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First for the Militarum Tempestus!

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Reposting cuz new thread

++Spearhead Detachment 1CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [29PL, 501pts]++

Chaos Lord [5PL, 81pts] blight grenade, krak grenade, combi-bolter, power axe

-Heavy Support-
Plagueburst Crawler [8PL, 140pts] heavy slugger, plagueburst mortar, plaguespitter
Plagueburst Crawler [8PL, 140pts] heavy slugger, plagueburst mortar, plaguespitter
Plagueburst Crawler [8PL, 140pts] heavy slugger, plagueburst mortar, plaguespitter

++Spearhead Detachment 1CP (Chaos - Renegades & Heretics) [79PL, 1198pts]++

Chaos Covenant: Covenant of Tzeentch

Renegade Commander [3PL, 29pts] frag grenade, laspistol, power sword

Renegade Cultists [6PL, 75pts] cultist champion w/ autogun, cultist w/ autogun x14
Renegade Cultists [6PL, 75pts] cultist champion w/ autogun, cultist w/ autogun x14

Renegade Enforcer [2PL, 30pts] brutal assault weapon, frag grenade, shotgun
Renegade Marauder Squad [4PL, 34pts] marauder chief w/ lasgun, marauder w/ lasgun x2, marauder w/ sniper rifle x2, frag grenade, krak grenade

-Heavy Support-
Basilisks [12 PL, 232pts]
-Basilisk [6PL, 116pts] earthshaker cannon, heavy flamer, heavy stubber
-Basilisk [6PL, 116pts] earthshaker cannon, heavy flamer, heavy stubber
Colossus Bombard [11PL, 158pts] colossus siege mortar, heavy bolter
Leman Russ Battle Tanks [30 PL, 452pts]
-Leman Russ Battle Tank [10PL, 153pts] battle cannon, heavy bolter x3
-Leman Russ Battle Tank [10PL, 153pts] battle cannon, heavy bolter x3
-Leman Russ Battle Tank [10PL, 146pts] vanquisher battle cannon, heavy bolter x3
Wyvern [5PL, 113pts] quad stormshard mortar, heavy bolter

++Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment 0CP (Chaos - Renegades & Heretics) [18PL, 298pts]++

-Lord of War-
Minotaur Artillery Tank [18PL, 298pts] twin earthshaker cannon, heavy bolter x2, heavy stubber

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Nobody care lmao

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i'm not sure what the point is
if you've already built and painted it all, you're probably a better judge of us of what works and what doesn't

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One chaos astartes leading a bunch of humans is a based aesthetic.

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The Emperor puts the milk in before the cereal because he's a retarded failure and you shouldn't follow him.

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Anyone else going to tournaments but refusing to acknowledge meta?
Just bringing neat models and thematic lists.

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I guess a "what am I in for." picked it out cuz I liked the models, not sure what to expect from gameplay though

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The bottom tables are the most fun

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No, because tournaments are cancer.

I do it most of the time when I play against my friends though. I just take models I really like.

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Tournaments? no. Bringing whatever I want to play vs other people doing the same? Yes yes yes!
That said even our locals' tournaments are more casual than most places.

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this post was made by Slaves to Darkness gang

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Tournaments are comfy af if you just treat it as 40k convention instead of actually pretending 40k is a competitive game

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What's mathematically better, -1 to hit or 5+ FNP?

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Tournaments are gay. They are literally the antithesis to what I enjoy about the hobby.

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-1 to hit

>> No.70969481


Fair enough.

That's what I'd end up doing anyway, just shooting the shit with other scrubs and checking out people's armies.

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Anyone going to warhammerfest and want to play?

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Nice, rapid deployment.

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Yeah, that wan kinda the idea.

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Depends on what unit and what you're being attacked by, but -1 to hit is usually a lot better.

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Kasrkin and other regimental grenadiers are better.

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BS5+ -1 to hit wins, BS4 it's tied, BS3 5+++ wins.

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Is Competitive Apocalypse a thing for big spenders?

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True chads play 28mm Titanicus.

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Ok swede

>> No.70969570

Baneblades should have a 5/6++ OR T9

>> No.70969571

Why not play 28mm Epic?

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Absolutely incorrect, you dumb faggot. Go hot-glue your lazily sculpted up-armored Cadians elsewhere.

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Momt'au and the milfstealer, all finished!

Shilling for Blaz, give him a like if you'd like <3


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And hair variant

>> No.70969665

Cringe, reminds me of that guy in an angry marine cosplay with a tophat at a furry convention.

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Valkyries are the coolest looking flier in Warhammer 40K.

>> No.70969691

Eh, just make them cheaper.

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>Scions are only WS 4+
>Have to take Leadership checks when their buddies get shot
>Can't even take a heavy flamer
>Can't fire their their hellguns in close-combat

>> No.70969694

>those skinny, weak fists in the air

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There are a surprising number of photos of this

>> No.70969705

>his punches don't have AP-1

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shut the fuck up. post about trannies or whatever your stupid faggot ass wants to post about in a different thread. this is great discussion for the 40k general. Fuck you.

I like your army anon. A lot of unusual choices there and models you never see. I'd love to play against it.

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My journey into plastic crack begins.

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>Just bringing neat models and thematic lists.
so troll those turnament fuckers with fluff lists?


