode. Great fun

>> No.71006223

Death Guard can't be used to fill the <legion> slot. So anything in the CSM codex that has the <legion> keyword that ISN'T in the Death Guard codex cannot be taken as Death Guard

>> No.71006263

Book provider chads, do any of you have a download for LotD Tau Empire?

>> No.71006293

Admiral Kranswar encountered a CSM and was wondering if he had fought alongside Horus against legends like Russ, Sanguinius and Lorgar.
It doesn't directly prove that he thinks Lorgar wrote the book, but I can't think of a different reason why he'd know about Lorgar while also thinking that he was on the Loyalists' side during the Heresy.

>> No.71006339

Lorgar wasn't nothing but a tool, he didn't initiate shit, the gods chose him, corrupted him and used him. Not even a particular useful tool, Magnus did more damage without even trying.

>> No.71006377

Why can't Magnus make additional attacks with his spiked nipples?

>> No.71006379

Magnus wouldn't do shit if Horus hadn't turned to Chaos. Horus turned to Chaos because of Erebus, a member of Lorgar's legion.

>> No.71006388

Lost & the Damned.

HH novel.

>> No.71006540

That sounds like an oversight on the author's part or a deliberate mistake to show the fog of time. The only times I have seen reference to the primarchs from a mortal perspective were as mythical demigods or arch-heretics shrouded in mystery.

>> No.71006551

Buggies gain comparatively little from Evil suns, War-bikes and Shoota boys gain the most.

>> No.71006580

big dick and bro tier.

>> No.71006614

Why shootas, though? I'd think that slugga choppa boys would gain the most due to having an easier time getting into melee. Also why would bikes gain more than the buggies and trikes?

>> No.71006626

gunned down a tank with an auto pistol, it blew up near all of his MSU fire warriors

>> No.71006716

When the book was written GSC were at the top of the curve, but that was before SM 2.0.

I'm still happy getting the 5+++ spell, though.

>> No.71006726

>Grey tide.
Disappointing. They even made a whole line of paint for brushlets.

>> No.71006735

>Horus turned to Chaos because of Erebus
No, Horus turned to Chaos because the Gods selected him to be their weapon against the Anathema. Lorgar and his get never had agency in the Heresy, it wasn't their plan, their design, they never carved their own path or made a stand for principles, they were nothing but tools of malignant entities that exploited their wounded pride. They simply swapped one uncaring god for four, equally uncaring devils, lured with baubles of "favor" like tentacles or a free crab arm.

Truly the most pathetic legion, not even worthy of pity like Angron and the World Eaters. As loyalists or traitors, it didn't matter, they were failures. The Emperor should have sent the Wolves instead of the Ultramarines and after Lorgar's head instead of his "perfect city".

>> No.71006748

This anon is correct.

>> No.71006803

Well anon i just have other things to do.
can't prime worth a damn in this weather either, god knows I'm not doing that by hand

>> No.71006815


>> No.71006816

If you like the models, get another one of these boxes. Every admech army should start with 2 or 3 of this boxset.

>> No.71006846

Day 20 of march reveal, maybe a month more to be preordered, 7 days more to be purchased.

>> No.71006850

iron hands successors just so I could give it a +0 armor save, and ironstone

>> No.71006852

In his defence, unless you're happy just slapping contrasts on and calling it a day, GSC are a bitch to paint properly because of the amount of detail they have on them, especially if you're a dumb fuck like me a pick a colour scheme like the Cult of the Four Armed Emperor where everything has about half a dozen base colours on it before you even start with washes and highlighting.

Although with hindsight, I should have gone with something simple like the Sons of Jormungandr, I do like the CotFAE look.

>> No.71006853

Shoota boys can make use of the advance w/o penalty to hit on assault weapons so they can lay down 60 shots before getting into melee.

Bikes gain a fair bit because the extra range helps them do their job (rush ahead and tie down targets)

Additionally, Stormboys have a lot out of it too, with a 12+1 move, 6+1 advance (with their rokkit boost) and 2d6+1 charge.

Buggies generally don't do much in melee (cept the megatrakk) so the charge+advance bonus is less valuable.

>> No.71006859

But the smart-asses on /40kg/ told me its fake.

>> No.71006875

if i were to speculate
being able to advance and fire your shootas without the penalty + their ability to generate an extra hit on every roll of a 6.
you trade the ability of 1 extra attack per boy for the ability for large mobs to cover the board quicker and dump loads of fire

>> No.71006892

So the plain Chaos Space Marines can't be used for Death Guard? Or am I not understanding what you mean? As I understood it, I can take anything with a <Legion> tag and anything that already says Death Guard (so I can't take Bloodletters etc)

>> No.71006896

Well they've soft-squatted marine bikers so I'd expect them to do a Primaris™ replacement even if that image itself is faked.

>> No.71006902



>> No.71006914

Good, the old bike kit is disgusting.

>> No.71006934



>> No.71006940

I hate you /40kg/, I can't look at a genestealer without thinking lewd thoughts because of you.

>> No.71006941

It is specifically stated that subfaction slots like <LEGION> or <CHAPTER> can't be filled with subfactions who have their own codex. So no Grey Knight Tactical Squads or Death Guard Lords of Skulls.
You can, however, mix your regular Chaos and DG parts and have them all be just Death Guard units from their Codex, or Nurgle marked CSM from the CSM Codex. You can also have two separate detachments of CSM and DG.

>> No.71006960

this needs to be an official nekron symbol

>> No.71006968

The genestealer's taint is insidious.

>> No.71006970

You're just weak minded.

>> No.71006971

Ah, I see, then I think I get it. Thanks for clearing that up!

>> No.71006973

40k general on the traditional games board of 4chan : the game

Sounds like a cringey YT video

>> No.71006985

Dont go around blaming people for your sexual frustrated. I mean I look at the Tau all the time but fail to see cute wibu lewd Tau like when im on /40kg/ and im tremendously dissapointed.

>> No.71006986


▲ ▲

>> No.71007008

>Dorn just writes off the entire population of Terra because he doesn't want to leave his carefully prepared fortress
Guess we know who the original author of this form was now...

>> No.71007015

damn it I've fallen to chaos
The Tau are shit so they don't count

>> No.71007024

hey /tg/ has the heavy mining weapon list changed through errata or anything?
i find it hard to believe the hammers, picks, heavy mining laser and other things aren't covered on it

>> No.71007026

No units in the Heretic Astartes codex can be Death Guard (p. 118). Model wise, things can be a bit flexible. For example, if you tell me a unit of chaos marines are plague marines and they have compatible wargear, you are good to go. However, you cannot bring along some Obliterators and call them Death Guard.

>> No.71007038

No i believe this work was Guilliman's.

>> No.71007086

I'd prefer something more like the FW 30k attack bikes. Jetbikes would be better but I'd settle for them.

>> No.71007097


>> No.71007109

Well the new Primaris bike is called Outrider, it could be based on FW bike kit but bigger.

>> No.71007350

How exactly did they soft squat the marinelet bikers?

>> No.71007406

This but unironically.

>> No.71007468

seething ultramarine detected.

>> No.71007505

>y-you hat wordbearers you HAVE to be a smurf
nigga there isn't a faction alive that doesn't hate the wordbearers
even wordbearers hat wordbearers

>> No.71007508

which class of ship is this?

>> No.71007535

They didn't. Anon is being hysterical again.

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