>> No.70969725

>Paeodophile moustache
>Constantly goes to orphanages to personally select his new recruits
more like Militarum Molestus

>> No.70969728

How is it a discussion, all he did was post his list.
He didnt ask anything, there was no discussion to be had

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Rolled 8 (1d20)

Behold the power of the Aeldari, mon-keighs!

>> No.70969749

In a way, though rather its making it clear that their l33t skills and mastery at copy+pasting doesnt matter in the least.

>> No.70969753

Rolled 11 (1d20)

Fuck off elf

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>Kriegers can’t skydive
>don’t get FW support and are dying/will be gone besides recasters that are dying in droves by virus
>can’t take four flamers/plasma guns/melta guns/volley guns
>Can’t get three warlord traits
>can’t coordinate strafing runs/Air raids
>can’t jump from a speeding Valk without splatting
>can’t up the strength of hot-shot weapons
>Kriegy doesn’t understand how Scholas work
Mentally retarded faggot. Almost as bad as Cadiafags, except only slightly better aesthetic.

>> No.70969764

I like both but regiment elites are just veteran soldiers (literally 'Veterans') whereas the Scions are selected from a quality stock of imperial heroes and trained from childhood with quality equipment from their background. Like with the Knight scions, there's something about that top of the pyramid, the blue-blood elite stepping out into the frontline like a knight in shining armor to lead from the front.

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based cyborg

>> No.70969766

whats the best warhammer 40k books for a newfag getting into the lore

>> No.70969773

Rolled 15 (1d20)


>> No.70969777

The rule book is a good start.

>> No.70969778

Rolled 3 (1d20)

Beep this, toasterfucker

>> No.70969779

Read everything by Abnett.

>> No.70969782

Rolled 14 (1d20)

I think you mean "Eldar", my confused kin.

>> No.70969783

The core rulebook

Interms of novels maybe the last church or the animated hellsreach

>> No.70969785

Rolled 2 (1d20)

Okay dusty

>> No.70969789

Rolled 19 (1d20)

You tried

>> No.70969794

Hellsreach gave me a headache with the shitty scribble effects trying to hide the SFM animations.

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Rolled 14 (1d20)

Fuck the Aeldari and the Necron(tyr), you ruined the entire galaxy with your shit.

You too.

>> No.70969800

Rolled 8 (1d20)

Silence Xeno scum!

>> No.70969801

Rolled 7 (1d20)

heh... Just as planned. Lure them in with a false sense of victory before my evil plan comes to fruition.

>> No.70969802

Rolled 1 (1d20)

You are archaic, Eldar.

>> No.70969807


>> No.70969809

You did everything wrong, just like your giant redheaded failure of a primarch.

>> No.70969811

Rolled 15 (1d20)


>> No.70969816

Rolled 18 (1d20)

Begone xenoshit.

>> No.70969823

Rolled 20 (1d20)

Silence, Biel-Tan! I will prove the power of Iyanden and all Aeldari here and now!

>> No.70969824

Rolled 1 (1d20)

S-shut up! You just c-can't concieve of how b-brilliant my plan is!

>> No.70969825 [DELETED] 

I think I might do guard girls after I'm done with this one.


Is there anything under that armor?

>> No.70969827

>tau getting BTFO time and time again

>> No.70969830


Right on.

Do you have friends that play, or are you going to an LGS?

>> No.70969834

>Everything special about them comes from being given preferencial access to Aeronautica assets and expensive equipment
All the gear and no idea.

>> No.70969835

Rolled 14 (1d20)

Look at you faggots

>> No.70969837

Based morose necromancers.
Thousand keks.

>> No.70969838

Friend told me he would play Kill Team but he doesn't want to build or paint anything. So for bigger stuff, I'll have to go to my LGS. There's two of them nearby, plus an actual GW.

I hope they play 40k because I don't have any Age of Sigmar stuff.

>> No.70969842

reposting with the right pic. I think I might do guard girls after I'm done with this one.


Is there anything under that armor?

>> No.70969854

Rolled 51 (1d100)

If you're so great, then get a nat100 Eldar.

>> No.70969857

Rolled 3 (1d20)

Form a Killteam, Malleus Formation!

>> No.70969863

I like the break-action pulsegun.

>> No.70969867

>Is there anything under that armor?
Why don't you plumb those dusty depths and find out?

>> No.70969868

>I think I might do guard girls after I'm done with this one.

>> No.70969869

Rolled 63 (1d100)

Very well.

>> No.70969871

>Krieg faggot doesn’t know they train with regular guard gear till they earn good gear
>Wow, they get Aeronautica stuff, how dumb-dumd
Faggot Kriegy forgetting about Elysians/Harakoni/literally any air cav/airborne regiment
>Kriegy is assblasted his army is getting squatted

>> No.70969875

Noblesse Oblige

>> No.70969877

This but unironically

thats what apocalypse is

>> No.70969881

40k is more played than AoS anon

>> No.70969882 [SPOILER] 

Psst, hey anon....
Stormcast are dime a dozen and very elite, they also have some neat fluff if you read into the non-golden bois

>> No.70969886

>journey begins with admech
extremely based and machinepilled

>> No.70969887

Rolled 5 (1d100)


>> No.70969894

Rolled 59 (1d100)

He who allow the Xenos to get a 100 before us shares its crime of existence.


>> No.70969899

>they train with regular guard gear till they earn good gear
>"Oh my gawd-emprah Percy, my Schola was SO harsh, like, they made us use lasguns at the target range! Can you believe it? Lasguns! Like common Guardsmen!"

>> No.70969907

If I want to build a very small detachment of Deathwatch to use as allies for my Sisters of Battle army, does it make sense to get the Start Collecting box, or are Deathwatch manlets as outclassed by Deathwatch Chadmarines as regular manlets are outclassed by regular Primaris?

>> No.70969908

scionnigger get out you say the same thing about kasrkin every time. Just face it. Your poorly designed models suck compared to grenadiers and kasrkin.

>> No.70969910

Stormtroopers rise above the limitations of the individual regiments. There's a purity to them that you can't really get from the !notstormtroopers.

And ultimately speaking grenadiers are just watered down veterans. Stealing gear from the stormtroopers makes them so much less interesting than truly veteran guardsmen.

>> No.70969911

Nevermind found out

I was going for some sort of tau m79 lol

Either that, elysian or catachan

>> No.70969912

That's it, thank you.

>> No.70969913

My first exposure to 40k was playing a Tech-Priest in a friend's Dark Heresy campaign, and I fell in love with the Dunecrawler at first sight at the store.

>> No.70969919

Rolled 47 (1d100)

We might lose every 20, but Tau'va will succeed at the 100s!

>> No.70969923

Did you get the admech start collecting? Its one of the best SC! boxes of them all

>> No.70969926

Rolled 37 (1d100)

We shall shame you now as we have since the dawn of time, Necron.

>> No.70969928

Rolled 89 (1d100)

Not yet you won't.

>> No.70969933

Manlet Veterans get an assload of gear choices and a lot of people are just defaulting to Stormshields for that sweet 3++ and Storm Bolters to make the most out of SIA. Intercessors are fine but right now Veterans are just better

Also Primaris options are fairly limited in Deathwatch at the moment, not sure if that'll be rectified in the Psychic Awakening rules

>> No.70969936


Blades of Khorne are also super cheap to buy. I started Stormcast and BoK about a year ago and between dirt cheap skirmish kits, Underworlds warbands, and splits of the first AOS starter set I am pretty sure I was able to put fullblown 2K point armies together for both factions for $200 or less each.

It's not as easy to track the starter set stuff down anymore, but Stormcast are the Space Marines of AOS, meaning everyone has a few lying around and you can usually find used models or halves from starter sets online for dirt cheap.

>> No.70969942

Rolled 65 (1d100)

Don't fret brother, by my research, there will be a chapter in how to get 100s and dubs at the same time.
For the Emperor!

>> No.70969943

>Kriegy is also a TTS faggot
Oh, faggot found.
Very correct

>> No.70969947

>> No.70969953

>Either that, elysian or catachan
>Thousand-Yard-Stare Waifu, Paratrooper Waifu or Musclegirl Waifu
Any is a win.

>> No.70969961

Rolled 14 (1d100)

We'll see about that.

>> No.70969963

Sure did! I'll probably get two more, because that'll give me three squads of rangers and three dunecrawlers. I plan to do a lot of magnetizing, though.

Of the AoS factions, I like Skaven, but I don't think I would want to paint a horde, so Stormcast guys do look very cool.

>> No.70969969

Where is this from?

>> No.70969971

I'll have to speak with the Arbites but there has to be a law against posting something this cringe.

>> No.70969978

Rolled 3, 2, 6, 3, 5, 1, 5, 4, 1, 2, 2, 3, 6, 2, 1, 2, 5, 5 = 58 (18d6)

Eat this

>> No.70969980


Right on. I don't really see Deathwatch as a fullblown army, it doesn't make sense to me - I see them as small squads doing lightning strike/black ops shit deep behind enemy lines. Basically a Killteam, a Rhino or Razorback to transport them, and maybe a Dreadnought if they need some heavy support.

Deathwatch being a 2,000 point army standing across an open field from 2,000 points of Necrons or whatever doesn't really fit thematically in my head.

I think they'd be fun to run as a tiny elite detachment that was supported by one of my other armies, and I'm trying to get my friends to try out some Zone Mortalis style close confines small scale games, so I think it would be fluffy to run them in that sort of environment.

>> No.70969981

>Stealing gear from the Scions
Scions are the spoilt rich-kids monopolizing the gear, training time and vehicles that could be better used by Guard veterans. Literally Nepotism: The Military Formation.

>> No.70969984

There's also nothing stopping me from doing all three. I guess we'll see

>> No.70969986

That's a very good idea, consider making one of those skitarii squads into a vanguard squad. You'll be able to put all your plasma guns in that squad very effectively

>> No.70969995

Cringe, faggot.

>> No.70969998


Skaven are piss easy to paint, anon. 90% of your army should be clanrats and you can do those super quick with a nice grimy/dirty aesthetic with contrast paints.

>> No.70970000

Harakoni needs models desu

>> No.70970004

Rolled 4 (1d100)


>> No.70970009

Kasrkin are so cool, they really dropped the ball with the new scions. I'm legitimately considering making an ebay-only kasrkin army with MT rules

>> No.70970013

Rolled 6 (1d20)

Magnus re-rolls his 1s.

>> No.70970014

Fuck, guess this is the end of our craftworld.

>> No.70970019

That's just a Cadian with a jetpack

>> No.70970021

Literally just up-armored Cadians. They’re lazy and terrible sculpts.

>> No.70970023

Seems like were on the same page here. Deathwatch to me should've just been a squad of 5-10 Veterans that have a high cost hard to kill option in the Space Marine codex for people going up against a Xenos player

1500-2000 points always sounded like some cataclysmic event was occurring where a Watch Master was sending all he could find and if they failed then basically it would spell the end of the Imperium

>> No.70970026

Glad you like them, because damn did Blaz outdo himself yet again with their faces.

Also, breacher-waifu going akimbo is awesome. 10/10, would fire-fight with.

>> No.70970028

You have bad taste but seem very emotional in defending it. I suggest you take a break

>> No.70970032

Rolled 50 (1d100)

Hold still while I glass this entire planet.

>> No.70970035

>take a break
Trying to get me to quit cuz you can’t win, fag? Figures

>> No.70970036

>Look another thread about me

>> No.70970047

See, notice how after kasrkin came out people almost completely stopped making cadian veterans? The marginally better save and lasgun sucked all of the SOUL out of the regiment.

Compare the kasrkin (who are just stormtroopers with the serial numbers filed off) to something as kino as the Elysian D-99 group. Or the rather boring krieg grenadiers to the much more interesting krieg engineers.

>> No.70970048

I've recently finished this fat fuck of a model, show me your last finished mini /tg/

>> No.70970050


It would have been fun to see a Custodes-level elite Space Marine option to counteract how bleh Space Marines were early in 8th Edition.

Now Space Marines are fucking juggernauts though, and I'm not sure if that's from GW just not really being capable of balancing so many things at once or if it is an intentional decision to make their poster boy/best selling faction more popular for new players.

>> No.70970060


Test models because I can't decide on a colorscheme.

>> No.70970068

Amen. I stopped playing 40k and switched to Kill Team purely because the small group of friends I had to play with got corrupted by my local competitive scene. Just mathhammer junkies who question your every choice. "why aren't you bringing so-and-so instead of x and y?". They're not toxic people, but the mentality is there and it was enough to make pretty much all of them go competitive.

Fielding fluffy and themed lists is what I'm all about, but some armies have more competitive fluffy lists than others. Some fluff armies are incredibly bottom tier, while some are actually viable.

In general, I hate the tourney scene. I don't get the point of spending so much money just to table someone in 2 turns, especially if they don't even bother painting their minis. It's a hobby with several distinct aspects, sure, but what kind of joy do you derive from that? It's just dickswinging, you could get more kicks just beating someone in a multiplayer game, and it's much cheaper.

>> No.70970069

>GW just not really being capable of balancing so many things at once

I think they know how to balance but they're trying to move product. It's like how they balance with Forgeworld the moment they see players like showing up with the biggest thing money can buy; massive point increases

>> No.70970090


>> No.70970095

Rolled 16 (1d20)

Here come dat boi!!!
>o shit waddup

>> No.70970101

Rolled 11 (1d100)

Not this time

>> No.70970104

Do you have a twitter?

>> No.70970110

>especially if they don't even bother painting their minis

They would if GW could maintain some consistency in play instead of seeing a meta and replacing it with something else solely to sell more shit. Why would a competitive player paint an entire army if what they buy will just be out of favor in a month after an FAQ/Errata/Book comes out? To be honest I'm fine with a competitive style of game but instead of GW writing a whole new book solely for that style of play and leaving the mainline game to be a more fluffy, but still potentially powergamey experience, what they do is balance the game around competitive scenes and that just spoils the fun for people just looking to roll some fucking dice and have actual fun

>> No.70970113

Great work.

>> No.70970114

I don't know

>> No.70970127

That's why I want to magnetize their heads in particular - I'll magnetize the weapon arms on the alphas, the heads on the whole squad, and then I can just pop heads off and on and change what kind of squad they are. Magnetize the Dunecrawlers, and I can have all three kinds of guns!

I did see contrast paints at the store. They're like a really dense wash, I guess?

>> No.70970130

Do you have more?
I am very interested.

>> No.70970135

How do you get the shoulderpad rims so clean?

>> No.70970139

Precisely that, I don't get it. I have always held a grudge against the competitive scene because of that. One combo is cool and fluffy, has a loophole but fluffy players don't abuse it. Then in comes some fuckwad, sweeps shit left right and center and GW kneejerk nerfs the whole thing to unplayability for everyone, like Split.

It happens in videogames too.

>> No.70970155

sry m80 but no worries you can table us next time we play :^)

>> No.70970158

Fuck off you dumb stormnigger.

Literally the ugliest faction in either game and I can instantly spot people who play them by their man tits.

>> No.70970161

Rolled 46 (1d100)


>> No.70970166


>> No.70970168

Dan Abnett books and despite not being strictly accurate the Space Marine and Dawn of War games are great introductions if you haven't already played them.

>> No.70970173

This is the last Gue'vesa Astartes pic I have.

>> No.70970185

>Don't mind me, I'm just a newbie to the hobby, got my 2000 point army and Rulebook. You there, stout Yeoman, who has been in the hobby since the tail end of 7th edition. Let's play a game. Current rules/supplements/errata/faqs all in effect.
How fucked is our game going to be?

>> No.70970186

Not much really.

>> No.70970187

>Astartes protecting soulless subhumans instead of the people of the Imperium
>has a fucking MOLLE pouch

>> No.70970193

Rolled 11 (1d100)


>> No.70970196

But I'm new, what rules are do I have to follow?

>> No.70970201

kek you can't make this shit out

>> No.70970203

What a faggot.

>> No.70970205

Rolled 48 (1d100)

Not enough Sororitas blood.

>> No.70970206

Rolled 7 (1d34)

>> No.70970208

Has this ever happened in the lore? I wonder how the Tau would organise any Gue'vesa marines. Would they make more? Organise them by gene-seed? Let them be autonomous or strictly controlled like ever other force?

>> No.70970222

Outside of Urban Conquest none of the supplements really change how the game is played and all of the major changes to what's in the core rules is printed in Chapter Approved.

>> No.70970227

No, I think I heard somewhere that Farsight may have one as an adviser, but as far as I know there are no space marines fighting for the tau.

>> No.70970229

>Has this ever happened in the lore?

God I hope not

>> No.70970239


I just have as many contact points between my non-dominant hand (which is holding the rim of the mini) and my dominant hand (which is holding the brush). I don't know the best way to explain it (I can't really take a picture), but the more contact points you have between your hands, the less movement you'll have and the steadier your brushstrokes will be. Instead of moving your entire hand you'll only need to move your index finger and thumb.

Also I hold my breath sometimes for each brushstroke if it's a really fine detail.


Contrast paints are more like a stain. You spray prime or brush prime your models with a very light gray or white primer (GW sells one specifically for contrast) and then slop each color on top. It's designed to pool in the recesses, so you basically get a basecoat and a wash done at the same time with a single coat of paint.

The results aren't as good as using traditional paints, but no one is going to notice or care if random clanrat #122 is a little smudgy.

>> No.70970243

Rolled 100 (1d100)

I'z ded kunnin' and sneaky

>> No.70970248

Somethings not quite right

>> No.70970256

Rolled 50 (1d100)

Nice try xenos.

>> No.70970272

Rolled 60 (1d100)

>> No.70970274

They can always retcon it but I am pretty sure it hasn't happened, not to say that they haven't cooperated (shortly) against a larger enemy, but in general I'd say space marines lack the free will to go against their indoctrination without any form of warp corruption

>> No.70970275

Rolled 69 (1d100)


>> No.70970277

fucking based boss, GREEN CONFIRMED BEST

>> No.70970280

Rolled 71 (1d100)

For Russ and the Allfather

>> No.70970284


>> No.70970285


>> No.70970287

manlets trying to compensate I see

>> No.70970288


>> No.70970295

Rolled 19 (1d100)


>> No.70970296

>noise marines can bring a special weapon in a squad of 6
>plague marines can bring a special weapon in a squad of 7
>berzerkers can bring a special weapon in a squad of 8
>rubric marines can NOT bring a special weapon in a squad of 9
When will this be fixed?

>inb4 aspiring sorcerer
The unit is called "Rubric Marines". The aspiring sorcerer is part of the unit. The unit should consist of 9 models with a special weapon included.

>> No.70970301

Utter Chad tier
>Chaos Marines (Heavily converted)
>IG (Non cadian regiment)
>Orks (Heavily converted)
>Superbly painted Knights

Patheric Tier
>Iron Hands

>> No.70970308

Sounds like they're perfect for painting rats, yeah! Then I can use traditional methods for the big setpieces like doomwheels. I'll look into it next time I go downtown.

>> No.70970309

Tau breeding camps for mass producing manpower.

>> No.70970312

Uncorrupted renegades have been around, thing is what do the Tau offer that they can't already just take or demand from a human world that can't really say no? Will the Tau give them a recruiting world with humans that the renegade chapter deems fit enough? Will they start producing the arms and armors of the space marines in tau space? Will the Tau capitulate to the realities of what the Astartes do? Will Astartes have a life outside of the Fire Caste if they actually want to stop being superhuman killers?

>> No.70970313

Rolled 28 (1d100)

No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!

>> No.70970314

Primaris dreadnoughts finally?

>> No.70970322

Etheral Women setting up mass breeding camps of political dissidents for GUE'VESA BVLLS to breed.

>> No.70970323

>Patheric Tier

But why?

>> No.70970329

What about Armor only IG

>> No.70970331


>> No.70970335

Also worth noting that secular renegades are still usually hyper xenophobes, and usually still like the emperor too, they just think the Administratum can chug cum.

>> No.70970337

Rolled 58 (1d100)


>> No.70970339

Probably because it was hip and cool in imperium soup.

>> No.70970344

I have since completed the base

>> No.70970347

She must have a full head of hair that is tied up into that knot, but covers it up by a baldcap.

>> No.70970350


>> No.70970355

I think that it just needs more wounds.

>> No.70970369

Maybe it's a squig?

>> No.70970370

You could make stompas like 200 points cheaper and they wouldn't be overpowered

>> No.70970379

How well do regular heavy weapon + fist dreadnoughts perform? I like dreads but not sure they're good enough especially since they don't have Relentless anymore

>> No.70970385

Rolled 98 (1d100)

>Now call him a faggot and fire the plasma blastgun.

>> No.70970397

with the massive downside of 4 bracket and super gatler bullshit 400pt for a stompa is reasonable

>> No.70970401

blasted so hard that blew the

>> No.70970402

God machines indeed...

>> No.70970409

So close and yet so far.

>> No.70970410

Can anyone explain to me how the rules work for Aircraft. Specifically, if I charge a Hemlock in combat with a unit with FLY and i don't manage to kill it in melee, how can the Hemlock react?

Can he fallback? if so how far? and can he still shoot?

>> No.70970416

Likely just fake hair coated in something anti-flammable, stuck to the head with a Mars pattern suction cup.

>> No.70970421

Any unit with fly can fall back and shoot during their turn.

>> No.70970432

In recent novels the Tau consider Astartes abominations as they are artificial creatures created purely for war, and thus believe they have no place in the Greater Good.

Which makes no sense to me as they have an entire caste bred for war

>> No.70970435

It's how they cope with 40k's fascist aesthetic. Remember based Stalin would've purged these people.

>> No.70970440

Which novels?

>> No.70970447

>Which makes no sense to me as they have an entire caste bred for war

Yet those male and females in the caste have actual lives. Astartes don't have families, they have no ties to their communities outside of their Chapters, they exist solely for conflict

>> No.70970461

The DW SC is roughly 500pts worth of dudes but it would be wise to get some jump-packs to give the squads retreat and fire

>> No.70970465

Eugenics is different than transmutation, Anon.

>> No.70970467

While I agree with you I think it is fair to highlight that UM develop the societies they regent in a way that promotes other aspects than conflict.

>> No.70970470

And if he falls back its an inch, but if an aircraft has to move a minimum of 20 inches doesn't he?.

Also to move he has to pivot 90 degrees, doesn't this mean I can just surround him with jetpack marines in such a way and he wont be able to fall back or if he has space, not enough table to fall back 20 inches?

>> No.70970472

Planning on 3D printing some airbase terrain after this one came out well.

>> No.70970480

Retard alert.

>> No.70970482

Up to 90 degrees

>> No.70970483

They're not wrong. Even the Emperor himself sees them as a tool to further Mankind's dominion over the sea of stars, doesn't he? If all was well there would be no need of them. There's still an immense respect for them and their sacrifice.

>> No.70970485


>> No.70970490

They can pivot up to 90 degrees, also if he has a minimum move then he has to move that minimum. Falling back obeys normal movement rules.

>> No.70970505

Progress on the space marine themed deff dread. Still need to make the limbs, power pack/engine, and a nice big back banner to make it propa flash.

Think he's going to have a "plasma pistol" (double KMB) for one arm and a "chainsword" (double dread saw) in the other.

Highly recommend getting yourself some plasticard and building something if you haven't tried it.

>> No.70970509

>being this wrong

>> No.70970539

You're wrong in the sense that the variety in chapters means they're not all like that, but you're right in the sense that that's the Tau's perception of them

>> No.70970553

>they have no ties to their communities outside of their Chapters

>> No.70970554

I've made some basic plasticard stuff but whenever I see something like this it just blows me away. Well done anon

>> No.70970592

I was inspired by this guy's youtube.
I'm having a ton of fun :)

>> No.70970623

>He doesnt like sacrosanct ghostfuckers
Shit taste desu~

>> No.70970637

Maybe if they didn't have literal ribbed rubber joints and shit like space marines and actually looked like super ghost knights they'd be cool.

>> No.70970647

My god anon, they are one of the worst nu-model lines of GW.

>> No.70970656

Show me your most fearsome tanks!

>> No.70970660

Looks flavorful. I like it

>> No.70970662

>"Severed" confirms that biotransference works on animals.
>Some necrontyr nobles used it to bring their warbeasts or pets along into immortality.
Canoptek gyrinx when?

>> No.70970677

*clanking intensifies*

>> No.70970688


>> No.70970689

The worst by far really, at least in the context of how their relationship to marines.

The fact that GW can literally just shit the ugliest models out as knockoffs of their other game and people will still buy and even white knight that army in mind boggling.

>> No.70970694

Are these yours.

I simultaneously hate and love them. It's all the hilarity of the dreadknight condensed into an even smaller, more adorable package.

>> No.70970695

>worst nu-model lines of GW
You mean Death Guard for 40k, or Bloodbound for AoS?

>> No.70970704

I don't mind the deathguard models if they're not painted in easter pastel contrasts

>> No.70970706

Every single Space Marine chapter in 40K fluff right now suddenly gets all of their ranks replaced entirely by Grey Knights and Grey Knight equivalents with all the entailing psyker powers, equipment and abilities. What changes?

>> No.70970726

No i found them on reddit, he painted them recently ill try to find the pic

>> No.70970732

Bloodbound actually have some good models in their line.

Death guard are fucking bad though. Something about them is just so cartoony. They look like LoL assets 3d printed.

>> No.70970734

I had a dream last night Triarch Praetorians got a Rod of covenant strategem that doubled its strength in the shooting phase for PA.

>> No.70970737

Like this but 40k?q

>> No.70970741

Not 40k but oh well

>> No.70970742


>> No.70970749

>Blanchetrashheap intensifies

>> No.70970755

Too busy for me imo

>> No.70970756

For what? An Autarch/Archon?

>> No.70970761

At least the guy can paint decently

>> No.70970762

The one on the left looks like a fat baby with two shivs

That said, I am unironically okay with this level of ridiculous embellishment

>> No.70970775

Krieg waifu.

>> No.70970776

So with the Inevitable Necrons update, what would you like to see?

Me personally
>Pariahs Return OR Plastic Flayed Ones
>Datasheet update/Stratagem for Flayed Ones that allow them to deep strike closer
>general "command protocols" ability that auras off your lords, can buff strength, ap etc
>Stratagem to bring back all current slain models in a unit with Reanimation Protocols

>> No.70970783

Invasion portal relic

>> No.70970793

Hollow armour styled LotD

>> No.70970795

Not the biggest fan of Arkhan in red, but I like the bone!

How did you do it?

>> No.70970802

Last tournament I went to had almost all painted armies. The unpainted ones didn't even make top three. Best painted awards go a long way.

>> No.70970803


>> No.70970818

Too bad a good chunk of those painted armies are painted on commission. Really feels cheap when 2 of your opponents in a single tournament have the same exact looking paintjobs because they got a bulk deal off some sweatshop slav painters.

>> No.70970821

Pariahs would fit with the increased psychic activity.

>> No.70970835

Surrounding it won't do jack because flyers ignore intervening models providing they don't stop on them.

>> No.70970847

The issue is though that we already have an elite staff using unit but its shit. Pariahs may get a weapon redesign to make them more unique as a monkey's paw sort of warning.

>> No.70970848

The Morkanaut here

>> No.70970849

Rolled 14 (1d100)


>> No.70970855

jesus I didnt notice the tiptoes at first

>> No.70970857


>> No.70970860

Does it contain any Nobz?
Get some more rest, pops

>> No.70970864

Rolled 85 (1d100)

I guess even tides weren't enough.

>> No.70970866

Rolled 38 (1d100)

*rerolls psychic test using new RoTD relic*

>> No.70970867

In that instance it did not, was running minimal infantry in that list

>> No.70970878

Rolled 54 (1d100)

>> No.70970907

Rolled 84 (1d100)

Rolling for Chaos Undivided and saying FUCK ADB

>> No.70970910

Rolled 67 (1d100)

Come Malcador, let us show all of these lessers how to do a real roll.

>> No.70970925

How did 4chan's creativity devolve into endlessly spewing out these recycled abominations

>> No.70970926


>> No.70970928

Rolled 93 (1d100)

That's OK, I get to try again because I'm the Emperor and I can just use Malcador's roll too.

>> No.70970940

That's better. Also this roll is actually mine, the 67 is actually Malcador's trust me. No one can beat my 93.

>> No.70970946

Rolled 46 (1d100)

Lorgar was right.

>> No.70970947


>> No.70970962

Rolled 43 (1d100)

*runs into the 40k universe*

"Check this roll"

*runs off*

>> No.70970969


>> No.70970979


>> No.70970990

Is there a guide to converting the legs on Necron Warriors to make them stand upright?

Or is it just "bend them to fit"

>> No.70970992

Abby's cocksucker can go fuck himself
And so can you, worthless automaton

>> No.70970998

Rolled 52 (1d100)


>> No.70971005

Is this the right place to ask about necromunda? I just bought a box of palanite dudes because i was bored and they look cool. I have never played necromunda. Should i ever decide to play it, is one box enough to form a full team?

>> No.70971008

Rolled 75 (1d100)

For the beakieboys.

>> No.70971019

For one off games 1 box is enough but for campaigns you might need a second one

>> No.70971021

yeah you can make a full team from a box. you might be a bit limited in your choices though.

a team of palanite guys is generally 6-7 dudes but thats with at least 2 guys with shields.

so maybe 8 with a regular box.

>> No.70971029

fuck off archaon, we already have our chaos lord of wankery here

>> No.70971042

Rolled 37 (1d100)

For nurgles pestilent glory

>> No.70971047

Rolled 53 (1d100)

*purges your path*

>> No.70971058

Rolled 73 (1d100)

Your rolls offend me Mon'keigh

>> No.70971063

Thanks. I woulda went with the boxart blue armor but I already went with Petrifex so I had to follow a unified armor color scheme.
Anyway, it's Skeleton Horde contrast over Wraithbone primer, then drybrushed with Ushabti Bone. For the darker bone I just went over with Aggaros Dunes.

>> No.70971064

Rolled 88 (1d100)

One... more roll for... Tau'va...

>> No.70971066

Thanks guys. If i like putting them together and painting them i was planning on getting a box of the shield dudes anyway, so that sounds like a good next move.

>> No.70971069

Git good nigga

Stop hating on others and elevate yourself.

>> No.70971073


>> No.70971076

Rolled 70 (1d100)

*blocks your path*

>> No.70971082

Rolled 90 (1d100)

>> No.70971095

Rolled 94 (1d100)

Yes! YES! Tau'va makes a comeback! We can win this!

>> No.70971098

Rolled 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 25 (25d1)

here's a little lesson in trickery

>> No.70971105


>> No.70971115

Rolled 48 (1d100)

Not yet

>> No.70971116

I love paint schemes like that.

>> No.70971137

>Tfw hyped to start primaris but cant pick a chapter / homebrew a chapter

the worst feeling

>> No.70971150

you could ask the other kids in school

maybe they can give you some tips on how to make a primaris chapter

>> No.70971152


>dae zoomer amirite

>> No.70971162

May the Gods bless Nachomon,

>> No.70971163

>calls the song "it ain't me"
Disgusting pleb tier

>> No.70971167

Buy a couple of throwaway models and paint them up in different colour schemes to see which one you can pull off best

>> No.70971182

So new he's still a sprue

>> No.70971183

what army did they play?

>> No.70971193


>> No.70971198

Are the new admech cavalry dogs or horses

>> No.70971203


>> No.70971209


My issue isnt really the paintjob, its more the lore/commitment to a single chapter that im struggling with.

Too many options that i like.

>> No.70971210

>cant pick a chapter / homebrew a chapter
You can just roll one.

>> No.70971221

The vanguard variant are dogs with flamer mouths. The ranger variant are horses.

>> No.70971238

I did a vote with my friends to choose my chapter colours and accepted the results, they weren't the best chapter colours but i sticked to them, and now they are my guys.

>> No.70971259

soup chapters in different detachments.

>> No.70971266

Whom is he married to? Holy Terra?

>> No.70971275

Just pick a scheme, they're Ultramarines no matter what colour you paint them.

>> No.70971299

Catachan raped your blueberry pie

>> No.70971304

Apparently the PA book after Engine War is called War of the Spider

Who would that involve? Harlequins and Custodes is my guess.

>> No.70971313

Rolled 99 (1d100)

will the Omnissiah bless us with a good roll?

>> No.70971333

Omnissiah provides! all hail the machine spirit and the holy motive force!

>> No.70971340

How will the xenos ever compete >>70971105

>> No.70971350

Whens the ork PA book due out? I want to see how the new ghaz looks. In b4 its a ruse cruise and they release a new primaris spacewolf captain with no points instead.

>> No.70971354

The Omnissiah cares not whence the holy unguents flows only that it does. Oil for the oil god, cogs for the cog-throne!

>> No.70971359


>> No.70971388

Deathwatch sounds more your deal then

>> No.70971389

Rolled 12 (1d100)


>> No.70971396

why are you rolling a fucking d100. Roll a d20 instead.

>> No.70971416

Do you even warhammer? d100 is the tradition in warhammer rpgs.

>> No.70971419

>mfw I'm reminded of Star Wars 1313

>> No.70971426

Rolled 82 (1d100)

>> No.70971430

Maybe some necron spiderbots vs deathwatch

>> No.70971440

get lost xeno, we beat you twice don't let me power up the maul thrice

>> No.70971468

whoa didn't notice, but it's also today date and my mom birthday

>> No.70971474

the dark angel book came out the week after the chaos one right?

there are so many books now that im getting confused

>> No.70971490

there are 141 books/datasheets you need right now if you want to have all the rules

>> No.70971492


>> No.70971504

Story of my life...

>> No.70971507

nah it's one per month, lost and damn in januartly, greater good in february, saga of best in march and engine of wars in april

>> No.70971535

that's the reward for not chanting binaric lullabies when you shoutdown your PC you dumb alien blueberries

>> No.70971550

Rolled 80 (1d100)

No one will ever get 100 will they?

>> No.70971561

It already happened

>> No.70971562

Rolled 28 (1d100)

d 100 is too random. we can be rolling for hours without ever getting to a 100

>> No.70971566

>20 islambucks for shitty dice

GW is getting away with highway robbery

>> No.70971568

Rolled 18 (1d100)

Yes Yes! For The Great-Good!

>> No.70971574


>> No.70971579

Pariahs do it while not looking like bottom of the barrel FW design.1

>> No.70971603


100 already get by the most based faction >>70970243
mechanicus close second

>> No.70971626

Wot is this 'eresy?
I fokin 'ate the Towel.

>> No.70971633

>DG in the very last book
Kill me

>> No.70971675


>> No.70971695

Reminder that most Tau haters play space marines.

Who's side are you on?

>> No.70971716

i play orks and memechanicus

>> No.70971722

i play orks and i like tau. a lot of their models are very nice.

its just that the rules and fluff are a bit boring.

>> No.70971728

Mechanicus players hate the Tau because they play exactly in the same way but better.

>> No.70971733

Orks, Guard and Nids. Blueberry fuckers can go and fuck themselves, although I will still paint second hand battlesuits as cheap mecha models.

>> No.70971735

>most Tau haters play space marines.
That's tautological considering a plurality of people play marines to begin with.

>Who's side are you on?

>> No.70971738

Orks and CSMs

>> No.70971750

CSM is also marines anon.

>> No.70971776

Depends. What sort of vibe do you want your chapter to be?

>> No.70971786

Are you asking what people play or some weird 'drum up support for Tau' post because you're a dirty Tau player?

>> No.70971796

CSM wish they were marines

>> No.70971825

I am not a Tau player, but meme hatred bothers me. Especially since there are actual cancer marine players and knight players around.

>> No.70971826


I play UM, Chadmech, Dark eldar, guard and nids. Fuck Tau

>> No.70971828

It’s literally in their name
>Chaos Space Marines
>Space Marines

>> No.70971832


Move to this i guess

>> No.70971835

Does anyone know when they'll release a plastic kit for Repentia, will it include the mistress, and whether it'll be 5 or 10 models? Or am I just gonna have to wait for GW to release them out of the blue?

>> No.70971845

We have no ETA on them
it will almost certainly be a 10 model box, 9 repentia and 1 mistress

>> No.70971863

I remember when GW released 30 dice and it cost like, 10$. Good times.

>> No.70971877

Hard to choose.
Taufags are rarer but marines have a few tolerable human beings among them.

>> No.70971914

Its demoralizing when people get points for something they didn't make.

>> No.70972091

i judge this gay assfaggot but ive been thinking of getting a hydra dominatus n my leg, would that make the ladies wet when i take off my pantaloons?

>> No.70972361

Dark Eldar and Slaanesh Daemons/CSM.

Gotta make those Tau grotesques.

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